Thookudurai (2024) Movie Script

-All good with the festival preparations?
Yes. It's going well.
Alright. Is everyone here?
All dancers are here.
-But the movie people--
-They'll be here soon.
Manna is here for the show.
Why are you gaping at the house
like you're going to paint it?
Go in.
This village will prosper
only if these oldies die.
-Hello, sir.
-Hello, sir!
Manna, welcome! How are you?
I'm good, sir.
You're good but you're still driving a trash can?
That trash can is going to
take your dead body around the village.
-What was that?
-I'm thinking about the future.
My girl!
Thank God you're here with the film roll.
And Manna there's nothing new to tell.
This is a temple festival.
Avoid playing romantic movies.
These youngsters might get some ideas.
Play a good religious movie for us.
-Do you understand?
-I'll do as you wish, sir.
Shanmugam come here.
-Manna is here to show the movie.
Let him eat first.
Then, take him to his work area.
-Sir, you're not going to eat?
-I'll eat later.
-Hey, go after eating.
I'll meet you later.
I'm having a date today. Come on.
Let's go, brother.
Bring it on.
Wasn't he arrested for bootlegging?
When did he become like this?
People will do anything to
cover up their crimes, it seems.
Where the hell are the
meat pieces in my curry?
Wow! A country chicken!
Perumal, bring the mutton curry here.
Imaya, come, let's eat together.
-So, how's your dad doing?
-He's dead.
Shut the hell up and eat.
He's inside.
How's the food?
-Serve me some as well.
-You like thigh meat, right?
Keep it here.
Bro, look at yours and eat.
Hey your dad doesn't know about us, right?
We still didn't do anything for him to know.
True. We still didn't do anything.
What if your dopey dad learns about us?
I'm scared to even think about it.
Of course, it's a problem.
They said they'll bring the fish curry.
-What is your problem?
-I just wanted to know.
-You go on.
I'll come to the movie screening area by midnight.
We'll talk there.
Looks like my dad's coming. I'll leave.
Yeah, he's coming. Run!
What did she say?
She asked you to die soon.
Shut up and eat.
Chicken leg in priest's hand. Great!
The movie screening will begin shortly.
We kindly request you all to
assemble at the screening ground.
You look so bright today.
What's the occasion?
God, I need to go to Madras tomorrow.
Help me get a job there. I should get a good name.
Why? Ajith is a good name.
True. But he's talking about
getting a good name from you.
Watch the movie.
Gosh, it stopped!
-What the hell, man?
-Wait, I'll check.
-What now?
Why did you stop the movie?
A song was just about to begin.
I'm sitting here to see my
dream girl Simran shake her hips.
You're spoiling my mood.
Play the movie, man.
-You want a hip to look at?
Look at that woman's hip
till the movie comes on.
-Try me. I'll pluck your eyes.
-I wanted Simran. Not her.
Simran's craze never really died.
Come on, man. What's taking so long?
Are you not crazy about one?
Look, she's here.
Play the song now.
Come behind the temple.
I want to talk to you.
It's been two hours since I came here.
They still didn't serve me food.
I saw so much food inside.
-What a pig!
I want to talk to you.
Come behind the temple.
You want me to kiss you?
It's been a while since I gave you one.
I'll meet you there.
Hey, I'll be back in a minute.
-Play it without pausing.
-I should be telling you that.
Imaya! Who are you waiting for?
Who else, idiot? Come here.
I don't think you'll marry me in this life.
Why do you look anxious?
What do you want to talk about?
My relatives are here for the festival.
They'll create drama and leave. That's it.
They're planning to get me
married after the festival.
Leave this to me. I'll take care.
Take care of what?
My wedding?
Nobody's going to help us get together.
-We have to do something.
-I have an idea.
-Tell me.
After the festival, I'll get out of my house.
Will you take me with you?
Your crackpot dad will
skin us alive if he finds out.
He'll cook and serve me to the dogs.
-You're going to dump me?
-I've tried to. Twice.
-I've decided.
I'm coming with you tonight, after the festival.
I'll be waiting for you on the outskirts.
-She'll definitely get me killed.
-Why're you talking to him, Imaya?
He's good for nothing.
It's time for the crown ceremony.
Hurry up. Dad's calling you.
Didn't you hear? Go.
If I take her, that wacko will kill me.
-But she doesn't understand.
You heard me.
You are taking me with you today.
Or else,
I bury you alive.
Bury me alive?!
She's more terrifying than her dad.
Perfect timing for the climax.
You were all teeth when you left.
Why are you like this now?
She's planning to elope with me.
What? Elope with you?!
Alright. Take here.
We have a truck, right?
-Aren't you coming with me?
-Why would I?
You'll anyway be caught, and
her dad will burn you both.
I'm not ready to die yet.
Listen. This will be the last movie I screen with you.
It's already reached the climax. I'm leaving.
-Hey, where are you going?
-Get lost.
-Stop, man!
-Why should I die for his love?
Look at him running!
Who is it?
What is it?
Our girl ran away from our house.
Catch her. She shouldn't step foot outside our village.
Bring her back.
Come fast, guys.
Get up. Woah!
God! My arms!
Gosh! You're heavy.
Are you drinking white wine
behind your dad's back?
My dad's men are chasing me.
Hey I thought you'd come alone.
Why did you bring them along?
Fool! Why would I bring them along?
They are chasing me.
-Save me, man.
-God! Why did you even trust me?
Oh my! They're coming. Run!
Hey, stop.
God! My legs.
I can't.
Imaya, I can't run anymore.
You go home now.
I'll come for you in the morning.
They're close.
Oh my God!
Come on. Run!
I just ate two plates of pongal.
I can't anymore.
Save me.
Hey, the guy is eloping
with our master's daughter.
Don't let them escape.
We have to catch them!
He should not escape from our hands.
Hack him to death, guys!
Bro, this is that halwa shop.
-How many kilograms?
I was 80 when I came to Chennai.
I would have decreased by 10 kilograms.
Chanceless. You've definitely put on weight.
-No, bro.
-Are you kidding me?
I asked how many
kilograms of halwa you wanted.
Oh, that?
Sorry, brother.
Bro, we are here to meet Mr. Bond.
Bond? There's no one by that name here.
This is Ranga Halwa House.
Now leave.
I mean, Mr. Bond Rangan.
Look at this.
Stand there. I'll be back.
Where is he going?
Master, two people have come to meet you.
They have our shop's QR code box.
Send them in.
Hey, come along.
-Hello, sir.
-Tell me, boys.
We are here to work under you
and learn the trade, sir.
-To stir or to give?
I meant halwa.
To give, sir.
-Hey, close the shutter.
-Okay, sir.
Now tell. Who are you?
Listen to me, sir.
Please don't shoot. Sir, sir
We are not who you think we are.
We are tenants of Mr. Kothandam,
IOB Nungambakkam branch Manager.
We are jobless, poverty-stricken,
and unable to afford rent.
Not knowing what to do,
we planned to rob.
We bought guns and schemed
a neat plot to rob his branch.
But we got caught for doing nothing
and had to say it was a prank to escape.
We told the truth to
the house owner the same night.
That was when he told us about you,
and the halwa box you sent him had your address on.
We came here to see you, so we could
learn from you, and grow in life.
We have no other intention
and are not worth your gunshot, sir.
Are you okay, bro?
Why did you have to help close the shutter?
-I wanted to impress Master to get the job.
-Wow, what a way to impress!
My brain would have
splattered by now.
What was that bank manager's name again?
He's so naive that he'd give away
the documents if you threatened him lightly.
And he caught you!
You aimed for a bank on your first attempt.
It gets me thinking.
Sir, please.
You are our only hope.
Okay but you need to be
eligible to learn from me.
Is this your shop's halwa?
-Oh, yes.
-I stole half a kilogram when we walked in.
Am I eligible now?
-He's laughing.
-Funny guys!
-Thank you, Master.
-Admit them.
-Okay, Master.
-Come on, guys.
-Thank you, Master.
This way.
-Bro, what is this place?
-He's a bigger fraud than we thought.
What are you looking at?
Come on in.
"My life's going down the drain.
Here's a knife, now take off your chain."
Who's he, bro?
Your batch mate.
You'll train alongside him.
-Sit down. The professor will come.
-Come, let's sit.
-New joinee?
-Yeah, you?
-By how many years?
-Two days.
-What's your name?
-My name is Tokyo.
-You name is?
-I'm Rio.
-Does that make me Berlin?
Did you come to rob inspired by a web series?
Did you check if Tokyo is a unisex name?
-Tokyo is a girl's name?
-No, an aunty's.
Why do you encourage his stupid jokes?
Sit away from us.
-Stay away from him.
-Chill. Don't get angry.
-My name is Selva.
-So what?
-Who the hell?
-Master? Hello, Master.
So, you've decided to enter this field.
Honesty, justice, fairness, dharma,
compassion, truthfulness, discipline, mercy.
None of this works here.
But I'll show this to you if you are loyal.
Smart work is as important as hard work for a thief.
-Your training starts tomorrow.
Shall we?
Even the smartest thief
will get caught someday.
It's very important to escape at that time.
-I don't have that habit, Master.
I didn't mean cigar, you idiot.
I meant being strong.
Got it?
Run properly.
Bro, that chair is broken.
Use this for a wedge.
-Hard earned.
-An iPhone for this?
I'm sitting on an iPad.
Just sit, bro.
So much money?
Did you break a safe or something?
This is our one day's earnings.
It's nothing.
-You are talking as if it's some shop's collection.
Practicals are important for robbing,
but your theory must also be strong.
Whatever doubts you have about robbery
You'll find answers in this book.
-What is this?
-It's a helicam.
-Helicam as in helicopter?
-Shut up.
-This is also part of your training.
-Okay, bro.
Due to a technical error, your account has been blocked.
Do you have your ATM card, madam?
Which bank?
Which bank do you have an account in?
State Bank, yes, madam.
I'm the manager speaking.
Don't scold, madam.
Bro, she caught me.
Don't lose heart.
Try calling another person.
You've completed your training brilliantly.
Time for action.
With all that you have learned here,
I want you to complete an important assignment.
Whatever you're doing
should become the talk of the town.
If you do this neatly,
you can work with me.
But if you get caught
you are dead.
Sir, we host this festival once every four years.
Every time when we start cleaning the temple for the festival
we face an ill omen
and the festival gets called off.
We haven't been able to host
the festival for 20 years.
The deity may be upset with us
for not hosting the festival.
It rarely rains here, sir.
And when it does rain,
the crops wither before the harvest.
In order to survive, many left the village.
-Sir, at least this year
-You don't seem to finish anytime soon, grandma.
She wants to see the festival happen before she passes away.
Let us all come together
and organize the festival.
That's right. For the past four years,
you all have been requesting to host the festival.
Do you think they have gathered us here
to decide on hosting the festival?
Don't get your hopes up.
They'll fix a date for the festival as usual,
and eventually, we'll face something bad
that forces us to call off the festival.
-Isn't that what's going to happen?
-Hey! Do you think we are doing this intentionally?
We always encounter a bad omen
right after the village takes the vow.
It's not advisable to host
the festival when a bad omen occurs.
Won't it become a religious offence?
Oh! So you don't care about the villagers having to deal
with famine because of not hosting the festival?
So? Is it right to go against our tradition?
Why not?
You're still going to
blindly follow the old almanac?
We need to keep adapting.
If you don't have the guts,
hand over the crown to my dad.
Royal blood runs in our veins, just like you.
We're determined to host the festival.
Get ready to watch the village flourishing!
We can't hand over the crown
to whoever demands it, Gopi.
There are some rules and regulations.
And what is that?
Tell me!
His audacious daughter's elopement
caused the bad omen to fall upon this village.
This is why we end up
calling it off whenever we make an attempt.
Our deity doesn't like the festival
being held under his authority.
He is the bad omen we are talking about.
Kanagarayan! Talk only about the village issue.
That's what I'm doing.
Isn't your daughter's disappearance a village issue?
He didn't say anything wrong.
His reason makes sense.
How long is he planning to
take control of the festival?
Let's give him a chance this time.
What nonsense?
Looks like you might let him
take over all the festival duties!
We can't act in haste.
We have a set of traditions to adhere to.
What nonsense are you going on about?
You think we won't organize it?
In for a challenge?
What do you take him for?
What will you do?
-Who do they think they are?
The villagers are enraged.
Assure them that the festival will happen.
We'll handle the rest later.
Hey! Silence now.
Maintain some decorum!
-Sit down!
-Shush now.
We have gathered here for the
well-being of the village. Sit down, everyone!
Listen up, everyone.
Even I wish for the festival to happen.
Because of the unfortunate turn of events,
we weren't able to host it for all these years.
We'll host the festival
in a grand manner this year. Okay?
Let's seek blessings from our deity
for a prosperous festival.
Understood, everyone?
Two weeks from now,
we're hosting the festival and it's a promise.
Guys! Let's start the preparations coming Friday.
What, man!
I was hoping our master would take us
to a big event after the training.
But he is giving us assignments
to complete in three days?
Let it go, boss!
We are trained soldiers now.
We cannot face our master
without completing the assignment.
A single attempt and our lives are settled.
I have a plan.
Tell me if you're down for it.
I'll take care of the rest.
You have a plan?
Don't test my patience!
I'll get you both convinced.
Hang on a second.
Take a look at this.
Read this.
A king named Nirubadhingavarmaraja ruled
the lush, prosperous land of Kailasam in the 18th century.
The Britishers entered our land
solely to steal our business.
Upon learning this, he discreetly built
an underground grain silo on the outskirts of the village.
He even built a secret pathway
and stored all the grains.
A famine struck the village as a result of the severe drought.
To help his people through the famine,
the king supplied them with grains he had stored.
Over time, the grain supplies began
to dwindle, yet the famine persisted.
The disheartened king visited
their deity's Nemiliamman's sanctuary,
conducted sacred rituals, and prayed for a boon.
But no use.
Later, he pleaded to her by offering his own life
in exchange for the welfare of his people.
He beheaded himself
with his sword as an offering to the deity.
The deity appeared in front of him
and granted him a boon.
With abundant rainfall,
the famine came to an end.
The crown worn by the king who sacrificed himself
for his people, is being protected by his descendants.
On the anniversary of his death,
which happens every four years,
they'll place the crown at the deity's feet
and celebrate a festival.
Boss, this is my dream project.
I joined under master solely
for the sake of securing the crown.
If we take that crown
we're settled for life.
So is our future generation.
They are conducting the festival
that happens every four years this February.
I can't do it alone.
If we sketch a clear plan and steal that crown
-We share it equally.
-As if!
He's spinning tales based on this news.
I'm already annoyed.
Better shut up before I lose it!
What he said is true.
The same information is on Google.
He's spitting nonsense seeing this news
and you are blabbering about something on Google?
We never did anything here.
He's dreaming of looting in a village festival!
The villagers will rip us apart if we get caught.
Hey, being negative will get us nowhere.
But being optimistic
will take us to greater heights!
-Why don't we give it a shot?
That's the spirit!
I'm ready!
Guys! Are we on a cruise?
He's posing as if he's in a titanic movie
and you are cheering him up?
Look at how beautiful this place is!
Enjoy this moment, buddy!
Stop complaining.
Boss! Enjoy the refreshing village air.
We reached Kailasam! Get down, people.
Did he say Kailsam?
People are searching for it on the world map.
But he casually brought us here!
Hey, I need to pee.
We're here. So, get down.
I might turn this bus into a stinkhouse.
Understand the urgency!
Is this a bus or a godown?
-It holds an entire village inside!
-Chuck that! Look at the village girlies!
Oh God!
Oh God!
Brother! You can't even catch a
chicken properly.
Brother! You should have given us a warning.
Here you go.
You seem new.
Are you here to attend the festival?
No, we're here to steal!
You sound funny.
This festival is happening after 20 years.
It's going to be amazing!
Doesn't matter who you are visiting.
-Come to my place to have a meal.
-Okay, why not?
-Why are we here?
-Remove your slippers.
Come on in!
Oh dear Nelliyamma!
As I said earlier,
this temple was built during a king's rule.
She is a very powerful deity.
Pray to her sincerely.
She'll make it happen.
Oh dear Goddess!
Grant us success in nabbing the crown!
And help us abscond safely!
Stand with us, dear Goddess!
-Priest, here you go.
-Thank you.
We must bribe the Goddess
for her to help us in return.
Selva, click pictures of the temple.
I carry a camera with me.
But I don't know how to use it!
-Come again?
Then why do you roam around like a photographer?
I dreamt of becoming a photoman.
-Take it off! Give it to him.
-Okay, okay!
-Hey! Give it to me.
-Why are you getting mad?
Click a picture of me.
We need to click him first?
What a good start!
Click one. Delete it later.
Everything is going well, sir.
Who are these people?
Why are they clicking pictures?
Who are you all?
Why are you clicking pictures inside the temple?
Hello, sir.
My name is
Hello, sir.
We are coming from Chennai.
We've learnt a lot about this temple
and the king who built this temple.
Moreover, we heard that a festival
is set to happen after many years.
That's why we wanted to do a documentary
on this village and its traditions.
If we upload it on YouTube,
it'll reach people all around the world!
That's why we've come here.
Really? That's a good thing.
Film all the specialities of this village.
Let the world know about our glory!
Sure thing.
We're here for a week
to film the festival as well.
We don't have a place to stay.
If you permit us,
we'll stay inside the temple somewhere.
No! You can't stay inside the temple.
We are hosting the festival after a very long time.
We are already facing a lot of trouble.
And you are not from this village.
Staying inside the temple is prohibited.
Brother! They are here to film our village's traditions.
We have a lot of places in our village.
Arrange a guest house for them.
- Okay, sir.
- Thanks a lot, sir.
It's okay.
-Yes, priest?
Imaya called you.
What did she say?
She's coming here for the festival.
Okay, let her come.
Our deity will take care of everything.
Brothers! This is a very disciplined village.
Just focus on what you came for.
Okay, sir.
Arrange a guest house for them.
-They'll stay there.
-Okay, sir.
Boss! That house was much better than this one, right?
Really? Then why don't you go there?
Brothers! You are going to stay here.
You remember what he said, right?
This is a disciplined village.
Behave yourself.
Else, things will get ugly.
-How ugly?
-You must ask him.
-Then why the build-up?
-You'll get food from his house.
You are going to shoot something, aren't you?
Ask me if you need any assistance.
I'll help you out.
You've done enough.
You can leave. We'll take care.
-We are going to film a snake movie.
-Care to join us? Get going, man.
-Go on! Go on!
Boss, this house is lovely, isn't it?
Village houses have their own beauty!
These people seem like a bunch of idiots.
We are here to steal, after all!
Their hospitality is exceptional!
Looks like they'll find us
a bride and get us married!
Hey! We got this place to stay because of them.
Be quiet.
-Let's get to work.
-That's right.
Enough yapping.
Where is the item?
Where else would it be? It must be
with the respectable person who arranged this place for us.
No, there's another one who is superior to him.
The crown is in his house.
Really? Who is that?
This crazy guy!
Did you give him the camera?
Village life is incomparable!
We can't witness these in cities.
Shut up! Your dad will break your jaw if he sees this.
Break my jaw?
Hey, nutcase! Walk properly.
Why are we roaming around the village?
Did you observe something here?
We could only see one person's face all over.
This guy. His name is Kanagarayan.
The crown is in his house.
That's where we will be stealing it.
Brother, come here for a second.
Who is this man?
His poster is seen all over the village.
Oh! So you are Chennai folks
who will be filming our village?
-Yes, brother.
-He is the Maharaja of this village.
Descendant of the king.
He's the big cheese of this village.
We were just talking about him.
Here he comes!
He'll live a long life!
What is it?
Hold this.
Why are you fixing this drone
in this deserted place at night?
What are you doing?
We need to know how many live in his house first.
We must know who is with him
and the number of rooms in his house.
-This is for that.
Can we see all that in this?
You'll know when you see.
-Hold it high.
-Hold what high?
-Hold this drone high.
-Oh, this?
-He's such a torture.
-You should have told it clearly.
-With him
-Don't worry, we'll finish him.
Hit that button.
I'll hit you.
What is this?
This is called photogrammetry.
Robbers' latest technology.
We can use this to see his entire house.
This is the blueprint. It'll help us
plan our entry and exit with the crown.
He doesn't even know if Tokyo is a male or female.
And you explain about blueprints to him.
Oh, please. I know things.
Narayana I have to work hard
to stop the festival every year.
Gosh, it's becoming difficult over the years.
But I can't help it.
If I'm to head the festival,
it shouldn't take place this year.
And for that, something major needs to happen.
If I manage to stop this year's festival,
I'll gain the entire town's support next year.
You are the temple's priest.
Your death will stop the festival.
I can't find another way.
-Sir, sir.
Please spare me.
Sir, please spare me.
Hey, he's murdering someone.
Leave me, sir.
Hey, what is this?
We are done. He spotted the drone.
Come on, let's go.
-Record this video.
We can get the crown by blackmailing him with this video.
Do you think he'd leave you alive?
Now stop all this and come on.
Wait, let the drone come back.
I don't care about that.
He'll hang you to death. Come on.
-Let's go.
-The drone is important, and it's here.
-Hurry up.
-It's here.
Come on, quick.
Hey, you take that.
Come on. Let's go.
Hey, it's Kanagarayan.
Go and check them.
Give it to me.
-It's nothing.
-I said give it.
Damn it.
Dad, he's shot a video of everything.
He's covered our entire house.
Aren't you staying at Mahendran's house
to cover the festival?
Yes, sir.
Is the festival happening in my house?
Why have you filmed my house?
What do you guys want?
What are you looking for?
Catch them.
So, you entered the town
with a plan to loot the crown.
Why do you even believe them?
They have something else in mind.
They didn't even know the crown
is in Uncle's house.
Uncle, it seems.
You came to steal, alright.
But who told you the crown was at my place?
-It was him.
-God, how could he snitch on me?
And, who told you?
Tell me, how did you know?
You won't tell.
Who the hell told you?
-Won't you tell?
-Sir, sir.
No one told us.
It was just a wild guess.
We heard the crown is stored safely at the
king's house and prayed to during the festival.
And we saw banners all over the town
saying you were the king.
So, we sketched this thinking
the crown is at your place.
You accept it, but the townsfolk don't.
It's in Mahendran Raja's house
who these townsfolk celebrate.
I was planning a murder
to stop the festival this year.
Thank goodness I caught you guys.
Listen to me.
Use this same plan to rob the crown
from his house and hand it to me.
And you'll do it right away.
Sir, even an online food delivery takes 20 minutes.
How can we do it immediately?
We'll get it today, sir. Right?
If you try to plan something else and escape
The festival will be canceled this year, too.
But it will be
because of your friend's death.
Our plan is to get the festival canceled. Right, Dad?
But you are asking them to steal the crown. Why?
If they bring the crown,
the festival arrangements will continue,
but the crown won't reach the temple.
If they knew that the crown is missing,
-what do you think will happen?
-What will happen?
He'll get embarrassed in front of the whole town.
And he'll commit suicide in disgrace.
After that,
I'll become the king of this town,
and the crown will become ours.
Hey, untie these two.
Remember what I said?
-You won't answer?
-Hey, Selva.
-You and Pazhani go with them.
-Okay, sir.
If they try to pull any tricks,
kill them right there.
Come on, boys!
Let's go.
This is my uncle's house.
-Doesn't it look like a palace?
-Yes, now shut up.
-Why are you two looking at each other?
-Because we can't bear to see your face.
-Jump over the wall. Now.
-Don't shout. We are here to rob.
Can you jump over the wall? No, right?
So, shut up. We know what to do.
-Brother, bend down.
-Hey. Just bend down.
-What did you say?
You want the crown or not?
Alright. It's okay.
Just bend for them.
Bro, you go first.
Careful, bro.
-Is anyone there? Okay.
-No. It's clear.
Jump. Hurry up!
-Come on.
-You clumsy oaf!
What are you doing here?
Let's go inside.
Why are you yelling now?
We're here to rob the place.
-Okay, come on. Useless guys.
-Let's go.
-Come on.
Hey! Everyone's asleep.
-What do you expect? Is that new?
-Shut up.
Hey, you go ahead.
-Okay, follow me.
-Come on.
-Hurry up.
-We're right behind you. Go!
Take the lead.
Keep walking, dude.
-This photo--
-If you start your flashback now, I'll kill you!
What the--
Please show us the room.
-Please keep your mouth shut.
-You better respect me.
-Why is this door so big?
-This is the store room.
We don't have the keys to this,
how do we open it?
Why don't you ask your uncle?
You dumb idiot!
You think this is some ordinary door?
This is a palace door!
-It's all teak.
-Shut up, you geek!
This is the golden chest that contains the crown.
Hey, idiot! Why are you shouting?
Bro, open this.
Let me see it.
My dad has been behind this for all these years.
Hey, I hear something. Turn on the lights!
-Damn it, they're awake!
-I told you to shut the hell up!
They're awake now. What do we do now?
Oh, no! They've turned on the lights!
Don't think. Run, damn it!
-Hey, who the hell are you?
-They have surrounded us. Careful with the crown.
Sir! Thieves have broken in!
-Get them!
-Run! Don't stop! Go! Go!
Hey, don't leave me behind.
I'm coming!
-Run, dude! Run!
-Come on!
Careful with the crown.
Let go of me.
You won't?
It's a brand new shirt!
Fine, take it!
-Hurry up, dude.
-Which way?
-This way, come on!
Damn it, we're stuck on the terrace.
-Why did you guys abandon me?
-You took the lead like you knew everything!
Forget that. We need to jump now.
He'll stay wherever he lands.
I'll jump the compound wall by then.
You pass the crown to him.
He'll pass the crown to me.
I'll take the crown to Pazhani.
We make a run for it from there.
That's the plan.
- Sounds good.
- Now, jump!
Why did you guys jump suddenly now?
Just bring the crown to me.
I'll wait outside with Pazhani.
-Don't forget the crown.
Hey, Jeeva! Someone's coming.
-Drop it! Drop it!
-Who the hell are you?
-Drop it!
-Who are you?
-Catch it.
-Get them!
-Nab them.
-Let go!
Let go!
Dude, catch it.
Let me go!
Hey! Tie them up.
What the hell?
That's it.
What the hell? That wasn't real?
So, it was a duplicate all along?
So, you were fooling my dad with this
all these years.
I'll turn this into an issue
or my name isn't Gopi!
Make way for the car.
Move. Make way.
He's been fooling us the whole time
into thinking he had the crown!
And you've been defending him, as the village's leader.
Do you understand how useless he is now?
Sir, tell us the truth, at least now.
Have you been putting off the festival
all these years because the crown went missing?
You really didn't give a damn about the people,
didn't you?
Why would he bother?
All he cares about is his family.
Make way, brother. Out of my way.
His daughter seems to be doing well.
She's here for the festival.
Yeah. Didn't you have a son?
Where is he? Did you settle him abroad?
-Answer my question.
These people might hesitate to ask you,
but I won't!
Do you have it, or did you sell it off?
Stop it!
The crown hasn't been sold off like you claim it has.
It's inside this village.
Twenty years ago
They've started their 20-year flashback.
I took the crown from here and left.
Hey, stop! Hey!
Oh, God!
Manna? Manna?
The whole village beat him up
just because I wanted to elope with someone I loved.
It fell into the well that day.
I decided right then.
I wanted to prove that the esteem
you value so much is nothing compared to a soul.
My wish has come true after all these years.
That crown is inside the well.
Retrieve it and conduct the festival.
-Sir? Sir!
-What's happened, Dad?
-What happened?
-What's wrong, Dad?
Call a doctor!
I thought he had hidden the crown,
but he's hidden his son from us!
I can't believe it, either!
Forgive me, dear.
I made a mistake.
As atonement for my sins,
I'll go inside the well and retrieve the crown.
Let's come together and conduct the festival.
Why should you go down that well?
Your son is right here.
I'll go down the well and retrieve it.
We came to this town to take that crown.
What's happening here?
Your daughter claims the crown is in the well.
You grabbed your chest and fell to the ground.
Some stranger runs up to you and calls you his father.
-Is the family putting on a show for us?
-Putting on a show?
What's your problem?
What's your problem?
You want the crown to conduct the festival, right?
Retrieving that crown is my responsibility.
It's our responsibility.
-We have three days left for the festival. We'll retrieve it by then.
He's planned for something major!
Get going, everyone. Get back to work!
We'll conduct the festival.
Let's do this!
Get going, everyone. Go.
-Get going. Let's see how they pull this off.
-The nerve on this guy.
Welcome, Emperor! Bro, the King's here.
What do you mean, boss?
We came here to help you, the idiot,
but you've made a fool of us. Are you happy now?
-I can explain.
-Yeah, right. That really helps.
Boss! Boss!
Hey, don't call him an idiot.
He lured us with promises of a fortune to this village,
managed to convince the temple trustee that he's his dad,
told us to plan a heist
to grab the crown at Kanagarayan's house
where his son tried to stab me in my mouth,
the village tied me up,
Now we're on the run from this village, thanks to him!
He's not the idiot. We're the idiots!
Boss, it's not the way you think it is.
Listen to me.
Alright. Say what you want, and get going!
I'll tell you the truth, boss.
-Twenty years ago--
-There he goes.
My dad learned that the crown had gone missing
after my sister returned.
My dad hid the truth from everyone.
My uncle, Kanagarayan, is hell-bent
on ruining
the prestige, respect, and riches my dad enjoys.
My dad truly believed that no one
besides him would have stolen the crown.
So, my dad then decided to steal
the crown from him one day.
Despite trying many times,
he was always unsuccessful.
My dad revealed this to me only a few days back.
I started working under Bond
only because I wanted to help my dad.
That's where I met you two.
Something told me you two would help me find it.
That's why I brought you here under pretenses.
I didn't know the crown was in the well
until my sister revealed it.
I swear I didn't want to cheat you guys.
If you had gone to the police earlier,
this wouldn't have been a problem now.
Instead of that, you guys wasted 20 years
talking about things like prestige and honor!
Boss, forget about the past.
The crown is in the well now.
Tell me, how do I retrieve it?
Hey. Isn't the crown in the well?
Why don't you guys just retrieve it?
Why do you need our help?
-There's a minor problem, you see.
-Just as I thought.
Hey. What's the problem?
-There's a ghost in there.
-Yeah, right.
Boss, I'm not kidding.
There's a ghost in there.
Save that story for someone else.
We're running late. Come on.
Boss. Boss!
That's not ours.
What? Are you going to kill us?
Take another step, and I'll kill myself!
Idiot. It's called committing suicide.
Yes. I'm a bit of an idiot.
-Just a bit?
-If you don't retrieve that crown
Please retrieve it for me.
I gave my word to everyone!
Is he begging us or making threats?
Hey, forget it. We'll help him for friendship's sake.
Come on. Come on.
Come on, come on. Thank you, boss!
-Why are you bringing us here?
-I'll tell you. Come along.
-I can't believe I agreed with this idiot.
-I told you not to.
-Welcome. Sit down, guys.
What? Sit down? What's happening here?
What's with the setup?
Oh, nothing. We're going to get in the well, right?
We need to pray to Amman
and wear the talisman from the prayer.
-What's going on?
-Hey, we're thieves. Who would bless us?
Why do we need an amulet to go down a well?
All we need is some rope!
You superstitious dolt! As if he's Vikram from Anniyan.
Hey, Selva. Haven't you told them everything?
What? There's a ghost in the well, right?
-It's no ordinary ghost like you think.
-Is it terrifying like the ghost from Anabelle or Conjuring?
-No. Twenty years back--
Please stop it with the 20-year flashbacks!
-I can't take it. These guys are killing me!
-Hey, keep quiet.
Please tell us, sir.
After Selvam's sister eloped,
they burnt the guy inside the well.
Do you know what happened after that?
What? Burned him inside the well?!
-He never said a word about this!
-Oh, so you didn't know that?
We beat up Manna and lynched him by the well.
Right after this, sir arrived
fuming over the fact
that his daughter had eloped with a commoner like him.
Manna? Manna?
-Hey, come here!
I said come here!
How dare you elope with him? Our family's name is ruined!
Instead of living a lowly life with him,
jump in that well and die!
-I told her the same thing.
-He's still alive, sir.
Hey! Kill him and burn him inside the well.
But the well is dry, sir.
That's why I said that.
Burn him inside that well!
-Okay, sir.
-Come with me.
-Let me go!
-Come with me! I said come with me!
Go home, sir. We'll take care of this.
I'll chop you to bits!
Forget about him!
-How dare you elope with him!
-Throw him in the well and burn him.
Get in!
-Please let him go!
-Get inside!
-Get in!
-Please don't do anything to him.
Get going.
Please listen to me.
Hey. Pour it inside.
We burnt him in that well
just as sir wanted.
I lit the fire with my own hands.
Throw it inside.
Manna died there.
Get inside! Go!
You shameless woman!
You want to run away from home?
Hey, lock her in there.
She isn't going anywhere
till her wedding.
He locked her up at home
and told her she'd be married off soon.
That's when something unexpected happened that night.
Come here.
Come here!
-No one's inside, right?
-How did you get here?
Imaya, I'm not dead. I'm still alive.
Look, even my hairstyle is the same.
Your glasses are broken.
The glasses they pushed me into the well, right?
I hit the stairs on the way down and broke it.
Come out now.
-I said come out, Imaya.
Who were you talking to?
I told you not to come up here!
Go back to that room.
Go back downstairs!
Or I'll kill you.
The whole town beat me up and burnt me in that well.
I won't let anyone sleep peacefully
in this town from now on.
Here I come!
Good times ahead. The future looks bright.
Sir! Your good time has started.
Nobody these days believes
they'll have a good future.
Sir. Sir?
What was he doing all night?
Working? Get up, damn it.
Wake up.
-He lets his mom sleep in the cold, but he's got a blanket.
-What? Why are you disturbing me?
Still hung over? Go home, get lost!
Alright, give me your bag.
Hey! I'm over here.
Come here.
Give me your bag.
Hey! I'm over here.
Come here.
What the hell is this?
You killed a man and burnt him in the well.
Did you put some rice in his mouth?
Hey, Maara.
-What are you doing here at this hour?
-I had gone to the town.
And I missed the last bus home.
I don't know what to do now.
Thank god you're here.
Aren't you going back? Can you drop me off?
Okay. Hop on.
-All good?
This road is in such bad shape.
I wonder when we'll get a road to our village.
-You're out in the middle of the night.
What would you do
if a ghost or a spirit attacks you?
I'd ask why it was attacking me
as I've not harmed it.
And what about you?
Hey! I'm God's child.
Ghosts can't do anything to me!
-But what if it appears in front of you now?
-I'd burn it away.
I'd burn it to a crisp!
Are you that confident?
Here I come.
Where did he go?
Where did he disappear?
I'm over here.
-I asked for matches to light a lamp.
But you gave them matches
to light me on fire.
MManna, they wanted it.
II just gave it to them.
There was just one matchstick in it, Manna.
I had just one life to live, too.
Manna, who began terrorizing everyone,
brought the entire village together one day.
His ghastly laughter echoed like thunder.
Hey, grandpa!
The village ran to the king and asked for help.
Please help us!
What happened? What's wrong?
Why is everyone gathered here at this hour?
Sir! Manna's ghost is terrorizing the villagers.
He's punishing every single one of us.
Nobody can work in peace.
We're all petrified with fear.
Please help us, sir.
In an attempt to bring Manna's spirit under control,
he brought Chittoor Swamy to town.
Greetings, sir.
Did someone here try to leave the house recently?
Tell me. Did they?
You took a life at that time.
Yes. You're right.
The soul that spirit wants is in this house.
As long as it's around,
It will not allow you or this village
to live in peace.
To live peacefully,
your daughter has to leave this village by today!
Make arrangements for an atma shanti pooja.
A ceremonial fire is a must.
Please don't do this, Dad.
It's true that she wanted to elope.
But I can't punish my daughter.
She is the heiress of our family.
You have to take good care of her.
Please, forget about the past.
Don't feel bad.
I'll take care of her.
Okay, then. See you.
Go. Get in the car.
Fearing Manna
he sent his daughter and his son
with his son-in-law out of town.
That was the last time we saw Imaya.
Shambo Mahadeva!
Throw this in the well he died and seal it.
Your house and village
will be safe.
A powerful ritual was held to control his soul.
They captured Manna's spirit in a vessel
and sealed it inside the well.
Imaya, do you remember what food tastes like here?
Can't you stay still for a while?
-Guys, wait.
-Who's that?
-I'll be back.
Look at your Dad eating like a dinosaur.
Don't tease him, boss.
Is he really your father?
-I swear on my mother--
-Are you done with your work?
I heard that the well's lid is broken.
Be careful.
Why are you still buying into these superstitions?
We've seen much worse in Chennai.
Back home, we sleep with
spirits in the same room.
Did you expect us
to get scared of this silly stuff?
Don't worry, sir.
We'll make sure to humiliate you tomorrow.
Sorry. I meant we'll honor you tomorrow.
I might blabber while talking.
But my work will be perfect.
Okay. Did you have dinner?
-Then go to sleep.
-See you in the morning.
-Okay, sir. See you.
Come on, boys!
Is this what a royal bedroom looks like?
It's the size of my entire house, buddy.
Listen, noodlehead. Now you are a prince.
We're putting our lives at stake
to procure the crown from the well.
If you don't return the favor after that
Till this moment, we three are thieves.
Once we have the crown in our hands
we're the God of this entire village.
After that, we'll keep
getting whatever we ask for.
Let's take the crown first.
Let's sleep first.
-I'm tired.
What is it?
Who is it at this hour?
A video call?
Who wants to see this face in the night?
God! A ghost!
Hey, why are you screaming?
There's a ghost in the phone.
Ghost?! I didn't download any horror films.
I'll kill you.
The ghost that he talked about it's here.
Buddy, my bladder got full talking to you.
Wait. I'll be back.
Hey! Hey! Don't leave me alone.
Hey! Buddy!
It won't take long, man. I'll be back.
-What's taking so long? Make it fast.
Buddy, it's here.
It's in the bathroom.
It's not in the bathroom. It's here.
Then why are you standing here?
Let's get out.
We're a royal family.
Won't you let us sleep?
Why are you yelling like
you just saw a ghost?
You son of a beast!
Why did you bang the door like that? Just miss.
The ghost is here, moron.
What do you mean?
How did the ghost in the well come here?
-It might've rented a cycle.
-Don't try comedy now.
Are guys still here?
I left already.
I'm a joker.
Run! Run, buddy!
-Guys, quick!
-Run fast.
Run, buddy! Run!
Go and open the door.
Did you look at its mouth?
Thank God, it's not behind us.
Boss, save me. Please! Save me.
God! It grabbed my legs.
Oh my God! Save me.
Oh my God!
-Royal family? More like a filthy family.
He has even written it in his underwear.
Run! Run!
Oh, my God!
Come on, bro.
Why are you tense?
Hey you
That ghost is everywhere.
He has surrounded the house.
What?! He's here?
It's a 20-year-old feud.
It's still burning.
Let him come to me.
I'll rip him apart.
I held it too tight.
I'm furious.
Idiot! He's already thrashing us.
Don't stir his anger.
Hey, come on.
The ghost's here.
Hey, come on.
Your friends are leaving the village
without reteriving the crown.
The entire village is chasing after them.
-They're leaving the town?!
Hey, come on.
I can't.
Every lane looks the same for me, bro.
Where the hell is the main road, man?
They're here!
We won't leave you until we get the crown.
You can't escape.
You better stop!
Losers! You spoiled my rangoli.
How dare you run over it?
Sorry, sister. I'll draw you a bigger one
if I'm alive. Bye.
Buddy, run!
Look at her yapping about her rangoli!
Hey, someone's there. Let's go slow.
Be quiet.
I'll take care of this.
Buddy, smoking causes cancer.
But smokers? They're the kindest
and most empathetic of all.
They also look smart.
Where's the main road?
Go this way.
See? I told you.
-Oh my god!
-They're here. Catch them.
-You showed us the wrong way? Get this.
-Slap him, man.
Hey, did you just let him hit you?
Catch them.
Buddy, I can't!
These morons are slower than us, man.
Hey, look! The bus is here.
Wait, wait a minute.
Did you think we were losers
you could kill by getting us into that well?
Now, we're here at your village border.
-You can't do anything to us anymore.
-Give me five!
Amazing! Your cousin does have
some shame, after all!
-We caught them.
-We talked too much.
Come, let's walk.
Sir, make way. Please.
We might miss our bus.
The festival is in two days.
Our whole village is looking up to you.
What you're doing is not fair.
You're trying to sacrifice
two innocent souls to a spirit.
Is this fair?
But you came forward to procure the crown for us.
It was that lunatic who got us into this mess.
Don't talk ill about our King.
Call him King one more time,
and I'll thrash you. Go away.
You show yourselves as
valorous guys with big mustaches.
Why are you sending us? You guys can go.
The whole village knows about the well.
We've had our share of thrashings.
There's nothing to be proud about.
Let's stop talking.
Tie them up with a rope
and lower them into the well.
I have a lot of work.
What are you doing here with that vessel?
Nature's call.
Don't make me cuss at you.
Do what you came here for.
He walks as if seeing
the world for the first time.
Aren't you scared?
The spirit was juggling with
our heads the whole night.
But you weren't fazed.
You're here in front of the entire village for my sake.
God! What is this guy rambling about?
I can't take it anymore.
Get lost.
Why's he talking like this?
Come over there.
-Come on.
-What is he up to now?
Hold this.
Oh, Mother Nemiliamma!
Save us all.
Come on, pray.
Save these guys.
Everyone! Open the well.
Take this.
Here you go.
Hold on to it.
It's for your protection.
Guys, bring the rope.
So, are we lowering you down
by the hips or the legs?
Try the neck. We'd be gone forever.
Why are you talking like this?
How do you expect me to talk?
You be silent. We'll decide.
Gosh! It's huge!
We're dead, bro.
It's too deep.
How are we going to do this?
It's all because of this moron.
It's not too late.
Let's cause a mayhem and get out of here.
Boss, why are you trying to escape now?
-Come on. Go inside.
-You show us.
Why are you talking to me in that tone?
Brilliant place for the party!
It's going to be fun!
Master! Perfect timing, master!
So, Jeeva!
Is this the well you talked about?
-Yes, this is it.
-I thought so.
-Is the crown inside this well?
Master, listen to me.
Jeeva told me everything last night.
You wanted to do something big
for your first assignment
and you chose to rob the King's precious crown.
While trying to escape, it fell inside.
And you are caught.
They'll leave you
only after getting the crown back.
-Am I right?
-Yes, Master.
You took a huge project just to impress me.
You proved your worth as my students.
Now, it's my duty to save you.
I'll get the crown back.
Thank you so much, master.
I'll show them who I am.
Are you gauging the depth, Master?
In my youth, I went into an old well like this
and the toxic gas in it melted all my hair.
So, I was checking if I could smell any gas.
Set it up quickly!
Oh wow! It's amazing!
How cool!
-Are they dropping a fan in there?
-Yes. To keep them from sweating.
-We lost signal, Master.
-Hey! Check properly!
There's absolutely no signal, Master!
The drone crashed, Master.
-Mission failed.
The drone's out, but I'm still in.
I haven't tied the rope in ages.
Bring the rope!
I feel dizzy, Kanagarayan.
Is this how you treat your mother?
What atrocity is this?
My long years of penance, Mom.
I'm a royal blood as well. Aren't I?
Won't I have the desire to claim that crown?
Won't I long for the respect of the villagers?
I have a chance to earn that.
And I'm not going to give up.
You used to say there's a tunnel
to reach that well.
Where is it?
Tell me that.
Mahendran is your brother, isn't he?
Doesn't our family also receive respect
when he's being respected?
Why are you treating him like your foe?
Listen up! If you keep praising him
just like the others
I won't even show mercy on you!
Sir! Somebody from another town has come here.
The entire village is gathered near the well.
They might take the crown anytime soon.
Then what's the use of hanging these?
-So, you won't tell me?
What's gotten into you?
Dear! Please, stop!
-Get lost, you.
Please don't harm her.
I'll tell you everything.
Please don't hurt her!
It isn't an ordinary well.
Your ancestors built this grain silo
in order to provide food for the poor.
I'm aware of all that crap.
Just get to the point.
Look over there.
This sword belonged to the first king
of our royal ancestry.
I've heard enough of that crap.
Just tell me that way!
There's an Ayyanar Temple near
the outskirts of our village.
You'll see a statue of a deity holding a sword.
You'll see an altar in front of the deity.
If you insert that sword in that,
the door to that tunnel will open.
Is it this one?
I'm taking this believing your words.
If the door doesn't open
you're done for!
Master, how did I do?
Well done.
So, brothers
Once I take the crown,
I'll pull the rope twice.
That's your cue to pull me out. Okay?
Don't you worry about that, Master.
We'll take care of it.
-Done. Thank you!
-Okay, Master.
-Go on.
-Don't be reckless with the rope!
Hold it firmly!
He's our Master.
Be careful!
-Okay, Master.
-Be careful.
Only if you pull the rope firmly,
can I come out with the crown.
Only if you secure the crown
-can we leave from here alive.
Slowly. Careful!
-Rest in peace, Master!
-No worries.
Hey, rock the rope well!
Bro! What is this?
Master! Master!
Where is he?
Boss! Why isn't he responding?
-Did that ghost kill him?
-Hey! What was that? A ghost?!
Yes. There's a ghost residing inside this well.
-You didn't know?
-Why didn't you tell us earlier?
-He wouldn't have gone down if he had known!
-How dare!
How can you betray us like this?
-Pray that he should be safe!
-Master! Are you there?
-Why did you hide that from them?
What if he's in danger?
He'll be alright, man. Ordinary folks
like us can be scared by the ghost.
Even the ghost will pee its pants
when it sees our master.
Shut up, you!
You're dead meat.
If you care about him so much
Why don't you go down?
-You can bring him back safely.
-Stop talking!
You're dead meat if
he doesn't come back safely.
-You think he'll be safe?
-Enough, man!
Boss! He's giving us the signal!
-Pull him out!
Hold it tight! Pull him out!
Grip it tight!
Did you see that?
The crown is shining so brightly.
Master has the crown!
Hey! That's not the crown shining,
it's just our master's shiny bald head!
Just pull him out! Come on!
-I've searched the entire well, brothers.
-I couldn't find the crown.
I could only find this rusty vessel.
-Why did you take this?
The ghost is inside this vessel.
-Hey! It's pulling my leg!
Lift me up! Pull me up!
Save him! Pull him up!
-Hold the rope.
-Pull me up!
Guys! Pull the rope harder!
Master! Master!
Somebody is pulling my leg!
-Pull me up!
-Pull harder!
Come on! It's pulling my leg!
Lift me up!
Don't leave me!
It's pulling me down!
Hey! I came to save you guys.
And you're trying to kill me?
Pull me up!
Oh no! Master!
Master met his end!
Lord Ayyanar!
I need to secure the crown
and organize the festival.
Please help me take the crown from that well.
Hey, take that.
Here you go.
Insert the sword.
Oh, Lord! From this moment onwards,
we must rule over this village.
It opened, Dad!
Dad! There are stairs inside.
-Go on!
-Yes, Dad.
Dad! There's a whole mine out here.
Come soon!
Bro! It'll be pitch black inside.
Have this.
Save our master somehow.
He'd have died by now.
Hey! Throw the rope in.
This is my problem.
Moreover, it's our village's problem.
I dragged you into this
for my own selfish reasons.
Continuing this doesn't feel right to me.
You can leave. I'll take care.
I was waiting for you to say this.
Didn't I tell you this earlier?
-Thank you! We'll get going then.
-Hey! Be quiet.
You trusted us with this mission.
We didn't do anything for you.
This entire village trusted us.
We didn't repay anything!
Master who came to our rescue
is now in danger.
We can help him out, at least.
Let's go down. Apart from dying,
what's the worst could happen?
I don't care.
Let's face it.
-Hey! Let's get down.
-Sacrifice your life if you want!
Why should I?
Look at his bravery!
He himself wants us to leave.
-I'm not coming.
-Hey! Come on!
-Give me that. Give it to me.
-No, bro! Please, don't!
-Give it!
-Hey! Hey!
-He himself doesn't want us to go down!
-Listen to me! Please, stop!
Be careful!
-What was that?
-For the fans who are believing in me
-You should have done that to the police.
-Guys! Shush! Let's start.
Come on!
Hey! What, man?
This is such a big cave!
How will I know?
Ask your father.
Hey! Watch your step.
You might trip and fall!
Hey, remove that.
I have played so many times
in this temple when I was a kid.
I should have known about this cave earlier.
Hey! Are you trying to scare us?
You know whose sword that is, don't you?
It's my Grandpa's.
I'll kill you all!
Hey! Be brave, son. Go on.
Aren't you scared?
Come again?
I'm from the royal family, son!
Oh my wow!
Isn't this fascinating?
Hey! This place feels so haunted!
Why are you using that haunting tone, buddy?
-Just zip your mouth.
Which hottie are you both talking about?
-Shush, you idiot!
Just shut up and get to work.
That's what I'm doing.
Hey, the ghost didn't even spare our master's body.
Where did it go?
I have a doubt, boss!
We've been here for a while now.
Where is the ghost?
Did it get scared?
Is there anything that can scare a ghost?
The ghost is not here.
Where did it go?
Where is your sister?
-She's at home.
-That's where the ghost is.
Boss! Look here!
Don't you dare talk about my sister.
Then I won't show any mercy on you.
As if you are being kind to me now!
-What are you still talking with him?
-You're humiliating me so much!
-What is it?
-What will you do?
-What's with you?
- I stomped on something!
- What happened?
What are you saying?
-Buddy, it's the crown.
-That's right!
Guys! Come on!
Start digging.
-Come on!
-Dig faster!
Dig as deep as you can!
My dad will be on cloud nine!
Dig faster, boss!
Careful! You might hurt your finger.
This is it, boss!
Clean it up!
It's so shiny and shimmery!
Yes, buddy!
Are you seeing this?
Why is the torch flickering?
Is it low on battery?
Hey, give it to me!
-Super, Dad!
Oh! So, is giving the torch
a little smack the trick?
I didn't know that!
Dad! I'll help you out!
It's working now!
How did I do?
Come on!
Get going.
Go on!
Boss! We reclaimed our royal pride!
We got the crown!
Let's leave, come on!
-Come on! Let's go.
Do you think you can leave my place
after stealing my property?
You rascals!
His voice is terrifying!
Who are you?
Who are you, sir?
Are you Manna?
Guys! Come on! Let's leave.
Just miss.
-He's still alive.
-He'll die now.
Guys, did you think I was dead?
And why are you all dumbstruck
like you saw a ghost?
Turn around and have a look.
Who is he?
He looks like a fat pot!
It's good that you brought
a townsfolk to get the crown.
You've got a good makeover done.
Why didn't you comb your hair?
-I don't have that habit.
Are we giving him a share?
He wants it all and not just a share.
-Yes, Master.
-You want everything, do you?
-That's it!
Why are you reacting in slow motion?
You look like a dummy,
and how dare you hit me?
-Leave me. Spare me.
-What happened?
Get up, Master. Come on.
-There's no way.
-What do we do now?
-Shall we go back?
-Shut up!
Give me that flashlight.
What is this?
Look here.
Place that sword there.
Hey, ghost!
How could you hit an old man?
Then, take this on his behalf.
You consider yourselves heroes, don't you?
And you bring a rope to retrieve a crown?
Hey, they
Let me go, please.
-Let me go.
-Stop it.
You shouldn't have come in here.
-Son, it's Manna.
Dad, there's the crown.
-Wow, it's beautiful!
-Idiot. Instead of going out, you go to him.
It's sparkling!
Come. Come closer.
Come and take it.
Guys, the door is open.
Let's run.
-Come, come. Run.
-Damn, the crown!
We struggled just to get this.
-They've built a huge cave inside this well.
-What is this place?
-Give that to me.
-It's my grandpa's.
Guys, wait.
Don't fight.
Give it.
Give it to me.
-Give it, I say.
-Hey, hey!
-Listen to me.
-Hey, hey!
-The ghost!
-Manna has come back as a ghost.
Somebody save me.
Relax, everyone.
The one thing that all heroes say is
"I'll handle it!"
Shall we get started?
We can't understand what's going on down there.
All their ropes have been cut.
We can't do anything more.
This started because of me.
I'll put an end to it.
Sir, that ghost is taking everyone in.
This well shouldn't claim any more lives.
Let's seal the well, sir.
Dad, you kept calling yourself
a royal family descendant.
But you are hiding here
after getting beaten up by a ghost.
-That's how painful it was.
I'm not in hiding.
I'm just keeping low.
Wait for my masterstroke!
A tiger lays low to pounce on his prey.
That's not how this looks.
I'm telling you, yet
Grandpa would be ashamed of you.
Fight it out amongst yourselves.
Go. He's taking the crown.
Give me that crown.
We jumped into the well to get the crown.
But now we are in trouble.
Let's first figure out how to get out of here.
Kanagarayan and Gopi came that way.
-I'm sure there's a way out.
-Even then, we'll have to cross the well.
Find another way out.
Don't think like fools.
There's another way to leave this well.
Really? Tell me.
Look at me, and I'll tell you.
What? I just gave you
a piece of advice.
-Sir, they are waiting for you?
-We'll figure out our escape route. You carry on.
Let's go.
Is the ghost gone?
Open up.
Open up!
Open up. I want to leave.
Hey, baldy!
Why are you giving him a massage?
I heard touching things open
different doors here. I was just trying that.
I was wondering if touching
this might open the door.
-Who told you touching this statue will open the door?
-Raja did.
I was trying to forget about him,
and you talk about him.
Boss? Boss?
-Where are you?-Right here.
Did you escape without me?
Not at all.
Where are you?
Why is there a flower pot inside this cave?
Where are you, boss?
I'm right here. Come.
Who are you searching for?
-What for?
To escape.
How do you plan to escape with my crown?
Here you go, bro.
Why did you give this to me?
I don't want to get beaten up by the ghost.
-Take this.
-Why to me? I don't want to see the ghost.
Diamonds, gem stones
It has it all.
The boys have really done it.
It's worth nearly four crores.
Stay here for half an hour.
I'll be back.
Hey, baldy!
Where did he go?
-I'm leaving.
-This is Nemiliamman's. Give it back.
-I won't.
-I said give it.
-No, I won't.
-Then wear it.
Wear it yourself.
-It hurts, right?
-Oh, yes. It does.
Then take it off and give it to me.
It pricks me,
but it might not even fit you.
How dare you all eye on my hair?
Even a prisoner on death row
is asked what his last wish is.
-Ask what my wish is.
-What is it?
I want to smoke a beedi.
-Yes, please.
-Alright. But make it quick.
Even I feel like having a smoke.
But if I ask him,
he'll look down at me.
Why did you do that?
You said you wanted to smoke,
but not that you'll light it.
Fool! How will I smoke without lighting it?
I've lived in this well
for 20 years because they burned me.
-Go away.
Hey, Imaya!
Forgive me, Manna.
Wow! Such a beautiful voice.
-You had dreams about your life.
-Yes, I did.
But I killed you in haste.
I should have died when you did.
But I was helpless.
There are girls like me who
love someone but live with another person.
That's not for our happiness.
But for our family's honor.
For the mistake my dad did,
he stood humiliated in front of the whole town
losing the honor that he cared for so much.
Don't take out your anger on the townsfolk
for his mistake.
Return that crown.
I'm ready to give my life for my mistake.
Please don't destroy their beliefs or peace.
Please return the crown.
Your life is of no use to me.
Accept a guy's love if you'll marry him,
otherwise get married to who your parents point to.
If you aren't strong, every guy
will face the same fate as me.
They'll stab us behind the back.
You want the crown, right?
Come and take it.
Come on.
Take it.
Don't have your head held high in front of God.
Take the crown and celebrate the festival.
Look, Imaya. Your dad should also hear this.
Even though I behaved like
a comedian, I truly loved you.
I might be a guy who goes
from town to town playing movies.
But after watching Amarkalam,
I started loving you even more.
I wanted us to lead a life like Ajith and Shalini.
But these morons hit me in the head
and dropped me in this well.
There's no law that states
you have to die if your lover dies.
It's fitting that you married another person.
How touching!
Honor isn't about walking with your chest held high.
It's about giving a good life
for your loving daughter.
Got it?
You'll never see me again.
I'm leaving.
Jai Balayya!
It's just a piece of cloth.
A person is discriminated against
based on where he wears it, on his head or on his hip.
Hold this, Mother.
As long as we share our beliefs,
we are all one.
Here, take this.
Come on, hold it up.