Things Heard & Seen (2021) Movie Script

birthday, dear Franny
Happy birthday to you
- Happy birthday.
- Good job, girls.
Oh, I loveyou, baby, so much!
Come on!
I'm gonna get you guys some cake.
- Uh, I'll get some wine.
- Okay.
- Let me do that.
- Oh.
- That way, you can actually eat.
- Thank you.
You've been looking so thin,
you're making us moms look terrible.
Mmm. Wow.
- Good, right?
- Yeah.
What's the matter, Mom?
It's hot.
Your father can't keep his eyes open.
- Oh, I'm fine.
- It is a four-hour drive from Worcester.
I know. I'm going to make you guys
some coffee.
Can you make a pot of coffee?
And we need another bottle of white wine.
White wine, right. On it.
Mom, can you do the coffee?
I'll be right back.
Everyone, if you all raise your cups.
To Dr. George, huh?
Hear, hear!
- It is official, right?
- Yeah, it is officially official.
Yeah, I'm no longer a PhD widow.
And I have some more good news.
Uh, my dissertation
actually landed me a gig upstate.
- Wow, fast.
- It must be really good.
I haven't read it yet.
- George is very secretive.
- No, I am chickenshit.
Catherine was
top of the classat art school.
- Oh, is the position at Bard?
- No, it's at Saginaw.
It's a smallprivate college upstate.
You're a big city girl now
with your dream job.
Youthought this through?
George really wants this.
He hates the struggle here.
It's gotten worse
since his father cut him off.
And I had no idea
he was even taking money from them.
Apparently, it's been happening
since Franny was born.
Moving's expensive, too.
I know, but you can get a lot
for a little up there.
- It's supposedly really pretty.
- Yeah, I've driven through there.
Rich horsey weekenders
and lots of full-timerednecks.
I know, but Georgehas made
some big sacrifices for me,
and I... I owe it to himto at least try.
I think I've found
the perfect house for us.
Oh, there we are.
This lock is a bittricky.
Wow, beautiful.
- Okay.
- Huh?
As I told George last week,
it's from the late 1800s.
There's definitely
updating that needs to be done.
Yes, certainly could use a paint job.
Yeah, but look at these bones, huh?
You have to havea real vision
for an old place like this.
Well, my wife is a trained artrestorer,
so we're in good hands.
Why would someone just leave this here?
This is so beautiful.
Dairy farmers everywhere
are falling on hard times.
It's a... a toughbusiness these days.
So sad.
It is sad.
We'll make it happy.
You wanna see the rest, don't you?
Come on.
Show it to me.
- Show me the upstairs.
- Okay, upstairs.
How big is it?
Hey. Remember this?
I'm not gonna use all this space for it.
- Here. This is right
- Okay.
Hey, uh, George,
I was gonnaput yourlittle seascapes,
you know,above the piano,
- but I... I can't find them.
- Oh.
- Sorry. I packed them for my office.
- Aw.
I love those things.
Yeah, I thought it would show off
a relic of my former life. Oh!
You know, maybe this house is going
to inspire you to start painting again.
Mm, nah, I think, since my dissertation,
I I really see myself as a writer.
Okay, the cat or the doll?
Which one?
I think she's finally out.
Are you stressed about tomorrow?
Yeah... No. Should I be?
Well, first day jitters
are a normal human reaction.
Are you looking for a reason tode-stress?
- Do I need a reason?
- No.
How do you want me to de-stress you?
What is that smell?
You smell that?
It smells like car exhaust fumes.
- Right?
- Yeah, I I guess I smell smell it.
And it's getting stronger.
Do you think ghosts use premium unleaded?
I'm serious, George. Stop.
- Mommy, Mommy, I'm scared!
- OhGod! It's okay. Oh!
- Come here.
- I'm scared!
Tuck in, baby girl. All right.
Wait, really?
Mommy, I'm scared.
I don'twanna sleep in there.
America's Rhine.
Oh, it is a dream setting for a campus.
Full disclosure, Claire.
Your chapter onhow Swedenborg
influenced the art ofGeorge Inness
is what landed you here.
Swedenborg, really?
That's that's interesting.
It's thepart of my dissertation
I struggled with the most.
How so?
Uh, I-I guess
I'm a bit of a clich, the New York cynic.
That How a-a painter
as brilliant as Inness
could fall for some 18th-century mystic
still baffles me.
Well, Swedenborg
He wasn'tjust some mystic.
He keenly understood
that everything in the natural world
has a counterpart in the spiritual realm.
And Innesspainted landscapes
with this in mind.
I-I get that.
Oh, this is my office in case you need me.
- Wow, beautiful.
- Mh-hm.
My... my trouble with Swedenborg is
his communicating with angels and ghosts.
Glorifying death as this
as this grand passage.
You should know that Swedenborg
still has a devoted following
in this neckof the woods,
myself included.
We even have sances on occasion.
I'll invite you.
I'll... I will bring my wife.
She is the
the true believer of the family.
Ah, ah.
Well, this is your office right here.
I guess I picked
the wrong welcome gift.
Well, I I can't argue with the cover art.
The Valley of the Shadow ofDeath.
Ahh, that is George Inness at his best.
Well, you are now
officially in Inness territory.
Don't be surprised
if you start seeing things his way.
Thank you, Floyd.
- Hi.
- Hello.
Mrs. Claire, right?
Yeah, can I help you?
Uh, yes, ma'am.
My name's EddieLucks,
and this here'smy younger brotherCole.
We just wanted to introduce ourselves
in case you're in need of ahired hand.
We do gardening, carpentry,plumbing.
When it comes to painting,
we're regular Leonardos.
- Best part of all is, we come real cheap.
- Hey, like my marble?
Yeah, nice.
You want me to show you how to shoot?
Oh, I forgot to mention
that Coleis the best babysitter in town.
Yeah, I can see that.
Where do you boys live?
In town with our uncle.
We got plenty of references
if that's what you need.
Okay. Do you have a business card?
A card? Um
Let me see.
Oh, I left mybusiness cards at home.
- I got a pen.
- Yeah!
I think we should just hire them.
Shouldn't we get one more quote?
There's a lot of other
groundskeepers in town.
I already did, and they
run like half the price.
Cath, please don't tell me you're back
on the whole salads-only thing.
I ate a big lunch today.
What about the protein shakes
the doctor recommended?
I saw you skipped itthis morning.
I am doing them at night now
because it'seasier on my stomach.
- Franny, you want some more rice?
- No, I want a pony ride.
- Go, pony, go!
- I am.
Go, pony, go!
You are terrorizing.
Oh, look, there's another pony.
Okay. Ready?
- One, two, three.
- Horsey.
- Pony!
- Gosh.
- You coming?
- Yeah, in a second. I have to do dishes.
Oh, can you get that pot for me, please?
- Thank you. I'll be up soon.
- Okay.
Don't be long. I'm pretty tired.
Hey, George.
I'm a... I'm asleep.
- Where?
- Eight.
- Three pounds is a lot.
- You've got to be telling...
Hi. Are you the Historical Society?
Indeed we are.
Um, I don't know if you need volunteers,
but I'm new in town,
and I would love to meet people
and possibly learn more aboutthe area.
Write your information down.
We'll send you a schedule.
And also, I was curious
if you had anyinformation
on some of the older homes inthe area,
being that I just bought one.
Actually, there's a picture
of your househanging up.
- Really? Where?
- Yeah.
In the other room.
The couple whobuilt it is in it, too.
The original ones,
long before the Vayle family.
I I'm going to go take a look. Thanks.
- He doesn't look like a cat.
- He does.
- His ears are so little.
- It's called Cat in theHat.
- And his nose and stuff like that.
- He's got a normal nose.
But it's so little!
You know he killed someone?
Over a gameof tennis.
Oh, well, I'm not surprised.
People get away
with all kinds of horrible things.
Are you speaking from personalexperience?
So are you studying art?
I-I teach over at Saginaw.
Oh God. No.
No, I was just
looking for T-shirt ideas.
I'm all about literaturein school.
Which school?
Oh, that's quite a commute.
Just taking a little hiatus.
Riding for rich folk at Crow Hill Stables.
Yeah, I know that place.
It's right next to the tennis club.
I play there sometimes.
Oh. Well, uh
I hope you're a better loser
than Caravaggio.
George Claire.
Right. Claire.
Yeah, my friend Eddie does your yard work.
I think yourwife hired him.
Is that your little girl?
Yeah, that's Franny.
Hi there, Franny.
How's that book?
What does this say?
Let's see.
Okay, it says
"He should not behere.
He should not be about."
"He shouldnot be here
when your mother is out."
It's nice to meet you, Franny.
Okay, ready to go?
George, you're not going to believe
the picture I just saw.
- Wanna go to the pond?
- Yeah!
You wanna go swim?
- Come on, Franny. Gonna catch you!
- No!
- I'm gonna throw you in!
- No!
Hey Franny, watch out
for the snapping turtles, okay?
All right? It's down my butt!
It's got my butt!
Didn't they say summer's officially over?
Our seasons play
by their own rules up here.
Who knows? It could snow tomorrow.
Well, I brought some lemonade
to help youguys cool off,
but it looks like you'reway ahead of me.
You should come on in. The water's great.
Believe me,
it looks very tempting.
You know what they say about temptation.
Easiest way to kill it's just to give in.
So what does your uncle do?
He's a hearse driver.
I guess every town needs one of those.
Can I ask about your parents?
Um both dead. Car accident.
Oh God, I'm so sorry.
Yeah, I mean, it was something.
It makes a kid grow up fast.
Cole's on good track for college, though.
And what about you?
Nah, that stuff's not really in my cards.
I mean, I did want to study music
- Really? What instruments do you play?
- but
All kinds.
I... I have a beat-up guitar right now.
We have a piano at the house.
I just got it tuned.
It'd be nice to havesomeone
who can actually play it. I'mpathetic.
All right.
Well, thanks, Mrs. Claire.
- Catherine. Sorry.
- It's okay.
You'll get used to it.
Yeah. Please do not tell him I said that.
All right.
Okay, so,
the Hudson River School painters.
Landscapes as the realm of thesoul.
If you keep reading aroundthe subject,
you'll find it reallyrewarding. Really.
- Keep going, okay?
- Thank you so much.
- We will.
- Bye!
George Claire?
Yes. Hello. Can I help you?
Justine Sokolov.
Adjunct weaving instructor.
You play tennis with myhusband Bram.
Oh, Bram, of course. Yes.
He mentioned that his wife teaches here.
I hear you've developed a cult-like
following already in our department.
So I Oh, this you?
I thoughtI'd invite you
and your wife over
and seewhat all the fuss is about.
Oh, uh
That sounds reallynice.
You know, it'd be nice for my wife to meet
a few more Saginaw folk, too, so yeah.
I have your number in the registry,
so I'll give the missus a call.
- Fantastic.
- George Claire.
Wow. You painted these?
Yeah, a long time ago.
I gave upthe whole fine arts thing
to focus on theory.
Realized I wasn't really up to snuff.
I disagree.
These are confidentlyexecuted,
and they are
quite unique.
Thank you.
Uh, you should see my wife's stuff.
She's the real artist of thefamily.
Okay, I look forward to it.
I'll be in touch, George Claire.
What's wrong?
That smell. It's... it's getting stronger.
Yeah, I figured it out.
It's 'cause we're above the garage.
I'll get some fans
and air it out in the morning.
But why does it come and go?
Cath, please stop with the ghost stuff.
I'm not gonna let you
put a negative spinon this house.
Mommy, where are you?
Mommy, I'm scared, I'm scared!
- Mommy!
- Hey, hey! Shh.
- What happened?
- What is going on? Where were you?
- What happened? Tell me.
- I saw the lady, Mommy. I'm scared.
It's okay, it's okay. Don't worry.
- Mommy's here. You can sleep with us.
- Oh God. Cath, again?
If we filled out her sedative prescription
like the pediatrician said,
this wouldn't keep happening.
I said to you ten times I don't feel good
giving her unnecessary medications.
It's this house.
Oh God. You two sleep in there.
I'll take Franny's room.
Hey. Hey.
Daddy's mad at me.
No! No, no, no, he's not.
No, sweetheart. Not at you.
It's gotta feel good.
I guess, yeah.
Uh, guess who I ran into the other day?
Your boss, George Claire.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
I haven't met the guy officiallyyet.
What's he like?
How would you know that?
Because I found him attractive.
Here we go!
You wanna watch Eddie chop wood?
"All of us on Earth are associated
with those in thespiritual world
who are like ourselves."
"We are, in a sense, unitedto them."
United to them
What do you want?
What are you looking for here?
I I don't really know.
You're a presumptuous fucker, aren't you?
If you're coming in,
shut the door behind you.
He's got a social life at that school,
and I'm isolated.
Something's wrong.
I can hear it in yourvoice.
I'm starting to see things.
And I'mscared to tell George about it.
Catherine, have you been eating?
What's the church like up there?
Have youprayed on any of this?
Try to remember
how he did right by marrying...
Oh, I gotta go.Thanks a lot
for the pep talk, Mom. I love you.
That was some run.
Yeah, I guess I wentpretty far.
I don't know what came overme.
And then I-I gotdistracted
by these wildflowers.
Thanks, but now
you're going to be late for class.
Yeah, yeah, I know. I-I'd better hustle.
Look who's home.
- What are you doing?
- One sec.
Mr. Claire, right?
It's nice to finally meet you. I'm Eddie.
- My brotherand I are about to get...
- The Vayle boys, aren't you?
Not anymore, sir.
We go by Lucks now.
Took our uncle's last name.
Do me a favor. My my wife
doesn't know that you lived here.
Uh, or whathappened.
I think it would be better
if we kept it that way.
Uh, she's a nervous woman and, uh
well, she wouldn'twant you around
if she found out.
Sure, Mr. Claire.
My brother and Iare only here
for honest work.
Thank you. I appreciate it.
It seems a
little odd, no?
That you'd want to be here at all.
Taking care of this house
comes second nature to us.
Did you meet your husband in art school?
Yeah, we were undergrads together.
That's cool.
Were your parents
supportive of you studying music?
Yeah, my mom was the one who taught me.
But when my father found my application,
he, uh he beat me with a two-by-four.
Are you serious?
Yeah, he actually
bloodied me up pretty good.
Well, if you decide
to reapply to music school,
I will personally write you
a check for your application.
You really got me.
Hey, George.
Eddie... Eddie was just playing
his favoriteLouis Armstrong songfor me.
- Called... What's it called?
- "Someday You'll Be Sorry."
That's right.
That's the story of my life.
What a surprise.
Eddie was telling me earlier
how he washere for honest work.
I... I didn't realize that it included
We finished painting, sir,
and, uh, Mrs. Claire asked me
to play something beforeI left.
- So...
- Wait, Eddie, Eddie.
Come on, please.Don't stop on my account.
I've beencalled many things before,
but never aparty pooper.
Well, the man of the house has spoken,
so finish the goddamn song, Eddie.
Yeah, please.
Oh God.
What you do to me, you do not know.
My God.
I've never done
anything like thisbefore, you know.
What's wrong?
What? I'm just talking.
- Sharing.
- What the fuck is wrong with me?
- Why do I keep doing this?
- Hey, Willis, I'm being serious.
It'd be nice to know you a bit better.
Some ordinary, regular things.
That's not what this is about.
Ow! What the hell?
You think because I fuck you,
I'm fooled by you?
I've been aroundguys like you
my whole life.
- What the hell are you talking about?
- My dad made a fortune defending them.
Thieves, con men, psychopaths.
And they all got off because
that's the way the world works for men.
Okay, look, I see that you have
some pretty awful ideas about men.
I have awful ideas about everything.
Now get the fuck up.
- Come on, Willis.
- No.
I'm done with this.
- Hi!
- Trick or treat?
- Come in, come in.
- Hello, I'm Catherine.
- Oh, of course you are. Mmm.
- Oh.
George, hi.
- Hi. For you.
- Oh, thank you.
Bram, where are you?
The Claires have arrived.
- Wow.
- I'm here.
- Thanks.
- Hello.
- I'm Catherine.
- Hey, Bram.
- Thanks for having us.
- Look what they brought us.
- Thank you. How are you?
- Very well.
- Come on in.
- Beautiful.
- Thank you.
- I love your artwork.
Ah. Well, yes. We're just enjoying
our tenure herewhile it lasts.
- Oh, do you rent?
- No, no, no.
He just means
how these old Hudson Valley homes are.
We think we own them,
we're just caretakers.
They outlive us all.
My wife thinks ours is haunted.
Well, she's probably right.
They're allhaunted a bit.
After all,
we're inHeadless Horseman country.
Let me take your coats.
Oh, actually, we should go outside
and look at the alpacas before they nap.
- Oh, yes.
- This way.
- You'll love it.
- Alpacas nap?
Tell me, Bram.
Where does one buy
such quality weed up here?
- Buy? I grow it.
- Nice.
You know, I came up here
to write the Great American Novel, but
I spend most ofmy time
tending to my garden, if you getmy drift.
I love your setup.It's amazing.
- Aww, thank you.
- And yourwork is so unique.
Thanks. It's gonna sound alittle strange,
but it's a spiritualthing for me,
I tap intosomething cosmic
when I'm working.
- Its patterns, you know?
- Yeah.
Sometimes I feel guilty
taking credit for it.
Why? You shouldn't.
I would love for you
to make something formy Franny.
- I'd pay you, naturally.
- Don't be silly. I'll do it for cost.
Oh, actually, George already asked
for a scarffor his mother,
so I'll just add it tothat order.
- You guys just have the one child?
- Yeah. Yes.
She's four. And you and Bram?
Do you guys have kids?
Bram and Iwere conflicted
about that for a while,
and then MotherNature
made the final decision.
And shemade the right one.
It all worked outperfectly.
I was conflicted, too,
but just like that, it
It happened.
And then we gotmarried,
which I was also conflictedabout.
I guess you could say
I'm aconflicted Catholic girl at heart,
dutifully going through the motions.
You know,
the first few years of our marriage
were a complete blur
because of the baby and school.
We're really stilltrying
to catch our breath up here.
You know, I attend this women's group.
It's an Arts Club thing.
We meet once amonth up in Albany,
and there are so many
creative ladies to meet, Catherine.
I think you should come with me.
I would love something like that.
I don'tknow anybody up here.
Well, you do now.
It must be so nice
to inherit a fortune
and then spend all day not writing abook.
I really like them, especially her.
She's so interesting.
She's so free with herself and her body.
She can certainly put away some lasagna.
- That's a nasty thing to say.
- Come on, I'm kidding.
I like them, too.
I especially like
Bram's weed.
Are you sure you're okay to drive
after smoking so much?
- I'm fine. I'm more than okay.
- Really?
Watch this.
George, slow down.
- Slow down, George.
- Really?
- Really?
- George, slow down!
Slow down!
- Stop, George!
- Whoo!
God, what the hell are you doing?
What? What, I'm just having a little fun.
You remember what that was like,
Cath, huh?
- That's not funny!
- Come on.
Oh, come on, Cath. Cath!
Cath, where are you going?
Come on, get back in the car.
- Cath!
- Get your hands off me!
God, we are two smart people.
- We should've knownbetter.
- Known what?
That I'monly here
for the imaginary book jacket bio
that you have in your fuckinghead.
The... the... the professor
with the wifeand the country home.
I gave up everything for you!
Oh God, I'm so sorry.
I'm so sorry
I fucked up both of our lives!
And the worst part is this is all I have.
Cath, you know what you do have?
Is the crying drunks.
You are a person
who should not drink alcohol,
especially whenyou do not
fucking eat anything!
Oh my God. I am so sick
of everybody blaming everything
in my fucking life onme not eating!
Please, get back in the goddamn car!
- Get off of me!
- Ow!
Oh my God. Cath?
Oh my God. Cath
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
Was that
Did I Did I
Cath, are you okay?
Come on, Cole. Get up.
I'll drive you home.
Hey, Cath?
I didn't mean to hurt you.
I would never hurt you.
But I also
I havenot been sensitive
to your needs for sometime.
And for that, I owe you an apology.
More than an apology.
One thing I do know
is I love you.
What was that?
Oh God. Jesus. What?
It's okay, baby.
Nothing happened. It's okay. It's okay.
"We look at each other,
and we are not ashamed."
"I wearing the face
of the proper marriage,
you the face of the independent woman."
"We cleaved to eachother
across that space."
You're back later than I thought.
Am I?
The fridge is empty.
I can go out, pickup some food for us.
- What do youfeel like?
- I, uh I ate with Justine.
Brilliant setting
for a faculty meeting, Floyd.
Yes. I take her out alone a lot,
which would seem selfish.
I used to sail a bit myself.
Grew up on the Connecticut coast.
Oh, that's right.
Do your family own a boat?
I inherited my cousin's. The LostHorizon.
He actually drowned while sailing it.
Oh, how sad.
Only 19.
- Mm.
- Already so sophisticated.
I remember when he died.
I stole hisdiary after the funeral.
Read it repeatedly.
I know it's... it's an awful thing to do,
but I I think Ineeded some sort of
Did you learn anything from it?
Yeah, a little.
He was gay, unhappy.
Typical tortured artist.
And then allthat angst
one unfortunate moment vanishes forever.
We're all so inconsequential, Floyd.
Swedenborg would suggest otherwise.
He'd say death is only the beginning.
Have you read the book yet?
It's on the top of my list.
- Come, come in.
- Ahh.
Let me get that.
Oh, Catherine, this is Floyd DeBeers,
head of our department.
He also took me
on this magnificentboat ride.
So good to meet you.
So, in return, I invited him to our house,
a very unfair trade.
- I've heard wonderful things aboutyou.
- As I have you.
George, is this some kindof setup?
I... I swear to God,
I didn't even tell her you were coming.
You see, George? You see?
There are no coincidences.
I'm sorry. I... I was taken by the artwork
and just started reading it.
Nothing to be sorry for.
You do know what this is, don't you?
The cover art?
It's a soul
transitioning into the afterlife.
The painter followed Swedenborg,
so he believedthat death
is parallel to birth,but divine.
Floyd, believe me.
You do not wantto get
my wife started on all that, uh, stuff.
Uh, Cath, please showFloyd around.
Um, I'm gonna fix us somecocktails.
May I show you around?
- I can't wait.
- Great.
My daughter's asleepalready,
but you can... we can peek in her room.
We actually have four bedrooms,
but we only use two of them.
A young couple can't have too many bed...
You okay?
We're not alone, are we?
What do you mean?
She doesn't mean any harm.
She hasreasons for lingering.
I've seen her, and so has my daughter.
Because she's here for you.
She wants youto know that.
At first, I was terrified,
of course, butnow
every time I sense her, I... I feel
- I know that doesn'tmake any sense.
- It makes perfect sense.
Her name is Smit, wife of Jacob Smit.
He was a um, a local minister.
They builtthis house,
and that's all I can find atthe library.
Let me do some digging on campus.
You can't tell George
because he can't know.
He thinks that I'm crazy.
No, of course not.
He's just afraid,you know.
Men at his stage of life oftenare.
But try and be patient, Catherine.
With love,
he cancatch up to you spiritually.
And let us
Let us hold a sance here.
- With or without George.
- Really?
We can find out
a little moreabout your housemate.
Bye, Floyd.
Good night, good night,
and thanks for a wonderful evening.
Drive safe.
My God, Cath, he absolutely adored you.
I... I have never seen Floyd
light up like thataround anyone.
And you were up there awhile.
Did he say anything?
About what?
About me?
He said that you were
an exceptional professor.
And you are an exceptional wife,
which means the world to me.
Ah! I feel like having company
was good for us.
Yeah? We need this.
I, uh
I want to invite my whole department over.
A... a real party. What do you think?
I think we owe it to Franny
to make thisplace a happy home.
I'm not against it.I just think
that we need to then also invite
the locals and our neighbors.
Neighbors? Really?
I need to feel like I'm in thiscommunity,
George, not just yourcommunity.
Okay, let's do it.
Please tell me again
why I'm carrying a Bundt cake.
We're no good at parties.
Speak for yourself.
I am. Nobody wantsthe sheriff around
when they're drunk.
Uh, more wine?
Hi. Wine?
A little. Just just
Oh! Okay, good.
She's a friend of Bram's.
She's alsowriting.
They both have been writing novels Sorry.
They both have been writing novels.
I first wore glasses when I was 13.
Oh, thank you. Thank you, young man.
Yes. You've done a lot with this place.
I want you to meetmy wife Millicent,
the love of my life.
It's incredibly nice to meet you.
I hear we might have
a session in your home.
Yeah, soon, I hope. Thank you.
George? Travis, Mare's husband.
- A pleasure to meet you.
- This is her best cake.
Oh, wow.
Thank you. We'll put it righthere.
Travis? Come here.
You've got to hear this.
Yes, dear.
Hm. I almost baked a cake.
Bram insistedthere was something
you might appreciate even more.
Oh, fantastic.
Um, shall we?
- Yeah. Why not?
- Why not?
- This place looks marvelous, Catherine.
- Thank you.
Absolutely transformed.
Well, a little paint
goes a really long way.
And it does my heart good
to see Eddie and Cole here.
- You're asaint for having them back.
- What do you mean?
Well, they grew up here.
You... you knew that, didn't you?
I-I-It's just that
I told Georgethe whole story
when I first showed him the houseand...
What story?
I suppose he... he didn't wanna upsetyou.
- I... I'm going to go find Travis.
- No, no, no. What story, Mare?
He didn't tell youanything
about their parents?
Well it's just that
Dear Ella, she was a friend of mine,
you know, and and
Sometimes, I can't help
but believe that she
She's free now.
And... and I know he struggled financially,
but that horrible man was cruel in...
in ways that you could never know.
What happened to them?
Catherine, it's not the time.
I don't want to ruin your party.
No, no.
Mare, I'm begging you.
I need to know this.
All right.
The way I I heard it
was that
Calvin Vayle
slipped Ella andthe boys
a sedative one night.
when they were out cold, he
He went outsideand shot
every one of the cows theyowned.
Oh my God.
And then, when he was finished,
he wentinto the garage below their
started the ignition of two trucks
and closed the windows.
The fumes.
Then he went up and
laid down in bed with Ella until...
- Oh my God, I was wrong.
- They never woke up.
I had thewrong wife.
- Wrong about what?
- Your friend Ella. She's here, Mare.
Oh my God. Where did you get this?
Wh-what are you doing with this?
She never took this ring off.
You know what?
I've been in this houseforthree months,
and nobody has said anything to me.
Not the mailman,
not a neighbor,not... not the bank teller.
God, I'm such a fool!
No, no, it's not like that.
- Oh my God!
- Catherine, we're from farm stock up here.
It's... it's not our way to get involved
with people's personal business.
You've made this home
so warm and inviting,
and everyone's moved on so well.
I'm sure that George didn't mean...
Do not waste any of your time
on George, Mare.
George Claire always gets
exactly what he wants.
Justine, tell mesomething
about you I don't know.
You don't know anything about me.
I do.
I know you're a weaver
of fabrics.
And ideas.
Like the ideasyou've been putting
in my wife's head lately.
- Mm.
- Mm-hmm.
Here's somethingabout me you don't know.
I get suspicious
when students worship their professors.
Always leads to trouble.
Is that a dig or advice?
Oh, it's just honesty.
You know, like the Good Book says.
"The truth will set youfree."
I don't know about that.
People really don't want the truth,
and they certainly
don't want to be set free.
What? Says who?
The Eagles, remember?
"Hotel California."
Yeah. We, uh...
we all choose our own prison.
Here, give me your hands.
I'll show you why they're right.
- You're going to read my palms now?
- Come on.
try to get yourself free.
Okay, that's enough.
You can letgo now, George.
Yeah, I know I can,
but are you sure you really want me to?
- I'm very sure.
- Oh.
George, you... you are hurting me now.
Let go!
Jesus Christ, George.
Hotel California,Justine.
Hotel California!
Good night.
Drive safe.
that was a success, huh?
Your friend Justine
is a bit of a head case.
Is she trying to start
some trouble orsomething?
No, I didn't see Justine all night,
but it's interesting that you ask.
Know what's interesting to me?
Is thatthis party was supposed
to bring you andme together,
and as soon as everyone leaves,
you retreat and ice up.
How could younot tell me
about this house, George?
I was afraid this might happen.
That one of your lies would be exposed?
I wasn't lying to you, Cath. I wastrying
to spare yousome unpleasantness.
I can handle unpleasantness, George, okay?
I lived through childbirth,remember?
I was trying to protect you.
Believe... believe it or not,
I-I actually wanted you to be happy here.
What the fuck is that?
Fucking electricity in this house!
What the
The fuck is going on?
Franny's overdue
for a visit with your parents.
You can finish off the weekend there.
Floyd, it's Catherine.
I'm ready.
This is her. This is Ella Vayle,
and thisis the article
I found about her death.
But she's trying to
She's reaching out to me,
and I-I need to know why.
You're saying the spirit
is the most recent resident of your house?
Yes. I was confused before.
Well, my research turned up something
interesting about the original owners,
especially for our group here.
What? The Smits?
Reverend Smit's wife
was an earlydevotee of Swedenborg.
it was not a happy marriage.
Smit was a strict Calvinist
who strongly disapproved
of his wife'sphilosophic exploration.
She died in their home
rather mysteriously at age 26.
So much death in my house.
Oh, no, no. Don't think of it that way.
We embrace inhabited housesas ablessing.
- Mm.
- Portals between two realms
with guides to shepherd us
once our own time comes.
Some religions call them guardian angels.
Perhaps it's our Swedenborgian friend
who first opened the portal door.
We are good at that.
Because it's the afterlife
where we reachour greatest purpose.
You never see these spirits
as potentially evil?
An evil spirit
will only communewith anevil-doer.
Which we will take,
on a leap of faith, that you're not.
And remember.
Evil only thrives
in thehouse where it is welcome.
- Mm.
- Goodness always triumphs.
If not in this world,then in the next.
We should start,
Let whomever the spirit is
speak for herself.
As evil comes to light,
She's making her presence known.
We welcome her, don't we, Catherine?
We do. We I... I do.
Get back here!
- No!
- Ella.
- What happened?
- She wants to break through.
She's trying.
But something, someone is stopping her.
You're suffocating me!
What was that? Oh my God.
I'm afraid this home has another spirit.
And until that spirit reveals its nature,
be careful of those around you, Catherine.
- Mama, Mama!
- Hi, baby.
Come here. Did you have fun
at Grandma and Grandpa's house?
- Yeah.
- Did you look for seashells on the beach?
- Mm-hmm.
- Really? Are they pretty?
Keep moving, everyone. Hustle.
We don't wanna get caught in traffic
on the wayinto the city.
Nearly there, nearly full.
Tommy, good. Thank you for com...
- Justine.
- George.
I, uh, I didn't know you were joining us.
Floyd wanted an additional chaperone.
I'm here!
Right, Katie. You're the last.
Where are we going?
Get in the car, baby.
I'll be there in a sec.
There's something
I have to give youthat I, uh
found inthe house a while back
before I learned thetruth.
It's a little bit tight on me.
- Just leave it.
- No, no, it belongs to you and Cole.
She would want you to have this.
I don't want it.
I noticed it on you a couple weeks ago.
It just seemed right.
You and Mom would have liked each other.
Three on the bottom are on time.
I found that overdue one
in my husband's car, I can pay the fine.
It'sjust on hiscard.
Actually, this one's checked out
under the name Willis Howell.
Oh, that's odd.
It's unisex, you know?
Excuse me?
The name, Willis.
She's a pretty thing.
In here a lot on weekends.
Daddy's friend.
Don't worry.I'll ask her to pay thefine.
I'd like to open a new account.
Of course, Mrs. Claire.
Uh, just just fill out, um,
this form.
Uh, we will require George's signature
if it's ajoint account.
It's not.
Okay, everyone. Here we are.
George Claire?
Good God.
Dr. Warren. Wow.
What an oddcoincidence.
Odd indeed.
I was told
that you had moved away for good.
Well, I, you know, couldn't resist
coming backfor this exhibit.
You might remember my passion
for Thomas Cole.
Yes, I do.I just wish you had shown
the same passion for your dissertation.
Excuse me. Professor Claire, um,
in thethird Voyage of Life painting,
why is thesailor so distraught?
Oh, the third one is called, uh,Manhood.
Uh, it's when Cole believes
we, uh, we lose the confidence of youth.
Uh, go... go check out the sailor's hands.
They're no longer on the tiller.
Thanks, Professor Claire.
Yeah You know, I'm curious. Um
How did youget a teaching position
without arecommendation?
Oh, I'm, um, I'm just a temp instructor.
Um, one of the professors
took an emergencyleave, and I, uh
I just stepped in tohelp.
Interesting, then, how the students,
uh, they call you professor.
Yeah, yeah.
Uh, yeah, right. I keep correcting them.
Yeah. I get so tired of correcting them.
Good day, Claire.
What was all that about?
Uh, yeah, I have no idea.
I kind of think you do.
I don't think
you should see Justine anymore.
There's a lot of talkabout her
at Saginaw.
What kind of talk, George?
Well, they say she's a closet lesbian.
And she's clearly obsessed with you.
I think she is
instigating problemsbetween us
Floyd, heading home for the holiday?
Oh, no, no. Not for a while yet.
I-I still have, uh
- I have work to finish.
- Is something wrong?
I got a call this morning
from Shelby Warren,
your advisor fromColumbia.
His recommendation letter,
the one submitted with your application,
he claims he never wrote it.
Shelby's recollectionis
that you asked him,
but he told you he couldn't do it.
In good conscience.
I remember theconversation well.
- You forged it, didn't you?
- No. I I
Floyd, I wrote the letter that I deserved.
I... I... You need to understand why.
As you know,
I'm quite fond of you, George,
and you're popular with yourstudents,
but this is a seriousaccusation.
Can't we put a pin in this
until after the holiday?
- Oh
- Please, please, Floyd.
I... I understand your dilemma. I do.
Floyd, I...
I have my entire family up here.
I'm supposed to be home in an hour.
I... I really deserve the chance
to sit down and be heard.
Man to man, huh?
Friend to friend.
I'll schedule an appointment.
I know you all think that Audrey
is a quite calm, conservative soul,
but back in the day,
she was absolutely wild.
- Don't believe a word!
- And then George came along.
And he was always getting into trouble,
which is whyI went gray by 30.
Oh, stop!
But the real troublemaker
was this cousin that Georgeidolized.
Turned out to be a first-class homo.
I don'tknow what was worse for
his parents: that he drowned or was gay.
That is a truly repugnant thing to say.
She's right, Tom.
Henry's death was afamily tragedy.
He was such a talentedyoung man.
Henry used to dothese exquisite
watercolors. Teeny-tinypaintings.
What were the the paintings of?
Oh, the shoreline, ospreys, lighthouses.
Just common seaside things.
Turkey time, everybody.
It's the way he presented them
that wasunique.
They even wanted to do a showing
of his work after he passed, but
they all just disappeared, apparently.
- What a shame.
- It really was.
- Nice job on the turkey, George.
- Thank you.
Please, eat. It's gonna get cold.
Could you excuse me one minute?
So you're starting with all this again?
I happen to be sick, George.
Throwing upmy marriage.
Now leave me the fuck alone!
What the fuck?
Cath? Catherine?
No one understands us.
I am here for you.
We are your friend.
Free yourself.
How was your holiday?
Hello, Floyd.
I didn't expect to see you tilltomorrow.
Taking advantage
of the warm spellwe're having, huh?
Yeah, I thought I'd go out one last time
before storing her for winter.
You're so lucky to have her.
That last spin you took me on,
it really reminded me
how much I... I misssailing.
Especially when
when I'm feeling a little a little low.
You want to join me?
Oh, no.I... I
- I don't want to in... intrude.
- It's fine.
The river'sas good a placeas any
to have our talk.
What's the matter? Are you okay?
just aren't great.
It's him,
isn't it?
I know his kind all too well.
I grew upwith it.
If I had someone as good as you,
I'd kiss the fucking ground she walked on.
I swearto God.
I'm eager to tell you the truth
about the
problems Ihad at Columbia with
with Shelby.
Look, it's a complicated story, but, um
I got ostracized
for reporting misconduct.
It was it was sexual misconduct.
Look, I'm willing to listen,
because I... I care about your well-being,
but forgery,
regardless of the reason,
is acrime.
I don't want us meeting
on false pretenses here.
I can't keep this tomyself forever.
Yeah, I-I understand that,
and-and, look, I appreciate your dilemma...
So tomorrow, I plan
to bring the situation to HR.
And we both know theoutcome.
They won't permit you to remainon staff.
You okay, George?
There, there.
All things must pass.
I promise you'll get through this.
- Hey, Cal.
- Hey.
I called in a take-out order.
Be right back.
Excuse me.
Sorry, I just wonder
Where did you buy that scarf?
Oh, um
It was a gift.
There you go, $6.57.
Thanks. Just two back, please.
You're putting inlate nights too,
huh, George?
You're soaking wet.
What... what the fuck, Justine?
Are youofficially stalking me now?
Officially? No.
Then why are yousuddenly
everywhere I turn?
Because I really care about Catherine.
Yeah, you've made that perfectly clear.
Uh, I'm not sure how to take that.
I... I kind of think that you do.
Tell me, George,
how'd your mom like that scarf I made her?
Uh, yeah, she
She didn't reallycare for it, actually.
She she said that it felt cheap.
Well, that explains
the neck it ended up on, then, huh?
Go fuck yourself.
Do you want to explain
what happenedat the Met?
If you got something to say to me,
Justine, you should just spit it out.
I will.
Government said there was no way
they would meet the new demands
for the hostages' release.
Then it accused the Iranians
of not taking good care of thehostages.
The Carter Administration
stepped up its pressure
on the Iranian government
by charging the hostages
Oh my God.
What are you doing?
Fucking psycho!
What happened to your clothes?
I got sick on them.
You and I need to talk.
Not tonight, we don't.
And why is that?
Did you not hear me? I said I got sick.
Sleep down here, then.
I don't wanna catch anything you have.
If you're really here,
show me asign.
Oh my God!
What the fuck is going
Have your boyfriend
fix the window in themorning.
Hey, it's George Claire.
Uh, I havean emergency this morning.
I was wondering if we couldget you here
a little bit early.
Can I help you?
Oh, uh, I need this filled quickly.
It's formy daughter's night terrors.
They say she might never come out ofthis.
The doctor never met Justine.
He doesn'tknow
the forceof her personality, Bram.
Department of Agriculture.
The announcementcomes tomorrow.
In other news, police have identified
the body pulled from the Hudson last night
as 68-year-old Saginaw professor
Floyd DeBeers,
a frequent fixture
of the Hudsonsailing community.
Yeah, I guess he went out
for a sail yesterday and
They assumed he hada heart attack
and fell overboard.
Oh oh my God.
I know you twobecame very close
very quickly,
so I-I'll keep you posted
on the memorial service.
we're going to be needing
an interim chair.
Your name came up,
if you'd bewilling.
Oh God, um
Yeah, yeah.
Whatever thedepartment needs.
I have some very sad newsto report.
Some of you may have alreadyheard.
Wait. Why... why is this up?
I-I didn't choose this slide.
What is this?
Huh? Who did this?
Is this some kind ofjoke?
Who did this? Huh?
Who did this?
Who the fuck is responsible for this?
Well, fuck it.
You're home early.
Did you cancel yourclass?
Is something wrong, Cath?
Well, you
You skippedyour protein shake again.
Where's Cole?
He had to leave
because you had him
come in so early today.
Well, that's good. We can
We can sit down,
have that chatyou've been pushingfor.
I don't think so. Not tonight.
Why not tonight?
You said it was extremely important.
I don't think that it is anymore.
- What were you doing upstairs?
- I was putting Franny to bed.
Oh, what?
I I can't give her a goodnight kiss?
Yeah, she was very tired, George.
You know? I think I'm gonna
give her a kiss anyway.
No, she's out cold, George. No, she's
Why is she dressed?
I told you. She was tired.
You know that they're expecting
a deep freeze tonight?
It's a terrible time to travel.
Hey, where are you going?
- Jesus!
- Get downstairs.
Get off!
- Get off of me!
- Hey, Catherine!
What are you doing, huh?
What the hell is this?
Let go of me, George!
Where do you thinkyou're going?
With my goddamndaughter!
- Home!
- This is your fucking home!
Nowhere's home with you, George!
I know about Floyd!
Your clothes weresoaked that night!
And Justine?You hatedher.
I know you were involved.
I know it in my bones.
And what about that cousin?
That cousin whose identity you stole?
Oh, you've you've really
lost your mind, you know that?
You've... you've gone way,
way over the edge!
No, I've woken up.
And so will Franny
when she learns exactly who her father is.
You want to leave? Go! Go, if you want to.
Go. Get up.Leave your daughter
with this, this monster you've conjured up
in your paranoid, food-deprived brain!
Oh, my God.
Somebody help us!
Ella, help me.
On the path of fate
I cangather sharp stones
so you don't feeltheir pain.
Oh my God. Franny!
Where did heput you?
But another's free will
is his alone.
Our essence united.
I would give my life again
for the powerto stop this.
Where is
Just know, Catherine.
As she was there for me,
I am here for you.
- Stop this!
- No!
Free yourself.
Those who commune with evil
never win.
Mrs. Claire?
Cole, my wife is ill,
so do not disturb her.
Franny should take her usual nap.
Her sippy cup is prepared in the fridge.
Make sure she drinks it.
Feel free to leave once she's fast asleep.
Bye, Mrs. Claire.
Feel better.
Laughton residence.
Yeah. Hello, Travis.
- It's Sam Pratt.
- Hi, Sam. Everything okay?
Yeah, well, actually,
we we do have a bit of a situation.
I got my neighborhere, you know,
the college professor.
Um, apparently,
something happened to his wife.
Is that your ax, George?
29-year-old Catherine Claire
was found brutally murdered
at her farmhouse here in Chosen, New York.
She wasdiscovered by her husband,
Saginaw professor
You've heard.
- I should have donesomething.
- Okay.
Here it comes.
All right, here we go.
What's your gut?
Sure seems broken up.
Robbery gone bad. Really?
Mmm Alibi checks out.
The college says
he was teaching the whole day.
Shall I let him go for the night?
His parents are out front.
Go ahead.
There's someone else I need to talk to.
Come on.
They can't force us to come backtomorrow.
You are not speaking to anyone
until we secure a criminal attorney.
From Manhattan.
First thing in the morning, we're leaving
this godforsaken place for Connecticut.
Did you ever see him hit her?
Threaten her?
No, no, I never
She just told me that she hated him.
Lots of wives hate their husbands.
Lots of husbands hate their wives.
That doesn't mean
that they'd put an ax intheir gut.
Do you know
if he might have been cheating on her?
Or maybe she wascheating on him.
I just know he fucking did it, Travis!
I'm telling you he did it!
You have to believe me, okay?
I never said I don't, son,
but you'regiving me nothing here.
Fuck, man!
So he has a solid alibi?
He was at work all day.
Took the artdepartment out for drinks,
even had thebabysitter come.
But you said
he could have done itearlier.
Thecoroner confirmed as much.
Possibly. It's difficult to prove.
Fingerprints? There any fingerprints?
They're everywhere. He lived there.
Guess who else's are on the ax.
Eddie Vayle.
Not Eddie.
That boy has his poor mother's soul.
Travis, it's so obvious
George Claire did this.
- You have toarrest him.
- I know.
But I need another person
to connect the dots.
That may take time.
Where is the justice
for the women of that house?
- Guardian angel.
- Wake up.
Goodness always triumphs.
If not in this world, then in the next.
Franny! Somebody help us!
Justine, it's time.
Someone called while you were sleeping.
- Another journalist?
- No, no.
Someone claiming to be anold friend.
They left a message. Very cryptic.
Did you get a name?
Sokolov. Justine Sokolov.
I'll just
They made this happen.
It's their fault.
They have always tried to hold you back.
You are envied.
Trust inyour impulses.
I can't let you go out.
- That boat isn't up-to-date on fees.
- Just going out for a minute.
No, can't let it happen.
I'd really appreciate it, sir.
Mind justgiving me a hand?
Good afternoon.
Up for a chat?
The gates of Hell are only visible
to those about to come into it.
He who is evil
is also in the punishment of evil.
They never win.
Damned. Damned.
The world of spirits
is not Heaven or Hell.
We stand between the two.
We have lost our children.
Because of you,
we are joined in spirit.
Because of you,
our powers grow
from tinydrops
into an endless sea.
Where is the time we spent?
Some was too close to hold
What happened to the rest?
Don't know when I let it go
And now the future
Will overtake her
She goes to other heights
She wades dunes, sand, and lime
In search for life
All over are the days
When we wandered through the world
Together in the clay
And together in the pearl
The wheel throws color
And polishes nothing
She goes to other heights
She wades dunes, sand, and lime
In search for life
- Ooh
- An anima holds guard
- Ooh
- Awake and rosy
Protecting what we are
With hope and holy ease
In search for life