Thirteen Conversations About One Thing (2001) Movie Script

At last at home.
I. .. did not get a taxi.
So I took the subway.
and my umbrella did not
was in my briefcase.
Is there by the door.
Been smoking again?
- I wish he had talked to someone.
- I told you, I'm fine.
I decided to look on the bright side
the whole episode.
At least distract me
of my routine.
You sound like you deserve it.
I remembered the night
the guy who did this to me.
Had it been a boy,
I might not have been so surprised.
But he was almost my age.
To my knowledge he had
wife, bills to pay,
dines at the same time every night.
Just like me.
For God's sake,
could have been me.
But what do you want?
What everyone wants:
Live life to the fullest.
agreed with enthusiasm,
be happy.
"13 Visions"
"Show me a happy man."
I serve another round, Patrick.
- It's on time?
- Over 15 minutes.
15 minutes. Happy hour.
Apparently not, if you look good.
At least I'm happy.
I sent another culprit to jail today.
I took more of an undesirable streets.
Show me a happy guy and I will show
yet another disaster to happen.
If you do not mind asking,
what makes you an authority on the subject?
I met a guy a happy time.
It was his curse.
That guy you met, he
did not have to be a vice conducting bar
drinking alone, right?
A guy who worked with me. Liked
brag about having everything under control.
Every day it was in the office, sat
and read the newspaper until 9:00 or 9:30,
At the end of the day let things
5 munutes stowed missing,
Every Wednesday after lunch
turned around the block,
And back hair cut with a
sandwich and lottery tickets.
One morning I did the same routine,
read the news as usual
Seeing it was drawn,
and discovered that one of the tickets in your
portfolio worth $ 2 million.
Then rose rapidly and
at once resigned.
I needed to see the smile on
face that guy.
But you know what they say: Fortune smiles
to each other and kids.
So what happened: Neighbors
started coming to borrow money,
A woman appeared at the door saying
be loving and wanting her part,
His wife was a bitch about it,
someone threatened to kidnap his son teenager,
And his son had
planned everything myself,
and also went with his mother-roll,
because he had asked her to pray for him
for good luck,
Then she says he got the money
because she lit candles,
Ai was thinking that I had half
the money and sued.
So, with all its
confiscated property,
not to mention the extortion and
loans, totally broke.
Then without realizing it, again
crawling into the office ...
"Give me my job right back ..."
He wanted his old life back.
Now you tell me if this does not
was a curse, then what was?
Yes, but there is little difference
between your friend and me:
He wanted to get ahead in life
Where I do.
I work hard, meet my hours,
go to court, where do.
- May have been lucky this time.
- I do not believe in luck.
Luck is the lazy excuse.
You look like you a guy who always
lucky in life.
Let me guess, private school, Yates Club
Travel to Europe in summer, is not it?
Family fortune.
Let me say it was a pleasure
talk to you, friend.
Now if you'll excuse me ...
I'm going back there with my friends
and celebrate.
It may serve him for my other
mind, Patrick?
Good story buddy.
- Who is your new friend there?
- Ah ... he is a storyteller of the bar.
Won a lottery ticket without premium.
He was trying to make you feel
guilty for having fun?
Surely not, because as we say:
Heck the blame!
We've had enough for today.
For my friend's bar
in the corner.
You my friend, yes sir.
Has another bar nearby.
Are you coming?
No, no no. I do not. Going home.
I have to wake up early tomorrow.
That's right. Good fun.
Where are you going?
- To the center.
- I leave you there.
You know, what he was thinking
said when he was arrested.
In the way that she threw herself on the floor saying:
"I will not, not going back"
I think the jury will remember this, too,
it's ever been arrested before.
I had to have mentioned their background.
The guy is a habitual offender.
His place is in jail.
That's the good part of our work, Owen.
We process the guilty, and held
those responsible for his acts.
I think that's what
people expect.
Want an example.
They want a structure. Evidence
that there is order in this world.
Let's show them a system
what distinguishes good from evil,
And they show us a
better society.
That's what we give them.
- Hey, are you okay?
- Yes, I'm fine.
- It's a hangover or what?
- It's no damn hangover.
I drank two drinks with
you at the bar, Owen.
I was not counting, man.
Just two. Two drinks bloody awful.
- Do not need my mom here, right?
- I did not want ...
What happened to your head?
Nothing. My idiocy.
Look man, I'm sorry.
Sorry about that.
That was a long week.
It's okay. I know.
As is the case,
the drug dealer?
If you give me a ride home
talked on the way.
I can not. Maybe another time.
I'm without a car.
Troy, the boss is waiting.
He wants to see him right now.
- He said what was it?
- I know it. He is in office.
I have something here for you.
Something that requires special attention.
I was thinking of taking
a few days off.
Right now there's no way.
Here is the murder that
you were looking for.
He had two arrests for shoplifting.
This would also have been stolen,
if I had done differently.
What do you mean?
The suspect grabbed the camera from a tourist.
There was a short fight,
the victim fell and hit his head
hard on the ground.
He died almost instantly.
I'll pass your other cases
to another person.
By the way, you stated
for a promotion.
Wait. Stop here a minute.
Find what you were looking for?
Look, I have to turn on the meter.
Why not smile?
It's your lucky day.
"You're so serious."
The car travels at 50 miles per hour,
when he sees a pedestrian 45 meters
Using this equation we see that for
reduce speed to zero,
requires a deceleration
constant ...
Two meters per second squared.
Not have to take into account that the car's speed
is constant during the downturn?
Yes, the constant in this case,
in fact is an average.
A better example of
constant acceleration,
is the free fall of a body vertical
Earth's surface.
A pair of glasses twisted
from a tall building for example.
Any more questions?
Before we proceed?
Okay, so now let's see entropy.
Mr Hammond.
Tell me about the movement
a system of material isolated
a steady state to another.
As I thought.
Let me ask you something:
When he wakes in the morning, you
expected to arrange the bed alone?
You would expect in a hotel.
Maybe someone has an example
better to show you.
Mr Avery.
When the gases are mixed, the entropy
is larger than was initially
can never be separated.
Exactly. Can never
back to how it was.
Why so serious?
- Ah, I just ... I was thinking.
- What?
How my life changed
since we met.
I bet she never imagined she would live
in a room with a suitcase.
I can not believe you have not brought
the rest of their stuff.
Maybe I'll buy new things.
Start from scratch.
It is a simple reflection of light
using Internet converging lens.
Oh, I forgot to turn off.
Your husband asks you not
because you're not in the office
some afternoons?
I never asked.
- What will you do if he finds out?
- I'm not sure.
When I was diagnosed,
I said I understood
if I had to get
another company.
- But do not believe him.
- Some lie to make others happy.
Look, his health is improving.
Why should torment him
with doubts?
What the eyes do not see
can not hurt you, right?
Maybe it's better than him
living in illusions.
Your mind is your own address.
And you can make yourself a hell of heaven,
heaven and hell.
Paradise lost. I'm teaching
Milton this semester.
When I see you again?
Next Thursday, after my
class from 4:00
I was serious,
when he said that changed my life.
I'm different now.
You set me free.
In a predictable life.
From a boring routine.
I'll see you again on Thursday.
At the same time.
"What the eyes do not see
out of mind. "
Hey, Bea.
Get some rest.
I found this in the hall closet.
He had a nice red too.
It's almost 1:00 am.
Ta in my schedule.
All right. You can go.
I clean the bathroom.
It's cold here.
How many floors are still missing?
Just two more.
You can.
Lives alone here?
Good little place here.
Family, friends ...
decorations ...
- He likes to live alone?
- Yes I could do where I wanted.
OK What is it?
I won on my birthday
at age 5.
My mother was sick
and a neighbor took me to the beach,
I sat on the peer with her to see the water ...
and the way the sun shone on
water, looked like a fire, e. ..
I strained to touch it with
feet, and fell.
- The guy had to jump to save me.
- Where is the rest of it?
Rotted. And an eye sank.
- Looks like she is flashing.
- It's a sign.
I could have drowned on that day.
But not acnteceu.
Oh, I brought you something ...
the Rudolphs sent to you.
Greece. I think we were here
a few months ago.
I guess we will go many places.
It has a lot of money.
- They sleep in separate bedrooms?
- Yeah, probably are also psychologists.
The rich have nothing better
to do with your money.
What to do if you had a lot
money well?
Probably would give you.
Hi, I had to sit.
My back is killing me.
- We are just finishing here.
- Oh, do not worry. I will not mess up.
His shirt is torn.
I would seam it if you want.
- If there is too much work.
- No way.
- He smiled at you.
- I've seen.
Do not judge each other not to be judged.
Beware, the judge is always watching.
As an example of suffering
and patience,
see the prophets who spoke
the name of the Lord.
Watch out, thought they were happy,
but no!
He came every night that week.
Lets all scattered everywhere.
- Did not even have to get on the bathroom this morning.
- What does your partner say?
She says she is passionate.
How can you tell who is in love
by someone who barely knew.
Not just because they will have to
leave me. You can bet on it.
- What do I do?
- You can stay with me.
Barely have room for you.
For the rich is easy. No
need to worry about anything.
The rich care about other
things, I think.
Like what?
By not becoming poor.
One day you'll see I'm right.
Life is not fair.
It may seem now.
But do not know what may yet come by
forward. Amazing things happen.
You really believe that?
Well ..
never told you this before, but ...
the day I almost drowned,
I had a view across the water.
Then I asked about what had happened
but nobody saw anything.
With what looked like?
It was white, like a candle
flutters in the wind.
And as I watched,
I had the feeling like
were floating.
Then I saw that everything was going to end well.
And for some reason I got saved.
"I once met a happy man.
Her happiness was his misfortune. "
What do you look so there
Wade attention? Your horoscope?
It will be another great day for
Bowman you?
I was watching the sports session.
My son was chosen for the swim team.
Really? Which one?
The genius of mathematics or the other?
The musician prodigy.
Casey, the eldest. It's a good kid.
Both are good thanks to God.
And what God thinks of the good
about your girlfriend?
What girlfriend?
You know. That speech in which
very sweet on the phone.
Do not tell us who is your wife.
Nobody talks that way even with a jailer.
Come on guys. We do not need to hear
How happy is the marriage of Bowman.
- I do.
- Will do 23 years next month.
23 years you say?
It is a coincidence.
My wife and I were happy
for 23 years. Oh we met.
What is all this excitement?
Any holiday that I'm not knowing?
No, Wade was telling us
on his luck.
Know how to tell the fortune:
Lucky for some, misery for others.
There was a disaster in the Hudson
need to give them a price.
Some idiot cut a tree
that fell into the neighbor's house.
He has our policy.
Half the roof was lost.
Lucky for him not to have happened weeks
afternoon with the rain.
Yes, absolutely. It will
love your point of view.
Take, for you Mickey. He slipped
and fell. I think it's a professional.
Has two more necklaces
Stolen on his record.
- See you guys.
- I hope you enjoy the traffic, Bowman.
I heard on the radio that the tunnels are sealed off
for at least 1 hour.
No problem. I have been in
half of those books in a k7.
- He is a bright side to everything.
- Yeah, good old smile.
Always finds a way out.
Kincannon called. The monthly meeting
if adinatou. What do you think?
Undoubtedly. It porcausa
of poor qualification.
Hello guys, I went home and
brought some tomatoes from my garden.
Look at the size of it!
- Help yourselves.
- Mr vegetables.
- Thanks Bowman.
- Careful, are well juicy.
You bet.
I ask you something.
What do you think of it?
Say it's more the bastard
happy to know that.
Think he's happy?
not believe it. I think
is hiding something.
The devil does not appear with horns and tail.
is the neighbor that puts music out loud,
and steals the paper in front of
your door every morning.
That is looking at, sir?
Want something?
I wish it were taking care of business
elsewhere. We have children here.
What are you doing old man? Going to arrest me?
Send me to jail, eh?
Arrest you for what you watch the cable tv
all day at the expense of others? Not really.
Now excuse me. Yes I am
a real job.
Our rating lowered,
and we are trying to find a
way to fix it.
So I'd like to hear from
all departments ...
and start with Gene
industry's complaints.
Well, we're having a good performance,
Costs per claim are very low
and all are legitimate.
Well, not low enough.
The obvious solution is to increase the bonuses,
I spoke to the audit department and
they gave me some ideas.
I was thinking if we're really here
evaluating our standard policies.
Stop to ensure certain properties of
neighborhoods, all at once.
Sorry, but the situation is
nothing to do with standard policies.
The reason is because we descaptalizados.
It's a financial problem.
What happened?
Another round of accusations?
They are thinking that this will blame
department by bad investments.
They are very wrong!
Hey, I got tickets for the game
tonight. Anyone?
- Who stole them this time?
- You can say what you want. There's nothing not.
- Hey I know that Gene is a fan of baseball. You want?
- I already have plans today.
- Do you know if Hank Starkwell will resign?
- I do not know. I was not even there.
Knew that this being hunted by
a company on the north coast.
He will resign.
- Who told you that?
- From the desk of redhead 35.
She reads every message.
- It's a darn hot outside.
- Nice haircut, Bowman.
Good news.
The factory fire was confined
to an empty warehouse.
It is beyond our responsibility.
- Gene, call on line 3.
- Write down the message.
It is his ex-wife.
He said it was important.
I'll meet in my office.
- Since when is he here?
- Since last night.
Here's $ 1,500 bail. What
day of court?
Nov. 20. If it does not appear
this time, I can not do anything else.
He will appear. Believe.
Sit there. I'll send it out.
- What happened? What are we doing here?
- I did nothing.
- Ronnie, you say it every time.
- You too.
Hey, smoking is prohibited here.
- He said not to smoke.
- Go to hell.
Ronnie, I just spend $ 1500 U.S. dollars.
Give me five minutes of your time. Ronnie!
Surely it's just a phase that
is passing.
Will pass.
I wanted to throw it to the next phase.
Serve me another cup of coffee
please. Thanks.
Bowman's wife made these
biscuits. Want one?
I can not stop eating them.
What next? Last week tomatoes
large, this week biscuits.
His son won first place
a swimming competition.
Um, you still have leftovers.
I love my children too,
but I can not remember the last time
some of them gained some jealous.
I do not understand.
I think I missed some part.
Bowman simply slides off the
life without a care in the world,
Every day looks leaking roofs,
crashed cars, the misfortunes of others,
And smiling back. Smiling.
If I did not know better,
'd say he's jealous.
Say what?
I heard right?
Said I'm jealous
Bowman's smiling?
No, I just wanted to say.
As a face for those that bother you?
Because he's a regular guy.
He works every day,
home runs to exactly
5:00 am to see his wife and children,
tidy the garden. He has no vision.
Has no direction.
His wife has made cookies
like these before?
I do not remember.
- Hey Gene, Lew Kincannon is there to see you.
- Really? What does he want?
Dunno. It was a little in his office
then returned upstairs.
I was stuck on the subway.
- What? What are you laughing?
- I am laughing? Neither realized.
- But I do. I see.
- Sorry Gene. I do not even realize.
- Lew?
- Gene Oh, please.
We are not in the elevator.
Just wanted you to know that
Hank Starkwell officiate.
Offered him a job in California.
It starts at the end of the month.
- Oh, I heard something about it.
- There could be a worse time.
We can not remain without a
vice president. Especially now.
We will promote someone from within here,
because they do not want to hurt
the morale of the company.
And in the meantime, we will ask all managers
to cut costs for their industries.
So do what you can.
"Steal men kiss women,"
"Another guy says: Let Jesse
rob the train as you want. "
"It's because I'm excited.
We're doing the wedding. "
I could never concentrate
those dates.
Do not know how you stand up, Bowman.
Dick, can come here?
Close the door.
Gene Heck. Your shirt!
- The smile that Mr.'s laughing now?
- Dunno.
I heard it was birthday, after
not pay more attention.
I bet 10 bucks and shot
the smile on his face.
Come on. Was with him impicando
for almost two years.
Whatever we say or do,
does not seem to affect it.
Not this time!
Seems serious.
Should I call the Mickey?
No, leave it between us. Kincannon
do not come to me a social visit.
- We must reduce spending.
- He will sell the car factory?
I will do whatever it takes. Mr smile was gone.
Should I give him the good news.
Kincannon wants you to resign?
Well, I do the bills every day and only
cut sheets of paper does not resolve.
And nobody wants to reduce wages.
He is here just two years, and was the
last to be hired.
Well, it seems his luck
finally over.
The Lord gives but also takes away.
We will see now if it was all acting.
Wade, can come to my office one
minutes? Has committed?
- Nothing that can not wait.
- I will be brief.
Well, let me get down to business.
I regret to have to tell you that Wade,
but we have to dispense it.
Understood. Is this some kind of joke is not it?
The guys were also there.
No joke. I am very sorry to say but
believe me, it hurts me so much as to you.
I do not know what to say.
Things were going so well.
Gene, I have to ask:
Is it about me? Or did they?
No, nothing with you. The company
is going through difficult times
and I feel that more heads will
roll before its over.
Well, it makes me feel better.
Not that I want it to anyone else.
You can finish this week
and see if I can get a good package
compensation for you.
Thanks Gene. Thank you very much.
You know, maybe I should look at
good side of things.
Can I take holidays
always wanted.
Spending more time with my children
before they grow.
- Good night, Gene.
- Yes, good evening.
- See you tomorrow Dick.
- Right.
Do not tell me that he had
courage to do.
- No, you're done.
- He walked out the door smiling.
No doubt he was smiling when
came out and said goodnight.
Yes, you won.
I thought I had won, but at the last moment
he has revealed everything and over.
If he had knelt for mercy
I think it would have been a penalty.
Here you are.
- No need to pay me.
- As you wish.
Goodnight Gene.
See you tomorrow morning.
"Damn the blame."
An engine with 330 horsepower,
2.36 kg of torque and a
maximum speed of 220 km / h.
Then you can go from 0 to 100
4.8 seconds?
Yes, something like that.
If you do not mind asking,
why you want to sell it?
Do not drive anymore.
What does a guy like you to
maintain such a car?
It was a gift from my parents.
Work in public ministry.
It must be frustrating to give
with crime in this city.
I was robbed at gunpoint recently.
The guy took my wallet
and hit me for no reason.
I left a black eye.
He could have killed me.
The guy who robbed you,
already got him?
I doubt that someone is looking.
Life goes on. I suffered my loss
and now ended.
My eye has gone. Over time
will be as if nothing had happened.
"Ask yourself if he's happy"
Sorry, that was penseri
another person.
Sorry if I woke up.
You're bleeding.
Let me make a dressing for you.
A week ago, he
was robbed at gunpoint.
The next day I received a phone call,
a man found his wallet
in a garbage can.
He delivered the same day, but ...
I never told my husband.
They had things in the portfolio that
indicated having an affair.
- Mind if I smoke?
- No.
You said nothing?
No, I was expecting him to say,
or I catch him lying.
You seem very calm.
Maybe it's because he is accustomed
to feel lonely.
I was thinking on the way
back home, how strange ...
is living in a city
as crowded,
and all trying not to look.
- Self protection, I aho.
- I once read an article that said,
humans need 45cm
of personal space.
Strange, no? Place a number
for this? 45cm?
Yet behind it all,
we might want the same things.
Perhaps we are more
connected than we think.
You think so?
I'm sure your husband
will create legal proceedings.
Ask yourself if you are happy
and wishes to be.
That evening before leaving, it took 1 million
hours to get a simple case.
I had to do to him.
That's it then.
The bag and the bag will take with me.
Take. The address is on the label.
I'll meet you there.
- And these boxes?
- They're for charity.
"Fortune smiled for some
Kids and others. "
Listen, I spoke with the lawyer last night.
They said if we send some kind of qualification
the Ronnie can get lighter with him.
Well, I do not what mport
Del says about it.
- The monthly balance. I wanted to look.
- I'm on the phone with my ex.
Sorry, I have been under pressure.
The company is not doing well.
Wait a minute!
I did not say who was seeking employment.
I will not sell pens for Del Strickland.
Say thanks, but do not need favors.
Dou hard to raise my child.
That's right.
Yes, that's it.
I was busy working with my father
and he gave me a company like Del did.
What? It took me years to get
where I am.
For your information I am about to
be vice president.
Who's whistling?
I. Just trying to liven things up here.
A small tribute to Bowman smiling.
Stop it.
I can not concentrate.
Come on Gene, it's just a joke.
You do not see a smile here since Bowman left.
Speaking in Bowman, give anything for
one of those cookies now.
We do not have a cafeteria here, Pete.
They are talking of Mr. Smile?
I saw him at the train station
Was wearing a suit and tie. Nobody
know if he was going to work.
Poor guy.
appears you have not told his wife.
seems to come to town every single day
for coffee and reading the newspaper.
What will he do? Already has more than 50 years.
It would be easy to get a job.
Traded much so his job
curriculum does not help much.
Daria lucky if you get a job
Packers. But young people want to do it.
Or veteran.
- Hi, I am looking for Ronnie.
- He's out. Later return.
- Any idea what time?
- Dunno. He just came out.
Want to leave a message or something?
Yes, say his father Gene started here.
Care to give him that?
Say see you on Wednesday, right?
Hello guys. Dunno.
Same as always.
Gene? Gene English? How are you?
Can I buy you a cup and coffee?
- No no. I am in a hurry.
- Just a minute.
- Want to eat something?
- I just eat.
Someone left it in there in the seats.
I saved for you.
Thanks Gus.
- How is to get a job?
- You know it takes time.
- And how are things at the office?
- Same drop budget.
The company is fortunate to have a guy like that.
Especially at these times.
Well do not despair. For all
is a solution.
I really believe that.
I'll let him eat in peace.
Got to get back to the office.
- Good to see you.
- Good to see you. " It was fate.
Hey, want to play poker tonight?
Our usual guy can not go.
- It seems that his daughter is with rubella.
- I can not. My mother is in town.
Qeur play poker tonight, Gene?
Are prepared for
big change?
What are you talking about?
What a great change?
We're moving to the upstairs. Divide
with another department. I thought I knew.
- Where did you hear that?
- My friend's desk 35.
Hey, I did not think so
was a big secret.
They always plan to announce when
the new vice president takes over.
- And they are planning to increase the working hours.
- What new vice president?
One department manager
They know who I mean.
What's his name? The young guy!
There's nothing better to do than
chatter all day?
Okay, it's good for me.
I'll finish the snack in my room.
Yes, go to your room and
do something useful there,
instead of poking your nose
where it is called your pathetic loser!
Yes, I am a loser.
That's right, Gene.
Had a good teacher.
I learned a few things with you.
You get people in
his leather swivel chair,
has hangers-on everywhere,
and still has its scapegoats.
The guys here are expelled
without a penny of gracious.
- Wisdom comes suddenly, do you?
- What does it mean?
Discover yourself.
Why bother with it, Gene?
Why look at all like enemies?
Mickey's who he is. Just a guy
like us trying to survive.
- What does this guy know about finances?
- I just heard.
Do not believe rumors. No good
attention. Hey, where are you going?
Mr. Strickland will welcome you now.
- Hello, Gene.
- How are you, Del?
Beautiful room you have here.
It's where his father cosumo stay?
No, before he falesceu
we moved up here.
Oh, sorry.
Look, do not want to take
long time.
I came here to ask you if you have any
vacancy in its sales force for us.
Gene always told you what I needed,
was just saying.
I know it's a great worker.
I'd love to have you aboard.
No, not for me. It's for someone who already
worked with us, call Wade Bowman.
It's both a guy and and a
excellent worker.
There has been fortunate ultimamante
and thought I'd help him.
What happened?
He was released?
Yes, you know how it works.
Occupational hazard.
Rose will be in the audience Ronnie
tomorrow. If you want I can ...
Okay. Can I solve this.
- Thanks for the tip.
- I'll give you a call to the guy.
Great. It will be good for you both.
Just do not tell him I was here.
He has a certain pride.
When is the next available date?
January 6.
Citizens of New York
vs. Ronald James Ingls.
- Give up to read the charges?
- Yes.
I need a postponement. My client does not
is here and I can not find it.
I'll find it for you, promoter.
The court is here for questions
of their detention.
- Your Honor I would like to stay?
- Could conciderar, but I will not.
Detention order extended.
In between, no hitting.
It's all here in black and white.
He says he will have to vacate this
walk to the end of the month.
They want us to move to 33
to share space with ...
guarantors and sales.
A tin of sardines. We
say goodbye to our windows.
- How long have you worked here?
- 14 years in January.
It was already here when Eddie Jasper
had nervous breakdown?
No, I think that was before I joined.
I've heard. He was the guy who ...
lost control in the middle
a meeting, right?
Yes, they had to take him in
an ambulance.
Just when things seemed
have improved for him.
Came here, worked,
talked about his family.
The problem is that he had another wife
and children of another side of the Hudson.
He wanted everything and had everything.
Multiplied by two.
It's like the old Egyptian curse.
Whatever you want, you will.
Go ahead and take.
But pick and pay!
- Oh my God, Oh my God!
- What?
- Holy cow!
- Are you okay?
- I won, I won!
- In the lottery?
I won! I won!
Oh God, I have checked the numbers in this
newspaper for eight years, every day.
- How much? How much?
- Two million dollars!
- I can not believe!
- Congratulations!
- What will you do with so much money, man?
- Dunno.
Wait a minute! As I do not know what I'll do
with so much money?
Yes I know what I'll do!
I have to go back to work
one more day of my life.
I'll never set foot in this place
while I live!
Let me tell you one thing, Gene.
Listen here.
Take a good look.
This is how a winner looks like.
This is how it really looks like.
Take one last good look ...
because I'm fading away!
- Very good!
- Take care, man.
My God!
God exists, I assure you that.
"Wisdom comes suddenly."
I have good news.
My roommate ended with the
boyfriend. There is no need to change me.
That bastard took our TV.
How's work?
Mrs. Turner made
another complaint from me.
He said he broke one of
their statues.
When will you return?
I miss you. It is totally
strange when you're not there.
I do not know.
The agency said it can not go back
to remove the plaster.
She was lucky to be alive. The doctor
said it was by a miracle.
Someone was protecting.
How is the architect?
He stopped the service.
You know he does not want me
go without you.
Put the boxes with some
your stuff in your room.
And the rest I put in the garage.
For you.
I tried to find one that matched
with the original color of your hair.
Never thought I'd wear a wig.
- Thanks.
- Never mind.
It's good to have it back, baby.
- You have returned everything from the hospital?
- Just what was in her purse.
Some of the clothes you wore
were discarded.
- It's not missing anything, are you?
- No.
It can cause a fire here.
This is an old house.
I'm going down there, ok?
What a surprise.
Brought right back his shirt.
Sorry for the delay.
I heard about your accident.
I hope to return to
work soon.
Hey, the last time I was here,
I noticed when I arrived at work ...
I had left my watch in the sink.
He was a gift.
I put in the drawer for
not get wet. I'll show you.
Sorry, I forgot to put it
right back after they wiped.
Oh God.
Oh, sorry. I thought you ...
I mean. You know ...
What happened to you anyway?
A car hit me.
Because I was on the road.
She was going shopping.
Come in. Beatrice, her friend
You live far away. Took
forever to get here.
There had to.
I have spent.
Had to talk to you because ...
dunno ...
Someone complained, someone made a
complaining of anything.
Certainly that was the bitch from Mrs. Turner.
And now what will I do?
It is not fair.
- What?
- I said that life is not fair.
- You were right.
- Why do you say that?
Because it is so. The architect found
who had stolen his watch.
That guy is an idiot.
And you would never do something like that.
I should have caught.
Since I was accused.
I thought and thought why
I was hit by that car, and
because I was in that
corner at that moment.
Why that white shirt
flew from my hands?
then I discovered ...
what is wrong.
I just think ...
you never know what will
find around the corner.
Is what you say.
You are always telling me this.
They opened my eyes.
Can never return.
Things have changed.
You're different.
I'm not different.
I'm like anybody else.
"I can never get back."
Me and some friends I met in the elevator
let's have a drink. Want to come?
No thanks.
I have a lot to do.
People are starting to thee
San call Troy in the back.
Your last chance to accept the
provision offered by the supervisor.
Otherwise the case
will go to trial.
Your Honor, my client keeps
his declaration of innocence.
- When is the sentence?
- Next Monday.
This is hard to judge. It seems that
will condemn it.
Took the life of a person.
It has to be punished.
As you think?
All day. In what is?
The guy who killed him.
I had achieved a
job interview.
But it was raining.
The trains were crowded.
They spent three trains and
I could not catch one.
After a while, I saw that
I had lost my chance.
It was then that I was behind
steal the camera.
I did not want to hurt that guy.
You know what I say to myself
same every single day?
I say: If it had not rained.
If it had not rained.
"The mind is its home."
I can not find anything wrong
physically on you.
That the symptoms described, I suspect
that was a panic attack.
It makes no sense. I do not usually
have panic.
Had changes in
your life recently?
- Yes, some.
- E?
Were mostly positive.
I still feel dissatisfied.
As there was something missing.
I wonder;
Is that all?
Exists, nothing more.
What are you looking for?
Not sure anymore.
Sometimes I look at the faces
of my students e. ..
marvel at how
enthusiasm to live,
when they learn something new.
Enato should feel satisfied
when teaching, no?
Not the same thing.
I got it.
- Can I talk to you?
- My day consultation is the second until 5:00.
I was wondering if I could
redo my test.
Not as good as I could.
Still not finished fixing them. Maybe
has gone better than you think.
It is very important. I have to pass this
takes to go to medical school.
You spend most of the time
in class trying to get attention.
Often arrives late.
You make certain choices.
Have to live with the consequences.
There are things happening in my life.
Personal problems.
I'm not sleeping right.
My girlfriend and I broke up.
Cause effect.
The third law of motion.
- Professor Tate is?
- Do not come today.
He had a kind of
family emergency.
I understand. Thanks.
Not working. Indeed it is
causing the opposite effect.
I can prescribe something else,
but do not know if the answer is
what you are looking for.
Perserso is not? People are
year rolling their minds
educating themselves and in the end
just want to stagger them.
Another night I found myself in front
my old apartment.
She had not been there since
My wife and I separated.
You were happier there?
- I intended, I guess.
- Why leave?
Always seen as the satisfaction
a form of resignation.
I accept things as they are.
It means giving up.
I'm not ready to surrender.
Maybe I'll come back.
I can not say now, but know I'll see
my wife back there.
All my stuff
are still there.
We can determine the extension
"R" in this equation.
An object projected horizontally
reach the ground at the same instant
that a free fall of the same height.
- Even if one of them is significant ...
- There is no "if"!
Physics is an exact matter.
The laws of the universe are absolute.
He knows.
What happened?
He said he could not
live without me.
I understand.
What about you?
You can say the same?
Professor, I was wondering
is already finished correcting the exams.
I will deliver them on Monday. Mark
me after a time.
Could you give me an indication
if I pass?
Do not expect me to remember
each note.
- It could take a look.
- Why you want to be either a doctor?
- To help people.
- How?
Keeping them alive today,
and prolong their misery for tomorrow?
It seems that Mr. Hammond
arrived late again.
There was a party last night.
He fell in the courtyard
the building of mathematics.
Can not be.
The distance is too long.
Had it fallen, would have been
in the bushes.
Must have skipped.
Am I wrong teacher?
"I'm ready to surrender."
A neighbor found
in his apartment.
The door was wide open.
I do not think most ceseguira
live with this secret.
- Why am I summoned?
- The note he left was addressed to you.
I want you to take care of it here for him.
- You're back.
- I just arrived.
I guess I was dreaming.
You know what happened?
Septicemia of porcausa
cut on his head.
That's not what I'm talking about.
Your note sounds like a testament.
All you have is resigning.
I want to give something to the victim's family.
Compensates them well.
What if you could do something for the girl?
Wish I could.
You can.
How it would be?
I did not pay for help.
Sometimes people get lucky.
They have a second chance.
Did not recognize you. His hair grew.
Why never call?
I know there is ...
I felt ...
I felt bad for you
after the accident.
I do not know you, but it was
difficult to be by your side.
You were the one who always made
the right things.
For a while I could not
see anything good.
No matter where I looked.
Soon I could no longer endure.
I was in the city center
Rush hour in, e. ..
had a lot of noise, was packed with people,
everyone is pushing, e. ..
I was stuck, you know?
Someone hit me from behind then
I said: Enough.
I give up.
I was standing on the corner
looking at the traffic,
Wondering how simple it would be.
Only a few steps.
Perhaps it should have happened before.
Maybe that was to be
my destiny.
I chose one person from another
across the street. To observe.
Someone ...
Somebody give me a
reason to do it, you know?
So I chose a man,
I looked right in his face and thought
how people are selfish.
Miserable and predictable.
Look, I swear he must have read my mind
because he looked at me and smiled.
That's it. Broke Fetic.
- I'm happy.
- Me too.
How are you?
- Gene Ingls, how are you?
- Hello Wade, how have you been?
Oh Gene, I'm fine. KINDA
great job in sales.
I am executive of calculations for
abastecimanto firm.
- I have been there more than one year there.
- Wonderful.
You would not believe. One day I received
a phone call out of nowhere.
The president of the company called me.
He said he heard me dem
accessor using Internet companies,
I was looking for employment.
Things could not
leaving better.
You always said that
born with the tail pointing towards the moon.
And I think that neither deserved.
You know Gene, I'm thinking about you,
in him a visit.
See how it's going in class
office supplies.
But I knew if things
were still ... you know.
Let me give you my card. Should fall
find out more for coffee.
Sorry for the delay. The meeting
lasted longer than I expected.
- What are we celebrating anyway?
- We are celebrating?
They just cut my neck.
I was fired.
I hope you pay up
the penny.
It will be a great pleasure.
For my friend's bar in the corner.
Yes, sir, for you my friend.
There are some lawyers
celebrating success
just because someone arrested.
I wonder what to say
to my son when he left.
I have enough time
to think about it.
Maybe I still think in a way
being named "Father of the Year.
Speaking of which ...
Guess who I found!
What a small world!
So he's still working
with the husband of his ex-wife?
- It fascinates him.
- Naturally.
He said that was for you
he got?
Let's say so;
There are many people in this world who do not
I have to give explanations.
Bowman is one of them smiling.
Furthermore, he believes in miracles.
Why spoil your illusion?
Perhaps you're right.
How do I know?
Patrick, my friend here will serve another
round to see if it motivates them a little.
Friend, was there thinking ...
gained in their colleague
the lottery ticket.
The child, kidnapping, the mafia
and this whole thing.
Anyway, I thought about it
and said to myself:
If there really is luck,
if it exists,
I hope to be lucky enough to recognize it
when it comes my way.
Well in that case, you can get what
and want to want what you want.
You too.
Good evening my friend.
mother's fault his father ...
He pleaded for the old
Egyptian curse.
He was already talking to him
before you get here.
You already have everything planned.
He was so vain that I had
tell him about Mickey Wheeler.
Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you.
Mickey called me the other night.
Oh yeah? What did he want?
That you were giving evidence in his case?
No longer. It seems that the
acquitted in the case of his mother.
- Do not tell me!
- I mean, a woman can light candles in 1000,
pray the rosary every night
but before the court
can not prove that the
prayers have effect.
Or as the judge said:
"Faith is the antithesis of proof."
So you need to plumb
have faith in something.
When I was married and worked hard,
I was offered extra training,
So I went to take a course
administration in another state.
My wife and I had problems
why did not need to convince me.
The day I left, was on the street
and saw in the window.
When I came back eight weeks later,
she had already filed for divorce.
I can still see her in that window
waiting for a nod or a simple gesture.
And I always wonder how it
been if I had just ...
waved his hand, maybe not
was sufficient.
Maybe we were still together.
Maybe my son would not be a stranger today.
It would be good if ...
It would be nice if we could
sometimes see the future.
That's the problem, right?
Life only makes sense when
you look back.
It's a shame that we can only
live it forward.
"45cm of personal space."