Thor: God of Thunder (2022) Movie Script

How come they feed him
better than us?
Oh, look who's late
with my meal again.
Uh, Ivar.
Would you be a gentlemen
and get me more olives, please?
It's my birthday, after all.
Give out your hand.
All right, I'll bite.
- [spits]
- [laughs]
- I'm going for more wine.
- [laughing]
[door squeals]
So long, Ivar.
Ivar? Ivar!
You will never escape.
Odin and Thor will find you.
I've already escaped.
[neck cracks]
[echoing snarls]
[distant sounds of screaming]
[distant shouting]
MAN: Loki has escaped!
Search every room!
MAN 2: Search the castle!
Stop this madness right now.
Midgard will fall.
And I will replant this tree.
When that happens,
you can either join me
or you can be against me.
But I assure you,
it will be too late,
for I will have all the power.
Only a fool would seek
a shattered world.
There would be nothing left
for you to rule!
I will not allow you
to fulfill
the destiny of Ragnarok.
It was not the answer
I'd hoped for,
but if you get in the way,
so be it.
Your magic does not work...
in my throne room.
I don't need magic to defeat
your old, decrepit soul.
Without your staff,
you are nothing!
Loki, stop this now.
What, are you afraid that
once I release the Great Wolf,
that he will hunt you down
and fulfill his destiny
- by destroying you?
- There can still be peace.
I took no pleasure
in your sentencing.
Yet there I was,
rotting away in that dungeon.
I spent far too long idly by...
mocked and ridiculed
by the people, our people,
while you've sat there
in that throne room,
doing nothing for our world.
I can finish what I started
all those years ago!
Surrender, Loki.
Thor is on his way.
And you have no escape.
I am just getting
started, Odin.
[thunder rumbling]
I warned you.
[electricity sizzling]
[thunder crashing]
[thunder crashing]
Oh! No!
Rag... Ragnarok.
Father, save your strength.
- I'll get help.
- No, no.
Loki... Loki is
going to Midgard...
to awaken Fenrir
and destroy
the tree of the Nine Realms
that will then regrow
in Loki's control!
Fenrir was imprisoned.
Never to be set free.
The mortals,
they don't understand.
They don't understand what
they... they have released.
How do I stop it, Father?
You need to find...
the other half
of the Vargr amulet.
If the two halves
are put together,
they could destroy
the Great Wolf.
You must follow him.
You cannot let him succeed.
Where do I find the amulet?
It was given
to a mortal king
many years ago.
Even I... do not know
where it resides.
You need to find Fenrir's tomb!
Father... Father?
Father! Father!
That's a 2.6.
What do you think,
Grace, 2.6.?
- That earthquake.
- What earthquake?
Hand me the hilt.
Why do you keep
looking at that?
See this?
Yeah. Looks like a kite.
You think indigenous
Native Americans are
flying kites?
Is this some kind of
sporting goods store
from 200 years ago?
Can you at least pretend
you know petroglyphs?
Hey, you want a geologist?
I'm your guy.
You want someone to do
a coffee run, still your guy.
You want somebody to identify
indigenous symbols?
- Not your guy.
- Clearly.
And besides, this isn't
indigenous Native Americans.
What is it?
This is the symbol
of Fenrir, the Great Wolf.
He was a god,
with the power to destroy Odin.
Odin? Like Thor.
Like that Odin?
And legend has it
that Fenrir was so mean
and uncontrolled that he tried
to start the end of times.
If he were to fulfill
his prophecy, then he would
destroy the Nine Realms and
kill Odin and his wife, Frigg.
What happened to Fenrir?
They captured him
and imprisoned him
for all eternity.
Let's hope he doesn't escape.
Hey, Adrian. Grace here
just discovered Valhalla.
And the end of the world.
That's pretty cool, right?
Dr. Sagias wants us
to hold off.
- Why?
- Well, he's worried
that we're
experiencing foreshock
leading up
to one big earthquake.
No, he-- tell Dr. Sagias
you don't know if a foreshock
is a foreshock unless
it's preceded by a bigger quake,
and the main event may
not happen for months.
Look, let me just call him,
I'll talk to him...
- No, it's more than that.
- What do you mean?
It's a cluster of quakes,
and they've been happening
at the same time and apparently
around the whole world.
No, you can't have
two quakes at once,
let alone a cluster of them.
But let me get online,
and I'll check the USGS,
and I'll look at their
seismographs, okay?
Adrian, look.
- Migration period?
- Yeah.
I can see that.
It's easily
over a thousand years old.
Adrian, this is everything.
We can prove that Vikings
traveled across North America
all the way to California,
way before anyone ever thought.
It could be a plunder.
You know,
a souvenir from battle.
I mean, Vikings were already
in Newfoundland by this time.
That's fine.
But look closely at these rocks.
I see petroglyphs
of other symbols, all Norse.
- This makes no sense.
- Adrian,
this is a Viking tomb,
and we just have to get inside.
There's no record of Vikings
making it this far west.
I know!
This is like when...
Cope and Marsh
discovered huge dinosaur bones
in the United States
in the 1800s.
No one knew they could
make it this far.
Sorry. I can't open it
until we get the all clear.
We're so close.
We just have to open this tomb.
I'll go inside, I'll see inside
for just a moment.
I'll get a site survey
out here in a week.
I can get it certified
in less than two weeks.
Two weeks makes
no difference for a tomb
that's been here
for a thousand years.
I'll get my team here
to secure the site
so Dr. Sagias is
more comfortable.
Okay. And then we'll have
this turned around in a week.
Everyone okay?
It opened by itself.
Give me the rock saw.
I'm going to go get help.
I'll talk to Dr. Sagias.
Hi. Yes, I need to speak
to Dr. Sagias now.
It's Adrian at the site.
It's 30,000 lumens.
- What's that beeping?
- That's me.
Hydrogen levels are really high.
Probably happened
when the door opened.
Yeah, when hydrogen
meets oxygen,
it's pretty explosive.
Yeah-- it also makes water.
Nick, you won't believe
what just happened.
Not much in here.
Maybe we're not
the first to open it.
No. Viking tombs were not
like Egyptian tombs.
Very basic.
I'm surprised
it has petroglyphs.
Must have been someone special.
Or something.
I don't see a body.
Vikings were usually cremated.
So this isn't a tomb?
I don't know.
Could be a shrine.
What did the symbols say?
- [gasping]
- Sorry.
Just talked to Dr. Sagias.
He doesn't want us in here.
Come on. You gotta be
kidding me right now.
He wants to send
a structural engineer
out here
to make sure it's safe.
Come on, Grace.
Got it.
Grace, come on.
Definitely Norse.
I see more of the wolf
Yes, but...
I see some
Native American symbols, too,
like early.
Tongva symbols.
So, this tomb was
a joint venture
between indigenous tribes
and the Vikings?
Taking a guess, but...
maybe both groups built this
because they both
had a vested interest.
In building a Viking tomb?
Why would the Tongva
tribes do that?
Or fear.
Look at these symbols.
That's a Valknut,
symbol of death.
That's Yggdrasil,
tree of the Nine Realms.
That's Tongva
for bad spirit, sun.
Maybe it's not a tomb.
Maybe it's something else.
Like what?
A passageway,
a room, a shrine.
A prison.
For the wolf god
that wants to eat the sun
and destroy the Nine Realms.
Two cultures teaming together
to build a prison. Why?
Whoa, whoa.
I don't think so.
- Excuse me, sir.
- Do not touch me.
This is a secure area.
We need to see some I.D.
Some I.D.?
What is I.D.?
Do you not know who I am?
Sir, you could
be Abraham Lincoln
walking in here
with John Wilkes Booth.
And I'd still need I.D.
Clearly must be
some friends of yours.
You're not in charge, are you?
Enough with the I.D.
Who's in charge?
That'd be Dr. Nick Sagias,
executive director
at the Odinkar Museum.
That guy.
Dr. Sagias.
Handsome fellow.
May I go in?
- I need to call this in.
- No, you don't.
No, I don't.
Afternoon, Dr. Sagias.
It's great to see you.
Would you like me
to get the team
and meet you at the site?
Won't be necessary.
All right.
Sounds good.
Been in prison
far too long, my friend.
I know what you're
going through.
The wait is over.
I can't believe I missed that.
That's thulite.
That's why it has
that pink tint to it.
- Thulite?
- Yeah, it's Norwegian.
These are huge rocks.
What are they doing here?
Would they travel
across the country
with tons of thulite?
You can't find thulite
in California.
Not a thousand years ago.
I mean, they found something
similar at Searles Lake,
but deep.
Really deep-- you'd need
19th century engineering
- to extract it.
- Hey, Dr. Choi.
Morning, Harold.
Did Sagias say
he was coming in today?
No, I just spoke to him
on the phone. Why?
I'm pretty sure he's here.
- What?
- I think he's in the tomb.
Did you authorize
the explosives?
- Why would I do that?
- Harold, call 911.
Nick? Hello?
Grace, I think
the room got bigger.
Another door opened!
- Nick!
- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- It's a lot of hydrogen!
- We should wait outside.
Listen, my guess is
this time
there was a volatile
chemical reaction.
Another door.
Who cares? Let's go!
We're looking for Nick.
No, this is a volatile site
that just exploded
and possibly killed someone.
We need to go.
- He could be hurt.
- Dr. Choi?
First responders are
on their way,
but they've got questions
because it's a dig site.
Patrick, let's go.
- Patrick!
- Adrian.
Patrick, let's go.
Wait, wait,
that's Dr. Sagias.
Oh my God.
Don't touch me.
It's okay, Dr. Sagias.
You're at the dig site.
There was an explosion.
Nick, it's me,
Adrian Quinn.
Are you... Are you hurt?
Are you okay?
I don't want your help, okay?
They found him.
Yeah, he's just
a little stunned.
All right, everybody,
it's not safe here.
We got to get everybody out.
Sir? Dr. Sagias,
I'm going to lead you
to the surface, all right?
Stay away from me.
All of you!
It's me, Grace.
I do not require
your assistance at this time.
Why are you here, Nick?
I came...
to visit the prison
of Fenrir myself.
How did you know this was
the prison of Fenrir?
We need to go outside.
This room is too unstable.
We need to leave.
That's fine.
I'll go with Patrick here.
You all leave.
- You got him?
- I'm fine, fine, just-- yeah.
Did Nick seem off to you?
No one said anything about him
showing up to the site.
He's like that.
Yeah, but you
just talked to him.
I talked to him on the phone.
He could have been
on his way to the site.
Look, Nick is eccentric.
Could have been stunned
from the blast.
Did you notice he's not limping?
He always has a cane.
I mean, we should have heard him
or at least seen him.
How'd he sneak past us?
I'm gonna make a few calls.
I'm not sure what's going on,
- but it doesn't feel right.
- I'm going to go back.
I was just wondering
if you were worth saving.
Excuse me?
I thought you wanted me to help
you out of here, Dr. Sagias.
Then help.
[phone ringing]
You reached security,
this is Greg.
How can I help you?
Yes. Hi, I'm Grace Choi.
I'm one of the archeologists
working with Sagias.
I was wondering
if I could speak with him.
I'm afraid that Dr. Sagias
is in a meeting.
You have to call back later.
He's in a meeting?
Did he go to the site?
No, I just buzzed in his lunch
about 10 minutes ago.
He's been at
the museum all day.
- Okay. Thanks.
- Of course.
Is there anything else
I can help with?
Is there anything wrong?
Could you have him
call me when he's done?
Tell him it's important.
Certainly. I'll have him
call you back at once.
Thanks, Greg.
- Harold.
- Yeah?
Toss me your radio.
[clearing throat]
Come in, over?
Can anyone hear me, over?
Come on.
Follow me.
[distant sounds of battle]
What is all this?
A sentry station.
For what?
- Nick, stop!
- At last.
I'm sorry, but there are
procedures for stuff like this.
I'm sorry?
You can't just take things
from an excavation site.
We have to log it.
But more importantly,
we have to get out of here now.
Dr. Sagias...
Open the urn.
- Nick!
- Now. Open the urn.
Patrick, stop!
I can't breathe.
Much better.
Thank you, Doctor.
Without your assistance,
I would've never
been able to retrieve
the Great Wolf's fang.
You can't remove that.
I don't understand.
Who are you?
Where are my manners?
Why, I'm Loki.
Get away from him.
That's not Nick.
That's the guy!
That's the guy
that got past me.
What do you want?
What's rightfully mine,
of course.
He's controlling
Patrick somehow.
we got to get out of here.
What have you done to Patrick?
Well, unfortunately,
Odin made it
so that a God is unable
to unearth the Great Wolf.
So I needed a mortal,
and the good doctor here
was willing and able.
And now that I have the fang...
there's just
one more thing to do.
- No!
- Get out of here! Go!
Save yourself!
Go! Ah!
You heard him,
save yourself.
- Go!
- Save yourselves! Go!
- Are you okay?
- Yeah, I think so.
There he is.
I was wondering
when you'd show up, Thor.
Looks like you were
not as good
at hiding your whereabouts
as you think.
You will pay for your crimes
against Asgard.
Crimes? What crimes?
Liberating this planet?
Freeing the mortals.
I believe you're the one
committing the crime, Thor.
I'm afraid it's too late,
for Fenrir is awake.
The end of the world is near.
I must run.
No. No! Loki!
- You okay?
- Yeah, I think so.
Wait, Grace!
Wait, wait.
Excuse me.
Hi, uh...
I'm, uh... Grace.
I'm Dr. Grace Choi.
I'm site manager
at this excavation.
Um, uh-uh.
That's Loki, so...
You must be Thor.
You know of my name?
Well... the hammer.
You know of it?
Norse mythology is
my specialty.
Not mythology, I guess.
You studied us.
Then you may know
where Loki is.
You can help me.
Um, maybe?
The fate of your world
depends upon it
and your knowledge of us.
Well, when you put it like that.
Come with me.
The Fang of Fenrir.
Do not touch that.
Wait, what happened to
the markings on your face?
War paint of the gods.
It manifests during battle.
Wait-- hey!
That's Yggdrasil,
the tree of the Nine Realms.
You know of it?
Basically each branch holds
a part of the universe.
Earth is part of it.
This is what Loki is after.
He seeks to destroy the tree
and plant a new one
that he could control.
And that's why he needs Fenrir?
Loki can destroy the tree.
But attacking each realm,
that will be difficult.
Fenrir will grow
stronger and bigger,
and he will devour each realm.
Where's the tree?
My father said it's nearby.
Fenrir was imprisoned
when he got too close to it.
The gods stopped Fenrir.
We are just mortals.
No one is asking you to do this.
I will take on this
challenge myself.
No, we can't let Patrick die.
Your friend is right.
Fenrir grows more powerful
and your friend,
he will disappear forever.
We can stop them.
This is what I like
about your kind.
The odds are against you.
Yet you choose to fight
for one another.
- Can we fight them?
- No.
Just tell me where they are
and I will fight them on my own.
No. You want my help,
that I'm going with you.
Me, too.
Stubborn, foolish.
But full of heart.
We will travel together.
So where are we going?
Loki has awakened Fenrir
with the Vargr amulet.
But he only has one half.
If we find the other half
before he realizes his mistake,
we have a chance
of stopping Fenrir
from devouring the tree.
So we have to locate
the other half of the amulet.
- Sagias.
- Yes.
- What is this?
- Not a what, who.
Doctor Nicholas Sagias.
If anyone knows where to locate
the second half of the amulet,
he does.
That is Fenrir.
He grows more powerful
by the moment.
If we do not stop Loki,
Fenrir will be unstoppable.
This hammer is amazing.
No one can wield Mjolnir...
unless they are worthy.
Of course.
[car horn honking]
This is the most impressive
form of transportation.
Have you been able to reach
Dr. Sagias at all?
Our knowledge
of you mortals is flawed.
What do you mean?
Well, the last time
our paths crossed,
you had swords and ships.
When was the last time
you were on Earth, exactly?
Long before your time.
We humans have come a long way.
Another quake?
Hold on.
Hold on!
- What are you doing?
- We have to get to Nick.
I'm gonna drive right through.
We don't have another choice.
Oh, fantastic.
You would have made
a most formidable Valkyrie.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Please, don't do that again.
Yes! Again, again, again.
Let's go! Yes.
[door closing]
It's Grace Choi!
try and reach Nick again.
Step aside.
I will open this door.
Sorry. Adrian?
Sagias is just waiting
for you. Come on in.
So, is this a cosplay thing?
- What?
- The guy in the costume.
I'm Thor of Asgard,
Son of Odin.
Of course you are.
Dr. Sagias?
Oh, hey.
So is this... Thor,
our Norse god?
The one and only.
- I know it sounds...
- No, no, no.
[speaks Norse]
The end of days.
[speaks Norse]
So, he knows the...
the ancient tongue.
That doesn't... that doesn't
mean anything to me.
So he's Thor. Got it.
We are wasting time.
Do you know where the other half
of the amulet is?
I assume Patrick is the human
host for Fenrir the Wolf?
- How did you...
- Well, he's not here.
You would have said something
if... if he died.
Right? Because Fenrir needs
a human host. Correct?
They are becoming
more frequent.
Fenrir grows more powerful.
As I said
on the phone in the van,
this is why we need the second
piece of the amulet of Vargr.
The full amulet is
the only thing
that can stop Fenrir
and prevent Loki
from destroying the world.
So you know what it is?
Come with me.
That is a burial boat.
Not meant for battle?
Meant for travel to Valhalla.
You should not have taken this
from their tomb.
We study it.
Learn from it.
You have cursed yourselves
by disturbing the dead.
What are those statues?
- Jormungandr.
- The World Serpent.
We almost lost them
in the quake earlier.
We secured them as
you guys arrived.
Those are one of the crown
jewels of the exhibit.
Jormungandr is
a child of Loki.
Why do you have
this cursed thing here?
- Thor!
- Whoa, whoa!
They must be destroyed.
Very rare and extremely
valuable, this stuff.
We're here for the amulet.
Let's just get it to you
so we can leave.
Come, Fenrir.
Soon, my child.
Right here.
The amulet.
When we put these halves
together, we will stop Fenrir.
Now, how do we find Loki?
[phone beeping]
Oh, my God.
I have to go home.
I have to find my boyfriend.
Is this even possible?
Australia and New Zealand.
The tsunami is heading here.
[phone ringing]
The earth will quake.
Floods will come.
The end is near.
We need to get
to higher elevation.
- I have to go, I have to--
- Hey, hey,
you need to stay with us.
We'll leave together.
It may be too late.
Ragnarok has begun.
Why do you hurt?
I don't understand,
you... you should not feel pain.
You can't.
What am I missing?
What is happening?
What is happening?
ODIN: Loki...
You've made
a grave mistake, my son.
- Odin, you are dead.
- ODIN: Am I?
You are dead, you are no more!
And you are in Asgard.
No, no, no.
Just more of your tricks.
I killed you.
And yet...
You stand before me.
No, no, it's--
it's just an illusion.
Maybe my time in Valhalla
was not yet.
Maybe you're scared.
You're scared,
that's why you came back.
I came back to warn you
to stop this foolishness.
This trick of yours
will backfire.
The prophecy has been foretold.
I will start the end of days.
You will be dead before you find
the other half
of the amulet.
The other half?
You would have figured
this out eventually.
But I have a deal for you.
Stop this right now
and come... sit beside me.
And we shall rule together.
You must think I'm mad.
The end of days has
been foretold.
I will win.
I will destroy
the Nine Realms,
and Fenrir will hunt you down
in the halls of Asgard
and eat your heart out--
oh, glorious Odin!
Odin! Odin!
Odin... Odin.
Come, Fenrir.
We must find the other
half of the amulet.
[Fenrir whimpers]
[sirens blaring]
Grab whatever you can.
We have to go.
I know.
We should wait here.
Loki is coming.
We have 15 minutes before
this whole building
will be underwater.
Please just grab
what you can
and let's get in my car.
Loki is coming here.
No offense,
but you are immortal.
We are not.
We need to leave.
You have something
that belongs to me.
You are playing
a dangerous game, Loki.
- We need to leave.
- Let's go.
Give me the amulet,
and I promise
your deaths will be
quick and painless.
Stop this madness, Loki.
What are those things?
Looks like Loki's
let out his children.
They're blocking the exits.
We gotta get out of here,
or we're going to die here.
What are you doing? Wait!
Hey, hey, what are you doing?
These aren't
going to do anything
against those animated sentries.
I don't think
we have any other choice.
The amulet.
[Fenrir growls]
Where did Loki go?
He fled and he possesses
both halves of the amulet.
Fenrir will be unstoppable now.
I'm sorry, Nick.
We have to go.
The tsunami
will be here any minute.
If we stay here,
we're going to die.
We'll figure out another way
as we get to higher elevation.
This is not your time
to enter Valhalla.
I could not save her.
We lost her.
We lost her, we lost Adrian.
We-- We lost Adrian.
We lost Greg.
And we lost the amulet.
It's okay.
- [sobbing] We lost everything.
- I... can't get them back.
If we can still
find the amulet...
can you save us?
Is it too late?
It is never too late
to give up hope.
It's going to be okay.
It's going to be okay.
I can't do this.
I can't.
Can't bring them back.
Odin, father.
Bring your daughter home.
She waits for the final journey.
Has she earned her place...
Or in darkness to roam.
She's gone.
- I'm here.
- Do you think we can stop him?
Humans... have endured
a lot of suffering
and almost extinction
but we survived.
Plagues, famine,
drought, everything.
But you know what?
We survived.
And we will survive this, too.
You have got to hold on--
we have got to make
something of all of this.
Nick, we need to
find the laptop.
I know.
Did you find it?
No. Something better.
It's a Valknut.
The symbol of Odin.
Your star.
It's a catalyst.
It can open a portal
for communication.
What about up here?
With connection, power.
Things like that.
I thought surely that
Loki had taken you from us.
My death was not to be.
Mighty Odin.
You can come. You can come
to Earth and help us.
- We need you.
- I can't. I'm too weak.
I'm amazed at this connection.
There should be no connection
between the Realms
with me in this shape.
Yes, well, the mortals,
they have
the Valknut relic now.
A relic from a--
a time long forgotten.
Yes, yes indeed.
And Loki?
What of him?
Fenrir has awakened.
And Loki has both
halves of the amulet.
Earthquakes are-- are shaking
this planet to its core.
And the flooding is
wreaking havoc everywhere.
Has Loki approached
the tree of the Nine Realms?
[Thor muttering]
I'm not sure.
Then time is not
on your side, my son.
You must kill the beast
before it gets strong enough
to devour the realms
straight from the tree.
I fear this is too much
to ask of them.
- Them?
- Yes. Mortals.
Morals have been
accompanying me in this,
and they've been valiant
in their efforts to help.
Help is good.
Listen, if you cannot
reclaim the amulet,
there is only one other way
you can destroy Fenrir.
That which can create
may also destroy.
Father... the connection
is weakening.
Do you know, where is Loki,
where is he?
The Valknut is not strong enough
to keep the connection.
Where, Father?
Where are they?
Loki is... with Fenrir
in Vigrid,
the fields of battle.
There exists a bridge
between worlds.
it's a cave.
There you will find Yggdrasil.
Father, please don't go!
We need you.
I need you.
Father, please!
Please, Father!
My father...
he's alive.
- My father's alive!
- That's good, right?
Yes, yes. Yes.
There's still hope.
If we can find Loki and Fenrir,
and defeat them.
So he's sending help?
No. He's far too weak for that.
He must regain
his strength first.
We can't wait.
We have a plan.
I will find Loki.
Where is he?
Did your father tell you?
Yes, he did.
He's near Fenrir's tomb.
There's a cave.
Yes, I know,
where we did our site survey.
It's a few miles east
of the dig and the sequoias.
It's by Boyden Cavern.
It's very deep.
This structure
is going to collapse.
You'll survive.
We won't.
We have to get off the roof.
I understand that.
But Main Street is
under the Pacific Ocean
right now.
This is our safest place,
right here.
I will go find Loki,
and I will come back
for you two.
Maybe I can get
one of the...
benefactor's helicopters,
but even if I can get one,
it'll have to be far enough
away from this water.
Wait. Of course.
- What?
- Your idea.
- What idea?
- The water.
The water.
I can't swim with this leg.
Who said anything
about swimming?
Do you have a question?
Why did you leave Earth?
I never left Earth.
I just was not needed.
But you're needed now.
To protect the Nine Realms.
Why does saving us
mean so much to you?
Your world is
a part of the Nine Realms.
And I am the protector
of the Nine Realms.
My grandfather...
he created this world.
He gave his life for it.
His flesh and blood.
Made the mountains and the sea.
My father Odin...
He was the caretaker.
And this is where I met
my beloved Sif.
Ahh, the golden haired goddess.
Where is she now?
with my father.
Wait. You see that?
- There, see?
- [cawing]
The Ravens.
Huginn, Muninn.
Odin's messengers.
They only answer to him.
He said he would try
to send help if he could.
We need to follow them.
Are you sure?
I'm certain.
He must know where Loki is.
Is he sending any more help?
I think we're going to need
all the help we can get.
I do not know.
Sending his ravens
may have spent
what little power he has left,
but he knows how valuable
this world is.
It cannot fall.
We need to dock the ship
and start climbing.
We may get more waves
with this tsunami.
What choice do we have?
You okay, Nick?
I'm good.
Let's keep going.
What's Asgard like?
Much like this world.
It's a wonderful thing.
Your planet is beautiful
and spectacular.
Yet Loki wants to destroy it.
Loki does not see Earth
the way I see it.
He sees Earth
as power and control.
In the stories I was told
Loki was a trickster,
a rabble rouser, not someone
who wanted to destroy the realm.
He seeks to control
the realms, but in reality,
he just wants a playground
for his dark fantasies.
Loki's not happy unless he is
tricking or deceiving everyone.
He will not be happy
when he realizes
he's only fooling himself.
Let's hope he never gets there.
it is pre-ordained.
Fenrir will grow,
and he will devour the tree.
Loki will kill my father, Odin.
I thought you said that--
He is destined
for these things.
But you're here.
You're here to stop it, right?
But you said it was preordained.
Loki wins.
Every story has a writer.
Every story has
a predestiny.
But not every writer
is the same.
Not every story
is the same.
So there's a chance
Loki's story doesn't end
the way he wants it to.
Now you are getting it.
- Okay, Doctor?
- Fine.
- We can come back for you.
- No.
I'm okay.
You can get on my back.
Uh, no, I'm okay.
Nonsense, come on.
Here we go. Yeah.
All right.
Thor is carrying me.
That's what we're doing.
Oh, yep.
- Thank you.
- You're very welcome, friend.
The Ravens.
They're saying
Loki is this way.
I don't see another entrance.
Is there another way in?
Let me speak to you
for a minute.
- Really? Now, here?
- Yeah, yeah. Right now.
We're out of our league here.
We're going to help.
We're playing with the gods,
and their games.
We're just mortals.
- I understand.
- No, you don't.
Loki's dangerous
enough on his own.
But Fenrir, this wolf,
it's a whole 'nother thing.
We have Thor.
Ragnarok. It's the end
of the world as we know it.
- It's not 100%.
- Close enough.
That's enough for me
to try-- hey.
As my old mentor
used to tell me,
we have to make this matter.
Loki's in there.
I can sense it.
Move away.
Stay with me.
I can see the way.
There's no shame.
You've gotten this far.
No, let's go kick some
Norse god's ass, shall we?
Come on.
It's the Tree of Nine Realms.
The Tree of Nine Realms
is very powerful.
Loki will need all his magic
and tricks to destroy it.
And once he destroys it?
He will plant a new one.
One that he can control.
And then he will control
all the realms in the universe.
How do we stop this?
You don't.
You're too late.
Fenrir, kill them!
Go, now!
Come on, Thor.
Come on.
Back here.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah, I think so.
Do you see Thor?
You know he's a god, don't you?
Who can get hurt.
We have to find him.
The rocks are loose.
I think we have a way out.
- We have to hurry.
- Okay, let's go.
Oh, that wound
looks nasty, Thor.
I hope it doesn't hurt too much.
I do not need my lightning.
I can defeat you
with my hammer.
[Loki laughs]
Feel my power, Thor!
Enough is enough.
There you are.
Nick, we have
to do something.
Enough with
this nonsense, mortals.
You cannot win!
It's over.
I have the complete amulet.
Control of the Nine Realms
and the Great Wolf
is mine once again.
If you don't mind,
I have a tree to plant.
Thor, my son.
Where am I?
Where is this place?
You don't recognize your home?
My home?
My home.
This is one of many
But only one can be real.
And that is up to you,
and what you decide.
They are unstoppable, Father.
Father, what more can I do
that I've not already done?
The floods.
The floods have nearly
consumed the earth.
And the tree is almost dead
because of my failure.
They may be near,
but the earth is not lost.
Why do you consider defeat
when the Earthlings fight on?
They may have their problems,
but when they're
faced with death,
they rush in head on.
They will die for
the right cause without worry.
We could learn a lot from them.
You are Thor of Asgard.
Son of Odin.
A great, great warrior.
Thunder and lightning
beckon at your call.
My power no longer
answers to me.
Your power has not
left you, my son,
it has just been corrupted
by Fenrir's bite.
I am not strong
enough without it.
You don't need to defeat Loki.
Ragnarok lies
down with the Beast.
It always has.
That beast has no weakness!
Everything has
a weakness, my son.
I would not have entrusted
you with this task
if I did not think
that you could do it.
Remember who you are.
And remember what you have.
I cannot do this without
your strength, Father.
It is impossible.
My strength has
and always will be with you.
Wait, Father, please.
Please don't go, Father.
Please wait, Father.
It's all right, my son.
You only have a short way to go.
The earth needs you.
Your friends,
they need you.
They fight on,
but they cannot defeat Loki.
They need Thor,
the God of Thunder.
Thor, stop this!
Accept defeat.
Then I will make it
a quick and painless death.
Fenrir, destroy him!
Thor, the fang!
You have killed Fenrir.
You have killed my wolf!
[Thor chuckles]
The earth still stands, brother.
You have not won.
You still mock me!
I may have lost the realms,
but I will have vengeance.
I will kill you
once and for all.
You couldn't kill Odin.
Brother, you will not kill me.
Odin is gone.
Odin is dead.
- Odin is but an illusion!
- [laughing]
Oh, stupid brother.
How do you think
we found this place?
Even weakened,
Odin has managed to defeat you.
Even with your planning,
and your power...
- Careful.
- And you have failed.
Because that's
your destiny, brother.
You will always fail!
As long as there is
someone to oppose you.
No, no!
Earth will never fall
to the likes of you.
You are but a mortal!
Surrender and I will
spare your life, brother.
- Spare me?
- Yes.
Spare me, oh brother.
Spare me this nonsense.
Please stop,
brother, please.
So what?
I can rot in that prison
for your worthless father?
Stop. Stop.
No, never again. Never!
- No!
- This ends here, brother!
Grace-- Grace.
Is it over?
Is Loki...
Loki is dead.
It is over.
Come, let's go.
That hammer of yours,
it's pretty heavy.
You are a true warrior, Grace.
Only the worthy can
wield Mjolnir.
It's over.
We stopped Ragnarok.
So what now?
I thought you killed Fenrir.
He should be dead!
Are you okay?
We need to
get him out of here.
He needs a doctor.
Oh, good to see you.
Is Earth okay?
It is.
At least for now.
That's a good sign.
A good sign indeed.
They call me home to Asgard.
Will we see you again?
If you need me, I will return.
Your world is
under my protection.
Did you mean what you said?
About Adrian and Greg
in Valhalla?
Yes. Your friends will be
celebrated amongst the gods.
You have my word.
Still a mess.
A lot of lives were
lost here today.
Yes, there were.
I'm sorry for your losses.
Thank you, my friend.
Thank you, all of you.
You're so brave.
It is time.
Stand back.
So I met a god today.
That's above my pay grade.
Man, that guy's awesome.
Yeah, he is.
[distant cheers]
Rise, my son. Rise.
And what of your brother, Loki?
Father, he is...
he is dead.
He left me no choice.
He would not yield.
If I had not stopped him,
he would have destroyed
the Nine Realms.
I should have known.
He was a fool.
But he was my brother,
and I loved him dearly.
you did something good.
The earthlings are
a resilient people.
In times of crisis,
they come together
to help their fellow man.
Thanks to you,
they have a chance to rebuild.
The earthlings and Asgard
will forever be in your debt.
Oh, Father, I...
I did not have the heart
to tell the mortals
that... Fenrir still lives
in this amulet.
His soul forever.
All of this was prophesized,
and the end was
because of
all of our decisions.
for the Nine Realms...
are at peace once again.
To Asgard!
ALL: To Asgard!
To Asgard, my son.
Yes, Father.
[thunder crashing]