Thorne: Scaredy Cat (2010) Movie Script

- You did all you could, son.
- You let them catch him.
This is you Tom. You get an idea in your
head and everyone else is stupid.
I want focused, not fixated.
I'm a triple threat -
pathologist, puff, pal of yours.
I looked into his eyes
and he just knows. This is the one.
I remember what you were like after
Calvert. I won't let you go there.
You're losing it, Tom.
Mind you, you lost it years ago.
I know you wanted to talk about it
and I never would. I'm sorry.
But, Phil, just tell me,
please tell me.
It's not that bad. It's just whisky
with cream. Yeah, I know what it is.
To Maureen Thorne.
Matriarch, fine musician,
militant republican,
and lover of sickly-sweet
dinner liqueurs.
She was a good woman,
your mother, y'know.
She was always good to me, anyway.
Listen, thanks for coming, Phil.
I appreciate it.
It would've meant a lot to her
as well, so... thanks.
Come on, have a drink with me,
proper drink.
We were friends. You fucked it up.
Sorry for your loss.
(man) 'Day: May 7th.'
'St Pancras.'
'Victim: Female.'
'Young. 20-30.'
'Method: Hands only.'
'Weapons just for show.'
'Take your time.'
'One of them will feel right.'
'Remember that feeling
the first time.'
'How strong you felt.
You were as strong as me.'
'Now, pick one.'
'Because if you don't...
I will.'
(bell chimes hour)
(woman) Wash your hands
before you touch anything.
Bedtime in five minutes,
OK, Charlie?
Please. My husband is just outside.
You can have my bag.
Nice holiday, sir?
What are you doing here? Sarah Chen.
I know who you are. I want to know
what you're doing here.
You would've made DI quicker
if you'd stayed in the fraud squad.
Ruth Murray. 28. A prostitute.
She lived and worked
in King's Cross, just over there.
Convictions for soliciting.
She was barely covered.
Right, so what does that tell you?
He wanted us to find her.
What are you doing here?
Not get two weeks' compassionate
Nobody else knows. I'd like
to keep it that way, alright?
She was strangled, I think.
Skin under her nails
but don't get too excited.
Most of it is probably hers.
You get that. They scratch at their
necks, trying to stop constriction
caused here
by the killer's hands. Probably.
Pretty good nails.
Maybe she scratched him too.
What about that bruise there?
That could be caused by his knees
if he kneeled over her,
hands around her neck.
Any other injuries?
Straight to the point.
There's traces of some fluid here
on the face.
Semen? It isn't semen, no.
I'll have a better idea
when I get back to the lab.
(clears throat)
What do you think, sir?
Could be anything, couldn't it?
Saliva, sweat, tears.
It's on her forehead.
Could be his. His?
OK. Some good detective work for you.
Ask Vice what they know about her.
Ask around here as well.
Ask some of the girls, OK?
Yeah, if I wanted a piano,
I would have bought one, alright?
"It'll go lovely in your new flat."
I don't care, Dad.
I don't... Dad...
Hey, where are you going?
Kerbside delivery.
Another 50 and we'll take it
upstairs. Oh, shit.
Sir, I've been trying
to get through to you.
So no sign of the kid, then?
No. Charlie Turay. Five years old.
This initial from the house-to-house
is that the deceased is the mother.
Karal, from Sierra Leone.
The dad's dead, so...
Traffic thing two years ago.
No weapon used.
Um, no forced entry,
back door's locked.
Likely came in the front
and did it in there.
(sighs) There's no evidence
he's been through the house.
See you back there.
It's angry, right? He knew her.
Well, let's hope so, huh?
Charlie, it's alright.
He's gone, mate.
My name's Tom. I'm a policeman.
Come on, Charlie,
you can come out now.
You're safe.
That's it, good lad.
Come on. Mind yourself.
OK. Yeah, that's it, that's it.
Good lad.
You OK?
I'm going to take you outside. I need
you to close your eyes really tight.
Alright, mate,
you keep them closed, yeah?
Alright, that's it.
Good boy.
I need some help here.
Sir, Margie Knight.
Colleague of Ruth Murray's.
Says that Ruth was working down
from her at St Pancras that night.
Thinks Ruth caught a punter.
Gave us a good description
but we've been checking CCTV
and so far, no joy.
What time did she spot him?
About six.
Check an hour either side. Sir.
Did you get anything from Phil
on the fluids found on her face?
You were right. It's tears.
Not much chance of DNA off that.
Crying on the job, eh?
What are you thinking?
Do you think the boy saw anything?
He's not saying anything.
But even if he didn't see anything,
he would have heard it.
(sighs) Then why is he still alive?
Did the killer get interrupted,
scared off?
See what he did? He would've torn
through the floor if he had to.
Er, guv.
You gotta see this.
This is St Pancras CCTV.
I was looking for Ruth
but I found this.
Why are they there?
This changes everything.
So both these women were murdered,
both came in through St Pancras.
Ruth Murray died from slow,
sustained squeezing on the artery.
Minimal internal damage.
Simple strangle.
No weapon used.
Karal Turay. No weapon used.
Cricoid cartilage crushed,
thyroid cartilage unrecognisable,
hyoid fractured,
back of her skull shattered as
he beat her head against the floor.
With Charlie ten feet away.
So I guess we can assume
that this guy wasn't weeping buckets
when he killed Karal Turay.
So I guess it's a coincidence.
Methods are way different.
No. No.
Both cases, you have the same
impotent desire, the same end.
You can't fuck her, so you kill her.
It's different. Ruth's is some perv.
Karal... That's personal, vicious.
Probably someone from her background
What about St Pancras? They were
both there, along with 30,000 others
Look, it's not enough. All that
connects these two is bad luck.
170 murders a year in London,
Say half are women - 85.
Say a quarter of them are strangled
and say 70% are below the age of 30.
That's 15 women.
Add St Pancras, no sexual assault,
and killed within two hours...
Thinking, are you, Tom? Or have you
outsourced that these days?
What do you think, sir?
Coincidence or connected?
It's not a coincidence
if there's a pattern.
"You were at the train
station, weren't you, Charlie?"
"Why did you go up the escalator?"
He's completely shut down.
"Was it because you like trains?"
"Do you like these trains, Charlie?"
I've gone through the unsolved
murders and attempted murders
in Greater London
in the last three years.
There were four killings on one day
in August in Southwark and Lewisham
but as far as I can see, two of them
were gang-related stabbings,
one was a hit-and-run, the other was
an armed robbery on an off-licence.
Double-check those stabbings. I've
triple-checked it. Keep looking.
Tom, he's asking for you.
You alright, Charlie?
How's everything at the foster home?
Where's Mummy?
Oh, you're thinking?
Sorry, I thought
you were planning on jumping.
What are you still doing here?
I'm not paying overtime. Hm.
I'm going out to forget about
Charlie and his mum tonight
so I can come back tomorrow
and think about them again.
What about you?
I'll see you tomorrow.
I heard you were difficult.
# Went out one night
for to make a little round
# I met my little Sadie
and I shot her down
# Went back home and I got into bed,
.44 pistol under my head
# Wake up next morning
'bout half past nine
# The hacks and the buggies
all standing in line
# The gents and the gamblers
standing all around
# Taking little Sadie
to her burying ground
# Then I begin to think
of what a deed I'd done
# I grabbed my hat and away I run
# I made a good run
but a little too slow
# They overtook me in Jericho
# I was standing on a corner
reading a bill
# When up stepped the sheriff
from Thomasville
# He says, "Young man,
ain't your name Brown?"
# "Remember the night
you shot Sadie down?"
# That judge and jury
that took their stand
# The judge had the papers
in his right hand
# 41 days and 41 nights
# 41 years to wear
the ball and the stripes #
How did you get in here? Front desk
said you were working late.
For a change.
Yeah. What do you want?
Had a bit of a busy day.
Something about these women
is bugging me.
What? It's not one of your hunches,
is it?
We all know where
they can lead us to, don't we?
Can I take another look?
No, you can't.
I'm not doing those kinds of favours
for you any more.
Don't you understand?
How many more times? I fucked up
and I said I'm sorry!
I thought we were through this!
We've missed something.
Yeah? What did we miss? You know?
Hey, if you want to get a look at
their entrails, come back tomorrow.
It's driving me mad. I've looked at
every unsolved murder in ten years.
I've widened the parameters. Luton,
Chelmsford, Bromley, the suburbs.
Every pair of unsolved murders
on the same day. Nothing!
Yeah, well, murder in the suburbs
technically isn't murder at all.
It's a justifiable reaction
to aesthetic deprivation and golf.
I need your help on this, Phil.
Only unsolved murders, you said.
Yeah, why? The police are capable
of charging the wrong man.
You know.
January, maybe February. Two women,
both stabbed the same day.
One was done and dusted.
They charged the guy before
I finished my postmortem.
Yeah. February 15. Jana Lovik. 22.
Stabbed outside a cinema in Ealing.
Single stab wound.
Bladed penetrated the heart.
And the other victim?
Fiona Hutchinson.
25. Found Thames Barrier Park.
23 separate knife wounds.
Partial decapitation.
Case still open. Yeah, I know.
No arrests.
One a vicious attack,
the other a single knife wound.
One savage, one not,
like those two in there.
Knives used - similar.
Neither ever found.
They charged Jana Lovik's boyfriend.
Arrested Stansted Airport
same night.
Always the boyfriend, lazy bastards.
Who was the arresting officer?
Tughan. You're joking?
I suppose it's not impossible to get
from Woolwich to Ealing in that time
Why would he do that?
Not he, they. Two killers.
Two pairs of victims, same methods,
same day. That's the pattern.
Serial killers don't work together.
These ones do.
Look at the state of the place since
I've gone. How you going? Good, sir.
Get yourself a tie, young man.
You're a police officer.
Micky, how's the kids?
Youngest one well? Good, fantastic.
The Lovik case is done and dusted.
It's as tight as a camel's arse.
Pavel Kozinski, the boyfriend.
He's on remand.
They had a steaming row in front of
20 witnesses, immortalised on CCTV,
ten minutes later,
she's found dead in the alley.
It's always the boyfriend. No, not
always. But in this case it was.
He said he left her by the cinema.
When he returned she was dead.
"Oh, my girlfriend's been stabbed.
What shall I do? Call am ambulance?"
"No, I'll get on a Squeezy Jet
at Stansted
in case someone thought it was me
that done it!"
Even his brief was blushing.
I don't think he did do it. No. For
you to be right, I have to be wrong.
Tom's got a theory. Yeah, I heard
it. You said. Double trouble.
Venables and Thompson, Brady and
Hindley, Harris and Klebold.
Ant and Dec, Robson and Jerome,
Donny and Marie,
Mike and Bernie fucking Winters!
You got any evidence, Tom?
Nah. You don't need evidence.
You're Tom Thorne.
Pavel said he thought she was seeing
someone else. All in his head!
The cinema manager said he saw a guy
hanging around, looking scared.
No, he said he looked nervous.
We looked into it. Dead end.
This guy? Yeah, that's him.
Mr Nobody Knows.
Is that it, Ruth? Is that why
you dragged me across London?
This isn't your e-fit.
This guy we think killed a prostitute
at St Pancras four days ago.
This is your e-fit.
Kevin, you're head of SED 1 West.
It's your jurisdiction.
This is your call.
My call for what? I'd like
to re-interview Pavel Kozinski.
I don't have anything to hide.
You argued with Jana because you
thought she was seeing someone else?
I know she was. I told him.
We looked into it.
There wasn't anybody else.
Why are you so sure
she was seeing someone else?
She wanted to break up with me.
I didn't want to lose her.
So you killed her? Mr Tughan.
Do you recognise this man, Pavel?
He showed me that. I don't know him.
See, the thing is, there was
no defence wounds on Jana,
which suggests it was someone
she knew, which is you -
I don't know this man.
So you had a fight, you went away
and then you came back. Why?
I wanted to say sorry.
To make it alright.
People said you were shouting
in her face, saying, um...
"Dziwka." What's that?
I didn't kill her.
Dziwka. I must remember that.
It'll come in handy.
What about their other friends?
People at the church?
She wasn't seeing anyone else.
She wanted to get away
from that jealous fucker.
By all accounts, she was a decent
girl. She worked, slept and prayed.
What about the people at work? Tom,
the man who did it is right there.
She worked at a hotel, yeah?
You mind if I dig around?
If you like.
You know, I can't imagine it.
To lose it that much that you take
another human being's life.
But it does happen
every now and again.
Thank you.
Fiona Hutchinson.
Her run took east past
the Albert Dock and back here.
Every Sunday, same time, same route.
It could've been a chance encounter
or he could've scoped her. (sniffs)
You look like shit.
Thank you!
Do you have a problem with the way
I look? Not if you turn up on time.
You are with us, though, yeah?
Where was the body found?
Just down there.
No witnesses.
Three degrees on a dank Sunday in
February. Hardly a tourist Mecca.
What about the CCTV?
Er, the entrance, the cafe.
But very little of the park
is actually covered.
We've got her coming in
but that's it.
We're hardly likely
to have her coming out, are we?
Her body was discovered just here.
(woman breathing quickly)
12, 13, 14...
23 stab wounds.
Yeah, but only 14 to kill her.
The rest were postmortem.
We ran background checks
on all the staff.
It turns out the hotel manager
was interviewed two years ago -
get this -
for a series of sexual assaults.
Someone was getting access
to hotel rooms.
The investigating officer
was 100% convinced
it was two guys working together and
the hotel manager was the rapist.
Jana Lovik was murdered while she
was working here. Maybe this is him.
Sean Bracher.
He doesn't match the e-fit. He's
the other guy. It's a team, right?
Tom wants me to tag him.
You interview him, maybe he'll
panic, lead us to his partner.
What d'you reckon?
You up for it?
Bet you he could be our psycho.
Look, Sarah, we can do this
the other way round.
I don't mind doing the interview.
No. I'm fine.
Just make sure that tracker works.
I thought you had the guy,
Jana's boyfriend.
It's been suggested
Jana was seeing someone.
Someone from work?
Was she a bit naive? A bit needy?
Look, I didn't take advantage of her
if that's what you're trying to say.
But you did sleep with her.
You're sure this is all necessary?
Jana's death was a... horrible thing
for us all here.
We're just trying
to put it behind us.
Alright, Mr Bracher.
That's been very helpful.
That's it? Mm-hm.
Please, um, call me...
...if there's anything else
you think I should know. Will do.
Martin, we may have a problem.
'Time for some spring cleaning,
'There are witnesses.' (groans)
'Oh, and keep your eyes open
this time.'
'I want you to get
the full experience.' (groans)
'Can't have any witnesses, Martin.'
Yeah, sorry, work's been a bit...
You wouldn't believe
what she's kept.
There's all your old school reports,
loads of photos.
Of you and your mum.
Something to remember her by.
I do remember her, Dad. Every time I
look at that bloody piano you sent me
You and her were the musical ones.
I wasn't musical, Dad.
I used to listen to records,
remember? Hank Williams, all that.
The place were always full o' music.
I've got Sky now. Thank God.
Where shall I put this?
What? You've forgotten, haven't you?
That I was coming round.
Yeah, yeah, I'm sorry.
We've had a lot on our minds.
Seen the paper?
Come on, I'll take over. Isn't
surveillance above your pay rate?
I want to get a proper look
at Bracher.
What time is his break?
Not for another hour.
Come on, back to the little wifey.
Police. Can you let us out, mate?
Fuck! Get in here!
What are you doing?!
Sean Bracher! I am arresting you
on suspicion of the murder of
Karal Turay and Fiona Hutchinson!
Who? Who lives here?!
(children's TV on)
Alright, you got Chas. Where's Dave?
He didn't turn up for work
this morning.
He saw his mug in the paper
and did a run for it.
I bet he knows where he is.
I don't think he does.
Don't do this to me, Tom.
Says he went to Palmer's flat
to get computer drives.
Palmer was helping him
fiddle the books.
Said he saw Palmer's picture in
the paper, wanted to get the disks.
What's on 'em? Accounts,
spreadsheets, hotel invoicing,
just like he said.
Alright. So he's on the fiddle.
Doesn't mean he's not a murderer.
How is she? They've just told us
she's in ICU.
Critical but not life threatening.
DSG unit's arrived at the station,
sir. You two brief them.
Is he down here? Yeah, up there.
Meet me at the car. I'll meet you.
You OK?
Listen, we're going to take you
somewhere a bit safer.
Are you coming?
I'm the one...
you're looking for. I did it.
I killed her. It was me.
I'll take it.
It's OK.
Drop the gun and get down!
Hands behind your head!
Put your hands behind your head!
Put your hands behind your head!
What was the plan, Martin?
He'd do one, then you have to follow,
is that it?
Why don't you tell us about Jana,
I killed her. It was me.
Did he tell you to kill the others?
We can always ask him.
We got him next door.
Yeah, he's here, Martin.
He's just over the corridor.
He's been asking for you as well.
Do you want to see him?
Come on, Martin.
What the fuck is he up to now?!
"Let's go and see him."
Don't worry.
He can't hurt you here, mate.
Open up. Don't. Don't!
Martin, tell 'em!
Tell 'em I've got nothing
to do with this! Fuckin' tell 'em!
It's not him. I ain't supposed
to be here! This ain't right!
It's not him, it's not him.
Martin! Tell 'em!
He's out there! Fuckin' tell 'em!
You're never gonna get him!
Tell 'em I didn't do anything!
Martin! Tell 'em!
You didn't give yourself up to
confess. You wanted protection.
I can't protect you unless I know
who I am protecting you from.
We release him and we stay on him.
We let him go to work, go home.
That's how we get his mate -
when he thinks it's safe
and the pattern stays the same.
Karen McMann was missing in 1997.
What's that got to do with this?
I never told anyone your secrets.
Subtitle Synced and Merged by K.G.G.N
Ruth Murray died from slow sustained
squeezing on the artery.
Minimal internal damage.
Simple strangle.
Karal Turay, back of her skull
shattered as he beat her head
repeatedly against the floor.
So I guess it's a coincidence.
Methods are different.
It's not a coincidence
if there's a pattern.
Tom's got a theory. I heard it.
You said. Double trouble.
Venables and Thompson,
Brady and Hindley...
Ant and Dec, Robson and Jerome,
Donny and Marie,
Mike and Bernie fuckin' Winters!
You got any evidence, Tom?
No, you don't need it.
You're Tom Thorne.
What are you doing here?
I'm not paying overtime.
I'm going out to forget
about Charlie and his mum
so I can come back tomorrow
and think about them again.
Listen, thanks for coming, Phil.
I appreciate it.
We were friends. You fucked it up.
Sorry for your loss.
Did the boy see it? Why is he alive?
Did the killer get interrupted?
He'd have torn through the floor
if he'd had to.
It's driving me mad. I've looked at
every unsolved murder in ten years.
Luton, Chelmsford, Bromley,
the suburbs.
Every pair of unsolved murders
on the same day. Nothing!
Only unsolved murders, you said?
Yeah, why?
The police are capable
of charging the wrong man.
Jana's death was a horrible thing
for us all here.
We're just trying
to put it behind us.
Martin, we may have a problem.
Two killers, two victims. Same
method, same day. That's the pattern.
Serial killers don't work together.
These do.
What are you doing?!
Sean Bracher, I'm arresting you
on suspicion of the murder of
Karal Turay and Fiona Hutchinson!
I'm the one you're looking for.
I did it.
I killed her. It was me.
Did he tell you to kill the others
Martin, tell him!
Fuckin' tell him!
It's not him, it's not him.
He's out there.
And you're never gonna get him!
You got something to tell me, son?
His name's Charlie.
He's a witness.
He's just staying here
for a few days, alright?
Just till we find him
somewhere safer.
His mum was murdered.
Someone tried to get him last night.
Oh... Oh, Jesus.
Your mate's still out there,
isn't he? Martin!
I'm your friend, Martin.
I'm gonna take care of you.
That's what friends do.
So what will you do for me?
DI Thorne has entered the room.
I killed Jana,
I killed the prostitute.
You tried to kill the boy,
yes, we know -
Last night you tried to kill Charlie.
So who's your mate going for?
Hm? Was it another witness?
Is that the way it works?
Charlie saw him, so who saw you?
Give us a name.
Oi, look at me!
Do you want to get us some coffees?
Why did you come to us, Martin?
Why give yourself up like that?
I told you.
I killed those two girls.
And I tried to kill that boy.
But it's not two girls, is it?
It's four. Four dead women.
OK, two, four.
Lock me away for four.
You'd do that?
Admit to murders you didn't commit?
What's he got on you?
Please just lock me away.
Why? You think you'd be safe inside?
Safe in your cell.
Maybe, until we catch him.
What if he's in the same nick as you,
On the same wing.
He stabbed Fiona Hutchinson 23 times.
He smashed Karal Turay's head in.
What's he going to do to you?
Do you think anyone's gonna come
running when they hear you?
I told you what I did.
You can't let him...
You help me get him and I promise
you, you will never see him again.
You didn't give yourself up to us
to confess. You wanted protection.
And I can't protect you unless I know
who I am protecting you from.
So will you give me his name, Martin?
What's his name?
I killed Jana Lovik,
I killed that prostitute
and I tried to kill the boy.
It's good news. We had a e-fit
in the paper yesterday
and a front-page photo of the
charged killer today. Double killer.
You know we didn't actually catch
this guy, don't you?
He gave himself up.
Don't split hairs, Tom.
He's only in here because being
locked up doesn't scare him.
His mate does.
He fucked up last night,
but his mate didn't.
There's another body out there.
You don't know that.
Say we tell the press
that he didn't fuck up,
that he killed Charlie Turay
last night.
You're Palmer's mate, you read that
your mate was arrested, what d'you do?
Go to ground. Yeah, and we lose him.
Until he decides it's safe
and he starts it all over again.
But if you read that he did the job,
that he's still out there,
then the pattern continues.
But he'll know we've got Palmer as
soon as he starts looking for him.
Not if we release him.
For fuck's sake, Tom.
We release him and we stay on him. He
goes to work, goes home, as normal.
It's how we get his mate - when it's
safe and the pattern stays the same.
He'll do a runner. Where to?
Not to his mate. He's scared of him.
And if he does do a runner,
he'll run right back here.
Like he did last time.
Ruth, it's your call.
Come on, we've done it before.
What time does Palmer start work?
Come on, Ruth. Make a decision, huh?
Or let the clock do it for you.
Sir. Yeah? We may have another one.
Victor Perks, 58.
Vic, apparently. Lived alone.
Edale Road just up there.
Didn't mix much with the neighbours.
Seems he was a drinker.
Last seen alive 4pm yesterday.
It's an hour before Palmer tried
to kill Charlie. OK, bag it up.
Strange. Powder marks in the wounds.
He fell over there.
Shot in the knee, crawled to here.
Then a man entered
a magazine into him.
So that's one victim each. Yeah?
Same day, within an hour.
The pattern - both male, both shot.
One nice, one nasty, one couldn't
do it, and one could, and did.
Yeah, but a five-year-old
and a 58-year-old man?
The rest of the victims were of
similar profiles, similar ages.
What's the connection? Palmer tried to
kill Charlie because he was a witness.
Yeah. So what did he see?
Sir, Vic Perks was a copper.
"Victor Perks
was a former detective CID."
"32 years' service
in East London and Borough."
Put "In 1992 he received the Queen's
Medal for distinguished service."
Got to get Ruth with us on this.
Cause of death was...
Multiple gunshot wounds.
Penetrating the heart, lungs,
spleen, tracheal artery.
Preliminary examination of the scene
suggests 17 entry wounds.
OK. Print it, take it.
Wait, Sarah, not you. Dave,
you take it. She's known you longer.
Hey, hey, nice and calm, yeah?
Sure you really want this? Yeah?
Palmer released?
I'm gonna get this fucker.
He killed one of us.
Come on, that's bollocks.
He's just another dead body to you.
Don't give me that police solidarity
thing. You didn't know Vic Perks.
Wanna know the reason?
I know you when you get like this.
You better be sure you're right.
If you're lucky, they'll say no.
Charge Palmer.
Charge Palmer, then bail him.
He's out.
You got what you wanted.
You said Palmer would be at work
by 9:30.
Are you sure you can trust Palmer?
No, I'm not.
But he's not going anywhere.
For all he knows, his mate is watching
him right now, just like we are.
So this is the safest place
he can be.
You know how much this all costs?
I could do all this with a pair
of binoculars and a thermal vest.
Your shoes, sir. Marvellous.
They look good.
This had better fuckin' work.
Palmer's here.
At least he won't have
to pay his phone bill.
So he calls Manchester.
That'll be his sister, right? Hm.
Oh, God, we've got ourselves
a hoarder.
Christ. Some bastard's
gonna have to log this.
He calls the same number
six times in the last week.
Five seconds, one second.
Two seconds, three seconds.
Sarah? Hm.
Vic Perks was calling Martin Palmer.
Palmer didn't just know about Vic,
he set him up.
Palmer told Psycho
where to find him.
Where is he now? Still at the hotel.
Why was he calling Palmer?
We pulled the voicemail.
If Vic left messages,
Palmer deleted them.
Why don't we ask Palmer?
I'm asking you.
We have a timeline. '96 to '98.
Perks was working CID Lewisham
while Martin Palmer was doing GCSEs
nearby at Lovelock Road School.
That's good work. Well done.
Palmer was, like, 14.
Do we think Psycho killed Perks
because of something that happened
at school?
He could have picked him up.
He didn't have a record. He's 14.
Anything would have been wiped off
the database by now.
Why don't we go and ask the fucker?
We'll ask him, Dave.
But right now we leave him
where he is. Do you understand?
I've got 60 coppers on this.
I don't want you or anybody else
screwing it up.
We need both these guys,
not just Palmer.
Yeah, well, just... Call me if
there's any movement, understand?
Yeah, I'm at the school now.
Martin Palmer. Left us in '98.
Am I allowed to ask
what this is about.
No, sorry.
What does TS mean? Oh, TS.
This letter says "TS".
What does that mean?
It seems our young Master Palmer
got himself temporarily suspended.
Here it is. Just a week. No reason
given. Can't have been that awful.
What sort of things would get you
suspended for a week?
Fighting, maybe truancy.
Smoking, of course.
What about this boy? He was suspended
on the same day for two weeks.
Do you know him?
Leonard Bardsley. Len.
Are you Bardsley? Yeah.
DI Thorne.
Miss Evans said I'd find you here.
I'm looking into a former pupil
from here.
Martin Palmer. '93 to '98.
You were in his year, yeah?
Year above.
What, did he top himself,
like his mum? Would you care?
Not really.
There was an incident in '94. You
were both suspended. Why was that?
We had a scrap, that's all.
It must have been a helluva fight,
both suspended. And one expelled.
Who was expelled?
There he is. Stuart fuckin' Nicklin.
Did Nicklin do that to you?
I knocked Palmer's teeth out.
Nicklin bit my fuckin' nose off.
Why'd he hit you? He always hits me.
Not after today he won't.
What will you do for me?
'What will you do for me?'
Stuart Nicklin. Look away, Martin.
You never know who's watching.
Have you got him?
You can't find him, can you?
So where is he? How do I get him?
I don't know.
He can't be found.
Other people have looked for him.
Other policeman. Vic Perks, he was
looking for Nicklin, was he?
He called me, said he wanted
to talk about Stuart.
He was waiting outside my house.
He asked me if I'd seen him.
What did you say?
Stuart was inside watching me.
Don't look at me.
Then what? I told him I'd meet him.
Somewhere we could talk.
He said Greenwich.
But you didn't go, did you?
You told Stuart about him.
He saw me with him.
Why was Vic Perks looking for
Nicklin? He hasn't got a record.
You don't understand. I hadn't seen
Stuart since we were kids.
So why did he come back?
It's Polish book.
It's really creepy.
It's Polish porn! It's not porn,
it's poetry, Polish poetry.
Hey, Martin, where you going? Jana
loves her Polish book, don't you?
Such a weirdo. Look at how he walks.
Fuckin' weird.
Hello, Mart.
It's been a while.
Where had he been?
It's not...
He doesn't talk like that.
He says...
He tells me what I have to do.
What did he want?
You know what he wanted.
You don't do all this just cos
he beat up Bardsley for you.
Has he got something on you?
Do you know what it's like
to be really scared of someone?
Just help me.
I want it to end.
I will help you, Martin.
But you just keep doing
what you're doing, alright?
Or you're on your own.
Who are you? I'm Karen.
So, we've nothing on Stuart Nicklin
between 1997 and now.
Nothing. He just disappeared. No
driving licence, no bank details.
He must have changed his name but
Palmer can't help us with that.
So he's been hiding. Or planning
something. Maybe he's been abroad.
We circulated his name, dental records
from school via Interpol. Nothing back yet.
OK, that's what we don't know.
What DO we know?
He's got a hold over Palmer
and he's extremely violent.
So he may have been doing this
for the past 13 years.
Vic Perks retired 13 years ago,
just after Nicklin disappeared.
Have you been through his files?
It could take a month.
I want every scribbled bit of paper,
every note, every clipping,
you go through his phone records,
you understand me?!
Dave, you go with her. Sir.
Is this it? As good as we'll get. A
digital age-up of the school photo.
Alright. I want this circulated.
Get this out on the streets.
Gonna bring him in.
Come on, Charlie!
That's my boy! Come on!
Hey, hey! What's going on?
He's... He's got the makings
of a grand little player.
As good as you were
when you were his age.
I don't remember you playing with me
at eight at night, or any time.
What's with the specs?
We went to the cinema.
Dad, I asked you not to take him out.
You know what, I'm done.
Time for bed. Choose some books
and you can choose a story, yeah?
Charlie, come here, come here.
I've got something for you.
It's a midnight feast.
Go on, let me show you. Don't say
anything to your Uncle Tom.
he'll want one for himself.
Now where is it? Yes, here it is.
Now, then. That is for you.
What happened?
Charlie, hey!
It's alright.
What happened?
It were only a chocolate bar.
Really? Thanks.
What? They tested a chocolate bar
from Karal's house.
No prints, no DNA.
How does that make any sense?
He butchers Karal, then he charges
through looking for the boy
just to give him some chocolate.
And if he did find him...
Why didn't he kill him?
I don't know.
He wiped it and gave it to Charlie?
You didn't see him freak out.
No chocolate wrapper
at Fiona Hutchinson's killing.
The wind off the river,
it could be anywhere.
What about Vic Perks? Nothing yet.
What time's your detail at Palmer's
flat? 2am. Graveyard shift.
Why don't you take a break,
get some fresh air? Thank you, sir.
At the tunnel where Vic Perks was
discovered. See what you can find.
Oh... Alright with that?
I can get Dave to go with you.
No. No problem.
# You're looking at a man
that's getting kinda mad
# I had lots of luck
but it's all been bad...
# I'll never get out of this world
What are you calling me out
this time of night for?
How does somebody kill like this
and leave no trace?
No... DNA, no prints, nothing.
You just shave your body,
cover your hair, wear gloves.
Basic food hygiene stuff, you know.
We found all this
at Vic Perks's house.
What is that?
Every case he ever worked?
No, it's just one case.
Karen McMann.
Some girl that went missing.
Who are you? I'm Karen.
Hello. Oh!
Why are you here?
We didn't feel comfortable with you
being here by yourself.
I don't need protection.
Alright. How about some company?
I'm telling you,
this is a waste of time.
Fuckin' Tom Thorne.
I'm not. Are you?
Teacher's pet.
Scared of a little competition,
are you, Sarah?
You're not competition.
Oh, yeah?
That's funny, cos I've just found
his precious chocolate-bar wrapper.
So, Karen McMann, this 14-year-old
girl, goes missing in 1997.
What's that got to do with this?
I dunno.
But it meant something to Vic.
Nicklin killed Vic Perks
for a reason.
Something that Vic knew or saw.
Vic was a sad old copper with an
obsession that killed him in the end.
Sounds like you were writing
my obituary there, Phil.
I need to get this back
to forensics.
Then I've got half an hour to kill
before I'm on at Palmer's.
Wanna get a quick drink?
Maybe this isn't a good idea.
What's not?
"Second interview,
Martin Palmer. August 28th, 1997."
"Present: DC Perks and DS Davis."
"Tell us what you saw one more time,
"I saw Karen get
into a blue Vauxhall Cavalier."
"Were you alone or was Stuart
Nicklin with you? I was on my own."
"Really, Martin? Why are you
covering for him? I'm not."
"It's a bit of a coincidence,
him not being around."
"We know what he's capable of."
"Tell me what Stuart did to Karen.
I don't know."
"Stop covering for him
and tell me what he did to her."
"I told you. How many more times?"
"Karen got into
a blue Vauxhall Cavalier."
And they never found a body? No.
It's what Perks has been looking for
all these years.
You think Nicklin killed her? It's
not too late to go and ask Palmer.
Shit, it's gone two!
Don't you ever fuckin' knock?
DS Chen approaching Palmer's HA.
Don't shoot.
You're late. Piss off, Dev. I said
I was running ten minutes late.
Hey, Mitch. Is he in there?
Tax-payer pizza, is it?
No, it's my money. I paid for it.
Can't smoke in here.
Smoke alarm.
Why are you looking at me?
Eat your pizza.
So, is this what you do?
Sit around, stare at the wall,
waiting for the phone to ring?
Sounds as if you know
what that's like.
We found your tears
on Ruth Murray's face.
Do you cry on all of them?
I don't like to talk about it.
Why not?
You must like doing it.
Too personal?
Why are you doing this?
I have no idea.
I'd like to go to bed... now,
Go and get me a coffee, would you,
Mitch? A decent one.
Get yourself one too. Oh, thanks.
He's asleep. I'll be fine.
She's nothing special.
WE'RE the special ones, you and me!
Why don't we just get rid of her?
You let me down, Mart.
I tried.
You didn't tell me he was so little.
My hand was sweating.
They caught me.
No, they didn't.
I saw you.
I always knew you were chickenshit,
Martin, but...
...I didn't think you'd sell me out.
I thought blood was thicker.
I didn't...
I didn't tell 'em anything.
This is their idea.
You told them about Vic Perks.
That copper.
You told them my name.
Now they're all over me.
I never told anyone your secrets,
I never told a soul.
But you...
You told 'em all about me.
Please what?
Please don't kill you?
Is that what you think? Please, Stu.
Christ, Mart.
You really think
I'd kill you?
After everything we've been through?
I'm so sorry.
You know.
You know what you've gotta do.
This isn't for you.
It's for her.
Let's fuck her up.
Control, this is Sarah Chen.
Tango 1 is in the flat,
believed armed. Repeat, in the flat.
It's OK.
Sarah! Sarah, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah...
He's gone, he's gone.
Sarah, Sarah! What happened?
I- I-I... I went the bathroom
and he was pretending to be asleep.
He was... He...
He was at the door.
That's not true. She left it open!
Were you here on your own?
Where the hell were you?!
Come here, sit down. Did you see him?
Sarah, did you get a look at him?
He tried to kill me! Alright.
That one!
No. I didn't, I didn't. Please!
I heard them! I heard them!
I want this place locked down!
You bring him out.
He's coming with me!
Sarah, you're coming with us.
Get him out of here!
Tell me about Karen, Martin.
Karen McMann. You tell me about her.
I want answers, man!
You understand me?!
Karen's dead. She got into a car
and nobody saw her again.
Stop this, please. Answer him.
Karen got into
a blue Vauxhall Cavalier.
Don't fuck with me, Martin.
Stuart Nicklin killed her, didn't he?
Was she his first? No.
We met at the pond, the three of us.
What pond? Where?!
Was she Stuart's girlfriend? No.
Yours? He killed her
cos he doesn't like sharing?
Karen got into
a blue Vauxhall Cavalier.
He killed her, didn't he? He killed
her and you covered up for him.
No, that's not true. She got into
a car, a blue Vauxhall Cavalier.
You want him out there. You think it'll get
you off the hook. No, I'm not... That's not...
How did Nicklin get into the flat?
She let him in. Don't fuckin' lie!
You knew he was coming, didn't you?
You knew he was coming,
you left the door open.
You planned it. Tell me! Tell me!
Why are you letting him do this?
Don't fucking look at me!
Don't fucking...
Sarah! Calm down!
Sarah! Sarah!
No sightings of either subject
but it's only been three hours.
Central 5,000 have been cleared.
They've provided us
with full incident support.
Every dead body that comes in,
it's my fault.
You took a gamble,
it didn't come off.
He was the bait. Now we got nothing.
When Tom Thorne shows up,
tell him to call me.
How do I get Nicklin without Palmer?
I don't want her on the job -
Sarah Chen.
She's alright.
Trust me, she's not up to it.
He said you killed Karen.
What do you think?
You know the truth.
We need to talk. Is this about
you and me? Grow up, Dave.
All I've ever asked is that
you play straight with me, Tom.
It's none of your business. Really?
Sarah knows where they are.
What the fuck is she doing?
You should just go home - you're no
use to me. You don't belong here.
You ready to find out what it's like?
They can only kill together. You've
got to find out what that kid saw.
When you were hiding
did you hear two men talking?
You sure? There could have been
two different - Tom...
I think he's given you
the best answer he can.
No lies any more. You killed her.
Karen got into a blue -
Stop this! D'you want to see her?
Find where a lad could dig a grave
and not be seen.
It's not where you walk your dog,
like a park.
It's undeveloped land.
I didn't walk.
He doesn't want me there.
No, I'll be alright.
Phil! Phil!
Two pairs of victims, same methods,
same day. That's the pattern.
Tom's got a theory.
I heard it. Double trouble.
Do you have any evidence, Tom?
Not he, they. Two killers.
Serial killer don't work together.
These ones do.
Martin, we may have a problem.
Do you think the boy saw anything?
Why is he still alive?
I killed her. It was me. And did he
tell you to kill the others too?
Martin! Tell them!
Fuckin' tell 'em!
It's not him, it's not him.
He's out there.
And you're never gonna get him.
We release him and stay on him.
He goes to work, goes home.
That's how we get his mate,
when he thinks it's safe
and the pattern stays the same.
I can't hang around here all day
looking after some kid.
His mum was murdered.
Victor Perks, 58. Vic, apparently.
He was a copper.
He can't be found.
Other people have looked for him.
Vic Perks?
He was looking for Nicklin?
We've nothing on Stuart Nicklin
between 1997 and now.
Nothing. No driving licence,
no bank details.
He must have changed his name
but Palmer can't help us.
I always knew
you were chickenshit, Martin,
but you told them. About the cop.
Karen McMann, this 14-year-old girl,
goes missing in 1997.
What's that got to do with this?
It meant something to Vic.
He was killed for a reason.
I want answers!
Karen got into
a blue Vauxhall Cavalier.
Stuart Nicklin killed her, didn't he?
Was she his first? No.
Don't fuckin' lie!
Did they get him? No.
Was this an accident? Did Palmer do
this? He freaked out and I skidded.
I have to report to Gold Group
in two hours.
It seems I'm getting a minder.
Tughan? They need a safe pair of
hands, which right now rules me out.
It was a good plan. It drew Nicklin
out. You fuckin' well lost him! How?!
I released Palmer! Palmer isn't
the problem. He fuckin' well is now!
Do you know what I think?
I think in some fucked-up way,
which I cannot begin to comprehend,
this is what you want.
You wanted him out there.
Well, now you've got it.
Is there any news on Chen?
Yeah, she's been admitted
for observation.
How close are you to her?
How d'you mean?
Well, have you noticed anything
about her, anything unusual?
We've all been a bit edgy, boss,
but, er...
I haven't noticed anything...
particular about DS Chen, no.
'He's out there!'
"You're never gonna get him."
You look like shit, Mart.
I thought you'd never get here.
Right, listen up. There's been
no sightings of either subject
but it's only been three hours.
Central 5,000 have been cleared.
They're providing us with full
incident support from Cobalt Square
under our command.
TFL have given the Nicklin e-fit
and Palmer's picture
to every tube worker and bus driver,
and we are pulling in
all the feeds from the stations.
Well, get on with it!
Did you know he was coke head?
Technical support turned up coke
all over Palmer's bathroom.
You didn't tell Ruth that when
you persuaded her to let him out.
What's up, mate?
You don't look pleased to see me.
What is it, Martin?
That copper...
told me what happened.
You know what happened to Karen.
He said... you killed her.
He said you killed Karen.
What do you think?
Huh? You know the truth.
They're fuckin'... with my head.
Everyone is telling...
This is what they do, Martin.
They get inside your head,
chisel their way in,
and they try to break us.
And you always let them.
I'm just saying.
So what?
Karen... Karen got into
a blue Vauxhall Cavalier.
August 27th, 1997.
Right here. 13 years ago, Martin.
That's the truth, mate.
Every dead body that comes in,
it's my fault.
You took a gamble.
It didn't come off.
If it always came off,
it wouldn't be a gamble.
He was the bait.
Now we have nothing.
You know what? Why don't you
just throw yourself in?
I'm not sticking around
listening to you whine.
When Tom Thorne show up,
tell him to call me.
How do I get Nicklin without Palmer?
You know the answer to that, don't
you? Karen McMann gets us Nicklin.
No one gives a toss about some girl
that went missing 14 years ago.
Got every copper in London
looking for these two.
Full technical, Central 5,000.
It won't work. You won't find him
that way. Karen gets us Nicklin.
Vic knew that too. He did.
That's what got him killed.
We get to that, we get to Nicklin,
and Palmer.
So, what, you living rough?
Rob? Yeah, and more.
So, are you ready, Mart?
Are you ready to find out
what it's like... be Stu?
For fuck's sake, Dave.
So were you gonna ignore me all day,
Listen, last night - Guess what,
Dave. Last night was pretty busy.
I gotta tell you, you weren't
the most memorable partner.
Well, we need to talk
about all of that anyway.
Why, what's he said?
Who? Thorne? Huh.
Nothing. He said that...
Palmer freaked out,
he lost control of the car.
I can't figure out
why you were in the car at all.
You'd just been attacked by the guy.
That's all he said? Yeah.
Why, what else is there? Nothing.
Look, Sarah. Sarah...
Uh-huh. Come here. Look at me.
We need to talk.
Is this about you and me?
You and me? Grow up, Dave!
How can you be sure?
He's not here for
the fuckin' Boat Race, is he?
Got a light?
Look, this is all Nicklin. That is
way too much ground to cover.
We don't have to cover all of it.
He was 15 years old. He's not going
to bury someone under his patio.
We need somewhere where a lad
can dig a grave and not be seen
and it stay undiscovered
for 13 years.
It's not somewhere
where you walk your dog, a park.
It's got to be undeveloped land,
Yeah, spell it for me.
Dave. Hold on.
Listen, I want you to do a search on
every bit of undeveloped land here.
Anything that might not have been
touched in 13 years,
like scrubland or waste ground, OK?
Alright? Got it.
Is this it?
She's all yours, mate.
I don't want her on the job. Who?
Sarah Chen.
She's alright. The doctor okayed
her. She had an option.
She came back to work.
We need all hands on deck to clear
up your mess. She's not up to it.
Yeah, but it's not your call, is it?
Sir. We've got a fresh one.
"Whisky Lima 5-4 to all units..."
Keep coming.
Mind yourself.
Claude Gainer. 42.
He's a Swiss national.
He worked in the City.
His wife says he drove out at 6:45
but we can't find the car.
Keys are missing.
What about a phone? Switched off.
But if it's used,
we've got a lock on it.
Is it one of ours? Could be.
Characteristic excess -
his brain's been bashed to bonemeal.
There's not much else to go on.
Tide has washed everything away.
But it could be Nicklin?
Yeah. It's the right location.
So they're back together again?
What d'you wanna do now?
Sir! Wait.
Did we find anything
at the crime scene?
You were in Palmer's bathroom when
Nicklin got there, weren't you?
Well, the tech report found coke
all over the bathroom.
Really? Yeah, really.
And Palmer never snorted coke
in his life.
So you should just go home
because you're no use to me.
You don't belong here,
d'you understand?
We would've had both those guys
if you hadn't been such a fuck-up!
Sir... Please.
You're really pissing me off, man.
You knew, didn't you?
You knew and you didn't tell me.
What? You knew she was using during
the job and you didn't tell me.
I hope she was a good fuck, David.
How did you know? I didn't.
Outgoing call from Gaitner's phone.
What? Get a trace on it!
Who are they calling?
Number's coming through now.
It's here. They're calling here.
Patch it through to my office.
And get me a location.
Go, go, go, go.
Locking onto signal.
Martin? Yeah.
He's at the hotel. It's
the hotel. They're at the hotel!
The girl from the reception desk
only just stopped screaming
and she said it was Palmer.
Just Palmer? That's what she said.
It doesn't make sense.
It has Nicklin written all over it!
But it's Palmer's turn, isn't it?
Maybe he's learning.
Phil? I'm at the hotel -
Yeah, I'll be right there.
Guv, I need an hour.
What, with Phil Hendricks? Now?
It's all ours, Mart.
Whatever we want, we just reach out
and we take it. Yeah?
Cos they can't stop us now.
I'm fuckin' proud of you.
What you did today
was fuckin' hardcore. Nice.
When I hit him it was...
Can't find the words.
Yeah, no need, mate, no need.
That's what I've been telling you
all along, innit? Huh.
Could you tell me about Karen?
Forensics got DNA off the chocolate
wrapper from the Vic Perks murder.
That was Nicklin's murder. Yeah.
It's got Martin Palmer's DNA
all over it.
Palmer's. No one else's.
Karen got into a -
Blue Vauxhall Cavalier. Yeah.
You killed her.
They're at each other's murders.
You think Nicklin was at
the Bracher murder? It makes sense.
Palmer may have done it
but Nicklin was pushing him on.
They can only kill
when they're together. No...
You had one of them in custody.
Anyone who can tell us that is dead,
No, they're not.
Karen got into a blue - Stop this!
'Nicklin killed Karen.'
Palmer couldn't kill Charlie. Tom...
You have got to find out
exatly what that kid saw.
No lies any more.
It's true.
I had to, mate.
I had to.
She was coming between us.
My mum said there used to be
a big house up that hill.
Really posh. What happened to it?
D'you wanna see her?
"Hey." What's going on?
"I've been trying to reach you."
Tell me, Dave. I'm on my own here.
They've done another. Who?
"Our old friend Sean Bracher."
Yeah. Online about 30 seconds
after you walked out the door.
I didn't walk.
He doesn't want me there.
"Thorne will be coming for you
next." Nah, I'll be OK.
Right. Yeah, right.
Fuckin' boys' club.
Forget about this place for a bit.
Now, where is he?
Can you see him anywhere? No.
Shall we try his office?
OK, you wait here, Charlie.
I won't be a minute.
Hello. Nice to see you.
I'm so glad you're doing this.
Thank you.
What is this about? We need a chat
with the boy. It won't take long.
What can I get you?
Tea? Biscuits? Coffee?
Listen, help yourself, use the
phone. Ring Maureen if you like.
You don't know?
Maureen... passed away
two weeks ago.
I had no idea.
Seems like
Tom didn't think to mention it.
Hello, Charlie. My name's Kevin.
Very nice to meet you.
This is Charlie's mummy, everybody.
Isn't she pretty?
We've been keeping this picture
for you. Can I give it to you now?
Good boy.
Thanks, Kev.
Palmer, M. Attempted murder, right?
There and there.
Hey, Charlie.
Shall we go and sit down? Hey?
Sorry. Can I have a quick word?
Can it wait?
No, no. It'll take seconds.
Just come here.
You didn't tell me that your mother
had died. I've got -
All I've ever asked of you is that
you play straight with me, Tom.
I think I deserve that. With
respect, it's none of your business.
Really? It never occurred to you
that it might've made a difference?
Doesn't affect my work, does it?
I meant, to me.
I've gotta get on.
I know you told me this before.
I just want to ask you again.
Have another look at this man.
Are you sure you haven't seen him?
You sure?
What about this man, Charlie?
Did you see him at all?
Take your glasses off, come on.
Look at it closely.
Have you ever seen him before?
You said there was one man
that night. Sure there wasn't two?
Were there two men or one?
One. I already told you.
Yeah, I know.
You said you only saw one man,
Charlie, but...
Do you think you could've heard two?
Did you hear two men talking?
When you were hiding,
did you hear two men talking at all?
Calling to each other?
Sure? There could have been
two voices - Tom...
I think he's given you
the best answer he can.
Are you tired?
Yeah, me too.
Let's go and see my dad.
Come on.
Where's the boss? Er, I dunno.
Why? What have you got?
We may have something. A witness
has come forward from the hotel.
Palmer took Bracher's car.
Who was running the tracker?
Sarah Chen. Er, I've got it.
Sir. I think Sarah knows
where they are. You what?
Dad, look after Charlie.
Phil, stay here. Tom!
They're in Bracher's car. Sarah has
the tracker. I pinged her mobile.
She's got the tracker?
Yeah. She's gone after 'em.
What the fuck is she doing?
Trying to make it better.
Can I see your glasses? Do you know
how they work? Shall I tell you?
Circulate this number. I want
everyone looking for Chen's car.
Remember when we were at the film.
Did you ever take the glasses off?
What it is
is two different pictures.
When you put the glasses on,
it's trick it plays with your eyes.
The two pictures kind of join up...
and become one picture
that looks as if
it's right in front of you.
D'you see that?
Where was she when you last pinged
her? Going northwest on Capstock Rd.
Capstock Road.
Where is that? Show me. Show me!
It's in the middle of
the murder zone. It's a dead end.
Where does it go? Shit!
Look where it leads to. Scrubland.
I bet that's where Karen McMann
is buried. She's right behind them.
Phil! Phil!
Martin! Martin!
It's the wrong place.
No, it isn't.
It didn't look anything like this.
Well, you went away, Mart.
You left it.
You didn't take care of it.
That's what happens
when people forget things, huh?
They rot.
They get lost.
They go under.
We're nearly there, Mart, look.
Don't you see?
She's nothing special.
WE'RE the special ones. You and me.
Why don't we just get rid of her?
'You sure about this?'
We could just leave her be.
She won't mind.
Everything stays the same.
I wanna see her.
Get off! Get off of me!
Leave me alone!
Martin! Get off of me now!
Martin, get off of me!
Leave me alone!
'Don't touch me.'
You think I want that with you?
Not in a million years.
You're disgusting. I hate you.
Don't touch me.
You're an idiot, Martin.
You're disgusting.
'Not in a million years.'
Backup are on their way, sir.
Let's get in here. Here.
Palmer talked about a pond.
That's right in the middle.
Dave, you go that way,
circle round, yeah?
'Martin, what are you doing?'
Put your hands where I can see them.
Put your hands where I can see them.
Get up.
Put your hands on your head.
Do it!
Where's Nicklin?
Where is he?
Phil. Phil, the pond was over here.
Karen's gonna be buried
around here somewhere.
That's her. Probably.
They can't be far.
We've gotta find them.
I knew it. Not them. Him.
This is Stuart Nicklin.
Right here with Karen.
Nicklin never killed anyone.
What are you talking about? Palmer
killed Stuart Nicklin 13 years ago.
This is him. This is Stuart Nicklin.
Stuart was inside watching me.
He killed him, took his personality.
One man, two personalities.
One dominant-aggressive,
one passive.
Do you know what it's like
to be really scared of someone?
Martin Palmer needed Stuart Nicklin,
so he became him.
Two, four... Lock me away for four.
'As Nicklin, he was able to kill Karal.
As Palmer, he couldn't kill Charlie.'
Vic Perks must have worked out
Nicklin was dead.
And Vic went to meet him. He went
to meet Palmer. Nicklin showed up.
Shit. Sarah...
Where is he?
Call him.
This isn't you.
I know you couldn't kill Charlie.
And you don't want to hurt me.
It's been Nicklin
making you do all this.
Always somebody else's fault.
Isn't it, Detective Chen?
Why are you doing this?
I have absolutely no idea.
P- Please.
Please, Martin.
Oh... Stay there.
It's OK.
Come on, Martin, drop the gun
and we can talk.
Talked to you already.
I asked you to protect me.
You didn't listen.
Yeah, I know. I'm sorry.
You sorry?
You said you'd help me.
You promised.
I was just bait.
All this.
This is all your fault.
Yes, it is.
It is.
And I'll always live with that, yeah.
You're gonna have to.
He looks happy enough, doesn't he?
I think he is. It'll take time.
You don't think it's a good idea
for you to see him any more? No.
Not for now, anyway.
Maybe in the future we'll see.
Thanks a lot.
You alright, son? Hm? Here.
He'll survive.
Kids can grow through stuff
you won't believe. Yeah.
It'll all come right in the end.
You're an optimist, aren't you, Dad?
Someone has to be.
I mean, you can't go through life
fearing the worst,
thinking there's something coming
round the corner to knock you down.
I mean... You can't go through life
thinking that.