Three Days in September (2015) Movie Script

- Man, may I change this?
- No.
Maybe turn it off?
How do you like it?
I don't.
Fatso sends his warm regards.
And asks when will you
return his money.
It's my first day on the street.
I had my period.
May I?
Do you have a mirror?
You fell down the stairs?
It will heal.
Very soon.
- Do you have a phone?
- No.
A cigarette, then?
I quit six months ago.
But I think about them every day.
Where are you headed?
To my mother's.
It would be wise to go to a doctor...
...before she sees you like this.
What about you?
On a vacation.
On a lake.
A few kilometers from here.
Do you go there often?
I haven't been there for years.
Good day.
You don't know if the day's good
until the end of... The day.
Is it open?
- Yes, yes, of course.
- I won't keep you long.
- I just need a few things.
- No trouble at all.
You local?
You one of them folks
surveying up there?
Some folks came over here last year...
...measuring things with them
instruments. The air, the sun...
...took water samples from the
lake.They left. Didn't say a word.
These are expired.
Haven't noticed.
How long gone are they?
Two months.
Now I have to throw them away.
There's no more people.
And those who stayed,
I don't know how they live.
I ought to close shop,
but what am I gonna do?
Okay, I close. And what?
That's it.
Do you have any bread?
All gone. I could save you some
for tomorrow.
I do know you.
I reckon you've been here before.
I just can't put my finger on it.
Yes. But that was
a long time ago.
- You from the Chorbev family?
- No.
What's your name?
- Jana...
- Josif Stavrev's.
Jana, my child...
When did you get here?
- Just now.
- It's been years...
You haven't been here in years.
It's so nice you came.
Every time I look at the house...
You know, your dad...
You know I built that house
for your dad. Remember?
I remember, but not much.
Just some images.
It's so nice you came.
Finally a woman sets foot here.
There're no women.
Just men, for years on end...
And, your wife?
I don't remember her name...
- She died last year.
- God rest her soul.
What about Genz?
How is Genz doing?
He's still here, with me.
He became a police officer.
Luckily, your dad, helped him
enroll at the course.
He wouldn't touch them books...
He was that kind of kid.
He'd do anything but learn.
You played a lot together as kids.
And a pack of cigarettes.
I don't know what you're playing.
There are just cabins here.
There's a hotel, but it's closed.
Please. Only for a night.
To get myself together...
and I'll leave.
Not a chance.
Come on, get inside.
I am Jana.
You'll sleep here.
Can I go to the bathroom?
- Are you OK?
- No.
You could've waited
for the water to heat.
Let me have a look.
You should get an X-ray.
I haven't forgotten.
You a doctor?
I studied medicine.
But I never graduated. I dropped
out with five exams to go.
Stupid woman...
Fell in love with a teacher...
Let me...
We had an affair...
Hold it...
But it got out. He bragged.
His wife heard about it.
She also taught there.
I took her exam seven times...
I requested an assessment panel,
but my boyfriend was on it.
It made no sense anyway.
Then he found another...
Younger than me.
I saw him last year
in the obituaries.
I didn't feel sorry.
I just turned the page
to read my horoscope.
What do you do for a living?
This and that, here and there.
On the till...
Nothing much.
- You?
- I'll get some more gauze tomorrow.
And a magic ointment.
The locals make it
from Saint-John's-wort.
I'll find some in the village
for sure.
There... It's OK for now.
We'll wash that tomorrow.
Who did this to you?
Did you report it?
Better off.
Nobody in this country has gone
to prison for violence.
You would've only prolonged
the agony.
Try to put it behind you.
Do you have kids?
I can't have any.
What about you?
When I quit school
I also quit men.
Minister Josif Stavrev
Saves Maleshevo Sheperds
You have a sister?
A twin sister.
You're identical.
Your father is a hunter?
He was, yes.
Did you have a hound?
You must've been proud of him
when he shot the wolf.
Like Little Red Riding Hood.
I don't know.
Some people simply have
this urge to kill.
If you do it once,
you'll want to do it again.
It's a weird passion...
...taking a life, ending it...
...being the one.
The one who decides whether
someone lives or dies.
To him, this was freedom.
He said he found it liberating.
We never ate them.
He just had his picture taken
and left them to the villagers.
What happened?
Your father.
He was in the Government
for years. He was honest.
At least, that's how
I remember him.
He wanted to revive this area,
to make it...
...a National Park.
But it all went to hell.
All of a sudden.
And you? You have
a sister or a brother?
- Just a mother.
- Where does she live?
In Shtip.
She works as a seamstress.
I should've also been that
when I grew up.
What did you want to be?
What did you want to be
when you grew up?
To repair cars.
I skipped classes
to hang at my uncle's garage.
You think...
...a person who's killed
would want to kill again?
For sure.
When he would bring those
beautiful birds dead...
...we cried.
Shall we have a smoke?
There used to be Saint-John's-wort
ointment in the village.
- Do you have any?
- Saint-John's-wort?
- Who do you need it for?
- For me, I want to take some home.
I don't know, let me see.
Did you see Genz?
- No.
- You've missed each other.
You're expecting more people,
or it's just you and the girl?
Just us.
A Prostitute Brutally Killed a Client
The suspect, M.S., was seen
at the railway station...
There is none. Come by tomorrow.
Or I can send Genz with it.
And the newspaper.
This shit fell off.
Put the hammer down.
Put the hammer down!
Let's go.
- Jana...
- Sit down.
Tell me this is not you.
Did you kill him?
I didn't know he was dead.
I was defending myself.
Why didn't you go to the police?
Because I'm a whore, that's why.
No one believes whores.
You know that hiding a murderer
is also a crime?
Do you know what I am now?
An accessory.
That's what the people hiding them
are called... Accessories.
I'm going to turn you in.
Turn me in.
Just put the gun down.
I don't think that's a good idea.
Put it down.
It's not loaded.
I'll go as soon as my clothes
are dry.
They'll stop you at the border.
At the airport, anywhere...
They're waiting for you to turn up.
And you're in my house.
Be gone by tonight!
And forget you ever met me
and that you've been here!
Good day.
Good day.
Genz Mucha, local police officer.
- This is Abel. I'll put him back
if you mind him.- No, no...
Are any of the owners at home?
Jana is here.
- I'll call her, if you'd like.
- Yes, please.
- Would you like something to drink?
- A glass of water.
- He's asking for you.
- Tell him I'll be right there.
Are you relatives?
- Excuse me?
- With Jana.
You're here on vacation?
How long will you stay?
I don't know...
As long as we like.
I suppose this is for you.
- What is it?
- John's wort ointment.
Jana asked my dad to get some.
Thank you.
A traffic accident?
Very dangerous drivers- city folks.
There are no such things here.
If it stays like this...
...I could be out of a job.
How's Jana?
I haven't seen her in years.
The same.
What does she do now?
Same, something medical.
- And you?
- In a boutique.
- In Skopje?
- Yes.
No... Jana.
She says it wasn't for her.
Hello, Jana.
Do you remember me?
Of course.
Genz, from the Muchas. Always
a German. Never a partisan.
Because the Germans had
motorcycles,airplanes, cars...
Come on in.
He's not dangerous, but just in case.
Last time I saw you... had a birthday.
Your fourteenth birthday.
You were in a coma.
The doctor said that the chances
you woke up were slim...
After that, we stopped coming.
Everyone stopped coming.
When did you wake up?
Four years later.
When the war was over.
I slept that circus over.
You friend told me
you've become a doctor.
You wanted to be that
even as a kid.
Josif wanted that.
And Kristina? How is she?
My sister god married. She's
left the country a long time ago.
Everyone left.
There are only three people
my age...
...and I'm the only one
with a job.
There are only men here.
...all men,
except for Auntie Anka.
- She's still alive?
- Yes.
She's 90 now.
Did you go to the hotel?
I haven't gone down to the lake.
It's ruined.
It just stands there
for 20 years.
The year before last,
some people from Italy came...
...asking about it, looking for a contact.
But we didn't know
how to reach you, and...
They wanted to renovate it.
Josif wanted the same.
To give some life to the area.
...he did.
We checked the land registry...
...he is still the owner.
You and Kristina are, I guess...
are the heirs, right?
I don't know.
I guess so.
There are some friends
of mine from Debar.
They've checked it twice already,
and are very interested in it.
You should think about it
while you're here.
They have good businesses...
notaries and lawyers working for
them, we could make the deal... a day.
I should speak to Kristina about it.
I don't know if she'd agree.
I'm certain they will offer
good money.
I told you, I'll have to
speak with Kristina first.
This is my office number, call me.
How long will you be staying?
Until the first of the month.
You remember that day?
Which day?
When the accident happened.
I don't.
They told me you saved me.
You carried me from
the hotel to the village.
Kristina told you that?
We have never talked about it.
This friend of yours...
What was her name?
- Marika.
Marika, right. When I saw her,
I thought it's Kristina.
If she stays longer,
she should report her stay.
You know where the station is.
We'll come by.
Let's get some air.
I have never been on a vacation.
My mother didn't let me.
In 8th grade, when everyone
went to Ohrid, I stayed home.
In eighth grade?
Being eighth grade
was not a problem.
There was no money.
I didn't leave my room for
ten days. I didn't even bathe.
Childish stuff.
It is very nice here.
What is this? A hotel?
It was supposed to be.
A recreational centre.
A ski and a kayak club
with accommodation.
And a lodge.
My father was building it.
Whose is it now? Yours?
Why don't you sell it?
This was supposed to be
the restaurant?
I think so.
We used to play here.
We learned how to shoot.
What about you?
Do you know how to shoot?
I'm leaving tomorrow.
Why tomorrow?
I'll catch the same train.
I don't know if there's
another one.
Where will you go?
First to Shtip...
I know a man that can get me
to Bulgaria.
After that, I don't know.
I'll see.
Send me a postcard.
Just don't send it from Bulgaria.
- Did I say something bad?
- No...
That's it, then.
You are fed, rested... got treatment, made
company for a while...
And now it's time to leave.
I think that's best.
For both you and me.
- So it's like that, huh?
- What?!
- What is it?
- Nothing.
Except that a whore who lied to me
she worked in a clothes store... in fact a murderer, and she
got into my compartment,
came to my house
uninvited, and I gave her..., a bed,
I gave her clothes...
and the only policeman for 100 kms
around saw her at my place...
and we both lied to him
that we were old friends.
And I really don't know
what could I be accused for.
Whatever happens,
I won't mention you.
You won't mention me?!
After all the village saw you here?
And, you think...
...with 50 euros you'll cross
the border illegally...
...and be free?
You're dumb!
Josif Stavrev (1941-1992)
Cveta Stavreva (1945-2005)
What are you doing in this
weather? Come on in!
I'm sorry for barging in
like this.
Take the basin
and put it there.
I went out for a walk and...
- ...I was caught in the rain.
- Some time you chose.
Not there, child!
Don't you see where it's leaking?
- How about a shot of rakija?
- Great, thanks.
Come on...'s good for you.
What's your name?
I'm Auntie Anka.
The "Auntie" bit stuck.
There are only old men
in the village, but...
I was an auntie when they
were young.
- These are all rakijas?
- Rakijas, yes...
It's not merrymaking rakija,
- It's medicinal.
- For what?
The bottles on top
are good for the blood.
The dark one... good for the stomach,
if you have ulcer.
Twenty days and you're
fit as a fiddle. No ulcer.
You don't ask about this one.
- Which one?
- The one we're drinking.
Do you know what it's for?
It's men's rakija.
Don't you worry.
It doesn't affect us.
But, the men...
It gives the men a hard-on.
I don't know.
Maybe it's better you don't have
anything to do with those bandits.
Let her sell it on her own,
if she wants.
It's not yours to sell
something that's not ours.
What's not ours?
Who built their house?
With whose money?
With whose money?
I don't know with whose money.
With our money.
With the same money
as for the hotel.
With our money.
With the municipality money.
With government money.
And now it's theirs, right?
It was theirs even then.
It was never ours. Never.
Come, Abel.
Come on.
Well, now it will be ours.
City slicker, eh?
Where are you staying here?
I'm visiting Jana.
- Yes, up by the...
- Wait a minute.
Josif Stavrev's Jana?
Wasn't she in a coma?
She got up?
My God...
They grew up here.
With Kristina, her sister.
They looked very much alike.
Like eggs.
Once Kristina was stung
by a hornet on her back.
They had put vinegar and rakija
on it. Stupid people...
they didn't know what a mess
that makes.
But I saved her.
She was left with a scar
on her back...
...but I told Jose...
...this is for good, at least
we'll know who's who.
Where is that child?
Excuse me?
Kristina. Is she with you?
They shouldn't have let them
go with Genz.
Cursed bloodline.
Once he killed my cat.
Even the army didn't want
to enlist him.
But Jose had to make good
to everyone...
He sent him to police school.
No... He took them there,
for sure.
To Jose's hotel.
- He took his father's
gun and...- And?
Nothing came out.
One girl in a coma...
...the other didn't say a word.
From then on...
Jose stayed here.
He didn't go back to Skopje.
He drank and drank...
...and finaly killed himself.
After that, Cveta also got ill...
God forgive their souls.
You've got trouble too, huh?
May his dick fall off.
- Whose?
- To the guy that beat you.
- Good evening.
- Good evening.
- Has Marika been here?
- Marika who?
The girl that came with me.
She went for a walk,
but she's not come back.
- I thought, she came by here.
- No. No one came here.
Wait. I'll ask Genz...
...if he saw her.
If he's still at work.
Hello? Hello, Genz.
Jana is here,
asking about her friend.
She's afraid she got lost.
Maybe you saw her?
All right...
I'll tell her. Bye.
He wants you at the station.
To tell you something.
Tell me what?
I don't know. Something
about your friend, I guess.
I'll pay tomorrow.
Where is she?
I don't know.
I'm looking for her too.
If she's not back in an hour...
...I'll organize a search.
I think it's early to panic.
This came this afternoon.
Marija Simi, a known
prostitute from Skopje...
... is wanted for murder...
...of a public official.
Marika is a nickname for Marija, right?
You're saying that
my friend is a whore?
You watch too many movies.
There are a lot of indications.
The murder happened...
...the night before you arrived.
- What does she do for a living?
- Whatever she can.
What's her surname?
Foteva. Marika Foteva.
Her mother died two weeks ago.
She's alone, she has no one.
I brought her here
away from that chaos.
Yes, dad. All right.
All right.
Your friend passed through the village.
She's probably at home already.
Let's go.
- Where?
- To your house.
I have to see her documents.
Leave it here.
You'll pick it up tomorrow.
What is it?
She's not guilty.
What do you mean, not guilty?
The guy was a maniac.
He raped her.
- She was only defending herself.
- Who told you that?
She told me.
And you believe her?
I saw her injuries.
And her eyes.
Hiding a criminal
is a serious crime.
I should arrest both of you.
Get in.
- How long do you know each other?
- From yestedray.
We met in the train.
She asked me to sleep over.
When the inspectors come, you'll
tell them exactly what happened.
I know what I should say.
Whatever you say, you'll go
to prison. For months, maybe years.
Except if you make me
turn a blind eye.
Sell the hotel. Tomorrow.
And get out of here.
Not together. OK?
Hallo, Besfort?
Oh, Ljutvi...
Where is your brother?
Tell him to call me when he's done.
It is very important.
Not a word about this to the whore.
Your friend is making a party.
She should be gone by tomorrow.
There is a train at 6.15.
I'll tell the people from Debar
to come to the hotel.
I'll honk for you to get out.
What time will you come?
I'm not going anywhere.
I'll tell them that you asked
for 20.000 in advance.
It's for me.
The beauty works!
It started just now.
I have inflated the tyres, too.
- Your weekend is over.
- What?
Genz knows.
There is a warrant for you.
He's outside.
I don't give a fuck.
Hey, Bosfort...
I have good news.
No, no... Listen, I found
the owner of the hotel.
The hotel on the lake.
I don't want to go back to jail.
You won't.
I have a plan.
What plan?
To ride our brooms and fly away?
Whatever you say...
Are you sure this will work?
It will.
- Did you pour gasoline?
- A whole canister.
- Did you inflate the tyres.
- Yes. I told you.
- Did you remember where
to hide the car?-Yes.
You have two hours
to pass the border.
Then I'll make the call.
You didn't tell me about Jana.
She's still in a coma?
Last Friday I signed for her to be
disconnected from the machines.
I buried her and came here.
- Tell me.
- What?
Why are we doing this?
We were together all the time
that summer.
Jana, Genz and I.
I got my period.
My tits started growing.
Jana thaught that's disgusting and
it won't happen to her. But I kinda...
...liked it.
Genz was the only boy around,
and he gaped at me all the time.
One day he stole...
...his father's gun. He asked me
if I wanted to go shooting.
It seemed like a great idea.
He told me to come to the hotel.
That was the first thing...
... I did without Jana.
When I came, the bottles...
...were already there.
Genz started shooting,
glass shattered. I...
I covered my ears.
He gave me the gun.
I tried to shoot,
but I couldn't.
Genz came behind me and...
He put his hand on top of mine.
He pulled me to himself.
I fired.
The bottle shattered.
And I was happy.
He took the gun from me and...
He pointed it at me.
I thought he was kidding.
He told me to unzip his fly.
He became rough.
He put his hand under my skirt...
That was my first sex.
I was 12.
Did it hurt?
I don't remember.
My eyes were closed.
I waited for it to be over.
He stopped suddenly.
I opened my eyes, I saw Genz
putting his pants on, and...
I saw Jana.
She stood there as a statue.
Genz said... it's your turn.
I told her to run.
Jana started running,
but Genz caught her.
They fought.
Jana managed to get out
of his grip.
And she disappeared.
She vanished over the edge
of the terrace.
There was no fence.
Genz went pale.
I went to... the edge of the terrace and...
...I saw Jana.
She was lying down there...
...on a pile of bricks and waste.
Genz went down there,
took her in his hands and...
...he took her to the village.
I didn't tell anyone.
All the time, I thought...'s my fault.
Only the guard was punished.
He lost his job.
And Genz was a hero.
That's the last time I saw him.
You think they are born like that?
Have you been raped?
Is he asleep?
I don't think so.
The train leaves in half an hour.
I'll give her the car. If she gets
caught, I'll say she stole it.
it's better you report it in.
They'll catch her for sure.
You'll have to push.
Spread your arms.
Let's go.
Do you know what they'll make here?
A whore-house.
But a good one.
Not with Moldavian
and Gypsy girls.
Only Russian!
The whole country
is a whore-house anyway.
- Hey.
- How are you?
- That's her over there.
- Come.
This is the preliminary contract.
Here is the sum.
You should sign here.
And this is that you're taking a down
payment. The rest at a notary.
Your sister knows
about this, right?
I know, it is here, but I want
this to be private, you know.
Here.. I don't know... We could
make it all like a lounge.
- This is a good place for a mirror.
- Yes, a mirror.
Here put a striptease bar,
that iron rod, you know?
It will be hot when we...
When we... Hello?
In a minute, OK.
...see you soon.
Thank you, have a good day.
Have a nice trip. Bye.
It turned well for all, eh?
The money.
- Kristina.
- The pistol.
And the handcuffs.
Put them on you.
You want us to shoot?
You want us to shoot, Genz?
You want us to shoot?
Huh, Genz?
Let us put some bottles.
Do you want me to unzip it?
We were kids.
What will you do now?
I'm going to turn you in.
I haven't been here for years.
I came to sell the hotel.
She came to my door and
asked if she could sleep over.
This morning I went to meet the
buyers and take a down payment.
I got back and I went for
a shower. When I came out...
...she was gone.
She took the purse
with all the money...
...with the documents,
the gun and...
...the car.
The police station was closed.
I went to the village...
...and I made the call.
You'll be staying here, or
you're going back to Skopje?
I'll be leaving.
We'll be in touch.
They found
the police SUV by the lake.
The commander is gone.