Those Who Wish Me Dead (2021) Movie Script

[somber instrumental music playing]
[firefighter 1] Maintain the line!
All the way to the ridge!
[firefighter 2]
Hold the line!
[firefighter 3]
The wind is turning!
- We got no escape route!
- We know, get the gear!
[firefighter 4]
Leo, get back here!
- Come on!
- Leo!
Fire's turned!
- [firefighter 1] Fall back!
- [boy] Help us, please!
[exclaiming in fright]
[doorbell rings]
[baby crying]
Morning, ma'am.
I'm with the Fire Department,
he's with Florida Gas.
Yeah, our system alerted us to a gas leak
where our main feeds into your boiler.
Is your husband home?
He's in the shower.
Should we get out of the house?
No, this is as likely a computer
error as an actual leak, but...
we should check to be safe.
- May we come in?
- Please, yes.
- Thank you, ma'am.
- [woman] Yeah, thank you.
Hey, how far away
is Jacksonville?
With traffic? Six hours.
Maybe more.
You got blood on your shirt.
You should change
before we continue.
Well I'd hate to take a detour.
This'll be on the news in a half hour.
If he has any sense he'll
be on the move already.
Uh, it'll take him a day to get
the courage, another to plan it.
We'll be there, besides.
We don't take unnecessary risks.
- I'm sorry.
- Happens.
Come on, bud.
We're gonna be late.
[TV newscaster] ...light
winds out of the southwest.
Expect a high
of 74 degrees...
In financial news, commercial
real estate continues to suffer...
- What's "obtuse" mean?
- Mmm.
Like, annoyingly insensitive.
Has a girl ever
called you obtuse?
Only your mother, son.
Were you?
It could also mean, like,
very slow to understand.
I'm pretty sure I was that.
That makes more sense.
Just tell her you're sorry
and you'll try harder.
I'm not taking dating advice from
you, Dad. No offense.
Can girls have cooties
for one more year, please,
while I mentally prepare
for what's coming?
[female newscaster] This is
the scene in Fort Lauderdale,
at the home of District
Attorney Thomas Berdido,
where it is now believed
he and his family were killed
in what fire officials are
calling a gas line explosion.
Fort Lauderdale's police
chief says he intends
to work closely
with fire officials
to find a definitive cause
of this tragedy,
that has cost
this community a family
and one of its most
beloved leaders.
Dad, you all right?
We're gonna be late.
- You ready?
- Yep.
Let's go.
Right over there.
[knocking on window]
Let's go.
[Connor] Jeez, Dad,
what's wrong with you?
- Dad, what are you doing?
- We're playing hooky.
I don't want to play hooky.
I have a chemistry exam at 8:00.
We're playing hooky!
- [cars honking]
- [tires screeching]
No! No more texting.
No phone, okay?
Just give it to me.
Give... Give me the phone!
Are you in trouble?
What did you do?
The right thing,
you understand me?
I did the right thing.
If you did the right thing,
then why are you so scared?
The great history of smokejumpers
now rests on your capable shoulders.
With every jump you make,
every fire you turn...
- [Hannah] Look at those babies.
- [smokejumper] Yup.
Hey, top me
off here, boss.
You can't wait 15 minutes
for the party at the bar?
Shut the fuck up, you were drunk
when I picked you up this morning.
That's very true.
[all chuckling]
[Ethan] Self-medicating your
way through it, huh?
Oh, ladies and gentlemen.
Ethan, where do they teach you
that stare that y'all have?
Not that one. That one.
That one, right there.
- That one right here?
- [Ben] Oh, that one.
- You feel it, Benny?
- I can see it right through your sunglasses.
Going right into
my heart, my soul.
Just a lot of hours
in front of the mirror, bud.
Oh, I bet. Mean and sexy.
Why'd they put you
in a fire tower?
Well, I'm just lucky, I guess.
- Yeah, fuck them and their tests.
- [Ryan] Assholes.
Fuck them.
- Fuck 'em all.
- Which tower?
217, close to you.
So keep the barbecues low, or I'm
gonna have to send in an air strike.
Right. All right, listen.
I'd really like today to
go different than last year
and the year before that and every other
fucking year that came before that.
- Last year was fun.
- All right. Last year was fun.
So, who can tell me
what the goal of the day is?
Threesome sounds
pretty good.
Or winning the lottery.
Threesome for you
would be winning the lottery.
- That's fucked up.
- Very true.
[Ethan] The goal, you fucking
clowns, for the day...
- No fighting.
- [Ethan] Exactly right.
And please do not jump off of
shit with parachutes, okay?
- Oh, who would do that?
- Oh, I have no idea.
I... am older now,
Well, I'm older.
- Just trying to keep you alive.
- Hey, no, no, hey, hey.
Don't you worry about that.
That's our job.
You just write the parking
tickets and we'll keep you alive.
Fair enough.
- Make good choices, please.
- Oh, here's to good choices.
- [all] Good choices!
- [Ben] Now we're talking.
I'm feeling naughty.
Well, me being
the team player...
- I guess I can help you with that.
- Oh, no, no, no.
I do not have sex with a man
I have seen shit in the woods.
Get the fuck out of here.
I have the very same rule.
You don't have sex with men
who shit in the woods?
- Who the fuck are you kidding?
- [Hannah] Oh, are we being too loud?
Are we too loud, Ethan?
I'm sorry. I'm so...
- How about this? Congratulations!
- Congratulations!
[all] Congratulations!
[Ben] Come on now.
[man] Would you
just get into this?
Could you just get
your head in the game?
Hey, do you want to
dance with the devil?
I'm gonna show you how to dance with
the devil right now, you fucker.
- Ooh!
- Listen, the objective is to put it in the hole.
- [Justin] That's what she said.
- I'm gonna show you how to do it, snowflake.
you're up, let's go.
I do nothing involving
the word "corn."
Oh, you coward.
[all exclaiming]
See? That's how it's done.
- Nothing left to prove.
- [man] How can I follow that?
Give me that.
This is how you follow it.
Yeah! Yeah!
I'm not judging.
I'm just trying to understand.
That's your
fucking boyfriend?
- Yes.
- [Vic laughs boisterously]
I can't get my fucking
head around it.
I don't understand,
why is it so funny to you?
Oh, fuck, dude this is perfect!
He's fucking vaping!
He's trying to quit smoking.
Stop being a fucking dick.
- Vic! Ryan! She's... She's doing it!
- What, right now?
She's fucking doing it,
come on!
- Parachute!
- Come on!
You've learned nothing!
- Oh, fuck!
- Let's go!
Just beat myself sometimes
To get back all those
things I lost
Along the way
To the early morning shade
[Ben] Oh, fuck.
I remember the landing
being softer last time.
Nope. It went
pretty much like that.
[siren chirps]
What are you gonna do,
arrest me?
You wonder why you failed
your psych eval, huh?
Did you tighten these
with a fucking torque wrench?
Oh, does it hurt?
- Yeah, it fucking hurts.
- Good. Maybe you'll learn something.
Hey, eyes on me.
Quit your sulking, all right?
You got yourself here.
This shit is on you.
Fucking earned it.
Let's go.
Here's the thing.
We both know that had
nothing to do with fun,
and it sure as shit wasn't
an accident, all right?
Look, H.,
I know what you're trying to do.
Maybe those other assholes,
they don't see it, but I certainly do.
You know, maybe a summer in a fire
tower by yourself do you some good.
- Maybe.
- Mm-hmmm.
Maybe I'll just jump.
Jesus Christ.
It doesn't look like
they took anything.
Toothbrushes still
in the bathroom.
[Jack] They're gone.
We need a destination. I'll take
the computer, you take the house.
He withdrew $10,000 from his account.
He'll go dark now.
We need to know the friend or
family member he's running to.
[Patrick] All right.
Come on.
Where are you going?
Uh... How about the one
in law enforcement?
[Jack] Survival school.
This keeps getting better.
[keyboard clacking]
[Owen] What do you
know about my job, son?
- You're an accountant.
- Yeah.
At least I thought you were.
I'm a forensic accountant,
which means...
I look for things
that don't add up.
And I found some.
The man I work for, he was killed
today because of what I found.
But I still know it,
which means they're gonna...
They're gonna
come after me, too.
- We need to go to the police.
- No.
The DA has police protection
24 hours a day.
And where were they
this morning?
The case implicates a lot of people,
son, people with a lot to lose.
Governors, congressmen...
We can only trust people that we know.
You understand me?
- Hey, baby.
- Hey, you.
- How's the bun?
- Cooking.
Just, come here.
Good to see you.
- Mmm. How was your day?
- Oh, same old.
- [Allison] Really?
- Mm-hmm.
I heard you had a little
run-in with the hotshot.
Well, she's just letting her demons
run the show, you know what I mean?
[Allison] You weren't too hard
on her, were you?
[Ethan] Maybe I was
a little hard on her.
But you know something,
she's an asshole.
She deserves it.
She's plenty hard on herself
and she probably doesn't
need any help from you.
[Ethan] Nothing like arguing with my wife
about how I spoke to my ex-girlfriend.
Especially when
my wife takes her side.
I'm not taking her side,
I'm just not taking yours.
You are taking her side,
because I don't even have a side.
Then you're on her side.
What is that,
like an accusation?
- Baby, are we fighting?
- [groans]
God, men are simple.
We're not fighting, babe.
Dinner's on the stove.
There's beer in the fridge.
All's right with the world.
Oh, did you feel that one?
- Uh-uh. No.
- Oh, my God, how did you not feel that?
I just didn't, baby.
- I think I know what it is.
- Hmm? What is it?
I think it's that
concrete skull of yours.
I love how somehow it's my fault
that I don't feel the baby kicking.
Oh, babe,
everything's your fault.
- Everything is my...
- The baby is your fault.
See, scientifically speaking,
it's 50% my fault, 50% your fault.
- Is that what you think?
- That's what I think.
- You know what I think?
- Oh, no, you're gonna put me in a headlock?
- Uh-huh.
- Oh, no!
I think that everything is your
fault until this kid turns four.
- We clear?
- Ah! We're so clear, baby.
We're so clear. Mmm.
- [phone ringing]
- [Ethan chuckling]
- Allison. It's Owen.
- [Allison] Owen!
Hey. Could I talk to Ethan?
- Um, I got a real problem.
- Okay.
Owen, how you doing, man?
Hey, Ethan. Um...
I've been better.
What's going on?
[sighs heavily]
[inhales deeply]
[exhales heavily]
- Hi, buddy.
- [Connor] Hey.
What are you writing?
It's for you.
It's all my secrets.
But I don't want you to read it...
or even look at it.
What am I supposed to
do with it?
Give it to
someone you trust.
With a little luck, never.
I'm really sorry
about this, son.
You did the right thing.
I'm still sorry.
That's it. Thanks.
- All good?
- Yeah, good.
Wasn't sure what you needed,
so I brought options.
- Yeah, we'll take the truck.
- Roger that.
It's a lot to swallow, Ethan.
How well do you know this guy?
He was married to my sister.
The kid, he's... He's my nephew.
- [waitress] Top you off?
- Yeah.
- Would you like some?
- I'm okay, sweetheart.
Sure you don't want
a piece of this steak?
You know I don't
eat that crap.
- Yeah.
- That shit right there is gonna kill you.
I think I rode this
ol' bull back in the '70s.
I don't blame you for
not eating this meat.
I don't know what you want
me to do for you, here.
Well, I'm not sure what
I want you to do, either.
If he's telling the truth,
he needs the Marshal Service,
or the FBI.
I said the same, but...
Like, he wanted me to call a TV
station, get a news crew down here.
Don't be calling
no goddamn TV station.
- We're not trying to invent a story here.
- All right.
You let me know as soon
as he gets to your house.
- I want to see this guy in person.
- You got it.
We're done.
- Go, uh... stop crime.
- I'll do my best.
You know, you should...
maybe consider a salad.
- Who eats salad for breakfast?
- [Ethan chuckles] Fair enough.
- [cell phone vibrating]
- Sheriff?
Your wife's calling.
Do you want to take the call?
Absolutely not.
[cicada chirping]
Hey, Connor!
Back away from it.
[Connor] It's okay, Dad.
He's nice.
We gotta go, come on.
[car starting]
[thunder rumbling]
Lynx lookout, copy?
[man over radio] Copy, Lynx.
Do you see smoke?
I see thunderclouds
and 30-mile-an-hour wind.
Is there any precipitation
in that storm?
Lynx, keep this frequency clear
unless you see smoke.
This ain't a party line.
[thunder continues rumbling]
[fire blazing]
speak indistinctly]
[firefighter 1]
Hold the line!
[firefighter 2]
Shit! The wind is turning!
[firefighter 3]
That was our exit route!
[firefighter 2]
They got the wind wrong!
[firefighter 1]
We're fucking trapped!
[firefighter 3] Hannah!
What the fuck are we doing?
- Deploy! Deploy!
- [firefighter 4] Deploy!
[firefighter 2] Get the gear!
[Leo] No, no, no,
I ain't cooking in this fucking thing.
[firefighter 1]
Leo! Leo, get back here!
[grunting, panting]
[firefighter 4]
Leo! Watch out!
[Leo exclaims]
Get in your shelter, let's go!
- [boy 1] Help us, please!
- [boy 2] Hey, help me, please!
- Hannah, they're gone.
- [boy] Help! Help me, please!
- They're gone!
- [boys screaming]
[screams echoing]
[man over radio] Fire tower 217
Lynx, this is base. You copy?
This isn't a party line.
Or so I'm told.
Fuck that little prick.
He rides a scooter to headquarters.
How you holding up?
I'm in a 20-by-20 box on
stilts with no toilet.
I have to get out of here.
I'll call you
on the sat phone.
- Hey.
- You somewhere better?
Define "better."
Giving you a psych eval three
days after the event was criminal.
None of us could have passed.
Forest Service looking for someone
to blame besides themselves.
[sighs softly]
I read the wind wrong.
They read it wrong,
then told you wrong.
Not your fault.
What choice did you have?
[sighs wearily]
I should have gone to them,
and instead I was a fucking coward.
Then you'd be dead, too.
Well... that's our job.
Do you think about it?
Every day.
Listen, don't do
anything stupid.
There's a lot of people
who care about you.
- Yeah.
- Come on, there's me, there's Ben...
There's me.
Hey, you see that storm cell
12 o'clock to the tower?
- You see that on the Doppler?
- Yeah, it should bank north.
No, it's not banking north.
Can you imagine what Lewis and Clark
must have thought when they saw that?
Do you think
they came this way?
Right this way.
This is the Lewis and Clark trail.
All we did was pave it.
I like it out here.
I like the space of it.
That's a good spot.
You'll have line of sight.
Time since we last saw a car?
It's six minutes.
- It's a pretty good window.
- We do it here.
[thunder rumbles]
Veer off, you bastard.
[lightning crashes]
Fuck me.
Vehicle approaching,
two klicks out.
Driver is female,
Montana plates.
Alfa, echo, kilo,
five, five niner.
Registered to a Deborah
Killdeer in Red Lodge, Montana.
[thunder rumbling]
- Are you gonna help?
- Absolutely not.
- Duck!
- [tires screech]
[Connor screams]
[bullets firing rapidly]
[Owen grunts]
[Owen panting]
[grunts in pain]
There's a fallen tree, right there
to the right. You hide under that.
Don't make a sound, okay?
No matter what you see.
Creeks lead to rivers,
rivers lead to towns.
You call the news,
you call the TV station.
You give them this.
I want to stay with you.
I love you, son.
Go! Go.
- You all right?
- Yeah.
Didn't see that coming.
[breathing heavily]
- There's movement.
- Will this fucker ever die?
[vehicle approaching]
- We're blown.
- Fuck.
Are you okay?
Did somebody go over the edge?
No, ma'am, it's okay.
Everything's fine.
[woman gasps]
[tires screech]
[Ethan] Hey, sweetheart, did they, uh...
they make it?
- [Allison] No, not yet.
- Huh.
Are you almost home?
Yeah, I'm like
five minutes out.
- Babe, let me call you back.
- Sure, okay. Bye, babe.
We left that scene a mess.
Oh, you want to clean it up?
It is what it is.
This job needed two teams.
Fucking two teams,
like I told 'em.
Fascinating where they
decide to save money.
[dispatcher] All units, code three.
CR-153 at mile marker 22...
- That was fast.
- That's the consequence of losing the initiative.
Two deceased,
one white male, mid-40s,
- one white female, early 30s.
- There's no boy.
You think they're looking down from
the street, they can't see him?
Yes, sir. Where?
Yeah, we're en route.
En route where?
He wants to meet.
What, he's here?
Why is he here?
He's... Fuck! Fuck!
[boy] Please! Help us!
[cries echoing]
[boys screaming]
Hey, wait!
[Connor grunting]
Come here.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Stop! Stop! I'm not gonna hurt you.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
I want to see where
the blood's coming from.
It's not my blood.
Whose blood is it?
All right, listen.
My name is Hannah.
What's yours?
- Fuck you.
- Oh, nice.
I'm a firefighter.
I work with the Forest
Service, and I can help you.
All right?
Talk to me and I'm
gonna help you, okay?
[both grunting]
[Hannah] All right.
Good luck!
Good luck.
Town is 12 miles that way...
over the Continental Divide.
Have fun with that.
I have a radio in a tower...
over there.
- We can call the sheriff or...
- No, not the sheriff, the news.
Can you call the news?
Yeah. Sure, I...
I can call whoever you want.
You're fucking fast.
- Want me to drop you closer?
- He doesn't want us any closer.
Pull around the front.
I'll meet you there when we're done.
- What's with the limp?
- It's nothing.
You missed the boy.
That seems unlikely.
We promise absolutes,
and "unlikely" is not an absolute.
The man was resourceful enough
to make it all the way here,
so assume he was resourceful
enough to have duplicates
of everything we retrieved
from the DA's office.
And assume that those duplicates
are in the possession of that boy.
Assume the worst
case scenario.
Assume catastrophe and...
act accordingly.
It's a lot of risk.
That, I am aware of.
You have, what, maybe six hours
before this thing's untenable?
I can buy us more time.
But they have to
have the stomach for it.
I will make them
have the stomach for it.
Should have been
two teams.
Hit 'em
at the same time.
What got us here doesn't really
matter, now, does it, Jack?
- No, it doesn't.
- No, it doesn't.
It's a zero-sum game.
Treat it that way.
- Are we going to the station?
- Brother-in-law...
I think.
Maybe we get lucky.
This is a lot of risk
for a boy.
Well, they're worried
about what he might know.
And what he saw us do.
From this point forward,
we put down anyone who sees our faces.
That's gonna bring a lot of attention to
this town. There's enough of that already.
Give 'em something else
to worry about.
Let 'em focus on this
for a while.
[Ethan] Allie, there's
no sign of Connor.
Well, are they looking?
Yeah, they're gonna set up
a search crew, but...
[brakes screech]
Ethan, are you still there?
[Hannah] Oh, God.
Let's get you warm.
You hungry?
Well, you should eat anyway.
Here. Here's some...
Candy and shit in it. Here.
So, here's the deal, buddy.
The tower was hit by lightning.
Everything is fried.
So we can't...
[groans in pain] Fucker.
So we can't
call the sheriff, or...
fuck me... anybody.
We are gonna have to
hike to town.
[exhales heavily]
So I need to know whether
we should do that tonight,
or if we can wait
till morning.
Are you in trouble?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
Anyone else in trouble?
Anyone we need to be looking for?
Not anymore.
All right.
You don't seem
much up for a hike.
My dad said if anything
happened to him,
I should find someone
I can trust.
Something happen
to your dad?
Are you someone
I can trust?
I'm absolutely
someone you can trust.
[exhales, clears throat]
Where'd they find him?
On the road.
I hid under a tree.
And ran down to the creek.
'Cause creeks lead to rivers,
and rivers lead to towns.
That they do.
All right. Okay.
- Are we leaving tonight?
- We're leaving right now.
[female newsreader] The fire has
now jumped containment break delta
and is moving
toward Highway 12.
Winds are north-northwest
at seven miles per hour.
We are currently at
zero percent containment...
Babe, I have been calling...
- Can I help you?
- I'm Agent Freers, this is Agent Michaels.
Were with the FBI.
Is Deputy Sawyer here?
He's still on duty.
You can try him on your radio.
- We run different frequencies.
- Change the channel.
We spoke earlier and he
asked us to meet him here.
Do you mind if we come in?
Yes, I do.
Show me your hands.
House is clear.
I think she's pregnant.
You pregnant?
- How many months?
- Six.
Boy or girl?
Well, I want you to think about
her when I ask you these questions.
You run a survival school?
Telling me the truth
is how you survive.
- Is the boy here?
- No.
- Has he been here?
- No.
- Have the police found him?
- Not that I know of and I would know.
- But this is where he'll come?
- I don't know.
Now, that sounds like you're telling
us the truth, Allison, but...
we have to know.
I am telling the truth.
I have to know.
I am telling the truth!
I have to know.
I'm telling the truth.
Okay, my husband found him!
My husband found him!
- He's with my husband!
- Where'd he take him?
I don't know, he didn't tell me!
But I can call him!
- I can call him!
- [Jack] Okay.
Call him.
Where's the phone?
You keep this
conversation casual.
You hear me?
[Ethan] Hey, baby, I'm dealing
with this fire. What's going on?
Hey, babe, how's the...
how's the boy?
- What?
- Is he hungry?
I bet he's hungry. I'll make him
something to eat if he's hungry.
That's a distress word.
You gave him a fucking distress word!
[Allison screams]
You fucking survivalists!
You wanna survive? I'll give you
something to fucking survive.
- You're pointing that the wrong way.
- No, I'm not.
[Jack screaming]
- You good?
- No, I'm fucking not.
[Hannah] I'm a mother pheasant
plucker, I pluck mother pheasants.
I'm the most pleasant mother pheasant
plucker to ever pluck a mother pheasant.
I'm a pheasant mother plucker,
I pluck mother pheasants.
- I'm the most pleasant mother pheasant...
- Pleasant mother fucker...
- [Hannah] Ooh!
- [chuckles] The most pleasant mother...
All right, break's over.
Okay, we gotta get downhill.
We're gonna take turns running.
When I say "stop," you stop.
You get down like this,
and I'm gonna run past you.
We're gonna keep switching.
Okay, ready? Go, run!
[Connor] No, no.
Please, please.
[Hannah groaning]
You got hit.
Missed me.
You got hit.
No, buddy, it missed me.
We gotta go.
He died right in front of me.
Let it out, buddy.
Let it out.
There's no blood trail.
- You think we got her?
- It's 50-50, I couldn't see shit.
Ah, fuck.
- You okay? Don't look good.
- Well, there's nothing I can do about that now.
Go deep.
Dispatch, this is Alpha One.
We need two more guys.
- [gunshot whizzes]
- [exclaims]
Drop your weapon!
Drop it! Drop it now!
Drop it right fucking now!
Drop your fucking weapon!
Step in the road. Step in the road.
Stop. Face away from me.
You're about to be a father. That's
the only thought I want in your mind.
Now, very slowly,
unbuckle your service belt,
drop it to the ground,
toss it to the left.
Drop to your knees.
Allow yourself
to fall forward.
Fall forward.
Hands behind your back.
- Backup weapon?
- Right ankle.
We have another man
with your wife.
On my word,
she will be executed.
You will not be
a father anymore.
- Do you understand?
- I understand.
According to your wife,
the boy's with you.
Now, if that were true,
there'd be a much bigger
police presence
in your yard right now.
The boy hasn't been found.
We think he was tossed
from the vehicle in the crash.
There's a search crew who was
gonna go out in the morning,
but that got called off
because of the fire.
Search is exactly what
you and I are going to do.
You really think we should
leave that loose end?
Clock is ticking.
We don't have time to search for both.
Okay, let's go.
[Hannah] A few years from now,
you are gonna find yourself near a lake,
or a forest behind your house,
with some saucy blonde,
and you are gonna want to take
full advantage of that situation.
Campfires are like catnip
for teenage girls.
And all you need is some
fuel, some heat...
and voila!
You're swapping spit
with a cheerleader.
- Getting struck by lightning made you weird.
- I was already weird.
You just look sad to me.
I look sad?
There was a fire last year that
I was in charge of fighting.
I thought the wind was doing one
thing, and it was doing another.
So instead of fighting it,
we found ourselves running from it.
Which is not where
you want to be.
And there were three boys...
around your age...
They got caught in the fire,
and all I could do was watch.
I watched my mother
die of cancer.
It is impossible to feel sorry
for myself around you.
I'm sorry.
Me, too.
All right. Let's just...
Let's get you warm, buddy.
- My dad called me buddy.
- Aw, fuck.
I'm sorry,
I won't call you buddy.
No, it's fine.
You can call me buddy.
I'm warm. Let's go.
No fucking way
the kid survived that.
Well, he ain't here.
You want to
search up the hill?
Like I said,
they'll send a team.
I'll check it out.
I'll tell you this much,
I've seen a thousand wrecks.
There's no way somebody survives
that, let alone a kid.
Well, good. Should be easy to find then.
So let's start fucking looking.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
What was that?
Yeah, the kid made it.
Guess we're about to judge
your tracking skills, deputy.
No, I don't think
you're gonna judge shit.
Yeah, I think I'm done.
I think I'm gonna
go ahead, I'm...
I'm just gonna
keep my dignity.
Look, we know how this thing's
gonna end, right?
Fuck it, I know.
So let's just fucking
do it now, huh?
Play your cards right, Deputy,
you could live through this.
[laughs sarcastically]
What the fuck do I look like?
Do I...
I look like the stupidest
motherfucker on this planet?
- Take a couple of steps back, Jack.
- Fuck you!
You gonna
let me live, huh?
- Yeah.
- Oh, fuck that'd be mistake.
You let me live and
I will shout your description
to anybody
who will fucking listen.
- No, you won't.
- I'll fucking hunt you down!
You hear this fucking guy?
If I play my cards right, huh?
- I will fucking kill you.
- Fucking kill me. Shoot me.
- What are you waiting for?
- Give me the word, Jack.
Come on, give him the word.
I'm gonna fucking die right here!
- Right here!
- Jack, give me the word.
Fuck you. And fuck you.
Jack, move left!
You will not talk. Ever.
You know why?
Because when
we find this boy,
I'm not killing him.
You are.
That's how bad I don't want
to shoot a pregnant woman.
But you try this shit again,
I will fucking
burn her alive.
- Have I made myself clear?
- Yeah.
[Jack] Yeah?
Now, track.
You okay, brother?
You're not making much sense
when you talk.
I am so fucking
sick of this place.
- Is that a fire?
- Yeah.
And it's a big one.
We gotta go back.
I'm not going
through that again.
We can't go through that.
That eats everything
in its path.
I would have seen this from the tower.
I didn't call it in.
They're gonna send a chopper
to figure out why.
Chopper is that way,
back there.
You don't get through that.
We're going that way.
All right?
[sighs in exasperation]
[sighs] Oh!
[groans in pain]
[breathes heavily]
- You okay?
- Oh, yeah. I'm peachy.
[Hannah groans]
- Turn around.
- Why? I don't care.
We've shared enough today.
Come on.
Connor. Get down off the bed.
Get down off the bed.
[mouthing] Quiet.
Those men that came for your
father, did you see their faces?
- Yeah.
- Come here.
Is that them?
That's them.
- Get under the bed.
- No. We can't stay here.
I know. Get under the bed.
Hey, how many people
stay in those?
Usually one, but...
from the looks of it,
there's nobody home.
[Jack] Somebody's home.
What kind of fire watcher leaves
his cabin with a fire burning?
What are the chances that
fire watcher has a weapon?
You're in the forest of Montana,
so the chances are pretty good.
There's no tactical approach
to the top of that tower.
He'll know whoever's up there.
They'll show themselves to him.
We put them all down from here.
It's the safest play.
[Patrick] Yeah, I don't have
a better idea.
Hey, you're going
up that tower.
Boy's in there,
you're gonna bring him down to me.
If he isn't,
start a fire in the middle of that
cabin and burn it to the ground.
- Why burn it?
- So I know you ain't lying.
Go on, go.
[Ethan sighs]
[horse snorts]
Nobody's here!
The door's locked!
It won't be the first door
you've kicked in.
Come on, we need
some higher ground.
If you're hidden,
you stay hid.
There's a rifle trained on me.
There's two of them and they're both armed.
Connor, you're doing great.
You just stay there,
Don't move. Don't talk.
You got a weapon in here, H.?
I have a pretty sharp axe.
Afraid that's not gonna do it.
I, uh...
I don't know how to
get us out of this.
The fire's gonna be here in about an hour.
That should get us out of this.
We don't have an hour.
[sighs] Fuck.
[Patrick] I see nothing.
No movement.
He's just standing there.
I'm fading here, partner.
I know.
Wait, he's talking.
Yeah, he's talking, Jack.
Get him out of here, H!
[Hannah] Run!
[gunfire continues]
- [Connor screams]
- [Ethan] Come on, Connor!
All right! Okay!
[gunfire continues]
Go, H!
- Come on!
- Go, Connor! Go!
I got you.
- [Jack] Movement! Running west!
- Fuck.
- [Jack] Take the shot! Take the fucking shot!
- [bullets ricocheting]
I got not shot! Fuck!
Okay. We move.
- [gunshots]
- Contact, right!
That was a deer rifle.
All right, I'll take the
shooter, you take the boy.
If there's even a chance that it's her...
I take the shooter.
All right.
Rendezvous back here.
Can you cover me?
- Moving.
- Move.
[gun firing]
[exhales heavily]
[Hannah] Keep going.
Toward the fire?
Yeah, buddy.
[rapid gunfire]
- [gunshot]
- [Jack grunts]
- [shell casings clatter]
- [Jack groans]
[Jack] Just...
stop for
a fucking minute!
Where's my husband?
- Is he alive?
- I don't know.
[gun clicks]
You're out.
[Jack groans]
I hate this fucking place.
It hates you back.
[Allison breathes heavily]
[Hannah] Go.
Come on.
Come on.
Come here.
Come here.
Come here.
Listen to me.
You're gonna run a hundred
yards towards the fire.
You're gonna turn left and you're gonna
keep running until you get to a creek.
When you get to a creek,
you find the deepest, widest part,
- and you get in and you lay down.
- No.
- You understand?
- No.
- I'm not...
- No, I'm not leaving you!
Hundred yards, left. Creek.
Hundred yards, left.
Say it.
- Say it! Hundred yards...
- Hundred yards, left.
- Hundred yards, left. Creek.
- Hundred yards, left. Creek.
When you get there,
what are you gonna do?
- Lay down.
- What are you gonna do?
Lay down.
Oh, shit. God damn it.
Hey, sweet girl.
How did you...
- Where you hit, babe?
- Yeah, I can't...
I can't tell how bad it is.
Will you check for an exit?
- Oh, God.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Oh, shit.
How bad is it? Yeah.
- It ain't good, babe.
- It's okay. [shushing]
- Okay.
- It's okay.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Did you get 'em?
I got one.
I don't know where the other one is.
You did good. All right.
You gotta
get out of here now.
- Hey.
- No, I'm not leaving you.
It's about our baby girl.
Nothing matters if she don't make
it, you understand me?
No one makes it
through that, baby.
[breathing heavily]
[both grunting]
- [Hanna yells]
- [Patrick grunts]
Come on.
You really want
to die for this kid?
You don't even know him.
You know, if you walk away...
right now, I won't fire.
You got my word, okay?
Just walk away.
Hey! You looking for me?
Fuck you!
[Patrick cries out]
Connor, run!
[Patrick] Connor!
You're gonna hide, huh?
I'll show you what happens
when you run and hide.
When you come out,
I'll stop.
Keep hiding,
I'll keep hurting her.
You watching this? Huh?
- Don't come out!
- Shut the fuck up!
[Connor] If I come out,
will you let her go?
No, I won't.
You know, it won't be this.
She won't suffer.
[Patrick] That's good.
Now, don't run.
Okay? No more running.
Can you turn around for me?
That's it, just turn around.
[Patrick screams]
[grunts in pain]
[cries out in pain]
You okay?
[Patrick] Do it.
- Do it.
- Look.
The fire will do it for me.
- You can fucking suffer.
- Fuck you.
Run. Run.
Fuck! [grunts]
They'll have planes
in the air soon.
Wonder whether
we'll still be here.
I don't know.
I love you.
I love you.
[fire roaring]
Bye, babe.
[Hannah] Run!
Come on!
Can you swim?
- [Connor] What?
- Can you swim?
Okay, listen to me.
Take a deep breath,
hold it and lay back.
Watch what I do.
[inhales deeply]
[fire roaring]
- I fell asleep.
- I noticed.
What's wrong?
Come on. Let's go.
- Where are we going?
- Anywhere but here, buddy.
[plane whirring]
- Tower's still standing!
- It went right over!
I got a live body!
I got a live body!
- We jump here! Vic!
- You're green!
Go! Go!
Let's move!
I got two people!
My three o'clock, see 'em?
- It's Hannah.
- Do you see 'em?
Keep going, I got it!
Go. Go.
God damn, Hannah.
We looked it
right in the eye.
What was it like?
It was beautiful.
I didn't think it was beautiful.
It scared the shit out of me.
Well, it scared the shit
out of me too, sport.
Take a look at that cut.
Got to win one, I see.
Jesus Christ.
The fuck happen here?
- I got one on the right, now.
- I got it, I got it.
Hey, hey, hey, sit down.
Sit down, honey.
Allison, look at me.
Hey, look at me.
- Come on, now.
- [Vic clicks tongue]
We need a medevac.
Manifest 12-92.
I need a medevac to my location.
Target my beacon, please.
[female dispatcher]
Roger that, 12-92...
There's no rush.
[helicopter whirring]
Is it coming back for us?
Yeah, buddy,
it's coming back.
It's past the tents,
near the mobile medical unit.
Truck. It's a big white truck.
[Hannah] Mmm!
- You eat these?
- Three meals a day.
No wonder you're so skinny.
I'm lean, buddy. I'm lean.
[Hannah exhales]
- What happens next?
- Well, you do the interview...
No, I mean after that.
I mean tomorrow.
Next month.
Where am I gonna go?
I don't know.
But I promise you...
we're gonna
figure it out together.
Yeah, we're here, on site.
- Here we go. Let's go.
- All right. All right, yeah, we got this.
- [woman] Got it?
- [man] Yeah.
The storm's coming down
You're my lighthouse
You save my soul
You keep waiting on me
[firemen chattering]
Can't keep waiting on me
Why you waiting on me?
I'm gone
You keep waiting on me
Can't keep waiting on me
Why you waiting on me?
I'm gone
You keep waiting on me
Can't keep waiting on me
Why you waiting on me?
I'm gone
I'm gone
I need you now
No other
Go ahead, get loud
Like thunder
The storm's coming down
You're my lighthouse
You save my soul
Magenta sky in the morning
Less gentle by noon
Means the whitecaps
will surely
Kick the heel of the moon
The stars
they're like ivory
Placed there
to guide me home
And I need you now
No other
Go 'head get loud
Like thunder
The storm's coming down
You're my lighthouse
You save my soul
You save my soul
You save my soul
You keep waiting on me
Can't keep waiting on me
Why you waiting on me?
I'm gone
You keep waiting on me
Can't keep waiting on me
Why you waiting on me?
I'm gone
I'm gone
[instrumental music playing]