There Are No Saints (2022) Movie Script

[bell tolls]
[breathes heavily]
[announcer on radio]
South Texas Radio.
[radio host] Welcome back.
I have to tell
all of you listeners,
in case you haven't
already heard about this,
and this one's a doozy.
The State of Texas is releasing
a convicted murderer
by the name of Neto Niente,
straight off of death row
and back onto our streets.
It seems that
an overzealous state trooper
by the name of Robert Cuaron
planted a key piece of evidence
that led to Niente's
Well, shortly before his death,
the trooper confessed
to planting this evidence.
Now, let me tell you folks,
this Niente is the kind of guy
who should be locked away
for good.
His gangster associates
called him The Jesuit
in some sick reference
to the fact
that certain Jesuits
performed torture during
the Spanish Inquisition.
It is only a matter of time
before something
truly awful happens.
Callers, I want to know
what you think.
Crystal in Laredo.
[Crystal] This fella
does sound pretty bad,
but one sin
does not justify another,
especially by the authorities.
In the end, it will be God who
will pass judgment on this guy.
I hope you're right.
Jose in Corpus Christi.
[Jose] I don't care
if he rots in prison.
This guy, he just makes
my people look bad.
[fading] I really have
no sympathy for him.
[prisoners chattering
in distance]
[door lock buzzes]
[guard] These boots.
A bag of clothes.
I'm sure
I'll see you again.
[car approaching]
[Neto] Counselor.
Brought you a hat.
Where do you want to go?
Let's get out of here.
So, your stuff's
in the back there.
Well, you've got
about 30 grand-ish.
Plus your passport.
Speaking of which,
I've got something for you.
There you are.
That's got all
the latest shit on it,
that has.
You won't believe
that fucking thing.
How'd you get Cuaron
to change his testimony?
Well, as you know,
six months ago,
he discovered he's got
cancer of the asshole.
He says, "God, what have
I done to deserve this?"
He can't sit.
He can't take a shit.
So his wife says,
"Roberto, my love,"
she says, "You must
confess your sins."
She says, "When you're
standing at the pearly gates,
God is gonna look directly
into your soul, right?
He's going to see
all your secrets,
and he's gonna
judge you."
So he says,
"Cecilia, you're right.
I will go down to the police
and I will confess all my sins."
And I said, "Hold on a minute."
I said, "Hold on a minute."
Tomorrow, when I come by
with his medicine,
I'll bring along a judge
to take down his statement,
which is what I done.
And now,
Robbie's soul is at rest.
A week later, he was
in the arms of St. Peter,
thank you very much.
You know you got
no restrictions on you,
No parole,
no supervision.
You can go wherever
you fucking want,
but in Texas,
they don't forget
the fucking Jesuit.
Not the police.
As far as they're concerned,
you took one of their own.
And certainly
not the fucking cholos.
You're fucked there.
You was an enforcer.
You made enemies.
They fucking remember you.
If I was you,
I'd fuck right off.
There's just one thing
I got to do first.
What's that?
I have to see my son.
[breathing heavily]
[exhaling forcefully]
[car alarm blaring]
[blaring continues]
[alarm chirps]
[siren blares]
[officer] Police!
[Neto grunts]
[officer] Well, well, well.
Wall hasn't changed you.
Haven't changed you at all,
have they?
Mama always said,
"Never kick a fresh turd
when it's hot out."
But it's been raining.
[grunts, groans]
Your ball-sucking lawyer
may have manipulated Cuaron
into changing his testimony.
Lord knows you've sinned.
You've sinned plenty.
We're gonna be
watching you closely, boy,
that's for goddamn sure.
[person gasps]
[breathing heavily]
[person] Yes?
[footsteps approaching]
You should have called.
May I come in?
Look at you.
You are nothing but trouble.
What do you want?
I'd like to see my son.
[in Spanish]
[in English]
You need to leave.
It's been four years.
Please let me in.
Five minutes.
Thank you.
what was prison like?
People in there,
they ain't very smart,
you know?
I mean,
not like you.
I knew they'd let you go,
see their mistake.
I never stopped praying.
What happened here?
Vincent happened.
Did he lay a hand
on you?
No, he just doesn't
believe in God.
Neto. You have to go.
Vincent will be home soon.
But, Mom...
Neto, please.
Here. Smile.
[camera shutter clicks]
No! No! No!
[in Spanish]
[in English]
What do you want?
I need to send
your husband a message.
I have no husband.
[Neto speaking Latin]
That's Latin for,
"Let the lying lips
be put to silence."
No! No! No! [screams]
He's going to kill you.
He's going to fucking
rip you apart.
You know, I haven't
had the pleasure of
meeting your husband...
but I'm sure as hell
dying to.
No! No! No! No!
[children chattering
in distance]
[choir vocalizing]
[priest sighs]
When did you
get out, Neto?
A few days ago.
Good to see you again
in God's house.
How long has it been
since your last confession?
Oh, it's been
a long time.
Would you like
to confess?
Have you seen Julio?
I saw him yesterday.
He really
looks up to you
and helps you during
the Sunday services and all.
He does.
Julio's a good boy.
But you're the one
he really admires.
Maybe I should
keep my distance then.
Self-sacrifice is the way
to lead a just life.
[people chattering]
[Latin pop music
playing over speakers]
[in Spanish]
[in English]
You want to talk to me?
Just checking in.
[in Spanish]
[in English]
Do you need something?
Do you need to be set up?
Well, actually,
I was thinking of
going the other way.
Stepping back.
That's not possible, ese.
Blood in, blood out.
[in Spanish]
[in English]
Yeah, I remember.
That's why
I'm telling you first.
See, I've made up
my mind.
Now you've got to decide
which side you want
to be on this.
See those vatos?
They'd love
to take you on.
Cut down The Jesuit.
Get his rep.
Oh, I'd love
to see them try.
Me too! [laughing]
[in Spanish]
[in English]
I'll give you a pass,
but you can't stay
around here.
Can't have people
knowing you're back
and not taking orders.
[in Spanish]
[in English] I hear
you join another group...
[in Spanish]
[in English] And my wife,
she has a new boyfriend, uh,
Vincent Rice.
She says he sells condos.
You know him?
La Cara del Norte.
[in English]
He has weight down south,
not with us.
[Vincent] Migalito!
[cell phone ringing]
First, you promise me
payment on delivery.
That's one strike.
Then you make me come here.
That's another.
That's enough.
It's a shame I can't
deal with a better race
of customers.
We got two strikes
on the batter,
so unless you want
to eat a baseball,
I would suggest
you tell me where
my money is right now.
Hey, Vince.
It's her.
Ah, shit.
[ringing continues]
Game's over.
[in Spanish]
[in English] Finally.
Hey, pretty.
I told you not to come here.
You forgot to leave me
the money again.
The money?
[Riley laughing]
Riley, the bag.
[police siren wailing
in distance]
[Vincent] I'm sorry.
You want cash?
Here's your cash,
you gold-digging whore.
Now fuck off.
Remember, bitch eyes,
you're just part of the act.
[in Spanish]
Is everything
all right?
I just wanted
to see you.
You know your mama's
going to kill me.
She doesn't
need to know.
All right.
Come on in.
I brought you
a gift.
[speaks Spanish]
[in English]
Where'd you get that?
Well, Mom told me
it was your favorite,
so I decided to keep it.
You know, my granddaddy
used to sing this all the time
when we went out riding.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't you, um,
keep this for me?
Are you hungry?
Do you like pizza?
Of course I like pizza.
Everybody likes pizza.
Let's get pizza.
Pizza it is then.
[cell phone ringing]
I hope you're
long gone by now.
No, I'm still here.
I surprised a bunch
of your relatives
trashing my office today.
No offense.
Fabulous-looking people.
Seemed very keen
to find your ass.
What'd you tell 'em?
What do you think?
I grabbed Jeffrey's .45
and told 'em to fuck off.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah.
Listen, don't be dumb.
Leave town before the shit
really hits the fan.
See you, mate.
Wake up, son.
Come on, wake up.
Wake up.
I have to take you home,
But I want to stay here.
You can't stay with me.
Come on, get your stuff.
[Julio] Thanks.
[Neto in Spanish]
[door closes]
I told you
you can't see him.
He's my dad.
I don't care!
[in Spanish]
[Julio in English] Whatever.
[shouting in Spanish] Julio!
[phone chimes]
[Latin hip-hop
playing over speakers]
[rapping in Spanish]
There's nowhere
to run.
[in Spanish]
[screaming, groaning]
[groaning continues]
[car engine starts]
[cell phone ringing]
Who is this?
[Bailarin in Spanish on phone]
[in English] Where are you?
You know me.
I got eyes everywhere.
Everyone is after you.
[in Spanish]
[in English]
This is why I told you
to leave.
Yeah, I know.
You know what to do.
[bowling ball rolling]
[bowling pins crashing]
All this time gone.
I never wrote.
I never came. I--
I thought
you would never be free.
It's okay.
I don't blame you.
I thought my life
was over too.
I was afraid
of what I would feel
when I saw you.
Julio always said
you were innocent,
and now he can't stop
talking about you,
like some kind of saint.
Just tell him I'm not.
[Nadia and Neto moaning]
[both breathing heavily]
[moaning continues]
[belt buckle clinking]
Get out.
What do you think
this is, huh?
This is the end.
I'm not going back
to the streets.
You thought I was gonna
give up everything, huh?
I have to think about me,
about what's best for Julio.
Hey, he's my son too.
If there is one thing
I hope for Julio,
it's that he never
turns out to be like you.
[Neto] Oh, you want him
to be like Vincent then?
[Nadia] Fuck you!
I know who he is, Nadia.
Get the fuck out.
[car engine starts]
[in Spanish]
[keypad beeping]
[line ringing]
[cell phone rings]
You were right, boss.
They are going
different ways.
[in Spanish]
Get the boy.
[cell phone ringing]
Hey, son.
[Julio] Dad!
Dad! Can you hear me?
[Nadia screaming]
They got Mom, and they're
trying to get me. Dad? Dad?
[Nadia] No!
[Julio] Dad!
[thunder rumbling]
This is Bobby, over.
[dispatcher over radio]
Hey, Bobby.
I think we found our boy with
his hand in the cookie jar.
So you might want
to send me some backup.
All right, honey?
[vase shatters]
[Julio] No!
Shut up,
you little shit! Shut up!
Let me go! No!
Stop right there, asshole.
[panting] Dad. Dad.
Julio, calm down.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Motherfucker. Hey!
You so much as twitch,
I'm gonna blow your goddamn
brains out, you hear me?
You see, actions
have consequences.
Or didn't they teach you
that in prison?
What, you think
you can come into my home,
fuck my woman,
and get away with it?
You let go
of my son right now.
You see,
that's not gonna happen,
because he's coming with me.
Riley, bury him.
[Julio screams]
[Vincent] Fuck!
[Bobby] Drop it! [grunts]
[Julio gasps]
Come on!
[grunts] Get off!
Where is he?
Where the fuck is he?
Find him and kill him!
[Julio grunts]
I'm going to find you!
You broke my fucking arm!
You fucking wetback,
skinny little shit
Where are you, man?
Where are you?
I'm gonna fucking kill you.
You got to say your fucking
prayers, buddy!
Say your fucking prayers!
Get in!
[Vincent grunts]
[Neto] Julio!
Shut up, or I'll
shoot you in the face.
[Neto] Julio!
[tires screech]
[police siren wailing]
[siren stops]
Now, I picked up
your stuff.
Got your money
and your clothes
from the motel.
Did the cops find Vincent?
No. No, nothing yet.
To tell you the truth,
I don't think they're
particularly bothered.
What are you talking about?
I told 'em about Vincent,
but all they really wanna do
is find The Jesuit.
The whole force
seems to have a bit of
a hard-on for you.
Can't say
I blame them, really.
A vicious little fucker
like you, a murderer,
gets released from prison.
Four days later, his wife
and a police sergeant
are found shot to death,
and they see you running
from the scene of the crime.
Fuck is right.
You gave them the needle
on the golden platter, mate.
I need to find Julio fast.
Well, bastard's
probably gotten across
the border by now.
Did you find out
anything about him?
Well, I made
a few phone calls.
Um, Feds definitely
had him on their radar.
He's supposed
to be smuggling a truckload
of guns down south.
To tell you the truth,
Vincent makes people
a little bit nervous.
You know what I mean?
"La Cara del Norte,"
Um, that's his nickname,
"The Face of the North."
Why do you fucking people
always have to have nicknames?
[sighs] So?
Well, he was supposed
to have hooked up with, um,
a local gunrunner
by the name of Jet Rink.
That's his real name,
by the way. That's not
a fucking nickname.
He's a Catholic cunt,
like you.
I think you should
look him up.
Do you know where
I can find him?
Yeah, he owns a place
called Lady Birds.
What, the titty bar?
Yeah, that's the one,
[car engine starts]
I need one more thing from you.
You got a full tank.
I owe you big-time.
In that case,
do me a favor?
Forget my fucking number
before these psychos
kill me too.
[people cheering, whistling]
[upbeat dance music
playing in club]
[upbeat dance music
playing over speakers]
[customer whistles]
[customer 2] Yeah!
Hi there.
No, I did. I swear.
Yes, I said that
the next weekend after--
You're up, sweetie.
There's a man at the bar.
Not today.
I just can't take it today.
Why? He looks nice.
I'm going upstairs.
Hi, I'd like a coffee,
Uh, black?
Yeah, black's fine.
All right, there's
a two-drink minimum.
I guess I'll have two then.
Can I get
a black coffee, please?
How you doing?
I'm fine, thanks.
All right, thank you.
All right,
follow me.
[customer whistles]
There you are,
best seat in the house.
That'll be $20.
Nice! Do you want company?
What's your name?
That's interesting.
Interesting for a stripper,
you mean?
Like it's not
a regular stripper name?
What's yours?
You know what Inez means?
It's from Agnes.
It means "holy" or "chaste."
I bet I know
what you're thinkin'.
[chuckles] You're thinkin',
"Oh, I bet
you've been 'chased,'"
or something like that.
Listen, honey.
I'm looking for Jet.
Jet Rink.
I'm sorry.
I don't know the guy.
You have a good time.
I'll see ya.
[upbeat music continues playing]
[customers whistle, cheer]
[giggles] Baby, stop it.
What you making?
I like lobster.
[phone ringing]
Mm-hmm. Butter?
Wait a second.
[Inez] That cute Mexican's
looking for Jet.
Tell Waylon
to get his piece.
[customer whistling]
I'm looking for Jet.
He's out sick today.
Called in.
You take a wrong turn?
A friend of mine,
Vincent Rice,
suggested I contact Jet.
Said he'd help me out.
[customer whistles]
Lots of gun dealers in town,
they can do the same.
I understand that.
The thing is,
Vincent owes him
some money.
[snaps fingers]
Here's a down payment.
Hey, Collie. Is this the spic
I've gotta get rid of?
Everything's fine, Waylon.
You want
some rice and beans?
So, you got
a number for him?
What's your name?
Just tell him, um,
I want to establish
a long-term relationship,
Really? How nice.
Hey, baby.
I got a fricking spic here.
He says he wants to...
Yeah, from Vincent.
I don't--
No, he's a fricking beaner,
that's what he...
All right, babe,
I don't think
it's a good idea.
Fine. No, I...
You can go out
by his house,
out by Beeville.
Armadillo 67.
Don't be there
before midnight.
Call before
you ring the bell.
[in Spanish]
[reporter 1 on radio]
An Amber Alert
has been declared
following the abduction
of Julio Niente,
allegedly by his father,
the notorious released killer,
Neto Niente.
A statewide manhunt
from Dallas-Fort Worth
to the Mexican border
is currently under way.
[reporter 2] This was preceded
by the grisly discovery
of the bodies of his ex-wife,
a state trooper
and an unknown male
at his wife's residence.
[dog barking]
[blues playing over speakers]
Pretty clean for a spic.
Hold up.
This way, friendo.
He's clean.
You like lobster?
You know
these little fuckers,
they'll amputate
their legs and their claws
if they feel
any sense of danger.
Is that right?
My little Collie,
she just loves them.
I do.
Careful, baby.
You be careful, baby.
In you go,
you little fucker.
Of course, you already
met my beautiful wife.
She said
you were sick.
I am--
in the fucking head.
But she makes me
feel so much better.
Do I?
Yeah, baby.
Come on. I want
to show you something.
Can we have
a drink first?
Of course we can.
Get up there.
Follow me, John.
[gun cocks]
[blues playing]
Ah, here we are.
Guns, guns, guns!
Welcome to our humble home!
Well, this here,
this is my pride
and joy.
This belonged
to Sam Houston.
It was made by, uh...
What's that fucker's name?
Henry Gross.
Henry Gross, Ohio.
Actually used this
in the Mexican War.
But this one's
not for sale.
You mind if I take a look?
Honey, go get
the fucking drinks,
would ya?
Straight Jack?
Coming up.
Help yourself.
That's what they're there for.
[Jet] Now... [sighs]
...what can we do for ya?
I got cash.
I got customers.
And I got an in-place
transportation system.
I'd like to purchase
a hundred automatic rifles,
the latest design--
XM8s, FN-F2000s.
As many as you can get.
Fill out the order
with M4s.
That's one big fuckin' order.
Would you shut your mouth,
darlin', please?
So, uh,
what did you do before?
Work with Vincent.
And now you want
to work against him?
It's called capitalism.
[Jet] Now, I take it
you have good-faith money?
I do.
How much you got?
Let's see it.
This beaner don't look
like no John to me, Jet.
He looks like one of those
drug cartel guys from the news.
Shut the fuck up.
Waylon, count it.
The thing is,
I don't do business
with people I don't know.
So what the fuck
are you doing?
Asking you
to shut up.
So I called
me old amigo, Vincent,
seeing as you've been
spreading his name
all over town,
and he told me
all about ya, Mr. Juan...
Shit! Fuck!
[Collie gasping]
You have no fucking idea
what you're dealing with
here, mister...
Ah! You fuck!
[Collie screams] No!
Ya fucking bastard!
You son of a bitch!
Collie, get down now!
Get the fuck
off my property! [grunts]
You filthy, dirty bastard!
My baby.
You greasy little beaner!
Collie, wait! No!
You killed the only thing
I ever fucking loved.
Where's Vincent?
Fuck you!
Fucking motherfucker!
Where's Vincent?
[breathes heavily]
I'll tell you what I know.
If he's not in Texas--
He ain't.
Then he's down south,
buying up
some shit condos.
There's a leaflet
on the table up there.
So that's where
he keeps everything!
But if he's running,
that's where he'll run.
You're full of shit.
Call him.
Fuck you! [cries]
Give him a fucking call.
You fuck...
[cries] Baby.
Fuck my hole, motherfucker!
[barking continues]
[barking stops]
[car engine starts]
[dog barking]
Come on, carnal, chase him!
[upbeat dance music
playing on speakers]
[people chattering]
You want a dance?
You like those?
Jake, can I...
Hi there.
Two coffees?
Whiskey, please.
All right.
Two whiskeys, coming up.
There you are.
Listen, um...
Can you watch my seat?
I'd like to have a chat
with you when I come back.
[customers cheering]
Can you get that tray?
[music volume increases]
[door creaking]
[snaps fingers]
[gun cocks]
[customers cheering]
[both grunt]
Who sent you?
[in Spanish]
[in Spanish]
[in English]
You're working for Vincent?
[in Spanish]
[Neto in English]
You've got five seconds
to tell me where my son is.
[music continues]
Are you okay?
What about the boys back there?
[Neto] Yeah.
[music volume decreases]
Um, what time
do you get off work?
I'd like
to hire you.
I'd like you
to be my wife.
Well, shit.
That's some job.
Well, not
the conjugal part,
just the pretending
to be my wife part
to cross the border.
You mean not to care about
each other, just to pretend,
like-- like a real wife?
You got a passport?
How much you paying
for this job, mister?
It's only a day, so...
How about 500?
How about a thousand?
It gets really busy here
on the weekends.
And do I get
to keep my clothes on?
Yes, ma'am.
And then what happens?
Well, we cross the border.
The next day,
you take a bus back.
A thousand.
Just a ride.
Across the border.
Do you mind?
Put it away.
You've been in prison,
You've got that look.
So, I didn't see those boys
come out of the bathroom.
The owners are used
to cleaning up
those kinds of messes
all the time anyway.
Do you want me
to wear this wig?
Do you prefer blondes
or brunettes?
It's driving me crazy.
It really itches.
I think this is going
to be fun.
I've never been to Mexico,
if you can actually
believe that.
[in Spanish]
When the officer comes,
I want you to smile
and look pretty.
You understand?
[Inez] Sure thing.
[border agents chattering]
[agent] Can you open
the trunk, please?
So, I'm thinking
that $1,500
sounds like a more
appropriate amount.
Yeah, I ain't paying you
to think.
[clears throat]
You know what?
Let's make it 2,000.
It's a more even number,
don't you think?
It sounds nicer.
Okay, sweetheart?
[agents chattering]
All the way down.
[both speaking Spanish]
We will spend the night here.
Tomorrow I'll take you
to the bus station
so you can go back.
[Latin music playing
in distance]
[service bell dings]
So, what are
you looking for?
I know you're looking
for something.
I'm looking for my son.
My wife's boyfriend
took him, went south.
[in Spanish]
[Inez in English]
So, uh, this boyfriend...
You met him?
And he's met you?
[Inez] So he knows
you're looking for him,
and you're
just going to show up?
I mean, don't you need
some help, maybe,
if you don't mind
my asking?
I mean, I can arrange
the contact for you.
He doesn't know
who I am.
Well, how much
is that going to cost?
I don't know.
It sounds
pretty dangerous.
Name your price.
Five grand, at least.
Goddamn, you're
just gonna clean me out,
aren't you?
It's a win-win,
if you ask me.
Were those in the truck
the whole time?
What was your plan gonna
be if the border man
asked to look
through it?
Well, I wasn't
too worried about him.
He was too busy
looking at your tits.
[gun clicks]
[Inez] Well, he wouldn't
have been the first.
Do you mind if I borrow
a shirt to sleep in?
I packed really fast
and I forgot one.
My sign is a Pisces.
I am such a Pisces.
What sign are you?
I was kind of discovered
like Anna Nicole Smith.
I dream about
going to Hawaii,
'cause I really wanna open
my own flower shop.
'Cause I do like
making people feel good,
and I like having fun.
You would love
my grandmother.
You know why?
Because she doesn't ever talk.
I learned how to knit
a little bit by myself,
which I like. I like it.
Yeah, I'm not so good at it,
but I'm not sure why,
but it's just never
really stuck with me.
Oh, wow, are we here?
Are these them?
Ooh, they look like
pretty nice-looking condos.
[Inez] Houston.
Well, I'm originally
from Waco.
Yeah. [chuckles]
That's right.
So, yeah.
So, I have a friend, um,
who lives in Tampico,
and she was saying
that there was a...
You know, I saw your sign.
That's what it was.
I saw your sign,
and I remember her saying
something about this guy,
Vincent Rice,
who is developing
a community of houses somewhere,
and it's really
going to be great,
and that she wanted me
to look into it.
You know what?
I think I can do that. Uh-huh.
Yeah. Great.
I'll see you in an hour.
And Vincent's going
to be there, right?
Oh, great! That's great.
He can!
Okay, good.
Good. Okay, thank you.
I appreciate it.
Thank you very much.
I'll see you soon. Bye.
I'm not gonna kid you, Inez.
You seem like
a real smart cookie.
The market's going down,
the peso's going down.
This is the time
of opportunity.
It's all upside.
Literally no downside.
"You buy low,
you watch it grow."
You know
who said that?
Somebody rich.
[chuckles] I bet.
So, you have children?
Oh, not yet.
I've been thinking about it,
but I gotta convince
my boyfriend first, of course.
Uh, you live here?
No, I live in a small mansion
on the other side of town.
Oh, my goodness.
They follow you
everywhere you go?
my sales team.
Do you mind if I take
a couple pictures?
Feel free.
Just to show my boyfriend.
I think he would really...
Give me this.
...really like this place.
[in Spanish]
[in English] So...
Yeah, I guess you can
just show me the facilities,
you know.
Playground, clubhouse.
Follow me.
[camera shutter clicking]
[breathing rapidly]
[Vincent] Up over there
is gonna be the greens.
Up top there will be
the new football field.
Of course, over here
will be the casino.
Right next to that,
the clubhouse
with, of course,
another pool, a sauna,
etcetera, etcetera.
[Inez laughs]
Oh, I'm sorry.
Did you want one of these?
Oh. I never had
one of these before.
kidding me.
How do you do it?
Oh, it's easy.
Just suck.
That's it.
Mmm? [chuckles]
Like a chimney.
[Vincent smacks lips]
That's him, right?
Okay, so...
...those are the condo
offices right behind him,
and let's see...
There were workers
all over.
They don't look
like workers to me,
but they were all leaving.
Um, and then here I am,
Miss Motormouth, of course.
"Can you show me this?"
and "Can I see that?"
"Take me here,"
and blah, blah, blah, blah,
running my mouth,
blah, blah, blah.
There were no sign
of any kids.
There were no candy wrappers,
no sports stuff or footprints.
No clothing,
Any drawings?
He's got him
Well, I said
I'd see him at 10:00.
I didn't ask you
to do that.
Well, I did it on my own.
I'm a big girl.
And I've handled a lot worse
than him, that's for sure.
[chattering in Spanish]
[guard speaking Spanish]
[buzzer sounds]
[in Spanish]
[guard speaking Spanish]
[Vincent in Spanish]
[Inez in English] Hey.
[in Spanish]
[Inez laughs]
[in English]
This is romantic.
Thank you.
Thank you
for coming.
So, you got something
to eat or...
I've got something
much more interesting
than that.
[in Spanish]
[in English]
Wow, you look
[Latin music playing
over speakers]
Oh, damn, that's good.
Good. One more.
No. You.
No, I don't partake.
That's not fair.
One more.
That's enough.
I was wondering something.
What's that?
Now, why is it that
a good-looking guy
like yourself...
[laughs] ...doesn't
have a regular woman?
I don't get it.
Oh, I just never had
much luck with the women.
In fact, no luck at all.
I find that hard
to imagine.
Well, aren't you sweet.
Can I have
some of this? Mmm.
I need to use
the bathroom.
No, no, no. Sit.
Well, you sure like
that thing, don't you?
I really need
to use the bathroom--
Sit! Sit!
What's wrong?
What's wrong with me?
No! No!
What, you don't think
I knew you were playing me?
Who sent you?
No one. Just don't--
Who sent you?
I don't know what
you're talking--
Such a pretty face.
What a shame.
[chattering in Spanish]
[silenced gunshot]
Get up!
Get up! [grunts]
Get up!
Get up!
Come here! Hey!
Shut the fuck up.
[silenced gunshot]
[guard speaks Spanish]
I just want to know
who to thank for sending you!
Who was it?
No! No!
No? Come here.
Open that mouth.
Open that mouth.
Eat that wood!
Eat that wood!
Before I carve up
that pretty face of yours,
you're gonna tell me
exactly who it was!
Who was it?
[blow lands]
[Inez gasps,
breathes heavily]
Go to the motel.
I'll call you
if I need a ride.
What are you gonna do?
Go, please.
Where's my son?
You'll never find him.
You know that
during the Inquisition,
the Jesuits would place
the instruments of interrogation
right in front
of the accused?
Often, that was enough.
They knew that everyone talks.
Every single one.
"Grief has limits.
Apprehension has none."
That's a quote
from Pliny the Younger.
Now we begin.
Wait, wait, wait.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait.
What are you doing?
What? What now?
Don't, don't, don't.
Fuck! Fuck!
No! [screams]
Oh, my God!
Oh, you motherfucker!
They're gonna kill you.
Oh, they're gonna kill you.
They had time back then.
The accused
were put in cages,
left to starve
for everyone to see.
Braided to wheels
on high poles
for the heat
and the crows to pick at...
Your boy's gone!
You say his fucking name!
Julio! Julio!
They got him! He's gone!
No, no, no!
Okay, okay, oh...
Okay, okay. Okay.
Oh. Okay.
I'll give you
his name.
I'll give you his name.
His name is...
Suck my dick.
Wait, wait.
What are you doing
with that?
Don't you
fucking do that.
Don't you--
[slices flesh]
Seor Sans!
Seor Sans!
Oh, God.
Who the fuck is Sans?
He's a lunatic who lives
out in the jungle.
He used to be ATF.
[groans] He kidnaps
high-profile people--
rich Mexicans,
He's got people all over
the country, and he's got
a shitload of guns.
You know why?
Because I sold it
to him.
And that's the truth.
Oh, fuck.
Oh, fuck.
I just told you the truth.
What are you doing?
[breathing heavily]
No, no, no.
I just told you
the fucking truth.
I just told you
the truth.
No! No! No!
Oh, God.
I told you the truth.
You want the real truth?
I'll give it to you.
I'll give it to you.
I'll give it to you.
I owed Sans. I owed him.
What, you owed him?
You used my son
to pay off a debt?
Seor Sans. He likes--
He likes little boys.
Right now, he's got
a belly full of leche
and an ass full
of cream cheese.
He's had more cock
in him
than a Tijuana
whorehouse. [laughing]
[dog barking in distance]
[dialing on phone]
[line ringing]
Bailarin, it's me.
I really need your help.
[speaking Spanish]
Weren't you going
to lay low?
Walk the straight line?
[speaking Spanish]
[Neto] I know. Listen.
You know a guy named
Seor Sans?
Seor Sans.
Some fucked-up
ex-ATF agent.
He has Julio.
[in Spanish]
[in English] Fuck.
[in Spanish]
I owe you for life.
You already do, carnal.
[in Spanish]
Would you mind?
Thank you
for saving my life.
Well, I was the one
that threw you
in the lion's den.
I volunteered.
For a price.
All those good old boys
down at the Lady Bird
probably miss
the hell out of you.
I want to stay.
I can't afford you anymore.
I'm running low on cash.
[on phone] It's Bailarin.
I know where
you can find Seor Sans.
[in Spanish]
[in English]
Look for a boxing gym.
It's called
Del Toros Boxing Gym.
It's the only one.
[dogs barking in distance]
[Latin music playing inside]
[Inez] Is this it?
Oh, my God.
Are those guns?
[speaking Spanish]
I just want you to tell me
what kind of boxing gym
has guys with machine guns
out in the front.
[Inez scoffs]
[clears throat]
So this Seor Sans guy
is not just a kidnapper, is he?
So, what's your plan?
Are you just gonna
waltz in there
and ask for Seor Sans?
Pretty much.
I need to draw
his people out.
You got enough money
to catch the first flight
in the morning, right?
Who says
I want to go?
[Inez moaning]
[both moaning]
[people chattering in Spanish]
This is it, Inez.
Come on.
Come on, please.
Hey, taxi!
Taxi, taxi!
Please don't die.
Let's go. Please.
Let's go. Come on.
[chattering in Spanish]
[speaking Spanish]
Seor Sans?
[speaking Spanish]
[no audible dialogue]
[boxers grunting]
[in Spanish]
[wolf whistles]
[boxers grunting]
I told you to leave.
I'm just not the kind of girl
who leaves her man.
[Neto grunting]
[Inez screams]
[Latin music playing on radio]
[in Spanish]
[car horn honks]
[tires screeching]
[shouting in Spanish]
[tires screeching]
[birds chirping]
[insects chirping]
[chattering over radio]
[Inez screaming in distance]
[Inez sobbing in distance]
[Inez speaking indistinctly]
[sobbing continues]
[gang member]
Want to live, bitch?
[in Spanish]
[blow lands]
[Inez groans]
Are you ready for the--
[gang member
speaking Spanish]
[Inez screaming]
[gun cocks]
[in Spanish]
[blow lands]
[prisoners whispering]
[flies buzzing]
[Neto groaning]
[metal gate creaking]
I thought you retired,
my friend.
New life and all that.
[screaming, groaning]
Like my work?
[Inez screams]
it's not original.
I'm just a copycat.
"Good artists borrow.
Great artists steal."
Where's my son?
In time, my friend.
All things in time.
But I'm sure
you learned that,
having spent
all that time
in lock-up.
[in Spanish]
[Inez screaming]
That was nice work you did
back at Vincent's house.
Your son is this way.
You have a good-looking boy.
Sensitive soul.
He reminds me of my own son,
don't you think?
I used to go by
a different name
back then.
[Julio grunting]
Don't tell me you don't
remember that face.
He's the boy
that walked in
while you were
cutting up his mother.
[child] Mommy?
[mother speaking Spanish]
Leave him alone.
But I am the father
of that boy.
Now it's time
for some retribution.
[Julio grunting]
[Neto grunting]
Bailarin must've thought
it was time for you to pay.
They say time heals us.
Dad! Dad!
[Sans] I guess this was
meant to be, amigo.
[Julio] Wait, no!
Blood in...
No! Dad! No! Dad!
...blood out.
[Inez screams]
No! No!
Dad! Dad, please!
Dad! Please! Dad!
No! No!
[Sans speaking Spanish]
[muffled screaming]
[Neto grunting]
[gun clicks]
Yado! Leave him.
[Neto grunting]
[Inez screaming]
[Neto] Julio!
[Neto groaning]
[Inez screaming]
[henchman screams]
[Neto] Julio!
I said leave him!
Goddamn it.
[Neto groaning]
You see?
This is what justice
looks like.
Let's see how
your boy is doing.
[groaning continues]
[prisoners chattering
in distance]
[Neto] Julio,
I was never the man
you thought I was.
I killed an innocent boy,
and for that,
you paid the price.
For all the things I've done,
for all the things
I'm about to do,
may God have mercy on my soul.
And now, Judas,
it's time for you to pay.
[muffled shouting]