This Gun for Hire (1942) Movie Script

It's after 2:00.
Can I come in now?
Hey, you in or aren't ya?
Get out!
Get out!
Keep your dirty hands off me.
Ah! You!
You and your cat!
Go on, beat it.
Look at my dress.
You oughta buy me a new
one. Beat it, I said!
Hello, mister.
Albert Baker?
Come in, friend.
Come in.
Don't worry. My secretary.
You've, uh,
brought the money?
We're having coffee.
Try a cookie.
They're very good.
It's lucky
they sent you today.
By tonight, this would've
been on its way to Washington.
That would've been just too
bad for your boss, wouldn't it?
Especially the little,
uh, prescription?
I'm even willing to forgive your boss
that nasty little word "blackmail. "
So then, here you are and...
the money, please.
They said
he'd be alone.
Hi, mister.
I dropped my ball.
It was very nicely handled,
my boy.
I compliment you.
Taught Mr. Baker
a lesson in morality, didn't you?
Ugly people, blackmailers.
Only one way to pay them off.
Won't you have a sundae? I'll
have my cut, Johnson. I'm broke.
Here's your end.
No, I'm not through with that.
Oh, lovely.
Dainty but sculptured.
I'll bet you read palms.
I'm an expert. How'd
you guess? I guessed.
My client is most grateful.
He must have plenty
of lettuce. Who is he?
Oh, he's very shy.
I couldn't discuss him.
Say, Johnson, what is your line,
anyway? You're not a finger man.
I'm shy too.
Why, Mr. Gates!
My name is not Gates.
You mean, you're not Will
Gates of Los Angeles? I'm not.
I'm sorry.
So annoying.
Second time today.
They're all 10s.
You didn't expect
a thousand ones, did you?
Don't you trust me?
Who trusts anybody?
Direct from the bank,
as I promised.
Oh, I see your point,
of course.
If the bills were bad, you couldn't very
well complain to the police, could you?
I'm my own police.
What do you mean?
What would you do?
First I'd find out who you're
stoogin' for... the shy boy.
Then I'd give him
what I gave Baker.
Don't! I...
I can't stand violence.
Then I'd whittle off
a little of that blubber.
Such a warped
sense of humor.
Oh, I forgot.
A little gift from me.
Orchestra seats
to the best show in town.
I oughta know.
It cost me plenty.
That's my one vice...
backing leg shows.
No, thanks. Go ahead, take your girl.
You... must have a girl
or a friend.
Live alone,
work alone, eh?
how do you feel
when you're doing...
I feel fine.
be good.
Lieutenant Crane?
I'm Willard Gates, Nitro Chemical
Corporation of Los Angeles.
My firm wants to know what the
police up here are doing, if anything,
about the man who robbed our
paymaster. They're working on it.
He's been reported here in San
Francisco. Don't they know that?
Yes, of course they know it.
That's why I'm on the case.
I'm from the Los Angeles force, up
here on my vacation until this happened.
Well, I hope you can get some results.
It's been a week since the robbery.
The stolen bills
are all new and all 10s.
Why hasn't
an arrest been made?
I'll tell you why.
The man may not
even be here.
All we can do is wait for him to pass one of
those hot bills. If he does that, we've got him.
I hope so. You know
we're offering a reward?
5,000 for a 20,000 bundle.
It's kind of unusual.
Is it?
Well, it's just because...
the president of our company
is so upset over it.
Well, it's his dough.
Remember we want him,
dead or alive...
preferably the former
after what he did to our paymaster.
And quickly, too,
or we'll go higher up.
Go milk a duck!
Five thousand dollars.
I could buy myself a farm, get a
couple chickens and lay my own eggs.
That's a neat trick
if you can do it.
All right,
Miss Graham.
This is the gal.
Have you ever seen
the love lights
In a lady's eyes
And then suddenly
watch it vanish away
If there's trouble
in your love life
Well, my friend
get wise
For as we magicians
would say
Now you see it
Now you don't
It goes hocus-pocus
That's love
Try to kiss her
First she won't
And then presto, chango
You're hand in glove
One moment
she's making you see
Canaries in the air
Next moment
instead of her heart
The ace of spades is there
Now you see it
Now you don't
Because hocus-pocus
Lo and behold
You get blinded by that moon
of bright gold above
That's love
Now you see it
Now you don't
Because hocus-pocus
Lo and behold
You get blinded by that moon
of bright gold above
That's love
Thank you, McGillicuddy.
How ya been?
She's terrific.
Caught her act in St. Louis.
Yes, very clever
and very attractive.
She's audience-proof.
Gets 'em bug-eyed.
Her fishing number's even better. Fit right
into your Neptune Club. What do you say?
By all means.
Oh, Miss Graham!
You're hired. Rehearse in Los Angeles
tomorrow morning. He'll do the talkin'.
I'm Willard Gates.
I own the Neptune Club.
There isn't a producer on the coast who
doesn't know that I'm the perfect sucker.
Your act is very charming.
Thank you.
I wonder if we two might have dinner
together tomorrow night in Los Angeles.
My manager
says no.
I don't like
your manager.
Well, I don't always
take his advice.
And people ask me
why I back shows.
Thank you, Mr. Fletcher,
very much for digging her up.
For 10%, I'd dig up
my wife's mother.
Well, uh,
tomorrow night then.
How was I? Okay. He's hooked.
Come on, change your duds.
We're late.
Why don't you tell me
what this is all about?
Talk takes time.
Hurry up.
I'll be right back.
If this is a snatch, don't
take me over the state line.
Miss Graham,
Senator Burnett.
So you're the mystery.
No mystery about me. Just a hick
lawyer the voters got stuck with.
- Miss Graham get the job?
- Yeah, and I think Gates is hooked.
I shouldn't wonder.
I am too.
Now, Senator,
I have a boyfriend.
And she don't mean me.
Well, good-bye.
Do senators usually have
conferences in automobiles?
Hotels have walls and walls
sometimes have Dictaphones.
Know about my committee?
Read the papers?
Mm, movie columns,
gossip columns, football.
How about your history books?
Remember Benedict Arnold?
Sure. The first
all-American heel.
There's a handful of those heels
in this country today.
And they're powerful enough
to sabotage our defense.
We're trying to expose
them. It's okay by me.
My committee thinks
Gates is one of them.
The nightclub angel?
In the daytime, he's an
executive at Nitro Chemical.
In between times,
he's been seeing men...
that are suspected
of being foreign agents.
Yet our investigators
can't turn up anything definite.
- And that's where I come in?
- Will you give it a try?
Well, it isn't exactly like
deciding to go to a beauty parlor.
Ooh. Worried about
the boyfriend?
I don't know what he'll think when
he sees me with four other fellas.
I don't either. But if you go through
with this, you can't tell anybody,
not even him.
What do I do?
Can I show you
How much? $8.98. Isn't it beautiful?
It's one of our best numbers.
What size you lookin' for?
I've got all si... A girl
named Annie will be down for it.
Give her the change.
Mama, I just made a sale. The dress in
the window to a man! Can you imagine?
That dress?
Hey, Mama.
Mama, the number.
Oh, Mama.
I feel sick.
Are you sure?
Come on!
Come on, folks!
I'll be about five minutes.
If you need me, honk. Right.
Hurry, hurry, hurry. Over
here. Step up! Play the scale.
Eight shots, 10 cents.
Win a carton of cigarettes.
Come on, step up!
Hi, angel cake.
Hello, Michael.
Got some good news
for you, sugar. Me too.
Hello, Slukey my friend.
You're no friend of mine.
Go on, take the cigarettes.
Why bother to shoot?
What a beefer! I've only been
coming here once every other day.
That's twice too occasional.
Load for me, sugar, and
start with your news.
You don't know it,
but I'm in a big rush.
What do you mean, rush? Our
date's for the whole afternoon.
It was.
That's my good news.
Vacation's over
and I'm on a case.
Don't you get it?
I don't have to go back
to Los Angeles yet.
You're here.
Well, it's perfect.
Except for one thing.
I'm going to Los Angeles.
You missed!
Oh, I lived
to see the day!
What for?
A job.
That was my good news. I thought
we'd be down there together.
How long you gonna be there? I'm
not sure yet. I'm leaving tonight.
Look, sugar,
what does it take to get you
to darn my socks,
cook my corned beef
and cabbage...
and sort of confine your magic
to one place and one customer?
Oh, Michael, I would've died if you'd
let me go away without saying something.
I want my guy.
I want a home, some kids.
Honey, you've got your guy.
But I understand
kids take time.
...and the girl is expected
at the store.
Detective Crane,
proceed immediately.
Do some magic.
Tell that horn to go
away. Go away, horn.
I didn't hear a thing.
I'm sorry.
I've gotta run, darling.
How 'bout it? Say when. Two bucks
and the justice of the peace, huh?
But my job!
No, no, no, that's out
now. I can't quit on them.
Why not? Just give them
a week's notice starting last week.
Listen, darling, it isn't really
the job. It's something else.
I'll marry you the minute you get
to Los Angeles, but it must be there.
I can't tell you why.
Well, this is a fine start!
Michael, listen!
One of the hot bills
was passed in a dress shop.
We've got to get there quick.
The guy's girl's coming up.
I've gotta leave,
darling. Come on. Michael,
I'm leaving on
the 7:00 Southern Pacific.
Please come.
If I can.
He's acted funny
ever since he came here.
He don't talk to nobody, he don't
look at nobody. Like he's got a secret.
I haven't looked up his record
yet, but I wouldn't doubt it.
The girl ain't lyin';
His name is Raven.
Is he in now?
I think so, Officer.
What do you know about him?
I can tell you. He's no good.
You took a present from him,
didn't you?
It wasn't a present.
He tore my dress, that's why.
Anyway, I was gonna sell it back
and take the money.
How'd he happen
to tear your dress?
All I did was chase his cat
out of the room.
And you know what? Just for that,
he hits me right in the face.
He treats everybody
like that.
What's his room number? Room 9. Here.
Here's a key.
And you, don't leave.
When I can see him in
handcuffs? Ha! Don't worry.
I'm going up to his room.
Wait here.
Annie, my wife would never forgive me.
She'd have triple fits if she missed this.
I'll call home, and you
try her at Sissie's. Okay.
Don't put in that nickel.
Lift the receiver.
Pretend you're talkin'
to the old lady.
Say, " Hello, Mrs. Stewart.
" Hello, Mrs. Stewart.
Louder so the cop can hear
ya. Tell her what's up.
They're after Mr. Raven.
Because he passed
a stolen bill in a dress shop.
What do you mean,
stolen? You oughta know.
Talk into the phone.
Yes, Mrs. Stewart.
The dress shop had the number
from the police department.
Gates. Stolen from where?
I don't know, Mrs. Stewart.
You do know. I don't
remember, Mrs. Stewart.
You better remember!
I gave you a dress, didn't I?
Yeah. It could've landed
me in jail. Shut up!
He's not there.
Phone headquarters, Charlie.
Oh, that phone's busy.
There's one in my office.
did you get my wife?
I'm tellin' her now
it's no use to come over.
That's right. Say, I know
something that'll help you.
His left wrist, it was badly
broken. The bone is big.
He never smiles, neither.
I wouldn't keep him, only he pays.
I'm respectable.
Hmm. Well, don't touch his
room. We want fingerprints.
I'm going to put a man in
the alley. If Raven comes in,
go to the window and give
it this with the shade. Huh?
Raise it and lower it.
Okay, sir. I'll cooperate.
I'm respectable.
I heard you the first time.
Annie, what are
you gabbin' about?
And what's happened
to that light in there?
Get back!
I oughta plug
the both of ya.
Stay in there
and keep quiet.
Hey, wait a minute.
You're under arrest. What?
You're under arrest!
Southern Pacific.
Stay with that cab.
Yes, sir.
Compartment C, car 189. Through
to Los Angeles. Thank you.
'Board! 'Board.
Hey, Michael!
Oh, honey,
I'm so glad you came.
Please say it's all right
for me to go.
Gimme a kiss.
Hey, where's your magic?
Stop the train a minute.
Say it's all right.
I just got a little hot
under the collar.
You will hurry down, won't
you? Soon as I finish this job.
Why aren't you in a Pullman?
Did they chisel you out of a berth?
I took cash instead.
He has to go to college,
doesn't he? Who does?
Are you that broke?
Come on.
I know you're not asleep.
You talkin' to me?
What do you want?
My five bucks.
It was the only one I had,
and one corner
was torn off.
Don't make me call the conductor.
Hand it over and we'll forget it.
I'm no pickpocket.
Gotta find somebody in L.A. Short
of cash, or I wouldn't have taken it.
Wanna borrow a dollar?
I'll get along.
Well, I hope your friend
owes you something.
I owe him.
I don't get it. If you're broke,
how can you pay him?
I can pay him. He's a fat man
who likes peppermints.
You're gonna pay a debt
with peppermints?
Yeah. First I find out
who his boss is.
Then I pay both of 'em, see?
I don't see.
That's all right.
Well, I'm turning in.
First call for breakfast!
First call for breakfast!
First call for breakfast!
First call for breakfast!
You're sure this wire will reach
Los Angeles ahead of the train?
Oh, yes, sir.
Uh, keep it. Thank you very much.
Next stop, Los Angeles.
Let me see your left wrist.
Okay, thank you.
Wait a minute. Lookin' for me for a job
I didn't do, and they're not gonna get me.
You're gonna help. Can
we see your left wrist?
Can we see your left wrist? Let
me see that wrist. Thank you.
Can we see your left wrist? There
won't be any shooting, will there?
That's up to him. Can
we see your left wrist?
Why, it's only me, boss.
Tommy, take these bags
and don't let me out of your sight.
Don't worry, boss. I'll be
right here holding your hand.
All right, get goin'.
Can we see your left wrist?
Can we see your left
wrist? Let me see it.
They got him!
I tell ya I cut it.
I'm a machinist. Yeah?
No, no, no!
You sure?
Of course I'm sure.
You've let him get away.
Easy. He's still on that train.
Dig him out!
Well, you made it.
Sorry I can't have breakfast with
you, but I've got a dress rehearsal.
You, uh, won't be needing
the baby anymore, will you?
Good luck.
I got a job to do.
Nobody knows you're here.
Go ahead.
Somebody does know.
Keep walkin'.
Look, I...
In there.
Turn around.
Turn around!
Hey, what are you doin' in here?
Do you wanna get hurt?
We're tearing
this dump down!
What's cookin' here?
Everything is prepared
for the gas mask rehearsal, sir.
We're ready in
the processing plant, sir.
At 8:00 tomorrow morning,
everyone will be wearing a gas mask.
The same with packing and
shipping, Mr. Brewster.
And my department, sir.
I didn't quite hear you, sir.
That's excellent.
Mr. Brewster says,
"That's excellent. "
For their own protection,
see to it that all my employees
take this rehearsal seriously.
They're the only family
I have. That's all.
Mr. Brewster, I don't know
how to quite tell you...
You're a bungling idiot,
I gave you a job to do involving
millions and you botched it.
I didn't botch it, sir. Here's
Baker's letter and the formula.
Raven got those, and then you let
him slip through your fat fingers.
Is that all?
As a matter of fact, I don't know
whether they're working together or not,
but there was a girl
on the train with Raven.
You know anything
about her?
She's... a performer
I just hired for my nightclub.
Apparently you want
to commit suicide.
I didn't know that when I hired her, and now
I'm afraid to turn her over to the police.
They wouldn't believe anything
Raven said, but they might believe her.
You're a fool!
Get down to that club of yours!
Uh, take her out somewhere.
F-Find out all about her.
And get out of here!
Yes, sir.
When you get to L.A.,
you're to see Mr. Brewster,
president of Nitro Chemical
Corporation. Old King Chloride, huh?
Headquarters said you're
to go straight to the plant.
Brewster is screaming
because we didn't get Raven.
I'll see him. So long,
kid. Happy landings.
They told me you were
coming down. How are you?
I don't know yet. Where's the
telephone? Come on, I'll show you.
Pardon us.
What's the matter? You look like
you've been on a hayride with Dracula.
You're not kidding.
Long distance, please.
Who are you calling?
A cop.
On long distance?
My cop. He's in...
San Francisco, please.
Person-to-person call, Lieutenant
Michael Crane, police headquarters.
Say, what's this all about
anyway? Five thousand bank notes.
Places, girls! Places!
Ruby, places!
See you later, honey. Come
on, girls. Hurry up, line up.
He just left town.
No, couldn't tell you.
- Miss Graham, please!
- Coming.
I've got you
right where I wanted you
Dangling on my line
I've got you
and I'm enjoying it fine
You had me right where
you wanted me
That's the way I learned
You had me
Ah, but the tables have turned
I was one out of 50
in your address book
Oh, what a spot you had me in
But today you're the sucker
for the shiny hook
And you'll never wriggle off
You can bet your bottom fin
That I've got you
right where I wanted you
Dangling on my line
I've got you
and I'm enjoying it fine
'Cause I'm not yours anymore
You're mine
'Cause I'm not yours
You're mine
Say, do you know anything about
this Graham girl?
What's the matter? Don't you
like her act anymore? Charming!
Break rehearsal for a few minutes.
I want to talk to her alone.
All right, girls.
Ten minute break.
How's Mr. Angel today?
Fine. Fine.
Is our date still on? I'll be with
you the minute rehearsal is over.
Suppose we have dinner
at my house in Hollywood?
I'll drive you back
in time for the first show.
I'll pick you up.
The Hotel Wilshire.
Oh, uh,
I beg your pardon.
Hey, Walt!
That guy! It's him!
Will Gates?
He's in the shop.
I'll get him.
Are you Will Gates?
What can I do for you?
Not a thing.
He's right in there.
Get back.
Yes? Hello, Mr. Gates. Did
a man just come in here?
He had the wrong address.
I sent him around the corner.
Thanks, pal.
Now, don't worry.
We'll get him.
I do worry, Lieutenant.
Tell him, Mr. Collins.
The man's a maniac. Why, he threatened to
kill me if I gave the police his description.
Look what he did to me.
You see?
One of my oldest employees.
I want him protected.
We'll put a man with him night
and day. That's not enough.
This man Raven is a professional killer.
None of us is safe.
- When'd you find that out?
- This report came in 10 minutes ago. Take it.
Read it.
Check on it.
My men are
at your disposal.
Hmm. Very interesting, Mr. Brewster.
Thank you. Thank you, Lieutenant.
I am sure we understand
each other.
And for the sake of my employees
and your own men,
this man Raven
should be shot on sight.
Good day, Lieutenant.
Well, I...
Good day, Lieutenant!
This getup is giving me arthritis.
Do you know where this is?
Yes, indeed. That's Hollywood...
way up in the hills.
You can hitch a ride
if you're broke.
You know, when I was a little boy
and the rain came down like that,
my mother used to say,
"God is angry at someone. "
He couldn't be angry at you,
could he?
Mmm, I don't remember
bending any commandments.
You know,
you're a very intriguing girl.
I want to know all about you.
That's a big little word, "all. "
Well... practically all.
I looked for you
on the train last night.
I thought we might be
in the same car.
I tried the observation car,
the diner, the Pullmans...
- I was in the chair car.
- Oh, really? Isn't that uncomfortable?
Not for an old trooper.
That is, of course, unless you're
unlucky and your neighbor snores.
Were you... unlucky?
Oh, no! I sat with
a very charming old lady.
She told me about her farm in Iowa, how her
grandmother came out in a covered wagon...
What's the matter?
So you do know him?
What are you talking about?
- You were with Raven on that train. I saw you!
- What have you to do with him?
He's after me and you're helping him. He'll
use that gun, the gun he used on Baker!
Why did you get mixed up in this?
I'm a peaceful man.
I hate violence.
But don't think
I won't protect myself.
I don't understand it. That girl's so nuts
about you, I'm sick of hearing about it.
Now all of a sudden she
rambles off with that fat wolf.
Why? If I were you, lover,
I'd scram right out there.
That girl's wrestling by now,
or I'm no judge of character.
Yeah. Thanks.
Never even scratched her.
We're a cinch.
In a couple of hours the bridge
over the reservoir will be deserted.
Look... Don't tell me! I don't
want to know anything about it.
This is a work of art.
The ropes come off. I tie sash
weights to her ankles with soft catgut.
Please, that's a horrible word.
Now get the angle on this.
She disappears, two weeks,
maybe three. Then up she pops.
None of this stuff on her
anymore. No marks. A suicide.
Now, isn't that beautiful?
That's loathsome!
Be sure no one sees you. Don't
worry. I'll take the other car.
And when they find her...
Don't tell me!
Okay. Between me
and the reservoir.
I'll wait down at the Neptune
'til you come.
You're all upset
over nothing, boss.
Eat a good dinner.
It'll calm you down.
Such a lovely body.
It's revolting!
That's a relief.
Come to the club as soon as possible.
Yeah, yeah.
Uh, no, sir. Miss Graham's
been gone about two hours.
I thought she was having
dinner here. Not that I know of.
Mr. Gates go with her? No, sir.
He just left a few minutes ago.
I'd like to use your phone.
Certainly, sir. Excuse me.
It's right over there.
Here you are, sir.
This is Police Lieutenant Crane.
Give me the Hotel Wilshire
right away, please.
Miss Ellen Graham.
Oh, she did?
What's the forwarding address?
Huh. Thank you.
Do you know where Mr.
Gates went? No, sir.
But he generally has dinner
at the Neptune Club.
Miss Graham is not
in any trouble, is she?
Personal matter.
I see.
Good night, sir.
Good night.
All right, get 'em up.
In the back way.
Say, what is this?
Against that wall.
Now, where is she? Oh,
the girl? Oh, she-she left.
Why'd you dump this, then?
Well, she was here,
see, but...
Take it easy.
What's Gates got against you?
He saw us on the train.
He thinks I'm your girl.
How'd he catch up with you?
I work in his nightclub.
You got one of those dressing
rooms, haven't you? Mm-hmm.
Come on.
What for?
He's eating there tonight
and I want to talk to him alone.
Look, I'm not gonna hurt you.
You treated me okay.
But you do what I tell you.
Come on.
All right, but
you'll have to help me.
So you're a copper's girl.
Who told you that? He was here lookin'
for you, and he better stay away from me.
Have you tried her hotel?
They said she checked out.
Then I'm afraid I can't help you.
For you, sir.
Oh. Thank you.
No. Yes!
He's got your car.
The girl's with him.
Get out of there fast, boss.
Watch that cop.
He's her boyfriend.
Uh, right.
Excuse me, uh... that was
business. I've got to leave.
I'll walk along with you.
We've got some more talking to do.
Good evening, sir.
Go straight to
your dressing room.
Ellen, where have you been?
Watch it, copper. It's
Raven. Do what he says.
You stay where you are.
There's a dragnet out for you, Raven.
It won't do you any good
to hurt her, so use your head.
You better stay put.
Stop Gates!
Tell him to stay in town.
Where'd that couple go? What
couple? I didn't see anyone, sir.
Come here!
Get on that radio and tell them to
round up every police car they can spare.
Cover this whole district.
Hey, Mike, I told Gates what
you said, but... Wait a minute.
These are Ellen's!
She's blazing a trail for us.
Tell them to look for cards with
these initials on 'em. Right.
I've got to rest a minute.
It's the gas works. We'll
hide out inside until morning.
You stay up on top until I get
there. And don't try to run.
Who do you think I am?
Hey! Here's one.
Meet us at the other end
of this alley.
Hey, look at this.
If we go after him in the dark,
somebody's gonna get hurt. Ellen maybe.
But if we keep him cooped up until
morning, then we can spot him easy.
Let's flood these walls
with searchlights. Yes, sir.
Steve, you and I will go after him
alone. Maybe I can talk him into the open.
Not him! I said "maybe.
" Give us a boost over.
Come on, boys,
let's go.
I've been thinking
about what you said.
We both took a beating
from the same guy, didn't we?
I think I know where
he'll be in the morning.
You've got to tell me
something first.
I want to know
what you've got against him.
I did a job for him.
He paid me off in hot money so he
could put me where I couldn't talk.
What was the job?
Your turn now.
You haven't told me.
Your turn now.
He's at Nitro Chemical.
Get up on the catwalk.
Be careful of Ellen, but if he
starts to blast, let him have it.
I want to talk to you.
You're bottled up.
You can't get out.
We're moving in
when it's daylight.
We don't want to shoot
unless you make us,
so come on out
and talk it over.
Do you hear me, Raven?
That cop of yours.
We've got to move again.
Hey, have you seen anything? I've looked
everywhere and I haven't seen a thing, sir.
Get in there.
You're sure there's no place
he can get out?
That must come out
someplace. Go on.
Where's this go? To the
railroad yards over there.
You stay here.
I'm gonna beat him to it!
Go ahead.
When you get on the new bridge, turn
your searchlights into the yards.
When we spot that drainpipe, we've
got him. All right, step on it.
There's some sort of
light ahead. Keep goin'.
What's down there?
Looks like a railroad yards.
Look out.
Get on those searchlights.
Over to the right. Turn the
other one. Right away, sir.
All right, turn around
and drop down.
Some fun!
Keep every foot of the
yard covered. Yes, sir.
Swing the beam to the
left. Lower. Yes, sir.
Okay, we'll keep 'em here
'til morning.
Still bottled up.
Why don't you hop a rattler
and get out of this?
I've got that job to do.
Come on, we'll find an empty.
Take it easy.
I've got a twisted ankle.
Hogan, take 15 men and stop
every train going in or out.
You certainly pack an arsenal.
Something I took from Gates'
chauffeur. What happened?
Drain pipe wire.
You'll get dirt in it. Have you got
a handkerchief? Forget it, will ya?
That's it, boys.
Cover the whole yard.
That's enough.
You're a funny guy.
You like my doing that,
but you won't admit it.
That's sucker talk.
You killed Baker.
Gates told me.
Who's the man behind him? That's
what I'm trying to find out.
Maybe I can help.
You must have some idea
who it is.
Baker was blackmailing
the guy behind Gates.
He was going to send a letter
about him to Washington.
I gave it to sweet-tooth.
What was in it?
Piece of paper with some
kind of arithmetic on it.
A prescription he called it.
Like a chemical formula?
How do I know?
Was the letter going
to Senator Burnett? Huh?
Yeah, that was his name.
Hey, this is good luck.
Cats bring you luck.
And it's hungry.
Ain't got nothin' for you, Tuffy.
You like cats, don't you?
Yeah. They're on their own.
They don't need anybody.
Well, this one could do
with a friend.
So could you.
You're tryin' to make me go soft.
Well, you can save your oil.
I don't go soft for anybody.
I could put somebody else in charge.
I'd appreciate it if you didn't.
What about your girl?
That's just the point.
This guy's a killer, all right.
I've checked Brewster's information.
That's why I want to wait
'til morning and gas him out.
They'll move in
in the morning.
Every flatfoot in town.
You know,
I've been figuring something.
That chemical formula.
I bet I know what it is.
Gas. Poison gas.
They're selling it to our enemy.
So? So tomorrow they'll
ship it back in bombs.
Japanese breakfast food
for America.
Did you hear what I said?
It's important.
This war is everybody's business.
Yours too.
Mr. Gates is still eating his
peppermints. That's my business.
Why don't you stop thinking about
yourself for a minute? Who else is gonna?
Hey, look out
for that clothesline!
Some doings tonight.
A cop wherever you spit.
Yeah. How'd you like to be worth
5,000 smackers dead or alive?
Wouldn't care
for it dead.
Did you hear that?
That meowing?
Come on.
They don't pay off on cats.
Let it up.
They've gone.
Let it up.
It's dead. I killed it.
I killed my luck.
You got the break, Tuffy.
I'd like to crawl down
there with you and sleep.
Why don't you sleep
for a while?
It's no good.
I'd only dream.
Every night I dream.
I read somewhere
about a kind of doctor,
a psycho-something.
If you tell your dream,
you don't have to dream it anymore.
That's right.
You wouldn't laugh
if I told ya, would ya?
It's a woman.
I dream about a woman.
She used to beat me.
To whip the bad blood
out of me, she said.
My old man was hanged.
My mother died right after that, and I
went to live with that woman... my aunt.
She beat me from the time
I was three 'til I was 14.
One day she...
caught me reaching
for a piece of chocolate.
She was saving it for a cake.
A crummy piece of chocolate.
She hit me...
with a red-hot flatiron.
Smashed my wrist with it.
I grabbed a knife.
I let her have it...
in the throat!
They stuck a label on me... killer.
They shoved me in a reform
school, and they beat me there too!
But I'm glad I killed her.
What's the use?
There's nothing I can do.
There is something you can do.
Don't kill anymore.
You're just killing her all over
again. That's all you're doing.
You don't really want
to get Gates.
What do you want me to do,
send him some candy?
I want you to make him
spill the whole works.
Who's behind him,
names, everything.
I want a signed confession.
That's more important
than killing him.
It's important to your country.
Come on,
take your hands off of me.
Button up, will ya?
I'll take care of Gates my way.
No, please!
Get away from me.
Go on, get away.
Gonna wait for it to lift?
We'll have to.
It's thicker than gravy down there.
No chance for a getaway. An eel couldn't
get through. We've got every foot covered.
They're waitin' for my whistle
the minute it clears.
No soap, huh?
Too many of' em.
But I got a proposition for ya.
You still want that stuff
from Gates? Of course I do.
Help me outta here
and I'll get it for you.
Or was that hot air last night,
that flag-waving?
Come on,
make up your mind.
Okay, I'll shoot it out with 'em. I
hope your copper gets the first slug.
No, wait a minute!
Promise me
you won't use that anymore.
All right.
It's a deal.
You go first,
across the yard.
Don't run or
they'll know it's a woman.
Here, take this.
Wait 'til they spot you,
then get under something.
Stall as long as you can, then
come out with your hands up.
Let them go first.
Wait for the whistle.
We'll give it
another minute.
You're gonna marry
that copper?
Right guy for ya?
All right, go ahead.
Spread out, but watch me.
Send Glennon up the
embankment. Right away, sir.
He's underneath there.
All right, boys,
let's use the gas on him.
So old man Brewster was right.
She is Raven's girl, huh?
All right, Crane,
I'll take over.
Drop it!
The other one.
You boys stick here.
Come on!
Hey, get outta there!
Ellen, you've got to tell me.
Where'd he go?
Mike? He got Glennon. Yeah?
He promised me he wouldn't.
Where'd he go?
Now use your head!
That guy's a killer!
How did you meet him?
What were you doing with him?
I can't tell you.
This isn't a cop asking.
It's me.
He saved my life.
At Gates' house?
What was he doing there?
So that's who he's after.
He's headed for Nitro!
Well, so are we.
What's the matter? Did I scare
ya? This is no time to be funny!
I'm sorry, boss.
Take it easy.
Did you see the rehearsal? It's
started. Yes, it gives me the shivers.
Any news from the police? Yes.
They're waiting for the fog to lift.
What's the matter with them? It's
lifted! Then everything's okay.
I hope so. But you stay out
there in front of my door.
No visitors.
Leave it to me.
Will ya take it easy?
You only got one life.
Ladies and gentlemen, we will
first visit the processing plant.
This way, please.
What? When?
Raven's escaped!
He's coming here!
Phone the company police, and tell
Tommy not to budge from that door.
Mr. Gates,
Tommy isn't there.
Isn't there?
Well, f-find him!
Tommy, where
have you been?
Mr. Gates wants you
in his office. Hurry!
Tommy, you're getting very lax.
Don't you realize that maniac could've walked
right in here? The old man wants to see me.
While I'm up there, get me a
bottle of Scotch. I need it.
This hot money too?
No, you don't.
I'm not to blame.
You wouldn't... kill
an innocent man, would you?
It's all his fault.
I was acting as his agent.
Quiet. We'll both see
the old man.
Get up.
Come on.
Yes. Yes. Tell Mr. Brewster
he'll be right up.
Mr. Gates.
Hello, Tommy.
Have you heard about Raven? He
escaped from the railroad yards.
And Mr. Brewster
is having a fit about it!
Well... what delayed ya?
What's the matter with ya?
Put that thing away.
That's him, huh?
What do you want?
My name's Raven.
Don't answer it.
What is that?
This button, it rings
the alarm and opens the doors.
For 15 years! Dressing you,
nursing you, cleaning you,
listening to your dirty deals.
Go ahead, wipe him out!
We got business to do.
Come on, give him that pad.
Can you get to that office
from the roof? No, sir.
Wait a minute. There's a
painter's scaffold up there.
- Come on!
- Who are you selling that gas to?
You look like a young man who
knows a good thing. Why don't you...
- Do what he says! He'll kill you!
- Stop whining!
I'll tell you. That new gas formula,
he sold it to the highest bidder.
You've just committed suicide, Gates.
To the Japanese! You know this
stuff. You write it, and he'll sign.
I will not sign it!
And don't you think I will,
young man! You'll sign.
Let her go.
If you want any more, there's
the medal for services rendered...
from his boyfriends abroad!
H-How much do you want,
Raven? I'm a rich man.
Take that pen
while you still got a chance.
Oh, h-h-how foolish
young men are.
All right, you're next.
Oh, yes, yes, I'll sign.
Look out!
Dead. His heart.
One final double-cross.
Believe me,
it was Brewster!
There's something else. You
tried to kill that girl. No. No!
That girl's my friend. She's not
your friend. She told the police.
- Shut up! - They called
me up! - You're lying!
Why are they here?
She told them! She...
So this was it.
You didn't tell the cops,
did ya?
Did I do all right for you?
Oh, Michael, my darling, hold me.