Thongsook 13 (2013) Movie Script

Take a pill, you'll feel better
You'll have to celebrate
your birthday in bed then
Today's your birthday?
What happened to you?
I got punched
By who?
Tong, from class 6
Have you told your teacher?
I told him I fell
Why didn't you tell him
what happened?
Tong would get mad
and beat me up again
That's not cool
My name is Thongsook
I'm Nam
Will you have a birthday party?
I don't think so.
My mom is always busy at work
If I had a party,
I would've invited you
So what will do you later?
Go home and watch TV
"Dark Dimension" is on tonight
A horror show?
Aren't you scared?
It's my favorite.
Are you scared?
do you want to see a ghost?
You mean,
Like, a real ghost?
Of course I do!
Have you seen one before?
I don't mean a phony Ouija Board
I want to see a real ghost
I've seen them all the time
When I was very young,
they almost killed me
My mother took me to the temple
and the monk gave me this amulet
So you've seen ghosts?
What if...
I want to see it too
You just...
take this amulet off me
I'm not sure
Come on, it's broad daylight!
But I'm scared
Come on, I'm here with you
Trust me
I'm your friend
Are you really?
Yes! Friends won't leave each other
If anything happens,
put this back on...
What's happened?
Thongsook! Come back to me!
Come back to me!
Son, come back to me!
Come back to me!
I've got you some snacks,
a belated birthday gift
Take it
Aren't you angry with me?
About what?
No, because we're friends, right?
I'll have to go to class
You just got here?
I've been here for a while
So why aren't you in class?
I want to go in with you
- Really?
- Yes
Let's go
Traditional ceremonies are
different in each region
depending on their history
and environment
In the North we see, for instance,
the Lantern Festival
In this picture you can see
the offering rite to the
spirits of the ancestors
During the holidays I'd like
you to find more cases
for your reports and presentations
That's it for now, thank you
See you next time
We've fooled Thongsook!
Sure, I bet he has no idea
where we are now
Why do we have to hide this from him?
Please, Nam
let's keep him out of this just for once
Wherever we go,
that dumbass sticks to us like a leech
He doesn't want to stick to us, just her
I feel sorry for him,
nobody wants to hang out with him
And don't you feel sorry for us, huh?
All right?
Let's meet at the pier
From there it's 2 hours to the island
See you at 10 at the pier
- Okay. Sure
- Hey, let me see the map
Can't you see the table is wet?
It's all right, I have another map
- Let's go
- I'm not treating you!
Easy man!
- I'm hungry
- Let's go to Jae Ju
- What?
- Jae Ju?
Are you really going to spend
the night on the island?
Yes, just one night
Nobody wants to spend
the night there anymore
Why's that?
It looks like such a nice place
My uncle told me
that once there were
a lot of people on the island
But they all moved out
after that night of
Devouring Spirit ceremony
Something went wrong and
a lot of people were killed
It was an offering rite to
the guardian spirit at the shrine
on the night of the 13th
My uncle was there,
it scared the shit out of him
My soul is melancholy...
my spirit roams freely
Bring me chicken and cattle
bring me the whole flock of ducks
Bring me goats, deer and donkeys,
bring me the blood of the beasts!
- Yes!
- Hooray!
We're here!
- Be careful
- Easy, easy
Come here
Help them up Jack
Boy, you're on your own
This is yours
This too
- Thanks
- Okay
Your story is entertaining,
you can finish it tomorrow
when you pick us up
Please be on time, we won't be able to
get another boat around here
Four o'clock on the dot.
I won't wait around if you're late
Sure, thanks
Okay, let's go
Keep walking!
- Take it easy
- What are these things?
Hurry up
Keep going and it's on the left
- You've been here before?
- My dad told me
Didn't know your dad was rich!
Beam, look!
A real big house!
Your dad's vacation
home is pretty awesome!
It's not actually my father's house
Someone put it up as a guarantee
and he disappeared
Took the money and ran?
Yeah, he didn't pay us back,
so we took the house
- Where's the key?
- It's with you
Hello handsome!
You're a cat fanatic!
This one looks like a stray
No! Look, he has an owner
Ouch, that hurts!
I told you
You'd better go wash it
What's wrong Jack?!
It's not funny Jack!
- It's not funny at all!
- Jack!
- Get up!
- Jack!
I've had you!
- Scared, huh?
- Scared your ass!
Let's take a look around the house
- Girls, which room shall we take?
- I'll take the corner room
How do you open it?
My foot!
I thought it was a toilet,
it's a storeroom.
Beam, the view is fantastic!
This is super-cool!
I love it!
We should've come by ourselves
We wouldn't be here
if they hadn't let us come
Hang on a sec!
You're hitting on me?
Do you want me to?
Or should I ask permission
from Thongsook first?
Okay, Thongsook!
Okay, permission granted
- How's that?
- Cut it out
I'm just joking
So what's the story between
you and Thongsook?
You keep mentioning him,
do you want him to show up?
- Are you okay?
- Nam!
Nam! Are you all right?
I just wanted to surprise you
What's that noise?
Holy crap!
How did you get here?
I came by a magic portal
I want to surprise you guys!
You won't leave us alone, will you?
You're here, so let's go take a dip
I'll go and explore the island
Anybody want to come with me?
Boy, every island is the same!
There're just rocks and trees everywhere!
You're wrong
- this island is different
- How so?
The guy who mortgaged
the land told my dad...
that this place is crawling with ghosts!
The ghost did it!
You're so chicken!
- Well, the ghosts here are particularly vicious
- Really?
The boatman hasn't finished his story,
so here it is
That night, the ritual
went horribly wrong
because an altar boy freaked out
and dropped a candle
The spirit there is fierce
I don't believe that
- I'll take you to see them
- No! I'm scared!
Do you have painkillers?
In the bag near the door
Take only one tablet
It's strong, or you'll sleep for two days
I already took two
Well, good night then!
We'll take you into the
horror mode right now
We'll take a trip to...
the shrine at the other end of the island
That's where villagers
used to make offerings
It's like paying a protection fee
to the ghosts!
A protection fee for the ghosts!
Are you scared?
I... I...
I'd better go back to be with Nam
Come here!
- Don't be a spoilsport!
- Come here!
You have to come with us!
- You're a piece of work
- Don't run away!
It's just over there
- I want to go back to Nam
- You're not going anywhere
- Nam's fine, stay with us!
- Smile!
Come on!
Don't let him run away!
Shoot this
Go that way
- This way?
- I'm groggy
Am I drunk?
Where is he going?
Smile to the camera
Why do you want to go back?!
Thongsook, smile!
I want to go back to Nam!
I want to go back to Nam!
Acting tough now?
This place is evil!
Don't freak out! Come here!
Stand still!
Maybe what the boatman told us was true
Every story is exaggerated,
don't you know that?
- Let's go
- No!
I'm not going that way!
I want to go home!
We just got here!
We'll do some sightseeing first, okay?
I'm scared!
You go first!
Go on!
Keep walking
Don't be a sissy!
Where are you taking me?
It's a surprise!
Shut up and walk!
This place is wicked!
- This is wicked, eh?
- Yeah!
- Keep going
- What next?
We're here, so we have to go all the way
- But I'm not going in first!
- You go!
Follow him!
I want to go home!
Not now!
Keep walking!
What's that!
- Don't shout!
- You won't be going home!
Come here!
I'll be damned!
This place is totally spooky!
Let me see!
What's that?
Look here! Oops, you're blindfolded!
- Looks great!
- What are you doing?
Let me off!
Let me go!
- Let me go!
- Get some rest in there!
- Let me out!
- Shut up!
Show us your Houdini trick, will ya?
Surprise me by teleporting
yourself out of the cell!
Let me out!
Let me out!
Let him out and let's go back!
Shut up!
Don't you see how morbid
and cool this place is?
It's perfect to let our
dear friend rest for the night
- You're right!
- No! Don't leave me here!
I'll tell you something
Let me out!
Jack, what's this?
His amulet
I want to go home! Let me out!
Shit! Why did you lock the door?
Did I do that?
If not you then who?
Get the key and get him out!
I don't have the key!
I didn't even lock it!
Help me! Help!
Help me!
How can we get him out?!
Are you still alive?
Let me out!
He sounds like a lunatic!
Let's find something
to force the door open
This is a story of faith
and horror, please stay tuned
Isn't it spooky?
We should go get a crowbar,
this lock is damn huge!
Thongsook, hang in there,
we'll go get a crowbar
Don't go anywhere okay?
Where else could he go, huh?
Shouldn't someone
stay here with him?
You should!
Are you nuts?
Why is it so dark?
The power generator must be broken
Shit, that's my tequila!
No time to worry about that,
go get the crowbar!
Go to bed if you're drunk,
don't be a slut!
Did you put something in it?
Two drops...
of love
It's pissing down,
how can we go back there?
We can't. We have to wait
If anything happens,
put this amulet back on...
Boy! Wake up!
- Boy!
- What?
This is Thongsook's amulet
This is Thongsook's amulet,
where is he?
- Where is Thongsook?
- Give me a sec
Boy, where's Thongsook?!
One... Two... Three
Are you sure you put him in this cell?
Is there another in here?
Maybe someone has gotten him out
Who could that be?
My camera!
It's stopped, but the recorded file still works
What's that thing?
A tiger?
Tiger my ass!
Nerdy boy!
Where are you?
Isn't it weird?
What's weird?
Have you seen any dogs or cats?
So what?
Yesterday the island is full of cats,
where are they now?
There's nobody here!
The boat's here!
Nam, let's go
Can you come back again tomorrow
at 7 in the morning?
Listen to me
Don't go near the shrine
at the other end of the island
Tonight is Friday the 13th
Don't ever set foot out of your house
You should go
Dumb kids!
I put some drama in the story
and I got money for my booze!
This is no time for a joke!
A joke? Look here
I swear Thongsook was right there!
I'll try to find Thongsook
at the shrine again
The boatman just told us not to go near it
Right, don't worry about him
He came by himself,
he'll be able to find his way back
Maybe he's already
back in Bangkok by now!
I'll go by myself if you guys don't want to
Wait Nam!
She's gone
Thongsook is obviously hotter than you!
Don't you have a sense of humor?
Are you looking at me, huh?
- Jack!
- Thongsook!
Come out now!
I've wasted enough time on you!
Where the hell are you?
I've had enough,
you dimwitted prick!
Come out now, asshole!
Come out!
Come out!
Holy shit!
He's not in there
Pui! What's wrong?
We have to get out of here!
- What's wrong with you?
- Did you see it?
Did you see it?
- Did you see it?
- What?
I'm out of here!
We have to run!
Nam! We have to run!
This way!
Speed up!
- We're here!
- Beam, wait!
- Wait!
- Nam!
Jack! Wait!
- Calm down Pui!
- Shit, you didn't wait for me!
It's raining can't you see?!
It's locked! Where's the key?
You have it!
- Nonsense!
- I gave it to you!
Open up quickly!
Pui, what's wrong?
Hurry up!
I got it!
Where were you?
We ran around looking for you like mad!
It's raining, I hate when it's raining
Your way of seeking attention
drove us crazy
So what happened last night?
Devouring Ghost, Devouring Ghost
Devouring Ghost, Devouring Ghost
Tell me how did you get out?
Devouring Ghost, Devouring Ghost
Pui, what's wrong?
Is it your migraine?
Let's go lie down
I'll call the boatman again
Amulet, amulet,
where's my amulet?
The amulet!
No signal. You should go to bed
We'll leave first thing in the morning
Maybe this is what the boatman
warned us about...
Friday the 13th
Do you believe that crap?
No, I don't!
What are you looking at?
No thanks!
Wait for me!
Tell me what you saw
You're too sensitive
Don't tell me if you don't want to
I'm here with you
Don't be afraid
It'll be morning soon
Why didn't you wake me?
Where are you!
I've taken your body,
hope you don't mind
It's me!
Who wrote this?
- What's that?
- I don't know!
This way!
Help her!
- Pui!
- Help her!
Shit man!
- Pui!
- Beam!
Beam! Beam!
- Pui!
- Beam!
- Beam! No!
- No!
- Beam
- Beam! No!
Get her inside!
Get her inside!
Get inside!
- No!
- Get back in the house!
Come in here!
What the fuck is that?
- How could I know?!
- Wait!
Where's Thongsook?
- Run! Run!
- Thongsook!
- What?
- It's here!
- What?
- Run!
Watch out!
He's not Thongsook
It's me!
Come with me!
Is there anyone else in the house?
I'm asking how many of you are here?
Remain within the incense smoke!
Who're you?
Why should I trust you?
Are you human?
- Of course!
- Sure?
Some guy is fighting
the ghost upstairs
He's so cool!
Let's help him!
Are you all right?
Light these and give them to your friends
My boat is at the pier
We must go there
But you must not let
the joss sticks go out!
What if it does?
Then we're all dead
- Nam, hurry up!
- Watch out!
The joss sticks are broken!
Get back inside the house!
We got out and now
we have to come back here!
They're here again!
They weren't this vicious before
You kids did something
bad at the shrine, right?
It's not that bad!
We just locked up
a friend in the metal cell!
You "just"?
Secure the area with
this sacred thread, now!
Why don't you tie it?
It snapped! Give me the other end!
- Faster Jack!
- They're too short!
- What?
- This area is protected by magic,
there'll be a fierce battle
But now they're still in the house
Someone has to drive them away...
with this candle
I'm not a hero, you go!
Me neither
A woman would be better
You have to help us
You know I'm not a real woman
For God's sake you're just a lesbian!
- Take it!
- Hurry up if you still want to stay alive!
Time's running out
You without the candle, sit!
It's dangerous!
I'm not scared
The danger isn't to you,
but to her
Don't be afraid
As long as the candle is burning
nothing can harm you
Be careful!
Be careful!
They're just threatening you
Don't let'em!
Hold the candle high
and you'll chase them away!
Your fear will make them stronger,
A girl and a candle
can defeat all those ghosts?
Shut up!
This is just the appetizer!
If we can't get out of island by midnight...
All hell will break loose
The demon descends
on this night every year
It'll be pandemonium!
And what do we have to do?
We have to end this before midnight
What are you doing here?
This isn't real
What do you mean?
Think about it
How did you get here?
Believe me
Your friends may seem to be in danger
But none of this is real
Look at her!
And what should I do?
Open your eyes and wake up
Hello pretty!
You're drawing cartoon all day!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday... Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday... Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday to you!
Now blow the candle
Make a wish and blow
Thank you mom!
My mother never had
a birthday party for me!
You can't fool me, demon!
Tie the sacred thread!
I can't do it!
Don't come down just yet!
There's a dead body upstairs!
All of you,
take the sacred stakes from my bag
Use them to kill the ghosts
You want us to go and fight them now?
One of them is in the circle with us!
One of you here is already dead
When the girl upstairs
finds out who's dead
you have to stab
the body with the stakes!
You want us to kill our friend!
It's no longer your friend!
Nam, find the dead body
and tell us who it is!
Who's dead?
Just do what I said, now!
You were killed when you went upstairs!
It's you Jack!
You were dead since this evening!
It's Boy! It's him!
Not me!
If one of you is already
dead just show yourself!
Don't try to fool me!
It's you who's dead!
I found it!
Who is it?
Say it now!
It's Jack!
It's not me!
I told you I'm still alive!
Why did you stab me?!
- Beam! Stab him!
- Beam!
I will stab you too!
I'm still alive!
They're messing with you!
Burn the body!
It's not Jack!
It's Beam!
Damn it!
- How did we get here?
- Nam!
The friend who went missing...
You must find him...
before midnight...
before the demon arrives
Where can I find him?
- Shit!
- Thongsook!
All of you will die
No! Not here!
I'm your friend Thongsook!
I beg you! I'm your friend!
I will let one of you live
Just cut the sacred thread
and walk away
Go to the boat and leave
I won't stop you
Don't go!
It's not Thongsook,
don't believe him!
He's messing with you!
I'm giving you a chance
Listen to me!
Don't listen to him.
He's toying with us!
He's tricking us!
No he's not!
It's you who locked him up!
- Fuck you!
- Hey!
Why did you say that?
- Say what?
- Jack!
- I'm out of here!
- Jack!
- Get out of my way!
- Jack!
- Jack!
- I don't want to die here!
Don't go, Jack!
Leave me!
Come back here!
- Jack!
- I'm out of here!
I'm a ghost...
but you're a fool!
Get out of my face!
I've made it!
Can you get up?
Come on
Come on!
Nam, run away
Just leave me here
No, you have to be strong
You can do it!
You said you'd let me go!
You're fuckin' dead!
Get off my boat!
Shut your filthy mouth!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Get out of here, bitch!
Shut up!
I got the engine running!
I'm going home!
I'm going home!
What's so funny, huh!
That's enough!
I'm dead enough!
The candle is almost out
You must go!
I'll never leave you
I'm glad to hear that
I'm glad you said that
But when the candle is out...
we're both finished
We'll have to find Thongsook
Is that you?
- Thongsook!
- Nam!
Run, now!
- Thongsook!
- Nam!
Don't go near him!
Get back here!
You have to leave
- Don't worry about me! Just go!
- No!
I know what we have to do...
we need the amulet!
What amulet?
I'm dead... again!
Run, now!
You have to run!
I'll never leave you again!
You have to go now!
I'm not going anywhere!
Thongsook, is that you?
I love you
You know that right?
- Nam!
- Mom!
Mom! Is that you?
I'm here! I love you, child!
Fate ambushes us
at every unexpected corner
A mindless prank among friends...
could forever change
a lot of things in our lives
You're the best friend I've ever had
and you'll always be
I still miss you guys
No matter where
all of you are right now
Please know...
You'll always be in my memory
I love you all
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday to you!
I'm sorry I never seemed
to care about your feeling
Thank you mom
Make a wish and blow the candle
As long as the candle is still burning,
nothing can harm you
I'm a ghost...
but you're a fool!