This Is Our Land (2017) Movie Script

It's Pauline!
Mrs Vermeersch?
Mrs Vermeersch?
I'm Pauline Duhez, a visiting nurse.
I just found a patient dead at home.
La Vermeersch, 101 rue du Cazier.
It's Pauline.
Sorry, I have a problem.
You need to pick up the kids
for school.
It doesn't suit you?
Come on, your last job interview
was 10 years ago!
They're your kids!
I'm asking for their sake.
You're a real shit, Mickael.
Are you up, sonny?
Lili too?
That's good, sweetheart.
I can't take you this morning.
Nathalie will.
Mr Delhaye? It's Pauline.
I can't come today.
You'll have to take your pills alone.
I'll help you.
You know where I put them.
Go on.
The little blue bottle by the shelf.
Take two of those.
You can do it.
Just try.
All right, I'll pop in later.
As soon as I can. Bye.
A couple of hours maybe.
Call Mrs Laloux if need be.
I wrote her number on the fridge.
In big red figures, that's the one.
See you later.
Nothing unusual.
Probably a heart attack.
Not too hard for you?
All part of the job.
- Coffee?
- No, thanks.
How's your dad?
Not great.
He's been awkward lately.
Could you stop by?
I'll go now. Want to come?
No, my "impatients" are waiting.
Come to dinner one night?
- At your place?
- Yes, to talk.
More than just a quick chat.
- Ok. When?
- When you can.
Is it urgent?
Ok. What time?
9 o'clock?
All right.
- Hello, Mr Biagi.
- Hello, Pauline.
- Surfing again?
- As always.
Hello, Mrs Biagi!
How are you today?
Do you care, bitch?
Unemployment as high as ever.
The figures were issued
earlier today.
They are not good.
27,400 more job-seekers in November.
A 0.8% rise that mainly concerns
the over-50s.
Yes, that's this month's big problem,
a 1% rise for the over-50s...
Take the pill to stop having kids.
My husband won't agree.
Shall I talk to him?
If he finds out I told you,
he'll yell.
Does he yell loud?
Yes, very loud.
Does he hit you?
No, he's nice.
I wouldn't let him.
But you don't talk to people about sex.
And to Djamila?
No. She's an honest girl.
At her age,
she needs to talk to someone about it.
She's honest.
She doesn't think about it.
Seen the gynaecologist?
No, she's left.
It's a man now.
My husband won't let me.
He's pissing me off.
I mean, this is 21st-century France!
I'll have a word with him.
- He won't talk to you.
- Why not?
He won't talk to you, that's all.
- Sorry.
- It's ok.
Come in.
I'll get them.
- Good evening.
- Hi.
- Beer?
- I can't stay.
Sorry, I had no choice.
Stop it. They ate with us.
Are you ok?
A good sleep will set me up.
And you?
Same here. Full of beans.
Not tonight, you're too heavy.
- Please...
- No. Say good night.
- Hello.
- Hi, Cyril.
- How are you?
- Fine.
- Hi, Mum.
- He only leaves his computer for you.
- It'll pass.
- Inch'Allah.
See you Sunday.
- It's us!
- Hello, Grandpa.
Hello, my girl.
How are you?
Same as ever.
Was Berthier here?
What did he say?
Any prescription?
Just there.
- You could've gone.
- I was beat.
You need to move.
You go for your patients.
Can't you go for me?
And earlier?
I forget.
What's this?
You should know. You made it.
I make you lunch so you'll eat it.
The microwave is easy to use.
What did you eat?
Bread, cheese, sausage and a beer.
Stuff with taste.
Instead of salt
I used thyme, coriander...
But no salt.
You're on medication
for blood pressure and cholesterol.
And all you eat is cheese and sausage.
Want to kick the bucket?
There are faster ways.
Yeah, that'd suit everyone.
I'll croak how I want,
the time it takes.
Even if it costs welfare a bomb.
Ok, we're going.
Come on, kids.
Good night.
A Hnart native.
Born there, works there,
like her parents and grandparents.
Miners, metalworkers, all of them.
Her mum did school lunches.
Her dad was at Metalfrance,
until it closed.
A hard-line union militant.
Now he's sick.
Too much asbestos is often fatal.
Two years left.
- Does she know?
- I'm not telling her.
Her mum died of cancer 15 years ago.
She's an ordinary girl.
Plucky, intelligent...
Everyone knows her
and they all like her.
Pretty too. That helps.
- No skeletons?
- I doubt it.
Her kids' father, yes.
A dealer and a lowlife.
But she left him ages ago.
Is she disciplined?
Serious, anyhow.
She listens.
No racist blogs
like that idiot in Charleville?
Not her type.
I'll need her to replace me in Hnart.
They want me everywhere.
Hnart will be once a week at most.
She'll do it.
With one like her in every town...
Persuade her, Philippe.
I'm seeing her later.
Let me vet her first.
There's no need.
It'll put our minds at rest.
We can't take any risks.
And we still have to draw up the list.
Yes, it's wiser.
Hurry, I'll be late.
- Got everything, chicken?
- Please...
Sorry, no more chicken.
- I keep telling you.
- Sorry.
Got everything?
- Yes.
- Ok, let's go.
Hi, Djamila.
Hi, Anas.
Run, Billy Elliot, you're late!
See you later!
What was there to steal?
As if she had gold under her mattress!
The bastards didn't even wait
till she was buried. The scum.
- Does it hurt, Mr Rollin?
- A bit.
What'll they do next,
rob our graves?
First move.
Arm and eyes steady.
Up we go...
Very good.
Extend the other arm.
Up we go, with the eyes following...
Down now, nice and slow.
Up again...
And now we stretch...
And down again!
Nice and slow. Photo pose.
Up again. The eyes!
A card? What the hell for?
He didn't do nothing!
Is it always like this?
It happens.
He didn't do nothing!
Everything's fine.
Stay focused.
Get into position now!
Cool it down!
Hello, Stphane.
Get in the van. I'm coming.
- Mr Duhez.
- Hi, Stanko.
Hello, young lady.
You look like your sister.
She's my mum.
I'd never have guessed!
- Good to see you.
- How are things?
I work.
And I coach these terrors.
You played well. Really.
But change teams to win.
We'll make room for you.
How are you, Mr Duhez?
Still standing anyhow.
- See you around maybe.
- Maybe.
Go on, get in the van.
See you.
Bye, guys. Well done.
See you Monday.
Hi, Mum.
He did great.
Technique, team spirit and discipline.
He's a lot calmer lately.
If he screws up, he's out and knows it.
We have a deal.
I don't want any hoodlums.
- Right, Ben?
- Yeah.
Have a good weekend.
See you next week.
How's it going?
- In shape?
- You'll soon see.
Hi there.
How did you get my number?
Right, silly me.
How are you?
And then there are those who debate
With their cut-rate philosophy
You have those for and those against
Shall I put your laundry away?
It's ok, I'll do it, thanks.
Set the table, kids.
What is it?
Chicken curry and a peach tart.
If only you could shut your trap
It'd be a break
See you, Dad.
If only you could shut your trap
It'd do France a lot of good
- Yes?
- It's Pauline.
Come in.
Come on in.
Go on.
Something smells good.
Osso buco. Like it?
Yes. Did you make it?
Of course I did.
I won't be long.
Make yourself at home.
That won't be easy.
Sit down, please.
There's no starter.
I was in Paris all day.
How about a drink?
I opened a good St Julien to breathe.
It shouldn't be bad.
Cheers, Pauline.
Good health, doctor.
Interested in politics?
Not really, no.
- Do you vote?
- Rarely.
Never, actually. It's no use.
Are you sure?
I've been working 15 years
and it's worse every day.
Only the faces of our leaders change.
You're not wrong.
Always the same programmes,
the same ideas.
Left and right are the same.
Are you left-wing or right?
More left-wing, of course.
And you, right.
No, you're mistaken.
Neither right nor left.
I care about France.
And the French.
Is that funny?
I do what I do for others.
Like you.
That's true.
Wouldn't you stir it up?
If only I could.
My vote won't change much.
Make yourself heard.
Not just by voting.
I won't beat about the bush.
I need to find a local candidate
and thought of you.
You're mad.
I don't want to be in politics.
You'd rather leave that
to the same old tricksters?
I couldn't do it.
You could.
You looked after your mum
while studying.
- You helped a lot.
- Stop it.
You owe it all to yourself
and your hard work.
Know what?
If I'd had a daughter,
I'd want her to be like you.
As mayor,
you'd be fantastic, Pauline.
People want someone like you.
Someone close to them.
You know their problems
and they can trust you.
It's a job and it's not mine.
Politics isn't a job.
It never should be.
It's a commitment, an honour.
Do it. I'll vote for you.
No, I've done my time.
France needs fresh blood,
people like you.
Stop it, doctor.
- You're scared?
- I just don't want to.
You don't want to change a town
where louts rob the dead?
Or fight to bring jobs here
instead of countries
where they exploit
kids as old as yours?
Change the world? In Hnart?
Of course,
you first change things around you.
You don't fight for ideas
but for your loved ones.
There's nothing ideological about it.
Be practical and efficient,
each day, with the locals.
You can do that.
With the Patriotic Bloc?
You do follow politics.
We saw you a lot on TV.
That was a while ago,
when I was an MEP.
No, it won't be with the Bloc,
don't worry.
Don't fall for the old fascist image.
Am I an old fascist?
- Not you, but...
- What?
It's Dorgelle's party.
I don't agree with him.
Of course.
His daughter neither,
so she's founded the RNP.
To unite, not exclude.
Unite the people around a project.
Think she's a fascist too?
No, you're right. She's different.
And she's a woman.
Even if I wanted to,
my dad's a Communist.
His mistake, not yours.
You don't commit to the past.
You fight for the present, each day.
For the future.
Agns loves and respects her father,
but sees him as he is:
a man clinging to his crown.
France can't be run
by pensioners anymore.
It needs women like you and Agns.
Women will change the world.
I'm touched that you thought of me.
I'm flattered.
But it wouldn't be reasonable.
Take time to think it over.
I recall a president elected
to narrow the social divide.
I recall his successor
who said he'd clean out the scum.
I recall they were replaced
by a man whose sole enemy was finance.
But now the social divide is wider,
certain housing estates
are beyond the pale of the Republic,
while Wall Street and the ECB impose
their monetary policy on us.
What happened to the promises
of lower tax and contributions,
of more freedom for entrepreneurs?
Mine spends his time on porn sites too.
I'm not sure Cyril's into that.
He always erases the history.
You spy on him!
Just keeping an eye on him.
Until you buy him a scooter,
he'll be stuck here.
No way.
To get beaten up outside school?
We drive them,
but no scooters or branded clothes.
Teaching him to grovel all his life?
The price of peace.
Anas, fetch your brother.
Peace, my ass!
- Knock first.
- Come and eat.
Just a second.
Dig in.
Spicy sausages coming up.
You weren't laughing much.
They burgled Robert's place again.
Guess who.
No idea.
- No idea?
- No.
I'd take a look
at the Lo Lagrange estate.
No reason. Intuition.
But what do I know?
I never go there. No visa.
They're as French as you.
I'm not so sure.
They haven't been here as long.
I'm not really French as my family
came only 60 years ago?
- I'm Yugo scum?
- Not on a Sunday...
Sunday is racist day?
I didn't call them racoons.
I've lost my appetite.
What a drag!
It's like the other teachers.
Any discussion ends in a fight.
You know her, she's a hothead.
Me too.
No one lectures to me in my home.
Forget it, it's just talk.
- No one cares.
- I do!
I'm not eating with a gang of hicks.
- You're the racist.
- Me?
That's anti-French racism.
He calls all Arabs thieves,
no one reacts and I'm a racist?
All I'm saying is...
Forget it, I'm outta here.
Imperium in imperium.
It's the same old story
and we are a land
of civil and religious wars.
So, for you,
the rise in communitarism
will lead to a civil war?
I believe so.
We are the land
of civil and religious wars.
We've settled them
with strong rule and secularism,
but if we let...
I'll be back by 11.
Don't stay up too late.
See you tomorrow, honey.
See you.
Remember to tidy the table.
Off to Dr Berthier's?
- Why do you ask?
- No reason.
- I'm seeing an old friend.
- Do we know him?
The coach from soccer the other day.
Ok. You'll see him again?
No idea. You're curious.
We'll see.
We'll talk tomorrow.
If you see him again, we won't mind.
Good night, son.
How long, 20 years?
Close on, yes.
Girls usually remember that stuff.
Dates, years...
Maybe. I don't.
Well, a little.
So, tell me.
You. Your life...
Not a lot to tell.
I did training
in industrial maintenance.
It's not bad.
Then I joined the army.
Four years in the naval infantry.
Then temp work till I found a job.
Some are in a lot of pain.
Others aren't but hassle you even more.
I feel useless then.
Lack of pain lets them hassle you.
You're right.
It doesn't leave me
much time for love.
For five years now.
But I don't want to talk about it.
I'm all alone too.
I have time,
but can't find a girl I like.
Not enough for it to last.
Your kids are nice.
More than nice.
Nothing's changed here.
That's because it's dark.
By day, it's totally different.
All the shops have closed.
Except the Arab groceries.
They're all that's left.
No, it's changed.
No one calls me that anymore.
I'd nearly forgotten my own name.
- Does it bother you?
- No.
I feel young again.
Why did you wait so long?
I don't know.
I didn't know
if you'd want to see me.
I wasn't proud of myself.
We were sixteen.
Kiss me.
- When do you clock on?
- 6 am.
I need to get going.
You didn't have all this.
You've bulked up.
It suits you.
You can't keep her here.
She needs to be in care.
There are no vacancies.
In Hnart.
We can try Lens or elsewhere.
We'll find a place.
She'll be better off than here.
And you can't go on like this.
How'll I go to see her in Lens
with no bus service now?
She doesn't recognize you.
She does.
Now and then.
She'll sleep now.
- I know nothing.
- You know people.
Better than the mayor
of the last 30 years.
You know their problems.
You care for them.
You know I'm not competent.
Laws, management...
Who cares!
You'll have staff to deal with that.
- So you don't need me.
- We do.
We need someone close to people.
Power shouldn't be left to technocrats.
Democracy needs elected representatives
close to the people
or it has no meaning.
The mayor gives the heading,
makes political decisions
and imposes them.
Management is for the accountants.
It would be...
A new life.
We rarely get such an opportunity.
Few people are ever that lucky.
- It's a huge responsibility.
- That's true.
Schools, welfare, security,
public transport...
Every aspect of life.
A mayor can improve all that.
And that's what people want.
Concrete measures.
Agns says she wants to meet you.
I said I needed time
to think it over.
But time is short.
We have to plan for every contingency.
Whatever you decide.
That's great!
I wouldn't hesitate.
I have my job, the kids, my dad...
I can't do it.
I'll help.
We'll get organized.
I'll look after the kids
before and after school.
Get a carer for your dad.
He doesn't want one.
So force him.
It's that or a home.
Pauline, go for it!
You'll regret it if you don't.
It's now or never, dammit.
We'll fuck them all!
- Fuck who?
- All of them!
All the lesson-givers
at work, on TV, everywhere...
It's our turn to teach them a lesson.
They'll hear us now.
We'll shaft them, good and deep!
I don't know who you mean, but I agree.
Agns Dorgelle bothers me.
She's not her dad.
I voted for her as president.
I kept quiet because of Eric
and my colleagues.
But I'm sick of it now.
I'm speaking out.
What does he think?
I don't give a shit.
We see things differently.
- We barely talk.
- What's up?
Nothing at all.
There's been nothing for years
and never will be again.
Don't you get that?
But something's happened.
You can say that again!
Something else.
A guy?
An ex, more like.
My high school boyfriend.
That's a lot at once.
I feel like I'm 16 again.
You're doing well!
Hi, son!
Try it faster now.
Speed it up!
Go on, Lili, that's great!
Go on, Tom, faster!
That's good!
Wait for us!
Look at your mum!
That's good, Tom.
Who do you vote for?
Who do you think?
I've no idea.
I can't see you in a polling booth.
You see.
You didn't answer.
I vote for my values.
Hard work.
Endeavour, solidarity...
My country.
You vote for the Bloc?
Would that bother you?
I don't know. It's weird.
A month ago, maybe, but now...
I've been asked to run for mayor.
With the RNP.
Your dad must be pleased!
Don't laugh.
I haven't told him yet.
I don't know how to.
Maybe he'll surprise you.
Think so?
It's happened before.
Are you doing it?
I'm in a real bind.
I didn't accept,
but Berthier talked about me.
- Remember Dr Berthier?
- I knew him well.
But not as a doctor.
Ours was Dr Verbist.
My dumb dad never let fascists in.
Your dad was a lovely man.
With everyone else, yeah.
But not at home.
Yours chose Berthier?
Our family was the same.
But then Mum got cancer.
The hospital advised a change of doctor.
Dad swallowed his pride.
And Berthier did more than expected
of any doctor.
Mum never suffered.
I met him much later.
After the army, I joined the Bloc.
Old Dorgelle was still chairman.
I got on with Berthier.
Very well in fact.
Then things took a bad turn.
Since then...
Let's say, we don't talk.
I'll tell you about it one day.
- Why not now?
- Cos it's late.
And we need to sleep.
It's Pauline.
Where are you?
Are you crazy?
You think you're my only patient?
I have to wait while you have a drink?
I've climbed six floors for nothing?
Go to hell, Mr Duhamel!
Ethically, it was an awful thing to do,
but what a relief!
I feel I could dance all night.
You need to make them respect you.
But don't go too crazy either.
They're voters, not just patients.
Does an illiterate drunk vote?
His vote is worth as much as ours.
Sorry, but that's democracy.
You need to get their votes.
Idiots and others.
I didn't accept.
That's right. Not yet.
- Is Sedan far?
- Another hour.
- Stanko?
- What?
- Jerk!
- Seen the time?
Blood shed is always pure blood
They still here?
To the left!
Hey, guys, I've got two!
What's this?
What is it?
Know what we do to thieves?
Let's have a smile.
Hear what he said?
Hold on...
Come on, beauty. Come on!
In here.
I won't lock it, so leave if you want.
But Odin stays.
Right, Odin?
That's good.
Sit. Stay.
You too, stay.
Agns! Agns! Agns!
We face conquering, aggressive Islam,
storming our borders
with so-called refugees,
with a second front
undermining our housing estates.
It is so arrogant
as France is defenceless,
abandoned by its rulers,
sold for a few euros
to foreign bankers.
France, sold off by an inbred elite
terrified of her people
that they ignore, scorn
and betray!
Betraying France betrays the people!
Betraying her values betrays the people!
Betraying her past
also betrays the people!
Agns! Agns! Agns!
Yes, my friends, raise your voices!
Make them hear the people!
French values are not Islam's.
And that is why we will fight
so the Republic
never turns into a caliphate!
This is our land!
Whatever the self-righteous think,
our roots are Christian,
buried in French soil,
in a land, here particularly,
soaked in the blood
of those who died for it.
Be it in battle or at work,
this blood forms our roots.
It's what makes us French!
This is our land!
This land isn't ours.
It's that of our forebears
and our heirs.
It doesn't belong to us,
we belong to it!
Forever and always!
Arise, children of the Fatherland,
The day of glory has arrived!
Against us tyranny
Raises its bloody banner.
It raises its bloody banner.
Do you hear, in our countryside,
The roar of those ferocious soldiers?
They're coming right into your arms
To cut the throats of your sons,
your women!
To arms, citizens,
Form your battalions,
Let's march, let's march!
Let an impure blood
Soak our fields!
Let me see.
Ace. Email them
and I'll post them online.
They'll inspire the lads.
Let me see.
Let's teach them their lesson now.
- Here's Pauline.
- Hello.
At last. Did you like it?
I was in shape.
Have a drink.
Tell me about yourself.
Can I have a word?
Leave us women together.
Cheers. And bravo.
I told you we needed to vet her.
Did you know?
Of course not.
I never see him.
Good old Stankowiak...
As good-looking, horny and dumb as ever.
What does Agns say?
I haven't told her.
We spare her such problems.
The kid'll have to choose.
Imagine Agns' image...
Her candidate with a neo-Nazi.
He isn't a neo-Nazi.
He's a nationalist revolutionary.
Not everyone's done political science.
Sort it out.
She won't like you following her.
If she has to leave her lover too...
Just get it done fast.
Can I trust you?
Of course.
This is still confidential.
I'm standing in Hnart.
I love that town.
It's the purest, most genuine France.
But a France abandoned,
forgotten, hurt and suffering.
That's the France I love,
with real people.
I want to be with them.
But I can't head the list.
Hnart needs a full-time mayor.
That's why I need you.
You understand?
I know it's not easy.
We all have our past to live with.
I'm not a racist.
But that's all I hear.
My name spelled racism
before I was born
and I can't change that.
But we can't bring unfortunates here
to work for peanuts.
Their fragility makes them slaves.
Europe's people are being replaced
by defenceless, uprooted workers.
They'll never love France.
It's not their past, their culture
or their country.
Do you agree?
You and I...
share the same ideals.
Liberty, social justice...
True social justice
with a decent salary
to feed a family without worrying.
Not a people living off benefit,
welfare hand-outs,
housing grants and so on.
They take our dignity
and stuff us with pills.
You see that every day.
Can you bear it?
We can't pay for the world's suffering.
Everyone knows that,
even the leftists.
But they're all too cowardly
to accept it.
So we have to do it, right now.
We must rebuild everything.
A free, strong, protective state,
for and with the people.
That's the national revolution.
Today's revolutionaries,
the only ones working for change,
are us.
Your place is with us, Pauline.
It really is.
There'll be a war here soon.
People have to get ready.
Show me again.
- Your mum.
- Shit...
We got on right away.
She's so friendly.
I knew it.
She's standing here?
I can't tell you.
- It's in all the papers.
- Rumours.
Shit, come on...
Say nothing. To no one.
She'll fuck them all!
How about you?
I accepted.
God, I love you!
I have to go to Berthier's tomorrow...
You're not waking the kids this late.
Leave them here for the night
and pick them up tomorrow
or the day after
or after the elections. Ok?
Good evening.
Jean-Baptiste Verhaeghe,
your future deputy.
- Come in, Pauline.
- Sorry I'm late.
That's all right.
Jean-Baptiste knows public finance.
A fine career.
The top schools, State Accounts,
the Finance Ministry...
He's our money man.
From Hnart?
No, Lille. Well, my parents.
I was born in Paris.
Excuse me.
Meet Victoire.
Victoire Vasseur.
I'm here to drill you.
What kind of expression is that?
Let's not stand on ceremony.
That's the word.
I'll be your adviser,
sponsor, assistant,
communications person and nanny.
You're a junior and I'm a veteran.
A veteran militant!
I carried bouquets to Roland Dorgelle
after his speeches.
- That's funny.
- The photos are.
I'll show you.
First names?
If you want.
Are you practising?
I'm sorry?
Forget it.
I wondered if you were
a practising Catholic.
No. My dad's a Communist.
Nobody's perfect!
Least of all our parents.
We're doing the photos for the poster
with Agns next Thursday.
Block the day
as we've organized lunch too.
I can't take the whole day off.
No arguing.
I handle your schedule now.
We're looking for someone
to stand in for you.
About the photos...
You should lighten your hair.
Blond is much better in photos.
People know me.
Won't it be weird?
By election day, they'll have forgotten
you were a brunette.
I'm not sure I want to.
Your coach knows what's best.
I'm sure it will suit you.
To our future victory!
Can we talk?
You still don't drive French.
Nice ride anyhow.
What d'you want?
No idea?
Think I'm dumb?
I spotted the security
weeks ago.
Pauline knows?
Why? She's happy.
Why would I spoil it?
I'll lie low until the elections.
Not good enough.
I'm not a problem now.
The armed struggle's over for me.
I'm tired of all that.
I'm back with the woman I love.
End of story.
It doesn't end, Stphane.
It leaves a mark.
You can't change what you were.
No one cares about today or tomorrow.
Pauline is inseparable from Agns
and there's no room for you.
Now or after the elections.
Hold on...
You're asking me to leave her?
It's non-negotiable.
What if I say no?
The Bloc gets out its Stankowiak file?
That could happen.
We could put you away
four or five years.
You'd lose your job at least.
Either way, you'd lose Pauline.
And what'll you lose
if I tell my story?
Firebombed cars, beatings,
bags of money. I have a file too.
With details, dates,
Luxembourg account numbers...
I have photos with you,
maybe with Agns too.
My story is yours, the Bloc's.
Do you want me telling it?
Don't play that game, Stphane.
I won't fall alone.
Get off my back and I'll keep quiet.
It's a fair deal.
You should have asked me sooner.
She was ideal.
We wanted to solve the problem.
I didn't want to bother you.
Stankowiak. I'm dreaming!
That's all we needed.
We'll sort it out.
Of course.
So it blows up on us
on the eve of voting.
We have no choice. He loves her.
It makes him unpredictable,
but it protects us.
He's not going to hurt her.
We have to accept it.
Ok, Berthier.
Handle Stankowiak
and I'll talk to the girl.
I don't advise it.
She doesn't know about his past.
He's just her first love.
Is she in love?
No idea. She's never told me.
I shouldn't even know.
He's met her kids.
He's nearly moved in.
- That's negotiable.
- Negotiate with Stankowiak?
Now I've seen it all.
You're useless. Both of you.
Flyers and posters aren't enough.
The battle is fought on social networks.
We must be everywhere.
Forward communiqus and links
to your contacts.
Ask your children or grandchildren
to help with the computer.
You'll grow closer.
If you send a message to 20 contacts
and half of them forward it
to 20 others,
200 people receive it.
If half of those 200
forward it to 20 contacts,
that's 2,000.
Then 20,000.
Then 200,000 and so on.
Spectacular, isn't it?
And more resistant than a poster.
Cover every street, alley,
and neighbourhood.
- We cast our net wide?
- Like in the war.
It's the war of ideas and words,
won with hearts and minds.
Rule number one.
When a door opens, you smile.
If they insult you, keep smiling.
No one can resist a smile.
Rule number two.
Favour proximity.
Stick to the familiar.
Be in your element.
I'll be doing tea parties
in retirement homes.
Little old ladies love me.
But local soccer games
aren't really my thing.
Feed off the stories they tell you.
Acts of incivility, gossip...
The burglary at the dead lady's
is too good to be true,
so milk it for all it's worth.
People are sickened, so let's use that.
There'll always be
an open mic somewhere.
So never any racist remarks.
Say lowlifes
and everyone will understand.
Communitarian works too.
Fundamentalist, jihadi, Islamist...
All good.
But no A-rabs,
wogs, towelheads,
or coons! Ever.
If people use that kind of vocabulary,
let them.
We don't lecture people.
We always spoke out
when they didn't dare to.
Let's free their speech
and shatter taboos!
Destroy constrained thinking!
So listen to them.
Whatever they say,
show you're like them.
With them.
Don't even mention the programme,
just say,
"Yes, I know."
Mrs Martin is there too,
one floor down.
Her son can take you twice a week.
He's very kind, he won't mind.
Thank you.
Don't thank me. It's only natural.
We have to help each other.
In the oceanographic laboratory,
scientists study
the effects of global warming
on the ocean's biodiversity.
Species are seen to migrate,
like this tiny Japanese crab
colonizing the English Channel.
This species has invaded local regions
in the last few years.
It illustrates the problem
likely to arise
in coming decades,
namely the invasion of new species
and the extinction of others.
Are you ok?
I was too busy to cook.
I got Chinese takeaway.
That's fine.
I'm standing in the local elections.
You are?
Are you surprised?
Yes, a little.
You've never been political.
But it's good.
You'll make a good councillor.
Did Gabi ask you?
No, Dr Berthier.
With the Bloc?
The Renewed Nation Party.
What the hell is that?
A movement
free of the left or right
that aims to change things.
Nothing to say?
- Can't we talk about it?
- What?
Your mind's already made up.
It's no use now.
You're just proud
a doctor asked you.
Yes, I'm proud. Proud of my life.
I wish you were too.
Two minutes ago, I was.
But now I'm not.
Nor proud of myself.
I'm not going to change, Dad.
I want to change things.
I'm sick of never reacting.
What'll you change with them?
You know who they are, dammit,
their origins, their ideas.
I do, but you've never listened to them.
You don't see the world's changing.
Who do you think I am?
They've talked crap for 40 years.
The shit began before you were born.
My grandfather fought them
before and during the war.
We thought it was settled,
but they come back.
The same ones.
With the same ideas, same words
and same programmes.
And you lecture to me?
You don't know anything!
You're betraying me.
You're betraying your family,
your class.
Not even the Communists
talk like that now!
You've never spoken to a Communist.
You've never been a militant,
never got involved!
I got involved here.
For my mother!
And for you. Dinner was always ready
when you got in!
I tried to take care of myself too.
Who were we fighting for?
I'd have liked more time
with my wife and my daughter.
Did you start the revolution?
No, but we're going to do it!
Shut up! Get out now.
Tell Berthier never to come here again.
Leave Berthier be.
He takes good care of you.
He helped Mum...
If it was to steal my daughter,
he should've let us croak.
He's stolen nothing.
I'll always be your daughter.
But I won't be the father of a fascist.
I'm glad your mum died
before she saw this.
The French plan is ready.
This is a post-colonial era.
Get out, I said.
And never come back.
When immigrants impose their lifestyle,
that is colonization.
And, in colonized lands,
you either submit
- and Islam means submission -
or rise up against colonization.
Look, he can do 100 push-ups!
We'll finish tomorrow.
Time for bed.
Good night.
What's wrong?
I went to see Dad.
He said he was glad
Mum died before seeing this.
That I'm not his daughter anymore.
Don't worry.
They're just words.
He doesn't want to see me again.
He'll get over it.
You're all he has.
He won't get over it.
He thinks it's to get at him.
He'll never forgive me.
He won't stop me doing what I want.
No one will.
I was getting worried.
- Was I asleep long?
- You came up an hour ago.
Better now?
Yes, I'm ok. Don't worry.
Tom wants to come with me Saturday.
Can he?
He won't bother you?
No, he'll be pleased.
We get on well.
Let's change, then I'll explain.
Hi, lads.
Welcome to war.
Come on, Tom.
Visor down!
Let's move!
Stanko, does this ring a bell?
Shut the hell up.
Let's go, Tom.
You ok?
I'm ok.
But you're dead.
- Are your kids ok?
- Yes.
Proud of their mum?
We haven't talked yet.
You have to.
Things will move fast now.
Explain why you're not available.
You'll be in the spotlight,
and they will be too.
They'll hear unpleasant stuff at school.
You must prepare them.
Not really.
Maybe they'll say bad things about me
or insult me.
Maybe you'll be insulted.
But you mustn't answer back, ok?
Those doing it are stupid.
They repeat what they hear.
- Stupid and jealous.
- So what do we do?
Tell your teacher and then me.
I'm no snitch!
What? Lowlifes talk like that.
Your teachers protect you.
I won't let anyone hit us.
You mustn't fight, Tom.
You hear me?
You mustn't fight.
It could hurt me.
It'd be silly to lose
cos of a scrap.
Don't you agree?
We'll talk about it together.
Ok, Tom?
Please sit down, we're going to begin.
Everyone comfortable?
You know I cherish
the legitimacy of the voting process.
That is why I have decided,
in the name of the RNP,
to stand for election here in Hnart.
A town symbolizing the neglect
and turpitude of established parties.
With the French increasingly lost
in the face of the migrant invasion
and a political caste
that kowtows to Brussels,
it is time to restore the meaning
of the word Nation and to embody hope.
I shall run with Pauline Duhez,
a daughter of Hnart,
who is fighting in her hometown,
to make it the example
of tomorrow's France,
what our land has always been:
proud of her past, all her past,
without shame or remorse.
First, second, third generation,
we are all
children of immigrants!
First, second, third generation...
We are all pig-eaters!
Dorgelle, Hnart isn't your home!
How are you, doctor?
To victory.
Thank you.
More than pleased, I'm happy.
I shouldn't tell you, but...
I've met someone.
He knows you.
I mustn't ask who.
Stphane Stankowiak.
Stanko. Remember?
Indeed I do.
I'm surprised
you're seeing someone like him.
We expelled him for being violent.
I don't find him violent.
He's very gentle.
People aren't what they seem.
You mustn't be seen together
during the campaign.
You're a candidate,
you're close to Agns.
Avoid such company.
My private life
has nothing to do with politics.
Your private life is over.
You're the face of the party now.
Every gesture you make
will be commented on,
every word.
The slightest error will cost us.
You can't risk the party's reputation
for a fuck.
It's not a "fuck".
Forgive me. I put that badly.
Is it serious?
He's not the kind of man
to fall in love with.
You don't choose.
In politics, you must.
Between love and politics,
I won't choose politics.
Everything ok?
I'll say goodbye. My carriage awaits.
- You're going out?
- I've seen worse.
They won't leave until I go.
Need a ride?
All right.
Good night, Philippe.
Goodbye, doctor.
First, second, third generation,
we're all children of immigrants!
This isn't your home!
Get outta here!
Resistance! Resistance!
I think I screwed up.
I told Berthier about us.
Who cares. Forget Berthier.
We can't. He wants us to hide.
He's right.
Did you screw up?
I worked security.
In the front line.
To protect the chiefs
and take the blows.
You get your hands dirty
to keep them clean and righteous.
That's the idea.
But that's over. I can be discreet.
Not hiding anything?
Agns Dorgelle will be standing
in Hnart in the Pas-de-Calais
but, big surprise,
she won't run for mayor.
A surprise, yes and no.
With the presidential elections,
it'd be hard being mayor.
The surprise is the main candidate,
Pauline Duhez,
a total newcomer.
She has qualities.
She is young, blonde, pretty.
She is a nurse and a local.
Nothing but qualities!
But she is mute.
During the press conference,
she didn't utter a word.
She smiled, a lot,
looked grave
when her boss talked economics
and that was it.
In short, it seems support for the RNP
is so high in Hnart
that the party could simply present
a donkey in a hat.
I think they've found the donkey.
She's one hot candidate!
A blonde! And one who doesn't speak!
What a dream!
I'm no fan of the Bloc's ideas
but you have to admit that, chick-wise,
they're better than the far left!
When you're mayor,
put a concrete wall on the street,
with a dogleg.
So only people who live here
can get through.
No one wants them.
Not even Romania.
And we take them in.
Did you know they bring diseases
no one's ever seen here before?
- No.
- Come and see.
Even as a nurse, no one tells you.
The politicians hush it up.
There'd be a revolution otherwise.
Know it?
My neighbour gave me the link.
It tells you what they're hiding.
You know me.
You know I'm not a racist.
Is it your husband?
No. It's me.
Stop lying to us.
The town council was here.
They explained about national preference
and all that.
They're just talking rubbish.
It doesn't concern you.
You have your papers.
And you're French.
Not for everyone.
If I wore a headscarf, imagine then...
- You want to?
- If I do, I don't want to be insulted.
Local guys don't insult you
for looking too sexy?
I can get whistled at anywhere.
I don't need Agns Dorgelle
to defend me.
Through secularism,
she's defending you.
No, she only talks
about mosques and headscarves.
She always targets Islam
so she can talk about the Jihad.
It's getting worse for us.
We have to say sorry
for all the world's terrorists?
No way!
It's because you defend those guys!
Yeah? Who do I defend?
I didn't firebomb your dad's car.
Neither did Agns Dorgelle!
Who took you to ballet then?
You did.
I haven't forgotten.
You've changed, that's all.
We'd rather you didn't come back.
It's your decision.
But you're the lowlifes' first victims.
I'm sorry you can't see that.
A colleague,
but I don't know how she votes.
Make do with that.
Hey, lady.
Weren't you on TV?
- Maybe.
- Yes, it was you.
Stop coming here.
It'll get dicey for you.
I'll come if I want.
This is France, my country,
and it's still a democracy!
I won't abandon my patients.
Not cos of little shits like them.
You're right.
I'm proud of you.
But ask the SRP for protection.
No way. The SRP?
I see my patients with two minders?
I've been going there 15 years.
I know everyone. What could happen?
The SRP...
- What're you doing?
- Got a problem?
This is our turf!
Hands off Pauline's posters!
I'm so scared.
- Where are you from?
- Get lost!
Go back home!
Stay away from here.
Get lost!
It's been ages.
I thought you were dead.
I don't dig up old shells.
Two more yesterday.
They'll turn up for centuries.
So, what's new?
A lot.
Hello, madam.
- Hello, ma'am.
- Hello.
Guys, let's split!
Hassle the nurse
and we'll waste you.
Got that, camel-fucker?
Pull out!
Let him breathe!
Why the hell are you here?
Let go of me!
Stop it!
What happened?
She's with the police.
Have the press been told?
Victoire's doing that.
She just tweeted a reaction.
Pauline just arrived.
She can hear you.
How are you, honey?
Ok, thanks.
Have you filed a complaint?
I'm a witness. I wasn't hurt.
It's the youngsters who...
One is seriously injured.
You're not a nurse anymore,
you're the RNP candidate.
Sink estate hoodlums
aren't your problem.
Tell me what happened.
I don't really know.
People were shouting...
I was insulted and jostled,
then some people
helped me get to my car
and I left.
I'll draw up a communiqu.
Berthier, keep me posted.
Chin up, Pauline.
We'll stay on this.
We're here, you're not alone.
Thanks, everyone.
Get some rest now.
Pauline will sleep here.
- I want to see my kids.
- No way.
You stay until the SRP arrives.
Come on, we're not at war.
You never know when a war begins.
Berthier's making me wait for the SRP.
They want to protect me.
When do they arrive?
Don't worry.
I'm fine. Nothing can happen now.
- See you tomorrow?
- Yes.
Take care. Good night.
Slitting a sheep's throat
is not a religious act.
It's practice for other sacrifices,
more appalling ones.
After the sheep, the infidel.
Then his wife and child.
Immigration is not an inevitability.
The great replacement is not inexorable.
All invasions can be halted.
All invasions must be fought.
It's a moral duty.
Our land is at stake...
Did you make this?
It's fantastic!
How long now?
A year.
People follow it?
I have 893 followers.
The last video had over 90,000 views.
I never knew
you could do stuff like this.
Why didn't you tell me?
It's not stuff
you do with your mum.
Why not?
You need to move with the times.
I can give you a scoop.
Breaking news.
You're mad.
Stop it. Leave us be.
Cut it out!
St Bartholomew's Night
rather than a Hundred Year War.
Let our Holy War
be an answer to their Jihad.
Let us be strong, brutal
and merciless.
Only might can defeat hate.
I want to go home.
Evening, doctor.
- Yes?
- Stphane, it's Berthier.
I'm with Erwann.
We'd like to talk to you.
Just talk, I promise.
Come on in.
I said we were here to talk.
I'd rather you put that down.
I'd rather keep it.
Stay outside, you.
What do you want?
We had an agreement.
We have an agreement.
And you walked all over it.
Yesterday, at Lo Lagrange.
I don't know about that.
Stop fucking with us.
I know exactly who was there.
I have big ears
that even pick up Flemish Solidarity.
The S of SRP is for surveillance.
And the P is for protection, remember.
But the only one you protect
is your boss.
Without my guys, Pauline was history.
No one sent her
to play Daktari in Coonland.
Your problem is, she has balls.
My problem is you.
The deal's off, Stphane.
Stop seeing her.
Get out of her life.
Or we'll make you.
Don't try seeing her on the sly.
We're watching her closely now.
All you had to do
was agree to wear a suit.
You'd still be with us.
It wasn't much.
Look at Erwann. He did it.
A suit doesn't deny your roots.
It isn't a betrayal.
Changing strategy
doesn't mean changing goals.
Couldn't you see that?
A word of advice.
Don't try saying what you know.
If you have a file, destroy it.
It's wiser.
Further proof that areas of France
are off-limits
to some categories of citizen.
Areas abandoned to hoodlums
by the elite.
Three local youths are in hospital
after apparently being beaten up
by a gang of skinheads.
You'd love it
if the culprits were French.
Preferably pure French.
And members of the Patriotic Bloc,
even better, right?
But, as things stand,
the three so-called "victims"
were already known to the police
for drug-related offences.
All I see is a dealers' war.
I find it odious and offensive
that you haven't even mentioned
the true victim of this attack.
A mother raising two children alone,
a nurse who had come
in spite of repeated threats,
who had come to do her job,
treat her patients.
But, for those people, a free woman
without a burqa is a target.
I salute her bravery this morning.
This nurse is your candidate...
Is that any reason to attack her?
The presence of extremist militants
at the same time as an RNP candidate
seems strange.
Did you see the extremist militants?
Every account tallies.
I'm worried. What's going on?
You never call or answer.
I'm scared something's happened.
Mrs Belisha. I let her in?
I need a pass to visit?
Sorry, I have no choice.
No choice?
You let others rule your life now?
Stop it.
What's happening to you?
I hate this.
I'm totally lost.
Dad threw me out,
I don't see my kids,
I can't do my job.
I find a great guy
and then he vanishes overnight.
You found a guy?
It's even dumber then.
What the fuck are you doing with them?
They're not "them".
They're us, me, Nathalie,
half my patients or more.
The people.
So I'm not one of the people?
I'm some Parisian bobo?
Where does your Agns Dorgelle live?
Victoire Thingy?
Jean-Baptiste Whatsit?
Will they defend the people?
- I'll defend it.
- What are you?
What's your programme?
Did you write it?
You had your say?
You're just a puppet.
- You came to tell me that?
- Yes.
I wouldn't have come.
Djamila asked me to.
She was really scared for you.
And she doesn't understand.
Why the hell did you go there
with those guys?
What guys?
I didn't go with anyone.
I was working.
Djam saw it all.
The guys were following you.
They attacked those kids.
It was a commando force!
Masked, with a Flash-ball.
They shot at them!
A kid lost an eye!
I don't know.
It happened to me too.
Kids this high.
Just cos I tore your posters down.
I was so fucking scared.
Scared of kids!
They did it for you too.
Over some posters.
What party does that?
It's nothing to do with the party.
You can always call me
if you want to talk.
Or if I can help.
I don't know.
I'm here.
Leave me, please.
We have orders.
Screw your orders.
Get off my back now, ok!
Good evening, my dear.
Come in.
What's wrong?
Your security called.
Is there a problem?
I don't want them anymore.
Let's sit down and talk it over.
Let's talk about the programme.
Don't worry,
Jean-Baptiste and I handled it.
The printers deliver in two days.
20,000 copies.
We never talked about it.
Maybe, but it's the same one
all over France.
The Bloc's programme,
with local adjustments.
I'm not the RNP candidate?
Don't quibble.
Why didn't you show me?
We should have but...
it was ready before you said yes.
We had to move ahead
while you decided.
Shouldn't it be my programme?
No, it shouldn't.
You represent our project.
I thought we agreed.
I haven't seen the programme!
Who cares about the programme!
It's just advertising.
Slogans. No one reads it.
What happened yesterday?
You were there, not me.
You heard Agns. It's all supposition,
but her intuition is usually right.
I'm not totally stupid, ok!
They were masked, in fatigues,
armed with clubs.
- Was it the SRP?
- No.
Nothing to do with them.
Who then?
Really want to know?
He was at work.
I called him just after.
He sent his pals to protect you.
He was scared
after last week's incident.
Which you didn't mention.
- How do you know that?
- I know everything.
I warned you.
He's not right for you.
He's a hoodlum.
You know the type.
You've tried before.
Snap out of it
and forget the whole thing.
It wouldn't be any use.
It's over.
I won't be your candidate.
Goodbye, doctor.
I'll show you who you're giving up for.
Have a look.
Take your time.
7 people caught beating up migrants
You're sick, doing this.
You'd rather not know?
I do politics, not emotions.
I liked him too.
I loved him like a son,
the way I loved you.
We're about to seize power.
I've fought 40 years for this.
I won't let some jerk wreck that.
You want to quit? So quit.
You're not irreplaceable.
Go on.
Go to him now.
It's me.
Come in.
Have a seat.
Want a drink?
Tell me about this.
Berthier gave it to you?
What if he did?
It didn't always bother him.
It suited him in fact.
He funded us for years.
Weapons training, paramilitary camps,
media operations.
Undercover ones too.
Burning cars on the estates
and stuff.
I even fetched bags of cash
from Luxembourg.
I was pretty good at it.
Loyal and obedient.
I saw him a lot.
He talked about his army pals
in Chile or Argentina.
Fighting with Christian Phalangists
in Lebanon...
War and honour.
For nights on end.
He said it'd come here one day.
We had to be ready.
What about you?
What did he tell you?
- Screw that.
- No, it matters.
Screw Berthier!
And screw your old life.
What interests me is now.
Who are you now?
I'm not that guy anymore.
I swear I'm not him anymore.
When I saw you again, I thought...
I could start a new life.
But it won't work.
They won't let me.
- Why were you at Lo Lagrange?
- I wasn't.
I sent guys to protect you.
If I'd been there,
I'd have controlled them.
I'm sorry.
I apologize.
But don't worry.
You'll hear no more from me.
I won't let you go again.
Tom and Lili need you.
So do I.
It's too late. I know too much.
I have to vanish
or I'll end up dead in the canal.
They were here last night.
Berthier, Erwann...
The SRP guys.
They're still outside.
I don't want you involved.
We have to part.
You have to go now.
I won't let anyone hurt you.
Dr Berthier, it's Pauline.
Let me speak.
I'm with Stphane. The SRP is outside.
Not for my protection, I presume?
So why are they here?
Just to scare us or...
How far are you ready to go?
I'm going to hang up.
In one minute they're gone
or I call the police.
We've taken the necessary steps.
I can imagine how you'd have reacted
to a candidate
linked to an extremist.
Whatever you think,
our candidates are beyond reproach.
Go, Lens!
- Stanko?
- What?
- Can I have your phone?
- Ok. Here.
- Careful.
- Yes.
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
That's a good one.
Look at this one!
Mum, who are they?
Stop, Pauline!
Piece of shit!
Stop it!