This Town (2020) Movie Script

Hi. I'm Sean.
And this is obviously
my dating video.
I'm quite nervous.
Like, I guess that's
what happens
when you put yourself
out there, eh?
Where do you start?
Firstly, well, a lot of you
would have known me
from being in
magazines and on TV
um, and in the newspaper
from a few years ago.
Well,... I just want to say,
well, I'm innocent.
Like, I'm not a bad boy.
Like, I got arrested, yeah,
but... I didn't kill
my whole family.
Um, I own a odd-job business -
clean people's toilets,
slaughter chickens,
um, smash pumpkins.
Hobbies - I like to make
bowls and music.
Actually, the music playing
on this video I made.
Ah, and I like to shoot guns.
I guess I... I look forward
to seeing you all soon.
My dating video
didn't really work,
so I've downloaded
this app 'Date Match'.
- Height?
- I'm 5"7'.
6- foot.
And I've been looking
at my photos
and I was thinking this one
for my profile.
Yeah? Do you...
Are you sure, you know, you
want that one, holding that?
Yeah! That's my favourite gun.
Yeah, but, you know,
you have to think about,
'What's the... what's the
image I'm trying to project?'
Well, yeah, I am.
I read on the internet that you
should show your hobbies
to get dates.
- Yeah. OK.
- Mm.
That's good.
I've got this one of
me eating Chinese.
OK, yeah, try that one too.
Maybe put that-
Maybe put that one first.
It's a whole new world
with the apps, isn't it?
The possibilities.
Jules thinks I'm setting
him up to fail.
I think there's someone out
there for everyone, right?
I have to do this.
Hey, Alex!
I'm ready to swipe!
Fire away.
So, you load your pictures up,
and then the app tells
you who's in the area,
and then you swipe right if
you like the look of them
or you swipe left if you don't,
and then if you match
with one of them,
like, one of the
people on the app,
then you can start
messaging them.
Like, there's a lot of good
women on this, I reckon.
Ooh! I've got a match.
Oh. She's 79.
There's a saying -
once a cop, always a cop.
You should always look
after your partner,
even after you've left.
Sorry. That thing will
finish in a second.
It's a damn good printer, that.
Bloody good printer.
Eight years - partners.
We've been some places,
haven't we, Pam?
Yep, we sure have, Ton.
How's the, um...
How's the zoo thing
coming along?
Hi, I'm Pam.
These are my alpacas.
One died recently. Sad.
And this is David the Donkey -
a little firecracker, this one.
And Gavin the Guinea pig.
Turns out guinea
pigs aren't pigs.
Oh, and adventure park.
I've put in a water slide;
I added a gun range;
I even painted the
golf clubs gold.
- Oh, yeah.
- Yeah.
Maybe I'll get the boys around
and we'll go out there
for a Christmas function.
- Why wait? The bike trail -
- Yeah?
- ... primo, mate.
- I bet.
can I get that stuff
I asked you for?
It does go through my mind,
you know,
maybe she is a
better cop than me.
You know, she's out there,
she's fighting the good fight.
I haven't forgotten, though.
He's out there, and he's walking
the streets right now.
So I try and help
out where I can.
She's too good.
She cared too much, you know?
But when Sean walked,
Pam was like,
'I'm never ever gonna
let that happen again. '
She turned the dial up
right up to 11.
Some of the guys actually
thought she was pushing
a little bit too hard,
but she was convinced
that if they'd turned the screws
with Sean, he'd have flipped.
That didn't matter, though.
I mean, they got wind.
Gee, you even respect a cop
like that. You just- You gotta.
Lost a good cop that day.
After they let me go,
I told myself,
'Nothing you can do.
It's out of your control.
'Just forget about it. '
But I couldn't.
Being a cop's what I am.
I need to protect people.
So I started again.
I'm gonna get him -
that murdering bastard.
When I do, I'm gonna get
right back on that force.
Just you wait.
There's that feeling...
you know, when the phone dings,
and you wanna check it but...
you're too scared.
But you got to.
And then you do,
and your heart
does a little... flip.
But then the anxiety comes.
I'm so nervous.
Do you take flowers
on a first date?
No, that's stupid.
- Sean.
- Casey. Hi.
- I made you a bowl.
- Oh, wow.
Thank you.
Sorry, I'll just...
put my bag there.
- Shall we get some food?
- Yeah.
I really like sweet
and sour pork.
I love it too. It's yum.
And fried rice.
I like fried rice
with my hot chips.
Same with me.
Do you want any egg?
I don't really like egg,
but my sister did.
I don't really like egg either.
Do you want me
to get you a drink?
- Pink Munta?
- Cool.
- I'll pay for these.
- You don't have to.
I want to.
He was just so nice on the app -
so sweet.
Normally on those things
the guys they say things like,
if they can bang me, you know,
cos my last name is Bangs.
Just totally horrible
things like that.
This town...
But Sean...
I know about it - sort of -
what... happened.
But it's all in the eyes -
you know, the honesty.
I've never had a Munta before.
The pink one's the best.
'But I didn't run into anything.
'We messaged for a couple of
days, then he asked me out.
'Why not?'
- Tastes like pink.
- I know.
I mean, I...
I still haven't told my friends.
He's so sweet.
'I want to kiss you. '
Oh, me.
He wants to kiss me.
People forget that
he's innocent,
that the jury or whatever,
they found him not guilty.
And we had a really nice time.
Like, there's that saying,
'You should probably read the
book if you like the cover. '
See, the thing is,
it's not just one piece of
evidence that makes a case,
it's all of it - the blood and
gunpowder on the T-shirt;
changing of the testimony;
love of guns;
history of violence.
You know, I mean, you
add all that evidence up
and we had a case.
Ask the bloody lawyer.
He'll tell you.
What the fuck is F3?
I've got tray 3.
It hasn't got a fucking tray!
Which-? Is it-? Wait, I'll...
No. Fuck. Fuck!
It was simple. It was really
simple. We had enough.
Pam was a really good cop,
and everyone loves Pam.
Have you met Pam?
She's fantastic.
The whole community...
well, she's done a heap for us.
Anyway, this crazy defence
lawyer turns up, you know,
you can just imagine...
trouser suit,
had the judge wrapped
round her little finger,
and she got the whole of
Sean's past thrown out.
'Pre-judice', as they say
in the legal profession,
which means prejudicial.
The whole case - out.
Defence lawyers - simple -
they do not want justice.
They want murderers
on the loose.
If they wanted justice,
they'd let us do our job.
But they don't. No.
And anyways...
if we had a weapon,
if Pam could find the weapon,
the shotgun, whoa,
that would be a golden ticket.
I'd be straight back
in that court
and I'd show that bitch...
the... well, the-the
the murderer, I'd show the
murderer that he was guilty.
Oh, of course it was exciting
cos everyone was here -
there were journalists
and TV crew, writers -
everyone, really.
A murder this size, I mean,
people all over are interested.
Janice was all over it,
weren't you, Janice?
She's one of the
best reporters there is.
It's the biggest
story I ever had.
It really, really, really,
really, really affected us,
and it still does.
I still get phone calls from
some of those journalists.
We've actually just
done an interview
with Women R Us magazine,
and that's national,
so they're sending
a photographer.
- You know, it's legitimate.
- Yeah, legitimate.
Yeah. And, um, I'm writing
a book about it, actually.
Best person to do it, Janice.
Best person.
So, tell them what the title is.
- 'The Call'.
- Mm.
So, it starts off with the call.
The call.
Well the transcript of
his emergency call.
Um, but it's not an audiobook.
Um, actually, we should do
one of those podcast things.
They're very, very popular now.
Anyway, so it's exciting,
raw, captivating.
And then we just go
straight to his story,
and how he changed it,
you know, twice.
Once when the cops arrived,
he said he saw his dad
in the hallway and called it in,
and then when he
was questioned again,
he said he only called
after he found his sister.
I mean, he blames it
on the trauma, but come on.
- Come on.
- Come on!
Come on.
If that was me, I would not
be forgetting what happened.
And then we just go
into his sordid family
and the kind of man he is.
Janice, Janice. Bestseller,
I tell you. Bestseller.
Yeah, yeah. Well, I always
knew I had a book in me.
I just didn't know
what the subject was.
And this just dropped in my lap,
really, so, yeah.
And Pam here is going to
help me with the ending,
and a guilty man out there
is not a happy ending.
We argued about it, didn't we?
But I grew up just down
the road from them.
Me and his sister Abby,
we used to work at
the cinema together.
She's a little younger
than him, and, like,
sometimes I'd take her to work.
I've known Sean
for ages, though.
Yeah, but they were weird.
They were a weird family.
They were always weird.
- Aw.
- No, they were.
Like, they would have Weet-Bix
in their lunchboxes
instead of sandwiches -
the whole family.
You don't know-
You don't know that.
No, but I read about it in the
paper. I read a lot about it.
News like that goes
all over the country,
and they were weird.
Anyway, I have known
them for a long time,
and in the end I just said,
you know,
if someone broke in
and tied up me and Jules
and killed all of us,
you know, like bang, bang, bang,
and for whatever reason
left one of the kids,
wouldn't you want someone
to believe them?
But you worry. You do worry.
Like, I trust Alex, but,
you know, it's your kids,
and... I don't know.
Like, I'm not gonna leave
him alone with them.
And you've gotta
ask the question -
and I do ask it - if he didn't
do it, then who did?
There's a difference between
trust and stupidity.
And after it happened, Jules
let me get a bunch more guns.
So, one under the bed.
Loaded, of course.
The kids know not to touch it.
- You don't touch this, eh?
- Yeah.
- Not unless the...
- ... Bogeyman...
...turns up. That's right.
Yeah. But after what
happened to Sean,
me and Jules decided
kids' safety's
got to be top of the list.
- What letter you up to?
- F.
He's reading the dictionary.
What I wanna know is,
like, where's the evidence?
Someone's gotta
trust him, right?
Music? Really?
Yeah. I like to write tracks.
I'm writing a song at the
moment, actually, about...
- Yep.
- Can I hear it?
- Are you sure?
- Yeah.
Casey, turn to face me.
Don't replace me
with another guy from Thiston.
I might blow a piston.
Thank you for the listen...
... ing to my song.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, Casey.
Oh, oh, oh, oh, Casey.
That's all I've got so far.
It was really good.
Really? Thank you.
Maybe we should record it.
You know, it could be a big hit.
You're as good as
that band Six60.
One, two, three, four,
one, two, three, four.
Amanda -
she was one of our
character witnesses.
She couldn't testify -
got thrown out.
Must have been really hard
for her, seeing Sean go free.
- Hey.
- Hi, Pam.
How ya doing?
So, I'm just talking
about this because, um,
I think it's important to not
live in fear of a murderer.
So, I was at a party,
and I was, like...
I was drunk as,
cos we were, like,
drinking everything,
and Sean was there, right...
What happened?
Well, I was maggoted,
so I don't really remember
what happened before this,
I come to, and he's, like...
he's all over me, you know,
like, touching me.
- And you didn't want this?
- No! Of course I didn't.
I mean, he's a killer.
Well, you know, I didn't
know that at the time,
but it makes sense, doesn't it?
So, tell me about the fight
that he had with my neph-
with Harold.
Well, Harold. He was
my boyf at the time,
and him and Sean
had this big scrap,
because I told Harold
what had happened,
and he confronted Sean,
you know,
to protect me, and, oh,
he went crazy, you know.
So, let me get this straight,
it was Sean that went crazy,
not Harold.
Yeah. Yeah!
- And then what happened?
- Well, you arrested him.
And he got diversion.
- Anyway, Pam,
- Mm-hm. know, Jasmine, she says
that Sean's on that dating app.
He's, like, messaging girls.
It's the pressure, Harold.
You just gotta keep it up.
Keep it up until one day,
when he cracks.
And right now,
it's the dating app.
Um, OK.
Yeah, so come on, load me up.
I wanna see what he's up to.
Well, his age will
be set to younger.
Well, just change mine.
Nah, it needs
to be your profile.
Well, just use your profile.
No, nah. Nah, nah.
It needs to be,
like, your pictures.
Well, just use pictures
from that page
that's got all the new
murder tips. We'll use that.
Oh, no, you can't use that.
Well, we'll just get pictures
from the internet,
and we'll make one using them.
Nah, nah. It needs to be,
like, your profile.
- It needs to be you.
- Harold,
just-just-just make me a page
with pictures from the internet.
I wanna know what messages he's
writing to girls around here.
When she heard
he'd been let off,
I was in...
well, what used to be my shed,
and I heard this scream,
drop everything,
come running in the house,
and she'd gone.
Finally I looked in the loo,
and there she is -
door locked, wouldn't come out.
Straight refused.
What happened to that family
shouldn't have
happened to a dog.
But what about the rest of us?
There's just a point
when you've gotta put
it behind you, you know?
Just... Just stop!
She's pushing.
- I'm gonna go to film club,
- Yep.
He's really nice.
A little bit older.
Come on, we're dying to know.
What have you been doing?
He took me swimming,
bought me two blow up unicorns.
He taught me how to shoot,
and we went out for dinner.
Where did this romantic
person take you?
Chinese. He likes fried rice
and chips as well.
Ew, you know
that's still gross, eh?
He made me this bowl.
Bowl? Funny.
- Super cute, though.
- Mm.
What's his name and
what does he do?
Sean. He owns his own business.
Oh, what sort of business?
He does, like,
odd jobs for people,
so he's really handy,
sort of like my dad.
- Do you have photos?
- Yeah!
- Is he cute?
- Yes!
- Yeah, photos.
- So cute.
Ooh, sorry.
- You're fucking joking, right?
- What? It's Sean.
Yeah, we know who it is.
You know who it is, right?
I guess he is kinda cute.
You're not safe.
Casey, what Sarah's
trying to say is that...
- we love you.
- Mm.
But... are you sure?
He's really nice to me.
I know he has history,
but when you meet him...
You went from Chad to this?
Chad made me wait out the
back of the pub for him.
But Chad also didn't
kill his whole family.
It's only a few times, right?
You haven't had sex
with him, have you?
We can find you someone better.
So, this is where he
did it, where the house was.
Just a few days after the trial,
he destroyed it.
Didn't have time to come back
and see if I'd missed
anything, did I?
No insurance money,
cos he did it on purpose,
so it's not financial.
So what was he hiding?
So, on the night of the murders,
he comes home early
from milking the cows.
He goes in the back door,
goes into the first room -
Boom! Takes out
the youngest sister.
The dad hears from his bedroom,
comes running up the hallway.
Boom! Takes out the father,
right in the chest.
Then goes down into
the master bedroom.
Boom! Kills the mum.
I've known some
crims in my time,
but who kills their mother?
You'll never know love
like your mum's love -
that's what they say.
I wonder what she was thinking
when she had that...
that gun pointed
straight at her chest.
Then he goes into the sister's
room - the older sister.
She's still in bed, she's
heard the whole thing -
terrified, probably,
can't even move.
Boom! Unloads on her twice.
Then he stashes the gun.
I still don't know where.
Then he waits for a bit -
just a bit.
And then he... he starts to
pick up some of his family.
He gets their blood,
he wipes it all over himself.
You know, he says he was
so overcome with 'grief',
he just hugged
their dead bodies.
Then he makes that call.
He dials 1... 1... 1.
Jeez, that phone call -
he was good.
All that fake crying.
'I've only just got home. '
Cry, cry, cry.
You know,...
you're miles away from
anywhere out here. Miles away.
You could do anything and
no one would have a clue.
Even if he is my grandson,
I don't mind saying it -
he bloody did it.
He was the only
one left, wasn't he?
I don't know why he
had to take my girls.
What did his mother ever do?
His sisters?
Well, they were ripped away.
It's not that I don't
want to see Sean,
it's just that when
I see him,...
it all comes back.
It's just too much.
It's too much for me.
I want
him to feel like this.
I want everyone to know
he ain't no family of mine.
Casey and I - I just can't think
of anything better.
She's amazing.
I'm starting to feel like...
well, that I could
have a family again.
Then Alex asked me to be
part of the Thiston Pistons,
which is his demolition derby
racing team,
which is amazing.
I haven't been asked to be
part of anything for ages.
So I'm just stripping off all
the plastic and all the rubber
and everything, cos you
don't want it on the track,
cos you don't want other
people to crash into it.
But, yeah, I'm pretty excited
by the whole thing, actually.
I'm really looking
forward to it.
Um, so this story is
about the truth,
so can you just look truthful.
I always look truthful.
- No, like, look serious.
- I am serious.
Yeah, that's great,
Can you go back-to-back,
like you're a
crime-fighting duo?
Like you're...
Yeah, like you're really
going into battle.
Stand more concave.
Look a little bit bored.
Janice, I know you said
that this was gonna help-
Evidence, Pam.
People trust you more.
This story's about two
crime-fighting women.
- No, it's about justice.
- Yes. Yes, yes. Justice.
I think we got what we need.
My editors will be in touch.
This will be published
in a couple of days.
It's gonna be a big story, yeah,
yeah. Cover page and everything.
I've got another dress
if you want me to...
You don't want to
take any more? No?
When I heard about it I went and
got them from all around town.
What's wrong?
- Did you read it?
- No.
I wanted to, but, Sean,
you've already told
me everything, right?
I thought it was done.
Well, I got them all.
It is done.
- She's still going, Casey.
- What do you mean?
She's gonna write a book.
We'll just buy all the books.
Casey, it doesn't
work like that.
It doesn't end.
It never ends.
I don't know what I'm gonna do.
She's started
to see what it's like -
what it's like to be with me.
Even I'd started to forget -
or at least ignore -
that people had made
up their minds about me.
Cos when I met Casey,
she hadn't.
She spent the time
to get to know me.
She made me forget
that people thought
that I'd killed my family.
Is there any way I can get some
12-gauge shotgun shells, please?
How do you tell someone
how much you need them?
'I... love... you. '
'I love you. '
I love you.
'Big X, little x, big X.'
No one's written
that to me before.
People always talk about it -
They say the heart
wants what the heart wants.
You see it in the movies.
One person's rich and
the other is, say, a prostitute.
He climbs up the fire escape
with flowers,
and they make it work.
But you fall for
someone like Sean...
they change their tune.
They say you're stupid,
that he's brainwashed you.
People only use those
sayings when it suits them.
She knows it's wrong.
That unicorn shows up and
Jim has to straight out ask,
'Who's that from?'
Well, she had to fess up.
And there was a hoo-ha
of a fight!
You can't go out with that guy!
He's a murderer!
He's not a murderer,
he's an accused murderer!
He got let off. He didn't do it!
How do you know
he didn't do it?!
Because he told me!
Her parents, they own
this whole place.
And Casey?
Well, she's an only child.
Now, I don't like to talk
about nobody or nothing,
but the facts remain -
he's got no job
and she's gonna get all this.
I worry about the poor girl.
I mean, she's nice,
but she's, um...
well, she's trusting.
But I tell ya,
if he ever gets his murderous
mitts on this place,
well, I wasn't made for target
practice - that's all I'll say.
Tie that off, mate.
Tie that off.
Well obviously Sean, you know,
it's not a walk in the park.
It can get rough, but...
I built this car,
so you should be fairly safe.
It'll undergo scrutineering.
Anyway, at the track,
they'll check over the cars,
so, you know, safe as houses.
And anyway, it's not like
anyone's out to kill ya.
I mean, you know, everyone
just wants to have a good time.
Of course I'm nervous.
It's like whenever you try
something new, you know,
you get the jitters. It's crazy.
Your hands are sweaty.
I'm sorry.
What was that?
It was... It was probably
just a crash.
Someone probably
rolled or something.
Oh, don't worry.
Like, I've got a roll cage.
And Alex helped me
build the car,
so it'll... it'll be safe
as houses, you know?
Well, if anything happens,
like if you get paralysed,
I'll be here.
We've got the derby racers
out there at the moment -
the Takapau Terrors
and the Thiston Pistons.
The zero car is Sean B.
33 car is out there as well -
that is Alex -
and 35, the Jonno Boulder car.
Well, very, very hard to pick
who the winner is gonna be
but the cars - I can tell you
that both teams seem to
have all their cars intact.
96 and 95 cars...
Hey, Sean! How's the family?
How's it going, Sean?
How do you like broken legs,
Here goes.
Go, Sean!
Kill that bastard!
- Get him!
- Fucking kill him!
Kill him!
Go, Sean!
- Kill him!
- Fucking kill-
Get him!
You're fucking dead!
You're fucking dead, Sean!
- Kill him!
- Yeah!
- Kill him!
- Get him!
This has gone too far.
This isn't about catching
him any more.
Yeah, it is. You read it.
There are no more leads, George.
Leads? Like when you
said there's no way
that scum of the earth is gonna
get away with what he did?
You are taking it
out of context.
People just need
to know the truth.
They're exploiting you -
Janice, this magazine.
Her book's coming out.
She wants the attention.
She's dressed up like a
bloody idiot. Look at her.
Look, I only did it cos
I needed more evidence.
People might know things.
They might send me tips,
you know. This could be it.
I give up. You keep
going down this path,
but the cop I fell in love with,
she's gone.
What are you saying?
You know exactly
what I'm saying.
Christ, how many times
have we done this?
Who reads this rubbish, anyway?
Everyone. It sells.
Best issue this year.
People love a murder - they do -
the fallout, who's in,
who's out, who's left behind.
Um, but this angle,
now this is new.
We've never had this before.
Oh, total- I mean, you know,
the vigilante stuff
and the small-town angle,
it was...
Oh, brilliant. And no
cell reception, right?
So she goes ahead and
sets up a free-call hotline.
- Free-call hotline.
- Genius.
Oh, it was a big deal
that murder, wasn't it?
- It was.
- It was a very big deal.
Um, did he do it?
I mean, who knows?
Who cares? Does it
really matter? Not really.
- People love it.
- People love it.
I mean, we hear he's
got a new girlfriend.
- That's who you want now.
- Oh, absolutely.
What kind of a
girl dates that man?
Where is she from? That would
triple our everything.
At the end of the day,
we're journalists, aren't we?
And we use our sources,
like Janice.
- Oh, Janice.
- Yeah.
She's a squawker.
And I don't mean in the sack.
Why not?
Because it's a waste of time.
I think Sean and Casey's
private investigation agency
would be a good idea.
We could make hats!
Didn't you say they
couldn't find the gun?
We could start searching.
We could get metal
detectors and badges.
We could do it.
We could solve the
case and everything,
and it would be neat.
Casey, you're never
gonna find the gun.
You're never gonna find him.
Sean, we have to.
Everyone is so mean to you.
Well, that's just the
way that it is, OK?
Like, sometimes you do things
and you have worse consequences
than you think.
What do you mean?
Well, I won't do a derby again.
Just forget it, OK?
Once Women R Us called and
asked me about Casey Bangs,
I knew it had gone too far.
She doesn't know the truth.
I can't let this continue.
She needs to see
what he's capable of.
I'm telling you, mate, you won't
find me on The Bachelor.
I think you'd be good.
Two beers, thanks, mate.
You read that article
in Farmers R Us?
- Which one's that?
- About the river.
Some scientist reckons
we're draining too much water -
damaging the wildlife.
What, with irrigation?
The only wildlife around
my place are me cows.
If I don't grow that grass...
- Probably from Wellington.
- Yeah.
Bet they'd be happy to see
all the water go straight out
to sea, then all we'd hear
about is the sea levels rising.
All I wanna know
is what you said.
I wanna know the
deal, for my little girl.
- It's all in there.
- Just give it to me straight.
Just read it.
I'm warning you,
it's not pretty reading.
But I tell you what. If I had
a lovely little girl like Casey,
and there was a murderer
wandering around,
I would do everything
in my power
to get rid of that
little scumbag.
But its over to you, you know,
if you wanna wake up one morning
with a bullet through
her head, then...
Hey! Hey, hey, hey, hey, Pam.
I'm doing my best here.
Yeah. And I'm just telling you,
just giving you the information.
You do with it what you wish.
just feel so humiliated.
I asked him.
If he didn't... If he didn't
tell me about that girl,
and getting arrested, then...
what about the rest of it?
Maybe everyone was right.
I can't even...
I can't do... I can't do this.
It's over.
I can't believe
she did it by text.
Yeah. Sorry, mate, I know.
- Can't believe it.
- Yeah.
I texted back, I rung.
- Yeah.
- Like, lots.
But nothing.
I was thinking, you know,
your relationship started
with a message on that app.
Why can't it end with a message?
It's a funny thing - text.
I would've dodged a whole
lot of hard conversations.
Probably wouldn't be married.
Two words - greater good.
Jim's daughter,
she's gonna thank me.
She dodged a bullet.
- Literally.
- Pam!
I said. I bloody said.
Jim - he just called
your little hotline.
He said... He said, 'Thanks for
the info. They've broken up. '
How is that proving his guilt?
How is that proving anything?!
She needed to know, George.
It's not- Jesus!
She is not your bloody sister.
- That's not fair, George.
- Fair? Bloody fair?
This isn't justice, Pam.
- What am I supposed to do?
What-? You tell me
what I'm supposed to do.
I told you. I bloody told you.
Overnight she changed.
More distant. Work was
more important than us.
Yeah, tough time.
Not just for me, for Harold,
especially with his mum,
Pam's sister,
stuck up in that bloody place -
that looney bin,
losing her mind.
We'd already lost her.
I guess Pam had taken
that spot for him.
Then poof! She was gone.
Yeah, I get it.
But, I mean,
I just wish she'd stop.
Now that George
is leaving, it's like...
the whole place
is gonna turn to...
I dunno.
Look after her, OK?
Well, if she stops,
will you come back?
She's never gonna stop,
mate - not until she gets him.
tell me what happened.
I've told you everything.
Pam got me the file
and I saw the pictures...
of that girl Amanda - you
beating up her boyfriend.
Pam got you what?
- Why didn't you tell me?
- Cos no one ever believes me.
When will you
understand that I love you?
tell me what happened.
I was at a party.
Amanda was there.
We were drunk.
She said she liked me.
She led me into a room.
We started making out.
- And then she just freaked.
- What happened?
I stopped.
We stopped.
I thought that was it.
And then her boyfriend came,
and he beat me up.
Well, then why did
they arrest you?
Cos Harold's Pam's nephew.
Did you do it?
Just tell me.
I didn't do it.
I didn't do any of it.
I'm... pregnant.
We're gonna-
I don't want it.
- But I just told you I didn't-
- That's not why.
I- I don't want this child.
Not at the moment.
Just get out.
No, get out.
Get out!
Happy birthday, Harold.
Come on, sit down.
- Thanks, Auntie.
- Right, cake.
Think I know what that is.
Go on! Open it.
I just thought that, you know,
you might wanna give
me a bit of a hand.
With George gone, I just thought
it would be good for us
to spend a bit more
time together, you know.
- Um, yeah, OK. I guess.
- Yeah, it'll be fun.
It'll be like when I taught
you how to be a cop.
And I thought we
could go up the hill.
I've got some
more ideas, up the hill.
Oh, yeah? Up the hill's
a good place to look.
Yep, golden ticket, Harold.
That's what we're after.
We're after the golden ticket.
I'll just... I'll just
go get mine, OK?
Yeah, cool.
Sometimes you've just
gotta go with it, eh?
Like, most families are a bit
But, um, you know,
if I'm out here,
I can sort of, you know,
...keep an eye on her, make sure
she doesn't go too far.
And hopefully she'll,
you know, if we keep looking,
she'll get tired, and we
can all just get on with it.
And maybe George will come back.
I've got nothing.
How do I get her back?
Well, I couldn't be bothered,
quite frankly.
I told him to sod off.
I texted Jules.
Let her know he's on his way.
She was pissed.
I mean, I like the guy. I do.
It's just a break-up.
I think it's fair to say he's
been through a lot worse.
He's taken the fuckin' spade.
I need the spade!
When Alex
was a dick to me,
the only reason I took him back
was cos he turned up with a rock
the size of Gibraltar.
You know, like,
if he doesn't do the same, he's
not ever gonna get her back.
He told her to get out.
What a dick!
Men. Jesus.
Well, they'll give it to you.
They have to.
It's your mum's ring.
Just ring.
Do you want me to do it?
I have to do this.
- Grandpa?
- What?
Is Grandma there? I want
Mum's ring. I wanna get married.
You don't get to
call this house.
You ain't no family of mine.
Hung up on me.
Listen, it'll be OK.
You can buy one.
There'll be a sale.
There'll be a sale.
Just looking for a ring.
It's got to say 'I'm sorry,
'I love you, and will you
marry me' all in one.
The rock's gotta be
the size of Gibrolla.
Have you got anything like that?
This one.
How much for that?
It's $16,000.
Have you got anything
for a few hundred?
OK. Thanks.
Casey, when I told you
to get out, I was hurt.
I felt like you didn't love me
and that I'd lost my new family.
But now I know it's because
I wasn't honest with you.
You make me feel like
no one else could.
You are my family. I love you.
I was going to get you the
rock the size of Gibraltion,
but then I realised I wanted
to give you something I made.
I wanted it to be more personal.
I wanted to show my love
by giving you part of me.
- I love you.
- Mmm.
And then she said yes.
- We're getting married!
- Yeah.
- Like, soon.
- Mm
We talked about it,
and we decided
we just wanna be together.
I was such an idiot.
Lucky for Jules, eh?
You know she was right, though
right? I'm gonna need a ring.
Of course.
Casey is my family now,
and we have to make
these decisions together.
At the end of the day,
it's Casey's choice.
We decided it's
not the time for a child.
I'm not ready.
We are gonna be together,
but I want to be ready.
It's OK.
It'll be a couple of minutes.
We are a family now.
- I'm just really nervous.
- Oh, it's OK.
They've done it
a thousand times.
You've reached Pam's hotline.
Leave your murder
tip at the beep.
What a place, eh?
One, two, three.
Ooh, big boy!
Come on!
Let's get down there.
- Are you sure about this?
- Yeah, go!
All right.
Oh, yeah.
This one's out. This one's out.
Here, give us that one.
Tony! Tony!
Come listen to this.
You've really set yourself
up here, eh?
Yeah, well, if you
wanna catch the best,
- you gotta get the best, Tony.
- Yeah.
I tell you what -
your Adventureland, Pam,
that's the best.
There's some real team
building going on there.
You know Gary, he hasn't
climbed a wall like that
for such a long time.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Anyway listen, listen, listen.
It's just a matter of time,
and people come through.
it's Helen from the hospital.
I've just found something
about you-know-who
which is gonna blow
your case wide open.
I'm out at the beach
for the next couple,
but Friday week at the pub?
I'll see you there.
Most of the time, these
cases die, you know?
People, cops, whatever,
they give up and they go home.
But see, that dating app,
the grandfather,
the guns, the derby...
- darby, derby?
- Derby.
...derby, magazine.
It's all about keeping
up the pressure.
See, most of the time, people
live their lives in secret,
you know, behind closed doors,
but that is what's so
good about what we do,
because we get to
open the curtains
and see what their
lives are really like.
He'll keep.
You'll see.
Pam, you're a legend.
You know that.
I think you're gonna
catch this one.
- No stone unturned.
- Nothing unturned.
It must have been hard for him -
See, when you get to my
age you start to wonder,
what am I leaving behind?
Most people would say family -
you're part of history;
you're part of the future.
Unless you're not.
If you've got no family,
it's like you don't exist.
there's an old lady here.
You don't just die,
you vanish, like you never were.
This is my family, and I'm gonna
make damn sure they know it.
Sean. Oh.
And you must be Casey.
I believe you need this.
- Is this the one?
- Yeah. It's mum's ring.
It is indeed.
Well, you best invite me inside.
Yes! Come in. Come in.
I'll get you a Munta.
- A what?
- A Munta.
Problem then
is to get them all
in the back of the bloody truck,
that's the problem.
How much are you getting for
those waste of spaces?
- 4 bucks.
- Really?!
I'm only getting $3.50.
Who you selling to?
- Old Jack.
- Mm.
Nah, I won't deal with Jack.
I heard, right, just the
other day right here,
that he's doing,
like, his cousin.
- Like, his actual first cousin.
- What?
That's disgusting.
They do some gross things
nowadays, don't they?
- Sauce?
- Yeah. Thanks, mate.
So, she had an abortion.
- Who?
- Casey.
Christ. She's even
dumber than I thought.
While I was there, I looked
up his last name, you know,
on the computer,
and his sister's name came up.
- You know, Abby?
- Abby.
It shouldn't have, but it did,
and she had one too.
About six weeks
before the murders.
The weird thing is,
she left an emergency contact
number with no name.
Why don't I have this?
Well, doctors' records, they're
different to the hospital,
and they're different
to the police again.
I mean, how would you know?
Bugger me.
So, do you think it
was Sean's baby?
I mean, she was about
to come clean, right?
Yep, yep. It's his. That family
have always been weird.
Well, there is just one thing -
I looked up the phone numbers,
the one he wrote down
on Casey's form
and the other
emergency contact,...
- different.
- No, no, it's definitely his.
He probably had a burner
back then anyway,
and there's no other links.
It's gotta be his.
But anyway,
I'll get the number for you
when we get back to work.
- You want another one?
- Yeah. God, yeah.
That lime cordial really
brings out the beer.
It does, doesn't it?
So, what do you think of this
gown? It's quite fabulous.
There's some amazing French lace
with some beading,
and it's got an amazing
kick-out at the bottom.
- I think you'd look fabulous.
- Lovely.
So, who's the lucky man?
I do like the sleeveless look.
Very chic.
It's Sean.
I'm sure Sean's gonna
be a lucky man.
Is this tulle? Darling, what do
you think about this one?
Of course it's tulle.
Well, my daughter asked me
to come and look at dresses,
so here I am.
That's all. Just looking.
She was going whether
I came or not.
Doesn't hurt to look.
I got a new job.
I'm really excited about it.
I'll keep the odd-job
business for weekends and that,
but this is just more stable.
People are always gonna die.
I just wanna give Casey
the life she deserves.
I had a bit of a stag party.
Alex and I, we were
having a few drinks.
And then he really wanted
to go to a titty bar.
I didn't... I didn't wanna go.
But we did,
and I had a really good time.
Like, I... no one even
noticed it was me.
Now it's Casey's turn,
and I just want her to have
a really normal hen's party.
Three, two, one, Casey!
Like, she doesn't have
that many friends,
and some of them,
they just wouldn't come,
and I was like, 'What?
Free booze, stripper.
'I am there,' you know?
And her parents are loaded, so
they're paying for everything.
Everything. I mean,
screw those girls.
Like, it's her first hen's
Who would have thought, like,
Casey is the first
one to get married?
- I know. I know.
- I know.
I would have married
Sean if it meant that
I could be the first, you know?
Like, he's kinda cute.
Nah. Yeah, nah, I so wouldn't.
But, like, you know,
Casey did say that he's
quite good in bed, though.
- Really?
- You know.
Yeah, like, he hasn't tried
to stick it up her bum
- or nothing like that.
- Aw.
Yeah, why are boys so gross, eh?
- Come on.
- I'm trying! Just wait!
It's the small things that
people take for granted,
you know?
The stag party; this job;
meeting Casey;
inviting people to our wedding.
I didn't think life could
get this normal for me.
Unbelievable. His sister
had an abortion as well.
That family. They kill each
other like it means nothing.
Five years, and finally this!
People don't understand that
you just gotta keep going.
You gotta keep working,
and not give up,
and then you'll get your man.
You'll get your man, finally.
All I'm saying is,
as someone who loves you,
are you sure?
Case, what she's trying
to say is that...
it's not too late
to pull out, babe.
You got a hens' party out of it.
It's not important to be first,
He didn't do it.
I love you, but you know this
town is full of horrible guys
who just want to stick
their dick in your bum!
But Sean was amazing.
And he was let off.
He didn't do it.
Two shots for Abby. Two shots.
Why didn't I flippin' see it?
All makes sense now.
That family... that family,
they are as...
whoa... they're as
screwed as each other.
Neither of you got to know him.
You never talk to him.
And you say that you're
with me, but, Jesus!
This is a new number.
He had a prepaid.
Just stop it!
Stop it!
OK, settle down, Case.
We get it.
You wanna get married.
Have another drink, babe.
You know, he's probably so dumb
he didn't even throw it away.
And even if he did,
I can always backdate
it with the telco company.
Extra pressure - that's
what's gonna get him.
New leads.
I know you.
I want you.
You are my whole.
You are my life,
and I wanna be with you forever.
What is this?
There was a time when I thought
I would never have
a family again.
I thought the pain
would never leave.
I would cry myself
to sleep every night.
But then you swiped right.
When you're there next to me,
when you say I love you,
when I can't get out of bed
because I can still
see the blood,
when you wipe the sweat because
of the pain I still feel,
I know you truly
love me and know me.
You know me like
no one else ever will.
You better have a
really good reason
for why you were
her contact number.
You better have a
really good reason.
We could've just
got on with our lives.
Harold, are you... are you
having one of your episodes?
It's by the fence.
What's by the fence?
The golden ticket.
You can find your
golden ticket with this.
Oh my God.
No, no, it's definitely his.
And there's no other links,
it's gotta be his.
So, let me get this straight,
it was Sean that went crazy,
not Harold?
Yeah, it'll be fun.
It'll be like when I taught you
how to be a cop, and I thought
we could go up the hill.
- I've got some more ideas.
- Up the hill?
Oh, yeah, sounds like
a good place to look.
- I'm gonna go to film club.
- Yep.
What did you do?
What did you do?
When they yell and
you say to me not to worry,
when you stroke my head because
I scream in my nightmares,
when they try and
interrupt our love,
you're the one who believes me.
I promise I will protect you.
I promise I'll love you forever.
I promise, no matter what,
I'll be there for you.
You're my family.
You are my life.
You are it.
With those beautiful vows,
I now pronounce you
Mr and Mrs...
You may kiss the bride.
Go, the Buttrams!
Amazing cop right there.
Gee, I mean,
imagine bringing him in -
your own nephew.
See, that's the difference
between someone like me and her.
Justice is the most
important thing.
Regardless of whether
it's your family or otherwise.
I mean, let's say...
let's say hypothetically,
if it was someone like me
and it was my cousin,
would I bring them in?
Probably not, in all honesty.
I'd probably say something like,
'Look, ya little prick,
don't do it again, OK?'
What's the point of having a
cop in the family, otherwise?
But you know, as I say,
she is fighting the good fight.
Triple, triple, triple.
Triple sales. Public ate it up.
Amazing to think there's Pam,
so blinded by her own opinion,
she did not realise that it was
a member of her own family.
It was staring her
straight in the face.
And don't get us wrong, I mean
we feel terrible for Sean,
of course, but on the other
hand, with our help,
he has been proven innocent
once and for all,
and we have another
one of these to prove it.
You see, we are journalists,
and, um...
Yeah, OK, we sell a lot more
copies of our magazine
than your boring old newspapers,
and you know why?
It's because we give
them what they want.
Just ask Janice.
In fact, get Janice to read
a chapter from her new book.
Mm. Some of the best writing.
Harold having sex
with Sean's sister.
But he was cheating on Amanda,
so it was all a secret.
Apparently, these film clubs
have sex all over the show.
I'll never see how these
weird arthouse films
could turn anyone on,
but each to their own, I guess.
Anyway, it turns out he's like
his mum and Pam -
He'd lost so many people,
and Abby with the
secret abortion
and breaking up with him
was just too much.
He just... snapped.
So, Pam was right
about one thing - bestseller.
- So, we're very happy for Sean.
- Thrilled, yeah.
That wedding was beautiful.
It was really beautiful.
The vows were really beautiful.
And he was proven innocent.
- That's good too, isn't it?
- Yeah, it's good.
Because that threat was gone,
we could get rid of all of his
bloody guns, which is good.
Bittersweet for you, though, eh?
You loved your guns.
Loved my guns. Loved 'em.
But now we can store his
preserves in there
instead of clogging
up the bloody pantry.
Yeah, well, actually, everything
is better in the cold and dark,
especially the stone fruit.
I mean, you've got peaches,
apricots, pears.
Pears aren't a stone fruit.
But as we say,
thrilled for Sean.
Well, when Pam then said it
was free entry for us,
ah, well, you know, that is a...
that is a beautiful gesture.
And it's great to be
part of a family affair.
Well, I have wanted to come
here for a little while now.
The waterslide does
look real awesome.
We're gonna go down
it together, right?
Yeah, I can't wait.
Well, go on then.
What are you waiting for?
Let's go.