Theri (2016) Movie Script

'The Spark'
"Bullets flying in mid air
Gunshots echoing everywhere"
"Teaching a lesson judicious
Stirring dust he strides victorious"
"Sparks of fire fly and soar
War of a kind never before"
"Whoever the enemy
he dares them boldly"
"He is the spark
who makes a mark"
Most welcome"
"A torch of fire
stirs to inspire"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"Fire up
Be on top"
Most welcome"
"Kindle aflame
Master of the game"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"Bullets flying in mid air
Gunshots echoing everywhere"
"Teaching a lesson righteous
Stirring dust he strides victorious"
"Sparks of fire fly and soar
War of a kind never before"
"Whoever the enemy
he faces them bravely"
"Rock on, dude
Ace it with attitude"
Most welcome"
"Young commander
People's crusade?'
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
Baby, it's getting late for school
2 minutes, baby
Why did you oversleep?
On top of it
this junk of a bike!
Get him
imbecile! Which female
are you rushing to elope with!
Bloody mongrel!
My dad will knock you flat out!
Baby, catch him
'Rock on, baby'
What are you doing?
Do you know how tough it is
to drive out in the rain now, bro?
Drive carefully
Apologize and then go
Sorry, bro
Sorry, kiddo
Okay, baby
"Sleepy head, lazy goose
Last bench, screw-loose"
"Tiff in box, kitchen chores
Uniform, iron of course"
"Math class, kneel down
Stand up on the bench alone"
"Late night polish shoe
Dirty socks wash anew"
"Daily late, get out
Sleep gone, tired bout"
"Home work, escape gladly
This is routine daily"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"Hey! Eena meena teeka"
"Show me proper-ah!"
"Miss Ponytail cutely
got caught by yours truly"
"Morning moon-walk
Heart to heart talk"
"She ran away saying simply
'inky pinky ponky' hastily!"
"I am baby's mummy here
I'm baby's daddy deaf'
"My whole world is only you
You are my heart beating true"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
Baby, here you go, check if
all your books are in your bag
- Bye, baby
- Bye
Good morning, ma'am
Why are you late again?
On the way to school
the bike stopped, Miss
We had a tough time
trying to start it
Then some idiot splashed
dirty water all over my face
Baby and I yelled at him
And we chased and chased-
All I asked was
why you were late
And you are coming up
with this looooong story, huh?
Who is that?
Who, teachef?
Oh! That's my brother
Your brother
Why does he have
such a serious expression?
Is there any problem?
Love failure
No, a year ago
Oh God!
Have an idea
to befriend him?
Get in
- Good morning, Joseph
- Good morning
Good morning, Baby
Did you open up
the shop very early?
Why are you so late, bro?
In peak hours
if you land up so late... can I manage singlehanded?
Peak hours?!
Even if we are selling buns...
...we should be punctual
Did you deliver the biscuits
at that school?
Yes, Baby
The cake for the wedding?
Delivered, Baby
Don't waste time
Attend to our customers
Get lost, baldy!
You're alive even after
nibbling on the bun!?
Arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
Don't take money, baby
No need
"You put me in a mess
You crease the ironed dress"
"Wet your bed
"To study, not at all quick
Sums make you panic"
"You feed me, after you lick"
"My dear, now see me change"
"We'll be in a different range"
"Okay, la
Love you, la"
"We will make mistakes teeny weeny
And take notes ever so many"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
You're so useless, baby
Why, baby?
Daily if you drop me so late,
making me miss 2 periods...
...I might have to repeat
kindergarten for 3 years
'Even the students who walk
come in time to school'
What is your problem
when you get dropped in a bike?'
My teacher wants to know
Isn't 'safety first', baby?
You come in and
tell this to my teacher
I'm scared of teachers
right from when I was a kid
I can't-
Don't be scared, baby
If you talk to my teacher...
'...all is well'
He is my friend
Excuse me, ma'am
Why are you late today?
Baby overslept
Daily you come up
with an excuse
Stand outside
Get in
Oho! It's working out fine
Sorry, for the late
How can you be like this?
You know you'll look smart
if you're clean shaven?
Shouldn't you be setting
an example to your daughter?
Baby won't be late
to school hereafter
You don't know Malayalam?
I don't know Malayalam
See you
4x4=17, baby?
Checking if I know my tables?
So it isn't 17?
I met this teacher
in your school yesterday
Who is that?
I didn't see her properly
Big cow-eyes
Rose complexion
Bun-like cheeks
You said you didn't
see her properly?
Annie teacher
Just stop with class work
and home work with her
Don't get too close
Why, baby?
Something doesn't fit, baby
I feel the same way too, baby
Is that so?
You don't mess up
my homework
I'll take care of it
Last time you drew a peacock
By the time I could convince her
it was a peacock, I lost half my years
Shall we go, baby?
I had a small bakery problem
just when I was leaving
That's why I am late
Let's go
Aiyaiyo! What happened, baby?
How did you get hurt like this?
You know that boy Kutta
He hit me
He called me 'Bakery'
I told him, 'My name is
not Bakery, I am Nivi'
He hit me
You didn't hit him back?
Didn't you tell me, baby?
You should shower love
on everyone and not fight
That's okay, baby
But I didn't say you should
get hit for no fault of yours
Wasn't he wrong
in hitting you, baby?
Very wrong, baby
Did he apologize to you?
Huh-huh, he laughed at me
He laughed
How can we let him
go scot free, baby?
Suppose you see a cow on the road
Cow or buffalo?
What does it matter?
If you say 'go'
will it move?
No, it won't
Won't go, right?
Only if you pat its back and
say 'go' it will move aside
That isn't violence, baby
If you pat, it will know to move
in the language it understands
Here I come, Kutta
Oh gaaawd!
Baby, what happened inside?
I showed him in the language
he will understand
Tomorrow you must meet
my teacher, be ready
Let's run now
If she wanted to punish you or me
because you hit that boy...
...your teacher should have
called us to the school?
Why did she ask us
to come to the church?
If she wanted to punish us...
...she would have told us
to come to the school
Maybe to forgive us...
...she wanted us to
come to the church
Correct, baby
You're really a dumbo, baby
You believe whatever I tell you
She has come
Teacher is here
Get up, get up
Why are you standing up
like a student?
- Please sit down
- No, it's okay
You keep standing
Were you the one
who taught Nivi to fight?
You look the calm kind
Do you involve kids
into violence like this?
Nothing of that sort
What does our Bible say?
Bible teaches us
a lot of good stuff
Which one are you thinking of?
Love your enemies
My daughter needs
to know self defense
You fatso! Wait
Say 'sorry' and 9
I'll beat you up and
throw you in midair
Look at this kid, man
Apologize to me
say 'sorry'
I'll give you one tight slap
'Ace it, miss'
Showing off your bravery
on a small kid
Get lost!
Hey'. Pram
Chetan is calling us
Come right away
Let go of me, baby
Why is he staring at me?
What is the problem?
- Who is he?
- No big deal
- Get in soon
- Let's go
Let me go, baby
Don't hold me
Just you wait, bimbo!
Stop, da
You quoted the Bible and
you went on a violence spree!
Whoever makes a mistake
a teacher can punish
Teacher has the right to punish
Baby, wake up
5 minutes, baby
You can sleep
even for an hour
lam going to school now
How will you go, baby?
Annie teacher is here
I'm going with her, bye
Tiger, bile
Miss, coming...coming
Love you
Nivi, love you
Love you, byeeeeeee!
'Do you know to
ride a scooter?'
ls Nivedita your daughter?
What happened?
A car knocked us-
Who asked you to
take Nivi to school?
Don't come between
Nivi and me
No, I didn't mea-
Where is Nivi?
Hi baby
Didn't I tell you
I'll drop you?
At least today I thought
I could go early to school
Look at you now, baby
Nothing happened to me, baby
My teacher saved me
Poor thing! She got this
big scratch on her hand
Baby, let me go and
see your teacher
Are you hurt?
Nivi's father?
You have to sign a report
at the police station
First Information Report
has been filed
- V\Iho complained?
- Teacher
You know the goon who created
a problem in the church?
Same Bolero
That's why I complained
Why do you poke
your nose into all this?
If you want to complain
just give your name
Why do you give Nivi's name?
We were both involved
in this accident
That's why I-
Even if the other driver is to blame
I have no problem whatsoever
Sir, I withdraw the case
Even then you must come
to the station and sign
I told her in the morning
not to cross swords with them
'Heavy rain!
Walk fast'
Okay, sign here
I wanted to tell you this
We have arrested 3 thugs
The other 2 goons-
We'll discuss this later
Good morning, sir
What is the case?
He has come to withdraw
a case on Chetan
What is your name?
Your name
Joseph Kuruvilla
You look so familiar
Did we train together
for IPS at Jhamand?
Aiyo, sir, I haven't
travelled that far
My name is Joseph Kuruvilla
This is my hometown
I run a bakery here
Family business
My grandfather Nicholas started it
when the British were ruling
Then my father took over
and now I run it
This is just a minor accident
Without knowing she registered
a complaint against Chetan
We don't want any other
problem to rise because of this
We came to withdraw the complaint
Do you want me to
sign here or no need?
'I don't know Malayalam'
Sign here
Okay, sir
jay Kumar!
Not you
Wjay Kumar, bring me that file
Yes, sir
Nivi ate and slept, Baby
I hope you didn't have any problem?
No, bro
Case has been withdrawn
No problem
Okay, I'll go back to
the bakery and sleep
Sleep tight, Baby
Come, get
Who is Joseph here?
Were you the one who filed
a complaint on Chetan?
No, that teacher filed a complaint
I withdrew the case at once
If you withdraw the case...
...does it mean
you spared Chetan?
Who am I to forgive him?
You had the guts to
go and file a complaint
You saw us and
your courage vanished?
Nothing of that kin-
Come out now
Who are you, I say?
Do you know anything
about our Chetan?
He has killed
12 people so far
Do you know that?
Why are you glaring at me?
He filed a complaint
for his daughter
What was the complaint?
Attempted murder
Why attempt?
Let's do it!
Go and bring her
Sorry, brother
I didn't know-
Get her
'Few years ago'
"The swordfish is marrying
the slippery eel daring"
(popular Tamil film song)
Where did you buy this?
At the temple festival
Cooling glass
Did you finish your homework?
By the time I could finish
the English lesson-
Muruga, this has become
a regular habit for them?
Who flashed a light on my face?
School reopened today
You're still sleeping, get up
School is closed today
Get lost!
How can you casually say
today is a holiday?
Stop jabbering!
Bloody idiot!
Disturbing my sleep
'This scoundrel broke our boy's head'
Police, eh?
You found only this Govt school
to drink and sprawl around?
And you've hit a small boy
If a case is filed and registered
you can't come out for 5 years
Hey police!
Last night we attended a party
at a minister's house
Who is the ministef?
Govt staff
We work for him
So what will you call us?
Govt staff, right?
That's why we slept here
since it is anyway our place
Come out
Machi, this policeman is
going overboard on law!
Aiyo! They beat up the cop
who is regular with his beat
Shrimp moustache!
People in this city die peacefully
I am excluded from
such a blessing
What to do now?
This won't get solved now
lnfonn our boss over wireless
Ask everyone to be calm
Sir, 10-15 rowdies were sleeping piss drunk
in the Govt school at Thiruvanmiyur
They bashed up a school kid and
our Assistant Commissioner
What do we do now, sh'?
No reply at all
When we pray to God
does He answef?
He will take care
Be patient
Look who's here
A big police officer
with stars on his uniform
I just now gave it good
to one of your men
Should I do the same to you?
Hey! Who the hell is he?
Look at him showing off!
Thinks he is universal hero Kamal
in 'Vettaiyaadu Wlaiyaadu'
He is asking you
to close the door
Poor thing! Doesn't want the public
to see him being beaten to a pulp
Squash this mosquito, Kumar
- Let me find out
- Ask him
Which is the 'planet'
closest to our earth?
Which is the birthplace
of Tamil poet Thiruvalluvaf?
I know
Our popular monument
Vallur Kottam!
What 'Kottam'?
'\lallul' Kottam
Don't hit me
Valluvar Kottaml!
Which is the place in India
that manufactures rockets?
You know about it
only too well!
Boss, he is one of us
Come here
Miss wants you, go
I'll break your teeth
Come, bloody buffalo!
Let go of me
3rd grade is too heavy for me, bro
Go easy on your questions, bro
Shall I ask you from
the 1st grade syllabus?
I'll recite a rhyme
All you have to do is
repeat it after me
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
How I wonder what you are
Up above the world so high
Like a diamond in the sky
Super star
How are you?
'Apps? sky
Diamond Babu
Here is my hand
You can hit me!
It's easy to wave a sword
and chop a chap's neck
But remember, the pen
is mightier than the sword
Is it tough to be a rowdy?
Or be a 3rd grade student?
Tough to study in 3rd grade
Shall we go?
How unusual, sir
Not a single window pane
or black board was broken
No action sequence at all
How come?
I taught the boys a lesson
It entered their thick skulls
Right, Rajendafl
You beat everyone hollow
with your pearls of wisdom
See you
You left your cooling glass behind
Okay, huh?
Arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"Quick on trigger
Crackerjack commander"
"Sunglasses groovy
Shines so glittery"
"He's a killer-cat so cool
He's nobody's fool"
"Dark glasses trendy
Comes in handy"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"Siren on a cop's Gypsy
wails not to dilly-daily"
"No need any FC"
"A cop can easily perfonn
without the khaki uniform"
"Look at the lion emblem on his cap"
"His rank as a cop
Stars on his shoulder strap"
"Look at the lion insignia on his cap"
"His rank as a cop
Stars on his shoulder strap"
"He is sharp as a tack
He can face any attack"
"His shades add to his image
They glint with courage"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"He'll give every rowdy
a run for his money"
"Every single gangster or goon
we will catch red handed soon"
"Cane should be used to thrash
Thugs like you fit for the trash"
"A whack on your back in time
You'll think twice before a crime"
"You had the gall
to abuse many a girl"
"I'll break your hand into two
'Puttuf bandage is all you get, dude"
"Supennan and Spider man
are reel life Panavision"
"When you dial 100, a cop will be
at your doorstep clad in khaki"
"When we do our police beat at night"
"In your house you can sleep alright"
"Cops come to your rescue
You think they are of no use"
"What will you do
without the police to help you?"
"Nimble on his toes is he
Man on the spot in any calamity"
"His glasses add to his halo
Classy jazzy fellow"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"A cop to run in a quandary;
is he a normal person, tell me?"
"Has he married your sister
for you to be over-familiar?"
"Speed breakers wait for you
to get into an accident or two"
"if your life you value
wear a helmet, dude"
"Thanks to DUI or DWI deed
you'll beg the cop to be freed"
"Even if he didn't slap a penalty
you'll part with a bribe hefty"
"You grease palms, sonny
to hide misdeeds many"
"You have no right, none at all
to blame the police for any fault"
"Nothing compares to you
The men in khaki shin true"
"In his wallet is a photo
of his wife and kids in toto"
"Never at home for any festival"
"Can never celebrate any event special"
"Quick on trigger
Our young commander"
"Sunglasses groovy
Shines so glittery"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"You rock, man
I'm your forever fan!"
This is my father Uppili
He was Circle inspector in Nlylapore
Such a strict disciplinarian
We won't dare cross the line
he draws, so you can imagine
Last bird, ma!
I am also repeating it to you
This is the last bird!
If this doesn't click, our astrologer said
you won't get married for another 3 years
Shall we start?
"My heart wavers restlessly
Krsna, it beats tunelessly"
Ma, in this age and time will anyone
resort to an arranged marriage?
We should meet
Feel for each other
Fall in love
You've exhausted the time
I gave you to do all this
You loved Anjana in college
and she ditched you, remember?
I like this girl
As soon as the song is over
we say 'yes' to this proposal
Your daughter-
There is no necessity for the groom
to meet the girl and say 'okay'
If his mother says okay,
it is 'double okay' for him
Nothing of that sort, I need to
talk to your daughter in private
Say something
You look good
You look so cute
with your baby face
So they say
From 'goldies' to
toddlers in my house...'ve captured
everyone's heart
That's why I also-
Brother, I already
have a boyfriend
My grandpa Uppili
was a Circle inspector
That bloody dog before dying
got a promise that I should marry...
...only a policeman
and then conked off
This mongrel is hell bent on keeping
the promise he made to his father
Why don't you go down and
tell them you don't like me-
Whose is this?
My father's
Can I take it?
"With one word of yours, you stole my soul
With your lovely eyes don't eat me whole"
"Like cold water, in a pot she stored me
She killed me by taking sips from it daily"
"In a tropical barren forest
a river from hailstones flows fast"
Did the girl say 'okay' to you?
"A butterfly flitted on to my shirt daintily
I burst like fireworks rather mightily"
"Bovine eyed beauty took my breath away
When she touched me, warm fuzzy all the way"
Aiyo! My dignity
went for a royal toss
That astrologer told me
by June 2nd it will click
June 2nd has dawned and gone!
You'll get married
only after I die
Maaaa, how can you
do this to me, ma?
I'll never again see
any bride for you
Thank you
Buyjust1 packet of ear buds
Only 10 bucks
Please buy 1 packet
You should be in school
I'll send you to school
Will you study?
No need school
Just buy 1, bro
Take this cash
I don't want money
I can't use it
Give me some food if you have
Whom are you talking to?
Brother here was talking-
Don't talk to my brother
If he sees him talking
he will thrash him
Who will hit you?
- Go
- I told you
Can't you tell
looking at his face?
King Karna or uncle Scrooge?!
\Nl1at's up, commander?
Think you're Mother Teresa reborn?
You are showering
extra love on these kids
Buy the stuff they sell
if you like it
Otherwise just drive past
Don't brainwash these kids
Hey! What did he tell you?
Nothing, anna
He wanted to
sponsor my studies
I Said 1,0.
Friend, eh?!
Touched your heart!
Not like that, anna
To sponsor all the kids begging here
know how many schools you must build?
If I see you here
one more time...
...I will gobble you up
in 1 single gulp
Get lost!
Give me 5 minutes
I'll be back before you finish
listening to 'Google google' song
I'm scared
Why be scared of me?
Not you
That rowdy boy
Sweet mummy
Look at this sourface
You have a cute baby face
with such a sweet smile
Don't get it disfigured
Look at him!
Human rights, huh?
Ananda Wkatan or Junior Vikatan
I earn making kids beg
So what?
Every week on the dot I grease
the right palms in the police station
You can't do a damn thing about it
Hey sourface
What happened, bro?
Look how many will rush to my aid
if you lay a finger on me?
Only 5 thugs are here
Are you bad at math?
There are 13 of us here
13 looks like 5 to you!
I'll hit you first
Seeing me hit you,
2 of them will retaliate
When those 2 are being
beaten to a pulp...
...another 2 right behind
will try to hit back
When I bash them up...
...the leftovers will
run for their lives
5 on the whole
ls my math right?
You've bruised us
black and blue for your life
Move aside
Sir, it hurts
0h gawd!
Move...move aside
Don't hit me
You're creating a ruckus here
hitting innocent youngsters
One call and within 10 minutes
the police will land here
Want to see that happen?
It's already 10 minutes since
the police came here, dumdum
It's a real deep gash
Nurse, give me cotton tincture
I can't bear the pain
Did you fall on to
a moving vehicle?
No, doctor
Did you hit each other?
All of us were hit
by a 1-man army
Was he a rowdy?
So you're escaping
from the police, huh?
It was a policeman
who brought us here
Where is he?
Over there
Yes, Malli
I'll be back tonight
Your photo in Facebook
was too good!
Can't you hear me?
You! Baldy!
Who is that dog-voice?
What, nurse?
Finished, huh?
Can I take them now?
I am not a nurse
I am the doctor here
I am also not 'baldy'
I am a constable
Were you the one who hit them?
Not me
My chief hit them
Ask your 'beef' to meet me
Wait, I'll bring him
Rajendar, first aid all done?
Doctor wants you, sir
- Did one of them pop off?
- No, sir
You come with Ganesan
I didn't call you, bro
Hold it
Doctor, you wanted to see me?
First remove your cooling glass
Were you the one
who bashed them up?
If you are a police officer,
you can hit anyone?
Do you know the value
of a man's blood, sir?
Everyone doesn't have
the same group
Even so, he has to be
healthy and a non-alcoholic
At least do you know
a man's bone value?
If 1 bone cracks, it takes
4 months to get back to normalcy
In those 4 months, he has to
suffer on a day to day basis
To use the restroom and to eat
His family and friends
must handle him like a child
If the same happens to a child...!
And the child has
no family or friends
I don't get it
A 6 year old
He has broken that kid's leg
and made him beg on the road
9 year old girl
He blinded her by pouring
molten lead into her eye
There are about 14 kids
in the traffic signal
Over all in the city, 70 kids are
begging under the control of this gang
Taking advantage of innoce-
Yes, I bashed them up
I don't think it is wrong
I can't apologize
It will pain
Shut up!
They've been given first aid, sir
Rajendar, you can go-
Anna, you offered to
admit me in a school
Tamil or English medium?
I don't want to go
to school, anna
A nurse here said this eye can
be operated and I can see again
Please, anna
Rajendar, take them to the Home
Okay, sir
I will see you there tomorrow
See you tomorrow, anna
You can wear your cooling glass
Are you married?
Are love?
Didn't work out
Then it's okay
Mithra, dean wants you
See you
Babe, what do you mean
by 'then it's okay'?
My shift gets over at 8:30 p.m
We can talk once I'm off duty
We can talk
19 to the dozen!
What does 'then it's okay' mean?
It means then it's okay
So funny, remind me
to laugh at yourjoke later
Then what?
I'm a deputy commissioner
Under me are 2 assistant commissioners,
18 inspectors, 36 sub inspectors
27 head constables
Grade 1 constables
about 360 of them
In a nutshell,
I protect half this city
In spite of my workload...
...not knowing where this bus is going
...just because I heard you say
the 4 letter word 'okay'
...I am sitting
right behind you
From behind here I can see
you are smiling in front
But sitting behind you
I don't know what you're thinking
I got a crick in my neck
Can you please come in front?
My name is Mithra
Medical student
Presently doing my
internship as house surgeon
According to me a heart is...
...a hollow muscular organ that pumps
blood through the circulatory system
In vertebrates, there are
about 4 chambers-
Girl! If you are feeling stuffy
open the window, you'll be fine
But that isn't the heart
It identifies a person we like
in the blink of an eye
And then beats
only for that soul
It's a beautiful blessing
That's terrific
Were you wondering why I said 'okay'
the moment I set eyes on you?
Whatever occurred to me
the 1st minute I saw you...
...I believed I would feel
the same way 100 years later too
So my heart said
'yes' to my mind!
Sorry, I'm talking
only about myself
Whatever happened to me
is a tragic story
From kindergarten to MBA
no co-ed in school or college
No interaction with girls at all
After a point, whichever girl I saw
I would think 'Is she my girl?'
I've professed my love to a few
and thought otherwise of many-
Oh! You went up to
the 'I love you' phase?
If a man feels shy
to profess his love...
...he is not fit to
live on this earth
Terrific, boss
I may think I want
to 'okay' so many girls
But to know a girl
has 'okay'ed even me... me a rapid-fire high!
This too is terrific, boss
Hear my next googly!
As a policeman
I'll ask a question
And wait for the reply
1st time knowing the answer...
...I was telling myself,
'Maybe this was the question?'
This is too terrific, boss
But answer my question, boss
Madam, where do you want to go?
Where does 'sir' want to go?
Don't know exactly
where I need to go
But feel like travelling
a lifetime like this
Can I get a ticket?
Morning, sir
Rajendar, let's go
Lots of things to do
Rajendar, get in
What are you waitin-
Hey! Child
What are you doing here?
On your way to the station
drop me in Royapettah
You know our Sumalatha?
This is a function in her house
Will you kindly get down?
- Why?
- Get down right now
You think a Govt vehicle
is for your personal use?
Govt official's Govt vehicle
It cannot be used for anything
other than official purposes
You take some random drunkard
and murderer in this vehicle
I carried you in
my womb for 10 months
Can't you give me a lift?
Then how will I go?
Get an auto with
a working meter
If he doesn't use
his meter, then call me
To hand him over to you and
for me to walk on the road, huh?
Fat hopes!
Supposed to be DC's mother
But I get no freebies at all
Changed your mind, deaf?
There was a Chief minister
by the name Kamaraj
'l'lll the very end his mother lived
in a small house clad in rags
This is called integrity
Mummy, auto
Rajendar, tie your shoe lace
Thank you very much
First time I wore a sari
I looked at myself and
felt it draped well on me
So not wanting to let
all that beauty go waste...
...I called my 'boss'
Finished appreciating me?
Can I go now?
May I know where this
'excess beauty' is off to?
Friend's baby showers
Means of transport?
Auto, naturally
Your fiance's fine car
is cozy but empty
And you're choosing an auto
over this awesomeness?
This is a Govt vehicle
What is Govt?
What is Government, Rajendar?
Sir, your brain would have
already had a better wave!
You might as well say it
Govt means for the people,
by the people, of the people
Right, Rajendafl
You get in
I'll drop you
Can my friends
come along too?
Of course, Baby
3 of them can sit at the back
more than comfortably
Yes, sir
How do we go (mm Awe: m
Besank agar by a shun cuY!?
If we go fast, we can
reach in 5 minutes flat
Take Chengalpet by-pass, via Red hills
catch the Maduraivayal route
Short and swift
We'll reach in 2 hours, sir
Zip, zap, zoooom!
Yes, sir
Thank you, sir
Thank you, brother
Let's go in
We are late
You go, I'll join you
Thank you, sir
Thank you, sir
Okay, bye
Why don't you come in?
What will I do inside?
How can you feel this way?
We will also have a similar
function in the near future, right?
Of course
Then come in and find out
- Shall I come in too?
- No need
If they offer coffee or snacks
I'll tell them my driver is outside
I'm waiting, sir
"Motherhood is life, praise be
As pure as classical Tamil's glory"
"Bangles gold and diamond
In your slender hands adorned"
"Memories imprinted today
will never change in any way"
"Silent language of eyes in love
Stays a secret to others around"
"On this single festive day fun-filled
Many days of pleasure fulfilled"
"My mind will forever cherish this
Every moment of every day in bliss"
"Universal language
Eyes in love exchange"
"Zillion stories that stay untold
through eloquent eyes will unfold"
Sir, come and apply
sandalwood paste
Not when elders are here
There's no such thing in this world
as elders and youngsters
Only good and bad people
Don't be formal, sir
Darling boy!
'There was a Chief minister
by the name Kamaraj'
I'll go bride hunting for you
leaving no female unturned!
You won't say 'okay' to any of them
You'll find a girl all by yourself
and you expect me to say 'okay', huh?
Why this silly ego, child?
Ego or Pogo, my foot!
Do I have any right
of my own?
Only if you find the girl
you have the right, huh?
Nothing like that
If you like that girl
and you say 'okay'...
...only then I'll get married
lfl don't say 'okay...?
Shouldn't say all that
What if I don't like hel'?
Then I have to say
'Tata, bye bye, see you'
Go ahead
I don't like her one bit
What a wonky face!
You go there
Give her this coffee
When she finishes drinking it...
...go and drop her
wherever she lives
What are you looking at me fol'?
1-up on me!
59% you?
You happily offered me a lift
in your car this morning
Why this sudden sulky look?
Nothing, I just feel sad
In case my mother said
something to hurt you...
...don't take it to heart
You mean that chat
She is...
...she is just a child
If you tell me
your conversation... will be easy for me
to convince her about you
Forget it
Don't bring that up now
Tell me
She said she doesn't like me
She said this marriage
will never happen
Why do you switch off
in an instant?
First change that expression
This doesn't suit you one bit
Let me tell you what we spoke
- If you don't like me
- If you don't like me
I wanted to ask you
the same question
Viji is my whole life, dear
For 30 years I've showered
all my love and raised him
I won't do anything
against his will
In case you don't like me...'ll take Viji away from me
His kids won't know me at all
Then these 30 years
will hold no meaning, right?
Have you ever felt
you don't have a daughter?
I am very fond of girls
To comb her hair, braid,
dress her up, jewelry
Not only that
A woman can talk heart to heart
only to another woman?
My son takes excellent care of me
But now and then I'll feel sad
I don't have a daughter
I don't have a mother
Only a father
My dad loves me very much
But a 1000 fathers cannot
equal a mother, right?
To bless me with a mother
and gift you a daughter...
...I think God willed
Wjay and me to meet
In the short time
I've befriended Vijay...
...Vijay spoke to me maximum
about his ma, amma, 'child'
In this whole world
the person Vijay loves most... only his mother
Won't I definitely love whomever
the person I love most loves, ma?
I don't feel like calling you 'aunt'
I want a mother like you
Would you like to
have tea or coffee?
I'll go and make it
Even after you step in here
as my daughter-in-law...
...I'll do all the household chores
Tweak his ears!
North Deputy Commissioner is in tears
Whoever wants to see
it's free for all!
What else did 'child' ask you?
Asked me the date
of our honeymoon?
'Shouldn't I be married then?'
That's what I replied
'Then what the hell are you
waiting for?' she asked
Don't yell
Warden will skin me alive
if she knows I'm still out
What will she do?
She'll throw my bag and
baggage out with you
Why the hell didn't you
tell me this earlier?
Sleepyhead warden!
Don't shout
You do it all wrong
every step of the way
What did I do?
Come here
No, I won't
Arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"My love, one and only
Precious princess royalty"
"You saved my love-money
My pretty treasury"
"To caress and see
My zamindar sweetie"
"When your hands touch me
this fair firework will blaze glowingly"
"I for U, yoU for me
Together will be a tsunami"
"YoU for me, I for U
I love you, my beau"
"Frisky fish, just you wait
I'll hook you with a bait"
"I'll join the dots, dear
On you, spotted deer"
"I am the hen in the coop angelic
You are the rooster romantic"
"I am the tiny cracker waiting
You're the incense stick igniting"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"In any town or city if there's no love
there isn't soil below and sky above"
"In our hearts if love
doesn't beat somehow"
"Boys and girls act
against nature's pact"
"The second your eyes hit on me
my love blossoms again swiftly"
"Profess your love face to face
My love's dream you'll be always"
"This exotic flower in a 'kasavu' sari
When I comply, why do you act pricey?"
"With your eyes enticingly
don't lure this fiancJ endearingly"
"In my heart a ripe banana like you
bears fruit once in a blue moon"
"With parting lips if you come near me
I'll feed you kisses thrice a day, baby"
"Feisty fish, just you wait
I'll hook you with a bait"
"I'll join the dots, dear
On you, spotted deer"
"I am the hen in the coop, your date
You are my rooster, my soul mate"
"I am the little red cracker waiting
You're the incense stick radiating"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"Don't dodge or defy me
Sit beside me willingly"
"Many a scent in one flower
won't exist in this world for sure"
"Even if so, no way will it be
as fragrant as you, honey"
"Meow meow moustache kitty
shall I feed you bottle milk, my baby"
"My love, one and only
Precious prince royalty"
"You saved my love-money
My pretty treasury"
"To caress and see
My zamindar sweetie"
"When my hands touch you gently
this fair firework will blaze glowingly"
"I for U, yoU for me
Together we'll be a tsunami"
"YoU for me, I for U
I love you, my beau"
"Frisky fish, just you wait
I'll hook you with a bait"
"I'll join the dots, dear
On you, spotted deer"
"I am the hen yearning for you
You are my rooster, my love true"
"I am the cracker waiting to glow
You light me up with great gusto"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"Hey! Darling fiance"
"Precious princess, tell me"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
Listen to me
Greetings, sir
I need to file a complaint
The inspector has gone to eat
He'll be back now, please wait
I just saw the message
Who is that?
Don't know, sir
I'll go find out
No, ask him to come in
Good evening, sir
Please sit down
V\Ihat's the complaint?
My daughter is missing, sir
What's her name?
Where does she work?
Her name is Raji
She works in Techo park
near Tambaram
She went to work as usual
on Wednesday morning
She hasn't come back home as yet
Wednesday means-
Missing for 3 days now?
Yes, sir
3 days since you saw her
You didn't complain
in the nearby police station
I complained
What did they say?
They took money from me
and promised to search for her
When I went and
asked them yesterday...
...they said 'your daughter must have
eloped with some chap'
They spoke so crudely
A lady constable over there was
kind enough to guide me here
My daughter is not
the kind to run away, sir
Office and home
Her whole world is just this
When did you talk to her last?
On Wednesday night
around 8 or 8:30 p.m...
...she called and said, 'I will be
back home in an hour, pa'
Those were her last words to me
An hour laterl called her
as she wasn't back home
Her phone was switched off
Her photo, sir
I need to enquire with Raji's colleagues,
her team leader, project manager
And a couple of her friends
They work during the morning shift
They report only after 9:00 a.m
Let's not do this
during working hours
Please come during lunch break
I'll request them
to spare 15 minutes
You can talk to them
during that time
In 10 minutes flat
I want all of them in here
There are 4 entrances
on the whole to this building
15000 employees
work in 3 shifts
How can we tell specifically
how this girl went, sir?
You have security cameras
in all the 4 entrances?
Can you find out
checking the footage?
Yes, sir
Rewind the 3rd camera
Zoom in
8:42, gate #4
Raji left the office premises
We have assembled
everyone in the office, sir
No one is being secretive, sir
We haven't got any leads, sir
My shop wasn't even opened, sir
My aunt passed away
I went back to my hometown
- If you lie, I'll break your teeth
- I swear, sir, it's the truth
- I saw her, sir
- When?
She recharges her phone
in my shop usually
She recharged for Rs 300 when I was
closing shop on that day, sir
- What time roughly?
- Between 8:30 and 9:00, sir
Did she go this way?
KG Tech bus stop is on this road, sir
You can get a bus or
share-auto over there, sir
The land behind
belongs to you?
All that is Govt land, sir
KG Technology bus stop
This is the bus stop
the shopkeeper told us
Check that CCTV
Yes, sir
I checked from 8:40 p.m
till the next morning
That girl hasn't gone anywhere
past this camera, sir
At 8:42 Raji has
stepped out of her office
Yes, sir
She has recharged
at the bunk shop
Yes, sir
But she hasn't crossed this bus stand
Yes, sir
So between the bunk shop
and this bus stand...
...something has happened to her
Yes, sir
But we haven't got
any clue so far, sir
Sir, we found a cell phone
We've checked the number
It is Raji's phone
And her ID card, sir
What distance from the road
did you find all this?
Throw-able distance, sir
Vehicles that crossed this place
from 8:42 to 9:00 p.m on that day
Check that detail
3 vehicles have gone
during that time span
2 two-wheelers
One I think with
a husband and wife
Another was a girl on a scooty
3rd is a red Audi car
He has driven at
a supersonic speed, sir
Get the owner of the Audi car
He is the culprit
Yes, sir
Before tomorrow morning
the girl should be back home
Look over here
This room, sir
Magistrate is here
We must immediately
record her dying declaration
YES, so.
Look what they have
done to my daughter
Sir, come with me
Vijay, the victim was brutally raped
again and again for the past 3 days
She has lost a lot of blood
Her intestines are also damaged
Most probably the rapists
must have been piss drunk
To erase the semen traces,
they have inserted a rusty iron rod-
Raji dear?
Please try and answer
the questions sir asks you
Okay, sir
The reason I am asking you is...
...what happened to you should
never happen to anyone else again
And to punish those
who did this to you
I know-
I know how difficult it is
for a girl to re-live it and tell me
Think of me as your 'anna'
and please tell me, dear
I'll take them to task
Ask the doctor
to kill me, anna
I can't bear the pain, anna
I haven't done anything
for my father, anna
on! My Lord
Get an arrest warrant
for that mongrel
Yes, sir
That's all, sh'?
All over, sh'?
Just a week ago
we discussed her wedding
She said her sister
is studying to be a doctor
And we need the money
to pay her fees
So she didn't want to
get married this year
Todayl have buried
the same child, sir
I can't do anything because I have
2 more daughters to take care
Some day or the other... a police officer
...or as my daughter's brother
...if you can, please bring
the criminal to justice, sir
Good morning, sir
Not to worry
We'll find out
Yes, Vii-W?
I've come with
an arrest warrant, sir
Arrest whom?
Minister's son, Ashwin
What are you saying?
In IT officer Raji's rape
and murder case...
...Ashwin is the main accused, sir
She has herself said so
in her dying declaration, sir
No! My son would've never done
anything brutal like that
Do you know
whom you are accus-
Sir, where is Ashwin?
I would like to know too
Where is my son?
That's what I am also asking
He has been missing for 3 days
Mad woman!
She hasn't eaten for 3 days
Worried sick and weeping
My men have searched
throughout the city for him
Not to be found anywhere
In these 40 years
of my political career...
...for the 1st time
lam a broken man
You are justified
in being suspicious
As a politician I would
have lied countless times
That is common
But this is a personal issue
2 days ago he told me
his son is missing
Without any publicity...
...he requested me to look
for his son unofficially
So Karikalan is searching
along with his team unofficially
You won't be able to
find him like that
What is your suggestion then?
Should I file a complaint?
Will you tell the Press
Or the media?
Or stick posters
in every nook and corner?
Go ahead and stick all you want
But I want my son back
Sir, you know what I'll do
if I find him, right?
What will you do?
You'll arrest him, produce him in court
and shove him into prison, go ahead
Do your duty as a policeman
to the best of your ability
But I know what to do as a father
Other than your biological bonding
he's prime suspect in an important case
I have the fullest faith
in your capabilities
Nab my son and
put him behind bars
I'll come with a promotion order
and land up at your doorstep!
My best wishes
Stop the car
Yes, sir
Rajendar, why is this case
leading to dead ends?
Let him go to the dogs, sir
What do we gain
catching such brutes?
How can you say this?
Can't we nail him down
using Raji's dying declaration?
Are you unaware
of the statistics, sir?
This was reported last week
in the newspapers, sir
In India last year alone
33,000 rape cases were filed
In 1 day an average
of 93 rape cases, sir
4 women in 1 hour
like Raji are raped
The very thought
makes me tremble, sir
If this is the % of cases filed...
...imagine those covered up
due to the shame factor
Or being dealt with
by the Panchayat
Think of the countless cases, sir
If you file a case against 4
only 1 serves the sentence
The other 3 walk out
with a swagger!
Sorry, sir
Such is our country's present plight
Sir, he is from an affluent family
The salary we earn in 1 year will be
spent on renowned lawyers in 1 day defend him, sir
In just 10 days he will come out
and have the last laugh at us, sir
We will be transferred
Or sent to protect some minister
We'll move on
This kind of sensational news lasts for
maximum 2 days in the Press and media
Wedding of some actress
will become hot news
And this will be buried
Poor man, her father will lose
his life grieving for his daughter, sir
That bloody mongrel will next time rape
another girl but with even more caution
Sorry, sir
In case I spoke out of tum-, every word is true
Tell me what should
be our next move
Why are you asking me, sh'?
I am an ordinary constable
And your driver
What can I do?
Okay, you are an ordinary man
You catch him somehow
What will you do?
Sir, I'll beat him black and blue,
smash his face beyond recognition
And hang him in the middle of the road
or under this bridge upside down, sir
Go, look below this bridge
Just take a look
I'm starving, Rajendar
Order some tiff in for me
Also call his father and
ask him to come here
Yes, sir
Shekar, that's all, huh?
Wait, we are hunting, right?
Please co operate, sir
Move back
Go back
Don't over crowd
Listen to us
Where is my son?
I need to talk to him
After that you can take him
wherever you want
Or remand him to custody
wherever you fancy
I don't know
if you can talk to him
Just uncover that sheet
Hey! Ashwin
Oh my God!
Don't touch the dead body, sir
Hey, get lost
Please sign here, Vijay
Can you predict anything, doc?
Definitely it is a brutal murder
His face has been
smashed by an iron rod
There are signs of him
being tortured for 2-3 days
How do you say that?
You can differentiate the bruises
24 hours earlier and later
His manhood has been chopped
even before he died
Anwhing else?
I can give you more details
only after the autopsy
Thanks, doc
Thanks, Wjay
Sorry, sir
I didn't realize you were here
Vijay, I want to talk to you
Whom do you think
could have done this?
I don't know, sir
Whoever it may be...
...I have to punish him
a fate worse than death
ls your son the most righteous man?
He is an accused rapist
Curse, sir
Whom does it spare?
That's why he is dead
You were able to find out
who raped a girl within 10 hours
I will give you the next 10 hours
I need to know
who killed my son
I have to mete out
a punishment worse than death
Sir, it could be anyone
Or the Press here
Could be her mother, father, brother
Her brother could
even be a police officer
The brother may just
happen to be IPS Vijay Kumar
You can't do a damn thing about it
The body will be brought
to your house this evening
Please inform your kith and kin
Where did you go
leaving me all alone?
I missed you
I won't go anywhere
without you
Teacher, what brings you here?
Need bread?
Where is Wjay Kumar?
He has gone to deliver
a batch of cak-
Didn't you ask for Joseph?
I asked for Wjay Kumar
He confided in you, huh?
His real name is Joseph
He is called Wjay Kumar
as pet name at home
You were in Tamil Nadu earlier?
What are you doing here?
One day when we were
casually talking, he said...
'...Keralites open bakeries and
tea shops here in our state'
'Why can't we do
the same in Kerala?'
That's why we made this move
There isn't any flashback for this
What happened to Mithra?
Whose daughter is Nivi?
I am really concerned
about Vijay and Nivi
That's why I want to know
I got a little delayed
Hey! What-
Fake sacred ash, eh?
You're meeting someone important
I am myself tense about it
Father from our church?
My father
You mean my father-in-law?
Aiyo! I haven't
prepared anything
Is this some kind of exam
for you to prepare?
Just talk properly
That's enough
At least give me
some clue about him
One and only English word
he has an aversion to-
Oh my God!
It's me
That dumdum sitting over there
is your dad, right?
I'll smash you
Shut up and follow me
My aunt
My sister Pallavi
My dad
Good evening, sir
Dad, Wiav
Tell me
Go ahead
It's okay, you tell me, uncle
My name is Ramakrishnan
I thought looking at him...
...his name must be Ramakrishnan,
Viswanathan, Mohanasundaram
And I was bang on
He introduced himself
as Ramakrishnan
Sorry, sir
Just in lighter vein
Sir, I don't have afather
Only mother
I know the difficulties
of a single parent very well
I also know the mindset of
a child growing in such a situation
I have also gone through it
How much longer will you
worry about Mithra's future?
I will take care of
your daughter very well, sir
Much better than you!
Both of us bonding
is called love, sir
But marriage is our families
merging together, sir
I swear I have yearned
for a little sis like her
I'll get a little sister
I don't have a father to
explain right from wrong, sir
Now I'll get a father-in-law who will
pat me on my shoulder and advise me
Take a voluntary retirement
and come with me, sir
We can rent out a house
Ground floor and 1st floor
We can walk together
Read the Hindu paper together
Sit on the terrace together
without anyone knowing
1 beer
I am an honest police officer
who never takes a bribe
Basically I'm weak in math, sir
The money I eam
through fair means... can teach me how to
invest in the share market
I'll drop Pallavi in college, sir
My mother beats Master Chef hollow
I'll ask her to send you the yummy
chicken and mutton she cooks
What do you say, aunt?
If Mithra calls you aunt
holds good for me too, right?
If you make 'paniyaram'
you can send it to my mother
You and my mother
can watch TV together
But all these plans
are only for 1 year
After that you'll have
baby-sitting duty!
Sir, in life, family matters
more than anything else
If you don't approve...
...this wedding won't take place, sir
Without you I don't want Mithra, sir
Sir, don't think I am
buttering you up
I really feel this way
I might have proposed to Mithra
when it was just the 2 of us
With her whole family...
...I want her, sir
I spoke nonstop and if you still
look at me suspiciously...
...I understand
You think my job
is a dangerous one
I used this during
the training period
Maximum I have shot in my life... the toy gun
during Deepavali
Such a big-
Sir, coffee?
Thank you
Sir, if you drink
this cup of coffee... means you accept me
as your son-in-law
Please, pa
"Bullets flying in mid air
Gunshots echoing everywhere"
"Teaching a lesson judicious
Stirring dust he strides victorious"
"Sparks of fire fly and soar
War of a kind never before"
"Whoever the enemy
he dares them boldly"
"He is the spark
who makes a mark"
Most welcome"
"A torch of fire
stirs to inspire"
"Fire up
Be on top"
Most welcome"
Sorry, sir
What do you mean 'sorry'?
Have mercy on me!
Let's clear out of here
This is a policeman's life
At least now
get it into your head
Hey...hey wait
Black tea
Less sugar
Lemon tea is even better
Good morning
Does this seem fair to you?
It's very tough for
a policeman to get a girl
With great difficulty
I found a girl...
...fell in love, met her family,
almost convinced them
Just when we were
drinking coffee...
...your goons butted in
How frustrated
and mad I'll be!
Love scene over there
was cut half way through
Thanks to your mediocre henchmen
fight scene was nothing to rave about
Listen to me, Vanamamalai
If you want to
take revenge... need a few goons
and a couple of stooges
But for me...
...none of the above apply
I'll singlehandedly push you into
a serious condition and vamoose
How's that?!
I'll take a gun and shoot everyone
like killing a host of sparrows
Then I'll myself send a task force
to find out who the killer is!
Got it?
I have plenty of work piled up
I have more powerful villains
than you to tackle
I can't keep circling around you
Don't smoke
Bad for health
Meeting over
Black tea cancelled
'Anna', you don't seem
to be taking any action
I dream about
your son every night
I'm unable to accept his absence
My son is dead
My wife walked out on me
My 40 year political career
is down the drain
He shouldn't have
an ordinary death
We have to punish him with
something worse than death
Think about it
You want to know about that?
That's no problem
I was thinking-
I'll leave you both
to talk things over
Why are you avoiding me?
I am really clueless
Mo, Vijay
This doesn't seem right
I don't think
this will work out
That's what I'm askingmwhat?
I don't understand, Mithra
You being a superhero...
...may bring happiness and
comfort to the whole city
But it doesn't hold good for
his wife or his parents for sure
Are you scared?
I can't afford to lose you
Yesterday when some goon
slashed you with a knife...
...not...not just me dad, Pallavi, aun-
Mithra, don't cry
You come up with a solution
Tell me what we can do
Tell me what I should do
Don't be a police officer, Wjay
Let's get married immediately
If you can't...
...get me an auto
I'll leave right away
You won't shake hands
as one last bye-bye?
Thank you
Trying to get rid of me
Silly goose!
I knew you would be back
Only difference is
didn't expect you so soon-
The extent to which I love you...
...same amount I love
my job as a police officer
I will never lose you
for my job or vice versa
You won't leave me, will you?
I will always be with you
Let's go and get married right away
Aiyo! It's pretty late
Doesn't matter, huh?
It's okay
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"Every day thanks to you
my heart beats anew"
"Your breath without announcing
merges with mine affirming"
"The second your hands clasp mine"
"Tears in the alcove of my eyes align"
"With your chest as my head rest
I feel like dying, soul friend"
"Thanks to you every day
my life makes headway"
"Your breath secretly
merges with mine quietly"
"We should both be blessed
with a lifetime of happiness"
"Comforts in lavishness"
"In total exuberance"
"With kisses kindling pleasure
A well combined mixture"
"Wealth earned in just measure
'With kith and kin, joys to ensure"
"Picture perfect future"
"1000 years of our lifetime destined
Like flower and its fragrance combined"
"With children and no sorrows
To be together for all tomorrows"
"For a life time and many births too
With ties of love bound true"
"With the grace of GodAlmighty
I pray my wishes come true for infinity"
"Even if sun rises new
sky should paint a purple hue"
"My head on your lap, my love-ly
share stories lovey-dovey"
"Your glance towards me
should last endlessly"
"Your scent on me
Forever present, baby"
"Where does happiness end?
Let's travel the whole length"
"When you look at me repeatedly
my love intensifies wholeheartedly"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"Every day thanks to you
my heart beats anew"
"Your breath without announcing
merges with mine re-affinning"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"In my heart surges love
Infinite treasure trove"
"Many births I may need
To show it in thought and deed"
"Births countless fused, I pray"
"We should live together, right away"
"'l'lme may stop or end
Our love will always extend"
"When you look at me often
my love magnifies smitten"
arjgp ,, , A
m Wawxwoaqvxwwi
"Thanks to you every day
my soul makes headway"
"Your breath secretly
merges with mine quietly"
"The second your hands clasp mine"
"Tears in the alcove of my eyes align"
"With your chest as my head rest
I feel like dying, my sole soul friend"
Sweetie pie
Sugar cube
Looks like you are
very happy today
I feel complete
Don't get it
Loving husband
Mother-in-law who is
more of a mother
A baby like an angel
What more can I ask for?
So I feel complete
For Nivi's next birthday...
...I'm trying to prepare
a little brother as the gift?
And so soon
you feel complet-
Hey! Mithra
Didn't occur to you to
change baby's dress?
She has smeared cake
all over her dress
I'll take her up to bathe
and change her dress
Finish clearing the kitchen soon
Go up and sleep tight
You want a baby brother,
my dear princess?
Even my mother understands
Not interested
I am quite contented
with Nivi, thank you
Okay, we'll stop with Nivi
I know
I know you don't like
my profession
You accepted it for my sake
I know that too
For my sake you have
sacrificed a lot, I know
But you must be having
a dream of your own
You can't fulfill that
I am asking you
At least I'll try
Shall I tell you?
Under the foot hills
an idyllic village
Whenever we wish
it should rain
Such a beautiful climate
Small house
You should keep hearing
birds chirping all the time
Baby should go late to work
and come back home early
A boring desk job
A run-down 2 wheeler
You'll drop and pick up baby
from school daily in that
No mobile
We talk only to ourselves
Then an adorable pup
I've even thought of a name
Without getting angry with anyone
Without disturbing anyone
The 3 of us should happily live
for ourselves in our own world
At least 1 day?
This is it?
Your dream?
What kind of a wife
am I to you?
What kind of a wife are you to me?
'You won't leave me, will you?'
'I will always be with you'
Mr Wjay Kumar
Can you hear me?
One is dead here
Where are numbers 2 and 3?
'Anna', I can hear
some sound upstairs
Let's g0 "P
What is that noise, baby?
Let me go check
Who are you?
When this elder1y lady was talking
you took her by surprise!
My name is Vanamamalai
I came to wish your son
for Deepavali
They are so happy downstairs
You can rest in peace
without any worry
I lied for the heck of it
Let the soul leave her body happily
'Anna', his baby is here
Are you enjoying
your bath, darling?
Bathemenjoy yourself
He might die
I need to talk to him
What happened?
You poor soul!
I'm eager to ask you this
Wife is dead
Mother has breathed her last
Your baby in the bath tub
is slowly dying
Now how do you feel?
Tell me
You feel as if you could
have died instead
I was wondering what punishment
I should give you worse than death
I gave it
My heart is at ease now
You made a big blunder, Vijay Kumar
How will this 70 year old man
avenge his son's death?
So you brushed me aside
and moved on
You tossed me like awonn
I bounced back, right?
But you shouldn't die right away
You should watch what is
happening around you
And die a slow death
At snail's pace
'Though I wore the khaki unifonn
I couldn't do a damn thing'
You should feel this and regret
Such a poor soul
I feel sorry for you
Kari, whether this police dog
or a mongrel like you
Whichever dog comes in... a scent hound, this murder
shouldn't be found out
- Got it?
- Yes, sir
Hey...get this also into your head
No one should get even the ashes
of Wjay Kumar and his family
Take our baby to the nearest hospital
within 15 minutes, you can save her
I won't survive
Leave me here
If you'll be a police officer again
leave Nivi behind here
if you can be a good father
to Nivi and only that-
You didn't answer my question
What kind of wife am I to you?
You are like another mother to me
That Vijay Kumar died 5 years ago
Hoping this Joseph
will be happy lifelong...
...I pray to God
every day and night
Move aside
Cheta, how could you say this?
If it hadn't rained, we would have
showed him our true colors
This is the man I told you about
Forgive me
I didn't do it deliberately
They touched my child
As a father
I lost my cool
That's all
It was wrong
I won't interfere again
in what your men do
Let them also-
He got scared, Cheta
He is not scared
if we touch his child
once more he will kill us
Where does he work?
He runs a bakery
That's not his profession
Enquire more about him
Most welcome"
"Kindle aflame
Master of the game"
- Baaaaby!
- Hiiiiiiiiiii
Baby, we are going
on an excursion tomorrow
I spoke to Cheta
I'm sure no other problem
will crop up
Even otherwise,
you should be careful-
Hey! Stop
Miss takes real good care of me
So we should also take
good care of Miss, right?
Let's take Miss safely
back to her house
Let's go, Miss
I'll drop you
Miss, if you are in a hurry
you can go back home walking
This bike and your feet
will be the same timing
Let's go, baby
How do we go to your house?
'Don't know exactly
where I need to go'
'But feel like traveling
a lifetime like this'
Can we go?
We can go, ma'am
I am okay
Don't laugh, baby
You are feeling too much
Not good for your health
Who is teaching you all this?
It all comes in a flow, baby
Baby, can't I also join
in your excursion?
This is school excursion, baby
Only babies are allowed
Just because I call you 'baby'
they won't take you
I do
Baby, you should take care, okay?
No, I won't
In the bus you shouldn't
stick your head out
I will look out of the window
You shouldn't stretch
your hand out
I will do that too
You shouldn't go alone anywhere
I will go
If any stranger
gives you anything... shouldn't accept it
I will take it
Baby, I'm gonna miss you
I'm also going to miss you
Bus is here
Get in
- Hi, Nivi
- Hi Kutta
Nivi, be a little careful
with Kutta, okay?
- Take care
- Okay
I'll take care of her, uncle
I'll tear you to pieces
Go behind and sit, dear
I'll break all your teeth
Sorry, uncle
Shut up
Bye, baby
Vijay Kumar, I heard
you are still alive?
It must be around
5 years since you cried, right?
For my sake now
cry for 5 minutes
I feel like hearing your whimper
Doesn't matter
When you cry
I'll myself call you
N! Sun").!
Save my son, sir
You are fine, my dear
Where is Baby?
Kutta, open your eyes
Baby, Nivi is fine
She is conscious
Didn't you hear me?
Baby is fine
Our child is fine
But because of us
so many innocent children-
I heard a piece of good news
Your child is still alive it seems
Shall I tell you the bad news?
I'm on my way
to kill you
What will you do now?
You'll go to the police station?
How will you identify yourself
and file a complaint?
As Vijay Kumar?
It's 5 years since
Wjay Kumar died, Joseph!
Joseph Kuruvilla
Your heart must be beating erratically
You'll feel like running
and hiding again
Think about your last wish
I am on my way
to meet you
What is he saying?
He wants to know
my last wish, bro
ls there no one
to support us?
Why did you come here?
We came here trusting you
He is interrogating inside
Were you drunk?
What speed were you driving in?
120, sir
You hit a pregnant lady
2 lives
I must file a First Information Report
Whatever formalities
we can do all that, sir
If I file this FIR now... have to run around for
5 years back and forth to the court
Even if you appoint a lawyer
you'll be spending 1 to 1.5 million
Then medical expenses for the girl
and settlement etc another 1 million
It will cost you 2.5 million
to finish this case in 5 years
I close this case in front
of your eyes, right this second
What can we do?
You let me know
Shall we close the case
with 3...3 million, sir?
That's a good boy!
Sir, if you ask me such a huge amount
right now, how can I arrange it?
I'll make sure you get it
by tomorrow morning, sir
Lie down on this bench
Pay me in the morning
and make your exit
Would you like some tea?
No, sir
Go ahead and drink
You're like my guest
Ganesa, order a glass of tea for sir
Sir, with less sugar
Interrogation is over
FIR has been filed
You can go to court
Leave now
If you say this
what will we do?
What will you get
by standing here?
Do something
You were our only hope
Don't waste time
Special tea, sir
Grandma, they have taken a bribe
They won't help us now
Who said that?
No, sir
How dare you lay
your hands on my son!
You'll let your child
wander on the road
And then demand money
blaming the driver
I won't leave this place
without getting due justice
Can't think of all that now
Come early in the morning, dude
Switch on the generator
Our family deity!
One who guards us day and night!
Won't you come to our rescue?
1 minute, sir
No petrol at all
You! Ganeshaa
Order black tea for me
What is the case?
Drrr...drunken driving, sir
Has the FIR been filed?
Not yet, sir
Karikalan has fixed a deal, sir
Where is Karikalan?
He is here, sir
Ask him to come in
What, man?
DC is here, sir
Shukla sir, huh?
Old Deputy Commissioner
Vijay Kumar, sir
What are you blabbering?
How can a dead man come here?
I swear I saw him, sir
Drank something in this
cold weather and blabbering
Who ordered black tea?
Who is it?
Who is there?
'I am waiting'!!
Call that drunken driving case inside
Yes, sir
You! Come in
How much were you
willing to grease his palm?
3 million, sir
Give that entire amount
to the girl's family
Admit her in a good hospital
if you are planning to escape
not willing to do all this-
Move back
The body was hanging over here?
Any evidence?
Nothing till now, sir
Okay, go ahead
Tell me
The victim is an assistant commissioner
That too inside his den
If there's any problem
people used to call 100
Now the call is from 100
that an AC is dead here
If a policeman cannot be
protected in his own station...
...the Press is ripping us apart
on the safety of the general public
Yes, sir
What do you mean 'yes'?
You're a cop, right?
Couldn't you have averted this?
Assistant Commissioner was killed
I'm just a head constable
What can I do?
Tell me, Mr Ganesan
During this incident, you were
the only one in the police station?
Yes, sir
Tell me who killed him
Vijay Kumar, sir
Vijay Kumar is dead, man
No, sir
I saw him
I swear on my mother
I've worked with him
in this same station for 5 years
How can I forget his face?
He drank the usual black tea he likes
Look at that
Height of hospitality!
Are you out of your mind?
Wjay Kumar who died 5 years ago
reappeared and killed Karikalan
Yes, sir
How can you say 'yes, sir'?
Try telling this outside
They will laugh their heads off
They will definitely ridicule us
But that's what really happened
What do I-
Sir, come here
Make sure he doesn't tell
all this to anyone
Ask Dr Chandru to counsel him
I know
Take how many ever
police troops you want
I want results
The deceased is one of us
Whoever murdered Karikalan
can be a VIP for all I care
We should shoot him
Yes, sir
This has to happen, before the Press
brands us as inefficient lunatics
Who killed Karikalan?
On one side the police force claim
they are investigating the crime
Those present in the crime scene claim
it is Wjay Kumar, the Deputy Commissioner
Vllhole of Chennai is trembling in fear
A villain was killed yesterday
Those at the spot claim
Wjay Kumar is the killer
3777 is his jeep, I know
It went like a rocket!
A smoky form
I ran for my life
'No one was driving
The jeep moved by itself'
'But his face resembled
\fljay Kumar 100%'
Do you remember
commissioner Vijay Kumar?
He killed the minister's son
in Raji's murder case
When he was DC, he has taken
so many measures for safety of girls
Only person to respect
software professionals
But isn't he dead?
As a human being
he asked forjustice
They killed him
He is God, what will they do now?
What are you blabbering?
How can a dead man come alive?
Only the body dies
Not the soul
Whether ghost or God...
...he is helping us
That is enough
How can he rise from the dead?
We will make him come
We'll make him live through
Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp
'ls a spirit the killer?'
'Or did God punish the wrong doer?'
'Or is a mysterious man
behind this whole affair?'
'Tamil Nadu is waiting for the reply'
Come in
- Sit down
- It's okay
They claim Wjay Kumar is a spirit
The media oscillates
between ghost and God
Is this some internal politics
where you finished him off?
And used the dead man
as a scapegoat?
The man who died is
in a way related to me
No, sir, I think-
Don't give lame excuses to me!
I don't care
who the killer is
Shoot him dead
Will do, sir
Okay, you can leave
Greetings, bro
You killed one of our men
Ratnam, we are interrogating
regarding this murder
I know what you are up to
Vanamamalai and you
are hand in glove!
Hello, renowned industrialist
Did you kill Karikalan because he is
with me and no longer working for you?
Don't be stupid, whacko
Wjay Kumar killed him
We killed Wjay Kumar, 'anna'
How can he come back alive?
Talking through his hat!
Hey! Let me explain
Vijay Kumar is alive
He is the one
who killed Karikalan
You and I are his next targets
You plan to kill me?
Go ahead
Let me see
You are like a brother to me
That's why I wanted to caution you
Be on your guard
Same goes for you
I looked upon you
like my own brother
That's why I didn't grab you
by your collar for killing Karikalan
You take care of yourself
Hey! Take care of this old man
He might go missing all of a sudden
If I don't pick your call
shouldn't you know I'm busy
Bugging me with calls
'I am begging you
Please go back to work'
I beg you-
Wretched fellow!
If I don't hand over
the building in 75 days...
...1500 million
down the drain
Sir, I've been goading them daily
If they work beyond 6 floors...
...according to rules, we must
provide them with safety nets
We've built up to 30 floors
We are still working
because it is urgent
1 casualty per week
8 people have died
Move aside
They are all kids
Using this as a reason
no one wants to work
Who is the contractor?
You! Sait, come here
We don't have time
to be talking now
Work shouldn't come to a standstill
whatever may be the reason
Rs 100,000 per person
8 people, 800,000
That is not the problem
They are all poverty stricken tramps
They are homeless
Nothing to write home about
And no kith and kin
to claim them if they die
Fine, I don't mind
I'll round it off to 1 million
As if you will give
this entire amount to them?!
Go...announce it
in Hindi to them
Our discussion is over
He has agreed
to all our demands
Hurry up, get back to work
I'll talk to you
in the evening
Who is this little boy?
This dead lady's son
He doesn't understand Tamil, sir
He can't speak this language
But money talks, right?
You're worth only this much
Get yourself some candy
Eat chocolate
Ratnam is never the kind
to get frightened
For the first time, he has
called us here to keep watch
After Karikalan was killed
he is scared to death
When I first joined Vanamamalai
to learn the tricks of the trade... you know how much
I was humiliated?
Only because I brushed all that off I'm able to construct
this multi-storied building
I heard a rumor that Karikalan
was killed by Wjay Kumar's spirit
You think a spirit can kill?
Is this a topic to
discuss at night?
You and your fertile imagination!
I thought I saw
something go past
You got scared
Let's check
Over there
Who is it?
Catch it
Grab him
What was that?
That's Sathish
Let's go
Surround this area
Go away, Satan
Go away, Satan
What is that sound?
Let me go check, uncle
Where are you?
Don't hurt me
I'll give you my entire
savings from my bank
Someone has fallen
from the top floor
Hey! All of you, come
Check who has fallen
'Eat chocolate'
Good morning, sir
He is lying here like an orphan
What the F are you doing?
Sir, we are interrogating
You don't have to
bother interrogating
The killer is Wjay Kumar
Trust me, he is alive
Sir, can I talk to you in private?
Sir, people are saying you and
your brother didn't see eye to eye
So you killed him
Oh! Super
I got it
I'll handle it
Reverse the cars...turn
I don't want any
policeman following me
Looking at this khaki unifonn
sends shivers up my spine
out...get out
Hello, Vijay Kumar?
They call you a ghost
Hail you as God!
You are a rat
A rat hiding in a burrow
frightened for its life
Like how you killed
Karikalan and Ratnam...
...did you think I would
be your 3rd victim?
I expected a lot from you
But so flat and easy
you fell into my hands
Can't hear you
I'm growing old
I didn't fall into your hands
You've fallen into my trap
You have to go up to Kerala
without anyone's knowledge
Why now all of a sudden?
Vanamamalai's henchmen are looking
for us in every alley, nook and comer
If you step out of here
that's enough
They will themselves find you
and take you to their boss
They will thrash you
to reveal my hideout
I swear even if I die
I won't whisper a word
You should whisper!
You should point your finger at me
Only then those imbeciles
will come here in search of me
You never know
Even that chief dumb-ass Vanamamalai will
come here and stand right in front of me
Our death will never
hurt us, Wjay Kumar
But when our loved ones die-
Who hit you, baby?
You shouldn't cry, baby
I love you, Pa
Love you too, darling
Does it hurt a lot?
Who are these people?
Your mother should
have been alive
My mother too
Today both of them
are not with us
It is because of them
Today their dearest wish is
we should also not be alive
So our mothers were...
Your mother and mine were-
mu they say 'sorry?
Did they feel sad they had
done something wrong?
I will ask them
to apologize to you
They won't understand, dear
Let me try once
UP t0 you
Grandpa, apologize to my dad
If you do something wrong
you should say 'sorry' at once
Look at this child
Sweetheart, I must repeat
my mistake once more
When I finish that
one 'sorry' will cover all crimes
He doesn't understand, baby
You tell him in the language
he will understand, okay?
Yes sir
'Have a blast, baby'
Teacher, come along
Let's leave this place
Isaac! Finish them
Let me see you touch my child
if you pride yourself in being a man!
Most welcome"
"Rock on, dude
Ace it with attitude"
'THEN, baby!'
Good show
Thank you
Killing you is no big deal, okay?
Instead of taking
my revenge on you...
...I thought raising
my daughter was priority
You can call me a coward
A dastard!
Whatever name
you can think of
But I have been a great father
to my daughter
Knowing you killed her mother
when my daughter came up to you...
...and said 'grandpa, say sorry
...that's my moment
of victory as a father
When an innocent girl was raped
and murdered by your son ruthlessly...
...that nano-second you lost
your qualification as a father!
Raider, rapist, terrorist, drunkard,
scumbag, slimeball, criminal, crook
For these people to have
become so immoral...
...their fathers who did a bad job
are solely to be blamed
Every single father who is incapable of
raising their children properly is a culprit
I made a mistake
Before killing your son
I should have closed your chapter
You wanted to know
my last wish before dying, right?
Shall I do it?
Such a poor soul
I feel sorry for you
Special squad 36 reporting, sir
No one in the expected zone, sir
Zone clear, sir
Okay, clear
I will meet you after 48 hours
with the name of the assailant
A rumor is floating now
Vijay Kumar is the killer, sir?
You've yourself called it a 'rumor'
How could a dead man
come back to life?
Sir, some people claim
they have seen him?
Who has seen him?
Can you name them?
To ensure good circulation
don't irritate us
Sibi sir, all 3 deceased are
influential people in society
VIPS who cannot be
touched by law
So I suspect your police department
has used some ghosting technique eliminate them
What does 'ghosting' mean?
I don't get you
Maybe your own police department...
...used a smokescreen
as if Wjay Kumar is dead
Punished those who cannot be
touched by law through him
It is a strong doubt of mine
Maybe you should stop reporting
And start writing stories
with your fertile imagination
1 last question, sir
Go ahead
Murder cases of many top leaders
have not been solved, sir
We are not investigating
if they are dead or alive
We believe they are alive
I really don't know
if Vijay Kumar is alive
But he will show up
to avenge a crime
Everyone is petrified, sir
So I believe the crime rate
has reduced in our society
What do you feel?
Crime rate has come down, right?
I'll see you soon
Thank you
What a volley of questions
they come up with
Want to have some
black tea, Vijay?
'A Few Years Later'
"Skies cerulean
Fields viridian"
"Look at us, you and me
Lost in paradise happily"
"Love can never drown here"
"The flowing waters are testimony clear"
"The quietude and tranquility
drew lines of serenity'
Good evening, Baby
Whom are you making tea for
in an empty tea stall, uncle?
Nivi, you are back?
What happened?
Just finished school
Baby, we changed
our names and city
Even our appearance
But we just can't change
teacher's Malayalam one bit
Taking a dig at me!
Mr Dharm eswafl
- That's me
- Courier, sir
What, baby?
I have a small job to do
I will be out of town for 10 days
'Go, get them, baby'
"Bullets flying in mid air
Gunshots echoing everywhere"
"Teaching a lesson judicious
Stirring dust he strides victorious"
"Sparks of fire fly and soar
War of a kind never before"
"Whoever the enemy
he dares them boldly"
"He is the spark
who makes a mark"
Most welcome"
"Kindle aflame
Master of the game"
"Bullets flying in mid air
Gunshots echoing everywhere"
"Teaching a lesson righteous
Stirring dust he strides victorious"
"Sparks of fire fly and soar
War of a kind never before"
"Whoever the enemy
he faces them bravely"
"Rock on, dude
Ace it with attitude"
Most welcome"
"Young commander
People's crusade?'
"In ajungle dense in many a place"
"A deer that didn't graze"
"Acting pricey, dude
What an attitude!"
"Goofed, out of line, blooper
Way off mark, screw up, blunder"
"You spoilt me
I ruined you, sweetie"
"Let our lips play in hannony"
"I caressed you willingly
You touched me wildly"
"I will never leave you, trust me"
"With your look sexy
don't tattoo me"
"Into my lips with brazenness
don't kiss me senseless?"
"Are you dried fish gravy yummy?
Or sugarcane yet to be chewed softly?"
"The moment I touch you, baby
our lips get tinted with mehendi"
"Playing hard to get
though interested"
"Wrong, error, trip
Dumb thing to do, slip"
"Jasmine white moon, you are my 'idli'
Every night I'll feast on you eagerly"
"My cheeks are dimpled for you
to play 'count and capture', my beau"
"My lips on yours sweet
Nlyjaggery cube treat"
"You scream for ice cream
You are the baby of my dream"
"My baby in my life-stream"
"0' get the beat back"
"A deer that didn't graze"