They Turned Us Into Killers (2024) Movie Script

- Who is this?
- No!
Don't take it off.
Finally got him to shut up.
Leave it on.
Look at this photo.
Look at the picture!
You know what you did.
You don't know who I am.
But I know who you are.
Slow down!
Slow down,!
Why am I even here?
You cut
her beautiful life short.
And now I'm gonna cut yours.
No, no,
no, no, no, no!
No, no, no, no,
no, no, no, no!
Oh, what, are you afraid
of little old me?
I didn't do it!
I didn't do it! It wasn't me!
I didn't get that chick
hooked on that shit that night.
I didn't give it to her
that night.
It-- it was BJ.
BJ gave it to her.
He-- he tricked her.
He got her hooked.
Him and-- and his two brothers.
The-- the-- the--
they're the ones
that you're looking for.
You've got one minute
to tell me everything.
Time's up! 50 seconds.
A-- B-- BJ gave her the shit
that night at the party.
He tricked her.
Him and his two brothers.
She fucking worshiped him, man.
She would-- she would've done
anything for him.
And he got her hooked.
He's the one
that you are looking for.
and his two scumbag brothers.
You tell me everything
from that night,
and I might let you live.
- What's your name?
- Bill.
- Bill.
- Bill.
Bill. That's a fun name.
-You have some fun?
-Uh, yeah. I'm having fun.
Bill like money Bill?
Who is this guy?
I just met him. Relax.
Not even worth it.
Why do you always have to
start stuff?
Why don't you trust me?
I don't trust anyone.
Why? So messed up.
Give me some.
This will take
all your troubles away.
Be careful with that, bro.
This shit is strong.
Don't give it to anybody
who can't handle it.
-Dance with me, baby.
Come on.
That's what happened last time.
Two drinks and you turn into
a bumbling stumbling idiot.
Babe, I wanna go home.
- Do you hear me?
- What?
I wanna go home.
Why don't you go
talk to that guy
you were talking to earlier,
You are such a child.
I'm just gonna find
my own ride home then.
Maybe I will talk to that guy.
Karma, let's go.
Hey, I got this, bro.
Thanks, bro.
Hey. I'm sorry.
Wanna go? Come on. Let's go.
Now all of a sudden you care?
Now all of a sudden
you're sweet?
Why? 'Cause your brother's here?
don't involve me in this, bro.
Look, she's tired.
Just take her home.
Take her home then come back.
- Really?
- What?
You know, you gotta ruin
everybody's night all the time
'cause you can't handle
your liquor.
Hey, bro. Come on, man. Really?
Here's to you.
Here's to me.
Brothers, we will always be.
Now let's take some shots.
Just make it two.
Little brother here
has gotta take
his two can Sam
drunk girlfriend home.
Don't bring your girlfriend
to our raves
if she can't handle her alcohol.
Pour me a shot.
Ooh, that sounds more like it.
Give me a shot, I said.
Karma, I'm gonna--
I'm gonna take you home, okay?
No, BJ, I'm staying here. Okay?
-Colt, pour me a shot.
-Listen to the young lady, okay?
Cheers to the Johnson Brothers!
Man, just take her home already.
She's gonna be sleeping
in like ten minutes.
-Give me another shot.
BJ, I said give me another shot.
Mm, party time.
All right.
Hey, you heard her, bro.
I wanna drink
some more, baby.
But he's not giving it to me.
He's pouring it.
But I asked him for it
like an hour ago.
Yeah, he's, uh--
Here you go, here you go.
Party time.
Ah! Whoa.
I can have another..
No, I can--
I really want some more.
Give me some more.
Give me some more..
I want some more.
You're not only a best friend...
you're a sister.
I'm sorry I've been so distant
for the past six months.
My relationship...
with BJ...
has consumed me.
Can I have some more?
Maybe, uh, she needs
another pick-me-up, bro.
-Hey, Karma.
-Hey, let's, uh...
...let's go somewhere
little bit quiet.
-No, baby.
It has...
devoured all of me.
I'm writing...
to tell you.
Sorry, Star.
I'm sorry...
I missed your birthday.
I am sorry...
I yelled at you
last time we spoke.
He won't let me hang out
with anyone
but his two brothers,
Colt and Zeke.
Our boy
is about to get it in.
You're sick, bro.
Fuck you, man.
When you're right you're right.
I thought
he was what I wanted,
but instead...
I got somebody
who's manipulating
and controlling.
Come on, get up, babe.
Oh, come on baby, get up.
Babe, I don't wanna do it here.
Let's keep drinking.
- I said I'm not ready.
- Hey, you're never ready.
Baby, I wanna get up.
- Baby.
- Hey.
Babe, I wanna get up.
It's okay. Come on.
Babe, I said I wanna get up.
What's that stuff?
This is the stuff
that's gonna loosen you up,
Travis has the best shit.
I was selling to BJ for a while.
I told him to be careful,
careful who he gave it to.
That shit will kill you.
It did kill someone,
and now it's gonna kill you.
I don't wanna die.
Lord, forgive me.
I don't-- I don't wanna.
-She didn't wanna die either.
You think we wanna do this?
You did this to us.
You and the rest.
It was BJ! It was BJ!
Babe, I trust you, I trust you.
You think I'd do anything
to put you in danger?
No, baby, baby, I trust you.
I trust you.
You know I only drink though.
I thought you only drank too.
Can't we just lay here?
Wait around,
see what happens, have some fun.
See what happens? Really?
I'll tell you
what's gonna happen.
You're gonna pass out
and go to sleep.
That's what always happens.
-That's a lot of fun, huh?
Yeah. I'm outta here.
Babe! Babe, come back!
Babe, come back!
Fine, I-- I'll try it.
But-- but-- but promise,
please don't leave me.
Don't ever leave me.
Do you trust me?
Yes, I-- I trust you.
Let's have some fun then.
This is gonna make you party
and have fun all night.
Hey, baby, uh...
Are you ready?
I promise you're gonna love it.
Enjoy it, baby.
Uh, let your mind and body
wander out of this reality
and into a better one.
You are not going anywhere.
You're forever mine.
No, no positive ID
on our John Doe yet.
No. No. No wallet, no ID either.
Uh, it looks like he's been dead
about a week or so.
Looks like someone
purposely smashed
the hole in his head, Dakota.
Yeah. See you soon.
- Hello?
- Hello.
This is Detective Anderson
from the police department.
Do you have a minute?
I have some questions.
What's this about, detective?
I'm about to go visit
my father soon.
This will just take a moment.
We found a bloody John Doe
in the park.
Real messy.
I know you are well-known
in the community.
Maybe you can help us
identify him.
Do you have some time?
I'm sorry, detective,
but I don't think I do.
Mr. Miller,
it would really help
our investigation.
I can make it
really easy for you.
I can arrange to pick you up.
I can send a car
at your earliest convenience.
Good talking with you,
but my ride is here.
But-- but Mr. Miller--
- Mr. Miller?
- Yes, sir.
All right, so you're going
to SSE State Asylum?
- That's correct.
- All righty. Hop in.
Mr. Miller,
your son, Zion, is here.
We're gonna take you
to your favorite place
to see him.
The visiting room.
Hello, Zion.
Hey, George. Thank you.
Hey, pops.
The nurse said
you haven't been eating
or drinking much lately.
You haven't felt like it much,
Me neither.
Look, I--
I know you don't like it
when I bring it up, but...
it's 40 years ago today.
40 damn long years.
I still feel Mom's presence.
I know
she's still looking after us.
Hey, you remember Dakota, right?
The investigating detective.
He mentioned some new murders
have recently popped up.
Like I told Dakota...
somebody pissed somebody off.
Or maybe karma just caught up
with some people.
Daddy, daddy, daddy.
I miss my mommy.
Everything will be okay, son.
Our friends at the park said...
the boogeyman killed my mommy.
The boogeyman in the hood.
Will you not ,
No, no, no.
They say you're delirious, pop.
But I know
you're still in there.
They killed your wife
right in front of you.
That would drive anyone crazy.
Listen, I...
I came to tell you a story.
A story
about a once scared little boy.
That little boy eventually
turned into a strong man.
A strong man who took out
the boogeyman.
I understand now
why you never talked about
what happened
that fateful night.
No, no, no, no!
Hey, grab him!
Make him watch.
No, no, no! No!
Settle down!
Settle down!
Get off of her!
- Don't fight!
- No, no! Walt, help me!
At first, I just thought
you were too scared to talk.
I just couldn't understand why
you wouldn't talk about
what happened that night.
I found myself blaming you
for what happened.
I began to just sweep it
under the rug.
Just learned
to live with it too, you know?
That's when I bought the house.
Thinking that would help
with the pain.
Mom said she wanted to own
a bed and breakfast.
So, I figured now she will.
And that day,
I was digging in the garden...
and I found that hood.
Then old man Willy came over
and said he had a secret.
A secret he'd been hiding
for 40 years.
Just take--
take what you want.
Just let us go!
Mom was killed
over greed.
After hearing all that,
it brought back
all those emotions.
All those emotions
I had buried as a kid.
-No crying, Zion!
-No crying, Zion!
You gotta be strong.
You gotta be strong for Pop.
I wanted them to suffer
just like they made you suffer,
They took a life that day.
They took all our lives.
you created him.
That's when I became him.
They created him.
That's when I made
the murder bench
and put my plan into motion.
I would make them suffer...
just like Mom did.
Tommy was the first to go.
I had fun with him.
It's over for you, Tommy.
It's over.
Then came Bo.
I had fun plunging that stick
in his throat.
Time's up Bo.
Then came Huck.
I saved him for last.
I did what I had to do.
What any son would've done.
I had to kill the evil
that took Mom away from us.
I had to make sure
they would never hurt anyone
Karma just caught up
with some bad people, son.
You were such a strong boy
back then.
You're even a stronger man now.
You'll always be my hero, Zion.
It's over, son.
-It's over.
-No, Pop. No.
There's more of them.
Bo had three boys
before he went to prison.
They're bad men.
Bad like the rest of them.
We have to finish
what they started.
-Star and me.
Star is Jed's granddaughter.
She's one of us, Pop.
She's one of us now.
I am ready to tell you
that I'm not...
not the Karma you know.
You Karma?
Yeah. Where's Travis?
You got the money?
I said, where's Travis?
Look, this is the bomb stuff.
You want this or not?
It's gonna get you right.
BJ could be nice
when he wants to...
but he has a problem.
Let's get-- let's get-- Whoa.
I have a problem too.
Oh, well.
Okay. It's your turn.
Come on. Your turn.
Come on, you're up.
That's good, that's good.
Come on, do it all. Do it all.
All of it. Don't waste that.
That's it, babe.
Yeah, baby. That's it.
I'm not the Karma
I even know.
That girl's broken.
No, no, no!
No, no, no, no! Karma!
Karma! Come on! Come on, now!
No, no!
No, no, no, no, no!
I just feel like she's gone.
Ma'am, what's your name?
Ma'am? Ma'am, what's your name?
Come on. Give me a name.
I-- is that your name?
-Are you--
Karma. Your name's Karma?
- Karma.
- Karma.
Karma, can you tell me
what you took?
What'd you take?
Where's BJ?
Who's BJ?
I don't know who BJ is.
Where's BJ?
I need to know
what you took.
-I wanna help you.
- I need to help you.
- BJ!
No, no.
No, don't get up.
I need to-- to go find BJ.
I have an ambulance
right over here.
-We need to take you--
-No, no. No!
Where's BJ?
We need to get you--
get you care.
Where's BJ? BJ?
Next time I won't miss.
Now tell me everything.
It wasn't me.
It wasn't me.
I was in jail.
That chick didn't overdose
on my shit.
I keep telling you...
BJ is the one
that you are looking for.
Where can I find him?
I don't know. I don't know.
Okay. Okay. Okay..
The l-- l-- last I heard
he was working
in the old insane asylum.
You better be right.
What is your obsession
with this dude anyway?
He took my best friend's life...
and now I'm gonna take his.
I thought
you loved me, BJ.
I would've done anything
for you.
I thought you loved me, BJ.
I would've done anything
for you.
Why'd you let me die?
Why'd you let die, BJ?
Why did you let me die?
BJ, why did you let me die?
Do your best.
You did this to yourself.
It's just a dream, BJ.
It's just a dream.
Who the fuck are you?
Heck is going on in here?
Where the hell are we?
Look at this picture.
What do you want from me?
What do you want from me?
You stole precious life.
And now I'm gonna steal yours.
I'm gonna get outta here,
and when I do,
I'm gonna kick your ass.
Who the hell is that?
The fuck is going on in here?
Shut up!
Where the hell are we?
What the hell is going on?
If he owes you money
I got nothing to do with this.
Travis, if you got me caught up
in some bad deal
I'm gonna kick
the shit outta you.
She had a life
before she met you.
She had ambitions,
dreams, goals.
You took that away from her.
Hi, my name is Karma Moon.
I am 25 years old.
I have been dancing, acting,
and singing
for my whole entire life.
And I am reading
for the role of Jennifer.
And I can work as a vocal hire.
Thank you.
Let me do one more.
You stole her innocence.
And now
I'm gonna steal yours.
You don't who you're messing
with, bitch.
Shut the fuck up.
You know, months ago...
I got a letter.
I always wondered
who you were...
and why you did this to her.
There it goes.
"Dearest Star,
we've been best friends
since the second grade.
You're not only a best friend.
You are a sister."
BJ and his brothers...
did something
to me that night.
Something that changed me...
I trusted him.
"I trusted him and his brothers
and they just watched.
They just watched
and let it happen."
Bitch got what she deserved.
I told her
she'd never leave.
Guess what?
You're never gonna leave.
Hey, I'm looking for Macie.
Oh, um, the--
the morning meeting
just ended, hon.
But we do have one
later today.
Okay. Um--
Okay. Thanks.
I've never seen you here before.
What's your name?
Are you okay?
You look a little tired.
-You want some coffee?
Oh, not much left.
-Uh, sorry.
-That's okay.
- Thanks.
- Oh.
- Hold it with both hands.
- Yeah.
So, um...
what brings you
in here today?
I heard
you are a really good listener.
I mean-- you know what?
I'm-- I'm so--
I'm-- I'm-- I'm gonna go.
Wait, hold on.
It's okay.
You don't have to go.
Come here. Just relax.
You're fine.
And it's true.
I am a good listener.
So what--
what's on your mind?
I just-- people, they--
they-- they-- they judge you.
They look at you
on the-- the outside
and then they don't see you.
They think
you're just this-- this mess.
They don't really see
the-- who you are on the inside.
-And I just--
I needed to come here and--
I need to get
some things off my chest.
And I just hope that
you're not gonna judge me or--
or tell anyone
what I'm telling you.
Well, how'd you hear about me?
How'd you hear
about the program?
This chick
that I partied with,
we partied at the, uh, asylum,
used to squat there.
And you--
you actually helped her.
She was on the ledge
and you brought her back.
But now she's--
she's using again.
And I don't know.
I might go see her later.
I-- I heard that
you've been here before
and you've gotten
to the other side, so--
Yes. Oh, yeah.
That's true.
So I understand.
Do you?
Do you-- do you--
do you really understand
what I'm going through?
it doesn't seem like you do.
You're just standing here
and-- and smiling.
You know, he raped me?
Have you--
have you ever been raped?
Do you know what it feels like?
He hasn't called me.
And his father,
his father killed someone.
I'm scared. Okay?
This-- this woman, Mrs. Miller,
or something like--
that-- that-- that mystery
from 40 years ago.
He killed her.
He murdered her.
And-- and now
I look like I am crazy too.
And you're just-- you're just
fucking smiling at me.
You're not even hearing me.
-I-- I am.
-No, no.
This was a-- this was a mistake.
I'm gonna go.
Go fuck yourself.
Dropped your s-- star.
You look pretty bad.
Who did this to you?
Who did you piss off,
Mr. John Doe?
Yeah. Yeah. I'm Macie.
No, no, no, no. I
can't-- I can't come in.
I need to remain anonymous.
Yes. Okay. Yeah.
I'm down
at the Fellowship church.
It's on 9th Street.
Okay. Detective Anderson.
Mm-hmm. Okay.
All right. Thank you so much.
See you in an hour.
Thank you so much.
All right. Bye-bye.
Thanks, man.
Yo, bro. Where's mine?
What does it take to get
a beer and a shot around here?
Wait, wait, wait.
You, uh,
you seen this guy around here?
I told you no an hour ago.
You don't gotta be
an asshole about it, man.
Where you at, bro?
Hey, calm down, man.
Keep that shit up and I'm gonna
have to ask you to leave.
Screw you, man.
What are you drinking?
It's on me.
You, uh... seen
this guy around here?
He doesn't look familiar at all.
-What's his name?
-It's BJ.
BJ have a last name?
Johnson. What's up
with all the questions, man?
to have my freedom back.
That was
my best friend's last name.
So what, man?
thanks for the drink, but, uh...
-...I gotta find my brother.
Can I buy you guys a drink?
You could buy him one.
I'm about ready to leave.
Work comes early in the morning.
-I get that.
-You know what?
I hope you find
your brother, kid.
Good luck.
What you're drinking,
big guy?
Who's that?
My brother.
Brother? You always carry around
a picture like that?
You always wear sunglasses
in a bar?
I like to fly
under the radar.
what happened to your brother?
I don't know.
Maybe he just needed a break
from reality or something.
He was supposed to meet
me last week.
He never showed.
He wouldn't do that.
No, thanks.
But I really gotta go.
Well I--
Son of a bitch.
He's okay.
As I said, he probably just--
needed a break from reality.
We all do.
All right.
Grab us another round.
Uh, I'll be right back.
Hey, what are you doing?
Oh, God.
No-- I just, uh,
ordered us shots.
Drink up.
Like really?
That was not my fault.
Not your fault?
-Hey, uh--
-The table is not even.
Oh, it's not even?
Well, uh, can we go
for a little smoke outside?
Oh, yeah.
Let me just, um, hit the head.
I'll meet you out there.
-Shooter nips.
Don't keep me waiting
too long, big boy.
Come out.
Come out wherever you are.
Detective Anderson.
Macie Johnson?
Thank you so much for coming.
-Did you need any coffee?
-Uh, no.
My partner tells me
you may have a tip for us.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Um--
And I just wanna know
why I had to
cut my lunch date short.
What'd you got for me,
Uh, okay.
So, yeah, this girl came in
a couple weeks ago.
Um, and, um,
and I never seen her before,
but that happens all the time.
They come and they go.
So I'm used to that.
And, um, you know,
some want something to eat,
some want to talk.
You know, some want shelter,
some actually wanna get clean.
So when this girl came in and--
and started talking to me,
she was super whacked out.
You know, she was really--
she was really hurting.
And, um, so I took
the time to talk to her.
And, uh...
you know...
I guess I'm a good listener.
look, I always listen,
you know.
I'm always listening
to everybody.
So, you know, I took time
and I listened to her.
And most of them just blame.
You know,
they blame it on the boyfriend
or they blame it
on the mother.
You know, that they got them
hooked on drugs, and--
Look, I've been there.
I've been there before.
I was once the-- the victim.
I was the abuser.
I was a drug addict.
And I was blaming
everybody but myself.
So when she came in, I-- I--
you know, I just listened.
I try not to take
things too personal.
Does, um,
this girl have a name?
Where are you going
with this, Macie?
Well, when
the-- the conversation
didn't go her way.
She just-- she changed.
It was a very,
very dramatic change in her.
And, um,
this sweet girl that came in
to talk to me,
she just acted very different.
She talked about
her boyfriend, okay?
The boyfriend that raped her.
She did mention
that-- that the father
committed a murder
40 years ago.
Okay. Wait.
Um, the boyfriend's father
murdered someone
40 years ago.
Yes. And the crazy thing is--
is that there was a Mrs. Miller
that was murdered 40 years ago.
-Get it?
what I'm thinking is, um...
when I heard that
this junkie girl
had committed suicide,
I just-- I knew it was her.
I knew it was Karma. I just--
How do you know
it was the same girl?
because it was-- it was her.
She told me
she was squatting at the asylum.
I mean,
it was the same description.
I think what
I'm trying to say is,
can you just look
for this guy, BJ?
You know, 'cause maybe
we can solve this murder
from 40 years ago.
Do you mind coming
down to the station tomorrow?
maybe do some talking?
No. I told your partner
that I wanna remain anonymous.
I can't do that. Okay?
I need these girls
to come to me.
I need-- I can't--
I get it. Thank you.
This has been good.
Well, hey, there was
one other thing, detective.
She did leave a letter,
and I didn't think much of it
at the time,
but I did put it
in the mail.
And-- and it said
that her name was Star.
So I hope that helps.
Thank you. It does.
This is BJ Sr.
Bed-- Bedford.
The Millers, Mrs. Miller.
let's start
with our girl here, Karma.
Now, right before
she slices her wrists
and kills herself,
she reaches out
to our anonymous tipper,
Macie Johnson.
Karma confides in Macie
that her boyfriend BJ
abused her
and got her fucked up
on drugs.
And our dead John Doe
turns out to be
none other
than this guy, BJ.
Yeah. BJ, Bo Johnson Jr.
Yeah. And the guy we found
with a huge hole
through his throat
is none
other than Bo Johnson Sr.,
the father.
Karma blabbered to Macie
that her boyfriend's father
killed all those years ago,
our unsolved...
murder Louise Miller.
Yeah. Mm-hmm.
-So Macie finds an envelope...
...left behind by Karma.
It was addressed to a Star.
Uh, Star's grandfather
was Jed Bedford?
Yeah. Jed, the creepy old dude
who killed himself
right after they found
Mrs. Miller's body.
But what we're looking at here
is a dead girl, Karma,
two weeks before
she kills herself,
reaches out
to a woman named Macie.
And coincidentally,
may have given us tips
to solve
the 40-year-old murder mystery
of who killed Louise Miller.
Thank you, officer.
Sit down, TC.
So, I'm Detective Dakota.
And this is my partner
Detective Anderson.
Got a light? You mind?
Yes, actually, I do mind.
So tell me, TC...
were you at Busty Tavern...
last Friday evening?
I'm there everyday, detective.
Did you get into
an altercation,
a fight with a Zeke Johnson?
I got into a lot of fights
with a lot of people.
How about this guy?
Yeah, he is an asshole.
Well, he's a dead asshole now.
The fuck you talking about?
He was found dead yesterday.
And a witness at the bar
says he saw you get into
an altercation with him.
No, this guy came out,
took a swing at me.
I knocked his dick in the dirt,
walked away.
Really? You know,
when we found him, he had a--
he had a big weld
on his head.
And his neck...
a big, tight
rope twisted around his throat.
You sure
that didn't come from you, TC?
You ain't pawning
that shit on me.
Like I said,
the guy took a swing at me.
I knocked his dick
in the dirt.
I laughed at him
and I literally walked away.
Didn't you just get released?
Because I'm pretty sure
getting into a fight
is a violation
of your parole.
You know, you help us out...
you tell us
what we wanna know, and...
maybe we can do
something for you.
I mean-- oh, he--
he was with another guy.
He was with Bobby D.
Bobby D
was-- was there with him.
Bobby D
will vouch for this whole thing.
Bobby D, huh?
Well, TC...
we'll see about
Officer Moore,
get this guy
out of here, now.
- Fuck off me.
- And bring me Bobby D.
Help! Help! Help!
Somebody's after me!
Please, help me.
He's after me, please.
Hold on. Stop.
What's going on?
Please, he's gonna get me.
-Who's gonna get you?
-My uncle.
I'm Officer Jeff Smith.
Everything's gonna be fine.
You have to hurry, please.
Everything's gonna be okay.
Everything's gonna be fine.
-What is your name?
You're never leaving here.
Someone help me. He's after me.
Don't let him get me.
You are never leaving here,
All right, Star.
Everything will be fine.
Everything's gonna be fine.
You're never gonna leave.
You're never leaving, Star.
I can't help you, Star.
You come from
a long line of bad people.
I have to cleanse
your bloodline,
so it can be pure of evil.
I have to finish
what I started.
it's just a dream, Star.
It's just a dream.
What's that?
Sorry, I can't hear you.
Who are you?
I'm gonna get out of here.
And when I do,
I'm going to kill you.
Should've kicked your ass
back at the bar.
when I get done with you,
you're gonna wish
I was the guy at the bar.
Come back here, bitch.
I'm not done with you.
Look at the picture!
Help me! Help me!
Who's there?
Where the fuck am I?
Help me! Help me!
It's Tra--
What? What am I doing here?
What is this place?
You stood there and watched.
You watched
your brother Colt drug her.
You watched your brother
BJ take advantage of her.
He forced himself on her.
She adored him.
She adored you.
And what did you do to her
in return?
That bitch killed herself.
Oh, she had a precious life.
And you and your brothers
took that away from her.
All you had to do
was help her.
And I would have let you live.
Yeah. Who is it?
-Bobby D is here.
-Send him in.
Hey, Bobby D.
-Sit down, Bobby.
Zeke Johnson,
how do you know him?
The kid from the bar.
What the hell
is this all about?
Answer the question!
I talked to him a little.
He told me he was, uh,
there looking for his brother.
Is this about his brother?
brother, Bobby?
The kid is dead.
The brother? Dead?
Zeke, the kid, Bobby,
he's dead.
He left the bar, Bobby,
and was never seen again.
According to the biker dude,
he was with you all night long.
You were the last person
to see him alive.
So cut the crap.
It's bullshit, man.
You ain't got
shit on me, Dakota.
You know what?
Come to think of it...
I remember now.
There was a girl at
the bar last night.
So, tell me, Bobby.
Bobby, is this the brother?
That's the brother. That's BJ.
He's dead too!
Listen, man,
don't try to pin this on me.
I told you
I had nothing to do with this.
You tried to pin
one murder on me before.
Your best friend in prison,
25 years in prison,
gets out...
and is murdered
on the first night?
It's a little crazy.
Don't you think, Bobby?
Something's going on here.
Not this time, Dakota.
We didn't bring you
down here
because we think
you killed the kids.
We brought you down here
because we think
the kids have
a connection to Bo.
How so?
Bo had three sons, Bobby.
One of them, his name was BJ.
Do you happen to know
what BJ stands for?
Bo Johnson...
You know, the apple does not
fall too far from the tree.
All three of them had a--
had a rap sheet as long
as my arm,
especially Bo Jr.
He was investigated
on an assault
against his girlfriend, Karma.
Supposedly he-- he got her
all fucked up on drugs.
And then he goes
and assaults her...
when she was passed out high.
Not a nice dude.
He got her so fucked up,
fucked up so bad, Bobby...
that she went
and killed herself.
The rest is history.
Look who finally decided
to wake up.
Saved the best for last.
Your brother Colt over there
was the mastermind.
But you left that little
information out, huh?
What are you talking about?
You're a fucking bitch.
but I just can't go on.
That night,
I lost everything.
My dreams, my mind,
my body, my soul.
I lost my virginity
that night.
No one believed me though.
Not even you.
The cops thought
I was just a junkie.
Really, though, the events
that happened that night
turned me into a junkie.
And no one wanted to
listen to me.
I tried to tell you that Colt
drugged me that night.
He drugged me
so that his brother...
my boyfriend...
could lure me to...
that room.
He drugged me
so that his brother
could have his way with me.
And I trusted him.
I trusted them all.
But after that night,
I just kept on using.
I used to numb the pain.
I numbed the pain
because I lost everything.
And I'm writing you and Jesse
this letter...
to tell you both
that I'm sorry."
don't be mad at me.
I just don't think
I can go on anymore.
"Sorry, I disappointed you.
I'm sorry that you two
didn't believe me
when I tried to tell you.
Don't blame yourself
when reading this.
Let my baby sis know that...
...I'm just beyond repair.
In closing, I just--"
I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
"I'm sorry too."
If you just didn't
sell BJ those drugs,
this would've never happened.
She slit her wrists.
That's how she killed herself,
you know.
"I just hope you know,
I love you both."
You did this!
You did this to yourself.
You did this to them.
What are you talking about?
You did this to them.
I didn't do anything.
- Time's up, Colt.
- BJ!
You-- you don't have to do this.
You-- you--
you don't have to do this.
You don't.
Neither did you, fucker!
No, no!
Now you feel her pain.
No, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no, no, no!
No, no, no!
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Now you'll feel their pain.