Things We Do When We Fall in Love (2007) Movie Script

Where's this model?
Can you show me the Parent code?
Strange, there seems to be no problem.
I just don't get it.
The variables keep churning out zero.
Let's try tracing it.
I've traced it many times.
You guys still at this?
Hey, check out my new phone.
You see this feature?
On a phone? Where was it bought?
My friend bought it for me in Hong Kong
It uses satellites?
Of course.
Whose satellite?
We have?
Don't we?
We can also use the US one. After all
they've got so many.
United States? Can we?
Of course. When the USA invaded Iraq,
Each soldier was equipped with this gadget.
Their missiles were so precise it's scary.
But we're not at war here.
It's not necessarily used for war only.
You could use it when you go fishing, hiking
or camping.
Or even when you're lost.
Tell me,
how many times have you been lost?
Have you been really lost before?
Don't tell me, you're having lunch at next
door, Suddenly you don't know where you are?
We always know where we are.
Who doesn't know where he is?
Hey, can you check where we are now?
I'll have to send the signal...
and wait.
What do you want to do now?
Tell me then,
What do you want me to do?
Can we meet now?
Right outside the school.
Let's go.
Had lunch yet?
Where's the chilli sauce?
You want some?
Why don't we get out of the city?
To where?
Don't know. Just get out of the here.
Just for tonight.
Then where do you wish to go?
Can you stop up ahead? I need the toilet.
Why do you have a moustache?
You have it too.
But I'm a man; why women can have it?
I don't know.
Where were you on Wednesday evening?
I caught a dance performance.
What dance performance?
There's this bald male dancer...
...His whole body painted white...
...Wearing only his underwear Walking about
on stage.
What sort of dance is that?
I have no idea.
He set and music were interesting.
But the dance is a little draggy.
Who did you went with?
A friend.
Just a friend.
There was this cute kid at the show,
About 2 years old, who was with his mother.
He was trying to mimic the dancer.
So when the dancer hit himself on the chest.
The boy would hit himself too.
At one point, the dancer stomped his feet.
Since the boy was carried by his mother, he
couldn't do it.
Instead he raised his hands and shouted.
That must have been funny.
All the audiences were looking at the boy.
When he not ced we were looking at him, he
looked back at us
Then back & forth between us and the
He even smiled at us. He was so cute.
We were trying so hard
not to burst out laughing.
And then,
Mei Jen called me.
Mei Jen?
The one in America.
Oh, I see, how's she nowadays?
Good. She just gave birth.
Really? Boy or a girl?
Girl. She's very happy.
But she's thinking of a divorce.
Divorce? Why?
She found out her husband never loved her.
How long have they been married?
5 years.
Isn't it a little absurd she
found out only after 5 years.
If she had known earlier she wouldn't have
gotten married.
Yeah, but it's a little late.
They have a baby now.
She should have realised it earlier.
Well, it is easier said.
But I know her well.
She won't do it.
What's the time?
Where's your watch?
In the car.
It's about 5pm.
Excuse me, what tree is this?
What tree is this?
Where is it from?
East Malaysia.
What a strange looking tree.
Actually this is just a
small part of a larger tree.
The leaves haven't sprouted.
The full grown tree
looks something like that.
How long can it last?
Very long. It has a very long lifespan.
Does it need a special
fertilizer to prolong its life?
Does it need any special
fertilizer to prolong its life?
No. Just water and sun, that's it.
There's no need for any special
fertilizer. It's lifespan is already very long.
Can I smoke here?
Can. But I'd rather you don't.
You like this one?
Where do you plan to place it?
Don't know yet. At home or perhaps at
Who'll care for it when you're not around?
I don't understand why you always have to
disagree with me.
There're things I know that just won't work. I
don't want you to waste your time.
You always disagree like you're always
right. You won't even let me try.
You asked me for an opinion and I gave you
one based on my perspective.
Can you stop looking at things from just one
Can't you try to see things from more
Have you ever thought of how I feel?
Everyone has his own views.
You asked me for an opinion,
And I gave you my views, so what's wrong?
It doesn't mean I am
forbidding you from try.
If you think it will work, go ahead.
What are you saying now? First, you say it
won't work and now you're asking me to go ahead.
What do you want me to do?
I wonder if you understand me at all.
There you go again, it's the same every
What do you mean it's the same every time?
Why are you always upset over small
You disagree with everything I say.
Is that a small matter?
Can't we discuss this properly?
There's nothing to discuss if you don't
understand me at all.
Why can't we discuss?
How do you want to talk?
What can we discuss when you're like this?
When others want to discussit, you don't.
I don't want to discuss.
And when others don't want to, you simply
have to discuss it.
I don't want to discuss. Let's go.
Why don't we discuss now?
I really don't want discuss. Enough for now.
You always say I don't understand you.
But do you understand me?
Or does he understand you better?
Where are you going?
Can you hear me?
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
Can you stop this?
Who is that?
Someone from the village.
What does he want?
Nothing, we're just chit-chatting.
Let's go.
Want to try this?
No, I'm not a kid.
How about this?
I'm scared.
I want to try this one.
Throw it like this.
You throw.
A little bit more.
Let me try again.
Try jumping.
Like this?
I'll close my eyes.
Go ahead.
The last one.
Wow, we won.
How long do we have to wait?
Until the radiator cools down.
You should service your car regularly.
Even the air-condition is down.
I'm busy these days.
Busy with what?
Work and stuff.
Actually, I'm not that busy.
Do you need anything?
Toothbrush, toothpaste and a bottle of
mineral water.
No room left.
No room?
There's a film shoot in town. They've booked
all the rooms.
The guy said there's another motel ahead.
Let's go and eat.
What's wrong?
Something stung me.
What stung you?
I don't know.
There's no water.
There's no water.
What a crap motel.
What are you watching?
Don't know.
Who's she?
Who's she?
What do you mean who's she?
The one you slept with.
Is it important?
I want to know.
Do I know her?
What if you know her?
I want to know who she is.
I've already told you...'s not important anymore.
I really want to know who she is.
What will you do if you know?
What I do is my business, i just want to
know... (What will you do?)
I just want to know who she is, that's all.
Is t someone I know?
So what if you know her?!
I've told you many times,
Don't bring this matter up again.
I've also asked you many times. Can you
just tell me who she is?
I think is better you don't know.
I think I've got the r ght to know.
Who is she?
Why is it so important that you know?
Don't ask me why I need to know.
Just tell me.
I won't tell you.
I want to know and I want you to tell me!
I want you tell me, right now.
I really can't take it anymore.
I'm begging you, please put a stop to this?
Please, can you tell me?
What are you going to do if you know?
(That's my business.)
You just tell me! Who is she? Who is she?
I will never tell you. (Tell me!)
Can you tell me? I need to know.
You want me to tell you?
But you never tell me things that I need to
What are you saying? (Where were
you on Wednesday night?)
That's none of your business!
So tell me, who is he?
Is none of your business! Who is she?!
If you won't tell me, I won't tell you!
I want you to tell me. Tell me now!
Then you tell me who he is?
Where was he on Wednesday night?
I want to know. Please just tell me!?
I love only you, do you know?
I'm sorry...
I love you too.
Who's she?
Who's she? Who's she?
I thought you've left me.
I went for a smoke.
What will happen to us in the future?
I don't know.
I will never leave you.
Next week, I'm going away for a while.
The battery is old and weak.
You'll have ignition problem.
The brakes are gone. It's very dangerous.
The air-cond's compressor is spoilt.
It's beyond repair; you'll need a new one.
Also, your timing belt is wearing out.
And all the electrical cables too. Better
replace them.
The biggest problem is the radiator. It's
I've cleaned it, but it'll get stuck and
overheat again in a few months.
It's best to get a new one.
I've changed the oil and serviced as much
as I can.
But your car is too old. The best
is to replace all the old parts.
How much will it cost for
the parts and to fix the car?
I'll need to check the price of the parts.
Che Jian?
Wait a sec, come in.
How are you?
Till the same.
You haven't come around for a while.
Yeah, I'm busy with work.
How's your wife & children?
The same.
How about you? What's keeping you busy?
No jobs coming in these days.
You're not directing any films?
Directing films. What a waste of time.
So what do you do at home?
Nothing much. Just read and sleep.
Where's your girlfriend?
She went to Singapore.
You didn't go with her?
I don't have time.
I've quit.
Quit? When?
Been a while.
I've been trying to quit. How did you do it?
Come, let's have a drink.
Hey, I need to borrow some money
from you. I'll pay you back.
How much do you need?
How's the breakfast?
Not bad.
You live alone?
There're two other girls.
Where are they?
One's at work, the other
one is still sleeping.
Is it alright for me to be here?
It's alright, they bring
boyfriends back all the time.
Do you want one?
No, thanks.
Do you mind if I smoke?
Go ahead.
Does your girlfriend smoke?
No she doesn't.
Where's she now?
Somewhere far away.
What is she doing there?
I've no idea.
Do you have a boyfriend?
We just broke off last month.
He's too possessive. I couldn't even
hang out with my male friends.
Does he loves you?
Love shouldn't be so possessive, and he
loves to drink. He's always drunk.
Did he ever hit you?
He's the type who smashes and kicks
He almost broke my door once.
What's so funny?
I hope the door's alright.
So what do you do on weekends?
No much. I don't like going out. Too many
people and cars.
I'll rather be at home reading.
Or swimming.
Feel like a swim?
I don't like swimming.
Then what do you like?
I like walking.
Can you keep me company me then?