Therefore I Am (2015) Movie Script

- [Man] And this time it's very important
you do it exactly like that.
Every step, every minuscule detail.
It's all extremely crucial.
One deviation and there's no telling
what the consequences will be.
Now, do you have any questions?
- Well, what the hell
happened to your face, man?
- [Man] You're already drunk.
This is important.
I was here at 10:30, remember it.
You'll need to beat me here.
(heavy breathing)
(eerie synth music)
(footsteps approaching)
- I'm too late?
- [Man] And it's absolutely crucial
that you follow every bit
of minutiae in the process.
Every step, every detail.
It's all extremely pivotal.
One tiny deviation
and there's no telling
what the outcome will be.
Now, do you have any questions for me?
- So, you remember this conversation
from when you were sitting where I am now?
- I do.
I remember being nervous and
then thinking it was a prank,
but eventually following the instructions.
I didn't write anything down,
so I think you should.
- But if I do what you say and it works,
why do you even need
to bother coming back?
- Obviously things didn't
work out for me as planned,
but I've modified the instructions
in an attempt to rectify it for you.
- But, what if the new
instructions don't work either?
- Then you'll be sitting in this chair,
30 years from now
with your own new and improved plan.
- It sounds so stupid to me.
I'd just break the cycle.
I wouldn't even bother coming back.
- Said the very same thing.
- And I sure as hell am
not gonna look like that.
- I said that too.
- So, why are you here exactly?
- I'm not here to amend
my own life in some way.
I've made peace with all my failures.
They're complete and mine to own.
I'm here on your behalf.
- I don't get it.
Why bother?
Why come back if you can't
even alter the future
in a way that betters yourself?
- Because eventually one of us,
hopefully you, won't have to come back.
(creepy music)
- I'm sorry, I'm just,
I'm having a really hard time
believing that you're me,
with me being me and all.
- You'll never be me.
Your path forks from this very moment,
but I was once you.
(creepy music)
- Alright, you know what?
I actually think it's time you--
- Said my goodbyes.
I suppose it is that time.
Once I exit, you're gonna call her
and tell her what a freak I am,
but eventually down the line
you'll figure it can't hurt to do
what I've instructed here.
Just in case, it's 5:30.
Remember that, it's very important,
and be careful of the broken glass.
(door shuts)
(door locking)
- Hey, you'll never guess
what just happened to me.
This crazy guy came over
to my place claiming
to be me from the future.
That's what I thought,
but no, but it wasn't you, was it?
I don't know but I'm
actually pretty shook up.
No, he didn't.
I didn't see a resemblance
but here's the crazy part.
He said he was giving
me these instructions
in order to save your life somehow.
I know, what a freak right?
(glass breaking)
- Hey.
- Were there others?
- See for yourself.
I've been thinking.
There's all these logistical
issues to work out.
Shared fingerprints, DNA,
one social security number.
- Just let me in.
(eerie synth music)
(clears throat)
- Did it work?
Did you save her this time?
(eerie synth music)