Three Bedrooms, One Corpse: An Aurora Teagarden Mystery (2016) Movie Script

Well, what do you think?
What do I think...
I think the color
is very colorful...
Sally, you're not
reaching for your phone.
I seem to be,
and I can't help myself...
Oh, don't you dare!
Please. Sally. Don't...
Don't, don't, don't...
- Got it.
- Gotta go. Bye!
Give me, give me...
Is Sally gone?
Yes, but only because my dress
slowed me down.
I think we should have said no
when your Aunt Neela asked us
to be in her wedding.
She's your sister.
And she has no taste
in wedding finery.
Well, if you'd let John propose,
you could throw a wedding
and show us all how it's done.
Oh, please,
a woman should date
at least a year
before she's ready
to contemplate a proposal.
this has completely
put me off weddings...
unless, of course,
you were the bride.
Look at you two lovely ladies.
What do you think
of the dresses?
We look adorable.
That's not the word I'd use.
This dress is
much too big on me,
and can we please do something
about these dreadful sleeves?
I'll get the seamstress
right over.
Thank you.
I'm supposed to show
a house in 20 minutes.
Do me a favor, darling,
head over to the Anderton house,
and meet the client for me?
His name is Martin Bartell,
and he's the new
Executive Vice President
at PanAgra.
Oh, but don't
show him the backyard.
Because it's such
a special feature,
I'd like to show him.
Got it.
I think.
Martin Bartell?
You're not Aida.
Not that I'm disappointed.
Roe Teagarden, I'm her daughter,
and official greeter
for the day.
Happy to be greeted.
Well, shall we take a look?
It looks exactly the same.
Frozen in time.
You've been here before?
Oh, in high school.
Yeah, Mandy Anderton
was my best friend.
Her parents died
a few years ago,
and I think she always imagined
moving back here one day,
to live, but...
she just got married, so...
time to sell.
What about you?
Haven't been tempted yet.
And, um, what do you do?
Shouldn't we be
talking about you,
and what you're
looking for in a house?
Oh, wait,
Aida mentioned
her daughter the librarian.
That's you?
There's a big pantry
in the kitchen,
if you like to cook.
I used to have a mad crush
on the librarian
when I was a kid.
She was so mysterious.
Always shushing me.
How many boys
have you shushed today?
You wouldn't be the first.
Ah, this fireplace is awesome.
Yeah, oh, I remember,
we used to lay our sleeping bags
right down here, and...
Something's different.
What about the backyard?
I have to do a lot
of entertaining.
Oh, then you'll love
the backyard.
But let's wait for my mother,
so she can show it to you.
I'm not very good at waiting.
Oh, very nice.
Mandy's house
was always the house
for slumber parties.
I can see why.
That's upside down.
I recognize this.
Oh, it belongs to
Tonia Lee Greenhouse.
She's a realtor.
She considers
these scarves her signature.
I should let her know
that I found it.
Do you mind?
A librarian
and a good Samaritan.
I'll just look around.
Hi, Cindy.
Is Tonia Lee in?
Where does this go?
What? Donnie
reported her missing?
Missing since when?
What? Yesterday?
Did she show
the Anderton house yesterday?
Because I found
one of her scarves here.
You need to call the police.
I have to call you back.
Oh, no.
Is that...
She's dead.
Did you check her pulse?
I checked.
Oh, it's Tonia Lee.
She's cold to the touch.
I imagine she's been
dead for a while.
Are those bruises on her neck?
I'd say she was strangled.
There are drag marks
on the ground.
We're messing up
the crime scene.
We have to get
back to the house.
I hear voices.
There you are.
What are you-...
My heart is breaking
for Donnie right now.
He adored Tonia Lee.
I mean, just adored her.
It's 10 minutes.
The police station is
practically around the corner.
Mother, it could have been you
showing the house yesterday.
There they are.
I could tell how upset you were
to find someone you know
like that,
and yet you had
the presence of mind
to worry about
preserving the crime scene.
Lynn, hello.
You found her?
Not me. Him.
Martin Bartell,
meet Detective Liggett Smith.
Glad you're here, Detective.
The body's out back?
Why don't we head back there,
and you can walk me through,
step by step, how you found her.
Stay with them
until we get their statements.
Yes, ma'am.
Uh, Miss Teagarden,
I don't think
Detective Smith would like it
if she knew you were
taking pictures.
Oh, it's only a few.
This house
is my mother's listing.
They're for her.
For me?
Oh, it's fine,
I'm finished anyway.
what in the world are you doing?
is there anything
different about this room
since the last time you saw it?
I feel like something's missing.
Honestly, Aurora,
you can't expect me
to take an inventory now.
But you do have a list
of all the items in the house
when you put it on the market?
Of course I do.
In my office.
I want to get it.
And we should make
a copy for Lynn, too.
Yeah, Lynn has
had us here for hours,
asking question after question.
I can't believe it.
Tonia Lee.
She was always so friendly
and so stylish.
She had those fabulous scarves.
I know.
Yeah, I found one
all folded up, nice and neat.
I had to give it to Lynn.
I wish I could have
given it to Donnie.
Oh, poor Donnie.
Are you crying?
I'm a hardened reporter.
And I'm going to go down
to Greenhouse Realty right now,
see what I can find out.
Oh, good.
Well, stop by after.
That detective is very thorough
with her questioning.
Yes, Lynn is...
"thorough" is a good word.
Is it just me,
or do you two rub each other
the wrong way?
We have a complicated history.
I like complicated.
Mr. Bartell,
I am so sorry.
You make an appointment with me
and end up...
It really has been
the most awful afternoon.
No. Not all of it.
Please let me make it up to you.
Let's say dinner,
at my house?
I would like that.
Especially if
your lovely daughter is there.
Oh, she'll be there.
I think we could all use
a pleasant evening
after such a terrible shock.
Till tomorrow then.
Well, he really likes
to get his way.
I suppose that's how
someone becomes
a top-level executive
at a major manufacturing
Well, Mother, Lynn kept
asking me questions
about where I got the keys
to let Martin in,
and why this house
doesn't have a lockbox.
I explained that to her.
When a house
is full of valuables,
I don't use a lockbox.
The other agents
just sign out with Patty
at the reception desk.
I'm sure Tonia Lee
signed it out yesterday.
But if Tonia Lee had it
when she died,
then how did it
get back to the office?
Mother, I think you need to call
a staff meeting.
Well, I'd tell him
you're not even going to take
that offer to your client.
I'd tell him it's an insult.
Hey, Roe.
You want coffee?
No, thanks, Patty.
- Mackie? Eileen? Coffee?
- No.
I spoke to the new owners
of Jane's house.
They said they were
very happy there.
Oh, yeah, thanks again
for handling the sale, Idella.
Earlier today,
Tonia Lee Greenhouse was found
at the Anderton home,
and she was...
she was murdered.
That can't be.
No, wasn't she showing
the Anderton house yesterday?
Well, the police saw
no sign of a break-in,
so whoever she was meeting
was the likely suspect.
That's why I carry mace
when I meet a client
at an empty house.
I don't want us
fearing our clients,
we just have to help the police
catch whoever did it,
so we need to answer questions
about when Tonia Lee
picked up the key yesterday.
But she didn't pick up the key.
Mackie took it to her.
She called here
late in the afternoon,
said she needed to meet
someone at the house,
didn't have time
to pick up the key.
Did she say who she was meeting?
I signed the key out
in her name,
and went home and changed,
and then took it to her
while I was out running.
Didn't speak more than
two words to her.
Wait, the real question is,
who brought the key back?
Well, somebody
put it in Patty's desk,
'cause it was there
when I signed it out
this morning at 9:30.
You didn't see
who brought it back?
I didn't even know
it was back in my desk
until your mom asked for it.
It just doesn't make any sense.
I mean, how could
the key be there, unless...
Unless someone who knew
where it belonged
put it back?
So, you see the problem.
Your key was last seen
in the possession of our victim,
then mysteriously
reappeared in a desk,
where only a select
group of people
know it's supposed to be.
Are you saying
that a real estate agent
attacked Tonia Lee?
You mean, you think
someone in this office?
Oh, that's absurd.
There are two other
agencies in town.
and Sternholz-Farrell.
They know where the key belongs.
Someone from their office
may have put it back.
Fingerprints might help us,
but since so many of you
have handled the key
already today,
I'm not going to hold my breath.
In the meantime,
Mr. Night, I need you to
come back to the station.
We have some questions.
Yeah, fine.
We're going to have questions
for the rest of you, eventually,
so don't think about
leaving town for a while.
So, what does this mean?
We're all suspects now?
This is horrible.
I need to go home.
I don't think anyone's going to
get much work done today.
You're all free to go.
I'm not going anywhere,
not as long as there are clients
who still need me.
And besides,
if Greenhouse Realty
shuts down with Tonia Lee gone,
someone's going to get
their listings.
Mother, how well
do you really know
these people in the office?
Why would you ask me that?
Because one of them
might be a killer.
So Cindy couldn't shed any light
on who Tonia Lee
was supposed to meet
at the Anderton house?
No, and I wish I hadn't gone.
Donnie Greenhouse
was beside himself,
he was so upset.
And then the police came,
and started
treating him like a suspect.
I mean, honestly,
the most famously
devoted husband in town?
They really think
it's someone in real estate?
Because of the key.
Tonia Lee had it,
and then it showed up
back at Patty's desk.
Only a real estate person
would know where to put it.
So the motive would be rivalry?
Who's Tonia Lee's biggest rival?
Probably my mother,
but, of course,
she didn't do it.
But it's possible
someone in our office did.
They took Mackie in
for questioning.
The kid you used to babysit?
I've known him forever.
Now, Eileen Crandall,
she's a different story.
She's only been working
for my mother about six months.
She seemed really eager
to snatch up
the Greenhouse listings.
Well, and then
there's Sternholz-Farrell.
Oh, Franklin.
I forgot he was
your real estate guy.
You forgot what your boyfriend
did for a living?
Well, he's not my boyfriend.
We only went on three dates.
But he was a perfect gentleman,
I can't imagine he'd be
involved in this.
I don't know
his business partner,
Terry Sternholz,
that well, though.
Oh, I know her.
She's a big donor
for the library.
I like her.
Well, that's not a very big
pool of suspects.
And my mother
is friends with all of them,
and she said they all get along,
so rivalry as a motive,
I don't know.
You know, I thought
there was something different
about that house.
But I've cross-checked
all my pictures
I took today
with the inventory
my mother gave me,
and nothing seems to be missing.
Oh, wait.
I have pictures
from back when we used to have
slumber parties there.
I have a very
depressing story to write,
so you let me know
if you find
anything interesting.
Roe Teagarden?
Martin Bartell.
What a surprise.
I thought I'd check in on you,
make sure you're okay.
Oh, you didn't have to do that.
I served eight years
in the Army.
Did two tours in Afghanistan,
and I know
that the full impact of events
doesn't often hit people
until a few hours later.
Well, I'm fine.
I just want to know
who would do such a thing
to Tonia Lee,
especially if it's someone
my mother works with every day.
Yeah, it kind of
makes you think, doesn't it?
Makes you think what?
About the fine line
between life and death.
About how we can't let
any opportunities
to truly live life
slip through our fingers.
No, I guess you can't.
I'll see you tomorrow then.
I knew it.
Detective Smith,
what can you tell us
about the status
of your investigation?
The medical examiner
has officially ruled
Tonia Lee's death a homicide,
death by asphyxiation.
The marks around her neck
suggest strangulation
with some type of ligature.
We estimated the time of death
between 5:45
and 6:00 p.m.,
when a neighbor heard a scream
in the Anderton back yard.
Another neighbor also said
he saw Tonia Lee's car
leaving the driveway
at quote,
"somewhere around 6:00 p.m."
What? Wait,
if she was screaming...
We also believe
the person
who attacked Mrs. Greenhouse
then took her car
and drove it
to the Greenhouse Realty office,
where it sat overnight.
Wow, that's brazen.
That's all we have for now.
What about suspects?
Uh, yes, uh, right now,
well, we only have
persons of interest
in this case,
no official suspects.
And what about motive?
Uh, yeah, no.
I mean, we've got
a few working theories,
but, no... motive.
That's all for now.
That's all for now.
Hey, have you seen my mother?
She's over there.
The police
kept you there three hours?
Yeah, lucky for me,
lots of people saw me
jogging all over my route,
so I'm in the free and clear.
I think
they should be
dragging Donnie in.
Statistically speaking,
isn't it usually the husband?
We're here at Donnie's house
to pay our respects.
I don't think it's that husband.
Roe, it's good to see you.
Franklin. Terry.
Don't suppose you brought
Sally with you?
No, but she did
mention you last night,
had nice things
to say about you.
That's right,
you and Sally Allison dated.
For about a week,
then she dumped me
for my cousin, Henry.
Excuse me.
Okay, I figured out
the difference
at the Anderton house.
Back in the day,
they had this
really awesome painting
hanging in the corner.
But here's the photo
I took the other day.
Look, it's not
the same painting.
But that photo's
from 20 years ago.
I mean, that painting
could have been switched out
at any time.
Yeah, but you take
a bunch of photos
for your listings
for your website, right?
Aurora, this is hardly the time
to go hunting for photos.
I mean, I haven't even had
a chance to talk to Donnie yet.
Of course, what
do you say to a man
who is so overcome with grief?
I mean, I pride myself
in knowing what to say
in any situation,
but this is just crazy.
I found it.
The painting hanging there now
is not the same one
that was there two weeks ago
when I listed the place.
I think we just found
the motive
for Tonia Lee's murder.
We should stay for dessert.
We should get back to work.
I haven't even
finished my sandwich.
Well, pack it up to go.
Captain Burns is all over me
on this realtor homicide.
Come on.
Oh, Roe, nice to see you.
We were just leaving.
No, wait, hold on.
Lynn, I have really
important information
that you need to see
on the Tonia Lee case.
Oh, great.
you know how Burns feels
about us talking to her.
Let's just hear her out.
She always has good ideas.
All right,
what can we do for you?
This picture was taken
the day my mother
put the Anderton house
on the market.
This is a picture that I took
the day we found Tonia Lee.
Look at the paintings.
Mandy Anderton hasn't
been back to the house
since it was listed,
which means.
This painting has been stolen.
If Tonia Lee caught the thief,
that means he might have been
trying to shut her up, right?
I mean, I would be happy
to call pawn shops,
and art galleries...
Maybe we should get you
a job application,
you can apply to the force.
Totally kidding.
Look, Roe,
I appreciate you bringing
this to our attention,
but it would be so nice,
if just this once,
I could do my job
without tripping over you
at every turn.
If you're right,
and Tonia Lee's attacker
is a real estate agent,
that means my mother
could be sharing an office
with a murderer.
How can I not try to find out
who did this?
All right, fine,
you want to help?
You can help
by being a librarian.
Research this painting.
Find out exactly who painted it
and what it's worth.
Nice to see you.
Thanks, Mandy.
Yeah, let's catch up
next time you're in town.
Okay, bye.
Was that Mandy Anderton
from high school?
Mm-hmm, she listed
the house with my mother.
Now, she said the painting
was a landscape
by a California artist
named Joseph Kleitsch.
It was once owned by
William Randolph Hearst,
but that's all she remembers.
Oh, here it is.
Here's another Kleitsch painting
that went up for auction
a few years ago,
and the winning bid...
is almost
half-a-million dollars.
Sorry, too loud, I know, I know.
I love your new look.
Flattery will not distract me.
Patrons are not allowed
behind the desk.
Go on, other side of the desk.
Hey, Perry.
Didn't expect to see you here.
I read.
I asked him here.
I could use his, um...
This is not a social club.
Right, Lillian,
we're going outside.
Uptight much?
So you're trying
to crack a mystery
again, huh?
That Greenhouse lady?
You called Perry about that?
Well, why not tap into resources
at the Real Murders Club?
Yeah, why not?
Okay, so I'm thinking
you might have
some expertise in, um...
well, where someone would go
to sell stolen goods.
Um, you don't think
that's a little offensive?
Hey, look.
Everyone knows
I took a few vacations
in the county jail.
I never tried to hide it.
I could ask around.
What do you got?
Well, this painting
is missing from the crime scene.
Whoa, art?
Oh, man, that's specialized.
I maybe know one guy
that might have an inside
of where to park
high-end stuff like this.
Okay, well, one guy
is better than no guy.
Oh, and can you just...
you know, keep it
on the down-low?
Yeah, I gotcha.
I dig this mystery stuff.
I'll see what I can find out.
See? Not offensive.
I think I made his day.
I think I should use
Perry's expertise
for some of my stories.
I gotta go.
Mother, hello.
Where are you?
At the library.
Didn't I remind you
not four hours ago
that Martin Bartell
is coming for dinner?
Well, he's here,
and you're not.
Oh, my gosh, I'm so sorry.
Yup, I'm on my way.
I'm on my way...
Well, Lynn agrees.
Tonia Lee must have realized
the Kleitsch painting
was missing,
and confronted whoever
she thought took it,
and I think she suspected
someone she was close to,
probably one of her colleagues.
Hmm, I think that's
reaching a bit, dear.
Now, let's get back to
your Army career,
Mr. Bartell.
The F.B.I. says
that 90% of stolen artwork
is the result of an inside job,
someone who has access
to the art.
Like a real estate agent
who could get the key
to the Anderton house.
Have the police gone
over the key log book
in your office, Aida?
I'd prefer not to discuss
such a depressing topic
over dinner.
You and Aurora can leave that
for your real murders club.
I'd much rather talk
about our guest.
I understand that you won
quite a few medals
during your service,
Mr. Bartell.
Actually, I'd love to hear more
about this art theft.
We recently had
a painting go missing
from the offices at the plant.
You're kidding! When?
About a month ago.
I'm told it's worth
several hundred thousand.
Did you tell the police?
No. No,
like you said,
it's probably an insider,
so we'd like to get
to the bottom of it ourselves.
Oh, no, but you have
to tell them now.
I'm going to call Arthur Smith,
he's in charge of
all the burglaries.
Our board of directors
would prefer not to advertise
the fact that
we have expensive art hanging
on the walls...
But the theft could be related
to what happened to Tonia Lee.
Arthur, hi.
Yes, listen,
I just found out
that Martin Bartell
had a painting stolen
from his office.
Do you want me to tell him
to meet him at the plant?
I don't have much choice,
now, do I?
Well, not exactly how
I intended to spend my evening,
talking to the police.
But it really could
help solve a murder.
It could also get me
in hot water with my board.
I wonder
if the police know
they have someone so persistent
at corralling evidence for them.
Oh, they know.
Well, here's hoping
I get to see you again soon.
Aida, thank you for dinner.
I enjoyed it.
Thank you so much for coming.
Aurora, that man is a client,
and you practically
drove him away.
I know that you care
about your business,
but I care about your life.
I know you do, but...
Have any of your employees
ever talked about
an interest in art or paintings?
Has Eileen?
Please stop pointing fingers
at my staff.
These people are
like family to me.
Whoever did this terrible thing
does not work for me.
Okay, I know that
most of her staff
has worked for her for years,
but not all of them...
not Eileen.
I trust your mother's
instincts about people.
Maybe the police are wrong,
and it's not an agent.
Maybe it's a house hunter
who saw an agent
signing out the key.
It could be.
Maybe I'll have my mother
give me a list
of all the people she's taken
to see the Anderton house.
How about I ask her
when she's not so irritated?
I'll work on getting a list
from the other agencies.
Perry, hi.
You got my message?
I thought you'd just
call me back.
Had an appointment
with my probation officer so.
He's across the street.
I haven't got ahold
of my friend for Roe yet,
if that's what you wanted
to ask me about.
Oh, no. I, um...
I did a search
of our classifieds,
and I found an ad listing
a painting for sale
about two weeks ago.
You think someone
would try to sell a hot painting
in the paper?
I wouldn't think so, but...
This ad didn't have
a phone number,
it only had an email address,
but when I tried
to send an email
to that address,
it came back as undeliverable.
Now, our I.T. guy told me
that it was probably
a "burner" address?
Yeah, a temporary email.
If you want to scam someone.
So, I don't suppose you have
any expertise in that area?
Nah, hacker types
are kind of lame,
but I do know some people
that know people.
Probably get you
an I.P. address.
Where it came from, yes!
That's exactly what I need.
Yeah, I'm on it.
Hey Roe, what's up?
it is so good to see you.
You, too.
Hi, Roe, Sally.
What brings you here?
Sally's writing an article
about Tonia Lee.
Yes. I am.
Terry and I were just
talking about
that whole awful business.
Were you two close to Tonia Lee?
We both went for coffee
at least once or twice a month.
Franklin more often
than me, but...
It's starting to sink in
she's really gone.
She won't be
at our banquet planning meeting
Well, if we're still
really going forward to it.
Hey, maybe you'd like to go
to the broker's dinner
with me, Sally?
We could catch up.
I could gloat to Henry
about how I stole you
back from him,
You know that never
went anywhere...
We were wondering
how many people
you showed
the Anderton house to?
Not very many,
Franklin, you collect art?
Uh, no.
This was my mother's doing.
She decorated my office
the year before she died.
That's right.
Your mother used to
own an art gallery.
Then you must know
a lot about art.
No, not much.
My mom, yes, she was
the art expert.
She pushed paintings
on the whole family.
Why the interest?
A valuable painting is missing
from the Anderton house.
The police think
it could be a possible motive
for what happened to Tonia Lee.
Wow. I hadn't heard that.
We should tell them, Franklin.
Go ahead.
We also had a painting disappear
from one of our listings
a couple of weeks ago.
Oh, my gosh.
That makes three!
I wonder why Arthur
wouldn't tell me about that?
we talked the owners out
of reporting it stolen.
We didn't want people to think
that listing
with Sternholz-Farrell
meant they get robbed.
Our insurance company
reimbursed the owners.
Thanks, Arthur.
Well, it's looking
more and more like
we have an art thief
working overtime around here.
And, somehow,
Tonia Lee Greenhouse
stumbled onto
whoever's doing it?
Well, unfortunately,
Arthur said
they found fingerprints
of about 40 different people
at the Anderton house,
so it'll take a long time
to analyze it, but...
if it is a real estate agent,
Franklin might be the only one
with knowledge
about paintings
that are worth a lot of money.
Plus, clearly, he has
expensive taste.
Oh, please, I know Franklin.
I used to go out with him.
Right. He took you
to dinners.
No. He cooked
for me.
And he has the cleanest house
that I've ever seen.
He wouldn't let me walk
on his carpet with my shoes on.
There's no way
he would do something
as messy as murder.
Besides, why would he steal
something from his own listing,
and put his own business
in jeopardy?
Well, I don't have
the answers yet.
But if he's guilty,
I'll find them.
Like a dog with a bone.
Wait. Franklin Farrell?
Franklin is your main suspect?
Why is that funny?
You know I'm not one for gossip.
Mother, please.
Gossip this once.
The truth is, Franklin is so...
h-he's such a lightweight.
He only went into
the real estate business
because he has
no other skills or talents.
Terry's the one
who keeps that agency afloat.
Okay, but if she's the one
making all the commission,
then why is he the one
driving the Mercedes?
I'm sure he inherited
his mother's estate.
Believe me,
he was not driving a Mercedes
before she died.
Oh, no. I'm gossiping
and I'm turning into
an amateur detective
just like you and John.
Did you know I found John
eavesdropping on Eileen?
Do you know why?
I've been waiting for this call.
I have to take this. I'm sorry.
Tell Megan I'm off to lunch.
I hope you're glad to see me.
Of course, I'm just surprised,
that's all.
I have something to give you,
and I, um...
I didn't want to wait.
You remembered.
All right.
Okay, just go over
the figures again.
All right.
Are you okay?
Roe. Yeah, I'm fine.
You don't look fine.
It's just Donnie.
He's so upset at me.
He has this crazy idea about me
and he just won't let it go.
He thinks that I know
who killed Tonia Lee.
It's... It's ridiculous,
because how would
I know what happened?
Why would Donnie think you know?
if you do know something,
maybe I can help.
You can't help me.
Idella, wait!
What... What are you doing here?
Um, this is where
my board decided
to have lunch today.
If that's okay with you?
Oh, of course. Yeah.
Um, I hope
you have a great lunch.
Wait, wait.
Aren't you curious
about my meeting
with your detective friend?
Oh, yes, I am!
But I-I really have
to go catch my...
Who are you protecting?
Look, the police told me
how the key
to the Anderton house
just happened to
reappear in your office,
and now you're telling
your whole staff to clam up!
Donnie, of course...
Who are you protecting?
Is it Mackie?
You know, Tonia Lee always said
that that new hire of yours
was gunning after our clients.
Donnie, I know
you're upset, but...
Don't patronize me!
I deserve answers!
All right,
your lunch is finished.
This isn't over, Aida!
We've become a spectacle.
How nice.
That was so efficiently done.
Thank you.
Any time.
Everyone all right?
I should get back
to lunch with my board.
I've had it
with all the suspicion
directed at my staff.
I mean, first,
Mackie is taken away
by the police,
and then
we're all fingerprinted,
and now Donnie
is confronting me like this.
Yeah, but he mentioned Eileen.
And you said that John had
some concerns about her, too,
but you didn't say why.
Oh, something ridiculous
about her being
an art history major...
Eileen is an art expert?
I'll have none of this, Aurora!
Eileen is
a very dedicated worker,
and she-she puts in
more hours than I do,
so I'm not gonna have you
watering any seeds
of doubt about her.
Okay, Mother,
take a deep breath.
I have to go
to Sternholz-Farrell.
We have a banquet to prepare.
that's Franklin's office.
Yes, I know,
that's Franklin's office.
Okay, then I'm going with you.
Okay, then.
So what'd you
find out about Eileen?
Well, I called a real estate guy
I know in Seattle...
Oh! Where Eileen
had an agency of her own?
My friend has heard rumors
that Eileen was in hot water
with the local
brokers' association.
Oh! That doesn't sound good.
I've got a call in
to the association president.
Okay, well, I'm researching
Franklin, too.
Man, I just wish that my mother
would be more worried
that the bad guy could be
somebody she works with.
She knows these people.
It's hard for her
to see them any other way.
Well, Tonia Lee
knew them, too...
and now she's dead.
First thing we have to do
is figure out who's gonna
handle the decorations.
Tonia Lee always did
give our banquets a nice look.
I can handle that.
I have an artistic eye.
So you have a background in art?
Never mind.
I have to say, it's putting
a real lump in my throat
seeing Tonia Lee's chair empty.
You should try sitting
down to dinner
opposite an empty chair.
She used to be there,
every night, across the table...
the most beautiful woman
in the world.
I think you know something
about who killed Tonia Lee,
and I want you to tell me
what it is,
right now.
Are you planning
to shoot me, Donnie?
I'm calling the police.
No, I've got this.
Let Donnie answer me first.
What are you planning to do?
I'm planning
to find out the truth.
Idella refused to tell me
what she knows.
I'm not gonna
let you refuse, too.
Why do you think Idella knows
what happened to Tonia Lee?
Because I saw her car
pulling out of our parking lot
the night Tonia Lee
didn't come home.
The police say the guilty one
drove Tonia Lee's car
back to the office
and left it there.
I think Idella was there
to give him a ride home.
That's crazy!
Idella is a total stickler
for playing by the rules.
You can't be saying that Idella
is conspiring with a killer.
I think everyone in your office
is conspiring with a killer.
Donnie Greenhouse,
you are blind with grief.
You've known me 20 years.
We sit together in church!
And you know in your heart
that if I had
any idea who killed Tonia Lee,
I'd be banging on the doors
of the police station.
And I certainly
wouldn't keep it from you.
Maybe you can get Idella
to tell you who did.
Because she knows,
I'm telling you that.
I wouldn't have let him
shoot you, Aida.
I think I need to
go talk to Idella.
We're getting close
to the Clarion subdivision.
Patty said Idella
isn't picking up her cell phone,
but she knew
that she was meeting a client
at one of the four listings
on that sheet.
I still don't believe it.
An accomplice to murder?
I doubt
that she knew
she was an accomplice.
My feeling is that she thought
she was just picking up a friend
at Greenhouse Realty
that night.
Okay. No car.
The next one is on...
Maybe Idella's protecting
whoever she picked up.
Maybe she's in some kind
of romantic relationship
with them.
That sounds plausible.
Which would mean a male person,
like Franklin.
Okay, would you stop
with Franklin?
He's not seeing Idella.
How do you know?
Because he's seeing me.
He got concert tickets
for us to go and see
my favorite band.
He asked me to go
with him this morning.
You can't go!
He's a suspect!
Only in your suspicious mind!
Okay. Here's Maple.
I see the sign up ahead.
And there's Idella's car.
If Idella's supposed
to be showing
a client the house...
Yeah, then there should
be two cars here.
Idella! It's Roe!
Are you here?
It's so quiet.
It's "spooky" quiet.
It's Idella.
I think she's dead.
So, it looks like
she was strangled.
Just like Tonia Lee.
I hate to say it,
but I saw Donnie arguing
with Idella earlier today...
And he was at the police station
all afternoon,
trying to convince me
that Idella knew who
went after his wife.
Wasn't Donnie who did this.
Oh, thank goodness.
But clearly, Donnie
was right about Idella.
Have you looked
into Franklin Farrell?
Why would you
think it was Franklin?
You were just with him
at his office.
That was an hour ago!
He would've had
time to get here.
Does he have an alibi
for Tonia Lee's time of death?
Aurora Teagarden!
You're here at my crime scene,
exactly where
you're not in any way, shape,
or form, allowed to be.
Now, I know people in this town
think you're some kind of
but what you are is an obstacle.
Continually in the way,
interfering, obstructing,
and if I find out...
Okay, sir?
Roe's a witness.
She actually
discovered the body.
And how did you let that happen?
Maybe we can think of her
as one of those
annoying pilot fish.
You know the ones
that follow whales around?
I mean, no one
wants them around,
they're a pain,
but necessary in their own way.
You know I can hear you?
Thanks. I think.
So you were asking
about Farrell's alibi.
Well, he tells us that
he was standing in line
buying tickets to some concert.
Oh! He was!
I have the tickets right here,
in my purse.
Look. There's a time/date stamp
showing when
they were purchased.
Okay, now, why would he
stand in line
when he could just
buy them online?
That just sounds
like someone trying
to set up an alibi, to me.
Oh, stop, Roe!
Security footage is gonna
confirm it for us either way.
In the meantime,
our fingerprint analysis
came back.
Just about everyone
who works in real estate
has left prints
at the Anderton house,
but, out of the two clear prints
we found on the wall
where the missing painting
was hanging,
only one of them belonged
to an agent,
and it wasn't Franklin.
Then who was it?
Eileen Crandall.
That's who Donnie
has been focusing on!
And-And John, too,
because she's
an art history major.
You said there were
two sets of prints.
Whose were the other?
Martin Bartell.
I have to get back inside.
Oh, poor Idella.
What... What kind of monster
would do such a thing?
You work 20 feet away
from her, Mother.
The danger is getting
closer and closer to you!
I need to ask everyone
in your office
who she's closest to.
I have to find out
if she was seeing someone.
No. You'll do no such thing.
They don't even know
that she's died yet,
and when I tell them,
they're going to be upset.
I mean, very upset, so, please,
just give them a day to grieve
before you start hounding them.
Is that clear?
Be safe.
I'll keep my ears open.
John, uh...
Make sure my mother doesn't
go anywhere alone with Eileen.
Or Martin Bartell.
Hey, Roe.
I don't remember
inviting you to stop by.
No. I heard
on the radio
that you'd found another body.
I wanted to check up on you.
I brought you some food,
in case you're hungry.
People who find bodies
often forget to eat.
Um... can I come in?
Yes, but just for a minute,
and just because
my mother would never forgive me
for being rude to you again.
Why didn't you tell me
the day we found Tonia Lee
that you'd met her before?
Well, I am house-hunting.
She just happened to be
the first real estate agent
that I talked to.
I've made it onto
your suspect list.
Not just my list.
I get it.
When bad things happen,
it helps people feel better
to think
that it's the new guy in town
and not someone
that they might know.
Your fingerprints were found
near where the missing painting
was hanging
in the Anderton house.
Did you know
that the painting
that replaced it
had a thrift store sticker
on the frame?
It did?
Can't blame me
for wanting to take
a closer look at that.
Come on.
If I had done something
to the lovely Mrs. Greenhouse,
would I have led you...
and the police...
straight to her body?
Criminals like to go back
to the scene of the crime,
to watch people react
to what they did.
Okay, what about the body
you found today?
Now, clearly, I couldn't have
had anything to do with that.
You saw me at the restaurant,
about to sit down to lunch
with my board.
I don't know what time you left.
Okay, well,
clearly, we are not going to be
enjoying this meal together,
which is too bad,
because I thought maybe
you could help me sort out
this theft at the plant.
I have a list
of all of the employees
that work there.
I don't see a list.
Oh, it...
It's in the car.
Why don't you let me know
when you're ready to trust me?
You're still here?
I thought you had to
leave for a funeral.
I do.
a Kleitsch landscape
does hold the eye, doesn't it?
You know this artist?
Of course!
I'm a member of the Western
Art Appreciation Society.
I believe cultural enrichment
is very important.
That's very... interesting.
You don't have to pretend
you think I'm interesting.
I know what you and your friends
think of me.
That, uh, Perry Dell,
he said I was "uptight".
Lillian, I would never say that.
Mm. But you'd think it.
You're very loosey-goosey,
and I have no idea why.
You have a mother with
a perfect sense of propriety.
So far this week,
I have been called
an "annoying fish"
and "loosey-goosey".
Well, I'm just going to
call you wrong.
Did you see my story today?
Right here, first paragraph.
"Franklin Farrell was cleared
by security camera footage."
So there.
You are officially
wrong about him,
I was officially right.
You may applaud now,
if you like.
Shouldn't we go?
It's really rude to be
late to a funeral.
It was very frustrating
writing that story
and not being able to name
who the police
are interested in.
Martin Bartell, Eileen Crandall.
Yeah, my mother is determined
to defend Eileen.
Still haven't figured out
a way around that yet.
Did Perry ever get back to you
with any info
on how an art thief
might access the black market?
He said he's still
looking into it.
But maybe there's
another way to find out.
So you really like
Franklin, huh?
Well, I guess I must,
with how much
I wanted to defend him.
I mean, the neat-freak thing
did drive me batty
when we tried to date before,
but he's sweet,
and he didn't hold a grudge
when I dated his cousin
right after him,
so, might be worth it
to give him another shot.
And you don't find him
a little, um...
You found her?
You found Idella?
She was just the nicest person.
Why would anyone
want to hurt her?
Well, that's what
we're trying to figure out.
You were really
close to her, huh?
Like sisters.
Do you know
if she was dating anyone,
or seeing anyone?
You know, I kind of got
the feeling she was.
She didn't say anything, though,
but I did notice her
in the front seat
of a white car once.
I didn't notice the driver,
but I remember the car
was coming out of
the PanAgra parking lot.
Oh, there's your mother.
Where Martin works.
But he doesn't drive
a white car.
it's a sign
that the factory thefts
could be related
to the real estate thefts.
Excuse me.
Martin, it's Roe.
I'd really like to see that list
of PanAgra employees.
Aida doesn't seem
angry at Donnie
that he all but pulled a gun
on her the other day.
Well, my mother believes a lady
always gives a person
the benefit of the doubt.
You must have noticed that,
after working for her
for the past six months.
It's been eight months.
Yeah. She hires people
without even checking
their references.
I know that was true for Mackie.
Was that the same for you?
Why don't you come out
and just ask me
what you want to ask me?
Oh, there you are.
I was gonna give up
looking for you
and call you.
Martin, what are you doing here?
Paying my respects.
Besides, you wanted
to have a look
at that list of employees.
Yeah, but not this afternoon.
Why not?
This collaborative mood of yours
could evaporate any second.
Okay, where's the list?
What made you think you'd be
welcome in my house, Bartell?
Mr. Greenhouse,
allow me to express
my sincere condolences.
I'm not gonna
"allow" you anything.
You shoved me out
of the restaurant
the other day,
now I'm gonna return the favor.
Okay, all right.
Well, that was exciting!
What is it?
Martin talked to Idella
an hour before she was killed.
Any time you feel like
telling me
what's bothering you...
No rush.
I saw your recent calls.
I didn't mean to,
but I know that you talked
to Idella Yates
an hour before she was attacked.
I don't find that funny.
No, I'm sure you don't.
Um, I spoke to her
because I telephoned ABT Realty
to speak to your mother about
resuming my house-hunting.
I would've thought
that you would've
told me that yesterday,
when you knew I found her body.
I had no idea
whose body you found.
You didn't tell me.
It was on the news!
You said
you heard the radio report.
Well, I didn't catch
the victim's name.
The only name I heard was yours.
Where's the list
of PanAgra employees?
I must have picked it up
with some other papers
and taken it into my office.
We can go there now,
if you want.
You can email it to me.
And the window of opportunity
is closed once more.
All right.
What's your email?
Great. The president
of my fan club.
This is a judicial order
allowing us to collect
a DNA sample from you,
so if you wouldn't mind
coming with us...
There's no use delaying
the inevitable, is there?
They found DNA
on Tonia Lee's body?
Not on the body.
It was actually
on the scarf you found.
It was covered
in drops of saliva
that didn't belong to Tonia Lee
or her husband.
So you think
it was the murder weapon?
I touched the scarf, too.
Do you need a sample from me?
We'll get the results back
from Mr. Bartell's test
in a couple of weeks.
Why don't we wait and see
if that's a match first?
Do you really believe
it was Martin?
We can tie him to both victims,
and he's been a common thread
in both the thefts
with the Anderton house
and PanAgra.
We've also been looking
into his background.
Isn't he a war hero?
but we're finding
long stretches of time
where we can't find
any information on him at all.
Roe... you should
stay away from him.
Don't worry.
We annoying pilot fish
know which sharks to avoid.
Martin Bartell was a spy!
Hey. How are you holding up?
I can't believe
we were all at
one funeral yesterday
and have to go
to another one on Saturday.
I know.
It's hard.
Hey, um...
Patty, do you remember
Martin Bartell calling here
for my mom,
and you passing it on to Idella?
The police asked
the same thing this morning.
I shuffle calls around
for all kinds of reasons.
I can't remember
if I sent a call
from Mr. Bartell
to Idella or not.
This is absolutely unacceptable!
And I suppose you have something
to do with this, too?
She didn't take that well.
Take what?
John has been investigating me
like I'm a common criminal.
I merely asked Eileen
if she could explain
why she was asked to leave
the King County Association
of Realtors in Seattle.
I can explain that.
She'd been accused of theft.
She was?
You know?
Of course I know!
I also know the man
who accused her.
He sits on the board
of the association,
and he is a reprehensible
human being
who lies about everything that...
Let's just say
I've dealt with him before.
Which is one reason
why I asked Eileen
to come to work here.
But the real question is,
Why did you continue
looking into her background
after I asked you not to?
Well, I thought
it was important to, uh...
Roe, help me out here.
Ohh. Oh!
I-I have someone waiting for me.
Mother, don't be
too hard on John.
He's just trying to help.
Perry, you said you had
some information for me?
Yeah. Look,
I finally talked
to my friend
who's into the art scene...
told me about this guy
called "The Curator."
Shops hot paintings
and art and whatever,
over in Seattle.
Eileen is from Seattle.
Did your friend say
who the "Curator" might be?
Nope. Says no one's ever
seen him or even talked to him.
Well, then how does
he know it's a him?
Could it be a her?
I guess,
but whoever it is
has a way-complicated system
for dropping off money
in exchange for
paintings and stuff.
You know, like a...
like a spy movie or something.
A spy movie?
So that's it.
Guess I'll see you
at the meeting tonight.
Oh! The Real Murders Club.
Yeah, yeah,
I'll see you tonight.
A spy?
He was a handsome man,
charming and seductive.
That's how Rodney Alcala
approached his victims...
with a smile and his camera,
telling them
how beautiful they were.
Some of his subjects told police
how charismatic Rodney was,
how convincing that he was
truly interested in them.
In reality,
he was only interested
in stealing their lives.
That's the mark
of a master manipulator...
a man who killed with kindness.
Great job tonight, Lemaster.
Well, thank you, Sally.
I'll see you two
at the next meeting.
I'm really getting into
this clandestine stuff.
Might have to become
a private investigator.
What was that about?
Oh, nothing.
Um... Oh! So how did it go
with Eileen and my mother?
You forgiven?
I know Aida wants
to defend Eileen,
but I'm not ready
to rule her out.
I keep hearing stories
about her clashes
with Tonia Lee.
What about Martin Bartell?
The police took
a DNA sample, right?
It'll take weeks
to get the results.
So, not enough
to make an arrest?
It's only
circumstantial evidence.
Well, there's a stronger
circumstantial case
against Eileen, if you ask me.
But what if it's not her?
What if Martin
is the guilty one?
What, he just
gets to walk around,
doing whatever he wants
for who knows how long?
Unless someone gets some
harder evidence against him.
Ready to go?
Roe, what are you doing?
Just a little research.
Shouldn't we stop her?
I'm hoping to get out
of this rental pretty soon.
I mean, it'll do for now,
but I can't wait to get
my own furnishings back.
I'm surprised you agreed
to cross my threshold.
Actually, I'm surprised
you agreed to
meet with me at all.
Considering the police
are trying to tar me
with their brush.
Well, it didn't seem
to bother you much.
You seemed pretty cavalier
about being taken in yesterday.
An innocent man can afford
to be entertained
by their bumbling.
An innocent man,
or one who's confident
he won't get caught?
I hear DNA is pretty good
at proving it
one way or the other.
I'm not the bad guy, Roe.
But I am interested
in finding him...
and he just might be
on my list of employees.
Shall we sit down
and take a look at it?
Why don't you read each name
and tell me what you might know
about each person?
Okay. The first one
is Robert Broderson.
Now, that's
Wendy Broderson's husband.
Sorry. Go ahead.
Oh, a-aren't you
gonna answer that?
I don't recognize the number.
But it might be important.
Then they'll leave a message.
Okay, if you're not
answering that because of me,
I'd feel really guilty.
Is this the Curator?
You have the wrong number, pal.
I've got your number all right,
and I know what
you've been up to, Bartell.
If you want to keep me quiet,
you need to meet me now.
Main and Third.
Was it important?
I have to leave.
It's an emergency meeting.
Can I drop you at home?
Oh, I-I don't mind staying,
until you get back.
I-I'd really like
to go through this list,
if that's okay?
Okay, uh, I'll try to be quick.
Password protected, of course,
but there are ways
around that...
Just what do you think
you're doing?
Enlighten me.
What were you looking for
on my computer?
I was looking for evidence
that you might have known
Idella and Tonia Lee
more than you let on.
If you have questions,
why not simply ask me?
I researched you.
I know that you were
in Army intelligence,
and then the CIA.
And I also know you were
kicked out of the CIA
for refusing to follow orders.
Orders that were immoral.
And just how
did you learn all of that?
I'm a librarian.
I have a Master's Degree
in finding information.
So you knew
that I was a covert operative,
and you still went through
with this whole transparent ploy
to get me out of my own house?
Obviously, I'm not that good
at covert operations.
Um, who's "The Curator"?
I thought he might be you.
I researched you, too.
I asked around about you.
And I learned about a woman
who's solved difficult crimes
and sent the culprits to jail.
I thought it was a whole lot
of small-town exaggeration...
But then I remembered
how you handled yourself
when we found that body.
You were calm under pressure.
I've seen how quick
your mind is,
how fast
you put things together,
and I realized
that your reputation
is not exaggerated.
You have very good instincts.
So I'll ask you again...
do you really think
that I'm responsible
for these killings?
I don't know.
These are the passwords...
to my computer...
and to my cell phone.
I have no desire to fool you,
only to help you.
I'm gonna take a walk
around the block.
Take all the time you need.
Oh, and, uh...
this time, I'm really leaving.
You're still here.
Half expected you
to call someone
to come pick you up.
I didn't look at your computer,
or your phone.
But if that's why you're here...
It would be
an invasion of privacy.
I know, it doesn't
make any sense.
My head kept telling me to look,
but I didn't,
and not because
you know the police
are already investigating you,
and you would've deleted
everything connected
to Tonia Lee and Idella anyway,
but because my instincts
are telling me
that you didn't do it.
Although maybe
I shouldn't listen to them,
because I-I'm wrong sometimes.
I mean, the person
I really thought did it
has an airtight alibi.
Well, shall we look at the list
and see if that
sparks anything for you?
You're not upset that
I tried to trick you?
You're careful.
I like that.
It's a lonely thing,
sometimes, being careful.
This I know.
You don't seem like someone
who's ever been lonely.
Well, maybe because
I haven't been...
since I met you.
'Cause I'm surprised
I said that out loud just now.
Lawrenceton Police!
Open the door!
I said, open up!
What are you doing here?
Thank goodness,
you're all right.
Of course, she's all right!
Are you here to make an arrest?
No, I'm here for you.
Roe, we have to talk...
which we can do
as I drive you home.
That was incredibly rude!
And that was incredibly stupid,
going into the home
of our top suspect?
I know you were
looking for evidence,
don't deny it.
Oh! I forgot the list.
No, no, no.
You are coming with me.
Who called you? Sally?
Maybe. Uh, look.
I knew you went
into Bartell's house.
I was watching, and then,
I saw him come out alone,
and go back in alone,
and I thought that maybe...
Oh... Arthur, you were
worried about me?
You're lucky he knows
we've got our eye on him.
Please promise me
that you will not be
alone with him again.
You know, I don't think
Martin is the one
who went after
Tonia Lee and Idella.
You have no idea
what you're saying,
or who that guy really is.
I know more than you think.
Oh, Roe!
Oh, thank goodness, you're okay.
You called Arthur?
Well... you know
how I worry about you!
We were both
concerned about you.
We wanted to make sure
you were okay.
Yeah! I'm fine. Okay?
Shall I go home?
If that's okay
with my other
self-appointed guardian?
Just be safe.
Remind me
to thank Arthur tomorrow,
when I'm done
being annoyed at him.
I don't know why you're annoyed.
You had us scared half to death.
Okay, I know that the police
are focusing on Martin,
but I think we need
to still look at Eileen,
see if she has some connection
to PanAgra.
Aurora Teagarden.
You sent me the list.
How'd you get my email address?
Well, you're not the only one
who can find information.
Thank you.
I'll have a look at it tonight.
So are we at the point yet
where I can ask you out
and you might say yes?
I don't have a date
for the real estate broker's
dinner tomorrow.
If the "The Curator"
is a real estate agent
named Eileen,
then that's where she'll be.
And if you come with me,
then maybe you could tell me
if you've seen her at PanAgra,
checking out the artwork.
When can I pick you up?
Well, I don't want the police
pulling you over
and yanking me out of the car,
so how about I meet you there?
It's a date.
You're stunning.
Thank you.
You look pretty nice yourself.
Ready to cause a stir?
Are you?
There's Eileen Crandall.
Well, she does look familiar.
Look at you.
You look lovely, darling.
Thank you.
Mr. Bartell.
Well, as my... my client,
I'm happy to see you,
but as everyone
seems to be saying,
you're a suspect in
the death of my employee...
I understand your dilemma.
Martin didn't
hurt Idella, Mother.
I suppose I'll
have to put my faith
in "innocent
until proven guilty",
although I don't know
if they have the same faith.
A depressing reminder
that we real estate agents
need protecting.
Um, I didn't have
any room at my table,
so I've put you
at the Sternholz-Farrell table.
Oh, be nice.
Thank you.
I was hoping to be
seated next to Eileen,
so I could ask her
some pointed questions.
Yeah, it's too bad we're not.
I know some very effective
interrogation techniques.
Oh, wait. You're not
joking, are you?
Oh, well, there's
Sally and Franklin.
Hey, Franklin,
which way to our table?
Oh! You're not Franklin.
Uh, this is Henry Evans,
Franklin's cousin.
What are you doing here?
Ah, Mr. Bartell, I...
Okay, I asked Henry
to come and meet me here
before dinner tonight.
You're Franklin's cousin,
but your last name's
not Farrell?
On our mother's side.
And you know Martin how?
Henry works in security
at PanAgra.
I found out that someone
was trying to sell a painting
through the classifieds.
You think an art thief
would sell stolen paintings
through the paper?
I wouldn't think so,
but this ad
had an email address,
and Perry figured out
how to find its I.P. address,
and... it's at PanAgra.
So she thought that I could
track down the specific computer
to that address.
You mean you wanted to find out
if it belonged to me?
Well, Roe didn't tell me
she was bringing you here
How long ago was the ad placed?
Two months ago.
And you know Martin
moved here one month ago.
Uh... yes.
I knew that,
only I forgot I knew it
until just now.
Well, someone must
belong to that I.P.,
and I'm gonna find out who.
Of course, I'll let you
know first, Mr. Bartell.
Please do, Henry.
You and Frankie have fun
at that concert, Sally.
Will do.
So, shall we get a drink
and see if we can find Franklin?
Oh, did I tell you
that the museum's dedicating
an entire wing to his mother?
Oh, yeah?
Why's that?
Probably because
she left them all of her money.
Oh! There's Franklin!
Wait, Franklin didn't inherit?
Wait! Franklin
didn't inherit!
But he's been spending
a lot of money
since his mother died.
His cousin Henry,
he knew about the concert,
and he looks
a lot like Franklin.
All of this means...?
Well, Franklin's alibi
for Tonia Lee
is that he was
buying concert tickets.
What if it was Henry
who was buying the tickets
and showed up
in the security footage?
I mean, maybe Franklin
doesn't have an alibi at all!
You've got to go catch Henry.
Find out if he bought
the concert tickets.
And use those interrogation
techniques of yours!
Don't mind if I do.
Oh, it's him...
Franklin's the killer.
Hello, everybody.
Sally, can I see you
for a minute, please?
I just sat down.
Pretty please, with sugar?
Excuse me.
Do you see the way
Franklin folded his napkin?
I know. He's always been weird
about how he folds things.
Okay, do you remember when I f...
I couldn't catch Henry.
I'm gonna hop in my car
and follow him to the plant.
It's only five minutes away.
I'll be back in time for dinner.
W... Martin, w...!
Okay, stay here.
Don't move.
I'll be right back.
Where's he going?
I saw him with you.
Martin Bartell.
Donnie, I need you to...
He's the one
who killed Tonia Lee!
- It wasn't him!
- I'll make him pay.
Donnie! It wasn't Martin!
Okay? But the police will know
by the end of the night
who did it.
There will be justice
for Tonia Lee and for Idella.
Where'd Franklin and Sally go?
The two lovebirds left.
Seems like they suddenly
couldn't wait to be alone.
Oh, no!
If Sally comes back,
tell her to call me immediately!
Hey! So that security footage
that showed Franklin Farrell
buying concert tickets at
the time of Tonia Lee's death...
What about it?
It didn't show his face, did it?
I mean, just his back?
Who told you that?
Okay, remember the way
Tonia Lee's scarf was folded?
Well, Franklin just folded
his napkin like this...
then he took off with Sally!
I can't let her
be alone with him.
Sally, why didn't you...
Roe, this is not
enough to go on!
You have to get away
from Franklin now!
Martin! I know Franklin
is the killer,
and he just took off with Sally.
I'm gonna go over
to his house now
and get her out of there.
Sally! Open this door! Sally?
Open the door!
Oh, hello, Roe.
What a surprise.
Where's Sally?
I need to talk to her.
She's not here.
She had a headache.
Wanted to go home.
I dropped her off at her place.
Sally! Are you here?
I just told you she wasn't.
Okay, well,
if you see her,
just tell her I'm...
You recognized the painting,
didn't you?
I don't know
what you're talking about.
I know how smart you are, Roe.
You recognized it.
It's beautiful, isn't it?
I just couldn't bring myself
to part with it.
And Tonia Lee figured out
that you took it.
Just because I took the painting
doesn't mean that I killed her.
Then... Then who?
Your cousin, Henry?
Henry had nothing to do
with Tonia Lee.
Whole reason I had to stop her
was to protect Henry.
I couldn't let him go to jail!
Not when I was the one
who talked him
into helping me with
my little cash-flow problem.
You're "The Curator"!
Or at least
you and Henry both are.
Do not blame him.
He is not the Curator.
He's simply following my orders.
Well, he must be pretty upset
that you made him
an accomplice to murder.
He doesn't even know I did that.
But Idella did.
She picked you up
after you dropped off
Tonia Lee's car at her office.
Why did you have to
involve Idella?
That was a mistake.
We had plans
for a date that night,
and I didn't want to deviate
from what I would normally do.
I thought she would
believe my story,
and she did at first.
And then she didn't.
Everything would've been fine
if I just hadn't
misplaced Tonia Lee's scarf.
As precise as you are?
How did you let that happen?
Couldn't find it.
I was straightening up,
and it was just gone.
I was looking for it
when I heard
the neighbors come out,
and I just had to
get out of there.
Another mistake...
and now you're caught.
By who? You?
No, the police.
They're on their way here
right now.
Hey! Down here.
Here I thought
I'd be rescuing you,
but it looks like you've already
rescued yourself.
Well, sort of...
but I twisted my arm
when he fell on me.
Oh. Well, then allow me.
Are you hurt anywhere else?
No, I don't think so.
What about Franklin?
Is he still alive?
Oh, yeah.
The police are right behind me.
They'll deal with him.
I have to get you to a hospital.
No. It's... it's okay.
I'm okay.
You're sure?
Well... Oh!
this is good practice.
Practice for what?
Thank you
for signing your statement.
Ho, ho, ho.
I think, uh...
I think there's much more
for which you could
be thanking her.
Franklin would still
be roaming free
if not for Aurora.
He was the top of my list, too.
If he hadn't had what
seemed like a solid alibi...
Or people like me defending him.
I, for one, have
no problem thanking you.
You're an awesome friend.
And a master sleuth.
And a pesky pilot fish.
Nothing. Ahem.
Roe, the police department
officially thanks you
for your assistance.
Thank you, Lynn.
And maybe we could
have lunch soon.
I don't think so.
You certainly have
a lot of admirers in this town.
Some more than others.
I think I need
to take drastic measures
to ensure that no one else
sweeps you off your feet.
Martin, what are you doing?
What are you... No. What...
We hardly know each other!
Aurora Teagarden,
will you make me
the happiest man in the world...
...and go to a movie
with me?
Yes, Martin,
I would be happy
to see a movie with you.
Oh, good.
You know, Mother,
with this sling on my arm,
there's no way I can put on
that bridesmaid's dress.
You're gonna have to stand up
for Aunt Neela all on your own.
Oh, no. We are getting you
into that dress.
Yeah, I'm with Aida on this one.
I think you need
to wear the dress.
You know, I have
some pictures, Martin.
- They're absolutely...
- Pictures!
- Sally...!
- ...Gorgeous.
- Don't you dare!
- You need to see this dress.
No, no. No!
You do. We need
your support.
Don't. I... I can't even
defend myself!