This Is the Year (2020) Movie Script

And the green grass grows
all around, all around
and the green
grass grows all around
- and in this hole
- and in this hole
there was a tree...
This is school,
school of "Jersey shore."
Immediate risks to our...
grammys, it's gonna be
so much...
for a full refund,
to order, call now.
Welcome back to
our '80s movies marathon.
Ready! Okay!
We are the tigers
the mighty mighty tigers
everywhere we
go people wanna know
who we are
so we tell them
we are the tigers
we couldn't be prouder
Follow what she's doing...
Hey, kid.
How do you know when
you're in love, goosie?
You feel it,
dweeb. Your palms get sweaty.
You feel like you're gonna hurl.
You can't stop staring.
It's happening.
She's my polyrhythm
carryin' my
heart like a beat
so fast I can't keep up
my prayers sing melody
do do do-do, hey
I'm so lonely...
- That's a cool windbreaker.
- It's retro.
Hey, you still got that
crazy teacher again this year?
Woman won't leave me alone.
Gotta love homeschooling.
Yeah, I don't.
I'm so lonely
Thought you fixed it.
I did.
And then you fixed it,
so I had to fix your fix.
You're my little brother.
What are little brother's for?
What's up, boys?
What's up, Donnie?
- What's up, Mikey?
- Whoa!
- That your mom's jacket?
- Ha-ha, hilarious.
It's retro,
bro. Great conversation starter.
First day of senior year,
I like it.
Kid's taking a swing.
I actually like that jacket.
It would look better on me.
I can't believe
you're my brother.
Why are we stopping?
Remember Zoey, our cousin?
She bit you at
my birthday party,
and you peed your pants.
That's what happens
when you're six and afraid.
Well, her parents got divorced
so she moved here.
All right, switch me, dude.
I don't want to sit next to
that flesh eater, she's crazy.
Hey, there she is.
You know what? We're good.
Thanks for the ride.
Walking is way
too athletic for me.
- Hi.
- You're Josh, right?
You bit me... I...
When we were kids.
- Oh! Yeah, yeah.
- You...
Well, in my defense,
I think you took the last piece
of cake or something.
What are you listening to?
Is that lovelytheband?
- You like them?
- Yeah.
Are you kidding me?
Lovelytheband is like...
soundtrack of our generation.
Oh, it's happening?
I dreamed that I lit
my house on fire
Sat in the road
and watched it burn
Wanting to see
some kind of hero
Jump in the
flames and rescue her
She was a
movie that was over
Credits were
rolling and down her face
We were a part
that's going nowhere
I was just
staring off into space
When I hear that song
Rattles my heart
like a storm in the jungle
Starting to rumble
I hear you sing along
Every part
And my stone heart crumbles
I guess 'cause I love you so
I love you so
I love you so
I love you so
It's not that I want
to return to innocence
I want to lose
it all over again
Wish I could...
Attention, students...
- Zoey!
- Yep.
- Hi.
- All practices will be canceled.
Do you... do you, um,
do you want, um,
do you have chapstick?
You want to borrow my chapstick?
You can keep it.
Thank you.
Nice, what'd we score?
- Ooh, watermelon sparkle.
- Shut it!
Class is that way.
Yep, here. by your side
That was awesome.
Why have I
never heard this before?
- Come on.
- "Zoey's special mix."
- Really?
- No one is supposed to hear that.
That's... that's your new plan?
A mix?
You don't understand because
you don't believe in love.
Ah, I forgot.
I can't feel human emotion.
How do you know you're in love?
You feel it, dweeb.
Did you call me a dweeb?
Look, you're never,
ever gonna get anywhere
unless you tell
her how you feel.
What are you so afraid of?
Nothing, man. It's just...
Joshua torres, please report
to Mr. Elmer's
office immediately.
Oh, don't worry, man.
Elmer loves me.
I hate you.
Thank you?
Do you have something for me?
I... have a protein bar
in my locker, yes.
I mean your final essay,
You're the only one
who's missing from this stack.
And now I'm late for a
backgammon tournament.
And from what I hear, it's, um,
like how you say, "turned"?
Okay, look, Mr. Elmer, I just
need a little bit more time,
you know,
but you're gonna love it.
I got these beautiful
chapters and illustrations.
It's looking pretty nice.
I don't need
"lord of the rings."
I just need ten pages
answering the question,
"how was your
high school experience?"
Yes, I just need some more time.
Time? High school's over.
I mean, it's not over over.
We still have three more weeks.
- It's over.
- Is it, though?
It is.
Yeah, but a lot of interesting
things can happen
in the next three weeks.
I'm talking life-changing events
that can completely change
my whole high school experience.
Okay, have you seen
"fireworks at beaumont"
with Patrick j. Michaels?
Uh, uh...
It's a classic '80s movie.
He spends all of senior
trying to get
with the prettiest girl
and it's not until the
very last day of school
that... that there's
this beautiful concert.
And he grabs the guitar,
and then boom, it happens.
And she falls in
love with him at the end.
It happens. It will happen.
I can't describe my
high school experience yet
because it's not over.
It can't be.
Get me the essay by Sunday.
Sunday, that's in a few days.
Yeah, that's me
giving you a break, okay?
If you don't turn it in,
you're not gonna graduate.
And your real high
school experience will be spent
in summer school with me.
That's not a fun essay to write.
I can't write your paper, man.
I gotta spend my
weekend looking for food trucks.
Yeah, Donnie wants to get
into the grilled cheese business
before graduation.
So, you know, I don't know much,
but I do know this...
Chicks don't dig
cheese. It's a fungus.
Just tell Donnie how you feel.
Uh, yeah, I'm outside.
I'm not gonna walk to Starbucks.
Because it's raining!
I will see you here. Thanks.
- Hi.
- What's up, cuz?
Hi. Oh, oh, did you hear?
The closing act at
front and center this year
will be lovelytheband.
- No way.
- Yeah, they just announced it.
My friend Liz went last year.
She said it
was like totally lit.
I would kill for wristbands,
but they sold out in
like two minutes, it's insane.
Oh, wait.
Okay, gotta go.
Uh, I'm coming, Kale.
My chaturanga was unbelievable.
Oh, as always.
Kale. Can't be his real name.
It's short for Kaleb, I think.
What does she even see
in the guy?
Are you kidding?
- What's up, cam?
- Hey, Kale.
His name could be catheter
and she'd still wanna date him.
Semantics, Michael.
Look, he'll be out of
the picture in no time.
- I have a plan.
- Oh, there's a shocker.
An insanely great plan, bro.
I literally have no plan.
About Zoey?
No, about Mr. Elmer.
I mean, how am I supposed to
write an essay in one weekend?
- It's unfair.
- Dude, seriously?
No, I'm 100% team Elmer here.
Why don't you just finish it?
Well... We're late for work.
You've been on it
for a year now.
You really need
to pull the trigger.
It's hard to get her attention.
Her? Aren't we still
talking about Elmer?
No, we're talking about Zoey.
Well, I don't know.
Here's a crazy idea.
Maybe you just walk
up to her in a heartfelt way,
say "I like you.
Do you like me?"
"I like you, you like me?"
I can't say that.
She has a boyfriend.
I don't care what anyone
says, this still holds up.
- Oh, totally.
- How many times do you think
we've seen this
movie since we were kids?
Probably like a million.
Okay, so would
Patrick j. Michaels
be afraid of his crush,
having a girlfriend?
No, no, he'd plant
his flag in the ground
and take a
beating in the name of love.
Shut up!
Aren't you
supposed to be working?
Go back to sleep, Jared!
Mm, mm-mm.
This part always
makes me nervous.
I love you, Brittany.
I always have.
And I always will.
We only have tonight
my, my, my love...
The music,
the fireworks, I mean, that...
That is how a first
kiss is supposed to be.
I so doubt she was homeschooled.
Dude, come on.
One of us at
least has got to have
fireworks-on-the-dock moment.
You're right.
I need to be more like
Patrick j. Freakin' Michaels.
- Yes, you do.
- Okay, I could play her
that mix that
I've been working on.
- Oh, that's such a good idea.
- Yeah.
I mean, high school's
almost over.
It's now or never, goosie.
It's Friday-bye-day,
and I'm very curious
what Zoey has to say.
Um, well, actually,
today's lunch would be
a literal
Friday-bye-day for me because..
I am graduating early
and moving to Los Angeles.
- For reals?
- Yeah.
You make me so, so sad
I'm talking waterfall
You make me so, so sad...
- Josh?
- Josh?
L.A.! Can you believe it?
I really can't.
How about you, Josh?
Um, when are you moving out?
Uh, I don't know.
Two or three...
- Weeks?
- Days, actually.
Yeah, I know, it all
happened like really fast.
Kale got a job
at an art gallery...
Well, he's going too?
Yeah, yeah,
we are moving in together.
We'll see how that goes.
Wow, and aunt Marie
is cool with that?
Uh, no, no, not at all.
Phenomenal instincts,
that woman.
Well, it's not really
up to her, I'm 18.
If she can live with
her annoying boyfriend,
I can live with mine, too.
Not that Kale is
annoying or anything.
Besides, maybe this is
like a good opportunity for me
to like further develop my art,
you know?
Your art? What, what art?
I think it's a bold move, cuz.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
Zoey, how do you know
you're not making a mistake?
Well, how do I know that I'm
not making the right decision?
'Cause it's a mistake!
Wow, you would really
get along well with my mom.
Hey, Zoey. Come on.
Hey. Uh, I'll see
you later, guys.
I'll miss you.
That was good. I like that.
Especially the
part where you tell her
that her dreams and
aspirations are a mistake.
Freakin' British people,
dude, with their accents.
It's like their
superpower or something.
It's UN... it's unfair.
there's not much to say.
That's my in-between-the-knees
pillow, and I sleep in the nude.
What is wrong with you?
Nothing. You should try it.
It's insanely breezy.
It's that redcoat Kale, man.
He's a bad influence on her,
I'm telling you.
He's an artist, so now
she wants to be an artist?
Zoey's been into art
since she was a kid.
What is this?
Texas a&m?
The housing department?
You're leaving me, too?
No, I'm not.
I just wanted optics,
but it's out of state, man.
I can't afford it.
And I can't just
move across the country
and abandon my brother.
It's been the two of us for...
Forever and...
You gotta be kidding me.
Check it out, boys!
Don't say anything about a&m.
Donnie, buddy!
Thought you
were gonna wait for me.
Yeah, well,
there was another buyer
and, you know, had to take it.
There was another buyer
for this.
Uh-huh, yeah, no.
She needs work.
But trust me, she's a gem.
Uh... you can fix that, right?
So I'm thinking about names.
The milleni-yum falcon. Y-u-m.
Right? Mm.
You can be Chewie.
I don't want to be Chewie.
All right, I'm gonna let
you guys figure it out.
I gotta get to work.
Why wouldn't you
want to be Chewie?
Why wouldn't you want
to be Chewie?
'Cause I'm the roguish one.
Maybe Mikey's right.
Maybe I should just move on.
What? Heck no!
If you let this damsel that
you've been distressing over
leave before you have a chance
to profess your true feelings,
then, then you will
wind up a shell of man
forever haunted by
the cruel ghost of "what if."
But she's leaving in two days.
Who wants
wristbands to see lovelytheband
at front and center?
That's right, big Joe Henry
here giving away two wristbands
to the first caller.
- So call now.
- Call!
Faster! Buttons, push them!
- And we have a winner.
- Ahhh...
- Congrats to Matt baker.
- Ohh!
Cancel whatever you're doing
this weekend, Matt,
because you're
going to front and center.
- Baker!
- Ugh!
lovelytheband, front and center?
That would've
been a date to remember.
I mean, the romance
would have been off the charts.
Gah! It sucks for you.
- Hello?
- Hey, dude, um...
My... my boss's
son has food poisoning,
something about discount Sushi.
Cool. Why don't you grab
a pen and the paper
and add that to the list
of things I don't care about?
He had three tickets
to front and center
- and he gave them to me.
- What?
- Get out.
- Yes, yes.
And if we leave by tonight,
we can make it
to lovely by Sunday night,
we just need some wheels, bro.
- Yeah, leave that to me.
- Sweet.
And you just gotta help me
convince Zoey to come with us.
Dude, no! Why? Why?
Price of admission.
Meet me in an hour.
You're the worst.
This is good.
This is really good.
Dude, that wasn't even
like a white lie,
that was like a
full-on Lance Armstrong.
This is bad.
Oh crap, this is really bad.
I'm gonna cancel this
whole thing, what've done?
Whoa, whoa, whoa,
no, no, you can't do that.
Look, you set into
motion something big, okay?
Zoey's not gonna
say no to lovelytheband,
and plus, it's a road trip.
With friends,
just like in the movies.
When are we leaving?
Babe, do you think we should
exhibit this at the gallery,
or do you think
we should save it
for, like, above our bed?
Have you seen my sketchbook?
What is your jacket
doing on my sketchbook?
I like to take a peek
once in a while
and give some advice,
that's all.
But you know that I don't like
to show my stuff
- when it's not ready.
- I know you feel threatened
when you're
surrounded by real art.
But you can get to this level,
too, babe.
It just takes
time. I mean, look.
That piece there
took me nine years.
That one stripe
there took me a solid month.
Okay, can you just get over
yourself for a hot second?
I am sensing something
very awry in your aura.
Yes. Yes, my aura is very awry.
We're not even close to
being ready to leave tomorrow.
And I don't know,
is the move too soon?
And, and maybe I should like,
look into local art programs
- or something...
- Ooh!
Artists don't need uni.
You don't learn art, you...
- You live it.
- You live it.
Look, do you think they could've
taught me that in school?
Hell to the no.
I was eating frosted
flakes one morning and then,
boom, it hit me.
The cereal killers collection.
- Let's go!
- Shh!
You're gonna
wake up your parents!
Oh, don't worry about them.
They're in Colombia
attending a symposium
on the
neuroscience of perception.
Then why did you sneak out?
Oh, 'cause I've always
wanted to do that.
- Why are we whispering?
- I don't know.
But I kind of like it now.
Oh, you are totally
not going to regret
me coming along.
Little known fact,
I'm an amazing wingman.
Woman. Wing woman.
What? No way, for real?
The milleni-yum falcon
at your service.
Dude, Donnie let you take this?
Yeah! Yeah, I just left him
a nice little note
everything and we're cool.
Whoa, we're going in this thing?
- Mm-hmm.
- Consider tone set.
- Hi, Molly.
- Hey.
I thought you only
had three wristbands.
Oh, I bought my own.
Yeah, months ago.
Dig me some lovelytheband,
am I right?
Yeah, yeah. There's
nothing weird about that, so...
And I'm going to be documenting
the whole experience.
Hey, did you get a hold of Zoey?
Yeah, man, she's on
her way right now.
She's gonna
confess her love for y...
No, I haven't talked to her.
She was at Kale's
22 minutes ago.
You guys have
heard of social media, right?
It's a thing, yeah?
Good job, molls.
All right, let's roll!
And we're screwed.
"I borrowed the truck,
brb next week."
How is next week "brb"?
That was the nice note
you left him?
Mikey, we're supposed to be
working on the
truck all weekend.
Yeah, but Josh got wristbands
to front and center.
Donnie, I'm sorry, bro,
we only have three wristbands.
I don't even think
Zoey's coming.
Donnie can just
use her wristband.
We haven't even
talked to her, man.
Semantics, Michael.
Okay, the semantics are
she's not going.
You're not going, you...
You're definitely not going.
No one's going in my
truck. Get out! Out, now!
I have an extra wristband.
Yep, yes, I bought two
and I could sell
Donnie the extra wristband.
And who are you?
Oh, I'm sorry,
where are my manners?
My name's Molly. Molly Jenkins.
Some would say a
wingman extraordinaire.
- Woman. Woman.
- Yeah, I got it, Molly Jenkins.
So how much for the wristband?
How about a falcon ride's worth?
You know what's great
about front and center?
The music, but that's not
what you're going to say.
The food trucks, Mikey.
Food trucks
as far as the eye
can see. I'm in, I'm in.
- All right.
- See, I told you,
I'm an amazing wingwoman.
Wait, wait, my bike!
We've been packing
for eight hours,
this is the perfect recipe
for a small mental breakdown.
Okay, well, maybe if
you would've helped me packed
instead of talking about
your stupid painting all night,
I would be less stressed.
Take that back.
You know what?
I will not let this
portal of negativity
enter my new la flat.
It's called an apartment, Kale.
We are not in London.
If I wanna be cultured
and call it a flat,
I will call it a
flat because it's flat!
You need to take a savasana,
work on your energy.
Zoey, come on!
Let's go!
Zoey, come on!
Come on, let's go!
Yeah, baby, I'll be there
yeah, baby, I'll be there
We'll be back in a few days.
But we committed
to hot springing
on the way to L.A.
Well, apparently I need
to work on my energy, so...
See you Monday.
Do schedules mean
nothing to you?
Wow! Man, you finally got it!
- This looks like a...
- Garbage can with paint.
Yeah, yeah, it does.
Hey, I can't believe you
got wristbands for this thing.
I know, trust me,
I can't believe it either.
- That's crazy.
- Yeah.
Insane, right?
- Hi, I'm Zoey.
- I know.
I mean, I don't. I don't know,
because we've never met
and I've never
heard anything about you.
All right, guys ready? Let's go.
All right.
Uh, thank you for inviting me.
You know, I'm like
obsessed with lovelytheband.
Oh, I know.
I've seen the
inside of your locker.
In passing.
You know I can just switch
places with Molly if you want.
- No, no, no, no, it's...
- No! No!
No, I'm, um,
there's these puppies.
What's that?
Uh, it's a sketchbook.
Cool, what're you doing?
Um, would you want to see?
Yeah, is that cool?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah, cool.
This is amazing.
Like professional level amazing.
I had no clue
you were so talented.
I mean, what on earth...
Oh, no, that's like,
that's a work in progress.
I don't normally show
people my stuff,
but if everyone reacts like you
then maybe I
have a shot in L.A., huh?
I mean, I think you
have a shot anywhere.
Doesn't have to be L.A.
You know, the local college has
- a pretty good art program.
- No, no, no, no.
You don't learn art,
you live it.
I mean, unless you're
caravaggio or Da Vinci,
or any of the other
masters who've pretty much spent
their lives studying,
like, right out of the womb.
Or not.
You know, I'm not
doing it for him, right?
The whole move for Kale, it's
not like a chasing a guy thing.
That's not what this is about.
I didn't say you were.
I want to become an artist.
I think you're
already an artist.
That's really sweet of you.
- Really, I'd be fine if we switched places.
- No! No, no, no.
- It's totally cool with me.
- Just, um...
"How was your
high school experience?"
"Well, to be honest, I haven't
had many worth writing about."
"But like I said,
high school isn't over yet."
Are we
planning on eating anytime soon?
We're getting
hangry. Pull over, dude.
Literally anywhere.
Here you go.
Carnival food
for breakfast, great.
Corn dogs are breakfast food.
It's like pancakes and sausage.
Hey, hey, hey, okay, so,
I found a guy with wristbands.
What? Molls, you're incredible.
Are you serious?
- You're welcome.
- Yeah.
So, where do we
meet this guy of yours?
The motel mermaid.
You know,
it's close to the festival.
I think we'd be
idiots if we didn't stay there.
Looks cheap. I'm in.
Hey, Molly, you want to like,
hit the ring toss or something?
- Scope out the carnies?
- Love me some carnie scoping.
All right.
Now, see, that is why I
never joined varsity anything.
Although there was
like a hot second when I was
on the cheer squad
'cause of the cute outfits.
Uh, so,
home school? What's that like?
Uh, it's rigorous work, yeah.
Wake up at 4:00
A.M. every morning,
and I milk the cows,
I churn the butter,
et cetera, et cetera.
Okay. So, so, so what're you
gonna do after high school?
You gonna like,
reject the system,
build a community garden,
all that?
Yeah, no, totally. Yeah, I mean,
the parents might
not be for that idea.
But me? Phew.
No, actually I'm probably just
gonna go to the local college,
my dad teaches there,
and major in psychology.
Wow, that's actually
really cool.
You are full of surprises.
I am. Watch this.
Did any of those land?
- No...
- None whatsoever...
- We suck at this.
- We do.
Although, we're doing
much better than they are.
Ah, yeah.
- They need some help.
- Okay, so are you related
to them on their
mom's side or their dad's side?
Uh, mom's, thank god.
- Dad was a creeper.
- I heard.
Did he really run
off with that woman
right after the mom passed away?
I mean, that's,
that's messed up.
Yeah, no, he did.
How did you know about that?
Oh, I heard it from Josh.
Oh yeah, Josh and I,
we tell each other everything.
Sometimes he tells me too much,
quite frankly, you know?
- Darts?
- Darts.
Did she see?
Yeah, man, she just
canceled the move.
All right, let me take
a whack at it.
And after this, we
gotta hit the road, that wa...
Mikey, we gotta get leds, man,
it'll look like we're
jumping into hyper drive...
If he could marry that
food truck, he would.
Bro, at some point,
you're gonna have to tell him
- how you feel.
- Oh, yeah, sure.
Soon as you tell Zoey
how you feel, I'll tell Donnie.
Everyone that's been
passing through here
has been wanting this prize,
and you could have it for free
if you ride the
Ferris wheel with me.
Oh, hey.
Hey, Zoey, can I give it a shot?
Oh, I didn't know
the lady was spoken for.
- Oh, no.
- Oh, we're not...
Hey there, mister, you know
what'd be great?
Is getting this man some darts.
- Three tries.
- Okay.
- That was terrible.
- It was my first try.
- Excuse you.
- Excuse me? Uh...
You, uh, you ain't from
around here, are you?
Yeah, we can show you around.
Uh, no thank you.
Some of our friends
are throwing a party tonight.
Look, I'm not interested, okay?
Thank you. Have a nice day.
Hey, bro, she said
she's not interes...
What I'm trying to sa...
Oh yeah, I don't think this
is the hill you wanna die on.
There are no rules
in a street fight.
Street fight people rules!
Give me, give me that
sunshine, sunshine
Give me, give me
them good times, good times
Give me, give me
that sunshine, sunshine
Every day is a new beginning
Every day is a
gift to hold up high
Don't worry 'bout the clouds
'Cause when
the skies come out
Give me, give me
that sunshine, sunshine
Give me, give me
them good times, good times
Bring on the summertime
Bring on the summertime
Bring on the summertime
That was insane!
Josh, you were like,
so ready for business,
and Molly,
you were so cool, I hate it!
It was like I was outside of
my body watching myself do that.
You can spot me any time.
So sick!
I can't remember the last
time I've had that much fun.
Yeah, me... me neither.
I... I can't remember.
So cool!
There's a river,
there's a river
Could've taken us home
But you lost,
but you lost me
There's a fire in
my chest burning my soul
But it fights
with my heartbeat
There's a
schoolboy standing up
In front of an army
Shoes in the
mud and the wet paint
Twists and turns
Up the alley,
just like it should
So your colors
They starve
Hey, guys, we're here.
- You hear that?
- What's going on?
Where's that coming from?
It's pretty loud.
Doesn't sound like
it's coming from our rooms.
Everywhere, the sound
is everywhere.
Hey, guys.
Let's glow up and join
the party people.
No, no, no, no, no.
We're not having a
"Princess diaries" moment.
Yes, yes, we are.
Come on, we got time.
- You're gonna look great.
- I... the boys
haven't even
started getting ready yet.
Hey, girls, you ready?
- Is that my jacket?
- It looks better on me.
Hey, girls.
- No!
- Go away!
Don't let it stop you now
Don't let it stop you now
Sweet wheels.
Oh, man, is it a
22500 cranking watts genny?
Ahh, this baby here
pumps up 2,200 cfm.
- She's a beast.
- Heck yeah, she is.
Name's Luca. Wanna come inside?
Donnie. And yes, I do.
You good?
Yeah, yeah.
I can see why you want
to be a psychologist one day.
You pick up on everything,
don't you?
Ah, s...
Yes, yes, I do.
I mean, I've just always
been fascinated with behavior,
and people say that I have like
this skill to read people, so...
That does not surprise me.
All right, come on,
young Freud, read me.
Uh, no. No, no, no, no...
- What?
- 'Cause people
usually get
offended when I do it.
For example,
I read my aunt belle once,
and it kind of
ruined Thanksgiving.
She threw a 40 at me.
She totally missed, by the way.
But it was after I
told her that alcohol
was negatively
affecting her life, so whatever.
Oh now, come on,
now you gotta read me.
Psychoanalyze me until I cry.
Okay. But, um...
Don't say I... I
didn't warn you.
You market yourself like
this extroverted dream girl,
but deep down,
you're sick of it,
the people calling
you beautiful because
you know they're just
talking about the surface and...
Like every girl ever, there's
so much more to you than that.
But you don't advertise your
real talents, like your art.
And maybe it's because it's
on a brand or you're afraid that
people won't like your work,
which will leave you feeling unappreciated.
So instead, you fill that void
with superficial relationships
with older,
seemingly self-assured guys.
And you know this isn't healthy,
but you tell yourself
it's whatever, because
at the end of the day, you're
aware that you're doing it.
But soon, you're
gonna find yourself stuck living
under the cloud of
someone else's dream,
convincing yourself to do things
that you never wanted to do
in the first place,
like move in with Kale.
Or not. Sorry, uh...
Half the time, I don't
know what I'm talking about.
It's a good thing
I don't have a 40.
All right,
you gotta give me something.
Preferably a long
list of your screw-ups
so I don't feel
bad about myself.
Well, I don't have much
in terms of dating.
Uh, and by not much,
I mean, like nonexistent.
I've never even kissed a guy.
Oh, shut up.
What? Why? Why?
Uh, I just...
Okay, I... I think
a first kiss should...
- Should be kind of a big deal.
- Okay
and I want the whole shebang,
you know?
like I want a romantic setting,
underneath the stars,
and a twinkle in my eye
that signals that
we're supposed to kiss and...
And then
magical fireworks explode.
- Is that all?
- Yeah.
Okay, well, now
it's my turn to read you.
You overthink things.
With the right guy,
it's not like, about all
the fireworks and stuff.
Um, turn.
But you and Josh,
you guys seem super close.
- No, no, no.
- What?
Not that there's
anything wrong with Josh,
because he, he is great.
And, you know,
now that I think about it,
he's kind of cute, right?
And I mean, ooh, you
should see him at matinee time.
Woof. Can't keep
those geriatrics off of him,
if you know what I'm sayin'?
- Yeah, Josh is sweet.
- Yeah.
Where did you find this place?
Did you know this was happening?
I did not.
There you guys are.
Oh, hey, okay, so, wristband...
Uh, nothing.
It's too much, right?
Like this, this hair thing,
- and the sparkles...
- No, no, it's...
It's nice.
- Um, the wristbands.
- Yes, all right.
So he is going to
text me when he gets here.
I think you should
give me the money now
that way you can just like,
Yeah. These are my savings.
Where'd you meet this guy?
- Oh, craigslist.
- Craigslist?
- What're we waiting for?
- Let's go party!
Mikey, Mikey, I found
my tribe, I found 'em.
Whoa, alcoholics anonymous.
Maybe chill out on the drinks
'cause I can smell
you from like a mile away.
This is my baby brother.
I took care of him,
and now he's taking care of me.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Oh, guys, something
pretty awesome happened.
We are now members,
boom, of the ftg.
What's, what's
the food truck guild?
Uh, the greatest thing
in the world
if you drive a food truck, yeah.
Luca hooked it up,
we're basically familia now.
We're in.
Y... you paid money for this?
Uh, yeah, you bet I did.
It's gonna pay off in spades.
We're celebrating.
It's a celebration.
- Hey.
- Hey!
I'm Donnie.
I'm screwed.
Hey, Zoey, uh...
Zoey, you made it!
Oh my god, hey!
Liz, how are you?
I'm with hunter
and Nick, say hi!
Uh, hold on, I'll be back.
Hey, hey.
She's not here with them,
she's here with you.
And I have some
inside information for you.
She's ignoring Kale's calls.
- Really?
- Uh-huh.
You're in the game,
buddy. You're in the game.
Yes, okay.
I just gotta get
her attention somehow.
You girls down, huh? You wanna?
No. Have a good night.
All right, yep, you too.
Read the room, man.
Not everyone is as passionate
about food trucks as you are.
Are you not passionate about the food
truck? Is that what you're saying?
No, no, that's not
what I'm saying.
It sounded like that's
what you're saying.
Do you hear yourself
when you talk?
"Hey, let me show you my
truck out in the parking lot."
That sounds like
you might abduct them.
Yeah, no, I see that.
The night's still young,
there's plenty of girls.
Uh, no more food trucks.
No more food trucks, perfect.
No more food trucks,
no more food trucks.
Just talk to them about,
uh, science and culture...
I'll just go over
there and ask her to dance.
People still like to dance,
People love that stuff.
- Okay.
- Mm-hmm.
Dj soap suds for life!
Why didn't you catch him?
Oh man, party's over.
Molls, you like my mixes, right?
What is wrong with you?
Somebody just f...
Ohh! Yeah, that's a good I...
He's walking. It's fine,
let's go.
I have a dj!
- This is a bad idea.
- No, no, no,
- you can figure it out.
- He said it's pre-recorded,
these are all just backtracks.
- I do not know what that means.
- These are just fragments
pre-recorded to
play while he runs his set.
Look, that's even better.
No, no, the opposite
of better, no bueno.
Look, this is gonna take
me forever to mute or sync.
I can't do this.
Hey, okay, you remember that
cruel ghost of what-if?
Now is your chance.
Esteemed guests
of the motel mermaid...
It is my honor
to introduce to you,
fresh off of his European tour,
straight out of Berlin,
the man, the legend, dj...
Obie d-2.
Dj obie d-2! Whoo!
Go home!
What're you doin'?
but I don't always
'Cause if I call
What am I looking for?
Come on!
What am I looking for?
What am I looking for?
- That was amazing.
- Insane, right?
Thank you for having my back.
I knew you had it in you.
Dude, oh my gosh!
That was so sick.
I had no idea
you were that talented.
I... it's a work in progress.
Oh, wow.
Uh, you thirsty?
Yeah, sure, come on.
- You okay?
- I'm fine.
- Another one?
- Yep.
It was this 100-piece art set.
It was like, a pretty souped
up gift for ten-year-old me.
You know the ones
that fold open like suitcases?
Art was never really my thing.
My drawings tended to
look like rorschach tests.
What's a rorschach test?
You know, like,
the ink blot thing.
Like in the interrogation
scene of "teen genius."
Not an '80s movie fan?
No, I mean,
I kind of am, yeah...
- Favorite pjm movie?
- Who?
Patrick j. Michaels?
- No? No?
- No...
- It's okay, he's not important.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Dj obie-d2 is life!
Dj obie-d2? What is that?
Where did that come from?
You know how you don't like
to show anyone your art?
Well, I'm must say,
I'm very glad that
you finally shared it.
You were great.
Like professional level amazing.
Think I got a shot in L.A.?
Yes, totally.
Now go take my place with Kale.
Hey, can I play you something?
Something special?
It's a dj obie-d2 original.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
You're a good dancer.
Sorry, I didn't mean to like,
scare you or anything,
I just saw you out on the dance
floor and I wanted to, like,
come over and say hi.
I'm Sebastian.
I'm... i'm,
I'm Molly. Mol... Molly Jenkins.
And don't you forget it.
It would be hard to.
Where you from, Molly Jenkins?
Oh, well, I mean,
I could tell you,
but like, do you honestly care?
You have a funny way
of flirting, Molly Jenkins.
What? Do I?
Flir... flirt? I... no, no,
I... I do not flirt, sir.
I, um, I... whew! It is...
It is warm out here.
Almost... hot... hot,
not like hot, like like "hot."
Like, just... i'm
sorry. It's like, above
the preferred body
temperature in this place.
I tell you what,
why don't, um, I don't know,
we go hang out
with some of my friends?
They're just like hanging out,
listening to music,
and, uh,
there's air conditioning.
Yeah. Yeah, sure, why not?
- Let's go.
- Okay, cool.
- What are you doing?
- You broke my heart.
You betrayed me, Fredo!
Okay, we've reached the
"acting out scenes
from the movies" drunk.
He said his name was Mikey.
is it your goal for the night
to scare every single girl away?
We dreamt the food truck.
That was our dream, Mikey!
- What are you talking about?
- You! You!
You're thinking you're so smart
all the time and you're not.
You know what you are?
- What?
- Stupid.
Oh, I'm stupid? Oh, sick burn.
You know what's stupid?
The milleni-yum falcon.
That's a stupid name.
But I don't
wanna say good night
That was beautiful.
You made that for me?
I've been working on it
for a few, uh...
Since I first met you.
You know, I've been
waiting for the right setting.
The lights, the hotel.
The diving board.
She's right, you know.
You are pretty cute.
You're pretty cute, as well.
Sorry it's taken me so
long to play this for you.
No, I mean, it probably explains
why we've never hooked up.
There's actually been something
I've been meaning to tell you.
Dude, let go of me!
Really? Really, guys?
Donnie! Donnie!
When I grow up, I'm gonna be,
- I'm gonna be like Luca.
- Yup!
I... I don't know what
they're doing.
So, uh, about earlier...
Josh! Josh, we need your help.
Ugh, looks like
they need you in there.
Good night.
I met a girl
Without a care in the world
Her name was Molly
Big m, little olly
She was Holly, jolly...
Um, I, I...
I have to go,
apologies on the abrupt exit.
So just, you have...
You have a good night.
You all have a good...
Good night, and have you...
Have you... One... great...
Namaste, Sebastian.
Hey, we can like,
go somewhere else if you like.
Oh, no, no, no,
it's not that at all.
I mean, it's very,
very melodic in there.
It's just I really
have to meet someone...
You have to meet
someone at midnight?
Then I'll tell you what,
I'll go with you.
For your safety,
definitely not 'cause
I'm worried I'm not
gonna see you again.
"Now, that was
an experience worth the wait."
"Just like in the movies."
"It's happening."
"Just call me Josh,
or j. Michaels from now on."
Who are we looking for again?
Uh, his name is Dr. Spacecakes.
That's our guy.
Hey, I got your stuff,
you got the money?
You mean the wristbands?
How old are you?
Here you are, sir.
- Hands where I can see 'em!
- They're offering me drugs!
All right,
you two just stay right there...
Should we... run?
That's a bad idea.
Okay, relax, Josh, I'm coming.
Hello, babe.
I've called you nonstop.
Did, uh, did your phone break?
I, um...
No, uh, yeah,
the service is like super shoddy here.
Well, what are you doing here?
Well, I saw you on Liz's snap,
so I dialed her up,
grabbed the first
puddle jumper I could find,
and wham, voil, here I am.
Here you are.
Look, I'm sorry
about the other day.
I... I let my chakras red line.
Please, forgive me.
Come on.
And we're back.
You know you're
the paint to my brush.
Okay, you just gotta stop
saying things like that.
No, I'm sorry, I'm an artist.
I just think in pictures,
all right?
I'm like a turtle in a race car.
Never mind, I come
bearing gifts of great news.
Got a little hook
up from my compadre.
- Hey.
- Vip wristbands
- to front and center.
- Look at that.
And that's
not even the best part.
Right now,
all your earthly possessions
are boxed up on a little
freight train to Los Angeles.
I'm sorry, my possessions
are on a train to where?
Home, babe.
They're on their way
home to the city of angels.
Hey, have you seen...
Kale? Um...
W... when did you get here?
Uh, just now, joshypoo, and yes,
delighted to see you, as well.
- Um, where's Molly?
- I don't know,
she's probably still
with that guy from last night.
- What?
- Oh, it's okay.
Calm down, I... i'm
sure she'll be back soon.
Why didn't you tell me
she didn't come back?
We need to find her.
Intense little bloke, no?
Whoa, Kale.
- Was not expecting that.
- Why is everybody
so surprised to see me?
You do realize that
Zoey is my girlfriend, right?
That would imply
that we hang out a lot.
Just didn't know that you
were coming here, that's all.
Yeah, well, maybe if
you'd answer my calls.
- Okay.
- Molly's missing.
Missing what?
She didn't get
to her room last night.
Okay, we need to split up
and start knocking on doors.
Yeah, you, uh, you wanna
check the parking lot
and I'll check the...
Great, we're still in
the silent treatment, good.
I forgot we were eight.
Do we make a
better couple than you?
Why is everyone so intense here?
I know my rights, sir, okay?
And I took ap law.
I have watched a
lot of lawyer shows,
and I get a phone call.
You're something, Molly Jenkins.
Wow, you really love using
my full name, don't you?
Well, I mean, it's a...
It's a beautiful name.
- Really?
- Don't sue me for it, though,
'cause I think you'd win.
Th... that was funny, um...
has anyone ever told you that
- you look exactly like...
- Patrick j. Michaels?
- Yes!
- Yeah, get it all the time.
I don't see the resemblance,
Really? Like... like really?
- No.
- I mean, you look
- exactly like him.
- Nope, don't see it at all.
My mom was like a
huge fan of his, though.
Was an extra in like,
all of his movies.
All right, you two,
I got some news for you.
We got a call from
one of our other stations.
They arrested an
Addison Preston Roberts,
aka Dr. Spacecakes.
You're gonna be
good to go here soon.
Told you he was real.
Well, what do you know?
Even cops can
be wrong sometimes.
Would you relax? Zoey's right.
Molly probably just
hooked up with that dude.
Oh, speaking of, you and Zoey
were pretty close last night.
Like, so close, she
should have pepper sprayed you.
What did you do?
What did you... did you...
Okay, the fact that
I'm having to pry you
for information right
now is freaking me out.
Did you guys hook up or not?
I mean, we didn't...
We didn't "hook up" hook up.
We had an emotional hookup.
I mean,
I... I played her my mix and...
You finally played her
that thing and she was into it?
Yeah, dude, she... She loved it.
Molly? Molly?
Hey, are you okay?
Where are you?
Yes, we're coming right now.
All right.
Just a misunderstanding.
Okay, we gotta get her.
Okay, so we have to go get
our friend from jail.
Wow, you guys
must've had a wild night.
Are you coming or not?
You okay?
Oh, I... I'm fine.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
No teardrop tattoos,
that's a good sign.
Yeah, no, it's all good.
I was imprisoned
for another man's crime.
I'll give you the
cliffnotes version.
I was meeting a
friend who happened to have
narcotics on him,
and I basically unwittingly
ended up stepping
in on a sting operation
and the perp got away,
so they arrested us.
Thank you, officer.
I appreciate it.
We are all set,
completely good to go.
Ooh! Hi, nice to meet you guys.
I've heard a lot about you.
Thank you, by the way, for
the ride to front and center,
I don't know
what I would've done.
Appreciate it, thanks.
This is my Sebastian.
Sorry, sorry!
My friend who's named Sebastian,
you're not mine...
You would think after
12 hours straight together
she'd be a little less
tongue tied around me.
I am not tongue tied,
I just, I just talk a lot.
I think it's cute.
I think it's
completely adorable.
I mean, hey, who
knew jail could be like, fun?
Is that Kale?
Yes, it is Kale, again!
Zoey, we can we please go?
It's already half past the hour.
Actually, he's right, we
should probably go to front
and center 'cause that's what
we traveled all the way for.
I'm gonna do that. I'm gonna go.
"Half past the hour."
What are you like 50?
- We have a little bit of an issue.
- Yeah, I'll say.
Don't worry,
I'll get rid of him.
What? No, no, no.
I didn't get the wristbands.
The scalper
took all of your money.
- Are you kidding me?
- It's gonna be fine, okay?
Because Sebastian
actually knows people
that work at the festival,
so we should be good.
Great, great, our only chance
is a convicted felon, lovely.
Okay, I mean, we're not
technically convicted,
so like, let's not make
this worse than what it was.
Hey, doesn't he look exactly
like Patrick j. Michaels?
He looks nothing like
Patrick j. Michaels.
I think that
I've found you out
there was a place...
Wanna be
I think you're
running away f...
So plan a is like,
dental school,
but plan b is the rap game.
Oh, that's... That's a choice.
I mean, I think
it's a strong second choice.
- You've gotta have options.
- Yeah, I mean,
third choices are good to... hi!
Molls, we're getting close.
If he can't get us there,
let's just Chuck him out.
Chuck him out? What is wrong?
Just chill, all right?
Focus on you-know-who.
- Don't you...
- Don't you do it! Don't do it!
Mikey, Donnie, stop it.
Yeah, guys, come on, stop.
You're always agreeing
with my girl, huh?
What is that supposed to mean?
- It means tha...
- It means
we should all do a sing-a-long.
Am I right? Not you, Sebastian.
- Poor guy.
- Oh, is that a beak?
Yeah, I think that's
a huge ass bird.
You happy? You killed big bird.
- Nope, it's your fault.
- I've had enough.
I'm calling a lyft.
Zoey, pack up your things.
Oh, are you sure you don't
wanna pack them up for me?
- 'Cause you're so good at it.
- Adorable.
- Do you have your wristband?
- No, Josh has them.
Well, come on, chop-chop,
little man, wristband.
- The engine's screwed.
- I can fix it, like I always do.
- Don't touch my truck.
- What is your deal, man?
I can explain, Donnie.
No, no, I know, I know,
'cause you explain everything.
How about this, can you explain
what it's like to
be a kid one day
and then suddenly you
wake up and you're a parent?
Good luck fixing the truck.
I spent all our money on the ftg
because I thought
this was our dream.
Look, I... I could
sell my wristband
to pay for the damages. Donnie!
I'm gonna need my wristband.
Where are the wristbands?
I don't know.
What do you mean you don't know?
- They're at will call.
- Well...
But there's no will call
at front and center.
Hold on, I thought you said
you picked them up from like,
a Dr. Spacecakes?
- Wait, didn't your boss give them to you?
- Yeah.
Look, I can explain.
I lied, I never had
any wristbands, guys.
- Wait, what?
- I knew it!
Wow, that took a turn.
- Screw us, right?
- Mikey, Mikey...
- Look, it was my fault...
- No, it's not your fault.
I was supposed to buy
the wristbands last night...
Yeah, no, of course
it's not her fault.
It's yours. Why would you lie?
Because, darling, this was all
a plan to hook up with you.
- What?
- Which seems like
- it almost worked.
- What? No.
No, nothing happened between us.
Then why did I hear Josh
bragging this morning
about your special night?
Look, Zoey, I can explain...
Look, baby, baby, baby.
Whatever happened, happened,
all right? I don't own you.
You're free to hook
up with whoever you want.
It's just a little bit
of a blow to the ego
that it was with
that pillock over there.
Okay, okay, nobody
hooked up with anybody.
Look, let's just finish
this later, all right?
We don't even
need the wristbands,
we've got an in with the vips,
so let's just go.
Zoey! Zoey, wait. Zoey, wait...
So this was all just
like a big plan to get me
on your diving board
and to play your stupid mix?
- I thought we were connecting.
- I thought I was speaking
to somebody
who was being sincere.
Even if we had hooked up, like,
what did you think
was gonna happen?
'Cause I know. Nothing.
I would have
woken up the next day
and I would
have still gone to L.A.
Grow up, dude.
You don't know me.
You don't even know yourself.
I think maybe we should
just get in the lyft and go.
I mean, we're here.
You're going too?
You know what? Fine, go.
Go have fun at the festival.
Can you just hold on a second?
Go have fun with
your new friend.
Are you serious right now? Fun?
Dude, I came here to help you.
I was just released from jail.
Your cellmate, he's waiting.
you don't get to do this, Josh.
You don't get to dump
your emotions out on me
and then act like it's my fault.
I am your wingwoman.
I am your best friend.
I've been here.
Let's go.
Where's my essay?
I was, uh...
I don't have it.
I didn't do it. So,
you know what, just fail me
'cause I don't care
about the essay anymore.
That's not what I was expecting
to hear you say, Mr. Torres.
You told me you'd
get me the essay today.
I don't care about
the essay, Mr. Elmer.
I'm stranded in middle of
nowhere and my life is a mess.
Of course your life's a mess,
you're a teenager.
Yeah, but everything was
finally going the way I wanted.
You know, like in the movies.
The movies? Hey, do me a favor.
Just calm down, okay?
- Are you calm?
- Yeah.
Hey, I'm not your
therapist, okay? But...
You're a nice kid. I actually
dislike you
less than the others.
They annoy me like crazy.
So let me give
you a piece of advice.
Don't place your happiness
into something that's not real,
but in something that is.
I read that once
in a fortune cookie.
Tsui hangs,
best Chinese in town.
It's too late, Mr. Elmer.
It's over.
High school's over,
you were right.
The weekend isn't over.
Get that essay to me.
I'm gonna fix it, I promise.
I didn't... I didn't handle
the situation ideally.
You lied to me.
I'm sorry.
I'm not gonna go, Donnie.
I made a commitment to you...
Stop! Would you just stop?
Stop? Stop being honest
with you? Stop telling...
Are you trying to piss me off?
I can't win with you.
Everything I say pisses you off.
I'm not upset that you
applied to college, Mikey.
I'm upset that
you kept it from me.
How could you think
that I wouldn't support you?
This is your dream,
this, this...
This is everything to you.
No, man, you are.
I'm not...
I'm not perfect, you know?
But I'm gonna keep
doing what's best for you.
You want to go to school,
so we'll use my
savings and we get you there.
You're going.
Oh my god.
I'm sorry I tried to murder
you in a motel swimming pool.
All right, that should do it.
Come on, now, here we go.
All right, so I was thinking
we go to the motel mermaid,
then once the girls
wrap up at the festival,
we all head home, cool?
If I had to walk today
I would throw it all away
'Cause all I need
Is you
All I need
Is you
Stop the truck.
Guys, stop the truck!
You okay?
How do you know you're
in love, goosie?
It's from
a Patrick j. Michaels movie.
He says, "you feel it."
But that's the thing,
man, this isn't a movie.
I'm not Patrick j. Michaels.
No one's actually named goosie.
I've been sidelined
under the bleachers living life
like it's a movie,
chasing feelings,
too afraid to
face reality. Well...
I'm done with it, man.
Get me to front
and center, guys.
No idea what you're
talking about, but I'm in.
Kid's taking a swing, I like it.
Front and center, boys.
Got me feeling like I'm okay
But the feeling
never goes away...
You guys getting anything?
Why aren't they answering?
Straight to voicemail. Nothing.
Their phone's gotta be dead.
They must be deep
in the festival by now.
We got no money, no wristbands,
and it'll be a
miracle if this truck holds up
long enough to get us there.
Wait, Donnie.
What's the best thing
about front and center?
The music?
The food trucks.
And the
guild that comes with it.
I like it!
The falcon's
going into business, baby!
You got me feeling
like I'm okay
The feeling never goes away
Hate the night,
embrace the day
The feeling's
fleeting and it goes away
You got me
feeling like I'm okay
The feeling never goes away
Hate the night,
embrace the day
The feeling's
fleeting and it goes
Oh no, no
Oh no, no
God, change my philosophy
My state of
mind is in disguise
I'm losing all the honesty
Arresting all
the life inside
Tell me that
I'll be all right
I tried myself,
and came up dry
Give me more that satisfies
If you're okay,
then I'm okay
You got me
feeling like I'm okay
The feeling never goes away
Own the night,
embrace the day
The feeling's
fleeting and it goes away
You got me
feeling like I'm okay
The feeling
never goes away...
Uh, you guys
sure this is the right place?
There's no way this
is going to work.
Uh, yeah, it is.
He told us to meet 'em here.
Guys, guys,
I'm gonna need to see
your health and zoning permit,
and your parking pass, please.
Funny, funny that you
should ask for that.
Gil, piss off.
These guys are with me.
Hey, we're good. We're good.
- Hey, enjoy your stay, guys.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, ciao.
- Familia!
- Hey!
So, this the famous
milleni-yum falcon, eh?
Oh yeah, she's... vintage.
Hey, thanks for helping us out.
Can't abandon a member of
the guild now, can I?
- When in Rome.
- Va bene.
Va bene!
- I'm gonna ride with you guys.
- Yeah, yeah, jump on in.
They're with me!
Move out of the way.
Come on, move aside, move aside.
Thank you,
thank you. Move it over.
Right over here,
boys, right over here.
Yeah, watch yourself.
All right, boys, make me proud.
- I'll check on you later.
- All right.
- Well, what's the move?
- Okay, Kale said
something about a vip tent.
Like that one?
There it is, it's at some
Rose bungalow village.
All right, we got
a plan this time?
I don't need one.
You remember Sophia,
right, the art dealer?
she's agreed to meet me here.
Yeah, remember when all
the clothes were in my closet?
Why is your energy red lining?
You know, I don't know, Kale.
Maybe it's because
I thought that you
came here to be with me,
but really I was just
another stop on your way.
No, no, no, no.
That couldn't be further from the truth.
This is all about you, babe.
This is just a happy accident,
like the cosmos.
Come on, let's get a move on.
I'm sorry about the wristbands,
and lying to you, that was...
don't... don't worry about it.
I mean, like,
not calculating the risk
is actually on brand for me,
Look, psychology is
not an exact science.
Some would say
there's a lot of guesswork.
No, no, I think it was like,
exactly what I needed to hear,
Um, how did it go
with the Mr. bowling shirt?
I... nothing happened.
Like, we talked. He's nice.
We were in jail,
that kind of complicated things.
He's definitely very cute.
To front and center.
Well, this tent's
nice and all, but, um...
How 'bout we get outta here?
taking the stage soon.
Hey, Zoey, you wanna come?
Um, you know, I'm going
to catch you later I think.
- Are you good?
- Yes.
- Ready?
- Yeah.
Love it! Absolutely love it.
They're going mental out there.
- Hey, Kale.
- One sec.
Just give me a second.
Babe! My birkenstocks!
Babe! Babe, babe,
babe. What's going on?
I'm in the middle of
connecting with Sophia.
All right? Just hang out here,
soak in the vibes.
This is what our
life's gonna be like in L.A.
I know, so I'm leaving.
All right,
I will catch you later.
No, Kale. I'm leaving.
Wait, you're not coming to L.A.?
- No.
- Well, why? Why not?
Why the... why the change?
L.A. is your dream, Kale,
It's not mine.
This is what's
best for both of us.
How... what...
What're you doing here?
I had some unfinished
What're you... wait, where's...
Where's Kale?
I, uh...
Broke up with him.
You did?
Yep, I did.
I'm so sorry
if I did anything...
No, no. Although
you did, you know,
drag us out here
and lie about it, but...
If it weren't for you,
I'd probably be
in L.A. right
now hating life, so...
I actually feel kind of
liberated or something.
And I just want to
make something clear
between the two of us.
I like you,
but just as a friend.
And that's all it's gonna be.
That's fine, because I only
want to be friends, too.
I mean, for the longest time
I actually thought I loved you.
- Yeah, no, I know.
- No, like full-on,
thought of you
all night love you.
Oh, wow, okay, got it.
But here's the thing.
Over this past weekend, I...
Yeah, Josh, every girl knows
when a guy is into them,
and every girl knows when
a guy is into somebody else.
- So what are you doing here?
- Where is she?
She went with Sebastian
to go see lovelytheband
and I think that you
should move quick, fast.
Go, go, go, go.
Wait, I thought that we
were gonna see lovelytheband.
There's like,
a great spot like, right there.
Oh, yeah, yeah,
no, no, no, I know, but, um...
I know a better one.
Shall we?
Oh, man, these are really good.
- Yes!
- Oh yeah.
- Here, get in on this.
- Oh yeah!
I heard these are
the best grilled cheeses.
Everyone is talking about them.
We've officially sold out!
Thank you, front and center!
But the milleni-yum falcon
is jumping to light speed.
And may the fromage be with you.
- Hey!
- Looks like you guys
are already in business.
Oh, you know, just
for one night, cuz.
Oh, and we officially
have enough money
- to make it home.
- Oh, great.
Just in time too,
lovelytheband's about to take the stage.
Oh, are you alone right now?
Yeah, yeah, I am, it's, uh,
it's a new thing I'm trying.
Get used to it.
Wait, where's our boy?
Have they started singing yet?
Ladies and gentlemen.
And now, the moment
you've been waiting for.
Please welcome lovelytheband!
Dancing in your party dress
You were singing me
Some frank Sinatra
As you wept
Pull me close enough
It seems like we lost touch
So hold me as
the record skips
This is so beautiful.
I think you're beautiful.
We love you!
Maybe I'm just too good
maybe I'll run away
Maybe I'm over you
maybe I shouldn't stay
Maybe I just don't
care maybe I talk too much
But baby, I'll be there yeah,
baby, I'll be there
It's been a little hard...
Um, you know, actually,
um, no, uh...
What's wrong?
Okay, well, for starters,
we... we... we like,
just met, right?
Like, mere hours ago.
And... and you have technically
not asked me on,
like, a formal date,
and, uh, we don't
know each other, like, at all.
Look, I think you should just
maybe relax for a second, okay?
And just chill. Let's just...
Let's just have some fun.
Full disclosure, um...
I just want to hang out.
And, um, if that does not
float your battleship...
I'm a big girl.
I'll understand.
It was nice meeting you,
Molly Jenkins.
So long, Patrick j. Michaels.
You always smell
like a holiday
I'm still in love with you,
It was springtime
You were still mine
Back when I felt whole
I like you.
Do you like me?
Yeah, I really do.
I'm sorry I missed
the fireworks.
I was running through the field
and I jumped
on top of this car...
I'll be your right now
I'll be your forever
I'll be your last call...
It was never about
the fireworks.
She said she really
likes Springsteen
And I think
I like that a lot
A flower child of the '70s
At least she
thought that she was
She was wild,
she was dangerous
In all the best ways
With a heart like that
She was never
meant to be tamed
- Come on up!
- Come on up here!
I'll be your right now
I'll be your forever
I'll be your last call...
I love you guys!
You know, it's funny.
If you would
have told me yesterday
I was chasing
after a false dream,
that I was trying to live
a movie version of myself,
I would have said you're crazy.
I guess sometimes you've
gotta fall before you realize
you were walking
in the wrong direction.
How was my high
school experience?
One of waking up.
And you know what I realized?
Life isn't a movie.
It's better.
I'll be your right now
I'll be your forever
Oh, I'll be your last call