Thondimuthalum Dhriksakshiyum (2017) Movie Script

I thought that you wouldn't come,
How can I not visit you?
I have no one in my life
except you, Sreedevi.
I am ready to wait a lifetime
for you, Devan.
Well, you don't have
to wait for long.
I got a job!
My prayers have been answered.
The moment I get the job
I'll come to your house and
ask for your hand in marriage.
Even if dad agrees, my uncles
will oppose it. - What happened?
No matter who opposes us
I shall promise you..
- I'm going home. - What happened?
I will marry you.. - This is not
worth sitting in the mist.
Our childhood was very beautiful.
You have tied the holy
thread around my neck many times.
When I was a kid
I thought that if I tie
the thread.. - Prasad. Come here.
- Come. - Who is it?
He is Prasad
from my neighbourhood.
Why are you inviting everyone?
It's fine. He is our friend.
- Do you want a drink?
I am not in the mood.
What is it?
It is MC Brandy.
- Pour me a drink.
Just a little.
- Okay.
Have tea.
Did you get drunk yesterday?
No. I just had a peg.
Why are you brushing
your teeth today?
Get lost!
I am sneezing a lot, sir.
- Is it?
Do you have a fever? - No.
I just have a cold.
Do you have a pregnancy kit, sir?
- Yes. I'll get it.
Ajith, give her a Velocit kit.
Here. It costs Rs. 16.
A little more..
Where were you?
- I went to Vaikom, Prasad.
- Yes?
Isn't she Mr. Sreekandan's
Yes. That is Sreeja.
Is she married?
- No.
Is she?
- No.
Why do you ask?
- Hey.. Don't let it aboard.
Put it on the other side.
- Why don't you be optimistic?
I had a glass of milk, sir.
- Okay.
This is something important.
- But with a modern mindset
how can we get involved
in this matter?
We are not against the idea
of love or infatuation, sir.
The girl shouldn't
make a mistake.
That's what matters.
So, you may just give him a hint.
Just a hint.
Come. Mr. Sreekandan will be there
near the ferry. We'll see.
My direct interference
might not be good.
After all, I am a bachelor.
Well.. - Just give him
a hint accordingly, sir.
You have got two lines.
Mom, you must save some money.
Call your husband.
Hey, don't spread this news.
We shall do that after
consulting a doctor.
No, Mom.
She is indeed pregnant.
I just got it changed
four months ago.
What to do? - The tyre
is almost flat on this side.
Mr. Sreekandan, come with me.
What is it?
- Come. I'll tell you.
I'll be back.
- Okay.
Mr. Sreekandan,
what are you up to these days?
Well, Murali..
What is the matter, Murali?
Nothing in particular.
Tell me what the matter is.
- Well..
I suspect that Sreeja
is pregnant.
I heard that she
bought a pregnancy kit
from a medical shop in Vaikkom.
Attend the call.
Dad, you are going to become
a granddad.
Hello? Can you hear me?
Sister is pregnant.
Did you go to a medical shop?
Yes. What happened, Dad?
I-I'm a little busy now.
- Okay.
I'll call you.
- Okay.
You scared me, Murali.
My elder daughter has come home.
She is the one who is pregnant.
- Oh!
When Prasad told me..
I was concerned as it was Sreeja.
I just gave you a hint..
- Will he tell this to everyone?
Oh! Not at all.
He shared this only with me.
There are no issues here.
He is very optimistic.
I don't know what might happen.
You don't..
You can leave. Bye.
- Where are you going?
I'll come on the ferry.
What is it? - Nothing.
See you tomorrow.
Aren't you Prasad?
What rumours are you
spreading about me?
I didn't say anything.
But I heard that you were
very concerned about me.
I just said so out of concern.
Are you going to the South?
Did you also miss the ferry?
What happened?
Okay, fine.
Excuse me.
Well, I didn't do it purposefully.
I am a decent guy.
You can ask around
in my neighbourhood.
Don't you know your
dad's friend, Anil?
Just ask around. - Shall we talk
after we reach the shore?
Did you call me?
- Did you call me?
- Didn't you make this sound?
Seek my apologies.
Oh! I haven't done anything
for which I should be apologetic.
I don't gossip much.
Moreover, I haven't
announced this to everyone.
I told Mr. Murali and he talked
to Mr. Sreekandan. That's all.
The problem is that
I am getting a lot of wedding
proposals these days.
Please don't bother me.
That's all.
Oh, I know what you
must be going through.
I know how hard it must be for you.
Do you how long it has been since
I started looking for a bride?
It is quite strenuous.
Shall I order lemonade?
We are here anyway. Let's have it.
- What do you need?
Two glasses of lemonade.
Would you like it sweetened?
Make it sweet.
- Would you like it cold?
"Your eyes resemble an ocean"
"full of waves"
"I felt like
swimming with the fishes"
"in search of the distant
"filled with happiness."
"When I felt like soaking"
"in the warmth of the sun"
"I felt your blissful presence"
"in my conscience."
"You are a boat
separated from the shore"
"with the pretty Anjili tree."
"You must swim across
the river to me"
"when the river overflows."
"In cold rainy nights"
"I felt as if the stories you tell"
"filled my heart with chills."
"Your eyes resemble an ocean"
"full of waves"
"It felt like swimming
with the fishes"
"in search of the distant
"filled with happiness."
"Even the sun's beams desire"
"to bathe in the peaceful stream."
"Your radiant eyes
came to my mind"
"when I saw the Danio
dancing in the stream."
"The grass dreams to dance
in the wind with the trees."
"I'll follow you on the path
you choose, with love."
"Your eyes resemble an ocean"
"full of waves"
"It felt like swimming
with the fishes"
"in search of the distant
"filled with happiness."
"When I felt like soaking"
"in the warmth of the sun"
"I felt your blissful presence"
"in my conscience."
Style your hair like this.
This is the trend now.
Stop it.
What do I buy..
- This is not Maniyampara.
Hey! This is Maniyampara.
There was a big banyan tree here.
That was years ago. Come..
Get down.
This is Maniyampara, ma'am.
Get down.
What are you saying?
You don't remember it.
- No, you forgot..
No! There was a big
banyan tree over there.
There's no tree..
- A couple of..
Oh, God!
My chain! Prasad!
What happened?
- He swallowed my chain.
Is he the one?
Did you take it?
He snatched my chain and
swallowed it. - Did you take it?
I saw it. - Did you take the chain?
- I didn't..
It must be down there.
I saw him snatch the chain.
- She won't lie.
Get his bag.
- He must've stolen it.
Did you see me stealing it?
- Yes, I did.
Did you take it?
She was sleeping.
She must've dreamt it.
No, he's lying. - I didn't take it.
- Don't you get on my nerve!
Give it back. - I didn't take it.
- Then where is it?
How would I know?
- She saw you.
She must be mistaken.
- Stop your antics.
I didn't take it. - But she said
you did. - Let's go to the police.
Let's go to the police.
- Don't let him go. Hold him.
Hold his hand..
Don't let him go.
We shouldn't let him go..
We can't do that.
We don't.. - Driver, no more talks.
Let's go to the police station.
- What is it?
Why don't you let me go?
- Walk for now.
If you want water at the police
station, I'll get it every morning.
I will get it twice a day.
I have changed, sir.
I know you well, Sudhakaran.
You are going to create a ruckus
at the temple carnival, right?
No, I won't attend the carnival.
I will stay back at home.
And then, you'll ruin the household
goods and beat your wife and mom.
Will I ever hurt them?
Sudhakaran, even your mom and wife
had signed the petition
to keep you here until the carnival
ends. Keep that in mind.
They were lying, sir.
They are feminists.
You won't let me go, will you?
- Keep walking.
Will you let me attend
tomorrow's programme?
I just don't get
enough freedom here.
What freedom did you expect
inside a cell?
So you won't let me go.
There are a few people and a bus.
We will take care of that.
Do what you're supposed to do.
Fill the water tank, okay?
This seems like a deep trouble.
- Sure.
Leave that to me.
What is this?
Someone snatched a chain.
- When? - This bus..
Sudhakaran, aren't you coming?
- Maybe tomorrow.
We have parked the bus.
- Come, dear.
Where are you from?
Thavanakkadavu, near Alappuzha.
Then what are you doing here?
We couldn't stay back there
after we got married.
So we settled down in Kuniya.
What's your name?
- Prasad.
And yours?
- Sreeja.
Do you have an ID card?
- Yes, sir. - Let me see.
Was yours a love marriage?
- Yes.
Are you from different castes?
- Yes, sir.
That must be the reason why
you took a refuge here.
Did you two elope?
No, we'd informed the families
before coming here.
Are you sure that you really
had the chain with you?
I am sure, sir. We were going
to pawn the chain.
We had bought some land
to cultivate tobacco.
But there was a water shortage.
We tried digging borewells
a few times.
But luck didn't favour us.
We were planning to pawn the chain
and try our luck once more.
That's when..
- It's his bag.
Check it thoroughly, okay?
- Okay.
Show me your ID card.
I don't have one, sir.
You don't?
Don't you have even a single ID?
- No.
And what's your name?
- Sir, that's my name.
Even my name is Prasad.
- Just great!
How many cases are filed
against you?
What do you do?
I make Parathas at a night cafe
in Mangalore.
I see.
You make Parathas.
Then I need to see your hand.
Show it to me.
Show me your hands.
Show me the other hand.
Siva, look at the hands of a guy
who makes Parathas.
It's too good. - I don't think
he has ever made Parathas.
Otherwise, he would have calluses
on his hand.
I haven't worked in a few months.
I used to work at a night cafe
in Mangalore.
Policemen troubled me for not
having the papers. I got fired.
Where are you from?
- Palluruthy.
But you don't seem to have
the proper slang.
I was born in Palluruthy.
Then I spent time in Mumbai.
I see. It's Mumbai now!
A traveller, I guess.
I was trying to make a living.
I dozed off on the bus.
When I woke up
they started accusing..
Someone even slapped me.
- Oh, really? - Yes.
Who slapped him?
Who beat him?
You better give the culprit up.
Or else, we will put the blame
on all of you.
You better speak the truth
if you want to be safe.
Oh, here he is.
Come on.
Come here.
Come closer.
Don't you smirk.
Why did you slap him?
I didn't slap him, sir. I just
waved my hand. It didn't connect.
You seem to be good
at waving hands!
Did you see him
snatching the chain? - No.
You didn't?
Then why did you slap him?
I wasn't alone. Even that lady
had slapped him.
He had company!
- Looks like it.
We need that violent lady here.
Who is the violent lady?
- Who? - Me. - You?
Come here, will you?
- Come on. - Come.
Hurry up.
She seems to be a fighter.
Did you slap him?
- Yes, just once.
Why did you?
He snatched her chain.
- Did you see him doing it?
No, I missed it.
- You two, better stand aside.
Come on now!
This has become so common.
People always go ahead
and manhandle the suspect.
Then what are the cops for?
Sir, there's nothing here.
What prompted you to snatch
the chain? Did you need money?
I didn't take it, sir.
I didn't.
Sir, he's lying.
He swallowed the chain.
But you said
you didn't see anything.
Then how come
you're sure about this?
Sreeja won't lie, sir.
Did anyone see
him snatching the chain?
How would I see it, sir?
I was driving.
I see. What about you?
- I saw nothing.
What about them?
None of them saw it, sir.
- I see.
There's nothing inside the bus.
- I see.
Frisk them once more.
- Okay.
Sir, there's nothing inside
the bus. Nobody saw anything.
He may concede
if you interrogate him personally.
This case is so simple.
Confess the crime and give the
chain back. We will settle this.
Won't you confess?
Didn't you take it? - No.
The truth, right now!
I want the truth!
Didn't you take it? - No, sir.
Sir, the authorities are asking
if we should cancel the trip.
It's a public bus.
- Okay.
We may summon you, okay?
Get the details of the passengers
and let them go.
Sir. - Mahesh.
- Listen.
Did the incident happen
before or after Kattathaduka?
Before Kattathaduka.
After the solar plant.
Then it must be
under our jurisdiction.
Sir, what about the waver
guy and the violent lady?
Sir, shall I leave?
- What's your name?
What do you do?
- I am a student. - Where?
Madhya Pradesh.
- What are you studying?
I'm a priest in training.
Get their ID cards.
Keep them with us for two days.
- Sir.. Move, you two.
Both of you, please sit down.
Hey, get up!
Get up!
Come on, get up!
Stand straight.
Straight, I said.
Stand upright.
Stand upright.
Stop moving.
Now, start jumping.
Come on, jump.
Keep your head straight.
Don't crouch.
Keep on jumping.
Don't stop!
Did you get the conductor's number?
Wait for ten more minutes.
We'll go then.
I think the issue is genuine.
They have lost the chain.
Isn't he fine?
- He is okay, sir.
Didn't you ask him to jump?
- He is jumping. - He'll be fine.
Sir, he's not carrying any papers.
This case may come back
to bite us.
I think it's better to compromise.
We can't do that, sir.
The complainant is a lady.
And it happened in public.
And the townsfolk
are involved too.
We will have to file a case.
We'll get into trouble.
We can't take him to Kumbala
as it is late.
We have to take him to Kasaragod
for the medical check-up.
My wife is waiting here
to go to the carnival.
We need not wait, sir.
We'll buy him bananas at night.
If he has swallowed it, we'll get
the chain tomorrow morning.
I'll tell you what.
Get the complainant's statement
and let her go.
Okay. - Don't give them
a chance for suspicion.
No, sir. I will be discreet.
Sir, if we ask the complainant's
husband to stay here
we can avoid the accusations about
tampering with evidence. - Yes.
Let's do it.
- Yes.
And there's a toilet..
- We can't keep him in the cell.
There's a toilet in the cell.
- Okay.
Act accordingly, okay?
- Okay, sir.
Sure, sir.
Come here.
- Has it been decided?
That will be added to the PF.
Sir, these are the bikers
we had arrested.
Ask him.
Tell me your name.
- Salman.
Salman Khan?
- Salman.
Your father's name?
- Abdullah.
Age? - 52.
- Tell me your age!
Sit down, Prasad.
I will call you.
Where are you from?
- Sheni, it's nearby.
The name of your house?
- Thoufeeq Manzil.
What was that?
- Thoufeeq Manzil. - Sir.
What will we do?
This issue is too complex, Prasad.
The SI thinks we can't
register a case.
No one on the bus
has witnessed the incident.
She is the only witness.
Isn't that right?
And he's not ready
to confess either.
Then how can we register a case?
If we register a case and imprison
someone based on zero evidence
it will lead to trouble.
We may even lose our jobs.
I swear that I saw him
stealing it.
tell me what you saw
on the bus
with no exaggeration.
Tell me what happened.
I was sitting in the bus.
- But you were dozing off.
Isn't that right?
- Yes.
You were napping.
- Yes, I was. - And then?
I woke up when I felt someone
pulling the chain. - Yes..
You felt someone was pulling
your chain. It was a feeling.
Go on. - When I turned around,
he swallowed the chain.
How did he do it?
He swallowed it. - He had kept
the chain in his fist.
And he put it into
his mouth, right?
I have a doubt. Consider that I
have something inside my fist.
Prasad, please try to understand.
I put it into my mouth
when you turn around.
But how did you understand
that I was holding your chain?
You didn't see him holding
a chain similar to yours, did you?
You just saw him
swallowing something.
Isn't that the truth?
- What if he was eating nuts?
Yes, even that's possible.
You haven't seen him
snatching the chain.
You haven't seen your chain
in his fist.
Then how will we charge him?
Neither has he confessed
nor do we have evidence.
Just because you suspect someone
we can't arrest him
without witness or evidence.
We may even lose our jobs.
Even if we arrest someone..
How much does the government pay?
Rs. 16.
- Rs. 16. That too, on papers.
Did you get me?
Sir, we don't have another option.
Sir, this case is too complex.
We believe that you have lost
your chain. - That's true.
But we have no evidence to prove
that he's the culprit.
We will get you your chain back
if he's the one who stole it.
We can assure you that.
- That's enough, sir.
I'm sure that he's the one
who stole my chain.
I'll tell you what, sir.
Let's keep him here today.
Then they better
stay back too.
I'll stay back.
- That's enough.
If he needs something
at night..
If we buy him food now, we will
definitely get the chain tomorrow.
- Let's try that, Prasad.
I'll tell you what, Prasad.
You will find a store
named AS Stores nearby.
Just tell them that you need
the items to register a complaint
and you will get
the necessary items.
It's close by.
- Okay, sir. - Go on.
Your phone number.
- Wait here.
- Louder!
97.. - 97..
- Are you still here?
Surrender your ID cards.
We've to leave for Dubai next week.
- Collect it after two days.
Vehicle registration number.
- KL14..
KL.. - Mr. Chandran,
don't you want tea?
I'll order it
after seeing them off.
You need not worry.
You will have to fetch water.
That's all we have to do.
Is it a bike?
- Yes, a Pulsar. - Pulsar.
You stole her chain
and his name, didn't you?
Did you steal that bike?
Get lost!
Please don't stare me down
with suspicion.
Look me in the eyes and tell me
you didn't steal the chain.
You must've dreamt it.
I didn't steal your chain.
I saw you stealing my chain,
you thief! - Hey!
Go and sit down.
Go and sit down, dear.
Majeesh. - Sir?
- Take him upstairs.
Come here.
Come on!
I'm coming from the police station.
I need the documents.
Is it about the chain snatched
in the public bus? - Yes.
He swallowed the chain,
didn't he?
He swallowed the chain,
didn't he?
He swallowed the chain,
didn't he?
Who is preparing
the general diary?
Who is the
investigating officer?
Who was sitting opposite
to the door?
A bald officer with glasses.
With a thick moustache, right?
- Yes.
It's Mr. Chandran. Then you'll be
needing lots of paper.
Hey, it's for Mr. Chandran.
He's from Trivandrum.
The SI in that station tortured a
suspect when Chandran was there.
Chandran was in charge
of the diary.
As a punishment,
he was transferred here.
He's a hell of a beater.
A while ago, his son died
in a bike accident.
Then he mellowed out.
But not much. Still, he's good.
How much is it?
- Rs. 235.
I'll read the testimony.
'Testimony recorded
on February 21, 2017'
'at 1630 hrs by ASI KR Chandran who
was in charge of the general diary'
'of Sheni police station.'
- Okay, sir.
'Sreeja U, wife of Prasad, age 26,
a resident of Kuniya, Kasaragod'
'Ashraf Complex, Verna, Kuniya'
'gave the following testimony
to the police in person.'
'I have been living with my husband
in the aforementioned place'
'for the last six months.'
'We hail from Alappuzha.'
'We stay at the
aforementioned address.'
'Prasad, my husband, is a farmer.'
'Today, I was travelling
to Kasaragod at 1500 hrs by bus.'
'When we reached Kattathaduka'
'I realised that I had lost
my nuptial chain.'
'When I turned back, I saw
the man sitting behind me'
'swallowing something.'
'Prasad, my husband,
and the others raised an issue'
'and took the suspect to the police
by the same bus.'
'I strongly suspect
his involvement in this.'
'My nuptial chain
weighed two sovereigns.'
'Please consider this an official
complaint and do the necessary.'
'I read the complaint in full.'
He asked me why I was not..
Do you serve Biryani?
- Yes.
Pack two plates of Chicken Biryani.
- Two? - Yes.
A kilogram of bananas too.
- What are you saying?
Shall we eat Biryanis?
It's a bad day. Don't bother
to cook when we get back.
Aren't you hungry?
- Yes. - Come on then.
Two more plates
of Chicken Biryani, please.
'Those who participated
in the granary filling ceremony'
'and the volunteers will be
served with refreshments'
'at the north end of the temple.'
'We request all of you
to assemble there.'
How much?
- Rs. 320.
I don't have any change with me.
It's okay. Give it to him.
He will be around.
Collect it later.
Okay, Father.
Ahmu, two cups of tea.
What? - Black tea.
- Black tea?
Those who want to get down
at Sheni, come forward. - Sheni..
Shouldn't we get down here
to go to the temple?
That's the temple.
Make it fast.
It was your nuptial chain,
You should have been
more cautious. - Quickly..
Get in..
Get in. - Get in..
- Make it fast.
Let's go..
Come on, let's go.
Did you get everything?
It's tough nowadays
as we don't have enough money.
Even I don't have enough.
- Ma'am.
Aren't you going
for the procession?
Why should I go? - Yes,
Sreeja is the one who must go.
Hey, get me some water.
Damn, let me watch this.
Please, dear.
'Special 'Chathayam' day
'Presented by Kitchen Treasures.
The security of purity.'
You witch! - What is it, Mother?
- Who do you think you are?
Leave me.
- I will teach you a lesson.
I will teach you..
Why are you beating me, Mother?
- Come here.
My hair, let go!
- Who is Prasad?
Who is he to you?
What is going on
between you and him?
Answer me.
You were born to disgrace
this family, you witch!
I will kill you.
You better obey us!
Open the door.
Open the door! Otherwise,
I'll throw boiling water inside.
Go and boil it first!
You wretch, open the damn door.
We got intimate with each other.
We can't be separated.
Oh, God.
It's my fate.
Oh, God.
Mother, she is trying to fool us.
This witch is lying.
Open the door.
Sreeja, we have reached.
Let's step aside.
What should we do now?
Tell me, Sreeja.
What can I say?
Aren't you getting thrashed
by your family?
Yes, Mister.
They beat me, threaten me
with murder and suicide
and rebuke me.
There is a lot of it.
What happened to your ear?
Oh, no.
What happened?
I was slapped.
It almost took my head off.
Enough, Sreeja.
Come with me.
I won't allow you to suffer
in that house.
I want to marry you
in a temple.
That's all I want.
Don't overthink, dear.
Pack your bags and leave.
I know someone in Kanhangad.
Everything for the wedding
has been taken care of.
We'll deal with the rest
as and when it happens.
Whose approval do we need
to live in Thavanakkadavu?
Don't take it that way.
Look at her state. - I can't.
The girl has to be gutsy
for a love marriage to happen.
I hope you understand that.
Prasad has proved his mettle.
God knows what will happen now.
Oh, dear Lord.
When do you usually
have your dinner?
Around 8:30 p.m.
- What did you say?
We have our dinner
at around 9:30 p.m.
Let me know when you are hungry.
Oh, she won't be hungry today.
Well, I like Sreeja.
- Even Prasad likes her.
Mister, Murali will be here
with bouquets and garlands.
You want a drink? - No.
- Come on, drink. - Not today.
Is there anyone else?
Isn't Sreeja here?
She is inside.
I did beat her. That's what
has led to all this trouble.
You exploited the situation
very well.
You made a huge mistake.
Didn't you understand?
He doesn't know how well-off
the Mangalath family was.
Shaji, don't you know it?
If your father was alive,
this wouldn't have happened. - Yes.
Cut it, mister.
Prasad, I don't have anything
to tell you.
She, who disgraced the parents
who raised her..
Tell this to her!
That the two of us won't live
here, together, at Thavanakkadavu.
I don't want this
miserable existence.
Do you understand?
You better understand!
"The sacred grove, the hills
and the beautiful riverbank."
"How did they vanish, dear?
What happened to them?"
"Neither did I see anything
nor did I hear about it."
"But when I opened my eyes,
everything was gone."
"Everything was gone."
"Where are those chirpy birds
who lived on the sacred hill?"
"Why are the winters devoid
of the caressing cold breeze?"
"I had gone there to harvest crops
and it was too tiring."
"I took a nap and woke up
to see that everything was gone."
"Everything was gone."
"Where are those slippery eels
in the shallow stream?"
"The thundering sky and heavy rain.
Where have they gone off to?"
"I went for a bath.
I took a dip in the cold water."
"When I finished bathing
I realised everything was gone."
"Everything was gone."
"The sacred grove and the hills.
The beautiful riverbank.."
"Where did they vanish?
What happened to them?"
"Neither did I see anything
nor did I hear about it."
"But when I opened my eyes,
everything was gone."
"Everything was gone."
Don't you stay near Vaikom?
Yes. - I had gone there
for the festival.
Let me go and drink some water.
I want to take a piss.
Don't you sleep?
You may do it there.
Sir, may I also..
Do whatever you want to.
Why are you asking me?
Do you think this might
be the chance to escape?
You there!
What's happening there!
I'll whack you next time!
Get back inside!
Your silly tricks at night!
Confess if you've
taken the chain.
Don't mess with
the policemen's egos.
If we retrieve
the chain from you
you'll be dealt with accordingly.
Where is the other Prasad?
He's gone to have tea.
That school will ring the
bell now, sir. - How do you know?
Have you been to school?
Sir, I am ready to go.
- Okay.
Keep that inside and come,
Take a bottle of water too.
- Sir.
Mani. - Yes, sir.
- Let's go.
- Greetings.
Mr. Chandran,
looks like you got lucky.
We need a treat.
- Offertory from the temple, sir.
I heard you put up
a great show yesterday.
Are you a comedian?
- A bloody actor!
Don't mess with us.
You'll get it from us.
Go on then.
Give that here.
Didn't you hit me?
I don't feel like going now.
Here we bring before you
'Sloka chanting forum..'
Is everything okay?
- Yes.
Give it here.
Get in..
Hurry up!
- Go to the back..
Go to the back.
This way..
We didn't get the chain, Sreeja.
- Oh, no.
I tried to contact you.
Are you really sure
that it was him?
Sit there.
- No.
- Did you give it yesterday?
We saw the message,
it must be shown to the SI.
Sir, well.. It doesn't seem
likely that he is the culprit
having heard his testimony.
He is quite confident.
But where is the chain?
He is witty in his ways.
There is a chance
that he might have
even thrown the chain
out of the bus.
Maybe he pretended to swallow it
when she looked.
Hadn't we checked
the place?
Sreeja's testimony says that
she saw him swallow the chain.
But she hasn't mentioned
the exact location.
How are we going
to find that out?
We kept him here
for an entire day.
Sir. - We did find it..
- Okay..
That's the CI.
Sir, please don't
inform him right away.
Why don't we..
- Let me take his call.
Good morning, sir.
Sir, it's Sajan. - Good morning.
Didn't you file the chain case?
I forgot about it, sir. I tried
calling, but I couldn't reach you.
The usual story, isn't it?
- Sorry, sir.
We have the accused!
Register the case immediately!
Don't cause an inconvenience.
- Okay, sir..
What did he say, sir?
- We should've done it yesterday.
He has come to know about it.
They are the SB after all.
Sir.. - We should've..
- Bring the GD.
Who is the GD today?
- It's Mr. Rahim.
Bring him in.
- Yes, sir.
Sir. - I hope you're aware of
what happened yesterday.
Yes, sir. Isn't it the bus case?
- Yes. - I'm aware, sir.
Now there is no point
in delaying it.
We must get him scanned.
Let's show him to Dr. Shanavas.
Okay? Take him along..
- We'll do it, sir.
Please call up the doctor, sir.
Sir, he wasn't shown..
- No.
Sir, I'm here for a..
- Please sit. We will call you.
Please move aside.
- Yes.
From the looks of it,
the case might be quashed.
What will we do now?
He is a fraud.
He has hidden the chain.
We figured it from
the interrogation.
What will we do?
Shall I tell you
something that's possible?
How about we
take his X-ray?
I shall request the SI.
Will that do?
- Yes.
Isn't that enough?
- Thank you, sir. - Welcome.
Don't move.
Please pay the money there.
- Okay.
Some more rice, please.
Pack it properly.
- Yes.
Let's go.
Oh, yes.
I shall call you.. Okay..
Hadn't you
swallowed the chain?
No, sir.
Then explain this.
Tell us.
We found it.
Are you denying it?
Say it.
Didn't you hear the doctor?
"We'll narrate a story today."
"We'll narrate a story today."
"Please forgive the mistakes
that we make."
"Please forgive the mistakes
that we make."
"Hills and mountains.."
"Hills and mountains.."
"The land.."
- One minute, sir.
"The land.."
- Please.
"With your eyes.."
- Was it a fight?
Not a fight, sir.
It was just a quarrel.
Okay.. - It isn't serious.
They just exaggerated it.
I can't choose sides.
Please come.
How are you? All good?
- Yes. - Please sit..
Who started the fight?
- He started it, sir.
Please sit.
What was the matter?
- I've told him everything.
This is my written complaint.
Please take action. - Sure.
What is the complaint?
Tell me.
He slapped me yesterday
in front of the temple.
Did that happen?
- No, sir. I didn't.
- When I was shouting at him
emotions took over me
and I pushed him a little.
He is lying, sir. He knocked me
down in front of everyone.
Will you hit and knock someone down
if emotions take over you?
Will you?
- No, sir.
What do you do?
- I am a poet, sir.
Oh. - I am Rajesh Ambalathara.
You must have heard.
- I am quite talented, sir.
Okay. Leave that.
Tell me the matter.
Sir, what really happened was
a mobile network company proposed
to build a tower on my property.
Since it would give me
some monetary benefits, I agreed.
My wife agreed, too, because
we'll get an additional income.
Okay. - Also, I don't take
decisions without asking
Mr. Madhavan or Mr. Krishnan.
When I asked Mr. Madhavan,
he said I shouldn't do it.
He said it'll be bad for our town.
Because squirrels, butterflies,
etc. are dying. They're rare now.
That they were dying
because of the radiations.
I agreed because I don't want to do
something that's bad for our town.
What is the problem?
- Sir.. - He uses a mobile phone.
I use one and so do you.
Does that mean we'll fall ill?
- Calm down, Babu.
Let me first listen to him.
We'll solve it.
Tell me. - So, I declined their
offer and told them to get it
out of my property. - Right.
- So, they took everything back.
My dear sir, a week later
the same company was building
the tower on his property.
That is, my neighbouring house.
I am not done, sir.
He.. - I'll decide what I should
build on my property.
I don't need his permission.
- Calm down, Babu. We'll solve it.
That's not the only problem, sir.
He stays at his wife's home
having rented out his own house.
He gets the rent and we've to
bear with the radiation issues.
It hurts, sir. - I'll do
what I please with my house.
I'll stay wherever I want.
How does it concern you!
Sir, he is unbelievable.
Babu, we will find a
solution to everything.
I am not ready for a compromise.
I have filed a complaint.
Take some action if you can
or else, I will bring my lawyer
and take him to the court!
Mr. Babu!
I see.
Sir, we have brought him.
- Yes. One minute..
I will be right back.
- Okay, sir.
Please calm down, Mr. Babu.
- I won't compromise, Faizal.
Please come.
- Dear Prasad.
What do you have to say now?
It happened, sir.
I admit it, sir.
- Do you admit it?
You had taken it and swallowed it.
He has admitted his fault.
Take him inside.
Go on.
Get in. - Sarala! - Sir.
- Please don't hit.. - No, buddy.
Get inside.. - Please don't hit me.
I made a mistake.
Please don't hit me, sir.
Please.. - Get in! Move!
Sir, please don't.. - Go in.
- Please don't hit me.. - Move.
Sudhakaran, don't you want
to go to the carnival?
Not really. - Go.
Go and have fun.
Okay? - Sudhakaran,
come back quickly.
Yes. - Sir, I made a mistake.
Please, sir..
What did you say yesterday?
- Please don't hit me, sir..
That you didn't take it. - Please,
sir. - Didn't you say that?
Don't hit me, sir.
The chain..
The chain is in my stomach, sir.
Please, sir.. - You..
Where do you stay in Bombay?
Sir, I have never been to Bombay.
You've never been to
Bombay? - No.. - No?
Sir, don't hit his stomach.
- Sir.
The chain is in his stomach.
- Don't, sir.
Enough, sir.
- I will show you.
He's been making
a fool out of us! Get back in!
I'll make sure you're
stuck behind bars!
You don't know what
we are capable of!
- Bring in Shivan.
So, what do you want,
Mr. Babu?
Sir, I am ready for a compromise.
But he hit me in front of everyone.
I can't bear that.
He must apologise.
Are you ready to apologise?
- Why must I apologise?
Shivan. - Sir. - The case
shouldn't just be under 379.
- File it as robbery.
Sir. - Shall we file it under
392? He tricked the police.
We may have to
change the testimony.
Sir.. - We have Sreeja's
husband as the witness.
That's not enough..
We also have that waver guy's
and that violent lady's..
We have their address. Their IDs.
Very good.
- We can use them.
If we arrest him today,
we'll get the credit..
Okay. Take the
testimonies correctly.
I don't care what you do.
He must be behind bars!
Yes, sir. - In a way that
he can't be bailed out.
- Okay.
What were you saying,
Mr. Babu?
Sir, as he thrashed me
in front of everyone..
I am older than him.
He should've respected me.
He must realise his mistake.
He must apologise. He can do
it here too. I'll forgive him.
I am sorry, Mr. Babu.
It happened.
I am sorry.
- There you go.
So what should I do with this?
- I shall take it, sir.
Keep it.
- Thank you, sir. - Okay.
- Okay.
Shall we go?
- Okay.
I agreed to the compromise
only because of him. Okay?
Shall we leave? - Okay.
- Babu. - Yes, sir.
Bring him out.
- Okay.
Was this necessary?
You could've admitted it.
I don't give up till the end.
That's how I am.
- Get out now.
Sit there.
It was an adjustment.
- We can't do anything.
Get me out of this, sir..
Prasad, it's good that we got
the SI to agree to get the X-ray.
You're lucky.
We are safe as the chain is
in his stomach. - Sir, one minute.
I'll be back.
- A fight is going to break out.
It's Sudhakaran.
Sir! We have duty. There is a
fight at the temple ground.
Duty.. Ashok!
- Hurry up, people upstairs!
Who is upstairs?
Come on..
- Okay.. - Coming.
What is this? - Can't you see
they are fighting?
There.. - There is nothing
much to think.
Don't take it personally.
I understand this
is inconvenient for you
but the SI is a young man.
Let him have a robbery
case to his credit.
Not only that, the SI will also
get publicity through newspapers.
It's your chance to get
some publicity as well.
Let's see.
Go fast..
Did you all take the lathi?
- Move faster..
What if somebody doubts us?
- Mr. Shaji! - Run fast..
Mr. Shaji, get me the lathi.
Make it fast..
- We've taken the lathi.
And, the KSRTC conductor
and the driver.
I'm warning as you aren't aware
of the legal proceedings.
You'll get the chain only after
a year if it goes to court.
If you give me Rs. 5,000,
we can come to a compromise.
Rs. 5,000?
I got beaten up so much, sir.
Shouldn't I get at least this much
as a compensation?
You'll also get benefitted.
Don't you want to dig a well?
Even if I don't get my chain back
I'll put you behind bars!
Sir, how do you tolerate her?
Get lost!
- Go and sit there.
What if it takes a long time
to get our chain.. - So?
'Dear devotees, please don't create
a ruckus in the temple premises.'
Hey! - 'You aren't supposed
to create a riot here.'
'Please co-operate
with the police.'
'No problem.
Carry on with the performance.'
'You can start.'
Actually, he has the chain
in his stomach.
He had swallowed it.
You know that it's your chain.
Now even the police know it.
So, we need to prove this
in the court.
Suppose, if he says in the court
that he swallowed his wife's
chain unknowingly
and if he produces some fake
bills to support his statement
then we'll be trapped.
- Yes. - Right?
Won't we get trapped?
- Yes. - Right.
We need to produce some
strong evidence against him
and trap him in a robbery case.
When will we get back
our chain?
The stronger the evidence we have
in this case
the faster you'll get back
your chain. - Yes. - Got it?
For that, we'll need a detailed
testimony from Sreeja.
Nothing much. We just need to alter
your previous statement.
Small changes.
- Brief her on it.
Sreeja, do one thing.
Tell us whatever happened that day,
Go on.
We were travelling to Kasaragod.
- On a bus.
You were travelling to Kasaragod
on a bus.
I was sleeping on the bus.
Nobody sleeps like a log on a bus.
You just dozed off.
So, you were on the bus.
Suddenly, I felt like somebody was
pulling my chain from behind.
Somebody pulled it.
- Yes.
If you felt so, then it was
being pulled, right?
When I turned around,
he swallowed my chain.
You saw it. - You saw it.
- You saw him swallowing the chain.
When you were travelling in a bus
somebody pulled your chain
from behind.
When you turned around
you saw the person behind you
swallowing your chain.
Then Prasad would've also
seen it.
- You would've seen.
When I turned around amid
the ruckus.. - You saw it.
You saw it.
Didn't you see it?
- Didn't you?
You would've definitely seen it.
You aren't blind!
When you turned behind,
you saw it. He saw it.
Didn't you see it?
- Prasad saw it.
I saw it.
- Yes, he saw it.
So, Prasad also saw it.
- That's enough.
You saw him swallowing the chain
and when Prasad turned back
he saw him swallowing something.
So, both of them witnessed it.
Yes. They saw it.
- Continue.
When I started shouting,
they stopped the bus.
The fellow passengers
caught hold of him.
Did he try to escape then?
No. - No.
- But why wouldn't he?
Prasad, you were able to catch him
because there were
so many people on the bus.
He would have escaped
if you two were alone. Right?
Yes, he would have.
- He ran. - Yes.
He ran, sir. He got out and ran.
And then?
All of us caught him
and brought him here.
But he'd already run.
How did you catch him?
He ran away.
- He escaped.
Prasad, to strengthen the case,
the testimony needs to be altered.
You need to say that he ran.
Only then will you get your chain.
He ran away. - Yes.
- Got me? - Yes.
We need to show that
the police arrested him. - Yes.
We need to record
the arrest. - Yes.
That will strengthen the case.
Sir, will it adversely affect us?
What do you mean?
Do you think we will put you
in harm's way?
Then all the complainants here
would've been in trouble. - Yes.
We register cases to assure you
a peaceful life.
It won't affect you.
- How could you guys say that?
Do you know why we do this?
Guys like him are born criminals.
We shouldn't let them get away.
We should get them behind bars.
Sir, measure his height.
Make him stand close to the wall.
He has already been thrashed well.
Sir, 175 cm.
How much do you weigh?
- 68 kg.
Add the weight of the chain
in your tummy too.
Two sovereigns of gold, right?
How much would that be?
- What?
16 grams. - Really?
- He knows that well.
You know that well, don't you?
He's smart.
- What's your real name?
Prasad P. K.
- 'Prasad P. K.'
Your father's name?
- Purushan.
The name, not the gender.
- That's it.
Your father's name?
- Purushan K.
Tell me the address.
Kalluparambil House.
'Kalluparambil House.'
Andathode PO.
What did you say?
- Andathode.
'Andathode PO.'
- What?
But you'd said Palluruthy.
- I was scared.
I was scared.
Which police precinct
do you belong to?
A precinct near Chavakkad.
There are a lot of precincts
in Chavakkad.
I ran away from there
20 years ago.
Where did you run away to?
- Mangalore.
Come on, speak up.
For fun!
- He's laughing! - For fun?
Look, this guy ran away
for fun!
He ran away for fun.
What about your family?
My father's brother
was there when I left.
Your father's..
- Younger brother.
When you ran away..
- Where's he now? - Your parents?
They died.
- They died.
What did you do in Mangalore?
I worked at a night cafe.
Remove your shirt.
- What is it?
Night cafe.
- What is that?
What did you do there?
I used to make Parathas.
- Oh, Paratha.
How many Parathas can you make
with one kilogram of flour?
Around 35.
Incredible! - Hey.
- You are quite good at this.
Mangalore is famous
for its little Parathas.
I can make 60 Coin Parathas.
How many?
- 60.
- Oh, my God!
Hey, do you know Kannada?
Do you know Kannada?
What is your name?
Prasad. - And your name is?
- Prasad.
Oh, he knows..
- He knows it all.
He knows everything.
- He is something. - Indeed.
He has learnt everything..
- List your identification marks.
Sir, there is a scar on his back.
Let me see.
Turn around. - Turn.
Turn around!
Oh! Who stabbed you?
Nobody stabbed me.
- Then what is it?
Long back, a rod pierced my back
when I jumped into the water.
A rod pierced through you?
- When I jumped in.
Did you jump because the police
were behind you? - No. - Then.
I did a somersault.
Oh, somersault?
- Somersault..
Come closer.
- It happened when I was a kid.
Can you show us how it is done?
Do you want to try?
Come on, do it.
So, how did you steal her chain?
Answer me, dear.
The chain was broken.
- Where?
On her neck.
- On her neck? And then?
So, you pulled it and saved it
from falling.
Then, you swallowed it.
Did you swallow it
because you were hungry?
Isn't hunger the reason
for everything?
Yes.. Hunger is indeed the reason.
- Sir.
It's the first time
I'm seeing someone
who eats gold when he is hungry
- And 16 grams.
Where were you travelling to
on that bus?
I was going to my native place
to get myself an ID card.
I was fired from work
as I had no ID card.
Who did so?
- Police.
So, you were arrested back there
as well? - Yes, as I had no ID.
There was another guy
who worked with me.
He was arrested as he had
no ID card.
I haven't heard from him
in two years.
Are you blaming us for that?
- I was not blaming you. - Then?
I was out of work because of it..
- What are you saying?
That's why I was fired from work.
- We'll get you an ID card.
Hey, take his photograph.
- Yes, come.. - Go on.
Now sign here.
Sir, have you charged me
with anything else? - What?
The charges on me.
Sign here, you bloody scoundrel!
I haven't seen him in a while..
He recently had a heart attack..
I have to go to a lot of places.
- Where are you going?
When do you think we'll get
your chain back?
Take a break today.
- I think it will take six months.
No, it won't take that long.
- Go on, then.
Okay. - As the case has been filed,
we have to find a lawyer.
It is going to be a headache.
- Yes.
What about the land?
- A few people were here.
But the absence of a water source
is a major issue.
Try digging a well two feet away
from the initial position.
There is a chance
that you might find water.
I will find the right people
as soon as you get a water source.
- All right.
We shouldn't have bought the land
over here in such a hurry.
After fighting the case, getting
your chain back and finding water
it will be tough to raise crops
this season.
What do you want now?
No, what are you trying to say?
Well.. - I won't compromise
with that thief, no matter what!
It's tough for me.
It's not that.
I feel that everything
is unprosperous.
I feel very weird after we
lost your nuptial chain.
What is your problem?
Why do you feel weird after
losing the nuptial chain?
- Let me ask you something.
When you helped me board a
bus yesterday, you told me
that we lost the chain
as I was careless.
Did we lose it as I was careless?
I said it as I was
tense at that moment.
I didn't mean what I said.
How can you blame me when a
thief snatched my chain?
I will make one thing clear.
Even if we get that chain,
I swear on God
that I won't wear the
chain he swallowed.
What are you saying, Sreeja?
I tied that chain.
Will it lose its divinity?
Answer me.
There is nothing in this world
which is greater than our love.
I will ask my sister
to lend us some money.
That is not needed.
I have asked brother to sell
five cents from my share.
If he gets a good deal,
he will call me.
That will do.
Althaf, the boy is
devouring the food.
Don't make fun of him, sir.
Children will be very hungry.
You must get the order
tomorrow itself.
Thank you.
Your phone is ringing.
It must be from the station.
This is Sreekandan.
- From Thavanakkadavu.
Tell me, sir.
I mean, Father-in-law.
It is your dad.
- Are you fine, Prasad?
Yes. I am fine.
I shall pass the phone to Sreeja.
Your dad.
Hello, Dad.
Do you have any plans to come here
or to Prasad's house?
We don't have any plans right now.
Maybe Prasad..
- Don't come.
Let a few years pass.
I shall tell you when to.
If you need money,
just let me know.
You don't need to come
here for that.
I know, Dad. I know that
you won't call me ever.
You may be happy, Dad.
Are the temple
trust members fine, Dad?
Daughter of a scoundrel.
Leave it.
We believe that we have
got generous hearts.
We are modern.
We shall forgive him.
Leave it.
- Hey..
The next one may come..
Get down..
Hey, he swallowed their chain.
- Really? - Yes.
They took him on top of the hill.
Hey, they are from Alappuzha.
- Really?
Where do they stay now?
I read it in the newspaper.
Why are you coming over there?
Go and sit in the station.
We shall leave.
Hey, the owner of the chain
has come. - Don't mock him.
Be careful, Prasad.
What happened, sir?
We have made him sit there.
Sir, when will I get the chain
after all the formalities?
I am not sure.
Well, sir, I am
financially weak.
If I knew when I would get it,
I could've planned accordingly.
This is a robbery case.
- Okay.
If we try hard
we might get it in 18 months.
18 months.
18 months?
Aren't you educated, Prasad?
Is this pen just for the show?
Don't you know how
the system works, Prasad?
We shall do something, Prasad..
- Sir..
Catch him.. - Thief..
- Catch him.. - Hey!
Stop.. - Move..
- Run.. - Move.
Follow him.
- Catch him..
Hello, Mr. Chandran.
- Sir, Prasad has escaped.
- Where did he go?
He went towards the fields!
Sir, Prasad has escaped.
Who is there on duty? Come soon..
Come.. - Sir.
- Okay, sir. - Get your bike..
Come.. - Mr. Aji, go soon..
- Where is everyone?
Make it fast..
- Come..
We shall leave. Go..
We shall go to Athirampuzha.
Sir, may I go with them?
- Stop talking. Get inside.
Sir.. - Go inside.. - Sir.. What
is it? - Prasad tried to escape.
No problem.
- Start the vehicle.
Please sit.
- Sir..
We shall go soon.
Look for him.
Greetings, sir.
- Hello. Tell me.
Sir, P-Prasad has escaped.
- What?
What are you saying?
We took him to the hill.
- Tell me what happened.
- What have you done?
You should've been careful.
He has been accused of robbery.
How can you take this so lightly?
I am running.
- Don't leave him. - Okay, sir.
Jaison and I
are on his tail, sir.
He is now running
towards the plantation.
C-Can you see him? - He is right
in front of me, sir.
I won't let him escape. - Okay..
Don't leave him.. Very good..
Follow him.
So, we don't have to catch him?
He's playing foul.
I couldn't handle him. If we
played by the rules, I could have.
Stay there.
- Hey.
Oh, God.
Catch him.
Did you find him?
- God!
Sir, Sreeja is waiting for us.
Hello, Sreeja.
- What happened, sir?
Don't worry.
We have the area covered.
We'll catch him any minute now.
Don't worry. We'll get him.
Sheeba, make Sreeja wait
over there. - Okay, sir.
Over there.
Come, Sreeja.
Greetings, sir.
- Greetings.
No hope.
Did you get any information, sir?
Nothing? - He had been followed
till the plantation.
Sir. - There has been no news
for the past ten minutes.
Can't we comb the irrigation fields?
Yes. Irrigation fields.
Who else is here?
- Only two people are here.
Two people.
- Jijesh.
Jijesh. - Pass your duties
to Sarala. - Okay, sir.
You may go after doing that.
- Okay, sir.
Do one thing.
Go to Adukasthala Junction.
Got it? - Yes, sir.
- Check all vehicles.
- Where are you?
Sir, now I am near the mosque.
What are you doing there?
I'll lock him in ten minutes.
- What are you saying?
No, sir. Jaison and others
have almost caught him.
We'll get him.
- Who are you trying to bluff?
You'll get to know
when you lose your job.
Got it? I am not
responsible for anything.
You were the one who took him.
Got it?
Make sure you secure your job.
Please don't say that, sir.
- I'll get back with you..
What did he say, sir?
Well, he says that
he has locked him.
Why is he lying?
We haven't gotten any information
for ten minutes. He's missing.
Inform the CI about this, sir.
Tell him what happened.
If I inform him,
he will come here.
I will have to listen
to his abuses.
Why are you concerned, sir?
This is not your fault.
He must've been careful
while taking the accused out.
You may be right. But
he came here after
getting punished once.
If they take action against
him again, he'll lose his job.
Sir, the CI is here.
Call the writer.
- Sir.
Have you completed the work?
- Yes, sir. - Take it.
- What is the issue?
He was taken out, sir.
And he ran away.
Who was the officer with him?
ASI Chandran.
Where is the SI? - He has gone out.
- He'll be back. - Where?
Where? - He went in search
of him.
If we don't find
the accused by evening
everyone will lose their jobs.
It'll include suspension, removal,
PR etc. Do you know? - Sir.
Look for him. - Okay.
- Make it fast.. - Okay, sir.
Did you inform everyone? - Yes.
- Did you inform at the station?
Not there.. - Did you inform
at the check post?
Yes, sir. We haven't sent a
wireless message. - Make it fast.
He will reach Karnataka in a while.
We can call them, sir. - If that
happens, we won't get him.
Where is your uniform?
Sir. - How can you be on duty
without your uniform?
Get your uniform!
Sir. - Turn on the fan..
- Okay.
Not that. It is the other switch.
Don't you know?
Second one..
The CI is calling me..
Hello, sir..
Good morning, sir.
What is happening?
Sir, I am looking for the accused.
Will you find him soon?
Will you get him by noon?
We'll find him for sure.
I'll bring him to you.
Do one thing. Come here.
I want to talk to you.
Sir, let me look for him..
I'm hesitant to come
there empty-handed.
No.. You must come here.
You can't do this.
Come to me.
Please, sir.
I'll be back..
The SP doesn't know about this yet.
I can't keep this
from him for long.
It will be difficult for everyone.
- Sir. I'll come, sir.. - Come..
- Okay..
Damn. I don't know what to do.
The CI must be very angry.
We are in trouble.
Come soon, sir.
Come soon, sir.
I need my chain.
I need that chain.
I need that chain!
What do you think of yourself?
Tell me!
How dare you escape!
Thought you could escape?
- Sit.. - Move..
Look straight!
What is your name?
Where were you trying
to escape to?
Sajan, isn't there anyone apt
to question him here? - Yes, sir.
Look into this matter.
- Come on. - Get up! - Get up!
Why did you try to escape?
Please don't beat me, sir.
He told me to escape.
- Who told you?
Mr. Chandran.
You! - Sir.. - Leave him,
Chandran.. Leave him!
Hey, did the chain come out?
He told me to escape as soon
as I get the chain.
I've kept it on top of the bus stop
as told by him.
That's not possible, right?
Get a medical check-up done again.
Hurry up.
Only if it's not a trouble
for you, okay?
Chandran. - Yes?
You don't have to go
for the medical examination.
Take him.
- Yes, sir.
If the chain is not found
in your stomach..
Come on!
- Get up and come on!
You deserve a good beating!
'Dear devotees.'
'The food is being served
in the temple premises.'
'The ones who are yet to have..'
- Mr. Chandran.
Mr. Ravi has summoned you.
- '...need to assemble soon.'
They had called from the hospital.
It seems the chain was not found.
Are you serious?
- That's what they said.
It's okay.
We'll somehow manage it.
We will manage it.
What is this, Sajan?
You are still young.
People have a good opinion
about you.
But such a case would be enough
to spoil your image.
You might even get
a precautionary suspension.
I might just get
a supervisory lapse.
But I'll avoid it somehow.
I have influence
and I can manage it.
But you are going to land
in trouble.
Do you know? The chain
was not found in his stomach!
Will you ever find it, buddy?
Or did you misplace it
Sir, he is lying.
I've no part in this play.
No, sir. He won't take it.
He has served for a long period.
There are so many officers here.
But why did he mention
only his name?
Sir, I was the one
who arrested him.
So, he would've thought that he was
caught just because of me.
Really? But I was the one
who beat him ruthlessly.
He should've mentioned
my name.
You weren't careful.
That's your mistake!
Yes! That's it!
There have been so many reports
in the newspapers.
Whatever happens, the police
can never solve any case.
It has always been that way.
- Sir
just give me some time.
I will somehow
make him produce the chain.
I'll give you an hour.
If you can't get it within
the time
I'll send the special report.
Then you'll definitely get
suspended. Do you know that?
It'll be as good
as being fired.
GD is still pending, right?
Mr. Sajan has told to skip
an hour, sir.
Sir, I haven't informed
through the wireless.
Nobody knows about it.
- Rubbish!
WhatsApp and Facebook are faster
modes of communication nowadays.
It would've already come
on the group. The video
of the thief escaping would be
making rounds on kids' phones!
Such a shame!
You just have an hour.
Use as much force as you want
or use your cunning brains.
But just get the chain from him.
- Yes, sir.
Keep an eye on him. Take care
so that he isn't too ruthless.
Else, we'll have to answer
the Human welfare association.
Sir, it's Sadhanandan.
- See what he has to tell.
Hello. Tell me, Sadhanandan.
- Sir, he escaped. - What?
I searched the entire
forest, sir.
He is nowhere found.
Where are you now?
- I am close to the canal, sir.
What a fool!
We have already found him!
Go and find some other culprit.
What happened? - He didn't find
the culprit, it seems. - Great!
Look how fast and smart
your officers are!
How will we prosper?
It's high time that
they're dismissed.
Prasad, do you want some water?
Hey, Prasad!
Drink it..
Prasad, what is all this?
Don't you want to put
an end to this?
It's been two days now!
Look here.
While you came in
did you notice a couple
sitting outside?
Prasad and Sreeja.
Did you notice?
They're a married couple
and losing the nuptial chain
would be a great deal for them.
Did you hear me?
So, as her nuptial chain is lost
she would be emotionally
affected by that.
But you might not understand
her plight.
Do you hear me?
- Yes.
Where did you keep the chain?
I kept it on top of the bus stop.
Prasad, I'm telling this
for your sake.
If they get back their chain,
they'll take back the case.
If they get their chain back,
they'll compromise right away.
What do you say?
How can you compromise a case
which has already been filed?
This bastard knows things!
Prasad, just give it back.
- Prasad..
He is a big cheat!
- Tell the truth.
Or else,
it'll worsen the situation.
It's with Mr. Chandran..
- Did you hear me?
It's with Mr. Chandran.. - You
better tell the truth! Where is it?
It's with Mr. Chandran..
- Give back the chain!
You've just been repeating
the same thing!
From the time he landed up,
he has been pretending!
Hey, what do you think
of us?
Do you think we are fools?
Give back the chain!
It's with Mr. Chandran. - Bastard!
- I'll screw your case!
Give back the chain! - Don't drag
my mother into this, sir.
Prasad.. - What will you do
if I say so?
Sir.. - Prasad!
- Sir, please tell them.
Didn't you tell me to do so?
- Prasad!
Where's the chain?
- It's with him.. - Tell the truth!
Don't use such foul language, sir.
- What will you do?
Tell the truth! - Didn't you tell
me to escape after I get the chain?
Didn't you say so? - Tell
the truth! - Show me your hand..
Sir, didn't you tell me so?
- Show your hand, pig!
Show your hand.. - Sir..
- Hold his hand firmly.
Sir, please don't hurt me..
- Hold it firmly.
Sir, you told me to..
- No, we'll sing a lullaby for you!
Like this.. - Sir, the chain..
- Where is the chain?
Sir, in the bus stop..
- Where is the chain?
Do you know how it feels..
- Please, sir!
Don't hurt me, sir!
- ... if I pierce you like this.
Sir, you told me so.
- Tell the truth!
Tell the truth. - Come on..
- Where is the chain?
Didn't you tell me to escape?
- Did I tell you? - Yes.
You told me so.
- So, I told you to escape, right?
Sir, please don't hurt me.
- Hold him..
Where is the chain?
- It's hurting, sir!
Did I tell you?
How dare you, filthy dog!
Speak up!
- You don't have to worry.
Hey, Sreeja..
Don't worry. It's all right.
Nothing to worry.
Sir.. - No!
Get up, scoundrel!
- Take him, sir!
Come on!
- Come on, bastard!
Come on.
How dare you tried to escape
from the police?
It was Prasad who was scared.
- Haven't you still had enough?
Hey. Hey, get up..
Hey, stop pretending.
Get up!
Get some cold water.
Hey, get up!
We've got him.
What happened, Shaji?
He is unconscious, sir.
- What are you saying?
What happened, sir?
- He has lost consciousness.
Will you land us in trouble?
What's wrong? What happened?
What have you done to him?
Nothing has happened.
- He is just pretending.
Hey, Prasad!
Stop pretending.
Pour some water into his ears.
Hey! - Oh, no..
Please help me!
They are trying to kill me..
- Catch him!
Oh, no.. - Hey!
- Hey..
No.. - Hey, don't leave him!
Hey, let me through!
No.. Oh, God..
Oh, no..
Will this worsen?
I heard that he fell unconscious.
Oh, God! I was on duty.
Will they worsen the situation?
Where's Chandran? - Prasad fell
unconscious, sir. - What?
Nobody informed me.
Oh, no.. - Let's go.
Come. - Oh, God!
Sir, please don't beat me!
Get up! Get up..
- Oh, no..
Stop! Stop it!
Move aside! Shaji!
Hey, stop it!
Stop it! - Oh, no..
- What are you people doing?
I'm unable to breathe!
I'm going to die, sir. - Shut up..
Sir.. - Shut up!
What's wrong with you people?
How can you all beat him up
like this?
There's a limit for everything!
Shaji, you stay back. I want
everyone else out of the room. Out!
You've completely lost it!
What if something had
happened to him?
Beating was of no use, right?
We'll have to find an alternative.
Manage it. - Sir, give me
some more time.
Just listen to what I say!
Got it?
Sir, Prasad and Sreeja want
to leave. - I'll come.
Did you understand? - Yes, sir.
- 'Everyone should bring'
'the receipt to enter the temple
tomorrow.' - Hello?
Hey, give me a cigarette.
- 'Show the receipt'
'and collect your offertories.'
Hello.. - Yes, Prasad.
- Sir, can we leave? - Sure.
By the way, we questioned
him properly.
He has blurted out everything.
Without any doubt, you'll get
your chain by tomorrow.
Don't worry, Sreeja.
Don't beat him anymore, sir.
It's all right even if we
don't get back our chain.
We won't beat him. They'll manage
the way it should be done, okay?
And.. We need your complete
support for this case.
You are the complainants.
Are you clear?
You can leave.
Okay, sir.
Sir, I posted Prasad's photo
on our WhatsApp group.
One of the policemen
from Payyanur identified him.
But he wasn't found guilty.
What's interesting is that he
was dumb at that time.
So, they are not sure
if he's the same person.
I am very sure, sir.
He can pretend to any extent.
Yes, that's possible.
- Rascal!
You have started smoking
again, haven't you?
I am very tense.
If that SI hadn't stopped me,
I would've beat him..
Haven't you still realised
that beating is of no use?
You beat your son enough.
But what was the result?
I have had enough!
I'm thinking of taking a leave.
Anyway, I'm nearing retirement.
That is better. We can go
and stay with our daughter.
91.. - Where does Prasad stay?
- The next door.
That one?
- Yes.
Oh, sir! - Why did you leave
without informing me?
I'd informed, sir.
I had also informed the SI.
Please come in.
- Yes.
Sit down.
Even my quarters has got only
these many facilities.
Sit down, Prasad.
Sit down.
Dear, nothing important.
I just dropped by.
We enquired about him.
He is a born criminal.
Didn't you hear him saying
He can do anything to cover up
his mistakes.
Nothing much.
Just do one thing, dear.
Come to the station tomorrow
and accept this as your chain.
This chain belongs to me.
But we can proceed with this
for now.
After you win the case,
you can take this chain.
It is worth two sovereigns.
We have no complaint, sir.
We have no intention to approach
anyone else with this complaint.
Prasad, this is all usual here.
We do this often.
Sreeja, shouldn't we trap him?
No need, sir.
We aren't interested.
Dear, I am from a reputed family.
Not only me, most of them
among us.
We had to do all this
for your sake.
Even before, we've got ourselves
into trouble by helping others.
We get no respect
for being a police.
The higher officials don't show
any mercy.
Tomorrow, I will have
to pay for this.
Thanks a lot, Prasad.
Sir, we will come.
No need, Prasad.
No, sir.
We don't need your chain.
We'll come to the station
and accept it.
Well, just be there by
10 in the morning.
Okay? See you then.
You would be having a bad
body ache, right?
Yes, Sudhakaran.
Will you massage my legs?
The way these police conduct..
Is not right.
If a thorn pricks our leg
will we cut our legs
to take it out?
We just have to pluck
the thorn out.
When we do our work..
We just give a gentle touch
on the skin with a cutter.
Only if the person doesn't realise
we cut the chain
in a slow motion.
Then we place one end of the chain
onto their dress.
Then slowly..
With patience..
we spin it around our finger.
We spin it completely
and then just pull it.
The chain snatchers
won't understand this.
The Singapore cut chains look
beautiful but they're very sharp.
If snatched, it might even slit
their throat.
That is called robbery.
This is just mere theft.
My heel too.
Despite knowing so much,
how did you get caught?
Sometimes, things can go wrong.
And that route wasn't
in my comfort zone.
I'm more comfortable
along the routes to the south.
Anyway, you're caught.
Why don't you just give back
the chain and get through this?
I will not lose hope until
the last moment.
I believe in that.
I still have hopes.
Sir, the locket is 42 milligrams.
- 'Devotees..'
'There is a special
'As a part of the temple
The chain weighs 15 grams
and 82 milligrams.
'...can collect the offertory
from the respective counters.'
Here, sir.
Mr. Chandran, Prasad and his wife
are here. - Let them in.
Come in.. Sit down.
Isn't this your chain?
- Yes. - Yes.
This is your locket, right?
- Yes.
This was what you lost, right?
Wasn't he the one who snatched
it from you?
Sit here. I'll be right back.
If that is Sreeja's chain, then
I admit that I've lost this case.
I had a hope that you
won't lie, Sreeja.
Didn't you force me to lie?
No.. Leave it.
Leave that.
I'll have to sacrifice my
seven years. That's okay.
Near that canal..
The place where I tried to climb
up for the second time..
I've thrown the chain
at that place.
If you search there,
you'll find it.
If not me,
at least let it benefit you.
If I give it to the police,
you won't get it back.
Don't you need money
for digging a well?
Even I am in need of money.
But nobody would believe me.
Can't you work for a living?
My dear, Prasad..
Are you doing good?
- Yes, sir.
I didn't ask you!
I am fine, sir.
Where is Mr. Chandran? - He went
to the SI's cabin. - Okay.
I know that you are good
at heart.
I like you. That is why
I chose your name.
Even I wish to have a family
like you and live happily.
I tried every possible work.
But nothing worked out for me.
At least hereafter, I should try
to live in a better way.
But my future is in your hands.
You just have to tell the truth
in the court, Sreeja.
Just accept that this is not
your chain.
But here, you should tell
the other way.
The police can control you
only at the station.
They have no value
inside the court.
We have every right
to speak there.
Your statement.. Ouch!
It's the result of yesterday's
Police can't do anything if you
change your statement.
How can you say all this?
Please help me out.
Mr. Chandran. - Yes?
- I've got the offertory.
Give it to them as well.
It's from this temple.
Have it.
I've not taken a bath.
Sreeja, sign here.
And you, sign here.
- Yes, sir.
Okay. You can leave.
I'll summon you when needed.
- Okay.
Sorry, Prasad.
Take him inside.
- Yes, sir.
"Time may come and go"
"without leaving any trace behind."
"It may bring us moments"
"filled with sorrow and grief."
"There may come moments"
"filled with hopes."
"Who knows?"
"Can you spread some brightness
in my life?"
"Can you spread some light
of hope in my life?"
Parade, present arms!
"Amidst all the responsibilities"
"we get stuck in the race
of life."
"Amidst the competition"
"we forget ourselves."
"As time passes by"
"we forget to live our life."
"Can you spread some brightness
in my life?"
"Can you spread some light
of hope in my life?"
"Tired of the old tricks"
"we try to find something new."
"We slowly start forgetting"
"the moments of sorrow."
"With a hope to find a way out"
"we wait till the last moment."
"Can you spread some brightness
in my life?"
"Can you spread some light
of hope in my life?"
"Can you spread some brightness
in my life?"