This Woman Is Dangerous (1952) Movie Script

Mrs Austin, do you see
the two white dots?
Fix your attention on the small one and
tell me if the large one disappears.
Do you see it here?
- Yes.
How about here?
It's a little hazy.
Once again.
I'm sorry. I can't concentrate
with this headache.
Everything is a blur.
The examining chair please, Mrs Austin.
How long have you been
having these attacks?
The severe ones. About a month.
Even before I came to New Orleans.
Chin here please.
Now .. look straight ahead.
Eyes open please.
How long have you been
so sensitive to light?
About a year and a half.
What did your last doctor tell you?
He thought an operation was
necessary but I didn't have the time.
Well, you should have made the time.
It's serious then, isn't it?
Well, I have only made a
preliminary diagnosis. Sometimes ..
Doctor Nesburn.
You don't have to pull
your punches with me.
How serious is it?
Please answer my question.
And tell me the truth.
The chances are that eventually
you will lose your vision.
But what about the operation?
I don't know. The surgery
you need is out of my field.
You said 'eventually'.
How long?
Maybe a week.
This prescription may
help the headaches.
If they were your eyes
who would you go to?
If I were in a position to, Ben Halleck.
The Halleck Clinic, Indiana.
She was supposed to be here by one.
You're not supposed to be here at all.
Don't give me that.
Where did she go?
I told you. I don't know.
Look what you've done to my dress.
Now you will behave.
Ask the man for two sazeracs.
I don't like sazeracs.
We do.
What kept you so long?
Where have you been?
Seeing a doctor.
Why didn't you tell me?
Headaches again?
Bad, huh?
I told you not to come into town.
You are not known here and
I want it to stay that way.
It's been too long.
Six days.
And seven nights.
That's a lot of wasted time.
But look how each minute
is going to pay off.
Sometimes money isn't that important.
From now on we give up no
more than two or three days.
Do you understand that?
Another headache?
Hi, Ann.
Tick me off the bar as you go out.
So go find a bar.
Things always go wrong
when you get this jumpy.
And they mustn't go wrong tonight.
You mean Friday night, don't you?
- I mean tonight.
They're expecting a big crowd and there
will be twice as much money on hand.
Well, it just pushes us
for time. That's all.
It gives us a little time too.
We'll be out of here two days sooner.
Is that bad?
No. That's good.
And no rough stuff.
I promise.
Do you need any money?
Yes. I could use a couple of thousand.
I still have the traveller's checks.
By the way, you'd better
add another man.
Until midnight then.
Here's to what, baby?
To midnight.
No. To tomorrow.
We're on our way.
Let's skip tomorrow.
What's on your mind?
Nothing. Except what I'm
going to wear tonight.
Mesdames et Messieurs.
Place your bets.
Nine. Black.
Number nine. Red and hot.
Mesdames et Messieurs.
What time is it please?
Three minutes to midnight.
Place your bets please.
Place your bets.
Ten thousand this time please.
And in bills.
I'm sure it will be alright, Mrs Austin.
But we have to see Mr Saunders.
This way please.
Good evening, Mrs Austin.
- Good evening.
Having a bad run?
Ten thousand.
Of course. Won't you sit down?
It will be just a moment.
Alright. Stay where you are.
Stay where you are.
What's this all about?
- You know the law.
You can leave, lady.
Please don't hold this
against us, Mrs Austin.
It has never happened before and
it is never going to happen again.
Sit down.
Don't be alarmed, ladies and gentlemen.
This is an illegally operated
gambling house.
We're not concerned with
anyone except the employees.
Now you can all go.
But please go quietly and quickly.
Why don't you leave
the money in the safe?
Alright, men.
Into the front hall by the stairs.
What's the big idea?
Come on, Mack. Let's go.
I'm not a common criminal.
What gives with you guys
knocking us off like this?
I just take orders, Mack.
I'll fix that. Let me get to a phone.
- You fix nothing.
That's what you think.
Get me a phone.
Shut up. No phone.
This time tomorrow you won't have a job.
I would like to report
the theft of a bracelet.
Take him outside.
You must report it in the morning, lady.
Alright. Let's go.
Come on. Keep moving.
Right here, Miss Austin.
All set.
- Alright. Take off.
Hey. You are dead.
No, I'm not.
Hello operator?
I want New Orleans. The Picault Hotel.
Will you get on your horse.
It is morning.
Matt, I'm doing the best I can.
I know, but you must leave town
before someone starts to check on you.
I told you I'd meet you
as soon as I could.
Now stop calling me.
Do you need me anymore, Miss Austin?
I'm tired.
- No. Run along.
- Yes.
This is Mrs Austin again.
- Yes, ma'am?
Sorry to keep bothering you.
Will you get me a reservation
on the next plane to Indianapolis.
- I'll pick it up at the airport.
Check the time of the plane will you.
- I'll call you back.
No. I'll hold on.
Morning, ma'am.
Bell boy?
- Yes, ma'am.
What time is it?
I believe your clock is right, ma'am.
I can't see it. What time is it?
Seven forty-seven.
First flight is 4 pm.
That's fine, Get me a reservation on it.
- Yes, ma'am.
And tell the clerk to get my bill ready.
I check out immediately.
Shall I take the bags down now, ma'am?
Yes please.
And wait for me.
We need a man here. And a man there.
Don't tell us. Let us guess.
The guy who brought your
breakfast in bed forgot the doily.
Tell your adorable little brother to
mind his manners or I'll slap his face.
This I got to see.
- Shut up.
Look, baby. This is Baton Rouge.
Downtown section.
Fur storage. Short-handed
tomorrow night. Wide open.
Tomorrow night?
- Yep.
Matt, how long did it take us to work
out the details of last night's job?
About two months. Why?
Do you understand?
This sort of thing must be planned.
But this is a set-up.
When are you going to
stop listening to her?
We did alright before she came in.
You had never even been in a place
like the Club Bayou until I came in.
By the way, how much
did we make last night?
90 thousand.
The Baton Rouge deal is good for 150.
- I don't care if it's a million.
We're not going to touch it. We are hot.
- She's right.
Tell the boys it's off.
Go on. Get out of here.
Good morning, Beth.
- Morning.
Orange juice?
- No thank you.
Leave us alone for a
minute, will you Ann.
Why sure.
I guess I'll have to eat these raw.
Another headache?
The same one.
You made me a promise. No risky jobs.
Don't break that promise while I'm gone.
While you're gone?
Indiana. To a hospital.
What for?
My eyes. I have to have an operation.
Who said so?
The doctor I saw yesterday.
That's funny.
You didn't tell me yesterday.
Because of last night.
I didn't want to upset you.
Last night?
That's why you wanted to move it up.
So you could get away sooner.
Not with me. From me.
So you could get your cut and beat it.
So I could help you
before I had to go away.
Why this place in Indiana? Why not here?
Because the best doctor is there.
He knows you're going? He waits for you?
- Yes.
Did he tell you? Telegram or telephone?
Not yet. But he will.
Yesterday a guy said you
needed an operation.
You didn't even bother to tell me.
Now the guy is expecting you.
He doesn't even let you know.
What kind of a routine is this?
Matt, it's something
you don't lie about.
The guy in Miami was a thing
you don't lie about also.
- That's your fault.
You ignored me and listened to Will.
Will had nothing to do with the
guy in Frisco. Remember?
Yes. And remember the guy in
Chicago and the guy in New York?
Matt, a lot of guys have looked at me.
But what you don't remember
is that I didn't look back.
Start making sense or ..
Don't do that, Beth.
Don't even try it.
Then don't drive me away from you.
Every time we're broke you always say
I'll toss you aside for someone better.
Every time we're in the money you
say I'll take my cut and get out.
I'm sorry.
- You say it is gratitude.
The only reason I'm sticking with you
is because you gave me help when I ..
Oh, forget it.
That's what you always say.
Now tell me you believe that.
We'll stay at the cottage.
But don't forget.
That hospital isn't so far
that I can't come looking.
Will you drive me to the airport?
You see Matt how easily
you can be tricked?
Only by you, baby.
- You must stay under cover.
I'll take a cab.
Where's your gun?
Now, baby ..
- Come on.
Come on.
How long will you be gone?
I don't know.
Matt, don't get jumpy.
Please keep your promise
and stay away from trouble.
And leave this empty while I'm gone.
Let's be smart and quit
while we're ahead, huh?
As long as I have you.
I'll always be ahead.
What makes you suspect this Mrs Austin?
- I know she's been there many times.
But this is the first time she
asked for ten thousand in cash.
And you just happened to
have your safe full when ..
That's right, Lieutenant.
Receipts from the restaurant and bar.
This is armed robbery I'm talking about.
By men impersonating police officers.
Okay. Thanks.
She's checked out of her hotel and has
a plane reservation for Indianapolis.
- Get hold of Charlie.
Forget it. This is for the police.
Now clear out of here.
And while we're on this case we
will check into the Club Bayou too.
Alright, McGill.
This Mrs Austin is yours.
Permanent address?
Hotel Picault. New Orleans.
When will I see Dr Halleck?
Today. I would say in about an hour.
Be very still now please, Mrs Austin.
Right here.
Mrs Austin is in your
office, Mr Halleck.
He'll be with you in a moment.
Thank you.
Mrs Austin.
Dr Halleck?
How do you do.
- How do you do.
If it's any consolation.
Dr Nesburn's diagnosis
of your case was correct.
But there's no consolation
unless you can save my sight.
Is it impossible, Dr Halleck?
Nothing is impossible, Mrs Austin.
I'd rather talk in terms
of what is possible.
Then there's a chance, isn't there?
A very small one.
Dr Nesburn led me to
believe you would take it.
Frankly, I would rather not.
Why not?
The operation is exceedingly dangerous.
The odds are against it.
But they're my eyes.
And I'm willing to take those odds.
Mrs Austin.
The surgical procedure
of this operation ..
Is still considered experimental.
But you have performed this operation?
And successfully?
On rare occasions.
Then why not operate on me?
If I fail ..
There's no way back for you.
Are you afraid to take that risk?
I'm not.
Austin case.
Surgery at ten o'clock in the morning.
- Almost.
Don't worry.
You have got a good man on your side.
I know that.
He was just a blur and a voice.
But a very comfortable voice.
Please take a sip of this, Mrs Austin.
What is it?
- Just take a sip.
No calls, Mr Franklin.
- Thank you.
Did you get them?
- Yep. A perfect set.
Look at this. No next of kin.
Birthplace: Edenville, Kansas.
Edenville Kansas, huh?
That's right in the middle
of the dust bowl.
Not even a courthouse
or any records left.
We figured she was a pretty smart girl.
- Yeah.
After you do the prints, rush
those photographs to Washington.
Alright if I go home now?
I begin to miss the old sazerac bar.
Sure. But stay in touch, will you.
If I dig up anything on
her I'll rush it to you.
Good. So long.
110 over 65. Pulse: 90.
[ Telephone ]
Is this Mrs Austin's room?
- Yes. This is Mrs Austin's room.
Who is this?
Are you her doctor?
This is Dr Halleck.
No calls to this room
until further notice.
Dr Wheeler is waiting.
I know.
Don't leave her, Millican.
- No, doctor.
Don't move your head, Mrs Austin.
This is Mrs Millican.
Dr Halleck's nurse.
If you can hear me raise your hand.
The next few days will be a tremendous
strain on your patience and courage.
Your head must remain absolutely still.
Naturally, any movement
anywhere is undesirable.
We realize how difficult
this is going to be for you.
But for your own sake please
to the very best you can.
Lay off the grape, will you.
Shut up.
If he was the doctor, why
did he hang up on me?
Maybe at that very moment when
she needed personal attention.
With bad eyes, she can't talk?
Why ask me?
Figuring her out is your department.
She'll come back.
Who said different?
- You did.
You were hinting at it.
She went to get her eyes fixed.
She didn't go to see another guy.
So, she didn't go to see another guy.
You crazy ape.
Here's where we get a ticket.
Ticket nothing.
Can we stand questioning?
Was I going too fast?
That's not it, lady.
See if you can talk him out of it.
Any trouble, officer?
There's a law against
riding in trailers.
And a law against throwing
bottles on highways.
So that means we get a ticket?
Sorry. You're from out of state.
I have to take you in.
Give us a break, will you.
My brother is very sick.
Yeah. I saw the label
on the medicine bottle.
Come out of there.
Get him inside.
I'll take care of the bike.
Get the motor going.
We'll find a side road where
we can ditch the trailer.
What did you say?
I said, we'll find a side road where we
ditch the trailer. Come on. Let's go.
Don't tell me.
It's Doctor Halleck.
How did you know?
I'm beginning to recognise footsteps.
Remarkable progress in only two weeks.
It's strange living in a dark world.
Having to see with your other senses.
I smell flowers.
A flower.
What kind?
A rose.
Right again.
Thank you.
How am I doing?
You are coming along fine.
I suppose it does have its
advantages, drifting in the dark.
You don't have to face realities.
I think you can always face reality.
You have a lot of courage.
How much longer, doctor.?
How many times have I asked you that?
Once every day.
And there have been a lot of days.
But we'll know soon now.
How soon?
Perhaps .. when I get the courage.
"The Giants and Brooklyn tangled.
They played a scoreless tie."
"That went 17 innings until
darkness stopped the game."
That's what I wanted to know.
- Leave it on.
How do you find time to
keep up with baseball?
When I was a kid.
I always wanted to be
a Big-League bat boy.
"The mystery of the missing Louisiana
patrolman was partly solved last night."
"By the discovery of this body
in an abandoned trailer."
"The trailer has been identified
as that of the Jackson brothers."
"And a widespread manhunt for the
notorious gunmen is under way."
"They escaped a roadblock
early this morning."
"And are believed to be heading
for a hideout in Kentucky."
Killers. Sentencing themselves.
Doctor. You have other patients.
You are wanted on the third floor.
Thank you.
Bye now.
Well, that Austin woman has a record.
She served six months
of a one-year sentence.
Embezzlement. That was five years ago.
Her real name isn't Austin.
Has she been a good girl ever since?
- Yes. Clean as a whistle.
Except she left her fingerprints in the
trailer the Jackson brothers ditched.
The one they found the dead cop in?
- Yeah. That's right.
That cop was killed on the 26th.
She was in the hospital then.
- She's still our best bet.
The Jackson boys hit and run but
they've got to hole up someplace.
Maybe she'll lead us to them.
You are reading my mind.
Continue to keep track
of the little lady.
Who writes her, sends flowers, phones ..
How long has she been in hospital?
Well, I don't know exactly
but I sure can find out.
- This is Franklin.
Will you get me Mrs Millican
at the Halleck Clinic.
What kind of a day is it, Maggie?
- No different than any other day.
From where I sit it's different.
That's because it's the
one you've waited for.
Pray for me, Maggie.
- You don't need any praying.
Look what the doctor did for that
kid they brought from up country.
He's whistling at the nurses already.
At his age? He is only fourteen.
Yeah, but he's still whistling.
Anyway, he's too young to
be the one they're after.
Who is after?
Those detectives that
hang around this place.
Have you heard the nurses talking?
We're all just crazy with
curiosity to find out who it is.
I hope it's my brother-in-law.
He works in the kitchen.
Hello. Halleck Clinic.
Mrs Austin please.
Mrs Austin in 512?
Just a moment please.
Indianapolis 5505.
I'm having difficult
locating Mrs Austin.
Would you hold on a moment please?
This is the Halleck Clinic.
I was asked to report any calls
to or from Mrs Austin's room.
I have one now.
It's incoming long-distance.
Can you tap me in through your board?
- Yes I can. Just a moment.
Want to record this?
No. Just listen and see if you can
get a lead. I'll put a tracer on it.
You want me back tomorrow?
- Yes.
[ Telephone ]
What's the matter?
Forget how a telephone sounds?
Wait here. I'll get it for you.
Alright, alright, alright.
- Mrs Austin?
Long distance.
Just a minute.
Maggie, do you mind?
- I was going anyway.
See you tomorrow.
This is the fifth time I've called you.
Why couldn't you answer the phone?
I wasn't allowed to.
Matt, what has gotten into you?
Is that Will listening in?
I'm in a booth on the road. Why?
I heard a peculiar .. click.
I did too.
I have been listening to the radio.
You broke your promise.
Skip it.
Tell me why you haven't
answered the phone.
I won't skip it. Now you listen to me.
Yes. That will be all, thank you.
Your pulse is rapid.
It should be.
You wouldn't be human
if you weren't scared.
Here. Sit down.
This is the moment
we've been waiting for.
I'm going to remove the bandages.
But don't open your
eyes until I tell you to.
The room is very dark.
You may open them.
I see a very strong light.
Over there.
By the door?
- You are right.
Look up. Look away from it.
It is so good to see it.
- Millican.
A light fixture.
A chest of drawers.
A door knob.
- How many fingers?
Completely in focus?
- Yes.
Dr Halleck, I am so grateful to you.
You had as much to do with it as I did.
I'm sure your life is going to
be much brighter from now on.
Now, here are some pinpoint goggles.
They protect your eyes during the
period of their readjustment to light.
How soon can I leave the hospital?
You are a remarkable woman.
No tears.
I know I should cry but I just never
can with anyone else around.
How soon can I leave?
There are extensive tests to be made.
How long will they take?
Mrs Austin, you have been
a model patient until now.
But you're going to have to face the
fact that the danger is far from past.
I am sure you wanted permanent results.
Otherwise you wouldn't
have undergone this ordeal.
Let's forget about time.
You wear these until I tell
you to take them off.
We'll start the tests in the morning.
No mail.
Hey, Matt.
Louis Lascalle wrote a confession.
Why crime don't pay.
He should know.
Louis never stole a quarter
he didn't get caught.
Here. Read it.
- Yeah?
You got some olives?
The green ones with the red tail lights?
I should have heard three
or four times by now.
If she can't phone, she can't write.
If she wanted, she could
get a letter out some way.
How do you suppose I got wise to her?
Why should they tap her phone?
This is no good for you, Matt.
Take a look at yourself.
You can't think in a
straight line anymore.
Eat. Don't talk.
You're the one who talks.
If you'd kept quiet about the 'swell
dish' who was in the cell with you.
Then Matt wouldn't be
knocking himself out.
All I said was she had
the class we could use.
Well, hasn't she?
Or do you like the other one better? The
one who needed comic books read to her?
At least he was sure of her.
- I'm sure of Beth.
Like Ann says. She can't write.
You forget Miami.
That guy had class. Real class.
Not a dummy who had to be told
what kind of clothes to wear.
You want that pickle jar
shoved down your throat?
It ain't a pickle jar.
And I ain't talking just
to hear myself talk.
I don't like what she
is doing to you, Matt.
If she's such a hot rock ..
Why don't you marry her
like Ann married me?
I never asked her to.
- Why not?
Scared she would say no?
Shut up.
Now run me down to town.
What for?
I've got to make a phone call.
If I don't get straightened
out I'll go nuts.
Long distance.
Hello. Long distance?
- Yes.
I want Chicago.
Michael's Flower shop.
- Do you know the number?
No. I don't know the number.
It's on Halstead Street.
Yeah. That's right: Halstead Street.
Michael's Flower Shop.
Hello Mike.
Do you recognise the voice?
I said, do you recognise the voice?
I've got you.
The one with the light hair.
Yeah. That's right.
A woman at Halleck Clinic.
Lewiston, Indiana. Mrs Beth Austin.
You know Beth.
I tried to phone her
and got a tapped wire.
Yeah. I want to know who and why.
And Mike, I want to know
if there's another guy.
How about a private detective?
Yeah. It's okay, Mike.
He goes to work for
you in twenty minutes.
That's okay.
But I want to know if
there is another guy.
Take care of yourself.
Morning, Millican.
- Morning.
You are looking lovely these days.
I don't know what it is.
It must be a new hairdo or something
but whatever it is you do look lovely.
By the way, dig out those old notes
on retinal aberrations will you.
I want to use them in
that lecture next week.
Dr Halleck. About this Mrs Austin.
A wonderful woman, isn't she.
- There's something you should know.
Thanks. But forget it.
A man likes to find out about
a woman for himself.
That's not on the regular menu.
What's the occasion?
A farewell party. I am celebrating.
Don't make any farewell toasts.
You can leave the hospital tomorrow
but you'll have to stay in town.
It might be a couple of weeks
before you can get away.
There's a nice resort hotel
on the outskirts of town.
It ought to suit you perfectly.
It will be a pleasant change for you.
The time will pass like that.
Well, you're the doctor.
Tell me, did you have fun
yesterday at the Indianapolis?
Fun? That was on business.
Do you ever think of anything
but the practice of medicine?
My girlfriend made the
trip with me yesterday.
An old romance?
It's been going on for nine years.
You are steadfast.
She is very young. My daughter.
Somehow, I never thought
you as having a family.
I guess you could say
that two is a family.
Even one. When you have
learned how to live alone.
Well, here's looking at you.
I have been looking at you, Mrs Austin.
In many ways you have opened my eyes.
Morning, Mrs Millican.
Who is doing what to Dr Halleck?
For instance?
There's a new peculiar
twinkle in his eye.
Let's just call it the weather
and let it go at that.
The weather in 512?
You should pay more
attention to your work.
She's moving to a hotel.
That new place near the golf course.
You got it covered?
- Inside and out.
Think we should notify Halleck?
He seems to be taking more than
a professional interest in her.
How much longer will she be in town?
At least a couple of weeks.
Post-operative examinations.
No. I wouldn't say anything to him.
We'd better wait.
He seems to be the kind of man who might
tip our hand and ask her for the truth.
Could be.
Did Dr Halleck get back yet?
He always does.
And does he always go to
Indianapolis on his day off?
No. It's Indianapolis this month
because he's lecturing there.
Next month, maybe Elkhart or somewhere.
Doesn't he ever do anything except work?
I wouldn't swear to that about any man.
The ceiling. Far corner.
Now look this way.
You are coming along just fine.
Admiring your own handiwork?
More so. Nature's.
You don't have to wear
dark glasses anymore.
Oh, wonderful.
- At night.
In that case, after dinner I'll take
a fresh new look at the moon.
I haven't taken a good look at
the moon or the stars in years.
You don't seem to be quite that old.
Now you remind me, I'm not.
Will you have dinner with me tonight?
I would love to.
Let's see. The best food
in town is at your hotel.
Say, 8 o'clock?
I'll be waiting.
Telephone call for Mrs Austin.
Telephone call for Mrs Austin.
This is Mrs Austin.
Mrs Austin, Dr Halleck
is still in consultation.
But I told you. I don't mind waiting.
He'll be busy for some time I'm afraid.
He said to tell you how sorry he is
and he will explain tomorrow.
A private investigation.
Very private.
Are you investigating me?
No, Mrs Austin.
You wouldn't expect me to answer
that question, would you?
Why not? You introduced yourself.
- Uhuh.
Chicago, huh?
Do you know anybody there?
- Yes.
I have a very old friend who lives
where the flowers are always in bloom.
Dearborn Street?
Halstead Street.
Pleased to meet you, Mrs Austin.
Well, Mr Crossland?
I have got a client.
Who thinks you might want
to send him a message.
And if I did why should I need you?
He finds you're on a party line
when you try to use the phone.
You've got company when you take a ride.
Any idea who the company might be?
I didn't get the name.
But the initials are F-B-I.
If what you say is true.
Tell your client that someone may
be trying to locate him through me.
Tell him to be careful.
And tell him I think I have
a way to avoid all trouble.
The fellow who just stood you up?
You are very sharp, Joe.
If what you say is true, Mrs Austin.
You be careful.
I've never met my client.
But I gather he's the jealous type.
I can't say as I blame him.
Goodnight, Joe.
Should I wait for you, Mrs Austin?
No. I'll be here several hours today.
Will you call for me at six?
Be glad to.
O'Brien checking in from the clinic.
Switch me over to Franklin.
[ Telephone ]
Yes? This is Franklin.
No need to worry about her for a while.
She'll be in the hospital for hours.
Keep an eye on her.
Sure. She wants me
to pick her up at six.
Yeah, So I'll wait out in front here.
Hello, Mrs Millican.
Mrs Austin. What is this, a force of
habit? You've no appointment today.
No. But I have something
to discuss with the doctor.
You are lucky he's in. He should
be on his way to Indianapolis.
That's right. This is
his day off, isn't it.
I had forgotten about that.
I think I can find him for you.
Thank you.
Well. This is a pleasant surprise.
Come in.
You'd better put your dark glasses on.
What's on your mind?
I would like to go to Indianapolis
to do some shopping.
I was wondering if it was alright
for me to take that long a ride?
It is if I do the driving.
Here is a message from your office.
- Thanks.
Trip cancelled?
A little detour. We can still make it.
Before the shops close?
I can't guarantee it
but I'll do my best.
It's very important. You see ..
I ordered a new dress for you.
For me?
You missed your chance
to see the last two.
Maybe the third dress
will bring me luck.
You certainly put a fellow on the spot.
It isn't bad as prisons go.
The rooms are clean. Food is good.
And you can learn an honest trade.
Secretary. Practical nurse.
Beauty operator.
Anything that suits you.
Yes. Just name it.
They put you in the laundry and
steam you as soft as a potato.
How do you know?
I must have read it somewhere.
You won't be too long, will you?
Of course not.
I want to see the new dress.
Dr Halleck.
It's quite urgent.
Alright. Come on out.
On the double.
Someone has been smoking in the truck.
Who was it? Where is the cigarette?
There will be no more
stopping for a smoke ..
Until the afternoon break.
If you're caught again
there will be no break.
Now get to our cell block.
How long did you save her for?
Ten years? Twenty?
And for what?
It was too late.
She's free now.
And you a doctor?
You are glad?
For her sake, yes.
She was clinging to my hand
with all her strength.
She needed some of your strength.
I know how she felt.
Sorry to put you through such
a depressing experience.
I guess the detour sure took the
edge off your shopping trip.
That's alright.
You know.
I wish I were back in the hospital.
I know now that I was happier
there not facing reality.
You will feel better when you get home.
Where are we?
- Home.
I used to think you lived in a
sterile cabinet somewhere.
Everyone leaving a prison should
first walk through a room like this.
Comfortable, secure and good.
Mrs Rankin.
Mrs Rankin.
She's not here, daddy. But I am.
Where's Mrs Rankin?
Her sister is in town and they
went out to a movie and ..
She started dinner and
told me what to do but ..
I guess I got kind-of mixed up.
- It sounds like you are.
This is Mrs Austin.
- Hello.
Hello, Susan.
My soup.
Can you cook?
I'll need some help.
Of course I can cook.
What can I do to help out?
Well, if you really want to help.
There's an apron over
there by the icebox.
Tomato soup?
- Yes.
Alright. Now what?
Could you make the salad dressing?
- Just name your favorite.
Daddy likes Princess best.
This I'll have to see.
Please, daddy. Don't spoil your dinner.
Please, daddy.
I won't be able to do anything
right if you're watching.
Susan is absolutely right, Ben.
There's no place in a
kitchen for a doctor.
Very well. I will read the paper.
Is something wrong?
He was awfully worried about your eyes.
Well, he saved them for me, Susan.
Couldn't you see anything at
all before daddy operated?
Well, not like other people could.
Everything was distorted. Blurred.
You mean like when you close
your eyes almost shut and ..
You peek out?
Yes. A lot like that.
But now I can see people and
places as they really are.
You would be surprised at how
different it all is than I'd imagined.
How do you make Princess dressing?
Can you put flour into gravy
so it won't be all bumps?
Now that I can do.
I'll make the salad dressing and ..
Say you did.
Good. Where's the flour?
I'll get it.
A farmer had 12 pigs and sold 3 of
them at market for 20 dollars each.
Applied 6-4 on a promissory note.
For 200 dollars at six percent interest.
How much would he
have at the end of year?
Let's see.
Susan, isn't this way past your bedtime?
Why don't you run along?
Don't worry. Daddy will leave
the answer in the book.
At the end of the year.
32 dollars.
Are you sure?
That is funny.
That's the same answer I have.
I guess Susan comes by her
mathematical bent naturally.
What are you two laughing at?
- Nothing. Everything is fine.
Goodnight, daddy.
- Night, honey.
Goodnight, Mrs Austin.
- Goodnight, Susan.
The salad dressing was wonderful.
She should have added that you dress for
evening far better than our housekeeper.
You're sitting in my chair.
- I'm sorry.
But it is perfect.
You belong here.
Maybe I remind of somebody
who did belong here.
Susan's mother?
If she had really belonged
she would have stayed.
She was exactly the opposite of you.
A woman without patience.
What did she have to be impatient about?
Susan and me.
A child can be very demanding.
And a young doctor doesn't have
much time to spend at home.
She gave up all of this.
I found out later it was
for another man.
That is so difficult to understand.
That's because you're different.
Tell me about yourself.
I'm sure you can figure me out.
But I would rather hear it from you.
It's too long a story.
I'll hear it sometime.
Why not now?
Long, dull stories I've heard
before always bore me.
I'm sure they do you too.
Let's not spoil a nice evening.
What is it you don't want to tell me?
About Matt?
What about Matt?
You mentioned his name several
times coming out of the anesthesia.
What else did I say?
Nothing really. Just a jumble.
When can I leave town?
Tomorrow? The day after?
As a patient, you could
have left several days ago.
But I couldn't let you
go until I was sure.
Sure about what?
I want you to stay here always.
You are so wrong about me, Ben.
I don't belong here.
I never will.
But why?
Tell me why.
After tonight don't call me
and don't try to see me.
I'm going away from
here tomorrow morning.
- I don't know.
- I don't understand.
Please don't say anything more.
Just take me back to the hotel.
[ Buzzer ]
Ben, please go away.
There's nothing more to say.
I said it all last night.
I didn't.
I have lots more to say.
For some time I have known
how much I wanted you.
Now I know how much ..
- Please.
Don't you see how you're
tormenting both of us?
I didn't sleep last night.
I didn't either.
Don't you understand?
We both feel the same way.
What are you afraid of?
- Nothing.
Will you please go.
- Not until you make sense.
What frightens you so?
Why are you so unreasonable?
What am I up against?
Questions you have a right to ask.
But .. questions I can't answer.
Then there will never be any questions.
Susan didn't ask any.
She liked you very much
for what you are.
That answers all my questions.
It doesn't.
It isn't that simple.
- Now look.
I have an emergency
call up in the country.
Get dressed. Come with me.
We'll settle this one way or another.
Absolutely no.
It's no use.
I think you really mean 'yes'.
I have a kit to pack at the hospital.
Meet me there in half an hour.
At my car in the basement garage.
So early in the morning?
And so late last night.
You ought to know that avoiding
trouble is a 24-hour job.
You're telling me.
I was the third party who
didn't get any sleep last night.
Alright. You're a good detective
and I'll see that you get a bonus.
Now get out of here.
- A bonus from who, Dr Halleck?
Of course not. He was only
my way to get out of town.
What made you change
your mind on using him?
Not that it's any of your business.
Dr Halleck and I have been
seen together too much.
It's safer if I let whoever-they-are
follow me to a big city ..
Where the chances of
losing them are better.
You know, Mrs Austin.
Sometimes I hate these jobs.
Like this one.
I'd give anything not to have to report
to my client about you and the Doc.
Never mind what you would give.
How much would you take?
Well. I look at it this way.
When a man feels as shaky about his
girl as my client does about you ..
He must have an awfully good reason.
Besides, my terms are a lot
different for a good-looking woman.
Than a jealous man.
Put that down for your first instalment.
That did it.
- I should say it did.
Your client will get a full report
of your petty little shakedown try.
And if you're ever stupid enough to
go back to the florist in Chicago ..
Be sure and order yourself a wreath.
I got a different idea.
Just as soon as I tell this little
love story to our florist friend.
I'll order a couple of wreaths.
One for you and one for Dr Halleck.
Oh, excuse me.
It's alright, Ruby. Come on in.
This gentleman was just leaving.
I see him hanging around
here all the time.
He seems to be a very
persistent gentleman.
Yes. And a great deal of trouble too.
That kind of trouble
I never seem to have.
You are lucky.
I can't even leave the hotel
without his following me.
No problem about that, Mrs Austin.
Just leave the way I do.
Then he'll never see you.
The service entrance?
Thanks, Ruby.
- Yes, Susan?
All set, doctor.
Put it in my car will you, Scotty.
I'm sorry I missed you at
breakfast this morning.
We'll have breakfast tomorrow morning.
Yes. Another emergency call.
Now, you be a good girl at school.
Bye, honey.
Dr Halleck?
- Yes.
Sorry to have to bring you in on this.
In on what?
Would you rather we talk alone?
That's alright. Stay, Millican.
Have you ever heard of
the Jackson brothers?
Matt and Will Jackson?
- Yes. Who hasn't?
Matt is pretty high up on our list.
He's wanted for murder, armed robbery
and other counts in several states.
What does it have to do with me?
Your patient Mrs Austin has
been working with these boys.
Mrs Austin?
Are you sure?
- Positive.
She's been tied up with them ever since
Matt helped her get out of prison.
We've been keeping an eye on her
hoping she'll lead us to these boys.
Now we're afraid she's trying to
use you to help her get away.
That's why we're alerting you.
Alright. I am alerted.
Will you help us?
I'll do whatever I can.
Forget something, Doc?
You were right. I did mean 'yes'.
I hope I'm right about a lot of things.
What's wrong, Ben?
Still the questions.
I told you there wouldn't
be any more questions.
Why are you so quiet?
Perhaps I'm trying to
figure out a solution.
Tell me what it really is.
I'm preoccupied I guess.
My mind is on that kid at the farm.
Any mail?
Give me the keys.
- Looking for what?
My guns.
I got to get Beth out of Lewiston.
- Can she see?
Yeah. And so can the FBI.
They're watching her.
Who said?
- The tail I put on her.
Come on. Give me the keys.
Put on your trunks and jump in the lake.
I said, give me the keys.
This ain't like other times, Matt.
We're so hot from that
cop, we're smoking.
If you go after that dame the
FBI will blow your head off.
So? It's my head they'll blow off.
There is another guy.
Matt, stop it. Stop!
Let her alone.
I said, let her alone.
Give me those keys.
- Matt, you're crazy.
Get off of him Matt or I'll kill you.
Next time it will be you.
Give him the guns, baby.
Give him all the guns.
So he can show them how tough he is.
Before they scrape him off the
street and put him in a basket.
Here. What are you waiting for?
Shut up.
Alright. So I was wrong.
I shouldn't have hit you.
I shouldn't have hit her.
And there is another guy.
Will you please shut up.
Hello Ben.
- Hello.
I'm awfully glad you're here.
We've got a pretty bad depressed
frontal fracture in there.
This is Fred Shaw - Dr Halleck.
Glad you got here, doctor.
- Thank you.
It's his boy, Ben.
Got kicked by a horse.
I am sorry.
Beth. This is Dr Ryan.
How do you do?
Are you coming in, Miss?
No. You'd better stay here.
- Can't I help?
Wait until I see how things are.
Mrs Shaw.
We have no choice.
We should operate here.
Go ahead, doctor.
Yes. Please go ahead.
Get my kit out of the back of the car.
We'll need plenty of light, Bill.
We'll use that table over there.
Get some blankets for
me will you, Mrs Shaw.
I'll need some plasma.
Two jars. Take my car and
go down to the village.
Of course. But how do I get there?
- You can't miss. Just turn left.
There's only one road to town.
The drugstore is on the main
street across from the bus depot.
I know the way.
I'd be glad to go.
- Would you rather stay here?
I'm sure I'll be able to find it.
The store is closed. The druggist
lives right over it. Upstairs.
Hurry. We need the plasma
as soon as possible.
A smart idea.
I saw right off she wasn't used to this.
Don't let her see too much and
you'll keep her a whole lot longer.
You must have known I'd have
plasma even if you didn't.
Have you found anybody to deliver it?
No. Not yet, ma'am.
But I'll get hold of somebody.
But how soon? It's an emergency.
It won't be long, ma'am.
Don't you worry about it.
Could I have some change to telephone?
Mostly nickels?
- Quarters would be better.
Long distance please.
Long distance?
I want to speak to Michael
at Michael's Flower Shop.
Halstead Street Chicago.
Michael's Flower Shop?
- That's right.
Thank you.
Michael's Flower Shop.
Hello, Mike?
This is Beth Austin.
When did you last speak to Matt?
About an hour ago.
Did you relay all the information
Crossland had to report?
What information?
Look, Mike. Don't 'what information' me.
Just tell me yes or no.
Matt knows everything
except the guy's name.
Then listen to me very carefully.
If Matt calls back again.
Or if you can possibly
get in touch with him.
Tell him I said to stay where he is.
Tell him not to do anything crazy.
That I'll be home in the morning.
Did you hear that?
I'll be home by morning.
I got you.
Please believe me. It's urgent, Mike.
Will you get word to Dr Halleck
that his car is by the bus depot.
I'll be glad to, ma'am.
Are you sure the plasma
will be delivered?
Yes, ma'am.
I told you I would take care of it.
Thanks again.
I'm sorry but I'll do it myself.
Will it be very much longer, doctor?
Just a few minutes.
Steady with the light.
Do the dressing will you, Bill.
I know what you want to
say but don't say it.
Your boy is going to be alright.
Now get some sleep. Both of you.
I want him in the hospital
first thing in the morning.
I'll take care of it.
I'll take care of everything.
Goodnight, doctor.
- Goodnight.
What is the matter, Ben?
The boy.
He'll be alright though, won't he?
I don't know. You are never sure.
People look at you, trust
you and believe in you.
And, you let them believe.
You are tired.
And it's dark.
That makes everything look dark.
Why don't you let me drive
and you get some sleep?
When you wake up you'll know again how
good it is having people believe in you.
Running out?
Without saying anything?
There's nothing to say.
Not even if I told you
I knew all about you?
I thought you knew when I
came back with the plasma.
It doesn't make sense.
You had a chance to get
away and you came back.
I wouldn't have come back if there
had been anybody else to bring it.
Please say goodbye to me, Ben.
I'm not going to let you go.
I want to help.
Who is going to help Matt?
He is far too gone for you
to help or anybody else.
Let the law take care of Matt.
You not only don't know all about me.
You don't know anything about me.
I'm going back to Matt.
Do you love him?
Answer me. Do you love him?
It was ..
It doesn't matter what it was.
It was a long time ago.
I was desperate.
Matt helped me.
I can't forget that.
You still didn't answer me.
Do you love him?
Yes. I love him.
I don't believe you.
You're lying.
I don't care what you believe. I'm going
back to Matt as it's what I want to do.
The only question I ever asked Mike
was: how much and when do I get it?
Not who and where they are at.
Why don't you talk to Mike?
- Maybe we tried and got nowhere.
So why pick on me?
I'm just trying to make
an honest living.
You may want to get in
touch with us sometime.
Remember, it doesn't take too much
for you fellows to lose your license.
If you've nothing else to do ..
You may like to see how much the
Jackson brothers are worth on the hoof.
Here comes trouble.
Here. You can't do that.
[ Door knocks ]
We'll let her in.
Can you keep your mouth shut?
- Yes.
Alright. Let her in.
Hello Ann.
Not even glasses.
Are they alright now?
- Perfectly alright.
It's good to see you again.
Hello, Will.
I see you're in your usual good humour.
Where's Matt?
When will he be back?
He didn't say.
Ann, will you pack my things
while I change my clothes.
Going somewhere?
Anywhere where they
aren't looking for us.
Why don't you and Will
come along with us?
It sounds good if you
can sell Matt on it.
No more trailer camps.
No hiding out.
What do decent people
have to hide out for?
Maybe we can find a place where
I can stretch out on the .. beach.
Have the sun on me.
Why not, if Will likes the sun on you.
Hurry Ann, will you.
We've can be all ready to leave
by the time Matt shows up.
Why don't you stop kidding yourself?
You promised.
You always said we'd quit this racket.
Beth wants to.
She can handle Matt. She always has.
Will, don't be like that. Tell her.
You've got to tell her.
What don't you want to tell me, Will?
Tell me. Where's Matt?
Burning up the road to Lewiston.
He let out a couple of hours ago.
Been up to something, ain't you?
With another guy.
We heard all about it from
a guy named Crossland.
You stood by and let your brother go?
I'm through giving him advice.
If he wants to blow somebody's
head off that's his lookout.
What are you worrying about anyway?
You ain't the guy he's going to kill.
Nobody will get killed except Matt.
Knowing him, I wouldn't want
to make a book on that.
Do we go for Matt together
or do I go for him alone?
Go on. Get your things
and get in the car.
Mr Joe Crossland at the Empress
Hotel cannot be reached.
Is there a message?
No. No message. I will call back.
Long distance.
Lewiston 7782.
Dr Halleck please.
Whoever that guy was, he
can't be reached right now.
Maybe that was on the up-and-up.
Maybe it wasn't.
After this, I'll do the calling.
I want to know what you saw.
- Will you let me answer the phone?
Sit down. I said I wanted
to know what you saw.
Then pay off, buddy. Pay off.
- You made a deal.
Now, who is he?
And what did they do?
- I made a deal. A legitimate one.
But I wasn't figuring on
playing around with the FBI.
Now, either you pay off or I won't talk.
Mike said you're paid off up to date.
You will talk.
Now who is he?
The guy who took her out of town and
stashed her away can count up to 750.
Maybe even higher.
Who is he? What's his name?
Where do I find him?
You know who he is.
Where do I find him?
- Take it easy.
His name is Halleck.
They'll tell you all about
him at the hospital.
Anybody watching the joint?
- Nobody watching now.
They're beating the bushes for her.
Playing both ends against the
middle is bad for the heart.
Give me Indianapolis 5505.
Where were you a minute ago?
The little boys room. Call me back.
No! No, man. No, no, no!
[ Telephone ]
[ Telephone ]
Cancel the call.
I have changed my mind.
Dr Halleck left word at his
home for me to meet him here.
Dr Halleck?
Is he around?
- He's in surgery.
He'll be there for some time.
Can I help you?
No. I just want to pay him for
what he did for a friend of mine.
It's after hours.
The accounting department
won't be open until the morning.
Is this a picture of Dr Halleck?
A good-looking guy.
Would you like to leave your name?
No. Never mind.
- Dorothy.
Can you get me that
Mr Franklin of the FBI?
See if it's Matt they're
waiting to take out of there.
It wasn't Matt.
I knew they wouldn't get him.
It was Crossland.
You were right. We should have
gone straight to the hospital.
Turn the car round. Be ready to get away
fast. If Matt is here I'll find him.
Will is waiting for us downstairs.
I thought you would show up.
Wherever Halleck is.
But you are wrong.
I went to the cottage first.
I only came here to get you.
- Don't give me that.
I know different.
I know all about you and Halleck.
Then if you do, you must know
that there's nothing between us.
Come on, Matt.
After I finish what I came to do.
I told you Will is waiting
for us downstairs.
[ Police Siren ]
So, you told them I was here?
This is a hospital.
That was the siren of an ambulance.
Please come on.
You take the stairs.
You two boys take the ramp.
I will ..
Hey, you.
Stay where you are.
Come out of there.
You can't do him any good.
Jim, take care of her.
Nancy. Dr Ramsay. Surgery B.
See if you can get a
statement out of him.
We must get out of here
before it's too late.
You have the whole
country gunning for you.
You're not worried about me.
You worry about what will happen to him.
I came back to you.
Doesn't that mean anything to you?
That I came back.
And I'll never leave you again.
I don't believe you.
Hold it.
One of you is Halleck.
Which one?
Come on. I've got enough
here for all of you.
Let's see your faces or I start in.
Alright. So you want it.
So you will have it.
I am Halleck.
Stay out of this, Doc.
Let's go.
Stop fighting. You can't win.
Neither can you.
Millican, get doctor Wheeler.
Alright, Doctor.
But after this we take over.
Give me a hand.
I sure admire you fellows.
How readily you can mend a wound.
I wish X-Raying a woman's
mind was just as simple.
So do I.
I wouldn't have let her
risk her life for me.
Then I would have had no basis
for a leniency recommendation.
Thanks, Franklin.
May I see her alone?
For a couple of minutes? Sure. Go ahead.
I can answer all of your questions now.
You already have.
There was only one answer
to every question.
Yes. I know why you came back.
Why you didn't stop to count the cost.
But I did count it.
I want to pay it.
Then remember this, Beth.
Remember the day when we took
a detour and it led us home?
It always will.
I'll remember.
And the prison woman who held on
to your hand with all of her strength.
Because she needed your strength.