This Is Your Death (2017) Movie Script

Welcome back.
We are broadcasting live
from Seattle
to give you the moment
you've been waiting for
all summer long.
Two contestants remain,
but only one will be.
Married to a Millionaire.
Well, it was just a couple
of months ago
that I asked your ten suitors
one question.
How far would you go
for the one you love?
Who do you want to spend
the rest of your life with?
Brandi or Jessica?
Jessica, we're just not made
for each other.
I've decided to go with Brandi!
It's Brandi!
I am the happiest man alive.
And I'm the luckiest girl.
We'll take you down
to the church,
where both of your families
are waiting for you.
Come on.
No, no, no, no!
You slut!
What'd you do?
Suck his small dick?
No, hey!
- Move!
- I'm not gonna do that!
Put the gun down.
Put it down!
Oh, my God!
Somebody get over here!
...not sure
what happened there.
We will, of course, let you
know as soon as we find out.
Alex Jones here, reporting on the tragic
shooting death live on television.
- Tragic news. BC's Married
- to a Millionaire.
- Two are reported dead...
- ...gunned down in front...
...Adam Rogers dove on top
to shield, an act of heroism... Adam Rogers displayed
unbelievable bravery...
I'm remorseful, she was sick.
Yeah, can you say it like
you mean it, please?
I'm sorry.
I'm remorseful, she was sick.
- Nobody knew it.
- Good. You're a hero.
- All right.
- You'll be fine.
Please welcome Adam Rogers.
Take your
hands out of your pockets!
How does it feel to be
a national hero?
Oh, uh... no,
I'm no hero, I was just...
I was just doing what anybody would
have done under those circumstances.
Well, most people
would have ducked.
Now, what was going
through your mind
when you first heard
the gunshots?
Yes, honestly.
We're all about honesty
on Morning Show USA.
Honestly, I was thinking about...
my job,
and what a giant mess this
was gonna cause our network.
Here I was, lying next to a man
that had just been murdered
and all I could think
about was myself.
It was not your fault.
Actually, it was my fault.
And... it was your fault,
and it was our network's fault,
and it was the millions of people
who tune in each week's fault.
...bring us to top five
Tuesdays through Fridays.
I know you want to see
the numbers for your ads, so--
There's a problem.
Excuse me for a moment.
Rogers is going rogue.
Director wants permission
to pull the plug.
We're sitting here
celebrating me...
trying to cover the fact that we
pitted two women against each other
like a couple of fucking dogs.
Uh, right.
What happened on my show,
that was not an accident.
That was...
that was inevitable.
Okay, my little man.
Shh, quiet!
There it is, a desperate rage
festering in this country
and we're too afraid
to show it to you.
Instead we numb ourselves
with our stupid fucking
morning shows
and soap operas
and reality shows.
- It's disgusting.
- Holy crap.
Isn't that your brother?
I'm going to have to stop
you now, ok? That was--
I was told to come out here and
say that Jessica was sick...
Yes. - And that it was just
a game, but I can't do that.
Jessica was not sick.
She was a beautiful human being
under an incredible amount
of pressure and personal debt
and we played with her heart
for our own financial gain.
Okay, Adam, you know what?
That was great--
- Let it play out.
- I have to stop you now, okay?
And I'm glad that
people saw that.
That is the most reality
reality TV has ever shown
and I hope that we
show more of it.
Well, I guess you're
in the minority there.
- We should show more of that.
- Okay, are we-- are we still live?
All right, we'll be right
back after these messages
with America's cutest puppies.
Thank you.
- What the fuck, man?
- I'm sorry.
- What he fuck are you doing?
- It was nice to meet you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I am so fucking fired.
You're too good for that job.
You should go back to school.
I'll help you study.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
You got me back on my feet,
I'll get you back on your feet.
Yeah, I don't think so.
What the hell did I do?
What did I do?
You know what you did?
You told the truth, Adam.
I haven't seen that guy
in a long time.
I am proud of you.
Mom and dad would have
been proud of you, too.
Yeah, I bet mom and dad
would have been real proud.
A TV hack and a
recovering pill-head.
It's Nurse Pill-Head
to you.
- I'm going back to the hospital.
- I'm sorry.
- It's okay, it's okay.
- I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Hey.
- How're you doing?
- I'm good.
Let me grab your...
What? No.
No, no, no.
- Adam, that's not what I'm here for.
- We had a deal.
You pay off your debt
and I pay your expenses.
- Hold on.
- No. Nope, not cool.
Hey, a deal's a deal. Come
here, come here, come here.
Take it.
Thank you.
- You're welcome.
- I love you.
I love you, too, honey.
You're okay.
Say it again.
You're okay, Adam Rogers.
All right.
Hey, this is Adam.
Leave a message please.
Ilana Katzenberg here.
Nice rant this morning.
Be at the network office
tomorrow, 9am sharp--
It seems like we're working the
same hours, Miss Katzenberg.
Yeah, except I start
at 8:30 again.
Yeah, me too.
What's your name again?
Um, Mason.
Mason Washington, ma'am.
- Two jobs.
- Yeah.
And looking for a third.
You aren't hiring an appliance
salesman by any chance, are you?
I was number one in the
South Bay, 15 years over.
"House to fill?
Just call Bill at--."
You worked at Angel
City Appliance!
- You know it?
- I bought my fridge and stove there.
I was there for three decades.
Then online shopping came along,
and then the recession,
and now it seems that
nobody wants to hire
a 55-year-old
with insufferable charm.
I don't know why.
Uh, I should get back to work.
Do you watch television, Mason?
Oh, uh... no,
not much, honestly.
How about Married
to a Millionaire?
No, ma'am.
But my son did show me the
video on Morning USA.
Oh, so you know what happened?
- Yeah.
- So what do you think?
You can't fire me, can you?
But I won't.
I think he was
speaking the truth.
You don't see too much
of that lately.
I agree.
Jerry, please.
Look. Look.
I know we talked about this,
but I'm four hours away
from being full-time.
I can do the hours
anywhere you want.
West end, downtown, Valley,
Orange County, I don't care.
You know how badly my family
needs the health benefits.
I'm sorry, but I've got
no more hours to give.
All right?
We're stretched thin.
We can't be stretched that thin.
All right.
How about this Adam Rogers?
What a story, I tell you--
'Morning, angel.
Did you get
a good night's sleep?
Did you eat your breakfast?
Did you brush your teeth?
Uh-uh, you fibber!
Hey, go brush your teeth. Daddy
will drive you to school.
Hey, watch yourself,
you little twerp.
Derrick called me a twerp!
Yeah, I heard him.
He'll apologize.
'Morning, slugger.
Who were those suits
at the door?
Derrick, grab your breakfast.
Your dad will drive you
to school.
What happened on your show
this week was disastrous.
But-- but,
from a legal standpoint,
surprisingly neither the network
nor the producers
could be held liable.
Yeah, I know.
But here's the thing.
When it comes to the murder,
the FCC allows live broadcasts
to air unforeseen
criminal content
as long as it wasn't planned,
there was security in place,
and every effort was made
to kill the feed.
All of which we can prove.
When it comes to the suicide,
that's where it gets
a little interesting.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
- I must have the wrong-- - Sit, Sylvia.
Everyone, this is
Sylvia Rowland,
three-time Emmy-winning producer
of our live broadcast
of Snow White, Peter Pan
and The Wizard.
Sylvia, everyone.
As I was saying, when it
comes to Jessica's suicide,
a case could be made
that no one tried to stop her
from killing herself.
A small one, I know,
but a case nonetheless.
But unlike murder,
suicide is not a felony
in the United States.
So therefore, if we can prove
that no one did anything
to aid or abet her
in her actions,
we are off the hook.
I, uh-- I have a question,
Forget the murder for a second.
What if we hypothetically knew
Jessica was gonna
commit suicide on air?
Well, hypothetically, if we knew
she was gonna kill herself
and no one did anything
to aid or abet her--
You mean by handing her the gun?
Yeah, correct.
Unless, of course, there was a
physician on hand doing it.
Well, yes.
Suicide law is
a state-by-state issue.
I mean, in California
the End of Life Option Act
allows physicians
to supervise people
who are deemed mentally sound to
take their own lives.
At first it was just
for the terminally ill,
- but...
- But?
But there was a constitutional
challenge this year.
Proposition 426.
Now all you have to be
is mentally sound
and you can kill yourself
any way you deem fit.
So, theoretically,
if we had a show on air where
people committed suicide,
and we had a doctor, let's say
a psychiatrist, on hand,
we wouldn't be breaking the law.
Are you actually being
serious right now?
All right, I'm sorry,
but can I ask why I'm here?
Ilana, are we talking
theoretics here or actual?
Because if we're talking actual,
as your legal counsel I strongly
advise you against pursuing this.
I mean, the FCC
will have a field day!
Not if you put it on
after 10 o'clock, right?
Jesus Christ.
I thought I was coming here
to get fired today.
Yeah, and I thought I was
coming here to pitch a show.
Everyone, go.
Adam, Sylvia, stay.
Thank you, Bernie.
All right, let's go.
All right, I'm sorry, but
you can't be serious.
I guess I shouldn't
be surprised.
Adam, you caused quite a
stir in this country.
Your heroics combined with
your oratorical prowess
made us the number one network
for the first time
in two decades.
As president of
network programming,
it's my job to make sure you
aren't a flash in the pan.
By watching people
kill themselves on national TV?
- Are you out of your mind?
- Thank you!
And Sylvia, you are the best
live producer in the world.
We are fortunate enough to contractually
have you for one more show.
Yes, a live theatrical show.
Not a live death porn show.
Well, actually your
contract defines "show"
as single or event series.
This qualifies
as an event series.
Oh, I'm sorry, but...
Fuck you, and fuck this.
You're under contract, Sylvia.
What are you doing?
Don't worry about her,
she'll come around.
The question is:
Will you?
You're too good for this
network, Adam, I know.
We're in the shmattah business
and you're done with that.
I also realize that on the
surface this sounds like a--
Like a gimmick.
But I want you to know
that everything you said
yesterday was true.
People are angry.
They're fed up.
They wanna see something real.
So, let's show them
something real.
I just watched two people
die in front of me.
I prefer not to see
any more of that.
Have a nice day.
How'd the interview go?
They hired a 20-year-old.
Oh, Mason.
Oh, you know, it's all right.
I mean, it wasn't meant
for me anyway.
Those men that came
to the house.
They're from the bank.
You told me we were a bit
behind on the mortgage,
but you didn't tell me
we were five months behind.
They can come and take our
house any time they want,
you know that, right?
- Rebecca--
- And it's not just them.
Collectors been calling
every day, Mason.
- So don't pick up.
- I'm not pickin' up!
Look, what do you
want me to say?
I'm paying the water bills,
I'm paying the electric bills,
I'm payin' for gas,
I'm payin' for insurance,
I'm trying to pay
for Derrick's medical,
and I'm payin' for groceries.
Are you done?
'Cause I gotta go to work to
help pay for everything else.
The clothing, the books,
the birthday presents.
We worked so hard
to get our kids
into a good neighborhood
with a good school district.
I am not gonna let that
be taken away from them.
...more than Indiana,
the condition of compuls--
...go back to France, because 99
percent of the country hates you!
...accept that,
that's fine.
I think it's stupid
what you're saying.
So what I'm gonna do is
I'm going to accept it.
But FOX News has been right!
Yeah, I just didn't
think people wanted a dialogue.
No, no, no. That's fine, right?
I mean, am I right?
Are we at the presidential
level, or is he punching down?
Welcome to the season premiere
of Married to a Millionaire.
My name is Adam Rogers
and we have just met
our wealthy man.
Why don't we meet our suitors?
Hi, what's your name?
Hi, I'm Jessica,
I'm a dental hygienist.
I love writing, swimming,
and romantic dinners.
- Okay. And your name?
- Hi, I'm Brandi, I'm a physiotherapist.
I like traveling, surfing,
and hot dogs.
Okay. Hot dogs.
I like hot dogs.
- Only vegan.
- Okay.
Brandi, Jessica,
do you feel like you're
marriage material for John?
- Hell yeah!
- Fuck.
How are you?
Uh, she can't see you right now.
Uh, look. She's--
Hey. Cut me a break, man.
- I can't let you in there--
- Just give me a second.
I'm telling you,
you can't--
I'm done exploiting people
for the sake of ratings,
and I am done being the
mouthpiece for garbage.
Excuse me?
Ilana, what's going on
over there?
I'm on a call with our entire
board of directors.
Can this wait?
I don't wanna do a show
that affirms death.
We gotta do better than that.
I wanna do a show
that affirms life,
that challenges people,
that stands for something.
But people will die if we go
ahead with this, you know.
Yeah, I know.
But I don't want them
dying in vain.
Now if...
if I do this show,
and if people are
actually going to die,
I want them to die
for a good reason,
a higher purpose.
I want this show to teach
people how to live,
to appreciate what we've got,
to foster empathy.
And it's not gonna be
about fame or money,
and we are not gonna be
bribing guests to come on.
They will come
of their own volition.
And if that doesn't work?
Everybody has a story,
they just...
they just want to be heard.
What do you want?
I want a say in set design
and show structure,
and I want complete control
of the message--
- Adam--
- It's non-negotiable.
You're using me.
And I want to be perfectly clear
that I'm gonna be
using you, too.
You need ratings.
I need a platform.
This is not gonna be
a circus act, Ilana.
This is gonna be shocking.
And real.
And it'll probably
get us both fired.
Sounds good to me.
Let's move these LED walls
downstage and put in the stairs,
and bring the five-line
up in the service.
And hey, let's-- let's bring
these seats all the way...
all the way up to here.
I wanna feel the audience
right on top of the stage.
Where will the cameras go?
I'm gonna need at least ten feet
for three operators
and a jib arm.
Plus do you think they're gonna let
someone walk on stage with a gun,
no barrier
to the audience? No.
You're gonna need a bullet-proof
partition built around the stage
and I want separate entrances
from the parking lot,
so no one behind that wall
can get into the audience.
Who is in charge here?
You or him?
I am.
I am.
It's not about death,
but it is about ratings.
The idea here is
to have people wake up.
He looks like a serial killer.
Do we need serial killer?
Well, he can serial
kill himself.
We're making this
network relevant.
You cannot forget.
Can we order some pizza, please?
This is where I wanna start,
what's next... nope.
And we're gonna need to work
on these screens here, right?
What are we doing here?
- What are we doing here?
- Mm-hmm.
Uh... we're making a show.
You know what I mean.
We're giving television the
kick in the ass that it needs.
That's what we're doing here.
We're challenging people to get
up and stand for something.
And what is that? Death?
No. No, Sylvia.
It's not just a show
about death.
You do know that no one
at the network
- gives a shit about your message, right?
- Yeah.
They just want shock and awe
and blood and pyrotechnics.
Yeah, I know. I know,
but I think that we can create a
scenario where everybody wins.
God, I want to believe you.
You know, for a reality
show veteran,
you are impressively naive.
Yeah? Well, for a woman who
tells fairytales for a living,
your lack of imagination
is quite sad.
Knock 'em dead, kiddo.
Let's have a good show,
Stand by VTU.
On in five, four, three...
Cue graphics and music.
Cue camera one.
Live from Los Angeles,
This Is Your Death!
And now, your host, Adam Rogers!
Ladies and gentlemen...
What you're about to see tonight
is unlike anything you've seen
on television before.
But let me be clear about
one thing straight off the top.
This is not a stunt,
this is not a joke-
He's off script.
Hold the prompter.
This is not a prank.
And this will probably
shock you, and that's okay.
Because on this show
we're all about transparency.
Now, despite what most
networks want you to believe,
your television is not there to
coddle you,
nor is it there to provide
mindless escapism.
- What is going on?
- He's ad-libbing, is what's going on.
- Is this a surprise?
- All right, get me in his ear.
Adam, get on script.
It's a liability issue and we
signed off on the warning.
Long before the Internet...
- Okay, he's moving. Let's follow him.
- Your TV...
- Son of a bitch.
- Was invented to connect us,
to bring us together,
to create a shared communal
experience, and now...
now all it does is lie to you.
But we're about to change
that tonight.
Cue audience applause.
I could explain to you what's
gonna happen next, but it's...
it's probably best
just to show you.
Introducing our first guest
- This is Sara Hickey.
- Cue VCR.
From Hope Township, New Jersey.
Have a look.
Stage lights.
I married Bill
when I was very young.
He was sweet and charming,
told funny jokes.
He reminded me of my father.
Which was probably a bad thing.
It wasn't long before Bill
became violent towards me.
But things got much worse...
when Bill began
molesting Emily...
our daughter.
I tried leaving him, trust me.
It's impossible when there's
no money for a new life.
But I'll know that
I made an effort
to rescue my little girl.
How will
your suicide rescue her?
You'll see.
Cue applause.
Ladies and gentlemen.
After tonight,
Sara Hickey ill never have
a chance at a new life.
But her daughter could.
With your aid.
If you'd like to donate money
to Emily Hickey,
please text the number that
will soon appear on your screen.
Number? We don't-- we don't have a number.
We never discussed this.
Relax, we got a text system
set up for our talent shows.
Call the networks.
- Tell them to turn on premium.
- Copy that.
All proceeds will be matched
by the WBC network
up to $100,000.
Fuck off!
That's not true!
It is now.
Ladies and gentlemen,
let's show Sara Hickey
that her sacrifice tonight
won't be in vain.
- Cue on one.
- Yes, sir.
House lights fade.
What if she chickens out?
We play as a redemption story,
okay? Oh, and by the way,
great work on that video.
All right, now please
let me watch this.
It is lights out, my prince.
What the fuck?
Oh, come on.
Keller, play the emotions.
- Zack, how much money did we raise so far?
- Start on three.
no, $30,000.
Show me the audience.
- Give me a close-up on 2.
- $45,000.
- Should I play redemptive music?
- No. Adam,
don't come out yet.
Okay, okay.
Okay, I'll wait.
I'm doing this for you.
I'm sorry.
I don't want to rot in jail
for the rest of your life.
They'll find your dad's body
in our garage.
She did it.
Good girl.
Pull out! Jesus
Christ, pull out!
Flicker the lights.
Thank you for watching
This Is Your Death.
Life is precious.
Make the most of it.
See you next week.
And... cut to commercial.
Everyone's phones still off?
You just cost the
network $100,000.
We raised $100,000?
$200,000 actually.
But we only had to
match up to $100,000.
Wait, wait, wait. So we just
gave that girl $300,000?
- Yes.
- Wow!
That's good!
Is this show now about money?
No, this is a show about giving
girls like that a future.
By killing her mother.
Sara died of her own volition
after consulting a trained
psychiatrist and physician,
and, because of it, she bettered
the life of her daughter.
That's right.
By killing herself.
No, by showing people
that not everybody on TV
is rich and pretty
and living the American dream.
By killing herself.
Yes, Sylvia, by killing herself.
Look, not everything in this
world deserves a happy ending.
Sophocles knew this.
Euripides knew this.
Shakespeare knew this.
Milton, Beckett...
What-- what're you doing?
Looking to see
if you secretly have Wikipedia
open on your phone.
Uh, shots anyone?
- Yes.
- Yeah.
Hey, good news.
I found you more hours.
Thank you.
- Hey, I appreciate it.
- Yeah, no problem.
It's three hours a night in Riverside.
It starts at 2:30am.
Woah, Jerry, wait.
I-I finish here at 2:00.
I can't make it from Century
City to Riverside in 30 minutes.
It takes 75 minutes, no traffic.
Sorry, man.
Take it or leave it.
No, no--
Woah, woah, woah.
Jerry, if I take it and I'm
late, you're gonna fire me.
Hey, look.
I'll tell you what.
Why don't I get there at 3:00 and I go
till 6:00? I'll speed as fast as I can.
No. No can do.
It's a finance office.
They come into work at 5:30.
Well, I'm sorry, then.
I can't take it.
Well, I, too, am sorry.
QMB Janitorial Corporation will
no longer need your services.
We'll send you your final
two paychecks by mail.
Wait-- no, no--
Come on, Jerry!
Look, come on, I'm never late,
I work harder than
everyone else!
Why are you settin' me up?
Is this about the benefits?
Look-- look, forget
I even asked.
Look, I don't care about the benefits.
Forget it.
Jerry? Jerry! Jerry!
What you're doing is barbaric.
I thought you stood
for something.
Thank you.
I appreciate your...
input. Asshole.
Oh, no. Did you turn on
your phone?
Uh, no. No, I'm, uh... I'm good.
Uh, why don't we get outta here?
Ah, yeah.
I'm not like that, okay?
I'll drop you off.
That's okay, I can get
my own Uber. Thank you.
We can Uber together.
Let's Uber pool.
It's cheap, and we may not
have jobs tomorrow, so...
You know nothing about me.
That's not true!
I know you're from Cleveland.
And I know you're an only child.
And I know that you would
rather be living in New York,
but Broadway is your
ex-husband's domain,
so here you are,
slumming it on TV.
Well, my, uh, my panties
are sopping wet.
I'm not finished.
I know that you eat too much
kale for your own good,
and I know that you think that
real men don't drink white wine,
but I don't really give
a shit because I love it.
And I also know that, like me...
you just want to make
something meaningful and lasting
in this screwed up,
swipe right, shit-for-brains
world we live in.
How am I doing?
You might just be the smartest
idiot that I've ever met.
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
Yeah, well, I did go
to Yale for two years.
- Did you?
- Yeah.
Why did you drop out?
- Wouldn't you like to know?
- Mm-hmm.
Let's go.
This is not a yes.
I never said it was a yes.
O... kay.
Excuse me, sir.
Uh, the dishwasher
you've got, the old guy?
He's a real dick.
A new show aired
on the WBC network last night.
The incredible thing is the show
seemingly came out of nowhere.
No press, no advertising, nada.
Now, if it turns out to be real,
WBC is gonna have a lot
to answer for.
Just take a look
at our Facebook page.
People are enraged.
I'm taking callers.
First up, Ne--
Holy shit.
Okay, okay!
Hey, hey, hey!
Karina, what the f-
Now I know why you've
been hiding from me.
Uh, can we talk about
this later, please?
You told me that you
were getting out.
I did get out. This is
not a reality show.
No shit, it's worse.
- Can we-- can we-- seriously.
- No, no, no, no.
Everybody at work knows
that I'm your sister.
I don't-- you-- you can't
fucking do this to me!
- What? I'm not-- this is not about you.
- Are you kidding me?
Adam, have you got my phone?
Oh, I'm... sorry.
Hey. Uh, uh, Sylvia, this is
my sister, Karina.
Karina, Sylvia.
Hi. Girlfriend?
- Yeah.
- No.
No, no.
I am his producer
and this was a drunken decision.
Come on.
Transparency, right?
Sylvia, I don't like your show.
Oh, neither do I.
Trust me.
I like her, Adam.
Don't fuck it up.
Thanks for your input.
Shut up.
Our country has never been
more politically
or socially fractured.
People watch and read
the news they agree with.
There's no dissenting
opinion anymore.
There's no honest debate.
It's just theatrics.
This whole show is theatrics.
Wait a second. Are you
talking about our show or theirs?
Hi, daddy.
How was work?
It was fantastic.
How was your sleep?
They cut our cable
and internet last night.
I see.
Well, more time to read, hit
the books and study, right?
Dad, is everything o--
Hey, you got any tests today?
- History.
- Are you ready?
Of course, but can we--
Who was the 16th president
of the United States?
Abe Lincoln, but--
And who was the 17th?
I don't know. My test
is on the Civil War.
So what?
The future president's gotta know
all his predecessors, right?
I guess so.
and downright unconscionable.
Not only should it be taken
off the air,
the creator should be jailed!
Oh, come on now.
It's provocative, yes,
but what if we take Adam Rogers
seriously for a moment?
What if he's right?
What if this show is exactly
what we need--
All right, little man.
I'm gonna prep you for surgery.
Last check-up before I go.
How are you feeling?
You still nauseous?
I'm fine, but the news
has been crapping
all over your brother
this morning.
I don't want you watching that garbage.
You're too young.
I'm as mature as you.
Funny man, huh?
You're not gonna worry, right?
Routine procedure.
That's what they always say.
- You're gonna be just fine.
- That too.
But my favorite one
is "you're so strong".
It's the water commission.
They call at 9:00,
right after the cable company,
who won't be calling no more
'cause it's shut down.
I lost my job.
Which one?
Both of them.
Dare I ask why?
Does it matter?
Okay. Okay, I can
pick up the slack.
I'll try to get some
more hours at the hotel
and I'll join Mary Kay.
- I can sew--
- Rebecca.
I can sell Tupperware,
I can sell vitamins--
- Rebecca, I'm not giving up.
- I know.
But I don't think you
understand what I'm saying.
You lose this house
and you lose us.
Hello, this is Mason Washington.
The money's coming.
I appreciate your patience.
Thank you.
We quintupled our audience twice
over from beginning to end,
and that's not even counting
plus three and plus five.
- Does this mean that we're number--
- Number three.
Behind NBC and CBS, but still.
With no press, no promotion?
Not bad.
We're gonna be
number one next week.
That's a ten million
viewer jump.
Yeah, I understand
ratings share.
- Holy shit.
- All right, hot shot.
Here's my concern.
People are going to tire of
giving contestants pity money.
Okay, first of all,
they're not contestants,
- and it's not pity money.
- Oh, you know what I mean.
We are giving our audience
the power to enact change,
to empathize with the
people they relate to.
It's not gonna get
too old, too fast.
Oh, yeah, it will.
Trust me.
You created an event.
We need a show.
We'll just bring
more people on each week.
- We'll pick up the pace.
- Done.
But that doesn't address
my main concern.
Which is what?
You need this audience
as much as I do, Adam.
I'll keep them invested.
Last week an American
ended her life
right in front of you
on national television.
It was shocking.
Some say it was appalling...
but it was real.
We changed a young girl's
life for the better.
Now, if you don't like
what we're doing here,
please, change the channel.
Close your browser,
file a complaint,
or simply turn it off.
Will this fellow ever
follow the script?
But I'm willing to bet
that you won't.
Because, deep down, you know
that what we're doing here
is important.
You're angry.
You want change.
You believe in the value
of life.
Well, guess what?
So do I.
And so do our three guests
Cue applause.
It seems my producers want
me to get on with the show.
Cue applause.
last week you also changed
a young girl's life.
$300,000 was raised
for Emily Hickey.
Over 100 of you even called in
offering to be her foster parent.
And because of you, and you,
and you, and you...
Emily will find a safe home.
She'll go to college, she'll get
a degree
and fulfill her mother's dreams.
You have all lead by example,
and the WBC network
heard you loud and clear.
So from here on in...
we will be donating $250,000
to the guest that you believe
deserves it the most.
All you have to do is vote.
We go from one death to three,
and now we're doing
death of the week?
Was this your idea?
He's flying solo, but I like it.
I just have to convince our board
of directors to play along.
He's gonna get himself fired.
Yeah, or make himself
All right, put me in his ear.
Adam, you crazy son of a bitch.
We're a go.
Please welcome Adam Rogers!
Let's get started.
Introducing Timothy Reyes.
Timothy was diagnosed with ALS
and has come to share
his last moments with us.
Please welcome Ellen Black.
Ellen wants to donate
her potential winnings
to aid Syrian refugees.
This is David Williams.
David's wife needs
a heart transplant.
With no donors in sight,
he's giving his own.
Do it already!
Don't you think it's horrible?
- I do.
- So why do you do it?
Because I saw somebody die,
murdered, right in front
of me, not too long ago.
It was a senseless
waste of life,
but the deaths
on my show are not.
The number one show in
the United States of America.
But you're profiting
off of other people's misery.
Isn't everybody profiting off
of other people's misery, Mark?
The churches profit,
the banks profit,
the fast food companies profit.
just like you profit.
Don't think that you're above
this, because you're not.
Besides, I'm not doing
this for the money.
What are you doing it for then?
I'm doing it because television
needs a wake-up call, that's why.
We're in pain.
We're alone.
We need to connect again.
We need to bridge the social,
racial and political divide,
and I think--
Actually, I believe
that we are the catalyst for
that change.
Adam Rogers for president!
I can almost guarantee you
number one all across the world.
What do you guys say?
Oh, I love to hear it. I love to hear it.
Thank you so much.
Try one with a smile.
When will it be enough?
That's a good question.
I don't know.
When people stop watching,
I guess.
When they don't need us anymore.
But right now they do.
This Is Your Death!
This Is Your Death!
This Is Your Death!
This Is Your Death!
This Is Your Death!
I owe you a drink.
Look, we're a team
and I feel like...
I-I guess I feel like I could
be keeping you in the loop
more than I have been.
And a drink is gonna solve that?
No, but four might.
All right.
Good night.
You can hate me,
you can hate
what we're doing here,
but you can't deny
that we're a good team.
- We're not a team.
- Yes, we are!
No! No, come on.
You just do whatever you want
and I clean up your messes.
One of these days
I will stop, though.
We have the number one show
on television.
I made you rich.
I mean, what else do you want?
What else do you want?
I want a drink.
Maybe a sleepover.
Good night, Adam.
I'll take you up on that drink.
- You Washington?
- Yeah.
- You the foreman?
- Yep.
It's nice to see you.
I've got you my rsum.
Oh, uh, you think about dyin'?
Excuse me?
Oh yeah, that.
Yeah, that's the truth.
You gotta see it.
Anyhow, this is a union job.
How do you have so much
experience with no union card?
Oh, well, I was, uh... a
temp filler over in Chicago,
and it kinda, you know, basically
turned into a full-time job.
Fuckin' Chicago.
Yeah, well, you got that right.
Well, we're looking to fill
the 8:00 to 6:00 spot.
That's pm to am.
You'll need to join the
longshoremen's union, too,
so there'll be some upfront
costs there, as well.
Hey, no problem.
I get benefits, right?
Oh, yeah, yeah.
It happens
all the time. Look.
Now I'm gonna need to see
your forklift certification
for ocean.
Is there a problem?
Listen, I need this job bad.
Now, I can do anything
your guys can do,
I just don't have any forklift
experience, but I'm a quick study.
- Trust me.
- Can you lash a ship?
- Of course.
- What's lashing, then?
I'm sorry, Mr. Washington.
We don't have the time
or resources
to be training greenhorns
right now,
especially someone
as old as you.
Please, sir.
Look, I got a family,
I got two kids, I got a
house I'm about to lose.
I'll do anything you ask.
Brunt labor, overtime,
You wanna go clean toilets?
Go talk to the port.
Wait, no, no, wait, wait,
wait! Hold on, man.
Don't-- don't turn
your back on me.
Look, I'm out of options!
Get out of my way, son!
You usually call
your elders "son"?
Go fuck yourself!
Time to call the janitor, boss!
- Jesus.
- Move forward. Right there.
- Holy shit.
- Yeah. Yeah, right?
Look at this.
My favorite part.
Come here, come here, come here.
See that casita back there?
Two bedrooms, full kitchen,
and it's got your name on it.
I can't afford that.
You really think I'm
gonna make you pay rent?
You can stay there for free
as long as you want.
Okay? All you gotta do is, you
know, save up for your own place.
Adam, I got six-figure
credit card debt to pay off
before I can even think
about buying a house.
Right, right, right.
- Right?
- That reminds me.
Come on.
I'm not making you rich, I'm
just putting you back to zero.
No. Adam, I can't.
I-I haven't seen you
in three months,
you know you're my only friend.
I-I know, I know.
And I'm sorry.
I've just been...
I've been really busy.
Would you look at yourself?
Would you look at this house?
- This is sick.
- Yeah.
Yeah, you mean sick like cool?
- Because...
- No.
- Because I agree.
- No, Adam, I'm not joking,
and I do not want
your blood money.
You're my sister and I love you,
and you've been doing so well
and I promised that I was
gonna take care of you.
- At what cost, Adam?
- What do you mean, at what cost?
How many people had to
die for this house?
For that check?
Ten? 30? 50?
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Don't be ridiculous.
Is death ridiculous to you now?
- No, it isn't--
- Do you know what I do?
No, it's not ridiculous,
and if you watched my show,
you'd know that I take
my job very seriously.
By showing death,
I am single-handedly
changing people's
approach to life.
The world's finally waking up.
You are a fucking game
show host, Adam!
And that is all!
Wake up!
And now, your host, Adam Rogers!
Thank you.
So I had an interesting and sobering
conversation with my sister today,
and in the name of transparency,
I thought I would
share it with you.
Oh, no.
She thinks that what we're
doing here is abominable.
No, no, no. It's okay.
It's okay.
- Camera one.
- Dissenting opinion is okay.
Camera three.
But what really got me was when
she called it a game show,
as if--
Yeah, yeah, as if all that was
at stake here is the money.
Cut to one.
Yeah, I know.
It hurt me, too.
It was ignorant.
And insensitive.
Not to me, but to the folks
who have literally given
their lives for a higher cause.
And the fact that it came
from my own sister,
the only family member
that I have left in this world.
I guess that just made it hurt
even worse.
We'll be back
after these messages
with more This Is Your Death.
- What?
- Hi, Karina?
It's Sylvia. He really doesn't
mean what he's saying.
How did you get my number?
You're Adam's emergency contact.
- Fuck him.
- I'm sorry I'm calling you, but I--
- Fuck you.
- I agree.
Fuck both of us. Just please,
please don't blame yourself.
Uh, Adam told me a little bit
about your history and...
I really don't mean to pry but I think
it might be a good idea to call someone.
I don't need a fucking
therapist right now.
I need to relax.
What happened to my brother?!!
I don't know.
I really don't know.
I'm so sorry.
On in 25.
Listen, I-- I have
to keep running this show,
but I'm not getting
off the phone
until you tell me
you're gonna be okay.
Okay, I'll call.
I owe you one.
Stay on.
In time.
On in five, four, three...
Standby VTR.
Ladies and gentlemen,
what are we here to do?
To change.
- And what are we gonna change?
- The world!
- I'm sorry, what are we gonna change?
- Adam's on here next.
- The world!
- What're you guys watching?
Derrick made an antenna.
We got basic cable back.
- What're we here to do?
- Don't watch this trash.
It ain't trash, pops.
It's people like us.
- Dad!
- Mason!
Those people are not like us.
They're poor and desperate.
They're sacrificing themselves for
the betterment of their families.
Do these four walls look
poor and desperate to you?
- Mason.
- No!
Do you know how hard I worked
to get you into a good school
so you could do things I
could never dream of doing?
Yeah, dad, I do.
And I also know that we're
about to lose it all.
What? You think
I'm dumb?
You think I don't hear you
and mom arguing every night?
I tried talking to you
like a million times,
and every time you shut
me down like I'm a kid.
But I'm not.
My crutches are six
inches too small,
but I don't say nothing,
'cause I know that you
can't afford to fix it.
So you want to deal
with this by yourself?
Then fucking deal with it, okay?
Ladies and gentlemen, please
welcome our next guest.
This is Meg Waters,
here to remind us
that not all soldiers are ordered
to fight the good fight.
Not all soldiers are ordered
to fight the good fight, huh?
That includes us.
Yeah, no, I understand metaphor.
- You fucking prick.
- I'm sorry,
was that a metaphor or a simile?
It's a statement.
Hey, call your sister.
She saw what you said and
she's having a breakdown.
Well, that's not the first time.
I'll call her after the show.
- Adam--
- After the show, Sylvia.
She's why you quit Yale,
isn't she?
We're losing the audience.
They can't see.
This is a bad idea.
Cue the heartbeats.
I-I-- Is she passed out?
Can I get the interior car view?
Cue camera one.
Stand by, car cam 2.
Guys, I can't see shit.
- Is she dead?
- Her heart monitor says no,
but it shouldn't be more
than two minutes.
Put up the facts about the CO2.
- Insert CO2 details.
- She's not dying!
She's not dying!
We're losing our audience.
Come on, get
your shit together out there.
This is fucking boring.
Kill it.
We can't fake a death!
Adam, back me up here.
We are all about
transparency, am I right?
We're not faking a death.
She can die backstage
for all I care.
Let her finish backstage.
- Adam, I really don't think that's--
- Just do it.
Okay, slow down the heartbeat.
And kill it.
Ladies and gentlemen, Meg Waters.
Come on, people, Meg Waters.
There we go.
We'll be back with more This
Is Your Death right after this.
Whoa, did you see that?
She's not dead!
Did anyone see that?
Excuse me.
Thank you. Yeah.
She isn't out yet.
Can I get her out?
No, no, no. Don't touch
it, don't touch it.
If we pull her out and
she dies, it's on us.
- Give me that. Okay.
- Yeah.
Okay. Okay, everything's
gonna be okay.
Jesus Christ!
- No, no, no. No!
- Let me out, please!
The world is a better place
because of our show.
To heal, we need to see pain,
and our cause is too important
to be hijacked by a woman
who had second thoughts!
She chose this!
She chose this. Hey.
Jesus Christ.
Die already.
Okay. Just let me
handle this.
Just let me handle this.
Good work.
Good work.
It's okay!
Take care of it.
All right, people,
we're back in 15 seconds.
They think we faked her death.
What happened in the car, Adam?
Ilana told me our
numbers are down.
I think people
are getting bored.
We need to up the stakes.
What happened in the car, Adam?
Turns out she died
on stage, after all.
No more staging
anti-climactic deaths.
We need "boom."
What about their
reasons for dying?
Isn't that the most
important thing?
- Ilana.
- All right. Get going.
Excuse me.
I have an idea.
We need to make a splash if we're gonna
get renewed for a second season,
- am I right?
- Mm-hmm.
Right. $250,000
is not gonna cut it
if we want to attract
the best contestants.
I thought they
weren't contestants.
Are you finished?
- I'm thinking $1 million.
- A million?
$1 million for the death of the
year on the season finale.
We get the audience involved,
we plaster billboards
all over the country,
and the next thing you know
we're back on top,
just like that.
Say yes.
- I'll talk to the network.
- No, no, no.
I need a yes or a no.
- I'll convince them.
- Thank you.
- Hey.
- Hi.
Uh, I forgot my run-down
for next week.
You wouldn't happen to have
an extra one, would you?
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Perfect. Thank you.
- Good night.
- Good night.
Little man,
I've got a quest--
Hey, where's Elliot?
He was transferred to
palliative last night.
Excuse me.
Oh, no.
What are you doing here?
No, no, oh, no.
No. You get out.
- Please, can I just say goodbye?
- No.
No, you cannot. I told them
to keep you away from him.
Don't you think you have
done enough to screw up
the last few weeks
of my son's life?
He is 11 years old,
for God's sake.
You had him talking
about nothing but death.
That wasn't me, I promise you. I
tried to stop him from watching--
Fuck you! Fuck you,
you Satanist bitch!
You brainwashed my son!
- Please...
- You stole his innocence.
I love your son. I just want
to say goodbye to him--
Get out! You get out!
You get out!
Get her out of here before I do!
I'm sorry.
Mr. Curtis?
I spoke to a friend and he told me
you were a man who gets things done.
I know you.
Mr. Washington, right?
Yeah, you used to live
a few blocks away from here.
Pretty wife, good job, a kid.
Two now.
No job.
You don't want
to be messing with me.
No, no, no.
I don't want drugs.
I hear that you loan money
to people in need sometimes.
Not to people like you.
Look, it's just a few thou.
I'll pay you back, man.
I promise.
And what happens if you don't?
The streets ain't
for you no more.
You're an abomination!
Life is a gift!
This is not the American way!
Stop this madness!
This is so wrong!
I'm here at the scene of
auditions for This Is Your Death.
There's a $1,000,000 prize.
But however,
there are also allegations of faking
a death on a previous episode.
We're hoping to find out
more today.
As you know, we're running these
auditions throughout the country today,
so there's no guarantee that
any of you will be selected.
Our casting criteria
changes show by show,
so all you need to do
is be yourselves
and prove your willingness to go
through with your suicide on stage.
Now, we're gonna set you up
with one of our psychiatrists
who are gonna run you through
some questions. Cool?
Gentlemen, the FBI can ask
questions all day long,
but neither Sylvia nor Adam
nor any of the crew
are gonna talk until charges,
if any, are pressed.
Are we clear?
You'll be hearing from us.
Thank you, guys.
What the fuck was that?!
Well, this is awkward.
Adam, can I talk to you?
Uh, no. I'm late for my New
York Standard interview.
I know that you lied to me
about that woman in the car.
I lied to you?
Uh, no, I didn't.
She died on stage.
The car cameras were
still rolling.
I saw the tape.
I know that you killed her.
Yet you didn't report me, which
makes you an accomplice.
What happened to you?
I built this show, Sylvia.
And I'm not gonna let it die
because some pussy
had second thoughts.
Did you delete the footage?
Of course.
Good. Good.
Adam, call for you on two.
- Take a message.
- It's your sister.
Then definitely take a message.
It sounds bad, man.
Karina, what is it?
Do you remember when
we were kids
and you
pretended to be a monster?
One minute you were
my big brother.
You were my hero.
And then you--
You were possessed
and I was so scared.
I was so scared...
and I cried and cried and cried.
Okay, Karina.
Karina, I have to get to an
interview right now, okay?
I'll talk to you later.
I got fired today.
- What?
- Don't be mad.
What-- what'd you do?
I didn't do anything.
I didn't do anything.
I just wanted to relax.
You're high right now, aren't you?
Goddammit. Sis,
those kids needed you!
You needed them.
The kids didn't need me.
I was the stupid sister
of a satanic TV host.
- That's you. You're satanic.
- Okay.
Okay, sober up.
Call your sponsor,
and then your therapist,
and then we'll talk
about this together,
after the finale, all right?
Uh, I'm not sure
we can do this on stage.
One sec.
Yeah, I need to talk to Sylvia.
Hi, Zach.
He wants to what?
Adam, we need to talk
about the season finale.
It can wait.
Uh, no, it can't wait because
it is the season finale.
- Adam!
- Sylvia, it can wait.
No, it can't. We are about
to interview call-backs
and I need your input.
I'm sorry, what's your title again?
It's producer, right?
So why don't you
fucking produce?
You know where we stand
in the ratings,
you know what we need
to do, now get it done.
- L'chaim.
- Wh--
It's-- it's what the
Jewish kids say at school.
It means "to life".
I like it.
- L'chaim, then.
- L'chaim.
Just a sip now, Derrick.
I'm cool, ma.
I'm cool.
Daddy, what's your job?
Go on, explain it to her, honey.
Yeah, I'm junior head of sales
for Southern California
- Doesn't that sound so good?
- Yeah.
It's gonna be just like
the good old days.
Except even better.
Excuse me a minute.
Hey. Uh, Adam's gone.
That's okay, I wanted
to talk to you.
Oh, okay.
What's up?
I've made a decision
and I need your help.
But I need you to promise
this stays between us.
I'm sorry I was so hard on you.
I knew you were trying your best
while I was just
working part time.
Oh, please. Please.
You were just raising
a beautiful family.
You're doing a great job
with these children.
You know that's more important
than any job out there.
I mean it.
Eve, come here.
They're in here.
Is this like an all-expenses
paid business trip, pops?
Yes, sir.
I gotta go get trained up.
I gotta catch up on
the new technologies.
Now, you, um...
you listen to your mother
while I'm gone, all right?
And you both work hard,
especially you.
- You hear?
- We hear.
Hey, Dad.
I forgot to tell you, the 17th
president of the United States was,
um, Andrew Johnson.
That's right, son.
Good job.
Hey, guys, start rolling.
Mr. Washington, hi.
I'm Sylvia.
I'm the show's producer.
Pleased to meet you,
Miss Sylvia.
Are you ready?
You know, I'd be lying
if I said yes.
I know what I gotta do.
Let's take a walk.
You're from L.A.,
Yeah, I grew up a few
blocks from here, actually.
I used to play on
these tracks as kids.
Two and three I want you
bouncing off each other.
One on cue,
stay right under the jib.
We have a warrant to obtain
footage immediately.
We're on air in 30 minutes.
Can this wait until
after the show?
I'm afraid not.
We need all camera feeds
from episode 119.
That's five terabytes.
You're talking about
at least two hours.
There's a waiting area
in the hallway.
Why don't you gentlemen make
yourselves comfortable over there?
Thank you so much.
Appreciate it.
What the fuck was that
about, Ilana?
That was the car
exhaust episode.
Don't worry about it.
We're fine.
...55, 54,
Let's make a change!
Let's make a change!
Let's make a change!
You still have time
to change your mind.
It's time.
And Mason, we're gonna
need you ready in 10.
Hello? Hello?
Honey, who is it?
I don't know,
I can't tell. Hello?
- Derrick, get the phone from your sister.
- What up?
Do not answer the phone
"what up".
I thought I taught you
better than that.
There's no one there.
- Yes, there is.
- No, there isn't.
Mom, there's no one there.
Eve's just playing.
No, I'm not.
Don't call me a liar.
- I'm not a liar, I promise.
- Okay, okay, sis, relax.
Go brush your teeth and I'll
read you a story, a'ight?
All right, not a'ight.
Didn't I tell you
this was going to be
the most memorable show ever?
You just witnessed
a traditional Hari Kari,
and that was just the beginning.
Stay with us.
I'm Karina.
I'm up next.
Mason Washington.
And I'm scared as hell.
Don't worry.
It'll be over soon.
Mason, can I ask why
you're doing this?
I'm trying to save my family.
And you?
Karina, we are ready for you.
All right, people, we got a
public hanging coming up next.
So I want lots of-- -
We are tracking off the charts.
The network is calling
you my protg.
I'm proud of you, kiddo.
I would hold that sentiment.
All right, guys, we've got
a change of plans tonight.
The hanging man dropped out.
And you didn't think to tell me
until one minute beforehand?
Well, I did,
but I decided not to.
It will not be a lot
of movement,
just center stage and here's
Adam's prompter script.
Should I be concerned?
You probably should be, yeah.
Welcome back
to the season finale
of This Is Your Death!
Your host, Adam Rogers!
Here, on This Is Your Death,
we have been on a mission
all season long,
a mission to wake this country
out of its complacency,
out of its slumber,
to experience the
reality of the real,
and tonight is no exception.
Please welcome our next
brave guest,
Karina R-- What?
Keller, cue this video.
- Don't.
- Cue the video, Keller.
This is my crew
and it is my show.
If you cue that video, Keller,
there will be no show!
No season two, no syndication,
no international sales, nothing!
Good! May I remind everyone
that we are still live?
Keller? -
This is a joke, right?
Somebody tell me
what's going on.
- Goddammit.
- My name is...
- Uh, Karina Rogers.
- Are you kidding me?
I'm the little sister
of Adam Rogers,
the host and co-creator
of the show.
- What is this?
- Adam and I were closer than most siblings,
I think, growing up.
Um, our parents were killed
by a drunk driver
- when I was 15 and Adam was 20.
- Karina? Karina, no.
- Adam just dropped everything to take care of me.
- No! Kar-- hey.
- Sylvia!
- I developed...
- Karina!
- ...clinical depression.
- It sucks.
- Karina! Karina!
- You're a monster.
- Sylvia!
No, I'm your protg, remember?
What, Bernie?
Listen to me, I got the entire
board on the line here.
Please, God, tell me
this is a joke.
...believing he could
change the world.
He did, I guess.
Just not the way he intended.
Why are you doing this?
- Stop this! Stop her!
- I'm doing this for myself.
- Hey!
- And I'm doing it for Adam.
And I'm doing it for all of you.
None of you are watching me
to feel empathy,
or to be shocked back
into reality.
You're watching me to see
how I'll off myself.
I hope I'm the last one.
Karina! Hey!
Somebody back there, stop her!
Hey! Hey!
Don't let her do it!
Back up!
No! No!
What're you doing?
What're you doing?
Somebody call 911!
- Please...
- Tell me, what are you doing?!
Somebody call 911!
- Look... I'm gonna miss you.
- You're all I have left.
You're the only person
in this world I got left.
- I'm gonna miss you. You're okay.
- What're you doing?
- You're gonna be okay.
- No, no, no!
No, no, no, no, no!
No! No!
Karina. Karina.
Are you happy now?!
Did you get what you wanted?!
Are you happy now?!
Get her out of here.
I'm going on my own.
Keller, you are in charge.
Don't say anything, just do
your job and finish this, okay?
Cue the VO and cut
to commercial.
We'll be right back
after these messages
for the grand finale
of This Is Your Death!
It's time.
Let me go with her!
Let me go with--
What are you doing?
This next act
involves explosives,
so everyone please
insert your earplugs.
We're on in five seconds.
I grew up a few
blocks from here, actually.
We used to play
on these tracks as kids.
I knew all the steam engines.
I remember one day
in particular,
an old JB-36 steam engine
was rolling through...
You know him?
He used to clean
our offices, yeah.
That's what we did to have fun.
And my childhood was
the kind you lived through
without ever thinking
there was a way out.
The point is,
I made a promise
that if I were to ever
have kids,
someone to be responsible for,
they wouldn't have to grow up
in a place like this.
You know what?
I did it.
I found a job.
Got my wife and kids
into a good neighborhood,
and then that job evaporated
with the economy,
and I haven't been able
to land anything just to--
Just to make ends meet,
you know?
All I want to do is work,
be a good father...
a good husband...
but I... I'm out of ideas.
I'm at the end of my rope.
And I made a promise.
So I'm here.
I'm sorry, I can't do it!
I can't do it.
I don't want your money.
Wha-- what am I doing?
I love my family.
I love my life.
I won't do it.
I won't.
What are you doing?
What-- what are you watching?
I just--
I just wanna go home.
Can't we just turn it off?
Can't we all just go home?
We love you, Mason!
Cue the final music.
Let's get this fucking
show over with.
Mason! Mason! Mason!
Just give me a second.
It's all on there.
He threatened me if I spoke,
but it doesn't matter anymore.
There he is!
There's Mason!
Hey, Mason!
Right here!
Right here, Mason!
You let this--
It's you.
Please stop.
Get your cameras out of my face.
Please, stop it!
Shut it off!
Shut it off!
What is wrong with you?
You're animals!
You're fucking animals!
Shut off your cameras!
Shut them off!
- Shut them off!
- Let's go!
Shut them off!