Thief of Hearts (1984) Movie Script

Far Beyond the fear Far Beyond the fear Imagine secrets made in the dark Face-to-face with your dreams Stepping out of your life Just imagine Imagine If you jump through the fire Giving life to desire Burning brighter than life Just imagine Take the danger Take the pleasure Take the fear Oh Run sensations to the limit Life's so near One step Two steps Way beyond fear One step Way too far Oh Hi, Mrs. Davis,
you look beautiful. Hi, Buddy.
Thank you. Buddy, how are you?
Mr. Davis, good to see you. Good to see you.
All right. Now the maitre d' tells me that tonight's your wedding anniversary.
Is that the truth? The absolute truth. Really? How many
could that be? Would you believe six? Six? Get out of here! Nobody stays married for six. I'm
very proud of you two. Very proud. Imagine As the pleasure meets fear Letting feelings grow weak Casting shadows aside Just imagine Yeah Imagine As the beat fills your head And the rhythm grows strong Then you know you're not wrong Just imagine Oh Take the danger Take the pleasure Take the fear Come in, Herman.
Come in, Herman.
This is Bud. Come on in. I'm here. All right, listen, they, uh,
they just drove in. I'll get back to you as soon
they ask for their claim check. Do that.
Oh! Looks delicious.
Mmm. Sheep in legwarmers. How's work? You and Janie gonna get
that thing off the ground? As a matter of fact, we've been chosen to do the kitchen
for the new showcase house. There's no money in it
but it's great exposure. How much is this gonna cost me? When did you find out
about this showcase thing? I found out about this
"showcase thing" last week. Why didn't you tell me? Said the man who hasn't left his
typewriter for over a month. You're right. I'm sorry. This March deadline's
killing me. (YAWNING) What the hell? Wait, wait, wait... Somebody may be up there. (GRUNTS) Come on, Nicole, huh?
Do me a favor. My new guy's real tense, he's new
in the city, he's got no friends, and I think if he doesn't get a little
friendship soon he's gonna go over. I'm serious. No, no weird stuff,
this guy is a sweet... You're probably gonna fall in
love with this guy and have kids! That was a joke. Listen, how about an hour? An hour's good? Great, Nicole.
An hour's good. I'll talk to you later. (SNIFFS) Oh, yes.
God bless America. Scotty. Scotty. We are really
starting to happen. Look how far we've come from that
little black hole they had us in, huh? How much is this worth
right here, like ten grand? Which one?
The big one. The pink one. More than that man, 15, the one behind it, maybe 20. Gotta tell the old man to sell it
out of state though, all right? Local artist. Do you realize
how good you are, man? Huh? How few guys have the eye
for the good like you? Every time you go out, every
time you bring back 100 grand. Scotty, you're not listening
to me, man, huh? Something happened tonight,
didn't it? What're you talking about?
You got that look like something happened. Huh? You broke your cherry.
Huh? There was someone home
and you had to handle it. Huh? Scotty, tell me!
I've been there!
Tell me, man! Nothing happened.
Huh? Nothing. I walked in,
walked out, same as always. So what's with the girl?
Huh? What girl? What girl! You're gonna love that girl.
She gives head like a fucking iguana. I'll go shower. All right, hey!
Anything happen tonight
you're not telling me about? Nothing happened.
Huh? One for the road. No, you do it.
Huh? You're gonna leave me to celebrate alone? All right, you call me!
I will. Hey! We are fuckin' happening
and you can't deny it! We are gonna be
rich fucking men. What was in there? Um, some personal things.
Nothing very important. Uh-huh. How soon do you think you'll
catch whoever did this? We won't catch him. And what kind
of an attitude is that? Oh, we catch the stupid kids
and the junkies but the professionals
move too fast for us. Don't be too surprised
if he comes back again. Why would he come back? Well, for the new stuff you're gonna
get when the insurance pays you. I've known certain houses to get hit three,
four, even five times by the same guy. And since most people lie
to their insurance companies, the value goes up every time. Come on, Scotty. Yes. No. No. No. It's not gonna happen.
It's not gonna happen. Just... Just get off, please. Please, get off. Please. What's... What's the matter? Nothing's the matter.
Just go home. What did I do wrong?
Just tell me what I did wrong. You didn't do
nothing wrong, okay? Just... Here,
take your clothes and leave. There's nothing
wrong with you. It's me. Here. You know, Buddy told me
that you're new in town. I know what that's like. I've been in four cities
since I was 17. How old are you now? Eighteen and a half. Look... Here, buy yourself
a pretty dress or something. Okay? Here. Buy a real nice one. Okay? I feel so violated. It'll be all right, darling. The insurance'll
cover most of it. What if he's reading them? (CHUCKLES) Mick, I love you. Listen, whoever did this
probably took your journals by accident. The way you kept them locked up, he probably thought he was
getting the family jewels. But he didn't
and I can prove it. Come here. Hmm. Mick, come on.
It's still our anniversary. Just hold me, okay? Oh, Mick. Bad girl. Oh, who knows, maybe
some good will come of it. You are amazing, Davis.
What? You're hit for nearly 100 grand and
you're looking for the good in it? Why don't you try to pick the good
outta that poodle shit down there. Really. I mean, if you'd come down out of Mr.
Rogers' neighborhood for like, you know, two seconds, you'd realize
the world is fucked. Your world is fucked, Marty. My world is perfect. (MUSIC PLAYING)
(SNIFFING) BUDDY: Come on in, Scotty,
we been waiting for you. Girls, this is Scotty, the movie
producer I was telling you about. Scotty, that's Aileen
and that's Tracy. Can we talk?
Sure, we can talk. No, privately.
Come on.
Excuse us. We'll be right back.
Little family business. Cash from last night.
You got it? Yeah, I got it right here,
but stick around, these girls'd go down on an anteater
for what I got on the table. I can't stay.
I got other plans. Listen, Scotty, I spoke to
Nicole, you know, and... What's going on?
Is everything okay? Doesn't sound like
the Herman I used to know. This is light now.
What are you doing?
What are you doing to me? The old man said he'd get
back to me on the paintings. Yeah, he'll get back to you!
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Scotty, stick around, okay? I set this up for you.
This is a bonus. These broads
aren't even hookers. You're a great guy, man.
Yeah. Have fun, okay? I can't stay.
All right? Don't kill yourself on this shit, okay? Bye. There are two me's, really.
Mickey and Michelle. Mickey is this
mousy little hausfrau who hasn't taken a real
chance in her whole life. Michelle, on the other hand,
is up for anything. The only trouble with Michelle is that she
lives and breathes only on these pages. Aren't you letting your
imagination run a little? The odds against a crook
being sensitive enough to get into your diaries
is about a billion to one. Yeah. Yeah, you're probably right. What? I'm sorry. I was just getting off
on the fantasy. You would. Admit it, Pointer, you're about the
horniest creature in the universe. I admit it. Okay. I'm getting out of here because I'm
not gonna get anything done today. See you. (SURPRISED CRY) Honey, it's me! Oh, I'm sorry, I...
I heard your car drive up
and I knew the light was out. Are you okay?
Oh... Oh, thank God you're here. Oh.
You're shaking. Come on. Come on inside. Ray, I want to get an alarm, a dog, and a gun we can keep
in the house someplace. Hold on, we're not gonna change our
whole lives because of this thing, are we? Well, you heard what the police
said, he might come back. Mick, he's not coming back. Come on, now, relax. Janie keeps a gun
in her bedside table. What for? To force some poor
bastard to rape her at gunpoint? Look, I'm facing
a very scary deadline here, I don't have a lot of energy left
over to keep reassuring you. You're not still
teasing yourself with this crazy stuff
about the journals, are you? I'm gonna go take a bath. See you in a bit. Mick, are you sure you're okay? Mick? Water. I love water. I was born near the water and used
to sail all the time with my dad. I spend every minute I can in
water, in my bath, usually. Water washes me clean.
Water is sexual. Water is healing. He takes me to the water,
a huge yacht like a castle. The sun is hot, intoxicating, the water undulates under us. My resistance drains away, his body
is strong, his face is beautiful. He touches himself,
rubbing lotion into his skin. I feel him enjoying
his own flesh. His mouth
is suddenly on my neck, and moving over my shoulder,
then circling my breasts. His tongue slides down my stomach.
I'm melting under the sun. I'm sorry, I wasn't watching
where I was going. I'm so sorry. It's okay.
It was my fault. You don't have to do that. But I want to. Okay, there's nothing broken,
everything's in place. Here, let me hop these
into your car. No, no, no. Okay? You all right? Yeah, I'm fine. You don't look fine. You sure you can drive? Of course I can drive. Okay. Here. There you go. Watch your skirt. Before you go, I bet I can guess
your favorite ice cream flavor. Haagen-Dazs rum raisin, right? How'd you know that? There you go. I'm afraid
it's a little melted, but... Well, that's no problem, I... I like melted rum raisin. Well, I'll see you around, okay?
Thanks. (CAR ENGINE STARTS) Bye. (TYPING CONTINUES) No, no, Mick. Please, Mickey.
It's time for ice cream. Thank you, no. Mick! Mickey, really, I'm... What are you doing? I'm seducing you. Great. Great.
Thank you, you're... Thank you. Listen,
your timing's terrific. I'm... I'm right in the middle
of a roll here, can you give me a few minutes?
I'll be right with you. Mmm-mmm.
All right, mmm... Mickey, will you stop with the ice cream?
Just give me a couple... Mick! This is not a good thing to do.
This is not a good time. Mickey... (MUMBLING) Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'll see you later, okay?
Goodbye. Hmm? I promise, I'll be done
in just a little bit. Really. Promise. Cross my heart. Ooh. (TYPING RESUMES) (TYPING) You saw me standing Alone in the dark Lost in the silence of my heart Crying for angels Crying for light Crying for someone Tonight And I know It's you, your freedom And I know you can Fill the space in me I need secrets in the dark Love in the shadows Passion burning out
from under my skin... I thought it was you. You surprised me. So, how you doin'? Last time I saw you,
you were a little shaky. You were very nice that day.
Thank you. So, things better? Not really. Do you work? You seem to have an awful
lot of time for shopping. Yeah, I work.
How about you? Yeah, I work too.
Oh, yeah? What do you do? I'm an interior designer. No? That's a coincidence. Oh? Why? I'm looking for a designer. No, really. I mean, I've been
interviewing designers all week for some work I wanna have
done in my apartment. Hmm. Who'd you talk to? Well, Tom Shapiro, Sam Dugan and Bernie Terry. Well, those guys are the best. Um, my partner and I are new but if you're interested
in seeing some of our work we're designing the kitchen
for a new showcase house. It's opening next week. Really? That's quite
an honor, isn't it? I hear there's hundreds
of applicants for every room. Yeah. There were 164
applicants for the kitchen. Oh, then you must be good. Anyway, um, if you'd like to
come, I'll give you the address. Sure. Yeah. God, I can never find a pen. Look, I'll tell you what, I'm going outside
and having a cup of coffee before I go, so if you ever find a pen,
write it down, drop it off. Hi.
Hi. I... I found one of my cards, I
wrote the address on the back. So, uh, I hope you can make it. Well, how about a cup of coffee?
I ordered you one. No, I'm sorry, I can't. Oh, come on, what's one
little cup of coffee? Well, um... Come on. I can just stay
a minute. I... It's my turn to cook tonight. We trade off every other night. "We"? Yeah, I'm married.
Didn't I tell you? No, you didn't. Well, I am. So, how is it? Oh. It's perfect. How'd you know
I like cream and sugar? Actually I didn't,
you picked up my cup. Oh! Oh, I'm sorry. Boy. You must think
I'm a total basket case, every time you see me
I'm dropping stuff... No, actually I think you're
very, very attractive. I bet you're talented too. Well, we'll find out soon,
won't we? Well, I really do have to go. Um, I hope you can make it. I'll get this. Okay. Bye. Bye. Hey. Calamara. I got your message. You got a cigarette, man? I'm
having a fucking nicotine fit. Are you fucking kidding me, man, huh?
Is this some kind of a joke to you? I've been calling you all week. Yeah, well, I've
been busy, you know. Yeah. Busy doing what?
Teasin' your new hair style? Your new pretty threads?
Hey! I had a date, you mind? No, I don't mind
the date, man, no. Like I set up for you,
inside, remember? Huh? Is this about work or...
Yes! Yes, it's about work! A rich lawyer in Tiburon.
You interested? I'll get the van ready. You're sure about it? Yeah, Scotty, I'm sure.
(MUSIC PLAYING) Mickey! How we doing? I think we're a hit. Look at that gorgeous guy. Hi. Hi. You made it.
Of course. You look sensational. Thank you. Is that your kitchen there? Yeah. That is one beautiful kitchen. You did that? Come. Come see it. I... I just realized
I don't know your name. Scott. Scott. Yeah, here. Scott...
BOTH: Muller. President of American
School Supplies Company. Very impressive. Mmm. Nah. I inherited the whole thing. Ray! I'm glad you're here. Uh, Ray, this is Scott Muller. This is my famous husband. Pleasure to meet you. How do you do?
Scott's here to check us out. He might want to hire us. Well, I think
she's just terrific. You must be very proud. I am. Well, I'll leave you two.
I'm gonna circulate in the other rooms. Nice meeting you.
You too. Where'd you meet that character? At the market.
He wants to hire a designer. I'll bet. Don't tell me I've finally aroused
a little jealousy in you? Oh, stop. You're a writer
of children's books? That's right. What about you? School supplies. What do you want with my wife?
You want to sell her some school supplies? Nah. No, I think your wife
is extremely talented. Huh. Why, don't you? Oh, oh, oh, yeah.
That's great. Well, it seems to me you take
her career pretty lightly. What makes you think that? I think it's pretty obvious. I'll see you around, Davis. Hi? Hello? JANIE: Are you going? I don't know. If it's that guy I saw you so eye-to-eye
with last night, I say go for it. Make an afternoon of it. Janie, it's purely business. Right. I'm serious. This could be
a very important job for us. This guy's got lots of money. He inherited some business, school
supplies company or something. Right. Shut up. Hi.
Hi. You made it.
Yes. I think I'm
a little early, actually. This is a beautiful boat.
It's stunning. You like it, huh?
Yes. It's not mine, though. That one's mine! Oh! Boy, I feel stupid.
I don't know why I thought that was your boat. Here.
I guess you were... Oh, well, this is...
This is a lovely boat. Well, it's not extravagant, but it's mine. I like it.
Care to come aboard? I thought this was supposed
to be a business meeting? Oh, there's no business
to discuss. You're hired. Um, $10,000? Well, I plan to spend
$100,000 so that's 10%. If you want another five, I'll
send it over in the morning. Oh. No, no, no,
this is fine. Thanks. Thanks. So, change your mind? Imagine secrets made in the dark Face-to-face with your dreams Stepping out of your life Just imagine Imagine If you jump through the fire Giving life to desire Burning brighter than life Just imagine Take the danger Take the pleasure Take the fear Oh Run sensations to the limit Life's so near One step Two steps Way beyond fear One step Way too far One step Two steps Way beyond fear One step Takes you far One step Two steps... Um, to business. One step Way too far It's good. Sorry, should have knocked. Must be some entry. What do you mean? You practically
jumped out of the tub. Did I? Yeah, you did. Where'd you get the sunburn? We went out on his boat. Whose boat? Scott's. I started working for him today. He gave me a $10,000 deposit. What'd you give him? I gave him head, of course.
I give all our clients head. It's in the brochure.
Didn't you know? Let's take a look
at the famous secret journal. No, Ray! Mick.
Ray. That is mine! It's private! What the hell's in this book? You got a whole other life? I hope so. You don't think she's having an affair, do you?
I doubt it. Mick's not the type. Then what could it be?
I don't know. She hasn't been the same
since the robbery. Oh, she's not still hung up on
that guy reading up on her? Well, if she is,
she doesn't talk about it. I never see her anymore,
Marty, she's... She leaves the house early,
she comes home late. Mmm-hmm.
What goes around comes around. What are you saying?
I had this coming? I wouldn't go that far. You're saying I'm not paying
enough attention to my wife? That's not far enough. Marty, you got something
to say, say it. I can get myself a new
publisher and a new friend. Ray, you've been on a roll for
the last three, four years, and you are the hottest item in
the children's market today. But you can be the most self-absorbed
asshole in the world sometimes. And I sure as hell wouldn't
wanna live with you. Who asked you? (DOORBELL BUZZING) (MUSIC STARTS PLAYING) Oh, fuck. Hi. Well, come in, come in.
I've been looking forward to this. Well, as you can see,
I need help. Yeah, but it's great. Boy, it's a big job
but it's wonderful. Well, good. I'll get us
some champagne. No! No, today I'm working. Can I put my jacket in here? No, wait... Please... No,
I can take that for you. Just let me. Here.
Look around. All right. Here's what
I want you to do. Transform this dungeon,
if you can. Give it life and order and make it feel like a
real person lives in here. Can you do that? Yeah. Well, I warn you though, you're
not gonna have any privacy, I'll be in and out
of here every day. That I can handle. And, um, I'll need my own key. You got it. Here, let me show you my kitchen...
Is that the bedroom? Yeah, that's... My bedroom. (CLEARS THROAT) Well, I guess, uh, first thing to do is take
down some measurements. Except I can't find... Do you have one in here? No, wait. Wait. Don't. What's that? This? This is protection. .45 caliber. Automatic. Wanna hold it? You know you should learn
how to use one of these, living in this city, attractive woman like you. All those crazies out there. You never know. Go on. Take it. Go on.
It won't bite you. You cock it. (GUNSHOT)
(CHUCKLES) Don't be afraid of the recoil. (GUNSHOT) Just let your hand
go back naturally. Try one. Come on. (CHUCKLES) Okay. There you go. Hand under here. Arms straight out. Take a wider stance. There you go. All right.
There you go. Okay. Boy, it really
jerks back, doesn't it? Here.
Let me show you. Good. Good. One more.
Do it. Very good. I'll reload. What a sense of, uh, power. (GUN COCKS) Okay, this one's all yours. Legs wide apart. Allow me.
Okay. And... (GUNSHOT)
Yeah. Yeah, that's good. That's good. Yeah. Go on. (GUNSHOT) You're doing great. What? Honey, come on. Come on.
Don't tense up now. Come on, relax. Enjoy it. I can't.
Sure, you can. You're allowed.
Come on. Anything you want. Any way you've ever wanted it. Any way you ever imagined it. Just let go. Come on. Come on.
I'll show you. Let's go. Like this.
(MOANS) Like this.
Oh. Oh. (MOANING) (TYPEWRITER TAPPING) Hi. Hi. You're drunk. You're right. You worked for Muller
today, didn't you? That's right. Why aren't you looking at me? Because I hate the way you
look when you're drunk. Where you going, to take a bath? I also hate it
when you're sarcastic. Ray, let go of me! Oh, no, not until you give me the
details of your all-day session with that phony son of a bitch! Why are you acting
so possessive? Normally, you couldn't care enough
to ask me how I spent my day. Because I trust you. Trust me?
You don't notice me. How can you say that? You're practically the only person
in my life that I didn't make up. That's my whole point. Aw, Mick. Really, Ray, I mean, tell me how you honestly
felt about my kitchen. Do you remember the colors? Oh, Mickey, what the hell...
No, do you? Do you remember if
it was linoleum or tile? Do you remember the sink? You don't remember it, but you ask me about any one
of your goddamn stories and I can tell you
every fucking detail! Great. Go tell it
to your holy book. I wouldn't have to
if I could tell you. That is so much bullshit! Every time we get even
close to talking, you take off and give it all
to your goddamn book! I can't imagine where
I learned that trick. (SIGHS) All right, man.
I'm going in.
You stay here. Scotty, would you relax, huh? Just think of me as
your guardian angel. Let's get it over with.
That was a joke, man. That was a joke. Come on.
INDISTINCTLY ON RADIO) Central, this is MacElwane.
Central! Central, do you hear me?
It's MacElwane. There's a robbery in progress at five-nine...
the matter with you? Why'd you have to kill him?
Left me no choice, man. He left you no choice? You could have shot the radio! You could have hit him
over the head. You could have done anything,
you didn't have to kill him! Oh, God. What am I doing? What am I doing here? Scott, tell me more about
how your business works. Oh, you don't wanna know that.
That's so boring. Boring.
No, I'd like to know. No, let's keep this fun,
let's play a game. Why are you always
sidestepping that question. No, let's play a game. It's a terrific game,
you're gonna love it. I guess things about you and we bet
on whether I'm right or wrong. Try it?
Real money? What do you think?
That's what makes it fun. Come on, come on,
I bet you 10 bucks I can guess your
favorite radio station. You're a crazy man. All right, let's see. I'll bet you go for that funky little
FM station all the way on the right. The one that plays
old David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Kenny Rogers when he was
with the First Edition. KROJ.
Mmm-hmm. How'd you know that? Double or nothing if I can guess
your political affiliation. (SIGHS) I don't think I wanna
play this game anymore, Scott. You're Republican, Mickey, because you read
Ayn Rand in college but you vote Democrat because you think Republicans
are too straight. How could you possibly
know that? You really wanna know? You sure? Yes. I read this article on you
in Designer Scene. I cheated. Designer Scene? It's a trade magazine. Since when do you read
trade magazines? Since I decided that I wanted to
know everything I could about you. Everything? Everything. It's crazy, Marty,
I feel so powerless. I suddenly have all these things I
need to tell her and she's not here. You ever think about
just calling the guy? Just confront him. Yeah, I thought of it. So, what, are you scared? Yes, I'm scared. Look, this character,
inside these clothes, he is straight from the streets. All right, what's the
worst that could happen? You tell him to stay away from
your wife and he kills you. What's the problem?
Yeah, no problem. If you're convinced the guy is
dangerous, just call the police. Forget the police.
I'll do my own police work. (TALKING INDISTINCTLY)
(BOTH LAUGHING) Okay, I know that your
father was a businessman, he was the founder of the
American School Supplies Company. And your mother, I bet, was a lousy cook
but very into charities. Mmm? You had a brother and a sister, both younger, and a dog named Leroy. What? Leroy? Leroy.
(BOTH CHUCKLING) Uh, you went to school
in a suburb someplace, and you were a high
school football star, voted "Most Likely to Succeed." Mmm-hmm? No. No. No what? No football. No high school, no brother, no sister. No mother, no father, no dog. Well, I was close. The only thing you need to
know about me right now... Is this. Is this. No. No, I have to know more. Otherwise I feel like
you're hiding something. Are you hiding something, Scott? There's your partner. Don't wanna miss
your appointment. I'll see you tomorrow, okay? Hi. How was my timing? Not good. What's wrong? I, uh... I don't know him at all. He won't tell me
anything about himself. Maybe he's married.
(CHUCKLES) No, that's not it. He acts like he's had no other
life before I came along. This whole thing is
beginning to scare me. (THUNDER RUMBLING) (WIND WHOOSHING) I'm cold. (POLICE SIRENS BLARING) What's the matter?
What? Nothin'. I gotta go take care of
some business right now. So, uh, give me a call before
you go home, all right. I'll try, um, but
I'm behind on some work. Just call me! I don't like to be ordered
around like that, Scott. Who you kidding? I don't know how to say this, but it's all changing... Suddenly. Of course it's changin'. It's supposed to change, Mickey. I've changed so much since
this whole thing started. Thanks to you, I feel like I'm getting a whole
new chance to do it right. For Christ's sake,
don't back out now. Don't push me right now, okay? Why? Why? You don't love that guy. No, you're wrong, I do love him. We haven't been able to talk
to each other for a long time and maybe we shouldn't live
together but I do love him. Ray, do we really
have to do this? Who's scared now? I'm not scared, I'm anxious. I'll drop you at your
analyst's when we're done. What if you're right
and the guy is Joe Street and he's got a gun? Just keep an eye on the car and
make sure we don't get too close. This is great.
I'm riding shotgun with Dr. Seuss. RAY: Where the hell
is he going? Stay back a little ways,
will you? This Jeep's about as inconspicuous
as a Rose Parade float. Berkeley's vice squad has
made 116 prostitution arrests during the last
two months of this year, mostly on University Avenue.
(KNOCK AT DOOR) The police department spokesman says
the city won't tolerate prostitutes... You know why I'm here. I only got a few minutes.
I need the money from the other night. MARTY:
It is indeed the American
School Supplies Company. So let's go. Why aren't there any cars?
How should I know? Maybe it's a holiday
for school supply workers. I'm not that wild about this neighborhood.
Let's just go. He's coming out. Be right back.
Hey, wait, wait... This is not something you're writing.
This is real. You could die if you go
walking in a place like that. You don't know who's in there! All I'm gonna do is
take a little look around the old American School
Supplies Company. That's all. MAN ON TV: Security officer
Mike MacElwane, who retired from the police
department two years ago, was tragically murdered in
Tiburon by unknown assailants. MacElwane was one of the most
highly decorated members of the police force
in San Francisco history. And the entire police department
is mourning his death. Top priority has been given
to apprehending his killers and bringing them to justice. (METAL CREAKS) Investigators came up
empty-handed today... Four small fires
were touched off... ...while police and firefighters
searched rooms for a suspect. The fires were confined
to trash cans... (GUN COCKS) Authorities say thefts
of hospital equipment... Jesus! (HORN HONKING) Play detective some other time!
I'm hungry! Get in the car, Marty.
We gotta find Mick and warn her. What? Warn her? What? There are a couple of our
paintings stashed in that building.
Muller's the thief. (ENGINE REVVING) (DOOR CLOSES) BUDDY: Welcome home, Scotty. How'd you get in here? Now that's
an interesting question. We're criminals, remember? What do you want, man?
I'm busy. I gotta hand it to you, Scott! This place is fucking beautiful. It's like Disneyland in here! It's got everything. Did you do this by yourself
or did you have some help? What's it to you, man? Well, nothin', it's just nice. All right, what's your
fuckin' problem? Breaking into my place and pumping
me with dumb fuckin' questions, what's going on?
Let me get to the point. Do that, please.
Okay. After you left the warehouse
this morning, I got a visit from someone. Someone named Ray Davis. You know Ray Davis?
Sure you do, huh. So I said to myself,
"Scotty can't be fucking Ray Davis, so he's gotta be fucking his old lady."
Aren't you? You're fucking that little twat. You motherfucker!
I'll kill you! I'll fucking kill you. You understand?
I'll kill you! Come on, I'll fuckin'... Hey, motherfucker,
slow way down. Way down! Now, I'm gonna let you
slide on this Davis shit 'cause I think you're sick
in the fuckin' head, but there's a second
order of business I think you better
take a good look at. What's that? The old man's got
a friend in the department. And I got word that they found prints
where we shot that security guard. How's that grab you?
Well, whose prints, man? I don't leave fuckin' prints!
Yeah? That's you man.
You killed that guy!
I didn't! You ever hear of "accessory"? Check in your fuckin' law books.
We could both do life. Not me, you understand? I'm not going back in that fucking place.
You got it? I'm out of this town
tonight! Yeah. I'm gone, all right!
So get the fuck out! Shoot. Hey, hey, hey!
Whoa, whoa! Ooh, I love it when you're
dramatic like that. Hey, you better stop
bullshittin' yourself, man. Nobody dragged you anywhere. Man, you don't belong up in credit
card heaven with those assholes. Don't you know that, man? You belong down here with us. That's who you are. So be smart.
Take a look at this place. You ain't got no money left. One more good score and then we
both walk outta here tomorrow with some change in our pocket. That's smart, okay? You got my number.
I'll wait for your call. Oh, Scotty, bullshit aside...
Fuckin' nice joint. Sweeney, could we speed this up? I'm a little worried about my wife.
All right. Take it easy, we just can't go
rushing out arresting people. There are procedures
we have to follow. Screw your procedures.
This guy's a criminal! We don't know what he'll do.
He could kill her! Will you relax?
You still gotta sign this complaint. Fuck the complaint!
Thanks for all your help. Hey wait a minute!
Where you going? (DOORBELL BUZZES) Come on.
(DOORBELL BUZZES) Come on, come on, come on. (BUZZING) Who is it?
Mickey, it's me, it's Scott, let me up. Scott, I'm working. Mickey, I gotta talk to you.
Let me up. Come on! Come on! Come on! Okay.
(DOOR BUZZES) You didn't call, did you? Scott, I thought
I made it clear... I need a drink.
Can I fix myself... Mickey, I know
what you said in the car. Something's come up. I gotta leave town right away.
I want you with me. What are you saying? I swear to you, you'll love it. We'll live on the boat, we'll go
from city to city, just you and me. (POLICE SIRENS BLARING) What the fuck you lookin' at? (SIGHS) I don't know you. Of course you know me. You know me. You know me better than
anyone has ever known me. Believe me.
And you know what? I know you. I know you like no one
has ever known you, don't I, baby? Hmm? Don't I, Michelle? What?
Oh, you heard me. What are you saying?
Come on, Mrs. Davis. You want me to
quote from the book? Is that what you want, huh?
No. I got a juicy one. "I'm all alone.
There's a knocking at the door. It's him. I call for him to leave but he won't. He just keeps pounding
and pounding..." No!
"And he's gonna come in..." No!
"He takes me, throws me
down on the floor..." No! You bastard! You lowlife bastard!
You're sick! Oh, I'm sick, huh?
What's that make you? You wrote that shit
in those books, not me. You lied!
You invented this whole person! I invented it?
You invented me, lady! You begged me to come into
your life and make it all right and that's what I did. I did everything you ever
wanted a man to do for you. Everything. Look at me! I love you. I never loved anyone
before in my life! I never even came close. This has got to stop.
No! No, please!
(SCREAMING) No! We'll stop when I say stop!
No! What's it gonna take, huh? You want me to remind you, huh? - You want me to remind you
what it was like, huh?
- No. Hmm? What it was like? Ray!
Muller! You son of a bitch! Stop! (RAY GROANS) Come on!
You want more?
Come on! - Come on! I'll give you more!
- MICKEY: No! Oh, that's beautiful.
Just beautiful, Mickey. You wanna live with that the rest
of your life, Mickey, go ahead! Come on, be smart. You poor sick bastard. Oh, shut up, man, shut up! Do you even know
this woman? (SCOFFS) You know how far she
went in those journals? I'll tell you. "One day he comes for me and I go. I leave my safe, safe
existence and I just go." I wrote that a long time ago. It's not true. It's not true. I don't believe that. (SNIFFLING) Oh, Ray. (SOBBING) I'm sorry. I'm sorry too.
(SOBBING) I talked to the police. He's gone. Good. Ray... I've decided that I'm gonna
stop writing in the journal. And all the things I used
to write, can I say to you? Of course you can. All I ever wanted was to be
the best friend you ever had. And I got so caught up in
my work, I forgot that. You were really something yesterday.
(SCOFFS) The way you came charging in.
(CHUCKLING) Dr. Seuss to the rescue. (LAUGHS) I'm sorry I wasn't the dashing
figure I imagined myself to be. You were very dashing. What a goof. You got a real jones,
don't you, you sick fuck. Just get the fuck out of here. You leave these people alone. Scotty, you leave
these people alone. You're the one
who's got a problem. I'm just doing my job. I said get out of here, man. Well, well, well. What did you find here, Scott? Was it what you thought
it was gonna be? Was it worth it? You wouldn't understand
in a million years. Well, help me understand!
Explain it to me. I'm listening. I got nothing more
to say to you. Then stay out of my way. I said leave these people alone! (GRUNTING) (GRUNTING) (STRUGGLING) (GROANS) (CLATTERING) Jesus, he's back! (WHISPERING)
Call the police. (WHISPERING)
What are you going to do? I'm gonna stop
the son of a bitch. Just call the police.
Call them! (DIALING) MICKEY: This is Mrs. Davis
at 3080 Seacliff Drive. There's somebody
robbing our house. Yes. Please hurry. (HANGS UP PHONE) Stop right there.
It's all over! Drop it. Drop it! I'll shoot! (GUNSHOTS) (POLICE SIRENS BLARING) Better not touch anything. I don't remember
pulling the trigger. (TIRES SCREECHING) (WOMAN TALKING
Take some pictures here. (SHUTTER CLICKING) All right, let's see
what we got here. Well, there's your problem. Buddy? (GASPS) You're hurt. You did it. You shot him. (POLICE SIRENS BLARING) Scott! Somewhere deep inside
of a stranger's eyes There are stranger things I see Shades of light On a secret part of me Living in the shadows Hiding from my life I was waiting for a dream Now a perfect stranger fills my needs Thief of hearts Stole my heart from me Thief of hearts Better than a dream Thief of hearts Hands upon my body Full of cool control Baby, tell me how you knew Every sin that felt so good to me Now I see you clearer Through your one-way mirror Real but too surreal Turn the pages You're a memory Thief of hearts Stole my heart from me Thief of hearts Better than a dream Thief of hearts When I think about my soul All the secrets that you stole Then I know that I've just got to let you go I've got to let you go Thief of hearts Stole my heart from me Thief of hearts Better than a dream Thief of hearts Thief of hearts Stole my heart from me Thief of hearts Better than a dream Thief of hearts Stole my heart from me