Thirupathi (2006) Movie Script

Why do you pull the ladder?
You, bat! You could've performed
about 15 programmes this month.
The Tirupathi fellow
has not given any money yet.
Why should we care about you?
Aren't we supplying the power?
Are you, really?
It's the government
who supply the power.
The bill for it will be
paid by the concerned.
Why do you bother about that?
No use talking to you!
Where is that Tirupathi?
You are lucky that you
said that to us.
If you say to Thirupathti,
you would be dead by now.
Do you threaten me?
I am the wireman.
If you are the wire,
Tirupathi is fire!
If so, get power from
the fire and light those bulbs!
Play the music with that.
Make the Jupiter to transit
I will set electric shock
to the whole area including you all!
Lift the deity before the
auspicious time elapses!
The power is off!
Switch on the generator!
The generator is not yet ready!
Light the lamps atleast.
You are playing cards here!
They've lit the lamps there.
Get up and come fast.
Come all.
Keep the deity down!
Why are you so merciless?
Are you tribes,
to use the fire to lift the deity?
What shall we do now?
The power is off!
Yes the power is off!
I have switched it off.
Why did you do that?
I am asking you nothing but money!
Are you robbing the money?
Don't you get money in the pretext
of worshipping? -They offer money.
They offer you money. I get from them
and that makes the difference.
The devotees, (censored),
will you listen to what I say?
People go to Tirupathi
(Sacred place)to offer money.
But not here!
Tirupathi has to come
here and offer us money.
The power, deity and procession
are only afterwards.
If you lift the deity before that,
I will (censored).
Come, let's go.
Wait a moment.
Won't the bulbs light up if you
cut the power and put out the torches?
We have the generator for that.
The generator...!
You go and switch on the generator!
Come on
Don't switch on the generator!
Kick him.
If we have to go from here
Tirupathi has to come here.
He should give us the money!
Where is Tirupathi?
He has gone to invite
the minister for the temple function!
What? Has he gone to invite the minister?
We gave him the responsibility
as he is a trust worthy man.
If he does like this,
how can we trust him?
Don't talk things like that.
Many have betrayed Tirupathi
but nobody has been ruined by him.
There is no Tirupathi or the power!
You are talking dialogues!
Tirupathi and
the power are not different.
Tirupathi is the power!
You! Who is that? Go!
There will be a twist,
if this Tirupathi arrives.
We'll be like a spark.
There will be a twist,
if this Tirupathi arrives.
We'll be like a spark.
Look, who is above you and me?
Lt is the God who made us live.
Hundred lessons in life...
If you learn it,
your life will be pleasant.
Only if it hurts, it is fire,
Only if endured, it is responsibility
Only if it hurts, it is fire
Only if endured, it is responsibility
Madness exists in human minds
lf this Tirupathi arrives...
There will be a twist,
if this Tirupathi arrives.
We'll be like a spark.
Toil hard daily to
enjoy the days of festivity
Time spent on sleep and
yearns won't add up to your life.
Toil hard daily to
enjoy the days of festivity
Time spent on sleep and
yearns won't add up to your life.
No use dressing up,
if you're idle
All your savings won't be yours.
Taking by force, is a big sin.
Donating is like a blessing.
Pride is arrogance
Future lies is integrity
Pray and the poverty
will make you live
lf this Tirupathi arrives...
There will be a twist,
if this Tirupathi arrives
We'll be like a spark.
Water the roots and you'll
be recognised by flowers
No use of plantain without fruits
and have-nots without food
Water the roots and you'll
be recognised by flowers
No use of plantain without fruits
and have-nots without food
Living under the shell
is always troublesome
Life with struggle
would script an history
Don't depend on help from kin
Be independent.
Don't exist for namesake
Would be troublesome,
if Tirupathi tells these.
If you pray then
poverty will make you live.
There will be a twist,
if this Tirupathi arrives.
We'll be like a spark.
There will be a twist,
if this Tirupathi arrives.
We'll be like a spark.
Look, who is above me and you?
Lt is the god who made us live.
Hundred lessons in life...
If you learn it,
your life will be pleasant.
Only if it hurts, it is fire
Only if endured, it is responsibility
Only if it hurts, it is fire
Only if endured, it is responsibility
Madness exists in human minds.
If this Tirupathi arrives...
There will be a twist,
if this Tirupathi arrives.
We'll be like a spark.
There will be a twist,
if this Tirupathi arrives.
We'll be like a spark.
Long live Suri...
Long live Suri...
Tell your name!
Suri Tirupathi!
Tell me one name!
We both are one!
You said it right!
Start the worship!
I came several times
to your house to give you the petition.
I could not come in brother!
We are together in this area!
You give all the petitions to Tirupathi!
He will give those to me. I'll see to that.
Thank you very much. Long live suri.
- Long live Suri
Carrot, onion, tomatoe, and beans, madam.
Good day brother.
You should be prosperous!
You come in the queue!
This is my house!
I am his dad and he is my son.
Should I stand in the queue?
You please go.
I am working
in the ration shop for 20 years!
Is this all a queue?
Have I not seen queues?
They have not come to you, because
you are the friend
of the son of the minister!
How dare you sit like that
by putting your leg over the other!
Move! My son is very tired! Take it
What is this? - Juice!
- You ignore me! -Yes, of course!
Even our milkman Easwaran
is not friendly with you.
You are jealous that a millioner's son
has befriended him
Are you proud of that?
I can allow him sitting
with a leg over the other!
How can I tolerate holding
an umbrella inside the house?
The cooker is whistling!
Go and turn it off.
Why do you whistle then?
I am also a cooker here.
Is it enough for you son?
What is this, man?
Some one has come to our area
...and hit us very badly.
Who has hit you like this?
What have you done for that?
- Just like that
I just knocked the door.
Tell me what is the matter!
- You are very fast.
That's my way of life.
Come to the matter.
We have a pirated
VCD of a latest movie
Do you want
- Give it...
Are you the producer for this?
Why should I know that?
Do you know his name at least
We don't care whoever it is.
What kind of life is yours?
There are 3 ways of life!
The first is we earn for our own bread!
The second one is
living on some ones toil
The third one is not worth living!
Do you know it?
Supplying drinks, betrayal, pimping
and doing video piracy
business like yours.
Your talk is superb!
How do you earn a living?
God has given me a life.
Say that now.
You can go now, cut the cake
and celebrate your birthday. You can go!
Do your work!
Play cheena thaana!
What is cheena thaana?
It's a song in the movie Vasool Raja!
When a girl smiles
it is cheena thaana!
When a smile is on
a girl's lips it's gaana thaana!
When a girl smiles
it is cheena thaana!
A cultural degradation
is going on there!
Isn't there a law to prohibit this?
Why do you need a law?
One finger is enough
How is it
Just see
Why have you stopped the song?
Why do you dance like this?
Who will dance in my birth day
Will you?
What is your role
in your birth?
Your dad has a role in that!
Your mom has a role in that.
She has a big role in it.
She has carried you for 10 months
between life and death!
She has to celebrate your birthday!
Have you got
blessings from your parents?
Should I get blessings
from my parents?
That is out of fashion!
Are they your worn out dress?
You call it fashion?
Tirupathi has learned
something here! -What is that...
It's history if others
celebrate our birthday!
We have to celebrate it. -Penury
That is it
What! -Your duty is to install
sound system! Not yelling
Who are you bat like?
What, make up?
Your duty is only to touch the cheeks!
And not touching him!
Why is he talking?
Can't you speak out?
It will come now
She is dancing high for birthday
Why are you doing folk dance?
I give her company
for her birthday!
Company? -Will you give me company
for my birthday next week?
Why do you utter nonsense?
Are you shouting at me?
You are a grown up girl
You have attained puberty
a nubile girl
a mature girl!
You are a major girl!
Don't you feel ashamed
to dance like this?
So many names for a girl
We have no such names!
You talked philosophy... about
life, death, history and poverty.
How do you say
I have attained puberty?
Do you know I've attained puberty?
Do you know...
Did you build the customary hut?
Have you bathed me in turmeric water?
Are you my maternal uncle
or paternal uncle?
How could you say that?
I am about 18 years old now!
I have not yet attained puberty!
Do you know that?
My parents took me
to several places.
We have visited various temples!
We have performed all kinds of offerings
Is my state an awful one for you?
They have a parental agony
I have other agonies
Other agony!
Listen what Priya has to say to you!
Are you trying to tease me up?
I will tease you instead!
Call a normal man handicapped
he may not feel bad
But if you call a
really handicapped person
...he will be shattered
You call normal man blind
He may not feel bad
You are in a soup really!
But if you call a blind so...
...he will be hurt
It is the same in my case!
What is that?
I have not attained puberty
But you said I have attained
Is this life liberation?
Who will bid me farewell?
Touch it.
It's the plate.
I said to touch the plate!
Is the offering in your name?
No, for a known person! -Tell the name!
I don't know.
What is the Zodiac sign?
I don't know.
Take off your hands!
Is it a girl or a boy?
It's a girl. -So it's a love matter!
You will start loving
She would abandon you
Should I do offering to unite you?
Am I a priest or a broker?
Are you calling me
a priest or a broker?
It is not a love matter as you think!
He has come to pray
for an affected a girl
What is her problem?
Can't she speak, want her to speak?
Is she blind
want her to get vision?
Not that.
What is her problem?
She has...
She has...?
She is...
She is...?
She should...
She should
She should attain puberty soon.
My God!
What happened?
They have killed me in one syllable
Kitchan! CIose the door!
Killed him
What for? They have killed
our Seenu lyer! -Killed him?
Raman! Call the police! -What for?
- Our Seenu lyer is killed!
We are police only!
Tell us what happened!
When you are around.
A murder has happened
You won't be able to catch
the killer if he escapes out!
The killer is still inside,
you can catch him. -Catch them!
Did you kill the priest?
It is not us, sir.
Thiruppathy standing behind us did that
Are you calling
Thiruppathy in singular?
- He is Tirupathi for you sir! - Who is
he for you? He is our room mate!
He gave us everything
For whom did he give?
He didn't give for one
He gave it for the public
He gave us everything
For whom did he give?
I rang up and asked
them to release immediately
Did they assault you so fast?
They didn't assault before that
But after your call it was non stop hits
They have torn us into pieces!
Tirupathi, look there!
How much are you getting a day?
We got it only one day
Has it come to your notice?
How much you charge for mike set?
Are you asking that?
You ask him there.
How much?
It depends on the the function!
What is the function?
Puberty ceremony!
For whom?
Will you accept only after knowing that?
As far as Tirupathi Sound
service is concerned...
...we will accept only if
we have name and proof of address.
For whom?
It's for me!
My goodness!
An young heart is flying, is it right?
My gosh! A wave is hitting
the heart, is it the one?
Lt capers with my soul
and I enjoy tremendous happiness!
Have you come?
- I came long ago
He didn't mean that.
Ok, tell me. Tell me how much you ask!
If it were somebody else
I would demand 5000 Rupees.
But you have come.
Can you give me 500Rupees?
Why do you ask me?
Ok,500Rupees. -Only 500?
Demand more!
Add 1 Rupee to it
and give me as 501 Rupees!
We could instead wash clothes,
Put on the slings
Take this Rs 501
The function is on 16 th at 6'clock
Come at five and fix your sound system!
Girl who attained puberty
in the Tamil month of Maasi
belongs to me, the beloved
Laying in wait for the day
to join you, beloved
Flower dances with the nectar
you dance with the nectar
Girl who attained puberty
in the Tamil month of Maasi
belongs to me, the beloved
He is present Physically
Where is soul?
Hey, what happened?
Hey, what happened?
Neither could I tell nor could I ignore.
Something happened in me
Neither could I tell nor could I ignore.
Something happened in me
Neither could I scoop you
nor could I pinch you.
Something is added in you.
Have become young
Have attained maturity
Bird has build its nest
lt has blanketed with half sari
Oh gosh! Oh gosh!
Hey naughty, am I
born again for you?
We'll settle accounts in the night
A woman has four births
Have made my own new calculations.
A woman has four births.
Explain your calculation
The first birth is
when she is born.
The second birth is
when she attains puberty.
The third birth is
when she falls in love.
It is a rebirth when she begets a kid
Wear a dhoti and get ready
Marry me and make me happy
Shall I Wear a dhoti
or shall I get ready
Shall I Marry you and make you happy
A man has four births.
Have made my own new calculations.
A man has four births
Explain your calculation
The first birth is
when he is born.
The second birth is
when he starts earning.
The third birth is
when he falls in love.
Fourth birth is when
it becomes successful
Wear a dhoti and get ready
Marry me and
make my life miserable
Shall I wear a dhoti,
or shall I get ready?
Shall I marry you and
make you happy?
Neither could I tell nor could I ignore.
Something happened in me
Neither could I scoop you
nor could I pinch you.
Something is added in you.
Have become young
Have attained maturity
Bird has build its nest
lt has blanketed with half sari
Oh gosh! Oh gosh!
Hey naughty, am I
born again for you?
We'll settle accounts in the night
You! What happened?
Why did you stop the ceremony?
Cheating, fraud and
deceit has happened here!
Don't make me tense!
You have changed the girl altogether!
Is it a marriage ceremony for that?
A marriage is only
between a man and a woman!
This is a ceremony
performed only for a girl
...and you have changed the girl
You must be a real cheat.
Move, give way!
Tirupathi, she has come!
She can't fool us!
Respected people, Iook at her!
She is the one who
has attained puberty.
Brother! I am her mother!
When did she attain puberty?
Four days ago!
No! It was 4 years ago!
I didn't mean you!
I meant your girl.
Because of your this taunt only
I lied to you that day
You said that day
you have attained puberty
What was that for?
Just for money.
I will rent out jewels
alongwith the makeup!
I will get 100
Rupees from that.
I will give the dress also on rent!
I will get 200 Rupees from that!
I expected 500Rupees
for renting out sound system!
You were very generous!
You agreed for just 500 Rupees!
I got a profit of 4500Rupees!
Out of pity he agreed for 500 Rupees!
Generally, we charge 5000Rupees
for such occasions!
Keep quiet! He charges only
500Rupees for some girl...
...and charges Rs 5000
for my daughter!
Did I beget here in 3 months?
This Singapore Pandi,
will not tolerate it any more!
Take out the wooden logs
You are just wooden logs
Our Tirupathi is work out log!
Show them who you are
We are caught
Beat them to pulp!
All you want is to remit fees today!
Your brother has gone to a big function!
He will come with lot of money!
You can take the whole lot!
When will he come, how will I go?
He will come now.
- Sathish! - I've arranged
everything for the party!
I have brought girls trusting you
Don't back out!
My mom is a fool!
My brother is weak in sentiments!
It's very easy to fool them!
My brother will come now
I will come with the money, be ready.
My brother has come.
What happened?
Wearing shawls over your heads?
Is it snowfall out there?
Thunder has fallen on us!
Ok, Give what you have got to your brother!
He will not endure it
if we give him. What we got.
Give it to him. He will endure it.
If he gets what all we got together
He may not withstand!
He will be a gone case then!
What are you blabbering?
I will tell you clearly!
Tirupathi has learned something today!
Mom! I couldn't get any money today!
Don't expect even a penny from me!
Mom! Today is the last day
to pay the college fees!
If it is not paid today
You can't expect me to become a doctor!
How many lakhs
do you need for that?
You mean lakhs? - Yes
How will you get that?
I have my friend Suri!
A phone call is enough!
Is it 1 lakh or two?
We could have rich friends!
If we ask them money
for an urgent need...
...they will misunderstand that you
were friends for the sake of money.
So if we borrow money
ask those who are below us!
Or ask those,
who lend money as business!
We should not get money
from our friends who are rich!
They will misunderstand that you
were friends for the sake of money.
Don't you want Suri to be
your friend always?
- Yes! Till I die! -You should not then
borrow money from him till you die!
You are discussing
philosophy between you!
You need not get loan, or get as free...
and I am not going to be a doctor!
I will join you in your work
and clean up the sound system!
What did you say?
Will you clean up the sound system?
My dad had a minor
stomach pain 4 years ago!
It could be cured by mere tablets!
They took several tests and the
medical expenses mounted to 10000Rupees!
4 months ago mom
had a dizziness because of malnutrition
When we went to the doctor
he conducted various tests.
The expenses mounted up to 30000Rupees!
The money earned by
a middle class family like us... spent for the medical expenses!
I want you to become
a doctor and serve families like us.
Instead you want
to clean up the sound system.
Is it money that you want?
Isn't it money that you want?
This has more than
10000Rupees! Take it!
You are giving the money which is
saved for the delivery of your sister.
That is also for doctor
He is also a doctor!
Let him take it!
Take it
Thank you so much!
See you then!
She is coming for delivery
in this week or the next week.
It's her maiden delivery!
You accumulated this for her delivery!
You have given that to him!
If you need money
tomorrow for her delivery...
...what will you do for that?
I gave him the money taken from the deity!
God will give it back to us!
Come brother...
Hasn't your dad come? He has a
meeting with C.M., he asked me to attend
The minister could not
be present here for the function.
We request his son
to handover the sacred thread...
...and preside over
my daughter's marriage!
Wait brother!
He may not be of my son's age!
Will it be right
if he hands over the thread?
In -law! His family is
like a temple for me!
He and his dad are Godlike for me
Give it to him.
Tie the knots, groom!
This looks like a kid play!
To give the sacred thread
one should be senior enough!
Is marriage a play thing for you?
If there are no respectable people
at your end. We have elders at our end!
How do you say that?
You demanded 1 lakh rupees as dowry!
But they have given us
1 lakh Rupees and helped us!
Who is respectable?
One who demanded dowry
...or one who has given us
Rs 1 lakh for marriage?
Did he give you 1 lakh Rupees?
What is your connection
with him to give Rs 1 lakh?
Didn't you get me?
What is the link between you both...
...for him to offer you 1 lakh Rupees?
If we get married,
it is the nuptial night for me.
He only may know
the counts of your nights!
All grooms have only
one guy as groom's companion
But I have 10 guys!
I have ten heads! I am Ravanan!
Go and hit him!
I have only one head.
I am Raman!
You will die!
Tirupathi is not
the one who slumps down!
I am the one who
climbs the ladder!
Minister Mayavaran knows nothing.
Does he know history,
geography, mathematics...
or even Tamil?
Does he know English at least?
Why is he yelling like this?
We have to break up his chest!
For that...
Me, Brahma will stop his yelling
by hitting him with these logs!
You have to take out 10 L
- Sesame (ella), is it to extract oil?
It's not to wipe out you!
It's to wipe him out.
10 L means ten lakhs!
You take out 10 lakhs!
Do you need 10 lakhs to hit one?
How can you say that?
He is doing politics against you
You are a lion, If you dispose people
against lion with cheap money
It is a shame for you
You take out 10 L
Take out 10 L.
Sir, this is the bill
You confuse me by saying L and Bill.
This bill has comefrom the marriage hall.
Marriage hall?
Suri had some problems
at the marriage hall yesterday!
Tirupathi was with him!
Hence this bill!
You Suri!
What is this bill for Rs 2 lakhs?
He tries to spoil my career in politics!
Are you trying to ruin my wealth here?
This is the rumble of the truth!
The rise of truth!
I am Suri here!
Seithi Chanakyan is talking bad
about us in the OX cable TV
It's been very shameful for us!
It's been very disgraceful to us!
I can't come out for the next 3 days!
Is he Krishnan and you Arjunan?
Are you trying to share your worries?
Don't you have any one else friends?
Move with my judge friend'son
Make friends with children
of my doctor friends!
I know many businessmen!
You could be friendly with their sons!
You consider a pauper
as your friend, disgraceful!
The people would make me a minister
They would him to get up!
Go and switch off the television.
Who are you?
Output there and input here!
Ask him to pardon you!
To him? - Sir, please forgive me!
See you my friend.
There can be internal wrangles in party
But not weeds like you
Get lost!
Even weeds have life for a day
I have lost even that
I will be at your feet hereafter!
Did you ask for Rs 10 lakhs to tackle him?
One phone call, just Rs 2
He is torn to pieces!
Had I made one more call
he would have been finished!
I could make friends
with sons of the doctors and judges!
If anything happen to me,
they will get scared and vanish!
Tirupathi is not like them!
He will pledge his life and save me.
He is the real friend!
If you are in fort
should be a minister!
If you are a nut
should be cashew!
- What do you say? - You're a minister
in the fort. But Thiruppathy is a nut!
He is like a nut
Goes to front in everything!
Come, commission madam! What is
the commission do you expect today?
Tell me if you have
these songs with you!
Do not worry, let it go
None is immortal in this world...
Sing with a tune!
Do not worry for anything!
I touched the hot pan...
All kinship is only up to home
On death wife would follow up to street
Don't you know to read?
Why is it all pathos songs?
Bhagavathar Pattabi here!
Will you come for the
concert tomorrow at five?
Are you the bier maker Pandi?
I am Priya here!
I will die at 5o clock tomorrow!
The bier must be ready at seven!
What were you asking me?
All are pathos...
Trumpets and drums?
It's my funeral procession
at Eight tomorrow!
You have to blow
the conch for my departure at 7
What were you asking me?
All are pathos songs...
Who is this?
Is it Kannammmapet Mari?
We don't burn the corpse in
our community. We bury it.
You have to bury me
tomorrow before 10 O'clock!
I am not allowed to die peacefully!
What were you asking me?
Why do you want to die? -You!
Tell me, what is your problem!
No. Let my story perish along with me!
Sit down!
Tell me, what is your problem.
If I tell that you will feel very sorry.
You will develop passion for me!
That will not happen
Now tell me!
Promise me after hearing my story
You will not love me
In case if I fall for you?
Will you love me?
Suppose if it happens!
Will you love me?
Oh god
Will you love me?
Do you want hear my
story only to love me!
Should I tell my story
for you to love me?
What is wrong in loving you?
If you are a man, come to my house...
...and tell, you love me!
Tell me your address!
Address? Are you asking
the address of a girl?
What did I say?
Why are you yelling?
What have you not asked me?
If you're a real man
will you come to Vadapalani.
If at all you come
will you to come to Kumaran colony?
Could you come to
Bajanai koil street then?
Could you come to the house bearing... number7
whose old number is 4!
If you are really a gutsy fellow...
...come between 10 and 11
and tell me that you love me.
Who are you asking address to?
Will I tell my address?
So you have not said your address yet?
Why should I tell that?
Only those who are
enamored by you would say that!
This Priya will not tell that.
How many times should I call you... booking you for a concert?
A girl attends the phone
and talks about trumphets, drums, and bier!
What is all this?
She has kept the receiver also down.
She has fooled us
by attending to our calls!
What about my concert then?
Go to the next street!
Tirupathi has learned one thing now!
If a girl can do all these
it means she is in love with me!
What is her address?
Bajanai Koil Street.
Poor girl!
Today is your betrothal
...and you look dull!
How can she be happy
when you are the groom?
What's wrong with me?
I am the lion! This sparrow
should be lucky to get married to me!
Are you a fortune teller?
Pandi! -What?
Has your mom gone mad?
She wants to give
you to him in marriage!
You said Tirupathi
would come and save you?
Is it all finished?
If Tirupathi comes, It is a good change
If not I have to be with this old man.
Hundres of desires
and penchants in life, come!
Come with dizziness
until you are satisfied
Hundres of desires
and penchants in life, come!
Come with dizziness
until you are satisfied
Who are you to stop me?
Are you asking me?
Have you asked me who I am?
I am asking you only
Did you ask me who I am?
People asked who MGR was!
People asked who NTR was!
People asked who Bharathiyar was!
People asked who Avvaiyar was!
Even today people
ask who Ganapathy is?
When they are not annoyed
Fool! Why are you annoyed?
Am I a fool
Yes you are an imbecile!
What is the noise there?
Good day!
Are you the sound service guys?
He hasn't come for his business!
He has come here
to round up your girl!
Stop your talk.
Ask your girl to come here.
Are you kidding me?
Today is my girls engagement!
Are you creating trouble?
I will call the police!
Who has called him here?
Ask your daughter to come!
Priya! Priya!
I was enacting like you! Priya!
Your uncle and your mummy
are going to make your life dummy!
Who are you to take
interest in my life?
I am your lover!
Have you said that you
love me, any time before?
We have come only for that!
I mean I have come here!
Look here!
My uncle is a lion!
If you are a real man
just catch him by his collar
and say to me that you love me.
A cockroach there!
Hundres of desires
and penchants in life, come!
Come with dizziness
until you are satisfied
Hundres of desires
and penchants in life, come!
Come with dizziness
until you are satisfied
Is the external coating sufficient?
Have you put make up
and brought him here?
It's not make up!
This is original blood
O group
Don't support him
I won't believe!
If you are a real man...
Shall I say I love you now?
Hitting another guy is not a big thing
You must tackle a woman
That would be a great thing!
Come on hug me?
What did you say?
I said to do it.
Do you need a
big house or a small house?
Do the both to me, will you?
I will.
Dear, shall we build a new house?
Shall we lay the foundation for it?
Shall we build it to our wish?
Shall we have it
according to norms?
Dear, shall we build a new house?
Shall we lay the foundation for it?
Shall we build it to our wish?
Shall we have it
according to norms?
The maiden corner is for you.
The daring corner is for me
Oh gosh! I don't want trouble
Let everything be common
Tie plantain in the front entrance
Boil the milk for us to move in
A new house...
Dear, shall we build a new house?
Shall we lay the foundation for it?
Your house is in the upper lane.
My house is in the lower lane.
Your house is in the upper lane.
My house is in the lower lane.
If both lanes converge
it becomes a straight lane.
Your native is Mayavaram.
My native is Chozhapuram.
Your native is Mayavaram.
My native is Chozhapuram.
Both natives unite
at our private chambers
You were a stranger till yesterday
Who am I to you today?
Are you a burden for the earth?
Am I a burden for you?
Darling, if we unite...
I would enter into a coma.
Dear, come at midnight
And enliven me
Tie plantain in the front entrance
Boil the milk for us to move in
Dear, shall we build a new house?
Shall we lay the foundation for it?
Shall we build it to our wish?
Shall we have it
according to norms?
Your dad's name is Thangamuthu.
Your mom's name is Rangamuthu.
Your dad's name is Thangamuthu.
Your mom's name is Rangamuthu.
If kisses (muthu) unite
then it is merry.
Your dad's name is Pichumani
Your mom's name is Rukumani
Your dad's name is Pichumani
Your mom's name is Rukumani
You're a mixture of them both
Would you like to
have my name with yours?
Would you feel happy
if we unite in wedlock?
Darling, if we unite...
I would enter into a coma.
Dear, come at midnight
to enliven me
Tie plantain in the front entrance
Boil the milk for us to move in
Dear, shall we build a new house?
Shall we lay the foundation for it?
Shall we build it to our wish?
Shall we have it
according to norms?
The maiden corner is for you.
The daring corner is for me
Oh gosh! I don't want trouble
Let everything be common
Tie plantain in the front entrance
Boil the milk for us to move in
Come sister!
What about the
commission for the doctor?
That doctor is not the
partner for this drug company!
What you get is commission!
You can't get it by threatening!
The last date for you is 18th.
Before that the commission
for the doctor has to reach him!
Or else you will get killed!
Who is the doctor Surya?
He is known to my mom-known to mom?
Give the money to the doctor
on the due date
Else... Suri knows only to talk
But Tirupathi
knows to kill
What are you doing?
Can't you see it?
I'm washing the clothes!
It's a hard work for you!
You have put the
clothes into the well!
If you wash the clothes any more
I will throw you into it.
What is it brother?
Nonsense! Come
You are to only eat,
take rest, and deliver
your child! Understand?
My nephew is inside
...or else, I will kill you!
Go in. Who asked her to work
As far as I know
She is the most beautiful
Who are you?
Forget that
. Who is she?
She is my daughter! -Is it!
You allow a pregnant girl to work
and you are watching the television!
You make your
daughter work like this.
What will you do to your daughter in law?
Who are you to talk on that?
I am the daughter in law of this house!
Daughter in law?
Has my son married you?
Your son has built me a house!
Do you have any doubt?
Ask your son, he will tell you!
Even in places with power
supply or no power supply
Light and sound shows are arranged by
Thiruppathi sound Service
I am Priya here!
I want to see you urgently
What is it dear?
Where are you now?
I am in your house!
Has your son come
Yes he has.
You can ask him now.
Have you built a house for her?
You mean for this girl?
No mom!
Ask him to swear on you!
- Tell me the truth! -No mom...
Swear on me- Yes
What a son are you?
You have not built a
house for me yet. You...
Have you built a house for her?
Not that house mom
What are you trying to say?
You wouldn't understand!
Why can't she understand?
I am living in a rented house
that too in a hut.
Have you ever thought
to build a house for me?
You have build it for
someone else.
The house I told you
is not the kind you think!
Have you asked this
guy to build a house?
What does he know?
I have built many houses
(pun) in my young age.
But I have lost touch now?
Isn't it Pankajam?
You are right.
If you want to build houses in future
you can tell me!
I will build very nice houses according
to scientific architecture (Vasthu)
What kind of a family is this?
Can your dad like
this to his daughter in law?
Your mom makes her
own pregnant daughter work
...and watches movie in the TV.
How can I live in this house?
Why do you allow her to work?
Did I ask her to work?
We have servants to do these works
But she is doing this
Are you doing this to
make others think bad of us?
I have been watching you
You are never sitting quiet!
If I see you work anymore...
Go inside. Go.
It is not that, brother.
You have not paid back the loan
you borrowed for my marriage!
In case, an operation is needed
during the time of my delivery
That will amount to about 30000 Rupees!
They say if a pregnant girl like me... hard, delivery will be very easy!
Your nephew should not make you...
and his grandpa debtors!
That's why...
Did you arrest Dr. Varadan? -Yes
Will you arrest if some
guy gives a complaint?
It is as good as imprisoning me!
I didn't know that he is your man!
Constable! Release him!
Close the door!
I don't want to
come out on his pleas
Who are you to bail me out?
I'm interested in you!
Come out
Who are you to be interested in me?
Answer me
Who are you?
Am I born to your dad?
Or were you born to my dad?
Don't you understand me?
Did my dad father you?
Listen to me!
Don't do...
Leave him!
I will not leave you
Leave him!
Listen to me!
Leave me
I only complained abut the doctor
How is that he is released?
He has links with the minister!
The doctor is beaten by Tirupathi...
...and you were watching it!
Do you know who the doctor is
He is not somebody...
Who will answer your mom?
You can kick your mother
from inside her womb!
You should not kick her
when you are out of it.
Mom! -Tirupathi,
Bring an auto
Go and bring!
Go to the WR Hospital!
Suri has come! I will meet
him and come -Come fast! -Just a minute!
What is the matter, Suri?
Get in
Call brother! -Is it very urgent?
Yes it is. Come with me.
Ask him to come fast.
You, come here.
18th and the medicine seller!
Do you remember that?
One minute! Go to the hospital!
I will come there!
Why at this time? You go!
- You come with us! I feel scared!
Don't get scared,
I will come definitely!
Aren't you my dear?
Don't get scared. I will come definitely.
Don't trust him!
Let's go.
Get down
Be careful
Take her fast
How much?
It is a free trip pregnant women
Didn't you read that?
Petrol is not free for you!
We don't consider pregnant
women as passengers
We consider them as sisters!
Take care of your daughter!
Why have you come here
with just 3000Rupees?
We thought it will
be a normal delivery!
Can you determine that yourself?
Why are we doctors here?
The baby is in a dangerous position!
You didn't test her!
We can tell that by the way she yells!
An operation is required immediately
It will cost you 35000Rupees!
How much this man has to give you?
- 10 lacs! Get the full amount from him
I will wait in the car outside!
You have to come out with 10 lacs!
Where will we go for 35000 Rupees?
Then take her to any other hospital!
If she dies on the way
I am not responsible for it.
Arrange for the operation fast.
Operation is not required
I will have a normal delivery!
Tell dad, operation is not required!
She says she will deliver
Then why are we here as doctors?
She is a kid. She doesn't
know what she says!
No mom, I will have normal delivery
Keep quiet!
Arrange for the operation
we will arrange for the money!
Pay the full amount before operation
From people like you we should
collect full money before delivery
Or else, we would get labour pains
before collect money
Sir! Did you call me?
Let them sit out until you get money
You take care of her!
I will manage to bring the money!
Please endure!
Nothing will happen! -God
Doctor! It is a pathetic case!
Looks like a normal delivery only!
I know that Are you Mother Theresa?
Do you sympathize for her?
We have spend crores to build this
hospital Not for giving free treatment
Call me if they bring the money! Go...
Endure please!
Haven't they brought the money?
Are you threatening me?
Are you showing your power?
Shall I show my power now?
Come here, all of you
It's your mom here!
Tell me mom!
An immediate operation has to be done!
They ask 35000 Rupeees for that.
You somehow manage
the money and come here
! Come fast...
I will come at the earliest.
What is it?
We should not borrow
money from rich friends
They would think you were
friends only for the sake of money
I have to go for an urgent work!
Where do you want to go?
I will drop you there!
I will hire auto and go.
You pledge your your daily bread!
What will you do tomorrow?
Give me that!
Doctor! They have brought the money!
Arrange for the operation!
Thank you doctor!
We'll never forget this help from you!
I could only save the life
of the little one but not the mother.
You have left us to suffer like this
I am disliking myself
I am irresponsible
despite being your brother
Are you younger as
you were born after me?
Or are you elder as
you died before me?
She was born as a sister
but lived like a mother
She became a goddess
as she flew away alone
I am disliking myself
I am irresponsible
despite being your brother
I didn't realise the world
when you were alive
When you passed away,
the world seems unimportant to me.
Don't know why you passed away
You've cremated those who are alive
Did you get a boon to die?
Have you beget yourself?
I am disliking myself
I am irresponsible
despite being your brother.
What happened?
Get up
Look there!
What happened to you?
Vasanthi! - Bring water!
What happened to you?
I don't need this job!
What are you saying?
What happened to you?
I am also pregnant!
If I work here any more
even my child will become a sinner
I will not stay here any more!
Are you mad?
It should have been a normal delivery
She did not die in delivery
His avarice for money...
...made our doctor to kill her!
The doctor has delayed and killed her!
Leave me!
Suri! I am Varadan here!
Tirupathi is trying to kill me!
Where are you now?
I've locked myself in a room!
You come fast and save my life!
Tirupathi, listen to me...
Leave him.
Just drag him away!
Leave me!
If you step a foot ahead
I will shoot you off!
Why have you saved him?
Do you know who he is?
He has killed my sister!
My sister is killed!
So what?
Should my brother die?
My mom has two husbands!
First husband is dead
The doctor is the son
of her first husband!
This Suri is born to
her second husband!
Should I watch you killing my brother?
Is friend not important to you?
Who is the friend?
Those who clean the
throne can't sit on it
Loin cloth on shoulders
will not become a shawl
I keep you with me
so that you will take care of me!
It is not to take the
life of my brother's life.
You are my hireling
You are my hireling
under the cover of friendship
You are equal to
the foot wear I wear!
No, Tirupathi. Don't kill me...
I will not kill you now!
More than the grief
over my sister's death
I am pained at the
death of my friendship
You saved some one
I will make you kill him
There after I will kill you!
I have only a friend in this world
His name is Suri
I have only one enemy in this world
His name is also Suri
My friend Suri is dead!
My enemy Suri is now alive!
He is not to live for long!
You can count your days!
Tirupathi will not bow down to anyone!
He is the one who climbs up!
What? - Is the police protection okay?
As good as that of a minister!
It is not protection alone!
I have given the shooting order!
Ask Tirupathi to climb up now!
If at all he comes,
he is to die!
Will this rifle shoot?
Yes it will
It must
It must shoot at Tirupathi!
Tirupathi cannot go in
beyond this Idi Amin!
If at all he goes in he won't be
able to come outwitting me
Tirupathi is coming!
No. He is coming from Tirupathi.
It could be him, possibly!
You stop there!
Keep the wig on him!
Take the wig off!
You can go in.
Stop there!
Have you come with the wig?
Give the moustache!
He is not the one!
Are you vomiting?
Come on...
There is an accident case
It seems to be very serious!
Accident cases
are police cases!
Police only have admitted him
If you don't save him
that will be a case against you! Come
Doctor! What happened to the patient?
He is in a serious condition!
We can not treat him here!
We have to take him to the Saro hospital!
Get the ambulance ready!
Why do you behave so cheap?
Are you a doctor?
There are still many doctors
who are more than God
There are doctors,
who do this as a noble service
Among them, there are
scoundrels like you!
Why do you come to this field?
What do the poor cab driver
know about delivery?
Has he not written as
He earns his daily bread
He does it free
But you know everything about delivery
You are aware of
the pain and agony of it.
You know delivery is
a rebirth for women
Are you bargaining for the delivery?
Are you auctioning labour pain?
Will your wife show
her naked body to me? Tell me...
Will your prospective wife
show her naked body to me?
But how many wives
would have shown theirs to you!
Because doctors are
considered to be God!
You need not be the almighty,
or even the human being!
Why do you live
the life of an animal? Tell me!
If there is an increase in
cruel people like you in this country...
...No one in this country will
know about normal delivery!
Then knife would be
required for both birth and death
You convert normal delivery
a surgical one for sake of money.
Whether the baby dies or the mother dies
It is also a murder!
My sister hasn't died during her delivery.
You have killed her!
I don't care who will
you call or what will you do.
I will give you 10 minutes!
By that time, my parents and my friends...
...who are in the police station should be
released! I should get call from them
If I don't get the call You brains
will be shattered in the 11th minute.
Give the phone to him.
I will call my dad!
Everybody is sheer waste!
What is D. C's number?
I will call up my brother!
Let any thing happen!
What is police doing there?
You, take up the phone!
Take up the phone!
I've to get the doctor! Don't you
understand? I've to get the doctor!
Take up the phone, will you? Someone
attend the call -I couldn't reach him!
If my son doesn't come to me in an
hour's time... I will behave differently
Attend the call!
I will call him up!
Inspector! Is there any news?
I am on the line! -What is the use?
I am on line for 24 hours
Take the phone!
I don't care even if Tirupathi is killed
I want the doctor back
Take the phone!
You fool. You call the landline! -I will.
How many have you sent?
Yes man. To Thiruvottiyur, Ennore, Ernavur...
Call for you! -Disconnect it.
You there!
Take up the phone!
That is not sufficient -Call again!
Call for you again!
Hello dad
Hello mom, hello brother!
Disconnect it, you fool! -Okay!
Dad! Rascal!
Take up the phone!
Take up the phone!
Send as many as hundred people!
Keeping two vehicles...
Call for you again!
- Cut it you fool! - Cut it you fool.
Take up the phone!
Take up the phone!
Talk in the phone!
Talk! -Don't shoot me!
You take it.
What are you doing?
Hello! I am Varadan talking!
Give the phone to your husband!
It is our Varadan on the line!
Give me the phone!
Varadan, how are you?
I am almost dead! Tirupathi is going
to kill me! Release his parents out!
Don't get scared!
Make the call.
Phone up the commissioner!
Tirupathi! There's no problem!
We have come out safely! -Ok.
Has dad come out?
Give the phone to Muthu! -Tell me
Take my parents to the place I said
and keep them there safely!
I will come there
and see you in two days' time!
You would be tired
Take this tablet!
What tablet is this?
Don't you know about tablets?
It's a powerful tablet.
I don't want it.
Give him water!
The tablets you and the doll
had have the same power!
That is number 2!
This is number 1!
Do you like to see
the power of number 2?
What time is it now?
It's Three!
Inauspicious time?
- 3 to 4.30!
You are the God of death!
Your brother is in crisis!
You have to finish
your brother off before 4.30!
Or else, you will be shattered
like the doll!
Go and kill him.
What is the police doing here?
When will you find him?
Brother, what happened to you?
If you keep your hand on me again...
Have you gone mad?
Nothing will happen to your son!
Do not get worried!
I am Kannan here!
Your both sons fight each other!
One of them is to get killed!
Come fast, sir.
I am coming!
You come fast.
What is happening?
I will tell you!
What are you trying to do?
Listen to me
Put that down!
Listen to me! No
Put that down!
Varadan! My son!
You have made your
son kill my son!
My friend! I told you
that I will make you kill your brother!
I have made it buddy!
Your life is to
come to an end any time.
You don't know about that.
I only know about that!
Tirupathi is not
to step down!
I am the one who climbs up!
You dad!
He has made me kill
my brother with my own hands.
Why are you a minister?
Get him and finish him
You Tirupathi!
How can you booze at this time?
Get up
Hell with your drama
Call some one to act for him
Why is Lord Muruga
dark in complexion?
Get a fair guy!
Come sir!
Come -Go
Don't get adamant
They are calling you!
Tell them dad I can't
Stop it.
Why are you singing in a high pitch?
Sing it in a folk pitch.
Let us sow spinach.
Come on clown!
No I won't because
the hen will peck it
lf hen comes, we'll fence it.
Come on clown!
No I won't because
the goat will jump over it.
Come on!
Smash the coconut
- What is it?
Come on! Smash the coconut
Come on! Smash the coconut
Let us sow spinach.
Come on clown!
No I won't because
the hen will peck it
Oh my beloved! Tell me,
where are you going?
Wait for me.
Don't kill me with your abuses
I am a stooping bow.
Move aside dear,
don't be greedy
lt is spoken by an young girl.
Grass is grown in the paddy.
Don't caress me at odd places.
Shed your shyness
and come close, dear!
Is it wrong if I come close?
Will the God punish us?
Come on! Smash the coconut
Come on! Smash the coconut
Buy me a new cloth
as I am drenched.
You wait and hug me
Shall I outsmart Tirupathi?
Buy me a steamed rice cake for me
A steamed rice cake.
There's a bee atop the flowered skirt
lt was cajoled by the girl.
The crab would scale ups and downs.
Stalk is hidden in a plantain.
The stalk is hidden.
Is it wrong to kiss you?
You screamed aloud
Will the dampness dry?
Will it burn if lit?
Come on! Smash the coconut
Come on! Smash the coconut
Let us sow spinach.
Come on clown!
No I won't because
the hen will peck it
lf hen comes, we'll fence it.
Come on clown!
No I won't because
the goat will jump over it.
Let us sow spinach.
Come on clown!
No I won't because
the hen will peck it
lf hen comes, we'll fence it.
Come on clown!
No I won't because
the goat will jump over it.
- Come on! Smash the coconut
- Oh gosh!
Come on! Smash the coconut
- Smash it
- What is this?
You have become my
grand daughter's friend
Don't worry! This is
my place! Leave your parents here
This fair girl would
take care of them
At this time if they are at Chennai
it is dangerous
Sathish! You be with
parents for sometime!
I am going to Madras.
Any thing can happen to me there!
If anything happens to me,
You have to take care of them!
She is our sister.
Take good care of her.
Do you know the
room number where Suri stays?
I know he is in this hotel,
but I don't know which room
But we are still giving protection
For safety they have kept us in hotel
We do not know
the room number we are staying!
Who knows about it?
You don't know that.
I only know that!
Tirupathi! It's not me!
What kind of a man are you?
I will get Tirupathi before today!
I have made the master plan for that!
One thing. I will change
your room every hour!
I have now shifted you to a new room
New room?
This is the room for
you for the next hour!
We feel as if we are blind folded.
Tell us at least the
number of this room!
It should not be known to you.
Will we kill ourselves?
He don't tell us even the number!
That is the brain of the police!
I am going to show the
brain of the police now!
Tirupathi should know
the room Suri stays.
What are you telling sir?
I am also the one
affected by Suri!
Suri is staying in the Hotel Mamtha Palace
in room number 402!
If you come now,
you can kill him!
I will come now!
It was the police!
They are trying to trap me... tipping me off
about Suri's hiding place!
We have to confirm ourselves
if Suri really stays in the hotel.
Call the Hotel!
We are calling
from the minister's house!
Connect me with Suri sir's room!
It is the call from
minister's house.
Shall I connect them to his room?
Give me the phone
Sir! Tirupathi has come
to the minister's house!
He is bashing sir!
What is it?
Seems, he will kill sir
as he did it to his son.
Send some policemen
and save his life!
Tirupathi, don't kill me!
I appeal to you
He is in the minister's house!
Buddy, your dad
wants to talk to you!
Are you in room no.402
of the Hotel Mamtha Palace?
Are you wondering
how I know that?
I have contacts every where!
I have men in the police school!
You are going to die
in the next 1/2 an hour!
It's death for you!
Buddy! Where are you running?
Tirupathi is coming!
Go fast.
The lift has stopped in the mid way!
Call my dad!
Little desires!
What happened?
It is ringing, but nobody takes it.
You try!
What happened?
Not getting the line
It is ringing
You try
Not getting
Don't hit me! Give it to him
You make a try!
No, you try!
Give that to me.
If he doesn't get now
will he hit himself?
What were you doing?
I was taking a shower!
By this time you would have lost me?
What are you saying?
Tirupathi is going to kill me!
No policemen are around!
Come fast!
I will be right there soon!
Where are you going?
We got a call that Tirupathi has come
to your house! We are after him now!
He is on his way to the hotel.
He will kill my son! -Turn your vehicles
Sir! Please stop your car!
We are in a hurry!
Will you please stop your car?
Endure it dear!
My girl is suffering from labor pain!
We have to reach the
hospital urgently! -Mom! Mom!
This auto has broke down!
We have to reach the hospital fast.
Please do us a favor, sir.
Get into the car!
Careful! -Take her in.
I am thankful to you!
Brother! I am scared!
Please come with me!
Brother! I am scared! Please come with me!
Mom! -Don't be scared
Come! We have come for a delivery!
Go to the left!
She is in a critical position!
If the child is to be born
without danger to its life... operation is a must.
Endure it dear
Might require 25 to 30,000
We don't have
that much money with us!
How much do you have with you?
About 5000Rupes. -Only 5000Rupees?
That was in your time!
If you have the amount
what I said, you can stay here.
Else you can take her
to another hospital.
If anything happens on the way...
I'm not responsible for that.
If she dies on her way
I'm not responsible for that.
I am scared
Attend to her first
You get pleasure from your husband
And trouble us during delivery
I plead with folded hands...
Girls in bed with husband should hereafter
...ensure money for delivery expenses
Only then, the population
would come down
What did you say?
The population will
come down if I stab you with this!
I have to hear the news that
the mother and child are safe!
I would have died by now...
Tirupathi is going to kill me!
Where were you all?
When they heard that he is coming
no one was around!
He had a horrible time in lift. Would've
been better to get killed by Thiruppathi
Are you not performing your duty?
Are you playing
If you talk about duty
I may have to arrest your son first!
It's your younger son
killed your eldest son!
Your servant is a witness for that.
It's because Tirupathi is behind all
this, and you are in the ruling party...
...that we are looking for Tirupathi.
Are you talking against a minister?
Is he bold enough to talk
against a minister?
How will he catch Tirupathi?
He is going to catch him!
- How is that possible?
He will shoot him and catch him!
I don't follow anything!
We will kidnap the A. C's son!
We will lie to A. C that
Tirupathi has kidnapped his son!
He will feel the pain of
his missing son.
Go and get the A.C.'S son! -Come!
It was a normal delivery for her!
The mother and child are
keeping fine!
How has it become
a normal delivery now? Tell me!
Are you a doctor?
He is Tirupathi who is
wanted by the police!
I am doctor Venthan here!
Thiruppathi is now in SVM hospital
We will not forget your
help for life
What is it madam?
It's okay!
Were you not with us
I would have died like your sister!
There are doctors
who take their profession as..., among those
who are honest
Earlier women were scared
of the delivery pain
Now, it is not like that.
We are worried about
the expenses incurred.
You saw us and
you have saved my life
by the grace of God!
There are doctors
who are invisible to you.
There are also many sisters
like me, who are not visible to you!
What about their fate?
We can not argue
with all the doctors like this!
You cannot fight against
this problem all alone!
There should be a
suitable law for this!
Only then, the pregnant
ladies can be peaceful!
I take leave then!
Minister sir! You were talking
ill about the Tamil Nadu Police!
Our A.C. Murali has arrested Tirupathi!
Is he arrested? When was that?
Only now Tirupathi was caught
I have handcuffed him...
We have caught him!
Where have you kept him?
We are heading for the A.C. Office
Meet us there!
Let's go there
I am Tirupathi's accomplice here!
If you touch Tirupathi,
arrest him or catch him... could only
send him to the jail.
I will send your
child to the heaven!
What do you want
to talk to the Tirupathi's man?
You talk to your son.
You talk.
Dad! I am scared, dad.
Come and save me dad.
They frighten me with weapons!
Rahul! -Come and save me dad!
Have you listened to him?
If you touch even
the shadow of Tirupathi...
...your son will not talk again!
You and your son will not live up!
You will be finished
And your son also will be finished
Stop the car!
Why have you stopped the car?
Release Tirupathi
We have caught him with great difficulty
I say release him!
I said police has nabbed him
with difficulty. Release him
If we let him go free, it is
a shame for the police department.
I will give you a whack!
If he is released
It's shame for the police department
That is what I have told him!
What did he say? - Set him free!
When is the A. C expected to come?
There he is...
Where is Tirupathi!
There was an untoward
incident on the way!
Have you shot him?
We have let him go!
What does he blabber?
It is true that
we arrested Tirupathi!
Sir got a call on the way
He was shocked hearing that!
Who called?
If I reveal you will be shocked! -Tell me
Tirupathi's men have
kidnapped sir's son
They wanted to release Thiruppathi
in return for releasing his son
We had no other go and
release Tirupathi.
I am your P. A,
Brahma here!
As you said
I kidnapped AC's son
I talked like Tirupathi's man
and tormented the A.C.
In next half an hour the A.C.
Will either bring Tirupathi...
...he would bring him dead before you!
Will you give me an
increment at least now?
I will slap you.
Keep the phone down!
Who threatened you
over the phone? -Let's go!
In what language is he talking?
You are laddu(sweet)as long as
you're not caught by me!
Now you are caught by me.
You will be pulverized now!
Hand cuff him!
Madam! Your give and take later!
For your sake 15 of us dressed as police
Settle our dues first!
Have a nice time, boss
Go man...
Dear! How long could I wait for you?
That is why this setup!
You may fool the police...
but I will fool you!
You can do that later.
Now you remove this. - I will remove
Gosh, oh gracious girl!
Accept me! Oh girl of comforts!
You're lucky.
Fortune would favour me
if you caress me at odd places
Shall I buy you thorn pincers?
Use it gently to remove thorns
You are a local hoodoo, put
out slowly the whammy from me.
She served me
the hot chicken curry.
He gave me an young sparrow
Gosh, oh gracious girl!
Accept me! Oh girl of comforts!
You're lucky.
Fortune would favour me
if you caress me at odd places
I am strong
Where is the honeymoon?
Is it a heavenly relationship?
Shall I come seeking it?
A scorpion bit me.
It spread throughout my body.
Open my eyes and spell it out.
It was four in her place of sleeping.
It was three after she slept.
Do you want a cotton
Or are two cushions enough?
You earn and expend
You expend and earn what spend
She served me
the hot chicken curry.
He gave me an young sparrow
Your thorny moustache pricked me.
It stitched desire into me
Oh mischievous guy of Vadipatty!
Shall I come as your bride?
Teak tree is longing for you.
Areca nut tree has ripened.
Is it a relationship
until we're together?
Shall I sail the catamaran?
Meal is hot
Boring, if it gets chilled.
In the spread mat... are lying alone
Take allowance from me
and make merry
And enjoy eternal bliss
He gave me an young sparrow
She served me
the hot chicken curry.
Gosh, oh gracious girl!
Accept me! Oh girl of comforts!
You're lucky.
Fortune would favour me
if you caress me at odd places
Shall I buy you thorn pincers?
Use it gently to remove thorns
You are a local hoodoo, put
out slowly the whammy from me.
She served me
the hot chicken curry.
He gave me an young sparrow
10 Lacs prize for those who catch...
...Tirupathi or provide
information about him.
He will be caught!
A guy desirous of 10 lacs is coming
to give information about Tirupathi!
Once he comes in next
half hour Thiruppathi will be here
The man has come, sir.
Are you the guy?
Good dear!
Where is your brother?
Will you give me 10 lacs...
...if I give information about brother?
10 lacs is for others!
For you it will be Rs 20 laks!
Tell me fast
Where is he?
He is a bit upset
since the death of our sister!
He will not able to stand it
if any thing happens to me.
There is only a way to catch him.
What is that?
Is it a straight one or a short cut?
Keep quite, what is the way?
Tie me up some where
and inform him I am kidnapped
He will surely come to save me!
Then you can nab him!
The money that you
promised to give me...
We will give you,
the moment we nab your brother.
I have not fondled
even my son like this
He hasn't done this even to his wife
Shut up!
A.C. Sir, we will settle this smoothly
You can mind your work.
Tirupathi! I have played
in the political arena for 20 years!
Are you playing with me?
Forget it. Come to the matter!
Why should I come to the matter?
Your brother will tell you the matter.
Talk to him
Brother! They have kidnapped me!
They have tied me up!
They are beating me.
Sathish! Don't get scared!
Don't be scared!
Please come and save me!
Please save me!
Where are you now?
I am tied up in a devastated
bungalow in Andheri street in Otteri!
Come fast, brother.
Hope now you know
about brotherly affection
Yo have to be here at 6.05!
If not, he will be orange juice then!
Raman will come in search of
brother Laxman! You've to chop him off!
You negotiated 10 lacs to bring him here
It is not to kill him.
If we kill him?
It's 30 lacs then!
You should have born to me!
Forget the talk!
Tie me first!
Tie him!
Tie it very tight.
You are tying like the sacred thread!
Someone is coming
fast on a motorbike! Over!
He is coming here so fast to die!
Get ready every one!
There are five of them, over.
There are fifty men under me here!
We will demolish them, over.
There are 10 of them, over.
They are good for nothing people!
We are powerful than them, over.
There are 100 bikes, and 3 buses!
There must be about 1000 people!
It looks like a procession, over.
Were you giving description of a
procession? You fool, I will kick you, over.
Arul! I am Tirupathi here!
The whole college is with you.
You need not get worried.
Nothing should happen
to my brother!
He may be your brother
but he is our colleague!
We will show them student's power
Come fast you all!
Sir! -Go man!
You! Hit them!
Students! Listen!
What chanakya says is...
We will give our life for our minister
Give the log to me first.
Take it. Hit him
Hit him.
I am P.A. Brahma!
You are Brahma when you are on the top.
When you come down
you are just pulp.
Don't you know
the power of a minister?
We are teenage power
and the power of the college!
We have both the powers!
You want to see that?
Don't hit me!
Leave me. Lord Murugan!
Why have you come here?
We came to save you!
Arul! Take him with you!
What is all this?
Where do you run?
Are you trying to use
my brother as a weapon against me?
My brother may be
good or wicked.
I've come to save him only.
But your brother
was trying to give you away!
He asked us 30 lacs
to get you here and kill you! Ask him.
I am not meaner than your brother!
What are you staring at?
Kill your brother
right away if you want!
What is he saying!
Will you able to
give me 30000Rupees?
Will you able to earn
30 lac rupees in your lifetime?
I cannot stay in India!
I want to go abroad,
earn there and settle there.
That is my goal!
I was hoping to get 30 lacs just for that.
Why don't you come alone?
Why have you brought
the students with you?
I've educated you that
you will do service to the poor!
You want me to do that
in this poor country?
The patients will give me paltry fees!
I will only be a beggar with that.
Don't think I am pump set
or a mike set guy like you?
Is a doctor's degree
a passport or a visa?
Are you doing medical
studies to go abroad?
If you talk anymore about going abroad... will not live in any countries!
I will hack you up!
The country cannot be
reformed if you try alone.
You cannot shout
at all the doctors alone!
You cannot fight all alone
what I figure out!
There should be proper law for that.
For just your studies,
the food is free for you...
...the shelter is free and
the clothing is free for you!
The books are for you!
What you get free are...
by the money the
people pay you as the tax.
You study with the money
of the people here...
...and you want
to live a luxury life abroad
Do you want me
to toil in this country?
I can't build a hut
and treat patients in that!
It is a land for you
only for people like you!
It's a burial ground for people like me!
Tirupathi! Don't hit him!
Listen to me!
Listen to me!
I will hack my damn brother first...
...before I hack my damn friend.
Sit down!
Listen to what I say!
Don't sleep off
thinking it is the assembly!
If you want your son back to you...
...implement the law
I told you in three day's time.
If not...
- What if we don't implement...?
You baldie!
Sit there!
He knows about my timing!
In this world every one does not...
...face every thing! The only problem
all have to face is delivery.
Some doctors are doing it
as a money making business!
Delivery should be
done free of charge... all hospitals in Tamil Nadu
not bothered about other operations
But delivery should be free of charge!
Even if it is an operation
This is the law to be implemented!
Give the permit to those hospitals
which comply with this law!
Or else, cancel all of them!
Though you are bad
People think you are good!
Show your power now
by implementing the law!
If not, your son will be...
Don't shout!
Implement the law...
Implement the law!
I agree to this in toto
As CM I have called
for an all party meeting
because I want the support of all parties!
I am not saying this as
the problem of my party man!
It is a people's issue
especially that of women
So I welcome your suggestion
We should have
thought about this scheme
One individual has suggested
and we have gathered, it is a shame on us
Delivery is the problem of two lives!
We were the ruling party last time.
I was also a minister!
That was of no use.
My daughter was also
killed in the hospital!
It was due to the
carelessness of the doctor!
A girl who
suffers from labour pain...
...would want to go
to the hospital nearby.
How can she go to
the government hospital...
...which is 10 to 15 kilometers
away with the pain?
Implement the law!
If the operation is to be done
free of charge like delivery
. doctors will not dare
to do the operation... the means of money making!
Thereby there will not
harm the womenfolk
So far, many governments
have come and gone in our country.
They have introduced many
free schemes and implemented them!
Free uniform and books for the students...
...nutritious diet for
them in the schools!
Free food in the temples!
Free power supply for the farmers!
In the educational front,
for food shortage and labor problem...
...we have introduced many free schemes
In that case, why not we implement delivery scheme
as a life saving one
As Periya Karuppa Thevar has said
...this is the problem of two lives.
So who are all willing
to support this scheme?
Thanks to all
This scheme will be implemented
tomorrow in the assembly!
He is thinking some thing!
I have locked our 60 supporters
You all listen to what I say.
Okay sir...
A new law is being
implemented tomorrow!
Do not put your signature
at the assembly in a haste.
Do it only after my approval. -Okay sir.
We have come to posts because of you
We would follow
what all you say!
Now you may disperse
Okay sir...
This law is not to be
implemented tomorrow!
How can it be? This law is for
you only! How can you say that?
I have 4 hospitals,
and I should get the returns!
If you are keen about the money.
What about your son?
I should get the money and my son!
Tirupathi will leave your
son only if the law is enforced.
That will not be necessary!
Before our men give support to the law
...Tirupathi will bring my son back to me.
He will surrender to me!
How do you say that?
How many hospitals we have?
Around 20 sir.
How many would have
become doctor because of us? -Around 200
They should go on a strike
demanding Thiruppathis surrender
You mean doctors' strike?
The sick will be affected by that.
Let them die!
Shoot that scene
and telecast
Let the good Samaritan will
fall under my feet... after seeing that.
Is it fair for you? No, this is politics
Is this politics?
That day experts, scholars
and men of wisdom
made a politics a means for food
Politics which was once our food... now considered as shit!
No sir! The country will stink!
Only you will get the stink.
Not to me!
You are right!
A pig cannot smell the ordure!
Nothing sir.
- Chanakyan! -Sir!
The strike has to begin today!
It is already started!
Doctor! My son is suffering
from stomach pain.
Give him treatment.
Give him medication.
Your pain to you and our pain to us!
Cure for our pain is Tirupathi!
That will subside only when he comes.
We can only cure you then!
Move! Take him away!
You said there are 20 hospitals we know...
...but the strike is only in 4 hospitals!
Others said this is not a party office
They said they have come to serve
You said 200 doctors
would participate in strike
Only 40 doctors have
participated in the strike!
What about the rest? The rest said
they are not party men, but doctors
and that medical field
is virtuous as Ganga!
They said don't mix
politics and make it a sewage
They have told me another thing!
I couldn't stand it.
Tell me, I will stand it.
- (Censored)
Are you telling that to me?
A.C. Has come to see you!
Why has he come here?
Come with me!
Why have you come so urgently
to see me here?
Our department has found
out where Tirupathi is.
He is in an area called
Pooncholai near Gummidipoondi!
We are on our way to there.
When I get there,
I will find out which building he is in.
I will bring him before
you in the next half an hour!
Let me go sir!
You stop there!
Tirupathi is so annoyed he will...
kill his son, when he sees you there.
He has already lost one of his sons
Are you trying to kill the other one too?
Move! -Stop there.
If you go there, ignoring me.
Obviously his son will die and...
...sir will have no sons
to light his pyre when he dies!
After that-Police knows
to catch whom and where!
Yet, you don't knowto capture him alive!
Shut up your mouth.
I know how to catch
Tirupathi alive and release my son
If the law gets approved
Tirupathi will win and I'll lose.
Are you Napolean, Alexander
, or Subash Chandra Bose?
If you lose, you will your job
and not your life.
I am not your servant but a
government servant! Let me do my duty!
When you do your duty
if my son dies?
My son's is life is equally precious!
He has kidnapped
my son too, my only son!
You want me to lose my son?
Are you crying for your calf?
Call Kannan over the phone!
Sir! I am Kannan here!
Give the phone to the child!
Talk, will you?
Dad! I am starving here
When are you coming here?
Come and take me with you dad!
I am hungry dad!
Please come and save me!
When will you come and take me?
Give that to me!
Take the child and leave him at his house!
Okay sir!
You can go to your house!
Your son would have come by now!
Is it okay with you?
Come, let's go.
He has shown he is a politician
If he is a politician
...I will show my police trick on him
Be patient! -Doctors are
not willing to come!
Why are they so atrocious?
The doctors who are supposed to save
their lives... are doing like this.
Be patient!
She is writhing with pain!
Please call the doctor!
His not coming
Doctor! Two girls are
suffering with labor pain!
Who has asked you to
be inside? Go and sit behind
Brother! Forgive me! -Get off.
Where are you taking him?
Many patients suffer
because we keep him here!
We will handover him to them first.
No, Tirupathi!
An effective rule is to be enforced.
Don't handover him in a haste.
It is a great sin
if a single life is endangered.
We will hand him over first.
The rest can be later! -Tirupathi!
Where are you taking him?
Are you taking him to his father?
You need not hand him over to him.
We will hand him over as a corpse!
Have you thought I have been
obedient to your dad all this time?
I am venomous like a viper!
I was waiting for a
chance like this, to sting!
He is to be killed and tell his dad
that Tirupathi... has killed him!
His dad must wail
heartbroken seeing his son!
I will have to put a stop
to his political life!
I will be a minister after that.
Long live Saidai Chanakyan!
Long live the minister Chanakyan!
Catch him
Saidai Chanakyan is not to yell.
He will stab one for sure!
Take the car.
How many patients
will be there in your hospital?
I think there will be
at least 50 to 60 patients!
I am the A.C. Here! Can you transfer
patients in the TG Hospital to yours?
This is not a hospital
where there are strikes!
We are doing the
medical profession as a service here.
Send as many patients as you wish!
We will take care of them!
Seal it.
If you don't withdraw
your strike... within half hour
we will not remove the seal for life long!
How many pregnant women
have been admitted... in your hospital?
Six of them!
Dr. Uma speaking!
- I am A.C. Here.
Six pregnant women from Vishal Hospital
...are to be admitted in your hospital.
Shall I send them to you? It won't be
a problem. Send them here, immediately.
We will do the delivery
free of charge here!
Stamp the seal.
We will give you half hour's time!
Withdraw your strike
before that...
...or I will have to seal you off.
Take the vehicle.
Apply the brake!
I feel now that, it's better to
sell rice, than being in the politics!
Long live rice seller Chanakyan!
Long live rice seller Chanakyan!
What is the problem here?
An effective rule is to be implemented.
Don't handover him in a haste!
The doctors have to withdraw their strike!
For that, I've to hand over him to them!
There is no need for that.
We have withdrawn our strike!
We foolishly agreed to go on strike!
Every one has to forgive us for that.
Here after our hospital
will function as a service centre.
If we handover him now
the minister will abolish the law.
Please don't do that.
Listen to this news!
An important news! An emergency law
is enforced in Tamil Nadu!
In all the hospitals all over Tamil Nadu...
including the private hospitals... delivery schemes
have been introduced!
Are you the one who have
kidnapped my son? -I will shoot you!
I could have killed him long before!
He could either be bad or good!
A good thing has happened to us
just because of him.
Please do not get annoyed!
Sir! I've done many mistakes so far!
- Give me punishment according
to the law! - Arrest me sir!
Hereafter, all the hospitals
are like my auto
What then?
Dance to the music!!!
She served me
the hot chicken curry.
He gave me an young sparrow
Shall we build a new house?
Shall we lay the foundation for it?
Shall we build it to our wish?
Shall we have it
according to norms?
The maiden corner is for you.
The daring corner is for me
Oh gosh! I don't want trouble
Let everything be common
She served me
the hot chicken curry.
He gave me an young sparrow