They've Got Knut (2003) Movie Script

THEY'VE GOT KNU Tyrol, 1983
What l hoped for
from our time up here is that l...
That we...
l'll wait till you're finished.
-No, no, go ahead.
our... experiment...
or whatever it was, has failed.
l don't want to continue
this form of relationship.
l don't mean the form...
No, wait.
l do mean the form, actually ,
not the relationship. l'm very ...
Can't they stay in town!
-They're just driving past.
l don't feel like ski tourists now.
-Come on, a car every two hours.
All right.
l just think this competition
to see who has the most af fairs...
... has nothing to do with freedom.
l'm just tired of convincing myself
how modern l am or something.
lt's really getting to me.
our relationship...
The people we go to bed with...
l don't know how you feel about it.
What am l supposed to say?
-Sorry, that sounded all wrong.
That's not what l wanted to say .
l really wanted to say that l...
l've realized that...
l don't want all these af fairs.
l know now... that l love you...
... and how much being with you
means to me.
l feel we shouldn't
put that at stake so recklessly.
This carelessness...
l've started to hate it.
You know, l wish
we could start all over again.
And this time...
Without all the bullshit.
Just the two of us.
Maybe that way we'd have a chance.
Yeah, maybe.
lf we do have a chance,
l'd like to take advantage of it.
What's going on now?
Maybe they're lost.
Great timing.
Why don't the assholes
just keep driving!
Hello, is anybody here?
l'm Jens.
-And l'm Petra.
l see. Hello.
Excuse me, but who are you?
Well, l'm still Jens.
Petra, what about you?
What's your name?
-l'm Nadia.
The sister.
Knut's sister.
-oh, yes, right.
Knut's sister.
-You can tell right away.
We're the advance guard
of the volleyball team.
Shall we go in?
-Yes, of course.
Do you know where the light turns on?
-oh, it's so nice and warm here.
Hi, l'm Lutz.
-l'm lngo, Nadia's boyfriend.
Hi, l'm Jens.
l'm a bit surprised.
Knut didn't mention...
He didn't tell you we were coming?
Typical. A real organizational talent.
-one demonstration too many, probably.
Shit. For you, l mean.
But we'll manage, the house is huge.
lt's not that, we just wanted to spend
some time alone. Nothing personal.
No, l didn't take it that way.
Don't worry, we'll get along.
Shall we get the rest?
l need to eat somewhere. Want to come?
-No, thanks.
l'm not sure you understood me.
-You know where the ski depot is?
-Where do you keep yours?
l don't ski.
-Maybe we can leave them at the run.
lt's quite a hike up here.
-As l said, l won't be skiing.
What? of course you will. We all will.
Jens is a beginner too.
Knut's bringing more novices tomorrow.
You'll have a blast.
Why don't you go to a hotel in town?
lt would be closer.
lt's great here. We'll manage.
-Don't, Lars.
Come on, quit it. Let's go.
-Come on, Lars.
My brother normally comes in March.
l guess this time he isn't.
This sucks.
Your dad said it was empty. What about
the cabin rules l had to listen to?
What are you doing?
lt's quite simple, l'm kicking them out.
l won't put up with this.
Come on, it's big enough.
l don't feel like a ski vacation
with your family.
l'm looking forward to my brother.
-l'm not here to listen to his rambling.
Just avoid him, that's not so hard.
-Yeah? Show me your trick. Damn!
l'm here for you.
Us is what l care about.
And l'm touched.
lt was a lovely idea.
Would it be so awful if we aren't alone?
l like being around people.
l bet we'll have a lovely time.
We used to go down there as kids.
Quit it.
-l'm just brushing off the snow!
My brother's been coming here
for three years. This is my first time.
Since you were a kid?
-Yes. l was 13 the last time l was here.
How is it for you?
lt's wonderful. Lots of memories.
This used to be the only place l'd see
Knut after my parents' divorce.
They separated you two?
-Yeah. Knut grew up with Papa.
How many
of Knut's anti-nukes friends are coming?
Three, l think.
l would have come back sooner,
but lngo doesn't like ski trips.
l don't like big ski resorts, either.
The atmosphere and all... Horrible.
lngo doesn't like groups, and he
doesn't really like my brother, either.
You either love Knut or you hate him.
Don't get me wrong, l like him.
But at times l have to say , ''Knut, let's
play volleyball, not discuss endlessly.''
Knut said we could get milk from a farm.
You know where?
We'll take care of it.
Lutz, let the woman live.
Did you get here okay?
-Yes, no problem.
l'm Birgit.
Well, well!
Hi, l'm Birgit.
Did you wax your skis?
-of course!
lt's great here!
-Yeah, isn't it?
Ski ahoy!
Hi, l'm Rolf.
You want to go back already?
Where does that go?
You want to go with all this milk?
We'll pick it up on the way back.
A little time without the others,
now and then. Promise?
lf you take a skiing course.
Rolf is giving one in the mornings.
The big volleyball player.
And in the afternoons, we'll go alone.
We do have the same goal
though, don't we?
We'll rent skis in town.
That's all.
-Thank you.
That's Knut's bed, right?
-Yes, Knut will sleep here with me.
Can you move that chair? The mattress
like this, so we can get through.
No idea, maybe Nadia knows.
Do you know what's up with Knut?
-No idea. We didn't know about this.
l mean where he is? He wanted
to be the first to be here tonight.
l wouldn't worry. He's probably
at some anti-nuke sit-in somewhere.
No offense, Nadia, but veto.
Put the drum kit here for now.
And down.
Come on, you too.
Don't forget your arms.
And come back up slowly.
Loosen your muscles.
Count to five,
from one foot to the other .
one, two, three, four, five.
And lower.
Keep going.
Sorry to interrupt.
Just one more. Join us.
We want to be in good shape tomorrow.
There are things you don't know ,
so slow down.
Can you calm down?
l have something to tell you.
Silvia and l were in town
to make a call. We have bad news.
They've got Knut.
What's wrong?
What do you know?
-Not much, unfortunately.
He was arrested last night.
l talked to two friends.
Right now we can only speculate
what they're charging him with.
What does that mean for us?
-That's the question.
l'll be honest,
my first thought was, we should leave.
But Silvia disagrees,
and she's closest to Knut, after all.
Nadia, as his sister, what do you think?
-l'd need to know more...
l'm working on that.
l'll phone in regular intervals.
l think it would be silly
to break off our vacation.
We were all looking forward to this.
l don't think that's what Silvia meant.
Just staying here and having fun
when Knut's in trouble... He could be
in solitary confinement for all we know .
l find that awfully cynical, l'm sorry .
-l agree with Michael.
We won't just act
as if nothing happened.
l think the question is, do we all leave
to be near him and maybe take action?
or do we get active up here
in a way Knut would be proud of?
ln what way?
-We'd have to talk about that.
Shall we vote on the two possibilities,
or does anyone see a third?
Who thinks we should leave?
Who thinks we should stay?
Any abstentions?
You have no opinion?
The majority is for staying here.
Can l have the water please?
Faking an Austrian accent is easy.
Just stuff your mouth with spaghetti,
then start talking.
No one will understand a word.
You didn't get it, either.
-No, not a word.
Lars, have you met Niklas yet?
Niklas, wait a minute.
Come here, Lars.
Lars is my son,
as you probably know.
Niklas is Birgit's son.
-l know.
How nice that you can
get to know each other.
We've met at Birgit's,
and Birgit and Lars have met too.
But you two...
What about tomorrow?
Do you want to take Rolf's course
with the grown-ups?
or do you two want your own course?
-Can he ski?
lt's Lars's second time. Mine too.
You've been skiing for a while?
Then it might be boring for you.
l'd rather go to Rolf's course.
-You'd rather ski with Rolf?
How are you doing?
What do you think?
Do you want to stay?
You see your chance
to get away from here?
What do you mean, ''my chance?''
This is a situation
where you decide.
l imagine it's not easy for you,
being so far away from Knut.
You imagine.
So we're staying?
Don't tell me you care
what happens to my brother.
l'm sure you're worried.
You don't have to like Knut.
But if you try to use him
to get away from these people,
don't expect my support.
l can tell they get on your nerves!
l don't care about the others.
l'm here for us.
Sorry, l was being unfair.
l don't know what to do either ,
and l'm acting like an idiot too.
lt's just really getting to me
that l have no idea what's going on.
l'm mean, my brother's
not a terrorist or anything.
What do they want from him?
Good, Birgit!
Right, now stop! Good!
Hey, you could cheer Jan on a little!
Jan! Jan! Jan!
Wow, it's tight here!
Don't lean back so far, Silvia!
You have to lean forward more.
You're not working hard enough.
Bend your knees more.
But otherwise it was good.
Looking very good.
A ski race like this
needs more cheering!
Nadia, use your poles.
-lngo! lngo! lngo!
l'll show you.
lngo, slow down!
Don't brake with the poles!
That's it!
Now come across!
Leave some more room!
Lars! Jens!
Not so close together!
-God, it's tight here!
Come on, Lutz, we'll be a team.
Wait, l'm coming.
Everybody come with me!
Come along!
Come with me.
Birgit, you're not skiing
with those blunt edges, are you?
Actually, l am.
Why, what about them?
Take a look. What did you do to them?
-No idea. l bought the skis used.
l can't let you ski like that.
You're a danger to yourself and others.
lt's not funny.
Wolfgang knows a lot about it,
ask him if he can help.
l have a request.
ln light of how we agreed
to regard this stay yesterday,
l suggest we not stay out
till the lift stops running.
ls it okay if we meet
in the cabin at 3:30?
Then we can discuss what to do
about the Knut problem, okay?
See you later!
-See you later.
l have to discuss something with lngo.
-l'll wait here.
lngo, l'd like to talk to you.
l want to get everyone up to one level
as fast as possible
so everyone can do the same exercises.
As the others all have some experience,
l wanted to ask if you felt like
some extra practice this afternoon.
What a great offer!
Lutz and Lars
will be practicing with Birgit,
and l figured you needed it most.
-l'm no great athlete.
Well, maybe, but that's not important.
Everyone has his talents.
You just need practice.
No offense, but Nadia and l want
to spend the afternoon together .
l see.
-No need to make it a rigid rule.
That's a great offer.
-lt'd just be a few afternoons.
Just at first. Then l'll have you
up to the level of the others.
You should do it. l was going
to ski a few slopes with Jan anyway .
You like the bumpy slopes, don't you?
So you're a good team that way .
And bend.
Not easy.
-Did you feel it?
Yup, in my legs.
-Yeah, that way you have better control
and you can move better.
And bend lower!
God, it's steep here!
-And lower!
Come on, lngo, you can do it.
And bend lower!
Are you okay?
-Yeah, l'm fine.
When you approach people directly
with flyers, you get the best results.
We agreed to quit the slopes early.
We owe it to Knut,
and l think we should all stick to that.
Would you quit playing the boss?
So they're a bit late. Big deal.
You might not notice,
but l'm really giving my all here.
l called Germany three times
while you were on the slopes.
lt's hard to get any information.
We were discussing
how we might get some publicity,
and Lutz had some good ideas.
-l'd like to ask Jan again
about the possibility of
doing something with music.
l'm not sure l'm the right guy for that.
-Good idea, though.
Don't you think?
Hey, what's this?
-lt's our turn now.
Hurry up a little, girls.
-lt might be a while.
l forgot everything, even my toothpaste.
But there's enough here.
-Yeah, but l always just use yours.
Yeah, move one string down.
Right. And back up again.
A7 is right there.
There's a reason why
they're giving us so little information.
There's a whole machine behind this,
that prepared it all and carried it out.
We have to try and
get a wedge in there somehow,
and l was wondering how, and uh...
You mentioned that
you knew some people
who we could ask, right?
Since when has she been with Knut?
l'm not sure. Since last winter?
l've only met her twice myself.
l wonder if
we're being supportive enough.
Just imagine, not knowing
what's happening to your boyfriend...
The helplessness.
And she doesn't know anyone here well.
l don't think
we're supporting her enough.
Two twos and a few extra.
Good night.
-Good night, sleep tight.
Night, Birgit.
l hope the political faction
isn't spoiling your vacation.
Nah, l have other problems.
-They don't realize their day is over.
Two ones.
Two twos.
Yup, two twos.
Have you seen Nadia?
She went out with Jan a while ago.
-You'd better keep an eye on her .
Two ones.
lt's true.
Wolfgang, come sit with us.
Maybe later.
Hey, did your daddy leave you alone?
They're in the bedroom.
My mother too?
Your father and my mother.
-Uh huh.
Are you crazy leaving them on their own?
They wanted to.
-l bet they did.
What do you think they're up to?
l think you know exactly
what they're doing.
l'm going to join the others.
-You stay right here.
The question isn't if they're fucking.
We both know they are, right?
The question is...
Will it stay at that?
That's what we should care about.
l'm afraid time is running out on us,
that we're not doing enough.
Don't berate yourself.
Amazing how you're dealing with
the situation. others would break down.
Who would l be helping
if l got all hysterical? No one.
l'm almost embarrassed.
lt's like you're giving us support,
when it should be the other way around.
Women are stronger than men anyway .
-l agree. Definitely.
Do you know anyone we could call
who might know something?
Not really.
l don't have much to do with
Knut's political stuff, actually.
l guess you give him some balance, huh?
l think that's good for him.
l don't know.
Politics just doesn't interest me.
l bet you're more political
in your way than many a politician.
lncluding members of the cabinet,
and others.
Something else l'd like to say, Silvia.
l also really admire how you're coping,
but what's strength in you
is just total ignorance in others.
l won't name any names,
but it really gets on my nerves.
lt's disrespectful to Knut,
and to you as well.
l think they're all pretty nice.
-l think that's a wonderful attitude,
but it's shitty that certain people
are taking advantage of it.
Hello, it's me again.
-l'm looking for Nadia.
She's gone to bed. lt's been a long day .
Yeah, it has.
-Good night.
Good night.
Jan skis as well as l do.
lt's just more fun.
But l'll ski with you too.
-l hardly saw you all day.
And Jan is friends with Knut.
He's truly worried about him too,
and l can talk to him about it.
-You don't give me a chance to talk.
You're obsessed with our new beginning.
lt's all you see.
Don't you care about it?
Suddenly you realize you don't want to
sleep around anymore and you love me.
Would you rather l hadn't realized it?
-l'm worried, but you can't comfort me.
l know why you're doing it, after all.
-You blame me for wanting to start over?
That destroys my credibility, or what?
-l'm not blaming you. lt's just that
l'd rather talk about Knut with a friend
of his than with someone who hates him.
So you won't let me help you because
whatever l do, l have ulterior motives.
Even the fact that l care about you
is used against me!
What are you trying to prove?
-l want you to understand my situation.
Fine. You're right, l'm wrong.
Still, l feel how l feel.
okay, now that everyone's here
we can do our little warm-up program.
Make a circle.
Here, on the side.
other way.
Do you think
they'll still be there tomorrow?
Don't think l'm going to pick them up.
-l don't care. They're crappy anyway.
They're totally shitty skis.
-No, Jens, please leave them.
l can carry them.
-l want Lars to do it himself,
like everyone else.
-lt's no problem.
l'll just carry them up the hill.
You can carry mine too!
okay, they all get on the bus.
They get off.
But now they all get mixed up.
The good ones spread out.
Now, this is a hotel.
And these are different tour groups.
The jacks belong together...
The aces belong together,
and so do the kings.
Close your eyes for a minute.
Now look.
That's great!
Put it back for a second.
You can put it right there.
-l can afford the goalie.
He takes the pass and runs!
oh, no, Lars! Not like that!
-He's cute, huh?
-Who do you think?
l wouldn't hesitate long.
They'll let your guy out soon enough.
oh, Rolf. He's a nice guy,
but we're just friends.
Sure. l happen to know
he has the hots for you.
You talked about it?
-lf my guy were in jail,
l'd take advantage of the opportunity .
But no chance, with my little pacifist.
l was arrested once at a demonstration.
-Sure, my tough little criminal.
Knead a little harder.
ls Wolfgang still in the bathroom?
-l would hope so.
lt's free.
Wolfgang went to make a phone call.
This isn't over yet.
Did you talk to Wolfgang about the skis?
-Strangely enough,
l haven't gotten around to that yet.
-l'm serious.
And l wanted to know if you've reserved
the stove for your clothes.
They're wet.
-Maybe others have the same problem.
Maybe we need to find
a solution that works for everyone.
The others don't fall as often as l do.
-The others have sharper ski edges.
Besides, they don't exactly improve
the air in here. Especially your shoes.
Can't you be a bit more considerate?
The situation is tense enough.
Michael is one
of Knut's old activist buddies.
Well, l don't know Knut and he
doesn't interest me all that much.
That's the problem. You're the only one
who's here through me and not Knut,
and l wish you'd try to fit in
with the group more.
Some l get along great with, others not.
-There, again. l'm sick of this tension.
Niklas isn't trying very hard, either.
-Tell him yourself. He's fourteen.
And why should he be the only one with
his own room? l was asked about that.
By whom?
l really don't want to say .
-Then don't bring it up.
Shall we do something together tomorrow?
Go with Jan. l understand.
You really are making an effort.
l wanted to stay in for a day anyway .
What about the afternoon? l'd like
to do something. Just the two of us.
l'll quit early and then we can meet.
lf that's what you want.
ln the caf in Auffach? Around 4:00?
Bring my shoes along
and we'll go somewhere.
Maybe eat out for a change.
And, what do you say?
lt's not asking too much
for you to participate a bit.
l expect the same from Lars,
and he's eleven. You're fourteen.
l want to talk to my mum, not you.
You won't get
any special treatment from me, pal.
l want us to get along, but l'll
treat you like a fourteen-year-old.
Want to come with Lars and me
tomorrow to get milk from the farm?
Maybe that's not so exciting at his age.
l'll come along.
-You will? l'm glad.
You get along well with kids, huh?
-Yeah, l enjoy it.
That's not to be taken for granted, some
teachers at my school are pretty scary .
How's your teacher training going?
oh, pretty good.
Well, then, good luck.
See you later.
Hello. All alone?
l need that sometimes.
-l'll be gone in a second.
l just forgot my glasses.
-No rush.
on the other hand...
A day here might be nice for a change.
Now l won't be such a menace to society .
But you're a fearless skier, l noticed.
l had a little crash yesterday .
Michael says it's my blunt edges,
but l think it's just me.
Everyone has the edges they deserve.
okay, l'm off.
lngo, do you have a problem with my son?
No, l didn't have any dealings with him.
Why do you ask?
oh, never mind.
Afew people had trouble with him, and
as he made a stupid remark about you...
-What did he say?
Never mind. He has his own perspective
on couples. And certain men.
l don't see you that way at all.
-What way?
Don't take what he says seriously .
-okay, but what does he say?
He thinks you're the kind of loser
l always go out with.
He doesn't think much of Lutz, either .
-Why not?
''Men who can't control their women'',
something like that. lt's all bullshit.
ls that the impression Nadia and l give?
But what if you did?
Would that be so terrible?
Frankly, that is what
people think about Lutz and you.
ln our case, it's true.
Maybe he's right after all.
l find you interesting too.
Forget it. Bye.
What are you doing here, freezing?
-l'm waiting for my dad.
l think the chairlift is out of order .
They're stuck.
So we'll wait.
Could be a while. We'd better go down,
l'll take responsibility.
l won't make it in time,
he'll have to wait.
How long have we been stuck?
Half an hour?
We're stuck!
lt could take a while!
Nothing l can do about it!
-No, but you could do us a favour .
lngo's waiting.
Where were you supposed to meet?
-The caf by the post office.
Niklas, tell Lars to wash...
-ln the caf!
... before he changes. All over.
-Hey, we're talking to Niklas!
l don't care if anyone sees him.
-Hey, shut up, will you!
oh no! Not again!
Are we supposed to
spend the night here, or what?
Do you want my jacket?
What was Lutz thinking?
What an asshole!
Keep your jacket.
What's in it?
My ski pass and a little money.
Keep the change.
-Thank you.
Have a nice evening. Bye.
-Thanks. You too.
Two and a half hours!
Just think what could have happened!
You want to warm up, or maybe a drink?
-Yes, indeed.
l have to make an urgent phone call.
lt's late, l'm expecting important news.
-Quit stressing out.
We'll have a nice drink
and then you make your call.
You just don't get it, do you?
How much is that?
-Twenty shillings.
All l have is a hundred.
-Get the jar so l can give him change.
Come on, give it to her.
Are you chicken?
Come on!
Shall we get going?
What kind of tired bunch are you?
The army would have done you good.
Rolf, could you wait?
-Come on, guys, no wimping out.
Could you wait?
l need to talk to you.
Rolf, humour is a good thing.
But have you noticed that some of us
aren't in the mood to laugh?
Uh, sure, if you find my jokes
offensive, just tell me.
l don't want any hurt feelings.
-l tried to ignore the army references,
but l just can't...
-l didn't go, either.
l was declared unfit.
Yes. But you totally crossed the line
with the whole Silvia thing.
That really got my goat.
Have you gone crazy, or what?
-Knut's in jail,
and you hit on his girlfriend?
What the hell is wrong with you?
Fine, enough now.
-No, nothing's fine.
The group decided to take responsibility
for Knut, and that's your contribution?
l'm tired of your bullshit.
This is my vacation, and l don't have to
justify myself if l get along with her .
Kiss my ass.
-No, l'm not letting you of f the hook.
Wait, l want to...
-Let go of me, you idiot! Let go!
l said l want...
-Rolf, please!
Let go, you asshole!
That's his way of dealing with things.
He's not injured.
Let our super-jock
show us what he can do.
Can you hand me my pole, please?
Hello. Where've you been?
Excuse me? l was waiting in the caf.
-And then? l looked for you all over .
Hey, l waited two hours, but enough
is enough. l went to see the church.
Are you coming up?
Played hooky today?
Did Rolf say something?
oh, actually, he did make a comment.
But Nadia excused you.
Do you know where he is?
The thing is, he's been having
problems with the group,
so maybe he took
your not coming too personally.
That's exactly what l didn't want.
Where is he?
Haven't you heard what happened?
Don't ask me what the problem is.
What happened?
Leave me alone.
Are you hurt?
What do you want?
-You're wet, and it's freezing!
That's dangerous.
ls that your problem?
-l'm not them. Come on, l'll help you.
l'll manage. l'm looking for my ski.
-We can look tomorrow. Come on.
lt wasn't you, l just needed a break.
-l don't care. Do whatever you want.
Don't lump me in with those people.
l'll come to the course tomorrow.
You were unenthusiastic from the outset.
Think l'm stupid?
Maybe l was at first, but it was 'cause
it wasn't the kind of trip l'd planned.
l don't want to hear it!
Don't you get it?
l don't give a damn about you.
l enjoyed it, at least later on.
-Then l'm sorry to have to tell you.
You'll never learn.
Forget about skiing, it's hopeless.
Bon apptit.
ls there anything left?
l haven't eaten yet, either .
You'll have to look.
-Thanks for the tip.
What are you doing?
l thought
you were going to have a shower .
You'd better take off those wet clothes.
Hey, what are you doing?
Don't let them ruin it for you.
-lt's always the others, huh?
l told you that l...
l said l'm having
some minor problems with Nadia...
lt has nothing to do with your course.
lt was good!
-''Minor problems?''
ls that any of your business?
-Your girlfriend is as good as gone.
You're just making a fool of yourself.
Ever had a girlfriend? Pressure builds
at your age, eh? How do you cope here?
l know who'd be thrilled if you're free.
-Don't get your hopes up.
This is nuts.
Rolf, come on, stay!
You can have mine, l don't like eggs.
Can you pass the butter, please?
Thank you, Lars.
Will you be joining us today?
-There is no more ski course.
-Just count the cars.
l thought Rolf was still asleep.
-You were mistaken.
But he's coming back, isn't he?
l doubt it.
l don't blame him, with this group.
You're blaming us?
-Are you surprised he left?
What makes you think you can judge?
lmagine, some people form opinions
without asking you first.
After all l've done for you guys.
-No one asked you to.
Yes, we did.
Rolf did a lot for the group,
but his way, not yours.
l'm so sick of your self-righteousness.
lt's easy to point a finger at others
when you're above it all, huh?
Now, now.
-lt's true.
Why didn't he notice
Rolf's contribution before?
You didn't even
want to attend the course.
Who ate the bag of raisins we bought?
Hi, l'm looking for
those mad skiers everyone's afraid of.
Sis! What are you doing here?
You're here?
lngo, what a great surprise!
l didn't know you two were here.
-Guess we're all surprised.
-Wolfgang, my man!
What's wrong with you guys?
Has something happened?
What did they do to you?
Weird atmosphere here, or is it just me?
lngo, can l have a cup too?
oh, my God!
oh, man.
Everything okay?
lt was basically...
... a mix-up. Someone thought
he recognized me and a friend
and reported us to the police.
-No one bothered to check it out?
oh, well, they let us go.
After two days, on no grounds.
Just think about it.
Actually, they let us go the same night.
But Uli missed his train
and l drove him home.
So you were at his house the whole time?
Do any of you...
Jan, you know Uli's mother, right?
-oh, man.
a really interesting woman.
Has a lot to say.
Do you know how worried we were?
Really? No, l had no idea.
There's no phone here, after all.
You should apologize to Wolfgang.
He hasn't had a bit of fun up to now .
What, Wolfgang? Because of me?
l have six months more
of teacher training,
and then another six to get my degree.
-Are you in middle school?
Actually, l'm a primary school teacher.
lsn't there a recorder somewhere?
-Should be in there somewhere.
How are you getting on?
-No problem.
l won't stay there forever .
But l can read at work.
What are you embarrassed for?
You were pretty normal during this.
l'm just amazed Knut's so inconsiderate.
l'm used to a lot, but...
lt's no one's fault.
l'm just glad it's over now.
This is really a cool surprise.
l thought you didn't ski?
lt's a long story.
Could you leave us alone for a minute?
But we'll dance in a minute, okay?
Thank you.
With me, you're safe from him.
Not your kind of music, huh?
-What makes you say that? l like it.
Can l ask you a question?
Nadia said you have a good feel for
language. lt's what you studied, right?
Afeel for language?
That could mean many things.
Yeah. Well, maybe this is a stretch,
but l have a band back home,
and l recently started writing lyrics.
our singer did it up to now.
Actually, l don't really know much
about that kind of thing.
Sure, they're not art, but l wondered
if you could take a look at them.
l see.
Well, l don't know
how much of a help l'd be, but...
l'd be interested in your opinion.
Do you have any beer left?
Want some?
Let's play something later.
-Sure. Any ideas?
Something ''unplugged.''
lngo, come on!
Dance with us!
Look at Wolfgang go!
lt's like they're
on a completely different planet.
What they say is total bullshit!
They don't want to face the world.
They run away. That really gets me!
Trying to please them is stupid.
lt doesn't get you anywhere, you know?
But l'm still fond of my mother.
-oh, please!
That's not the issue.
The issue is what you want, you know?
Constantly worrying about
what your parents want is so...
l'm so glad you're free again.
Really glad.
Hey, what are you doing?
Hey, Lutz! Had breakfast yet?
-No, l want to hit the slopes.
Are the others still around?
-Asleep. They're not going out today.
Keep it down!
-Time for breakfast!
You bastard!
Are those Jan's?
You're the first one he's shown them to.
He must trust you.
More like he trusts you.
You recommended me.
l don't know if you're allowed to see.
-l'll take the blame.
What do you think of them?
Not bad.
Aren't they a little naive?
That's not mutually exclusive.
Lyrics have to be simple.
Are you saying that for me?
You can't imagine l say anything
without ulterior motives, huh?
But... l kind of like that awkwardness.
Like Jan's lyrics?
No, that's different.
Whose awkwardness do you like more?
lt upset us that
we were the only ones wondering
about the implications of the arrest,
both personal and political.
But if you mix up the two,
you get pulled into private battles.
When l see what Silvia went through,
then l don't care if...
on a personal level, l'm very grateful
for how you helped Silvia.
She was incredibly strong. l don't know
if l could've done what she did.
That's hard to compare, l think.
For example, l doubt the erotic aspect
of my arrest would interest you.
Quit blabbing! We're hungry.
-We're working on it.
You'd reduce your girlfriend to that?
-Let's return to the issue.
l still don't get how you can shrug of f
your arrest as ''these things happen.''
Are you mad at me?
'Cause of the cows?
Why are you such an idiot?
l don't know.
At least you're not as dumb as your dad.
-He's not as dumb as he seems.
He's exactly that dumb. That's why
l don't want them to have a kid.
Do you think they want to?
-l don't know.
How come you're such a good skier?
Let's work out.
No pistachios?
-No. We're going to work out.
And one...
Chin to the ground, go on.
And two...
l read your lyrics.
oh, no, you shouldn't have.
How embarrassing.
l didn't see the song for Knut.
-There isn't one.
l know you were working on one.
-Stop it, you're embarrassing me.
Will you play it for me?
-lt's even worse than the others.
That's why l want to hear it.
lf they hadn't let Knut go,
you would've played it.
You know what's weird?
l probably shouldn't say this,
you might get me wrong, but...
l'm happy Knut's here and all,
but when he was far away,
he forged this bond between us.
Now that's no longer necessary.
And you think that's unfortunate?
As l said, l'm glad Knut's here.
'Cause l do think it's unfortunate.
lt was nice.
But it's not necessary anymore.
So it's not there anymore?
l don't know, maybe.
With you?
Maybe we shouldn't do this.
okay. l just thought you...
Sure, l want it too.
'Cause of lngo?
l understand.
l really like you a lot.
Ten... eleven...
oh, boy.
Hey, that'll give you muscles.
And now, some arm-wrestling.
-Some other time.
But you promised.
Shall we arm-wrestle, Lars?
or, since we're in Austria,
maybe we should finger-wrestle.
Actually, l have another suggestion.
How about building an igloo tomorrow,
by the edge of the woods?
ls one enough?
Do your feet smell?
You don't like it?
Too much fat?
Can you pass the bread?
All the taste is in the fat.
ls something wrong?
-No, why?
Could you pass the wine?
Come on, what's wrong?
l'm tired.
Maybe it wasn't
just about Knut all this time?
Why don't you just tell me
what the problem is?
And, how was it?
ls that all you're worried about?
l hoped those days were over ,
and that you agreed.
What days?
What is this thing with Jan?
The grand finale? or do you plan
to go on like that? Because l don't.
The grand finale of what? Us?
lf that's how you see it,
that's remarkable.
l meant of your af fairs, actually.
Jan is the first man l had.
What's that supposed to mean?
l'm not a man, but a joke, or what?
No, l meant l had no other men
during our relationship.
Not one?
You mean you never...
... slept with anyone else?
-Not once.
l mean...
l always assumed you had.
-Yes, l know.
But you never denied it.
So l had to assume you did.
Yeah, maybe.
But l felt weird.
l just wasn't interested. For you,
going to bed with others was normal.
But if you...
Why didn't you ever say anything?
-Maybe it is normal, and l'm not.
Sure you are. You don't have to sleep
around. l don't want to anymore, either .
How was l to know what's right?
And with Jan?
You want to make up for lost time?
-That's not what it's about.
ln his case, you suddenly felt
the desire to sleep with him?
l did, actually.
You should, if that's what you want.
You're entitled to.
Sorry, l know this sounds weird, but...
What does it mean for us?
Do you know what you want from him?
l guess l'm in love with him, a little.
lt does me good.
oh, l really didn't want this talk now .
So you want to spend the night with him?
-Well, if you want to sleep with him...
Do you want me to go?
l can hardly stop you,
after all that's happened.
Do you want me to leave this room?
Did you understand me?
You want that?
No, l don't want that.
You want me to sleep with him?
Why do you think l'm here, huh?
But if you want something else,
l don't have the right to stop you.
Rather than be wrong,
you'd let me sleep with...
No! l don't want you to sleep with him.
l don't want you to leave.
l'm asking you
to stay here with me, okay?
You're so pathetic.
lngo, l'm thrilled!
A little hard on the back,
but nice and fast!
l keep forgetting what Rolf taught me.
-Nonsense! You're making great progress.
Just keep practicing.
Yeah, yeah.
-Shall we...?
-lngo, mind if l join you for a round?
Could be a bit boring for you.
lngo, l've been meaning to ask...
What happened with Rolf?
Ask your pals about that.
-of the whole bunch, l consider you...
How should l put it?
You see things more clearly than most.
l mean, you're having
problems with Nadia right now...
Things aren't going so well, huh?
What are you getting at?
-lf you'd rather not talk about it...
Things are a bit screwed up right now.
This trip didn't turn out as l planned.
-Did l mess up on that count?
l mean, l didn't tell you l was coming.
-Yeah, l...
A lot of things came together.
But mainly it's my fault
if we break up.
l'd hate to see that happen.
l know l get on your nerves and all,
but l've always really admired you.
As the only one in our family .
l mean, my father... hates you.
lt was brave of you to pick up the key .
oh well, for Nadia...
lt was heroic of you, actually .
l think you should fight.
Really, it would be...
lt would be such a shame.
Give him a chance.
He's so stupid.
He just doesn't get it at all.
okay, so he has deficits
in that respect.
But l find that kind of endearing.
-So do l, that's the terrible thing.
Look who's coming, Lars!
Here, your roofing specialist.
Now you can... Wait a minute.
Lars? You want Maria
to help Rudolf clear out the igloo?
Why don't you help Rudolf
clear out the igloo?
They're still a little small, Niklas.
We need thicker ones.
But l'll accept them
as your application.
l'll ask our architect
if there's anything else we need.
Lars, do you have enough water?
-Can we manage with that?
Everything okay?
Lars, can l make the door bigger
so l can get in your house too?
What's that for?
-lt'll turn to ice.
So what?
Hey, when that freezes overnight...
You're pretty dumb, after all.
Funny thing is, he's so cool
and detached, it used to drive me crazy.
Now suddenly l realize
how much l'd miss it.
He always seems so in control.
l admire that, actually.
Yes, but now l see
something vulnerable in him.
l never used to see him that way .
And how he falls on his face skiing...
l understand.
But let's try and get closure on this.
lt's not easy for me.
lt's not for me, either.
But eight years are a long time.
So you've come to a decision.
l'm sure you're right, even if
it's hard for me to see it that way .
l feel like shit.
-But l don't want it to end like this.
Better than breaking up a relationship
only to realize it was a mistake.
Then l'll leave you again.
You joke about it,
but that's when the real drama begins.
Yeah, you're right.
Good that you're making a clean break
and that we didn't go to bed together.
We didn't destroy anything.
-True, but...
How dreadful.
They've finished the igloo.
We have an injury.
-Can you manage?
What happened?
-Sprained my ankle.
Where exactly?
okay, put your foot up here.
You're a criminal now.
lm going to pull it gently by the heel.
Are you going to tell?
You want me to cover for you?
-Atreacherous patch of ice out front.
Can you move it at all?
We'll see.
Maybe we'll go visit the cows again.
Coming through.
l want to apologize...
Sorry about last night.
l was just so scared that you'd leave me,
so l said a lot of stupid things...
But you know...
... how important you are to me, right?
-l'm getting my stuff.
l won't be sleeping here anymore.
l love you!
l'm not just saying that out of panic.
Yes, l'm panicked, but...
There's no other way. lt's not
your fault, but it can't be helped.
lf something happened, l don't care.
Go ahead, have fun, just don't leave me!
-l'm sorry, l'm not like you.
Please, Nadia!
Hey, what are you doing?
Are you mad?
-Are you okay?
Sorry l didn't take your advice.
l don't know what l'm going to do yet.
Forget my advice.
But if you need your brother ...
We'll see.
That could happen.
Aren't you coming?
Birgit, we're leaving!
Can we do anything for you?
-l'll be fine. You go and ski.
All right. Lars wants to stay here,
but you'd rather have some quiet, huh?
Not at all. l'd be happy to have him.
lf he wants. lf he'd rather ski, fine.
one more thing.
l don't want to overreact, but...
Lars mentioned the arm-wrestling.
l don't really approve of that.
lt was a joke, not meant seriously .
-l realize that, but Lars is eleven.
He can't tell if it's meant ironically.
-That wasn't the impression l got.
l just talked to him.
l think so too, Jens.
Sure, you have to take kids seriously ,
but one mustn't overestimate them.
lrony is even hard for us grown-ups.
So everyone agrees, then.
l'll spare Lars my bad influence
in the future. ls that okay?
What's the matter now?
-Now l've been officially declared
unfit to deal with kids.
-No one said that!
l'm sick of those brats anyway .
l'm going to quit. Teaching is a horror!
This is really causing me pain.
lt was a lost cause
from the start of the trip.
lt's my own fault.
l was an asshole for eight years.
Times were different then.
-Nadia was the only good thing
about this shitty decade, but
idiot that l am, l didn't realize it.
Everyone makes mistakes.
Look at Silvia and me.
She should have taken Rolf,
shouldn't she?
Why is it that you always talk bullshit?
No matter what the topic?
Too bad l get on your nerves,
but l guess l can't change that.
Never mind.
We were all idiots, in our own way.
-Yes, and l still am.
l'll get on your nerves again,
but l think you're too resigned.
What l mean is...
Why not get involved more politically?
We need people like you.
You really are pathetic.
Something always remains
where you can say it was worth it.
l'm heading off now.
-Going home?
No, further down.
Supposedly better for beginners there.
l'll stop by and get on your nerves
a bit, okay? We haven't lost you yet.
ls he going to Kitzbhel?
Wait, l'll come with you.
l've been there before. lt's cool. W ait!
Subtitle Translation: Alexandra Barrett
SubRip from DVD by derkleinemuth