They Look Like People (2015) Movie Script

Can we not do your office?
Can we meet
somewhere in the park...
In the park?
You too, sir.
You are a mountain.
You are a hundred miles high.
You are invincible.
You are forever.
-Those that try to hurt you...
-How are you man?
-Sorry, are you busy?
-Look at you.
Your number changed.
Yeah. It's amazing
to see you.
Yeah, um, I'm just staying
up, with someone nearby,
and I thought I'd say hi.
-What are you doing now?
-Well, I got in this morning,
but now, nothing.
I just,
thought I'd say hi,
Come up.
Give me your bag.
-I got it.
-No, it's cool,
I've been working out.
Come on.
living room area, weird room I
don't really know what to do with,
it used to be Kat's
clothing warehouse.
You guys... i thought you
were getting married.
Yeah. Hey!
I heard you and Hannah
got engaged. That's amazing.
You gotta tell me all about
how you asked her.
So, this is the basement.
It's for killing people,
or raping animals.
Why am I showing
this to you?
You comin'?
Very cool.
Kat and I were always
gonna have a party up here,
but, then we didn't.
Okay, come on.
So, tell me about
your engagement.
So, where is she?
When's the wedding?
No wedding.
What happened?
Cheated on me,
and then broke up with me,
if you can believe it.
-You guys were together...
-stupid, it's better though.
Do you need
help cleaning?
No, man, I'm sorry,
I'm just...
I've been trying to get up the
courage to ask this girl on a date,
for, like, the past five
months, and I finally did,
so I have
this date tonight.
I should
be going anyway.
No. No, no, no, no, no. Seriously, |
it's between, me and her,
and her friend's coming along too,
so it's perfect. You should come.
I don't have anything to wear.
Yeah, but you're
staying close by, right?
When do they get home?
It's fine...
You know,
we'll hang out later.
I got... I...
Just stop. Just tell
whoever you're staying with
you're crashing
here tonight, okay?
I've a killer camping mat for
all the bitches I bring over.
Put your stuff down.
Hey. Remember that
date we have tonight?
Why don't you just get a little
friend to come along with you
at the last second?
Do not be a bitch.
The only thing that will get in
your way and make you hate yourself
is if you are a bitch.
You're a mountain.
Hey, man. The girls
are super excited.
Um, can I ask
you something?
Does it really
go down that far?
Are these your jeans?
She's been
at behemoth five months,
she's moved up twice.
She makes dudes cry,
I gotta man up.
She sounds horrible.
You're not gonna answer it?
No, if it's important,
she'll text.
Are you calling
an ambulance?
Okay. Should...
Should we...
Yeah, yeah,
no, we'll just come.
Class and leopard.
Um... okay.
Change of plans.
I don't know
if a taxi's gonna come by here.
-I can't walk anymore in these shoes.
-Guys, you didn't have to come.
Wyatt's really good
with this stuff.
She slipped on the ice.
Hey, I'm Wyatt,
what's your name?
-Hey, Sandy.
-Nice to meet you.
Okay, you mind if I take
a look at your face?
You look great.
-Do you remember hitting your head?
-I... no.
Can you look this way
for just a second?
You might want to take her to a
hospital if you want to be safe.
I hate ambulances. Emts are perverts
who smell like French fries.
-Wakey, wakey.
What you doing
sleeping in the stairway?
-I was...
-My gosh.
-You're um...
-did I fall asleep?
Yup. You look like
you fell asleep.
-I'm sorry.
-It's okay.
Is everybody okay?
-We're okay, are you okay?
You wanna go get
some snacks?
Ahem. Mara Drake.
Thanks for staying
all that time.
Honestly, it's no big deal.
We're just gonna take
a cab from here.
-You sure?
-Yeah, boy scout.
She's just
really embarrassed.
-Don't get any ideas.
-Don't flatter yourself.
-Okay, night.
Good night.
I think she likes
you anyway.
You want some?
I'm okay.
Hey, I gotta go
to work tomorrow.
Are you looking
for um, a new...
You're cool.
You're probably cool.
I'm leaving town.
I have
the bus tickets, so.
Well, you're staying
here till then.
Was tonight
just supposed to be a date
the two of you?
It wasn't a date.
Thank you.
All I know
is now that you're here,
gonna get awesome.
You should be very careful.
Do not look
at Christian.
Go down to the basement
of your building right now.
We warned you
not to go into the cities.
In the cities,
they are everywhere.
Their plan
is almost complete.
If we do not stop them,
they will enslave the butcher
in every good person
left on earth.
You must prepare
for the war.
You want to protect
your friend,
but helping him
will be impossible.
He is good.
He is still human.
But he will not believe you.
Leave the city tonight.
We still do not know
how to infect the host.
Never look at their eyes.
When I reveal
my identity,
you must never contact me,
Here is what you must do.
You've reached the offices
of Dr. James calvino.
Please leave a message.
Hello, sir.
This is Wyatt goodwin. I'm sorry
to be calling you so late.
I was wondering if we could
move our meeting to tomorrow.
Please let me know.
Thank you.
Can I get a copy
of these, please?
-Hey, man. What you doing there?
Just making a sandwich.
I brought some coffee, too.
Thank you.
How'd you sleep
last night?
-Air mattress okay?
-Yeah. Real comfortable.
Hey, were you still working
at that repair store in nc?
Landscaping and maintenance
at the sisters of mercy.
-It was a nunnery.
-That's wild.
Yeah. They didn't need
anybody as much, so.
Wanna grab lunch
with me today?
-I, gotta run some stupid errands.
Um, hey, man, I made an extra set
of keys for you. It's no big deal.
I don't,
I don't need keys.
I'm gonna leave
in a few days.
It's New York,
you need keys.
You are an ocean.
Weapons, swords and knives
all flow through you
like nothing.
You encompass
the entire world...
in your depth.
-There he is.
You look ten-feet tall.
I don't think
I'm schizophrenic.
I looked up
some stuff online.
Never any drugs.
No alcohol
for about ten weeks.
No caffeine.
All right.
It's the plight of the lame
and the boring, what a joke.
Did you ever have
a long-term relationship
that didn't wind up
letting you down?
This friend
I'm staying with.
the little skinny guy?
Is there some medication
you can give me?
-Will it help?
Anything else?
It's stupid.
There was
this one dream, once.
Where certain people
around me didn't look human.
It started with my fiance.
I never want to see
what she turned into again.
It's like
they're in my head,
they're listening to me.
It's getting worse.
I know
it's silly, right?
Do your parents
know about this?
No, is that all right?
So what do we do now?
You come in.
I'm still in mid-town.
Give 'em a call.
They'll set you up
for next week.
You'll be all right.
I'm feeling better already.
You are a fire.
All that your enemies
place in your way...
lies, poison...
You devour
and become stronger.
You are unstoppable.
You are holy.
You are terrible.
It's a whisper room.
-Come in.
Yes, come on.
It's soundproof.
Welcome. Switch places.
It's cool, right?
Thanks for helping us
last night.
-How's Sandy?
-Concussed, but fine.
Um, remember that lame
bottle of peach schnapps
that you got me when I first
started working here?
Joyce told me that you get
one for every new girl.
Yeah, totally.
Well, I threw mine away.
If I can prove to you
I'm a psychic,
do you want to try again
tomorrow night?
Give me your hand.
Now pick a number
between one and ten.
-What? Damn it.
You will have
three loves in your life.
Those are life lines, goofus.
My grandma used
to do voodoo.
Hey, do you think
we have anything for Wyatt?
Like, client services,
or anything?
I can ask Gerald.
I talked to them
about you, by the way.
Maybe some good news
for you on Friday.
Thank you.
What's it say?
This line says that you're a loser.
This line...
-I could do a move.
-I could do a move.
-No, I meant like, later.
Like, not right now,
that's weird.
So, okay, here it is,
you wanna follow me now?
-I don't think so.
-Just kidding. No, go ahead.
-Yeah, it's good. Yes, I think so.
My god!
Okay, that was good.
Are you okay?
I got your scarf.
-Okay. Thanks.
-I'm sorry.
When somebody's
coming at you,...
you've gotta
like, get them.
-Like, see how you did that?
That's the motion
that you want, in judo,
is you want
somebody to go, "
-okay. Yeah.
-So you go like this.
-Then you're gonna go around,
And then you wanna
choke them from here.
Yeah, yeah.
-And then...
-it's good. I'm sorry,
that was
an inappropriate touch.
That's inappropriate
touching when you're choking.
That was a fast tap,
I'm sorry.
Okay, don't tap my ass.
It just seemed like...
-In the center here.
And then you're gonna,
like, do a hug motion.
-It's a hug?
-So, like that,
-yeah, yeah.
-And this one comes over the back.
And you're gonna hold
this nook in there.
This? Yeah. Yeah.
And it's like you hug.
Okay. I prefer
regular hugging.
Hug, hug.
-Come on, stop being a pussy.
There you go.
I don't think that can work again.
Trust no one.
Trust was no longer
an option
once we discovered them.
They were at Jericho.
They surrounded
the temple of Solomon.
They were at golgotha.
They were once few.
Now they are everywhere.
Their disguises
have begun to fail.
This is how we know
they must strike soon.
Even before you were
one of the blessed
who could sense them,
you knew
they were out there.
they were right next to you.
That is not a soldier
with a gun.
That is evil.
That is not
your co-worker.
That is a demon.
That is not a human,
not a neighbor,
not a friend, not a lover,
a brother, a mother,
a father, a wife.
That is a monster.
That is your enemy.
And that is what you must
be ready to destroy.
You all right?
What happened?
I just went
and saw a family friend,
but he wasn't around
I have an awesome
evening planned for us.
Talked to my boss about you.
But everything sounds okay.
And everything's
going okay with Mara,
and if I don't
do something physical,
I'm gonna explode.
I can get you
a new one.
That's fine,
I have like five.
Are you ready
to get demolished?
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah.
Come on, I'm gonna beat you
for the first time.
You know, I just used
to get pushed around at work,
and then I just
started to dominate,
and now
it's all happening.
You have no idea what it's like
not to feel like a wuss anymore.
Alley oop!
You believe
in supernatural stuff?
You trying to distract me?
Yeah, puffy jacket my ass.
Has anything really scary
ever happened to you?
Like, you ever been
in a fight?
You ever been mugged?
Not very manly.
If something really scary was
happening, would you be on my side?
Look, man, I'm trying to make up
for ten years of losing to you.
-I can bench 250 now. I'm different.
Look, if you're trying to ask me,
if someone pulled a gun on me,
would I stand up
and be a hero? Yeah.
I think the new me would.
I've changed.
-I'm different.
Hey, I saw you
on the phone last night
at like 4:00 A.M.
Just bullshit.
So you wanna go out?
Could I wear
different jeans?
Remember when
we played blobbie wars?
God, we were lame.
So, we going out?
It didn't really work.
-I mean, I had fun.
-I know, why didn't it work?
-I just...
-blobbies was my favorite.
How much am I winning by?
Except for
I think you're losing.
That doesn't count, cause look,
look at how my gauntlet is. See?
-This is your stupid gauntlet!
-If you catch it in the gauntlet,
-It doesn't count.
-I don't care about your gauntlet.
Look at this, anything you catch
in the gauntlet doesn't count.
That's what I thought.
That's what I thought.
Don't use that voice.
You know
I don't like that voice.
Fine. All right,
I'll take off the gauntlet.
God, I just...
I am chivalrous.
I am.
Don't laugh at me.
-None of that.
I can say only
half of these count.
Do you think girls
are just better at stuff?
No, man.
Guys are better.
It's like...
I'm gonna crash here.
This is it.
This is the best way to...
You'll like it.
-I think you will.
-Do you wanna have kids?
I wanna have, like,
a million kids.
Hello, again, Wyatt.
I assume by now
that you know who I am.
We believe the monsters
are uniquely vulnerable
to acid.
Our spies think the war
will begin very soon now.
If you ever hear three claps
of thunder in a clear sky,
the war has begun.
Now is the time
to prepare mentally.
To kill a monster is easy.
To kill a monster
who looks like a friend,
or a harmless innocent...
is there something else
in the basement with...
It's me, Christian.
Got you.
I can't tell
if I'm hung-over or drunk.
I thought someone
was in the house.
It must have been serious.
-Hit me one.
-Come on.
-That'II... that'll wake you up.
Whatever. You suck.
My junior year roommate Asa
used to get these night terrors,
and I remember
his girlfriend Becky
would always
be wrestling with him
in the bunk beneath mine.
And one night,
she literally had to punch him
in the face to wake him up.
When he did,
he was like, "sorry.
I was battling the York."
What were you battling?
I don't remember.
I have to get ready
for work.
-I won.
There may be
a promotion today,
if I can conquer
this meeting.
Good news for both
of us tonight.
Cool, I'll clean up.
Where is it at?
Don't worry about it.
Just chill.
You are a mountain.
You are a hundred miles high.
Hey there.
Gerald running late?
I am stuck with you.
-How are you?
-Fine. What's wrong?
Nothing, um...
I'm not moving into design,
and that's okay.
Look, I'll talk to Gerald,
it's cool.
Well, people...
People are getting...
I am sure
it's not your fault.
-Don't worry about it.
-You're being let go.
It's... what?
-Look at your face.
-You're being let go today.
You've worked here for seven
years, and they like you,
but they're killing off
half your department,
it has nothing
to do with...
With anything.
No one else is leaving?
They want you to remove
your stuff within the hour.
Okay. Yeah.
-Hold on.
-No, it's... okay.
-cool, maybe later.
You are a flash
of lightning
in the darkness
of night.
Hang on. Let's flip
the piece of paper.
It's nice.
this is so silly.
This is gonna help me at work
to stand up for myself more,
-hearing your voice.
I'm gonna be a dad,
so, you know,
I need to have a real job.
Do you have
sulfuric acid?
Yeah, down the left aisle.
What happens if you get it
on your face?
It would probably
burn your face off.
You don't wanna
have it on there.
-What's wrong with your phone?
I tried calling you like 20 times.
I was worried about you.
Sorry, I dropped
my cell on the sidewalk.
I think I broke it.
It smells absolutely
terrible down here.
-How was work?
What are you doing?
It's just some stuff
from the old job.
I thought maybe
I could sell it.
-Old tools.
-That's great.
I lost my job.
You wanna grab
something to eat?
There's something
I wanna talk to you about.
It's probably just someone
pushing all the buttons.
Does that happen a lot?
What do you want
to talk to me about?
It's Mara.
Stop it.
Are you gonna leave
her out there?
Yes, I'm gonna
leave her out there.
-Sorry I didn't hear. Did you buzz?
Yeah, no. Sorry.
I was just in
the neighborhood.
Hi, Wyatt.
I found this
because I forgot
to throw it away.
Cool. I'll need it,
is what you're saying?
Okay, I should...
I should go.
I'm sorry. Can you... do you
want to come in for a second?
Just a second. Okay.
-It's disgusting.
It's really healthy.
My god.
What's your favorite... what?
It's really lame.
Well, I mean, hopefully if they
follow the Isaac Asimov rules,
then everything
would be okay,
but that, that requires that we
actually program them properly.
But anyway, let's stop
talking about this.
Because I'm...
Enough, enough.
That's your favorite novel?
That or
"lord of the rings" tied.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Why anything
that isn't black tea?
Okay, hold on. I know this
amazing place on Norman
that has incredible tea.
Plus it comes
in a fancy tin.
I'll go get it, okay?
It doesn't matter.
You need to go?
Is Sandy okay?
She asked
about you actually.
She's different
than you might think.
Hey, I got a phone message
the other day from someone.
At first
I didn't know who it was.
You don't know
who that could be, right?
I don't think it was her.
This is gonna sound
weird, but...
Do you ever hear
anything that's not there?
Actually, I do.
I get kind of a choir.
It comes and goes,
just a couple times a week.
It's a neurological thing.
My mom had it too,
except for her, it's jazz
that she just
couldn't switch off.
She, she thought it was, um,
some annoying, angelic jazz band
but I think it's just
my brain playing tricks.
Besides, if it was angels,
they'd be in tune.
You have perfect pitch?
Maybe. Sing something.
"B" flat.
I just made that up.
Hey, has Christian ever showed
you the roof, or the basement?
They're pretty cool.
You want to check them out,
instead of awkwardly waiting?
We're safe down here.
You guys could start
a band down here.
I've been getting
the supplies,
just like you said
to in your messages.
Um, should, should
we check out the roof?
No. They can't
hear us down here.
Where are they?
-How do they infect us?
I know that you said
they're vulnerable to acid.
I got sulfuric.
You're acting really weird.
Just tell me,
when is it gonna happen?
-I'm leaving.
-I need help.
Move before
I hurt you, Wyatt.
Mara had to leave.
Don't worry about it.
What happened?
Okay, let me take
off my jacket.
Wyatt, this...
Wyatt, what happened
with Mara?
You need to toughen up.
-Okay. Hang on.
-I knew this act of yours was bullshit.
-The new you, you're fucking pathetic.
-I'm fucking pathetic?
-Look at you.
-Wake up. This is real!
Do you have any idea
what they can do to you?
Do you think this is easy?
You fucking pussy.
Come on.
You're too late,
soft boy.
Know that you cannot fight us.
You can feel us
already, can't you?
Inside your skull.
We believe
you are special.
We need the soft ones,
and you are the softest
we have found.
When we pull you
and your friend apart
ventricle by ventricle
and spread you out
like a soft red tree,
perhaps we will see
why even when you
had the chance,
so many people
did so little to stop us.
I love you, Wyatt.
So, I'm thinking about
inventing this food
that's literally
just balls of bacon
that you eat
with your hands.
Can you just slice
some cheddar?
I knew I got my ax
for a reason.
So I would get these
phone messages at night.
You know,
it was nightmares, I guess.
I got one last night,
but I hung up.
Is that pancake mix, too?
So, last year
I tried to kill myself,
and I went to talk
to this guy,
just one time,
and I called him
about you.
He's awesome.
He has a parrot
in his office.
When do I see him?
Make sure you wear
a straightjacket.
-That's okay.
One matching luxury axe,
and vintage hatchet set.
That's good.
Hold on a sec.
-Then why did you buy them?
-It just turned out
the project I needed them
for didn't happen, so.
I just want to make sure that
Christian and Mara can be okay.
And I'm leaving tomorrow so...
Look at me.
I'm Sandy I almost died.
And now I got
a pillow on my neck.
Is that supposed to be funny
Wyatt, or psycho Wyatt?
I know Mara
has her own thing,
but she really liked
your stupid buddy.
Yeah, he likes her too.
What was it, anyway?
CIA tapping your brain?
You got bugs
under your skin?
-It wasn't... it was nothing.
-Killing zombies?
Were they
cloning you, Wyatt?
It was nothing.
Come on, you don't have to
be a bitch, just tell me.
Like, what, what the
fuck was that about?
I thought...
-I mean, just tell me.
-I thought people were turning evil.
If you ever
do anything like that
to a friend of mine ever again,
I'm gonna fucking kill you.
I'm gonna fucking kill you.
You probably should.
Don't be scared.
Touch me, and I will rip
your face out of your spine.
I just wanted to say...
What? Sorry for taking
you to a rapey basement?
No, no, no. It's not what
you thought.
-Christian's a really good guy.
-Let me guess.
You two are really
super nice guys,
and you're just going
through some stuff right now.
It's not Christian's fault.
I've been messing up his life,
and it's not his fault.
It's his fault for
having a friend like you.
And tell him that it wasn't
a seven, it was a three.
Mara, wait.
God damn it.
I'm sorry.
Please don't die.
Do you need
to call an ambulance?
Can you tell?
Come on.
Okay, come on.
It's freezing.
My nose.
So, it's like some sort
of anti-zombie bunker.
-I get it.
Pack your bags.
Let's get out of the city.
I got a car.
We'll go up to some
cabin somewhere,
maybe up north
by a lake.
What about your appointment?
I called. It's...
I'm down for next week.
They just told me
to avoid alcohol.
-What are you doing?
-Signing up for the army.
I kinda figured if anyone
ever put a gun in my face,
I'd probably just piss
myself and start crying.
I'd like to change
that permanently.
Yeah, why don't you think
about what a little?
Fuck you.
Come on.
It'll be great.
Be careful.
You're seeing him again,
aren't you?
No, man.
No weapons. See?
I'm not killing anyone.
No worries.
Tell me what to do
to help fight him.
I don't believe
what you believe,
but I know
you believe it.
So just be honest
with me,
and you have to promise me
not to kill anyone, okay?
-Don't mess with me.
-I'm not.
There's a battle
At 6:00,
gives us 40 minutes.
Let's do this noise.
-Grab your clothes.
Grab your,
grab your boots.
-Grab weapons.
-Yeah. Pack for the apocalypse,
got it.
-We got it.
-We gotta...
I'm excited.
Where are we going?
To parents' place
in north Carolina.
It starts in the city,
so we have to get out,
and meet them,
and we have to protect them.
They don't live
down there anymore.
Mom's in Canada.
You got the keys?
Hey, Wyatt,
where'd you get this car?
-Get back inside.
Because it's starting early.
Give me your cell phone.
We can be safe
down here.
We just have to keep our heads, and
be ready for them if they find us.
-I blacked out the windows.
-Tell me what you saw.
What made you sure
this time?
I would love
to explain everything,
but we don't have time.
Hey. Tell me.
I went to go see
Mara for you.
They got to her.
She turned
into an alien?
Mara was good,
but it's like an infection
that comes in through
your eyes or your ears.
And then goes
to your brain.
It's not peoples' fault.
What'd you see?
What'd you see?
Her face started twisting, and then
her smile started spreading out
farther than
a smile's supposed to,
all the way
past her ears.
And then her head
split in two,
and there was
this thing there.
You know what I thought?
That we're all alone.
You hurt her?
I made it back
and found you.
When's this thing start?
Six minutes.
Let's sing a song.
Stop, please.
Can you take off
the mask?
You want me to be honest?
You think I'm one of them.
-Tie me up.
-Why would you want me...
Because, yes, it's really
scary to trust you right now,
but that's what this is,
so, trust me
because I trust you.
Christian, they take over
your mind with their eyes,
and maybe their voice.
How much longer?
Four minutes.
Go for it.
Open wide.
You okay?
It's okay.
Please, stop.
Sulfuric acid.
Trust no one.
Even before
you were one of the blessed,
you could sense them.
You knew
they were out there.
they were right next to you.
That is not a soldier,
with a gun.
That is evil.
That is not
your co-worker.
That is a demon.
That is not a human,
not a neighbor,
not a friend,
not a lover.
A brother, mother,
a father, a wife.
That is a monster.
That is your enemy.
And that is what
you must be ready to destroy.
Well, I didn't piss
myself after all.
Hey, it occurred to me
that we never hugged.