This Closeness (2023) Movie Script

[Woman's voice reverberates]
Hi. Welcome back.
I am so happy that you're joining
me as we get ready to sleep.
[Low rumble passing]
[Woman inhales softly]
It's always nice to have a soft, clean
blanket to put against your cheek.
Oh, this one is so soft,
just out of the dryer,
[Inhales deeply]
and it smells like lavender.
Are you feeling comfortable
in your bed?
Here. Why don't we
fluff a pillow for you.
You've got some...
You've got a little hair in
your face.
Let me get that out of the way.
- [Ethereal music, vocalizing]
There you go.
That's better.
Are you ready to go to sleep?
[Door rattles, lock clicks open]
- [Man] It's just like...
- [Woman] I know.
[Man] Like red and green.
It's like...
I know. It's like Christmas.
It's so tacky.
You don't live there anymore.
Yeah, but at least have
some respect for the
fucking, like, tradition
of the building.
I can't even imagine what
they did to the inside.
You know, I bet they're
the type of people
that, like, buy everything
new and it all looks
mid-century modern and then they say
these revolutionary fucking taste makers.
That's possible.
[Lock clicks]
I can't even bear to send
a photo to my parents.
Then don't.
Then don't. Say you were too
busy with reunion stuff to check it out.
It looks different than
the pictures.
How so?
It looks different
the pictures.
Do you hate it?
No. No.
It's just for the weekend,
so it's...
it's fine.
Do you think he's home?
It's freezing in here.
[Soft rattling]
It is so cold in here.
What was I just saying?
The AC is still in there.
Why the fuck.
- That's not working.
- Yeah. Ugh. Hm...
He should take it out.
I mean, I could,
I can probably do it myself.
That's not your job. It's his.
Our, like, host's.
I don't mind.
You know, I'm
going to do it later.
Dave texted.
He wants to get drinks.
He knows this good happy hour nearby.
Oh, okay.
That cool?
Yeah. I'm just feeling
gross from the drive.
Okay. Well, take a shower. We've got time.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
These towels smell
fucking weird.
[Chatter on headphones]
[Cheering, whistling on headphones]
[Mouse clicks]
[Water runs]
[Door opens]
Hey, man, what's up?
- Hi.
- Hey, I'm Ben.
- Good to meet you.
- Adam.
I thought our, um, host's
name was Lance?
That's my room...
Um, that was my roommate.
He made the listing for me.
Okay. Gotcha.
So my girlfriend, Tessa, She's
using the shower right now.
See you.
See ya.
[Door shuts]
[Knocks on door;
water runs]
[Tessa] Hello?
[Ben] Hey, um, I'm coming in.
- [Tessa] What, why?
- [Ben] Just let me in.
[Door clicks open;
She sighs]
So I just met Adam.
I thought his name was Lance.
No, that was his roommate.
- Did he say something about me?
- No.
But he's really fucking bizarre.
- What happened?
- He just...
Just like nothing.
- You're, like, trembling.
- I'm not, like, trembling.
I'm just like, what the fuck?
- What did he say to you?
- Nothing.
He was just so awkward
and unresponsive and,
like, didn't ask me
anything or tell me anything.
Ask you anything about what?
I don't know. Aren't hosts
supposed to show you around?
Show you around where?
I don't know.
He's not a concierge.
He's just sharing space.
Yeah, I know, but
[Water stops]
don't hosts usually want
to, like, you know,
tell you about local spots or
ask us if we got here okay?
Well, we obviously
got here okay.
And you're, like,
from here, so...
I don't know.
Maybe he's just introverted.
He seems really introverted.
Maybe I should ask him to be
in one of my videos.
You do not want this guy
to be in one of your videos.
What, why?
Is he hideous?
No. Just,
you know when being socially
awkward becomes a physical feature?
That's what happened
to this guy.
[Floor creaks softly]
[Muffled chatter]
[Soft whirring]
Wait, wait.
Three, two, one...
[Faint music on headphones]
[Music rhythm intensifies]
[Loud thud]
[Tessa and Ben laughing, muffled]
I like when you look at me like that.
Like what?
Like you're remembering
a good dream.
[Door squeaks faintly]
Sorry, you scared me.
Hey man.
Hi. Morning. I'm Tessa.
[Adam] Hi.
We got breakfast from
that place around the corner.
It's... it's really good.
Have you been there?
We didn't know
if we can make coffee.
- Yeah. Yeah, you can.
- Cool.
Thank you.
How long have you lived
in this apartment for?
A few years.
Since I graduated from college.
Oh. What do you do?
I, um, I edit videos for this
sports company here.
Like highlight reels, promos.
That's cool.
I actually work in video, too.
I mostly do sound design, but
sometimes I make YouTube videos.
Oh, what...
What kind of videos?
ASMR videos.
Um, they're really cool.
They're these videos
where you're taking
you know, little sounds or
experiences that are relaxing.
But then when you put them
all together, it all becomes
amplified and it creates this
really soothing effect. Like, um...
you know, you get chills,
but, like, relaxing ones.
Like, if someone plays
with my hair, I get tingles.
Does that...?
Who watches your videos?
Um, lots of different people.
People with insomnia.
Sometimes people will listen
to it for background noise.
Yeah. I mean, it's. It sounds...
It sounds weird, but people get
really addicted to it and very into it.
That's actually how Ben
and I met.
He was doing research for
an article about ASMR.
- Yeah.
- And...
I was wondering if I could
make one here, actually?
It gets such beautiful
light here during the day.
Yeah. Yeah, you can.
Oh, thanks. I promise not
to get in the way too much.
- Okay.
- [Coffee machine burbles]
Oh, do you want to sit with us?
You should sit with us.
Or, you know what?
We're finishing up.
If you want to be by
yourself, that's fine.
I need to get back to editing.
Okay. Okay.
Actually. Hey, man.
we just had a little question.
[Adam] Yeah.
Yeah, so we noticed that the,
uh, the AC was still in there?
It's not a big deal.
I think it's just a little broken so
a bunch of cold air is coming in.
Oh, um, it actually gets
really hot in that room
without it, because
the heat is sort of weird.
I can't control it.
It's a really old building,
so it's better to just keep it in.
That's what Lance always did.
Okay, so should we talk to Lance or...?
No. He's with his family right
now. His mom is, like, really sick.
So he had to move away.
But, like,
he said he'll be back.
No. I don't want to, like,
bother him with anything.
Um, okay.
It's just, it's
very cold in there.
And it said on the listing that...
Lance made that.
It's not my apartment.
It belonged to his aunt.
He just, you know, lets me live here.
Okay, so you're here now, right?
Okay. So I believe
you that it gets warm,
but Tessa gets cold very easily.
And I think we would just prefer it if,
you know, we could get the AC out.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
I need to finish up some...
some work.
I'm on, like, a
deadline right now.
Yes, yes. Later, whenever.
We're going to be out for
most of the day. So, by tonight?
Okay. Sure. Yeah.
Okay, yeah.
Thank you.
[Door shuts]
I told you he was bizarre,
Why did you press?
Because it's freezing in there.
But that was so awkward.
Yeah, because
he's an awkward guy.
Sometimes you have
to push through these things
so you don't
fucking die of hypothermia.
Do you think he's actually
going to do it?
Or do you think it's going to be
one of those things where, like, every
interaction begins and ends with,
like, "Oh shit, my bad, I'm sorry."
"I'll get to it."
[She whispers]
I hate that kind of thing.
Who are you texting?
Who are you texting?
Oh, nothing. No one. It's just It's
just is this group chat for the reunion.
They want to
have a little dinner tonight.
Some time away from the spouses?
The spouses?
Well, you're not my spouse.
You know what I mean.
Yeah, but, you know,
you're not my spouse. [Chuckles]
I'm aware.
It's just, like, an expression.
Yeah, no, no, I get it.
Is that cool?
That you're not my spouse?
No. The dinner?
Yeah, for sure.
I'll wander.
[Construction work rattle, distant]
Do you need help?
All right.
- I'm going to get the window.
- Okay.
[Ben grunts]
[Both grunting]
God damn, this thing is heavy.
Ah... ah...
Oh, my God!
What happened?
That's... that's from the AC?
- Yeah.
- Oh, it looks deep.
- It just stings?
- Do you have a band-aid?
- Yeah, in the bathroom.
- Okay.
No, I can get them.
- Are you sure? Oh, okay.
- Yeah.
Okay, so... I'll take this out?
- [Adam] Yeah, okay.
- [Door shuts]
Um, we should...
We should disinfect that.
[Bottle squelches]
[Tessa, muffled] What a mess.
[Door clicks open]
[Soft, high-pitch crescendo]
[Computer keys clacking]
- Hey.
- Hey.
Is your hand okay?
Yeah, it's fine.
Sorry if I kind of freaked out.
I'm not very good with blood.
It's okay.
Oh, I have to show you something.
That way...
Well, first I was like,
each person gets a shelf,
but there they're
different levels, you know?
And that way you can put
taller stuff in too.
Yeah. This works.
Now it kind of
just looks like I'm an alcoholic.
My parents are alcoholics.
Their fridge doesn't look
like that.
[Fridge door squeaks]
Where's, um...
Ben? He's out with some
friends from high school.
That's why we're here for his
high school reunion.
Oh, uh, where did he go?
Central? You probably
know tons of kids from there.
I know a few.
[Engine roars by]
Are Ben and I your first guests?
How did you know?
Well, uh...
the guest book is empty.
- [They laugh]
- Yeah.
It's sad about
your roommate's mom.
Lance was, like,
the best.
We used to
do everything together,
but he said that I should
do this to meet more people.
And that way
he said, that way
if someone sucks, you uh,
you don't even
have to kick them out.
You know, they'll leave and you'll
have the whole place to yourself again.
I thought that was pretty smart.
I hope we don't suck.
I don't know yet.
I guess that's true.
I probably should go
to dinner soon.
[Siren wails by, distant]
But it was nice talking
with you.
Yeah, for sure.
Have a good night.
Yeah. See you.
[Door clicks open]
[Door shuts]
[Water trickles]
[Drain gurgles]
[Video chatter, indistinct]
[Door clicks open;
[Ben, muffled] Fuck, we should've picked
up stuff from the corner store. Shit.
[Ben sighs]
Yeah, she got this fancy tasting
menu at some wine bar and they're, uh,
very slow, she says.
Who the fuck gets pre-fee in Philly?
Prix fixe, Lizzy.
[She imitates him]
"Prix fixe, Lizzy."
- Whoa. Oh, my God.
- What?
Oh my God.
I told you we were staying
with a fucking psycho.
That's insane.
At least there's beer.
Oh my God.
I'm, like, nervous for tomorrow.
Do you think Tessa is gonna
make me, like, a celebrity?
- I mean...
- Cheers.
She's not actually
famous or anything.
She just, She just has,
like, a lot of followers.
- What's the difference?
- I don't know.
That people don't
necessarily want to be her.
They just like her.
Did I tell you
I saw my old house?
On Chestnut?
Yeah. They closed
the deal, like, days ago.
That's why we had
to find this fucking place.
Do you know who bought it?
No, but they already started
painting it.
Oh my God.
They move fast.
Yeah, it's
fucking red and green now.
It is like Christmas.
It's just not very respectful, you know?
I mean, my parents put so much
fucking work and money into that place
and they should at least
fucking respect the building.
Maybe they just
like those colors.
Yeah, but that's the problem.
That the people who chose
those colors are now living there.
Okay, maybe you shouldn't
care anymore, because,
like, you don't even live
here anymore, you know?
[Ben, muffled] Yeah. Maybe.
You're drunker than I thought.
[Lizzy, muffled]
I'm shwasted, baby.
So, uh...
what are you,
like, this total slut now?
Excuse me?
I mean, I'm using
slut in, like, that, that
empowered way. That,
like, that feminist, you know,
"I'm a slut" kind of way.
Why do you care?
I dunno. I'm just curious.
I want to be involved.
Oh, like join in?
Mm. No, gross. No.
I'm kidding.
So what's your status?
- Where are you on the spectrum of...
- Sluttiness?
Pretty far leaning.
Have you slept with anyone
from Central?
Oh, come on.
What? Come on.
Oh, God.
You can't judge me.
I was kind of joking... who?
- Dale Mullins.
- Yeah!
The guy who always had
his fucking butt crack out?
Stop! He got a later better
since going to Penn State.
He's like a man now.
I don't know. I ran
into him at this bar
in Center City and he
started buying me drinks.
And he was being so nice.
He was like, "You haven't
changed at all since high school."
"You're still so pretty
and so nice."
Oh my God. He said, "I saw you
in the fall musical..."
- "every year."
- No fucking way.
Yes. He was like, "I saw
you in the fall musical."
"And I was always
like," "I wish I'd come up
to you after and told
you how great you were."
What? So he's been... he's
been pining for you?
Stop trying to make it weird.
- Oh, he is fucking weird.
- No, he's not.
He just remembered me fondly.
Oh my God, you love this.
Whatever. So many girls pined
after you in high school, Ben,
if you weren't with Tessa, they
would be all over you at this reunion.
Like who?
Like Joanna Lange.
She was in love with you.
[Ben sighs]
She was. [She laughs]
That's not much of a compliment.
I mean, she
she literally ate crayons.
Okay. That happened one time.
And it wasn't a crayon,
it was an oil pastel!
Oil pastel.
- And it was just a nibble.
- Just a nibble. Just a little nibble.
I mean, aren't you curious
what an oil pastel tastes like?
Yeah. You know what,
I can't say that I am.
[Door opens]
- Hi!
- Hey.
I'm Lizzy.
- Hi. Tessa.
- Oh my God.
- It's...
- Nice to meet you. Yeah.
So good to meet you in person.
Get in here.
I'm really excited
about tomorrow.
Yeah. Yeah.
Thanks for doing it.
It won't take too long,
I promise.
Oh, no, I'm like, here for it.
- Hi.
- Hey.
- How was dinner?
- It was so good.
- Yeah, it was a good time.
- Yeah?
And the party continues.
You want to sit down
and grab a beer?
Yeah, I'll grab
a beer that I bought.
[Lizzy] Oh! Oh my God.
You saw this, right?
So insane.
You might want to keep
your voice down about it.
I think he's still home.
[Lizzy] Oh, yeah, for sure.
[Tessa] So, you guys
were in the same class?
[Lizzy] Oh, yeah.
Class of...
[Both] 2! 0! 1! 3!
Yeah, I haven't seen
you do that in five years.
So dumb.
So, uh, what do you do?
Oh, I do market research at
this ad agency in Center City.
We do, like, most of the marketing
for the medical schools in the city.
Oh, that's cool.
It sounds like it keeps
you really busy.
Yeah. Isn't it weird how
people say that about jobs?
You know what I mean? Like, isn't that the
point of some, like, shitty corporate job?
So, I mean,
do you like working there?
[Lizzy] Oh, it's whatever.
I'm actually thinking about
applying to jobs in New York City.
No shit.
That would be awesome.
[Lizzy] Yeah, I'm just, like,
so sick of Philly.
[Ben] Yeah. No, it's.
I mean, it's too small.
So small. I see people
from high school everywhere.
It's insane.
I just want to be
somewhere where people are like
"Ew, who the fuck
are you?" You know?
You do?
Lizzy was just telling me
that she slept with this guy.
- Dale Mullins.
- Shut up!
Who was an absolute weirdo in high school.
He's not that weird.
How did you guys even
get to that point?
Me and Dailey boy?
Oh, God, I don't even know.
We were both at the same bar,
and I was wasted.
You know how it goes.
I'll introduce you to him
Okay. Cool.
Are you excited for it?
The reunion?
I think I'm curious
more than anything else.
It feels like people from your high school
have strong opinions about each other.
What does that mean?
I guess I just don't feel as
emotionally invested
in the people that I went to high
school with as you guys do.
Like, last night at drinks they spent
most of the time talking about all these
classmates they
hadn't seen in years, you know
like, gossiping
and everything, you know?
I mean, I hardly ever meet up
with people or,
you know, check
in on them or go to reunions.
I don't even
think my school has reunions.
Tessa is very unsentimental
about her youth.
[Tessa laughs] No, it's not that.
You know, I look back
at things and reflect,
and then other things feel
more forgettable. But...
I don't know.
The idea of caring
about people I was more
attached to back then
feels, I don't know... Weird.
It makes me, like,
physically uncomfortable.
Like the people you dated?
Like anybody.
Because you're, like,
better than them?
No, no.
She probably thinks
it's immature.
No. I just, you know,
don't put that much weight on that
time in my life because I grew up.
Maybe I do think it's
a little immature.
But I am very immature
about other things, so...
Yeah, you really are.
No, I think
Tessa's mainly bitter because
she thought she was really ugly in high
school and no one paid attention to her.
But you're, like, so pretty.
You don't have to say that.
Oh, and she was in high school
too, but she doesn't think so.
[Lizzy] Oh, that's sad.
[Tessa] It wasn't that
I thought I was ugly.
People made fun of me.
Like, they were mean to me.
[Ben] Yeah, that one guy.
[Lizzy] A guy was mean to you?
Yeah, this one guy in my
class would, I don't know...
always make comments
about my appearance.
Yeah, he was... He was an asshole.
What would he say?
[Tessa sighs] He just seemed to
have tunnel vision
to the less flattering aspects
of the way I looked.
[Lizzy] Honestly, he probably
had a crush on you.
[Ben] I mean, that's the stereotypical
response, though, isn't it?
[Lizzy] Yeah, but it's true.
I mean, I was such a bitch to
you in high school, wasn't I?
[Ben] Yes, yeah.
- [Ben] Yes. Definitely you were.
- [Lizzy] I was ruthless.
Do you remember
when I was on Accutane?
I mean, you were so mean to me.
I used to literally go home.
I would punch a wall and I'd be like,
God, Lizzie was such a bitch today.
Yeah! Because
I had a crush on you.
- Oh my God. Come on.
- Duh!
- Shut up!
- Obviously! I did.
Oh my God. You were so cute.
I was like, even when your face
was all red and peely,
I wanted to take it and just make out
with you. You were adorable.
I was... I was hideous, dude.
I saw pictures of him
from that time.
You were still very cute.
So what would you say
to that guy if you saw him again?
- What guy?
- The guy who bullied you.
I have seen him again. Multiple times.
Really? What did you say?
- Nothing. I ignored him.
- What?
You weren't like,
"Look at me now."
"I'm this big YouTube star..."
"and I make a ton of money
and fuck you."
I mean, he's, like, a
big movie producer now.
I don't think he gives a shit
about my videos, and, um,
I don't make
that much money, so.
Tessa's too enlightened
to engage with that.
Yeah, sure.
Because you're very mature, Tessa.
It's true. You are.
You are. You're very immature.
God, we're so immature.
Oh my God. At dinner tonight?
I can't even talk about it.
That was...
No! Then you...
You went, like, under...
Oh my God. Phew...
[Pipes hissing]
[Tessa] What are you doing?
It's so hot in here.
[Ben grunts]
[Distant chatter]
[Vehicle roars by]
[Brakes squeaking]
[Door opens]
[Ben] Shit. I'm sorry about that.
That's our bad. Seriously,
we can...
We can clean that up.
What are you doing?
Tearing these apart.
Because that way when this
shit reaches the ocean, you know,
like a sea turtle won't get
stuck in it and choke or whatever.
I mean, instead, they'll,
they'll, like, eat it and and they'll
choke on it, but, like, in a
different way where it's not our fault.
[Ben chuckles]
Got it.
[Door opens]
Hey. We left a mess out here.
You did.
You did.
I had one beer.
Okay, so you contributed
one beer to the mess.
I got you breakfast
and a coffee. An iced one.
Even though I still think
that's legitimately crazy of you.
I need drink some water first.
Yeah, sure.
[He chuckles]
How are you hungover
when I'm not?
I'm not. I'm just thirsty.
Hey, what's up?
[She scoffs] I just woke up.
I'm fucking thirsty.
I just need a sec, okay?
What's the matter with you?
It was just a weird night.
I just want to, like,
relax and forget about it.
With Lizzy?
Yeah, with your
Philly girlfriend.
Come on... We've been
friends since we were 14.
You know, she's close
like that with everybody.
She was drunk, and she just broke
up with her boyfriend, so she's been
a little weird,
but that's just her.
If a guy friend had acted like that
towards me, you would have been so angry.
I don't think so.
I think I would have understood.
[Scoffs, annoyed] Understood what?
God! What was with her going on and
on about how in love she was with you?
Okay, Tessa, that's not fair.
All right?
You've slept with her,
haven't you?
- [He laughs] I...
- What?
Nothing, I...
She gave me a hand job once.
One winter break.
That's disgusting.
Why is that disgusting?
Because she's so fucking desperate.
It's like this goo oozing off her
body, this desperate, stinking goo.
"I just want to peel the skin off your
face and eat it" "you were so cute."
God, fucking psycho.
I have watched guys
flirt with you, okay?
And I've just taken it because
you're an attractive girl and I like...
No, you know what it is?
I'm proud to be with a
girl who is as beautiful
and magnetic as you are that so
many guys are attracted to her.
My God, would you stop
just looking at me like that?
You are so ridiculous.
I have no words for how
stupid you sound right now.
Okay... [Scoffs]
Look, why don't you just...
come sit down, have breakfast, okay?
Come on.
You sound like you're
talking to a dog. Fuck off.
Oh my God! I am just trying to
move past this stupid fight we're having
about absolutely nothing.
I mean, what do you
want me to say? Huh?
That Lizzie is desperate
and pathetic, and you shouldn't
compare yourself to her at all.
Yeah? Does that satisfy you to
hear that about a perfectly innocent girl
who just got a little
bit too drunk last night?
[He sighs]
I would also add that you guys
are pathetic losers stuck in the past.
God, it is so painful for you to shove
your sad, sad nostalgia down my throat.
What the fuck!
I'm going to take a shower.
[She gasps]
I'm not cleaning this up.
[Footsteps recede, door opens]
[Tessa, muffled]
I'm not cleaning this up!
[Water running]
I didn't clean it up.
Yeah, I heard you
the first hundred times.
- So it's still there.
- So?
So we're guests here, so
why don't you go and clean it up
before Adam comes out
and is like, "What the fuck?"
I don't give a fuck what
that guy thinks, alright?
You're horrible.
Listen. Okay.
Hey, if I go clean it up, all right,
will you forget whatever bullshit
you thought happened last night and we
can just move on with our fucking day?
Tessa, come on.
I mean, that sounds like
a pretty good deal to me, right?
Tessa, please.
I can't keep doing this. Just...
will you
please be nice to me again?
[Pipes thudding softly]
Okay. Okay.
I love you.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I love you.
I love you too.
Do you, um...
Do you not want Lizzy
to do the video anymore?
No, it's fine.
Okay? It's not a big deal.
But she, um.
She asked yesterday.
She seem pretty excited,
but it's not a big deal.
No. She should still do it.
- You sure?
- Yeah.
Stop asking me.
[Ethereal melody, woman vocalizes]
Today I have a very special
guest with me.
This is Lizzy.
I just met her last night
for the first time
and she went to high school
with my boyfriend.
And I'm also very excited
[Ethereal melody continues;
Woman breathes rhythmically]
to be using some local products today.
[Rhythmic breaths continue]
[Glass clinking]
They're called "City of Sisterly Love"
"Serums for hair, skin"
"and soul."
I'm going to be using
a few drops
of the concentrated
body oil,
which smells
absolutely amazing.
[Rhythmic breaths
and vocalizing continue]
[Hands rustling]
Lizzy, you want to take a
deep breath in and out for me.
[Lizzy inhales, exhales]
[Vocalizing and rhythmic
breathing continue]
[Both breathing deeply]
[Ethereal melody
and rhythmic breathing continue]
[Door clicks, music stops]
You can relax again.
[Lizzy clears throat]
[Exhales deeply]
[Door shuts]
Wasting no time.
You sure you can't come?
No. They have this
big profile coming out
in some magazine and
they want this before that.
Why are you changing your shirt?
Why are you changing your shirt?
I'm going to a nice dinner.
I want to look nice.
But the other shirt was nice.
This one's nicer.
You don't even wear shirts
like that when we go out.
What are you even talking about?
Nothing. I just...
Just what?
It's just that your friends
already find you so intimidating.
You don't want to show
off by looking so good.
Suck up.
[Woman, voice over]
stops you from acting on it?
Acting on what?
[Woman, on video call]
I mean, the relationship.
We've talked about it in previous sessions
and it feels like it could be
positive for you in the long run.
So what's stopping you?
Loving someone like Ben feels...
really lonely...
because as much as I complain about
him and know things aren't working
or they could be and I just
don't know how to get us there,
maybe that's the same thing.
I feel so much for him and I see so
much in him that no one else does.
And I mean, you can't explain
what compels you to someone else.
You just feel it
in your whole body.
And that's why I think it's so lonely,
because you can love someone so much
and not be able to share that with anyone.
Do you think
Ben feels the same?
[Tessa scoffs]
I don't think
Ben ever feels lonely.
I think that's the main
difference between us.
I think that's, like, where all
this conflict comes from, right?
Do you feel lonely often?
[Tessa sobs]
It's hard to explain.
Sometimes I play this game
with myself where I...
I pretend that a spirit's
been inhabiting my body
and then, you know, I get
control back
and I come to and I really have
to quickly gauge where I am.
And, you know, I think,
"Oh, you know,"
"this must be my mom or, oh,"
"I'm in a caf drinking coffee
and reading a book."
And I think,
you know, sometimes I
play this game with Ben,
and for a lot of the instances,
I don't know if I would... um,
that I would recognize that I was
with him, like, that he was my partner.
It's like I don't belong to him.
Do you want to belong to him?
Because it means I've won.
[Train roars by, distant]
[Door opens, squeaks]
You can see it's
kind of like a human head.
So sound travels in through these ears.
And then
it replicates what it would
sound like inside of your head.
So it sounds really
realistic and amplified.
Do you want to
put your headphones on?
[Her voice on headphones, clear]
So I'm going to start
[Closer, changing direction] whispering
into it and moving my head around
and maybe I'll even tap
on the ears a little bit.
[Soft thumping]
And don't you see how it sounds like
it's coming from inside of your head?
Like I'm actually touching you?
Yeah, it's...
It's really cool. [Laughs]
Um, could you do it again?
[Soft, fast thumping]
[Vehicles passing by]
[Door opens]
Sorry. Do you need the
kitchen or something?
- No, I'm going out.
- Oh, OK.
I'm a part of an ultimate Frisbee group,
so I'm going to go meet
them at Fairmount Park.
Yeah. Lance?
He was a part of it
and told me I should join.
It's actually really fun and
the people are really nice.
That's great.
- I hope you have fun.
- See you later.
[Footsteps receding]
[Door shuts]
- [Door opens]
- [Lizzy, distant] Hello?
[Lizzy] Hi. It's us.
[Footsteps approach]
[Lizzy laughs] Alright, princess.
Pretty, pretty princess.
Inside you go.
Hi! Oh, you look cozy.
So your man's got a little drunk
tonight, and I had to drive him home.
Where were you guys?
Well, they were at a bar, and I went
home to walk my dog after dinner.
And next thing I know,
all the guys are calling me
to pick them up like I'm
their fucking chauffeur.
I'm sorry.
It's whatever.
I'll see you at the reunion
tomorrow, yeah?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Bye Benjamin.
- Bye Lizzy.
Love you.
[Ben] I love you.
[Lizzy chuckles]
- Hi.
- Mmm.
Oh my God. You're wasted.
Mm. What are you doing?
You know, just reading
and having a little vino.
A little vino.
[Soft rustling]
That feels good.
I know.
I'm really sorry about today.
I know.
I can't believe I threw
an iced coffee at you.
Like, what the fuck.
- The iced part.
- Yeah. That's what really got you.
Yeah, that was fucked up.
[He cries]
I'm a shit boyfriend.
I'm a really shitty boyfriend.
Don't say that.
Your thighs are so soft...
I love you so much.
I love you too.
Fuck, Lizzy. Yeah?
Hm? Yeah, sure.
Did she say anything about me
What would she have said?
Just about how the video went.
No, no, it didn't come up.
Lizzy's a good person, Tessa.
You just don't know her.
But she's a good person.
We're all good people.
Go to sleep.
But not on me. Come on.
[He sighs] Where are you going?
I'm just going to sit on the
couch and hang out for a little bit.
It's just
kind of stuffy in here.
Go to sleep.
[Door closes]
[Muffled chatter on headphones]
Hey, how was it?
Really fun. I'm really sweaty.
[Door squeaks open]
[Door closes]
Hey, man.
Just wanted to check in.
I... I hope your
mom's doing okay.
I wanted to tell you that the
first guests are here, and...
they're, they're kind of weird.
Um, but, yeah,
you can call me back later.
I'll call you or...
Yeah, I'll talk to you later.
See ya.
[Door clicks, footsteps approach]
Hey, um...
It was, um,
really nice
when you were doing that like,
that thing with the microphone.
And I was
wondering if we could
um, like, do that again?
I could pay you or something.
[She hesitates]
I know that it's, um,
I know that it's
really weird, but like, um, I don't know.
It was, um, it was really nice.
And I...
it helped me, like, calm down.
Um... okay.
This is awkward.
This is, like, really weird.
It's, um..
It's just that...
I haven't, like,
had someone around
who would treat me like that for
a while, and it's been
something I've missed. And...
I don't know, like, especially,
like, since Lance left,
I've felt, like, like, really
lonely, I guess.
Oh, I'm sorry.
You don't have to be.
It was...
It was just nice.
I wonder, I, um.
Have you ever had a
girlfriend or a partner before?
Yeah. I did.
In college for a little while.
What happened?
She just, um...
She just, like, didn't like me
that much after a while.
She said I never left her alone.
She got um, just like, tired of me or...
something like that.
I'm not really good at talking to women.
That's why it was really
cool living with Lance
because he was like, really, like,
smooth with the ladies, you know?
And he would, like, give me tips and,
like, sometimes when I was
talking to a girl online and like,
didn't know what to say.
He would like, type
everything out for me.
[She chuckles] He sounds
like a really good roommate.
I mean, he's like my best friend.
He's like the best friend.
He's like the coolest guy ever.
I wish you could meet him.
He's that kind of person, you know,
the kind of person that you want
every other person to get to know.
I love that.
What you just said.
Sometimes I feel like I don't
know a lot of really good people.
They're hard to find.
I know I'm not one of them.
I uh...
I try to be, but...
I don't know.
Why don't you think you're
one of them?
Well... people, like...
I don't have a lot of friends
and people don't seem, like,
happy to see me.
People are always happy
to see Lance.
[She sniffles, exhales softly]
Just close your eyes.
[Ethereal melody, woman vocalizes]
[Soft rustling;
Adam breathes deeply]
[Ethereal music and vocalizing continue]
[Door squeaks softly, music stops]
[Ben] What are you guys doing?
Oh, um, you know,
Adam was just curious
about the ASMR stuff,
so I just thought I'd
show him what it felt like.
Adam, it definitely looked
like you were enjoying yourself.
[Ben chuckles]
Don't let me interrupt you guys.
[Door slams]
No, seriously,
can we keep going?
No. Tessa. I'm serious.
Just don't stop.
I mean you can't stop
when he's that close, right?
My God...
you guys are...
[Ben scoffs]
[Door shuts]
You're not even going to say anything?
I don't know what to say,
because whatever I say
is going to make you angry.
Well, I'm allowed to be angry, right?
What the fuck were you doing?
What I always do.
What do you always do?
Tessa. Can you stop treating
me like I'm a fucking idiot?
It's really exhausting.
- But that's what I was doing.
- Why?
I don't know. Because I was...
I was bored and a little
drunk and I don't know.
I cannot believe you getting
so pissed at whatever bullshit
you thought went down with Lizzy
when you have been pampering
this complete, like, fucking stranger
who's been staring at us with
his fucking bug eyes all weekend.
You're acting like he was,
like, a rapist or something.
I offered. He didn't force
me into anything. I offered.
Women do that! They, like, offer.
They think quiet weird
guys are sympathetic and it is
very fucking annoying.
Why do you do that?
I was just trying to be
nice to him.
We were just talking about how
lonely he was and it was just like...
It wasn't even like
he was an adult man.
It was just like he was this boy and he
wants someone to talk to him like that.
That's great! I'm so
happy that you've bonded.
Is this why you've been
hanging back, staying in?
It's because I...
I don't...
I don't know how to be here.
I don't know what to do, how
to act around your friends here.
Oh! Okay! So it's that you're
not the center of attention,
so you have to rope some fucking
weirdo into making you feel important.
That's it?
You think I'm that hungry for attention?
That I'm that desperate?
No! But you definitely like it!
You definitely aren't telling him to stop
even when it's about to
cross a thin fucking line.
You'd rather he keep going
till the last possible second
and then you can act terrified
by the fact
that he wants you as if you didn't
know the whole fucking time, Tessa!
Of course I know!
But that doesn't mean
this is all so conniving.
I can't help how he feels
about me, so I'm just...
I'm just trying to be nice to
him. I'm not trying to fuck him.
Does he know that?
Does he know that?
I don't think
he fucking knows that.
And I think you want to keep it that way
because I don't think you
actually give a shit about this guy.
You reward him because
he gives you attention.
You comfort him because
he gives you attention.
That's why you hate Lizzy.
That's why you hate Lizzy.
But you'll... you'll cuddle up next
to this absolute fucking pervert.
Is that right?
You always have to
make everything so disgusting.
No. No, Tessa.
Oh, come on.
That's you.
Because you're the one out
there touching that guy making him
think he actually had a
fucking chance with you, right?
[Pipes rattling softly]
Well, maybe I wanted him to think that.
Maybe that's the only way you
keep a guy being nice to you.
Maybe I wanted to reward someone
for being generous to me and
let me be generous to them.
Maybe I want to feel like
there was something else
besides this miserable,
miserable cycle we're in
of not knowing how to treat each other,
how to talk to each other, how
to actually be nice to each other.
Always being so cool and nonchalant
and judgmental and shit talking!
Hey, don't act like you don't
like my fucking shit talking, okay?
Don't act like I'm
some horrible fucking man!
But sometimes you act like a horrible man!
Yeah! But sometimes you are a
horrible fucking woman.
OK? Because what you were doing out there
that was so nice and charitable to Adam,
you know that that fucking hurt me, right?
You know that hurt me.
All this is is actually
really fucking hurting me.
I'm sorry.
I don't know how I got to
where I was.
Suddenly I was there.
It felt good.
So I kept going.
What felt good?
- What felt good?
- I don't know.
What felt good? Hurting me?
No, of course not.
The attention.
- The attention?
- Okay.
Yes, maybe. I don't know.
Just stop asking me.
Yes, yes, yes!
And I don't really know
what to do here.
This is...
really fucking strange Tessa, you're...
You're weirding me out. I, ugh,
I really don't know
how to deal with this.
I don't really know
how to deal with you.
Okay... what do you want me to say?
That I feel bad for him?
That I fucking pity him
because he's sad and strange
and he seems to only have one
friend who he's fully obsessed with,
who might be imaginary?
I also thought that.
[Both laugh]
I fully think so.
You're such a fucking freak.
Yeah, sort of.
What were you guys even talking about?
He was just going on and
on about how amazing Lance is.
No one's named Lance.
Yeah, I know.
Then what?
[She sighs] And then
I saw him in his baggy gym shorts...
Oh my God.
And I just knew
I had to touch him.
Shut the fuck up.
[She sighs] And then
when he came back from
ultimate frisbee, so sweaty,
I just couldn't resist him.
I swear to God.
[She moans]
And then...
I saw him
in his little sweatpants
and it just made me so wet.
Oh, yeah.
Oh, I don't know
if I can do this with you
after having Adam.
[She laughs]
No! It just won't be the same!
[Both panting]
[She moans]
[Tessa, muffled] Oh... oh...
[Loud rock music on headphones]
[Distant rattle]
[Distant traffic hum]
[Ben chuckles]
[Water runs]
Hey, man, Hi. [Chuckles]
I'm sorry about last night.
It was, uh,
it was not cool of me.
I just...
I just walked into the weird
I understand that, but I was
being overprotective of Tessa, and...
that's not me.
[Adam] Sure.
Tessa is a really nice person, and I
think she likes to make people feel good.
Sometimes she struggles
with the limitations of that.
So sorry if she made
you feel weird.
Yeah, I, uh...
I guess I felt a little weird.
You know, she's touchy.
[Water runs]
[Phone beeping]
[Chimes cheerfully]
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you up to tonight?
I'm meeting someone for dinner.
For a date.
I'm going to use the bathroom.
[Game music, whooshing, chiming]
You're really good at this.
I know.
Did you have fun?
Yeah, I had so much fun.
The dancing was so fun
and the open bar was so fun.
- Actually?
- Yeah, yeah.
It's like the high school
experience I never had.
You looked really good.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
[They moan]
Come on.
- Oh, they're home.
- Oh.
They sound really annoying.
[Muffled exclaiming and laughter]
[Music and beeping continue]
[Girl] Oh, wow. Hi.
[Adam] Hi.
[They moan]
[Adam] You can be as loud as you want.
[Adam] Go louder.
I like it when you're loud.
- [Girl] Oh, oh, oh.
- I want to fuck you so bad.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
- You're so pretty.
- You don't have to say that.
- I think you're really pretty.
- You're really nice.
[Adam] Put your hands in my hair.
[Girl] Okay.
[Adam and girl moaning]
What the fuck?
No, seriously.
What? What the fuck?
What is going on?
Adam's full on fucking, dude.
Oh my God,
that is so fucking gross.
He said he had a date tonight.
Oh, well...
The walls are thinner
than I thought.
I'm going to use the bathroom.
- You like that, huh?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Yeah?
- Oh, yeah. I really do.
[She moans]
Okay. Maybe that was too hard.
[Adam] Oh, sorry.
You like that, huh?
- [Girl] Yeah.
- [Adam] Louder!
[Girl] Yes!
[He groans]
My butt hurts,
like, pretty badly.
[Adam] Sorry.
I'm sorry.
[Pipes hissing]
What the fuck?
What the fuck.
Who was that girl?
I have no idea.
You still want to have sex?
- No.
- I'm joking.
- I feel fucking traumatized.
- Yeah. Same.
Jesus Christ.
And I just wonder what
that girl looks like, you know?
Why do you care?
I just feel like I can so clearly
imagine his type.
- What's his type?
- Like...
Small, cute, Asian,
purple hair or something.
Small, cute, Asian?
Yeah, that's clearly his type.
Well, what's your type, Ben?
[Scoffs] Come on.
You know it's different.
He looks like he has a fetish.
Maybe people think
that about you.
Tessa, there are other things I like about
you apart from you being Asian. Obviously.
Yeah. Obviously.
You don't even look that Asian.
[They sigh]
[Vehicle roars by]
[Window rattles;
Traffic hum]
[Birds chirp]
[Door squeaks]
[Door opens, shuts]
[Zipper zips]
[Door shuts]
- Did you see the girl?
- No. Here.
Let's go soon.
I mean, before we have to see
Adam again.
Yes, yeah. Definitely.
If you want to finish
packing, I'll go get the car.
Okay. Yeah.
Hey, will you close the
window? It's cold in here.
It doesn't matter. We'll
be gone soon anyways.
- Ben.
- Hm?
What are you smiling about?
Lizzy just sent me a bunch of
funny pictures from last night.
- You want to see?
- No. Later.
Can you get the car, please?
[Vehicle passes by]
[Horn honks, distant]
I was just...
I just wanted to tell you... I...
I went on a date last night.
It went well.
Yeah. Yeah, it was...
Her name is Kristen.
I even you know, I did the thing
where I picked a restaurant close by,
and then she came over and
we played Super Smash Brothers.
Yeah, she stayed over.
It was...
It was really nice.
She was pretty cool.
I think we'll... we'll
see each other again.
[Breathes deeply]
[Soft, delicate music]
[Music stops]
[Ben] All right.
Let's get this show on the road.
[Soft, delicate music]