Three Comrades (1938) Movie Script

Now that the war is over,
may i call you 'father' again?
Gentlemen If you please
your attention for a moment?
A toast, gentlemen
To those of our comrades
who are not here tonight
those to whom peace came sooner than to us
and to the same comrades of the
French, Italian, English and Americans
to the comrades-living and dead, of all men
Funny how every bottle seemed like the last?
Now there's a million ahead of us.
I'm going to drink to the life
I never had a chance to live
Cradle to the frontline
I'm going to spill champagne
from Hamburg to Munich
fall in love with every girl I meet
I'm going to live!
I've often thought about that too
My life, I mean.
I wonder what it was like
I haven't the vaguest idea.
But it must be something that's passed
So I'll drink to what I
value most-the three of us.
To us!
Not from day to day now,
but from year to year
Erich, Gottfried To us!
Now yours Gottfried.
You may think it's childish but here it is
On every battlefield,
soldiers think of going home
Bands are playing when they left
Heads were high and hearts were proud
But in four long years
now many heads have fallen
and many hearts have stopped
So I drink to those who
think of home tonight.
I drink to the peace
they hope to find at home.
Now that peace has come to them in war
You're a miracle Gottfried
An idealist, born of the war!
At ease, gentlemen.
Captain Koster
Your plane is to be ready
for dismantling in the morning
You mean, my plane is to be torn apart?
In the morning.
But if you're ready...
My plane is always ready.
Otto always said there was one good thing
about getting killed
Wouldn't have to say goodbye to 'Baby.'
That's what we fought for!
That's what we come back to
Violence and terror!
Won't they ever stop...
-It's not our fight, come on!
It's my fight.
I can't keep turning my back on peace.
Look Gottfried, we're eating.
We got a place to sleep and a job!
We're running a repair shop not a country.
They're running the country
Give a hoodlum a club and he'll run anything.
The others like you, Otto
They close their doors and windows
and keep whistling in the dark.
-And we have six bottles of rum
and it's Erich's birthday
Now come on!
Temper, temper. Remember the repair shop!
Keep whistling.
What are the new heroes of
the Fatherland doing tonight?
Posioning the drinking water?
It's none of your business,
we're running a garage
we're going to be very rich
Germany will need mechanics
in the years to come
There'll be all sorts of things to repair
Souls, consciences, broken hearts and...
- Shut up and come inside!
Happy birthday! From Gottfried and me.
Six, I mean four bottles of Cuban rum
and the two missing went for riot attacks!
What are we waiting for?
There won't be any customers
at night. Let's celebrate!
Celebrate, that's the thing.
Let's get out of this crazy town!
Where to? -Anywhere. South
America, San Francisco, Mars,
I'll settle for a ride in the country.
We'll take Baby-the terror of the roads.
And the rum. Don't forget the rum!
I think he wants to 'play' Otto!
Am I mistaken gentlemen? or did
we pass somebody on the road?
Well I heard a noise
Don't forget the rum.
What kind of junk is this?
You say something?
I asked what make your car is
Why, it's a Mutt.
Grandfather was an airplane
and Grandma was an old radio
and it's Papa was an alarm clock!
Well my name is Breuer.
I'm Lenz.
This is Koster and Lohkamp.
Otto, why don't you show Mr.Breuer the car?
It'll be a pleasure.
You know
you wiped me off the map!
Beautiful evening, isn't it?
Unusually mild form March.
Terribly mild.
We didn't know there was anyone so, er...
in the car. We'd have let you win!
Why should you?
It wouldn't have been fair.
We can do 95!
95! Phew!
You didn't know that naturally.
I'm afraid your husband felt insulted.
One ought to be able to lose sometimes.
And Herr. Breuer isn't my
husband, he's just a friend
Are you three brothers?
No. Do we look alike?
Not exactly.
But yet you have the same look.
No. Proud!
I suppose you wouldn't
consider selling the car?
I'd sooner consider selling my right arm!
When you take a curve at high
speed, do you use the break?
I just turn the wheel
and hope
You know, I drove a car in the war.
A squad car in Berlin.
Better than the front!
Oh much better. And safer.
Unlucky for the country.
Somebody had to live to run
Germany with most of the men dead.
What's that?
Nothing, nothing.
Just turn the wheel and hope!
Patricia-that's an English name isn't it?
It was my mother's name, she
was English. -And your father?
He was killed fighting the English.
My mother died soon after.
Were you in the war? -Only a year.
He wasn't boiled very
hard. Just sort of dipped.
We were babies then. -I like that.
Gives us something in common.
We're neither dead nor alive.
Don't say that. -No?
You and Erich, you're both alive.
Remember that.
Alright. We'll drink to it.
You ought to join our
organisation. Make men out of you.
Marching men together.
-Marching what together?
You know too many people think they
have the right to opinion nowadays.
What Germany needs is order! Discipline!
Stop that!
Oh, sit down, sit down!
You shell shocked fellows give
me a pinge with your hysterics!
Easy Gottfried!
From now on, we'll drink
milk on Erich's birthday.
So its your birthday? How old are you?
Old enough.
One of the nicer ages?
Which is the nicest?
your age I think
Yes, just about your age.
Think Herr.Breuer can drive
alright? -Oh, I think so.
If you're not quite sure, one
of us could go with you, gladly.
No it's alright. He drives
the same, drunk or sober!
May I call in the morning
to see you got home alright?
If you like.
It's really our fault, you
know with all my birthday rum!
I wonder what she sees in that swine!
Wonderful girl huh?
Yeah, she's alright.
You know Erich, I think you must
have recieved a serious head wound
that you never reported!
She's such a tiny thing though.
Looks like she could be blown away!
Must be nice to remember your birthday.
When was yours Gottfried?
Er, no. April, it used to be.
You know Erich
Something ought to be done about that girl
What girl?
What girl? The one with
Breuer. What's her name?
Pat what?
Ah well. How should I know?
Maybe she's only got one name.
Well you wrote down her address
on a matchbox. I saw you.
So do I. Matches were all used up.
You mean, you threw it away? -Yup.
Do you realise what you threw away?
And after Otto and I sat listening for an
hour to that Breuer so that you could move in.
Maybe Otto knows it.
No he doesn't. I mean er... maybe he does.
I should've known you wouldn't
have enough brains to appreciate her
Did you see those eyes?
Of course not.
Because you were looking at
yourself through a glass of rum!
Very high class rum too.
And her hands.
Long and slender.
Like Romain salad.
Otto and I appreciate such things.
You should travel Erich,
you've never been anywhere.
Germans don't understand love.
I'm really a Latin, that's what Pat's got.
The soul of a South American.
If you like South America so much,
why did you come back after 3 months?
Because I've got the soul of a German.
Think I'm going to get myself a drink.
Hello? -Er..hello, this is that man.
What man? -the man you met the other night.
I've met lots of men on lots of other nights.
-I don't exactly know how to describe myself.
I was one of the men that beat you.
-Really you must have the wrong woman.
In our car I mean. -Oh, of course
you were the one who was so upset
about the state of the nation.
No? Well, you must be the one
who sang with Herr Breuer. -No,
Was there another?
Of course, I remember you.
I was just wondering if you
got home alright. Did you?
I'm quite sure I did.
That's fine.
Well, goodbye.
Did you call me up just to say that?
We just weren't very busy.
Well, oddly enough, I'll be
busy next Tuesday evening.
Well that is odd. Well goodbye.
Till Tuesday evening
then. -Till Tuesday evening
Fraulein Hollmann please, she's
expecting me. -If you'll come this way.
Whom shall I announce?
-Lohkamp, Erich Lohkamp.
Well, do I have to wait
till the piano goes home?
Ludwig always brings
people through this door.
The piano is my problem child
Either there is no entrance or no piano.
You'll have to come in through the bedroom.
Oh no, I wouldn't think of doing
that. Not while, Ludwig's looking.
Is there anything more? -No Ludwig, thanks.
He loves to think I still own the whole house
though I only rent this little bit of it.
This was your house? -Hm, long ago.
I thought you told me you were poor.
Does it look as if I am?
Sit down. -Thank you.
No easy chair in the shops
or the backseat of limousines.
Now that's gone.
I sold it to Mr.Schultz.
We bought a taxi.
It's still mild out isn't it?
You don't know how to make conversation...
I was just thinking something foolish.
Thinking how nice it would
be to pick a time to be born.
I'd pick an age of reaon and quiet.
If there ever was one.
What would you pick?
I don't know...
This minute is good enough for me.
That's a lovely compliment.
Or is it just something
you thought of to say?
No, what I mean is,
How would I know I'd get to
meet you in the 'Age of Reason'?
Shall we go now?
I've to be back here by ten.
It's a kind of business
affair. I'm trying to get a job.
This way, through the bedroom.
You can just shut your eyes.
Where shall we dine?
Well, there's a tea room down the street.
Perhaps a big hotel?
Nonsense, where would you go?
Oh, well that's a terrible
place. Alphons' bar.
That's absolutely out. -Alphons' bar?
It's very rough. No place for a girl like you.
-Alphons' bar's exactly the place for a girl like me.
This way.
It's wonderful, it even smells the way I
thought it would. -This is our headquarters.
And this is Alphons on his way
over. He's crazy about choir singing.
Food Erich? -The best you've got!
Two dinners!
Fraulein Hollmann, this is Alphons.
Would you like something
special on the phonograph?
I would.
But I don't know whether you have it.
You see I'm crazy about choir singing.
Choir singing?
Well we have the best! Wait a moment.
We're in for it.
He's got over 200 records
of assorted choir music.
Martini and a rum, Alphons.
You have the looks of one
who enjoys good singing.
But only choirs.
Wait a minute.
Take that away.
Sausage is for ordinary people. I have
something very special. Bring me some chops.
A prized pig. Killed it myself!
Thats the only way a man
knows what he is getting.
I see you understand meat also
How about the soldier's hearts?
He's madly in love with
you. -And I with him.
Alphons and I have a lot in common.
Meat and music.
It's not generally known but
I sang in a choir once and
have lived like a pig for years.
Always smiling.
Does that mean you're always happy?
Oh yes, I'm a very superficial
and frivolous person.
You see when I got over...
Got over what?
What I meant was
when I found out I was going completely broke
I decided to live as I liked
even if, only for a little while.
I wanted to be very gay.
and I was.
Do you think that sounds irresponsible?
I think that sounds very brave.
I was frightened enough sometimes.
As if I'd taken somebody
else's seat at the theatre.
Now it's all over and
I've got to get to work.
For Breuer?
What made you think of him?
Oh, I don't know
suddenly felt unhappy.
When do you start? -In a week.
Then I'd be too tired to
go out in the evenings.
That doesn't leave us much time.
Lost the address huh?
The matches were gone so he threw it away!
He couldn't even remember her name. Didn't think
much of her either the first time he met her.
I guess he just didn't have
anything better to do tonight.
Seems a little embarrassed about something.
Pretty clumsy. -I warned
you about the riff raff here.
Let's keep very quiet
and maybe they'll go away.
Erich's pretty smart, maybe
she's got a lot of money.
You know, some men can do that sort of thing.
But I couldn't.
And they expect us to sit with
them as if nothing had happened.
My watch says quarter to ten, is that right?
There are no clocks in this
cafe. Thats why we come here.
Tomorrow's the anniversery
of our first attack.
Another one from the war. it'll never stop.
The dates of battle are our only calendar.
Doesn't seem to matter
whether you win or not.
The war's become a center
of everybody's life.
A wheel that everything turns on.
Sorry, I have to go. -Gottfried.
I worry about those two monkeys.
You see we've been together so long
You're very fond of
them. -That's why I worry.
Lenz is fighting for a reason in a mad house.
Fighting when its so futile to fight.
Tormented by his duty to us,
to what he calls his conscience.
The war did such different things to people.
Erich plays well.
Sometimes he plays for pocket money.
Erich's different from Lenz and me.
Erich's still alive. He's
got something to live for.
What worries me now is that he's drifting.
We get along.
There are times in life
when you want to be alone.
I don't want to be alone tonight.
Stay with us
I mean decisions one has
to make when one's alone.
There ought to be someone
you could ask what to do.
Ask us.
Its just one of those things
that began with the war.
There wasn't so much to eat you know.
And I grew too fast and ate too little.
Well, I...
Last year it caught up
with me and I took to bed.
Were you alone a long while?
A year.
Then I
I've got to go now.
I'll take you home.
Perhaps I should call a taxi.
-Oh no, let's walk, it isn't far.
I wouldn't want you to be late
for your business appointment.
I've heard that its good business
to keep business people waiting.
What will you do after you take me home?
I've got some friends on the other
end of town I promised to meet.
And have you lots of other
friends besides Koster and Lenz?
A few. Nice girls too some of them.
I'm really sorry about
my business appointment.
I'd like to see you don't drink
any more of those double rums.
They never affect me.
What I hope is you'll remember
it's only a business appointment.
Why, you baby!
Good heavens, what a baby you are!
I'm acting like a half-wit.
No you're not.
That's my ear! -The better to hear me with.
Go home Erich and go to bed.
2796 please.
Hello! -Hello there.
Having your business interview? -Yes.
Are you still with your friends
on the other end of town?
Oh yes, it's quite a crowd.
Listen Pat, haven't you had any
friends by the name of Erich?
Well then you ought to
be able to say my name.
Go on, try it. Say 'Erich is a low dog...'
Erich is a baby and I like him that way.
Only Erich drinks too much.
Now I've got to hang up.
-Goodnight, sleep well.
He has his nerve.
He's very young. -Your taste
seems to be deteriorating.
On the contrary,
Let's talk about the phonograph shop.
Might be fun if all I had to do
was sell records of choirs. -Choirs?
What are you talking about?
I don't want the job.
-Oh Pat, let me help you.
Not by giving me a shop with
that ridiculous salary. -Why not?
Because, I couldn't earn
it. Believe me, I couldn't.
Well frankly, I didn't think
it mattered much to you.
You told me once nothing did 'very much.'
- Once might be last year or last week,
Or even today. But not now.
Something to do with those choir records?
Maybe. -And that telephone call?
Pat, I tell you, I don't know
what to do with all my money.
You'd be safe Pat. Germany's
a pretty rough sea right now.
And you're drifting.
Say that again, about my
drifting. -You've got no port.
No destination.
But I'm not alone anymore!
There are so many drifters.
And we might all drift together.
And someday we might even find pleasant seas!
May I drink to that please?
To nice weather for drifters!
3 marks profit. Over and above
the water pump which died.
Lost the license and cap.Drunks tip
best, old ladies don't tip at all.
There's a moral there somewhere.
Whats the matter with you?
I'm in a mess.
I've completely ruined myself
with Pat. Thats what I've done.
She's probably used to millionaires
and counts and the way they behave.
I acted like a drunken sod.
Well how do you think millionaires
act? Like millionaires?
Its too bad though. I should've
stayed at Alphons to take care of you.
It might've been better for all of us.
What do you mean, another riot? -No.
But I think a couple of
them followed me home.
Look, Gottfried. You know all about
such things. South America and all that.
What does a fellow do? How does he apologise?
He doesn't. -I acted like an idiot.
Send flowers. They cover everything.
Even graves.
Now come on. Go to work.
Be careful with that radiator.
Don't take anybody uphill.
I did it, blame me. -What
are you talking about?
They followed him home last night.
This is my contribution to the two of you.
We share and share alike. This is
what I give you for what you give me.
Oh shut up and get to work.
I'm sorry, Otto, Erich.
-We can't blame you for
everything that happens to us.
Thats the worst of it. You can.
Hello Gottfried. Its nice to see you.
We'll be moving again soon.
They've found us. Somebody
was nearly killed yesterday.
Something that you have to tell me?
-I..its hard for me to say, Dr.Becker.
I can't come here anymore.
I can't work with you anymore. -So?
I've made up my mind. To withdraw. -Too bad.
May I know the reason?
Perhaps you no longer believe in what we do.
There are things I'm expected to do.
And I have no right to
do. I have my two comrades.
We've lived and fought
together so many years.
I can never let them down.
I have no right to make them fight or pay for
something thats important to me.
I understand.
Its so easy to fight on the
wrong side and hurt everyone.
But to fight on the right
side and hurt the few you love.
Get drunk Gottfried. Get very drunk.
And love your comrades very much.
Goodybe Dr.Becker -Goodbye Gottfried.
You see him?
Yes and I've just put a
knife through my conscience.
I promise you Gottfried its better this way.
You see? We don't want a dead
hero, we want a living man.
I wish we were somewhere on
earth the two could go together.
Living and being a man.
Even in the city I can smell of spring.
Smell much better without the city.
You dress too light. -I
don't like heavy things.
It'll be nice when its
really warm in the summer.
Cold makes you miserable.
Maybe it'll warm you up to drive.
I don't know how.
If I did, I'd go about
the streets every evening.
Half awake, half dreaming.
Then I wouldn't need anybody else.
You'd need someone. In the evening.
Yes, its odd. When it turns
dark, you need someone.
Then I went around the world in
freighters. Especially South America.
You've been to South
America. Tell me about it.
There's Rio De Janeiro, Buenos Aires...
-Yes, I know. What are they like?
You roll on down to Rio
Its' wonderful.
Then you roll down to Buenos Aires.
They have monkeys. No, Monkeys and coffee.
What were you doing in South America?
I was a gaucho.
I had some coffee plantations.
One in Rio and one...
Now we've left Buenos Aires?
Oh yes, we're in Rio now.
And whats Rio like? That is
outside the coffee and monkeys.
It's mostly monkeys and coffee.
And crocodiles, and jaguars and
orchids. Blooming in the jungle.
My, you tell it so wonderfully.
Now, I'll never have to go.
You really should go. -Can we come to?
I've always wanted to get away myself.
But first school, you know then the war...
Hello Pat. -Hello.
You want to hear what he
told me about New York.
The people go around in
solid gold automobiles.
Well am I only supposed to talk about
school rooms and shell holes and garages?
Just in time. My vest.
Get me a safety pin will you Gottfried.
What do you want the pin
for? He's tied from the back.
No we can do that with a piece of string.
Piece of string? Won't that show? -No,
not if you don't take your coat off.
That's very important. Remember that.
Never take your coat off in the opera.
No matter how much you sweat.
You can wipe around inside it with a
handkerchief. But never take it off.
And don't pick your teeth with
your thumb. Use your little finger.
That alright now? -Yeah, much better.
Here slip into my coat.
There's a button missing. -Oh yes, I forgot.
Remimd me to tell you sometime how I lost it.
Here, try mine.
Like a glove. -Little tight under the arms.
Can't even reach my pocket! -That's
going to save you a lot of money.
Pants are a little tight too. -You can't
dance anyway, they're alright to sit in.
Or are they? -Alright, if I sit still.
I wish you two were coming along.
-We are. My coat and Otto's pants.
And this will top you off.
The darned thing won't open!
Anybody got a tire wrench?
Bang it on something.
Never mind, I'll carry it for effect.
It'll open once it sees
the other little hats.
He'll be alright. If he does'n t fall apart.
Well, Cinderella goes to the ball.
Oh, its silly, come back here.
I wouldn't trust myself besides that dress.
I couldn't afford this dress.
It was my last extravagance.
Did it make you happy?
I don't know yet. I've never worn it before.
Why hello Pat! I was hoping to see you.
H..Hello, you remember Herr Lohkamp.
Hm, oh yes of course, hello.
You simply must join us afterwards.
We're going to that new American place.
The real thing.
Bring your friend along.
You'll love it. Free champagne.
Champagne for everybody.
Mineral water for me please.
Good boy Erich. -Yes, very good boy.
Will you dance?
He's very fond of her. Its
been a lucky thing for her.
These foreign aristocrats haven't much chance
these days without someone to cope with.
And she fell right off the horse!
Think we should go home? It's 2 o'clock.
It's 2 o'clock?
Let's move onto another place.
Pat looks tired.
Tired? No,no. You don't
know her as long as I have,
She doesn't leave parties early.
Shall we dance?
I really am tired.
You haven't danced all night!
With me.
I don't know anything about this dance.
In the war, we all used to dance the waltz.
- Let's dance the waltz.
I've forgotten all about it.
We won't if you don't want to.
At least we're not at the table.
At least I'm near you.
If you aren't going to dance, come sit by me.
I've just placed that coat, my
grandfather was buried in it!
Let's go somewhere else. To the
other side, where we can fix it.
It's no use Pat.
I'm just not... It can't be fixed, I'm sorry.
Double rum Alphons.
Hello Cinderella! Got both your slippers on?
What happened? -Nothing.
Sharp midnight I changed back
into a garage mechanic, thats all.
Where's Pat? -Where she belongs.
Ah, she's a rich man's girl, I knew it.
Let's forget about it. -I won't
have anything said against Pat.
Well it's not her fault. She's a
rich man's girl. What can Erich do?
He could go ahead and get drunk.
Bring the bottle Alphons.
What are you doing here?
-I think I've been asleep.
How did you get here? -I walked.
I mean, why are you here at all?
It's cold!
You're shivering.
Rum, cognac, whisky.
League of nations, darling.
You got drunk because you couldn't
dance and you ran away and left me.
I don't ever want you
to run away and leave me.
I'm much warmer now.
And this is a lovely time of day.
It isn't day, it isn't night.
It's the age of eternity.
Let's stay right here forever.
Between day and night? -The
world we were born into.
Thats where we belong.
You're cold Pat, let me take you home.
Take me home? How? I am home.
What is it about love that makes a man
swallow his food whole instead of chewing it?
It all belongs to you. I'm not going
to steal, I've already had my lunch.
Whats going to happen with you and
Pat? -Why should anything happen?
You're in love, why don't you get married?
We're in love, isn't that enough? -No,
you're as fed up with drifting as I am.
Somewhere there's a battle
going on and I'm not in it.
Somewhere there's a home to be
made and love to be had.. -Well?
Marry Pat. -What can I
offer a girl like Pat?
Nothing now and nothing to look forward to.
Well marry her anyway,
you'll at least have that.
I have nothing to give her.
Now is the right time believe me.
Sometimes it comes and goes so quickly
that you'd have lost it, forever.
Well, whats wrong about Erich?
-Nothing is wrong about Erich.
Well, he's alright.
What are you playing with the
hammer? Schubert? -No, Mendelson.
I'm being whimsical.
Let me give you Erich in a nutshell.
He'd look cute in a nutshell,
but if you don't mind...
Take 10% of for South
America but that leaves 90%
Spirit? All there is.
Stick to your music Otto.
You're telling me things I know already.
Then, why don't you marry
him? -He hasn't asked me.
He's scared.
Why don't you ask him?
Now lets have some Beethoven. No, I
imagine Wagner's easier with the hammer.
Look, you love each other you
have everything to love for.
There's hope in both of you,
and shelter for the future.
It wouldn't work.
It wouldn't be fair to him.
Why not? -I don't know.
I guess I was born for irresponsibility.
I guess I couldn't take anything seriously.
You mustn't ever lie to me Pat.
No I mustn't. So don't
ask me anymore questions.
You're scared.
Scared of having any joy in your life because
it'll be all the more harder to lose it.
You're afraid. -Yes, thats
it, lets leave it at that.
But now you're not being fair Pat.
You've got to think of Erich now.
You're being a coward, you're
being selfish. -Thats not true.
Then what is true Pat?
I told you once, I'd been very ill.
Well I'm just patched up now.
It'll come back.
Your lungs?
Don't let me marry him
please! -But you've got to.
He'd want a happiness that
would last. A home, children...
A future that doesn't exist from day to day.
I'm no good.
He has a right to more
than me. -Then, live Pat!
Take that gamble. Stake your life
on a love like yours and Erich's.
I'd have to tell him.
No, thats a part of it. Don't
make him afraid, make him happy!
Aim at the stars.
I wonder if they mind we aimed at them.
Wait a minute.
I now pronounce you, man and wife.
Do you believe in prayer? -No, I believe
in tomorrow that will follow today.
And that tomorrow will find
you even happier, both of you.
She's too good for you, you
know that. -Much too good.
He's too good for you, you know
that. -I know nothing of the kind.
Everybody's too good for everybody
else. I can hardly wait to get drunk.
Remember that happy life you were
going to come back to from the war?
It's starting now. -I'm sure of that, Otto.
We'll see to it. All
four of us will see to it.
Alphons, it was the most
wonderful wedding ever. Thank you.
Bring on the pork chops!
What does the meter read? -318 Marks.
You'll never be able to pay it.
-Don't worry, I know the driver.
He's a husband of mine.
Oh, Erich look the sea!
Is that the hotel? -No, it can't
be, it looks just like the postcard.
You know who were now?
Herr and Frau Erich Lohkamp.
He has a nice way of putting things. For
better or worse was one of his phrases.
And what's this er..and sickness
and in health, till death do us part.
Now, there you see,
you're bored. -No, I'm not.
You soon will be.
What on earth are we going to talk
about for the rest of our lives? -You!
12 minutes by the clock. -Me then!
Oh, we couldn't talk, we'd have to sing.
Books and music? -I don't
anything about books or music.
I'll teach you, its high time you
went to school. -I went to school.
I was taught how to keep
a machine gun from jamming.
Prove why its better to shoot a
man in the stomach than in the head.
We'll have a garden full of flowers in the...
I can show you the quickest way to bury a...
I can teach you to swim and drive a car,
and to climb mountains and play tennis.
I didn't know I didn't till now.
I thought I belonged to
something that was dead and gone.
Now I realise I am alive.
With you, I'm alive. -We're alive darling.
And I'm glad.
Maybe I can't learn all those things.
Maybe you're in love with just a fragment.
-And a lovely fragment if there ever was one.
Oh, Erich I love you so.
I've just been kissed. Can you
tell me which was is the ocean?
19,20,21.. -What are you doing?
Shh, listen, a cuckoo bird.
That makes three of us.
I'm counting, everytime he calls you
have that many number of years to live.
There's a better one than that. When a cuckoo
calls rattle your money and then it multiplies.
Only I haven't got any money to rattle.
So the cuckoo is making a fool of himself.
Imagine, our silver wedding.
Our handsome son has left
college. He refuses to go to war,
and is thrown into jail
for the rest of his life.
26.. -Now we're together once more.
A sweet, silver haired old couple.
27.. -Now I'm hungry.
We'll come back tomorrow
and count cuckoos all day.
Here try this, best way to get sand off.
Is she alright, is she better?
-Where was your wife being treated?
Who was her doctor? -Doctor?
She must've had a doctor
for this. -I don't know.
Jaffe? Prof. Phoenix Jaffe?
You must get in touch with
him at once by the telephone.
Yes but can't you tell me is she..
-She must start breathing at once.
Dr.Jaffe's left? But I've got to get it in
touch with him, its a matter of life and death.
Have him ring here as soon as he comes in.
I'll find him and I'll ring you here
again. Don't worry Erich, I'll find him.
Jaffe. -I'll go, I'll
have to talk to him anyway.
Koster's gone to fetch Jaffe.
You'll be alright soon.
There's a friend of yours, Lenz. They found him. Lenz
told me Jaffe's instructions very clear, in detail.
Is he a doctor too? -He was a soldier.
He said Koster had already left with Jaffe
and they'd be here in 2 hours by automobile.
Thats impossible. Its a long
distance and I know the roads.
Full of dents and fog.
It'll take at least 3 hours. -If
Koster's said 2 hours, it will be 2 hours.
You're going very fast. -Can
you stop the haemorrhage?
Yes, if we get there in time.
Has it stopped yet? -No.
There'll be here in half an hour. -An
hour at least, maybe two in this fog.
You're risking both our
lives. Is she your girl? -No.
You're crazy.
They're coming, I can hear them.
Impossible, it must be some other car.
You can't fool me, thats Baby.
How is she? -I don't know, so
much has happened so quickly.
She'll be alright now. Give me a cigarette.
Nice of you to come up, Otto. -Nice
trip, not bad, only one patch of fog.
She never told me, not a word. She never
worried about herself, only to make me happy.
I thought nothing ever would
happen to a girl like that.
Give me another cigarette. I forgot mine.
She safe? -Think I'd be
standing here if she wasn't?
I'm sorry, it was so quick. -She's his wife.
I hope you're less a fool than she
is. She's been one all her life.
May I go in now? -Only for
a moment and no talking.
Was it right to bring you? -Yes.
Serious? -No more when
she gets back to town.
One thing is for sure, tell your friend. She has
to go to a sanatorium by mid-October at the latest.
She'll go. When are you going back to town?
-None of your business. I'm going by train.
Everything's over now, Pat. Just be quiet.
You mustn't be afraid.
-We'll never be afraid.
You mustn't cry about us Pat.
We're not unhappy. Soon you'll
be well and then we'll be happier.
I love you
Mid-October at the very latest.
Well? -If the right fron tire
lasts, we'll break even this week.
Don't count on that tire.
It blew twice this morning.
When Pat went walking, the sun came out.
- You know, I thought about that.
I saw the sun come out
and I thought about Pat.
It's a step forward you know,
when she can walk out alone.
I'll drop you on the way to station. You
wait here till the delivery comes home.
Well you can't keep moping about Pat.
Make her laugh, we'll pull through.
Who knows, maybe Erich will get a fine job.
What makes you think an
automobile can go through you?
I represent Koster and Co. the best fastest
and cheapest repair shop in the city.
You'll be very happy.
I saw the whole thing,
you're a... -Nobody asked you.
Here, call this number, tell him we have a
repair job and tell him to come as fast as he can.
You'll have it as good as new in 2
days. -It was good as new 5 minutes ago!
Before you wrecked it. -Lets not quibble.
Materials and cost, labor and standard
rate, plus our profit of 200 Marks.
Settle for a 100.
Here's your claim check. Get your
car on Wednesday night at 6 o'clock.
oh, by the way, you hurt?
-No, no, thank you asking.
You, the owner of this car? -No, I'm
one of the men whose going to repair it.
Koster and company.
-Now, isnt that peculiar?
I was just telling my partner, here's a car
that's just begging to be repaired by us.
Sorry, you're already too late, I've
already got an order from the owner.
Hand it over. -Don't be silly.
Hey, we've talked enough. Lets
dump this monkey down the sewer.
Make it the sewer you live
in. -Well you asked for it..
You certainly must give it to
Erich. He's a natural born fighter.
How many were there Erich? -14.
Yeah, by the time we arrived they were
all worn out from chasing your husband.
My husband? I've never seen
that face before in all my life.
There he was striking right and left. He
knocked out a little boy all by himself.
Now, I'm beginning to understand. He got the job
first and you three surrounded him and beat him up.
Lets talk about you for a change.
Where did you walk? -Oh, I just
walked and walked, thats all.
Walking is a pretty big event for
me, it doesn't really matter where.
Everything about you matters. You
two go on ahead and start on the car.
Queen Solomon!
And all that trouble just for a 100 Marks.
- Its the easiest money that we've ever earned.
Its been a slow summer.
And what do I give?
What can I ever give? -Just
being here, thats what.
And don't talk about things not mattering.
Where you walk, we three walk beside you now.
Winter is coming again, it is
the time for storm and tempest.
It is the time and nature
itself that is all confusion.
And given over to violence. And
so too are the people confused.
Looking in all directions, and
in vain. For the peace and hope,
which was to have been
their's at the end of the war.
But there has been no end to the war.
How can we look for
peace? And how can we hope?
As long as we use violence and terror to
supply what must come from sanity and reason.
There is and there will be, a
solution, a cure for all your ills.
Winter is coming outside.
No, not yet. You only think
that because of the wind.
Its been windy so long now.
Sometimes at night, I
dream of being blown away.
When I think of my life as it was before,
I thank God for you.
It sounds lovely when you say that.
Say it again. -I thank God for you.
From now on, I'm going to say
that every 10 seconds for the week.
Say it when I'm asleep too.
Then I won't dream.
The phone for Herr Lohkamp.
-Oh, thank you, Erich.
How can she stand the trip? What
trip? -The trip to the sanatorium.
I told her a week ago, she must leave.
If you want to keep that girl
alive, you send her off today.
And I mean, today.
She'll go today.
Goodbye Doctor.
You should've told me Pat. -No, I couldn't,
We've been so happyand its
been such a short week with you.
Such a long week away.
We'll have other weeks later.
You better start packing.
We stole a week and they can't take it back.
Its mine to keep forever.
Why won't you please say it twice?
Its been at least 20 seconds.
I thank God for you Pat.
Thank God for you.
Oh Tony, hello! Where's your
sister? -She isn't coming Pat.
How do you know all these
people? -From 2 years ago,
We're all at the same sanatorium. All the
birds migrate at this time of the year.
They can't be so bad.
And in spring you'll be home
again, all brown from the sun.
Did you pack your silver dress? You
are magic when you wear that dress,
Don't wear it for anyone else. -i
haven't got magic for anyone else.
You're behaving beautifully Pat.
Whats the good of anything?
I've been so proud of you the whole day.
Its only this bad the day you leave.
Then everything becomes alright again.
I haven't been brave all day, you
just didn't notice it, thats all.
So long as you don't give in, you're
bigger than what happens to you.
Where are Otto and Gottfried?
These are from Gottfried, with regrets
and love. -They're lovely, give him mine.
I hope he isn't in any trouble with all
this fighting in the streets and the crowds..
Don't look now, either of you. Turn around.
What happened to Gottfried? -Come on.
He's in that warehouse. We've got to get him.
Gottfried! Its Otto, can you hear me?
I took a long time.
But I've finally made up my mind.
Was he your comrade?
He was mine too.
Maybe we should've told the police.
-The police have nothing to do with this.
They haven't lost Gottfried, we have.
Dr.Ploughton asked me to
pick you up, if I found you.
What news from the village?
-Christmas is coming.
Christmas makes you think
of home. -Yes, yes it does.
If you have no home, you think of it anyway.
Or the home that you might've had.
To get on a plane there, to the
next village, to go somewhere.
You have a husband, is he
coming? -We're very poor.
You're poor? -Very poor.
You mustn't think of the cost of an
operation that may give you a new life.
Perhaps it isn't my responsibility
to sign a new lease of life.
What are you going to do to me?
We often get splendid results with
this operation with cases of your kind.
We take a little bit of bone from
your ribs and collapse your lung,
There is no real danger after, except
that you must keep very still for 2 weeks.
Very still.
When do you operate? -Right after Christmas.
That means I'll be here for that
long. -Please don't talk that way.
Forigve me, it's just Christmas.
Koster been in this evening? -No, not yet.
He's a hard man to keep
track of, here taste this.
He's out now, looking for him. He's a
crazy man. -Thats a job for both of us.
No, he's right. You've got Pat to think of.
To think of? You can't
hold a thought in your arms.
Play for us, Erich.
Here's a present for you, came 3 days ago.
She told me to hide it, I put it in the icebox.
Erich, you were going to play for us.
Gottfried gone.
Pat, a million miles away.
I wish Koster were here.
I still say it was a job for both of us.
If you'd be standing beside
me, he'd have hit you.
Go open your telegram.
Anybody see you? -He fired
first anyway it was self-defence.
How long since you heard from
her? -Less than a week, why?
Better get her on the phone right away.
I'm so glad you called. No, I'm in my room.
They want me to rest up. They want me
to have a little operation next week.
What for? What kind? -Seems
like I don't need so many ribs.
It isn't really dangerous, but
I... just wanted to hear your voice.
Koster and I will leave tonight.
In Baby.
We'll be there before tomorrow night.
We thought you'd be in bed.
I'm grateful to Baby, I love her. I didn't think
I'd ever deserve it but I'm getting in here.
Don't ever leave me. Tell me if you're ever
leaving me again. -I'm never leaving you.
I'm outta gas!
Took your time in picking me
up. I was freezing to death!
She behaving herself? -In a way,
too wild, too many cocktails.
Cigarettes. -Without nicotine.
Coffee. -Without caffine.
That must be terrible. -Herr
Lohkamp can I talk a minute?
And how's Gottfried?
-He is..he couldn't come.
And Erich? He still love
me? -He loves you Pat.
Yes, he loves me terribly.
After the operation she'll have
to lie very still for a few weeks.
Sudden movement may prove fatal.
Things haven't gone so well, have they?
-It would be much worse staying in the city.
I didn't realise it would be so expensive.
We'll get the money somehow.
Is that the road home?
In May, you'll be going home
along that route. -In May.
This isn't what we're supposed
to say this first time together.
All this while, I'd figured out what
I'd say and you'd say, word to word.
Do you want to hear?
We'd be lying on this bed just like this.
I'd say 'Is that the road home?'
You'd say 'Yes, its 600 kilometers.'
And I'd say that doesn't matter now.
We love each other beyond time and place now.
You'd say, 'That's right.'
Then you'd kiss me.
You'd say,' Ought I to be in this
room now? 'Are we breaking the rules?'
And I'd say,'Mustn't I start
now? By not breaking them?'
Because I can't let you go.
And suddenly it would all be so real.
He gave me an estimate.
Over a 1000 marks? What are we going
to do? We got to get it but how?
I can make the city by tomorrow.
-How are you going to raise the money?
I'll get it.
You forget all about it.
Forget about everything but Pat tonight.
- Don't do something crazy Otto.
The silver dress!
Service is right. They
belonged to a couple of waiters.
My wife gave me some dancing lessons.
May I try them out on you, Ma'am?
I'd adore it. I adore your wife.
How did she ever happen to marry you?
May I go in now? -Yes.
Herr Koster wants to see you.
Been here a long time?
-I've been and come back.
Just to see me? -Just to see you.
I'm taking the train back
to the city this afternoon.
The train? Why didn't you come in Baby? roads too rough.
You sold Baby. -No,Pat. What made you...
You're not to lie to me Otto.
She was about to fall of
anyway. Nothing but an old wreck.
You sold Baby.
To buy me a sweepstake ticket. -The
important thing is how do you feel?
I feel alright.
I think they took my backbone out by mistake.
You've got enough for two anyway.
Kept pretending I had a child.
Must be nice to leave a
part of yourself behind.
For a moment I'd be there.
I don't understand it Otto.
Why two people should love like Erich and me,
and yet one die?
I've been lying here alone for so
many hours, I've figured it out.
If you asked yourselves,
Perhaps I might live a few months longer.
If you sold your repair
shop, a few more weeks.
Perhaps if you sold your fingers, one by one.
The blood in your veins,
the marrow in your bones.
Perhaps even a year or two.
So that I could still breathe a little.
My heart still beat.
For what Otto?
A dead dragging weight.
So that I could look at Erich
and know I'd grown old and ugly.
We'll all grow old and ugly.
To me, the happiness I never
would know. To Erich, his life.
And what have I given to Gottfried?
- Gottfried...
He's dead isn't he?
How did he die? -Bravely.
He did what he thought was right.
Thats honourable to die bravely and proudly.
Well, I'll get my bag.
Lets not go back to the city,
lets.. go to South America.
Can we start now?
Its the deck of a boat in the morning.
No no, its evening.
I'm making eyes at the native
girls and you're getting mad.
And I'll always be very
strong and never tired.
I'll never want to sleep.
Because life would be too good to sleep away.
We'll travel up the Amazon, at
the end there'll be a mud village.
and a little thatched hut with
our names on them and we'll go in.
Once we're in, we'd just sit. -And
I'd look at you and you'd look at me.
I'll go see Otto off. I'll be back.
Its been so much more than 10 seconds.
Thank God for you Pat.
It ticks too loud.
Its not ticking anymore.
Time is standing still.
Its right for me to die, darling.
It does hurt, but I'm so full of love.
South America is so very far away.
I wish they were going with us.
There's fighting in the city.
SUBS by suyash for pittacuss99.
English subs for KG-June 2009.