Thodari (2016) Movie Script

Give way Move aside
Give way Move aside
Focus on your work
Pack fast
Double up! Double up!
Faster Quick I say
Brother, you are being so gentle
Are you writing some poetry?
- Like to hear?
- Before I say something You idiot. Pack fast
Look according to you This
might be a pantry car
- But to me it's a paramilitary force
- Yes sir!
What was that?
Who was it?
Why this emotion?
You just mentioned it's
a paramilitary force
Look! Playing around with words
Pretending to work when
you see the manager
I don't want any more
of these gimmicks
Keep quite
Listen labours for the first time I am launching
this In the field of catering service
Is it lunch time already
- What's this?
- It's a radio
- Will we get all the FM stations in this?
- Don't provoke me
Don't you know about walkie talkie?
- No sir!
With this device you can
talk to each other easily
- Can I talk to my grandma in the village?
- I will slap you
Hey why are you annoying him
Rajapandi No 1
Vairam No 9
Is it's one free samples?
You are taking 2, give back one
Johnson No4
Poochiappan No 10
Look according to the list in this sheet
distribute one each, Don't interchange
- On how to use this walkie talkie
- I know sir
You just said you didn't
know about walkie talkie
Now I know - Still
you don't know
When the person on this
side completes speaking and
say OVER The person on that
side should start talking
Then what about this side Sir?
- Should shut up!
Hey just shut up
Brother! You're going overboard
No sir!
Some of you have just joined I
need to give you the pantry rules
Rule no 1 - Under no circumstances should
the complaint register reach the passengers
Then rule no 2?
Hey you tell them
Be it tea or coffee, when the
customers drinks it and says
its like water It's tastes
horrible and throws it out
Wipe it off!
No you should wipe it and smile Say
thank you sir, thank you madam, bye bye
If the passengers join together and ask
us to bring that unscrupulous manager?
Hand him over
Hey you should just fled
That's the main rule
Under no circumstances should I be caught
by the customers, You should protect me
For that you can say any amount of
lies and do whatever you feel like,
Only for that
Then we will spread the news
that manager has swine flu
Why not Chicken
guinea or Dengue?
No sir According to your
face the alignment of
your nose its appropriate
we refer the swine flu
You dint do anything
intentionally right?
No if I have some doubts
will check with the captain
Good God bless you
- Get lost, Get lost get
going Focus on the work
Unable to judge
He's an innocent boy
Idli vadai ( South Indian snack)
Pongal vadai ( South Indian snack)
1 pongal vadai and 2 idli vadai
- Can you please confirm a berth for this?
- Wait
It doesn't matter how expensive
it is, please have it confirmed
It will cost Rupees
5 lakhs is it fine?
Sir don't joke
It's S2 right? Wait let Jhansi
come will have it checked
When will she come?
Who do you think I am? Jhansi
is the name of the next station
Hey! Move Let's just have a look
Behave your age
Tea Masala tea
Look you both are fighting
You both stand aside
You want to go past
me as I go aside
Why are you all gathered here?
is the door locked
What's the problem?
It's a small problem, you'll
blow it up, You leave!
I thought I can hear
one of your poetry
Actress Srisha
In the D coupe Srisha has come So we
are contemplating who should go in?
Is this the problem? Because an actress is
here you all have assembled and discussing
In the general compartment
there's no one to
take care of the service Aren't
you ashamed? Go get to work
It's Srisha right?
I'll take care
That's what we are fighting for,
and you will just walk through
Listen you are all juniors
I am senior by age
What senior? What will
you do going there?
If I go I will recite a
poem, will quickly take a
selfie and then will take
you all And get a groupie
If she hears your poetry she will
commit suicide from the running train
Can't I take a selfie
Hello can't we take a selfie?
It's a girls thing? Why do you
get involved? Just leave it
Are you kidding me?
If I don't get a
selfie with Srisha
Captain calling Mic 9
where are you? Over
In S5
There's a person in S5
Go check again
There's no one in B2 as well
What? Don't get angry
Where are you?
Where are you?
I am in B2
There's a person in B2
He's lying Go check for yourself
- What kind of pantry are you running?
- Where the hell are you guys?
Why are you guys so frivolous and
standing idle in front of this door?
Supervisor, you too?
At least let this
Poochiappan work
Suddenly he's talking
like a earnest man
Not earnest I am innocent
All of you stand like this in front of
this place, The pantry will go bankrupt
I though I got a
sincere assistant
I didn't realise that I got an
assistant who is an informer as well
Hey Old man! Why are
you killing us?
Whose old? ( arguments)
Where are you? Over
I can't hear sir. Over
Rules needs to be followed.
I need to go today
Can you hear me?
Can't hear. Over
Can you hear me?
Can't hear. Over
I won't let anyone
Can you hear?
Now you will hear
I won't let anyone
Are you a supervisor or Spider-Man?
You are stuck to it?
What's all this?
Welcome drink
In A1 you haven't even
given the welcome drink?
Actress Srisha is here
It's correct time to connect her
Is Srisha some legend? If an actress is here
will you all drop your jaws and just stare
- Which Coupe?
- D!!
Hey Poochiappan who is in A2 come
over to A1 immediately. Over!
- One tea - Not Good!
Sir I am busy serving a customer. If I
come the work will be disrupted. Over
If you don't come my life will be disrupted
- Okay sir! on your feet sir!
- In D coupe Srisha is there - Who
is Srisha sir? Your relative?
- Don't you know artist Srisha?
- The one who draws?
The actress
Why are you all standing here.
Get to work
You take care of A1 coupe
Sir I decide whom to
allot the work for
I get to decide
who will be fired
You moron! Only last week your
grand daughter got married
Then who is he?
You are still here?
Give the tray to him
Give him the tea
- You go see her all alone - Dear
poet we will take care you can move
You take care of yourself sir
My aim in life is to romance
and marry an actress
It's drizzling
Good omen
Srisha's last movie "Why shield your
head when you are fully drenched"
Each and every details where...
The dialogues! Awesome
In that movie she's mute sir
- You said you didn't know?
Then, the service should be good
No complaint should arise
Also, you go to the kitchen and tell them
Not to re use the oil they have used once
And anything that you give press it and say
that manager asked me to give it to you
- But she should agree for it, isn't it?
- Brother!
I told only to press on the word Manager
- Okay sir!
You are so innocent - I
grew up that way Sir
Don't worry now you are with me
Also from the way you talk about
me to her She should call me and
No sir I will sing your
praises and take care of it
I know you will do it
You must understand
my mood from my look
I will do it Sir
Madam. I am in the sleeper,
if you need something call me
You take care of madam
Who is it?
What do you want?
- From pantry - No need
Madam! I am your big fan
Your previous movie "Why shield your head
when you are fully drenched" is amazing
You acted so well and
you were so good
I would have seen over 20
times in dvd and theaters
20 times?
You didn't understand?
You look very beautiful
in person than on screen
Can I take a selfie with you?
I am Srisha's touch
up( in Malayalam)
I will take one
without touching you
I am Srisha's touch
up girl, assistant
- Who are you talking too?
- The pantry person
Pantry person. Let him in
What's the breakfast menu
Idli vada, pongal poori bread
omelet Kellogg's with milk madam
Take the order
1 pongal vada 1 poori vada
Bread omelette
Bread omelette
For me this should do, You take the
order from others on what they want
- Is this enough?
- I am on a diet
Body fitness! It's important
- So you don't want the soup at 11 o clock?
- There's a soup?
Yes there's a soup, some
big fried dumplings, samosa
Can I get a cutlet now?
- For Maam - Not now,
only by 4 pm you will get
Cutlets too!!
Do one thing
Tell the pantry manager that Srisha loves
cutlets and ask him to get it done specially
Madam he's an old short
tempered man Crazy man
Who is he?
Leave him! Old fellow
You want cutlet right? Don't worry
I will have it ready for you
in fresh oil
He's such a nice boy
What's your name?
- Poochi (Insects in Tamil)
- Insects? Where?
Madam, My name is Poochiappan
It's a nice name
You should get it fast
Whatever you want
Will bring it for you
I'll keep calling frequently
Saroja take his number
Will you take it?
Tell( in Malayalam)
Tell ( in Tamil)
you and and I are one
- What? (Malayalam)
- 66341
- Your number?
- I will call
But I need to answer right?
I don't answer random calls
- Note it!
- Tell!
86891 - Name
- Saroja - Roja
Why are you trying it as Raja?
Is O missing?
If a girl's number is saved on my phone the
boys will fiddle with phone and try talking
So cute - What?
- The dog - Dog
I meant this
Feel like cuddling
this one so cute
You din't understand??
Oh dear, What is this, I am unable to
understand anything, I am unable to understand
what's happening to me
I was just an illusion now
transformed to a life
Looking at you I have risen
to the be the endless sky
Oh dear, What is this, I am unable to
understand anything, I am unable to understand
Desires are the endless waves that
draws one It's strikes one from within
My head should rest on your shoulders
My fingers should gently touch yours
We should be engulfed
by the flame of love
This raw earth is set on
fire Don't make it a rage
This raw earth is set on
fire Don't make it a rage
Oh dear, What is this, I am unable to
understand anything, I am unable to understand
There's is beautiful drizzle The
nature is changing its colour
There's this new fragrance
that's surrounding us
The mood of love is shooting to the
head The pain of it is rooted strong
It's overpowering and
showing a new meaning
I don't feel like saying anything
My life from now is just about you
Feels like life is teaching me its
lessons I surrender to you completely
Even as the whole world comes
to an end Just give me a glance
Oh dear, What is this, I am unable to
understand anything, I am unable to understand
I was just an illusion now
transformed to a life
Looking at you I have risen
to the be the endless sky
Oh dear, What is this, I am unable to
understand anything, I am unable to understand
Sorry sir!
I'm even willing to
take you slipper lashes
- Did you see her?
- Yes!
Did you tell her?
I told old her exactly
all that you told me
Go ahead! Tell her more!
The more you boost about
me It will have an huge
impact when the hero enters
- Have you fueled the expectation
- I have already fueled - Add more
This is how you should
be like an obedient boy
- Anything special
- She asked Sir
- What?
- Cutlet - What did you say
That we make it fresh
only by 11 and I told her
promptly that we can't bring
it as and when you want
Who told you to say that?
Sir according to the pantry rules
we only make it by 11 o clock
Rules are not for the rulers.
- Master - Captain!
- What are you doing?
- I am making fritters
- Change it to cutlets
We can't simply change Captain
- If I change you, it can be done right
- In 5 minutes you will have the cutlet
If it comes in 5 minutes it won't
be cutlet it will be like garbage
You better that time, sculpt it
and make a fine piece of work
How many?
3 Sir
Is he having his coup in between
One for my Srisha One
more for her mother Sir
And the other for my person sir
What? Another person sir
3 cutlets Master, 2 round shaped
1 in the shape of a heart
- Do you want a bow pierced in it?
- That I will take care, Just do your work
Dude. Did you see Srisha?
How is she?
Took a selfie? - Srisha.
There's a girl with her - That
plain Jane, petting that dog
- Get lost - Of late you get
very angry when I talk the truth
- Yes go
Ask Vairam to come Tell him
I wanted to hear his poetry
Dude. Will you hear it?
There's a girl with Srisha
Yes, that pale girl
She is gorgeous and
very beautiful
From the time I saw her I
have crossed several girls
But she's got inside and she's
- Playing drums?
What's her name?
her name
- Glori
In S5
In S 5
I saw a girl
Her name is Rejina
- 27
- What did you was her name?
- Saroja
18 - 19
Poor girl
She's get married very
young to someone else
Hey! Why are you staring
That's your luck!
- Tell me aunty
- You sister wants to commit suicide
What? Pass the phone to her
- Speak to your brother
Selvi. Don't cry. What happened?
This groom rejected me
He himself looks like a
monkey If he doesn't like
me who else will like me?
- I don't want to get married. I am going
- You shouldn't speak like that
No. It's my fate.
In this birth I will not get married.
Please leave me!
Don't cry,
I will give the phone to a person
He will say that he likes
you, After that just
wait and see how soon your
marriage will be fixed
Is he an astrologer?
No he's beyond that
Wait a minute
My Aunt's daughter,
She's unmarried for years
I can't get married
Not that
Just say that you like her She
will get married immediately
She's adamant that she will
hang her self to death
Put it on the speaker
I'll put it on speaker
Talk to him
I like you
Sister the groom's family have come back
It's true
They are here see!
Brother I did not believe
you when you told me
Even I didn't expect this
- You are a God to us
You should definitely visit us
There are several girls
here who are unmarried
If he just comes once and says he likes them
Their marriages will be fixed immediately
I will definitely bring him
Don't worry
You shouldn't cry
Your luck spell is unbelievable
Even I didn't expect it to be so quick
Just as you said After this trip
just come once to my hometown
Are you mocking me?
Wait and see before we reach the
destination I will make her fall for me
Just as you speak about
your fate look at the gloom
That girl will get down in Thada
Serious about her
Even as I talk about other girls
I know from within I am lying
But as I think about this girl
Something happens within but you are
unable to find words to express
Then it's definitely love
I will help you
How will you help?
I will give you a poetry loaded
with emotions Give it to her
It will work
-Again Damsel!
Don't interrupt!
Have I ever scolded your mother?
Don't make me do it, Leave!
Damsel damsel damsel
If you repeat the same words is it a poem
Take this and leave
I think you are upset
It's coming very well I
will call and tell you
Even I am having a
uninterrupted flow get lost
But even I didn't expect that my
sister will get married so soon Thanks
Definitely visit my hometown
There's something very average
that I have, you will like it
Girl girl girl, - Get lost
- You are insulting a great lyricist
- What's this?
- Heart - Will someone fall for this?
This is a heart - Someone
will fall for this?
When I teaching you
learn don't preach
Tell her as you serve
- What should I tell?
- Say it's my heart
I will say it's my heart
If he says its his heart?
Innocent boy
Madam you sang a song for Anirudh in
how many takes did you complete it?
Each will go for 5-6 takes
I can sing each in a single take
In that song there's a place in the second
stanza where it goes in a lower note
In the auto tune mode it will be tuned
Even if you sing in a terrible
voice it can be corrected
I don't need auto tune
I can sign myself
- Are you Shreya Goshal
Mother as madam is going
for recording can she
mention to Composer Anirudh
that I can sign well
Is it cutlet? Bring it
Saroja hold this pet
Specially made for you
Hello Pantry
- What's this?
- Cutlet - That I know
Why for others it's round
and for me in a heart shape
There's just one heart can I give
it to everyone, so gave it to you
- Then this arrow?
- How can you have a heart without an arrow
I don't want this stunt
of heart with an arrow
This is the last warning
Hereafter give everything in the same shape
Are you all in the same shape?
Do you know who am I?
Side kick!
I am a vessel you
are an umbrella
Next year in the same first class
No I will be on the flight
How can I see when you are flying,
will you travel on the foot board?
I will fly on the wings
Saroja can't you hear me!
come here!
Instead of hanging
like this you can..
You look like the legend actor
Shivaji from the movie Manohara
Why are you after Insects?
He's now my student
He has taken my heart
in the form of a cutlet
Seeing that Srisha
- Srisha
She will want to see the man
You won't take to offense if I
say something She's an actress
and would have come across several
handsome enterprising people
Why will she fall for you
- Jealousy - Every dog
and ghost will like an
actress Why, even the
actress will like a dog
Get lost!
Hey poet come here
Is there any poetry that
will flatter her instantly
Of course it will charm her immediately
A lover's garden
No need, It's sailing smooth
you will make it a dump yard
You won't get down without being slippered
I was waiting for you
Come inside
Why is half the heart here?
It's hers,
told me to give it to you
Her mother
- Told her my age
If I send him this is bound to happen
- Minimize it
- Age? - Your conversations..
Get up and get to work
If I ask him to tame the
calf he's feeding the cow
Efforts will yield results
You are the messenger
What I am saying is true
Just shut up and do your work
He's a military man and
you have made him Cupid
Just do your work
Do it properly without spilling
Sir, you draw the heart without dancing
I have done it
What dear you are helping me I
should be thanking you - Okay sir
This time give it to the right person
What should I say this time?
Nothing is springing up instantly
I have something springing up instantly
- Tell
- You won't take it to offense
We don't need to consult
with this crazy fellow
What can we tell?
You are in love
- Yes I am
- You feel something
- Yes - Say that and give
- That's what I am going to do
- Excellent
They are laughing without even
knowing what we are talking about
They are like that Crazy fellow!
Crazy fellows!
Before the heart melts take it
This time strike the right target
You will do it right this time
Move it!
He's in a hurry and saying such things
You have stirred it
Stir it well and drink
Then you will have the energy to scold
Vairamuth Sir ( famous lyricist)
please tell me I am In-between work
There's a beautiful poem will
you hear it for a minute
Poet am on work
Is it lyricist Vairamuthu?
Is it lyricist Vairamuthu?
Hello Poochi
Yes he's my close friend
What sir?
- Doubt!
Sir, it's a lot of disturbance
here, let me come out
Dude, I will listen to
whatever poetry you have
In this shock I am unable
to have my flow of thought
Even if we book a room and listen, you
are not going to have a flow of thought
One minute friend
In your lovely tress I
will pick the flowers
- What are you saying?
- It's very cliched
You can try something better
What sir?
This seems very stale
One minute sir
In your cascading tress I will catch fish
In your cascading tress I will catch fish
It has already come
You are asking me to copy
- Why are you being formal and thanking me
- Will you listen to my poem
How can I come up with another poem so soon
You didn't even listen to it
- I will call after I finish writing
- What do you want?
- You know Vairamuthu Sir?
You think my conversation
so long was all fake
- No
- Saved
How do you know Vairamuthu Sir?
Just like this, like how you are
traveling 6 months before, he was
traveling in the same coupe after
receiving the national award
I used to go frequently for his service
Once when I went for service I
saw he was stagnant with ideas
I asked him what his problem was
He said there was an interruption
in his flow of thoughts - For Him!
For me
Then I told him 4 lines
He instantly said that this
is poetry and incorporated it
Pantry sir! Wow
That's our friendship
Whenever he's stuck he will call
Are you so close?
Of late it's getting stuck frequently
Unable to work properly
For sir
Even now, He said something
like I will take
flowers from your tress,
Told him it's very stale
Then told him will catch fish from your
cascading tress Told me it's fresh
Can I talk to Vairamuthu sir?
You won't believe
Not that
He knows several music directors
He can recommend me for a chance to sing
You want to be a singer?
Being a singer you want to.....
You want to talk to Vairamuthu sir?
- Sir - Damsel damsel damsel
- No no I haven't thought of anything yet
Why should you think? I
have bottled up my thoughts
He's already asking for the next set I think
he is stuck and unable to move forward
Vairamuthu sir. There's this girl I know
Her name is Saroja
Very close
She wants to become a singer
When will I become a poet?
Vairamuthu sir, you know several
legends who are music directors
If you can help
- It's a matter of life
- You are pleading too much
- You understand isn't it?
- I can totally understand
- That's it
- Give the phone to her
- Talk
- Vairamuthu sir?
Vairamuthu sir I am Saroja
I have big dreams of becoming a singer
Dreams, anyone can have dreams
If I can get a chance
Not because I am Poochi's friend
For my talent if you can
Captain calling. Over
There's a call from Rehman, most probably
I am need to go for a musical interaction
Till tomorrow evening I will be with him
Saroja do one thing,
stay with Poochi Record a song
and send it through what's app
I will reach it to him
Sir, you should definitely
tell about me to Rehman Sir
My dear Saroja
I will do anything for Poochi, Because
friendship is the salt of life
Give the phone to Poochi
Vairamuthu sir has a bit of Shivaji voice
Vairamuthu sir, did you hear her, you
are speaking in Shivaji actor's voice
Will trash you with slippers
don't mess it up
I will hang up now
Will send it out soon
I just can't believe it
Even I can't believe it
I need to give soup to madam. Let me
give her soup and be back in 10 minutes
Should I sing a classical
song or westerner But Rehman
sir prefers Hindustani
music, let me sing that
This place is fine with you?
It's okay
You can hear what you are singing
- I can hear it well
You can't?
Some hearing problem?
- Not yet
Hey! You are going to fool me saying that
I got deceived that you are a singer
Why are you teasing me?
I promise you that I am
one of the best singers
You promise that you are a singer
No your voice was slightly
not in tune and a bit rusty
That's because of change
if water in several
shooting locations So the
voice is slightly damaged
In school everyone appreciated that
my voice was like singer Chitra
I have even won prizes
My mother also compliments that my voice is
like another eminent singer Shreya Ghosal
Only today it's like this
So it's because of your sore throat
that your voice is like this
- Promise
- I believe you
We need to send it to Vairamuthu sir
by tomorrow You'll get down by 2
How can we tune the voice by then?
Can you give me a bit of palm sugar and
pepper with milk to heal my throat?
Why a bit? You can have plenty
If I drink that my voice will
be clear, then I can sing
Which Rehman sir will like, hearing
that he will give me a chance
Then I will become a famous singer
Coming year every nook &
corner will echo your song
Everyone will die hearing your voice
It will definitely happen
I've been here for long,
Maam will search
Don't forget the milk
You don't worry, I'll come
with the milk during the lunch
- with palm sugar and pepper
- Sure
I'll surely become a singer, right?
You will surely become a singer
You are a mix of Chitra and shreya goshal
Your name is Chitra Goshal!
Chitra Goshal!
Every nook and corner echoes my song
Every nightingale nods it's head to my song
Will flutter with joy to
the melody of this song
The drums of celebration will fill the air
They will create a stamp
with my beautiful face
My income tax will wipe out
the debts of this nation
Everybody all around
Listens to my song
Birds in the trees whistle it along
Passing winds blow around
To my beat flowers are bound
Train no 11015 DC express
is arriving at platform no
The national award for
best playback female
singer for this year 2016
goes to Chitra Goshal
Maam your autograph
- I'll sign
- What are you saying?
What nonsense are you talking?
Are you mad!
Give way
I simply hold the post of a central
minister, It's of no value
Thinking of resigning
I'm okay if you are okay with it
Hey, vendor boy leave
- Who are you?
- Vendor
What are you doing?
- What?
Your Tamil?
That's why you can't understand, ID!
What's your name?
- Poochiyappan
- Louder
Why are you shouting?
You asked me to be loud
This is a high security
area, don't come here
okay sir!
Tamil pride?
- Hmm
- Sir!
- Sir! Coffee, Cool drinks?
- Give me a hot coffee
Sir, Coffee during lunch time,
I'm okay if you are okay
- Yes mom, - Did you take your medicines
- No, I forgot to
- Forgot it?
You are not supposed to skip it
I'll take it!
- Have it and take some rest
- Then will you see my duty
When can I take the medicine
If you don't take it in
time it's a problem for you
Don't keep repeating it like a fool
- You will go insane if not
- Hang up now
Cut it!
I'm okay right?
- Excuse me, may I come in?
- you have already come in
Sir, good morning sir
I'm Pantry manager Chandrakanth
- I'm not only manager
- Ex Military
The best pantry in Indian railways is ours
And the reason is me is what everyone says
Few of them
I'll attend all the VVIP'S sir
Because we can't believe these vendors
Nice sir!
I didn't order cold coffee
Sir, coffee
- When is this?
- For safety
Sir, my assistant
- You can call me at any time
- I will
But not you,
send that boy
- Shall I?
- shut and leave
I meant the flask
Thanks sir
- I did!
I didn't me that
He's a true gentleman,
he didn't want to bother
another senior like
me, so he sent me out
You should broad, open and wide
The growing generation
should learn all this
Don't rejoice that he
called you instead of me-
How else can I handle such situations?
It's correct time to connect
Saroja, apply this on my legs
Is that Srisha's legs
- Who are you?
- I'm the DTR, sorry Pantry manager
Aunty, I didn't come for you
Who did you come searching for?
Stupid fellow. Are you senseless?
Is this the way to behave with an artist
Just shut up and get lost
What are you waiting for?
Go bring the DTR
Instead you can hit me with the slipper
I will complain about you
Madam, he's not so prominent that you
should give a complaint against him
He's old
Is this how an old man behaves?
He's a crazy man
Do you want to get out
of this place or not?
Call the DTR
You please excuse him for my sake
For your sake I will pardon him
Please ask sorry
Madam sorry
When I spit at you,
You come up, with a thank you
Why did you open it?
Sir you told me what ever I do, I
should be wide and open about it
I meant the heart and words
In your eyes I saw the
burning sexual desire
Sexual desire?
My serene look appeared like sexual desire
None should know what happened here
You are here
Are you a Malayali?
- Yes
Yes where are you from?
I am Trivandrum
- Who are you with?
This actress Srisha,
I am her assistant
Would you like to take
a picture with her?
What's your name?
- Chitra Ghosal
Even I want you to
be Chitra Ghosal
If you keep mindlessly chattering
like this your voice will turn sore
Just spoke to Vairamuthu
sir, he has told Rehman sir
Milk is ready, get ready
I will give food to Mom and come
What are you? - You want
vegetarian or non-vegetarian meals
- Understand( in Malayalam)
- Samosa will be available after 4 o clock
You can't get it now!
Good afternoon Sir
If no one respects him
Has he cut it!
Don't call again
They have decided not to
listen to anything that we say
If we ask further they will it's
being handled in the Capital
Why the hell..
Please stay outside for sometime
Politics should be like this boy
When there was a small stain
he immediately cleaned it
Look at you all
You think you can easily
lure a girl from Kerala
Why are you splitting people as
those from Kerala, Tamil Nadu
We are all brothers and sisters
So she's your sister
- Her mother is my sister
Is she your fianc
If she comes I can make her happy
I said Tamil Nadu is a state that has always
welcomed people and made them prosperous
She in D coupe it's actress
Srisha She's from Kerala,
but we have given her stardom
and made her successful
Why from yesteryear actress
Revathy to most recent Lakshmi
Menon we have given them a
chance and made them stars
Like this there are several
opportunities several
lives We just introduce
them and keep moving
Our people have talent
Your people don't have it
That's why you plead with us and take them
Don't say that sir
Our girls are born artist
Ask our boys they will tell
you how well they can act
It's just that they are
not interested in cinema
Otherwise we are also stars
Your minister is an
eminent person isn't it?
For his protection the chief commander
is Mr Nanadakumar, a Malayali
We are also big
Have you seen the movie Thalapathi?
For megastar Mamooty it's superstar
Rajnikanth who protects him
Hey! Rajnikanth is from our Maharashtra
- If you
talk like this in Tamil
Nadu you will be trashed
It's fine, put this aside,
all Indians are eminent
Let's be friends
Evening I will send out extra cutlets
I will take a selfie with this gun
What's this?
I just touched it
- Touched it?
For you to touch and see
is this your garbage can?
This is my job
Disrespectful idiot
For this I became a SI, became a
commando and attending training and camps
- Sir!
- Bloody dog!
You and your face
Your face and appearance annoys me
- I just don't like you
- Why? - Is there a
reason why the snake
dislikes the porcupine?
Similarly, I just don't like
you You are like a garbage
Human waste
Sir. No need It hurts
I am just a deprived person
making a living here
What have I done to you?
If I have erred excuse me
It angers me
Looking at your face angers me
Don't come this side for service
Ask your manager to come
Can you serve this soup?
No sir they told me not to do it?
From the Capital, they have told you
not to serve me even some soup
Who told you?
Sir told me not serve you and that the
pantry manager should only serve you
Who is that Sir?
- He's standing outside
Call that sir
Sir is calling you
You come and sit here, I will hold
this in my hand and stand outside
Can't I even say who should serve me soup?
I have told that the pantry manager should
not come here and only this boy should come
You are instructing the other way
You have some plans to
poison my food and kill me
Isn't it suspicious?
- Yes sir
You don't have to worry sir
I have tasted it before sending it to you
You want me to eat the remain
of what you have eaten?
Is it the arrogance of a Malayali?
I didn't mean it Sir, - The minister gets
to eat meat and different delicacies
You have decided to have a scrumptious meal
I didn't say it from that angle
- Then say it from this angle
Say something
Your face disgust me
It annoys me
Where do they pick them from?
He looks like an accused
Get out
Don't stare at that boy
Of late even the watchman
does not respect us
Please give us 10 minutes
Are you trying to frame me?
No sir
Words are like seeds, If we sow good
ones we reap good, If we sow evil we will
But I didn't expect you to reap it so soon
I am ready
Sir, if we like everyone
Everyone will like us
Come lets go
See, they like it
Why waste time here
Hey during training time
in our batch 2 people
went missing Actually
they didn't go missing
What did he say?
- I didn't understand
- Let's close the door -You want
another cup of milk -No need
- My throat has cleared up now
Now hear me
What's that noise?
- For you?
- No for that old man
It stopped...
- It's coming up well
- Of course
Hey! There are several old
people here
Let's not send everyone together,
let's do it one at a time
Sir, No 10 calling You want me to come
there immediately. Urgent? I am coming
Oh no! We need to record it and send it via
what's app, My voice is at its best now
Until 4 pm till I come back
for snack, you shouldn't sing, Promise me!
Just once
Promise me
Will leave now
That rotten guy will talk like that
Why are you getting upset
I was working sincerely
I don't even how to use this device
Because I didn't answer this
, he verbally abused me
I don't even know how to use this device
He made derogatory comments
even against my parents
He asked to quit the job and leave
Don't cry
- Of late he's going overboard
Let's make him go mad
Give the correct change
- That's it
No 10 calling Sir
Tell me
- In H A1 Minister wants a Veg Salad
In A2 and A3 passengers are complaining
that the service is not good
Not just A2 and A3,from every
compartment I have received complaints
None of the sales boys are
going around If I spot
any of you, I will
definitely hack you to death
Then there's a link between
you and that murder case
What murder case?
Who is this?
Who was involved in that case
this is DSP Dheenadhalayan
DSP Dheendhalayan
This is pantry manager Chandrakanth
You can be a pantry moron but why did
you get involved in the murder case
Staff, track this call and
immediately arrest him
okay Sir
Sir this is staff 10 calling
Sir what's this I heard something
like arrest, DSP, Dheenadhalayan
Even you heard that?
Even I heard that
What's that?
I think it's a cross connection
Sir we have tracked the call
The vehicle is moving from Jhansi to Nagpur
The accused name is Chandrakanth
Sir I am a person who sells tamarind
rice and vadai and innocent
Then arrest him immediately and start
the highest form of punishment
Yes sir!
You are not even listening to me
Please leave me
This is Wasim Akram speaking
You are a former cricketer, how
come you are talking to us?
Not Wasim Akram, it's Wasim Khan,
the guy who comes in all patriotic movies!
Yes! This is Wasim Khan speaking
Khan? Which Khan?
- In this train place the RDX and time bomb
If that Chandrakanth does not agree to it
Then point the pistol onto
his head and shoot him
Why are you using me?
Sir Mic 9 calling
Sir what's all this RDX bomb?
Yes! They are talking like that
Some Wasim Khan is planning
to keep a bomb in this train
Why are you so scared?
Why should I be?
I am Captain Chandrakanth
These guys will keep a bomb?
They think I have lost my sensibilities
I will handle the bomb myself - So you
have planning to keep a bomb as well?
Murder case additionally
a bomb case
- 407 - Yes Sir - Give orders
to shoot him at sight
Also inform the media about this
Dheenadhalayan Sir, I swear on
my mother, I won't plant a bomb
If you don't listen to what I am saying,
I will puncture you with my bullets
He says if he does not listen
to him He will shoot bullets
all over his body and make
it like a perforated ladle
. I am employing 10 boys and I keen
bullying them and get the task done
Blade Shankar sir, the
song that we need
Blade Shankar?
- This is radio station Suryan FM?
I want that classic song from the
1950's which is a masterpiece
I am not Blade Shankar
- Then are you the other RJ? Love guru?
There's a problem between me and my
girl friend You should resolve it
You what me to come in
between and be a pimp?
You are a pimp too?
So it's murder, bomb blast and brothel
trade that you are involved in?
Inspector, I doubt him to
be in touch with Dawood
Not Dawood, Wasim khan
- You are part of my team
- Done
- Be ready to Sacrifice yourself
- Ready!
He has gone insane
Are you torturing me
for scolding you?
What did I ask for?
- Veg rice, sir
- Vegetable salad
No, you asked for veg rice
Am I lying then?
You saw me having my lunch, right?
Why serve me food,
Do I look like a food junkie?
- What did I order?
- Veg Salad, sir
If you've mistaken
apologise, don't justify
If you can't follow orders, why work
- Sir!
- What?
Don't stare!
- You are here to serve me, right?
- The government sir - Government?
- Tell him to leave
- Leave!
Get out!
I was fooling him as Wasim
khan in the beginning
Then when I talked as DSP
Deenadhayalan he went crazy
Next time add me in,
Now shall I sing?
What are you laughing?
Tell me!
- Sir, give respect
- Hell with the respect
Are you mad!
Kicking that out
Why are you pointing your hand and talking
Why are you talking so harsh?
- What does he mean?
- What?
- Damn!
- No, Poochi
Sir, leave
Leave him Poochi
- Please sir
- He's calling, come
I'm coming sir
I'll kill you
Nandakumar, come here
Coming sir
I'm scared Poochi
Why worry, what will he do?
Does it hurt?
He'll have to answer for this
Okay, you go
He hit her
I let him go as it
happened in a train
Don't get in trouble for a girl
After Thada you both are strangers
Who said so?
Train No.11015 DC Express Loco pilot
Mr. Devaraj
Is getting retired
his 20 years of service is invaluable,
She is the one for me
- You truly love her?
- Does it look like I'm playing around?
Friends, Devaraj sir is retiring today
Indian Railways wishes LP
Devaraj a happy retired life
Her voice was intolerable before
now I miss it much
I too can't take this anymore
I'm gonna bash you
One thing, your girl
is in a way my sister
- How?
- No one understands our talent
Firstly, Do you know it?
Not knowing your status
Why the hell do you fall in love?
He is talking about status
- For this sad mood I
can recite a poem - Shut up!
- Why is your voice down,
are you emotional?
Been running around with this train
for the past 35 years
That's why, but hereafter I
can be along with you all
- Daddy, have you started?
- Dear, are you not asleep yet?
- how did the function go?
- What?
You want me to work, my money,
But not my mother
- Can we live peacefully with your mother?
- Then go back to your mother
Why should I go?
You won't go there, or tolerate it here
You are like a serpent around my neck
If you don't decide
I'll die
Do what you say?
- I'll die with your son
- Die!
Killing me!
Daddy, did you take
your medication?
I forgot it
- It's already late, you have...
- Don't scold me,
I'm switching off my phone
as I'm starting my duty
Bye dear
Train No. 11015 guard
Signal cleared on
- Proceed
- Okay
Fall in love only then
will you know this feel
Now you feel the pain of love?
If you disrespect others love,
your love will be devastated
- Were you in love?
- Then?
Don't make me curse you
- Sorry sir
- It's Okay
I was listening to you
You were sincere, Don't worry
I'll pray for your love
Are you happy now?
- Thank you sir
- One second
I can see where I stand
Srisha is not the girl for me
At least,
Her mother....
- her mother
- please help me get her
- You can do it!
- I can
Can you?
Why can't I?
Help me out, then..
What happened?
Not right away
I can't now
What are you searching for?
Please save me!
Please save me!
- Bloody scoundrel!
- What happened?
- He needs Srisha's mom
- he is a fool
Then bring a rope
We'll wrap him to a asylum
He was calm when I
tried for Srisha
Why is he furious when I
am trying for her mother
Would he?
No, that wont be...
Bloody pig
Is he behaving his age?
Catch him!
Catch him
Leave me!
Leave me!
Idiots! who is that playing around, Manager
will get tensed if he gets to know
Manager is reason for all this
- Shut up and sleep
- Palli, help me!
- Shut up and sleep
Are you still here, if I
see you by this Pantry
I'll leave!
I'll Leave!
- I took it
- I can tell you haven't taken it yet
I'll take it,
Cut the call now
Making me go mad
- Attention
- Caution
It's a double yellow and I'm
signaling attention What's with you?
Better tell your mother,
She is talking too much
What have you decided?
You are acting weird today?
Sorry sir, Family problem
Family? There are many
families traveling trusting us
Don't you know to switch off
your phone when in duty?
- Sorry, I'll switch it off
- I will
Does it hurt?
Oh no!
Madam wanted to know
what can we served hot?
Hot? I'm the only one hot
Ask if she would take me?
- Where are you going?
- To ask
His training...
- Where is Poochi(In Malayalam)
- Insect fritters?
Come by 10 AM, I'll gather the
fritters with dead insects on it
Is she Chinese
- No!
- Poochiyappan
- Poochi
He's there
Don't tell I'm here
Is her mom...
No, you leave!
Don't go tell this to him
I can't keep my mouth shut
- Sir!
- What?
What did the girl ask?
She asked when I'm
going to kill you all
What did you say?
I said I was planning eliminate
you all with this train?
Poochi, he is here
You are so scared!
I'll finish you
What are you doing here at this time?
Not sleeping
I can't sleep
- Are you scared of what he said?
- Not that
- to sing?
- No
I wanted to see you, that why
I'm very happy
Now, I'll leave
You said you are happy
Why sing already?
I can sing only when
I get to the mood
- Mood!!
- To sing
- What?
- There are few elderly people here
They might be asleep,
we might disturb them
We would have to go to
the train roof then
Super idea!
It is better for us to
go up before others do
Let's go up
- are you joking?
How can we get to the roof of a
running train? - Won't you believe me
Is it without trust that I'm
sitting next to you at this hour
Then get up
I'll kill you
Nandakumar, What happened?
Did you take your medication?
I'll kill you!
Poochi, let's leave
let's leave!
No need poochi
- How much is you Tea can?
- Tea can?
It would be 800 to 900 rupees
Give it!
Then why did you give
Don't play, my...
Give back my gun
That's your Job, right?
It's gone
Don't act, It might get me in trouble
It's fully loaded
Loaded means it is filled with bullets
If anyone uses it to kill some one
You are in trouble, right?
Poochi, please give back the gun
If you cannot what's your job, then
why the hell are you in this job
If they ask such questions to me for loosing
the tea can, then what will be your state
- Give it!
- What did you say then?
You would shoot both of us
What did he say?
I'll kill you
You hit my girl
- I was wrong then, give it back
- Apologize
- Sorry sir
- To the madam
Turly, from deep within,
with a gentle smile say it
- What?
- Ask
What are you doing?
asking sorry as you said
Did you see how he asked?
I can't tolerate seeing this guys face
You too don't like him
No one seems to like you
Shall we not give back the gun
- Let's see
- Chitra Goshal please
- Where have you kept the gun?
Who knows?
We both are Malayalees
Please help me out with
him being a malayalee
There is only Good and bad in humans
There is no Malayalee, Tamils
You are a bad guy
Poochi lets leave
- I understood the part
where you said good man,
what's the other
It means someone who lies, cheats,
in brief a fraud
Please give back the gun
I beg you
Your begging too much
I'll give it
Come get it after an hour
I'll give it once my girl gets down at Thada,
what if you act up after getting the gun
Hey we are telling you,
don't you understand?
Please give me the gun
Don't trouble us
We are going up for recording
If someone comes
come up and tell us
Poochi if Mother comes?
What if she comes?
Just say madam has gone to the pantry
It will look like you are a pimp
But don't interpret it that way
- What about the dog?
- He's free. You can give it to him
Watch it with great caution.
Not like your gun What?
Not tamed yet?
Wait and watch
Before I become a singer
I think you will kill me
If you become a singer
you will kill everyone
Nothing come
- Ponchi hold my hand
- Don't be scared. Give me your hand
You are starting with such a high pitch
My friend sang in such a pitch
We all pitched in arranged his funeral
- Don't tease
- You sing
Who said love is blind? The truth is
Love is deaf
What's this? Where did you go? Why
are you coming down from there?
No with Poochi
Romancing him?
Hey Poochi Is this why you were
hanging around this place?
You will poison the morning tea,
What were you doing up?
I wanted to sing and show him
Did you show him everything?
I just wanted to sing and record it
I wanted to be a singer
You think you will be a
legendary singer like S Janaki
Call the security
Won't you caution that cows
are there on the left side
You will, only watch the right side.
Won't you look towards the left?
We both travel on the same engine
You are blaming me for your accident
Are you intoxicated?
During work you are drunk
Not working properly,
not exercising caution
and no proper signal
- Irresponsible idiot
- Talk with respect
He's here
Sir you called?
Thank you Sir
You are sleeping unaware of what's happening
around. How will you safeguard my life?
- Hey! Why are you hitting a girl?
- You keep quite
Saying he will take you to
Vairamuthu, what did he do to you?
What did you do to her?
She's an innocent girl
He lied that he knows Vairamuthu
- It's not a lie
It's true
I spoke to him over the phone
Spoke to him?
Alright then I will also talk to him
Then you call now
Why are you hesitant Poochi. Call now
I spoke to him in the night. After
the recording he must be resting
It's alright
We will apologise to him
Only if they talk to him, will these
insensitive people understand
Dial his number
Call him
What happened?
What's the problem?
Hello Vairamuthu sir
This is Poochi
- This is Vairamuthu
I understand that you are with that girl
Did that girl sing
Should I talk to her?
Rehman is here.
He is very eager to
listen to Saroja's voice
Record it soon and send
it via what's app Poochi
Is everything going
well as we discussed?
Why are you hesitant?
Give the phone to Saroja. I will talk
Vairamuthu sir, Saroja is here
See the Vairamuthu
You're Vairamuthu!
- I'm Vairam
Look here poet Vairamuthu.
His close friend
If you are with, you will land
on the streets with a kid
Do you know what a great
poet Vairamuthu is?
You don't even have the
privilege of saying his name
If you are roaming around with these idiots
Your family is still moaning
the demise of your father
Fall at her feet and plead
with her to take you back
What do you think about your voice?
You are fascinating on some worthless
prize you won in 8th grade,
The truth is you bray like a donkey
You better fall at mother's feet
and plead to get back to work
Else you get lost with him
If not for these two
options go kill yourself
Let your family land on the street
I trusted you
Why did you cheat me?
- Yes I cheated
Because I love you
For that not just you, I
will cheat the whole world
I want to be with you
That's it
When I say I want to be with you
It's not like what your uncle says,
Till the end,
till death I want to be with you
You want to be with me till death
You have
The one who comes to kill me
can come with a free hand
Anyway you have a gun
In a way that's good
Only then it will be reported as
Minister shot dead by Naxalites
Is there some previous unresolved
tension between Minister & Naxalites?
Is his useless Personal
assistant responsible?
Is this the reason? Is
that the reason? All the
television channels will be
screaming about the minister
At Least this way our respect will grow
What do you say?
- Yes sir
So you really think I should be shot dead?
If it's fine for you I am also fine with it
Sir I am extremely sorry
Some tension
- Tension?
Go to some scenic place and take rest
I will recommend them to suspend you
Please sir
Pardon me
If I excuse you further you
will arrange for my funeral
I should take appropriate
action and remove you
from the job according
to Government rules
Go work for the government
Don't play with politicians
Get lost
I just hate your face
So you suggest we don't give him the gun
Poochi I beg you
It will look like you are a pimp
Don't you know how to signal?
- Without knowing how will I be on the job?
Be careful!
He's on the search for you
Your gun isn't it? Let my girl get
down in Tada then I will give it
You got it isn't it? My love is going
to die Let's resolve our problem later
Her death is in my hands
It will make you feel like a pimp
Am I a pimp for you both
You rot here
Let me kill her and then come and call you
Hearing that you die
If something happens to her I will kill you
He's a good man and I am a scoundrel
You want me to show how
a scoundrel will behave
What are you trying to do?
Sir it's fine spare him
- How can I? He is so disrespectful
He should be removed from the job
They are sending him
home as he is useless
ALP, please stop it!
He's blaming me for his mistake
Is this how you speak to a senior
Mind your words
This is my last drive
I wanted to complete my journey honestly
If he gets in the train
I won't start
You know the rules right?
To move and stop the train the guard has
the powers you know those rules don't you?
You know that rules
I'll take him into my gurad van,
will change the ALP at Gudur
Please movie the train
- Check the brake connectivity
- Sure sir
I know where I should be, you don't have to
You go do your work
- I know what I should do
Come on
I'm your son, not your slave
Go check the break activity
You are trying to dominate me
I'm going
I am talking in a composed manner
You are using unparliamentary
language You think I
am an old man like him who
will be a mute spectator
If you are young, you will assault me?
Hello Sir
I am the guard from 11015
The train is going without
the guard and assistant
Ask them to stop the train immediately
They are sending him
home as he is useless
LP 11015 come online
Can you hear me?
SM Gudur calling, pick the line
LP 11015
ALP Guard missing
ALP and guard are missing
Pick the line
Open the door
What happened?
It's about time, The station is approaching
They seem to be running very fast
Any problem!
Hey! Don't you feel the train
is going over the normal speed
I am asking you
- Don't feel, it really is going very fast
Take out everything
Don't try pulling the chain
Remove the jewellery
Remove the jewellery
Remove it all
Move away
Shut up!
If you shout out I'll kill the kid
Shut up!
Give the bag
I pulled the chain
The train didn't stop
Train number 11015 DC
express out of control
They are not stopping?
You haven't put the signal for that train
Not yet sir
DC 11015 out of control
they didn't stop at Odur
- Didn't stop?
- Start indicting it's danger
Turn the signal to danger
Vehicle did not stop here too
- It didn't stop there too!
Hello, can you hear me
Can you hear me?
Hello Sir
DC express has not stopped at Gudur or Odur
What happened?
How can you not panic?
Why should we panic? Only those
inside the train should panic
In times like this we
should work with clarity
All stations please note
train no 11015 DC express
running out of control
Regulate all the standing
trains to loop line
Check the points on the main line
and give passage to DC express
Did the guard or LP communicate?
The guard spoke to the Gudur station master
What did he say? That morning the train
hit a heard of cows near Gudur station
That time there was a tiff
between the LP and ALP
From then the ALP & Guard were missing
The LP is not taking calls
Inform the department
and disrupt the power
supply and stop the train
- It's a diesel loco
Then it should have a
vigilance control device
For every 60 seconds if
there is no horn or no
operations the train
will stop automatically
It's not a modified loco
Listen from Gudur to Central shut
down all the manned level cross
For the un manned level
crossing send an alter Also
inform all the centres
police station, fire station
We need to essentially keep
this away from the media
Such a big train issue? Without
media glare? - Of course
A person like you is a DRO
The TT is on the phone
What's happening?
Before Gudur there was an accident
We received that information
Did you contact LP Devaraj?
We are trying to call him
He's not answering
Did you try to pull the emergency chain?
We tried pulling the chain
Then what is the problem?
I think after the accident
where they hit the cows
They probably didn't check
the break connectivity
After the accident if the LP and
ALP had checked the pressure
gauge Then when you pull the
chain the train should stop
I agree with all that you are saying
What should we do now?
The speed here is abnormal
The passengers are in a shock
You ensure that the passengers
don't panic and comfort them
Sir we feel scared
Don't be scared we will take care
If you have any information let us know
Confirmed sir
Sir the berth is confirmed
- Berth confirmed?
I am talking
Your higher authorities
are dragging you too much
It is dragging
It will be confirmed
before we reach Chennai
It will be confirmed before we go
Departing is confirmed
What? - I said before reaching
Chennai it will be confirmed
Please speed up
Speed up! It will do it involuntarily
When a cow hits, it's horns
would have damaged the valves
They would have departed without checking
That's were the error is!
So you say the story is nailed up
Of course, They didn't check
the break connectivity Without
it the break is not functioning
and hence unable to stop
What you say is acceptable
for a driverless train
In this there is a LP and a
safety valve close to it
If the pressure is released the
train will stop automatically
He is not doing it
Something is happening there
We'll inform GM
They are just talking,
would the stop the train
Government works they would
discuss a lot and finalise it
Be serious
There is an RPF team inside the train,
It's better we get to the roof
Nowadays there is no security for
the common man, If such thing
happens to the police then whats
the state of the ordinary citizen
Maya can you hear us?
We are now in TADA railway station
Awhile ago the DC express that was
scheduled to stop here did not do so
Further they have shot a RPF and he
was thrown out of the moving train
This place is in a state of tension
It's very important to
note that the Minister for
Renewable energy MR Rangarajan
is traveling in this train
It's speculated that the terrorist
have planned this attack to kidnap him
We have no answers on the
number of people traveling
on this train and what's
their present state
If we have further news we will
The minister kidnapped on
DC express MR Rangarajan is
from a small town called
Chinnamangalam near Bhuvangiri
Inspire of hailing from a remote village
which had no proper educational
institutions, He walked 12 Kms
everyday to complete his education
In his youth he participated against
the Hindi movement in the rail protest
Apart from that - I thought they
would bring up the Padma scandal
Hey there's a girl near
the engine, zoom on her
Headlines for today
The DC express from Delhi to
Chennai is under the captivity
of a woman terrorist
There are 6 terrorists
seated on top of the moving
train, we have no idea how
many more are there inside
If you look at the terrorist
activities, it's an ongoing process
What's the root cause for this?
Can this be averted or not?
To debate on this we have with us today
some eminent people in our studio
First it's MR Sadasivam, party propaganda
executive of SDK political party
Mr Pugalmannan, regional
leader, DJK political, party
MR Tamilselvan, opposition party
Doctor Edward physiatrist
and social reformist
My first question, I would
like to start with you Doctor
This train is under the
siege of a woman terrorist
If a woman can handle such a task,
what will be her state of mind
As a physiatrist what's
your view, please tell us
Looking at the television footage, she
appears to mentally very disturbed
The position in which she is seated, The
panic with which she is holding the railings
The tension on her face, personifies
that she needs some security
According to me she does
not look like a terrorist
She appears to be mentally disturbed
Will terrorist come formally dressed in
suits? Such woman terrorist will come from
Mr Pugalmannan, please wait for your
allotted time Please voice your views then
The entire nation is watching us
You please tell us Doctor
- From the series of
incidents the girl does
not look like a terrorist
It appears that she is a
mentally disturbed person
When the everyone believe
that the girl is a terrorist
The doctor has brought out a new dimension
saying she isn't and is mentally unstable
Hey they are saying that the
touch up girl is a terrorist
We are inside and we know it
How will those outside know
Does Poochi know this?
- Call him quickly?
It's ringing
It's ringing?
Show it!
Is he already in search for her
I am just entering the headquarters
I will update you after talking to the DRM
I'm Sultan, DIG railway protection force
I think you are well aware of the situation
I want the entire details of the DC Express
I want the passenger name list Most
importantly the details of the LP and ALP
Make it fast
We can get it sir
Jack, we need to stop the train today
- We can stop it Sir
Sir! How come they are here?
This is a control room for namesake,
they will have the control from now
Save our Central minister
The train is coming at a speed of 120 Kms
Are you playing around?
We are not auto drivers
We are politicians
Get our minister out
First let's stop the train and
then handle the rest Listen
to us, Else go to a different
track and raise your slogans
You are telling us about changing tracks!
You know how many tracks we
change before a Government ends
We will run in one track and skip across
another track in the same speed we will
Jump another track
If we get caught in that we will also run
Shut up
Sir the train is approaching
at reckless speed
What reckless speed?
We are restless and inconsolable
that we have lost our leader
I challenge the train to try and go past me
Don't take it Only after our
leader steps out of that train
The train is now handled
by a terrorist and not
the driver who will
understand your sentiments
That's just a terrorist our
leader is a curse to the society
I meant a crusader for the society
Give us our leader! Give us our leader!
If we hit they will be squashed
How come no one around?
It's your growing popularity
We can't eradicate such
diseases from the country
When we get a chance we
should just clean it
We should at least call for the Ambulance
No need sir. After it's over the corporation
authorities will wipe out this garbage
Sir the train is approaching
Clear everyone
The trains approaching?
Any driver usually horns
when there is a crowd
He is silently approaching
He's intimated by your presence
that's why he isn't using the horn
Boss it appears to be very fast
It's coming
You are exiting without telling
who your political hier is
Your party Central minister Rangarajan
is travelling on this train
It's because of him that they are
holding this train as hostage
What's your view and what's
your party's stand on this?
I should thank the terrorist
40 years of political career
gained visibility through this day
For your kind heart you should
have kidnapped you 40 years ago
See Rangarajan is not
such an eminent person
I was just gaining popularity
They are sending him through a train
and not a flight so you can understand
Do you know who he is? Do you
know about his simplicity?
That's why he still
takes the train
They don't give me flight tickets
When the news of his kidnap came
out, the entire nation is burning
Even the Prime Minister
expressed his condolences
I meant expressed his strong dissent
If you let jokers speak
As the central minister
is traveling there should
be 2 commandos traveling
with him Contact them
Is there any other source
to stop this train?
There is no way
If this is a train carrying
just consignments we
can stack sand bags and
try and stop the train
Else we set a skid and
derail it from the track
Failing which we set it such that it
clashes buffer to buffer and derail it
But we have several passengers
inside It can result
in a huge accident and we
cannot take such a big risk
Sir Central Minister's security
Sir I am DIG Sultan, here
The mister is safe?
The Minster is safe, no problem Sir
I just got a call from NSG Head quarters
Call from head quarters?
What did they say?
Contact him. connect me with him
NSG Commandos have
assembled near Gumudipondi
Sir I think to save the minister,
they have some incorrect plan
Sir there are 742 passengers on this train
One wrong move
Everyone's life is in jeopardy
Got it Sir
I will wait for the next move
I trusted you
Why did you cheat me
I thought you would have escaped long ago
She's in the engine
Is she really a terrorist? I am not
saying it, everyone outside says so
You know what's the burning headlines?
That she has hijacked this
train and its in her control
Just one unfulfilled wish
Wanted to kill her with my hands
It's fine
My department will handle that
That gives me immense joy
Our snipers out there
Have the latest riffle M110
Just one trigger
and 50 bullets will strike out
She will be scattered as blood and flesh
Just like minced meat
I'll let you free then
Then go and gather her
There you can continue
your romance and laugh
to your heart's content
Get lost
I am extremely annoyed
I will hack you to death
You didn't hear it
Son of a
You didn't understand I called
you the son of a
In a rush don't try and come in
If you are here you will die
Oh no!
Why are you guys shooting me?
Catch him!
He is falling down
Why have you come here now?
All this is because of you
Lie low!
I am never gonna sing for you again,
Lie down
How can you talk like
this in this situation?
They are gonna shoot
Shoot... Shoot me
You can hear me in this
catch it!
Pick it up!
You are hitting me
Talk back, Can you hear me?
They are gonna shoot you
Sir, Please don't shoot
You fine, right?
Pick up the walkie talkie
Pick it up!
Be careful!
You fine?
I'm fine
Why are they shooting me?
They think you are a terrorist
Me a terrorist!
Are they fools!
They too are fools
The snipers didn't shoot at the terrorists
They aimed at the Safety brake switch at
the right hand corner of the diesel loco
If they had hit it
The safety valve would have opened
And the diesel would have drained
and we could have stopped the train
It would have been easier for us to start
the negotiation, that was our plan
Our snipers are one of the best, they can
take down the terrorist in a single shot
They why dint they shoot
at the brake switch
Try to understand
It was a fast moving train
The target was very small
And with that girl running around
It was a big disturbance
They would shoot at the diesel tank,
drain it out and stop the train
If all are gone!
This is the conspiracy
of the opposition party
Let something happen to the minister
It is not the opposition party,
It is the NSG
That's your party right
National Security Guard
Educate him!
Leave it!
He doesn't know much
Ask them if they would come for an alliance
Is there any treatment for these guys
Are they dead?
What happened?
Are they not dead?
The boy and girl on the roof top
They are not dead?
- Those 2 terrorist are not dead?
- Which terrorist?
Sir, Poochiyappan
He is no vendor
he is a trained terrorist
He is anti-national,
He will kill us all
Before that we must kill him!
Please take care of him
Come on, let's go to the pantry
Shall we go on the roof
and attack the terrorist
Let's first enquire in the
pantry and then decide on it
If you don't, I'll kill him
Give 2 biscuit packets
Take it dear
- how much?
- Don't need any money
That's not needed
Are you gifting it to them?
We don't know if we would reach home
alive and you want to make money now
One thing, You kept your word
- You hijacked the train - who
- you
Don't say such a
thing even as a joke
Poochiyappan is your assistant and every
channel is saying him to be the main terrorist
His lover that girl has
taken control of the train
You are the captain
You are running an organisation
What do you mean terrorist camp?
Would they jail our sir and the heroine
Even the heroine?
They arrested all the heroine
in Dawoods link, right?
Similarly, the heroines in your link too
You sent you heart in that cutlet right?
Is that your code word?
Code word sir?
- Is it a mistake to give a cutlet?
- Yes it is
They murdered a leader a long back
Those who aided the
killer by buying him tea,
let him park his cycle,
buying him a battery
They are in prison for 20 years
If they are in such a mess
You are going to dump a whole train
What all would they do to you?
He would die in there
They won't keep him for that long
They would hang him on
a birthday this year
Whose birthday?
Your birthday
Don't scare me
This is to get you prepared for all that
They would arrest us all in a while
They will shred you to pieces with
investigation, enquiry, etc..
We are bachelors can sit
with our inner's anywhere
It's horrible to think of you
You never have a habit
of wearing any inner's
When they make you lie
on the ice and bash you
They would tear you apart
Stop it!
The terrorist in him is peeking out
He was just acting around all these days
Who is a comedian?
I am a genuine terrorist
I am the south Indian chief to
all these World terrorist groups
You are scared right?
Are you trying to scare me
Do you think it was mere groceries that got
loaded in Nagpur
It is all bombs
I've fixed it in the train
In half an hour it will blow
up to a radius of 2 kms
If you escape from that
I'll shoot you down with a AK-57
This was why you all stood up..
You could have informed me
Guards search him!!
One minute, I'll pass it sir
They are live from Unmai TV
- Hello
- Greetings minister sir
The Minister from DC
Express in live with us
You called me and who are you speaking to?
How was the experience when
the terrorists kidnapped you?
They are asking about the
kidnapping like a love experience
It is nice!
Did any of the terrorists come meet you?
Was there any secret requests?
If there were any please do tell it
The audience will enjoy it
No one met me
and there was no messages too
- No one?
- Yes
Then you tell something for the terrorists
Gopal, would the terrorists listen to me?
- Surely not!
- You know
I want to clarify one
thing to the terrorist
In my 40 years of political
life, my people are everything
There are 700-800 people
traveling in this train
Keep me as a bait
But not a single person in
this train should get hurt
Instead take my life
Do you mean it?
You heard it! Do you need anything
more for our ministers courage
Courage? Our Rangaranjan,
He was invited to speak at a
meeting in Gobichettipalayam
Someone shouted he would
be stoned if he speaks
Just a stone, not a bomb
Hearing that he ran away without a trace
Is this courage, isn't this cowardice
He is a coward
Is this how you talk
about a Central minister
Why are seating people
with no political decorum?
What are you talking?
- What did I?
- You called the minister to be a coward
He is not accepting what he said
Mr. Pugalmannan you called the
central minister a coward
Mr. Pugalmannan you were the one who
said the central minister to be a coward
You are the one saying so, he said
it a while back, when did I say it?
Did I say so?
You said so
You too have joined with them
Such derogatory terms will never come
from me, And I didn't speak such a thing
It's true!
Replay it, lets see the truth
You are the one to be ashamed
Mr.Pugalmannan, if I replay it you
will be exposed to the entire nation
How many days is that girl working for you?
He is the one who got us that girl
Only he introduced
- How is she related to you?
- She is my sister's daughter
My sister's son
No, daughter
She is innocent sir
That we'll take care of
Sir, I too am innocent
Catch hold of him sir!
Did you see that girl talking to
suspicions people in these 6 months
Sir, Poochiyappan this guys
assistant used to serve us
She would follow him around
I warned her not to talk to him
- poochiyappan
- This guys assistant
Sir, around 4.30 today
He was talking something
secretly with that girl
What were you talking?
I asked him
He said he was planning to
blow up the whole train
He is taking revenge for
not listening to his poems
Did you?
I did, but I didn't mean it
- You said it?
- Yes, Finish me
Your wife will elope on your
nuptial listening to your poem
I saw both of them coming down from
the train top around 6-6.30 AM
From the train roof?
Sir, Something wrong sir
- Start it!
- You've given some message around 4.30
- you saw me then, next
They were in the rooftop around 5-6 AM and
she has seen them coming down around 6.30AM
7 AM the train didn't
stop at the Gudur station
You killed a RPF when crossing Thada
- Who? Me!
So you've planned it
You a script writer
Where is the bomb?
That's it!
Thanks for the information
You can go
Did you call me sir?
You won't answer me?
- I can't answer you
- Terrorist Adamancy
- What next?
- You only know
Your men?
- yes
- Are they armed
We shall know only if we open it
Go open it
Go open it!
No one seems to be opening it
Go open it!
Why are you hiding sir?
Vendors, sit down!
- Open it!
- You can do it!
Open it!
Why are you opening it so late?
Don't know who they were
- They robbed all our jewellery
- they were all speaking in Hindi
They opened the pantry
They are enquiring
- What happened?
- They had robbed everyone, that's why
Sir, I've recorded it sir
So the sniper team didn't
shoot at the terrorists
- So they are robbers
- At least now he found out
So you, Poochi and that make-up girl are?
Come to me again
Sir a new story has opened up
Concentrate on that
They both are innocent like me
Don't believe him
Be serious
Sir, that girl came to the
pantry searching for him
They both love each other
Not knowing that made a terrorist out of me
He is no terrorist
He is a wasted buffalo running the pantry
Why did you lie?
I'm sure that Poochi and
that girl are not terrorists
But he is one
Shut up! Sir knows all the truth now
He is not a fool to believe you anymore
If you both don't stop your drama
I'll shoot you
Kill them?
You are a DTR right?
Be serious
What are going to do Poochi?
I'm scared
Don't worry
I'm there
- How are you?
- Who is that?
We can hear Poochi and that girl
Hey can you hear me
Can you hear me?
Who are you?
I'm Captain Aravind
Sir that girl is stuck in the engine
Why did you go there?
- she is my life
What do you mean?
She is my girl
Please save her sir!
Poochi, are you there?
Sir, Can you hear me
please speak loudly, can't hear you
Captain Aravind from DC express
There were 6 terrorist on
the roof of the train Can
you give the count of
terrorist inside the train
None of them are terrorist
They are all robbers
Then the girl and that boy
he is just a vendor
That girl is a make-up
assistant of a heroine
They 2 look innocent for now
No terrorist would pose
themselves to be so
They would act innocent
I hope you know that
And the media is telecasting
them to be terrorists
I can't declare them not to be
terrorist with what you say
Do one thing. Make me talk to them
Only then can I come to a conclusion
Can you do that?
Is that possible?
no way sir, It's impossible
They both only have walkie talkies
We can talk within a
radius of 7 kms with it
There is no option for you to
speak to them from Chennai
Logically it is impossible
It's possible sir
- Practically it won't work
- Surely I can make it
What did he say?
- The terrorist didn't hijack the train
- Then what's happening
I told you sir
Something is happening
You are translating him for me
What is he doing with a filter?
Can we get electricity from Wheat dough?
Poochiyappan, you hear me?
- Sir, I can hear you
- it's connected
Now this walkie is connected to a mobile
Whoever wants to talk can call
this mobile and talk to them
- Sir, Captain Aravind
- Put him on speaker
yes captain
Sir, there walkie talkie has
been connected to our phones
- Now you can talk to them
- You are already talking only
I need to talk to that girl
What do you need to talk to that girl?
- tell
Nothing should happen to any of the
passengers, What are your demands?
What's your ransom, the government
is ready to give anything
I want to become a super singer sir
You acting?
I'm not interested in
acting, only singing sir
Should I believe
you to be a singer
If you don't believe ask
Singer Mano sir or Chitra maam
I sang to them when in Mumbai
They judged me
They know whether I'm a good singer or not
Ask them to save us
I told you he is innocent
I think she is not innocent
She is a fool
If it took so long to find this
When will you guys come save us
Do as you wish?
Why did you call me a fool?
Not you
I was telling them
Even in this calamity you are so
prudent, would I doubt your intelligence
They think of me to be a terrorist
Foolish government
Saroja, what happened to the Loco Pilot
Engine Driver?
There was blood from his nose and mouth
He is dead
I think so he has..
So this is no terrorist act
This is surely a human error
Some technical malfunction is the reason
China and Pakistan could be
responsible for this hijack
They make this look like a 3rd world war
Call up the media
Tell it's not a Hijack and some
technical malfunction is the reason
Tell them shut their broadcast
The DC express hasn't been hijacked
It has been confirmed the 6
on the roof top to be robbers
Poochiyappan is a tea vendor and
that girl is a make-up assistant
So this train wasn't
hijacked for the minister
I doubted it sir
Terrorist would Kidnap
important people only
I told you he isn't
significan't to be kidnapped
- This question was not for you
- Close this Box
Jack, please move away from the panel board
What's your problem?
Please tell it quickly
The bridge in between is very weak sir
That bridge can hold only if the train
travels at the speed of 30 kms/hour
But now the train is
approaching 100kms/hour
At this speed the bridge
will surely collapse
You know it's old
Why send us through it?
Go get yourself seated
What does this mean?
Answer me!
Shut yourself and go sit down!
Shout out!
Make your final cries
While crossing the bridge
Let us all die
Go away!
I'm traveling too
Come soon!
This bridge can stand only if it
come at a speed of 30kms/hour
But the train is approaching
at a speed of 120kms/hour
Will this bridge collapse or not?
We will get to know soon
Let's go near the bridge
What kind of people you are
Don't you have traces of sympathy in you
There are so many lives at
stake in that train, and you
are concern is whether the
bridge will break or not
You are saying all this to increase the TRP
What if your family was in the train?
Our jobs is like that
- You believe in God?
- Yes
Pray for them
Miracle will happen
Will the bridge collapse
This was constructed by the British
It won't
If it was done by us
It is doubtful
Can you influence the railway department
from stopping the bridge from collapsing
I'm the reneweable energy
resources minister
I don't know anything about my department
You want me to talk to the railways
Can't we save Poochi and Saroja
We escaping is doubtful
More than the suspense of the
train crossing the bridge
The Love of Poochi and Saroja
is the talk of the town
Would this true love win, lets wait This is
Rekha with camera man Aadhi for IBC news
Poochi, I'm scared
- I too am coming with you only
- We are going to die
Saroja, if you do as I say we can
stop the train Can you do it?
Surely, I will
Why are you getting your self in trouble
accepting things you don't know
You shut up!
Go near the engine cabin
If you open the door
Saroja, what happened?
It's hot sir
I'm burnt
The cabin is where the driver is
There is a green button
near the driver seat
Right of that, there is
a black lever, that is
the emergency brake Pull
it to stop the train
I tried but the door didn't open
We have 3 minutes,
Break open the engine door some how
Somehow pull the emergency brake
You are responsible for 742 peoples life
I will do it sir
I will finish it
Sir she is a fool
She won't do it
Poochi she can handle this
You go, Take care
Saroja, be careful
Be careful!
The walkie has fallen
Hold tight and sit there
Sit down!
- The bridge is approaching
- Come quick
- The bridge is approaching
I understand come
Come quick!
Can't I see the bridge
You could have sat there
Why did you come here?
I couldn't see you from there
That's why I came here
Sit down and hold tight
Sit down
Hold tight!
You too hold tight!
The life that stood
still has come back
It searched you all over and
brought it back to me
The life that stood
still has come back
It searched you all over and
brought it back to me
A day like this, Should not
come ever again
Even for a second don't be away
Don't dream of even going ahead of me
The life that stood still has come back
It has told me to embrace you in joy
There can't be a greater day
Than this
I will hold you tight forever Will protect
you in my eye with abundant laughter
The souls that are united
Is the companion in this turmoil
The true love cannot be curtailed
Even the fire cannot repress it
All that happens is a joy
I will be your soulmate forever
Its a promise, That when you are next to me
The raging flame feels like a chill breeze
All together I will
shoulder, All your burden
This will full fill the
purpose of my life
What happened?
In this world filled with bustle
I don't need to wilt
Life comes just once
Let's dare to take it
Let's fill it with
laughter like in paradise
That will helps us sail through life
When we know that till we depart, This
love will guide it, The pain will vanish
Even when we depart, We will stay together,
This will be greatest achievement
The life that stood still has come back
It has told me to embrace you in joy
There can't be a greater day
Than this
I will hold you tight forever Will protect
you in my eye with abundant laughter
Breaking news
3 youngsters tried to get a selfie with the
lovers on this train and had tragic death
Two of them are dancing
like Romeo and Juliet on it
A Channel has named it
Love express seeing this
They are discussing whether
this love would succeed
3 of them died trying to take a selfie with those crazy people
Just imagine the agony of their parents
The life of youngsters these days is filled with liquor, fun floric
It's deplorable
How would they come up in life
Rightly said
A caller is online,
Lets see what he has to say
- This is Unmai Tv
- This is Alex from Madurai
Alex, how are you
Who would you like to talk to
Give it to Tamilselvan sir
Yes Alex
Are you the authority to all the youngsters
From your assumptions you say
the youngsters are naughty
You can't hear me!
Then how are you answering me
We are the ones who helped
What did you do?
During floods you didn't step out of your house and posted pictures from your doorstep
Are you using this to increase the TRP
We are suffering for electing you
From now on we'll be on the field
DO you think politics is Child's Play
Do you know how much we've gone through
Everytime I turn on the TV you are talking
Don't you ever go home
(Verbal abuses)
I'm scolding you
You shameless fellow
you will laugh
Don't cut the call
Keep it on!
Don't just scold him
Enough for him Alex
There are 2 others waiting to talk
The youth power
Are you gonna use the youth
power to draw current
Why are you having such a grumpy face?
Everytime the red shirt
man talks you interupt
It's rare that he talks sensibly,
Even that you interupt
You all simply talk mindless nonsense
You never initiate anything constructive
And that man is mediating all of this
Why are you scolding me?
Have some moral ethics
If you continue doing
this, One of these days
a fight will erupt and
you will land in jail
Stop this program where
you create problems
I'll take care of this
Viewers, the truth is obvious
If it was some other channel, they would have opted for a commercial break
But our Unmai TV is not like them
We want to bring out your true feelings
In recent times, during
our debate session the
public are exploding
with anger and agression
Avoiding the several burning issues outside,
Just to run a channel
We create problems and debate on them,
This seems to be the reason
Moving forward, do we need such debating forums or not?
We'll continue to debate on
this after a short break
- Maya
- Yes Rekha
We are entering a forest region
We will loose coverage for a while
Maya can you hear me
Sir, Aravind sir
What's your problem?
I'm gonna kill you both
Have you gone mad?
Don't know where this train is going to topple
Is this time to take revenge
If we fight in this stage we will become a laughing stock
You are a old school villain
A tunnel is approaching
Sit down!
I'll never forget the vengance
It's time for you to leave
If the train crashes will lead to huge casuality
Sir, an idea!
How about chasing the train
with a helicopter and lets
suspend a ladder and land
a mechanic in the engine
I think you watch too many Hollywood movies
If we call an ambulance for an emergency,
they would come only for his funeral
Be Indian
Think Indian!
Sir there is no time sir
This will be the right move
- Sir!
- I will update myself
We don't need to get
ideas from the hollywood
movies, We just need
to use our grey matter
Poochi! Poochi! A helicopter is
coming to fetch all in this train
Here! This way
The last effort to rescue this
train ended in a disaster
The railway mechanic Shankar involved
in this mission faced a tragic death
You don't cry, wait
Saroja, can you hear me?
Sir, that girl doesn't have a walkie
Only I have one, Please tell me
See that engine window glass is broken
Now ask Saroja to break open and go in
Ask her to go in and apply the brake
Poochi! Ask her to apply
the emergency brake
We only have 15 minutes before we can
reach the destination Somehow do it
Okay sir
See that glass is broken
As they said, go inside
Apply the emergency brake
Which one?
He said something after the green
Black lever
Which one?
I see two here
Sir of the two which one should I pull?
Sorry sir
(Children rhyme to pick and choose)
What happens? It didn't stop
When I touch it,
It fumes
What? It fumes
What happened Poochi?
Sir, she says something is fuming
Sir, what's happening?
Is that all?
This train won't stop
Is it all over?
Sir I think all the electronic
devices are short circuited
All the control boards is damaged
It's now impossible to technically stop
the train We can't do anything further
Every thing is finished
Beyond this
How can you be so irresponsible?
They are all depending on us
If the train crashes into
the central station all
the passengers will be
blown to bits Do something
What do you mean do something?
What can I do? Can I pull apart the compartment
and the engine and save the passengers?
Pull apart!
So if you can pull apart the
engine and compartments you
can save all the passengers?
- Yes sir - Let's do it
Even an experienced technician will
find it difficult to remove the
coupling on the running train At this
juncture how do we do it, with whom?
That boy Poochi, let's use him
Good idea - It's a bad idea, He's a small
lad, he can't even lift the coupling
Then you go do it - Sir,
I am man with a family,
how can I do coupling? I
can't open the coupling
Then you shut up
Always creating hindrances
Are you there?
I am hearing everything
Should I not have a family?
Poochi I understand your emotions
You are our last resort It's a life
or death situation for all of us
You have to get down and
remove this coupling
If you have to save all the passengers
you have to take this risk You can do it
I will go
Alright how do it get down - Don't Poochi
- Don't worry, we will take care of that
Sir, we only have 8 minutes
- Sir, exactly six minutes more
Jack please!
Even the mechanic was unable to do it
How can a tea vendor do it!
Bhaskar, it's going to crash here
You clear this area
No need Poochi
Listen to me
Poochi don't
Poochi don't
Hey! You have to drop me in between
Where are you taking me?
Hey! It's the fan
Are you new on the job like me?
Is this the time to practice?
This is how you killed the other guy
Your leg
Hey stop
Did we cross the bridge?
Bring glory to my name!
Can you just shut up
- Sorry bro!
Hold tight
Watch out
Mr Poochiappan
Mr Poochiappan
If you come back alive to Chennai
You should give the first
interview to our channel
Confirmed! You will never change
You won't progress at all!
- I can't hear
I know you are saying something good Come
over there and tell us the entire thing
For sure will come and tell you
Here the life is oscillating and
these guys want an interview
Poochi can I ask you one thing?
- What?
When you are giving the interview
can I stand by your side?
Without you my dear?
Sir ask that girl to come to this
compartment and then remove the coupling
We barely have few minutes
and if he is saving
that girl this train
will topple and crash
Then that girl's fate?
It's alright to sacrifice 1
life for the sake of 744 lives
Poochi online
- Poochi
Tell me sir - You are
on the buffer There's a
coupling informs of you and
you need to remove that
But my lover is in the engine
That's not a problem, as you remove
the coupling the pressure will
release automatically The engine
will go a short distance and stop
What should I do?
First remove the U Clamp
- What's the U clamp?
Like the alphabet U
You mean the one like the jar handle?
- Exactly
Public please cooperate
Okay I have done it
There's a screw to release
it near the coupling
The one that looks a machine
to make the noodles?
Yes, make noodles with it! I mean loosen it
Okay sir
Try it Poochi
Rotate it clockwise
What do you mean by clockwise?
- The same way a clock rotates
In the direction of our eating hand?
- Eating hand?
- He means the right side, he's correct
Yes! Faster, yes Poochi! Continue rotating!
Loosen it!
Continue doing it
Did it get loose?
It did
Then just lift the towing hook
Sir tell him it's like
the handles on the wok
Just lift the one that looks
like the handles of the wok!
Fast fast
We don't have time
Lift it well
Hold it tight and lift it
Quick fast
Try it
That's great try it
Pull it hard
Come on
Come on
You can do it Poochi
Keep quite
- You can do it Poochi
They will always give a job to
the person who does not know it
Should we tell you separately?
Why are you simply pointing
out the microphone? Get out
You accept you can't save them?
Poochi what are you doing?
Try faster
Hey! It's very tight
Try harder
The problem is in this route it's on
the upper grade so it will be tight
The next junction will be on the
lower grade, it will be looser there
For the lower grade, he should be on the
other side Poochi, shift to the other side
Remove from the other side
Poochi bring that girl to your side
- Are you crazy?
Poochi The last station will
come soon, remove it quickly
- The engine won't stop
She will die!
She is my life
I told you they will unite
Hold my hand
- Why did he jump there?
His life is in the engine,
why will he be here?
Only those who were in love
will understand about it
This is why we don't include
you in anything - Sorry
Only love has the power to save
the world and sacrifice oneself
Only we have the power to damage
the world and destroy lives
Why did you come here?
Do you want to die with me?
Should we fall in love only to live?
Only now I have the desire to live
We can't stop this train?
Why can't we?
You change me to a Spider-Man or a super
man I can drag the train and stop it
I had several dreams
To become a singer
To get married to you
Look at me
Those who fall in love, will be
lovers only till they get married
After marriage they will become husband
and wife Will have children and
then will become grand parents and
finally Depart one after the other
They would have lost their
love long before that
Look at us We are lovers now
and till death we are lovers
How many of them will get such a chance? You
should be privileged to have this moment
, he said the engine will halt in sometime!
- It won't stop sir
We lost them
Why some technical error?
- Human error
- You have no desires for yourself?
- Who said so?
I want these track to continue longer
I wish that you hold me
tight like this longer
I wish this train continues
running without stopping
Not for long
Just for 500 to 1000 years. That's it
Why are you crying?
- We are going to die, what else can I do
If you cry, we won't die?
Look, others should mourn our death, we
should not mourn our death! Understand
Now I will die happily
Shall I sing?
I wanted to die happily
No when you sing it's pure happiness
Hey come fast!
Saroja! Saroja! Look at me
It's bleeding, near your ears
See if you are hurt
It's bleeding, near your ears
No, it's because you sang close to my ear
See the government did not know that your
singing has the power to stop anything!
Get up!
Poochiappan Sir
You said you will give us the
first interview after this rescue
How could have saved
so many people?
You didn't think about the risk you
were taking? How could you do it?
It's for my love
Saroja you are very lucky
Poochiappan, You will definitely receive the
highest honour for bravery in the country
Are you expecting something more?
No I have no such expectations
My love, she wants to sing
I am sure several music directors and
movie directors will be seeing it
If they can give her a
chance it will be great
Madam, you sing well?
Then you should sing a song for us
No please. Only now we
have come to a good end
You will be drained
- It's okay, you should sing later
Poochiappan please one selfie
- With me?
You also come madam
You wanted to take a selfie with me
Now everyone wants a selfie with you!
He proved that he's my student
Just cut the crap!
- He's telling you - I am telling you
You somehow found that I
was in the military hotel!
You worked at the military hotel?
This guy worked in a military hotel
Did I blabber?