They Talk to Me (2021) Movie Script

Can we make a secret?
Can we make a secret?
Can we make a secret?
Can we make a secret?
Can we make a secret?
Can we make a secret?
Can we make a secret?
Can we make a secret?
Can we make a secret?
Can we make a secret?
Can we make a secret?
Na-na na na-na na,
na-na na na-na na.
Among the tombstones
of the cemetery
we will not find the name
of that woman, that hero,
who deserves a chapter in
the history of our country.
And cut.
That was perfect.
Steve, I stepped
on those branches.
You can hear the
noise all the way
from the beginning of the shot.
Yeah, I heard a plane
take off in Japan.
Did you hear that too, Alex?
Can we do one more?
Any problems?
We'll fix it in the post.
Oh, hey, guys, I got an idea.
Let's go to that
place where to make
the best steaks in the county.
But I thought we were going
to rehearse at the massacre
Not in this light.
And I'm starving.
Let's go.
I need to record
some wild sound.
Oh, we can go together then.
Hey, hey...
She can't wait to
hold his microphone.
I heard that.
Sister Teresa was a nurse
for the English regulars.
The commanders trusted her.
But when they found out
she was a patriot spy,
they sentenced her to death.
And she took refuge around here.
She tried.
They found her, and set
fire to the entire village
where she hid.
But there's not a trace
of this in history books.
Sister Teresa is
a forgotten martyr.
The exact place has
never been found,
but it is here in these woods.
So then one spot is
as good as another.
You sound like Steve, you jerk.
I have to.
This is our shot, Alex.
Fine, Laura, I'm
ready when you are.
Come here.
You OK?
Stop it.
Alex, you're hurting me.
What's going on?
Let's go.
You're scaring me.
I'm sorry.
It was like someone was...
We can meet up with Emily
and Steve if you want.
I'm gonna have Steve pick me up.
Forgotten Heroes,
scene three, take one.
The history running
through these places
is due in large part to the
heroes who have been forgotten.
How's that, good?
I said, forgotten.
Alex can fix it in the edit.
Don't worry.
Attention, everyone.
Shut up!
We need to be out
of here, half an hour, tops.
Why are you yelling?
There are four of us.
We're not on the set of Ben-Hur.
Heroes, scene 82, take 1.
We will not
find the name of the...
Of the chapter and
the history of our country.
That was perfect.
Laura, I'm ready when you are.
Here, it mentions corpses
of patriots.
Come see.
Darkness, evil around you.
I bring death.
Turn back.
Darkness all around you.
Alex, Alex, wake up.
Let's go.
I don't want to go there.
I'm scared.
I'm gonna punch
you if you don't.
We are wasting time.
Have you tried calling her?
The diva is never going
to answer before noon.
Oh, the rehearsals...
You shot yesterday.
Are they even usable?
This will take half a day.
We haven't done rehearsals.
Oh, oh?
Oh, really, OK, then
what did you do?
Have you shot anything
decent at all?
Nothing I could edit.
The audio was a mess.
Oh, speaking of a.
So, ready to leave yet?
Mr. Kamble, we're ready.
All right, everyone,
let's give it a shot.
All right?
Camera up.
We're rolling.
Mr. Rodger Kamble you're
the historical memory
of these words, are you not?
Am I supposed to
say something, or?
Oh, whatever you like.
It's just a test.
We aren't recording.
Love, always.
But you have to
know where to look.
Excuse me, Sir,
where are you going?
Are you all right?
Did you guys not hear that?
Something... uh, a voice...
It spoke to me.
I don't... um.
Why do you always have to
be such a pain in the ass?
Let's shoot this crap and
get the fuck out of here!
We're losing daylight!
Great, great, we lose half a
day just to film some trees.
Talk about a fucking diva.
You know, you still haven't
apologized for yesterday.
Oh, lots of ways I could
show you I'm sorry.
Mr. Kamble?
Mr. Kamble?
Why... why did you
bring us back here?
We can't find our
way back to the car.
Well, it's too late.
It's too dark.
And it's too dangerous.
No, no, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no, no.
I swear to god I am not
sleeping here tonight.
Forgotten Heroes,
27 bravo, take 1.
Mr. Kamble has found
many, and continues
to find many, old
artifacts, direct evidence
of American patriots.
Forgotten Heroes,
scene 22 Alpha, take 1.
All right, and...
Finally at my feet.
Privilege only a few
girls have ever had.
I am still here,
playing alone down here.
Jesus Christ, and
you really thought
this sound was acceptable?
Yeah, thanks for telling
us just now, dumb ass.
If we have
to reshoot everything,
I swear to god.
Can't we just edit
it out somehow?
Maybe you could dub it.
It's not interference and
it's not a defective card.
It's a voice.
If you think this is a joke,
it's not funny anymore.
It's a voice, I'm sure.
I don't like the word phenomena.
Having contact
with the afterlife
is the faculty that man
has always possessed,
but which, paradoxically,
we are losing with progress.
The development of the
digital technologies
has made things easier,
but each year, also,
increased the risks.
It's not online shopping.
It's serious and dangerous for
both those who believe and also
those who don't.
We can listen to any
of these recordings?
This is one of the most recent.
Feel his love.
Help us feel love.
A beautiful message of hope.
Do you know who this
voice belongs to?
She's my daughter.
I lost her almost 40 years ago.
God love.
Professor Hasegawa?
What do you want?
My name is Alex Browlin.
I recorded some voices.
Oh, look, I'm busy.
Look, look, I know
what I'm talking about.
I'm a sound engineer.
Maybe there are others.
I recorded several voices.
They're all different.
I don't want to extinguish
your enthusiasm,
but it is extremely rare
for different voices
to appear together
to the same person.
But it's not impossible, is it?
The first question to
ask is whether or not
it is standard interference.
99% of the time
the answer is yes.
I brought you my audio tracks.
I told you I'm very busy.
Another who thinks
he has superpowers.
What if he actually needs help?
If all these claims are true,
I'd have to find another job.
You might be right.
But what if you hadn't opened
the door for me 30 years ago?
You only...
Dead, awaken.
Water, dead, still, destroy.
"Water, dead, Twin Lakes."
Another suicide.
Water reservoir?
Get help.
Not here.
Come back.
Child's dead, Alex.
Who are you?
Darkness, Alex.
What do you want from me?
Trust God, Alex.
Laura, I'm working.
I can't right now.
Let's talk later?
Scientific theories
beyond reproach
claim it's possible to
open gaps in space-time.
But imagining that forms of
energy that we do not know
can open the doors to
an afterlife, which
all religions also contemplate,
is considered a superstition
in need of eradication.
What I've tried to
do with this book
is keep hope alive,
that we will soon
be able to understand something
that many people experience
every day.
Thank you.
I'm sure that those
of you who know
they continue to
live in the afterlife
will develop system of
values very different
from those of the people who
think the game is all over when
they die with their bodies.
So also, in this
sense, Speak to Me.
Again is clearly a
fundamental text.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
Professor Hasegawa, I'm
that sound engineer.
You sent me away, but...
Please buy Ursella's book.
I brought my recordings.
Listen to them.
The voices are not human.
I'm sure of it.
I don't mean to
sound rude, but...
Called me by name.
Come with me.
Speak to Ursella.
"To Alex, the
compass, not to get
lost in the sea full
of voices, Ursella."
How do you know my name?
Don't let them in!
Don't let them in!
Oh, my!
We need to talk.
I can help you.
Come to my house any time!
Can we make a secret?
Alex, did you forget our game?
The second time I
thought I saw you,
but I wasn't quite
sure it was you.
You know, when I was
adopted, I moved to Mexico
with my parents.
Then some years later, I met
my husband, and we traveled.
Whew, that's unbelievable.
Oh, I envy you.
How did you end up back here?
We had to.
It's a very long story,
but our company went under.
Oh, too bad.
And what does he do now?
He's... he's actually gone.
That's why I wanted to
meet Professor Hasegawa.
What happened?
I need to ask him
so many things.
I want to talk to him again.
You have to help me.
I can't.
I don't know how.
You know Hasegawa.
I saw you talking with him.
You have to introduce me.
I don't think...
Please do it for me.
I don't know if
I'll see him again.
But you are my friend.
You have to do it for me.
What are you doing here?
Well, I wanted a vodka but
the bars were all closed, so...
I don't have any hard liquor.
You got two glasses?
OK, cheers.
OK, I'll let you listen to it.
I made it clear.
Oh, so boring, this
documentary, hmm?
OK, I believe you.
No, listen.
Alex, death...
I said...
Turn back.
I believe you.
Hey, man, how was
the vodka, huh?
What vodka?
Well, Emily beat out the diva.
Come on.
So you really think she wouldn't
come running to tell me, huh?
So what are we doing?
I don't know.
Laura really thinks she owns us.
We're already behind and she
changes this production plan
to this hospital bullshit,
just because a
in the wood told
her there were nuns.
So what are we looking for?
Information on some lady that
perhaps never even existed.
Yeah, let's take my car.
It was an orphanage,
not a hospital.
It's still shitty.
Let's leave.
No, no, no, no, no,
let's do a few takes just
to show that stupid bitch
she wasted our time.
That has always been bolted.
We can get in from the back.
How do you know that?
I grew up here.
Steve, where are you?
There is
absolutely nothing here.
Let's go!
Did you film anything?
I'm going to.
You know what?
I thought I'd show it to Laura.
, now, come on.
There's an element of her
missionary nun..
Hey, hey, jeez.
Calm down.
I didn't mean to
scare you that much.
Can we make a secret?
Can we make a secret?
Can we... na na-na na
na-na, na na-na na na-na,
na na-na na na-na,
na na-na na na-na,
na na-na na na-na, na na-na
na na-na, na na-na na na na.
Na na-na na-na na.
Na na-na na na na.
I went to the orphanage.
I found something.
Do you know what
happened to Daniel?
No, I never looked for him.
I think he's dead.
Can we make a secret?
They talk to me.
That's how you know
Professor Hasegawa?
When we were kids and my
ears rang, do you remember?
It was them.
But I didn't understand it.
And now you hear them?
Why doesn't it happen to me?
I didn't ask for this.
I've been waiting for you.
Professor, we need your help.
Not her.
This is Amanda.
She needs your help too.
She needs...
I can't do anything for her.
She knows it.
No, you can but
you don't want to.
Please stop tormenting me.
I need to know.
You already have your answers.
Amanda, wait.
Let her go.
Why won't you help me?
Huh, why?
Because not everyone
deserves my help.
They choose who to talk to.
Sorry, what?
The dead, they choose.
I'm dead in this house.
Go away.
This is a fake,
not even well made.
How do you know?
Did you bring me
your recordings?
Water still..
Only walls, mortar,
awaken already.
It wasn't originally this clear.
I had to clean it up.
They seemed like random words.
He's telling you where he died.
They never speak randomly.
He wanted me to go to
that place at the dam
where he committed suicide.
There were others.
Waiting, deep, trust.
Do not fear.
Come back.
Come back, child, Alex.
Alex breathe.
We are always.
Cold darkness, Alex.
They are people who love you.
They spoke to me before.
I don't understand them.
What did he mean?
Maybe they still have
something to tell you.
I thought I'd find
them where I grew up,
but there was nothing there.
You mustn't be in a hurry.
Do you believe in hell?
Hell here.
His love.
I thank you.
There is also a heaven.
This is your daughter.
Will they ever stop?
It's never good when they do.
What should I do?
You listen to them without fear.
You find out what
they want to tell you.
And please come back here
whenever you feel the need.
Every contact could be an
opportunity to help someone.
Don't forget that.
Come back, child, Alex.
Breathe, Alex, breathe.
We are always.
Go, darkness, Alex.
I have to talk to him.
You nearly killed us both!
Make him talk to me.
I have to talk to him.
You are insane.
Fuck you!
Oh, oh, oh.
Oh, oh, oh.
You were right.
That boy needs help.
I know!
It's happening!
It can't be!
Not yet!
As long as they keep talking
to him, there is a chance.
We must help him.
I'm on my way.
She has blue eyes.
No time.
Come back, Alex.
Ask to..
I miss you.
They never speak randomly.
They never speak randomly.
Is that what you were
telling me, a curse?
What do you want?
Am I interrupting something?
I don't know who
I was talking to.
I don't know what's
happening to me.
I can't take it, Laura.
I just can't take it anymore.
It's all right, don't
worry, I'm here.
Oh, shit!
Still, still.
Be still.
We gotta stop the bleeding.
We have to get you
to the hospital.
Come on, come on, come on.
Hey, hey.
Come on.
Hey, let us pass.
It's an emergency.
Eh, there's been an accident.
Someone was fatally injured.
You have to wait.
We have to go to the ER.
OK, come around this way.
Thank you.
She's hurt.
It's serious.
Eh, don't worry.
We'll look after her.
Are you a relative?
Hey, it's OK.
Give me a hand, here.
Don't worry, I'm here.
Dr. Martin is wanted
in the surgery department.
Call Professor Hasegawa.
Right now.
I can barely hear you.
Hold on.
We'll speak again.
Are you the father?
It's not him.
Please send him away.
Uh, Laura, are you OK?
I'm fine.
Just a few stitches.
I'll take you home.
Is it a problem if
I stay with you?
Are you comfortable?
Do you need anything?
Can I get you a drink?
You're spoiling me.
I'm going to cut
my foot every day.
Is it far to the nuns' hospital?
It wasn't a hospital.
We can shoot the end
of the dock there.
Tired, and one place
as good as another.
What's all this?
What are you working on?
Before I got hurt, you
were gonna tell me.
I am still here.
Me alone.
Come here.
I've recorded
others, many of them.
They're voices of dead people.
I thought you were
serious for a second.
Not fear.
Come back.
Come back, child, Alex.
They're trying to
tell me something.
I don't know.
It must have been some
radio interference,
someone else with your name.
Water, death, walls,
Look for me.
This man died months ago.
He threw himself off a dam.
He wasn't the only one,
but I know who he is.
I saw his face.
I know it sounds crazy.
But it's the truth.
I swear.
You're scaring me now.
Look, look.
They don't talk randomly.
There's a message.
But I don't see it yet.
I can't understand.
Alex, the dead don't talk.
I'm not crazy.
Thanks for the ride.
Make yourself at home.
You know, Professor
Hasegawa says seeing
a photo helps with contact.
That wasn't the case with me.
You can meet him.
This is Isaac, my husband.
Stop here.
Please wait.
Did he talk about me?
Did he say my name?
What did he say?
It sounded like gibberish.
But he was actually
saying where he died.
Just that?
He didn't know I was pregnant.
I found out the day he died.
Everything will be
fine, I promise.
Everything will be fine.
Are you going to call Hasegawa?
Yeah, yeah.
Who's this?
Who are you?
I'm looking for
Professor Hasegawa.
Are you a relative?
No, a friend, why?
Listen, Mr.
Hasegawa had an accident.
What accident?
Last night.
Is it serious?
Is he all right?
I'm sorry, but
he passed away around 3:00.
No, no.
You must be joking.
I talked to him this morning.
Put him on.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Are you OK?
Yeah, yeah, bad reception.
I'll call him back later.
No, don't leave me alone.
Stay, please.
Who are you?
What do you want?
I'm waiting for Alex.
What do you want from him?
Leave him alone.
You can't stay here.
I stay wherever I like.
It's you who needs to leave.
The dead don't speak.
You are the interference.
I'm just trying to
keep him away from you,
from what you're doing to him.
That's not possible.
They've chosen him.
I chose him, and I am alive.
They'll never stop talking.
Alex is mine.
They never stop!
Can we make a secret?
I have to talk to him.
He's been agitated all night.
I think his father is here.
Amanda, I can't help you.
I can't help anyone, anyone.
Where the fuck is she?
Mmm, we could always just
make a documentary about ants.
We were su... we were supposed
to start an hour and a half ago.
Oh, she's pissed at me.
It's a long story.
I don't even care, dude.
Oh, look, look.
, I see her.
We've only been
waiting for two hours.
Oh, the diva's in pain.
Sorry, everyone.
Give me 10 minutes
and I'm ready, OK?
I need to talk to you.
Why did you go to Amanda?
That's not what you think.
This isn't jealousy.
I followed you.
I saw it.
I'm sorry.
I had to.
She's pregnant and alone.
I thought she needed my help.
I can't...
You either don't understand
or don't want to understand.
She's sent that mad woman
I found in your house.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
What crazy lady?
They're trying to do
something to you, Alex.
This isn't a joke.
They're crazy and dangerous.
Hey, all she wants is for me to
help her talk to her husband.
How can you believe her?
Who is she?
You don't even know her.
Let me show you something.
It hrurts.
We were inseparable...
Amanda, Daniel, and me.
One morning, her adoptive
parents suddenly picked her up.
I never saw her again.
I was alone.
Why alone?
What about Daniel?
He was already gone.
They always sent
him to detention
because he would hit me.
He nearly killed me once, even.
But I loved both of them.
They were the brother
and sister I never had.
Daniel's laugh
was so contagious.
Ah, I think we...
It was the first time in
my life I was truly happy.
But that was a long time ago.
Amanda is no longer that
sister who defended you.
We're on our way.
Five more fucking minutes.
It was them.
Are you kidding?
Alex, the dead don't speak.
They don't come back.
Hey, my ears were ringing.
They always have, even
when I was a child.
It's... it's Daniel.
He died right here.
But you said it yourself,
he terrified you.
He beat you.
You're scared of something
that does not exist.
May I remind you this scene
should be during the day?
So we might want to try and
start shooting something
before sunset.
Shall we begin?
What is it?
A book by another person who
believed the dead speak to us.
I wanted to make
everything disappear.
I wanted you to realize
it made no sense.
Forget about this madness.
Let's go away, just me and
you, away from this place,
from Amanda, from everything.
"You have a precious gift.
Don't get lost."
What does "don't get lost" mean?
It doesn't mean anything.
What's under the ice?
Don't listen.
Let's leave.
We need to get away.
I don't understand.
Professor, I do not understand!
Help me!
Let's go.
I believe you, but we need
to get out of here now!
Is that it?
Is this what you
want to show me?
"To Alex, the
compass, not to get
lost in this sea
full of voices."
Am I the compass?
What should I do?
Tell me what to do!
Let's go, please!
I'm the compass.
Something might have
happened to her.
Stop, we're gonna get caught.
Hey, hey.
Wait for me in the car.
"Couple dead at the Cursed Dam."
Did you find her?
There's no one here.
You were right.
I fucked up.
Let's get out of here
before anyone notices, OK?
You scared me so much.
I came here to stop it.
You must help me.
It's coming.
I can feel it.
I was waiting for you.
I'm no longer alone.
Don't stop.
Free yourself.
You won't be able
to win forever.
Oh, my god.
Did something happen?
I can make you talk to him.
Yeah, come.
Give me a second.
Where are you taking me?
To where it all began.
Alex, what do we do now?
Can we make a secret?
He's never been here.
You remember this?
What does this have
to do with my husband?
Why are we here?
No, we said 3:30 not 6:30.
I don't care.
My daughter wants Sam the
Clown, not another one...
Not Carlos.
Let... let me speak
to your manager.
We have a
problem with the clown.
That's all she cares about.
Yeah, the cake... keep
her in the garden.
It's supposed to be a surprise.
What do you mean you
can't send him for a 6:30?
It'll be packed with
children here in an hour.
It's not my problem that you
don't know how to do your job.
Fix it.
You wouldn't listen to them.
Ugh, Alex, you're hurting me.
Will they ever stop?
It's never good when they do.
I had to protect you from
everyone right from start.
Why me?
Why do you always
need an explanation?
You chose your destiny.
Now accept it.