There Is a Monster (2024) Movie Script

Okay, look right at camera.
Chin down.
Okay. Little tense soldier.
Move forward.
There we go.
Smile. There we go.
Okay, now you're going
to look right back at camera.
There you are.
Okay, great. And now chin down.
Tense soldier look.
Then move forward.
Smile. There we go.
Hey, Suzy,
can you step in?
Knocking down
that shine a little bit.
Okay, here we are.
Step forward on that X.
There we are.
Hey, Billy, just take
a little step back, okay?
All right, here we are.
You just--
you just won something big.
You just won
the car.
Most sales of the year.
There we go.
And just drop
that chin a little bit.
Uh, hips forward.
There we are. Fantastic.
Okay, I think we got it.
That's great.
I think
we got some good ones.
Oh, yeah.
Yeah, yeah. I like that one.
-I like that one a lot.
-Yeah, I think they'll be happy.
Remember, we got
to start early tomorrow.
Okay, yeah,
I can be here.
Are we going
to use the same setup?
Yeah, that's what
they're paying me for.
-You know me.
- I might mix it up a little bit.
- Yeah.
All right,
I'll see you tomorrow.
Oh, wait. Um, are--
Any word about that big job?
Not yet.
I think they said
they'd award it soon.
-Okay, well, fingers crossed.
-Yeah, I mean, mine, too.
-Yeah. Later.
-Later. Can you...
Can you be here
at nine tomorrow?
Sure, but what time
is talent showing up?
-They should be around 9:30.
Oh! Oh, uh, sorry.
Um, I just forgot my bag.
Uh, hey, wait up.
I'll walk out with you.
Why in the hell
did I do that?
I found macaroni
under the seat cushion
the other day.
Don't forget
to pay the electric bill.
Hey, I decided to
change things up a little bit.
-All right.
- Gonna mix it up.
Just, uh,
do me a favor.
Just take that boom.
Point it more towards the sweep.
-Okay. That good?
Come stand
on the mark for me.
All right,
let's take that soft box.
Let's move it back,
like, a foot.
Point it more towards camera.
- Perfect. Take a look.
- Wow.
Now, it's not
Rembrandt lighting,
but you see the shadow?
-There's some detail.
But I like the way
that the light falls off.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I've seen you
do that hundreds of times.
-It's your thing.
Lucky for me,
clients like it.
- Mr. Duffy, come on in.
- Hello.
Hey, can I get you
something to drink?
-Uh, coffee?
-Yeah, sure.
-It's right here.
-Thank you.
-Mr. Duffy, this is Suzy.
She is going to put
a little makeup on you.
I know what you're thinking.
It's not like that.
Just to keep
the shine down.
-No mascara. I promise.
Well, that's gonna share
it from --
-All right.
-All right, let's go.
-Here we go.
-Thank you.
All right,
just look away a little bit.
And now look
right back at me.
There we are.
And give me a little smile.
Okay, I think we got it.
So I'm just going
to send you a link to a gallery,
and you'll just pick
your favorite one.
-Well, thank you. Great job.
Okay, I'm starving.
Anyone want lunch?
- Um, Mexican?
- That sounds great.
-I can do Mexican.
-Okay. Same?
All right, back in a few.
Look, what happened
the other day...
that can't happen.
Well, one, I'm married.
Two, I am old enough
to be your father.
And three...
We work together.
Look, you are...
obviously attractive.
And if I did
anything to...
That's on me.
I'm sorry.
But I hired you because...
your makeup skills
are outstanding.
Plus, I charge less
than the others.
Okay, that helps.
But you do
really good work.
And I need it to stay
that way between us.
Thank you for understanding.
There. Happy?
- Billy, when's our next one due?
- Two o'clock.
Okay, we're gonna try something
a little bit different here.
Just-- just, uh, shake
our shoulders a little bit.
Just shake it out.
Shake it.
Great. That looks great.
You're home early.
I just had,
uh, two clients today.
What are you--
what are you making for dinner?
I'm making me
some big salmon.
Hmm. Sounds delicious.
It is.
Well, for me it is
chicken and mushroom marsala.
You know that
that stuff's bad for you.
Have you checked
the salt content?
Uh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
it's got a lot of salt.
But it tastes good.
Who's that?
Uh, it's just a client
start time for tomorrow.
You've been
really busy lately.
Just commercial work, though.
Just lots and...
lots of corporate headshots.
Still, good for you.
Okay, chin down a little bit.
Okay. Now chin right back up.
Smile. There we are.
And let's just shake
that off a little bit.
Here we are.
Look right at camera.
And say, "Oh,
I just won that big contract."
There we are.
- All done?
- Yeah.
- Awesome.
- That's it.
So we'll get
those shots to Barbara
for approval next week,
and then we'll
send them out for retouching.
-Great. Thanks.
-You got it.
Bil--- Billy, you mind
watch-- walking them out?
Just hit
those house lights for me.
Hey, great job today.
I hope it wasn't too much.
The more the merrier.
Or something like that.
Hey, don't worry about
breaking anything else down.
Are you sure?
It's no big deal.
Yeah, I might stay,
play around a little bit.
But you could go back up
all of today's work.
-If you don't mind.
-Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.
How many people did
we shoot today?
-Like, 23?
Wow. That was a lot.
-I think it's a record.
Jack Terri speaking.
Hey, how's it--
But you know
I don't do retouching, right?
No, I have a guy.
No, he is not cheap, but--
Yeah. Okay. Yeah.
I'll just send you his info.
All right. Later.
Hey. Uh, started the backup.
It should be done in a few.
Hey, uh, can I ask you a favor?
Yeah, what do you need?
Um, would you mind
looking over my portfolio again?
-I-- I've added some things.
-Of course.
I just really like
your opinion.
I would be glad
to offer any help I can.
Okay, thanks.
Um, you need me
to do anything else tonight?
No. See you tomorrow?
-9:30 okay?
-That works for me.
I don't have anything
booked for tomorrow, do I?
Uh, no,
nothing on the schedule.
Would you mind picking me up
a bagel on your way in?
- Lox?
- Yeah, please.
-You got it.
-I'll see you tomorrow.
-Okay. You the man.
Hell yes. Hell yes.
Yes, yes, yes, yes.
Oh, oh, yeah, Mama!
Oh, my gosh. Yes.
- Yo.
- Yo.
Hey. How's it going, man?
Did you sound happy?
Hell yes, I am.
I just found out
I was awarded a big job.
Congrats, man.
That's great. How big?
With licensing. Big.
Feel like celebrating?
You know what?
Why the hell not? Where?
A place,
and you're buying .
this gig
is on another level.
If I can do
a great job on it...
I might be able
to keep it going.
That's awesome, man.
-Congrats, brother.
-Thanks. Cheers.
So, um...
I got a text from Sally
the other night.
-Be careful.
-Oh, I know. I--
You remember
what happened last time.
Dude, I swear,
you get selective amnesia.
Come on, man.
It wasn't that bad.
No one heard
from you for weeks.
Brother just needed
a little time to clear his head.
Right. Right.
So, uh, how's married life?
Go to hell.
Damn, that bad, huh?
I thought you two were
as perfect as a couple could be.
She just doesn't trust me.
After the thing.
And that was an accident.
Yeah, you accidentally
unzipped your pants.
I didn't plan it.
I was drunk.
She was drunk.
I felt horribly
guilty afterwards.
And I told Carol,
we've always been
very honest with each other,
and I could
not keep that secret.
That worked out well.
It's gotten worse
every year.
I mean, you still
get a little bit...
That's life.
That's the way it is.
I don't understand
how you do it, man.
You have
so many opportunities.
Truth is,
I don't want anybody else.
Carol is it.
Have you at least
tried with her?
She doesn't even
want to touch me.
Damn, man.
-That sucks.
-Yeah, it does.
Well, at least your career
is on the rise, right?
Hey, uh, let's get
two shots of tequila over here.
Oh, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, not tequila.
Dude, you just got
a big contract.
Your career is skyrocketing.
It deserves
a proper celebration.
Some tequila.
-You trouble.
-Yes, I am, my brother.
Always going bad
with something.
Go to hell.
Excuse me?
I won a big job today.
-I don't care what you won.
-Yeah, I know.
You cannot come in here
drunk as shit
and start cussing at me.
The hell I can, it's bullshit,
it's my house, too.
You can go to hell, too.
Oh, there you go.
I love you.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit.
Shit, shit.
I waited for you
at the office.
Yeah, sorry about that.
I have your bagel.
Listen, Billy.
I need you to help me
with the planning of that...
big job.
You got it?
- Yep.
- That's great.
Yes, it is.
Oh, I need coffee.
And a ride to my truck.
Hey, can you give me a ride?
I'll be there in ten.
you don't like Elizabeth?
Oh, no. No, not her.
Hey, is Devante in town?
-And Kelly.
-Oh, yeah.
Let's get her for wardrobe.
Oh, and a couple of PA's.
You can hire those. I trust you.
Okay, thanks.
You know what?
You hire everybody.
I do trust you.
Run the job for me.
Well, it's about time.
Okay, so, uh...
the 24th.
Uh, that's in two weeks.
Yeah, and it's going to be
here faster than you think.
We've got to do
a great job on this.
I've got to do
a great job on this.
This is-- it's going
to change everything.
For the better.
We have to approach
this differently.
What do you mean?
We need to...
give this place
a real good cleaning.
And finally replace
the toilet in the bathroom.
Hey, can you
price those out for me?
I'm on it.
-What in the world?
Uh, I just--
I thought I saw something.
I don't see anything.
Yeah, I don't either.
- Damn tequila.
- Hmm?
Yeah, never mind.
Wow, that smells good.
I'm really sorry
about last night.
I celebrated.
Drank too much.
I won a big job. Fashion.
-Good for you.
I have extra
if you want some.
I'd love some.
Okay. Grab some plates.
I really am sorry
about last night.
I shouldn't have
cussed you out like that.
Me too.
Let's eat.
So this is a commercial job?
Fashion, nice budget.
- Models?
- Just one.
Not her.
I didn't think so.
Well, it sounds like
a great job for you.
I think it could
get me some attention.
More big work.
Maybe the corporate headshots
can go away.
Oh, but you're
so good at those.
I know. Thanks.
But I've been
doing them for 20 years.
It is getting old.
Do you want some more?
No, thanks.
I'm stuffed.
Thanks for this.
It was nice.
-It's just dinner.
-I miss this.
I miss us.
Please don't start.
I miss you.
Okay, I'm done.
I'm done.
I'm going to go to the market.
Is there anything
that you need?
Yeah, get me some of those
deliciously salty
frozen dinners.
Oh, and some
strawberry pastries.
Are you ever planning
on eating healthy again?
When I turn 60,
I'll start eating healthy.
What in the hell?
-Oh, hey.
Can you help me
with the groceries?
-How hard you run?
Oh, good.
What the hell is that?
-What? What's going on?
-I saw, uh, something.
-Outside the window.
It's big. It's dark.
There's nothing here.
-No, I know.
It's just--
No, uh...
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
It's just
the weirdest thing.
- Are you all right?
- I'm fine.
- Are you sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.
I know I saw something, but...
now it's gone.
Oh, it's cold out here.
Where are you headed?
I'm going to the studio.
Want to look over all my gear,
make sure everything's working.
-For that job?
You okay?
You sound funny.
Uh, just woke up with it.
Probably allergic reaction
or something.
Anyway, want
to make a list
of all the things
I need to fix or change?
Might take some pics.
Work on some different lighting.
I got to catch up
on billing, too.
Will you help me
with the garden later?
I can do that.
I should be home
around three.
-Will that work?
You're up early.
Big day.
I'm sure you'll do great.
Good luck.
Okay. I like that.
Drop your left arm.
Very good. Okay.
Now just do me a favor.
You deserve to shake that out.
Great. And give me a reveal.
Okay. Let's look away again.
Give me another reveal.
Okay, and just bring
your arms in a little bit.
Great. Fantastic. One more.
Next look?
Next look. Let's go, everybody.
Let's move it.
This was a nice shoot.
Enjoyed it.
I'm glad.
Thanks for taking
a chance on me.
Nah, we just didn't know
you existed.
I would have
called you years ago.
Well, I am happy
that you did call.
I'll send you
a link to the gallery tomorrow
and-- if that's okay.
Listen, uh, we have another one
of these that just popped up.
It needs
to shoot next week.
I know it's short notice,
but, uh, if you think
you could do it,
really help us out.
I can do that.
I need to move
a few things around,
but shouldn't be a problem.
Great. I'll email
you the details.
I am losing
my goddamn mind.
So, um,
how did it go?
The shoot.
The one with the money.
I think
it went great.
The agency
seemed very happy.
I'm shooting
for them again next week.
That's awesome, man.
So why aren't you excited?
You're going to think I'm nuts.
I've been seeing...
I call it "a monster."
I think --
It attacks me sometimes.
And my body
is getting all messed up.
You're serious?
I know it sounds crazy.
No, it's not
what I'm trying to say.
I'm just trying
to get my head around.
Oh, me, too.
There was some
strange shit in this world.
Uh, you definitely should.
-What does that mean?
-Come on.
Remember that nickname
Tim gave you?
He's back when I was
tapping into the universe.
Whatever you were tapping into,
you were doing a good job of it.
I don't remember
much about that.
Your girlfriend?
Oh. Yeah. That.
You guessed her password
from nothing.
You just...
knew a random password.
How many times has stuff
like that happened in your life?
I don't know.
More than a few.
But come on, man.
It's pure coincidence.
You know? Luck.
Maybe psychic.
But what you're talking about
is more physical, man.
Let me see your hand.
Can you move it?
Hmm. You know, you're talking
slower, too.
I know.
I think it's the monster.
So what does
this thing look like?
Got a human shape, mostly.
I mean, it's got
a head and arms and legs.
You see it a lot?
I feel it
more than that.
And sometimes...
I think I see it.
And when I turn
my head to look...
it's gone.
You see it right now?
No, it's not
all the time.
Whatever it is,
you're definitely suffering
physical consequences of it.
And as much
as the monster scares me,
that scares me more.
Hell, man.
I mean,
I really wish I could help.
Maybe I'll do some research,
see if I can find something.
Do you...
It's here.
The corner.
Next to the jukebox.
And the shadows.
You mutha --
Just messing with you.
Real funny, man.
Enjoy seeing your face.
Damn shame.
I needed a laugh, man.
This thing is scaring
the shit out of me.
Then see someone.
They're just going
to think I'm nuts.
I am not crazy.
Just because
you're seeing something
doesn't mean you're crazy.
Look, maybe
whatever it is
that's messing
with you physically
is also messing
with your head.
Point taken.
On a lighter note...
I hooked up
with Sally last night.
Are you crazy?
I think I am.
Talk about a nut job.
It was.
Hello. This is Carol Terri.
Carol, this is David.
Hey, David.
Is everything okay?
Yeah. You're alone, right?
I am.
What can I help you with?
It's about Jack.
-I'm concerned.
-So you've noticed?
Yeah, the talking.
And now his hand.
His hand?
He's hiding that one,
I guess.
His right hand
is barely working.
But that's not
the real reason I called.
David, are you still there?
Yeah. I'm sorry.
Has he told you
about the monster?
The monster?
We were having
a beer yesterday.
He says the monster
is attacking him.
I'm worried.
I'm worried, too.
But, well,
I don't know what to do,
if he doesn't want
to talk about it.
He needs
to talk to somebody.
I even told him that.
How'd he take it?
Not as bad as I thought.
He knows he needs help.
He wants help.
David, I've got to run.
I just wanted
to let you know.
Please don't tell him
I called.
I won't.
And thank you.
You're welcome.
- Is this good?
- Yeah.
It's looking really good.
Let's move on
to the next one.
Okay, everybody.
Next wardrobe.
That one.
That's the one.
Yeah, I've got that marked.
Uh, I like
a couple of others,
like this one.
This is great stuff.
Hey, do you have
the keys to your truck?
Hang on, I'll help.
Oh, yeah. I'm good.
- God. Are you okay?
- Yeah, I'm good.
I must have tripped
on something, okay. I'm good.
-You're bleeding.
Oh, shit. Oh.
Doesn't feel that bad.
Let me--
Let me go get a Band-aid.
What happened to you?
I was walking fast
to help Billy, and I tripped.
-Couldn't catch myself.
-Let me take a look at that.
-No, it's--
-No. Let me take a look at that.
It's nothing.
Oh, no.
Oh, you had better go
to the doctor for this tomorrow.
Oh, no, no.
I don't think it's that serious.
I'll go online
and I'll make you
an appointment.
-No. I'll text you the details.
Jack, geez,
you're not a kid anymore.
I know. I know.
Damn it.
I hate to do this, but...
I'm going to need
another day.
Anything wrong?
Uh, no, no--
not with the work.
I just woke up
with a headache.
Still bugging me.
I'm thinking a trip to the doc-
in-the-box wouldn't hurt.
I understand.
Get it to me Thursday.
Great. Thanks, man.
Should have come in
and seen me yesterday.
I know.
It's not that bad, though.
No, you look okay.
But I'm going to
have the nurse come in
and give you a proper bandage.
We also need to be concerned
about a possible concussion.
I don't think I hit my head
hard enough for that.
Uh, it doesn't necessarily
take much, but...
You're right.
I don't think
you're concussed any longer.
If you were to begin with.
See here.
Please keep the new bandage
you're getting today clean.
And if you have
some ointment at home,
put that on
if you change the bandage,
at least for
the next couple of days, okay?
-Okay. Got it.
-All right.
Um, the nurse will be here
in a minute to patch you up.
Doc, there is something else.
Okay. Well?
I didn't always
talk like this.
I think I ate something
I'm allergic to.
But it's been going
on for several weeks now.
Open up.
Ah, I don't see
any irritation.
I'd like to run
some blood work
just to see
if there's something there.
I'll have the nurse
draw some blood
after she patches you up.
There is one more thing.
I'm listening.
It's serious.
It's going to sound crazy.
I know crazy.
You're not crazy.
Just tell me
what's bothering you.
I'm being attacked
by something.
What do you mean
you're being attacked?
I mean something
is physically attacking me.
I've seen it.
What is it you've seen?
Well, it's a shape.
It's dark.
But it's the shape
of a man.
But it's not a man.
And it's following me.
When did you see it?
I've seen it a few times.
Last time was...
...the other day.
Just appeared.
I tried to hit it, but...
Are you under
a lot of strain lately?
Oh, not really. I'm busy.
But I-- I love being busy.
Hmm. I don't know.
It's possible...
The thing that's causing
your facial numbness
is also causing you
to hallucinate.
That would make it
something you've eaten
or taken into your body.
You don't look like
someone who--
who's taken hallucinogenics.
But now, you know, my hand
is starting to go numb,
and my leg gave out
the other day,
which is why I fell.
This thing is after me.
Let me do some research,
see what I can find out, okay?
O-- Okay.
Okay, well, you--
you sit tight.
I'll get the nurse.
All right.
Do we have
a number for Mrs. Terri?
-Yes, we do.
-Text that to me, would you?
- Jack!
- What?
Come here.
You got to see this.
-That was fast.
-It looks good.
you did a great job.
Thanks, babe.
Where did you find that?
I'll text you the link.
Thank you.
Hello, this is Carol Terri.
Hey. Can you do me a favor?
What do you need?
I marked all the best shots
from the shoot.
Can you make
a contact sheet
of the selects
and email the agency?
Yeah, I can do that.
You feeling okay?
Just left the doctor's office.
Got a new bandage.
And my head is killing me.
I'm exhausted.
Appreciate it.
I'll cc you on the email
I send the agency.
So, yes, I'm concerned.
There was one incident.
He said he saw
something out the window,
and when we ran outside
to see what was going on,
there was nothing there.
And I've certainly
never seen anything.
That's basically
the same thing he told me.
He's hallucinating,
seeing something
that isn't there.
But he believes there really
is a thing attacking him.
What can I do?
I want him
to see somebody.
-A shrink?
-A psychiatrist.
With an M.D.
He's not going
to do that.
Look, he tripped
and fell.
Probably suffered a concussion.
It's physiological.
And psychiatrists deal
with the brain
and its physiology, too.
Just have him call me.
I'll talk to him,
explain everything.
I'll try.
-Look at you.
-You're the same.
-Oh, hardly.
-You look great.
-Ah, sure I do.
As long as
you don't look too closely
at the gray hair
and wrinkles.
-I'm starving.
-Me, too.
-Didn't Bobby have problems?
-Yeah, you could say that.
No, I'm worried about Jack.
-He's seeing things.
He thinks something's
actually attacking his body.
Like a hallucination?
Sort of.
Well, Bobby did
a ton of acid and had -- so.
-I think that was a lot of it.
No, Jack didn't do
any drugs.
You heard how Bobby
ended up, right?
-Yeah. Is he better?
-I think so.
Last I heard,
he moved to Nevada,
got remarried,
has a family, no issues.
But it took a ton
of therapy and time.
How did you get him
to see someone?
How do you get a man
to see a psychiatrist?
Oh, I just promised that if
he went to one therapy session,
I'd have
a threesome with him.
You did not.
I sure as hell did.
-And he went.
-And I had a threesome.
Oh, my.
With who?
There was this woman
in our neighborhood.
She and her husband
were swingers.
I talked to her
at a neighborhood barbecue.
I told her my husband
needs it for therapy.
She said her guy doesn't care,
so she said, "Why the hell not?"
Oh, my goodness.
I can't do that.
I just can't.
You know, I actually thought
maybe I was bi after that.
Hell, maybe I am bi.
But I never actually thought
about being with another woman
until I offered
this threesome to Bobby.
The things we do
for our men.
Well, I'm not doing that.
-But I will think of something.
Do you have a minute?
Yeah, sure.
We need to talk.
-Oh, great. What'd I do now?
-This is serious.
Okay. What?
I'm worried about you.
What are you worried about?
You're being attacked?
You think something
is out to hurt you?
You fell the other day,
you smacked your head.
You probably
even had a concussion.
And you're walking around
as if nothing is wrong.
I'm worried.
What do you
want me to say?
I'm not lying.
What if something's
going on
inside that head of yours?
-So I'm crazy?
-No. No.
But can we agree
that you are not well?
I guess.
I don't--
I don't think
I'm making this up.
definitely happening to me
if you listen
to the way I talk.
I know.
I'm so sorry.
And I just want to help.
What do you want me to do?
Will you go see someone?
A shrink?
An M.D.
A psychiatrist
with a medical degree.
And maybe,
maybe we can get some answers.
You're not going
to drop this.
No, I won't.
-I'll go once. Okay?
Thank you.
I can't.
-I'm going to be late.
-Mm. That's too bad.
I feel energized.
-I'll try and get home early.
-Bye, babe.
Take it down a third
and then dub it.
On it.
Hey, how's the foot?
Still numb, but--
Sorry, I can't help anymore.
Yeah, don't worry
about it, boss.
I've got it.
I think one day soon
I won't be able to...
do any of this
on my own anymore.
Can you move okay?
I move slow.
But I'll be careful.
I'll stand nearby
just in case.
Hey, why don't you...
take all the shots today?
The-- Won't the--
Do you think
the client would want that?
They're corporate headshots.
The client
just wants good pictures.
- Another job.
- Wow.
It's starting.
Did they say
when they want to shoot?
Yeah, next Wednesday.
Damn, everyone's
in such a hurry these days.
Yeah, tell me about it.
So, uh, no makeup?
No, client didn't want
to spend the money,
so it should be equipped,
in and out.
Oh, speaking of which.
Uh, hello, Mr. Ford.
I can't believe
that guy thought
I wouldn't notice
four more people.
Well, he will notice
when I bill him extra.
- Yeah.
- Jesus.
-Can I ask you something?
I mean, this is something
that's going to sound crazy.
Have you ever seen something
you can't explain?
Uh, you mean, like,
a flying saucer
or a bigfoot?
Kind of, but no,
I mean something
you actually saw,
but there is
no reasonable explanation for.
No, no, I--
I don't think so.
Why are you asking?
No reason.
How long have I
been working for you?
Three and a half years.
So, believe it or not,
I think I kind of
have you figured out by now.
And so I know
you must have a reason
for asking me that question.
I think...
I'm being haunted.
I think something is
trying to attack--
Has attacked me.
-Damn, that's scary.
-Yeah, tell me about it.
You know,
the other day when I fell...
I didn't fall on my own.
You tell anybody,
I'll kill you.
We're-- we're out
of sodas in the fridge.
I'm going to go over
to the convenience store and...
get some,
you need anything?
Uh, no, no, I'm fine. Thanks.
Oh, hey, what's up?
I was hoping
I could pick up a check.
Eh, just kidding.
J-- Just hang out here
and I'll be back in a minute.
Do you really think
he's going crazy?
No, I don't think so.
I don't know.
Damn, it's so sad.
I'll get you that check.
Hey, do you mind
if I just pay you
through my bank online?
It might take
a couple extra days.
Yeah, that's fine.
So how about your wife?
Do you share
any of these feelings,
experiences with her?
And what does she
say about it?
I'd rather we leave
my wife out of this.
All right, let's move on.
How are you sleeping?
For the most part.
Any dreams you remember?
Would you tell me about it?
I'm in my studio.
Pitch black.
Except I'm standing
in a bright light.
I sense something
rushing at me
out of the shadows.
And just before
it gets to me...
I wake up.
Is this the thing
that haunts you?
I see it for a...
brief instant.
Dreams can be a premonition.
Um, your unconscious mind
expressing things
out of your control.
Yeah, I get that.
But you asked me
about my nightmare.
Yes, I did.
You didn't ask me
about when I'm awake.
When I see it.
And how is that different?
It's fucking real.
That was an absolute...
waste of time.
He didn't understand...
anything I was saying to him.
He looks at me
like I was a nut job
the minute I walked in.
am not...
I know.
We are going
to figure this out.
Something is happening to me.
Something is after me.
I believe you.
-So, how's everything going?
-It's bad.
He is having such real trouble
moving around and talking.
Oh, honey,
I am so sorry.
The doctors don't know
what's going on.
He's completely falling apart
and I can't take it.
You are not alone.
I-- I'm here.
I can help you.
God, I've been married
to this man for 25 years.
In sickness
and in health, right?
I hope I can help him.
It went well.
Thanks. I tried.
You've gotten a lot better.
Thank you, Jack.
That means a lot.
I'm exhausted.
Think I'm gonna head out.
I can wrap up here.
Uh, do you need any help?
I can make it.
I got you now.
Son of a bitch.
Oh, my God.
Honey. Honey, are you okay?
Oh, my God.
Come on.
Are you okay?
- Oh.
- I'm okay. I'm okay.
No, you are not okay.
I'm calling the doctor.
Come on.
Oh, God. Come on.
You got it.
Come on. Okay.
You can come on back.
When did you notice
it getting worse?
It's gradual.
One day, I wake up...
I'm fine.
Before I know it...
I have trouble walking.
And talking.
Are you still seeing things?
Am I still seeing...
this thing that
has been attacking me...
for months?
Am I still seeing
the thing that...
only I can see?
Do people think that I...
am losing my mind?
Do you?
Do you even care?
Does it matter
if I can't see it?
I'm trying to fix the damage
that's being done to you.
Maybe you're crazy.
Maybe not.
But you still can't walk
and talk very well.
I don't have
to see your monster
to know I need to try
and do something about that.
I'm sorry.
Can you help me?
I'm going to do
everything I can.
Thank you.
go home.
-We're going to figure this out.
-Thank you.