Thine Ears Shall Bleed (2024) Movie Script

[suspenseful music]
[suspenseful music continues]
[crickets chirping]
[suspenseful music]
[hooves crunching]
- The air is cool.
Where are we, Pa?
- On a ridge, Luke, approaching
the woods.
Trees are close.
All shades of green
are bountiful
and it's filled with peace.
- I feel God here.
- Yes, son.
He's always with those of
proper spirit such as you.
We shall gather at the river
The beautiful, the
Gather with the saints
at the river
That floats by the
throne of
- Perfect pitch, as always.
[carriage rattling]
- I'll never learn
to play the organ.
There's too many
keys and pedals.
- Father says, you shall learn
and you shall learn well.
- How does he know?
- Because you'll have
a proper teacher. Me.
[carriage rattling]
- Why could they not
deliver the organ to us?
- [scoffing] Can you
imagine the expense of that?
Honestly child.
- Why do we even need
such a bellowing thing?
- It is to broaden your
father's flock.
They shall hear.
- Yeah,
- The singing of the organ,
- The singing of the organ,
- Whereupon,
- Whereupon,
- they shall come into
my church evermore.
- As you know, this
organ means much to him.
[soft music]
[carriage rattling]
[horse snorting]
- I do not see a fork
on this map.
- This train is more honest
than the markings
of a man, Father.
- You always speak
truth, my boy.
Tracks to the right are
deeper and more traveled.
- Why have we stopped?
What says the map?
- Nothing, there's no fork.
- Go east, Father, we shall
end up in New York one day.
- You have a single-mindedness,
- [Sarah] Oh look, lilies
my favorite.
- [Ezekiel] They portend
a peaceful journey.
- But how do they grow
so high in the mountains?
- It's mystery only
God can answer.
- They're so pure and beautiful.
And the savior's
favorite flower.
- I wish I could see
lilies, or bugs.
- You have an inner
sight, my son.
No one sees the Lord
better than you.
Jesus sits at the right
hand of God.
That's the path we shall take.
[carriage rattling]
[soft percussive music]
[wind blowing]
[hooves tapping]
[carriage rattling]
[wind blowing]
- Are we stopping, Father?
- [Father] This is not right.
- Where are we?
- The end of the road.
It's too late to return
to the fork.
Seems a fair place to camp.
We shall stop here
for the night.
[bucket rattling]
Evening, fellows.
You have taken us a long
way without protest.
Here is your reward.
[wind blowing]
[fire crackling]
Whether therefore you eat or
drink or whatsoever you do,
do all to the glory of God.
- [All] Amen.
[fire crackling]
[bird calling]
- One day I shall eat in
the finest restaurants
in all of New York.
- Restaurants? [chuckling]
- Mm-hm.
- Where do you get such notions?
- Someday I'll see the
lights of New York City,
the gaslights, illuminating
everything in a golden glow.
- I should fear there'd be
too many ungodly people there,
and much sinfulness.
- Restaurants, music halls,
and the grand symphony.
I'd become an actress,
or a singer.
You know I can sing as
beautifully as a nightingale.
- Your singing brings to
mind the calling of a crow.
Caw caw caw.
- Be kind Luke, and kindness
shall be reaped in return.
- I love Abigail, but she
has a way of prattling on
that puts me in a foul mood.
- Here's your kindness
in return, brother.
- Careful, the the blind of
other ways of seeing, sister.
- Enough of this,
or a bigger stick shall
be used on both of you.
- Such are the ways
of man and woman.
- Your father speaks words
he might be wise to temper.
- You have it rightly
so, dear wife,
the ways of man and
woman are divine.
[bird calling]
Once we have the new organ
ringing in our church,
such lovely music
you shall make.
You shall sing the angels
down from above.
Mark my words.
And whereupon they hear the
ringing of my new organ,
they shall come unto
my church, evermore.
We shall have so many
new sheep in our flock,
we will have to hold
two Sunday services.
- Maybe the collection plate
will finally grow full.
- [laughing] Yes, for
the greater good.
- What shall be is made
by the Lord's desire.
- [All] Amen.
[bird calling]
- Who wants to see
my new card trick?
- I do, sister.
- It's the doings of the devil,
but I shall allow
it this one time.
[distant whining]
- What was that?
- It's the sound of mother
nature in the night,
nothing more.
- Show us your sorcery
Abigail, if you must.
Then off to sleep.
[cards shuffling]
- Pick a card.
[fire crackling]
- It's the ace of spades.
- [laughing] She's right.
- How do you do it?
- I shall never tell my secrets.
- These deceptions have a
touch of evil in them, child.
- More than a touch, Mother.
- Kindness please.
Time for prayers, then sleep.
[owl hooting]
[mysterious whining]
[mysterious whining continues]
[match striking]
- A wolf?
- Perhaps,
or a bear.
[twig snapping]
[mysterious music]
- Ezekiel?
[mysterious whining]
[mysterious whining continues]
[mysterious whining continues]
[eerie music]
- Gideon?
Come now.
- Ezekiel, where are
Gideon and Goliath?
[dark music]
Is it burned?
- Perhaps someone's
made off with them.
Maybe Blackfeet, or Crow.
- We have no complaint
with the tribes.
- They may have a
with us
if the fork led us
onto their land.
- Well, if they do
not want us here,
how are we meant to
leave without our horses?
- I shall follow their tracks.
They may have gone for water.
- And what of that strange
sound in the night?
- One thing at a time, wife.
- It's gone now.
Stay with the children.
[tense music]
[water flowing]
[mysterious whining]
Did you hear that curious
sound again?
- No.
It's a loud ringing joined
with the sound of an organ.
- I heard it.
It was as if angels were
singing on high.
- You have a blessed
hearing, lad.
What makes you say angels?
- I felt them.
- Perhaps the Lord
and his angels
have delivered the
organ unto us.
- Into these woods?
- last night was nothing
of angels and organs.
- My ears have never
known such heavenly sound.
- Angels.
- And what of our horses?
- I tracked them to
the edge of
a pond,
but they were not there and
their tracks went no farther.
- You mean to say our
horses drowned?
- What are we gonna do?
Walk home?
We can't just stay here.
- Calm yourself, child.
They shall be found.
shall coax them back to us,
then we will be on our way.
[birds calling]
[mysterious whining]
[mysterious whining continues]
[mysterious whining
- Heavenly Father,
is that you?
[load roaring]
- What is it mother?
[load roaring]
[Ezekiel panting]
- Are you all right?
Ezekiel, can you hear me?
What happened to your ears?
- God hath spoken!
[Sarah screaming]
- Get some water.
[mysterious whining]
[Luke crying]
[Ezekiel gasping]
- Ezekiel, Ezekiel.
- Where's Luke? Where's Luke?
- Calm yourself, calm yourself.
He's with Abigail in search
of the horses.
You had a spell and fainted.
Praise the Lord, you're better.
- I've had a most
wretched vision.
- What of?
- I cannot say.
- Your ears.
They hear as before?
- Better.
I've heard the voice
of God in these woods.
- That sound, God?
- Yes.
He spoke unto me.
- And what did he say?
- It's powerful,
yet it's hard to communicate.
As in scripture,
when the Lord sayeth in faith,
cometh by hearing,
and hearing, by the word of God.
- Romans, chapter 10, verse 17.
- We are in the presence
of the Lord.
- Gideon,
come here boy.
[twig snapping]
[Luke laughing]
[carrot snapping]
It's you, Gideon.
Where's Goliath?
Is he with you?
- What are you doing, son?
- I'm feeding, I'm feeding
Gideon, I found him.
- No horses here.
- He was.
He took the carrot from
me. I heard him.
- Well, if he was here,
he's not here now.
Let's go back to the wagon.
- I heard my horse. I
know him, he was here.
- Come son, we'll partake
of food and hope he follows.
- How is Father faring?
- He's mending. We'll
go to him now.
How long are you to sit
in there, husband?
There has been no sign
of Gideon or Goliath.
Ezekiel, have you lost
your hearing?
- This is a most surprising
As you know the crafting
of a sermon
can take me many agonizing days.
- But here,
in these woods,
I cannot stop.
- What are you writing?
- It isn't writing.
It's more akin to transcription.
- Of what?
- Of this mysterious sound.
[wolf howling]
- [Luke] I like it here
in these woods.
- 'Cause you can't see them.
- But I feel something,
and what I feel is Godly.
- Well, what I see is a whole
world different from Godly.
- Shh, shush.
If father hears, he'll
heap scorn upon you.
- So be it.
Do you not think he's
been acting quite oddly?
- How so?
- He just sits in his wagon,
writes and writes and writes,
and if you call out to
him, he doesn't respond.
- He's listening,
and hearing something Godly.
- If you ask me, you both have
taken leave of your senses.
[Luke laughing]
[mysterious whining]
[mysterious whining continues]
[Luke laughing]
- Praise God.
The sun, so bright
and beautiful,
in the sky.
Blue is the most
wonderful color.
- What are you saying?
- The incredible greens
of this wondrous forest
are even more majestic
than you describe them.
Green is everywhere.
And your eyes,
are they not also blue?
- You can see?
- God, here in these woods
has blessed me with the
miracle of sight.
- What's this talk of sight?
- I have it.
I can see everything.
Papa, I am fearful that your
beard is in need
of a trimming.
[Sarah laughing]
- You can see?
- Yes, everything, the
trees and flowers
and birds soaring in the sky.
Even my own mother and father.
- How many fingers can you see?
- Three. Three wonderful
[all laughing]
- It's a miracle, tell me.
- I heard the sound and I
followed it into the woods
where it grew louder
into a ringing
and then I could see.
- Were you near the cliff?
- Yes.
For many hours of the night.
The cliff is the most
frightening thing.
- You can see. [laughing]
As prophesied in my dream.
Our horses left us
here for a reason.
It is God's glorious will.
Ah, my boy.
Oh my wonderful boy.
- You, you were blind
and now you can see.
- It is indeed a glorious
gift from God.
- What's this blood
on your ears?
- Then spake the Lord to Paul
by a vision in the night,
saying, be not afraid but
speak, and hold not thy peace.
Praise God.
- [Abigail] What's
all this noise?
- See your face for
the first time.
[dramatic orchestral music]
Your hair shines so bright.
- My hair?
- Yes,
it's so beautiful.
As are you.
- [Abigail] Do you have sight?
- I do.
[Sarah laughing]
I do.
[Abigail squealing]
- Then it's here that
I am to build a church,
a grand church,
filled with the sounds and
the goodness of the Lord.
Thus have I been called upon.
[mysterious whining]
Do you hear that?
We shall commune with the Lord.
[mysterious whining continues]
[wind blowing]
I have learned the importance
of listening from your brother.
- I hear nothing but the wind.
- Patience.
God will speak when ready.
[wind blowing]
- Careful, child.
It's a deathly drop.
- My eyes feel as if
they've been swallowed.
- Last night, how'd
you come here?
- I remember waking,
sitting where Father is now,
my ears full of that sound.
Then from darkness came
something bright,
cut out of the sky
like a hole.
- The moon.
- That circle is the
moon, is
it not?
- Yes, son.
God, your sight is
truly a miracle.
[chopping wood]
[fire burning]
This is the last of our food.
It was brought for the horses.
- The Lord will provide.
- He helps those who
help themselves.
- Concern yourself
not with trifles.
Our family has been chosen
for a higher purpose.
Tomorrow, I shall hunt.
[chopping wood]
[fire crackling]
- Is there no more?
I'm still hungry.
- Father will hunt tomorrow
- What if he returns
empty of hand?
- What are you writing, Pa?
Will you teach me to read?
- Enough of your babbling.
- Ezekiel!
- Quiet, all of you.
How is the Lord to make
me his prophet,
if I cannot hear him?
Interrupt me, no more.
[fire crackling]
[dark music]
Blessed are thou Lord who
commands me with His word.
Blessed are thou Lord who
commands me with His word.
Blessed are thou Lord who
commands me with His word.
Blessed are thou Lord who
commands me with His word.
Blessed are thou Lord who
commands me with His word.
Blessed are thou Lord who
commands me with His word.
[eerie music]
Blessed are thou Lord who
commands me with His word.
Blessed are thou Lord who
commands me with His word.
Blessed are thou Lord who
commands me with His word.
[mysterious whining]
[dark music]
[mysterious whining]
[dark music]
[fire whooshing]
[fire burning]
[fire burning]
- Husband?
Where have you been?
- Attending to the Lord's Word.
What is this torch?
- It's not from you?
- It is another message
from on high.
- Or a warning from the Indians.
- No, it is from God.
- It's an odd blessing.
Ezekiel, are you to hunt today?
We are without food.
- I am of other matters.
- What matters?
We must eat, you said
you were to hunt today.
- The Lord will provide.
If not,
we are meant to starve.
- Good sense has left you.
I will not let my
children starve.
We are without horse or food,
I'm off to search for both.
[dark music]
[wind blowing]
[leaf tearing]
- Writing the word of
God is wearying.
- What's that burned stick?
- A message from God.
- Where's mother?
- She is off to delve
into the muck and mire
of the mundane.
- She what?
- She went hunting.
- Oh good. I'm gonna
look for berries.
[bird fluttering]
[distant scream]
[eerie music]
[mysterious whining]
[mysterious whining continues]
[Abigail screaming]
- Abigail.
[tense music]
- My hand.
[high-tension music]
[gun firing]
- Is that mother?
- Perhaps.
What's befallen you child?
- I can't remember.
- It is important.
- There is something in a tree,
and there's that strange
sound again,
only it wasn't the
same as before.
- The Lord spoke unto you.
- I was in a dream.
- The same happened to me.
- And then when I awoke,
my hand was on fire,
yet I saw no flames.
- It is another miracle.
The Lord resides in these woods.
- Why would God burn
Abigail's hand?
- Who are you to question
His ways?
[dark music]
- Show me thy ways, oh Lord.
Teach me thy paths.
[dark music]
[fire crackling]
- When will mother return?
- What do you think?
It's the symbol of
our new church.
- What is it?
- [Abigail] My hand
is full of pain.
- Pain is the cornerstone
of spiritual growth.
Be thankful for this gift.
It's a gift I'd like to return.
- Let me see.
- You are in need of
another cleansing.
Luke, fetch water.
- It's empty, Father
- Then fill it.
[person grumbling]
- Hello?
- God help me.
[high-tension music]
[person coughing]
- Father.
- Who is this?
- I don't know.
I found him sickly.
Is he dead?
- Not yet.
[dark music]
- Where is the fork?
[high-tension music]
- My son found you sickly
and brought you here.
It's a relief you awakened.
- I'm afraid these woods
have made
me ill.
- Do you know of your infirmity?
- Hunger, I'm afraid.
I ate some Cantharellus
Sorry, golden Chanterelle
usually not poisonous,
but the- [grimacing]
- How do you know
about mushrooms?
- I'm a botanist.
I study plants.
- You should have
studied better.
- True.
Quite true.
I don't usually make
errors of such magnitude,
but these had a mold
I did not detect
until I saw the blackness
on my hands.
After I'd swallowed.
I should introduce myself.
I'm Woodrow Booker.
- I'm Luke.
- Abigail.
- And you sir, their father?
- Reverend Ezekiel Thatcher.
- Reverend?
- Yes, approaching 20 years.
- Ah,
my, my,
a man of the cloth.
Now I know I'm in good hands.
- You shall love the Lord
thy God with all thy heart.
- Oh like father, like son.
The reason you came to my aid.
I can't thank you enough
for helping me.
I've been in these woods
for many
a day,
I can't rightly say how many.
you folks are the
first I've seen.
- We've been here for three days
and we haven't seen a
single soul until you.
- How did you find yourself
in these strange woods,
Mr. Booker?
I came upon a fork in the road
and saw some pure white lilium,
- Oh yeah, we saw them, too.
- A little odd to find them
at so high an elevation.
But you're right Reverend,
these are indeed strange woods.
I've been lost ever since
I took that fork
and can't find my way out.
- Be sure of your faith
and God will lead you,
but the Lord knoweth the
way of the righteous.
- Amen Reverend.
- Amen.
- Admirable wagon you have here.
Seems to be in need of horses.
[Ezekiel laughing]
- Our horses wandered off.
- [Abigail] And left
us here to stew.
- Have you seen them?
- I'm sorry, no.
If I had, I would've
tried to catch one
for I'm very tired of
walking in circles.
[all chuckling]
- This bread might help
settle your stomach.
- What happened to your hand?
- It was burned.
- Wood fire or lamp oil?
- Neither.
- What do you have
to treat it with?
- Water and prayer.
- Strong combination.
But, I have something in my bag
works quite well on
boils and burns.
- What is that odd plant?
- Aloe barbadensis, first
discovered in Arabia
in the Al-Hajar Mountains.
Extremely rare in this climate.
I had a-
It will soothe your
daughter's burn.
- You are certain it's
of a balming nature.
Treatment would be most welcome.
- It won't hurt.
I promise.
[Abigail gasping]
- How's that feel?
- It's better.
- You should be more
careful with fire.
- It wasn't fire.
- The Lord hath seen fit
to test her faith.
- And I can see.
- Because your eyes are open.
- No, I was blind before
we came into these woods.
Now I see everything,
the bright colors, the
sky, the trees, the birds,
every last thing.
- You were blind before
you came into these woods
and now you're not?
- Mm-hm.
- My son has enjoyed
the grace
of God.
It is a miracle indeed.
[mysterious whining]
- That sound again.
- You have heard it?
- Many times,
only now it seems closer.
- It's the Lord, returned
unto us.
Come children.
You as well, Mr. Booker.
We are to receive his word.
- Come with us.
[mysterious whining continues]
[Sarah breathing hard]
- Lord, deliver me from
this lost place.
[dark music]
[eerie music]
[bird calling]
[eerie music]
[bird calling]
[dark music]
What happened?
- [Abigail] Why has the
sound stopped again?
- It comes when it desires.
- Are we going in the
right direction?
- The Lord will show us the way.
[mysterious whining]
- It's coming from over there.
What is this large object?
- It's a giant rock.
[mysterious whining]
- I've never heard anything
like that.
- It's the glory of
God, Mr. Booker.
You have returned Him to us.
[Ezekiel laughing]
- Thou art my first disciple.
[mysterious whining]
Stay with the children.
I am to follow it.
[mysterious whining continues]
[Ezekiel laughing]
[Sarah breathing hard]
[eerie music]
- Father wants to build
a church in these woods
where only birds and
squirrels live.
- Yes, they are a bit
empty of human souls.
It seemed to be a Godly place.
You never know, could be
throngs of people here one day.
- What is that?
- It's only a hawk.
- It's so majestic, to
fly without motion.
- I beg of you, close
your eyes
a while.
- Keep them open Luke, you've
been in darkness too long.
Keep them open forever.
Let me look at your hand.
- Oh my God.
[soft music]
You are a healer in
the ways of Christ.
- [Booker] I've never
seen it work that fast.
It must be your faith.
- Luke, look at my hand.
- [Luke] You must tell
Father of this new miracle.
[dark music]
[wind blowing]
- Father, my hand is all healed.
- It was the plant
from Mr. Booker.
- He took the bandage off, it
was as if I was never burned.
- A holy man, indeed.
We are to be the next prophets
for the second coming,
as is written here.
[eerie music]
The word of God, as
I have heard it.
This man knows of miracles.
I must converse with him.
Mr. Booker.
Mr. Booker.
Mr. Booker, I need to
know of these miracles.
Mr. Booker, Mr. Booker?
- [Booker] I'm right here.
- [Ezekiel] Tell me, how did
you heal my daughter's hand?
- I didn't do it.
These woods did.
- Do you think Father is truly
of a single purpose
not of this world?
- He is of great faith.
- Well, what of his writing
and drawing nonsense
in his sermon book?
- I know not whether his
writing is good or bad.
- Do you think that
sound is truly God?
- The fact that I can
see is proof
of it.
- So when you were blind
was there no God then?
- God's way are mystery.
- Has God made Father
look about wildly?
- Having never seen
as such before,
I cannot know his face.
He twists his brow
and looks
far off.
Is this not normal?
- I fear it's the visage
of a madman.
- Abigail.
- He ignites so quickly,
like never before.
So what if it's not
God in these woods
but something else,
something unholy?
- Is it unholy that I see,
after I have lived a
life in darkness?
It is of such a wonderful nature
that it can come from
only one place.
[mysterious whining]
[bird calling]
- I walk through the valley
of the shadow of death.
I will fear no evil for
thou art with me.
[mysterious whining fades]
- [Booker] You've harvested
a bounty.
- Yes, but I know not what they
are or if they can be eaten.
- Amelanchier, or serviceberry,
and yes, you can eat them.
[Booker laughing]
- Oh, they're tart.
I care not.
- How's your hand?
- You lost your faith
in miracles?
- No,
I think I found one.
- You are of a confident
nature, Woodrow Booker.
- I simply observe how
you look
at me.
Likewise, you must have
noticed how I look at you.
These woods have me
acting strangely.
I didn't mean to make
you uncomfortable.
I think I'll go back
to the wagon
before I say any more
foolish words.
- No, you're right Mr. Booker.
I have noticed.
[wind blowing]
[splitting wood]
- Oh, thank you Lord, thank you.
- Mama!
- Children!
- [Luke] We were getting
worried about you.
- [Abigail] What happened?
Where were you?
Were you lost?
- I was.
Wait, how can this be?
- [Luke] What?
- The wagon.
I left that way and returned
the same way
and yet have come
from a different.
- Did you pass the fork on
the road, and the lilies?
- I saw the lilies and
yet I saw
no fork.
- Thank God you've
returned safely.
You've missed so much.
- [Sarah] Who is that?
- Oh, he's Woodrow Booker.
- I found him asleep
in the woods.
He'd eaten some bad-
- And my hand was badly burned.
He healed it with a plant.
- It's true mother,
it was a miracle.
- He knows everything
about these forests.
- Please, children.
- I'm sincerely grateful
to your family, ma'am.
It's true what they say,
though, a bit crowded
in the telling.
- You said your hand
was badly burned,
yet it does not look so.
- Mr. Booker healed me,
Mother, with a plant.
He's a botanist.
- A botanist?
- Yes ma'am.
I study plants.
- In this forest?
- For quite some time, yes.
- Do you know the way out?
- Sadly, no.
- He saw the lilies, too.
- How long have you been here?
- For what seems like
an eternity.
I seem to be imprisoned,
like you.
I found the road in but
not the fork to get out.
- I saw such terrible things,
and I heard more awful
sounds, threatening this time.
What hell have we fallen into?
- Perhaps not hell.
You have found a bird.
- Oh, thank God.
- [Sarah] Where's your father?
- [Abigail] He's in
the wagon writing.
- More writing?
- He cannot seem to stop.
- Mr. Booker, can you clean
and prepare the turkey?
- I can.
- [Sarah] Then I shall
leave you
to it.
What are you doing in here?
Your children are out there
with a total stranger.
- Hmm.
Well well, my braying
wife has returned.
Fear not, he's a messenger
of God.
- Do you see God in everything?
- I see Him when he is present.
- I'm of a mind it's
only chicanery
that lives in these woods.
I have seen bones, and walked
in circles with no end,
with that sound following me.
Ezekiel, I saw a crucifix
coming out of a skull.
Can you explain that?
- I can. We are in the
Garden of Eden.
- It is not Eden, it is sorcery.
- Temper your anger, wife.
You are falling prey
to a deadly sin.
- And what are you
falling prey to?
- The voice of God.
- Well, this is not God's
voice you hear, but mine.
I have killed a turkey,
so join us for dinner,
if you are not too full of God.
[bird calling]
- Hmm, nothing tastier
than roast turkey.
- The real food is that
of the spirit.
Who wants of mine?
- Eat, husband.
Your spirit needs to be
housed in a healthy body.
- There is sustenance
in those woods.
- Mother, stop him.
- [Sarah] Come back, Ezekiel.
It is too dangerous at night.
- Some forests have a way of
troubling a person's mind.
I've traveled many places
studying plant life,
the Black Forest of Germany
where shadows seem to
move on their own.
Dering Wood of England where
they say screaming is heard.
- Screaming?
- Yes.
Terrible howling in the night.
Probably just the wind.
But here,
something strange and
unworldly is afoot.
[fire crackling]
- Father says, we're
in the Garden of Eden.
- When the wrong plants
and flowers bloom here,
and we can't take our
leave of this place,
and horses vanish,
what Eden is that?
[bird calling]
- The Blackfeet people
believe a demon lives here,
mimicking voices to lure
people into these woods.
- As if it were a sound.
- Yes.
A demon who possesses people,
imploring them to kill
and eat others.
Christian folks say it's
the devil's disciple
who comes in the night
to possess the innocent.
They believe it's looking for
an innocent vessel to enter,
to escape, spread its malice
beyond this doomed forest,
if it can find a pure
vessel, that is.
- Why did we have to come here?
- Woodrow,
do you think it's true?
- As a man of science?
But after what I've seen here,
it does leave me wondering.
- I cannot find your father.
I'm through trying to reach him.
Children, offer your
prayers, then bed.
- Thank you for the meal, ma'am.
It's been a while since
I've had my fill.
Do you mind if I stay by the
fire and play my harmonica?
- As you wish.
I could use the soothing
sound of music.
[harmonica playing]
[crickets chirping]
[eerie music]
[eerie music continues]
[wind blowing]
[low growling]
- Mother,
there's something outside.
- What was that?
[mysterious whining]
No, mother.
- Shh.
[Sarah quavering]
[twigs snapping]
[banging the wagon]
[banging the wagon]
[all whimpering]
[banging the wagon]
[eerie music]
[flame whooshing]
[banging the wagon]
[roaring continues]
[fire blazing]
Leave my family be!
[gun firing]
[mysterious whining]
- Where have you been?
- Oh, with God. [laughing]
- Do you have any idea what
happened after you left us?
- Another torch?
[Sarah] They're from
an evil place, Ezekiel.
We were attacked by
a wicked force.
- Attacked. [laughing]
- The sound came,
and with it a great
shaking of the wagon.
And then fire!
And all for your wanting
of that blasted organ.
- What did you say, woman?
- It's why we are in this
miserable place.
Your vain craving for
a greater flock.
- [Luke] Father, you're back.
- [Abigail] Where's Woodrow?
[Sarah] I don't know.
He wasn't here last night
when I came out.
- Or my disciple has left.
- Your disciple?
Do you fashion yourself
as our savior?
- What are these burn marks?
- It's some kind of shape.
[Ezekiel gasping]
[Ezekiel laughing]
- It is the symbol
of my new church.
[high-tension music]
I envisioned it.
- [Abigail] What is
that strange star?
- Did you cause this to happen?
- Me?
Everything is caused by
He who resides above.
[mysterious whining]
- Come children.
[Ezekiel shouting]
[others screaming]
- I know if its origins.
We are called, son. [laughing]
- We are to be rid
of this blasphemy.
[ominous orchestral music]
- My sheep hear my voice
and they follow me.
Down on your knees.
We must pray.
Blessed art thou oh lord
who commands me with his word.
[mysterious whining continues]
He rests now.
[wind blowing]
Art thou a lamb.
- Why father?
- A creature of sacrifice.
It would be a holy death.
- No.
- Come, stand on the
edge with me.
- No!
- [laughing] Or are
you not pure?
- Please, let's go
back to mother.
[ominous music]
- I come unto thee, Lord.
Compel me with thy word!
[high-tension music]
- Where do you think
Mr. Booker went?
- He worries me.
We are good to be rid of him.
We need more water.
You stay here.
- Let's go together.
- No, you must stay lest your
father and brother return.
- No, I don't want to
be left here alone.
- Abigail, Abigail.
We must be brave, and
we need more water.
I shall be quick.
[Abigail whimpering]
You stay and chop some
wood for the fire.
- Where's the ax?
- By the fire.
- [Abigail] Where is it?
[fire crackling]
We shall gather.
Beautiful, beautiful.
[Abigail singing]
[cards shuffling]
- Playing solitaire?
[Abigail laughing]
I startled you, I'm sorry.
I walk too quietly.
- Where did you go last night?
- In search of the sound.
- I hate it.
It came in the night
and our wagon shook
with its menace
and started fires all around us.
- I'm sure it was just the wind
blowing embers from the fire.
It was still burning
when I left.
What are you playing?
- Oh, I'm not playing.
I'm practicing.
- Uh-huh.
Show me what you practice.
[fire crackling]
[cards shuffling]
[lightly sinister music]
- Pick a card.
[sinister music]
It's the ace of spades.
- Very good.
Let me see.
- Ooh, there's nothing
to see, it's just magic.
- Let me see.
Go ahead.
Take one.
- Queen of hearts.
- [Abigail] Yeah.
- Pick another.
- That's good but,
these are
my cards
and there aren't two
queen of hearts.
- You're right.
[sinister music]
Now that's magic.
[fire crackling]
[harmonica music]
[mysterious whining]
[mysterious whining continues]
It was here that I discovered
the source.
- It won't bring evil?
- The sound is quite
powerful, but evil?
- I feel more comfortable
in these woods
when you're near me.
- And I with you.
I was afraid I scared you away
last night with my stories.
- A little, yeah.
- I'm sorry,
I get carried away.
- I wish you could take
me away from here,
away from all their
religious madness.
I wanna live,
really live, and never
hear about God again.
- Well, God is a rather
important character,
don't you think?
- I'm unsure of what
to believe now.
- Then you cannot be pure.
- Who says I wanna be pure?
- It's not a choice.
[wind blowing]
If your father didn't want an
organ we never would've met.
And you don't even
know how
to play
with all those keys
and foot pedals.
[dark music]
- How do you know that?
- You told me.
- No I didn't.
You're not a botanist.
[dark music]
- What's the use?
I've been stuck in these
endless woods for so damn long.
Well, I can't take it anymore.
Is there no one left
who's pure enough?
- Who are you?
- Who am I?
[mysterious whining]
[mysterious whining continues]
[whining fades]
- Abigail,
what happened?
What's wrong?
Let's sing our hymn.
We shall gather at the river
The beautiful, the beautiful
[Sarah gasping]
[mysterious whining]
- Ah, that last sound
was so brilliant,
I could feel it in my heart.
- Maybe it's too powerful.
- No, it is Godly.
All who come here shall
be transported unto heaven
by this sound, just as we are.
- These woods have altered you.
- Indeed, they have.
[Ezekiel laughing]
What of your new bonnet, wife?
Are you fearful of the
cold? [laughing]
- I cannot hear you by choice.
- Well, then you shall
not hear the word of God.
- That's precisely so.
It is not God be making
that awful sound.
It's something terribly other.
- It is God, without argument.
He has chosen me to build a
church in this very place.
- A church,
where this evil resides,
where your daughter was taken.
- What do you mean, taken?
Firstly, he burns her hand,
then sends her wandering
in a trance possessed by
I, I, I know not what, with
blood flowing from her ears,
just as befell Luke.
So I have covered
her ears as mine.
- Woman, I command thee,
Abigail is to hear God.
- That sound is not God.
- It is.
- If anything, it's
the devil himself.
- It is a miracle of God,
plain and simple.
- Come son, I shall
cover your ears,
so this evil may not infect you.
- Mother, it's too tight.
- After last night, she
shall not leave this wagon.
- What?
- I said she shall not leave.
[Ezekiel mumbling]
[dark music]
[fire crackling]
[Sarah breathing]
[mysterious whining]
[mysterious whining continues]
[mysterious whining continues]
[fire burning]
- Woodrow.
Where are you?
[wind blowing]
[low rumbling]
[Abigail screaming]
[crunching and chewing]
[wind blowing]
[mysterious whining]
[Sarah screaming]
[mysterious whining continues]
- You shall not infect me!
[Sarah screaming]
[flames burning]
- [Woodrow] She was of
an impure nature.
- Abigail?
- You always knew
she was unworthy.
She's in heaven now.
Or more likely the
fires of hell.
She was
- She was possessed
by wickedness.
- Certainly not one
to help us
move on.
- Move on?
[eerie music]
- I need purity.
- Perfect vessel.
- Damned hard to find.
God knows I've tried.
So when you presented
yourself as a man of God,
I thought you were
the one, Reverend.
[mysterious whining]
But I'm confused by what's
in your heart.
Why do you crave
a greater flock?
- To herald the word of God.
- Really?
Not to herald yourself?
- I live only to serve Him.
[dark music]
[Woodrow laughing]
You are plainly of a prideful
nature, a deadly sin.
- Pride caused Lucifer's fall.
- So it did.
Nobody understands pride
better than
I do.
[dark music]
- You,
are you not of God?
[dark music]
- I'm his most trusted servant.
- And yet you kill.
It does not make sense.
- Well, what really does?
Hey, pride can be a good thing.
It shows drive.
You've got that, Rev.
It just needs to be channeled
so you can inhabit the sound
and spread the word
with all the power
and the glory of...
Well, you know the rest.
[mysterious whining]
And you shall walk after the
Lord your God and fear Him
and keep His commandments
and obey His voice.
- Deuteronomy?
- Yes.
Oh, you know the good
book well, Ezekiel.
[Ezekiel laughing]
You want to obey the
Lord, don't you?
- Yeah,
I do.
I have.
Always. [laughing]
- Good.
But there's just one thing,
tiny little thing
holding you back.
- Anything. [laughing]
- You need to make a sacrifice
to prove your devotion.
[dark music]
- A sacrifice?
- Of someone close to you.
- Who?
- Someone who is an impediment,
blocking your progress.
Disobedient, self-centered.
Oh, a person close to you.
Very close.
- Someone
from my family?
- Who could that be?
- My wife.
- That's it.
Your impure spouse who suffers
from the sin of independence.
[eerie music]
- It is true.
She is rife with disobedience.
- Damn.
You know what has to
be done, don't you?
- What am I to do?
You must cleanse yourself
of your wife.
- Cleanse?
[dark, evil music]
- She is the mother
of my children.
- She's against God.
[Ezekiel sobbing]
- I've loved her for so long.
Am I so deeply mistaken?
- Has she not questioned
your vision?
And blamed you for wanting
to expand the house of God?
- She is my wife.
- Prove that you are
worthy of being a disciple.
[evil music]
Will you save the lost soul?
[Ezekiel roaring]
[ominous music]
[ominous music continues]
- Abigail?
[ominous music continues]
- Mother, where are you?
[ominous music continues]
- Abigail?
is that you?
[ominous music continues]
Where is Abigail?
- Our daughter is of
this Earth
no more.
- I have broken my ears
to blunt that evil sound.
[ominous music continues]
- And you are truly a heretic.
But I shall save thee.
[Sarah screaming]
[high-tension music]
I shall be exalted
in your death.
[ominous music continues]
- Mother?
Mother, where are you?
What is this?
- It was better when
you couldn't see.
You passed me in doing
the Lord's work.
- Where's mother?
- I'm in search of her.
- [Luke] She did something
She took her knitting needles
and she plunged them
into her ears.
- It is the prophecy.
Through the blood of the
lamb I must be made to drink
and swallow all the evils
of this world.
Taking of impure hearts
is my mission.
- What are you saying?
- Death, Luke.
Death and eternal damnation.
- You scare me, Father.
I can't read your face.
- You see the face of sorrow.
[Ezekiel roaring]
[Luke grunting]
[ominous music continues]
[wind blowing]
[ax hitting stone]
[Ezekiel breathing hard]
[ax dragging on stone]
[Ezekiel growling]
[ax dragging on stone]
- [Luke] Mother!
[dire music]
[Ezekiel roaring]
[ax chopping]
[Sarah screaming]
[ax chopping]
[fire crackling]
- I was in need of a meal.
[high-tension music]
[Luke wretching]
- Father,
what did you do?
- Your mother lost faith.
She had no trust in
the voice
of God.
- You killed her.
- Oh,
if there was ever any
doubt about your purity,
you've answered that, Reverend.
- Why did you kill mother?
[Ezekiel muttering]
- I did as I was commanded
to serve the Lord.
[fire burning]
- Men of God are always
mistaking faith with truth.
- You speak with the
tongue of the devil.
- As if I had a choice.
- Oh God.
[Ezekiel whimpering and crying]
Oh my God. I slaughtered
my wife,
and you my daughter.
I wanted my church.
And my organ.
- I'm not sure what good
an organ
is now,
seems you've lost your musician.
[Ezekiel crying]
Your father's a weak man, Luke,
soaked in misbegotten blood.
Free him from his misery.
- What?
- The gun.
- Don't, don't listen to him.
- Can you see him now
for what he really is?
- Yes.
He's a murderer,
but he is still my father.
- Do you like being
able to see, Luke?
- Of course.
More than anything.
- And if you want to
keep your sight,
you must do what has to be done.
Kill him.
- I can't.
- Okay.
[dark music]
It's up to you.
Goodbye sight.
- No!
- He is the devil.
He's trying to possess you
with this wretched sound.
You must reject him.
- You killed mother.
- It was a trick of the devil.
- No, it was you.
It was you Father.
- It was him.
He did this to us.
Kill him.
[tense music]
It will be God's will.
I will tread them in my anger
and trample them in fury.
- If you don't kill him,
all your glorious blues,
greens, and yellows
will return to black.
- I want to see.
- Shoot him.
- Blood shall sprinkle
on my garments
and I shall stain my raiment.
Hitherto shalt thou come.
- An eye for an eye.
- Beware the fire that
shall burn
unto you
for everlasting eternity.
- It's your choice, Luke.
- The wrath of hell
is upon thee,
eternal fire is thy destiny!
[high-tension music]
[Luke screaming]
[gun firing]
[breeze blowing]
- Gideon and Goliath came back.
- Difficult to pull a
wagon without horses.
- We can leave this place?
- We'll try.
- But where is the sound?
- It'll come when
you command it.
Only more gently now,
more persuasively,
the way your disciples
would want to hear you.
- Am I the vessel?
- That we shall soon find out.
[wagon rattling]
Fork should be up yonder,
if you are truly pure.
[eerie music]
Here it is.
- I'm the vessel.
- God damn.
You are.
- Are those the lilies?
- Ugliest damn flower on
this miserable planet.
- I didn't know they
were so white.
- [Woodrow] Hmm?
- Am I filled with evil?
- Evil's looked at so unfairly.
Embrace it.
[dark music]
Without us, there'd be
no despair or terror.
Lust, vengeance.
Where would we be without
war and plague,
beheadings, torture?
People would be bored to death
of smiling and laughter.
They'd stop praying to
God for their salvation.
Heaven would cease
to be a reward
and God would be forgotten,
soon to regret having
made Earth perfect.
Our list is long,
and we have much to do.
[light music]
- Everything's getting shadowy.
- Because we're leaving
the woods.
- Night is falling, but it,
it's much too early.
- Take a long look, Luke.
This will be the last
time you ever see.
- But you said, if I kill
Father, I'd keep my sight.
- Indeed.
If we remained in those
woods, but we've left.
- That's not fair,
I love the blue of the sky,
the greens of the forest.
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- You tricked me.
- Trickery is a craft
you'll soon master.
- How can I do his work
if I cannot see?
- What you lose in sight,
you'll regain in feeling
and hearing.
You'll come to understand
true unearthly power,
and that will be
more than enough
to enjoy the journey ahead.
Just remember,
there's only one God.
[Luke laughing]
- Unless you're tricking
me again.
- You ready to be the vessel?
- Do I have a choice?
- Oh, the fun we're gonna have.
[ominous music]
[intense whining]
[dramatic instrumental music]
[dramatic instrumental music]
[dramatic instrumental music]
[dramatic instrumental music]
[dramatic instrumental music]
[dramatic instrumental music]
[dramatic instrumental music]
[mysterious whining]