Thippara Meesam (2019) Movie Script

Are you losing sleep
because you are tensed"
Apparently, you gave an ultimatum that you
would wipe me off the market in 24 hours"
There is only twelve hours left now.
If you still think you are courageous
enough to kill me, give it a go.
Knowingly or unknowingly, the woman
who gave me birth gave me this name.
Mani... Mani Shankar.
I am someone who takes all sorts of risks
in this shady part of town for money.
I am like an aggressive bull who
doesn't rest until my opponent is defeated.
Hey, why are you out here"
If not, looks our Mani is going to lose.
Get back in water.
Mani... Mani... Mani...Mani... Mani...
Mani... Mani... Mani...
-We are going to win money.
Kaaki" What's the situation like"
Most of them have given up
as they were suffocating.
Mani seems to be holding on.
That is all.
Mani seems to risk
it all for money.
If possible,
he would even do away with oxygen.
Who are those people"
Hey! This is cheating.
Why did they jump"
Giri" Looks like he is new.
The strongest have all the power here.
Look! He is escaping.
Mani... Mani...
Be careful.
Buddy, looks like your brain didn't
grow as much as your beard.
If you play the game, try to abide by the
rules Stop messing with your opponents.
Do you want me to let it go,
when the opposite person cheats"
Yes. You should let it go.
What else can you do"
We are not in Olympics
Neither is this legal.
I don't care about all that.
If I play, I play to win. That's all.
Buddy, listen to me. Let's get out
of this illegal gambling business.
Luck's not favouring us.
I agree that you were very good at it once.
You still owe 30 lakhs to Joseph.
Do you remember" Do you"
I am talking about 30 lacs..
Why don't you care me"
He is there
Hope he hasn't died yet.
Thank god!
If this is to be taken care of by the
doctor without the involvement of police
it will cost you
twenty-five thousand rupees.
Does it include your commission"
-Shut it!
You should try to negotiate and compromise
Not rob us with commissions.
Won't you shut up ever"
-No, I won't.
This is a medico-legal case.
I managed to persuade the doctor.
Even if we have no clothes on our body
or even money in our wallets,
we have no choice but to pay him.
If not, within an hour,
we will be on the police radar.
If this leaks to the
police, forget our clothes,
they would even strip
us of undergarments.
Thank god! I am not wearing.
Let's figure out something and
try to work it out.
What's on your mind" Don't you
have a mother whom you left behind"
Why are you lost in thoughts" It's raining.
Why haven't you brought the clothes in"
Your uncle is here. Let's go
Just today, I have taken charge as the head
constable at Ashok Nagar police station.
I was busy with work and so
only informed my sister half an hour ago
that I would be bringing you with me.
Perhaps, that is the reason why
they seem very worried inside.
No problem, Ranganath.
He saw your niece in a function a
while back and has been pestering me to
talk to you about a
possible alliance.
He is leaving to Singapore tomorrow.
Let's go.
Mom, isn't it too early
for me to be married"
Keep quiet.
I have taken a vow that I would visit
Lord Venkateshwara's temple in Tirupati,
if we find you a suitable match.
I will also vow that if
this alliance falls through,
I would visit Lord
Venkateshwara in Tirupati.
Stop spouting nonsense!
Your uncle knows what's best for you.
Let's go.
Hello, come this way.
Hello. This is my sister Lalitha.
She is working as an Assistant Librarian
at the Central Library.
She is a very good writer as well.
This is my niece, Pallavi.
Her father passed away and my sister
has been taking care of her every need.
I heard that Pallavi is a
state level basketball player.
Yes, sir. She is.
Why is he here"
It's been fifteen years
Since I walked out of this house.
The only good memory I have of being here
is of the person beside my mother.
Mani... What brings you here"
Come inside quickly.
I need twenty-five thousand immediately.
Come in. It's pouring outside.
Just come in first.
I won't step into your house ever again.
So, stop pestering me about it
So, stop pestering me about it
I will leave once you give me the money.
Brat! You don't need your mother
but you need her money.
Mani... What's this behaviour" How would I
have that kind of money on me right away"
I will try and arrange for it
one way or the other tomorrow.
Just come in.
You are soaking wet.
Don't you understand what I just said"
I need the money right now.
There are guests at home.
Don't create a scene here unnecessarily.
I am not here to make a scene.
If you give me the money,
I will leave right away.
You are supposed to
help your mother out and
take on the responsibility
of your family.
You won't do that anyways.
Why don't you let her stay in peace"
Mom. Just go inside.
I will talk to my brother.
Just stay put. There is no need.
Uncle, just go.
Take mom with you as well.
Mom, go inside.
I will take care of it
What do you want"
Money" Money, right"
How much do you need"
Tell me.
Twenty-five thousand.
I will give you the price money that I
saved up after winning the tournament.
I will give it you...
Ok", but under one condition.
So, the condition is that,
There is a family here seeking my
hand in a matrimonial alliance.
But I don't want to be married to that guy.
Mani... Mani....
Apparently, he left my boy
somewhere in the outskirts.
What's happening, Ranganath"
How is my boy responsible"
Don't worry, sir.
Mani is not angry with your son.
If he is angry with anyone,
it is his mother.
Because he was a fatherless
child, his mother pampered him
and so,
he turned out very spoiled.
Once the school gets over, come home
straight. Don't go gallivanting outside.
Yes, mother.
But, unknowingly, when he was young,
he had taken a wrong turn in his life.
Around his school, there was a gang
that sold snacks laced with narcotics
Mani got addicted to these narcotics.
To feed that addiction,
he began to forge signatures of parents
on his friend's grade cards.
He changed their scores and
permission slips and charged them.
He missed school to feed his addiction
and spent the entire day on a high.
They found out about this at their school.
Your son is addicted to drugs.
Why don't you take him to therapy"
Your son's condition is a bit critical.
It is better to join him in
Rehabilitation centre immediately.
Mom, please. Mom...
I want to stay with you.
Please mom. I will mend my ways.
My sister Lalitha didn't like sending
her son to a rehabilitation centre.
But she was frightened that
the situation would get out of hand.
And so, she joined Mani in a
Rehabilitation centre.
Because Mani was completely addicted
to narcotics,
he couldn't stay in
the rehabilitation centre for long.
How did you return"
I can't stay there, mother.
I want to live with you.
Listen to me baby.
Finish your treatment.
I won't go there.
Madam, your son has forged my
signature on discharge sheet
and gate pass. He ran away.
Doctor, can I please let him stay
with me for a while"
No. That's not a good idea.
Get him here immediately.
It would be impossible for him to get back
to normalcy if he isn't treated now.
Why are you sitting here"
Lalitha considered letting her
son stay with her for some time...
but his behaviour at home, strengthened
her decision to send him to Rehab.
And so, she sent her
pampered son back to Rehab.
Leave me alone.
Leave me.
Mani misinterpreted his
mother's actions and
immaturely attributed the blame
for his situation to his mother.
He hasn't spoken to her since.
Whenever Lalitha went to visit her son,
he refused to see her.
To get Mani off addiction, the doctors at
Rehab resorted to some extreme methods.
Those brutal treatments and the crushing
loneliness he felt at the Rehab centre
turned him into a stone.
He spent three years
in that centre.
But one fine day,
he escaped from the Rehabilitation centre.
Later, no matter however hard we tried,
we could never persuade him to come home.
He didn't understand his mother's love
and gradually grew distant from her.
We only wished for him to be happy
wherever he was.
But, our fears were
once again renewed when
Mani became a DJ in a
club that supplied drugs.
Mani... Hey, Mani.
Why would you hand over
the DJ console to your guy"
You are ruining your career
with that attitude of yours.
Gambling! Gambling! Gambling!
That is all you want to do.
You lose money gambling
and go home to your mother
and harass her to
give you the money.
Don't you realize the kind of suffering
you are inflicting on your family"
Did she complain that I harassed
her about money"
That is exactly how she is!
You have completely
misunderstood your mother.
I met your uncle yesterday in
the market and he was the one who
told me about the argument.
I worked with her for six years.
All of us know the kind of person she is.
Except you, of course!
Mani, I told you that I have feelings for
you. Why isn't there any answer from you"
Why do you keep avoiding me"
Am I lacking in some way"
If I like a girl, it should be like an
addiction It shouldn't be like wham, bam
Why don't you give me a go"
Maybe you would be addicted to me.
You" I should have gotten that
feeling the very first time I met you.
Try to understand"
This hardly weighs three
grams But when consumed,
it's high is
equivalent to 30 tons.
It's impossible to control me when
I am on that high.
I was once a slave to this substance.
And even if I am tempted now,
my past keeps reminding me to say no to it.
How can you help me, madam"
-What "
Wait. I'll handle it.
-We need a room.
Are you both married"
Well, the thing is...
I get it.
Please don't give me excuses such as
car failure, missed the last bus,
she has an exam tomorrow, I can't
reach my friend, Please help us, etc.
No, I am not going to give such excuses.
Really" No such excuses"
-You would proceed to the room directly"
It's a suite. It's amazing.
Go on.
What's with this unfair treatment"
When we go to the park, the police object.
In the theatre, the staff objects.
On the road,
people will probably throw stones
And If I want to take her home,
my wife wouldn't agree
Where do you want me to take her"
You mean to say that the youth face
such kind of problems"
Even though I don't like your face,
I like the amount of dedication
you have shown to
the task at hand.
Thank you, sir.
-May god bless you, buddy.
Come on, move along.
Don't know if the passion he has shown
outside will prevail in the bedroom"
Buddy, why are you here
instead of at the pub"
No. Don't take out any money.
I will have to show accounts to the owner.
So, show accounts.
You take the money.
And he takes the girl.
What do you want me to do"
Sell balloons"
Sure, why not"
You are such an opportunist!
It's tough to understand.
The high that I experience in
this darkness is the only thing
that gives my
loneliness company.
That is the reason why I wake up when it's
dark and sleep before the darkness fades.
Everybody thinks I am someone
they can't figure out
It doesn't matter what they think
I only do what I want to.
Joseph here is a cricket bookie
and he is quite dangerous.
All the bets that I have made recently,
we're not successful.
And that means, I owe him 30 lakhs.
I don't have a single penny.
If I need to escape him,
I need to risk my life.
Uh! Looks like I've been caught.
Crook! Do you think this is a game"
You have gambled in so many matches.
Just cause you were a regular customer,
I loaned you the money.
Are you planning to escape"
Sorry, bro. I was just calling you
but my phone died.
You! It's not a small amount.
It's 30 lakhs.
Brother, I will definitely return it.
Just give me some time, please.
Why did you gamble such huge amounts,
when you had no money"
Bro, give me some time, please.
I am giving you two months.
Brother...time means....
I meant not just two months...
At the least, give me six months, please.
Two months.
Even if you die, I am going to extract
that money from you.
I am giving you two months.
Hi. you are DJ Mani, right"
I saw you quite a few times
while jogging here.
By the way, I am Mounika.
Can I tell you something"
I am a big fan of yours.
Not just me. All my friends too.
Whenever we feel like partying,
we always come to your pub.
What is it" Why aren't you saying anything"
Alright, fine.
You seem to be in a different space.
What"! What's with this nonsense
so early in the morning"
What" I just wanted to say hi because
you are such a familiar face.
How rude!
Alright, fine.
Hey, wait!
Give me your phone.
-Give it.
We don't have any rooms available.
-Kaaki, it's me.
I heard Joseph cause a scene"
Leave that.
I will tell you all about it later.
Tomorrow and the day after,I
won't be making it to the pub.
Ask Yogi to fill in for me.
Alright. Be careful.
Is this your photo"
-Yes. It is.
I don't know who you are but you
have shown me light after many years.
The crowd last night at the pub
was completely rowdy.
How is it that he is here this early in
the morning" Looks like he is sober now.
Oh my! This is new. Looks like you
have greeted the sun today. What's up"
I was bored of the moon.
Oh, really"
He is weird for sure.
Tell me... Who is that girl"
Where does she live" What does she do"
Buddy, give it a second thought.
You might have seen her in the night
I like that girl.
Buddy, after so long!
Finally, you are young and alive.
So, do you think that the
girl would be here or not"
She is here to work out
every morning at this time.
But you sleep at this time and
she wakes up at this hour
When you are awake, she is sleep.
Both of you are from different time zones.
Never mind all that.
Do you even know her name"
Oh goodness, that is a lot of information.
Does she have any friends"
There. There she is.
No matter how big a fan you are.
Is it appropriate to approach her directly"
Buddy, who is that"
Looks old but young.
Looks like she is the
perfect fit for this Kaaki.
It's debatable whether this
girl will date you or not
But, I on the other hand, will certainly
date the one beside her.
I told you right,
that's DJ Mani.
I want to talk to you in private.
I want to talk to her in private as well.
What do you do"
She works in the police department.
She is training to be a Sub-Inspector.
Buddy, don't fret it.
I'll manage.
Chubby lady,
what do you do"
If you ask her it's alright and if I ask
her, it's wrong. Is it" This is wrong.
Let's go.
Hey! Wait. One second. This is important.
In this small little world...
Buddy! Stop with those lectures.
I have been listening to this stuff
right from childhood.
I mean to say...
she might not be that patient.
I never thought that I would
ask a girl out in the middle of the road.
This is new even for me.
My world is surrounded by darkness,
machines all around and loud noises.
I am surrounded by loneliness.
My life didn't have anything
remarkable about it.
I thought this was my fate.
But ever since I saw you,
I am drawn to you.
This isn't exactly a
confession or a proposal.
In fact,
I don't know what love is.
It's just that I like you.
And if you feel the same,
We could get married.
Give it a lot of thought
and give me an answer.
I just saw you only once before. And that's
enough for me to make this declaration.
You told me that you have seen me many
times Besides, you also told me that
you have been my fan.
Think about it
and let me know your decision.
I told her;
In fact, everything that was on my mind.
You aren't the person to ever
hide your feelings. Well done!
" Oh lord Krishna and his consort;
thus, began the struggle"
" It's a sweet story where
the lovers unite in time"
Pallavi! Your brother Mani has
fallen in love with that girl.
Why don't you try and help them"
One of our team members quit.
So, what should we do"
Well, there's my brother.
How can a guy play in a woman's team"
I will ask him to play with a single hand.
" The time has asked
for a leave of absence"
" She lost all sense of herself. "
" My other half that walks alongside
me, in my thoughts, "
" The truth that my
eyes seek is your love "
" Stands in front of me
in the shape of you "
Don't you ever shave"
Maybe it's about being stylish
or just a habit. Take your pick.
But this will remain so.
Why, you ask"
I like myself this way.
" I have shed all my inhibitions
and journeyed with you "
" Left behind my petty anger
and started to notice you "
" Every minute I've spent in your
company, " " leaving past behind "
" is a precious treasure of mine "
I can see that Mani has changed.
He is punctual and sociable.
It doesn't matter where he is, Koti.
As long as he stays away from drugs.
" My other half that walks alongside
me, in my thoughts, "
" The truth that my eyes
seek is your love "
Stands in front of me,
in the shape of you "
Just because your son
likes Brinjal curry,
do you think it's fair to
force us to eat only this"
He isn't here, right"
Why" Are you under the impression
that he won't ever come here"
Wait and watch. Someday,
my son is going to come back home for me.
I don't know about that but apparently
your son has fallen in love with a girl.
And she is a police officer in training.
" This blossoming
friendliness feels strange "
" It's no longer a dream,
it has a voice and its true "
" After so long, have you stopped
listening to my voice and "
" Started listening to
the silence in my heart"
My uncle will be coming tomorrow.
And ever since I lost my parents,
I grew up in his household.
Alright, fine.
Shall we play a game"
So, the game is that
we would get in a car...
and roll up the windows...
I don't think I should tell you more.
-How about I show you now" Let's go.
What a pervert!
Stop that!
Alright, fine.
Shall we meet tomorrow"
Well, if you want to meet, I'll be there
If it's for games, I won't come.
Okay, fine.
She doesn't encourages games!
" Stands in front of
me, in the shape of you"
Hey! Who are you guys"
Why did you bring me here"
Anybody is there"
I will give you two months of time
Pay up. Or else, even if you die,
I am going to extract that money from you.
Joseph! Joseph!
Give me a chance.
I will return your money. Please.
Buddy, where have you been"
I would have given your company.
I looked all over for you.
I was so upset when I couldn't find you
and so, I am stress-eating Biryani.
Come and play two songs. I love to hear
you play when I am having my biryani.
Would you like to have some water"
Shall I order another Biryani"
So, DJ" How's it going"
You must be wondering
how I got out so early.
I gave you two months to pay me back
my money. And in that two months,
not once have you thought about me.
That is why, in these seven days,
I made sure that you would remember me.
I am going to stay in your head
for as long as you are alive.
Listen carefully.
I am going to give you 20 days.
If you don't pay up,
you will never come back.
Keep that in mind.
Last twenty days.
It's difficult to arrange for 30 lakhs.
They told us that it's not possible.
Well, there is another way. But
What is that"
There is a spot available in a
gambling game in Vikarabad forest.
Remember Old city Surya"
He is an illegal bookie
who organizes a big pot every year.
If you win that,
all your problems would be solved.
I mean... there is a small catch.
Everyone who wants to participate
has to deposit 3 lakhs.
There is a saying the father is penniless
but the son demands pounds.
It's not Joseph who is dangerous.
This guy here is.
Stay far away from him.
Stop prattling!
We don't have a single penny on us.
How could you ask us for 3 lakhs"
If you can win the pot with just
three lakhs of investment,
after the bookie takes his commission,
you would still be left with 20 lakhs.
Who would give you this offer"
Who is going to give us 3 lakhs"
What's up, Mani"
Why didn't you go to your room yet"
Koti, I need your help.
You are Lalitha's son.
Why wouldn't I help you"
The thing is...
I heard that recently you've come into some
money. I need to borrow 3 lakhs from you.
It's quite urgent.
Can you lend it to me"
Mani, after you left,
I thought about it a lot.
Your mom always helped our family
when we were in need.
And so, due to the goodwill she has in our
family I am unable to refuse your request.
Here are 3 lakhs.
It's my entire year's savings.
My father's been going through some
difficulties at his house in the village.
I wanted to help him repair his house
and so, had saved up this money.
Use it wisely.
I am not lending it to
you because I trust you.
It is solely out of the
respect I have for your mother.
Remember that.
Hello Mani.
Welcome to the Jungle.
Oh my lord!
How did you find this place"
I am sure even google
will not be able to locate it.
You shut it.
These kind of illegal activities
happen in places such as these.
Neither the police nor the villagers
ever come here.
They already get their share of money.
Does this forest have any wild animals"
Humans are more dangerous than animals.
Brother, what should we do with the girl"
Is she my wife"
Why would I want her around"
We are done with her. Send her away.
Here. Take Rs.20,000 here.
Give it to her.
A profit of 10,000.
Here is Rs.10,000.
I said Rs.20,000"
You are paid according to your service.
Maybe you didn't do a good job.
Buddy, staying here is quite risky.
Take the girl away from here.
What's all this"
The pot goes in lakhs.
Is isn't a joke.
Look at him.
Oh dear lord!
How is he this huge"
Is he a product of an
elephant and a giraffe mating"
That guy's name is Kali.
He is last year's winner.
He won the pot worth 20 lakhs.
What"! Who is this"
Is he even human"
What brings you here"
This isn't some local street gambling.
This is at another whole new level.
Anyways, this game is for men.
You are one cheapskate who
couldn't even win small local bets.
Why would you think so highly of yourself"
Anyways being a man doesn't just mean
having a moustache or a beard.
Come and have a go.
Let's see if you win or I win.
Okay, guys. Let's start the game.
This is a very thick forest.
And it's dark all around.
And in this forest,
underneath a tree,
There is a packet
containing 20 lakhs in it.
20 lakhs.
Whoever can find that
packet of 20 lakhs first,
and blows the conch shell
the money belongs to him.
I will give you guys a clue.
There is a red cloth tied to the tree.
But there is a twist.
There are 67 trees with red cloth
tied around them in this forest.
67 trees.
Of which you need to figure out
Just the one tree with a red cloth
that has 20 lakhs under it.
In this dark and dangerous
game, this is truly a test
of your intelligence,
will power and determination.
Are you guys ready"
Are you guys ready"
Then, let's go!
Aren't you ashamed to take
this amount of beating"
Brother, he has stolen 20 lakhs.
How will we let it go"
Where can we find that Kali fellow"
We conduct illegal games clandestinely
We don't have details of the participants
We don't know anything remarkable
about that Kali fellow.
I don't know what means you would use
but if you can catch him outside,
I want you to grab the money from him.
Take my man with you
he could be of some help.
Chinna, did you see Kali around"
No, brother.
Where can I find him"
No idea..
Mani, looks like they don't know either.
They say that he must have run away
to Malaysia or Bangkok.
You gambled"
Did you lose the money"
I made a mistake, Mani. The only thing that
truly shows a person's character is money.
I knew about your character and yet I
gave you the money. That was my mistake.
At any cost, I will return your
money to you. -Stop right there.
I don't even know what to say to you, Mani.
Despite all the years that have passed, you
remembered Koti and have come to see him.
He was a very sociable person
and now, he is crippled.
Last year,
he suffered a stroke of Paralysis.
Koti doesn't wish to speak to you.
What happened between you two"
I am but a mere human.
I made a mistake.
Why is there cash in here"
There're 6 lakhs here.
why are you so late" It's been a while
since the felicitation ceremony began.
Felicitation" For whom"
Your mom won the national prize for the
book she had written. It's called Sisuvu'.
The felicitation ceremony is for your
mother. What a useless son you are!
Go on.
Thank you, sir.
This book is a story about a nine-day old
baby who was abandoned in a village.
It was being dragged away by dogs
when the villagers rescued the baby
and gave the baby an education.
The boy works hard at academics and becomes
a civil servant and returns to the village.
He uplifts the village
and repays their kindness.
Put simply, it is a textbook on the
meaning of kindness and humaneness.
Wonderfully written, Lalitha
You have done a fabulous job.
Thank you, sir.
Please address the audience.
Hello to everyone...
My husband is the primary reason why
I wrote this book.
He isn't here with us anymore.
Even when I was working,
he encouraged me to write this book.
When our children achieve
something, We are indeed very happy
and proud of their achievements.
At the same time, as a mother, I hope
that my achievements ...
...make my children happy
Thank you.
Mani... You are here.
I am quite happy.
They announced this award in the morning.
I cannot believe it.
I need 40 lakhs.
What are you saying"
You heard me right.
I need the money urgently.
What are you doing here"
Hey, Don't interfere.
I want my share in the property.
Transfer it to me in writing.
Watch what you're saying!
Do you realise where you are"
I know the etiquette very well.
You just shut it and
mind your own business.
Give me my share of the property. -Mani...
Why do you need that kind of money"
Let's talk about this later.
Please listen to me and...
No, I don't give a damn!
Give me my money.
Mani... please...
Right now...We ...
You will receive no property or money.
Mani... let's talk about it later.
Just get lost from here.
I will not take a single step until
I get an answer.
I want my property.
You are making a scene.
Not my problem. Let them look.
Big brother, let me deal with this.
What happened exactly"
Let's deal with this at home.
Leave me.
Mani, I only have this much amount
in the bank. I only have 5 lakhs.
Could we...
Are throwing pennies at a beggar"
You want to treat your son like a beggar"
I only have this much with me.
Where can I get money from"
How can you speak that way"
I only have...
Mani... we only have...
That's not my problem...
-Sir, let go outside.
Take your hands off me.
We can't have you creating a scene inside.
Take it outside.
Come out, Sir.
-Our son...
How long should we bear him"
What's wrong" What's with this scar"
Tell me.
The thing brother created a scene
at the library and that disturbed me a lot.
Well, I was lost in thought and was
walking down the road to our academy.
I felt someone pull me from behind
and even before I could react,
they stole my chain, got into a van
and drove off.
Does your mom know about this"
If I tell her about this,
She is going to be even more worried.
I am going to tell her that I was
injured during a game.
As it is, she is in great pain
because of my brother's behaviour.
Hey... why are you here"
You are acting like a jerk.
What did I do"
Stop pretending to be innocent.
Don't you think it's wrong
to keep avoiding me every day"
Why are you here"
I was passing this way
and I saw your stupid looking car.
Not one single message or a call.
What's happening"
Mounika, I am going through something.
I am in the process of resolving it.
Is everything ok"
Yeah. Yeah.
All's good.
Just a small emergency.
Once it's resolved, we shall meet. Okay"
Alright, bye.
I am calling from the cooperative bank.
There is a cheque for 40 lakhs
that's come for clearance to your account.
40 lakhs"
No, sir.
I gave a cheque for 5 lakhs only.
Please check it again.
No, madam.
It's for 40 lakhs.
Madam, due to insufficient funds,
I gave you a call.
Is that so"
I will get back to you.
Alright, madam.
Sir, I am calling from
Kompally central bank.
Yeah. What is it" -The 40 lakhs cheque
that you have deposited has been rejected.
Mani, your mom called.
Apparently, you haven't been picking
up her calls for the past two days.
Here, talk to her.
Hello, lawyer Satyam speaking.
-Hello, it's Mani here.
Who are you"
-Are you Lalitha Devi"
Yes, I am.
You have been served a legal notice.
Who would do that to me"
Your son has registered
a case against you
because you have issued
a fraudulent cheque.
Please sign here.
Uncle" Mani has registered
a case against mom
on the charge of issuing
a fraudulent cheque.
I'll be right there.
This is what you resort to"
Aren't you ashamed of
doing this to your mother"
Money! Money! Money!
That is all you seem to care about.
Despite all your dirty tricks
I have tolerated you.
You will forever remain
in history as the person
who ruined your own
mother's reputation.
I am ashamed to even look at you.
That woman just gave birth to me.
But once I was out in this world,
she couldn't bear me any longer
and abandoned me.
When I was young, people told me
that I lost my way.
Everybody grew distant from me
Just as them, even my mother abandoned me.
The mother who is supposed to
love and cherish me threw me away alone.
I never had any emotional support.
I spent years inside those four walls.
I was lonely and no one knew my pain
or my tears.
Not one... Not a single person
came to support me.
And that distance increased now.
If you think what I'm doing is wrong
what she did to me is sin.
Think about it.
Who would be etched in the history
as a cautionary tale" Her or me"
And you are"
Follow me...
You are early. How"
Joseph, I wanted to tell you something.
I owe your 30 lakhs.
But I don't have a single penny on me.
Beat me up or Kill me.
Do what you wish with me
But there is one thing I must tell you.
I am in the midst of a legal proceedings
I will give you not just 30
but 35 lakhs in total. Give it a thought.
This is the only way that I can pay you.
So, this is your option"
Look into this.
You gave a good stuff to media.
The heartless son who dragged
his mother to the streets.
Super Head line.
Mom, take a look at this.
The lawsuit between you and Brother
is in the newspapers.
Why is he doing this"
You have taken the fight
to streets just to survive.
Mani... I want money.
I don't care how you get it.
It's your problem.
It's my money.
And I want it.
Not 30... but 35 lakhs.
I'll keep waiting.
A son has dragged his mother to the streets
A young man identified
as DJ Mani Shankar
working in a club has registered
a case against his mother,
Lalitha Devi on the charge of
issuing a fraudulent cheque.
The celebrated and nationally-acclaimed
author Lalitha Devi
has been insulted
in her own home.
Let us wait and find out if it's either
the mother or that jerk of a son,
who will win this law suit.
This useless society that doesn't recognise
my past or my problem...
has branded my actions as wrong doing.
It doesn't matter who I am up against.
I must win.
My Brain is on an offer drive.
and it has stopped functioning.
To distance myself from these
thoughts, I need a companion.
If I take this, no one can stop me.
Mani! Crowd is waiting for you.
I liked your girl.
This is for you.
Let's dance.
Come with me once.
Just come with me.
Just come with me. I'll tell you.
Not that, Kaaki. Give me the room key.
Oh my! You guys are already there"
All the best.
What are you doing"
What are you doing, Mani"
Stop it, Mani.
Do you even realise what you are doing"
Are you on drugs"
Why are you behaving this way"
Let's take a break for two minutes.
Mounika, I am ready.
Looks like he's lost his mind.
Mounika, please wait for me.
Mounika, stop.
Leave me.
Where are you going"
You have filed a lawsuit against
your own mother"
Love, relationships, emotions,
Do you even know the value of these things"
I am an orphan and
I know their value.
Please stop, Mounika.
Who is this beggar"
Looks like our Mani.
It is Mani.
Oh my god!
His idiocy dragged him onto the road.
Buddy, why do you look
like an ascetic that comes to a Kumb Mela"
What happened to you"
Did the girl leave you and go"
I was abandoned then, by my mother
and now, I am abandoned by this girl.
Why is everyone abandoning me"
Let me be frank about it, buddy.
You are a difficult to deal with and a jerk
Huh, really"
He looks like Kali...
Buddy, that's Kali.
Who is Kali"
He is that giraffe-looking fellow
who stole your pot in that game.
If you want to solve the issue.
It's this guy you should be pursuing
and not your mother.
Just come quickly.
Hey! Stop the car!
He is fast and furious.
Why are they giving us the stinky eye"
Not us. You!
I forgot why we are running.
Buddy, his car is here.
This way.
There... come...
This is the same number...
-We caught him.
Where is he"
This is the car they used.
Be careful, buddy.
Do you know what's happening"
Remove those glasses.
Kali fellow, where are you"
These look like offices.
He must be is in this building.
Kali, I will catch you.
No one can stop me.
If we follow them,
it's going to turn into a police mess.
Let's get away.
I am begging you.
You are literally killing me!
Let's rob the car"
I got you, Kali.
And you pretend to be some sort of
Boxing heavyweight.
Buddy, please stop it.
Buddy, everybody's eyes are on us.
Buddy, please.
Won't you change"
No, I won't.
You filed a law suit against your mother.
How disgusting!
If you want to solve the issue.
It's this guy you should be pursuing
and not your mother.
Let us wait and find out if it's either
the mother or that jerk of a son,
who will win this law suit.
Kaaki! Kaaki!
Kaaki fellow!
What "
Take this number plate and find out
the details of the car immediately.
I wonder what's going on in his head.
As soon as he woke up,he thought of Kali.
" This is a silent song of the heart. "
" The emotion of love "
" it searches for a destination " " but
the destination is beyond its reach. "
" Yesterday's blessing is today's debt "
" Who knows what's in store for tomorrow" "
" It isn't true to its name. "
" this is an incomparable confusion. "
" My heart is festive when it's
filled with your memories. "
" I am so lost in your
thoughts; I have no free time. "
" My feet are drawn towards
you; matching your pace. "
" I am in a hurry yet hesitant.
My heart leaps and runs "
" You are my awakening "
" My suffering is solely because of you "
" This is a silent song of the heart. "
Mounika! Mounika!
I need to speak to you once.
Please.Please listen to me.
" but the destination
is beyond its reach. "
Mani, Mounika told me everything about you.
The thing is she likes you a lot.
Being an orphan,
She understands the value of parents.
But you went and filed a law suit against
your mother. This upset her a lot.
This week, she is taking charge as an SI.
She is already under pressure and so,
she is unable to handle this right now.
If you want to have Mounika in your life,
You have to mend your ways
and withdraw the lawsuit.
Your mother has been served,
The trail will start in the coming week.
All my colleagues were thoroughly shocked
when they heard about this lawsuit.
Just because you are
my childhood friend,
I've agreed to give you
the charge of this case.
Well, we have a very strong and clear case.
And in case this doesn't work out,
We will establish you as the legal heir
and crack the case from another angle.
Anyways, where do you get this sort of
ideas" Who feeds you these unique ideas"
Remember, we took on a fraudulent
cheque case" Did we receive the payment"
They paid us with a cheque
and that turned out to be fraudulent too.
False cheque!
Same case.
Tell me, Kaaki.
We found the registered address
of that number plate.
Shamshabad, Gandhi
Nagar, Road number 2.
It's near the post office
of our previous hood.
Do you know what's interesting"
The address registered to that number plate
belongs to our MLA Jeeva Reddy.
Buddy, that's the MLA's house.
And that's MLA Jeeva Reddy.
Apparently, this Jeeva Reddy
has a mistress in the village.
And the children born to that
mistress of his are Kali and Durga.
This is Durga.
and he is Kali's big brother.
Anyways, their mother passed away
due to cancer when they were quite young.
And the talk is that they don't
get along well with Jeeva Reddy.
And so, Kali doesn't ever come here
and he never meets up with Jeeva Reddy.
But this Durga here is in another league.
He puts on an act in front of
Jeeva Reddy and has gone on to
become the party president.
He is quite skilled at crushing people
using their weakness.
But Durga loves his brother Kali a lot.
and it's rumoured that he
would move heaven and earth for
his brother. Despite all that,
Kali doesn't disclose his whereabouts
even to his brother. As far as I know,
I don't think we would get any information
regarding Kali from here.
Come on. Let's go.
He is coming this way.
Look away. Look away.
We should manage in a way
That doesn't arouse his suspicions.
Oh dear!
He is coming this way.
Don't fret.
Try to look casual.
I'll just tell him that we lost our way.
Why do you always drag me in"
Just stop it guys,
I got dragged in unnecessarily.
Come out.
Why do you keep getting me
stuck in every business"
What are you looking at"
Sir, I actually wanted
to ask you something.
But I was really scared
and so I just sat inside.
What is it"
-I hope you don't mind.
Just ask.
Never mind.
Oh dear! Is he going to
blurt out about Kali"
The thing is... our hero Balayya's movie
Legend was released yesterday, right"
And it turned out to be a super hit
So, there is way too much
crowd at the ticket booths.
So, if possible, please provide us with
3 tickets for the matinee show.
Please, sir.
What are you on about"
Please, sir. Please.
Apparently, there are no tickets
available for three more days.
Get up!
Please, sir.
Even the manager could not help us.
Seems like he isn't right in the head.
I just asked you for three tickets and
you act all haughty.
But, we on the other hand have to
forever vote for you.
So, you voted"
-Yes, of course.
What place is this"
You voted elsewhere
and you demand favours here.
Does it matter"
Mad fellow!
Someday, I am going to come back
here with the Balayya's fan club and
then, I'll deal with you guys.
The other day, one of our guys
made a request for a kidney.
Looks like he might
be the right fit.
Oh dear! Kidney"
Stop showing off in front of me.
I know I am no match.
How could you treat
us so lightly"
We are all born from mother's womb.
It's quite clear that
the cheque was forged.
That can be proved quite
easily in the courts.
His case against you
doesn't stand a chance.
We are not that worried about the case.
You need to register a
case against him with
the penal code sections 420, 463,
467, 468 and some more if needed.
Brother, Please think it over.
I will try and speak to him once.
Why would you speak to him"
Your pampering is what turned him this way.
He forged the cheque.
And he is very assured that
You wouldn't take any action against him.
Sambayya sir, please file the case.
I don't think he would
mend his ways otherwise.
Okay, sir. Leave that to me.
I will take care of it.
Where can I find Mani"
Go straight,
the second room on the right.
Mani, why are you so angry with me"
Why have you resorted to such methods"
Why do you need that kind of money"
Please listen to me. Leave this life behind
and come home to us.Let's go.
I only have you and Pallavi.
Why are you distancing yourself from us"
How will I have that kind of money"
If I have to sell something,
It will be that house.
That was the house your father lived in.
It contains his memories.
How can I sell that"
How are we support Pallavi
if we sell the one house that we have"
As my son, won't you even
think about us"
Oh no! What happened"
Who do you think is responsible for this"
Students' unions or Political parties"
What all these"
Mani Shankar!..Mani
Shankar!...Mani Shankar!
Mani Shankar, you have filed a law suit
against your own mother.
This case challenges our
basic human relations.
Just so that you don't pursue this further
and give a wrong message to the society,
would you consider dropping the case or do
you want to go forward with the law suit"
Tell me, Mani shankar.
do you want to go forward with the law
suit" Or do you want to drop the case"
No sir, I want to pursue the law suit.
People like this will not change.
I wonder what this is
and what other
horrors are in store.
Order! Order!
Your honour, this person Mani Shankar
is trying hard to fool the court.
Maybe, he is the very first person
to have filed a lawsuit against his mother.
Coming to the point,
There are certain facts about the case
that the court is unaware of.
I wish to present these before
you, your honour.
My client, Lalitha Devi, issued a cheque
to her son in the last month...
i.e. on the 18th of March.
The value of that cheque is....
I would like to speak to you.
-You wait. Sit down.
If there is anything you would like to say,
come into the stand and tell the court.
Let me go, brother.
Sir, No mother would ever make a mistake
when it comes to her son's life.
And similarly, no son misunderstands
his mother.
In one way, I am responsible
for the situation we are in right now.
And I will take that responsibility.
I will settle the entire amount
that I am supposed to give my son.
Please give me some time.
It's quite common for a family
to have misunderstandings
but one should try and resolve
them in their own homes.
But it is very unfortunate that your
private issues are being aired in public.
No matter what the reasons,
observing the circumstances,
the court has decided to award
Lalitha Devi a span of one month
i.e. within 14th of October, to settle
the debts she owes to her son.
Court is adjourned.
What did you do"
You are ready to beg on the streets
but do not want him to
be exposed as a fraud.
What kind of love is this"
This is what's ruining him further.
Here. These are the
original documents of the house.
I never thought you would ever be
in a situation such as this
Deposit this cheque in the bank.
It would be cleared in two days.
Alright, sir.
Brother, tell him to come.
Hi, uncle
Lalitha. He is here.
You stay right there.
Tell him to sign.
Sign here, buddy.
Take this pen.
What a useless fellow!
We should get rid of all his things.
What's this brother"
What are you doing"
Don't say a word.
You are going to give that
fellow all your wealth
and treat your daughter
unfairly, is it"
No, brother. Please.
Get rid of everything of his.
Please listen to me, brother.
-It's already too late.
Take this sir
Tell him to never set foot
in this neighbourhood.
If he does,
it will be the end of him.
He will not set foot here sir.
You can live in peace.
I shall take my leave.
Scriptures have time and again stated
with great clarity and proof that
If a loving and caring mother
is subjected to emotional
distress by someone,
even if that person is as great as Raavana,
he will ultimately die a pitiful death.
Alright, fine. You can have noodles.
Hey, Mani...
How come you are here"
What happened to you"
Buddy, looks like you have changed your
style. Have you sold half your beard"
He is my son.
He is always interested in games.
Kushal, tell uncle a hi.
-Hi, uncle.
He is going to turn out like you.
You were the one who bet
even before the chicks hatched.
Ah! Those were the times.
It was quite interesting.
Get back to how you were.
Can I tell you something else"
You don't have to go anywhere.
I am a bookie full-time.
With the drop of alcohol percentage
in my blood,
I seem to have some newfound strength.
Don't leave that guy!
Beat him to pulp. Hit him.
Hey, you.
You aren't from around here"
Bihar, right"
Hey, Mani.
What's happening"
Why are they attacking you"
Who are these people"
Bitter memories of my past life.
I won.
I fought against this society and won.
I thought I solved my problems after I gave
Joseph the money but, my sins haunted me.
The actual problem began right after that.
My life took an unimaginable turn.
" The music of the masses is blaring "
" Bust out those raunchy moves. "
" Crank is up a little more "
" Let's not slow down or stop. "
" DJ spin the console "
" Put a spin on it, remix it "
" Let's dance the night away "
" Let's celebrate our youth "
" and let it fly high. "
" Come on rock the beat "
" Come on rock the beat "
" Come on rock the beat "
" Come on rock the beat "
" The life is fleeting; don't you think" "
" Make some friends and
ride the wave of life "
" Carve your own destiny, friends "
" These are crazy times, rocks the beat. "
" There is no guarantee for tomorrow "
" Cultivate a relationship with your life "
" Everyone makes mistakes "
" There are no mistakes,
just move forward courageously "
" Be your own cheerleader
and honour yourself "
" Come on rock the beat "
" Come on rock the beat "
" Come on rock the beat "
" Come on rock the beat "
Oh sorry! The dress is stained.
It doesn't seem like this would dry
anytime soon. Is yours done"
Two minutes.
The smell isn't gone yet.
If my father finds out that I've been out,
I am done for.
He is of the opinion that pubs are breeding
grounds for drug and alcohol addictions.
Are you done"
-I am done. I am coming.
If you are not going to let me sleep in
I would have adjusted here outside.
Don't you trust me even a bit"
It's not that I don't trust you. It's
just that I don't trust myself around you.
Is that so"
That's a very good joke.
Do you want me to tell you
something serious" -Hmm"
I must have already said this to you.
I like you a lot. Let's get married.
I like you a lot. If you like me too,
Let's get married.
Why are you silent"
What's going on"
There was a raid on
Z-rooms at Banjara Hills.
These are the people who have been
suspected of indulging in drugs.
This case is being dealt by the B shift.
What's your name"
-Poornima Naidu.
-Tell me your full name.
Mani Shankar.
Why is there a drug packet in your pocket"
I found it in the toilet and
put it in my pocket.
It's only cause the amount of drugs
found on you is very little,
we are being civil.
If not...
At that time, what were you guys doing"
My dress stained because of a spilled
drink. And so, I went in to wash it.
What room number is that"
Same room.
-Huh" What"
I mean Room 205.
Do you have the habit
of taking women into rooms"
The toilet in the club was in repair.
And so...
We checked their blood samples
There is no evidence of having taken drugs.
Do you have the habit of taking drugs"
I did, earlier.
Just answer the question.
Do you have the habit or not"
I used to. Not anymore. I quit.
Tell me the truth.
You want the truth"
After that day,
I never indulged in drugs.
I don't even remember what
I did that night.
I only told you truth.
It's just that you never believed me.
Even now, I am telling you the truth.
I love you.
Hey! What are you blabbering about"
Have you gone mad"
Poornima, please wait outside.
Sir, could you give us some privacy.
Karthik...I will deal with this.
Mounika, ever since that day,
I have been trying to tell you.
Mani. Forget all that.
I am not interested in
your age-old explanations.
Karthik, take down his details
and send him away.
There is no need to file any case
against him.
You look awesome in police uniform.
Go on.
On you, it's looks about ok.
-Who asked you"
These people don't sleep
and don't let us sleep.
What's your name"
Mani Shankar.
Your father's name"
Call him.
He is dead.
Your mother's name"
Mother's name"
She is not the mother to lift a finger even
when her son is in trouble. Never mind.
What are you on"
Your mom would be the one
to be ashamed to have you as her son.
Drugs, Alcohol, Girls.
Tell me a habit you don't have.
Tell me your mother's name first.
I am asking you.
What's your mother's name"
I don't want to say.
This isn't your house
to behave as you please.
This is a police station.
I am being polite.
Give me your mother's name.
No, I won't.
You.. Idiot!
Tell me.
I don't tell her name.
No, I don't.
I don't want to tell her name.
What will you do"
How arrogant you are!
Can't you tell your mother's name"
You should be killed.
Are you that arrogant that you
Can't even take your mother's name"
How arrogant you are!
You think we are nobody to you.
I'll kill you.
What happened in that room"
Apparently in a hotel raid,
the police caught Mani with a girl.
He had a packet of drugs on him and so,
uncle thrashed him in the police station.
I don't believe that you
are that affected by those beatings.
What exactly happened
between you and your uncle"
Pallavi is here.
How are you"
I heard what happened
in the police station.
Please don't get even more angry
at mom for what Uncle did to you.
Mom is very upset.
Could you please visit her at home once"
Brother, say something.
Don't you care about mom at all"
You don't want us around, is it"
Mani. I have been trying to reach you.
Where are you"
What plans do you have tomorrow"
Tomorrow is Sunday, right"
There is a popup market.
I am going to get us a country chicken.
Useless fellow!
Mani, do you remember Surya from our hood"
He is organizing a huge pot in Sanath
Nagar. It's quite a bit prize, brother.
Just the other day, Mani
had a through thrashing from his uncle.
He's stopped doing this shit anymore.
Just leave, please.
Is that how it is"
The prize money is 30 lakhs.
I have another offer for you, Mani.
Kali is going to participate in the game.
Kali is going to participate in the game.
What should we do"
Mani is here.
It's quite risky.
Let's go.
Come on.
I will come directly to the point.
The game that we are going to play
involves 117 streets.
There is a car parked
in one of these streets.
There is a bag containing 30 lakhs
in the luggage compartment of the car.
Whoever finds that car and that bag
in a place such as this,
the money belongs to him.
I will give you a clue to finding that car.
When you add the last four digits
of that car number, it totals to seven.
The last number in that four digits is 2.
The key tone that you have will open
the luggage compartment of the car.
As soon as you get out of here, the game
commences when I give you the signal.
We are right now in the middle of the city.
Since it's broad daylight,
you would be playing this risky game
in the midst of people.
In case, you arouse
suspicion or the money does,
you might be caught by the
people or even the police.
No matter what happens,
we are not responsible
All that matters is whether you are here
and participated in the game and won it.
And finally leave without a trace.
This is the game.
All the best, guys.
What is this " -This is specially
for participants. Smear it.
Ah! You look good.
We should be the ones to find it.
Hey! Stop!
Catch him!
Hey! Stop!
Hey, stop!
Hey! Stop!
That way.
Respond! Respond! Something' fishy here.
We need back up immediately.
Leave me..
Hey! Stop!
I am not here just for money.
I am here for you.
Brother, I need a favour.
I need 5 lakhs urgently.
Huh" You seem to have more needs than
your station in life.
Cut it out.
You are so into girls.
You don't even realize the circumstances
of those around you.
All these years, I have worked myself
like a dog for you.
No matter how loyal you are.
A dog is still a dog.
Those 30 lakhs of yours were saved because
of a dog like me. Keep that in mind.
Get down!
Down, scum!
Go away.
Idiot... It seems he want lakhs.
Just as Alcohol, Cigarette
and Girls, obsession with an
enemy is an addiction too.
I am an addict to that kind of obsession.
-Sir, there's been a murder here.
Murder" Where"
Inform the team that handles clues.
-Ok sir.
Send a message to DCP.
-Ok sir.
Hey... How did it happen"
Who was that"
- Don't know, Brother.
Whoever that was...
I won't let him go.
No, I am not letting it go.
There has been a murder on
the Lingampally Railway tracks.
The victim was identified to be
Kali Charan by the police.
It has been proven that the victim was
closely associated with MLA Jeeva Reddy.
The city administration has delegated
the investigation of this case to
Special investigation
Officer Sudhi Reddy Narayana.
This controversial officer
has heated up the debate.
Some laud his
efficiency and quickness
in resolving the case while others argue
that he has a history of using coercion
to extract confession.
Despite all this, Sudhi Reddy Narayana
has vowed to catch the suspect
in the case within 48 hours.
Get down your idiots
You guys just come in hordes, don't you"!
If you fall down from there,
Your lives will be ruined
You... useless fellow!
Who are you...."
What would happen if you jump the gate"
Apply these kinds of tactics to courting
women you might at least succeed.
Should I wear this myself!
Help me!
Bring all of his friends down here. I need
to know where all he's been and with whom.
I need all those details.
If needed, take the help of
our party workers.
I want every detail
I am Sudhi Reddy Narayana.
Special Investigation Officer.
The commissioner has appointed
me to investigate Kali's murder case.
Officer, I am not able to process his
death. I need to know who killed him.
As far as I know,
he doesn't have enemies.
Can I have a quick look at the house"
I spoke to sir about you. He said he
would call you. You don't have to worry.
Bhanu... Are you Kali's close friend
or the one who murdered Kali"
Come on
Come. Come on.
Sir... What do you mean, sir"
-Me" Murdered Kali"
Let's go.
I don't know what's going on. I don't
know what happened. Tell me, please.
-Hey, officer!
I will be the one to decide
if you are a friend or a foe of Kali's.
Brother, please tell him.
I don't know anything, sir.
-What will your brother tell you"!
No matter who vouches for you,
I am not letting you off the hook.
Hey, you"
Our senior.
I mean Sudhi Reddy Narayana.
He has already taken charge of the case
and has begun arresting people.
He has asked us to surround all
the suspects and get them to him.
What's the state of affairs here"
We have already arrested three suspects
that are connected with Kali's past.
In the post mortem report, they have found
tiny coloured-particles on his dead body.
Upon investigation it
has been found that
Kali participated in
Sanath Nagar secret game.
It has been reported that Kali
and another person got into a
tussle on the account of money.
Our people have gone
to bring those guys in.
Who is that"
Are you Mani"
Yes. I am.
Get in the car.
Get your hands off me.
-Where are you taking me"
Get in the car.
Come on.
Here. Have some more.
-No, Mom. I am done. I don't want any more.
Just eat, silly girl.
How can you have just one"
Lalitha, Our department's
crime branch has taken
Mani for interrogation
in a murder case.
What happened"
Your brother is being taken in
as a suspect in murder case.
Hey! Let's go.
What's happening inside"
It's regarding that close aid of MLA
Jeeva Reddy. Kali. His murder case.
They are interrogating
people regarding that case.
Shouldn't interrogations be
conducted in the station.
Why are they being
conducted here"
Who are we to remind Narayana sir
regarding the rules, madam"
Sir, as you know,
there are a total of 5 suspects.
These 5 suspects are either
directly or indirectly connected to Kali.
Apart from this,according
to their mobile signals,
they were within 5
kms of the murder.
So, one of them must surely
be the culprit.
You. Step out.
You as well.
Since this case is related to a person with
power, It comes with a lot of pressure.
Therefore, the higher authorities
allocate such cases to Narayana sir.
But, he targets one
of the suspects and
either through coercion,
harassment or threat,
he makes sure that he gets a confession
and claims to solve the case.
Come here. Come.
Stand here.
He was the one responsible for
mishandling that Bejawada rape case
with a falsely accused
person last month.
Do you need special instructions"
-Carry on.
Sir, I don't know anything.
Is it you"
Are you the murderer"
Tell me"
Is that you"
Spit it out.
Tell me
Tell me.
What's with that innocent face"
Tell me.
Sir, I am innocent.
Come here.
I don't know anything, sir.
Tell me.
Or else I will kill you. Tell me.
I don't know about him, sir.
Tell me.
I have my doubts on Mani, sir.
I found every detail about him.
No matter the cost, he would go all the way.
He dragged his mother to the court.
Most recently, he was the one
who got into a fight with Kali.
Put him up on the table.
Hey, you.
Open your mouth and speak.
Your arrogance, pride and stubbornness
have no place here.
He should be alive
but break his arrogance.
I should not see any trace of that
arrogance, pride and stubbornness on him
even that moustache needs to go.
Sir has come
Stand up
You are a lucky one.
Go.. go home.
Mani has confessed.
He admitted to committing the murder.
Brother, the person who
murdered Kali is Mani.
he works as a DJ in a Pub..
Apparently, they always had issues
on account of money
He is going to appear in front of the judge
in two weeks.
Your honour,
On the 26th of August,
this person Mani Shankar had brutally
murdered the victim named Kali.
Police investigation has established that
the motive for murder was primarily money.
Mani Shankar,
according to police investigation,
you have been accused
of murdering Kali.
Tell me.
Are you really the one who
committed this murder"
Tell me.
Are you the murderer or not"
I am the ....
one who murdered Kali.
I was in deep trouble.
And right at the time,
I was about to receive my money,
Kali tricked me and stole my money.
He was responsible for ruining my life.
One day,
I found Kali at Indra Ghat.
I was only angry at him but
had no intention of killing him.
He fought with me while ruining my life
I couldn't handle it anymore.
In a fit of anger, I grabbed a
rod around there and stabbed him.
I threw the rod away in the stream next
to the ghat so that I wouldn't get caught.
A person in anger,
is capable of doing all sorts of things.
For reasons related to money and
having been tricked of his money,
the accused (Mani)has admitted to murder of
Kali Charan.
However, the court believes that this
murder was committed in a fit of anger
rather than being pre-meditated.
According to IPC section 302,
the accused (Mani) is sentenced to
7 years rigorous imprisonment.
Court is adjourned.
Brother, he's got 7 years in jail.
Reddy, deal with the formalities.
Okay sir,
Let's go.
Who the hell are you"
You dare murder my brother"
Just assume that the courts
have prolonged your life span by 7 years.
And that is your last.
Sir, please let him go.
Do you know who you're
laying your hands on" Get away.
He confessed that he murdered the guy.
At last, he resorted to murder as well.
Wait and watch.
My son is going to come back for me.
You must be wondering why I am here.
Yes, change does happen.
In people and in situations.
Never mind all that. Anyways,
how has your life been in these four weeks
inside these four walls"
You are not the Mani that
I knew during our relationship
I don't know what your reasons are
but there has been a lot of change in you.
Shall I tell you something"
I studied your case thoroughly.
I have seen how strongly you confessed
in the court that you are a murderer.
However, I have equal number evidences
to prove that you are not the murderer.
If I have your support,
I can prove that you are not the murderer.
According to my guess, there was
someone else already in that place
before the murder took place.
Who is that person"
Tell me.
Who is that third person"
Mani, wait.
You did not commit this murder.
Not only your police uniform...
even your brain at this job is awesome.
Mani, stop.
What are you hiding"
Please confess who is that person"
Mani, tell me.
What's that dark secret"
Hey, Mani,
The Jailor is here.
Are you counting your days
in this darkness"
I have news for you.
On account of good behaviour,
We are releasing you in two days.
We have the orders.
I am very happy that
you are being released.
What is it"
I have some bad news.
Because you've killed Kali, His
brother's been waiting for your release.
Apparently, he has vowed to kill you within
24 hours of your release from the prison.
Mani is being released tomorrow.
I need to know his every
move after his release.
He can no longer be alive.
Mani... You must be happy"!
Brother, our informant called
We can start now.
The actual judgement for Kali's
death will be passed today.
I know that you are here somewhere.
I will be the one passing the
sentence for my brother's death.
Come on out.
Search that side
Search that way.
run and catch him
Even though Mani served his sentence,
and the numerous years that have passed,
he didn't divulge the secret.
But one thing is sure.
He is not the murderer.
He isn't"
-Yes. he isn't.
I am unable to figure out
for whom he had taken the blame.
On that day when Kali was murdered,
I am certain that there was someone else
present during the murder.
You won't ever think of mom, is it"
You don't need us anymore, is that it"
You won't ever think of mom, is it"
You don't need us anymore, is that it"
Brother, can we talk"
Please sit down.
I have been wanting to tell you something.
There is a gang that keeps creating trouble
in the nights at our academy.
There is a guy who has been harassing me.
He is tall and built up like a giant.
His name is Kali Charan.
One day, when I was returning
home from the academy,
he pulled me into the
car and tried to rape me.
But suddenly, a police patrol came by
and so, I was able to escape.
I wanted to tell this to Mom but I was
afraid that she would worry and so,
I told her that it was a
case of chain snatching.
What happened"
Even before I realised it,
someone snatched my chain.
He called me and harassed me.
He asked me to sleep with him.
Disgusting fellow!
Don't call me ever again.
I wanted to tell Uncle or complain
to the police But he threatened me -
If I disclosed this issue or even
reported this he said he would kill mom.
Don't involve my mother in this, please.
Just shut it and do what is asked of you.
I've been completely disturbed
and in hell because
I constantly lived in the fear of
being attacked by him.
I am very scared.
Kali would be participating in the game.
I am not here just for the money.
I am here for you.
Brother, Kali attacked me.
Let me go.
and tried to drag and rape me
I didn't know what to do. I accidentally
grabbed a rod beside me And stabbed him.
Brother... Kali...kali is dead.
Do you think the reason
why he admitted to a murder
that he didn't commit
is because of money"
That cannot be the case.
What will he do with the money in jail"
The Mani that we know, filed a law suit
against his own mother for money.
Even if we assume that he sacrificed
himself for someone else, it is doubtful
because his character doesn't
support that assumption.
Mani's personality has undergone
a definite change for sure.
Kaaki told me that ever since
Mani was thrashed by his
Uncle in the police station,
there has been
a huge change in his behaviour.
As far as I know, he is not the
one to have undergone a change
on account of being beaten.
Something happened in those walls.
You think you have no one and that
you abandoned us"
I don't have anyone.
I tolerate all your shenanigans.
Even when you kicked your motherin her
heart, I could only watch and not react.
Since it's come this far.
You say you have no one, right"
That is true.
You weren't born to your mother.
We don't even know who
your birth mother is.
One day, you were found abandoned
on the outskirts of the village.
The dogs were trying to eat you up.
But then your parents rescued you
and raised you.
We don't know what caste or
what whore you came out of!
Your mother never ever gave that a thought.
Despite the numerous insults and troubles
that she was subjected to, on account
of you, she never said a word to anyone.
She never would either.
This is the truth.
This is the actual truth.
Your mother wrote the book Sisuvu'
and that infant is you.
The village in the book are your parents.
Do you know the hopes and dreams
She had for you"
She made you an administrative officer
in that book.
You dragged her to the streets
and became a beast.
became a beast.
She loved you and nursed you. But you
poisoned her love and are killing her.
Listen to me carefully.
Do not tell anyone about this.
Especially mom.
Don't tell her anything.
Take this bag of money.
Clear off the debt on our house
Don't tell anyone that I gave
you this money and try to manage.
Mom anyways has an opinion about me.
She thinks that I will never change.
But in your case, you shouldn't ever
try to disappoint her or upset her.
Promise me"
Go on.
Take care of mom.
Come here once.
Who is it"
What happened"
Life is indeed very strange.
My mom hid the fact that
I was not her actual son.
And I hid the fact that I
have done all this for her.
Maybe these secrets will
forever be buried inside us.
I don't think I have paid the debt I owe
to my mother just by serving my sentence.
There never was a son born who
paid the debt he owed his mother.
And there never will be.
I have seen my mother as
an enemy since childhood.
Mom tried to get closer to me and
I tried as hard as her toget away.
I want to stay with my mom.
But it's not possible now.
Because of the lawsuit I filed against
her, Durga thinks that Mom
and I don't get along.
If I go back to mom,
there is a real danger that
Durga's anger will be
directed towards mother.
In the past,
I was addicted to drugs and gambling.
The only addiction I have as of
now, is my mother.
From this moment on,no matter
where I am or however far I am,
I will be there for my family.
No matter what they go through,
I will support them.
Till now, I twirl my moustache to win.
But now, I will use them for the good.