Thiri (2017) Movie Script

'The wick'
From this year onwards, our
college has announced...
to give away the best
student of the year award.
The first ever winner
of this award..
is Jeeva and the college is honored
to award him this recognition.
We kindly request Jeeva
to come to the dias.
And now the district head will
honor Jeeva with the award.
- Congrats Jeeva.
- Thank you sir.
We kindly request Jeeva
to give a speech.
This award...
You have just been given
an prestigious award.
Don't you have the manners to greet
the chief guests on the dias?
Look at you right away talk about
the award saying "This award.."
To the chief guests present on the dias;
the IAS officer and to
our college principal...
I extended my hearty greetings.
This award...
Again now!
Did you win it by yourself?
Won't you thank your supporters?
I won this award...
because of the support lend
by my professors,
staffs and friends.
I convey my thanks to all of them.
This award...
Look at your attitude!
You have been granted
a prestigious award.
Your attitude must
inspire everyone there!
This award... is nothing
but a regret to me.
I don't want this award.
I return it back.
What did you buy and why
are you returning it?
Didn't you say you have
an interview at 9?
The time is 10 now.
10 o clock?
When you know that I
had to leave at 9...
why are you waking me up late?
I've been trying to wake you up since
8 o clock. You just won't wake up!
Come on mom!
Dad troubles me in my dreams.
You trouble me in reality.
So, guess I'll have to forget
about achieving in life.
You never had a good sleep
during your studying days.
But now after completing
college, sleeping is all you do.
I am helpless.
- So, isn't dad here?
- Why?
Well, the signs around
the house indicates so.
Look here, he just finished
a round of advice and left.
Don't you start the next round.
Where did go so early?
Special session for 10th grade students.
He went to take the class.
Even you can't bear him after
being with him so long;
I pity the plight of those
45 10th grade students.
Isn't he suppose to teach Math?
But doesn't look so.
Yeah like you are going to understand
everything at the first go!
Wait and watch.
See the first letter D?
What is the corresponding number to it?
Someone write it down.
Now you.
Whose next?
I hope all of you know this Thirukural
( Proverbs by Thiruvalluvar)
This is the most respected
word in all languages.
If you withhold it with dedication,
you can come up in your life.
If you add the corresponding numbers
to the letters it sums up to 100.
Similarly, if you follow it with dedication
then you will have a great life.
All you got to do is...
Attend all your classes without fail
and be punctual to school.
You must be attentive
in the class.
Do this and you will succeed.
Now, to catch a train we
go to the railway station.
Do we reach late? No.
Because if we take our own time
then we'll miss the train.
If we show that discipline
in all our activities....
we can definitely
succeed in life.
He has been repeating
the same for years now!
With that, lets start the class.
- Munnusamy.
- Sir?
- Someone is here looking for you.
- Go back to your place.
Ok sir.
All of you note this down.
Come on now.
Don't you know me very well?
- Don't you have sense?
- Sorry sir.
Already the students
are not so attentive.
Over that you come
and distract them.
The how will they concentrate?
The person said he
knows you very well.
Let it be.
How many hours do we spend here?
- Only 7 hours right?
- Yes sir.
- Rest of the time we are at home. Right?
- Yes sir.
Even if it's so urgent, you must ask
them to wait until the class is over.
- Only then they will understand.
- Sorry sir.
- It's the break time now. Isn't it?
- Yes sir.
- Who is it?
- There he is.
What's up?
You stay opposite to my house and
yet you are here to meet me?
Did you feel the school
was even closer?
Come on.
I am already upset.
What's your problem?
Remember I bought a piece of land?
You did tell me you bought a land
somewhere. What's the issue?
I'm being demanded to sell it.
Did you advertise to sell it?
Then what's the issue?
Everyone who bought land in that
locality sold it to the same person.
If its a good price then
why don't you sell it off?
I would've even if they offered
me the price I bought it for.
They offer half of that.
Then refuse.
The person who is demanding
is not an ordinary person.
Oh come on.
The land belongs to you.
How does it matter who he is?
It's your property
and your money.
So...who is this person?
Who's that?
Haven't you heard of Angannan?
You don't believe in god.
Then why have you built a
ritual room in the house?
I know everyone around fears me.
But I don't know if god fears me.
Hence I've locked it.
So now, even if god wants to meet
me, I will have to approve of it.
Do you now doubt
that I am the god?
Come on! You are indeed my ruler, my god.
Why do you doubt me?
See that's the sign.
Chief, it's me.
I know that.
Tell me.
Unexpectedly my wife fell sick.
I admitted her in the hospital and had to
use the money I had to pay the bills there.
I am trying my best to arrange
the money that I owe you.
- Chief...
- Please don't harm me.
Everyone's waiting for you. They
have been calling repeatedly.
Are they here yet?
Chief, they came long back.
Attend that call and keep
acknowledging whatever he says.
Ok chief.
I thought of selling my land but...
In the 150 acres land deal...
only person is opposing.
He is not ready to sell his land.
In you get involved we
can seal the deal easily.
We can share the profit in half.
Well chief, I mean, you take it
and give us whatever you wish.
I am on my way to the party office.
It's election time. Let's
first prepare for election.
I know how to deal this one.
You guys leave.
Ok chief.
I promise to repay
your money somehow.
Please have mercy on me.
Come to House# 5
at Gandhi Nagar.
Why there?
Isn't that your house?
Won't you attend
your dad's funeral?
- Chief please!
- I want that money in 1 hour's time.
Chief please.
This ain't a truck! Its a car!
Not everybody can get inside.
Let's reach there late.
That's the way it should be.
- Greetings chief.
- Welcome sir.
When did you reach?
Even before joining the duty and
taking charge, I am here to meet you.
- Looks like you are going out.
- Yes.
Do you want me to join?
I am going to request for a post.
So I don't need security so soon.
You have just joined. Go to
the police station first.
- Ok.
- Ok.
- See you.
- Right.
Excuse me inspector.
We know when and how to summon you.
Just obey us then.
You may leave now.
Look who it is.
What are you doing here?
What's up Bhoomi? What are you doing
here like a dedicated student?
I shouldn't have
trusted you guys.
I could've wooed at least 4 girls if I had
tried on my own. Untrustworthy fellows!
I became friends with you so
that I can woo an educated girl.
Instead of spending on you guys, if I
had started a foundation in my name...
I would've become the
epitome of education by now.
Not epitome of education...
but epitome of sex education.
Today isn't last day of your college
alone; even our friendship!
A boy must either have
friends or a girl friend.
If you don't have both
then you'll go mad.
I won't go mad.
I'll befriend the 1st year guys
and woo a girl from their class!
Buddy! That won't work out here.
Why don't you try another college?
Correct buddy!
I'm late for interview.
I'll start now.
Bhoomi, hop on.
I'll introduce to a Mr. Hitch.
Hop on! Hop on!
Please do this for all the
liquor I sponsored you guys.
Watch out!
"You %^@$%!!!!"
Don't you have sense?
I'm sorry boss.
No man likes getting insulted
in front of a woman.
Especially in front of your wife.
You shouldn't have
used that word!
I'm sorry.
Sorry boss.
Only if we win this by election...
then for the next 3 years we can run
the government without any hassle.
Remember that first.
Chief, what's the link between
us and the MP election?
There you go!
This is what happens when an uneducated
fellow turns into a minister.
If we loose our respect in the central
then next will CBI raid at our houses.
Why are you worried chief?
We are the ruling party.
Why should we be afraid?
There is no history of any ruling
party losing in the by-elections.
And that is why I am afraid.
If we lose then we'll
have to face the media.
What a time for him to die!?
So who is the big shot there now?
Finally, the spotlight is on you.
He has been working in
our party for 20 years.
Look at him sitting in a corner.
Give me my spectacles.
Let me have a look at him.
20 years?
I've never seen him.
Chief, in the region where
election will take place,
we had made him the dummy candidate
there for the past 20 years.
Apart from that, he has a good
reputation in that region.
If we prepare for the
elections as planned...
he will surely win this time.
How much can you invest?
Even to come here, the party office, I
had to request my wife to lend me money.
I don't have anything chief.
Oh! Oh!
Is he a pauper?
Chief, if you need a rich person then
we must look out for someone else.
What matters?
Victory or money?
Well, money isn't an issue.
So let's announce him as the candidate.
after a long time an innocent and
pauper is becoming a candidate.
Victory is what matters
to us right now.
So, shall we announce
him as the candidate?
- Sure chief.
- Yes chief.
In upcoming by elections, the
candidate representing us...
Greetings chief.
Welcome Angu.
Look at that chief, non of them
are showing you any respect.
Forget it.
Let them be seated.
It's the first time they are tasting
success of being in a post.
Can't you see him coming. Move!
Move you district head!
Move! Move!
Have a seat chief.
Did you get the money?
Yes. I did.
So, are you back here to join
as a member in the party?
Chief, I am here
requesting for a post.
Spotlight was on you...
He snatched it away.
It won't be on you anymore.
We formed the government after
throwing you out of the party.
People votes us because we threw
out a corrupted politician.
What will the people think if we
take you back in. Forget the people,
the media will finish
us with questions!
Come on now! Show me one face who isn't
corrupt and have never been caught.
If you bow down in shame, it
doesn't make the truth false.
You bid good bye to
politics at your own will.
Yes I did. Now I am old.
Why should I keep obeying
and saluting others?
Look, he is the minster
of home affairs.
I've been asking him to
transfer a police...
but he doesn't give
me an appointment.
Can he even spell Police?
Earlier he was nothing but
today looks like he is busy!
Why are you pulling all that?
Forget it.
Listen, we shall do something for you in the
next MLA election. This is MP election.
All I am asking is a seat.
I don't need any other answer.
Will you give me a seat or not?
I need a seat!
I'll win and prove it to you.
What if you lose?
Were you the IAS office earlier?
Nope. Just an office boy
at IAS office right?
I'll have a statue in the beach
only if I die when I and the CM.
That's why I am fighting
to stay as the CM.
Don't you worry chief.
After you die, with all
the respects paid...
we will bury you and erect a
statue for you. That's our duty.
I confirm it. It'll
be in Marina beach.
That's all I need.
What do you all say? Lets
announce him as the candidate?
- Ok chief.
- Ok chief.
Mr. Angannan has been nominated
as the party's candidate.
Thank you chief.
Give me the loin cloth.
Which one chief? Oh! Oh!
It just fell off.
What's with the uniform
of the opponent party?
If you hadn't nominated me,
I would have gone there.
Fine. Get started with
the preparations.
You! Accompany him and do the
necessary helps he requires.
Ok chief.
- Long live chief!
- Long live chief!
Move! Make way!
I said make way!
- Long live chief!
- Long live chief Angannan!
He is my dad's friend.
So what?
He will tell on me to my dad.
Let's leave.
It's not like he is at temple.
He too is in the bar.
Come here.
Yes uncle.
Any bar you go,
you'll find some known face.
- Just come.
- Hello uncle.
Are you here in
the bar to booze?
No uncle.
It's my friend's birthday.
I am here to cut cake.
- Carry on.
- Thank you.
Just popped out of the bud and
look he is already drinking.
- See what you did!?
- Buddy! Let's get sloshed today.
Okay, order now.
Why did you destroy
the plastic cup?
Else, how will I know I
drank the 1st round?
Our basic salary for the work we got
out of our qualification is 5000 bucks.
What is 5000 good for?
It is used up for
transportation and provision!
And you know what my
dad keeps saying?
He keeps showing off how much he spent
on my education! It's torturing!
Mechanical engineering.
Where did we final land
a job with this degree?
We are going to rot in a
the hot lathe companies.
Drink buddy.
You have a gold of heart buddy.
What do you know about
our field of study?
You don't realize it's importance.
Enlighten me please.
Now, we are sitting here.
Even this very place is nothing
without our contribution.
What are you blabbering?
All that you are drinking
is my contribution
Where's yours?
Look at the liquor
bottle's cap...
mechanics like us did it.
Is it?
Similarly this opener.
Impossible without us.
We made it.
Look at him. High yet sincerely
working on his laptop.
The screws in that laptop?
We made it.
From a small screw to an airplane, nothing
is possible without our contribution.
So buddy...
you boast so much
about our degree.
Then why don't we get
good job with good pay?
But one thing...
because I chose to study
mechanical engineering...
there is one benefit.
All the other department
students were afraid of us.
Aren't we here to forget all this?
Now who started this topic?
Buddy give me a cigarette.
Do you have a matchbox?
No! Don't call the boy.
I know another person.
Wait and see.
Good evening uncle.
Greetings uncle.
Uncle, do you have a matchbox?
What is it?
I asked you match box but why
are you massaging yourself?
Well dear...
ask the boy.
Tell me, how long have
you been drinking?
For 12 years now.
Oh 12 years?
You have been drinking for so long...
and still don't you know that you
must carry a match box to the bar?
Forget that.
What did you say
after I walked away?
You said something behind me.
What did I say?
Sounded like some moral value.
Something like 'just popped
out of bud and already...."
You say you have been
drinking for 12 years...
how much have you
popped out of the bud?
If you had popped out really
well it would have been evident.
For example, like a
tail in the back.
- Or in the front, you can say...
- Dude!
- Dude?
- I forgot.
So show me how much have
you popped out of the bud!
I just said it casually
like everyone else does.
Show me!
Come on dear.
At least have some respect,
I am elder to you.
You talk behind my back! Why
should I have respect for you?
He said so!
That I just popped
out of the bud.
I swear, I won't drink here after.
No! Show me!
Or else I'll break your
head along with his!
What business do you
have with that innocent?
This guy? Innocent?
- Enough! Come on.
- Book a cab for me.
Hey! Remember! You must show me!
Come on
We are here to leave our hardships and
sorrows behind and he quotes proverbs!
That too behind my back!
We are filled with guts and
our heart is full of valor.
So take every step carefully
in this battle of life.
Don't take success to your head nor
let the failure knock you down.
Both, victory and failure are experiences.
So keep progressing.
When a problems arises,
take it as a challenge!
Use your experiences
to knock it down!
Turn your sweat into success.
Be ready to accept pain too.
Remember the pain is a indication
that you are being sculpted to win.
Don't bother about the problems
that lie on your path to success.
See it as the steps of failure
that leads to success.
Always help the needy in your path.
This will bring the closer to each other.
Looking at one's negative won't
make this world a better place.
So forgive and forget, that's
what humanity is all about.
Appreciate the good
things you come across.
Appreciate good things
of your rivals too.
Let you valor and honesty change
the place around you for good.
In turn let it change your country and in
turn let it make the world a better place.
Don't bother about the problems
that lie on your path to success.
See it as the steps of failure
that leads to success.
Why are you out at
this hour uncle?
Nothing dear.
Just came out for some fresh air.
- Are you sick?
- No, I'm fine.
- Ok, see you then.
- See you.
How did you do that? You opened
the door before I could knock.
It's 11 O clock.
Tell it to your husband.
He keeps saying that
I am undisciplined.
You open the door and
there I am on time.
Do you think I could
be more disciplined?
Shall I wake him up and tell him?
- Had your food?
- Yes.
Did that broker
fellow buy you food?
How many times have I warned
you not to call him that?
Did he buy you food?
Shouldn't you be sleeping?
Now go.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Does your daughter set alarm for
her or for the whole street?
I am just returning.
I'll check and let you know.
Troublesome daughter and
equally troublesome dad!
You look so fresh!
I woke up at 4,
bathed and got ready.
By then it was only 5.
I have to leave at only 6.
Its 6:15 now.
Oh! Oh! My interview!
I'm late!
Didn't even have my coffee.
Dad is so irresponsible!
Where is my bag daddy?
What are you looking for?
Where is my bag?
Look at there! Its
hanging there.
- I'm making coffee.
- No thanks.
Have it.
I'll drink at aunty's house.
You are suppose to make coffee for your dad,
instead I make and yet you don't drink.
Bye dad.
The bike tyre is punctured.
Take the rickshaw today.
I'll get it fixed today.
Who allowed him to use my bike?
Doesn't pay heed to me at all!
1st time interview and
I am already late!
Look at her!
She'll scream to the
whole town for a coffee.
Keerthy, make her some coffee.
Where is my coffee?
Hold it right there.
Won't you allow me?
You sounded like you
are in a hurry.
Here. Have this
coffee and leave.
It looks like it has gone cold.
Go heat it.
Look at it.
It's still very hot!
They cool it for me.
Let me go meet your brother.
Do not disturb me please.
Just say what is it.
Hey! Are you awake?
Tell me what is it?
Can you drop me at office?
My bike has a flat tyre.
Didn't you find a rickshaw?
Don't I know that?
Will you drop me or not?
How many times have I told you?
Don't you have sense?
Haven't I told you?
That except my mom and sister I
won't take any girl in my bike.
Stop showing off! I am asking
because it's an emergency.
It's not like I am asking
you everyday to drop me.
Like that's gonna happen!
Aren't you here for your coffee?
Just have it and leave!
Wait and watch! Someday
you will need my help!
I'll take my revenge then.
Here is your coffee Swathi.
Why do you wanna pull his leg?
That to at early in the morning.
Comment on your son and you
just can't withstand it.
Watch out.
It's hot!
Have you started?
Uncle, do you know
what is discipline?
Did you just ask me that?
Waking up early is a
sign of discipline.
I woke up at 6 and
went to buy groceries.
Not you. There is a fellow
still sleeping inside.
Is that your problem?
I'll take care of him.
You may peacefully leave.
Thank you uncle.
Take care.
Is your son still sleeping?
He left long back.
Why do you lie like this?
She just told me.
He is not here.
He already left?
- I won't pay for a single tea!
- What?!
After all you don't serve us!
Bhoomi you left early last night.
You must have heard his song.
His philosophies
made me sober again.
You must buy me booze today.
Not so early.
Shall we go for a walk?
He should buy for us
Hold on!
Why is he running?
Didn't we say walking?
Can't you hear?
You senseless!
Help him!
Dude he is drunk.
That too so early.
Already drunk so early
in the morning?
Please no!
Get up!
How dare you compete
with our chief?
Cold blooded murder!
Oh! Oh! Wait for me!
Wait for me!
What's with the sprinting?
Why are you rushing?
If we could've managed to take selfie
there, it would have gone viral.
You just left me!
Didn't you guys go for a jog?
We saw a brutal murder there.
In movies, people at least
wait and watch the murder.
These guys didn't even wait.
They just left me!
People kill each other.
Saw the face of the murderer?
He had scars in his face.
Why unnecessarily get involved?
Harish and Danny split in opposite
direction to their houses.
They escaped?
Where did you find him?
- What happened to him?
- Retard!
You! Stop it now!
- Jeeva.
- Yes dad?
Have you started?
I'll be there at 10 sharp.
- Good morning sir.
- Good morning.
Where is everybody?
Isn't the interview today?
Isn't everyone here yet?
See that!
I am always punctual.
Others are irresponsible.
You can't say that!
It's been 6 months
since you joined.
Have you ever arrived on time?
Always late!
- Sir...
- What?
Cameraman was here at 6:15.
The guest to be interviewed
was here at 6:30.
You are suppose to do the
interview and you are here at 8!
How will the channel
make name then?
Sir, we just lost 15 mins here.
Let me conduct the interview.
No need.
Already I've assigned another anchor.
It's about to get over.
- Sir!
- Just a moment!
Here. 500 bucks.
Go hand it over at MD's house.
You want me to go?
That's your punishment.
- I'll be back in a jiffy.
- No!
Come back tomorrow.
But be here on time!
Coming sir.
Why are you looking
at the footwear?
I want to leave my foot wear.
Everyone has left it here.
You too can leave it here.
Isn't there a stand to place it?
It's there.
Wonder where such people come from?
- Sir, what about my issue.
- Please come.
I've already informed.
It should be done today.
Sir, she has been following
up for long now.
Please get it done.
- Thanks sir.
- It's ok. No worries.
Everything will be ready tomorrow.
Come back tomorrow.
Ok sir.
They have placed the foot wear
stand in the wrong place. Genius!
Why did you have to do that?
You are right. How long would
it take to arrange them?
5 minutes.
If I too have done the
same like others
Then a person will
come after me,...
...he will give a session
on this for an hour!
Is that ok for you?
Who's that?
I have saved you from him!
From whom?
- Rammoorthy.
- Coming sir.
Vardharajan, will come.
Ask him to wait here.
- I'll go get the cheque.
- Ok dad.
I know you would be here on time.
Hence I've the cheque ready.
Thank you!
Uncle, where are you both going?
Dad asked me to meet him.
Deposit this cheque for
clearing right away.
- I'll take him to the advocate's office.
- Ok dad.
Let's go?
Sir, is he your son?
You have raised him
well with good values.
Can't you say it after he leaves?
Why say it in front of him?
You leave.
Come on.
He neither praises me...
nor let others praise me.
How dare you?!
What is it Prabhu?
Who are you staring like that?
You will murder in the broad day light!
I just got nominated
as a candidate.
Do you wanna spoil my name?
Henceforth, until the
election is over...
no one must come here.
Get lost!
Get lost! You baldie!
I'll rip you apart.
Prabhu, I've spent a lot for this seat.
I must win.
Until then, ask our
men to keep quiet.
I want no problems.
Whatever it is, we shall
deal after winning.
Ok chief.
- Here.
- What?
- Don't you want?
- How much is that?
I want 250!
For what?
What's with the rude tone?
How dare you talk so rude?
Fine. Let me be kind.
75 one way and 75 for returning.
Total 150 right?
What about the in between
trip to the courier office?
Don't you say that!
I am already pissed off!
You better take this and leave.
- Leave?
- Yes!
You made me roam all over and
now you ask me to leave?
You are a rickshaw driver!
Yet I directed you
with the route.
So let me be reasonable.
Here, take this 100 and leave.
Why don't you have that too?
Fine. I am not paying you.
Stop irritating me so early in the morning.
Just give me that.
I'll just pay 150.
That's it.
I need 200 at least.
Is it? Fine....
- Tell me your ID number.
- What ID?
Show me your license.
What's your name?
You can't intimidate me.
I am too from here and I am also
part of the rickshaw union.
Which union?
Which locality?
- What will you do?
- Wait!
You don't know who I am!
I am a journalist!
I'll report about you tomorrow.
I won't let this go so easy.
Tell me. Tell me
your rickshaw's ID!
I can't give that. You can't
even pay me reasonably!
I won't spare you! How dare you try to
charge me more? That too in my locality!
Leave me.
- Brother?
- Yes brother.
How much?
From the top again?
Be polite.
75 up and 75 down.
Total 150 right?
You! How much do you want?!
- Again the rude tone!
- Yes!
- There again!
- 150 right?
Here! Have this 500!
If I see you again around
here, I'll finish you off!
I asked 200 and you now pay me 500?
Are you retard?
How dare you don't mind me?
You are a goner!
What is it? Your screaming might
have proved fatal for me now!
I was involved in a spat outside.
I see nothing.
Right! Your son didn't
see it from outside.
You are is mom.
How could you have seen it?
Fine. Tell me. What happened?
Morning I got late...
Ask her and she'll add
too much fiction in it!
- Let me tell you.
- No. I'll tell.
If a man and woman lock horns,
whom will people hold up?
- Obviously a man.
- No aunty!
The whole street was
saving a man from her.
He is talking without
knowing the issue.
See that? She doesn't
allow me to speak!
Think about the
poor rickshaw guy.
Poor fellow.
She is intimidating him
and he was hiding inside his rickshaw.
Over that she expects
me to help her.
He calls me a brat!
My brother usually
speaks the truth alone.
Today he did it with perfection.
That like it!
The whole family is attacking me!
Look at that.
Wiping away the false tears.
Stop it!
Poor kid.
Stop troubling her.
- Angannan?
- Yes sir.
I am his family lawyer.
How dare you complaint
against him to me?
Why do you wanna spoil
your peaceful life?
Why mess with him?
Are you going to sacrifice
yourself for a piece of land?
I came to you because you are
the best advocate in town.
Its unfair when you
speak like this.
Oh! Oh! He is here.
Don't call yourself an advocate!
Didn't you complete
you MBBS properly?!
A pipe can carry pure
and impure water.
Similarly, a party meet will
have good things and issues.
Without knowing this charges
have been pressed against him!
Look! If again any charges
come against my chief....
Sir, he is my friend.
Your men are threatening him to sell
his land to you. It's unfair.
This must be the last of it!
If I hear anything of such kind...
then before finishing them off,
I'll have to finish you off!
Why do you even need assistants?
Warn them advocate.
I'll lose my life in the process
of saving yours. Leave!
Come on.
Mom, B.E result...
Isn't she close by?
What is it?
I am unable to solve this.
What's dad upset about?
I don't know.
He was fine.
- This one.
- Yes.
Look at her trying to impress him.
Come in Pandi.
Just come in.
Sir, I need your help
to fill this form.
Is it for a loan from the bank?
No sir.
I want to put my son
in a private school.
I went to the school
premises last night itself.
There was a lengthy queue
today early morning.
I came straight to you after
getting the admission form.
This is a well reputed school.
The form itself is
worth 500 bucks.
Not surprising.
Collect it tomorrow.
If you can fill it now,
I'll submit it right away.
It needs an attestation.
What was that?
I need to get an authorized sign.
I'll get it ready.
You may collect it tomorrow.
Ok sir. See you.
If you have filled the form,
please hand it over at the office.
I'm not here for that.
Can you read out what's on
the 7th page of this form?
- Sit down.
- Its ok.
Its the terms and conditions.
It's fine that you have put
the terms and condition.
But this form is
worth 500 bucks.
You have mentioned that its non
refundable in the 1st page.
But if you had mentioned the criteria
to buy it in the same page then...
this person wouldn't have spent
his money unnecessarily.
We can't check the criteria
with each and everyone.
You don't have to check
everyone who buys the form.
You very well know...
whether the person buying
it is educated or not.
You could just have
asked him one question.
Whether the form was for him.
If you had explained,
he would have known it right...
...there that his son won't
get an admission here.
He could have that 500 bucks.
Today you are the scapegoat!
You are going to fill in only 50 seats...
but you have distributed
7000+ forms.
Even the literate...
feels that their kids will get the best
education here and in that hope...
wait in queue for hours
to buy your school forms.
I don't want to talk
much about them.
But the illiterates?
They don't know your rules.
They regret that
they are uneducated...
and hope to make their
children study well.
They sacrifice one of their job and...
wait in this lengthy
queue and buy this form.
In order to earn that 500 bucks...
he must wake up early and go to
at least 50 houses selling milk.
He earns that money with great difficulty
but you just take it away easily.
You say education is a must yet
you make business out of it.
To propel your business...
do not make the
downtrodden people...
believe that they don't
deserve education...
...and only the rich deserves it.
Come on Jeeva.
Why is the police coming here?
Officer is calling you.
For what?
To sponsor him a tea.
Shall I give some money?
- Come on.
- I don't have change.
Don't be afraid.
- Cops are not so powerful.
- I'm scared.
I'll handle this.
Come on.
Why do you look nervous?
Well, I am afraid of the police.
I am no way linked to them.
I'll slap you!
I will decide that!
Did you guys witness the murder
that happened here 2 days ago?
People kill each other.
Why unnecessarily get involved?
We didn't witness.
Aren't you guys
from this locality?
7th street.
Usually you guys meet up
in this tea shop right?
Then where were you
the other day?
We were here
but left early.
Who keeps a check on time?
Other day we had some work we left.
Today we are free so we are still here.
Assemble at the Saidapet
court tomorrow morning.
But why sir?
You didn't witness
the murder right?
Are you sure?
Then come to the court
tomorrow morning.
Our men will be there.
Just be a witness and say
they were the murderers.
No way sir.
- Pitchai.
- Sir?
Put them in the jeep.
But why sir?
Weren't you guys smoking
on the streets?
Smoking is an offense in a public place.
Take them in.
- Sir, why are you unnecessarily...
- Excuse me sir!
- Who are you?
- Press.
- What?
- Press.
- Fine. I shall.
- Sir!
How dare you?
I now arrest for this!
Sir! Sir, they are college students.
It'll become an issue.
Also, she is from the press
Leave them sir.
Hope you know who
committed the murder.
He has said that his name
shouldn't appear in the news.
For that we need guys from this
locality, that too college guys...
who can give witness! Only then
the case will be compromised.
If we take weak witness, then
the case will keep prolonging.
Take them in.
Sir, I'll arrange you the witnesses.
Come with me.
You are from this locality right?
I'll catch you someday!
Leave now!
These both will never change!
It only happens in this
house and no where else.
Brother is here.
So what? Let him come.
When dad and son are at home...
all hell breaks lose on me.
He will refuse.
Then his dad will yell at him.
What's the hurry?
At Coimbatore?
You will go right?
He agreed right?
Now watch your mom follow him
with the coffee that has gone cold!
How did you do that?
- I know it!
- You are great dad!
Go tell him the truth now.
He won't listen to you later.
When did I lie?
You agreed to go to Coimbatore
for your higher studies.
I am going to Coimbatore for sure.
Are you going to leave
me and your friends?
Your question is justified.
In fact the truth is, it is
hard to leave you guys
But more than that
I'll be away from dad!
I am planning to have a peaceful
time for the next 2 years.
Looks like you won't allow me.
I brought you the coffee even after
it has gone cold. I need this!
Both you and your
dad are jobless!
- Give me the coffee.
- I am gonna throw it away.
Now, where is Danny?
Brother, how are you?
What are you doing here?
Here to meet a friend.
So what about your son's
school admission?
I put him in a school
recommended by your dad.
It's a nice school and even
the fee is reasonable.
- I need to attend this.
- Fine, I'll leave.
Look at his fate.
Any relatives of
Mr. Vardharajan?
- Give it to me.
- Here sir.
Greetings sir.
Are his relatives here?
That's him.
Who are you to him?
His neighbor.
Was he an orphan?
No sir.
He has a daughter.
Only he and his daughter.
I know for the past 15 years.
Forget that.
Will his daughter
be able to sign...
or has she expired too?
Why would you talk like that?
She is already depressed.
Have some humanity.
If I gotta be polite
to everybody then...
I can't attend more
than 2 cases per day.
Give me an answer.
Will she sign the papers or not?
I'll sign it sir.
I am school teacher.
I'll face if anything
comes up regarding this.
Look at that.
Are you that big a man?
- What's the issue dad?
- Nothing.
There you go!
Tell him and he'll solve everything.
I shall furnish even my school details.
I'll sign the papers.
Fine. You say that you
are his neighbor.
Sign it.
- You.
- Sir...
- Get his signature.
- Ok sir.
- You better have some respect for him!
- Jeeva!
- What do you mean?
- Nothing sir.
Shall I fall on his feet
before getting his sign?
Sir, this guy isn't
worth your time!
You can do much better.
Much better?
Sounds fishy to me.
Go get his signature.
Anyone who wants to
have one final look?
Please take her away.
You can't take the girl away
right after the funeral.
Why do we need your permission to
take away our relative with us?
I am not saying that I must allow.
All I am saying is
ask her permission.
You are right
But tell me how many
times have you visited them?
Do you have any idea about that
girl or her qualification?
You don't know anything about her.
But you want to take her away.
So won't you allow
us now to take her?
I am not stopping you.
Talk to her and take her away if
she is willing to come with you.
Please come in.
Please give us 3 days time.
I'll talk to her
and convince her.
- Please don't make any hasty...
- Did you have your food?
She haven't even had water.
How can we eat?
Leave me!
I said come! Come!
Come on now!
I won't come. Leave me!
- Please! No!
- Get in!
Start! Quick. Before the
neighbors come out.
All the girls back in native...
are not at all good.
I am gonna marry her right
away after we reach.
Is that why I came down
all the way with my men?
Oh so you already have a plan?
I don't want marriage now!
Let me stay here itself please!
Help! Help!
Don't you scream!
I'll slap you!
What's with the sudden brake?!
Look! There is
another competitor.
That the reason for sudden brake.
Where are you trying to escape?!
Why are you blocking our way?
Let her out.
Why do I need your permission
to take away my relative?
We won't even let a girl's father
take her away without her consent!
I don't even know you!
How can I allow?
Thrash him!
Jeeva! Jeeva!
- Stop!
- Leave me!
Only when a damsel
in distress...
we find out the real
capability of a friend.
There is no one I could bash up.
Everyone's so huge!
Leave me!
I should have sent the juniors.
Don't tighten your grip!
He is a don's right hand.
You like violence.
But I like silence.
One more word and I'll go crazy.
I expected a lot more
than that from him.
Come on master.
What was that all about?
You saw him thrashing others.
Start now.
Let's reach home safe.
I was stepping out in search of you.
You brought her back?
Why is your shirt torn?
when I went to bring her back,
there was a small issue.
Did you fight?
Won't you ever pay heed to me?
Why did you fight?
I didn't start it. I didn't
go there with that intention.
You! Wasn't this all for you?
Tell him!
Yes uncle.
There is nothing wrong with you.
Bringing you back was a good thing.
You go inside.
There is a way to do things.
What wrong way did I adopt?
I told them to leave her. They refused.
I bashed them up and got her back.
- Why not go to the police?
- Police?
You mean the rude guy who
spoke to you in the mortuary?
If you complaint to him that a girl
is being forcefully taken away...
he will abduct her.
It's better for her to
go with them instead.
We could have had
proper talks with him.
Last time you spoke,
nothing happened.
What is that you are
trying to prove?
I didn't commit a blunder.
I saved her from being
taken against her will.
So you will fight and you want me
to be quiet about it? Isn't it?
Come in.
You too come in. Have your food.
- Excuse me!
- Escaped!
Can't you see me
confronting him?
You are the one spoiling him.
He is spoilt right? So be it.
Of course, dresses
will spoil in a fight.
No one even cares
what I have to say!
What is this?
Well, what's the hurry?
Don't give me any reasons.
Got it?
Outburst for yesterday's event?
Nothing. Where should I sign?
I've marked it with pencil.
I've filled everything.
Including the pin code.
There is nothing
left for you to do.
Go to your college.
Get you original mark sheets.
I have even placed the pin
to attach it, inside the cover.
See how your husband's
plays games?
What's the hurry?
I just convinced him.
Don't you start from the top again.
Why are you staring at me?
Jeeva, you fought
for me yesterday.
Is that why he is sending
you away to Coimbatore?
Hey! This was decided way before.
It has nothing to do with you.
Don't get confused.
Forget everything
and go to work.
Ok? I'll be back.
Good morning sir.
Yeah right! Stop your
over acting first.
Good morning sir.
You have passed with a 1st class.
Thank you sir.
Yes Mr. Japan.
Who is your current girl friend?
Come sir.
Don't pull my leg.
Fine. Sign properly and leave.
Sir, why only one
signature from him?
But you want me to sign
at so many places?
If you had backlogs like him then
you will have to come here again.
You have passed with good marks.
Will you ever come back here?
Got it? Ok?
- Isn't lady shopkeeper available.
- Tell me what you want! Photocopy?
Original certificates
have no value here.
What am I going to do
with a photocopy?
How many copies?
2 copies.
Shall I take?
You will need pen to
write your backlogs.
Like earlier I used to write a lot.
Come on now.
You just won't change!
Any issue with the college?
No. Why?
It's mentioned as bad here.
Even he has a good in the
conduct certificate.
I am rank holder. I can't get bad.
Look for yourself.
Indeed. It's mentioned as bad.
- Come on.
- Let's go check it.
Here. Take this too.
Why are they rushing?
- What happened?
- They mentioned Jeeva's conduct as bad.
Please come.
what is this?
Look, my job is to only
issue the certificate.
Go check with the principal.
Now leave.
- Sir! Sir! Sir!
- Don't allow anyone.
Even my conduct is mentioned as good.
Even I don't believe it.
Wonder how my dad will?
Discipline, this word...
My dad wants me to become a
professor after completing my M.E.
He say that I am undisciplined.
Do I need to more
disciplined that this?
You have raised him well.
- Sir.
- Marimuthu come with me.
- Meeting is going on.
- Just come!
Buddy! Buddy!
Buddy! He left. You go
meet the principal. Go!
Please come.
Are you here to bid good bye?
Yes sir.
Tell me Jeeva. What is it?
Just say it.
Sir, there has been a mistake.
- Any correction with the name?
- No. That is correct.
My conduct has been declared as
bad in the conduct certificate.
If everything else is correct
then this must also be correct.
I've studied here for 4 years
My dad has never been year
except on the joining day.
I've never create an issue here.
Never have I been summoned
by you for any wrong doings.
Then how can my conduct
be declared as bad?
Isn't this your signature?
Sir, this never happened!
I've never signed on anything
with such declaration.
Whose signature is it?
Sir..the signature...
It's indeed my signature.
Do you say someone
else forged it?
Why so many signatures from me?
Sir, I get it now!
When I was collecting the certificate,
I signed in few papers...
I blame you and you blame
the college in turn?
Sir, I am not playing
any blame game here.
I don't mind failing
in few subjects.
But the only thing that
my dad expects from me...
is what has been screwed up
here, in the certificate.
Sir, why did you this?
Let me explain that!
He is the correspondent
of our college.
I was the one who ordered your
conduct to be declared as bad.
I have seen you somewhere.
Oh! You?
Didn't I apologize
the other day?
I would have ripped you apart
the moment you slapped me.
Wondering why I didn't do it?
I hit a person where
it hurts him.
Like, if you were an artist...
I would have blinded you...
and then torture you by
forcing you to paint.
If you were a business man...
I would have snatched away all your
wealth and turned you into a beggar.
But then you ain't that worthy!
You know why I made
you come here?
The first person to provoke me so bad...
Is you!
These 7 days were hell!
But now I am very happy!
Look. I'll even fall on
your feet and apologize!
What is this?
I ain't the god to forgive
when you fall at my feet.
I am the lord of death who
will rewrite your fate.
Even if you want to fall
at my feet hereafter...
you must ask my permission.
I have heard that your dad is
the epitome of discipline?
Show him the certificate,
then frame it and...
then ask him to commit
suicide for being ashamed!
How dare you?!
Leave me! How dare he talk
about my dad like that?
- Sir sorry sir.
- How dare he be so arrogant?!
I won't spare you!
Look here...
this must be the last
time you get furious.
Leave me. He has insulted me by
declaring my conduct as bad!
I'll let you know soon.
So be ready!
Just take him away!
Come on! Leave!
Stop it! If he had insulted
your dad, would you keep quiet?
I know what happened.
There is no use talking to them.
Go meet his dad.
Who is his dad?
Opponent party MLA murdered
in broad day light.
Chief, who are they?
Stand here and keep asking!
Let them come here and then I shall ask.
Greetings sir.
Youth organization?
Do you want me to be
chief guest for any of your function?
Recommendation? Donation?
Or an invitation?
Tell us whatever it is.
Sir, well...
Come on now.
What's with the formalities?
Either talk to me as your
brother or as your chief.
What is it?
I am student in your college.
Which college?
Chief, it's one of our college.
Is it? Tell me, what is it?
my conduct has been declared
bad in the certificate.
Is it declared as pad?
Was it written pad?
Do they write such
stuff in certificates?
Didn't you say it was
written something else?
He is blabbering like a fool!
You stop now!
It's not pad sir...
- It's bad.
- Bad?
Did you pay the fee?
I've paid it on time.
Then why did they do so?
We got what we needed.
Do you have the fee
receipt with you?
I do have.
What's your name?
You take that receipt and go
to the college tomorrow morning.
- Talk to the principal and do the needful.
- Ok.
Listen did you
guys join the party?
Sir, we would love to.
Next time when you come
join our party.
Become a member.
Yay! Yes!
After joining the party
don't wear such attires.
You must wear whites or they
won't allow you inside.
Now leave. I'll take care of it.
- Thank you sir.
- Ok.
I don't think he knows
that you slapped his son.
After getting the certificate
don't even think of coming here.
Why would I?
Why he sitting like this?
What are you doing here?
I was about to go home.
Wonder what I will tell dad?
- He will ask if I applied for M.E.
- I'll lie.
Go a bit late like
you usually go.
Leave early from home tomorrow.
Get the job done and
then go back confidently.
That's right.
Fine, I'll leave.
So soon?
Dad must be asleep by now.
Mom will be awake and waiting.
Give me the file else
your mom might see it.
You are back early today.
Nothing mom.
- Is dad asleep?
- Jeeva.
Not yet?
What do I say?
He had his dinner at 8 and
then went to the terrace.
Now go or he'll get furious.
What happened at
the college today?
Nothing dad.
You have been to that
college for 4 years.
Have I ever questioned you once
about any of your activities?
So if I am questioning you now
means that I know what happened.
Has anyone come to our home
complaining about you?
No dad.
Has anyone abused us
because of you?
Do you have any idea how
happy I am because of you?
If the father of the goes
to sleep early and wakes-
-up early means he has
a worry free son. Isn't it?
I came to your college with you
passport photo that you forgot.
I got the news from there.
That my son behaved in a
very undisciplined manner.
Do you think I will when
someone judges my son?
Everyday you come home late after
hanging out with your friends.
Today you came early.
That too worried that
I might say something.
I never use to feel bad
when you reach home late.
But today I feel bad.
Of course I am being
too strict with you.
A son who fails in discipline
and a daughter-
-who fails in marriage will
struggle in their life.
That is why I am strict.
You scored good marks.
I told you to study
mechanical engineering.
You too did it without saying a word.
Do you know why I asked you to
study Mechanical engineering?
From a small screw to the airplane,
mechanical department has a big hand.
Mechanical related jobs
will live forever.
I wanted you to become a
professor in that domain.
I don't want my son
to discover things.
All I wanted is you to
become a professor...
...and then turn at least 100 students
into best mechanical engineers.
I strongly believe that
you will achieve it!
Do you think I believe if someone
declares your conduct as bad?
No dad.
They said that it will
be modified tomorrow.
I'll be happy if it happens.
if you are hesitant to talk something
to me then I become your weakness.
I say it now...
I will always be your strength and
never shall I be your weakness!
Had your food?
No dad.
Come, let's go down.
Coming daddy.
He wakes up sharp at 6...
but he is still asleep.
I wonder what both, daddy and
son were discussing last night.
I was wondering why are
you still asleep. It's 7.
7? Is the coffee ready?
Let me brush my teeth.
This is a new.
Working in the morning?
Where are you leaving so early?
I need to go to the college
and submit the form.
So you are going to do what he orders.
Fine eat and leave.
I'll come back and eat.
Don't you leave on
an empty stomach.
He left without
having his breakfast?
There he is.
Got caught at home?
Dad knew everything.
Oh God!
Only during our tough times we
know who are our real loved ones.
The only relief at this bad hour
is the love my dad has for me.
My aim is now to complete
M.E and become a professor.
Sounds awesome. All the best.
You can do it!
Didn't I tell you guys
that he'll make it?
Dude, I need your bike urgently.
- It's time. I need to go to the college.
- I'll be back soon then you can go.
- Take his bike.
- His bike?
He keeps the petrol tank dry!
I can't take his bike.
Thank god. I thought you would
have already left for college.
Thank god you are here.
Please give me your bike.
- Fine, I'll go in his bike.
- Awesome!
- Bye.
- Fine.
I thought this issue will
end in the college itself.
Now again I've to
meet that person.
Forget it dude.
He would've been busy.
And now this call!
Tell me.
Finish him of right away!
- Buddy! A small problem.
- What happened?
My dad is drunk and he is creating a
ruckus. I'll be back in half an hour.
Half an hour?
Ask him how long will it take?
Can I meet the chief?
He is in an important meeting.
Please wait for some time.
Fine buddy.
I'll be back.
Hey! My file!
- Had your food?
- Not yet.
- What about the certificates?
- I'll talk to you later.
I wonder what happened?
Why did you take him along?
If you had joined me then why
would I invite your dad?
Listen, even drunkard
needs dedication.
I am talking to you. With
whom are you talking?
Where are you?
Buddy! I'll be there in half an hour.
No thanks.
Stay there!
Don't you want to
go have some food?
Listen dear you didn't
even have proper breakfast.
Even now you aren't
concentrating on your food.
Did Jeeva call?
It's already 2 and there
is no news about him.
What if I go to eat
and chief comes out.
Will his meeting be over soon?
I have no idea dear.
Why is he waiting?
No idea. He has been
waiting since morning.
Listen leave and
come back tomorrow.
I'll meet him even
its a little late.
How long will you wait like
this without having any food?
Listen dear!
- Chief they won't talk about us again.
- Greetings sir.
I told you to go to college
but why are you here?
I went to college but they said that
they didn't receive any information.
So I thought I'll
meet you and...
If they told you that
around morning 10....
why are you coming to
meet me so late, it's 4?
Didn't you crawl from there to here?
I came at morning 10.
The security didn't allow me.
This is how my name spoils.
What will you say? I went
to Angannan's house....
I was made to the whole day.
No one even minded me.
Do one thing, come here
tomorrow morning at sharp 9.
- You! Come here!
- Yes sir.
He will be here at
tomorrow morning 9...
Ok sir.
- Arrange a chair for him to sit.
- Ok sir.
So be here at morning 9.
If anyone comes...
I don't want to hear that they were
made to wait and call me arrogant.
You know whom to allow. You
are well educated. Ok?
I am not here to request you for a job.
I am here for my certificate.
After that what are
you going to do?
Try for a job, right?
Instead I am giving you a job.
D comes after E. See
even I am educated.
So, take charge from tomorrow.
So, see you.
So you won't modify
my certificate?
You will slap my son and still
you expect me to oblige?
If I want, I can destroy
you without a trace.
Since I am competing in the
election, I'm letting you go.
So what about my certificate?
How dare you keep talking
about the certificate?
This won't work out.
Give him a nice thrashing.
Not so hard, he has to come
for work tomorrow.
Hey! Shut up!
- Hey hold him!
- Wait! Move away from the car!
Watch out or you might get hurt.
Leave me!
- Can't you just obey him?
- Do you want to get busted up?
Leave him.
Such innocent people
never revolt.
- One 7 up please.
- Here you go.
Excuse me.
Who is Bhoominathan here?
Why? Why are you looking for Bhoomi?
I shall only tell it to him.
I am Bhoomi. Just tell me.
I need a room to
stay for the night.
- You are alone right?
- Yes, I am alone.
How much can you afford?
150 bucks.
What do you get for
that money these days?
Just for the night.
I'll leave early by 5.
I'll come.
Give me that money.
Why are you locking the
door from outside?
It's for your safety.
What safety are you talking about?
You want a room for 150 bucks...
you shouldn't talk and
over that you ask question?
Where are you from?
Anyone who comes from
there, refer them to me for rooms. Ok?
Here is your room.
Your good time.
It's free to occupy.
Why is the room so dark?
Switch on the light.
Come on now!
This is a toilet.
Then for 150 bucks do
you expect a posh room?
All you want is a room to stay
for the night, and leave early.
What more do you expect?
If you don't want it the forget it.
I've another two parties waiting.
It's fine.
I'll stay here.
Wonder where such
doofus turn up from?!
Oh! Is he?
Once he starts to
advice he won't stop!
Hello. Tell me.
Where is Jeeva?
Must be in the ground.
Didn't he reach home yet?
Not yet. I called him but his
number is not reachable.
Ok. I'll go check
and give you a call.
Please ask him to
call me immediately.
Why isn't he home yet?
Where did he go?
What's up brother?
Hope your body is
trembling in pain.
After a long time I've got you.
We are going to torture
you nice and slow.
You! Slam few unclaimed
charges on him.
6 months! No! At least for 15 days
I must remand him to custody.
it's fine that you
messed with me.
Why did you mess with them?
We will maximum put you behind the
bars for 6 months and then let you go.
But them?
They will keep
torturing you forever.
They will finish you off!
Its bad time for
your whole locality.
Remember the other day you
messed with me at the mortuary?
Do you know how
that man died?
In that 150 acre deal only one
person is not ready to sell.
It's fine if they are ready to
pay the amount I brought it for.
Your men are threatening him to
sell his land for half the price.
Before finishing them
off, I'll finish you off.
Anganna framed an accident
to finish him off.
Forget him. Do you know
how brutal his son is?
Whenever you let me go, I'll make sure to
publish all your atrocities in the media.
Only if you can talk right?
Hold him!
6 feet tall and he chopped
him in to two pieces!
Change the autopsy report for
this as an accident case.
You are nothing to them.
You can't approach anyone
to help you against them.
You can't go anywhere either.
Where ever you go, these
guys will come to know.
You fate is sealed in
the hands of his son.
I am the lord of death,
who will write your fate.
You guys haven't
thrashed him enough.
Give me the Lathi!
I can't catch a break!
Where are you?
At the police station.
I'm thrashing that guy who was pestering
you to modify his certificate.
Why are you thrashing him?
He is an innocent. He would have hit my son
when my son would've been drunk and high.
I am asking you to hunt the shark
and you are playing with the frog!
You leave him alone.
My son will take care of him.
Throw him away and
reach here in 30 mins.
Or else I throw you
away somewhere!
Ok chief. I'll be there.
Tie him up and take him.
We will throw him away on the way.
Why so slow?
Make it fast!
What happened?
We were riding on the bike
and met with an accident.
- Take him to the ICU.
- You wait here.
There he is.
Why did you ask us to come here?
What's the emergency?
- Jeeva met with an accident.
- Accident?
What do you mean?!
He slipped from the bike.
Nothing major.
I hope you didn't
inform his family.
I did already.
Why would you do that? They'll
be shocked and worried.
Do you think I did
it on purpose?
- On my way I called them up.
- Excuse me...
please get this medicines.
Do you have money with you?
I have money with me.
Come on.
Look, his parents will
be here any minute.
Don't you blabber anything.
I am already upset!
Where is he?
- What happened?
- Nothing to worry.
Where is he?
- Please wait.
- Why?
The treatment is underway.
They won't allow any one.
- Small bike accident.
- Bike?
Don't worry.
I felt something was fishy when
he left on a empty stomach.
What's the rush?
He just slipped.
Just minor injuries.
If so then why he is
here at the hospital?
Doctor said nothing to worry.
Why is there blood
on your shirt?
What happened?
Nothing serious.
Doctors are on it.
The treatment is underway.
Why is he in the hospital
if it's not serious?
You said minor injuries yet
why so many medicines?
Please don't crowd here.
Wait at the reception.
Ok. Ok.
Move dear.
Where is the ICU entrance?
This way.
- This way? Thanks.
- Ok.
What is it?
Don't you come there and say
"We have done our best
rest is in the hands of the god."
They are shocked. Tell them
he'll be fine in 3 days.
Nothing to worry. Doctor says...
Nothing to worry sir.
His nose it broken. He has lost blood.
He'll be fine after 3 hours of rest.
Ok doctor.
- Can I go see him?
- Sure.
Go one by one.
You can't go in.
When the visitor inside comes
out then you may go in.
Now what mom?
Do pay the bills.
He has been busted up.
I know it for sure!
We just give him the
initial treatment here.
We can't guarantee
his safety here.
Take him away from here and
get treated elsewhere.
Can he be discharged now?
I'll discharge him
tomorrow morning.
Look he is hurt real bad.
Nothing to worry. Let him rest.
Will someone get hurt so bad
if they fell off the bike?
Didn't the doctor say that
there is nothing to worry?
Why are you worried?
I told him many time earlier!
I have warned him
from driving rash!
Doctor said that he can be
discharged in the morning.
Oh ok.
"58, 59 and 60"
Distribute it to everyone.
No one should oppose us.
Did Pugazhendi accept to this?
If that was the case then
there is nothing to worry.
Everything is fine but
why did you let him go?
Who are you talking about?
The guy who slapped your son.
I heard that you even stopped the inspector
when he was about to thrash him.
Don't talk like he
is a worthy person!
Just for a little thrashing,
he must be now... home looking at
the wounds in the mirror.
Sit down.
I am afraid.
Why should we be afraid?
I revolted because he was wrong.
I even apologized.
Only you and mom have the
power to decide my fate.
In fact...
even the invisible god
doesn't have that privilege.
He is a stranger to me!
Who is he to decide my future?
Other day, when there was murder
on the street I didn't bother.
Swathi's dad was murder yet
we couldn't do anything. Could we?
Again he is creating issue.
It's not about that.
Can we move legally?
Come on dad!
Think again.
This might appear
normal to others...
- This is my life.
- I get your point.
But if we revolt then I worry that
this might blow out of proportion.
I am your son.
I must prove my innocence.
Everyone points you as an
example for being disciplined.
Who is he to declare your
son's conduct as bad?
Over that, his son returns in 10 days
and he wants me to be his slave.
Shall I work under him, as his slave?
Not like that
Even then he won't let
our family be in peace.
When in power even the
illiterate can call the shots.
So we literates must prove
what we are capable of!
An educated person will
think but never act.
I've made up my mind.
I don't want anything to happen to you.
Nothing will happen to me dad.
Even his future generation shouldn't
think of doing what he did to me.
I must either live a life
like you want me to or...
I'll die fighting!
Come on!
Don't speak so!
Tell me what do you want from me?
This is all I need dad.
Chief, the nominations
have been submitted.
So, tell me whom all you have to
meet, I'll make a list.
Sounds good chief?
Welcome media.
What's the reason you
joined back in your party?
Is it to hide your scams or to
prevent your current scams?
Why enter into politics again?
Good. Everyone is
talking about me.
Thanks to one and all. I didn't
go in search of this post.
It was the party who invited me.
They invited me because they
want a genuine politician.
Hold on dear.
Do you believe you'll
win this election?
There is no doubt in it.
If you win, what minister
would you like to become?
- Education minister for sure.
- Education minister?
Of course. If a Tamizhan is not here then
other languages are getting into the region!
Hence, I wish for that.
In the high court it is proved that
his wealth is worth 680 million..
Have this juice.
But in this state, he has proved that his
wealth is only worth 12.6 million... the election commission.
This shows us the true
face of the politicians.
Why are you crying?
Didn't you guys find
a place to meet?
We can't drink or be loud here. Is
this where you decide to meet up?
By the way what are you two doing
alone in the terrace at this hour?
Thank you.
What's the matter. Why
did you call everyone?
How are you?
Is your dad out of town? Is that
why we all are meeting up here?
Why didn't you come to
visit him in the hospital?
Don't ask me.
I got my mark sheet yesterday.
And immediately my dad started
to pester me to find a job!
I was running around the whole
day for a job that I didn't get.
See, one day am away and
what happened to my friend.
He is lying.
So what's the serious discussion?
I've decided to lock
horns with Angannan.
You have decided it?
Get lost!
It was hell of a task to make your
mom that you fell of the bike.
And now you want to lock
horns with Angannan?
First let's try escaping away from him.
Who wants to escape?
You or Jeeva?
Clever answer.
Do you think he
will let him in peace?
Didn't he frame my father and
kill him in an accident?
Swathi, we aren't saying
this out of fear...
we are just saying why mess with
someone who has all powers?
He is going to beat me bad, so at least
let me too throw some punches back.
Think twice before
messing with him.
Tell me that he will not
disturb me if I stay quiet...
and I shall back out from this.
A coward is the one who sits
idle when he knows he can.
We can do this.
It sounds scary,
no matter what.
You guys ran away when they
murdered a stranger, fine.
You guys haven't even gone
to that tea shop after that.
Police, politician and thugs are
afraid of only one another.
But us? We are afraid
all three of them!
They are sidelining the students
knowing that students are the future.
They don't care about us.
Our fellow mates study here, work
abroad and send back the money here.
But these fellows stay here, earn
here and send the money abroad?
Yes correct! Buddy! Your
plan must be perfect!
We are discussing some much but do you
think he will even think about us?
This is nothing to him.
I am dummy as far he is concerned.
He thinks I am intimated by him.
If not now then I will never
get a chance to put him down.
When is so charged up...
why not give it a shot?
You are the ruler, this
place belongs to you.
Now show me what you got!
It's your kingdom
and your rule...
so get and do your stuff.
So come one everybody,
give me a smile.
Time to wear whites
and wage a battle.
Only the courageous
one step forward.
Make way dummies,
the boss is here.
You are the ruler, this
place belongs to you.
Now show me what you got!
It's your kingdom
and your rule...
It's your kingdom
and your rule...
Oh my dear! Oh my dear!
Who are you? Are you
from the outer space?
Oh my dear! Oh my dear!
Shall I pounce and
prey upon you softly?
If I step on the
dias and perform...
make sure you don't
let me get tired.
And when my reign begins
So let me while away
some time with you.
The rain pours down
to mix with th soil...
Love pours down to mix us
with among ourselves.
Every cell phone needs
a service provider...
just like life needs happiness.
Ok my dear little thief...
So come to me and...
let me shower you with my love.
His happiness comes
to an end from today.
You are coming closer only after
I file the nomination. Isn't it?
I wonder if you will turn up here
after you win and become the MP.
I'll become a minister!
Then you won't turn
up here for sure.
Whether I turn up or not...
Already rumors about Ex
minister Pannai's wife...
and me are doing rounds.
If I come here again...
then that's it.
Rumors will be confirmed.
Why is your mood changing?
I'll definitely come.
There is a lot to be done.
Don't stand on the way.
Move! Move!
The principal is here.
Move! Give him way!
Sir, we've been waiting since morning!
The car is coming.
What's up with the crowd?
We got a letter saying that the
donation we paid is now being refunded.
Move. Wait.
Lets talk.
Give way!
I said move!
What rubbish is this?
Who sent this to you?
We never mailed it.
We didn't even
collect donations.
Students go back
to your classes.
College has nothing to
do with this letter.
Don't gather here.
Don't gather here. Disperse.
They said in the email that only
today they will refund the money!
Yes they did mail everyone and
now they refuse to accept it.
We have the letter from them; we
won't let them go of that easy.
Awesome buddy!
We won't let this off so easy.
There is at least one who
thinks like us in this crowd!
Such big a crowd?
How many are there?
Parents of 2 batches
of students.
- At least 500 - 600.
- Yes
What do we tell him?
No one can talk to him.
So, how are the party
works going on?
It's going really well.
- Is the party office ready?
- Yes.
The ruling party will blow it out proportion
even if we just arrange 5 meeting points.
We will handle it chief.
Dear sister! You don't have to be
educated to get into politics!
What do you mean?
The waste fellows in
town, the useless ones,
the beggars and
the snatchers....
- Everyone are in politics.
- Not the time to play that!
Change it right away!
The battery is weak in the remote.
The place looks familiar.
Looks like our college.
What's with the language.
I can't understand it!
Its in Hindi.
Chief, listen to it carefully.
Its Telugu.
I also have the same doubt.
Where are you from sir?
Why so much of crowd?
Why are you here madam?
Can't you play a
proper Tamizh channel?
Why do you irritate me?!
- You are now watching...
- There, play that channel.
This is happening for the first
time ever in this world.
This is a new beginning
to modern education.
A small leap towards
a big revolution.
Let's see what the
parents have to say.
What are your thoughts on the refund
of the donation by the college?
We make our children study
to reach greater heights.
From the day we put them in
college, our tough time starts.
This should put an end to all the
institution that demand money.
Thank you sir.
He doesn't pick up the call.
Do you have the
inspector's number?
- I know. Give the phone.
- Here. Dial it.
They asked us to come and
collect the donation money.
Here chief.
He is on the line.
Yes chief.
Who made promises
to refund money?
Chase away everyone over there.
Come on! It's not there are 5 people.
500 are here.
They have proof in their hands.
In fact we are here
to control the crowd.
If we chase away then they will protest
on the road. It's become a bigger issue.
Try to settle it
inside the campus.
Who is it?
Chief, it's me Angannan.
Let's talk later.
I just gave a statement yesterday.
That if any college demands donation
then we will impose strict punishment.
Look, one college has offered to
refund the donation today morning.
I wonder who is the chairman.
I called you to discuss
regarding that.
Tell me what is it?
- That's my college.
- What?!
So you have more
wealth than me?!
Why do you need this
unwanted publicity?
Who told you to announce this?
I didn't announce this.
Do you think I'll ever
repay anyone's money?
I don't care whether
you announced or not.
Everyone's there with proof.
If you refuse to pay then they
will go to the police station.
Even the media has
started covering it.
Tell me what do I do?
Until the people supports us,
media can't do anything.
If any investigation
comes up, I'll handle it.
Pay them and then we shall
deal with the problems later.
If you refuse to give then this
will spread like wild fire.
So I must give them
their money back?
Listen, refund the money and then
don't you know how to get it back?
Collect those papers and
try to solve it quickly.
He asks me to pay them off.
It's not like its his money.
Take the money and hand
it over at the college.
Make it fast
13 missed calls?
It's him.
And now you attend calls.
No sir, I couldn't hear
it because of the crowd.
First, refund them
all their money.
But money?
It'll arrive.
Refund them.
Ok sir. Sure.
Look, don't create any ruckus.
They have agreed to
refund the money.
All of you go to the B
block and collect it.
They have got their money.
Let's ask their feedback.
Tell me sir.
We are very happy.
I am very happy. This will
be very useful to us.
- You?
- I'm very happy.
This is an example.
- I'm very happy.
- Super.
Excuse me sir.
Everyone seems happy but
why do you look dull?
Only after this issue it came in the open
that our college collects donations.
It is said that government pays up to
people to encourage them to study.
But in private sectors, money is been
demanded for providing education.
It's very sad.
Oh I see!
So he did this!
I'll be happy if every college refunds
the donation like our college did.
Go mind your business!
- Call from a new number.
- Attend it.
Please hand the mobile to
the father of education.
I appreciate the respect
you are giving him.
- Who are you?
- Give him the phone you doofus!
I should have give it the first time.
My bad. Here chief.
Who could it be?
Saw me in the TV?
I was looking smart right?
Well done dear.
Right now only you are sad.
But do you know how many happy
faces just left this place?
Parents of each and every
student are blessing-
-you without even
knowing who you are.
You must thank me for that.
It can be arranged.
Anything else?
Remember! I did this to
prove you what happens-
-when you lock horns with
an educated person.
Look here.
It's not my job to change
you or the people for good.
Just 2 things.
#1. My certificate.
#2. Return this college to the innocent and
genuine person from whom you snatched it.
When a person is not ready to
give back your certificate...
and do you think I'll return
the college that makes money?
If you stop here then....
no one will ever find out
about what I did now.
If you don't stop.
They I will reveal your
real face to the world.
I thought you were just a
dummy but you talk too much.
If I want I can have you
finished off right now!
How long will you say the
same old cliched dialogue?
I know how cheap you are and
what you are capable of.
Do whatever you can.
I'm ready to face it!
Go bring them!
Ok chief!
Yeah fall down and die!
You! So called henchmen!
Chief is calling you!
Quick! Fast!
Go knock his house down!
Make him and his family
fear for their lives.
- Ok chief.
- Make it fast.
What's with the crowd
in front of his house?
Park the car aside for a moment.
Why is there a election booth
in front of his house?
- I don't know.
- You oldie. Come here.
All the work must
be done quickly.
- Take care of him.
- Ok chief.
Remember, do not miss
even a single voter.
Is that Pugazhendi?
He is already furious over us.
How did he land exactly in
front of Jeeva's house?
Could it be Jeeva's plan?
I wonder what chief will
say when he hears this.
What happened?
Looks like he already had
a plan to counter us.
TN party has set up it's
booth in front of his house.
If we go there it will turn into
an ugly spat. What do we do?
Just return home.
Chief, how about having
Biriyani on the way back?
Look buddy,
they are here already
Did you guys have your food?
Why is your chief still
a bit cliche type?
He very well knows what I want.
I won't interfere anymore.
Do let him know if possible.
Just stop obeying his words blindly.
- Long live!
- Our chief!
- Long live!
- Our chief!
They have already set
up everything chief.
I'll finish you off!
- Long live!
- Pugazhendi!
- Long live!
- Pugazhendi!
- Long live!
- Pugazhendi!
- Long live!
- Pugazhendi!
Let's leave.
- Long live!
- Pugazhendi!
- Long live!
- Pugazhendi!
Stop it! Don't just shout
because they are shouting.
Go mind your business.
- Long live!
- Pugazhendi!
- Long live!
- Pugazhendi!
The CM had ordered the colleges in
TN to avoid demanding donations.
- Congrats.
- Thank you.
- Congrats.
- Thank you.
- Well done.
- Thank you.
- Nice coverage.
- Thank you.
- Well done.
- Thank you.
Remember we will now
have more work to do.
Sir, we are here
most of the day.
Why don't we shift our station here?
Shut up and follow me.
Lift your heavy paunch
and follow me.
- What do we do now?
- Ask me everything!
That is why I told
you back then... put in behind the
prison for 6 months.
You said he was a
dummy and let him go.
Or else what?
Would you have arrested him?
You guys are only worth
of eating and shitting!
We must arrest him and
thrash him someday!
What's the secret?
Shut up!
What's the plan now? Tell me.
There are many unclaimed cases.
Let's impose one out of
it on him and arrest him.
Nod and I'll get it done!
Are you nuts?
If the case moves to court...
his dad will come
and create issues.
Instead why not finish
him off for good?
Am I right?
What about the girl?
Which girl?
That journalist who always
keeps roaming with him.
Remember we threatened a guy at the
advocate's office? His daughter.
Can't you finish a job properly?
Did you spare her because
she is beautiful?
- Finish her off too!
- Ok chief.
I'll finish him for sure.
What if your son questions me?
I'll take care of that!
First, finish him off!
At least get this done properly.
If you don't...
then I'll replace you.
Ok chief, I'll take care of it.
Mr. Paunch! First hit the gym!
Look at his paunch.
Whatever you do; do
not leave any trails.
No one must find out
that we did it.
Ok chief.
If possible finish them
both at the same time!
Ok chief.
Ever since we moved into this
house, nothing is working for us.
Let's head back to our home.
Even I feel the same.
why are you dull?
it would be nice if our
plan works out soon.
I don't know what he is up to next?
I'm still thinking.
Go at this hour and
Jeeva will scold us!
I'll handle him.
- Well...
- Wait.
what other find tough,
you got it easily.
and what others thought is easy
has proven difficult for you.
What do you mean?
You love life.
If two days his girlfriend
doesn't message him,
then he gets worried that
she eloped with someone.
But myself and Swathi
are not like that.
I know she loves me.
She also knows that I love her.
She wants me to
confess it first.
This feeling is
totally different.
Dear sister in law, my brother's situation
won't allow him to sing a duet.
- So you can have a "solo duet"
- Get lost.
- Swathi...
- Yes sir?
An important work has come up
Come immediately.
- I'll be there in 15 mins.
- Don't be late as usual.
Ok sir. Bye.
He is having a nice time with
friends after long time.
Let me go by myself.
- Where to?
- Anna Nagar.
Yes Swathi?
Someone's chasing me.
What do you mean?
Where are you now?
My boss called me up. He said he had received
a news about Anganna and asked me to come.
I was on my way.
Are you nuts?
Even we guys are staying indoors!
- Why did you go alone?
- Forget that.
They are chasing me.
What do I do?
Don't get tensed. Which
area are you crossing?
- Did you cross Kolathur petrol bunk?
- No idea.
Oh! Come on!
Grace Supermarket.
Take the 1st left after that.
Take left please.
It's a dead end.
Looks like that's a dead end.
I know it's a dead end. Just ask
the rickshaw guy to take that left!
Make it fast.
We are looking for him and there he goes!
Knock him down!
Hello Jeeva? Are you
there on the call?
Tell me sir.
I saw him. I'll finish him.
You finish her.
We are following that girl.
We'll knock her down in a lonely place!
They are getting closer.
Don't be afraid. Just
get down and run!
They look scary.
They will catch me easily.
They are all hefty.
Its won't be easy for them to run.
You keep running.
Quick! Quick!
Catch her!
Oh! Oh! It is a
four way junction.
You two go this way
and you two that way.
What about you?
I'll catch her if
she comes this way.
I can't run.
Let me do that job.
Fine. I'll come too.
Let's look for her.
Just run into any street.
All the streets are very narrow.
Which one do I take?
Make it fast!
Where are you now?
There are no dead ends there now. All
are narrow streets. Keep running.
Sir, we are chasing him
and yet look at him...
he is listening to songs
in his earphones.
Why don't we press
charges on him for that?
Why not?!
I said knock him down and
what are you talking about?
Knock him down!
Where did she go?
She is irritating.
Come on!
Are you running in
the narrow streets?
Where are you now?
I don't know.
Check again!
There is a temple.
There is a narrow street past the temple.
Get into that.
Did you get any water
bottle by chance?
Are we here on a picnic?
Come on now!
Such a small place yet it so big!
She is just doesn't give up!
They left right?
You'll get caught if you become nervous.
Come to the street I told you.
He has put the left indicator and I am
sure he'll turn right. You turn right.
Stop staring!
Can't catch him
instead stare at me!
Now go!
If any of you get hold of her.
Finish her off!
I am stuck!
Help me! Help me!
- Pull me carefully, dude
- Pull him out
Hey Swathi! Hop on!
But you only take your
mom and sis in your bike.
- Is this important now?
- Hold on.
She escaped away
from this street.
Where are you guys?
Just miss sir.
We'll catch her.
He is going here with the girl.
Whom are you chasing?
- Get in the vehicle.
- Start the vehicle!
Fast! Fast! Fast!
We can't face chief
if we let her go.
Knock her down, the
moment you see her.
You suck at driving!
Wonder why I get such assistants?!
There they are.
Knock them down!
Knock them down!
- Watch out!
- Hold on to me!
Where are you coming from?
So sweet mommy.
I asked where are
you coming from?
I want to know what's going on.
Aunty, when I was going
in the rickshaw...
- You get in.
- You wait.
Will you answer me or not?
Well mom...
Your friends usually
don't hang out here.
But of late you guys meet here, in
the terrace and keep discussing.
- Mom, dad's calling you.
- Wait!
- You tell me.
- Ask dad what is it.
You tell me what happened?
- Dad will get upset.
- Lakshmi!
See he is calling you.
Come in.
Come on mom.
We'll discuss it later.
Come in, I'll tell you.
Don't yell at him here.
What happened?
I told you to finish them,
instead you guys are hurt badly.
Where are those three?
Are they dead? Better
you all could've died.
Is finishing of a guy and
girl such a huge task?
Didn't I take care of
you all well enough?
Indeed chief. Doctor sir, tell us if
these men will be of any use further?
Should we keep
them or fire them?
They are severely injured.
What these guys are
civil engineers?
We have done the necessary treatment.
They need at least 3 months rest.
3 months? Just give them an injection and
perform a mercy killing on all of them!
This is hospital.
We can't do that.
- Where is the police officer?
- Chief, over there.
Now, what happened to his legs?
So you only lost your legs?
Why not your life?
Put him into the
mortuary instead!
Don't you come to
my house again!
The doctors will say that you'll be fine.
Don't believe them.
Just die! I won't be
attending your funeral!
Which is why I am
visiting you in advance.
Its election time and
this a hospital.
Be careful, someone might take
your snap and make it viral.
Both the police men
boasted off too much!
Let my chief become the minister,
then I shall deal them.
Sir, what deep
thoughts are you into?
This is a silly issue.
We are unnecessarily locking horns
with him and making him the hero here.
Election is approaching.
We have meetings, gathering
and party meets.
Why think about him at this hour?
Once you son returns, he
will take care of him.
Or else let the election get over...
I'll myself finish him off!
Do the necessary preparation
for the election.
Arrange the gathering
and I shall attend.
What are you thinking?
You guys judged our
love for each other.
It was after telling you
guys about my love for-
-her, I took her in my
bike for the first time.
At the same time it felt
like the last time.
I just wanted to save the education
system from the wrong hands.
I had no other intention.
But he went to the extent
of finishing me off.
He sent his men to
finish of Swathi too.
For what she published on TV about
them what else will they do?
Now, what do we do?
Who's that?
Why do you all look so scared?
He first sent the thugs, then
the police and now you.
He doesn't know that I am here.
He is too furious on you.
That's why he sent the thugs and police.
Do you have any idea
about his power?
He owned 146 bars.
When government took
over all the bars...
he diverted his attention into
education and made business out of it.
He owns 5 colleges
and 2 schools?
In that, 1 college
is his son's name.
Other's in are held by proxies.
Our college is one of them.
Forget about the income he gets
from the college and school.
The whole world knows it.
But there is something
no one knows.
He has distributed 10,000 forms for non
existing courses in all 5 colleges.
We know very well about our people.
They blindly buy it without
even knowing what it is.
They think they failed to get a seat
for the applied course and think...
that someone with better
grades would have got it.
That form is priced
at 800 bucks.
I know all these details.
But what's the use?
He wants to finish you off but it's me who
told him to hold on till the election is over
Use this time gap to you favor or else
he'll finish you and your family.
- Just listen to me.
- What is it?
You are tell his secrets to me.
Then earn my trust and tell my
secrets to him. How can I trust you?
Please leave.
I knew you were
going to do this.
I knew you had no plan with you.
At least this senior has a plan.
Let hear it out.
If I knew how to plan then why would
I be still a dummy candidate?
Oh so you too don't
have any plan?
So far, in my political career...
the only thing I've earned is
the tag of honest politician.
When I ask for post in the
party, they ask me money.
But people like Angannan has money
and will now have power too.
Don't think I am here to help you.
- There is a little selfishness in this.
- There you go!
If not this election then I'll
remain a dummy candidate forever.
There is only one way I
could become the candidate.
Only you can help me.
he is speaking the truth.
He is from my locality.
Are you from Parandhamapuram?
Yes dear.
I'll let you know.
- Greetings chief.
- Welcome.
When did you reach? How
are things in our region?
Everything is going on fine.
Well, I've organized
a feast tomorrow.
- Where?
- In our region.
Do we really need this at
this hour of election?
I guess he is expecting money.
Don't worry.
No expenses at all.
- Phew!
- Is it?
I'll take care of it.
Fine. I'll be there.
Look at them
gobbling up the tea!
- Hey!
- Hi.
Maari, 2 tea.
What's up Danny?
What's with the beard?
Is it some kind of
ritual offering?
Stop it now.
He is already upset.
I shall shave it tomorrow. Fine?
Here you go.
So this is where we are
executing the plan?
Isn't this bit too much for him?
Tomorrow is the real plan.
Tonight we are just
going to sketch it out.
It's risky to have done it tonight.
Our dummy candidate will get caught.
- Hence, the arrangements for tonight.
- This fellow?
Look at him. It's like he already
feels like the real candidate.
Put a crown on his head,
he will feel like king.
Buddy, tomorrow we must execute
the plan to perfection!
Not us.
We need someone else
to execute it for us.
I need few of your
men tomorrow.
Aren't we here for you?
I want each and every one of
you by my side, when I win!
That's the real victory.
We shall execute it with people
from this locality. KG will do it.
- Hey King Gopal!
- We'll handle it!
Greetings brother.
When is the dance
show happening?
That's not here.
It's over there.
Hey you beauty! You are
look so ravishing!
Come close to me and my heart
beat rises automatically.
Hips like Shakira and
attitude like J Lo...
her eyes are so beautiful, it
attracts the men automatically.
Oh my dear, you are my weakness.
She made me crazy upon her.
Her beauty knocks me down...
I am you lover and
I'm gonna stalk you.
Oh my baby, come to me.
Don't you leave
me, you are mine.
She kills me with her
looks and I fall for her.
Who are you angel?
Please don't leave me ever.
Oh my darling. Oh my love.
Until yesterday I was a timid.
Oh my doll, listen to me...
today I am brave and ready
to challenge anyone.
There are many who
do wrong here.
But don't take me so lightly.
The wrong ones are
playing boomerang...
and they forget that it'll
come back to hit them.
So don't you try to
kick the downtrodden,
remember someday
you too might slip.
So don't you
show off too much...
someday you might be
at the receiving end.
Oh my dear, you are my weakness.
She made me crazy upon her.
Her beauty knocks me down...
I am you lover and
I'm gonna stalk you.
Oh my baby, come to me.
Don't you leave
me, you are mine.
She kills me with her
looks and I fall for her.
Who are you angel? Please
don't leave me ever.
Oh my baby, come to me.
Don't you leave
me, you are mine.
She kills me with her
looks and I fall for her.
Who are you angel? Please
don't leave me ever.
Where are you off to so early?
The feast is at noon.
You better full your stomach there!
What's going on?
I wonder what is he up to?
Hey, look there.
Who gives you such ideas?
I just left to buy snacks and here you
are with the liquor. What's happening?
Run! Leave!
I am really afraid of this plan.
Don't you worry. We have
everything covered.
What should I do?
Just enjoy the show.
Don't let anyone recognize.
Like if I hide, won't
they still look for me?
No matter what, I'll
be by your side.
Won't you understand?
- Greetings brother.
- Greetings.
- Where is the feast?
- Over there.
Is it non veg food?
Come on.
- Let me inquire.
- Just come.
You said you don't have
anyone to create a ruckus.
I think you got your man.
Come on.
It's already getting late.
No idea.
Shall we light the crackers?
The chief will be here any minute.
You pot head. I hope
everything is set over there.
Everything is ready. If chief arrives and
gives a signal, they'll start serving.
Long live Anguannan!
Look it's our men.
Check what is it.
What's your problem?
We need to meet chief.
If hoists our flag then everyone
in our locality will vote for him.
He is on his way for a meeting.
- This is not the time.
- What's the issue?
- Yes chief.
- What do they want?
Victory is ours chief.
Just tell me what is it.
They were with you in the party.
When you left, they also left.
If you just recognize them by hoisting
their flag then we earn 40,000 votes.
What do you want me to do?
Don't think. Just go
and hoist the flag.
Then go and conduct the feast.
You start here, let me call the media.
Long live Angannan!
Why don't you guys spread all over?
We aren't here to play soccer!
Only if we stick together, we can
escape if the plan screws up.
Stop talking and let's start the
arrangements to serve food.
Excuse me!
Manner less doofus!
What's the hurry?
The feast hasn't started yet!
The feast hasn't started yet!
Get up! Move!
He is my husband!
The feast hasn't started yet!
Why is he here?
Spineless fellow!
I wonder how I ever
accepted to marry him.
Food! Food! Food!
Why is it getting late?
Food! Food! Food!
The feast hasn't started yet!
Why are you asking me to get up?
Move or he'll vomit on you.
Eww! Come, let's leave!
Fine! Let's leave.
Let's handle the situation
until the chief arrives.
What are you guys up to?
How long have you been waiting?
When will they serve?
Over that, these guys drink
and create a ruckus!
This is atrocious.
Do we look like fools to you.
When will you serve?
Answer me! How long
should we wait?
Come here.
Look what's going on!
Come here. Answer us.
When will you serve us?
Please hold on. Chief
is on his way.
Come on please. Calm down.
Has the chief started already?
It's getting late here.
Everything is going
on as expected.
Everyone's waiting for him.
Things are going as we expected.
Has chief already started?
Yes but it looks like he has some
personal work to take care first.
He asked us not to wait. He
ordered to serve the food.
- If chief has said it then let's begin.
- Yes, he did.
So, shall we begin?
Are you going to
serve water again?
Go serve the food.
Make it fast.
Why did you start
before chief's arrival?
It is chief's order. He doesn't
want anyone to starve.
- Oh! Then fine.
- Here. Serve everyone.
Hey I need some gravy here.
I asked gravy, who served rice?
Now serve him some gravy
or he'll get upset.
Can't you hear him
asking for gravy. Go!
Why is there no meat at all?
You must be finding it hard.
Here, let me feed you.
Enough! Enough!
Don't be hesitant. Eat well.
If the media covers this then the
opponent party will be shocked!
It looks like he has arranged
a grand welcome for you!
Chief, it doesn't look as expected.
Not many are here.
Oh! Oh!
Greetings chief.
- Greetings chief.
- Welcome chief.
Who are these fellows now?
Are they here to clean?
You said the feast will
begin only after I signal.
But here everyone's already
relishing the feast!
- Even I don't get it.
- Indeed chief...
look at them eat food
like starving dogs!
You shouldn't sit with them!
All of you stop
eating and come here!
What happened? Why are
you calling everyone?
This guy just called me in
fact all of us starving dogs!
- What?! How dare he? All of you stop it!
- Come on now! Come here!
What is it?
- Do we look like starving dogs?
- Then? Aren't you?
Ok, let's assume so.
But only if vote for him
he'll become the minister!
Isn't that why we are paying you
and feeding you with bribe?
Sometimes you even
get paid double!
We accept it because you pay us!
Why are all of you silent?
Is that all?
Had your food right? Go fight!
You guys don't even
know how to vote!
How dare you question me?
Finish him off!
We'll ourselves cast his vote.
Then why are you here?
How dare you talk to me like that?
Show some respect!
Greetings minister sir.
- How dare you mock at me?
- Move! How dare you!?
Hey! Please don't
indulge in violence.
So far it was an accident.
Now let me do it on purpose!
Try if you have guts!
I'll show you!
Remove his loin cloth!
He just pulled
of his loin cloth!
Pad? or Bad?
A three letter word, look
where it has got you.
Sir, please give us an interview.
Sir! Sir! Smile please!
Sir, smile please!
Stop the car!
Stop the car!
Chief, I couldn't find your loin cloth.
This waste cloth is all I got.
What's that smell?
Guess the chief was drunk.
That too early in the morning?
Ready sir?
Give the mike.
Anganna who arrived
for the feast...
behaved in rude manner with the
people and got attacked by them.
It is said that he was drunk.
This is a big insult to the party for which he
is the candidate and affects their chances.
- The news has spread everywhere!
- Chief...
Please wear this.
You! Keep quiet now!
Do you have any sense?
I was being insulted there
in front so many people...
and you guys were being
mute spectators!
And now you want
me to wear this?
Why do I need this now?
What am I gonna do all
dressed up inside the house?
What's going on?
As I expect this issue to resolve...
but it's blowing out of proportion.
Do we really need this?
In such cases, what we have to do...
relies in the hands
of our enemy.
- Greetings chief.
- Come
- Greetings chief.
- Can't you be quiet for a while?
What did I do?
Like you don't know!
Its all over the news!
Have a good look!
A feast was organized
in Angannan's name.
You were drunk and you
created a ruckus!
I don't drink!
Now, can we go and prove it now?
We can't take a blood
test and go to media!
Already there was another issue,
in which your name didn't come up!
Somehow we solved it.
But this one? You have
given them enough proof!
Doesn't this happen usually?
Once is fine
But again and again is shocking!
It's fine if it had happened any other day.
It's election time.
If this had happened
after you had won then...
we could have said the
opponents framed you.
Similarly, two days ago... had created another problem
using your hence men and the police!
Media wants to why police and
thugs met with an accident?
You are very unpredictable!
This won't work out.
You better quit.
For such a silly issue?
Is this a silly issue?
People remember the
latest happenings.
That is why we lay road, provide
water etc during this time.
I shall earn back my
respect where I lost it.
By then election will get over.
After that there no use doing that.
I shall give you one day time.
All the media that wrote ill
about you must praise you.
If you don't do it then I'll give
a statement saying:
Due to breaking the rules
laid by the party...
you have been fired as
the member of the party.
What is your problem?
Why do you keep having
problems over and again?
Well, its nothing...
A college student
is behind all this.
Don't you have
better lame excuses?
Even big shots here are afraid of you and
you say a college student did this to you?
How did the media get involved?
I was the one who invited them
when he hoisted the flag.
Instead they got him
getting undressed.
Forget what happened so far.
You have given me 1 day time.
Let me set everything straight.
You attend it!
Fine. The get it done.
- See you.
- Ok.
Chief can you provide Z
class security for my chief?
Get lost!
Look at my plight! That guy has
allotted me one day's deadline!
Now pour!
Ok chief!
Even I was in the party helping him,
he wouldn't have become the CM.
Your son is here chief.
How did he come to know?
Get inside.
Oh! Oh!
That fellow is only worth one
blow and you let him go?
Don't call yourself a politician!
You were too bothered
about the election and...
send me off on a trip!
Now look!
I thought he was a dummy!
How would I know he was so capable?
Looks like he will send me
back to my struggling days!
He has executed
everything perfectly.
But he used a tool that
you don't possess.
What is that?
Oh! That one.
He is indeed clever.
Yet he has left a loop hole.
Let me handle it.
So you called him up?
If I hadn't then the slap he
got would have been mine!
Always on the mobile!
Better get married to it!
Where is dad?
Got the printouts?
Everything is going perfect.
Make sure the guys don't
get wasted tonight.
We must sure the
plan is a success.
Come on. They won't risk it.
Look, your dad.
He must be here to notice me.
- You leave.
- Ok.
can you guide us to this address?
Buddy, you tell them.
Go straight and take a left.
You are everything to me.
I am nothing without you.
I am stranded and confused
I am lost in tears.
Mother carries a child inside her.
But father carries the
mother along with the child.
No matter how much sorrows
tries to attack a family
the father sacrifices himself
to shield the family from it.
This is a moment of self
realization in my life!
I trouble you and make
your path difficult...
I can see the pain
I've caused you.
I wonder where do we go from here.
I hope everything resolves.
Everything appears blank to me.
As time changes, it changes everybody's
fate. I wonder what's next?
Why are my loved ones
lying down hurt.
My father and loved
have suffered enough!
Buddy! How's your father doing?
Attend the call.
Attend it!
Buddy, come let's find out.
I heard someone threw
a bomb in your house?
Please don't think it's me.
TMS party and...
TN party had a spat.
Since your house is by their
booth, your family was affected.
How is everybody?
I heard everyone
is out of danger.
Do you know what
affection means?
Do you realize the
value of a family?
Stop being emotional and don't
give me that family crap!
Turn around. A doctor is
going into your dad's room.
Stop! Don't rush. It's a cliche.
Tell me, where should I come?
Where I started
changing your fate!
Come there.
What is it?
He wants me to come
alone to the college.
To the college?
You know, what he will do to you.
Yet he wants to go.
Take care of mom and dad.
- Hey Jeeva!
- Hey Jeeva!
Either I must live a life
that you wanted me to have.
Or else I'll die trying.
Come on!
I will always be your strength.
and never your weakness.
My father and loved
have suffered enough!
This is a moment of self
realization in my life!
More than winning it's important
to win in front of your parents.
Instead of sacrificing them and me
winning, I better sacrifice myself!
Who are you looking for?
Where is Kishore?
How dare you say his name out loud?
My dad...
thinks he is a big shot.
I am what I am because of him.
But today he is what
he is because of me.
I am going to beat you up
nice and slow until you die!
Didn't I apologize to
you in the beginning.
You will slap me in front of my wife!
You will insult my dad in the public.
You want me to overlook
that and forgive you?
I thought of finishing
off your family...
but they survived.
Next, I'm gonna finish your dad or
else he'll go fight for justice.
I hear you have a girl friend.
He also has a sister.
Stop staring!
Tell me.
I've captured him.
Come, finish him off!
Don't finish him before I reach there.
I want to kill him myself!
Watch me finish him off!
Chief, once any gets caught in your
son's net, then it's the end of them.
He is busting up my son!
Go thrash him!
- You too! Go thrash him!
- Ok chief.
How dare you raise hands
on my chief's son?
How dare you mess with us?
Save me chief!
For me, my family comes first.
How dare your son threaten
to finish off my family?
What do you know
about education?
Do you have any idea how much
people struggle to pay the fee?
How would you know?
You only know to collect fee.
Anyone can do any business.
But studies must always be
controlled by the government.
If it falls in the hands
of people like you...
Then the education loses its value and
so does the ones getting educated.
The moment government takes
control over education...
only then our nation
will prosper.
Until then...
I've all evidences against you.
I will punish you.
You can't even cross
this premises.
You will never change!
What' all this?
Come on.
What's all this?
What's going on?
Nothing dad.
You can even raise a son properly
and you want to run a college?
There is no use in giving your initial
to your children and then not minding them.
Everything else is tagged as
mother tongue, mother land etc.
Do you know the reason why a father's
initial is given to the children?
The father can make or break
the fate of his children.
You aren't genuine.
That is why your son is like this.
You must change.
He will automatically learn.
Come let's go.
Please don't shoot me! No!
Sir! Sir! I always knew that...
This will happen to the people
who criticize the God
I knew it. Sorry sir.
Please don't shoot me.
This is all I get for working
all these days. Sorry chief.
Thank you sir.
See you sir.
What are you wondering?
Their death is not in the hands
of people outside their circle.
It'll be in the hands of people
like us who are with them.
If these guys have to change
just by your words then...
they should have changed when
their parents would've told them.
These guys will never change.
After you leave, they will get up
and set their henchmen after you.
That's why I killed them both.
Do you know where we fail?
We wait until we have an issue
and that's where we fail.
You were provoked only when
your conduct was declared bad.
When the education system
is in such hands...
and if we still don't revolt,
then we all are bad!
Past: Unity revived 'Freedom'
Present: Integrity retrieved 'Bull sport'
Future: Ensure farming, education, medicines
Now: Wick of education is lit, what next?