Thithi (2015) Movie Script

You're carrying garbage from so many days,
and you don't even walk properly.
Your hips sway too much
and you walk weird.
Ranganna! Where are you off
with the sickle?
Lady, there are no gents in your home?
You take the cows for grazing by yourself,
being a lady.
What's wrong with you.
Go home and sleep.
Back again, huh?
Stop! You rascals don't study
nor graze the livestock.
Stop! Stop!
What's up, man?
What's up?
Where did you leave your wife?
Gave her to someone else?
What will become of you?
You're just a useless bum!
Get lost, boy.
Leave this Village.
It's best that you just leave.
Won't even give me a coffee, eh?
You rascal.
Get lost!
Screw you and your mother, won't even give
something to eat or a cup coffee.
I'm getting the hell out of here.
All bloody brats.
What's happened here?
Sir, sir, sir!
Is he not breathing?
Sir? Definitely not breathing.
Somebody please come here. Century Gowda
is not breathing! Come!
He's fallen here! Come fast!
Come here.
-What happened?
-He's not breathing.
-Where lady?
-He's fallen here.
-Century Gowda has fallen down!
-Century Gowda?
-Century Gowda?
-Just now I saw him, he wasn't breathing.
-When did this happen, Lady?
-Just now.
Century Gowda is dead.
What the hell, man?
You said you repaired this motor just
day before, but it's broken again.
All other motors are working. Except mine.
If I could repair it myself,
why the hell would I call you?
You want me to stick my hand in there
and get electrocuted?
Come today itself and fix it!
What is it?
The motor is not working again.
Okay, I'm coming.
-We'll sell the sand today?
-If they pay hard cash.
It's in high demand, won't unload
unless paid upfront.
Let's finish loading
three carts, fast.
Heard that Sankara got caught by the cops.
Be careful, you may get caught
some day, too.
No man can catch me!
I'm too slick to be caught.
-It's not like drooling at Chenni's house.
-Really, Abhi? She's one fat bitch.
Dirty people.
Bora, I'll meet you at noon!
Fill that bag with grass.
Or your dad will kick you
out of the house.
It's cold.
You said, you'll load six carts.
Let see whether you'll do it.
I'm lifting sand.
I'm coming.
Who'll load the sand to the cart?
-Do you have a beedi?
-Take it from my shirt.
Uncle! Stop! Stop!
What's up?
Your father died!
-Your father, Century Gowda.
-No worries.
-Uncle! He died this morning.
-It's fine
No big deal.
Uncle! Your village is the other way.
Be careful, it might fall off.
Go get the flowers!
Century Gowda has lived
for around 105 years.
Pour water on his head.
Get some more water.
Yes, camphor, incense
and get everything else.
Get lots of flowers, too.
He lived 100 years. He deserves
a great send off.
Okay, okay.
Get puffed rice and some coins.
Pour some water.
Abhi, go and see if there's enough wood
for the funeral.
If not, take few people
and collect some dry wood.
How long do we have
to wait for you guys? Come soon!
Why'd you drop it, you clumsy shit?
You said to hold the bottom.
That's what I did.
Where are you guys? Come fast. You've been
saying "five minutes" for ages.
Hey, where's the funeral?
At your family land,
next to the railway track.
Fine, just get here soon.
Where exactly are you right now?
We're almost there.
Run faster, you stupid fuck!
Get in here useless fellow.
Before I slap your face.
Fucking idiots.
Where's Gadappa?
Make sure he comes to the land!
-Carry it.
-I'll take it.
Fine, let him.
Take this.
Stack them tight.
His head should face east.
Feet the other way.
A log for his head.
Lift the head.
Cross his legs.
Circle his body thrice, come on.
Wait, but where is Gadappa?
Someone find him!
He's the eldest son. He has to
break the pot and light the fire.
Let one of the others do it.
No way. The eldest son has to do it.
It's hot. Get on with it.
Not a chance. He has to come.
Abhi, see if you can find
your grandfather.
Abhi, I think he went that way.
Come, Bora.
Why are you sitting up here?
They are calling you to do the rituals.
Too much commotion, kid.
I can't stand it.
If you don't come, there'll be
more commotion. Just come.
What's the point of rituals now?
Will the dead get to know?
Just come.
Finally, Gadappa is here.
What the hell were you doing?
Everyone is waiting here.
Now remove your shirt!
Don't be a fool. I'm not removing
Go and bring the pot.
Sons these days, have no respect.
Thamanna, your father wants nothing.
He has quit on life.
Have you got your grandfather's
land into your name?
You know how my father is,
I'm sick of fighting with him.
The land is technically still his.
Now with Century dead, if you don't
transfer the land to your name,
or else you will be in trouble.
You are a dumb fellow.
Instead of advising me,
why don't you advice my father.
At the funeral, he wouldn't even
remove his shirt for the ritual.
Why would he listen to me?
My fate, if only my idiot father
had co-operated,
the land would've been mine by now.
Century died today,
so I couldn't follow up.
How can I trust you, man?
Understand my troubles. Come tomorrow
and fix the motor.
Every three days the motor breaks down.
Put in some original parts, man.
With foreign parts or "London parts"
fix the bloody thing.
First fix my motor. My Sugar cane
is drying out.
Nothing happens over the phone.
Go to town and bring him here.
Abhi, don't go to lift sand
The mechanic is coming,
get the motor fixed.
I'm earning money by lifting sand.
Fix the motor yourself.
You spend one day lifting sand and
five days loitering with your friends.
What have you earned till now?
At least he brings some money home.
With you, he won't learn anything.
What work do you have tomorrow?
Aren't we going to see the astrologer?
-Which astrologer?
He's a crook. We'll consult someone else.
You act like you know everything
and want to do it in your own way.
We'll go tomorrow.
Because Century died,
you don't have to cook.
No wonder you're talking so much.
Have you seen my father?
In the morning, he was walking by
the railway track.
He came for tea at 10:00 a.m.
Saw him that day at the funeral.
Haven't seen him since.
Have you kids seen my father?
Tiger didn't come today.
Lady, have you seen my father?
He just went this way.
Father, I really should get you
a cell phone.
-Come. Let's go home.
-There is still time.
It's 4:00, I've been searching for you
since morning, haven't even had food.
Why were you searching for me?
Aren't we looking after your needs?
You're always roaming.
Can't you sit around
like other old people?
Instead of dying sitting,
I'd rather die roaming.
Sit, I want to speak with you.
Or else you won't talk?
Father, just stop for a minute.
We have walked too much. At least
walk towards the village.
-There is still time.
What's your problem?
Do that land work with me.
It's important now.
What's there to do?
Do you want your father's land or not?
I don't want it at all.
-But I want it.
-Take it.
You know how it works.
Don't play games with me.
Transfer the land to me officially.
You think I enjoy chasing you?
You roam and we have to come after you.
I'm not stopping you.
Go take it.
Times have changed. Everyone's a thief,
land papers are easily swapped.
With Century dead, your brothers will
steal it. They're the biggest thieves.
Thieves? Well, I'm old,
when I die, it's all yours.
Your father lived 100 years. When will
you die? What if your brothers steal it?
Whatever you say. I'm not coming
for any official work.
You drunk fool.
You look like a thief.
You spoil everything.
You are ruining everything
and destroying our piece of mind.
Look at you, walking away like a thief.
You don't care for anything.
Don't listen to that moron.
Change the gear, you fool.
Here, Bora.
Hey, come fast!
Hey, fat-ass, come with us,
you might lose a little weight.
Keep watch, if you see the forest guards,
blow the whistle. We'll jump in.
Nobody will come, let's go.
If anyone comes, we'll take care of them.
You have won third place,
The next question is,
between the two of you...
A piece of the skull. Take it.
-Here's a knee bone.
-Are you sure?
Definitely a knee bone.
-A leg bone.
-It's too small to be a leg.
These bones worked for 101 years,
of course they'll be worn out.
Fine, pick it up.
On the coming Thursday, the 27th,
the planets are aligned such that,
on that day, in the morning,
from 11:15 am. to 12:15 am,
you need to perform the thithi ceremony.
He lived so well for so long.
Listen carefully.
Century Gowda is famous in all
the surrounding villagers.
You need to invite at least 500 people.
Importantly, since you are Gowdas,
you have to serve meat at the funeral.
It's good for your family.
Most definitely.
The tiles should fit well,
it shouldn't leak again.
Back off man, we know our work.
Why do give us a hard time?
Over here, I can see some gap.
What are you doing up there?
Oh! Thamanna! What's up? Go inside.
Come down first.
Some cursed monkeys trampled
and broke the roof.
My wife brought it to my notice,
so getting it repaired.
If it rains, it'll leak.
Come, my roof leaks even more.
If any cement remains, you can take it
and repair your tiles too.
I'm struggling and you're joking.
The person whom I knew at the office
was recently transferred.
No one in that office is honest anyway.
For land matters, they'll make you
run around, and milk you for cash.
I'm ready to run around, even bribe them.
As long as my father isn't needed.
Look, all this is a lot of stress on you.
I'll give you a better idea.
I know a rich man. He can get anything
done in seconds.
Sell the land to him and
walk away rich. There's no risk at all.
But the land is not registered
under my name. How can I sell it?
But you are meant to inherit it. Right?
Yes, the papers confirm
that I'll inherit it later.
That's it. He'll know what to do.
He'll sort things out and buy the land.
He's a money man.
Hello, brother.
Your wife is coming back.
Seems like she's missed her bus.
Out, out, quickly.
You lazy bastard, instead of repairing
the roof you're gossiping.
-They're doing it.
-Bullshit! Everyday you have some excuse.
I'm sick of scolding you.
There are working on it,
it's almost done.
I'm tired of reminding you things,
you never get anything done right.
Useless piece of shit.
-You asshole, where the hell are you?
-What darling?
-Where are you? Just die.
-What happened?
-They broke more tiles than they fixed.
-I'll only come and fix it up.
-Yeah, right, like you are gonna fix it.
I'll only come and fix it,
please calm down.
If you don't come now and fix it,
I'll beat you with my slippers.
Fucking useless.
I'll be there in half an hour.
Let's go!
Hey, Thamanna, that's the office.
Go and ask for man named Setu.
Hey, just come in for five minutes.
If I don't go back urgently,
my wife will kill herself.
Its okay, you carry on.
Step on it, man.
Hey, douchebag.
Sir, someone's come.
-What can I do for you?
-I'm here to see Setu Sir.
Looking for some wood?
No, sir, wanted to talk
about something else.
-From which village?
-Nodekoppalu, sir.
Well, did someone steal your wood?
No, sir, I have some land
which I wanted to sell.
My business is wood.
Who told you I'd be interested in land?
-Shanboga from my village
My land is 3 km off the main road,
near the railway track.
The road is good too.
-How many acres?
-Around five acres.
-Did you bring papers of your land?
-I got it all, sir.
Here you go.
This was my grandfather's land.
Things are not going well. Need money
urgently. That's why I'm selling.
-Your name?
-Thamanna, sir.
-Your grandfather is Channavergowda?
-He's dead.
According to the papers, the land
belongs to your father now.
Bring your father along
and we'll go see your land.
And seal the deal on the same day.
What are you looking at?
But my father is dead too.
Oh, shit.
So the land hasn't been
transferred to you.
Should make new legal
documents now.
Now, it's a lot of work to get new
documents done by our officers.
They'll make you run in circles.
Thats a lot of trouble.
Sir, we are village folk
it's hard for us.
You are from city and with lot of money.
You can get anything done.
Make a deal, will sign
wherever it's required.
You'll sign. But who'll sign
for your father and grandfather?
Do you have your grandfather's
death certificate?
Of course, sir.
And what about your father's
death certificate?
Sir, I'll get them all.
Fine. Get all the certificates.
We'll see your land and
make the deal there itself.
Your land will be mine
and my money will be yours.
Take the suitcase and walk away happy.
I'll take care of everything else.
Okay, sir.
What's in for me.
Do whatever you want.
It ate our sheep!
We're going to beat you today.
You don't know to play well.
Should I play like this?
If you had listened to me,
we'd have won already.
Like, I don't understand the game.
Thats it. It's gone.
Don't eat the sheep.
Give us another chance.
Yeah, right. Like he is gonna
give us another chance.
When sheep grow fat,
it's better for the tiger.
Wait, guys, I'll make the move.
-Don't move that pawn, man.
Nobody is putting up good game.
You didn't eat the sheep,
your tiger did.
Play, man.
I won't allow you to play.
Shut up and allow me to play.
Hey, Kiran, are you still sleeping?
I couldn't sleep whole night and was
about to sleep, you disturbed even that.
Can I borrow your bike today?
I will also fill the petrol.
Let's go give out funeral cards.
Today itself we are going out to meet
potential brides family for my brother.
Shit, then what do I do now?
Go catch hold of Duma,
his brother has a bike.
Make a run for it before Duma's
brother leaves for work.
My great grandfather's dead,
please come for the funeral.
-Please come for the funeral.
-Thamanna's son? You've grown so much.
-Sit down, I'll fetch some buttermilk.
-No, thanks. I've had a lot already.
You come once in blue moon,
sit, let me get some butter milk.
Who are you?
I'm Gadappa's grandson.
I came to give funeral cards.
Gadappa died? Nobody told me!
Not Gadappa! His father,
Century Gowda died.
Centrury Gowda, huh? He was a playboy.
He had more women than he could count.
The worst rascal.
Come for the funeral on the 27th.
He died? He was such
a strong man physically.
Only veggies for lunch or are
we getting some meat served?
-We're cutting sheep.
-Cutting sheep. Good, good!
Two packets of salt, sir.
Two bath soaps.
Anything else?
Sir, needed some petrol!
Wait a minute.
-What else?
-A packet of cumin.
Packet of salt.
-What else you need?
-Packet of salt. What's the cost?
Ten rupees.
Two matchboxes.
That should do.
Two matchboxes.
And two packets of tea powder.
What's the total cost?
160 rupees.
As soon as possible, we needed
30 kg of finger millet.
People don't sell finger millet
in shops here.
People sell finger millet in homes here,
I'll find out who is selling.
Come back tomorrow with a person
to carry the millet.
This banana is fantastic.
Open the tank.
-For how much?
-For 100 rupees, include the banana.
You turned to see me,
I saw you.
Where are you from?
-You turned, right? Now talk to me.
-What's wrong with you?
-Why are you coming after me?
Have you seen this movie, it's awesome.
You're in trouble if my people see you.
What will they do?
Isn't it you, who turned?
I'm telling the truth.
I didn't see.
It's okay, what's your name?
Lost your mind? Do you want
a smack on your face?
Fucking shit!
-Cauvery, why you're so late?
-It takes time to walk, Uncle!
Your mother asked me to check on you.
Don't you even know how
to ride a bicycle properly?
Madam, is Ramalingu Sir back?
Taluk office closes by 5:30. It will take
another hour for him to come.
Sit if you want.
-What would you like?
-Tiger brandy.
Tiger, huh?
Here you go.
That's him.
What, man? What do you want?
Sir, I'm from Nodekoppalu.
I want some help from you.
I've been waiting for an hour.
For my sake or for your sake?
For my sake, sir.
Just cut to the point.
Sir, I need a death certificate
for my father.
Your father's death certificate?
So why did you come here?
Go to office and apply for it.
They'll give it to you.
The problem is,
my father is still alive.
What? Your father is still alive?
What? Do you know
what you're talking about?
Are you kidding me?
Is that even possible?
Sir, you have your ways.
I'm stuck in some land problems.
Please help me a little.
Not little, nor more.
I'll consider this on one condition.
You need to make your father disappear
from the face of the earth?
Can you do that?
Sir, take 5,000 rupees as fee,
but please get it done for me.
It can't be done for five or ten thousand.
It will cost 25 thousand.
Can you pay? Otherwise, get lost.
That's a lot, sir.
Okay, I'll find a way and pay.
Get it done in around two days, sir.
Do you hear me, 25,000 rupees?
Anyway, why do you want
this certificate so badly?
The thing is...
Fine, I don't care. Once the job is done,
I want full amount in cash.
But on one condition.
Your father should not be seen after this.
I don't care how you do it.
Don t worry, sir. I ll try and
make sure that it happens.
Not "try". You have
to make him disappear.
And if you breathe a word
of this to anyone
or your father is seen by anyone,
I'll make your death certificate.
Be careful. Understood, right?
What's your father's name?
What the hell is wrong with you?
Didn't I tell you there is a lot of work.
Why didn't you let water into sugar cane?
But I'm distributing funeral cards.
There are insects in the sugar cane.
Why didn't you tell me about it?
Where are you now?
Near Hatna.
Bring your grandfather here.
Where on the earth can I find him now?
I don't care how, just find him.
I'll be waiting at the land.
Shut your ass and do as you're told.
I just thought of you and you appeared,
You'll also live a 100 years.
Get on, my dad's calling us.
Get on. Let's go.
Sit tight.
-Grandpa, I have a doubt.
-What, kid?
-Have you buried some money somewhere?
-Where would I get money?
If you have, give it to me. I've found
a chick. I'll ride off with her.
You haven't even sprouted a mustache yet.
Who'll run away with you?
Get down, man.
-Did you get your grandpa?
-Yes, I did. Come.
We have to search all day
and he finds him in half an hour?
Have you seen the sugar cane lately?
They are all dried up.
I've channeled water till here.
Irrigate the other side too.
You're impossible, boy.
Get it done before the power cut.
The other day I flared with anger.
After a lot of thinking,
I've arrived at a decision.
Whatever it is.
I'm not going anywhere with you.
Not that. You keep roaming around, right?
About that.
You're old now. For years, you've been
saying "I want to travel the country."
Why don't you go for a nice
long tour around the country?
If you drink this, you can go anywhere.
Just kidding, I roam as much as I can.
But when I'm around,
you don't have to worry.
I'm serious, fulfill your wish.
Go, travel the country.
The time will come.
Stop. Listen to what I'm saying.
If I had money, I would
have gone long ago.
If not me, who'll take care of you.
I'll give you the money, go travel.
Give, then.
If I give you money, you'll just
get drunk.
You should not use that money to drink,
only travel and not waste it.
Give the money, I'll go.
First, you have to promise
you'll be gone for at-least six months.
Not on me. Abhi!
-Abhi! Come fast.
Come fast.
Fast. Move your ass.
Swear on his life.
Come on, play now.
The one in the back.
We're here for the finger millet.
Pick a marble quick.
That one.
Sir, good afternoon.
Sir, I want some help from you.
Sir, teach me the job
and I'll pay any fees you want.
I want to open a mill in my village.
Which village?
There isn't a single mill there,
but plenty of demand for finger millet.
My marriage is fixed.
As part of my dowry, my father-in-law
is setting up a mill for me.
Okay, no need of any fee.
Work here for three months.
You'll learn the job.
I'll feed you food thrice a day.
Okay, thanks.
Customers have come,
switch on the motor.
Did you leave your slippers out, eh?
-What is it?
-Finger millet.
Collect the millet flour
and both of you head back.
I will go to the shop
and come back soon.
Here you go.
Should I get some tea?
Is there any hotel nearby?
Sure, just go into the village,
somebody will direct you.
And money?
It's okay. Anyhow they have to pay
for grinding. Will get in that money.
-How much do they owe?
-For 30 kg, it's 60 rupees.
I don't have change for 100.
Don't worry. I'll buy tea in that
money and get the change.
Well, go to the shop with him
and get the change.
And you go along, and get some tea.
Cauvery, you're really fond of me, right?
That's why you follow me around.
Something's is seriously wrong with you.
-Then why did you come over here?
-Don't you have some shame?
Don't you have sisters.
Of course, I have sisters.
I'll tell my people.
Tell them, will they eat me alive?
Take this funeral card.
My great grandfather was famous.
He lived for 101 years.
My village is just 6 km from here.
Nodekoppalu, you should come.
Why are you clinging to me, spoiled brat.
You're very pretty.
Just one thing is missing.
If you pierce your nose
you'll look even prettier.
Gowramma in my village is the best
at piercing, you won't feel a thing.
What, you got pierced yourself?
Of course, Look! Here, here.
Did you first milk the cow
and then make tea yourself?
It is fresh, so it took time.
Cauvery, what took you so long?
-We'll leave.
-Drink tea and then go.
Why would you bring tea for us,
we're already late.
Why did you come so late?
Who asked you to bring five tea's?
If you take care of your customers,
they'll come again tomorrow.
Enough, keep quiet.
And what time should I come tomorrow?
Forget it, boy.
Why, is the tea bad?
Enough, you're not required.
Anju, how are you?
Thamanna, I'm good.
Do you need banana?
No, thanks, I'm here to see Kamala.
Come here. What's the matter?
Do you need any money?
I can lend you some.
Not "some". I need a lot of money.
It's for the funeral.
As you already know she is dangerous.
Be careful, or else she will dishonor you
in-front of whole village.
Kamala Sister, how are you?
Thamanna, you started drinking too?
Or you wanted some Kebab?
No, I wanted some help,
wanted to discuss it personally.
Where would I have that kind of money?
Please don't say that.
I'll return it in five days.
I need it for the funeral.
Are you gonna spend so much for
the funeral? Can't you manage it?
Kamala, this drunk guy
is leaving without paying?
Who is that son of a bitch?
Stop, you bastard.
Stop, man.
Wait, how can you drink and leave
without paying, you asshole!
I deal with men like you everyday!
He's done for.
If you don't give the money,
I'll beat the life out of you.
Will beat the shit out of you,
worthless piece of shit.
Give me the money!
I'll kick you, son of a bitch.
Bastards are trying to fuck with me?
I will squeeze the life out of him.
Idiots like him are bad for business.
If he shows his face again,
will show him hell. Freeloaders!
-Kamala Sister?
-I don't have that much money. Just leave.
Please don't say that.
I'm a man of my word.
Just like everyone I will give
10% interest. Just for five days.
That's fine, but where
will I get two lakhs from?
It won't happen. Need to get back,
I have customers.
If you want, take higher rate of interest.
Okay, I'll take the risk
and lend you money.
But, with 15% interest.
You want it? Think carefully.
-Just for five days.
-I don't have so much money. Just go.
It's too high.
Okay, what can I do? I'll take it.
But, you have to repay me on time.
If you break your word, I can't beat you.
Even if I beat you, wounds heal.
I will make sure to dishonor you
in front of whole village.
I'll drag your reputation to ground.
Come tomorrow and collect the money
after signing the legal documents.
Father, two set of cloths, tooth brush,
tooth paste, a mirror and a comb,
I've packed them all.
Are they all new or used ones?
They're all good.
In an envelope, I've put enough
money for six months of travel.
Check that first.
Check it once.
All right, where will you go first?
Whichever bus comes first.
I'll get on it.
Wherever that bus takes me, I'll go.
Don't break your promise.
Check the money at least once.
You may not trust your father,
but I trust my son.
-Stop! Stop!
-Why, man?
What's your problem, man.
This isn't a stop.
-Just get off faster.
-Is this your father's bus?
Go! Go!
One Tiger, please.
Here you go.
-Give me some tea, ladies.
-Didn't you just have?
Who are you? Why are you sitting here?
I was on a tour, but I missed my bus.
I was walking by here.
Saw your camp
and thought I'd sit here for a minute.
At this time, in a place like this,
what kind of tour were you on?
Which village are you from?
I'm from "the-village-I-left" .
Where are you from?
We're from Kurdikere in Hubli area.
About 400 km from here.
You've come so far?
Yes, we keep grazing our sheep
and only return home by first rain.
So then you're touring all year long?
Good lifestyle.
What's nice about it? Heat, rain and
the cold. Who would want this?
Thats' inevitable.
But a nice journey, right?
I'll also join you guys.
Are you kidding?
-What's this old man saying?
-He wants to join us.
Really? But you're old
and we don't stay in one place.
You can't stand our lifestyle,
just go home.
What's the old man saying?
He wants to join us.
Join us? But who'll take care of him?
We're always on the move.
I don't need anyone
to take care of me.
I'll take care of myself.
I have money with me
for my expenditures.
If you just allow me to stay
with you, that's enough.
-Do you drink tea?
Then come and have some.
-Let's go and you're aged person.
-You're old too.
Koinkla, come for dinner,
then call the others who are on watch.
Join us for dinner.
That's enough.
Please serve some more.
That'll do. Thanks.
What's your name?
Beard man.
What? How can your name be "Beard man"?
Were you born with a beard?
What's your real name?
Everyone take a good look at their money.
Everyone has paid well.
Getting shit cards, all night.
Throw in the blinds.
-I think we'll win.
Come on, man, raise.
Three eights. A triple.
Two kings.
Fucking shit. Take it!
-Bastard, getting lucky tonight!
-Shut your asses!
Grab that sheep.
Cauvery, give Gadappa some water
and ask him to come and eat.
Put that down.
Put that down there.
There's porridge and greens curry.
Grandfather, you'll be here, right?
Everyone is leaving to graze their sheep.
Take this and sleep under a tree.
There's water in the tumbler.
If you want, you can drink. Take this.
I don't need this.
I don't sleep during the day.
Are you coming out today?
Coming, uncle!
She won't come.
We need her to filter this finger millet.
Later we have to collect greens
to make curry for dinner.
Mother, you only do that, I'll go.
And who'll do this? You love only
to roam around unnecessarily.
What kind of a job is this?
-You need me for this stupid job.
-Shut up and strain the finger millet.
Finish your work and come quickly.
I'll teach you a game.
Grandpa, you ate a sheep?
My tiger is famous.
How many sheep do you have?
One, two, three...
-Not the sheep in the game.
I'm talking about the real sheep
that you own.
Everyone has a different number of them,
like, 50, 60, 100...
All together we have 1500 sheep.
My uncle has the most. He doesn't sell,
and he keeps hoarding them.
Thousand five hundred sheep.
One tiger can eat them all.
Oh, you think you can eat them? You think
we sit around eating peanuts all day?
We stay up all night, watching them.
You know?
Hey, kids! Did you beat my father
at tiger-sheep game today?
He hasn't come to play
the tiger game since two days.
"Greens, greens, greens!"
My husband begs me for these greens.
The last time we got greens from Koppa
and cooked. After that we haven't made.
That was the last you made,
after that you haven't made?
My husband promised me a silk saree
before we go home.
I wonder if he'll get it for me.
Your husband will buy it
without you even asking.
Day before, I saw a saree in Hubli.
It was a nice saree!
Could've bought the saree.
Which shop?
What's wrong with you?
I'll scream now!
Sure. Scream.
-I'm warning you. I'll really scream.
-Okay, scream. Scream loudly.
What's happened to you?
Have you gone mad or what?
You won't scream? Then I will.
Have you gone mad?
If you like me so much, come speak
to my father. If anyone sees us...
Where's that girl gone, sister?
Cauvery! Cauvery!
I'm coming, Mother.
Relax, she will come.
She must have gone to pee.
She should at least inform me
before going...
When did you pierce your nose?
I don't remember, keep quiet.
Why do you want to know now?
Around the time I married your father.
I was about 16 years old.
Then get my nose also pierced.
Why now? Fine, we'll pierce it.
Now sleep.
Look, is the placement okay?
Slowly, please.
It's almost done.
It's almost done.
He'll be here for lunch.
Abhi, bring a little at a time.
Tomorrow go and buy three sheep
from the market for the funeral.
You always tell me to do your work.
I won't know how to do it.
Do it yourself.
You're the only one working?
That means we aren't doing any work?
Are we just sitting and eating all day?
You know how much work I have?
You took a week to give funeral cards,
which only needed just two days!
Your son's grown up. You can't ask him
to do any work anymore.
Take the money.
Tell him to buy three sheep tomorrow.
Don't play games, boy. I'm not asking you
to do your work. I'm ordering you.
You have no other work.
Shut your ass and go to market
and buy three sheep.
Don't get the fatties.
Buy the ones that are tender.
All the surrounding villages
are coming for lunch.
This is a forest.
On a hill, four tigers lives.
You have 16 sheep.
You have to build a house
to avoid the tiger.
In case you build it here,
the tiger will jump from here
and eat the sheep.
You need to build the house
out of reach of the tiger.
-Can we play like this?
-You cannot move this.
After all 16 of your sheep have died,
you can build the house
and then you can move the sheep.
Bora, you are my best friend.
Dude, what about us?
I will never ever forget you.
But I failed in just one thing.
-Hey, fatso.
-But I've still helped you...
Hey, guys! What is that?
Kulappa, where are you?
Coming to play cards?
Bastards cleaned me out last time.
I don't have money.
Shit happens. Are you coming or not?
Okay, I will come.
You'll lend me money, right?
There's a party going on, why are you
on the phone?
The alcohol is still not over, come on.
-Give me the phone.
-Shut up and just drink.
Six, seven, eight, nine.
Abhi, if you have some money,
please give me.
I've spent everything I had on this party.
Anyway, how much did you win
the other day?
They are playing with high stakes.
I have a chance to win, but I'm broke.
I'll return it in two days time.
My father gave me money to buy sheep.
But I probably shouldn't touch that.
He'll kill me if he finds out.
You need sheep? I'll get you sheep
for a cheap price.
We have to win tonight.
I have to some how win some money tonight.
Bring some of the money, man.
Is this dal fry or dal fire?
It's spicy.
Please tell me who cooked this?
Who cooked this?
My mother gave birth to four boys.
I'm the eldest.
My father was a successful village broker.
He was well known in
all the surrounding villages.
He made a lot of money as well.
One day, my mother fell sick.
We don't know what happened.
She dies suddenly.
After she died
I took care of my little brothers
and the goats.
I went on to take care of the family.
Once, when my father went out on business
when he got back he brought
a girl along with him.
He asked me to marry her.
"I am too young,
"I don't want to", I said.
My father said, "Even if you cook,
and wash the clothes
"there should be at least one girl
to light the lamp."
He forced me to marry her.
Her name was Sushila.
I saw her.
I also liked her.
We got married.
Two boys were born.
Life went on happily.
Just like the way you have sheep.
I used to have goats,
and I would get greens for the goat.
One day, I took my sickle
and went to my field to get some greens.
I went to the sugar cane field.
There, I climbed a tree...
I climbed a tree
and I bent and looked down.
I saw my wife and my father.
And I saw what I wasn't supposed to see.
Soon enough, my father left.
I chopped the tree out of anger.
Hearing the sound,
my wife looked up and saw me.
When she looked up, she didn't
talk a word, neither did I say a word.
I came down from the tree
and we went home together.
Once we got back, she cooked dinner.
And she served everyone food.
She served me food as well.
When she was serving me,
she didn't have the courage to look up.
She didn't talk a word,
neither did I say a word.
We went to bed.
Late at night, I heard a sound.
Because of the sound,
I woke up and looked around the house.
I looked around the house.
No one was around.
So I went and looked behind the house.
My wife and children
had fallen into the well.
I jumped in and saved one of my sons.
My wife and one son were dead.
After that I was blank. I didn't
understand anything, I kept quiet.
After a few days, I realized
I still have a son to take care of.
I did my best and raised him to manhood.
I got him married.
By that time, my beard had also grown.
What was meant to happen, happened.
In this life, no one can escape it.
So it's better to just be happy
with what we have.
All this happened so long ago.
Whether it was real,
or just the dream I had last night,
even I don't know.
My 200 is in.
You came to hit me with a stone that day.
Let's see if you can hit me today.
Fuck this.
Let's see you try to escape now.
Abhi, don't play blind. See your cards.
This is a game of guts.
I'll win it for sure.
This is between them. Stay out of it.
Let them play.
We'll see how he wins the game.
Abhi, if you win this round,
just hold back from playing anymore.
My money! The funeral is tomorrow.
You drunk bastard, Kulaiah won it all.
Here you go.
Madam, is the work done?
What work? I don't know anything
about any work.
Wait, I'll call him.
-What did you say your name is?
-Thamanna from Nodekoppalu.
Tell me.
Thamanna from Nodekoppalu is here.
I've kept something on the table, give
that to him, and take 25,000 rupees.
Looks like your grandfather
outlived your father.
He died recently.
Yes, sir, we still haven't done
his funeral. Got to do it soon.
But what had happened to your father?
He was very sick.
We tried everything to save him.
We spent a fortune on him.
It was of no use.
What could we do. It was fate.
Sir, you see the red stone
by the railway track? That's the boundary.
Then go up to the small banyan tree,
then further up and left
to the big banyan.
Follow these bushes to that coconut tree.
Near the cactus?
Yes. Then follow the cactus
all the way down.
Five acres in all.
There are 30 to 35 valuable trees.
Is that your grandfather?
Babu! Bring the spade!
Babu, come to the left.
Meaning your left.
More, little more.
Thamanna! A little left.
Yes, like that.
Babu, come a little to your right.
A little more to your right.
Sir, I'll put big stones around
the boundary, I'll make it impenetrable.
If you had pruned these trees,
they would have grown well.
Sir, I couldn't find anyone for that.
Have you shown this land to anyone else?
No, sir. Since I'm in trouble,
you are the first one I'm showing it to.
That land next to yours,
find out if they'll sell as well.
Sir, that land got sold six months ago.
Five lakhs per acre.
Who'll pay five lakhs for land like this?
Talk reasonably.
I'm sure. They sold it six months back
for five lakhs.
Your land papers are not legitimate,
and strings have to be pulled.
Here's my offer, four lakhs per acre.
That makes 20 lakhs in total.
Come to my factory, sign the papers,
and take your 20 lakhs.
Why would you want to break your head.
Sir, they want some meat,
so I'll be taking few sheep.
-Which one?
-Take any.
Dharma! What's wrong with you?
Come out front. I'll give you meat.
It's an emergency. I've helped you
so much, at least help me once.
But, Dharma, those aren't my sheep.
Don't worry, we'll pay you later.
They want these sheep on credit.
They'll pay later, they say.
That's my sheep. Don't touch it!
Grandpa, where is Cauvery?
She went with the sheep.
She said she'll be back in the evening.
The girl just roams around, she has to
pick greens from the field to make curry.
Always greens, I'm sick of greens.
-Should I wash your clothes?
-There is nothing of mine.
Do you all like to eat chicken?
Of course, but we only eat it
once a month.
Shall we all have tonight?
We will cook the chicken. Will you get it?
I will get it.
But we'll need someone
to catch the chicken.
I don't want anyone. I'll get it myself.
I have money with me.
-Will you get it?
-I will surely get it.
-Will you really get it?
-I will really get it.
I'll call and ask if it's okay.
Gadappa is offering to buy chicken
for dinner.
He'll buy the chicken, huh?
Sure, if he has enough money.
Wait, did he bring it up or did you ask?
He mentioned it himself.
All right, he'll find it difficult
to go himself. I'll send Koinkla there.
Koinkla! Your sheep has given birth.
Come fast,
you sheep has given birth, come.
Where, where?
Gadappa's offered to buy chicken
for dinner. Take the money, buy some fowl.
Then, we'll be having porridge
and chicken curry for dinner.
Can I get a little alcohol?
Only if Gadappa gives enough money for it.
Abhi, who knew the butcher
would fuck us over.
There's no point sitting here.
Tell your father.
He might beat you,
but you'll learn something.
You don't know my father,
when it comes to the matters of money.
-You own some sheep, right?
-Don't even think of it!
My father will kill us.
Why are you'll breaking your head?
It's just three sheep.
Let's just steal them.
Sure. And if we're caught,
they'll break our legs.
And you're a saint?
Didn't you steal wood with us, too?
Listen to this guy
and your dad will flatten us.
Come, it's just three sheep,
we'll go steal it from somewhere.
I know what to do.
Even you go and dance.
Parawwa, bring some onions
for the chicken.
You're sitting here and getting
sloshed on free booze.
Who's going to watch the sheep?
Shamba! Go watch the sheep.
But you're sitting there jobless.
I'm going to drink and dance all night.
Sit, you fat shit.
Light it.
You said you'd buy us chicken
and you actually bought it.
Where are you hiding the money?
Gadappa grandpa, I'm speechless!
You got us meat. You got us alcohol.
You are like god to us.
You are like god.
Come on, let's go.
It's already late, go sleep.
-You should go sleep.
-I'll call them tomorrow.
Keep an eye on the veggies.
Put these masala in here.
This is fat meat. We worked hard
and it paid off.
It smells good. Give me a piece.
It's not ready yet!
Just one piece.
Hey, fatty, take it easy or there
won't be anything left for the village.
-Bloody tasty.
-We worked hard, didn't we?
Get these coconuts ground.
Come back fast, you fools.
Hey! Go slow!
Be careful.
Did Gadappa come here by any chance?
Where will I go looking for him!
Then who'll do the rituals?
What is your problem?
Didn't I tell you that I'll do it?
This is a place where dogs lay eggs.
Thamanna, aren't you going
to find your father and get him?
Sure. I'll put an ad in the newspaper.
Mind your business, mother.
Girl, fetch your
great grandfather's photo.
-Fuck you! The short tailed sheep is mine.
-Don't talk shit. It's mine!
They stole yours!
You're crying over one sheep?
They stole two of my best sheep.
And that's my fault?
You want me to sleep
with your sheep tied to my waist?
Listen! Wait a second.
Wait! I know who stole it.
I know who stole it.
He is amongst us now.
This man stole the sheep.
Eat mud, you shameless bastard.
I'll slap you for even thinking it!
-Have you counted carefully?
-Yes. I've lost two of my best sheep too.
Someone's found the right time
to steal it.
Stop fighting now. I say we load
the sheep and leave this place.
Thieving has started. It is best to leave.
It will be good if we stay
one more week.
Hey, this is not fair.
You are not doing the right thing here!
Ningi, give me some.
You need more than this to fix your face.
How is it that
you're coming with me today?
Take it.
Kamala, it's late. Everyone's left
for the funeral.
What is the hurry? Just wait!
The funeral is done with my money.
How can they start without me?
Hey, Ravi, there's meat for lunch.
People will find their way.
It's already late. Let's leave.
Let a few more get in.
-More people means less meat for us.
-All right, all right.
-So much money?
-Your sheep were stolen, right? Keep it.
No, I don't want, grandpa.
-Where did you get so much money from?
-Keep it.
For you. Take it.
For me?
-For me?
-Yes, take it. It's for you.
Take this for your sheep.
What's this? But someone else stole
the sheep. Why are you paying for it?
It's fine, take it.
Losing two sheep won't make me poor.
It's okay.
-I insist.
Three fat sheep are on the menu.
The faster you fools work,
the sooner we feast.
Yes, like that!
I'm busy, I'll speak to you
in the evening.
Saitu is inside.
Hello, Umesh. Hello, Satish.
Hello, Nagraj. Come, let's go.
It's a 20 or 25 minutes journey.
A right on the main road
and 3 km in,
you'll find a railway gate.
The land is next to that.
Bora, get me a bucket of water!
He's making us to work like hell.
The shepherds are leaving,
probably because of us.
-You sure it's the same shepherds?
-Seems like it.
Keep pouring the water,
I'll be back soon.
Hey, Abhi, wait, even I'll come
for the funeral.
Someone get the banana leaf.
Rajanna, come, spread the banana leaf.
Get the chair and the photograph
and keep it there.
Spread the banana leaf.
Will good happen to the village
if you do this?
Take it and place it over there.
Food is ready.
Place it over other side. Enough.
Yes, right.
Place one on this side too.
Yeah, place it over there.
Stop, you fools!
Do you know nothing about our traditions?
Does no one care Gadappa is missing?
I've told this guy a million times
to lock him up.
Do you think they'll listen to me?
What work has he done properly?
And this fool went bald
as though he himself is Century's son.
You all only care about who is missing.
I've spent money on this function.
So, I'll do the rituals too.
What deed Century Gowda had done
that his eldest son
doesn't go bald for him?
Thamanna is taking care
of all the things.
Why did that stupid fucker go bald?
The other brothers
should take over instead.
Anyone would go bald
if I gave them a right to property.
Then you go bald too.
-I should go bald?
If you give me property even I'll go bald.
All go in line and place it there.
Pour water a little bit more.
-Give me some water.
-There is no water.
I'm sick of this ceremony.
No water, even.
Why are you crying for water! It's just
water. I'll fetch it, just keep quiet!
Fetch it then!
Go soon and fetch the water.
-Gadappa is the eldest son...
-Can you please keep quiet.
Any one of you'll...
Thamanna, where are you going?
You have to finish the rituals!
I'll be back in a minute.
Let her fetch the water.
So many people have come.
Is this the way you respect them?
Come, boy, it's important.
One, two, three, four...
-Go quickly and buy four soft drinks.
-Give me money.
Go. Come back soon.
-Hello, sir.
You said, you'll be coming tomorrow,
so, I was going to come tomorrow.
My friends wanted to see the land.
Even I was free so I got them.
Go do your work. I won't trouble you.
We'll leave.
Hello, sir.
Hello. Hello. Hello.
-Hello, sir.
Sir, I've sent for soft drinks. He will
come any minute. Sir, are you well?
I'm fine. How are you?
You're wearing a new coat.
Thamanna! You can talk later!
Come finish the rituals. Come soon.
They're calling you.
Go finish your work. We'll leave.
I sent him when I saw you all,
he should be here any minute.
You must drink and have lunch, too,
and only then leave, sir.
We can't stay for lunch, we have no time,
we have to go elsewhere.
Sir, sir...
Why are you pestering them?
They are not jobless like you.
They are big people.
They have important commitments.
Thamanna, you don't understand
these things. You go back.
I'll take care of things here.
Don't worry.
Please go ahead. We'll leave.
Negotiations are done.
Don't say anything.
Sir, he will be here any time now.
He'll be here any time.
Could that be Gadappa?
I think it's Gadappa.
Oh, my! It is him.
Come here, everyone!
Stop the rituals! Stop the rituals!
Gadappa is here! Come! Come!
-Run fast.
-Gadappa! Come honour your father.
If you don't, who else will?
-Why are they running?
-They are going to bring the eldest son.
He's running away.
Run fast!
Run, run!
Wake up! Wake up!
Gadappa, come on
and do the rituals.
If you don't do the ritual
then who else will do it?
Where's Gadappa? I don't see him here.
He was walking right here.
I saw him with my own eyes.
Why are you amidst our sheep?
What do you want?
They don't seem to know anything.
Trust me. I don't lie!
Wasn't he coming with you?
-Who was coming?
There is definitely no Gadappa here.
Beard man is from our village.
We need him for something.
We have no beard man
or moustache man with us.
What a headache! Where has he gone?
Trust me! I don't lie.
I saw him with my own eyes.
Leave it, it's okay.
I found Gadappa! I found Gadappa!
Gadappa! What's going on?
Didn't I tell you?
This is my village.
My father died and I'm the eldest son.
They are taking me
to do the funeral ceremony.
Shit! We should have
taken a different route.
It's for the best.
We anyway haven't cooked.
We'll have lunch together and leave.
I'll come too.
That's my grandfather!
Gadappa is your grandfather?
Why did he join us?
He joined you?
Why didn't you tell me?
Was I supposed to dream
that he is your grandfather?
-Nagraj, what's going on there?
-Why are they carrying him like that?
Who is that?
Why are they carrying him like that?
Sir, it's a long story! Century Gowda's
eldest son hadn't come for the ceremony.
He's supposed to lead the ceremony,
but they only just found him.
Isn't Century Gowda's eldest son
Thamanna's father?
Yes, sir.
What are you saying?
He died in 2010.
No, sir! That's him there.
Get lost, brats!
That's enough. You'll can leave.
Put him down.
Put him down carefully.
What the hell is wrong with you?
What have you done?
Anyway, come perform the rituals.
Finish the rituals soon.
Thank god, we at least found him now.
Instead of coming for your father's
funeral, what on earth were you doing?
At least he's here now.
Let's get done with rituals, soon.
Let's get on with it, people are hungry.
Let's perform the ritual now.
It's his duty to perform the rituals.
Okay, dude, let's get on with it.
People are getting fried in the sun.
-I'm doing it.
-Okay, do it.
Hey, Thamanna, Setu is calling you.
I have to do the ceremony.
Tell him I'll meet him tomorrow.
Gadappa is here, we don't
need you anymore. You can get lost!
You can get going. Get going.
Let's find out what he wants.
Pour the milk one by one.
-Did the ceremony go off well?
-It's happening.
My friends have accepted this land.
They've liked it a lot.
It's excellent land, they say.
We've closed the deal,
so why wait for tomorrow?
Babu, give me the suitcase.
Sir, today's the funeral.
I'll come tomorrow.
Why tomorrow?
The money is here anyway.
Your father's funeral
or your grandfather's funeral?
I'll do your funeral, son of a bitch.
What do you think of yourself?
What is this?
You think you can duplicate
government papers?
Would any bastard do this to their father?
Take the papers and die!
You don't get anything for free.
I took you for a decent village man.
Now I got to know what kind
of a person he is!
Bloody fool!
If you had shaved your head
I would have been satisfied.
-Do it slowly.
-Okay, perform the rituals now.
Get the things ready for the rituals.
Get camphor, incense...
I didn't come myself.
They picked me up and brought me.
Give back the money I gave you.
I'll leave after this.
Don't play games. You broke your word.
Give back my money.
I spent it all. I don't have it.
I'll leave.
You've destroyed my life!
I struggled and made a deal.
Any idea where I got the money from?
And you swore on my son!
Thamanna, just leave it!
You better give the money.
-If not...
-Leave it, Thamanna.
Otherwise, see what I'll do to you!
Leave him.
Thamanna, why are you behaving
like this? What the hell's wrong with you?
He's a thief! A thief!
-He's a thief.
-Everyone is watching.
We have to take a decision. Either I have
to live or you have to live on this earth.
Solve the matter at home.
I was going to get millions tomorrow!
He spoiled everything!
He betrayed me.
Settle down the matters at home.
-Please stand there.
-I need to talk to Thamanna.
I'll talk to him, you stay here.
Thamanna, Kamala has something important
to talk to you about.
You bastard! You're like a frog
that can't stop croaking!
You stood there sucking their cocks!
"Stay! Don't leave!"
Eat mud and die, motherfucker.
Get lost, Shanboga.
He's other one.
Hey, Thamanna!
Give me the money and I'll spare you!
-The decision has to be made here.
-You please leave, we'll do it tomorrow.
-No! I'll expose him right now!
-This is not the place!
-What happened?
-I have no idea.
You have no idea?
You said I'll get the land when you die!
I'll pick up a stone
and kill you right here!
I'll do your funeral today!
What do you think of yourself?
You wait and watch!
Enough, enough. Let's go.
-Let's go. Okay, let's go.
-He's a thief!
Take him home.
He's a thief! He has no shame!
Father, what's wrong with you?
He ruined everything!
Give the ceremony items soon.
Come this way.
I've never seen such a funeral
before in my life.
Why do we have to perform this funeral
with such difficulty?
Your son has lost face in front
of a dozen villages.
That too over such petty shit!
-How many sheep did they cut?
-No idea, this a different village.
What the hell! Where's our food?
Be patient, man!
We called you for food,
we'll definitely feed you.
Be quiet for a while.
Let us get done with ceremony.
Mahadeva, take these people
for lunch and serve them.
Give them the leaf and serve them food.
We will come in a while.
Whoever wants can head for lunch.
Everyone head for lunch.
The first batch will be served right away.
Everybody go for lunch!
Walk towards the village.
Father, I'll go for lunch?
You should've gone with the others.
Go, if you're hungry.
Otherwise, we can go together
when the others come.
No, I'll go now.
What can I say? Go ahead.
What's up, Dharma?
Has everyone come for lunch?
Keep serving. I'll come.
I stepped into the village for a minute.
I don't know where I'll be.
Find me and marry me.
-The meat is superb!
-Really good.
-Eat well, friend.
-You too.
It's worth attending this funeral.
They've served some good food.
This meat's amazing.
A little louder.
Our Century Gowda
passed away exactly 11 days ago.
In this village called Nodekoppalu.
His family members
for the entertainment of the village
and in the memory of Century Gowda,
organized the night of story telling.
Century Gowda,
his children,
his grand children,
his great grand children,
his great great grand children...