Theresa & Allison (2019) Movie Script

Uh... look, I know with what happened
What happened?
Oh, uh, I mean, you know, the body and
Oh that? Dont worry about that.
Wait, what?
Dont worry about it. Happens to everybody.
Okay, Im confused.
I mean... I just... I had the NYPD knocking
down my door; raid my apartment and drag me
And Im pretty sure that they found the
girl that was in my bathtub.
I heard somebody say, Holy shit, look,
theres a dead girl in the bathtub!
And nobody has asked me about how the body
got there and nobody has interrogated me-
Do you want to be interrogated?
Well, no, but
There you go, then.
Okay, so... Im right
back to being confused.
So, Im not under arrest or, you know, Im not
going to get taken in for experimentation.
Experimentation? Why would we
want to experiment on you?
Oh... because, Im... you know, one of the
Oh. Please dont call it that.
Well, I thought that was what it was called
when I got the dark gift or whatever...
Holy shit! Seriously, dont say things like
What else am I supposed to call it?
What it is. Youre a fucking vampire! Deal
with it!
Goddamn it, Theresa!
I told you not to do this! Do you remember
Im sorry!
Youre sorry?!? Sorrys not good enough!
Sorry?!? Sorrys not going to cut it because
Cassidy and Susalyn are never
going to invite you back again!
And do you know how long Ive been trying
to get invited here?!?
I said that Im sorry, Mika. I just cant deal
with what her father does! Hes poisoning
Yeah, its all about you. Huh?
Youre fucking unbelievable, do you know
that? Youre unbelievable. Unbelievable.
Just. Dont talk to me anymore. Dont.
Come on.
Jesus Christ. Really?
Come on. Watch your head.
Im sorry. Can you just get her to this
You owe me $30. Okay? Remember? You owe me
I dont know. Venmo me or something when
you get home. Thank you.
Ummm... hello. Mr. Driver person?
Oh, Im sorry. I didnt see you there.
I thought tonight was going to be a shitty
Ow. Ow. Thats a little too hard.
Ow! Ow! Thats too hard! Just stop please!
Stop! Stop! No! Oh god! Please stop!
Get the fuck off of me, please!
The nights not over yet.
Wow. You really were drunk. Im feeling
that now.
I was just thinking
That when you dont show up wherever you
were going to go tomorrow,
Theyll blame the cab driver for it. Thats
how it always works out.
And then every woman in the city will be
afraid to take a town car for a little bit.
Kinda funny when you think about it, huh?
Help me! Please! Somebody help me!
Shhhhhh... Little Doe.
You mustnt scream or the Big Bad Wolf will
hear you.
Its almost a shame that someone as pretty as
you is going to be in some fridge tomorrow.
Some cold, impersonal city morgue, with a little
tag on your toe like a Christmas present.
Imagine a little kid opening up a Christmas
present and its your corpse inside.
Thats so funny!
All warm and wet but tomorrow, itll be
dry and cold.
That beautiful soft skin of yours is going
to crack and just rot off.
These. Are just going to sag and wither.
Even this pretty face of yours. Gone.
Oh, Little Doe. You mustnt cry.
I can tell youre afraid now.
You dont want to die, do you?
Nobody does, Little Doe. Nobody does.
Fuck it.
138! 138! Please report to office two. Now.
Thats me!
Alright then. Orientation time.
First off, Im sure until the moment you were
made you had no idea we were real, right?
Well, we aim to keep it that way. Im guessing
since we only found one body at your place,
That means youve left bodies
in other places, right?
Yeah. I was just... I couldnt...
chop up... just...
No worries. Just fill out a form. We have
people who handle that sort of thing.
This goes into the basic dos and donts.
You know, sunlight, stakes, beheading,
fire, all the things that kill us.
Then theres the things that are bullshit.
Like not appearing in mirrors, being allergic
to garlic, needing an invitation to enter
someones home
Being harmed by holy water and crosses.
Its really all bullshit, huh?
That it is. Also, theres some numbers in
there to deal with our particular problems
If you decide you dont feel like killing
we have blood banks set up all around the
city, around most major cities, actually
Where you can get blood
from willing donors.
I dont know. What about feeding on rats
and stuff?
Why would you want to do that?
I mean, thats what they do in the movies.
Just forget all those stupid movies and tv
We dont sparkle. We dont turn into bats.
We cant fly and we cant ride fucking
moonbeams or whatever.
Youre a physical creature of flesh and
Just with a longer lifespan than
other creatures of flesh and bone.
And a very particular diet.
Little stronger, little faster. Cant
sunbathe. All the rest bullshit. Got it?
Yeah, I got it.
Oh, theres also something in there about
who to call if you encounter any problems
from werewolves, demons, or
other supernatural beings.
Wait, werewolves and demons? Those things
Yes, said the vampire to the other vampire.
Supernatural creatures are real.
I know that may come as a shock to you, but
In truth, though, there really shouldnt be
werewolves anymore. Its completely treatable.
Jesus Christ.
Oh and dont blog about this. Any of it. Were
monitoring that. Not even little subtle
Dont start randomly quoting Bela Lugosis
Dead or anything.
Wait, who?
Bless your ignorant little heart.
Dont worry about it.
Just remember no one knows about us.
I will say it again with extra emphasis.
No one knows about us and if you tell
people about us you will die, kay?
Can I help you?
Hi. Im Allison.
Saw you back at the office there.
Was worried I missed you.
Were you following me?
Yes I was. Your perfume is really easy to
Well, thats pretty creepy.
Were hunters. We hunt.
So, youre new, huh?
That I am.
Well, you just got yourself a guide.
So, what do you got there?
Thats pamphlet Ms. Solenz gave me. It has
all the dos and donts and stuff.
I mean, have you read this?
I think that its supposed to be a little bit
sarcastic, just in case someone who isnt
one of us finds it.
I guess that makes sense, but
Oh, and this part that says you should learn
hobbies that are difficult to master. What
does that even mean?
I dunno. Ive had enough time to get really
good at my Mandarin.
Have you?
Mmmhmm. So what do you say, do you know any
other vampires besides the one who made you?
I dont even know the one who made me.
Poor baby. Tell you what. Why dont we take
a walk? Well talk about it.
Maybe some other things.
If I didnt know any better, Allison, Id
say you were flirting with me.
And if I was?
Well, the last woman who picked me up ended
up tearing a pretty big chunk of my throat
out by the end of the night,
So thanks but no thanks!
But that turned out better than expected,
now, didnt it?
Are you hungry?
No, not them. Im trying
to be careful about this.
Are you sure? Hes AB Negative and shes
ovulating. Makes everything taste better.
You can tell all that from here?
You cant? Sorry. Youre new.
Sure I can. Pretty far out, huh? Dont
worry, youll be able to do it soon enough.
Theyre not that far from us.
Oh, Im doing it again, arent I? Its
so hard to keep up with what everyones
saying now a days.
If I wasnt this, Id be a grandma by
now. How old are you?
Youre going to make me do math? Its
not one of the powers that we get.
What year? 1972
Okay so thats 42-
Whatever. Its boring. Dont be such a
downer. Were not supposed to be boring
Now come on. Walk with me.
So, you said you saw me back at the office?
Do you work there?
God, no silly. Not nearly old enough to work
there. Everyone there is like a thousand years
old or something.
Honest injun.
Wow, that was kinda racist.
Is that racist now? My mother used to use
it all the time. Its just a word.
Anyway these rules are too boring and they
change far too often for my tastes. I see
So, if you dont work there, what were you
doing there?
Me and my ex were kinda bending the
I thought they said if you bend the rules,
they kill you.
Bending, not breaking. If I was breaking,
then I wouldnt be standing here talking
to you right now.
Those guys dont fuck
around with that shit.
So what rule were you bending?
Youre new. You got a little weird about
the whole injun thing. So, maybe its best
that I not tell you.
You may not think it was as bitchin as
we did.
Is that not used anymore either? Its so hard
to talk to new people in my little vampire
No, its cool. Its okay.
Ah, see you wouldnt have thought it was
as cool as we did.
Alright, well, I get the feeling I
shouldnt talk about it anymore.
Dont worry about that any of that boring
bullshit anymore.
We are going to be young forever!
Theres no reason for us to worry about
anything anymore and now you have me as your
Im going to show you the ropes! Be the
Mickey to your Rocky! And fuck
No, I understood that reference.
Far out.
Anyway, enough about me. It doesnt seem
like you are enjoying this much.
Its not that. Its just... I can barely
wrap my head around
Okay, heres the thing.
I took some self-defense courses before I
moved here because I heard all the stories
about New York.
Ah, another transplant, huh?
Yeah, Wooster, MA.
Conchord, New Hampshire!
New England, REPRESENT!
So, you picked up fist bumping?
Yeah, boy-ee!
Okay, so as I was saying I took a couple
self-defense courses in my freshman year and
Someone comes at me I can, punch them out,
you know, but otherwise
Wouldnt hurt a fly, huh?
Oh no, I see a roach that fuckers dead!
I volunteered in college. I dont really
like violence. Im a pacifist.
Whats so funny?
Boy, did you choose the wrong creature to
You shouldve been like a unicorn or a pixie
and then you could prance around the enchanted
As you sprinkle pixie dust on all
the little woodland creatures!
This isnt funny! In the last month, Ive
killed five people!
Oh dear! A whole five?!?
You realize you are just
like Hitler, right?
This is serious. I dont know what Im
doing. Im way over my head! I feel like
shit about it!
I think I might just try out one of those
blood banks.
I doubt youre going to want to
wait a whole 90 days to feed again.
What do you mean?
Takes 90 days for them to
process the application.
Are you fucking serious?
Had a sister who applied for that. Took them
90 days before they let her into the program.
Isnt it like a blood bank
or a soup kitchen or
God no. Its a city program. Its not
like theres a bunch of people with their
necks out for you.
Its part of the cycle, baby. The whole
circle of life.
Listen, I was made back in 1972 but it doesnt
mean I dont go for a Brazilian once every
four weeks.
Ummmm.Im sorry.
By Brazilian, you mean a bikini wax,
right. Not that you kill a Brazilian person,
Want to see?
No. Thank you.
And you know, Im not sure if that analogy
actually works.
You adapt! You adjust to your circumstances.
You were one thing, now youre something
Its not that easy!
Dont think about it.
I cant help that!
Then Ill help you.
I have to ask you, if youre like this,
then why did the person who made you make
I think I got her drunk with my blood.
Whats burn-
Who are-
Oh, shit.
I made you last night, didnt I? Fuck.
Well, you dont want to be touching the
sun now.
Stop it!
Christ, youre being annoying.
Look, I was really fucking drunk last night
and I didnt know I was going to have a
guest this morning, so
You can stay here for the day but I
want you out by the time the sun sets.
No problem. I dont want to be anywhere
near you, after what you did to me!
Did to you? You mean made you immortal?
You tried to kill me last night!
Whatever. Fine. Bathroom doesnt get any
sun. Feel free to sleep there if you dont
want to be near me.
Oh, fuck!
Wow. Thats pretty fucking far out. I mean
No, I get it. I know what you mean.
That better
So, not to interrupt, but you did say that
it was five people?
No no no no no. Please please.
Just wake up, please!
Okay, um, okay.
Drink. Just drink! Please!
Im so sorry about this.
No no! Dont feel bad! Its what we are.
I didnt want to do what I did to the
jogger. Never again. Itd been five days.
Five days of me just sitting in my apartment.
Smelling her get just riper and riper and
I didnt want to go outside because I was afraid
of hurting somebody or attacking somebody.
But I couldnt stay in there
with that smell anymore.
You know, maybe if I went outside when the
streets were empty and no one was outside,
people would be safe from me.
And then it just happened.
Do it. You said youd do it! Do it!
Thank you.
Thank you.
It doesnt have to be violent. I only need
to feed when I feel the hunger coming on.
And that makes it
Not horrible.
Did you get a job at a suicide hotline?
No, Ive never met anybody who wanted to
die... that directly but...
Ugh. I hate feeding off of junkies!
I have to be honest.
I was kind of hoping that whatever was in
her system would make me overdose
So that all of this would be over.
Its good to know where youve come from.
I am really glad that you came out tonight.
Me too.
My night was such a downer up until I saw
Tony and I were-
Toni. Is she your ex?
Tony with a y. Yeah, hes my ex.
Wait, uh. Im sorry. He?
So, youre normally into guys?
Well, yeah, silly.
But how things are and with us breaking up,
I thought Id try something new.
Wait. So what am I? Just your vacation from
Dont be like that.
I think youre great, but tonight has been
traumatic enough without being somebody elses
Katy Perry moment.
Theresa, baby! Dont be like that.
You know what? Maybe Ill see you around.
Theresa! Theresa, come on!
Alright, listen! I
have had a shitty enough night without some
horny guy trying to get in my pants!
On a normal night, I wouldnt be into your
equipment and tonight is not a normal night,
so just please
Back off! You have no idea what I could do
to you!
Yeah. That sounds like a challenge to me,
Im serious!
Fuck off before I hurt you!
Hurt me?
Wait. Oh my god. You cant tell?
Tell what?
Seriously? Oh my god. Okay. Alright. Gimme
a minute.
Wait. What?
So, you seriously couldnt tell? Couldnt
smell me?
Jesus, what are they teaching kids at the
Hierarchy these days, man?
The Hierarchy didnt teach you anything?
Allison didnt teach you anything?
How do you know Alli-
Oh shit, youre Tony, arent you?
Allison talk about me?
Look, whatever youve heard about Allison
and I, its-
Hey, hey, listen.
If the little lady wants to have herself
some fun of the sapphic variety, Im totally
cool with that.
Listen, Im not interested in just being
her fun.
Oh my god, youre one of those! Bringing
the U-Haul to the first date!
Tell me, whats your name?
You know, Theresa, I saw you earlier at the
office tonight, when they were yelling at
Allison and I
Well, of course, then we started yelling at
each other.
So, you two literally broke up tonight?
Broke up is a really harsh term.
Besides, my mom will get really pissed
off if Allison doesnt show up to the party
Party? What, like a vampire party?
Uh yeah, like a vampire party. Youre
telling me she didnt invite you?
Wow, thats really cold, Allison. Geez.
You know what? Im just gonna go, okay?
No no no no, no no baby girl, dont go!
Listen, just because Allison and I are taking
a break does not mean that you and I cant
be close.
I cant think of a single reason why you
and I cant be friends.
Oh you cant think of one?
Well, I can think of several!
First of all, my name is not Baby Girl,
it is Theresa. And second-
Second of all, you couldnt even smell me,
which means you dont know shit!
Which means you probably need a guide.
Because Im willing to bet thats only
one of many problems youre having.
I bet right now, the world is a whole lot
of white noise.
Youre hearing all sorts of
things you couldnt hear before.
Rain drops. Insects. Heart beats.
And I bet when someone walks by, its like a
whole herd of elephants right next to your
Been avoiding the subways, been avoiding midtown.
Staying out of really populated areas I bet.
And hey, listen, its okay. I know its
scary. You must be going through hell.
I mean, I had Allison. I had a mom to
be there for me.
Maybe what you need is someone to be there
for you.
Tell you what, come with me. Ill keep my hands
to myself and show you what you can do. Okay?
This doesnt have to be awful.
This can be really, really wonderful,
if you know how to use your abilities.
So, what do you say? Ill be good.
Just seriously, hands off, okay?
Scouts honor. Now come on.
No no no! Theres too many people!
That is the whole point! You have to be in
a place with a lot of people!
My head feels like its going to explode!
Its too loud!
Yeah. Close your eyes.
Oh! You lured me here so you could-
I didnt lure you anywhere. Listen! This
only works if you close your eyes first. I
am trying to help you.
If you try anything-
Im not going to try anything. So, you can
either do this or I can leave and
you can figure out all
this shit on your own.
Okay. Close them.
Now, can you hear my voice above everything
Alright. What I need you to do is focus and
let everything else fade away. Just listen.
Listen. Listen. Listen.
Now, open your eyes.
This is freaky! Its this easy?!?
Yes, it is, Baby Girl. I mean, Theresa.
Let me show you something else.
I want you to focus on these people.
Now, Find one. Listen to them. Let yourself smell them, let
yourself hear them, let yourself smell them, let yourself
feel them.
But just focus on one at a time, otherwise,
youre going to get overwhelmed. kay?
Fucking prick! Youre not supposed to pay any
attention to that. He doesnt fucking belong
here! Look at him!
Wanna do some shots?
She was supposed to be here two hours ago!
Im gonna have a couple more drinks! You
have to calm down! Im fine! Im fine!
Oh my god! They all sound different! They
all smell different!
Yeah, thats scent. Its a combination.
Diet. Blood type. All that sort of shit.
Eventually, youll be able to tell blood type
from taste and smell, you know? Something
to learn.
Oh my god, I really can smell everything.
I mean, Ive been smelling little bits of
pee on all the guys here, but that guy-
Yeah yeah, okay. No no no.
Dont be smelling that guy.
Why am I smelling little bits of pee on all
the guys here?
Thats not a debate were going to have.
I havent peed in 42 years so-
No wonder I dont fuck you guys.
If I really wanted to, I can point out some
of the women here who arent smelling too
fresh this morning-
Oh come on! Can we talk about
something else? Okay yeah
That sounds like a wonderful idea! Music!
Music! Youre not hearing the music right
now, so
Lets focus on the most primal form. Drums.
Vocals. Drum beat is like a heart.
Find it. Okay.
Now, let the other instruments fade in. Listen
to the voice and just put it together like
a skeleton. Parts become
one beautiful whole
Feels like I have super powers. Can I read
minds too?
No, you cant read minds.
But now, that Ive been kind enough to show
you how to use your senses, do you smell what
I smell?
I dunno. What? What do you smell?
Lets think outside the box a little. Come
on. Tell me what you see besides these
I smell a lot of people outside the club.
Uh huh?
And someone outside in the alley behind the
Shes alone and shes drunk as a skunk
from how her blood smells, so go lets get
you a drink!
Sorry. Im not thirsty. I have a few days
before I have to drink. And if I drink from
her, Im going to get drunk-
Listen, grasshopper! The lesson is not yet
over! Are you saying you dont trust me?
No, Im not saying that.
Okay, good! Because I was nice enough to go
and help you here! Okay?!?
Yeah, you were. You were.
Good, so come on. Lets go. Itll be fun!
Fucking asshole! How could
he do this to me?!? Fuck!!
Maam? Are you okay?
No no no no. Im not fucking okay. Fucking
asshole. He took my fucking-
Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Youre
like, really, fast.
That I am, but dont worry, youre safe
with my friend and I.
Check it out, Theresa, its another redhead.
Something you and I have in common.
What, you couldnt tell she was a redhead
by scent?
No, Theresa, you cant tell hair color by
scent. Thatd be stupid.
What are you guys even talking about?
Dont you worry your pretty little head
about it.
Listen, your knight in shining armor is here
and Im going to help you. So, listen, first
thing I need to know
This guy, what was his name?
Jimmy. Jimmy fucking Cesare! He took
my fucking purse and then he hit me!
Who hits a fucking girl?!? Who fucking does
that?!? Who does that?!?
Obviously, someone with a lot of issues.
Yeah yeah yeah. Whatever. Where the fuck
are my keys? Were they in my purse or-
Whoa whoa whoa! Tony, what are you doing?
Hey! Listen! Listen! I was just trying to
help! I was just-
Hes being a douche is what you were being!
Tony, what are we doing? Is there a reason
why were here?!?
Of course there is.
Hands off me!
Check this out, Theresa!
Tony! Tony, please stop!
Tony, what the fuck?!? Shes still alive!
Yes, she is!
Please please please, please! Tony!
What the hell was that Tony?
Why didnt you finish her?
Can you smell that? Can you smell the fear
in her blood? Gives her blood a little extra
flavor, dont it?
Youre so fucking fucked up!
No, listen, theres a lesson here.
Okay... okay
What I need you to do is let her go and then
Ill show you how to track her using her
fear. Its a really useful skill to have.
Oh yeah, I like to wear this, so you dont
look like you just murdered someone in an
I dont want to die.
Its okay. Its okay.
What is going on? Why arent you chasing
her? The whole point of me bringing you out
here was so I could teach
you how to do this, okay?
Shut the fuck up, Tony! Im so sorry about
Son of a fucking bitch!
Just close your eyes and think of somewhere
nice. Somewhere you love. Somewhere beautiful.
And I get to tend the rabbits!
Stop, Tony, come on!
I dont know. Maybe youre not smart.
Maybe youre not brilliant. Allison doesnt
really go for brains.
But the red shit coming out of her neck means
she is dying, okay? It doesnt matter if
you want to be
Mother fucking Theresa and let her go, she
is going to die in this fucking alley, so
you should do what I tell you!
I don't want to die.
Close your eyes! Close your eyes because
youre going somewhere peaceful alright?
Yeah, the Kings County Morgue is really
fucking peaceful this time of night!
So, stop being so fucking dramatic!
My fucking god! Waste of a goddamn fucking
Shhhhh. Its okay.
Well, its about fucking time. Jesus.
I cant believe you made me do that. She
was so scared. I know what its like to
feel like that.
Whatever, Gandhi. Listen, instead of complaining,
maybe you should be saying thank you.
Because now you dont have to sit in your
cave and wait for the people to go away.
No! That was awful! That wasnt me. I dont
want them to feel terror like that.
You know, theres a lot of good blood going
to waste. You should probably do something
about that.
Yeah, Ill hold.
Fuck you! Fuck you! Seriously!
Fuck you, you fucking psycho!
Hi. V-Code: 483-367
Yeah, uh, Im in an alleyway off Troutman,
between Irving and Wyckoff. Victim was arguing
with someone named
Jimmy Cesare. Yeah yeah. She was going on
about how her purse was stolen. Yeah, final
kill was done by me
and... Whats your V-Code?
Theresa somebody or other.
She just ran off.
Okay... Oh, okay. Thanks a lot. Yeah, cool.
You have a good evening too. Thank you.
Waste not, want not.
Can I ask you why the government hasnt
tried to hunt us down or experiment on us?
Well, they recognize that were predators
and predators have to hunt.
As long as youre registered and dont
step on the wrong toes and dont let the
general public know were around
Theyre perfectly okay with us hunting.
Sorry, but why are they okay with that?
Because there are rules; acceptable losses.
Keep your kills private. Dont feed on anyone
youve been seen with. Dont feed on anyone
you know.
Dont turn anyone who will have a big mouth
about it. Dont feed on anyone who will
be missed. Dont feed on children-
Whoa. Children? People will-we...
we feed on little children?
Let me tell you from personal experience,
children are delicious. Its like heaven
in your mouth.
Oh my god, yeah! Especially babies.
So, you have fed on babies? Why arent you
in trouble?
One of us was lucky enough to be born in a
time of plague and abundant orphans.
The other was born in a time of Amber Alerts
and Nancy Grace, so stay away from kids.
Not thinking thats going to be a problem.
Good. Because if it becomes a problem, well
kill you. Without question, without mercy,
we will kill you.
And if you think youre going to get away
with fucking with the rules, you will have
another thing coming.
Theresa! Excuse me. Theresa!
What? No scent. Youre another vampire,
arent you?
Guilty as charged. Im terribly sorry to disturb
you. My name is Polina. Polina Volkova.
Well, thats great. Thats just fucking great.
Its just going to be an insane vampire
parade. Thats my life now.
I don't need to deal-
Wait. Holy shit. Youre
their mother, arent you?
Excuse me.
Tony and Allison. Youre
their mother, arent you?
No. Dear me, no. Far from it, in fact. I represent
someone of great stature who would like to
speak to you.
Im sorry. I dont want to deal with this.
I just want to go home.
Ms. Costanza. It will only take a moment.
We just want to talk.
Wait... I didnt tell you my name.
All will be explained when you meet Her.
I would offer you a drink but
I can tell you have just fed.
Oh, my sweet child
Do not be embarrassed by what you are.
Ive been hearing that all night.
Yes! But you have heard it from those who should
be. Those who do not appreciate the gift they
You ran into two of that Russian barbarians
offspring. She, like her children, do not
know of beauty.
They do not know of the
grace in what we do.
But you do?
Ah, the things I could show you, Theresa
Costanza. The things I could show you.
What about her?
I serve a greater purpose. Before I met the
Order, I was lost, but now Im where I was
always supposed to be
My blood will feed La Reina and thats all
I need.
If I can help her live one more day, even
with my death, I have lived a good life.
You see, Ms. Costanza? There are those
who will give themselves to us willingly.
We are not all animals like that Allison
and Tony you met earlier tonight.
He, especially... leave it to that graceful
woman to allow one like him to become one
of them.
A man like him in Order would have
been sport come Festival de Malandro
A man like him would never taint my blood.
Ms. Costanza, you should participate in the
Festival sometime. It really is quite glorious.
The predator becomes prey. We, those who love
La Reina, become something more than ourselves.
Something... Something more like her.
Something divine.
Also, it is quite the chance to let loose,
shall we see.
What do you want from me and
why do you both know my name?
Theresa Costanza, I know many things.
La Reina was gifted with the second sight
even before she ascended.
My Order would embrace you. There would be
no more struggle to feed.
That would be nice.
That wouldnt just be nice, it would be
an honor, Ms. Constanza!
You are meeting with the high priestess of
our order! Do you know how few receive an
She will learn, Polina! She will learn!
What do you want?!?
Information. It is, as they say, power.
I have an enemy and that enemy made the two
you met tonight. Them and many more.
Many more who do not know of grace.
My enemy, the Russian, she feels she has
the right to get into my territory.
But I am told I cannot move against her unless
I want to start a war. No one wants a war.
The Hierarchy wants us all to play nice. There
is where I need you to become my eyes. Those
two they will-
I just want to go home. I think I
just want to go home. Im sorry.
Theresa Costanza, are you giving up
the chance to be under my protection?
Giving up the chance to be a sister in my
I just want to go home.
Get out of my sight.
If you mention that you met me to Sakkara
or any of her children, they will kill you.
And if they dont, I will! Then I will kill
everything that youve ever loved!
My name is never to be on your lips. Go!
Alright. Alright! Okay, Alright, Jesus!
Hi. What are you doing here?
Are you tracking me again?
Christ I just got done dealing
with your crazy ex-boyfriend.
You met Tony?
Yeah! Listen, I dont want to be part of
your weird relationship drama.
Okay, sorry. I didnt know he was going
to get involved with you. He didnt hurt
you, did he?
No. Hes just fucking sleazy. How could
you go out with a guy like that?
He can be kindve sweet when you get to
know him.
Whatever. Its really late. Im just going
to turn in.
No no no no no. The sun doesnt come up
for another six hours!
Really, Im done for the night!
Theresa, I really really like you!
Im sorry that we got off on the wrong foot
and definitely sorry you had to deal with
Can I come in?
I thought vampires didnt need permission
to enter someones elses house.
We dont. Its just good manners to ask.
Alright. Fine. Come in.
Yay. Thank you!
Hey, I like you. A lot. Youve got a
certain vibe about you, you know?
I really like you too, Allison. Im worried
about just being your vacation from him.
I just met you. I cant commit to someone
so soon.
No, thats not what Im trying to say.
Baby, let's just take
things as they come. Okay?
Oh, this feels so wrong.
Theres no wrong for us anymore.
I dont want to live like that.
So, theres a party tonight.
I know, Tony told me about it.
Why dont you come? Meet some more of your
Yeah, if theyre anything like Tony
Some of them are, but do remember that sister
I told you about, the one who does the blood
Miranda always shows up to these things and
she never seems to have any fun.
Maybe the two of you will have something in
Are you trying to pawn
me off on someone else?
No, baby, I want you all to myself. I just
think maybe you could use a few more friends.
Alright. Um... so where is this party?
Theres no way we will be able to get there
and back without the sun-
Its all taken care of. And its a nice
place, with servants and everything.
And its safe there. Its all family.
And youre sure its okay if I come?
Sorry to ask but is Tony going to be there?
You wont have to interact with him at all.
I promise.
You promise?
I do.
Okay. Alright. Fine. Can I go change into
something a little bit nicer?
You need any help?
Not if you want to actually make it to that
So, what do you think?
Its weird. I didnt realize how little
Id be picking up when I was around all
these other... well, you know
You can say vampires.
Vampires. Its like Im not picking up
any scents or anything.
Youll get to that in time.
I guess. Its a pretty mixed party.
I wasnt expecting this.
I dunno. Seems weird, is all.
Aw. Fuck.
Hey, Baby Girl!
Hey Tony.
And Indira Gandhi.
This is my ex and her beard. Shes decided
shes a lesbian since we broke up.
Ladies, this is Aurora. Shes going to live
Aurora Nightshade.
Tony is going to usher me under the long,
black veil.
Hes going to initiate me into the world
of the Brujah.
And together, we will rage against the societal
norms that Ventrue like yourself cling to.
The Bru-wha?
Do not mock our clan. I was born into darkness.
Conceived under the Only Theatre of Pain.
Not the Valor stuff. Never the Valor stuff.
He is untrue.
Do you have any idea what shes talking
Come along, Aurora. Lets let the ladies
wallow in their conformity.
What the fuck just happened?
I think that Tony stopped at Hot Topic on
the way to the party.
Is that some stupid attempt
to make you jealous.
I dont know how it could be.
Oh hey, Theresa, this is the sister I was
telling you about.
Hi Miranda.
Hi Allison.
Theres someone that I want you to meet.
Thanks, but I have a lot of-
This is Theresa. Shes new.
Huzzah for her. Now, if you dont mind,
I have some inventory-
No no no. I wanted her to talk to you. You
guys are kindve alike.
Im sure were practically twinsies, but-
Shes weird about the whole feeding thing.
Oh. Hello Theresa.
So you just got turned.
How long ago?
About a month.
So you are new.
So Im just going to let you guys talk.
Allison, you said-
Some party, huh?
I guess.
Where did you meet Allison?
She actually followed me home from
the orientation I had to go to.
Oh, you mean the Hierarchy offices?
Yeah, she and Tony were being bad.
What did they do exactly?
She didnt tell you.
I didnt get specifics but if Tony was
involved, I'm assuming it cant be good.
Tony isnt even the worst one here. I take
it you havent met Paisley yet.
You mean like the garnish?
No, thats parsley. Its Paisley, like
the design or like the town in Scotland.
Theres a town in Scotland named Paisley.
Apparently so. But once you meet her,
youll give serious thought to tanning.
Wow. Shes really that bad, is she?
Youll see. Or hopefully, shell get in a
car accident on the way here and you wont.
I guess.
So, about the program?
Yeah. Everything comes clean and packaged.
It took me about 90 days to apply.
Yeah. Allison told me it the 90 days thing
I had to deal with doing some things Id
rather not talk about right now until then.
I understand.
Do you?
Ive fed on five people since Ive been
turned and its just
Really not my thing.
Well, Ill hook you up with the app for
your phone.
It automatically applies you and then
reapplies you when the years up.
You have to apply every year to prove that
youre not abusing the program in any way.
I see.
Uh, Can I ask you a question?
Oh, okay.
I was kidding. You asked me a question asking
if you could... nevermind. What is it?
Well, for my orientation, they mentioned
something about other beings.
Werewolves and demons and I dont know.
Did you ever met any of them?
No really. Just other vampires. But hey,
until I met our mother I hadnt met any
of our kind either.
I am not sure why you mean by our.
And who is this child?
I do not smell any of my blood within her.
Im Theresa.
Child, come with me. We must talk.
So, you seek to come between my children?
Whoa. Whoa. Wait, I-
My Tony and my Allison. I found them together at
Galaxy 21 and thought they should be together
so I made it so.
Are you trying to tell me
that you know better than I,
who was born before your grandmothers
grandmothers grandmother?
No no no. Thats not at
all what Im trying-
Do you know of poetry? Do you know of love?
Love between predators?
I know what its like to be in love. I
You know the love of a little girl. The love
of a school child who feels her heart thump
for the first time.
I speak of love passed through blood. Passed
through time. Birth is painful. Always. Always,
is it painful.
Yet, I do not smell any of me within you.
I cannot tell whose child you are, but you
are not one of mine.
Listen to me for just a minute!
A minute she asks for.
What is that to a god?
Do you ask a second of the wind? To fire?
To earth? To water?
Do you know what these eyes have seen? Know
she will never be yours!
Just, please, lady.
You may call me by my name: Sakkara!
Okay, alright... Sakkara
Did you give Tony the same lecture for his
wanna-be Morticia?
Oh, you are an innocent, yes? Oh, I see.
Much you do not know of this world.
Much you have yet to learn, yes?
I dont get it.
Go. Go, pleasure my daughter. Perhaps you
learn a little of what you are tonight, yes?
Uh... thank you for your blessing.
I dont think your mom liked me very
She doesnt have to. It only matters that
I like you.
This has all been like some crazy fucking
dream, you know?
I hope youre not planning on waking up
anytime soon.
No. Its just
Some things have been terrifying but
Some other things have just been beautiful.
Thats what our life is. We can do whatever
we want to. And we have all the time in the
world to do it.
All we have to do to get it is
Is that really so bad?
Yeah, it is for me.
Well, Miranda will help you with that if it
really bothers you so much.
Its just nature, you know? I mean, do you
blame a lion when it kills a lamb?
Yeah, but were not lions.
But were also not... people. Not really,
not anymore.
I know you still feel like one. You still
look like one. But were different from
them now.
I have a lot of trouble believing that.
People get sick. People grow old. People
smell and pee and poo and they rot away.
But we are going to be beautiful, forever.
Forever, Theresa.
If I wasnt made this, what would I be now?
Some New England grandma, sitting
in a nursing home, unloved?
Old, ugly. My nurses being mean to me when
my diaper needed to be changed.
Probably looking back in regret at taking
that bus to New York, thinking I was going
to be Linda Lovelace,
and that Tony was going to make me a star?
Thats where Id be right now. Forgotten. Probably
even dead by now. I was doing a lot of blow
back then.
But look at me now, 40-something years
later, and Im still young and beautiful.
People still turn their heads when I walk
down the street. Hell, you want me, dont
You know I do.
But would you if I were an old woman? I dont
mean to get too much of a head trip on you,
you know,
but would you really want me if I were just
old, broken down Allison Crandel from Concord?
Its just the cycle of life. Some things
have to die so that other things can live.
Plants feel pain. You know that, right?
So, even the gentle animals out there in the
fields eating grass and leaves and shit
Theyre still feeding on something alive
to live. You cant get around it. No matter
how hard you try.
And we can go wherever we want to. Just the
two of us. Go ahead. Name a place for me.
Name someplace youve never been before.
Ive never been to Spain.
Then well go to Spain. Barcelona.
And then maybe Paris or Berlin or Tokyo or
wherever. We can go wherever we want to.
And there are arms wide open for us, wherever
we decide to go. Theres so much beauty in the
world for us.
The world was made for us. Were the only
ones around long enough to see everything.
Except the day time.
Well, after weve seen everything there
is to see. And were all riding around
on flying cars
and all the cities are in domes and weve
been to Mars,
we can go and watch the sunrise together and
the last thing we see is going to be something
You make it all sound so... clean.
Its a small price to pay. Eventually, you
dont even feel guilty about it. Trust me
on that.
I think Im gonna go take a shower.
I know, I laid some heavy
shit on you today.
But at some point youre going
to have to accept what you are.
Or youre going to just have to decide maybe
its time to say hi to the big yellow bitch
in the sky.
Are those the only two ways this goes?
Think Im going to stay in here for a bit.
Im gonna go take a shower. Alright.
What are you typing?
Inventory. I run a vintage clothing store
off Avenue A.
Kinda appropriate.
Would be if I were made in the 1850s. I
was born in 1982 and turned in 2010.
Im the second youngest in this little... well,
I guess if you want to call it a family.
Only one younger is Paisley.
So, why do you run a
vintage clothing store?
Because money is required to exchange goods
and services.
Just because I drink blood doesnt free
me from the joys of Capitalism.
So, you know... I noticed that only
half the people here are vampires.
We are the real 1%.
But nobody here seems to be quiet about it.
I mean, Tony over there just told that girl
that he was going to make her one of us.
Oh. You really dont get it, do you?
Get what?
You didnt notice all the security getting in
here? The giant fence around the property?
The dogs?
Yeah, I thought... Allison told me this was
a safe place.
For us, it is. Almost everybody who isnt
one of us isnt getting out of here alive.
I mean, come on, youve met Solenz. Can
you imagine if Tony brought that girl into
the Hierarchy Offices?
Shed stake him on the spot.
I think I feel ill. I cant believe... I feel
like such a bitch for making fun of that
poor girl!
We need to get them out of here! We need to
tell somebody!
Your heart is in the right place and Ive
been where you are,
but youre just going to cause a panic and
get them all killed sooner. Trust me.
What about the lake?!?
You didnt swim all the way out to the other
side. Lined with barbed wire and theres
guards on the shore.
This is so fucked up.
Wait, then what are you still doing here?
Sakkaras still the one who made me.
Even if I dont like whats going on,
I still come, just to keep the peace.
That is fucked up and you know it!
I dont disagree. But do you think you or I,
or even us both, could fight our way through
What about the butlers-
Occasionally, Sakkara will pick out a few
that she likes and give them the option of
serving for life or dying here.
I take it you havent seen the basement.
No. Whats in the basement?
Well, besides the fucking oven she uses to
burn all the bodies from her little parties
There goes avoiding a panic. Im sorry to do
this to you, but Im allergic to Paisley.
Alright, bitches! I brought
tonights entertainment!
Oh, for fucks sake. Is that who I think
it is?
Everybody, I want you to meet...
uh... whatever.
Her name isnt important. All that matters
is that shes mine now.
She was rude to me and now
she has to be punished.
Jesus fuck, Paisley! You actually went and
got the goddamn salesgirl?
Yes, I did. You dont talk to me like that.
This isnt one of your fucking rich daddys
lawsuits! You have to be more careful with
this sort of thing!
About a month ago, Paisley was bitching
that she went to buy some shoes and
the salesgirl who worked there was rude to
Yup. And tonight, shes going to learn that
the customer is always right. Isnt that
Youre my little piggy now, arent you?
Somebody help me!
Fuck this.
Please! Somebody help me!
Somebody help me! I dont wanna die!
No! Just dont! Im sorry to have to do
this to a fellow creature of the night,
but I demand that you let her go! This is
nonconsensual and She has the right to say
You are so precious!
Whats your name, darling?
Aurora Nightshade! I am a fellow child of
the night like yourself.
Are you now?
Yes, I am, but this must not continue.
I understand the need and the hunger to
feed but if this was merely about feeding,
I wouldnt dream of standing in your way
A child of the Toreador with her mortal prey.
But this is about sexual assault and we are
above that!
We are?
Yes, we are, my sweet sister in crimson!
And Im sure youre aware
of the Sanguinomicon!
And all the vast amounts of pleasure that are
there to be had and desires to be quenched-
You are so cute. Mwah!
What the fuck, Paisley?!?
Oh, was that yours?
I didnt even get a chance to fuck her!
Oh, whatever, Romeo. Why dont you fuck
my new pet instead?
Yeah, what really want I want to do is fuck
your hyperventilating crying-
Paisley, she is peeing on the floor!
Sakkaras gonna be upset. Somebody get me
a rolled up newspaper.
Oh man, thats so funny! You know whatd
be even funnier?
If I killed your little pet!
You let her go! Shes mine!
You know what? You killed the one that was
mine. Its only fair!
She has to live and
suffer for what she did!
I dont give a fuck what she did!
You want her to live, so maybe its time
for you to learn that you dont always get
what you want!
Fuck you!
Fuck me?
Fuck you!
Fuck me?
Fuck you!
Fuck me, huh?
Enough! Enough! Both of you!
But she-
This arguing, I will not have in my home,
between my children!
Paisley, the girl now belongs to me.
There will be no buts. The girl is now mine, to
do with as I please. I will let you seed her,
You best get a good vintage out of her or I
will show you what it means to be punished,
Yes, maam.
Good. Now, Tony, you are out an offering,
but you should pick one from the room.
Paisley will make it up to the
one whose offering you take.
This ones not as pretty as Aurora was,
but I think shell do.
You should be glad. All the
others, they will die tonight.
You... if you can please my son with what
you have between your legs, you may wake
up tomorrow.
Now, strip and pleasure him.
I do not want that thing rotting
in my home. Take it to the ovens.
Now, I will be in my room. Let this charade
end. Feed as you will.
Well, you know what to do. Get to whipping
it out, come on!
Now, I feel like getting drunk.
You, drink!
Are you fucking kidding me?!?
Darling, in about a half hour, Im going to
tear your throat out with my teeth. Youre
going to die. Right here.
And theres nothing you can do about it,
so if you want to, at least, not feel it,
You better start chugging right the fuck
now! Drunker you are, the less its going to
That was fucking horrible!
You know, Paisleys daddy pretty much paid
for her to become one of us.
Fucking rich oil asshole. Congressman. One
of the few who actually knows about us.
Some shit went down at Port Authority last
year, after the eclipse and the blackout.
I dont really know what happened, but he
pretty much said that he was going to come
down on us hard
If we didnt do something about his sweet
little girl who had a brain tumor or some
So, youre telling me that that monster in
there was sitting and dying in a hospital
And now shes this?
No, from what I can tell, Paisleys always
been that way.
Tumor slowed her down a bit, made her bed-ridden,
but shes always been a terrible fucking
I think thats why my mom decided to turn
her in the first place.
She wanted to see what would happen if someone
who was already a monster became one of us.
That and the suitcase full
of money probably helped.
What is that smell?
The basement.
You never did tell me
what was in the basement.
Are you sure you want to know?
Wait. Oh my god, is that
what I think it is?
Oh my god!
Oh my god! Oh my fucking god!
You wanted to see it.
What about the rules?!?
They said were not allowed to feed on
kids! They were very specific about that!
No one is going to miss child that nobody
knows about except for the ones who bred it.
Honestly, thats what theyre probably
doing to the salesgirl back there.
Have enough of the male servants fuck her
until she gets knocked up
and when shes ready to pop, Sakkara will serve
up her baby like its a Chateau Margaux.
This is the most horrifying
thing Ive ever
This is who you are now.
Did you think the rules were to protect them
from us? The rules are there to protect us
from them!
If the average person knew what monsters we
were, theyd rise up and kill all of us.
It already happened once. Stalin did it after
World War II. He purged the Soviet Union of
all of us.
Sakkara was there You should hear her go on
about it.
Thats why the good ol U. S. of A. had
no problem working with us.
Were enemies of Communism.
Help me! Please, help me! Please help me!
Why arent you helping me?!?
Please! Please! Please!
Oh, hey! Hi, Miranda and whatever your name
I know this isnt like your thing and Im
trying to respectful of that.
So, Im going to take her out of here. So
sorry. You keep doing what youre doing.
Dont mind me. So sorry about this.
Let me go!
Shut the fuck up!
Hey, everybody! Look what I got!
I think Im going to be sick.
Theres nothing in you to throw up. You
have to stop kidding yourself. This is who
you are.
What about you? Isnt this who you are too?
Theresa, let me tell you about the best feeling
Ive ever had. The most wonderful euphoric
Was the last time I saw my parents.
I didnt mean to.
I had held back for so
long that lost control.
I fed on them and it felt good. Feeling their
fear, tasting their blood. It was amazing...
And then, I saw what I had done and I
couldnt live with myself anymore.
I went outside that morning to go lay out in
the sun, so Id die and I wouldnt have to
face what I was.
So, why are you still here?
It rained. For four days straight. And by
the time it was done,
I realized that just because I was a
monster, but I didnt have to act like one.
I applied for the donor
program immediately.
How did you survive those three months?
Do you know how easy it is to find a would-be
rapist in this city, if you really want to?
I figured if I was going to feed, Id feed
on scumbags.
Twelve less predators in the world...
and... and then I never fed again.
I want to be like that.
And yet, you want to be with Allison.
What do you mean?
Allison has killed more people than Ted Bundy,
John Wayne Gacy, and Henry Lee Lucas combined.
You could probably fill a concert hall with
how many people shes killed.
I didnt tell you from before what she and
Tony got in trouble for, did I?
No, you didnt.
Do you remember the Tsunami in 2004?
You might have been a teen during it,
but there was an earthquake in the Indian
Ocean. A 9.0. Triggered a tsunami
I vaguely remember my parents watching it
on the news.
Around that time, Tony and Allison took a
trip to Thailand.
There were an awful lot of orphaned
children after the Tsunami.
What? Nohow is that bending the rules?
I think you know the answer to that.
No one will miss those kids.
As it was, there were regular businessmen,
taking their pick for kiddie porn and slavery.
So Allison and Tony were
just two more invaders.
But the Hierarchy got pissed off that they
were so close to a news story.
ThatsThats horrible.
Shes a monster, Theresa. So are you.
So am I.
Its whether or not you act like one that
You can apply for the donor program,
but dont forget what you are,
because if you do, thats when youll really
hurt the ones you loved before... this.
Come on! Rut! Fucking rut!
You fucking pigs!
Huh. Thats the kind of ass
the Puerto Rican guys like.
Paisley! Christ!
What?!? They like big asses! They
write songs about it, dumbie!
When hes done, youre next.
Oh, phone!
Come on, honey give us a smile! Come on!
Give us a nice little smile!
Fine. Be that way. Bet you that you break
before I get bored.
How can you do this? I dont
want to be like this.
How can you be such fucking monsters?!? You
used to be just like them!
Someone need some ointment
for her butthurt?
Little girl thinks shes better than all
of us.
Princess, even when I was like them, I still
wouldve laughed my ass off when I made
you eat your own shit.
You wouldnt have even been the first.
So, you better thank your lucky fucking stars
that some dumb bitch met you and decided to
turn you,
because if I found you, instead, youd be
doing little doggy tricks, like that little
Remember, honey: just because youre one
of us now, doesnt make you one of us.
You fucking cunt!
Oh, ladies! Ladies, ladies. Listen as
much as Id love to see a cat fight,
Allison told me she has a present for you.
You should go see what it is.
Why should I fucking trust you? This is
just going to be some goddamn trick.
Oh, you know what Im hurt. Because really, after
all those powers I was nice enough to give you,
you act this way towards me?
I mean, hey, if you want Butch over here to
rip your fucking head, then thats fine.
Otherwise, no trick. Allison
told me she has a present.
Honest Injun.
What the fuck, Allison?!? What the hell are
you doing?
Baby, been waiting for you. Look I got you
a present. Isnt she pretty?
I was going to put a giant pink bow on her
head but I thought she looked better naked.
They always do. Besides, itd be silly to
put a tuxedo on a hamburger, right?
This is what you wanted to show me?
This is what Tony said I had to see?
Allison, this is... this is bullshit.
She is a person!
I dont want to be like this. I dont
want to be like those monsters down there.
And why are you even talking to him still?
I thought you two broke up!
Dont worry about Tony. Just come here and
see what Ive gotten for you.
No, I cant do this. I'm not down for this.
You know what Miranda was right about you!
Oh, Miranda is so melodramatic.
Eventually, youll learn to ignore her,
just like everyone else. Besides, the suns
coming up.
If you go out right now, youll be killed.
I... I dont think I care anymore. I think... I
think... I want to see the sun, one last time.
Baby, it would kill me if
something happened to you.
Just come back inside. What?
Just a taste. A little taste. You dont
like it, Ill find you someplace safe to
sleep until the sun goes down.
Besides, if she tastes anything like her sister
or cousin over there, youre in for a treat.
No no! No, Allison, dont! Let her go!
Stop, let her go! Please, Allison!
Oh, it tastes so
This is so wrong.
Theres no wrong for us anymore. Just what
we want when we want it. For however long
we want!
I dont want to be like-
Stop going through the motions
and start being what you are!
Hey... hey, mom. I know. No, Ive just...
Ive been sick.
I know its been a month but Ive been
sick this whole...
I dont know about those classes. I might
just drop them. Ill have to see.
No, Mika and I broke up.
Yeah, I know. Thanks mom.
Uh no please dont visit just yet.
I have all these finals to
Seriously, dont come visit.
I have my finals to do and then I may-
I know. Thank you.
I love you too.
No no nothings the matter, mom.
Give my love to dad and Matt okay?
Oh god! Youre not in the basement yet!
No, its good! Its good! Theyre still
asleep! Theyre still asleep!
If you just-
Come back to bed!
Come on.
Come back to bed.
Hey! Hey!
Thank you so much for changing your mind.
We understand how hard this must have been
for you.
The last time we met, you
were understandably upset.
But its good to know that youve seen
that La Reinas way is the only way that
this gets resolved.
I knew she was coming back. Didnt I tell
you? The mirror does not lie.
I knew she would eventually see things our
There is nothing good that can come
of being associated with Sakkara.
All that bloodshed. All that madness. You
must be tired of that.
She is. She told me herself. Last time we
helped her. I am sure she remembers.
How could you forget something like that?
How long was that? Ninety days, while you
waited for the program to kick in?
Polina, I am sure the girl
can speak for herself.
So, my dear, would you be the eyes that we
ask for?
You will help us know the moves
of the usurper and her children?
Yeah. Ill help you.
Im not joining your Order or anything,
but I cant do this shit anymore.
I think the last straw for me was
that girl, Theresa. That night-
There there. Soon, it will all be over.
Order will overcome chaos. We
have a goddess on our side.