They Call Me Jeeg Robot (2015) Movie Script

Turn there!
There he is! There he is!
No more bombs! No more violence!
He's gone down there.
"A demonstration took place
in Rome today"
"against the terror strikes and the
violence breaking out in the cities"
"A peaceful demonstration
after the bombing in Rome."
"The parade moved from
Piazza Venezia to Castel Sant'Angelo."
"At the Angelus in St. Peter's
Square, last Sunday,"
"Pope Francis addressed the perpetrators,"
"asking them to return to the Faith
and confess their sins,"
"an attempt to put an end
to these senseless terror actions."
"The Pope, during his Angelus, pleaded"
"to strengthen the aspiration
to peaceful understanding in a country"
"that's already worn out
by the economic crisis"
"While the investigators follow their
leads into the far Left,"
"who is opposing the austerity measures
imposed by the International Monetary Fund"
"the Commissioner to the Economy
has declared"
"that budget rebalancing
will go on nonetheless."
"This morning, the Government approved
new emergency provisions"
"including the much-feared hold
to public contracts."
Is Sergio there?
Hey, calm down, you lot!
Is Sergio here?
Sergio's busy.
I'll wait here.
Graziella is pregnant, now...
Are you kidding? Get into all the trouble
you want, but leave me out of this.
I know how these things end up.
You don't know shit!
Zingaro, I don't wanna get into
trouble because of you!
Goddamn you. If it wasn't for me,
you'd still be making peanuts.
Weren't we supposed to hit that armored truck?
What the fuck do neapolitans have to do with it?
Ricca', you talk to him,
he's legit busting my balls!
Pinocchio's right.
Why didn't you check with us first,
before making decisions?
They called me just now.
The delivery is tonight, when the fuck
was I supposed to tell you?
- I'm not wiping niggers' asses!
- Sergio, shut up!
Actually, go get ready, you gotta be
at the airport in 2 hours.
And who would these benefactors be?
Nunzia Lo Cosimo.
- And she's fronting us a Kay?
- Payable in 7 days. Doesn't get easier than that.
How are we supposed to flip
a Kilo in a week? Enlighten me.
Don't you see this is our
chance to make it big?
Three more shipments like this
and we're in with the big dogs!
- Exactly, what does it have to do with us?
- That's right.
Ricca', for once in your life,
I'm asking you to thing big!
And I'm asking you to think, period.
I'm not gonna die here
like my dad!
I can't fucking stand this place.
I can't stand this stench of shit!
Well, what do you know,
I actually like the stench!
No shit!
Go get ready. There's Nunzia's birthday
party tonight. They're waiting for us!
I'm not coming.
Yes you are.
Fabie', let's make things clear...
You're nobody's boss,
get it through your head.
Hey guys!
I had to wait in line for 3 hours.
Almost couldn't take it.
Zingaro, 64 gigs.
Awesome, Sperma!
You're a dumbass.
What did I ask you?
How did I want it? How?
- Black...
- I wanted it black.
I wanted it black.
What color is this one?
- White.
- How did you get "white"?
- You don't like it white?
- Nooo! I can't fucking stand it!
Well, I'm leaving. Anyway, since
armored truck is my lead,
I'm gonna do the hit with
my brother in law's people.
Now go get a black one.
Se', somebody's looking for you.
Go get a mop and bucket.
Zingaro made a mess in there.
Bloody hell...
Fuck off!
Enze', what do you have for me?
One hundred.
Hey, it's genuine!
Do you want a hundred or not?
Dude, are you OK?
- Weren't you in jail?
- No, always been home.
You damn bastard,
I was just done cleaning.
Come inside.
This is my home.
Come on, Enze'.
let's see what we need:
These, or I won't see shit.
Pasta strainer!
The pasta strainer is essential.
Sit down. I'll be right back.
Who sent you? Minister Amaso?
- Who?
- Do you have a Winged Sword too?
The what sword?
Watch it. My dad already beat the hell
out of queen Himika twice!
There she is! the bitch
is calling the Lord of Fire!
The worst piece of mud of them all!
Don't worry! As long as
my dad's here, we're safe.
Then Jeeg will protect us
when he comes.
Do you know Steel Jeeg?
You could catch it on Tele Capri. But that's
over now. You can only watch it on DVD.
When I'll have my princess dress, I'm gonna
help him, I'll throw components at him.
Ale', where did you put the laxatives?
Dad, when are you buying me
that princess dress?
Ale', it's very important. The small white
bottle... It was on the bathroom sink.
- I don't know.
- Ale', I'm gonna throw away that DVD.
You know...
if Amaso caught me without it,
I'd be in trouble.
Here it is.
It was on your nightstand.
Come on, go clean the toilet,
you made a mess.
Come on!
Let's go.
Sorry about my daughter.
She's usually quiet, but...
she's gone nuts since her mother died.
Her psychiatrist tells me to set
boundaries for her. What boundaries!?
If you only touch that fucking DVD of hers,
she starts banging her head against the wall,
as if you'd given her a life sentence.
- You got kids?
- No.
What are you waiting for? You a fag?
Come on, have a laugh! Are you worried?
It's an easy job. You'll see.
And if we do it right, the neapolitans
are gonna take good care of us.
Look, they crawled out like cockroaches
with the excuse of these bombings.
"Another bomb was found
last night around..."
Don't they know the
krauts are behind them?
Pieces of shit. Never lost their
will to break people's balls.
You mind if I turn this off?
Hey, you really don't give a shit
about anything, do you?
What if they bomb your building?
Or they kill a friend of yours?
I'm nobody's friend.
- Sergio?
- Get in.
We need hospital!
Grab the bag.
I'll take care of them.
Shit first, hospital later.
Is it clear?
Now pull your brother out.
Come on!
Get outta the way.
We need to bring them up to the top floor.
That's the only place with water.
- I put up the piping myself.
- How many floors are there?
We did it!
Enze', come here.
Here. Get two cups of water.
Now... As they pass you
the capsules,
You need to take them and
clean them with the brush.
Don't worry, they'll clean most of it.
We need to open him.
Shut up!
You need to shut up! Quiet!
Don't speak.
He got unlucky.
But you might be lucky.
Now drink!
Who the fuck is it?
What the fuck...?
Sergio? Sergio?
# There's a reason growing in me #
# And recklessness fades #
# And ends like a night trip #
- # Tell me what sense does it make #
- You're great!
# Giving love to a merciless man #
# One who's never felt done for
Who's never lost #
# Why? Why? A song, #
# That a cheap feeling
would make me feel bad #
# A softly-spoken word is enough,
And I don't see reality anymore, #
# Nor the tenderness it gives you #
# The stark difference... #
Hey, so?
What the fuck are you saying!?
# Nor the tenderness it gives you #
# My incoherence #
# Thinking you would live
just fine without it #
# Even without it #
Happy birthday Nunzia!
- Did you like it, Ricca'?
- Sperma called.
They can't find Sergio.
You're good, my brother!
You're really good, you know?
Nunzia, see the present I gave you?
I don't know the song.
He was also in
the Big Brother.
No, it was Buona Domenica,
a bunch of time ago.
What, are you sick?
- Did the delivery go through? All OK?
- All OK.
- Then we're all set! Cheers!
- Cheers!
Hey, where's my dad?
- Are you deaf? Where's my dad?
- I don't know.
He was supposed to bring me my
princess dress.
Did you fight?
Did they beat you up? What do you
mean you don't know where he is?
- It means I don't know.
- Where did you leave him?
- Don't you know you can't betray friends?
- I'm nobody's friend.
Did you give him to the Lord of Fire?
Where's my dad?
Tell me the truth! You sold him
to the Lord of Fire didn't you?
Hey! Dude!
Are you deaf?
Where's my dad?
- Dude?
- Fuck, enough!
Enough now!
What are you screaming at?
Don't scream! Don't scream!
- Shush, shush...
- Leave me alone...
- I swear I don't know where he is.
- Calm down...
- Hey, I don't know where he is.
- He didn't come back last night?
- No.
- I'll better call Nunzia. Explain the situation.
Hold on.
Hold on, we still have a week!
He's out all night and he doesn't
even give you a little call?
I think they kidnapped him.
Who kidnapped him?
- Queen Himika.
- Who?
The Lord of Fire,
or Minister Amaso, I don't know.
He's been putting his hands
down my panties since I was little.
And his friend, instead of helping him...
- She's totally nuts. We can go.
- Hold on.
Hold on. Who's this friend of his?
Who are these people?
Who's this friend of his?
What the fuck are you doing?
Nothing, I live upstairs.
I'm going out.
Then carry on.
Are you getting out,
or do I need to kick your ass?
Let's go, Tazzi', let's go for a coffee.
- Don't move!
- Let me go!
- Be still!
- Hey, idiots! Take it easy!
You don't have to hurt her.
Search the place, let's go!
Surely he's couldn't have snorted
a whole kilo by himself, right?
Easy, there. Easy.
Easy, easy, easy.
They're searching the place, but
they have good manners!
Come on!
Look at me, look here.
What the fuck?
Goddamn you!
Come here! Take this bitch.
Let me go!
If I get a scar,
you're in deep shit!
The fuck you laughing at?
Where's daddy?
Where's daddy?
Where's daddy?
Take him!
- I'm gonna cut her head off!
- Let her go.
You first.
Out, guys! All out!
Let's go!
Get up, Claudie'. Let's go, Ricca'.
Let's go.
Come on!
Goddamn you!
Steel Jeeg!
Wait, when do we hang out again?
Do you mind if I come up
to your place?
I knew it! You're Hiroshi Shiba!
You can transform into a Jeeg.
Did you hit an ATM?
- Didn't you know they have
ink bombs inside?
- Heh, I do now.
Come on, you're a superhero!
You can't go around stealing!
- Your destiny is to save humanity.
- I'm not saving anybody.
Then why did you save me?
I know why.
It's not like you can back off,
'cause a bunch of people could
die, this time around.
I wish.
I can't stand people.
Also, I don't mean to criticize, but...
my love, you need to change
these shoes when you transform.
Nobody's ever seen a superhero
wearing suede shoes.
Have you seen any?
Nobody has.
It hurts, eh?
- It won't heal if...
- Hey, would you cut it out?
Hey, mister!
Who bit you? Minister Mimashi?
- Yeah, Minister Sushi!
- Mimashi!
You know, he also has
a bunch of powers,
but he's not like Minister Amaso
with his Winged Sword.
Oh, right! He must be miserable.
What? No! He's a psychiatrist,
at the mental health institute.
He would take us
to the swimming pool,
especially Licia and Valentina...
but me too, you know?
Then he would take nude pictures
of us with his cell phone.
What are you looking at?
You know, you're kind of
a cute guy, Hiro'.
Turn around, now!
let's make things clear,
if the Day of Darkness comes around,
it's gonna be a frigging mess!
So first of all,
we need to go save my dad--
I don't know where your dad is,
how many times do I need to tell you!
The Lord of Fire kidnapped him.
- Who?
- The Lord of Fire.
Who is he?
Yeah, right!
Eat this, then we're going to sleep.
Why, am I sleeping here?
- Of course you are.
- Why?
'Cause if Zingaro catches you
alone, he's gonna fuck you up.
What are you doing?
She looks like Licia.
Turn it off, now!
What did I do? What's wrong?
This is my house,
you don't touch anything.
And cover up, fuck!
Don't you have a friend, a relative
somebody you could go to?
I only have you, Hiro'!
Where would they bring you
when your dad was in jail?
In Capranica.
- In the group home.
- Right. Take your things, we're going there.
- Are you kicking me out?
- What, did you think you'd found a husband?
But why, Hiro'?
Hiro'... why?
Hiro'... I don't like it here, you know?
It's just until tomorrow.
Yeah, my dad always said that...
Then he would come back after 2 months.
What a lovely smell!
What are you cooking?
We're making paper mach puppets.
You hear that? They're making
paper mach puppets.
- I heard. I'm not deaf!
- Why don't you make one too?
What are you talking about?
Also, I need to finish this.
It's a present for you. Do you like it?
- A bunch.
- You don't even know what it is!
- I like it anyway.
- You're not going to save my dad
you're going back to stealing, are you?
No way. Hold tight here. I'm gonna look for
your dad, then we can deal with the day...
of... the things.
- Of Darkness.
- Of Darkness.
Will you buy me a princess dress too?
Yes, I promise.
- Then I'll wait for you here.
- Wait for me here.
Bye, Hiro'.
The bastard!
Unbelievable, guys!
30,000 views in two days!
- Are we sure it's him?
- Yeah, he's wearing that same shitty hoodie.
And that's the Regional
Credit bank in Via Spertini.
Goddamn him, he's so strong!
- Biondo would know, he got clocked hard...
- Yeah, but I still chopped half his foot off!
You maggot!
Look, look here!
- How much does a fucking ATM weigh?
- How would I know...
The route is confirmed.
They deliver cash from
the supermarkets every Friday.
We get lucky, we could even score
200,000 euro.
- Problem is, our friend isn't on call 'till the end of the month.
- Can't we do it earlier?
- Nope.
- Why not? Tomorrow's Friday.
And who will disconnect the alarm?
We need a guy like this, Ricca'. I wish I
had him in the squad. Can you imagine?
Who the fuck is he?
We oughta talk to him.
Dude! It's Nunzia we need to talk to!
And say what? I'm not humiliating
myself in front of the neapolitans.
Let's try and talk to Marcellone.
He might lend us 100 grand.
- Right, making deals with a loan shark!
- Then let's just blow out brains out!
Ricca'! Mamma mia!
You've known me for 30 years,
you still don't trust me?
Will you tell me what the fuck
it is you want?
I wanna make it big!
I want people to kneel down when
they see me,
so I can piss on their head!
I wanna leave a mark,
like this dumbass on YouTube.
You're bat-shit crazy!
I'm tired of being stuck here,
crucified to the wall.
# It's a gliding flight... #
# Into the worst motel #
# In this carretera #
# In this ball room life #
C'mon guys, all together!
# And how to remember it now #
# I'm not a lady #
# Somebody full of stars in her life #
# I'm not a lady #
They found Sergio.
With two bullets in his gut.
And the shipment?
What, you're asking us?
You told us you had it.
Anto', somebody fucked us.
We gotta find out who did it.
Actually, we technically
don't give a shit.
What the fuck you laughing at?
I'm nobody's clown!
You want money?
Seven days are not over yet.
Fabie', you know how ladies are.
Nunzia gets worried.
Tell her to take it easy.
She wants some spare change?
We'll pay her tomorrow night.
All right then.
See you tomorrow night.
Come on, let's go!
All right guys, today's not the usual,
our friend's not in the truck this time,
so shoot if you need to.
We're closing the deal with the neapolitans,
then we're off for a seafood dinner in Ostia.
Are you happy, Ricca'?
Mamma mia!
Let's go, guys. It's coming!
Let's go!
Stop, stop, stop!
HQ, it's urgent! HQ!
You son of a whore!
The fuck are you doing? Stop!
Come on, let's go!
Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Mr. Ceccotti?
That's me.
- Hi, Hiro'.
- We found the miss
walking alone on the Cassia Bis.
- Do you realize it's dangerous?
- Of course, I do.
If the miss has issues,
try not to leave her alone.
Of course, of course.
There's a program from the Region--
No, no, it's all right. Thank you. Really.
Come, get in.
Thank you. My apologies.
- Goodbye.
- Goodbye.
Hiro', are you moving?
- Don't tell me you hit another ATM.
- Have you gone mad?
You bring cops to my house?
Are you angry because
I told'em I'm your woman?
N-no, I'm angry because
you keep clinging to me!
- How did you get out?
- Hey, I didn't see you, so I got out!
Here. I finished it.
Remember to put it on
when you transform.
Actually, here...
- So you won't forget.
- Look, kid, you can't be here. Am I clear on not?
- Come on, I'll take you back there.
- No!
Yes I am!
Don't you realize the Day
of Darkness is coming?
That my dad is imprisoned?
That you have a bunch of people to save?
- Here you go with you people again!
- Yes, people!
People, Hiro'!
That's why you have powers.
Pick up your backpack,
I'm taking you back there.
You bought the box set!
Can we watch it?
Take your backpack.
"Double piercing hammer!"
"Hiroshi is rushing too much,
he's wasting his energy."
"Hiroshi, you need to focus."
"Hiroshi, watch out!"
"Go, Ratan, kill him!"
"Oh, no!"
"Oh, mamma mia!"
"Steel Robot Jeeg!"
"Super neutrons!"
What's wrong?
Calm down, I haven't done anything...
- What's wrong?
- No...
- Hey, stay calm.
- Please!
- I didn't do anything, Ale'...
- Minister...
- I did haven't done anything to you, Ale'.
- Please...
l didn't wanna piss you off.
It hurts!
- Take it easy, I'm not hurting you.
- It hurts!
It hurts!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Hey, Ale'! Calm down! Stop, Ale'!
Take it easy.
Calm down.
I won't hurt you.
It's me.
Calm down.
Let's go save him.
- Who?
- My dad.
He's in the Cave of Fire.
The Cave of Fire?
Let's go save him.
I'll come with you, OK?
Calm down, though.
- Let's go save him.
- There. Take it easy.
"Bastard! Bastard!"
"You're completely insane
professor Shiba! Go on!"
Hey! The fuck you doing?
Hiro', where did you take me?
It's the Cave of the Monster!
Right, the monster...
I said Cave of Fire!
I just know this one.
My day would bring me here all the time,
when I was a kid.
With my mom.
When they still loved each other...
I loved this place so much!
Amaso didn't have his
Winged Sword yet.
Hiro', where is my dad?
Where is he?
I don't know.
I don't know, Ale'.
Wanna go for a ride?
It's off.
Well, let's turn it on, then!
It's beautiful!
How is it up there?
It's beautiful!
- You like it?
- Clouds are so big!
You're teeny tiny!
- Wanna go for another spin?
- Yeah!
Here comes!
Where are you going, Ricca'?
I called Nunzia.
We're meeting at 3:00.
Who authorized you?
She's been waiting for the money all day.
Be thankful she listened to me.
- Ricca', you're pissing me off...
- I'm meeting Marcellone in Colli Albani now,
he's gonna lend us the 100,000.
What was I supposed to do?
Get us all killed for your ravings?
- It's not my fault that Superman
came about!
- No, it's my fault I listened to you!
Hey, let's go look for him together,
we'll get our money back!
It's over, Fabie'.
From now on, I'm in charge.
I taught you how to hot-wire Uno Turbos
when you were still wetting your bed!
Way to be thankful!
I'm gonna fix the mess you made,
we're back to robberies starting tomorrow.
You're okay with that, stay.
If not, you're free to walk away.
Unchain the rottweilers, Tazzi'.
What are you talking about?
Release the dogs...
You already tried three on!
How's this dress supposed to look like?
Like a princess, Hiro'. I'm sorry.
There's not that many
princesses around...
There is, there is.
Yeah, but maybe they don't
shop at the mall.
How would you know?
Are they all friends with you?
- I'm nobody's friend.
- Well, you should be everybody's friend.
You can't imagine how full of joy
your heart feels when you save somebody.
- Would you actually save these people?
- You bet.
- You don't even know them!
- What would you know?
You see her over there?
She's called Onion. She comes
from a noble samurai family.
She's a widow with 6 grandkids,
and a magical cat who walks her
to her husband's gravestone every Sunday.
Sounds like a blast!
Him with the beard,
his name is Kazuki.
He's Turkish, so he speaks turquoise.
He's a nurse at Policlinico Casilino,
and he's in love with Midori,
the retail assistant at Tezenis.
- He even took out a mortgage to buy her a ring!
- Oh yeah?
They sleep on a bed of flowers,
But not because they're dead.
Because they're happy.
Now you try it.
No, don't even think about it!
Who's that guy over there?
- Him?
- Yeah.
I don't know...
He... is called Mario.
Works at the post office.
- Wow, so imaginative!
- What am I supposed to tell you?
Look at this!
The princess dress!
- You want this? Are you sure?
- Yes. Will you buy it for me?
Of course I am!
Come, come here!
It's nice, eh?
I wanted to show you
how it fits.
- You like it?
- Do you?
It's beautiful! Do you like it?
- Yeah.
- Then say it!
What are you, embarrassed?
I like it.
Can you feel it?
My heart.
When you're close to me,
it goes "bim bum bam".
Slow down!
You're hurting me.
Come, hop on.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
- You haven't said a word.
- Fuck off!
- There's your word.
- You're completely crazy!
Aren't you ashamed of yourself?
You're a superhero.
You have a mission.
And what the fuck would that be?
Saving my father,
people, humanity!
Your father's dead, Ale'!
He's dead.
That's not true.
We were on a job together, then everything got
fucked up and he wound up dead. There's your truth.
- That's not true.
- It's true.
- What did you do to him?
- Come on...
Eh, bastard? You could save him,
but you sold him instead!
You're not worthy of the name you bear.
Of course you have no friends!
You don't give a shit about anybody.
Not even me.
"No-one has claimed any role
in last week's bombing in Rome."
"According to the investigators,
the most likely suspects"
"are right-wing fundamentalists."
"This morning, the Committee has called
an urgent meeting"
"in order to investigate the latest
developments since the terror attack."
"...Trace back the identity who successfully
robbed an armored truck yesterday."
"The superhumanly strong hooded man
disarmed the security staff..."
- "Never seen anything like it"
- "How are you?"
"So-so... he threw me out the window
like a cigarette butt."
"Frightening. Really,
really frightening ."
"He tore the truck open with his fists."
"The search goes on for
the supercriminal"
"who performed the robbery.
RomaLive TV, this is all. Thank you."
"Clinical history demonstrates
that, in certain circumstances,"
"even normal people can have
a supernatural strength..."
"He's a criminal!
We need the death penalty!"
Call Marcellone.
It's the supercriminal!
I'm sorry.
Get lost.
It's not true I don't give a shit
about anybody.
I give a shit about you...
A lot, actually.
And you soil me like the others?
I know, you're right, but I...
I don't know how to do it.
Teach me. I...
I'm not good with women.
- Go away, I need to find my dad.
- I can bring you to him.
Put your mask on, next time.
Everybody's looking at you.
You're great Marcello', I love you.
You don't know the mess you saved me from.
Fabio, don't screw me over.
Hey, you know me. I'll return it
in 2 weeks time, with interest.
Wanna fuck?
All right!
Hey, what is this?
- Who are you fucking?
- Eh?
Nunzia, I have the money, you know!
No! I said I have the money!
I have the money!
Nunzia, look inside the bag.
I have the money!
What are you doing?
I told you I have the money!
You seen the money?
Nunzia, have you seen it?
What the fuck do you want?
We want respect.
Instead, this guy thinks he can fuck around
with us 'cause he was on the Big Brother.
Not so.
We put ourselves on the line, just
to give hope to this shitty nation.
We help poor,
struggling people.
But how can we fight a war alongside
people like you, who don't respect us?
- It can't be like that.
- 'Cause this is war, compadre.
And now...
We light you up, eh?
Like a cigarette.
He's crying, the faggot.
- He's crying.
- Hey, stupid! We're kidding!
What do you want?
What the fuck have you done?
I was good, right?
Fuck you, Marcello'!
Farewell, Minister Amaso.
Let's go.
"A spectacular, yet luckily
harmless incident,"
"on a light-rail train by the
Cestia Pyramid in Rome."
"This incredible footage shows
a man in a dark hoodie"
"while he stops the tram with
his bare arms, forcing a derailment."
"The man who fled the scene
with a young woman,"
"has been associated with
the so-called supercriminal,"
"the roman robber with
superhuman strength"
"who became famous thanks
to a viral YouTube video."
"Authorities are analyzing the video,
initially thought to be fake,"
"in order to trace back
the man's identity."
- Goddamn!
- They slaughtered them, Zingaro!
- We need to leave.
- It's over, Zingaro...
What's over? What is over?
Nobody can get us.
We're two sons of a huge whore.
Yeah? Yeah?
Don't cry! Yeah? Yeah?
It won't be just the neapolitans, Tazzi'!
We're gonna kick everyone's ass!
Let's go.
- Let's stop by my house.
- There's no time.
- Why?
- There's no time.
- Where are we sleeping?
- Where nobody can find us.
Come, hop on.
I arrived in R5 with my mom in '83.
I practically grew up
with Tor Bella Monaca.
There was almost nobody there, back then.
I remember streets
with shiny signs,
Big buildings with
popping colors.
Everything was clean, new.
I did have friends, back then.
A circle, even.
But it ended up badly...
like all the best thing.
You know... we were already
snorting stuff at 13.
There was Sabrina...
She was so beautiful!
She worked at the Kursaal in Ostia.
She died in an accident in San Basilio.
Then there was Er Palletta.
Fuck, he was crazy,
kookier than you.
The cops shot him while he was
robbing a tobacconist.
It was his 18th birthday... he needed
the money to take her girl out to dinner.
And Michelino.
20 years old...
They said he was burned to death by
fascists but I never believed that.
The day your dad died,
I thought my turn had come.
That was meant to be my destiny.
It lasted just a second.
They shot me...
and when I fell down,
nothing... darkness.
It was all over.
Except it wasn't.
I don't know what happened to me.
But I feel good.
I feel good because now...
you're here.
What so funny?
It's just...
You're talking to me
like I'm your woman.
But I'm not your woman.
Or am I?
Are you embarrassed?
Who, me?
Come on, come here.
- What?
- Come here.
- Oh, god!
- What's wrong?
- The DVD.
- Did you leave him in the bathroom?
Should I go grab it?
How will you sleep without it?
I'll sleep next to you.
Who is it?
Who is it?
These nuts!
Nice to meet you, I'm Fabio.
Nobody ever gave a fuck about
this kind of sticky tape,
then they showed it in that movie with that
blonde in a yellow jumpsuit with a samurai sword.
Everyone went out to buy some.
People are strange, Enze'.
Leave her alone.
She's got nothing to do with...
She's just a poor crazy woman.
You've really gone bonkers, Enze'.
You do what I say, and she's
gonna be fine.
You want the money? Take it!
What the fuck do I care about money, Enze'?
What the fuck do I care?
I want much more!
I don't know where the stuff is.
I've got nothing to do with...
I just wanna know one thing,
one thing.
Who the fuck are you?
Why are you so strong?
- How would I know?
- Did a spider bite you? A bat?
You fell off another planet?
will you tell me...
or should we tear your
little Alessia's arms out?
I don't know.
You need to tell me.
We could even have fun together,
with all those powers.
Can you imagine?
Two sons of a super whore
like us?
You bet everyone's
gonna respect us!
People, televisions,
the government!
Have you seen the news?
They reopened the public contracts.
The mob is celebrating already.
You know why? I'll tell you why.
It was them planting the bombs!
The government shat its
pants for a couple little bombs,
Imagine if we blow up something special,
like the Parliament!
Or the Olympic stadium
during Roma-Lazio!
We'd make a bang bigger
than any bang, any flare,
of any derby in the whole
history of Italian football!
And then they'll have no choice,
we'll be in every TV channel, Enze'!
You're bat-shit crazy.
I'm asking you one last time,
where did you get these powers?
One last time, I don't know!
Damn! Damn, Enze'!
Tazzi'! Hurt her.
Leave her alone! Tell him
to leave her alone!
Don't touch her! Don't touch her!
All right, enough!
Leave her alone!
I'll tell you everything.
Good! Stop, Tazzi'! Stop!
Nice, Enze'! Fucking nice!
Where have you taken me?
Everything happened down here.
What, you took a bath in the Tiber?
You wanted the truth. There you have it.
Now give me the girl and
let's get this over with.
Tazzi', watch your back
this guy's getting freaky!
It's all right, Zingaro.
What's down there?
What is it, a fucking net?
- There are some barrels. One must've broke.
- What barrels?
- I told you what I know. Enough now.
- You don't get to say that. Go, dive in.
I need to go pee.
I said go and take a dip!
The fuck do you want?
I already have my powers.
I'm not jumping into that shit.
Go grab those barrels.
That was not part of the deal.
Tell me where the girl is.
The deal, Enze'? The deal?
You either do what I say,
or we slit the bitch's throat!
- It's not like I can pee myself!
- I can't let you out.
I'm doing it here, eh?
If you want...
I can give you a hand
pulling up that dress...
After you.
Don't touch me.
I told you not to touch me!
Tazzi', what's happening?
Go! I said...
Tazzi'! Fuck, Tazzi'!
Kill them all, Enze'!
Don't let him get the powers!
Alessia, run away!
He's the Lord of Fire!
No... Ale'...
I'm gonna light you up for real, now.
Look at me, Ale'...
Save them, Hiro'...
Save them all.
'cause you can...
become Jeeg.
Ale', no...
Wake up, Ale'
Good day!
Who the fuck are you?
Hey! Cheers!
I'm sorry. Give me a second.
Let's go, guys!
# I will hold you #
# I swear I'll hurt you #
# I will light up in the night #
# I'll be your star #
# You will love me #
# Like you never loved before #
# I'll knock you down like a wave #
# Then I'll flee from you #
# Go ahead and walk #
# I'm coming too #
# Come on, love, push on the accelerator #
# The warmth of your skin
makes me see stars #
# The warmth of your skin
makes me see stars #
# The warmth of your skin
makes me see stars #
# The warmth of your skin
makes me see stars #
# Explode with me #
# Yes, I will hold you #
# I swear I'll hurt you #
# I will light up my mouth, bright red #
# And I'll burn you a little #
Wait a minute... isn't that him?
- Who?
- That dude, the supercriminal.
Go back.
Enough with the balloons, honey!
- You're right, it's him.
- Honey, come on!
Come, it's OK, come with us!
My daughter! My daughter!
My daughter!
Let me go!
Let me go!
My daughter! Let me go!
My daughter is in there!
- Gioia!
- Calm down!
Let me go!
Let me go!
I'm stuck.
Don't worry. I'll take care of it.
Let me go! Gioia!
It's all over.
"These shocking images come
from the video claiming responsibility..."
"for the Scampia massacre,
which appeared on YouTube this morning,"
"the terrifying footage is being
investigated by the authorities."
"it shows the lone vigilante"
"ending the life of Nunzia Lo Cosimo, 40 years
old, a prominent figure in the Camorra mob."
You all need to listen to me now.
"Everyone needs to know,
even the paving stones."
All these years, you ignored me
walked over me,
locked me inside a shitty doghouse
full of stinkbugs and ticks.
Enough with that, now.
The music's gonna change.
It's time we see a bang bigger than
any bang you can imagine.
Stay tuned.
- Get off.
- Why?
I need it. I'll leave
it under the Curva Sud.
Who are you?
Hiroshi Shiba.
You're in deep shit!
Hey, whatcha doin'?
Why do you wanna hop over?
I got this last ticket, Curva Sud,
You want it? Ten euro.
I don't have them! Back off!
You can keep your tickets now!
Suck a dick!
Where's the bomb?
You'll know it when you hear the bang.
We're playing on even grounds,
now, Enze'!
Nobody can stop me now,
not even you!
"Be on high alert,
the suspect is violent and dangerous!"
"I repeat. Violent and dangerous."
Come on, follow me.
The fuck you running for?
Go, A.S. Roma!
You got unlucky, Zingaro.
You wanna become famous, you better go
back doing impression at the Big Brother!
It was Buona Domenica, dumbass!
Did you fall down?
It's a penalty if it's from behind!
What the fuck are you doing?
Get out with your hands over your head!
- There's a bomb inside!
- Do as I said!
There's a bomb! Get out of the way!
Get out or we'll shoot!
"He was a great person."
"He saved A.C. Roma supporters."
"Enzo Ceccotti was one of us!"
"He was a thief.
He stole my purse two years ago."
"What do you think?"
"He deserves a Piazza named
after him, like Giuseppe Garibaldi"
"Heroes are like poets.
One is born every 100 years."
"What is a hero?"
"It's an individual of great talent
and extraordinary courage,"
"who knows how to choose
good over evil."
"Who sacrifices himself
to save others,"
"but most of all, it's someone who
acts when he's got everything to lose,"
"and nothing to gain."
"Was Enzo Ceccotti truly a superhero,"
"as people like to call him today?"
"Orthodox thinkers may take pity
on ill-fated lands in need of heroes,"
"but the truth is elsewhere."
"The presence of somebody
watching over our lives"
"rekindles our hope
in a better future."
"Sadly, today,
this somebody is no longer with us."
"This is all from Tor Bella Monaca, Rome."
"On to sports.
Next Sunday..."