They Are Watching (2024) Movie Script

- The parallax
of our true forms
are only seen through
the amplified darkness
of the once perceived self.
Through the lens of the
camera, the world views you,
molds you, and adjusts your
very existence to their will.
Our will.
Behold then
for they are watching.
- Walking through the nunnery,
we found nothing that led us
back to the Order Obscurum.
What we do know, however,
is that the order's history
is littered with fire,
child death, and
satanic worship.
Hopefully, the dark shadow
that covers the order
will be pulled back
and the most obscure cult
in the annals of
American history
will have a little light with
new information shed upon it.
Our videos have always been
about the dark and unusual.
So as we did our
research online,
we came across something called
dark web unboxing videos.
Now, if you don't know what
a dark web unboxing video is,
I recommend you look it up, sit
back, and have a good laugh,
because they are most
certainly faked.
The idea that a serial
killer would take evidence
from a crime scene and send
it to you is not only absurd,
it's downright ignorant.
Much like most of our videos
talking about urban myths,
we dig deep into the research.
We get our teeth in there.
So we're gonna do the same
with the dark web
unboxing videos.
We're gonna sink in
our teeth deep,
and we want you there for it.
So give us a like, a subscribe,
and that way you're there
with all the new information
about these dark web
unboxing videos.
And thank you for joining us
for another episode
of "Dark Legends".
- What?
- What do you mean
what? Don't you what me.
You know you miss me.
- What do you want, man?
I'm busy.
- Are you doing naughty stuff
on the internet?
I knew.
- No.
- What is he doing?
Check this out.
- I'm not doing naughty stuff
on the fucking internet.
- Look, look, look.
- What the fuck are you doing?
- Hey, buddy.
- Why are you
filming me, dude?
- Aw, do you
not like being on camera?
- You know, I don't like
being on camera.
You know, I do not like
being on camera.
- Why?
With your smiling face.
Look at that smile.
Oh, that looks like a
Victorian torture method
all in that one gleaming,
okay, I'll stop.
What are you drinking on?
- Coffee.
I made you some.
- You actually
made me coffee.
- I made you coffee.
- Oh, my god, I take
back half of the bad things
I've said about you.
- Because a good friend makes-
- It's my favorite mug.
- A good friend makes
a friend coffee.
- Mm-hmm.
- And doesn't film them
when they don't want
to be filmed.
- Are friends not
supposed to film friends?
- No, you see, there's a reason
why you are in front
of the camera
and I'm behind the camera.
You are the personality for
the online fucking bullshit.
And I am the-
- Don't you air quote me.
- And I am the researcher
of the show
and the filmmaker, if you will.
Although I don't think
anything we do,
you know, is necessarily
I would be considered-
- Are you-
- Filmmaking.
- Are you
embarrassed that I caught you
making a dating profile
for a bestiality site?
- I'm not making.
Repeat that.
- What I meant to
say was the true question.
- Yeah.
- Was, so how excited
are you about the dark web box?
- Do you see the face
that I'm currently making?
- Kind of,
But that's your normal
day-to-day scowl.
- This is true.
But I mean, with the
dark web unboxing video,
by the way, is this some sort
of weird behind the scenes
bullshit you're trying
to pull on me?
Like, let's show the behind
the scenes of the show.
Is that what you're
doing right now?
Is that the thing that
you're currently fixated on?
- I'm totes not
even filming you right now.
- As if people really give a
shit what we look, what we do,
what we look like outside
of the thing that we make.
- Who hurt you?
- Nobody hurt me.
- Why are you so angry?
- I'm not angry.
- I think that
this box is an opportunity
to dive into what people
it might be.
- If we're gonna, you know?
- Scared of.
- If we're gonna
talk about this.
- They're sending
their fears.
- If we're gonna talk about this
and we're gonna do all this,
you're gonna put
that on a tripod
and you're gonna get
in the frame with me
because I frankly
do not feel like
being the focus of
this conversation.
- I'm not gonna lie,
I am craving some coffee.
All right, you keep
that smile on your face.
- All right, dude.
So you got the camera
up like you want it.
Are you happy?
You happy with the camera angle?
- I'm never happy.
- I know.
- Neither am I.
So what do you wanna
talk to me about?
- Ah.
- What are we doing,
what are we doing?
- I want to order
the dark web box.
- Well, I know that,
but why do you want to
order the dark web box?
- It-
- I mean, why?
'Cause you announced
that on our new episode
without even consulting me
about this new episode of yours.
- It was too brilliant
not to do.
- Brilliant?
Every jackass on fucking
every major fucking-
- Hey, those are our
jackasses out there.
- Every jackass on those
fucking stupid websites
are doing the same thing
you wanna do.
And frankly, I don't
think it's smart.
I mean, we go on the dark web
and we go on the dark
web a lot, you know that.
- Mm-hmm.
- And you're gonna
order something
and have it sent to your PO box.
Please don't tell me
you're gonna send it
to your fucking house.
And then we're gonna
do a video on it,
and people are gonna
think it's bullshit
because we know it's
fucking bullshit.
And then we've wasted our time.
- But what if.
Hello out there to all
of our Dark Legionnaires.
It is game day for me.
It is the time where I'm
headed to the post office.
I'm headed to my local
postal service to get,
it's like Christmas,
even though it's not
December right now,
I'm about to go pick up
my dark web secret box.
I'm so freaking stoked.
You have no idea.
This is something I ordered.
I'm kind of surprised
how fast it came in.
I ordered this from
the dark web.
They say, oh, it's full of
mystery, it's full of this.
Or maybe it's just complete
bull crap.
Well, we are gonna find out
today what is in the box.
What is in the package, the box.
I don't even know what
it's gonna be.
We're gonna figure out
what's in the dark web box.
We're gonna have a lot of fun.
We're gonna be either
spooked out, freaked out,
scared shitless, or
maybe just bored.
We have no idea what's
gonna be in there.
I don't know if it's
gonna be maybe
just some bird feathers and ooh.
Or it might be somebody's
like actual severed genitalia.
This could be crazy.
But here's the fun part.
The part that I might
get in a little bit
of cool trouble for.
Hey, I like getting in trouble.
James has no freaking
idea that I ordered this.
James is gonna be
either ecstatic
or James is gonna be pissed off.
So I'm pulling up to
the post office now.
So we're gonna see what
we can get going
for here ordering from
the dark web.
He's coming, Corgi.
James, James, James, James.
James, James, James.
James, James.
- Yo, Daniel.
- James!
- What are you fucking doing?
- Oh, dude, go look,
look, the, the Corgi and I
have great news for you here.
Put this on, put this on.
- Why am I putting
a transmitter on?
- Oh, do I have a
world of goodies for you?
Hey, I appreciate you
wearing a slightly less
macabre black today than normal.
Is your closet just like
a pit of dick despair?
- Yeah, actually it is.
- That makes sense.
Hey, so guess what came
in today that we ordered?
- There's no, we, I
didn't order shit.
- Oh, well maybe I
ordered it on the company card,
but what's important
is it's here.
It's here and it's upstairs.
Let's turn that frown
upside the fuck down.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute.
What exactly are you
talking about?
What did you order?
- All right, listen to me.
- No, no, no, no.
What did you order, Daniel?
- Dude, I'm,
I'm at half chub
just thinking about this.
The box is here.
- Please, for the love of
all that is fucking holy,
please tell me you did not
buy a fucking dark web box
off the dark web.
- Uh.
- On a personal computer
with a personal credit card.
- Well, when you say
it like that, it's not as fun.
Come on upstairs, let's go.
Come on, come on.
- You're an idiot.
- Open, open, open.
I know.
- You're an idiot.
- I know.
Open, open, open.
Come on.
Dude, I'm like giddy right now.
You have no idea.
I might just pee my pants
outta happiness.
- I really hope you
shit yourself actually.
- Well, that's
a bit too far.
- Hey, Mary.
- Think of what's in there.
- What's up, James?
- You excited?
Are you excited?
What's up?
- See you see your boyfriend?
- Look happy.
- He's a fucking moron.
- Look happy.
Who's a fucking moron?
- You.
- Will I be
a fucking moron
when we're super cool famous?
- Well, guess what?
He's your problem now.
- That's right.
All this awesomeness is
gonna be your problem now.
- Get the fucking camera
outta my face.
- No, da, da.
- Oh, so this is what
you're talking about.
This is the magical piece of art
that you're, you're
talking about.
- How freaking
happy are you right now?
There is a limitless world of
wonder in front of your eyes.
- Is that so?
- There could
be anything in there.
- Anything.
- Think about it.
Everything we've been
looking for,
we could have proof of
just the most ethereal,
like ghostly anything in there.
Or it could just be
a murder weapon
with six different victims
blood on it.
- How many times do
I have to tell you
that murderers do not send
boxes to random people?
- But what if they did?
I mean, look at the
markings on this thing.
What the hell does
92 81 mean anyway
in the four quarters
of the circle?
I mean, you explained
that shit to me.
Our readers, our listeners,
our watchers
are going to eat this shit up.
- All right, since you went
ahead and ordered the box-
- Uh-huh.
- On a personal computer
with a personal credit card,
even though I told you not to,
we'll go ahead and we'll
open the box.
- Yes.
- We're gonna let me set up the
cameras, get all this ready,
and we'll go ahead
and, and do your little
dark web box video
that you keep bugging me about.
- I freaking
love you, man.
You're, this is gonna
be so worth it.
You have no idea.
- You know I'm gonna kill
you in your fucking sleep.
I know you don't believe me,
but it, it's gonna
happen someday so.
- I'm actually
okay with that
as long as you make a
little box about me.
- Okay, well, a little
box about you?
- Yeah, and then
sell to somebody online.
- Okay, well, all right,
well, let's get started
so we can get this
shit over with.
- This history
in the making.
- Yeah, go ahead and get
a shot of that box, buddy.
There you go.
That's Daniel's happiness,
but not mine.
- Welcome back to another
episode of "Dark Legends".
What I have in front of me
is an honest to Odin true
and blue dark web box.
Now I know what you're thinking
because if I was sitting
where you're sitting,
I'd be thinking the
exact same thing.
Bull crap.
I am willing to rest my name
and my entire reputation
to assure you,
this is a dark web box.
Now, myself and James, we
have not yet opened the box.
But from initially looking at
it, it's pretty lightweight.
On the outside, there are
some very interesting things
kind of scribed upon it.
On your side, you're
gonna see some numbers.
I have 115 and 71,
and on the opposing side
we had 92 and 81.
Now, running on the
opposite sides of the box,
blank, the tape is oddly white.
Normally you would see a dark
or a gray colored tape on
these, but this is white.
And on the top we have a symbol
of what initially appears
to be some type of
serrated knife
or possibly a strange
blade of grass
with what looks like
instructions to cut open.
So let's get to it.
Nothing too out of the
ordinary with the naked eye.
And it's sealed pretty well.
You ready to take a look?
So inside the larger box, we
have a smaller second item.
Let me go ahead and
open this up,
and it feels slightly
cold or damp to the touch.
Uh, geez, this,
this definitely maybe is blood.
Um, and this is also
kind of lightweight,
and the rest is just packing.
So we're done with that.
Our second item is
maybe a t-shirt or a cloth
that is also wrapped in,
and we won't know exactly
what this liquid is on it
until we get it tested, but
I'm gonna say it's blood.
Getting through more tape is.
Second box has a very
distinct odor,
kind of foul and irony,
that it's like an iron
that gets in your mouth.
It's sticky.
I don't know if I should
really be touching this
the way I'm touching this.
The smaller box inside
appears to be covered
in a type of string
or very thin rope.
Again, with the possible
blood all over it.
Also sticky and a form
of a wax of some sort.
Wax that appears to have
been semi burnt.
It's grayish in matter.
So far like all the
other boxes online
this has been relatively
straight forward,
but this one doesn't have all
the random bull crap in it
that looks like somebody
found forgotten items
underneath their car seat.
This looks pretty interesting.
I, I gotta admit right now,
I am kind of, well, I'm
pretty freaking excited,
but also a little creeped
out, so let's keep going.
So we're gonna cut
through the string
on the least bloodied side.
All right, so we've
got more numbers
written on here initially.
I have 57 period, 11
period, 12 period,
29 period, one one zero.
I don't know what that means.
All right, let's figure
out where we can find
another entrance into it.
And the wax has made
this kind of difficult.
I think I found a way in.
Here we go, guys at
home, you ready?
There's another,
what appears to be maybe a
smaller item or box inside.
Again, wrapped in
the same string
as the larger box
that this was in.
Now of all the other
unboxing dark web videos
that I've seen, the,
it's just filled with
random items and bull crap.
But this one appears to actually
have another one inside.
And unlike those boxes that
kind of just end with no purpose
or meaning, or maybe some
random cryptic bull crap,
hopefully this will answer
those questions
as to what we've been unpacking.
So what I'm thinking
is, here, this,
I'm seeing a connection.
This looks like a hard drive.
So what we are gonna do is
we're gonna take another
look at this.
We're gonna figure out
what all this is.
We're gonna plug in
this hard drive,
and maybe this will answer
what all this means.
I'm kind of creeped
out right now.
I have a feeling that
you might be too.
So stay tuned to the next
episode of "Dark Legends",
where we find out what
is on this hard drive
from the deep web.
You are watching what might
be the most important episode
of "Dark Legends" so far.
On our last episode,
we uncovered and opened
the dark web box.
Now on the inside of that
box, if you remember,
I was a little creeped out
when I discovered this.
This is a hard drive that is
wrapped in kind of a string
that almost has a
hay like material
that the box this was in was
covered in potentially blood
and definitely wax.
Now, we watched what
was on this hard drive
and what we found
was disturbing.
What you are about
to see is exactly
what we found on
this hard drive.
The images are surgical.
They are disturbing,
they are contemporary,
yet almost classic in
the same respect.
Now, we're not aware if what
we've seen on this footage
is authentic, but if it is,
we might be on the brink
of a major discovery
in the world of crime,
in the world of horror.
If this isn't real,
then we've seen an absolutely
brilliant fabrication.
I want you to be aware,
the footage that you
are about to see is raw.
It is unedited and
untouched by us.
It came inside this box here
with numbers and figures on it
that could mean one of
a thousand things.
These might be locations.
These might be occult sigils.
This might be human blood.
This might be dye from
your local hobby store.
But the wax is real.
The box is real.
The confusion is real.
And these items all
contained this
and this contained what
you are about to watch.
Be warned.
- That, that was fucking stupid.
- I enjoyed that.
- You enjoyed watching that?
- I mean, if you're
referring to the opening
of our deep web box, absolutely.
Was your heart not
pumping through your chest
of what that could have
been, what that is?
- No.
- Okay, I think you're selling
yourself a little short here.
We're experts in this.
We've seen the bullshit.
We've seen every jackoff who
tries to pass something off
as a haunting or as,
oh, I was beaten up in
my sleep or whatever.
We know the fakes.
This has an air of authenticity
to it.
- Does it?
- The people I hate
most on this planet
are these low budget independent
horror film directors.
- Thank you.
- They're the fucking
scum of the earth.
- Thank you.
- And let me tell you something.
- Thank you.
- That's not what this is.
- I'm a low budget filmmaker.
- I know.
So when we're watching this
video, I was like, almost,
I felt I was being pulled in.
- Yeah.
- To what I was watching.
- Okay.
- There's something to this.
This was not created just
to be edgy, bro.
There's something about this
and I, I think we should
explore it.
- Did you get it?
- I think we should explore
this further.
- No, no, no, we are
not exploring anything.
We are not going any
further with this.
You, you said you wanted
to do one dark box.
- Mm-hmm.
- We did the dark web
mystery box thing.
You got it outta your system.
It's time to move on.
- Give me 37 reasons why
we shouldn't do this.
- You don't need 37
reasons, you only need one.
And the one is, is
that it's stupid.
- How very quaint of you.
- That, that that's fucking,
it's the honest truth, bro.
- All right, well look,
I don't wanna fight
about this so.
- There's no fight.
I agreed to one and now
we're gonna move on.
- All right, well-
- So promise me-
- I owe you one.
- That you are not going to
look up any more dark web boxes.
- Being as I owe you one.
- Mm-hmm.
- And you're my bro.
- Mm-hmm.
- I'll let this slide.
Even though I say we should
keep doing it.
Now, if this gets a million
views, we're hopping back on it.
But for now, I'll let it go.
- Okay, well, when we
hit a million views,
which will be never,
we'll hop back on the dark
web mystery box train.
- I'm telling you I'm right.
- Until then, we'll figure
out some new material.
We just did the nunnery.
We, we got this out of the way.
I'm sure there's plenty
more we can find so.
- I know what would top this,
elderly poltergeist werepanthers
that attack people for sex.
Or has that been done before?
- God, I fucking hate you.
- I know.
- I really hate you.
Just turn something on.
God, oh, Jesus.
- Oh, it's the best
of "Rachel Ray".
Get it, girl.
- Fucking idiot.
- Well, hey,
pretty girl.
- Jesus.
- Hey.
- Put the camera,
will you put the camera down?
Do you live without that
camera in your hand?
- I mean, kind of.
I was born with a camera
in my hand some would say.
Hey, put on that sexy
thing that I love.
- It doesn't fit, I
already told you.
- No, no, no, the
sexiest thing a woman can wear.
- A lavalier?
- Yes, you even
knew the name of it.
- Why do you want me to
wear this fucking thing?
- Because I want to hear
your gorgeous voice.
- That is not why you
want me to wear.
What are you doing?
- Nothing.
- What are you
filming right now?
What makes you think
I'm filming?
- 'Cause there's a
fucking camera in my face.
You asshole.
- What are you doing?
- I'm packing for my trip
that I've told you about
four times this week.
- Wait you're leaving me?
- Oh yeah, big time.
- Ah, no.
- Oh, it's gonna be
a beautiful getaway
on the wonderful streets
of Berlin.
It's a business trip.
- Wait, you're not taking
any of my stuff, are you?
Those are my panties.
You can't take those from me.
- I did bring these just
so I can think about you
while I'm gone.
- Ah.
Wait, how long are
you gonna be gone?
- A week.
- A week?
- A week.
- I can't even feed myself.
You're gonna leave for a week.
- That's very unfortunate
because the last time
you tried to cook,
you almost burned
down the kitchen.
- Okay, I'm gonna be calling you
every single minute of
every day being like,
hey, how do I make french toast?
How do I make bread?
- No, no, no.
You wanna know why that's
not going to be happening?
Because I did not purchase
an international plan.
You will not be able
to get in touch with me
the entire time.
- You dumb dummy.
That was like number
two on the list.
- Oh, but I did that on purpose.
It's serenity, it's peace.
- The things that you
do to get away from me.
- Why is this thing in my face?
- I just like.
- Why is this thing?
Get this thing out of my face.
- I'll, I'll
get it in your face.
- Get it out of my face.
What the fuck are you filming?
Why are you filming?
- Uh, well,
I just.
- Okay, hang on, you
exasperated so it's not good.
Did you piss off James again?
- Okay, but wait-
- Did you scare his cat?
- Believe it or not,
I only am halfway responsible
for James being pissed
off this time.
- Okay, well then
what did you do?
- Okay, have you noticed though,
he's like carrying a
really dark weight
on his shoulder lately?
And I thought maybe-
- That's because you're
his business partner.
- Well, I thought maybe
it was a sleep deprivation
and all that.
- No.
- But he's like generally
bothered by some shit.
- Uh-huh, what did you do?
- Well, we just, it's
something we got online
that were using for basically
for research for the channel.
And the people are eating it up.
They love it.
No, it's great for the channel.
It's great for the business.
- Y'all been really
secretive about it.
What is it?
- It's a long story.
It's a bunch of just,
it's, it's-
- Babe, I got time.
- It's basically ancient history
that we're just kind of
knocking the dust off of.
- Uh-huh.
- But I'm gonna miss you.
So when you come back, I'm
just gonna be a bag of bones.
I know, seriously. I'm
gonna send you a dick pic
like every nine minutes.
- Well, what's gonna be great
is I'm not gonna
get any of them.
- Oh, so when you get back,
your phone will be
physically heavier
from all the dick pics gonna
be sitting waiting on it.
- Physically heavier.
- Yeah.
- From all the dick pics.
- Yeah.
- I don't want that. I
don't know if I want that.
I'm not, I'm not ready.
I don't, I'm really nervous
about this trip though.
- Okay, well.
- I'm really nervous.
- Well-
- It's really important.
- I have a good-
- I need you
to take it seriously.
- I have a good feeling
about it and you know I'm
always right about these things.
- Are you?
- Well, 4% of the time.
- I don't like this thing.
- Okay.
- It's in my face.
- Well, that's,
you can take that and
everything else off.
- Can I?
- Yeah.
Let me, let me shut this
off real quick.
- Hello, child.
Don't cry.
Shh, don't cry.
It's never helped anyone.
It won't help you now.
Look around you.
Look at where you are.
Behold unto your eyes,
the moment of clarity
you shall reach.
Behold this moment.
I shall give you clarity
as they watch and all splendor
for I am that which can be
perceived as the anomaly.
We shall together
open their eyes
the way our teacher opened ours.
This is a gift.
Don't deny it.
- Guess what time
it is my Dark Legionnaires.
It is time to make
James's day again.
Christmas has come early
a second time
with what you ask, with this.
Dun, dun, dun.
Which actually we were
not expecting.
I'm gonna be honest with you.
Even though it says open me,
we have some more kind of
cryptic letters, and numbers,
and this.
I don't even know what
the hell that is.
I thought I'd seen it all.
But yeah, I'm gonna have
to see if James
can make heads or tails of this
and also have to explain to him
why we have a second package.
So, all right, my
Legionnaires stick with me
and we'll figure out why
we have a second one.
What's going on with that?
And stick around for
James's reaction
because he's, he's
gonna be pissed.
- Hey buddy.
- Hey.
- Come on in.
Oh, look at you with your
fucking camera again.
- It's my
favorite person.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Doing his favorite thing,
being angry.
- Um, favorite person,
why is this here?
What is this?
What is this?
- Okay.
- Where'd this fucking
come from?
- Okay, about that.
Now here's the-
- About-
- So hear me out.
- Mm-hmm.
- I didn't
fucking order that.
- I don't
believe you, man.
- I'm telling you.
- Come on dude.
Don't give me that bullshit.
- I know
you're thinking
the whole dark web bull crap.
Okay, the first box, I admit it.
I know you're pissed.
- Yeah, I'm pretty pissed.
- That envelope came-
- Still pretty pissed.
- I did not order that.
I actually thought maybe you
did as kind of a follow up,
but just hear me out here.
- Why the fuck would
I order that?
Dude, we literally
sat on the couch
four days ago and you
said to me verbatim,
I'm not gonna order
anymore dark web boxes.
- Is that what
you think I sound like?
- That's exactly what
you sound like.
- You're a dick.
- And now this comes in
and it looks like,
oh, I don't know,
a kid who loves Linkin
Park drew that.
And there's more
numbers on here.
And they tried to make you
look all scary and spooky.
- Okay, but
the idea is what if,
if that's part B to the
box being part A.
You're not seeing
the big picture.
What if this is us on the
brink of cracking the case?
This could be like
some cold case
and that is what we need
in the envelope.
Maybe the killer-
- That is not what we need.
- Whoever he,
she, or they is,
they were like whoever
the killer is,
whoever he, she or they are,
they're like, oh, they didn't
solve it on the first one.
Let's give 'em a little more.
Let's open the door
a little bit more.
- This is not what I
signed up for, man.
- Yes, it is.
- This what I signed up for.
- This is what
we want, "Dark Legends".
This is perfect.
This is what our people
wanna see.
This could be your chance,
James to be famous.
Dude, crack this case.
- What part of my personality
tells you I want to be famous?
What part of my shitty
fucking personality
that you've come to
love so dearly
tells you I wanna be famous.
All I wanna do is make
movies and films, man.
I just wanted to make
ever since I was a kid.
And so you and I decided
we were gonna embark
on this adventure together.
And all we're doing now
is just catering
to the same stupid shit
everybody else does.
I don't want to do that, man.
What part of that
do you not get?
- Okay, I
do agree with you
about the part of you
having a shitty personality,
but I'm saying-
- Thank you.
- You're wrong
about this not being huge.
You could be famous.
They might build, they might
do a 11 foot tall bronze statue
of James with that
amazing goatee.
- Get that fucking camera
out of my face.
- Um, they put
it right outside
of like a female dorm
at a like Brown
or ivy league university.
- All right.
- And everyday women
will come out and be like,
there's James, he saved
that poor girl.
I love him so much.
And you'll thank me.
- All right, look.
- What's it gonna take?
One more episode.
One more.
- If we do this.
- Uh-huh.
- If we, if we embark
on your little adventure
with the dark web,
even though I have told
you time and time again
that it is fucking dangerous.
You never know what you're
gonna get with these people.
We do it my way.
We do it my way with everything
and none of this iPhone bullshit
except for your little
behind the scenes crap.
We're not the "Blair
Witch Project".
We're not one of these
paranormal activity shows.
- You're cutting
my balls off here, bud.
- Okay, we're gonna do
this the right way.
We're gonna try to make
something decent and good,
but you have to do it my way.
I can't be any more clear
about my request here.
- But that's a yes?
- That's a yes.
- That's a yes.
Ah, look at that smile.
Ah, he said yes.
All right, all right, we're
gonna get on that dark web
the second envelope-
- You do realize
that the lavalier
you had me put on
when I first got in here,
you just slapped my chest.
So you're behind
the scenes video
is gonna sound boom, boom, boom.
It's gonna have little
pops in it.
This is what I'm talking about.
You get all willy-nilly
about stuff.
Look, I need you-
- Love you, man.
- Get out of this office.
- I love you, man.
- I'm going to set
everything up for the show.
You can go fuck yourself now.
- I'm gonna
do exactly that.
Hey, I like that new shade
of black that you wore-
- Yeah.
- For us today.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah,
go fuck yourself.
- Welcome my Dark Legionnaires
to another
what could be wild
episode of "Dark Legends".
On our last episode,
we went through what we
received through the mail,
through the dark web to what
some would call bull crap.
Others have said it looks legit.
You guys need to keep
going forward with this.
Do the research.
And that's what we love
to do for you out there
is the research to see
what's real and what's crap.
So we have today in front of me,
item number two from
the dark web.
Now this is the important note.
The first box that we
ordered, we ordered,
we paid for that thing
and it came in.
This came in on its own.
We didn't ask for this.
We didn't pay for it.
This is a bit of a, an anomaly.
It's not in a box like
the first one.
The handwriting appears
the same.
And all of our Legionnaires
out there will notice
that there's more numbers
written on this.
We have yet to decipher those.
We have yet to see what this
kind of Lovecraftian item
is on the back.
I don't know whether
that's a drawing
or I don't even want
to begin to think about
what has happened
to that creature.
But I do want to know
what's inside.
So let's dig on in.
Let's open this thing up
and we're gonna see what the
dark web has to offer us.
You ready?
Now this is also somewhat
It's a standard shipping
There's nothing special
about this.
Now I'm gonna try to cut
where I'm not going across
any of the artwork or glyphs
in case those happen to be
important during our research.
Now, reaching my hand
in this feels familiar.
Now we're opening this together.
It's on the hard drive.
Uh, remember from our first box
in the last episode
there was the wax
and the, the string
that was wrapped around
the first hard drive.
We have another one.
So it's from the same people.
Uh, it smells the same.
It has kind of a, a, a
musky stale smell to it.
Hoping that's not blood on it.
And the only thing
we're missing here
is finding out what's inside.
So what we're gonna do together
is we're gonna plug this in.
We're gonna see what happens.
All right now we're gonna
watch this together guys.
We're gonna have this monitor
showing on your screen as well.
So we're gonna watch this.
We're gonna learn about
what this is together.
And we're not gonna edit this.
This is as raw as it comes.
So here we go, let's hit play.
That's gotta be real.
Hey, "Dark Legends" fans
and Legionnaires,
we are here in my kitchen.
Hello. And I gotta
share this with you guys
'cause I am freaked
the fuck out.
So I was on my laptop
doing a little bit of work,
and I have a personal
email account.
This is one that is not for
business, not for the show.
I only give to very
close friends and family.
And I received this email.
Now I wanna stress, guys,
I get an email at this
account maybe once a month.
And this just came in from a
Baron Faloc or Baron Falock.
And look, and look at what
this thing has inside of it.
Kind of hesitant about
opening this thing up.
It says open me in
weird lete speak
and it's got all these
numbers and digits
after it that is
freaking me out.
I don't know if that's
supposed to be some type
of like European cell
phone number
or if that is a strange
file name.
But no one ever emails me here
and somebody has my
freaking email account now.
And right after we just
received all that stuff
off the dark web, I am kind
of fucking freaked out.
So I called James, he's
on his way over here.
I told him I needed him here now
because I am not opening this
without him here to check
out and see what's going on.
So we will keep you up to
date our Dark Legionnaires.
Let you know what the
hell is going on
with our dark web investigation.
- All right, dude, you
ready to open this thing?
- I don't even know
what to think, man.
This, the more I think about
it, the more freaked out I get.
- Well, there ain't much
we can do about that, brother.
- You do it.
- You want me to do it?
- Yeah, I mean, I know doesn't-
- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
You, Mr. Dark Web
Man wanted this.
So you miss the dark
man gets to open it.
Come on.
What do you call it?
They're gifts.
So there you go.
- It's pronounced gifs
but all right.
- I'm operating a camera
so you need to open it.
- Three, two.
Fuck here we go.
- What the fuck?
- It's the same numbers
that were on the box.
- Yeah, for
the most part.
- 92, 81.
What the hell is that?
- I don't know.
- It's like a.
- What is they are watching?
- I, I, I have no idea.
I don't know.
- What is that picture?
- It, it kinda looks like
some sort of surgical shit.
- James, this is the
same fucking people
who sent us the dark web box.
- You know, I kinda
warned you against this.
I knew this shit was
gonna happen, man.
- James, the same
fucking people.
- I know, I get that.
- That sent us the email.
This is my private email.
This is not public.
- We need to email
this person back.
Why do you look so spooked?
I came over here bearing
interesting things.
- Yeah, man, I'm sorry.
It just, it's been a
hell of a morning.
- Yeah, yeah, did you jack off?
Is that what's wrong?
- Ah, yeah, but not,
before that I got woken up,
a really fucking loud
noise, came downstairs,
and the front door was open.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
And I definitely locked
it last night.
- You sure about that?
- Yeah, absolutely.
- So you're saying somebody
came into your house
without you knowing
and left the door open.
- What I'm saying is somebody
came into my fucking house.
- Well, what I'm saying is,
is you need to change the locks
on your fucking doors, bro.
- Yeah, I'll just, I'll
get around to that later.
- Don't, don't, no, no,
you need to do it ASAP.
- All right, man.
- So I come bearing interesting
news here.
- Yeah, gotta get something.
- I'm, I'm gonna do
a little reveal.
Close your eyes.
- Okay.
- Do a little reveal.
- Oh, it's like-
- Okay, ready?
- Birthday party thing.
Uh-huh, surprise birthday party.
- Yeah, surprise birthday party.
- All right, here we go.
- All right, so all
right you can look.
- Okay, is it a colorful pony?
- No, it's a black screen.
- Ah.
Yay, it's a, it's a
turned off laptop.
- Yeah, so I went and
looked up the IP address,
a bunch of 'em, but
one actually did click.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- From the investigation?
- Yeah.
Yeah, one of those IP addresses
from the email actually
did work.
- And?
What the?
- I recorded the screen.
- What the
fuck are we looking at?
- I, I don't know.
- Is this like a hospital?
- That's what it looks like.
- And this is from what
you looked up,
this isn't like some
weird old movie?
- No, this is,
this is a live feed.
I recorded it.
- Look, our analytics
are up almost 250%
from the last video,
with this it's gold.
This is platinum.
This is unobtainium.
This is absolutely fantastic.
- Oh.
- This is the best thing
that's ever happened to us.
- Let's go ahead and get
ready for another show.
But you are not allowed
to bring this up.
Do you understand me?
- Yeah, whatever.
- No.
- Yeah, man.
Whatever you need, got it guys.
Guys, look at this shit.
Another one.
I just got another
fucking email.
All right, you guys ready?
We're gonna open this.
Jesus Christ.
What the shit does that mean?
Was that a, is that
a fucking threat?
All right, we're gonna
scroll down.
There we go.
James is gonna lose
his fucking mind.
- Patience
must be cleaned
and inspected before an
entrance to surgical chambers.
All members must record
their findings and make note.
- Mary, are
you comfortable?
Mary, there's no need
to be afraid.
Mary, your fear is only a
perception of your reality
that is slowly breaking down.
There's no reason to
be afraid of this.
No reason to fear what
lies before you.
- I'm ready for
the next patient.
- Welcome to this episode
of "Dark Legends".
Someone from the dark web
has made contact with us
here at "Dark Legends".
They obtained an email address
that is not made public,
that has never been broadcast
on this show
and that I have never spoken of.
And they emailed me with
some interesting
to say the least content,
which makes me believe that
what we are seeing here and now
from our dark web package
is in fact in the real,
not in a world of fiction.
As we continue to research this,
as James has spent
countless time,
sleepless nights researching,
we have discovered a video feed.
We believe this video feed is
tied to a medical location.
We have obtained security
cam footage
that is shocking to
say the least.
Playing the devil's
advocate, again,
assuming this is 100% real,
this means that our
first suspicion
that red rooms are involved
is in fact based on reality.
Now, for those who don't
know, red rooms are an online,
particularly deep web website
that you go to where
a real person,
we'll call them an innocent
has been placed inside the room,
and the viewer is able to
purchase torture methods
that are inflicted on real time,
on a live stream
upon the victim.
And more often than not,
the innocent victim does
not survive the procedure.
Or even red room chats
and red room groups
where people as a
whole get to vote
on the next excruciating
torture method
that is inflicted upon
the people in the video.
We believe here at "Dark
Legends" that we
have come across
something that might in fact
be a red room on the dark web.
And they have reached
out to us in a meaning
that is starting to
scare the hell out of me.
So my Dark Legionnaires
out there stick with us.
We're gonna continue to do
the research, James and I,
and we'll keep you informed.
Make sure to like and subscribe
to stay on top of this
crazy fucking rabbit hole
we're going down.
Hello, "Dark Legends"
fans, my Dark Legionnaires.
This is an extra special episode
that you have joined
us for today.
I, at my personal house,
at my residence,
received a third dark
web package.
Now it is of utmost
importance that I stress,
we here at "Dark Legends"
ordered one and only one item.
So far we have received
three, two to our PO box,
and now a third showed
up at my fucking house.
Now what's even creepier is
this being the package
has no address on it.
This was not delivered by
anybody with the postal service
or any special delivery
This was delivered by
hand to my house
by someone working
with the dark web.
So what we're gonna do is
I'm not gonna wait for James.
I'm a little freaked out.
I'm super excited.
I'm very confused as
to what's going on.
So we're gonna open this
right now on this episode
for you guys out there
'cause I don't wanna
wait any longer.
I wanna see what's inside
this package,
and if it's another hard drive
or maybe another clue to
what's going on with that girl,
with that institution,
like something like maybe
like a hospital in there.
So let's, let's dive
right into it, guys.
Let's make this happen.
Here's a package.
It even says on it,
they are watching.
Again, kind of lightweight.
Nothing special about this.
This one did not come in a box.
No surprise there.
It's a third hard drive.
Now this one is wrapped in
the same type of material,
almost like a hay feeling
string one.
But this has no blood on it.
The first two, I'm gonna
call it blood,
a lot of you guys out there
that said you'd worked
in the medical field
and watched the video
said that looked like
coagulated dry blood.
This one doesn't
have that on it.
Now this was delivered
again to my front door.
I don't wanna get
too far into it,
but the people knew exactly
where I live,
stuff I've never made public
and deliver this to my house.
So let me plug this
in real quick.
And we're gonna see
what's on there.
Okay, you guys ready?
We're gonna put this
up on your end as well.
Now, I don't if it's gonna
be a trigger warning,
a blood warning, a gore,
a gore warning, anything.
I don't know what kind of
warning to give you guys,
because I haven't seen what's
on this goddamn hard drive.
It just arrived at my doorstep
and I opened it right
in front of you.
So let's tear into it.
Let's hit play.
That was me.
I don't know what to say.
That was me.
That was my house in that film.
This is, guys, I'm,
I'm without words.
If this is one of you out
there, this isn't fucking funny.
You don't get to break
into someone's home
and film them sleeping.
You don't get to break
into someone's home
and leave random packages
out there.
If you're out there,
fucking stop it.
This is not funny.
This is not a joke.
The prank has gone too far.
But the reality of
the situation is,
if there's not one of you out
there, this isn't a prank,
maybe we're hitting the
nail on the head.
- Do not fight
the medicine child.
All things shall become
clear soon enough.
I have so many things
to show you,
for this is the beginning
of something special.
I want you to be aware
of what's happening.
It's fair to tell you that
what you're about to experience
so many before you have
experienced in such
great detail.
Pain that you'll feel is
nothing more than illusion.
And for those watching
revealing moment of their
gratification, it's time.
- All right, is that
thing rolling?
Are you rolling?
- Yeah,
it's always rolling, man.
- You're rolling again
on this shit.
- That's, dude.
- I was literally just
making coffee.
- Our views are up over 400%.
Have you seen the analytics?
- No, I don't care.
- Okay, "Dark Legends"
is taking off.
This dark thing I'm telling
you it's real.
And the people out there
know it's real.
Have you read the comments?
- Then how come when I
walked in this house earlier,
you look like a scared
little bitch?
Just like you did last
time when I walked here.
- Because we may have
hit the fucking jackpot
with what happened today.
So I was upstairs, heard
a loud noise,
came running downstairs,
and that door was open,
and somebody left another
fucking package in my home.
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
Dude, somebody came
into your house?
I thought I told you to
change the locks on the doors.
- I did change the locks.
- This happened, did you?
Because this happened
once before,
let alone like just
a few days ago
and now it's happened again.
Now they're leaving the package.
Dude, why didn't you call
the fucking cops, man?
- James, I can't have the
police involved in this.
- Yeah, we can have the
police involved with this
because you're fucking
with my life too.
- Do you have any idea
how close we are?
They came into my home.
They left the package here,
and that's not the first
time they've been in here.
On that, on that hard drive.
- Yeah.
- Is video.
- Wait, wait, wait, you
opened the fucking thing?
- I had to.
Look, don't, I don't wanna
go with this shit right now.
I'm telling you-
- Don't fucking go with
this shit with me.
Don't get your fucking attitude.
- On-
- You, you, you don't get
to fucking blast this
on me, asshole.
- Look on the hard drive
was video of me sleeping,
was video of Mary and
I outside our own home.
Like they've been in
this house filming me.
- Daniel, I don't think you
understand how serious this is.
- James, do you not
understand how fucking amazing
this is gonna be?
- No, it's not amazing.
It's not amazing.
- For the next episode.
- That's not amazing.
There is no other next,
there's no next episode.
- Someone out there has
access to my home.
- I don't you,
I don't think you
understood what I just said.
- With new locks.
And they had, they
filmed me sleeping
on my own fucking couch.
- Did you hear me?
I'm not gonna be a part
of a next episode
if you're pursuing this.
I'm fucking done, dude.
- James, you, you can't
give up on this now.
- I, I'm not putting
my life in danger.
You're outta your fucking mind.
- This is like giving
up on flight
right before we're
about to go to the moon.
This is it.
- Fuck this.
Fuck it.
I'm fucking done.
- This the torch and
the Statue of Liberty.
This is our crowning
If they're willing to go so
far as to break into my home
and film me, we're
onto something.
Pranksters don't do this shit.
Pranksters put a potato
in your in your tire
and light shit on your doorstop
and then hit the doorbell.
They don't break into your
home and commit felonies.
This is real.
We're on the brink of
something great.
- You know man, when
something bad really happens
to somebody we know to me to you
because of your little pursuit,
what the fuck you gonna do then?
- Listen, I give you my word,
nothing bad's gonna happen.
- Your word means
shit by the way,
because every word
you've ever given
has led us down nowhere on this.
- Has led us, this is
the yellow brick road.
- No, there is no yellow
brick road, man.
It's it's road paved in shit.
- This is.
- Is what it is.
- This is the road-
- And I'm fucking
done with it. I'm telling you-
- This is-
- If you pursue this, I quit.
- "Mainstream Mysteries", the
channel that we're up against,
we're beating them now.
Don't turn your back on this.
Hey man, it's Daniel,
your buddy.
Look, I know you're
like super pissed
that I ran the episode,
even though I kind of
promised I wouldn't.
But I received some
that I'd really like to
talk to you about.
Actually, I think they
threatened me.
I got an email again.
So please, please call me back.
Text me.
It doesn't matter
what time of day.
It's Daniel.
- Hey, Daniel.
Um, look it's James.
Dude, look, I got
your voicemail.
Uh, I think that it's
pretty shitty
that you fucking put that
shit up on there, okay?
And now because you did,
I found some really weird
shit in my house, man.
Some weird been happening
ever since.
I didn't tell you about it
'cause I didn't wanna
fucking worry you
and I didn't wanna fucking
believe it.
Now I got people breaking
into my fucking house.
So you know what?
I'm fucking done.
You're on your fucking own.
You wanna pursue this
shit, it's all on you, pal.
All right, I didn't
sign up for this.
I told you I didn't
sign up for it.
And frankly, even if
it wasn't real,
I don't want people fucking
breaking into my fucking home.
Look, you my boy, and
I love you, man.
You're my friend.
But this is not what
we talked about.
And this is not gonna
fucking happen.
So I tell you what,
you fucking call me when
you're fucking ready
to get over this shit.
But only when you're ready
to get over this shit.
Not fucking I don't hate you.
I'm not, it's not that
I'm not your friend.
I just think that you need
to handle this on your own.
And I'm gonna go live
my fucking life
'cause I'm not getting, I'm not,
this, this can't happen to me.
I'm sorry, man.
All right, look, love you, bro.
I'll talk to you soon.
You take care of yourself.
I hope you hear back from
Mary, all right?
Be good.
- Shit.
Third dark web package.
Now it is of utmost
importance that I stress,
we here at "Dark Legends"
ordered one and only one item.
So far we have received
three, two to our PO box,
and now a third showed
up at my fucking house.
Now what's even creepier is
this being the package
has no address on it.
This was not delivered by
anybody with the postal service
or any special delivery
This was delivered by hand
to my house by someone.
- Daniel.
Hello, Daniel.
You're awake.
I am sorry for all the bruises.
Normally we take better
care of our patients.
You came looking for us,
and I'm happy that you
succeeded in finding us.
All the clues left for you.
James, your friend was a
unique help, was he not?
A true gumshoe of
a man that one.
Saved himself and
sacrificed you.
You had every chance to
walk away, but you didn't.
You stayed the course.
I'm happy you did.
An amateur detective in
the making after all.
And above all, you found
your love, Mary,
what was left over her.
She was an exquisite subject,
something truly to behold.
Did you know, Daniel,
about her secrets?
About her tainted way of life?
I doubt you did.
Love can be tricky.
Don't worry though.
We took care of him for you.
I figured since you
were looking for us
and you were such a wonderful
host to our ideologies,
we would make sure that
those who stood in your way
would be brought to their knees.
I can see you loved her, but
she, she did not love you.
It is our duty, Daniel,
to explain procedure,
to give clarity.
And now you, and your
pain, and your death
will give clarity to
a world of people
who've come to see
your suffering
in all it's exquisite detail.
For you, Daniel, pain
is temporary.
Like love, like hatred,
like life
it'll come to an end,
slowly but surely to an end.
And may those who've come
with entry to gaze upon it
to understand it with us,
that cannot be taken away.
They are watching, Daniel.
They are always watching.