Three (2016) Movie Script

PE (Periosteal elevator).
More pressure.
Lights out, microscope in.
- Hi.
- Hi, good morning.
Uncle Chung, 73 years old.
A psychiatry inpatient.
He fell down
and suffered from syncope, head injury.
We did a CT scan
and found intradural
hematoma in the left brain
with mass effects and a mid-line shift.
We did a craniotomy.
Today is day 5 of post-op.
Limbs are functional, vital signs stable.
A febrile, walking well.
He will be discharged after
the stitches come off.
Thank you very much.
Did we do a post-op CT scan?
Yes, on day 1.
Contusion in the left temporal lobe.
Scan him again before he leaves.
A, B, C, D!
- 1, 2, 3, 4...
- Enjoy the food. Goodbye.
Merry Christmas!
The patient remains in a vegetative state.
Vital signs normal, afebrile.
Can we move him to Recovery?
How far along on the waiting list?
No. 4. He still has to wait.
Mr. Hung, 27 years old.
5 weeks ago, his legs were weak
and his hands exhibited signs of paralysis.
The MRI shows,
an extensive cervical spinal cord tumor.
We did a laminectomy for
subtotal excision...
You were so confident
when you coaxed me into having the surgery.
Surgery involves risk.
The doctor studied your condition
and made a call.
Shall we?
What did the intra-op frozen section show?
Was the section clear?
Somewhat, but inconclusive.
I felt it was operable.
Have you considered
closing after the biopsy,
and use radiotherapy afterwards?
Radiotherapy can only slow down
the tumor's development.
But the symptoms have popped up.
His quality of life is compromised.
It will only get worse.
He's young-
Surgery gives him a better
chance for normal life.
Surgery gives him a better
chance for normal life.
Normal life?
I can't move!
Rm Paralyzed!
It has only been 3 weeks.
In some cases,
it takes 3-4 months,
or even up to 6 months to see improvements.
What about physiotherapy?
We want to build up his trunk muscle,
to help him sit better.
But his morale is poor.
He won't even try.
There's still hope.
It won't be easy.
We know how you feel.
But please show some respect.
Rubbish doctor!
It's all your fault!
Calm down!
She doesn't want to see
you like this either.
She's equally upset.
I could have played it safe.
But that wouldn't have solved the problem.
I took a chance, for your own good.
Excuse me!
How many thugs getaway?
Did the operation fail?
Excuse me!
Police! Get out of the way!
A 228
Catergory 2
Dr. Shek.
Officer, please remove the handcuffs.
Transfer him.
1, 2, 3, go!
Sir, what's your name?
What's your name?
How did you get hurt?
Penetrating injury.
He was shot.
Send him to Resuscitation.
Does it hurt?
Does it hurt?
- Legs are fine.
- BP and pulse?
BP 136/80, pulse 76.
- NSQ1 (1 hour drip).
- Shan, set up a drip.
Get ready to turn him over.
Gunshot wound to the head.
We're ready. Check his head.
- Ready?
- OK
Wound in the right temporal lobe.
No exit wound.
No raccoon eye. No battle sign.
Do a CT scan.
A fat woman asks a doctor
how to lose weight.
The doctor suggests horseback riding.
A week later, 100lb is gone...
from the horse.
I'm fine.
Thank you.
You're very capable.
You're the associate consultant
at such a young age.
It was just bad luck with this patient.
I don't believe in luck!
I came to Hong Kong at 17.
I learned Cantonese and English,
got into medical school
and became a neurosurgeon.
None of it is luck.
I know you work hard.
Just take it easy.
Lives are in our hands.
It's a matter of life and death.
We're professionals
but not everything is within our control.
We can only do our best.
People say that all the time.
But they don't even know what it means.
I have patients waiting.
Vital signs and
GCS stable, pupils normal.
Show me the scan.
The CT scan shows
a foreign body in the left frontal lobe.
According to Dr. Chow's notes
and what the scan reveals,
this is probably a bullet.
There are fractures near the entry site
and soft tissue swelling here.
And over here...
hemorrhaging and edema
along the bullet path.
Lucky him. No significant
hydrocephalus or mid-line shift.
Lucky devil!
At 11 am, the police rounded
up the suspects in Kwun Tong
and shots were fired.
The image shows the inspector
who shot leaving the scene.
During the operation, a suspect was injured
and sent to Victoria
Hospital for treatment.
It is believed that the suspect is
connected to an armed robbery last month.
Miss, no photo please.
The public has the right to know.
No more freedom of the press in Hong Kong?
Too crowded.
Take the next one.
HN 157399034
ID UJ8742387
What kind of surgery?
Craniotomy to remove foreign body
and debridement.
We have consent from 2 medical officers.
They signed off on it.
Thank you.
The Ward C5 patient is here.
- OK
- Excuse me.
Ward 1, come get the patient.
We're putting you under now.
Try to relax.
Take a deep breath.
Why did you let them in?
They insist on watching.
I don't want anyone to interfere.
Take a deep breath.
Remove his handcuffs and get out.
I must keep an eye on him.
He's a killer.
He's under anesthesia.
Remove the handcuffs. Get out.
Sir, you can't do this.
Sir, you can't do this.
Don't give us a hard time.
Sir, you can't go in.
Sir, please come out.
I don't want surgery.
You need to move to the hallway
and make room for other patients.
You've been here for 6 months.
The doctor says you're fine.
Don't occupy the bed.
Don't look back!
It's bad luck!
I bought food for everyone.
They haven't had lunch.
Don't know how long the surgery will take.
Throw it away.
Yes, Sir.
You're lucky.
The bullet went into your head
but didn't do any critical damages.
Your bodily functions are not affected.
But the bullet is a foreign body.
If we don't remove it,
it may cause hemorrhaging,
pus, and infection,
and may kill you.
SIG P250, 9mm Parabellum, hollow point.
Not too penetrating but destructive.
I should be a dead man.
How could I have survived?
How could I have survived?
The next 6 hours are critical.
Your condition may deteriorate suddenly.
By then, it'll be too late to operate.
I suggest you do it now.
There was a chicken on a farm.
Every morning, the farmer would feed it,
until it
became fat.
The chicken thought the
farmer was a good man.
One morning, the farmer came as usual.
But he didn't feed it. He killed it.
Because it was Thanksgiving!
The chicken relied on induction.
As a result, it died.
I didn't make up the story.
A philosopher called
Bertrand Russell wrote it
in his 1917 book Problems of Philosophy.
As a doctor,
it's my responsibility to remind you.
But it's your call.
Think it over.
Do we have chicken tonight?
- No!
- Russian chicken?
- No!
- Gourd tonight?
Then I'm dead.
I'll sue you!
I will definitely sue you!
I'll sue you!
I'll sue you!
Quiet down.
What happened?
Settle down...
Take it easy.
It's not good for you.
What are you doing?
Why draw the curtains?
We need to question him.
Why do you need to draw the curtains?
Excuse me,
When a patient is under observation,
it means the nurse
must be able to see him at all times
Excuse me,
I have something important to ask him.
Like what?
His condition isn't stable.
You can't use his statement in court.
Is this your first day on the job?
I'm not taking his statement.
His accomplices are on the loose,
and they are dangerous.
I'm just doing my job.
Thank you, Doctor.
It's called stress!
Greece is the least
happy; followed by Iraq,
then Bulgaria,
Hong Kong scores 6.4 on the happiness
index, fourth from the bottom.
She's having her period.
Where are your buddies?
Don't you remember?
Even when your colleague
put a gun to my head,
I still don't know.
I really don't.
The gun went off accidentally?
Don't you remember?
You resisted arrest,
seized a gun, and assaulted an officer.
My partner shot you in self-defense.
The judge tends to believe the cop.
Want some?
I do!
I do!
Why don't you want surgery?
Planning an escape?
Waiting for your buddies to save you?
I don't drink.
Cops always cover up for each other.
We go our separate ways.
Without me, each gets a bigger share.
You've been a cop long enough.
Since when do criminals love their pals
more than money?
You're right.
However, there was a chicken on a farm.
Russell's chicken only relied on induction.
As a result, it died.
We'll die without gourd!
Russian chicken.
The nurse said we have chicken for dinner.
Eat something!
Thank you for your cooperation.
You're fucking dead if you fuck with me.
I want to make a phone call.
What do you want?
According to "Notice to
Persons under Investigation by,
or Detained in the Custody of, the Police"
Article 8 of "Your Rights"...
I have the right to call, email,
or fax my friends or relatives.
If the police think that
it might interfere with
If the police think that
it might interfere with
the investigation or pervert
the course of justice,
we have the right to refuse your request.
You know the rules better.
I want to ask a friend whether
I should have surgery.
He really needs it.
I can make the call for you.
No answer.
Forget it.
When will you call again?
I will. It's not my first day on the job.
Take this back to the station.
We're out of time.
Ballistics is already on the case.
Check it out and get back here.
If we do nothing, Sun is screwed.
Unauthorized use of a firearm is illegal.
So is obstruction of justice.
Whether he was reckless or stupid,
he wanted to arrest the
perp and enforce the law.
We break the law to enforce the law.
Let's go.
Let's have your hair cut.
Want some water?
Where are you going?
There's no water.
I'm not thirsty.
Read your book.
But you said hmm...
"Hmm" means I'm not thirsty.
Where are you going now?
I want to get you a surgical gown.
You know where it is?
Let the nurse get it.
Sit down and read your book.
I'll get it later.
Thank you.
Where are you going now?
Wet the towel to clean your hair.
Just give it to me.
Give me!
Sit down and stop running around.
Kill the music.
Secure the patient's head.
Ken Sir
We're all set.
This number from the suspect
I passed it to CIB
(Criminal Intelligence Bureau).
The guy in black with a bag.
Keep an eye on him.
Yes, Sir.
The guy in black with a bag in the lobby...
- Keep an eye on him.
- How long has that van been parked there?
Check it out.
Yes, Sir.
The gray van in the back.
Right hand bi-polar.
Left hand M6.
Dr. Fok.
The aneurysm is lower
than that shown on the image.
We can't have proximal control.
I can do it.
Be careful with the neck.
I know.
Sugita 9mm clip.
The patient is coughing.
Got it.
Aneurysm rupture.
More suction.
I'll go change!
Remove the clip applier.
BP is dropping, 88/63, pulse 120!
Give me four blood packs.
Did you maximize suction?
On both machines.
I still can't see. More suction.
- OK
- Lower and deeper.
Alex, press the carotid artery.
Aneurysm is ruptured.
A hole in the ICA.
I want to trap the ICA.
There's not enough room for trapping.
BP 71/53, pulse 134.
The patient will die.
Sugita 10mm. Straight clip.
BP is still dropping, 63/40, pulse 145.
Can't stop the bleeding.
He Will die.
Close it.
I'll do it.
Microscope out, lights in.
After we open, we realized the aneurysm
was lower than that shown on the CT scan.
When we tried to trap it,
the aneurysm ruptured.
He scores 3 on the GCS.
His pupils are dilated.
His pupils are dilated?
G683? What does that mean?
GCS is used to assess
one's conscious state.
GCS is used to assess
one's conscious state.
(36815 is the highest score
for normal people like us.
GCS3 is the lowest.
Just give it to me straight.
He won't wake up.
We tried but failed to stop the bleeding.
We tried but failed to stop the bleeding.
Be prepared he probably won't make it.
I see.
My husband doesn't want me running around.
Thank you, Doctor,
for trying.
Go home and get some rest.
Is it my problem?
My fault?
I have a conference in Guangzhou.
We'll talk tomorrow when I get back.
About what?
Is it my fault?
My Problem?
Yes. You're pushing yourself too hard.
You go into surgery even
when you're out of form.
You consider yourself a responsible doctor?
Get some rest.
No teeth.
Help me, pal.
Sorry, no key.
Help me out, pal.
Nurse, untie me, I want to pee.
Pee in your diaper.
I'm not a baby.
Have you finished studying
for tomorrow's test?
What is 4 x 6?
Good girl.
Put Morn on.
It's a phantom number.
No phone log.
The Tsim Sha Tsui station
detected its signal.
CIB told me
calls must be made
in order to trace it.
Inspector Chan is calling now.
Is this 63730639?
Yes, what's up?
We're calling from Dragon New Bank.
You have mortgage
or credit card payments?
We're doing a promotion.
Easy loan, low interest, no handling fee.
The maximum amount...
I can rob someone if I need money.
Inspector, let me talk to my friend.
OK, please wait.
Wait for what?
For you to trace my call?
Don't bother.
I'm in Crown Jewelry on Canton Road,
- Call Control, send in the EU.
- Yes Sir.
In ancient Greece, people already noticed
whales would be stranded along the coast
in mass suicide.
Former Soviet scientist Tomilin believed,
whales rush to rescue
their own kind
like soldiers deployed on a rescue mission.
When one whale is stranded,
the whole flock dies.
Shut up.
Grade 2 multiplication table, 7 years old.
You have a wife and a young daughter.
Is your partner worth saving?
Look at me!
Look at me!
Seizure in No.4.
- Give me a hand!
- Yes.
Call Dr. Tong.
Remove the handcuffs.
Remove the handcuffs.
- Speak.
- Ken Sir
the suspect is having a seizure.
Give him oxygen.
Go over there. Don't let him hurt himself.
Ward manager, Dr. Tong has called back.
The patient in No. 4.
Gunshot wound to the head.
Seizure. GTC.
BP 180/112, pulse 132.
When did it start?
5mg Valium IVI stat.
I'm leaving. Let Steven follow up.
Call me if there's any problem.
Sir, we're giving you an injection.
You will feel better.
That's it. Relax.
I'm fine.
Armed robbery on Canton
Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.
Armed men in masks barged
into a jewelry shop.
- Sorry, Sir...
- Jewelry worth $15M...
Police exchanged fire with the robbers,
over 20 rounds were fired.
And the robbers got away.
Sorry, Sir...
Sorry, Sir...
Police just released CCTV footage
from the jewelry shop.
We can see...
- How do you feel?
- At least 3 robbers...
You had a seizure so we did a CT scan.
There's still hemorrhaging.
It's very serious.
Do you understand?
Will I have another seizure?
You should worry about
the bullet in your head!
Sorry, Sir...
We gave you medication,
but no one can guarantee
it won't happen again.
What's more important than your life?
Trust me.
Your operation will be successful.
No answer!
I'm glad I didn't oversleep.
Otherwise, I would have missed the action.
The best is yet to come.
Watch the 6:30 news.
Where are they?
$41.6B was budgeted
- for security in 2015-16,
- Where are they?
- That's 9.4% of government expenses.
- Where are they?
Where are they?
Find them yourself. That's your job.
- Find them yourself.
- Where are they?
Where are they?
Where are they?
What can I tell you?
Sorry, Sir.
Where are those bastards?
- Don't fucking sorry me!
- Officer, this is a hospital!
Who's in charge?
Team B Superintendent Wong
wants to know when we can give a statement.
Superintendent Wong! It's Ken!
We're in big trouble.
Did you watch the news?
Yes, my boss just bit off my head.
Me and my team are up shit creek!
We'll give you our statements later.
Thank you, Sir.
I'm not playing hooky.
My walkie-talkie needs batteries.
- What are you whistling?
- What do you mean?
What song are you whistling?
Have you heard it somewhere before?
I remember!
Let me think.
Play this.
We traced the call to Central.
There are many jewelry shops out there.
CIB is heading over there now.
Why did they let us find them?
They're playing with us. They're lunatics!
That one.
No. This one.
I remember!
I remember the tune!
But the monitor is blurry.
He's wearing a suit!
The man in a suit.
He's in the lobby!
"Look, look,"
"no knife and fork for the steak."
"Come eat with me."
"Lots of tarts and cakes."
"Eat until you're full."
"Eat, eat, eat until you turn black."
"Eat and lie on the bed."
No wonder...
Where is it?
Here it is.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Charging my laptop.
Not here. It'll explode.
Go away.
- It'll explode?
- No charging is allowed here. Go away.
You're so mean.
Then where?
You pissed all over.
Can't you smell it?
Hey, can't you smell it?
He reeks of urine.
What's up?
The tube came off.
- Can't you see?
- What's wrong?
You're not doing your job.
You should have told us.
It stinks.
Next time, please tell us.
I'll change your pants in a minute.
What now?
I solemnly pledge to consecrate my life
to the service of humanity.
The health of my patient will be
my first consideration.
I will maintain the utmost
respect for human life.
Adopted by the World Medical
Association in 1948,
the Declaration of Geneva is based on
the Hippocratic Oath.
Don't you remember?
Are you going to call or not?
I'll do it if you won't.
It's against the rules.
I will practice my profession
with conscience and dignity.
I will not use my medical
knowledge to violate
human rights and civil liberties,
even under threat...
We'll do it later!
Still no answer?
You trust the Police?
You trust the perp?
Got it.
Someone called 63730639
from the hospital.
I will not permit
considerations of religion,
nationality, race,
political background or social standing
- to intervene between my duty and my patient...
- Ward C4.
Hold on.
Who called 63730639?
I will judge no one
and I will not delay my treatment
because of the patient's crime.
- 63730639
- Doctors are not God.
Who made the call?
- I did.
- Line 1.
I'm a neurosurgeon from Victoria Hospital.
Your friend wants to talk to you
before his operation.
Someone answered.
Thank you, Doc.
How are you? You got shot?
In the head, but I'm
still alive and kicking.
Do something for me.
Yuen Kwok Sun,
PC39633 shot me.
Kill him.
"And if a man cause a
blemish in his neighbor;
as he hath done, so shall
it be done to him;
Breach for breach,
eye for eye,
tooth for tooth
as he hath caused a blemish in a man,
- so shall it be done to him again."
- Call Sun.
Tell him
- not to leave HQ!
- Leviticus 24.
Hello? It's Tong.
Has Sun given his statement?
I'm off duty.
I'm leaving.
How would I know?
I'm not a cop!
I really didn't know.
I didn't.
How would I know?
I didn't.
Saving the perp can kill a cop.
I'm not letting you off.
You have to work with me.
Drink some water.
Let's talk.
I need your help.
Get someone to dress as the patient.
Yes, Sir.
The signal is near HQ.
Should we go check?
I smell trouble.
- Big trouble.
- If we do that, we're screwed.
We'll only find a cellphone.
They'd be here,
to bust him out during visiting hours.
Let's go get them.
A lawyer wants to see his client.
Can you please check?
Sorry, Sir.
We have church activities every Sunday.
You're welcome to drop by.
- Miss, do you believe in Jesus?
- No, I don't.
Join our activities every Sunday.
One last time for bad luck.
I'm back!
I'm back.
You're still here?
Get up.
Be careful.
Sit down.
Don't move.
Watch the hand.
Hands up.
Told you not to move.
Why tie my hands?
Because you're naughty.
Naughty? Don't tie me up.
I must go to work.
Work? You're always playing.
I'm playing.
Don't move.
Wait here.
Yes, Madam.
Follow me.
They'll take over. Go find Inspector Chan.
Stay here.
Yes, Madam.
No. 4, add 100mg Dilantin.
Where's the laptop?
I want to check the CT scan again.
Let him take over.
Be smart.
What are you doing?
Visiting hours will start soon.
We don't want to disturb anyone.
I spoke to Dr. Tong.
Fatty, what's up?
This may hurt.
It's too crowded. Get out!
What the hell!
GCS is down to 3.
Get ready to intubate.
Call the operating room.
We'll sign for his operation now.
The patient is unconscious. See?
Get out of my way!
Don't toy with me!
You poisoned me?
He made me.
You swapped the bottle.
We deal with evidence.
Professional misconduct
can get you suspended,
and a criminal charge.
You don't know how bad your condition is.
I did it to save you.
Can't you tell what they're up to?
That one.
That one.
And that one.
Don't play games with me.
More are coming.
We must keep your friends entertained.
I hope they don't have dinner plans.
And you let him? People will die.
She's with us now.
Look, Doc!
Someone hacked me
and severed the tendon.
You think I can shoot with my right hand?
I don't think so.
The gun has been marked as evidence.
It's too late now.
Let me go and everyone lives.
You can't fix it
unless you know your anger comes from fear!
According to U.S.
psychologist Stanton Selzer,
the source of anger is
fear of losing control.
Why am I always smiling?
Because everything is under my control.
That's Why I'm happy.-
But your nose is bleeding.
It's not the first time.
Go stand guard outside.
His tendon was severed.
He said he couldn't shoot
with his right hand!
I don't believe him!
Don't take any risks. I'm about to retire.
I turned in the gun. I'll take the rap.
We're all in this together.
Madam, losing the perp is negligence.
But you'll go to jail for perjury.
We give in to him?
Kill him.
We're cops.
Better him than us!
Calling Inspector Chan.
Calling Inspector Chan.
I need to use the toilet.
To pee or poo?
Do you need a pan?
Hell no!
Wait a minute.
Inspector Chan,
the suspect needs to use the toilet.
Let him go.
Nurse, I want to eat.
Doctor, doctor!
I'll call you back.
Doctor, doctor!
Dr. Tong!
Get down.
Please wait outside.
Print out his ECG.
Sir, who do you want to see?
I'm a lawyer. I want to see my client.
He's not allowed to have visitors.
Use your common sense.
He has the right to see a lawyer.
Even the brass can't say no!
You do your job, I do mine.
Don't waste my time.
You're insane cutting wrists.
You don't feel pain?
How's my husband? Doctor?
Please take a look at him.
Calm down.
What happened to No. 4?
Over there.
Where's the patient?
In the toilet.
Inspector Chan,
the lawyer demands to see his client.
Don't touch me! Let me die!
- Let me die!
- Sir, calm down.
Let me die!
Let me die!
Let me die!
What are you doing?
Hold his hands.
Excuse me, sir.
It's all right.
Take a look...
"He knows that he knows."
"Who is he? He's Confucius."
"He does not know that he knows."
"Who is he? He's a Buddhist."
"He does not know that he does not know."
"Who is he? He's from China."
"Our teachers once said this."
"Our teachers once said that."
"Listen to what the youths are saying."
"Think about why they do it."
"Review the past to gain insight."
"Is this what life is about?"
"Wind, flowers, snow, and moon."
"Is this what life is about?"
"Our teachers once said this."
"Our teachers once said that."
"Listen to what the youths are saying."
"Think about what you want them to do."
"Zhi Hu Zhe Ye."
"These are old clichs."
"Our teachers once said this."
"Our teachers once said that."
"Listen to what the youths are saying."
"Think about what you want them to do."
"Close your eyes, shut your mouth,"
"cover your ears, everyone is happy."
"Everyone knows. Everyone cares."
"But we do nothing, you and me."
Doctor I can walk!
The hematoma is so big
the brain stern stopped working.
The operation is likely to fail.
Shall I do it?
I understand.
I'll try my best.
Play the music.
He didn't shoot the officer.
- I planted the gun.
- What are you saying?
Sorry, Sir.
I knew his accomplices had plans.
We interrogated him, beat him up.
He was cocky and wouldn't budge.
I told Sun to put a gun to his head.
What are you talking about?
I'm not here to take your statement.
Sun thought I told him to shoot.
It was a mess then.
I can't remember if I said it.
They said the suspect wouldn't wake up.
I thought I was doing the right thing.
I almost killed him.
Sorry, Sir.
Leave him alone.
He'll never wake up.
They say they're taking me somewhere else.
You know... I know you like this.
Take them all.
You're welcome.
"Friends, you should all learn from me."
"Everyone should laugh like me."
"Everyone is happy. Don't worry."
"Everyone drinks, feeling rich and happy."
"Let's celebrate our youth and beauty..."