Thermae Romae II (2014) Movie Script

By building public bathhouses
called "thermae",
14th Roman Emperor Hadrianus
captured the hearts of his people.
He ended Rome's aggressive
expansionist policy
in favor of peaceful coexistence
with neighboring countries.
By returning previously
conquered lands,
he established new borders
for his empire.
But the Roman Senate who
aggressively promoted world dominance
appealed to the public
for a strong, militaristic Rome
and schemed to overthrow
the pacifistic Emperor Hadrianus.
"136 A.D."
Militaristic world dominance
or stability and peaceful coexistence.
It was a dramatic turning point
for the mighty Roman Empire.
The venue for their scheme
was the Colosseum...
the symbol of Rome.
The violent gladiator battles
were a form of entertainment
that won Emperor Hadrianus
the height of barbarism.
The support of the public.
These battles are
more brutal than ever.
They all come here for excitement.
It looks like a battlefield.
I heard you were summoned
by the senators. Everything okay?
Marcus, you're worried for me.
I'm grateful for your friendship,
even if you did sleep with my wife.
Why open an old wound?
Behold, the power of Rome!
Rome will conquer the world!
Thank you for coming.
Why the grim face?
Such barbarism goes against
the emperor's manifesto for peace.
Violence is exciting,
especially in times of peace.
Look at the crowd!
The louder their cheers, the greater
their support for the emperor.
- Master Ceionius?
- What?
Wasn't he sent to Pannonia
on an imperial mission?
He was called back to report
on the state of affairs.
He is still a hopeless womanizer.
Parading around with women
the moment he returns.
Master Ceionius.
Who are you?
You've forgotten...
Lucius, the thermae architect.
Quite forward for a commoner.
Or were you flirting with me?
Women aren't enough for you?
To think he'll be our next emperor...
By the way, Lucius,
I need to avail of your talents.
I want you to rebuild
the baths at the Colosseum
to rejuvenate the battered
bodies of the gladiators.
A thermae for gladiators?
For the support of the people.
For Emperor Hadrianus.
If it will help the emperor...
Gladiators must fight
fierce beasts as well.
It's a hard life.
This is atrocious.
I must build a thermae
to ease their pain.
This thermae is useless.
Hot water alone has
little healing properties.
But with no natural
hot springs nearby...
I must help Emperor Hadrianus
but I need inspiration!
What should I do?
A thermae for gladiators...
Thermae for gladiators...
Thermae for gladiators...
Arrrghh! It's sucking me in!
Their faces...
...are flat!
I'm back in the land
of the flat-faced clan!
But these clansmen...
...are so fat.
Are those black zucchinis
on their heads?
Hey, foreigner.
You can watch sumo outside.
Yeah! Get out!
Unhand me, flat-faces!
Let me go!
How sad. It's the last day
of the provincial sumo tour.
And we had to shut down our inn
and start over in this new town.
It can't be helped.
Mami's bath manga
never made it, either.
It's a cryin' shame
when the daughter of
a hot spring inn owner
can't draw a decent bath.
That's why I'm resuming my studies
by writing for a bath magazine.
Is this...
some sort of ritual?
Could this be...
a flat-faced Colosseum?
Could those obese bathers
be flat-faced gladiators?
But their Colosseum is so shabby...
They're not Romans, after all.
Their thermae culture is the only
domain in which they surpass us.
A fist fight?
How barbaric.
Not fists!
Thai minimizes damage
to the opponent!
Now it's a shoving match.
Why did they stop?
Does that mean he won?
I don't get it.
A peaceful battle with no bloodshed.
Yet the audience is going wild!
It's soft.
They throw squares of cloth,
not stones.
So much safer.
that was a thermae to rejuvenate
the flat-faced gladiators!
What are you doing at the sumo ring?
Get in your way!
Move it!
There's a lesson to be learned!
You came to see me.
I can't believe it!
"Foot massager".
It hurts so good!
I'm in ecstasy!
The secret lies within
these protrusions.
There's no way this painful
contraption can feel good!
It's a training device
to endure pain!
They're laughing at me.
I must pretend it doesn't hurt.
My Roman pride is at stake.
It doesn't hurt. Not at all!
This is heaven.
This, too...
This chair must also be
a training device.
You want to try it, foreigner?
It seems like an ordinary chair.
Is this your first time
in a massage chair?
It just caught me by surprise.
This is nothing. I'm a Roman.
Sorry! I had it on HIGH.
MEDIUM should be perfect.
This... so rhythmical!
Such swift finger work...
These slaves are so well-trained.
So this is how gladiators
refresh themselves!
This will make the bathwater
more soothing!
Pour it in!
What is that orange powder?
How foolish.
They're clouding the water.
It changed color!
What's happening here?
This bathwater feels softer
and gentler on the skin...
Aha! They've mixed herbs
into the powder
which dissolves in bathwater
to enhance its effects!
It improves circulation
and heals aches and pains!
It's so relaxing...
The ingenious flat-faced clan!
- What did you mix into the powder?
- What is he saying?
You don't want to tell me...
For such big men,
you're so small-minded.
I hail from the Roman Empire!
I can't understand
unless you speak Japanese.
I can't understand
your Japanese, either.
You're right!
They mock me!
Dammit! Such humiliation!
"A while later..."
Okay, face this way.
You, come here!
You go there!
You! Over there!
You're holding it up!
Sit here.
Okay, start!
Don't stop!
This herbal powder is
working wonders on my knees.
Even old scars are healing.
The gladiators are revived,
thanks to you.
This is nothing...
Their powder was more vivid
and even changed colors!
Don't be modest.
You reinvigorated not only the thermae,
but the Colosseum itself!
Kotooshunus! Kotooshunus!
It doesn't hurt.
By the way, Lucius.
I have another request.
Anything for you, Master Antoninus.
Peace brought Rome
the gift of more children
but now, adults have no time to relax.
But children develop
through physical activity...
What can I do?
How about a thermae for children?
A thermae for children?
Thermae and children
are both precious to Rome.
Will you do it?
I said I would do it...
but I hate kids!
Kids are so insensitive.
What should I do?
A thermae for children...
Thermae for children...
Watch out!
Flat-faced children?
Who's this guy?
Is this a waterfall?
But... it's warm.
Women and children screaming
as they slide down the waterfall!
Is it a form of punishment?
This may be a training device
for spiritual discipline.
The Grecian city-state of Sparta
once put their children through
rigorous military training.
Could they be using the thermae
to train their women as well?
These people love training...
Lost your swimsuit?
Use this.
I'll try to find it.
Spiritual discipline.
Let's see how effective it is.
I'll try it myself!
Line up in groups of three!
It's so high...
Much steeper than it looks.
I can't do it... No!
As a proud Roman, I must!
But this is training for
women and children.
Not training befitting a grown man.
Therefore, a proud Roman
should not take part in...
Hurry up!
Gods of Rome!
Have mercy on me!
This is fun!
Roman children would love it!
One more time!
Reporting in a bikini?
We need sexy photos
to increase sales.
I'm wearing my trunks, too.
But isn't it a bit risque?
Why not?
You're only young once.
Our magazine really needs a boost.
If you don't cooperate, I'll fire you.
It's not as scary as it looks. Go!
It's not that bad.
You! The artist who helped me
on the battlefields of Rome.
How is your drawing going?
Not too good. I've gone
back to studying...
He's not even listening!
It's been a while...
I'm happy to see you.
As am I.
I have questions about this thermae.
How I long for it.
Oh, is that why...
You really like this Yu-topia?
I like the sound of it,
but it's not familiar to me.
What does it mean?
But the root word is Latin.
It means... um...
"An imaginary place of perfection."
"An imaginary place of perfection..."
He disappeared!
You're not supposed to cry!
"A while later..."
The children love it!
You're a genius, Lucius.
Faster! Faster!
It's not just the children.
Senators are enjoying it, too.
It is fun! Try it, Sergianus!
No, it's not for me.
By the way, Lucius.
Emperor Hadrianus wants
to have a word with you.
The emperor? With me?
It's a confidential matter.
Yes, sire.
Emperor Hadrianus.
You look troubled, your majesty.
The battles at the Colosseum
are growing more violent every day.
They say it's for my benefit
but they're using violence
to incite a revival of
expansionist policy.
The Senate is undermining
your pacifistic policy?
I want to build...
a peaceful nation, free of war.
For that to happen,
we need thermaes that will
nurture peace-loving citizens.
A thermae for peace...
Look, Lucius.
They say that this land, Baiae,
once overflowed with sacred springs.
Excavate these springs
and create a hot spring haven in Baiae!
With your own hands.
A hot spring haven...
With my own hands...
Will you do it...
...for the Roman Empire?
For the Roman Empire!
This is the ultimate honor
for a thermae architect.
I'll pledge my life to transforming
Baiae into a Yu-topia!
An imaginary place of perfection.
Thermae Yu-topia...
I'm counting on you.
Yes, your majesty!
An extraordinary undertaking.
Thermaes breed complacency
and sap the people's will.
The future of Rome is at risk.
We'll have to get rid of Lucius.
Where should we put this wood?
- In front of the triangle!
- Okay!
I see you have started.
Master Antoninus!
I'm still feeling my way,
in search of the ideal design.
We received a letter
from Master Ceionius,
who is defending Pannonia.
"The battlefield... frozen over with ice.
My men are seriously fatigued.
We need Lucius' help."
Master Ceionius is counting on you.
But when we met at the Colosseum,
he didn't remember who I was.
Ceionius at the Colosseum?
With a parade of women.
He seems to like men as well.
He fondled my buttocks.
It can't be him.
He's a famous womanizer.
He doesn't like men.
He'd never come to Rome
without informing the emperor.
But I felt him!
And saw him!
He's fighting for Rome as
the successor to the throne.
He was hand-picked by the emperor.
He must have some redeeming qualities.
No... I can only recall his womanizing.
Why did Emperor Hadrianus choose
such a womanizer to succeed him?
The emperor is fearful.
If his successor
should fall ill in Pannonia...
Is Master Ceionius sick?
It's Ceionius who's supposed
to go to Pannonia.
He dies of the plague
and Antoninus succeeds the throne.
It's historical fact!
Has Master Ceionius
contracted the plague?
Why do you say that?
A prediction... of a girl.
The plague? What kind of
evil prediction is that?
She's a foreigner.
I promise you, she is not evil.
In any case,
build a medicinal thermae
in Pannonia for Master Ceionius.
But how?
I don't have time to build
a thermae in Pannonia.
Even if I were
to send a marble bath
it would be difficult to transport and
would probably break en route.
What should I do?!
What should I...
Marcus! That log belongs here!
Got it!
I can't believe it.
A barrel bath
in a magazine?
Who knew?
It's very charming.
It will be a good article!
In early fall,
this place is full of pheasants.
They come here to feed.
That would be a better article.
I suppose...
I'll give you a ride to the bus stop.
Watch your step.
Thank you.
Where am I?
Why am I in a barrel?
Are they boiling water?
So this is a bath.
A simple bath made of wood!
Wood can be used to build a fine bath.
And wood can be transported
by carriage to Pannonia!
I must understand
how this bath works!
I think I'll take a bath
and go to bed.
I see.
It's the same concept
as the stone arches in Rome.
What are you doing?
Don't talk to me.
I'm studying this bath.
Fix it, or else!
He's singing
as if he's in ecstasy.
Does singing increase the
healing properties of the bath?
It does!
This is good information.
It's a very catchy melody.
My foreign buddy!
Where'd you go?
Don't leave me all alone!
You! Come back!
"A while later..."
This warms the bones...
I feel rejuvenated.
According to Lucius,
the healing properties will be
enhanced by singing, "hei-hei-hou."
Everyone take turns in the bath.
Are you finished already,
Master Ceionius?
I must write a letter to Lucius.
"Lucius, your barrel bath
has rejuvenated us.
You will be rewarded for your work.
For now, accept my gratitude
as your next emperor."
I didn't expect such
a gracious letter of thanks.
Perhaps Master Ceionius is fit
to succeed the emperor after all.
"I would be more rejuvenated if you
sent over ten or so Roman beauties."
Are you Lucius, the thermae architect?
You stink!
You stink to high heaven!
How long since you last bathed?
Who cares? Shut your mouth!
You're a dead man!
What do you want?
Sorry, but we have to kill you.
We lost everything in the war.
This is the only work we can get!
We have to kill you and sell your head.
This is...
Are you listening?
There's treasure here
more precious than gold!
Treasure? He said treasure!
What treasure?
If you want to know...
Dig with me!
Dig deeper!
You guys stink.
This treasure will cleanse
your body and soul!
Line up those rocks in a circle!
Who does he think he is?
I'll kill him as soon as
we find this treasure.
There it is!
The treasure!
If they had proper employment,
they wouldn't have to lead this life.
It's a little hot,
but the water quality is superb!
Jump in and freshen up.
What do you take us for?
Where's the treasure?
This thermae is the treasure!
You! You tricked us!
Kusatsu is wonderful.
Try it once.
Even a flower would bloom
in these waters.
"Kusatsu's Famous
Water Cooling Dance"
What's this...?
What is this place?
Are they cooling
the boiling spring water
by running it down these estuaries?
And using those paddles
to move the hot water around
to disperse the heat?
Is this interesting?
Oh... it's you.
Shall we take a walk?
You will be my guide.
What's this?
Such charm and festivity!
Is this the flat-faced version
of a Thermae Yu-topia?
I feel shy...
...walking with a man.
It's been a while.
"Strip Show"
Naked female statues...
Is this a thermae for women?
That's right. No men allowed.
But men just came out.
They look so happy.
This must be part of the Yu-topia.
This girl... hiding something.
Follow me! Hurry!
These slaves work so hard...
It's admirable.
Our magic show is about to begin.
Let's go, Lucius!
He stabbed her!
Is this a flat-faced execution?
It's too barbaric!
Oh, my God...
Lucius! Get a hold of yourself.
I'll bring you some water!
Excuse me.
You okay, foreigner?
The flat-faced captain!
Long time, no see.
Have they succeeded in breeding
indestructible people too?
Mami's mom and pop
reopened their inn here,
so we all came to visit.
Drink up!
What is this?
This foamy, golden liquid?
This man almost
poisoned me once.
That's good!
He tasted it first.
I guess it's safe to drink.
That hit the spot!
A warm, soothing sensation
is enveloping my senses...
Chicken ramen noodles!
Here you go!
Ours is the best!
Looks pretty good.
What are these...
...yellow strings in the broth?
They're meant to be
wrapped around these sticks.
What? Burned your mouth?
How do these people
come up with such delicacies?
I think he likes it.
Fit to serve a Roman?
You made my day, foreigner!
I'll throw in some dumplings.
What's this?
Little burned buns?
Does he think these are...
So juicy!
This is too good!
He loves it!
It makes a ramen chef proud.
Let me take the last one
back to Rome.
Pay with this.
Is this flat-faced currency?
What's the correct amount?
"5 yen"
Golden and luminous.
A hole! What craftsmanship.
This must be a very valuable coin!
This accomplished chef
deserves this as a reward.
A token of my gratitude.
Go on. Take it.
I don't know what you're saying
but that ain't enough!
Here you are!
I was looking for you.
It stings!
Lucius, it's dangerous here.
Let's go!
"Ancient Latin dialogue ends.
Japanese begins."
"Thank you for your understanding."
Isn't this great?
My boss was
sexually harassing me
so I quit my magazine job.
I'm working at the inn
and studying bath drawings.
The publisher said
my work looks unoriginal
so I'm drawing as much as I can.
I feel so ashamed.
I was tasked to build a thermae
that would bring peace to Rome,
but all I'm doing is copying...
I have yet to create
my own Thermae Yu-topia...
A thermae is a place to relax.
You should have more fun with it.
I got it! Shall we
take a bath together?
Men and women
don't bathe together...!
Embarrassed? There are
baths for men and women here.
But it's forbidden in Rome!
No problem. This isn't Rome.
It's beautiful.
Nothing like I imagined.
So serene and pastoral.
There's no moral depravity at all.
Have the flat-faced clan
transcended sexual barriers?
This makes me forget
all of life's troubles.
This is comforting indeed, but...
As serene as
this mixed bathing is...
it's rude to watch a woman bathing.
They're everywhere!
Where should I look?
Where should I...
I guess I could stare at him.
Why is he staring at him?
I think I read...
that homosexuality was common
in ancient Rome!
A bear!
Bears in Rome fight
gladiators in the Colosseum!
But they're so tame in these mixed baths!
You came to warm up again?
Humans and bears interacting?
I know these baths transcend sex,
but do they transcend species as well?
It's wonderful...
A mixed bath where morality is intact
and the spirit is liberated...
This thermae is a symbol of peace.
This view itself is a work of art!
I'm so...
I'm so moved!
This is heaven!
It's flushing out all the toxins.
The odor is gone. It's so
refreshing to find my own style.
When I soak in this bath,
my cares seem to disappear.
I don't want to kill anymore...
Where were you?
I found it.
I found work for you.
There's no time to lose.
We must hurry!
"A while later..."
Wait your turn!
Shut up and eat!
Here you go.
Our specially, burned meat buns.
It comes with soup!
It's delicious!
Stop pushing, you idiot.
Who knew these weird looking
buns would be such a hit!
This is amazing, Lucius.
Construction isn't even done,
but look at all these people!
Never seen anything like it!
I'm still only imitating
the flat-faced clan.
I haven't achieved my own Yu-topia.
Step right up, men!
We've got the cutest girls in Rome!
Come and take a look!
Come on in!
How's business?
My men are happy to be
working legitimate jobs.
You were right. The thermae
was the ultimate treasure.
Of course.
I'm truly grateful.
But there's one thing I don't get.
What is that?
Training device to produce
indestructible humans.
Get to work, men!
This way!
Everyone help out!
Aren't you working too hard?
You'll collapse if you
don't take it easy.
I have no time for rest.
My Yu-topia will never be
realized without hot springs.
Come on, faster!
Don't stop! Over here!
You're so bossy!
Come on.
We have to finish digging by sunset.
You're working hard.
Emperor Hadrianus!
I'm looking forward to seeing
you realize your vision
of a Thermae Yu-topia.
I'm hoping to bring back mixed bathing.
Mixed bathing?
For men and women.
You know that mixed bathing
was banned in Rome for
inciting moral depravity.
But I've seen it.
A mixed bath that was
the perfect vision of peace!
I'm sure a mixed bath
would delight Master Ceionius.
That's not the mixed bathing
that I envision!
My ideal is a haven that
transcends boundaries
and uplifts the Roman spirit.
We need a mixed bath!
I cannot allow...
mixed bathing!
What is it?
A plague has struck Pannonia!
Soldiers are dying.
Master Ceionius has
contracted it, too...
He's headed to Rome now,
to recover.
Ceionius, too...
Master Ceionius with the plague...
It's just as she predicted.
I feel for Emperor Hadrianus...
Is there no cure for it?
Guide me...
Polaris, light the way...
What should I do?
...should I do?
MY back!
Chef's looking for the onions.
Have you seen them?
I don't know.
You can cook delicious dishes
without onions, though.
Yeah, but...
I'll go talk to the chef.
Sorry, dad.
I want Lucius to stay here
as long as possible.
"As long as possible."
"A Dog of Flanders"
I have to hide everything
that might make him cry.
Found 'em, Mami!
Homosexuality was rampant
in ancient Rome.
"Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire"
Come quick!
That foreigner is fainted in the bath!
- Pestis...
- Pestis?
The same disease as Ceionius?
Are you going to die?
According to this book,
the plague that beset
Rome at the time was...
Modern medicine can cure Tuberculosis.
I'll call the doctor!
Let's move him!
I must have fallen asleep.
Parts of my body feel hot.
My back is riddled with needles!
I'm on fire!
You up?
Then let's try shiatsu
Is he going to choke me to death?
My circulation is increasing
and my fatigue is dissipating.
This feels good!
Too good to be true.
Feel good?
I studied shiatsu from
Tokusaburo Namikoshi himself.
Dr. Namikoshi is my mentor.
A statue...
Could he be
a man deified by the clan
for his mysterious
finger healing powers?
I must pay my respects to their God.
Look! Even a foreigner is
kneeling before Dr. Namikoshi.
He's praying to him!
Oh, no!
It must have been the massage.
I feel the urge...
Where's the toilet?
The toilet's in the back.
Must be the runs.
is that contraption.
I won't be taken by surprise again.
Slaves, open the lid.
Now play the music.
It smells good!
Excuse me! How could I?
In such a small space!
What's this noise?
The smell is being sucked up.
It's the slaves!
Forgive me.
The odor is being masked
by a floral bouquet.
They've thought of everything.
No expense was spared!
Now, slaves...
Just like before.
Softly... gently...
my buttocks!
"Nozzle Position"
"Frontal Cleanse"
Not there!
Not there!
I said!
Not there!
I said!
Lucius! I called the doctor.
Hey, Lucius.
What? You're all better?
Come here. Come here. Come here.
He had severe back pain
from overwork
but my acupuncture
and shiatsu did the trick.
Let's celebrate!
My treat! Eat up!
This is really good sushi.
Here, foreigner.
This sushi is loaded with wasabi.
Don't eat it, Lucius!
Too late...
It stings!
He tried to poison me again!
Not once, but twice!
Lucius, don't cry!
Where did they go?
They're young. Don't be a bonehead!
Lucius! Lucius! Lucius!
Where are we?
Baiea of the Roman Empire.
I'm back in the Roman Empire?
Is this a hot spring town in Rome?
Everything was copied from your land.
That's not true!
It has a nice Roman style to it.
It's a wonderful town.
Roman workers poured
their hearts and souls into it.
to make this work,
we need a huge geyser!
Lucius! We dug and dug
but there's nothing!
Everyone gave up and took off.
We need more workers.
Where are the hot springs?
Do sacred springs really exist?
If not, I'll lose face to my workers!
It's the emperor's bidding!
The springs are here!
I'll keep on digging
even if I'm the only one left!
Okay, okay.
Let's give it another try.
If you say so.
Thanks, Marcus.
That song...
We've sung it so many times...
Rejuvenate yourselves.
Master Ceionius is back!
Master Antoninus.
This thermae is our only hope
of healing Master Ceionius.
It won't work.
Ceionius is suffering from Tuberculosis.
I remember you...
Baths will only exacerbate
the symptoms of Tuberculosis.
Are you saying the bath
may work against him?
And Tuberculosis is contagious.
If they aren't quarantined,
it will spread all over Rome.
Quarantine Master Ceionius?
Quarantine the next emperor?
Are you...
the evil one who predicted
our next emperor's illness?
I'm not evil...
You look suspicious.
Listen, Master Antoninus!
I know she looks odd
but the flat-faced clan are experts
in matters of the thermae!
Take her and get out of my sight!
Lucius! You're working too hard.
Rest a little!
Leave me alone.
Aren't you going to do anything?
Shouldn't you try to talk
to Antoninus again?
But he refuses to see me.
We have to call it a day.
It's the plague.
I need to find new workers.
The workers are sick?
Ceionius needs
to be quarantined.
You were right.
Master Ceionius
continued to bathe
and exacerbated his illness.
Now the people of Baiea have
contracted the disease.
All because I did not believe you.
What about Master Ceionius?
He's resting, but he is very weak.
It may be difficult
for him to succeed the throne.
It's unfortunate.
He was a womanizer, but...
he was fearless on the battlefield.
A great leader who
motivated his men.
He was a womanizer, but...
he marched into
enemy territory
and settled matters peacefully.
He was a womanizer, but...
he tended to his men
who contracted the plague
even if his lieutenants
tried to stop him.
He was the worst sort of womanizer...
but he placed his life
on the line for Rome!
I didn't know...
That hopeless womanizer...
Master Ceionius.
Master Ceionius, it's the thermae architect.
That barrel bath was ingenious.
You forgot to send
the Roman beauties, though...
I misunderstood you.
You pledged your life to Rome!
As did you.
For the prosperity of Rome,
you pledged your life
to building thermae.
You are too kind!
I have one last wish...
Whatever you ask!
Take this letter... a girl named Emilia
on Mercurius Street.
She has blonde hair.
And big breasts.
A real angel.
I swear I will!
And this... for Julia
on Abbondanza Street.
And the cook, Maria.
"Ten minutes later..."
Master Ceionius, surely this is all.
There's more?
I want to see my brother
before I die.
You have a brother?
But my brother, J-onius
is only interested in men.
He left home, knowing
he'd never produce an heir...
He ran away...
and was never seen again.
Bull heard rumors that he's been
seen near the Colosseum.
My love for women...
may be a manifestation of my desire
to lead a life different from my brother.
I see.
I will find him.
I'm counting on you...
Master Ceionius!
Master Ceionius is unconscious!
Tend to him!
Let's go, Lucius.
We have to find his brother.
As soon as he heard of
Master Ceionius' condition,
the emperor collapsed
in a fit of despair.
Emperor Hadrianus?
Thank God, it isn't the plague.
But his fever is high and
he is too weak to stand.
What is this commotion?
It's utter chaos!
It may be the senate's doing.
Beloved citizens of Rome!
Our next Emperor Ceionius has come
to pay homage to our brave gladiators.
Let's greet him with the utmost respect.
Rome must be strong!
Like our gladiators!
We must continue our expansion
until Rome conquers the world!
Do not be fooled!
This man...
is not Ceionius!
Your accusation is inexcusable!
He's speaking the truth.
This man is an imposter!
You're being impertinent!
You are being impertinent, sir!
Defying the emperor's
call for peace
and inciting the people
towards war and expansion.
Forcing gladiators to battle
for political purposes!
The architect...
What is he talking about?
You're the one building these thermaes
and leading Rome
on a path of weakness
and complacency!
I've pledged my life
to building thermaes
because I believe it will bring
peace and prosperity to Rome.
And I'm ready to die for it!
That's right! The real Ceionius
is battling the plague
right now... for Rome!
Who are you?
"Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire?"
Citizens of Rome!
This woman will lead Rome to ruin.
She's a witch!
Kill her!
Kill the witch!
Kill her! Kill her! Kill her!
Capture her!
Let me go! Lucius!
The witch will be executed
at noon tomorrow.
She will be burned to death
at the Colosseum.
She must return to her own country!
Let her go!
If only Emperor Hadrianus were well,
I could save her.
But I'm powerless.
What should I...
What should I do?
Shiatsu is love!
A mother's love...
Shiatsu is love!
A mother's love...
Press and release the spring of life.
Press and release the spring of life!
Amazing! You have
the fingers of a God!
Doctor, can you treat
the sumo wrestlers next?
I'll heal them...
so they can win.
Shiatsu is love!
A mother's love...
Press and release the spring of life!
Is it him?
The man deified as a God!
That's really good!
What fingers...
Fingers of a God!
He may be able to restore
Emperor Hadrianus' health!
What's up, foreigner?
Please! Come with me to Rome!
You're my last resort! Come with me!
Foreigner! Hey, foreigner!
Shiatsu is love... a mother's love!
Press and release the spring of life.
Will this...
really heal me?
They call him a God.
Shiatsu is love... a mother's love.
Press and release the spring of life!
I have to go. I'm leaving it to you.
They're talking about Lucius!
Architect Lucius is credited with
the rise of the Roman thermae.
After completing
a hot spring resort in Baiae
Lucius was tasked to build
another in Pannonia.
But three months later...
he was killed by a falling rock
while constructing the baths.
Lucius... killed?
I'm sorry to put you through this.
Don't look at me like that.
I'm already distraught.
I'm powerless to save you.
But don't worry.
The emperor will recover
by tomorrow and pardon you.
You don't need to do anything, Lucius.
But your life...
Worry about your own life!
I'll be fine.
I can return any time by crying.
You're right!
What will make you cry?
You don't get it, do you?
I want to be with you, Lucius.
So I've been trying not to cry,
even if I was terrified in here.
want to see you
complete your Thermae Yu-topia.
Build a thermae
to bring peace to Rome.
Thai is my mission.
A peaceful nation, free of war...
It sounds like a fairy tale.
We make our dreams come true!
Are you sure?
You're betraying the senate.
tired of fighting.
Then come with us.
To a place you've never seen before!
The witch got away!
Kill her!
Execute the witch!
Beloved citizens of Rome!
The witch has escaped
with the thermae architect Lucius!
We will head to Baiae
where the witch seeks refuge!
To win back...
the Roman empire from the spineless
thermae-loving jellyfish!
Follow me!
What is this?
Not there! Here!
"Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire"
Oh, my God!
A massive army is headed our way!
They're here.
What will become of us?
We're not going
to fight them, are we?
All we can do
is to protect this thermae
for the emperor's sake.
That's all.
There you are! Enemies of Rome!
Kill the weaklings!
Wait a minute!
You came here for me.
So take me!
Very well.
As you wish.
That's enough!
Master Ceionius!
There are two of them!
Citizens, calm down!
Don't panic!
How can this sickly man
be the next emperor of Rome?
Don't be fooled!
Then ask those women!
Have any of you been approached
by this man
who calls himself Ceionius?
Ceionius would have bedded all
of them to the glory of Rome!
No doubt.
None of you?
This man is Ceionius' long lost brother
He posed as the next emperor
and brought chaos to Rome.
A proud Roman
would pledge his life.
Stop it!
Please stop it!
I left home long ago
and lived a life of vagrancy.
Why do you treat me this way?
Why did you have to appear?
This is a turning point
for the future of Rome.
Will you betray us?
So it was you, after all.
The Roman Senate was behind this?
They offered me and my men
money to kill Lucius!
It was them!
Arrest him!
Kill them!
This is not the way!
No bloodshed at the thermae.
A thermae...
should be a symbol of peace!
What is this rumbling?
Have we angered the Gods?!
Lucius! Look!
A Geyser...
The sacred springs!
Hot springs!
It finally happened.
I'm glad you were here to see it.
It's amazing...
Emperor Hadrianus is here!
Emperor Hadrianus!
Beloved citizens of Rome!
No more killing!
want to build...
a peaceful Rome, free of war!
Let the sacred springs
wash clean our disputes.
Let everyone gathered here
think deeply and peaceably
about the future of Rome!
While soaking
in these sacred springs
bestowed upon us by the Gods!
You've created
a splendid Thermae Yu-topia.
I'm certain...
it took tremendous effort.
For the sake of a peaceful Rome,
no effort is too great!
wasn't built in a day!
Take a long, hot soak.
You deserve it!
Good for you, Lucius.
But how did it happen?
They made it happen.
Your thermae stopped a war.
Pannonia is next.
The emperor commissioned me
to build a thermae
for the soldiers up north.
Don't go.
Lucius... three months after
you reach Pannonia
you'll be killed during construction
by a falling rock.
If you don't go to Pannonia
you'll live a lot longer.
Another prediction...
It's not a prediction!
My world is thousands of years
ahead of yours!
There are documents
that have chronicled history.
Your world...
is the future.
So please.
Don't go, Lucius!
Even if...
what you say is true...
I would be happy to die
while building a thermae.
Rather than covet life,
I would gladly pledge it to Rome.
That is the way
a proud Roman should live.
Then I'll go with you.
I'll go with you to Pannonia!
You must return to your own country...
...and finish your drawings.
Next time,
I would love to see them.
You can't.
It will take too long
to finish my drawings!
And you...
will be...
I don't want to leave you.
Me, either.
I don't want to leave you, either.
as long as we're alive,
parting is inevitable.
Meeting you has been my treasure.
Until the day I die in Pannonia
you will remain in my heart.
Don't talk anymore.
You gave me... much courage.
You are my Goddess.
Don't say that!
You made me cry.
I can't stop my tears, either.
Dad! What are you doing
in the women's bath?
She did it!
Did what?
Mami's manga is going
to be published!
Are you serious?
I did it, Lucius!
We built this.
- It's wonderful!
- Right?
Dinner tonight?
I'll think about it.
I guess the internal fighting is over.
A good soak makes
fighting seem foolish.
I thought mixed baths were outlawed.
It can't be helped.
It transcends boundaries.
Please form a line.
Thank you. Please form a line.
Your autograph, please!
Was the hero modeled on someone?
I knew it!
What do you think?
This set was constructed for the movie.
Amazing! Just as I remember it.
There he is!
The actor who will play Lucius.
He's an imposter!