Things Change (1988) Movie Script

May I help you?
A friend of ours would like
to speak to you this evening.
I just-a shine shoes.
There'll be shoes there.
People like that.
You know who I mean.
Two weeks ago, a man named
Aaronberg was shot to death
at the corner of Racine and Belden.
This is public knowledge.
Two people saw the crime,
and this was also in the papers.
This is public knowledge.
What I am going to tell you now
is not public knowledge.
Do you understand?
The act was committed
by a person unknown.
A man in a gray overcoat.
Unfortunately, a friend of ours
has been mistakenly identified
as the man who did the murder.
Show him the picture.
This is the man who
has been mistakenly accused.
Do you understand?
To prevent a grave injustice
from being done,
to protect an innocent man,
someone must confess to the crime.
Someone who looks like...
This person would plead guilty to murder,
and would unfortunately spend a term
of three to five years in prison.
To such a person
we are prepared to pay...
this amount of money per year,
for each year he spent in prison.
You could say you were in prison now.
You must have a dream.
Do you have a dream?
What is that dream?
A boat.
A boat?
A fishing boat.
Your dream is a fishing boat.
In Sicily.
In three years, you could have
that fishing boat.
You could earn yourself that boat.
If you stay in your shoe store,
what will you have in three years?
What do you have in three years?
What do you have now?
Will you do it for me?
You've just made a grave mistake.
All right.
Shine 'em "uppa," Joe.
Get me Marty in Detroit.
Tell him I want to see him
as soon as possible.
And get me what's-his-name downtown.
Yes, sir.
Watch out for the socks.
These are cashmere socks.
Yes, dear.
Mr. Silver,
get me downtown...
and tell 'em I need a guy
for that project
which we were discussing.
- He'll know what I mean.
- Yes, sir.
Come on, boy.
We wanna get you back
to your shoe shine stand.
This is Mr. Silver in Chicago.
That's right.
No, I have the number on his boat,
but I'm informed I can find him here.
I'll hold.
- A man comes into my house.
- What does he want?
I tell him, "Whatever you want."
A fellow's dying.
Fifty bucks a week.
Says, "Buy me a boat."
Fine. I'll buy him
a pushcart.
I'll buy him an organ with a monkey,
and he can put a bandana on his head.
Son of a bitch immigrant
said he wanted a boat.
I'll give him a boat.
I do it!
Just a minute.
It won't be necessary.
Thank you.
This is a Sicilian coin.
The Sicilian people say,
SILVER: Mr. Green?
"A big man..." Excuse me.
"A big man knows the value
of a small coin."
My friendship is a small coin,
but it is all I have to offer you.
Thank you.
The papers, please.
Sign here.
This is your confession.
And now...
We need your fingerprints.
Pick up the gun and close it.
To my new friend.
- I should hope so.
- We put a lot of money in there.
You done good on that thing.
Thanks, Frank.
What, are you getting ambition?
Just doin' a job, Frank.
Thanks, Frank.
Thank you.
Jerry, we got a... What is this?
Jerry something-or-other works here?
I thought we sent him to the farm team.
Why was that, Frank?
Seems he can't follow orders.
Can't follow orders? Is
the guy a team player or what?
It would seem not.
That's a shame, Frank.
Yes, I agree.
No pain, no pals, no prospects.
What kind of guy is that?
A word to the wise is sufficient.
What's happening on the south side?
Lead off with the shipping thing.
Here are the figures on the shipping.
Love to hear from you too, Jerry.
Maybe when you get off probation.
Do you think you can get this clean?
What does a guy get
who can't toe the line?
- Probation.
- Right.
I've got a little errand for you.
I want you to pick the right guy for this
and take care of it for me.
Hey, Cinderella.
Come here.
Come here. Who'd you get me
on the errand business?
Jerry's gonna handle it.
He's a very good man.
What'd you tell him?
I told him to stick like glue
for the whole weekend.
He won't let him out of sight.
Don't screw this up.
Jerry's good.
He'll handle it.
Mr. Green.
All right, listen and learn something.
You do this one right...
I'm doin' it right.
I'm gettin' off probation.
Just do this, and then we'll see.
Why did you kill him?
He was a no-good son of a bitch.
And? He... You owed him money.
Yeah, yeah.
I owe him some-a money.
How much did you owe him?
Fifteen hundred dollars.
That's right.
What'd you do with the money?
I lose it at the race-a track.
What time was it you killed him?
Hold it. You know that one.
How many times did you shoot him?
Three time-a.
Don't get it too pat.
Three or four.
I shoot him a-three
or four times. Son of a bitch.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
You're a natural.
You got the thing cold.
We no gonna do no more?
Nah, you know it.
You know it.
Hey, this is ridiculous.
You're goin' to jail for three years.
What do you wanna do?
We'll do something?
What do you... Wanna get
a couple of broads?
Do what? You wanna see a show?
Hey, I'll get you tickets to something.
They tell-a me
I should-a no leave-a this...
There is no "They."
I am "They."
What do you wanna do?
Can we... can we take a walk
down-a by the beach?
It'd be okay?
Okay? Okay?
I'll show you what's okay.
Have a nice day.
Thank you.
Take care now.
Thank you.
You like to travel?
Okay, good.
I like.
Glad to hear it.
Here to make you happy.
Anything to please.
That's me.
Two days, you understand?
A little fun, a little memory,
then back to Chicago.
Back-a to Chicago. I shoot
the son of a bitch in the heart.
And when I say it, out here, do it.
You the boss.
I am the boss.
You keep that clear,
we're gonna get on fine.
Vegas Air announces
the arrival of flight 16
from New York at Gate 8.
Flight 16 at Gate 8.
How ya doin'?
What are you doin' here?
Hey, how are you? I'm doin'
fine. How should I be doin'?
You know, heard you
mucked-up back there last month.
What does that mean?
Heard they slapped your wrists.
What wrists?
You had to stay after school,
couldn't obey orders.
"Stay after school"?
"Stay after school."
Are you joking me?
Does this look like staying after school?
Who is it?
If you don't know,
then maybe you shouldn't know.
Are you staying at the hotel?
Yeah, we're staying at the hotel.
Someone picking you up?
I think they're sending
somebody down to...
Get in the car.
No, get in the car.
Vegas Air flight 271
to Sacramento and San Francisco
now leaving at gate three.
You know, I heard you got
in some deep powder back there.
I heard they put you on probation.
Well, you can't believe
everything you hear.
Sometimes they put out a story.
And so, you're...
What? So, you're...
What I am is what you see.
And so your guy, he's big back there.
Babe, this is the guy behind the guy,
behind the guy.
But what I gotta tell you is,
I cannot talk about it.
I understand.
He wants to come out here,
a quiet weekend.
I understand.
A bit of this, a bit of that.
No fuss.
Billy, thanks, pal.
I'll walk you in.
Thanks, pal.
I'll take it from here.
No problem, no problem.
Right this way.
I'm trying to keep a low profile
here. You understand?
We like to go in quiet.
Could we get some attention here?
- May I help you?
- Ahem!
Yes, I'll have to get
right back to you. Thank you.
Good morning, gentlemen.
Good to have you with us.
Shall we go right up to the room?
We're going upstairs.
We'll be going to the Criterion floor.
Welcome to the Galaxy, gentlemen.
Call the top floor.
Tell them our guests are coming.
Yes, sir.
Anything you might need
in Lake Tahoe, sir,
I'd be honored if you'd
ask for me. Billy Drake.
Who is he?
From Chicago.
Yes, sir.
I understand.
I understand.
Yes, sir.
I understand completely.
Here they are now.
Welcome to the Criterion floor, Mr...
Look, it's a good idea...
It's very important...
that nobody know
Mr. Johnson is here.
I understand.
I'm your butler.
My name is Randy.
And I'll be at your disposal
24 hours a day.
See to the bedrooms, if you would.
And turn on the music, please.
Any help you need
with travel arrangements,
special dietary preparation,
cleaning, mending, shoe shine, shopping,
or any other aid you require,
don't hesitate to ring.
The manager has informed me
all the staff have been advised
that any wish expressed
by you or Mr. Johnson...
No, no, no. Nobody is to know
that Mr. Johnson is here.
Believe me, I understand.
Your privacy will be respected.
I'll be right-a back.
We're here for two days quiet.
A little low-profile relaxation.
I completely understand.
We at the Galaxy understand
and appreciate your position.
Believe me.
The Criterion floor,
in concept and execution,
exists only to cater
to your special needs.
The entertainment system
gives you access to a library
of over 1,000 films, records and tapes.
Secretarial or legal services.
I am a notary, should you require it.
Where are the bags?
Where are the bags?
We, lost our bags on a connection.
Our stores are yours.
Whatever you require,
go down or ring,
and they'll have it sent up.
That's kind of you, but...
Credit in the casino,
whatever you require
in financial services.
24-hour access to a ticker tape
of the major markets.
Allow me.
We are prohibited from offering
but if you will notify me,
I can arrange a private area
in our members' room
on very short notice.
Tickets for the show, Jackie Shore,
tonight in the Constellation Room,
or tickets for any other show in town.
The sights and sounds of
Lake Tahoe. And here is my card.
I'm at that number or
they'll beep me there
at anytime, anytime at all.
Mr. Johnson, any questions
about the room?
I believe we have anticipated
your tobacco requirements.
But if there's anything we've left out,
don't hesitate to let me know.
You have a fully-stocked kitchen.
If you or your chef
gives us requirements,
we will be pleased to shop for you.
I believe the other features
are self-explanatory.
We strive to provide the
ultimate in privacy and comfort.
If there is any area in which
we fall short, please inform us.
It is a pleasure and honor
having you as a guest
of the Galaxy and the Criterion floor.
My name is Randy.
Whatever I can do
to make your stay more enjoyable,
it will be my honor
and pleasure to serve you.
The concierge desk and our
kitchen are at your disposal.
Should you wish to shop,
our shops and stores
are open to you on
a private basis 24 hours a day.
Whatever services you desire,
there is, of course, no bill.
Your money's no good in this hotel.
Mr. Johnson, you have beautiful hands.
And a lovely treatment
of the hands, if I may say so.
An excellent choice.
Clean, without being austere.
Mr. Johnson,
it's been a pleasure.
It's always a pleasure to
clothe a man of your physique.
You honor us, sir, with your custom.
Telephone call for Mr. Dowd.
Telephone call for Mr. Dowd.
Yes, yes, yes.
Okay, wanna pass?
Clothes don't make the man.
I make the man.
You understand me?
Just because we got new clothes.
Something to drink?
Scotch, please.
Nothing for me.
I'm here to gamble.
Place your bets.
Place your bets.
Here we go.
And here we go.
Give me five on the 9, five on the 19,
and five for you, dealer.
Round and round she goes.
No more bets.
Where she stops, nobody knows.
Good luck.
And the number is...
You gotta put money in it.
We're taking reservations for both shows.
I'll be with you in a moment.
Give me $20. We'll have
two wonderful days.
I understand.
We aren't gonna go crazy.
Two days, then we go back-a to Chicago.
That's absolutely right.
10:00 Monday morning,
28th district.
I wear the gray overcoat.
I see the son of a bitch.
Had three shots in the heart.
How do you feel?
Tight but aggressive?
May I help you, gentlemen?
Yeah, give me $20.
Everything all right, gentlemen?
No, we just...
Whatever credit these gentlemen
require, there's no limit.
And I mean no limit.
No, no. I think...
I'm making a joke here.
Just give me a thousand.
Gimme a thousand bucks.
Tab it.
Would you like a table for the late show?
Jackie Shore, Constellation Room.
- In the back.
- $1,000.
May I have a moment, please?
Excuse me.
If you got the name, go get the game.
Let's gamble.
No, hey, this is for show.
Play what you got in your pocket.
If there's anything I can do... Thanks.
Jerry, I never win nothing.
Maybe we can fix that.
Not even you can fix something like this.
Not even me?
Not even you.
Not even someone like me?
Hey, put it in.
Put it in!
Hey, wait a second.
There is something you could do for me.
I'd like to give Mr. Johnson
a little treat.
Absolutely, sir.
Could we arrange for him,
as a lark, to win a little?
To win?
Just a little.
To win at the casino?
Just a little. Just $50, $100,
as a thrill. Can you do that?
Well... Whatever it is, I'll make it up.
You'll pay it back?
That's what I'm sayin'.
Broke so soon?
Hey, the slots are cold.
Let's try something else.
This table open?
Yes, sir, it is.
Okay, you got black,
you got red, you got numbers.
What do you want to bet?
I take-a black.
Pick a number. Pick a number.
You pick a number, it hits, pays 35 to 1.
Put five bucks on a number.
We're partners.
No, it's yours.
Ye... no. We're partners.
Whatever happens, we 50-50.
Yeah, okay.
You know what? You know
what number I always play?
My flight number.
What flight did we come in on?
Twelve, wasn't it?
Yeah, yeah.
I think you're right.
I think it was number 12.
I gotta talk to you.
Not now, Jackie.
Twelve! The number is 12.
I win.
Yes, sir.
You see what my friend did?
Bravo, Mr. Johnson.
Good play.
We gotta lose the lighting guy.
He's napping on me.
I'm not saying it's hurting
the show. Seen the show?
Have you seen the show, Mr...
Here's your winnings, sir.
- Have you seen the show?
- Can't say that I have.
You haven't seen the show?
How long have you been here?
Place your bets.
$1,000 on number 12.
There's a bit.
I'm working the crowd.
This is not the time.
I want to make a point.
You got a beautiful show, a fine show.
But if you don't have the support...
This is my theme in what I'm telling you.
Twelve again.
I win again!
Yes, sir, you did.
How much we win?
How much we win?
We fly number 12, we play number 12.
Heh. That's a lot of money.
What number you wanna play now?
No, no!
That's enough!
Come on, I buy you a car.
Yeah. Hold on a second.
- What's happening?
- That fella just won.
What we do with this money?
Gino, we gotta give it back.
Why? I win this.
Yeah, but...
I win this money.
Yeah, but listen. Listen.
It's a thing of hospitality.
We're... We're guests in their hotel.
Sure, we could take the money.
It's not a question of money.
It's just for the sake of, honor.
To be an honorable guest.
Is-a no the money.
Is-a... honor.
Could you move back, please?
- What happened?
- That guy just won 35 grand.
Excuse me, sir.
I have to talk to you.
Yeah, in a minute.
I have to talk to you.
How this game work?
Well, we pay 100 to 1.
What that means is, if you bet
a dollar and your number wins,
you win $100.
How much I can bet?
Just as advertised, sir.
The Wheel of Fortune,
the pride of the Galaxy,
never refused a bet of any size.
If I bet $35,000, how much I win?
If you bet $35,000, you'd win $3,500,000.
I bet $35,000.
Put on number 12.
- $35,000 on number 12.
- Do me a favor, honey.
Put a thousand on number 12.
A hundred on 1,
a hundred on 2, five hundred
on 12 and a hundred on 21.
- The lord hates a coward.
- Make a bet for me.
Put 500 on 12.
Put 20 on 12.
Lend me $50, will ya?
Another 50.
Thank you, men.
Bets are closed.
$1 on 12.
Thank you. Bets are closed.
And round and round she goes.
Where she stops, nobody knows.
Gook luck to you all.
Please, please.
Come home to papa.
Come on, baby.
One time. This is it, baby.
Come to papa, baby.
Come on.
Here we come.
Okay. We can do it, baby.
And the number is...
The number is 74.
I'm sorry.
The number is 74.
No winners on 74.
No winners.
No winners on 74.
A hell of a bet, son.
I'm sorry you lost all that money, sir.
Things change.
Your drink, sir.
- Thank you.
- Coming out.
A seven, a three, a six.
I'll tell you what's crazy, folks.
The longer I'm married,
the more I'm losing my single instincts.
I was at a party in Hollywood last month.
Big show business party.
Beautiful blonde starlet comes up to me.
She says, "My husband's away.
How about a lift home?"
I said, "If you knew
he was gonna be away",
you should've made
travel arrangements."
I have a theory
criminals wanna get caught.
The reporter says 18
of 20 suspects arrested
are known to have organized crime ties.
If they don't wanna get caught,
don't wear the ties. See?
This has been a great year
for Jackie Shore.
How's your drink?
Good. Good.
Well, you handled yourself
very graciously back there.
When you in Rome,
you do like the Romans do.
I'll tell you what I saw.
I saw a guy today down at the tables.
Shoots 35 grand, one roll, he craps out,
he says, "Things change."
And one thing that does not
change is friendship.
I want to say hi to a good
friend of ours from Chicago,
Mr. Johnson. Will you please
stand up, Mr. Johnson?
Ladies and gentlemen, could you
let him know, please.
Mr. Johnson. Mr. Johnson?
Come on, folks, give it up.
Give it up! Mr. Johnson.
Mr. Johnson from Chicago.
Give it up one time
for Mr. Johnson.
Take it from a man who knows...
there is nothing like friendship.
If there was, someone
would have invented it already.
Have you got a minute?
One minute to curtain.
Have you got a minute?
Stop if you've got a problem.
Why am I getting this again?
Mr. Shore...
I walked out of my light.
What is your guy doing?
I can't talk now.
Your lighting guy.
Is this your wife's cousin?
Now it's Jackie. Great.
Did I do something to you
in a previous life?
What did I ever do to you?
Mr. Johnson.
Mr. Johnson, what a surprise.
Yes, very surprising.
Hope you guys enjoyed the show.
Good of you to play along.
Very supportive, I appreciate
that. And you looked great.
I thought I told you
I didn't want any publicity.
We don't want any notice.
Thirty seconds to curtain.
Guys, look, if I jumped wrong,
if you don't want any notice...
- Bear with me here.
- On stage, please.
Maybe a little notice.
Cherry, Grace.
This is curtain.
Would you come here?
I'd like you to meet
Mr. Johnson from Chicago.
Let's go girls, please.
The greatest revue
in the state of Nevada!
The Galaxy Hotel is proud to present...
The Fertile Crescent!
Do you mind if we come in?
I always wondered
where I was meant to be.
Is good-a to work, Jerry, but...
is also good-a to play.
"The Ant
and the Grasshopper."
Once upon a time...
there was an ant and a grasshopper.
All summer long, the ant work hard.
The grasshopper, he played the violin.
He dance.
Winter come.
The ant grow fat.
The grasshopper, he's cold.
The grasshopper eat the ant.
Return to me.
My darling, I adore you.
In my heart.
- Sentimentale perfecto.
- Bravo, Gino.
Canti bella.
Grazie, grazie.
You guys like the water?
What do you have in mind?
We have a little cabin up on Fallen Leaf.
And, we're going fishing for a few days.
Would you...
We wanted to know if you want
to come and go fishing with us.
Really fishing.
For fish.
Tomorrow, when we get off?
We have to be back in Chicago.
Well, anytime.
Anytime you come in.
That you wanted to come up
anytime you're in Tahoe.
Six months, a year.
Actually, it might be
a lot longer than that.
We gonna be gone for...
quite a while,
dear girls.
Good morning, good morning, good morning.
Where is everybody?
Good morning, sir.
Good morning.
Would you be so kind
as to send up some coffee?
Right away. Coffee.
Thank you very much.
Not at all.
Gino, wake up and smell the coffee!
This is the kind of day.
Listen and learn something!
This is the kind of day.
You rub too hard, then...
You take off the polish.
So, the trick is...
Not too hard and not too soft.
And, you can't make-a
the shoes shine unless...
They're clean.
If everyone knew everything,
there wouldn't be no schools.
Yes, sir.
Shine-a shoes like anything else.
It seems so simple now.
Yes and no.
I'm really sorry, Mr. Johnson.
Don't you be sorry.
Live and learn.
Where have you been?
I put-a my shoes outside.
They come back dull.
You're gonna come back dull.
I told you, you don't go anywhere.
Anywhere, do you hear me?
Anywhere without me.
We're gonna go back today.
I just-a go down the hall.
We'll go back to Chicago today!
You can't obey orders.
Get your stuff.
We're outta here.
We're going back to Chicago.
I can't go back.
Who the hell do you think you are?
I stepped out of channels.
I put myself out for you.
What did you do for me? What
did I say? Stick by my side.
One thing, and you couldn't do it.
I was your friend,
but you weren't my friend.
To hell with you. Go back
to Sicily, go back to prison.
We're goin' to Chicago.
I can't go back to Chicago.
Why can't you go back?
I no got-a my shoes.
Thank you.
Catch me ever doing another favor.
You mad at to me.
Mad at you? Yeah.
If I came back without you,
they'd kill me.
You think that's a joke?
I no gotta answer.
I give-a my word.
Can we get some coffee in here?
I'm on the corner,
4:00 p.m.
He's a-driving
big black car. Lincoln.
He come on the street.
Okay, okay.
I shoot the son of a bitch... Okay, okay!
Yeah. What do you
wanna do today?
We go see those nice-a girls?
Yeah. Don't take that,
"We go fishing" line
too seriously, okay?
Everything's for sale in this town.
Everybody loves you
when you got the dough.
No. They like us.
Yeah, they liked us real good.
Everybody likes you
when you're someone else.
Hey, we got one day left.
We got one day worth
of a good time, then we go home.
Come in. I'll get dressed.
Let's get out of here,
and you stick by my side.
Jer, two friends of ours,
Kenny and Harry,
they wanted to know if they
could take just a little bit...
Thank you, Billy.
Mr. Johnson?
Joseph Vincent sends you greetings,
and welcome to Lake Tahoe.
He extends to you this invitation:
to be his guest at his estate
for luncheon today,
if this is convenient within your plans.
Well, you know, we have a lot of...
If this would be convenient,
1:00 p.m.,
we'll pick you up downstairs.
We'll be waiting in the lobby.
We're in some very deep shit.
Okay, now, look, look.
Whatever he asks you, say... No.
Whatever he... You're on vacation.
You don't wanna talk no business.
You don't wanna hear no...
So, when we get there,
like if he asks who you are,
just, just, just let me handle it.
Whatever it is, I'll...
Approved list.
The vehicles.
I'm on top of it.
You got a load
of vegetables, 4:00.
From where?
Stop 'em at the gate and call me.
Put it in the pantry.
Hey, I need to see you about the Chevy.
A dealer from the stateline.
This is the swing shift broad?
She used to date
with this whatchamacallit.
The big guy.
Who's this?
You know, the big guy.
Right, right.
So, now she's torn between two guys.
She's hiding the sausage with both?
She's the one.
She's the one that stabbed him?
The same one.
She knocked the other guy's teeth out.
I can't believe this.
It's true.
He had caps.
Hey, Jerry, what's
a good price for a '56 Chevy?
It's good to know one's family.
A good man... A good man takes pride
in knowing those
who are connected to him.
Would you agree?
I got-a big family.
And no matter how big that family is,
still we remember all of their names.
From the little one...
So, tell me some names.
Names o-of my family?
is Bruno Gaddo.
And little Bruno Gaddo.
I don't know them.
See what I mean?
What brings you here?
I no here for talk-a business.
We talk business later.
But now I must know. What
brings you to this occasion?
What a lovely old coin. Anything
you can tell me about it?
A big man, he know
the value of a small coin.
It's always good to make a new friend.
I haven't heard that in 35 years.
That's-a beautiful boat.
And you got-a beautiful shoes.
Even the best shoes wear out.
No, you take care, they last a long time.
You watch close.
You look for the crack.
And then?
Then you look more close.
Show me you boat.
Best part of the day, isn't it?
You tired, Don Giuseppe?
You know how it becomes, the pressures.
Gino, stay with me tonight.
Will you stay?
You give-a me your home.
What I can give to you?
This is not an old coin.
It's a new coin.
But it too is a symbol.
And should you ever need my friendship,
you take this coin,
you put it into a telephone,
and you call this number.
Whatever you may wish,
if it is within the power of your friend,
that wish will be granted.
Hey, Gino, you got
a grass stains on your pants.
Your mama gonna kill you.
Have Mr. Johnson's things
cleaned, brought to his room.
We'll talk tonight, after dinner.
Mr. Johnson is staying
with us tonight.
As much as we'd like
to accept your hospitality...
I put-a him on probation.
We're having some people tonight.
Perhaps you know some of them.
We'll have some dinner.
We'll talk about... shoes.
Tomorrow we go fishing.
Whatever you need, you talk to my people.
Whatever Mr. Johnson requires,
see that he has it.
Otherwise, see that he is not disturbed.
- We're going out tomorrow.
- We'll take the boat out.
I'm gonna show you some fighting fish.
You like northern pike?
First we're gonna catch 'em.
Then we're gonna cook 'em.
Come on, we're goin' over to the hotel.
So... how big is your guy?
I mean, I never seen the don
pal up that close
with someone like that before.
Unless it's something I shouldn't know.
What are they?
Friends from the old country?
How are you and Mr. Johnson
today, sir?
We don't gotta do this.
We'll get coffee.
Somebody check out Mr. Johnson.
Check out Mr. Johnson.
Front, check out Mr. Johnson.
Check out Mr. Johnson. Let's
show some service. Can we?
What are you doin'?
What the hell are you doin'?
I told you no.
We wanna keep a low profile.
What are you crawling
all over us the whole time?
You don't know...
What? Mr. Johnson?
You don't know Mr. Johnson.
You what? Do you know
what we're doing here?
I thought... What?
I thought you were here for the meeting.
- What meeting?
- Check in Mr. Green.
Mr. Green from Chicago.
Mr. Green, good to have you
with us again.
Welcome back to the Galaxy.
What time are we due
at Joe Vincent's house?
8:00. You have time to change.
Did you bring the present?
We'll be back from the meeting
by 10:00 and get some sleep.
You look lovely.
Check us in.
I'll be at the tables.
Mr. Green's party is here.
- You have the two cars?
- Yes, sir.
Have you arranged for a line
of credit in the casino?
I don't want him showing I.D.
Yes, sir.
1968, 396 Chevelle,
sort of a light green.
It's my brothers car.
It was a cherry car.
Had a four barrel on this sucker
the size of a basketball.
You'd punch it down,
you'd see the hood cave in.
We used to get tanked up,
go to Ridgely, West Virginia,
place called The Hog Trough.
Uno momento.
I'm sorry I'm late.
I got a couple things
I want to go over with you guys.
Number one is the cutoff time,
which is 8:15.
After which point nobody gets in.
They're at the gate
after 8:15, they're an Indian.
The second thing is, nobody is anyone
unless I introduce you to him.
Listen closely to me now.
Better you should have
to apologize to someone
what you said to him than...
You know what I'm talking about.
Like that time with that guy
down at the lake.
Come on.
What, what, what?
Come on, we're goin' home.
We don't gotta go until tomorrow.
We're cutting short our trip.
We got 45 minutes to make the plane.
We gonna stay here one more day.
Forget it!
If the guy's wrong,
you send him scuba diving.
Go solve my problem for me.
The rest of you guys, come with me.
Lord, are we in trouble.
Get dressed.
Come on, come on!
What? What?
I forget my lucky quarter.!
Are you nuts?
Come on...
How was the weather in Chicago?
Sleet, rain. Nothing changes.
Smooth flight?
Excellent flight. Thank you.
Hotel treating you well?
Just fine, just fine.
How are you feeling?
Fine, never better.
I think you'll find the food
here better than the hotel.
That's what I expected.
Max, the same could probably be
said of your place in Chicago.
And you don't have to bring
your lunch next time.
Now, I want you to meet
my companion, Miss Bates.
Miss Bates,
you're an adornment to my home.
I have another. Token of respect
from your friends in Chicago.
A set of dueling pistols.
Max, thank you.
This is a magnificent gift.
If you say so.
Though we are involved in business,
we in the Midwest are never unmindful
that our business
is founded on friendship.
We are honored to be invited
to the home of such a friend.
May peace and prosperity grace your door.
Thank you, Max.
Thank you very much.
Mr. Silver.
Thank you for inviting me.
It's my pleasure. Please treat
my house as your own.
Tonight there's somebody
I want you to meet.
It's a friend of ours.
There he is now.
Seven and one half!
You got a big head!
Max, there's something
I'd like to show you.
Thanks for the gift.
Gino, did you have a good nap?
Joe! Good to see ya!
Excuse me.
Willie, good of you to come.
It's been too long.
Yes, it has.
That's magnificent.
Nothing's too good for you.
We'll talk later.
Mr. Bagwell.
Ken, good to see you.
Don Giuseppe...
I think you know who most
of these people are.
It's a life full of business.
We was a-planning to go
fishing tomorrow, but...
Don Giuseppe!
Don Giuseppe. If I can't stay
until tomorrow, if I gotta go...
Joe Vincent, it's an honor
to be in your house.
How ya doing?
Fine. Listen, that's
a long trip for you to make.
No trip is too far
to pay my respects to you.
Don Giuseppe, I got-a have
just a minute of your time.
All right.
- Joe, come here.
- I got a question for you.
We'll talk later.
After they've gone.
What is it, Max?
Take a look. I'm ashamed.
I've seen that.
You have?
Sure, it's my book.
Come on, come on, come on.
We're gonna walk away
from here nice and quiet
like nothing's happening.
And... Will you take off that hat?
Don't drop out on me now.
Just a nice stroll in the evening air.
What are we gonna do?
We're gonna find a car.
We're fine.
Everything's gonna be okay.
I no get to say good-bye.
Just keep your nerve. Don't
lose your nerve on me here.
Just a couple of mice.
Come on, come on, come on!
Okay, okay, okay.
I'm gonna hot-wire the car.
How do you hot-wire the car?
You cross the... Okay.
The keystone to the security
system is the infrareds.
We had the dogs and we have them
out on the perimeter,
but after that thing last year, I said,
"Why keep them if you can't
believe in them?"
In a moment I'll take you
down and show you.
Also, our feeling is: don't
show the guy what to look for.
Make him look for everything.
Which in this case, you gotta do.
Make him wonder about everything.
It's not going to be
some dog barking that he hears.
- Look at this car.
- It's a 1935 Cadillac.
They don't make 'em
like this anymore. I swear.
- What's the matter with you?
- We're goin' home.
I know where we're goin'.
What? What?
We're outta gas.
The head of the Vegas mob.
He can't keep gas in his car.
What the hell kind of a country is this?
You got any money?
Aha, great. Give me a dollar.
Man, I'm running on empty.
It's a good thing we're going home.
We was a-gonna go fishing tomorrow.
Me and Don Giuseppe.
You were gonna go fishing?
Don Giuseppe found out
who you were, you were gonna
go fishing as the bait.
It's okay, we're gonna make it.
Be thankful you're alive.
Anybody talks to you on
the plane, don't say nothin'.
You don't speak English.
We get back to Chicago,
this never happened.
Five dollars, please.
I just asked you for a dollar.
I'm sorry, I didn't hear.
Okay, it's a misunderstanding.
We got a plane to catch.
But you owe me four bucks.
Yeah, well, we're gonna send it to you.
I'd love to help you. I can't.
Look, I don't want any trouble.
Do you know who this is?
I don't know and I don't care.
You owe me four dollars.
I didn't ask for the gas, and
I don't got time for this chat.
We're sending you the money.
No, I think not, mister.
Why don't you wait here
until we work this out?
What the hell do you think you're doin'?
I'm callin' the cops.
I gotta catch a plane.
Gimme the keys.
You took the gas.
You can't pay for it.
That's called theft.
Hell, hell.
Please gimme a break.
Gimme a break!
We're gonna catch a plane.
Treat a working man like this?
You didn't work for that gas.
I worked for that gas.
Let me speak to the sheriff.
Look, man, please.
We have to catch the plane.
Just give me back the key.
I'm holdin' for the sheriff.
Throw your ass in jail,
trying to defraud me.
What are we gonna do now?
We... we... we drive home!
Look, look, look.
A plane ticket to Chicago.
I give you the ticket.
I trade you the ticket
for a full tank of gas.
You're gonna give me a ticket
to Chicago for a tank of gas?
You give us a full tank of gas,
and we get out of here.
Where's my jacket?
I have no idea
who some people think they are.
I swear that I don't.
Just when things were going so well.
Let me speak to the sheriff.
The sheriff. This is Jack
at the gas station.
I'll hold.
The car's probably stolen too.
You want a cigarette?
No, thank you.
Hello, sheriff!
Yeah, this is Jack
down at the gas station.
Got a couple fellas here who...
Take-a the money.
Hold on.
Never mind.
It's all right.
We go now.
Your key.
Come on.
Your change. Thank you.
What this a-place is-a like?
You eat, you sleep.
You got a job, you go and do your job.
You don't, you stay in your cell.
And we'll have people there for you.
Sure, there's people a-there.
Yeah, there's lots of people there.
I can-a handle this.
Don't tell me you can handle it.
You never know
until they close that door.
And then you find out.
And then I find out.
That's right.
Then I get out. And you
come-a and see me in my boat.
Yeah, I'll come see you in your boat.
Sun a-come up, and we fish.
Sun a-go down, and we drink.
We talk about old times.
We talk about number 12.
Yeah. Okay.
Not such a long-a time.
What's-a the big deal?
That's right.
What do you think time it is?
5:00, 5:15.
We got about five hours.
What do you wanna do?
I... Hey. Hey, I...
I wish you didn't have to go.
Don't go.
I gotta go.
You know I gotta go.
No, you could...
A deal, it's a deal.
The hell with the deal!
They're buying three years
of your life for pocket change.
You come out an old man,
money don't mean shit.
Jerry... What ""?
I got a deal.
Three years in-a prison.
I get out, I go back, I buy my boat.
You buy your boat!
You know what your money's
gonna buy in three years?
It won't buy a toothbrush.
What... Three years of your life!
You... No, this is not a deal.
It's a hustle.
They hustled you.
Three years for three days.
I give my word.
You walk.
You could walk!
I go in the bathroom.
I slip in the tub.
You walk. Who's gonna know?
Who's gonna know?
Who's gonna find you? No one.
Who's gonna look for you?
Go on. Go on!
Go on, get outta here.
Get outta here! Get the hell
outta here! Get outta here!
What the hell do you want?
We have a good time in lake Tahoe.?
We drink-a champagne...
with the girls.
The guy on stage say,
"Mr. Johnson, take a bow."
They'd break their word to you.
Maybe yes and maybe no.
What they do, no matter.
I give my word.
I gonna miss you.
You stupid son of a bitch.
You gonna miss me too?
I ain't missing no dummy
don't know when to run.
Know what I mean?
Yeah. I'll miss you
all my life.
Get outta here, you stupid lame.
Where are you goin'?
I gonna shave.
Hey, can I come in?
Wha... Yeah, yeah.
What are you doing here?
Come to walk you guys over.
We got till 10:00.
They want you there at 8:00.
So what've you guys been
doing in here three days?
Playin' gin.
The guy's here to take us over.
We're goin' over early.
Where're we goin'?
I thought we'd take a walk by the lake,
give him some air in his lungs.
Did you guys have a nice weekend?
Does he know his confession?
Frankie, what's goin' on?
I told you.
We're takin' a walk.
We gotta get to court.
Jer... he ain't goin' to court.
He knows his stuff.
He's gonna keep his word.
He's gonna keep his word!
Jerry... No, no.
Jerry! Our guy needed
two days to get out of town.
This doesn't work. The whole
thing was, set this guy up.
Get his prints on the gun,
get a confession.
Later he gets remorse, the murder he did.
He kills himself.
We stick the confession
in his pocket. Life goes on.
It's cleaner this way.
The don said,
"Tell him to be at the 28th
district, 10:00 Monday."
Right. Tell him to be the 28th.
He didn't say take him there.
Nobody told me this was
going to be the thing.
He had a deal!
Things change.
You son of a bitch.
What the...
Who are you, all of you?
You make a deal with the man.
You set the guy up,
promise him this, do the thing.
He does it, stands up.
Hey, Jerry!
Come on, come on!
You're telling me the things
you promised, you lied to him.
You're gonna turn around and kill him?
I'm not gonna kill him.
You're gonna kill him.
You're gonna kill him, pal.
You wanted to square yourself,
get off probation.
You think sittin' in a hotel three days,
order room service,
that's gonna get you back in?
That's not the job.
This is the job.
You come up to his head, you
shoot him right above the eye.
Put the gun in his hand, let it fall.
You've got two minutes.
Hey, man, you can't make me do this.
I'm not making you do anything.
You turn it down, you turn it down.
You can't handle it, I handle it.
Something happened.
We got a different situation.
I don't even know how to say it.
I see.
Didn't I tell you to run?
I told you to run.
I threw you out of the hotel,
and you came back.
I told you to go.
I told you.
Why didn't you go?
I give my word.
You gave your word.
You gave your word!
Hey, Jerry.
Fantastic! You gave your word!
I said I'm gonna do it!
I gave my word! Everybody
gave their goddamn word!
What are you gonna do?
What are you gonna do?
Shoot me? You gonna shoot me?
Shoot yourself. Shoot yourself.
You're dead.
Now I'm dead.
You're dead.
We're all dead.
You got the keys to the car?
You got the keys to the car?
I only... I just-a keep...
I gotta make a phone call.
What phone call?
What phone call?
Don Giuseppe say, "If you ever
need my friendship..."
Are you nuts?
Yes, I make a collect call
to Mr. Joseph Vincent...
from Gino Gaddo in Chicago.
Gino Gaddo, collect
to Mr. Joseph Vincent.
Thank you.
The defendant having pled guilty
to murder in the first degree,
and in the absence of
extenuating circumstances,
we have no alternative but
to sentence the defendant...
to the maximum allowed by law.
The term of imprisonment
of 20 years to life.
You have anything you wanna say?
The car comes on the corner
at 4:00 p.m.
I shot the son of a bitch
three times in the heart.