There's Someone Inside Your House (2021) Movie Script

- [birds chirping]
- [wind rustling leaves]
["If It Don't Twang" by Paul Pace
playing over car radio]
[truck switches off]
[quacking ringtone playing]
- Yo! [scoffs]
- [boy on phone] Listen to this.
Amber told Stacy she was down to do
some nasty shit with you after the game.
Macon, slow down, slow down.
Wait. Okay, which one is she?
You met her a hundred times. A-hole.
Hogwarts? [chuckles]
No, no, fuck that. You'd have to pay me.
[Macon] What? Pay you?
She's throwing herself at you!
No, I'm serious.
Not even for, like, a million...
[Macon] We really can't all be
flat-chested and pissed off like Hailey.
Maybe, just maybe you should
lower your standards once in a while.
Um, Macon, hold up one second?
[timer ticking]
- I don't know. It's nothing.
- [Macon] I thought they were gone.
Yeah, they said
they were tailgating before.
The fuck!
I swear. My sister is licking
the powder off the Doritos
and putting them back in the bag.
Fucking body dysmorphia at age eight.
[Macon] She is a weird kid.
And I was a weird kid.
[ticking grows louder]
I'm just gonna crash before...
- [Macon] Little stress relief!
- Dude, I don't pregame that way.
[Macon] Relax!
Why are you so serious right now?
'Cause it's like pure protein.
Why would I want good protein
out of my body before...
[Macon] All right, but do not oversleep.
Yeah, I'll be there.
Kickoff's in like four hours.
[Macon] Well, I'm gonna go
lose protein for four hours.
[chuckling]Okay, yeah.
Have fun pregaming, perv.
[phone chimes]
[timer ticking continues]
[alarm ringing]
[ominous music playing]
The fuck?
[door slams]
[suspenseful music playing]
Fuckin' truck.
[door locks]
[ominous electronic music playing]
[phone dialing]
- [exhales deeply]
- [line ringing]
[operator] 911, what's your emergency?
- Hello, this is...
- [phone beeps off]
[phone ringing]
- [girl] You've reached the Pace residence.
- Shit!
- Leave a message after the beep.
- [machine beeps]
[phone ringing]
[suspenseful music playing]
[breathing shakily]
[quacking ringtone playing]
Whatever little game this is,
whatever you think you know,
you don't know shit!
[inhales deeply]
[exhales shakily]
You're in my house,
so I can legally kill you,
you fuck!
Come out!
You want money?
Because I can Venmo you right now.
Like, no one's gotta know.
Hey, hey, hey.
Look, man, we... We were all wasted.
It was...
It was just, like, a team bonding thing.
Like... like, I swear.
This isn't who I am! This isn't
[quacking ringtone playing]
- [crowd chattering]
- Pick up the phone, son.
[player] Hike!
Goddamn it.
[announcer] Fumble in the backfield!
Defense recovered!
- [crowd cheering]
- [announcer] First down, Wampus Cats!
[cheerleaders] Hiss and scratch!
We're Wampus Cats!
I'm sure he'll turn up. It's not like him.
[announcer] Caleb Greeley
receives the handoff!
- Caleb out in the open!
- [phone chiming]
He's gonna go!
[phones chiming]
[phone chimes]
[boy in video] Jackson, Jackson,
get off him! Get off him!
[panting] Whoo!
[boy in video]Caleb, you okay, man?
Come on, man. You all right?
[laughs, panting]
[ominous electronic music playing]
[girl 1] Did you hear about Jackson?
- [boy 1] So fucked up.
- [girl 2] Terrifying.
- [girl 1] Who would do this?
- [girl 3] You saw that video.
[girl 4] Jackson was out of line.
[boy 2] So he beat someone up.
Doesn't mean he had to die.
[girl 1]
That was way more than hazing, though.
- [girl 5] It was brutal.
- [girl 6] He targeted Caleb.
[girl 1] Is it 'cause Caleb's gay?
[boy 3] Probably jealous
Caleb's the better player.
[boy 2] Caleb never even reported it.
[girl 6] So who told?
[boy 2] The whole team was there.
[boy 4] They think Caleb's behind it.
- [girl 7 scoffs] W hat?
- [boy 2] He was in the game.
- [girl 8] He could've hired a killer.
- [phone ringing]
[girl 9] Everyone got the video.
- Everyone.
- [girl 10] The whole town.
- [boy 5] To make a point.
- [girl 11] What point?
[girl 12] Who knows?
- [girl 13] I'm honestly scared.
- [boy 5] What do we do? Go back to school?
- [girl 14] I can't sleep.
- [boy 5] I can't live here anymore.
- [girl 15] The sheriff have a suspect?
- [boy 5] He won't say.
[girl 16] So sad, though.
[girl 17] What if it happens again?
[indistinct chattering]
[girl snickering]
Store ran out of all the sad cards.
Did I say anything? I think it's great,
really. I love that optimism.
At least she got him something.
Sorry I don't know what to get a guy
who beat the shit out of me
for fun for three years.
- Really?
- Wow.
Built-in immunity. [laughs]
No teacher's gonna punish
the grief-stricken.
Oh, that's actually pretty smart.
Am I crazy, or are people
side-eyeing me right now?
- You're never crazy, babe.
- [sighs]
Caleb's getting it worse.
Fucked up they're blaming him.
Of course they blame the gay guy.
[Macon] Last Friday night,
Jackson Pace
took a knee on the field of life.
But damn if he didn't live every day
like it was the fourth quarter.
I'll never forget you, son.
In the mist
There was a purr...
Oh no.
And when that purr turned to a grr
Six legs walked into the light
And we knew it was time to fight
- Actually, he's not half bad.
- [students] So go, Cats, go
To victory
To God, his game
And his glory!
Hope they're serving Fireball
up in paradise, brother.
Now I wanna die.
[Macon] One time
we were having pizza, right?
And I was telling him
I was having trouble finding Stacy's clit.
Jackson goes with the pizza box,
makes a diagram with pizza sauce
to show me where it was on her body.
[boy snickers] Classic Jackson.
I'm literally right here.
I got a prime suspect. Macon Bewley.
Well, he's too dumb
not to get caught, so win-win.
Alternate theory. My dad.
Ah, you wish.
Think about it.
No way Jackson's parents
wanna live in that house
on that farm
where their... where their kid was killed
any longer than they have to, right?
Who else wants that farm
more than Skipper Sandford,
the land baron of Osborne?
- "Chaos breeds opportunity, boy."
- [girl 1 laughs]
[boy] "And this is an opportunity
for Sandford Family Farms."
[students laughing]
[student] You can sit with us.
Sorry. Thanks.
I'm Darby.
I know. I'm Caleb.
A pleasure to meet y'all,
I guess, officially.
It's not a country club, Caleb.
I'm Makani.
That's Rodrigo,
and Alex. She's our bitch-in-residence.
- Oh! Thank you.
- [Makani] Mm-hmm.
- [girl 2] My fellow seniors.
- You think I'm bad?
[girl 2] If may have
your attention, please.
Thank you.
I mean, what can one say
in the wake of such sadness?
Yet as your student council president,
I feel it's imperative
that I provide a beacon,
a kind of guiding light
in these dark and trying times.
So, I'd like to read an excerpt
from my admission essay to Cornell.
It's about oppression.
Princess Diana of Wales once said,
in her infinite wisdom,
that, "The greatest problem
in the world today is intolerance."
Did bitch just quote a princess
instead of someone actually oppressed?
We have a student here at my school
who is an outer space enthusiast,
but that's not the only thing
about this student that's alien.
His name, or her name,
depending on the day, is Darby.
Born Justine Darby, this student
showed me the meaning of courage
when, at age 11, she came out
to our school as she, he, and they,
and now every day in my mind,
I applaud her, him, and them.
[all applauding]
[girl 2] Jackson's video
and his death were hateful,
and the only way to respond to hate...
is with love.
We love all versions of you, Darby, okay?
Like we love all versions of Caleb.
So please, guys,
let's celebrate that love tomorrow
at the memorial at Holy Trinity.
For now, though, a moment of silent,
unenforced, nondenominational prayer.
Fuck these reactive people!
All of our college essays are about you.
You know that?
- I will cut you.
- [laughs]
- It'd be great if Katie was the killer.
- Or if the killer maybe killed Katie.
And you just said that. And I liked it.
[students chuckling]
- [Darby sighs]
- [Zach] "Sandford Family fucks."
I mean,
it is factual.
My dad is a fuck.
- Wanna smoke?
- [Darby and Makani] Yes.
- ["Bite Me" by Kilo Kish playing]
- I don't give a flying... Ahh!
Bite me, bite me
You can try me, try me
If you likey...
Caleb seemed cool.
[Alex and Zach laughing]
Okay, okay, okay.
Let me rephrase that, you dicks.
I like that you let him sit with us
'cause that's what you guys did for me
when I first transferred here.
Oh my God.
Those guys kept calling you Moana.
I love that movie.
- It's not really an insult.
- Not just those guys. That was Jackson.
So you've been biding your time, huh?
- [all laughing]
- [engine starts]
- [tires screech]
- Oh shit!
[Alex] Shit!
Speaking of most likely to murder.
[horn honking]
Who even smokes cigarettes anymore?
Oliver Larsson
because he's a fucking sociopath.
You think everyone's a sociopath.
[Alex] Yeah, but real talk,
his folks straight-up opted out of life
'cause their son had zero human emotions.
[sighs] I'm gonna opt out of life
if I don't hear about that fellowship.
Last night, my mom said I could
"always answer phones
at the slaughterhouse."
Now I know why everyone
treats graduation like a death sentence.
In Osborne, it is.
[Darby] Except it's
literally the opposite of that.
It is the opposite of the end.
Yes. Yes!
It's the opposite
of the end, motherfucker!
- [all cheering]
- [horn honking]
[crickets chirping]
Just thought,
"Here you are, Sabrina,
asking your granddaughter
to take a big step with college and all,
and I won't even take
a tiny step to fix my own stuff."
So I signed up for next month.
Or if you just drank your tea.
Oh, man.
Heard you walking around last night.
You don't think I notice
you changing the subject?
Honey, I'm sure all this horrible stuff
at school is dredging up memories.
You need to focus here
on your application.
What's the point?
All they have to do is Google my name,
my real name,
and then all that financial aid
and friends I might've made is just,
"Bye." So what's the point?
The point is that's not you anymore.
I see you up there
in your mama's old room,
all her old stuff still on the walls.
Like you don't even have a say.
You have to stopblaming yourself
for what happened.
[Makani] Okay.
But you gotta drink that tea for me.
["Wasteland" by Tierra Whack playing]
[bell jingles]
I got bigger fish to fry
I can't tell a lie
Walk away from me
That's my best advice
Chillin' in the hills
Hills have eyes
Can't be seen with you
You don't match my fly
Try to buy me lunch
You gon' pay the price
Baby, play your role
- Don't forget your lines
- [phone chimes]
It's a long line, it's a wait
Asked me, could he take me on a date...
[bell jingling]
- Good night, Gam.
- [Gam] Good night, hon.
[bell jingling]
[phone vibrates]
[girls laughing]
[Makani] Hey, Jasmine.
[girl] What's your name?
[girls laughing]
[girl] I said, "What's your name?"
[bell jingling]
You're sleepwalking again.
That's... new.
[ominous music playing]
[crickets chirping]
[whispering] Hey.
Grandma, wake up.
You were sleepwalking again.
Did I?
Maybe we should skip
the early service tomorrow, okay?
[church bell ringing]
[Katie] I mean,
Caleb's got to be behind this.
I think he hired someone.
'Cause all due respect
to the dearly departed,
but I have watched a lot of true crime,
and this was clearly premeditated,
I mean, who do you think it...
[harp ringtone playing]
[ominous music playing]
- Seriously, stop it.
- [Marcus] Uh, what?
- I know you're not sick.
- [Marcus] What are you talking about?
'Cause I was just talking to you. Here.
You were right here.
[Katie on recording] Some races
have higher IQs than other races.
- It's basic science. Look it up.
- [Marcus] I'm not lying.
Marcus, I'll call you back.
[Katie on recording]
And yet these libtard academics,
who keep proclaiming
to be the protectors of science,
suddenly start crying, "Fake news!"
when all we're doing
is presenting scientific fact.
And why is that?
Because liberals worship
at the altar of equality and diversity.
Which means every little snowflake
has to be exactly the same,
and there can be no differences.
Oh my...
[Katie on recording]Makes you wonder
- how many good white Americans...
- Look.
Hey, I don't know who...
what this is. [laughs nervously]
Okay. Okay, so maybe I recorded,
like, one episode of a podcast,
but no one was supposed to...
l posted it anonymously.
Also, it's like...
it's like satire, you know?
It's a goof.
I... I'm making fun of these fucks, right?
[Katie on recording]
I am a racial realist, people.
Listen to my words,
not your moonbat zombie groupthink.
I'm not out here saying, "I'm a racist."
I'm just saying
they're not as smart, okay?
[sinister music playing]
[woman] ...the occasion,
I love that you wore yellow.
It should be open by now, right?
[Katie gasping]
[Katie on recording] Each ethnicity
has strengthsand weaknesses.
Truth is, these SJWs,
all they want to do
is destroy white society.
To them, if you're white,
you're the enemy.
You're guilty.
Just makes you wonder
how many good white Americans
are gonna be sacrificed on that altar
before we realize
the emperor has no clothes.
I'm sorry, okay? I'm sorry!
[Katie on recording] Don't need Wikipedia
to figure that out. It's history.
But that does not make us superior.
They just...
[Katie on recording]
...on average, than all other races.
- [operator] 911, what's your emergency?
- [Katie] Hi, the killer's here.
He's wearing a mask of my face,
and he's forcing me to record
offensive hate speech at knifepoi...
[Katie on recording]
Unlike a progressive,
who'd argue even an aborted fetus
can qualify for the Olympics.
...use it for something.
- Hi, Father!
- Oh, I'm sorry.
[woman] No, no.
[Katie speaks indistinctly on recording]
- Do you hear that?
- [indistinct whispering]
[Katie on recording]
...establish our own white communities,
our own white school system.
- I mean, that's the dream, right?
- Goodness!
[Katie on recording]
White kids actually getting to celebrate
their beautiful, God-given white skin.
[sheriff] Rest assured,
we are following every lead,
working 24-7 to solve these crimes,
which is why we're enacting
a citywide curfew, 8:00p.m.,
merely as a precaution,
but one thing is clear.
The killer or killers seem intent
on exposing intimate information
about his or her or their victims.
And since both victims
were seniors at Osborne High,
that's where we're gonna start looking.
There's a lot of rumorsgoing around
that the killer wore a mask
of victims' faces
or has cameras.
We're just focusing on what we know.
[indistinct chattering over police radio]
[sirens blaring]
[phone ringing]
- [banging on door]
- Aren't you glad you moved here?
- [woman] Let me in!
- [Makani] What?
- I'm on the phone!
- [woman] Did you lock the door?
- [sighs]
- [woman] Goddamn it!
- Sorry, my mom is just like...
- [Makani] I know. I know.
You ain't gotta apologize.
[Rodrigo] You know, you're
so lucky you don't live with parents.
You all right?
Oh yeah. I just... I have a cold.
Just been taking some cold medicine.
[Rodrigo] Look,
I know this sounds selfish,
but can't I just have a normal life
where no one gets murdered,
and I get a girlfriend, and I go
to college, and I get to program games?
I mean, is that stupid?
It's stupid. Just... You can ignore me.
You keep calling me, Ro,
when I know you really wanna call Alex.
I'm just kind of afraid, maybe.
[Makani] You hide it so well.
I guess we can't hide
anything anymore. Can we?
[ominous music playing]
[indistinct chattering]
What do you think they're asking?
If you're white, "What's good on TV?"
If you're brown, "Why are you murdering?"
Yeah, hence this itchy-ass suit.
[deputy] Uh, Macon Bewley.
Think the killer's in this room right now?
I don't know.
Makes my head hurt.
Doesn't make sense, you know?
Like, why would the killer go after Katie?
Because Katie
and Jackson both had secrets.
- [Rodrigo] Hey, look at his body language.
- Look at his face.
He's touching his mouth.
He's not making any eye contact.
It's the two top-ten tells
someone's full of shit.
You see everything, Ro.
It's exhausting.
[Alex] You know,
this happens all the time.
Football players getting brain damage.
They start stabbing people.
It's like... It's a thing.
You know it's just as clich
to hate football as it is to play it?
- They're not the worst.
- [Alex] They're the worst to you.
Confused, okay. There's a difference.
You guys are looking
at the wrong side of the table.
- [Alex] The sheriff?
- Hello?
There's a referendum
on the ballot next month
to dissolve the Police Department.
- That's legal?
- Replace it with private security.
But not if he solves a series of murders,
and by that, I mean blaming it
on someone who's not white
and becoming a local hero.
Or it could just be the most obvious.
Tragic past, no friends.
So, basically us.
What? No.
No, you guys just are who you are.
That's your thing.
You don't have any secrets.
Unless you got something
you wanna let us know.
[deputy] Zachariah Sandford.
Your dad's lawyer
just invoked your constitutional rights,
so you're free to go.
[girl] What a joke!
[boy] Of course. Lucky him. Whatever.
Careful out there, friend.
I mean that with love.
There's some crazy fucks in this town.
RIP with Dave,
the best and only Uber driver in town.
That's "ride in peace." Want a flyer?
How about you guys? Are you going in?
I, uh... I drove myself. So...
Dad, I'm sorry.
I'm trying to put those boys
out of business this next election.
- I know.
- Yet here you are.
I was halfway to
the International Terminal in Omaha when...
Everyone was coming.
- My friends...
- Friends? Those are not friends.
They are what's left
when no one else wants to know you.
You stink of marijuana.
I'm public enemy number one to those boys,
which makes you public enemy number two,
and yet you have the audacity...
No, I'm sorry, the goddamned stupidity
to smoke drugs and then
walk directly into the lion's den.
Take your truck home.
Get that goddamn graffiti buffed out.
It's embarrassing.
[indistinct chattering]
[typing on phone]
Hey, Ollie.
Hey, Makani.
I'm sorry, I'm staring. I just...
I got nothing to do till my brother's off.
Oh, I get it, Ollie.
Such is your burden. [chuckles]
Yeah, pretty much.
Did you cut your hair?
Yeah, I cut it myself.
It's a good haircut, Ollie.
Also, I'm sorry I've been ignoring you
since school started.
- I've just been...
- Are you serious with all this?
Yeah, yeah.
I used scissors and everything.
[clears throat]
[typing on phone continues]
I have a theory.
[typing on phone continues]
I think you like being around
someone more fucked up than you.
Because it made you feel normal,
but then summer was over, school started.
You had to go back
to pretending you are normal,
which you're not.
That's a compliment.
And being seen with me
endangered that image.
That an original theory, or did you
just watch Grease for the first time?
[door opens]
[sighs] Hey, little brother.
Um, did you see anyone take my Taser?
[sighs] All right.
Makani Young.
It says here you transferred
junior year from...
[hesitatingly] Kamehamea.
Did I say that right?
Any reason you left?
Um, no, I mean...
And you had no relationship
with Jackson or Katie at all?
Never argued, never sawthem
argue with somebody else?
You seem tense.
[clears throat]
Look, it's pretty obvious here.
You're a good kid.
Work hard.
There's a lot of pressure
to be perfect. I'm sure.
[clears throat] say you didn't know Katie?
A lot of her best friends
are feeling the same way, that
they didn't know her at all.
It's funny how sometimes
it's easier to be ourselves
around strangers than our own friends.
I should write that down. I should...
You're... you're free to go.
Thanks. "It's funny how..."
- Let's get out of here.
- There's curfew.
["Jupiter 4" by Sharon Van Etten playing]
Did you wanna talk about something?
Let's just do what we always do.
Our love's for real
How'd it take a long, long time
To let us feel?
Try to relate
In my state
And the aura around me says
My love is for real
Touching your face
How'd it take a long, long time
To be here?
Turning the wheel
On my street
My heart still skips a beat
- [indistinct chattering over police radio]
- It's echoing, echoing, echoing
Echoing, echoing, echoing
Baby, baby, baby
I've been searching for you
I want to be in love
Baby, baby, baby
I've been waiting, waiting
Waiting my whole life
For someone like you
It's true that everyone would like
To have met
A love so real
You're the only one who lets me disappear.
A love so real
I miss this.
- [thud]
- Jesus!
- What the fuck?
- [boy 1] Whoa! [whooping]
That was Randall Brice.
Macon's friend?
What the hell?
[boy 2] Yeah! Whoo!
Let's go!
[phone vibrating]
Oh shit.
[scoffs] Looks like Zach's
gonna be the next one murdered.
By his dad.
Let's go to a party.
["Secret" by Orchestral Manoeuvres
in the Dark playing]
[indistinct chattering]
[Dave] Drink, but don't drive.
I'll drive! I'm Dave.
Want one of these? It's a flyer.
I'll drive you home or anywhere else
you wanna go. I don't care.
Don't drink and drive. Drink and Dave!
Take a flyer.
Embrace youth! Enjoy it!
You know how to find Dave.
Just download that app.
Ten bucks off your first ride.
Surge pricing may apply.
That's fine.
Party looks fun.
[boy 1] They hire illegals to work
the slaughterhouse and then don't pay 'em!
[boy 2] I post dick pics online!
[girl 1] I eat junk food all the time
and never gain weight,
and people hate me for it.
So, your secret's you're perfect?
Fuck off.
I have a YouTube channel
where I try to sing opera.
Oh my God, I know.
- Wait. You're the one who's watching?
- Yes.
[girl 2] Last year I had a miscarriage.
Wait, are we telling real secrets?
[overlapping chattering]
Secret party.
[screams, laughs]
It's about time!
Oh my God! Come on!
[boy 3] I find myself
attracted to my cousin.
[Alex] Rodrigo, move!
This is your drink. Drink this.
[Alex] You know,
I accidentally ran over a hitchhiker
and dumped his body into the ocean.
Is that bad?'Cause I can't tell.
Wait, sorry, but everyone's
just telling each other their secrets?
[Zach] Genius, right?
By publicly admitting the one thing
the killer's using against us,
we're taking away his only weapon.
Except for, like, when it's a knife.
There's no way your dad
sanctioned this, though.
Sadly, Skipper's en route
to a big-game safari
he couldn't possibly pass up, so...
Can we help you?
Yeah, you.
All-in-black, school-shooter-style icon,
you keep looking at us.
Do you have a secret?
Would you like to unburden yourself,
or are you just creeping like a creep?
Hey, man!
Everyone knows you're a sociopath!
[scoffs] Ro!
Oh my God, guys. That was really mean.
No! No, it wasn't.
- [chuckles]
- I might have a real confession.
- I got in.
- [Alex gasps]
- What?
- Oh my... You got in!
- Oh my God!
- Oh my God!No way!
[Alex squealing]
- Don't make me cry. Don't make me cry.
- Okay.
Okay, all right. Okay, okay, okay. Okay.
I have a secret. [clears throat]
Really? I thought
we were the ones with no secrets.
I have a secret crush on...
[clicking tongue]
Because you're dead-ass funny
in such a low-frequency way,
but I hear it, and I love it.
All right, all right! This is fun!
All right! Rodrigo, go.
What's your secret?
- Same.
- [yelps, laughs]
- [Caleb] What?
- Wait, really?
Um, Makani?
I write poetry.
[Alex] Wait, really? No way.
And, uh, I'm not gonna graduate.
How's this for poetry?
"This letter's to inform you
that your son, Zachariah Sandford,
is at risk of failing classes."
"His current GPA is a one-point fucked."
[sucks teeth] Yeah,
but that's not the real secret.
The real secret...
- [partygoers exclaiming]
- Shit.
Whoa, whoa! Guys, whoa! Chill, chill.
The only thing
it's loaded with is meaning.
- [girl 1] What? No!
- [girl 2] Oh, my God!
- Zach! Zach!
- Dude!
[Alex] What the hell?
- [people sighing]
- [boy] Dude!
- Crazy.
- Which brings me to tonight's main event.
[boy 1] Ooh.
[partygoers chattering]
- [Zach] You laugh at me.
- [partygoers] Yeah.
- You make fun of me.
- [partygoers] Yeah.
You... you... you tag my truck.
- Fuck yeah, we did!
- [partygoers laughing]
[Zach] I get it. It makes sense.
You think that my father
is this festering pustule
disguised asa God-fearing pillar
of the community.
He buys up your families' land
for pennies on the dollar.
And for what?
Just so he can grow his 30,000-plus
acre corporate empire of shit!
- Fuck that shit!
- [girl] Yeah.
But, what if I told you...
Skipper Sandford's collection
extended far beyond corn...
- [partygoers] Whoa!
- [boy 2] What?
...and included the tenth largest
Nazi memorabilia collection
in all of North America?
[boy 3] That's fucked up.
A shocking amount of which
I have converted
into pipes, hookahs, and bongs.
- [partygoers laughing]
- [boy 4] Of course!
[boy 5] Dude, no way!
- That's crazy.
- So, allow me to propose a toast.
The 1% is burning down
the world so they can stay warm.
I say, "Let it burn down them too."
[boy 6] Yeah!
While we burn down Highway 420.
[partygoers] Whoo!
["Go Up" byGizzle playing]
Gimme some, some of that
Some of this, some of that
How you gonna do me like that?
Walk in here looking
Like a movie like that
You know I'm coming back
If you move it like that
One, make you melt like the sun
Two, I could make it all about you
Three, you should make it all about me
Four, yeah, I think I like that more
Sheesh, just real clean
Like James Dean
I could make you go mainstream
I could help you reach your dreams
Bada boom
Bada bing, yeah
When we go around, we go up
Never come down, we go up
When we come around, they know us
Go up, go up, go up, go up
Gimme some, some of that
Some of this, some of that
Gimme some, some of that
[dance music playing in background]
[both moaning]
[Alex] Wait, wait, wait. You, uh...
You meant it, right?
You weren't just saying that?
I'm your secret?
- [banging on door]
- [gasps]
What... what do you want?
- [Macon] Chips?
- [sighs]
- [Macon] Salt and vinegar?
- Fuck off!
- [whispers] Sorry.
- [Rodrigo chuckles]
You're my secret. Yeah.
I see you, Ro.
I always have.
[dance music playing in background]
see you back with the others?
Yeah. Thank you.
Did... did you just thank me?
- No.
- [Alex laughs]
Sorry, that... that would be...
that would be... would be stupid.
[ominous music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[phones chiming]
Did you make this?
- Your secret's you're taking painkillers?
- [boy 1] Fentanyl?
Oh, that shit's for junkies.
- [boy 2] Yo, what's going on?
- [Zach] Who the fuck turned out my lights?
- [boy 3] Power go out?
- [Rodrigo panting] Alex!
[Alex] Rodrigo!
- Rodrigo, we're over here!
- [phone chimes]
[Rodrigo] Guys, where are you?
Zach, what's going on, man?
Shit! There's someone
wearing Rodrigo's fucking face!
- [girl] The killer's here!
- [partygoers screaming]
Alex! Alex!
It just numbs me out
so I don't think so much!
I'm always in my head!
[Alex] Rodrigo!
[Rodrigo] Alex!
[partygoers clamoring]
- [Darby] Rodrigo!
- I see him!
I see him! Help, please!
[footsteps approaching]
[breathing shakily]
Oh God.
[footsteps departing]
[breathing deeply]
- [phone vibrates, chimes]
- Shit.
[girl] Come on, come on, we gotta go!
[screams, grunts]
[Taser clicking]
[sinister music playing]
[continues grunting]
[blade ringing]
[ethereal music playing]
[girls laughing]
[girls screaming]
[birds chirping]
[announcer] The Wampus Cats have
their first game in three weeks tonight.
So let's go out
and celebrate the dearly departed
with a little Osborne pride.
Officers will be on hand
to ensure the safety and security
of everyone in attendance.
[players] Whoo! [cheering]
Everyone's just moved on, I guess.
You're all coming to the game, right?
Sorry about your friend.
Just something I did to honor him.
You don't have anything to say about this?
I'm done talking about who I think did it.
I know who did it.
And now everyone else does too.
- [whistle blows]
- [crowd] Ohh!
- Why are you even defending him right now?
- I'm not. I just...
I mean, imagine if it were you, or D,
or Zach people were whispering about.
[cheerleaders] Full comeback!
Who's that? The Wampus Cat!
Makani, you were at the party!
I called him out. He heard me!
Then Rodrigo talked shit,
and within one hour, Rodrigo is just...
I hear you, okay?
I don't know what you want me to say.
- Call the cops if you're so sure.
- They said she has no evidence.
- 'Cause she doesn't.
- Because his brother's the deputy!
[players grunting]
The killer used a Taser, babe.
Who uses Tasers? Cops!
And who lives with a cop?
Giving him access to background checks
about everyone in town, including us.
[crowd cheering]
Katie's podcast was anonymous.
Guess who can request
connection logs from ISPs? Piggy pigs.
- [grunting]
- Makani, you weren't here growing up.
He was a disturbed kid in a real way.
Do you even know
what happened to his parents?
[Caleb] Whoo! Whoo!
Go, Caleb!
[Alex] Look at all the team all happy,
so into gays
when they can win football games.
Do you just fucking hate everyone?
[somber music playing]
[phone chimes]
Tell me you didn't forget.
- Right. Sleep clinic thing.
- [Gam] Baby, I don't want you here alone.
You told me you were gonna stay
at Alexandra's tomorrow night.
Yeah, yeah. I, um,
was literally just texting her about it.
Proud of you.
The things I do
to get that infernal bell off my door.
[doorbell rings]
[Makani] Oh.
You just showed up.
I thought I'd take you
on a trip to the ocean.
Pretty sure that's, like,
a thousand miles away.
Not the one I'm thinking of.
["All Mirrors" (Johnny Jewel Remix)
by Angel Olsen playing]
I've been watchin'
All of my past repeatin'
There's no endin'
And when I stop pretendin'...
Who even smokes cigarettes anymore?
Just nice pretending
to have control over how we die.
[engine turns off]
[Makani groans]
I thought you were taking me to the beach.
Nope, the ocean.
Don't worry. The car's a piece of shit.
- Okay?
- Mm-hmm.
[exhales deeply]
[cornstalks rustling]
It's not exactly the Pacific but...
the fields.
"Let it be forgotten
As a flower is forgotten,
Forgotten as a fire
That once was singing gold,
Let it be forgotten forever and ever,
Time is a kind friend,
She will make us old."
When'd you write that?
Don't shut me out again.
Stay here.
Like this.
- Good thing I know you're not dangerous.
- I mean, I never said that.
Maybe that's why I brought you
out here in the first place, you know?
Where no one can find us.
Well, you'd have to know my secret first.
You think I don't?
[whispering] I actually
think you love secrets.
You still won't tell
a single soul about me.
[phone vibrating]
Fucking Chris.
He'll just keep calling
and keep calling, so I'm, uh...
- Yeah.
- Yeah. Sorry.
Hi. What do you want?
Not far.
I don't know. Soon.
[ominous music playing]
[Makani breathing shakily]
[Makani panting]
He always has to know
where I am all the time.
- [sighs]
- Did you tell him?
Still thinks he can be my dad, you know?
You never talk about them,
your parents.
What happened?
We can... we can just go. [clears throat]
They crashed into a tree.
My dad was driving.
It killed him instantly, and, um,
my mom, she, um...
she died in the hospital the next day.
I mean, they were drunks, you know?
Always were, but that part gets,
like, left out conveniently.
But it makes for a better legend,
I guess, when it's some
dramatic double suicide
'cause a kid had behavioral issues.
You know, I just think, like,
when something really terrible happens,
people need someone to blame.
No one probably gets that better than you.
I mean, that's what those poems are about,
Being blamed.
Did you do a background check on me?
Makani, wait! Stop!
Makani Sun-woo.
I know you.
I know who you are.
What are you gonna do? Hitchhike?
[ominous music playing]
["Adriatic Flow" byThreeStyle
featuring Magdalena Chovancova playing]
[Dave] World got you down?
We can talk.
I won't judge.
I am but an observer of human behavior.
You get people alone in a car,
you can learn real quick who they are,
especially when they feel
like you work for 'em.
[inhales] Like thatchurchy girl
who got strung up.
Could've told you she was talking
out of both sides of her mouth.
She was a real bitch, that one.
May she rest.
Wasn't too good at hiding it either.
Not like you.
You're a nice girl, aren't you?
It's always nice
to have a nice girl in the car.
Are you here all alone?
No. My parents
just go to bed really early.
- Ah...
- Five stars. Thanks, Dave. See ya.
See you.
[ominous music playing]
[fire crackling]
[bell jingling]
[breathing heavily]
[exhales sharply] Gam?
- [bell jingling]
- [breathing shakily]
[dialing phone]
[line ringing]
[Makani's voice over phone]
Not a day goes by
I don't hate myself for it, Your Honor.
If I could switch places
and be the one
who went into that fire, I would.
- [phone beeps]
- [gasping]
[fire crackling]
[Makani breathing heavily]
[sinister music playing]
- [Taser clicking]
- [whimpering]
[sobbing] No. No!
[sobbing continues]
[car approaching]
[Alex] Makani?
- [knocking on door]
- [Alex] Makani?
[door rattling]
I'm at her house right now. Makani?
Your grandma called. Are you... Jesus!
Yeah, my friend's been attacked.
1412 Prescott! Hurry!
- [woman] Sending a patrol car right away.
- [sobbing] It was Ollie. It was Ollie!
You were right.
[sobbing] They're gonna know.
They're all gonna know.
Know what?
[sobbing continues]
[phone chimes]
[sinister music playing]
Hey, baby.
He was there.
Gam, he was there. He was there.
They got him, sweetie.
- They found him.
- You're safe.
[Gam] It's okay.
You're okay.
We're all here.
Did he text everyone?
[Darby] I stopped reading.
Thought you'd maybe like us
to hear it, you know, from you.
I'm gonna get a coffee.
Give you a few.
[girl] Open your eyes.
[girls laughing]
Okay, bitches. You think
you got what it takes to win State?
'Cause I don't see shit.
[girls continue laughing]
What's your name, bitch?
- Hold up. These girls kidnapped you?
- These were your friends?
Sometimes friends, I don't know.
They were seniors.
It was my first year on varsity.
- Varsity what?
- You played sports?
[girl] Are you a hungry little bitch?
[girls laughing]
[gasping, gagging]
[girl] Drink up, bitches!
[Makani] They were hazing us.
Tried to get us to turn on each other.
- [girl] You can do better than that!
- [Makani] We were out of our minds.
[girl] How's that taste, Makani, huh?
Hey, Jasmine.
[gasps, screams]
I just...
Jasmine survived, but there were burns.
Her face was, um...
I got charged and went to trial.
Even after I was acquitted,
I still got threats
My parents blamed each other.
[scoffs] They'd been looking
for a reason to break up anyway.
I was so ashamed of myself.
So I moved here.
Took my mom's maiden name and just...
[sighs] ...tried to become
a different person.
You are a different person.
I've never met
the person you're talking about.
You bring me doughnuts
because you know they soothe me.
You proofread my essays.
You stand up for me in public.
That's who you are.
I mean, you gave Ollie Larsson
the benefit of the doubt.
And he's a murderer.
Yeah, you gave a fucking murderer
the chance to show he's decent.
- To no more secrets between friends.
- [chuckles]
It's a fucking hospital, Zach!
Wait till we get her home!
I'm not saying that we have to smoke it.
It... it's symbolic.
I'm not really good with hugs.
- [Alex] Come on.
- [Makani chuckles]
[reporter] KRDY News has learned
that the Sloan County sheriffs
have made an arrest,
and suspect Oliver Larsson is in custody.
A sense of calm has returned
to this small Nebraska town,
and plans to move forward
with the Corn in the USA Festival next...
[country music playing]
[Skipper] This year, the Fall Harvest
Festival should be a celebration.
People here, they have
a right to feel safe, protected,
and our little police force, good men all,
but they are sadly undermanned.
That's why
Sandford Family Farms has stepped in.
We've hired private security,
free of charge.
Our little gift.
These men are here
so people can enjoy themselves
and these fine festivities.
Nothing, absolutely nothing's
gonna stop this proud corn town
from shucking the events of the past
and buttering itself up
for another great year to come.
[girl laughing]
Um, yeah, but I... I thought...
I thoughtZach was picking you up?
[Alex] Fuck. I forgot to tell you.
His dad's making him work the corn maze.
- Can't you just take the bus?
- Oh shit. Alex, they all just left.
[Alex] All right, we'll turn around.
We're not far.
- You good there by yourself?
- Yeah, I'll wait.
[phone vibrating]
[ominous music playing]
[doors open]
[dialing phone]
- [line ringing]
- [operator] 911, what's your emergency?
Yeah, um, I'm at the high school.
My name is Makani Young.
- [operator] Okay, tell me your emergency.
- [door opens]
- Makani? Can you tell me what's happening?
- [door closes]
- [gasps]
- Hello?
- [screams]
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Makani! It's me! Hey!
- Caleb. Thank God.
- Um, good to see you too.
- Everyone's outside. Are you...
- [wet plunging]
[Makani sighs]
[sinister music playing]
[breathing heavily]
[door opens]
[Ollie] Makani!
You okay?
[Ollie] Shh.
[breathing heavily]
[Ollie] Hi. Yes.
We need an ambulance at Osborne High.
Someone's been stabbed.
In the stomach.
[Alex] Makani!
The corn maze.
["Hot Corn Cold Corn" (Live)
by Flatt & Scruggs playing]
[indistinct chattering]
[sinister music playing]
[liquid splattering]
- [line ringing]
- Pick up the phone, Zach.
Thank you. Thank... thank you so much.
Caleb's okay.
Hospital says he's...
he's critical, but he's stable.
I just hope Zach's okay.
- Whose farms did his dad buy out?
- [Darby] I mean, pretty much everyone's.
Jackson's, Macon's.
Everyone in Osborne
either works for him or hates him.
- Don't forget Sheriff Adkins.
- What?
Yeah, the sheriff's broke,
had to sell his land.
And now Zach's dad's
trying to replace the cops.
[engine revving]
I don't even know where to start. I...
I've been so beyond terrible to you.
Guys, what is that?
- Shit.
- [phone ringing]
[Makani]It's Zach.
- [Zach] Guys! Hello?
- Zach!
- Are you okay?
- [Zach] Everything's on fire!
My dad's inside!I have to find him!
- What?
- [Zach] Please!
[phone disconnects]
[people screaming]
Ollie, you said
this car's a piece of shit, right?
- [laughs]
- Wait, what's the car got to do with it?
Oh fuck, are you serious?
We have to try to help. Zach and half
of our class are in that maze right now.
If we clear a path, they can get out.
[Alex panting] All right! All right!
Okay. Let's go save
the goddamn football team!
[screaming] Oh, shit!
[engine revving]
[dramatic music playing]
Hey, Jasmine.
[gasps, screams]
Shit. Get out! Get out!
[Alex] Fuck!
[all panting]
- What?
- Shit.
[Alex] Wait, wait!
[people screaming]
- Oh my God!
- [indistinct chattering over radio]
Oh my... oh my God!
Oh my God!
[Makani] Zach!
- [people screaming]
- [Macon] I can't breathe!
[Macon] Who's that?
Who's... I can't see shit!
- Hey.
- [Macon] Wait up for the rest of them!
Hey! How do we get out of here?
We got you! We got you! Go! Hurry! Hurry!
We got you! Go! Yes, we know! We know! Go!
- Okay, go.
- Get them out.
- No! We're going with you!
- No, go!
- You gotta help them!
- Makani.
We have to go find Zach.
Go! You know the way out.
- Help them.
- Come on!
- [Ollie] Zach!
- [coughing]
- [Ollie] Shit.
- [Makani] Oh shit!
[both coughing]
[Ollie] Zach!
[Makani] Zach!
You don't have to do this!
These people have families!
I have a family!
- Please!
- [Makani] Hey, asshole!
[both gasping]
[sinister music playing]
Damn it!
Do you know how many times...
Do you know how many times
I've dreamt of that moment?
[panting] Zach!
You only get to kill your dad once!
I had the perfect thing to say
to his face.
What's wrong?
Second-guessing giving me
The Art of War on my ninth birthday?
See? Now... now it just sounds stupid.
He was supposed to be crying and...
and... and aware of his life choices
and consequences and...
Fuckin' sociopath.
- [clicks]
- Shit.
No! Oh no!
I am not a sociopath!
Does no one know
what that word means anymore?
If I were a sociopath, I'd have
zero emotional investment in the outcome!
This, this is very important to me.
And... and not to mention
extremely work-intensive.
Do you know how hard it is
to make these fucking masks?
[sobbing] Zach, stop, please!
Look, this... this isn't you!
You have no idea who I am!
You don't even know who you are!
I've spent my whole life denying who I am.
I was ashamed, but why?
Because I was born with privilege?
Why should I feel bad about that?
It's not my fault. It's what I was given.
Do you see now?
You're all wearing masks, Makani Sun-woo.
You're all putting on
these... these fake faces.
You're all hypocrites! Just like my dad.
But I... I can't hide
from my dad's last name.
So I... I'm... I'm showing
these people who they are!
Who they really are!
Take one more fucking step,
and I swear to God, I will...
What? What?
You'll push me into the fire?
Stab me with the same knife you used
on Caleb? On Jackson and Katie?
The same knife you used
to slit Rodrigo's throat?
You killed my dad.
You killed Ollie.
That's why I had to protect myself
by killing you.
But hey, it... it tracks.
More fire, more victims.
So you.
- I mean, cops show up.
- [gasping]
[Zach] They find the knife,
and they find you dead.
I could just put this all on you.
No one would ever know.
I'll know.
- [grunts]
- [Makani panting]
You think having everything
makes you the victim?
What kind of fucked-up logic is that?
Blaming everyone else for what's wrong?
When you're what's wrong, Zach.
You're the problem!
Look at me, Zach.
Look at my face!
I don't have to wear a mask
to show you who you are.
[both grunting]
Ollie, no.
"Hey, Ollie."
[siren blaring in distance]
"Hey, Makani."
I'm so sorry.I'm so sorry.
Hey, stay with me, Ollie.
Stay with me.
Help is coming, okay?
Stay with me.
[siren approaching]
[Makani] "I said,
'My youth is gone
Like a fire beaten out by the rain
That will never sway and sing
Or play in the wind again'
I said, 'It is no great sorrow
That quenched my youth in me
But only little sorrows
Beating endlessly'
I thought my youth was gone
But all of you returned
Like a flame at the call of the wind
It leaped and burned
Threw off its ashen cloak
And gowned itself like new
Gave itself like a secret
Whispered once more to all of you"
Go, Makani!
Walking on a cloud of uncertainty
I was something else
Tissues and one hand on my mouse
Waiting for my mom to FaceTime
But then my Wi-Fi cut out
Thinking 'bout the bad days
And the easy ones
I still feel guilty about
Oh, this cabin fever isn't the same
As when I lived alone
Put my hands
On someone's other line
Hear my voice
Like it was the first time
My tear just dropped
My skin is dry
Another innocent drive
Mysterious time
Another innocent drive
Mysterious time
My innocence dried
My innocence dried
My innocence dried
My innocence dried
My innocence dried
My innocence dried
My innocence dried
My innocence dried
[ethereal music playing]