Three Inches (2011) Movie Script

[ Rain falling ]
Coming to hold you close
My name is Walter Spackman
26 years old.
I ran out of money,
so I had to move back home.
And I'm currently washing dogs
until I save up enough money
to move out.
But the thing is,
I buried the headline.
'Cause in about two seconds
everything is gonna change.
[ Thunder crashes ]
Whoa, that's so...
[ Thunder crashes ]
[ Birds chirping ]
10, 9, 8...
Rise and shine,
my little boomerang!
Up and at 'em
6, 5...
He who hesitates is brunch.
3, 2...
All work and no play
makes Jack my first husband.
And if I find you
standing there
if at first you don't succeed,
you're a spackman.
[ Dog barking ]
And if I find you
standing there
Walter, don't do it.
It's a death trap.
Lily's back visiting her dad.
I can tell by the way
the air shimmers.
Also... she texted me.
Ok, he doesn't listen
to a word I say.
I appreciate your concern
and I know you care about me...
I care enough about you to
murder anyone that hurts you,
if that's what you mean
by caring.
I'm gonna be late for work.
Walter, you're too old for me
to lock up in the basement,
but you're too young to know
that dreams are just lies
that we tell ourselves
while we're asleep.
I should have told her when we were 10
and she hated her braces.
I could spell "laodicean"
in my sleep.
I should have told her
when we were 16
and she blew out her knee
in Kitzbuhel.
I should have told her
when we were 20
and she left Chicago to build
the hospitals in Kenya.
Oh, yeah,
like that's a big thing.
Today I am finally
going to tell Lily Theroux
exactly how I feel.
I'm gonna put the right words
in the right order
like a magic spell,
and when I do,
everything will be different
than it was before.
I'll be different, too.
Hearts don't break
like legs break.
The pieces never really mend.
Wait, Walter!
Eat your toast!
[ Sighs ]
I won't slide closer to her
she has a beauty...
Last poodle of the day?
[ Dog growls ]
It's not a poodle.
Give me 10 minutes.
All right.
[ Dog barking ]
Bedroom and practice room.
What's practice room?
It's like a room that's too big
to call a closet
but too small to
call a bedroom, uh.. huh.
Lucky for me I don't own
anything bigger than a toaster.
[ Chuckles ]
Yeah, uh, Joey Katz...
The guy who repeat fainted in Mr.
Danforth's bio class? Right.
His sister lives there.
Everything works,
the landlord's decent,
so we can go check it out
tomorrow if you want.
I got the day off
at the restaurant.
You still on prep?
Screw up once and they think
you don't know the difference
between a fork and a spoon.
I'm a lil cook, man.
Chopping lettuce is beneath me.
Lucky lounge tonight.
Everybody's going.
Katie burns asked me
if you'd be there.
Ever wonder where courage
comes from? - Beer.
The subgenual anterior
cingulate cortex.
Increased activity in the cortex
is what makes you brave.
Lily's back in town.
How could you tell?
I'll see you tomorrow, Walter.
[ Engine turns over ]
[ Sighs ]
Are you ready
to sit by his throne?
[ Record skipping ]
are you ready
are you ready...
are you ready
are you ready
[ Music stops ]
[ Chuckling ]
I can't believe your mom
still has this old car.
Yeah, the engine runs on anger
and wishful thinking.
Good gas mileage, too.
Do you remember the minivan
of sorrow?
My dad used to take me on those
father/daughter road trips
to crooked lake,
where they have the... the...
the tents with the for.
And... and he'd make a fire,
roast marshmallows,
and pretend
my mom wasn't dating
the strength coach for the bear
and then he threw all her shoes
on the front lawn
and listen the "Phantom of
the Opera" for three months.
[ Both laugh ] So bad!
You look good.
So do you.
Thank you.
[ Chuckles ]
You still washing dogs?
9:00 to 5:00.
So, record-store clerk...
video-store clerk,
bookstore clerk.
The digital revolution
kill my clerk work.
Process server...
Lasted one day.
Game-show contestant...
Locked up in the bonus round.
Bread-truck driver.
Nothing beats the smell
of fresh-baked bad.
All I'm saying...
Is what you always say.
That you could do so much better
if you just wanted to.
Not that there's anything wrong
with grooming pets.
It's all a part
of my 10-year plan.
Finding a way to live
in the world
that makes sense takes time,
that's mean I don't find it.
everything's about to change.
Walter that's great. How?
I have a special surprise
for you.
Just a little bit further.
[ Laughs ]
How did this happen?
Thank you
for my special surprise.
[ Chuckles ]
That's not the surprise.
it took me a long time
to understand
that my life had a purpose.
Is this a part of your 10-year plan?
If it's okay with you,
it's probably better if there's
no more interruptions.
This is the kind of thing I just
gotta get out in one piece.
Right, sorry.
[ Exhale sharply ]
Lily, it took me a long time
to understand
that my life had a purpose.
[ Sighs ]
But once I did,
I realize that you was always there,
waiting for me to see it and...
And to recognize its value.
I believe that my purpose
in life is to make you happy.
I think it's something
I'd be really good at.
And not because
I've studied for it
or because
there's a written manual.
I'll be good at it because
that's why my heart was made.
I love you the first day
you moved in next door.
I loved you 7th grade
when you wore that same
"Dexter's laboratory"
t-shirt for a year.
I loved you in high school
when you dated Bruce Butterworth
and didn't hang out
like we used to.
I loved you when you went
away to change the world.
I love you now even more
than all those other times.
It's the best thing I do.
I never told you this
'cause I was afraid
of what you'd think.
But if I never told you,
how would you know?
I'm not afraid anymore.
It's important to me
that you know
and now you do.
The end.
[ Chuckles nervously ]
[ Thunder rumbles in distance ]
That's the most beautiful thing
anybody's ever said to me.
[ Chuckling ] I practiced
in my spare time.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Sighs ]
When I'm away on a project
or in another country,
or maybe something that feels
like this amazing adventure,
you're the first person I want
to call and tell about it...
Because you're my best friend.
And I know that what you said
was really hard
and brave and important.
[ Voice breaking ] I don't feel
the same way you do.
I wish that I did.
Are you okay?
I'm fine, thanks.
Would it be better if I pretended
like this never happened?
You can remember if you want
I'm pretty sure I will.
[ Thunder rumbling ]
Maybe this is the kind of thing
that will make
our friendship stronger...
You know, more durable.
Spun polyester is very durable.
The open weave
reduces fabric stress.
Come on, Walter!
Come on!
I think I'm just gonna sit here
for a little while
if you don't mind.
- I don't think it's such a good idea.
- Go away!
Coming to hold you close
[ Thunder crash ]
I've been afraid
of my mind
to catch you
and hold you close.
Whoa, that is so cool.
[ Thunder crashes ]
Woman on P.A.:
Nurse administrator,
call cardiac care unit.
Nurse admin, all C.C.U.
[ Monitor beeping ]
Walter: On average,
lightning strikes the earth
about 100 times every second.
But your chances of
getting hit by lightning
while sitting on a sofa
with a broken heart...
1 in 280,000.
First, I had
this really funny joke
prepared about Lily
and lightning,
but it doesn't seem so funny now
with you lying here
all scrambled.
And second, the Doctor...
Said there's no real reason
for you not to snap out of this.
No particular reason at all.
So, please, give me a break.
Hey. It's me.
Macklin Sportello!
Case you don't remember,
I'm probably your best friend.
Can you hear me?
I just want you to know that,
no matter what, I'm here.
I'm here,
and I'll always be your...
When the boot hit,
I felt like I was beaten
with 100 sledgehammers.
It was like every case
of the flu
I ever had at the same time.
Every single part
of my body hurt.
My hair hurt.
My eyelashes hurt.
My fingernails, too.
Did you know that there was,
uh, is guy in a coma,
but it turned out
he was only paralyzed,
so he was trapped inside
his own body for like 30 years?
Anyway, we don't got to
talk about that now
it's just, you know..
And third, I love you like crazy.
I do.
Today was the day
I proved I was different.
This is not exactly
what I had in mind.
Or, as my mom would say,
when God closes a door,
he slams it on your fingers.
My head filled with the sound
of 1,000 church bells ringing.
[ Dull ringing]
I got struck by lightning.
Well, that explains the charring
on your ear.
Oh, can you hear that?
Can I hear what?
Walter, how are you?
How do you feel?
A slight numbing weakness
in my extremities,
problematic concentration,
increased irritability...
Which is probably a result
of frontal-lobe damage...
Headache, dizziness,
and, of course, the ringing.
Anything else?
I used to think I had a destiny
and her name was Lily Theroux.
But now I know I'll never
be anything but normal.
You just got hit by lightning
and you didn't die.
Except for that.
You're not normal.
Trust me.
Man: Our winners day will also
receive a trip for two to hon...
Man #2: Payments of $29.95...
... Times with you already.
Why didn't she tell me
you were my sis...
[ Dull ringing continues ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Ringing stops ]
Well, you're looking chipper!
Time to go.
I've completed
all the relevant paperwork.
I strangled two doctors.
I think I'm having
I'm sure you are, dear.
Maybe it's just a side effect
from getting your brain boiled.
The ringing.
It's gone.
[ Dog barking in distance,
Children shouting ]
[ Groans ]
[ Sighs ]
[ Sniffles ]
[ Gasp ]
So, mom, uh...
Where's your fake cigarette?
I quit fake smoking.
It's fake bad for you.
Uh, what are you working on?
A catchy slogan for a new
liquid soap campaign.
Just what the world needs...
More liquid soap.
Something wrong
with the orange juice?
I squeezed it myself.
No, it's fine.
Ooh, it's very fresh.
[ Timer dings ]
[ Clattering ]
Uh, do you know there's this
thing that I have to go do,
so I'm gonna...
I'm gonna do that now
Walter! Walter...
I made muffins!
[ Sighs ]
When did you get home?
Last night.
I want to hug you.
Is... is that... Okay?
Hug would be great.
[ Laughs ]
I was so worried
was the hospital okay?
Were there special treatments,
like lightning rehab?
Lily, I need to
tell you something.
Okay, but you were pretty
comprehensive the last time.
Not that.
Lily, something incredible
happened to me.
I don't know how, but after
the lightning hit me...
[ Horn beeps ]
[ Chuckling ] Hi.
Hey. Uh-oh
this is my friend Dillon.
We met at the water-management
conference in Oslo.
Hey, man.
Dillon and his dad
converted his bike
to run on hydrogen fuel cells.
How cool is that?
Who wants lemonade?
I'll be right back.
So, uh... Lily tells me
you guys have been friends
since, like, forever.
Since, like, forever.
[ Chuckles ]
[ Crunch ]
Damn it.
[ Shoe scuffing ]
Oh, come on.
You okay there, guy?
It's just a stupid crab ape.
Whoa. See that?
What the...
What the hell?
Aah, aah, whoa, whoa!
Oh, oh, what the...
Oh, man. Uh, I-I...
Oh, uh...
Sorry, I didn't mean to...
I mean,
it's like I did anything,
'cause how could that
possibly happen?
[ Siren wailing ]
[ Horn honks ]
Hey, what's up?
First of many beers.
A nuking your sorrows
with alcohol.
Good point.
Think alcohol
will help me forget Lily?
I don't think it's possible
drink that much.
Man: Sportello!
Back to the kitchen.
Hey, Walter.
Do I know you?
But you know my name.
I know everything about you.
It's my job.
Well, whatever they're paying
you, it's too much.
I'm a 26-year-old dog groomer
who lives with his mother.
What's to know?
[ Chuckles ] Hey.
I'm curious...
Have you tested the limits
of your ability?
It important to understand
what you can and cannot do.
Who are you?
Troy Hamilton.
Okay, Troy Hamilton.
I don't know what the hell
you're talking about.
Sure you do.
I find people
with special abilities...
And you, Walter...
You are very special.
I think you have me confused
with somebody else.
Sometime we track lightning-strike
victims. That's how I found you.
Look, dude,
what do you want from me?
Ideally, I want you
to help fight evil
and make the world
a better place.
Wow, creepy and crazy.
Good luck with that.
Walter, please...
just give me five minutes
of your time. That's all.
Do you work for a secret
government organization
that turns out to be as bad
as the bad guys in the end?
I'm a private contractor
with good intentions
and a clear conscience.
Oh, wasabi peanut?
Whatever I move,
I can only move it
three inches.
It's the worst superpower ever.
It's like having
an extra thumb.
You need to expand
your line of thinking.
Bar bets?
Uh, the circus?
You have no idea
what you can do... not yet.
There's a superpower.
Doesn't exist.
I checked that ability.
I know exactly how you feel.
You feel lost and alone.
You feel like
nobody could ever understand.
You feel like a mistake
nature made.
But that's not who you are.
Who am I?
You're a superhero.
I'm not superhero material.
Ask anyone.
[ Sighs ]
[ Sniffs ]
My talent isn't a talent.
It's a curse.
I'm going back to washing dogs
where I belong.
I'm offering you the chance
to make a life that fits
the size of who you really are.
You want to wash dogs,
wash dogs.
But you're crazier than I am
if you pass up the chance
to see how that life feels.
Why don't you meet
the rest of the team
then you can make up your mind.
There's a team?
Of course there is.
You're not the only one, Walter.
There are others.
I think you'll like them
and besides, you can't fight
evil all by yourself,
am I right?
Okay, I'm listening.
I've got tropical fish bigger than dog
he's tougher than he looks.
Standard Op.
Stolen property.
Go fetch.
Yeah, this is
a very important package.
And you don't know where it is.
Well, we're hoping you have
the right freaks for the job.
They're not freaks.
How's Jeannie?
Rise and shine,
my little lightning rod!
All work and no play makes
Walter a minimum age employee.
You have questions.
I don't even know
where to start.
Start with me.
How did you get to be...
you know... like this.
Army Intelligence.
I was assigned to a unit
that specialized
psychic phenomena.
It was my job to take
something strange and beautiful
and turn it to a weapon.
Good times.
Turned out I wasn't the company
man that I though I was.
So you quit?
No, I studied.
Build my own start-up
from scratch.
So that's how the justice league
came to Park Ridge, huh?
Something like that, yeah.
Why lightning-strike
Oh, lightning strikes are only
one of many triggers.
We check for enhanced perception
and paranormal skills.
[ Beeping ]
How many did you find?
Well, there's a nice old lady
in New Canaan
who can kill lilacs
with her mind.
There's a teenager in Moline
who can actually predict when
his cellphone is gonna ring.
Most people just blow out
their eardrums.
Everybody, this is Walter.
I've invited him to join us,
but Walter has his doubts.
New guy's coming.
Mm, what does he do?
I can't tell.
Wherever it is,
if Troy wanted us all here
to meet him
must be something special.
Everybody, this is Walter.
I've invited him to join us,
but Walter has his doubts.
Annika can duplicate
and broadcast almost any sound.
Ethan can commune with members
of the insect kingdom.
Nice to meet you.
Todd can see into the future
Two minutes, give or take.
Unfortunately, the farther
he looks, the more it hurts.
Carlos insists that we call him
by his superhero identity,
"the human smell."
You can probably
guess what he can do.
As they came
the first thing Walter noted
was the smell's steely gaze,
eyes that penetrate...
Save it, stinkbug.
Hey... Dude.
And Watts,
able to alter and shape
emotional states
faster and more effectively
than any drug known to man.
What's your secret, Walter?
I can...
I-I can, uh..
I got...
Probably not public speaking.
Walter can move any object
three inches with his mind.
Three inches sounds about right.
[ Chuckles ]
I think you're gonna like it here.
Come with me.
You're training me
to be a fruit assassin?
See? Amazing.
Thank you, Sara.
This, uh, Lily Theroux.
What does she do, anyway?
How do you know about Lily?
Know everything about you.
It's still creepy.
Uh, Lily is
a blogger/humanitarian.
Does she know about your power?
Well, in my limited experience
when it comes to blogger/humanitarians
You have to take the long view.
[ Exhales sharply ]
[ Beeping ]
Maximum range...
17 feet, 4 inches.
The face-scrunching
probably doesn't help.
You can loose the stiff arm too.
Macklin: Hey, Walter, it's Macklin.
Where you been, man.
I got a hot tip
on another apartment.
Call me.
Troy: Your basic key lock
contains a small cylinder.
When a door is locked,
a part called the tang
is partially
out of the cylinder.
When the door is unlocked
the tang rests fully inside it.
You need the key to release the tang.
Unless you are you.
So, what you're saying is
that I could be
the best locksmith ever.
Wow all my dreams
are coming true.
What I'm saying is,
sometimes the good guys
need to walk through doors
that only you can open.
Can you move the same object
more than once?
Three inches, three inches?
Not right away.
It's like I have to
recharge or something.
It's always three inches?
That makes sense.
We're all made of atoms.
Everything is
and the only thing
holding these atoms together
is an ionic
electrical attraction.
The lightning must have altered
your brain chemistry,
allowing you to exert
an electromagnetic force
on the atoms in any object.
But there's only so much charge
in the atoms you can access,
so that would limit your ability
to move them
is there gonna be a quiz?
'Cause if the is, I got to
write some of this down.
[ Chuckles ]
Let me in.
I can't...
I can't do this.
Sure you can.
[ Sighs ]
[ Both laughing ]
Walter: Yeah.
Where you been, man?
I left you like 20 messages.
Yeah, sorry.
I-I, uh, as busy
with this unexpected thing
I hadn't scheduled.
I got another apartment.
This one is in...
Wicker Park?
Yeah, 1 1/2 bedrooms.
I don't know
what that means... 1 1/2...
But should move fast on this,
because I think
it's gonna go quick.
Macklin, I don't have time to
look for apartments right now
Walter, you always have time.
Not anymore.
Sorry, Macklin,
I-I got to go.
Who's that?!
Don't follow me.
I'm not stalking you, Walter!
I'm trying to be your friend!
Lightning changed you, man!
And not in a good way.
See you two later.
Good luck, Walter.
Is Troy...
Recess is over, newbie.
From now on,
it's just you and me.
Let's go.
[ Jackhammer hammering,
baby wailing ]
[ Horns honking ]
[ Monkey screeching ]
[ Sound effects' volume
increases ]
[ Sound effects' volume lessens ]
[ Lock clicks ]
[ Engine turns over ]
[ Engine turns over ]
[ Sighs ]
Looks like I'm out of gas.
Sucks to be you.
It always comes back.
[ Horn honking ]
You want to know the key
to happiness?
There's a key?
It's too bad it's not a lock.
I could open it.
The key is to find a place
where you belong...
And people
to belong there with you.
Sign the contract, Walter.
Watts: Hey.
Hey, hi.
How you doing?
What? Oh, good. Great.
I was a little worried
at first, you know
There's a lot
of stuff to learn, and...
And it's hard sometimes.
But the thing is, I...
Never really new
what you could do before now?
No, I didn't.
Troy does that for everyone.
Hey, I got an idea.
Do you want to grab a beer?
Sure. Great. Yeah.
I-I know a place we can go.
Wow, that is a fantastic idea.
The only thing smell liked more
the the touch of a woman
who thought he was cool
was the cool touch
of a bottle of beer
served to him by a woman.
Time you got to know the team.
No beer for you, stinkbug!
[ Indistinct conversations ]
I was working in the entomology
department at Texas A&M
one day, this stranger
walks into the lab,
and he asks for me by name,
and he doesn't look at me
like other people normally do,
like I'm weird or something.
He looks at me with kindness.
And then he said...
Annika: [ As Troy ]
I know exactly how you feel.
You feel lost and alone.
You feel like nobody
could ever understand.
You feel like
a mistake nature made.
But that's not who you are.
[ Chuckling ] What?
[ Laughs ]
That is awesome!
[ Laughs ]
Does anyone know where
the nearest Walgreen's is?
My baby smell was like the smell
of a million stinky diapers.
When I got older, it got worse.
I mean,
I couldn't control my aroma.
Mom and dad were afraid of me.
Girls were, you know,
pretty much out of the question.
It was like I was
this lonely space mutant,
except I didn't have
a homeplanet to go back to.
Then Mr. Hamilton found me...
Taught me self-control.
I wasn't a mutant.
I was a special mutant.
Then I wasn't alone anymore.
[ Laughter ]
Ever wonder why superheroes
work in teams?
Everybody wants one.
Todd: Hey.
I'm out with the team.
We're... we're breaking in
the new guy.
Say again?
Cough medicine?
Sure. Is she okay?
There's a...
Walgreen's on State Street.
I'll pick some up
on my way home.
Come on.
I hear rumors.
New mission 48.
Mission? That's what you guys
do, you go to missions?
What do you think?
You fight evil and make
the world a better place,
but I have no idea
what that actually means.
What does Troy really do?
Troy has clients.
And the clients have needs.
If there's something you want
found, we'll be there.
Need protection
when the going gets rough,
we will be there.
Hoping for answers
when all hope is lost,
including rescue Ops,
data retrieval,
and courier services?
We'll be there, too.
I hope you like to travel.
And our dental plan
is excellent.
Wait, when you say
"new mission in 48,"
you mean 48 hours?
What's the target?
What kind of package?
Mr. Hamilton tells us to fetch.
We fetch.
If we knew everything going in.
It wouldn't be as much fun.
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
[ Laughs ]
You need a secret identity
I do?
Everybody has one.
They do?
But you need sidekick.
I do?
[ Chuckles ]
But you need a catchphrase.
No. Catchphrase
isn't a bad idea.
They're good for team spirit. Oh.
We're very enthusiastic
about the spirit.
Okay, everybody huddle up
photo Op.
[ All grumbling ]
Yeah, yeah, photo Op
Team photo...
Todd: All right.
Now, uh, you can smile
if you want to.
Everybody say, "yo."
Yo! Yo!
Yo! Yo!
[ Camera shutter clicks ]
I think your watch stopped.
It was my dad's.
It's nothing special...
I found it ... and wore
So, when did you first know
that you could alter
emotional states?
The day after I hit puberty.
Is it always happy or sad?
What about brave?
I feel like brave
would come in handy.
Are you altering
my emotional state right now?
No, I'm not.
What's your name?
Like, I know "Watts," right?
But what did they call you
when you were born?
If you were running
across a summer lawn
and your mother
shouted your name,
'cause it was time for dinner,
what name would she shout?
Brandon: That...
is a secret nobody knows.
Step up, newbie.
You're in my spot.
Carlos: The unit tasted
of defeat and broken dreams.
Captain normal smirked,
his arrogance exceeded only
by his one true ability...
The ability to act like
a total douche bag.
So, what's your superpower?
Brandon doesn't have one
that's why we call him
"Captain Normal."
Hey, guys.
I'm going on my 20, all right?
[ Chuckles ]
What do you want, Walter?
Listen, man,
I'm sorry I disappeared,
but something really weird
happened to me
and I've been dealing with that,
so I couldn't really do
the whole apartment thing.
Hey... no worries.
I'm gonna find a place
to live by myself.
What.. why?
Well, yeah, I mean,
if you were my roommate,
maybe I could actually get you
on the phone,
but, uh, I'm not sure
it's worth the aggravation.
Maybe you should lighten up
a little bit.
I've been hacking romaine
for three hours.
You lighten up.
You don't have to be
such a wad about I
oh, right, right,
'cause it's my fault.
I got some people
I want you to meet.
Since when do you know people?
No, you know what, man?
I wasted my time trying to find
us a decent place to live
while you chased after Lily,
who treats you like a pet.
I'm not doing that anymore.
But that's cool, right
'cause you don't have time
for anything else,
including finding
a decent place to live,
even though you're living at home
like it's still high school.
I said I was sorry!
And, just for the record, man,
you suck as a friend.
I remember when the 10-year plan
used to be 5.
How's that working out
for you, Walter?
Just go away, man.
You know what?
I am not a pet.
And so what if I did
move back home?
Like that's so unusual during
the current economic downturn.
Good night.
And maybe I did add five years
to my five-year plan.
Is that so wrong?
You really like beer.
I really want be
a part of this team
Oh, well, then all you need
a catchphrase.
Wait, I got one.
Where's the smell?
Do not see him...
They will.
Do not fear him they should.
Chicks did him
men want to be his friend.
Has no zits.
[ Customs coughing ]
That'll be him
[ Coughing continues ]
Oh, no.
[ Coughing continues ]
[ Coughing ]
Oh, my God!
What did you do?!
Dude, that was nothing.
Just a little taste.
Look, I heard
what that cook guy said.
Mutant solidarity is the
cornerstone of my philosophy.
You have a philosophy?
[ Cellphone rings ]
Carlos... what?!
Troy: It's Troy. How did it go?
Sorry, I didn't know it was you.
How did it go?
God, what is that smell?!
Just great.
Walter, better that
we're not around. Come on.
Wait, my catchphrase!
"Up, up, and
a limited distance away!"
Good catchphrase.
[ All chuckling ]
Wait a minute.
You said we all...
Pretty awesome, right?
My mom made it.
She, uh... she thinks
it's for drama club.
Welcome to the team, Walter.
First Op in 36 hours.
I'm gonna go change...
Before the Op.
[ Crickets chirping ]
[ Keyslacking ]
[ Gasp ]
[ Computer beeps ]
Sorry to pop in like this.
I just wanted to see
how you were doing.
Great, never better.
S-super good.
You're scared to death.
Every cell in my body
is screaming.
That's 70 trillion cells.
Do something for me.
Step to the window
look at the stars.
[ Sighs ]
I can't see them
that's probably
due to city lights,
but there could also be
cloud cover or a smog layer.
You can't see the stars,
but you know they're up there.
It's not faith
or a good guess...
It's a fact.
Courage inside you
is like the stars.
You can't see it, but you know is there.
That's a fact.
I decided
at a very early age...
4, actually...
That I was going to learn
the answer to every question.
And I did,
to the exclusion
of almost everything else.
And then, one day, there I was,
and my head was full of answers.
And that's when I realized...
I forgot all the questions.
Except the first one.
What was your first question?
"Where's dad?"
You never know your father?
Well, he died when I was 3.
A boy should know his dad.
Got a few boxes
of old records...
And his watch.
And a photograph
I used to keep it by my bed.
But it wasn't memory, you know?
It was just a picture.
Like an insert
in frame you buy.
And all that did
was make me sadder.
So I put it away.
Well, do me a favor.
Put it back.
Get some sleep.
[ Sighs ]
It's a big day tomorrow
[ Indistinct conversation ]
Club soda and lime.
Men's room.
[ Russian accent ] Please excuse me.
Hello, Dr. Husak.
I almost forgot.
What did you forget?
There was an island
in the middle of the lake,
and on the island
there was the ruins of a church
it said the bones of a Saint
were buried in the soil.
I was only 8 years old.
We took an old rowboat,
my sister Vladka and me,
and we rowed out to the island.
And all day
we looked for the bones.
[ Speaks Russian ]
I haven't thought of her
in years.
Where is it, Pavel?
Where is what?
The package.
It's in the warehouse
on the last key road.
Locked up like fort Knox.
Kobe is a better player, sure
but LeBron's just
playing better, all right?
It's like Alicia Keys...
she's got all the tools
she's just not
making great tunes.
Annika[ as Anthony ]: This
makes sense to me, of course.
while gaining an NBA title,
Mr. Kobe has become
a far better player,
attaining previously unheard of
performance levels... dawg.
Anthony, you sound weird.
Mao, get over here, now!
I need to work on my...
[ Normal voice ] ...
Sports information and trivia.
No kidding... dawg.
We get in, we get out.
Retrieve the package
and deliver it to HQ.
I don't feel like a hero.
I feel like a U.P.S. Driver.
Maybe the package is evil.
It could happen.
You can't always be a hero.
Watts: Sometimes
it's just a paycheck.
Also, pace yourself.
[ Grunting ]
Go, go, go.
Go, go, go, go, go. Go.
[ Grunts ]
Stop right there!
Down on your knees!
Hands behind your head.
Hello, boys.
What the hell?
You, down on the ground!
Oh, I'm sorry.
I'm running late.
Down on the ground!
[ Both laughing ]
[ Laughter stops ]
Watts, I don't think
I can do this.
Walter, get up.
One more door to open,
and we can all go home.
You got it?
Yeah. Okay.
[ Device beeping softly ]
Step on it, freak.
We're on the clock.
I've never seen anything
like this before.
That's what I was afraid of.
Why anybody thought you belonged
on my team...
He can do it.
'Cause all I see is a f...
[ Lock clicking ]
You make it sound
like a bad thing.
Who are you?
Ok, excuse me, That's not
definitely a package.
That is a little girl.
Brandon, what the hell?
Man: Give us the kid...
This is me.
Stink on!
[ Coughing, gagging ]
Hey. There's nothing
to be afraid of.
We're gonna take care of you.
Brandon, watch out!
[ Gunshots ]
First guard... he's coming.
Carlos: That guy's gonna need
a new grill.
Let go of me!
Let go of me!
Wait a minute.
Nobody said she was the package.
We don't even know
what is was doing there.
Maybe somebody...
Get in the van.
She's not a package.
She's a little girl.
Walter, please.
[ Engine turns over ]
Whoa, whoa,
it's okay. It's okay.
We're not gonna hurt you.
We're here to help.
Maybe this is a rescue Op.
Cuff her.
We can handle this, Brandon.
I've got an idea.
Why don't you ask Todd
what happens
when you don't shut up
and follow orders?
Happy or sad?
It's you call.
Watts, what the hell
do you think you're doing?
Till we get back to HQ,
until Troy tells us
exactly what's going on,
nobody's getting cuffed.
We're the good guys, remember?
[ Tires screech ]
[ Starter cranking ]
Stay in the van.
Oh, my God.
Call HQ.
We need to get out of
here now. Brandon!
They just shot Brandon.
Are you alright?
Annika, call Troy.
Todd, go check out Brandon.
What about us?
We run, go.
I can only do this
for a limited amount of time,
then it goes away
till my body recharges.
It's like
the electromagnetic energy...
Go, go.
Walter: Okay.
I think we're good.
What's your name?
Cassie, what were you doing
in that room.
I don't know.
I was on my way home
from school.
They took me.
What about those men chasing you?
You know who they are?
Troy will know what to do, right?
[ Shouting in distance ]
Man: This way!
That way.
Up here.
Go, go, go.
No. Got to go back.
Go, go, go, go!
Now would probably be
a good time
to alter
their emotional states.
How about sense of direction...?
Can you do that? I'm not close enough
Oh, so your powers are limited
by how close you are to
the target, just like mine?
Can we discuss this
another time?! Go!
Now what?
I can do this.
[ Squeak ]
Watts: Nice work.
We're gonna need
a new set of wheels.
You're kidding me.
[ Tires screech ]
[ Gear shifts ]
I thought were taking things.
Pickup and delivery...
That's what you said.
But people are hurt.
People are dying.
You saw what happened
to Brandon.
Troy never said anything
about anybody dying.
We can't think
about that now, Walter.
We've got to move.
But not back to headquarters.
We can't go back there
till we know it's safe.
[ Gear shifts ]
The only safe place is
the last place they'd look.
We entered a race.
Well, it's actually more of
a scavenger hunt, really.
And in order to win,
we have to find a place to hide
for three to five hours
before we locate the midget
and... and get
the policeman's autograph.
The last time you were here,
a room full of paying customs
ran screaming into the night
Okay, Walter.
You can crash in the storage room
Cassie? Cassie?
What's that?
What kind shots
did they give you?
I don't know.
How often?
Every morning.
The people who give you
these shots...
You know who they are?
Bad Guys grabbed you.
Bad guys chase you.
Bad guys everywhere,
but you don't know who they are
or what they want?
Okay, uh, just to sum up,
after you got fried
by a lightning bolt,
you discovered that you could
move any object three inches.
Then you joined a team
of superheroes to fight evil,
but ended up grabbing
a little girl instead.
Also, one of us is really high.
Just... Beer.
Not just for that.
Also for unleashing
a hellish odor in here.
That was you?
Guy I know
calls himself "the human smell."
That is one stinky superpower.
[ Exhales sharply ]
Oh, man.
I'm sorry, too
For what?
Should have known
there was something going on
with you.
Not this, because this is
insane, but still.
And the hottie?
What's, uh...
What's her superpower?
She can make you happy,
she can make you sad.
I meet a lot of girls like that.
[ Chuckles ]
And this, uh, Troy guy...
You trust him?
I don't know.. I did.
Why would he send you
after a little girl?
Does she have superpower, too?
I cannot believe, I
didn't see that till now
You're special, just like us.
What kind of powers
do you have?
How'd you get them
I was hit by lightning.
Did it hurt?
They were medicating her.
It's probably an inhibitor.
You think your powers
will come back if they stop?
Hope not.
I don't want to be different.
I'm only 10.
I wanna be a real girl.
Then I'm gonna take care
of you.
[ Breathing heavily ]
So this is how you fight evil?
You kidnap little girls
with superpowers?
I don't know what this is, okay?
Look, we should call Troy.
He'll know what do.
Listen, there's a client, right?
Somebody who wants her?
Looks that way.
She is scared to death.
I can see that.
What about this client?
What do they want her for?
I don't know.
Watts, we cannot
just give her to them.
Do you have a plan?
No, not yet.
Then I'm calling Troy.
Wait. Please?
Just give me till the morning.
I'll think of something.
Watts: She left sometime during
the night or early this morning.
Her name's Cassie.
The package is a little girl.
She's just like us... she has powers.
[ Cellphone buzzes ]
Right now, the most important
thing is to find her.
You're dead!
I'm bulletproof.
We know there are at least
two teams in pursuit.
There's the guards
from the warehouse,
there's a backup crew
working with the guards...
Walter: Literally?
Walter, he wears body armor.
She has powers.
That explains why they had her,
and that means that they'll do
anything to get her back.
We don't have much time.
Also, there's a mysterious
motorcycle rider.
What were you doing all night?
Running for our lives!
You let her get away.
The only thing you need to think
about is getting her back.
Let me help... please.
Walter, go home.
It's been a long night
for everyone.
Go home!
We'll find her. Count on it!
[ Cellphone buzzes ]
[ Engine turns over ]
[ Beeps ]
She's been there all morning.
You didn't talk to her?
Are you kidding me?
What if she has laser beams
in her eyes?
The mysterious motorcycle
rider's a woman.
Okay, look, easy rider...
I don't want to hurt you,
but if you provoke me...
Leave her alone!
Cassie, run!
Let go of me!
Hey, what are you doing?
Mission accomplished.
We transfer the package
to the client in the morning.
[ Car door closes,
engine turns over ]
Who are you?
[ Sighs ]
I'm her sister.
Cassie's special, isn't she?
Yeah, in ways no one understands.
When word got out,
they came after us.
Government, corporate, private.
I mean, they don't care
that she's just a kid.
So, we've been on the run
ever since.
I do whatever it takes
to protect her,
but, you know, it's never enough.
Do you know
who was holding her?
It doesn't matter
they all want the same thing.
Who do you work for?
It's a long story.
Who went you after my sister?
Well, there's a client,
but that doesn't mean...
A client.
Look, I don't want to hurt
Cassie. I want to help her.
Why do you think your
client is gonna need her?
They gonna probe and
measure my little sister
just like everyone else does.
Where are you going?
I'm going to get her back.
Dude, game over.
It's time to go home.
Where you been?
I called and texted,
and you never...
You okay?
No, I'm not.
Well, look what the cat
dragged in.
We don't have a cat.
That's just an expression.
But if we did, I would have
spent the night telling snowball
that my son was missing
and he didn't answer my calls
and I was afraid he was lying
in the ditch somewhere...
You know, the default ditch
that every mother sees
in her head
when her child doesn't come home.
[ Voice breaking ]
I'm glad you're not dead.
Thank you.
Do you need anything?
[ Sobs ]
[ Phone buzzes ]
Her sister's name is Cate,
and all she's trying to
do is protect her.
And she says this client...
Whoever it is
who knows what they'll do to her?
Troy, you said it was a package,
but it's not,
and I don't see ...
I didn't come here to talk
about the mission.
I came here to make sure
you were all right.
You said I could help you make
the world better place.
And we didn't make it better,
did we?
Changing the world takes time.
Well, I don't think
I can do that.
I guess what I mean is...
[ Sighs ]
Your abilities
have been tested.
Sometimes when we're tested,
we start to doubt the things
that makes us special.
Is being special
always this hard?
It gets easier over time.
How is she?
She's safe.
What about the client?
The client expects
prompt delivery.
What kind of client is this, anyway?
What about the sister?
Cate said she...
I'll handle the sister!
Cassie is at HQ,
safe and sound.
We transfer her to the client
in the morning.
You're off prep.
Back where I belong.
I'm about to do
something stupid,
and I need your help.
Is it really stupid?
Hope it's something
nice and sweet
[ Sobbing, sniffles ]
But since you came around
and you fed another hound
it's another
tv dinner cuisine
How'd you find me?
I asked Todd
then I ask Ethan.
Ethan asked Annika.
What's on your mind, Walter?
I went home.
Good idea.
I can't stop thinking about Cassie.
Bad idea.
Cassie needs my help
so she can be a real girl.
But in the morning, they're
transferring her to the client.
I don't even know
who the client is.
And by then it'll be too late.
So I'm going rogue to save her,
and I don't care
what the consequences are.
Because, for the first time
in my life,
I know exactly what to do next.
Also, it would be great
if you came with me.
Good speech.
I usually practice them first.
[ Sobbing ]
What's with him?
Never mind.
[ Sniffles ]
How many superfreaks
are out here?
It's an HQ.
Not a sideshow door.
HQ is basically empty.
One guard on top, a couple below.
They're armed,
and they're bored.
What are you doing here?
We're gonna get her back.
Hang on a second.
What are you guys doing here?
[ Grunting ]
I'm starting to think
you enjoy that.
Wait, are you flirting
with me now?
Would it be a bad thing
if I was flirting with you now?
Shift change.
On whose orders?
Midnight... Snack.
For who?
[ Alarm beeping ]
[ Beep ]
Brandon: Stop!
What the hell do you think
you're doing?
Go. Go.
Let's go. Let's go.
This is a bad idea.
I know.
What do you think happens next?
You're gonna try to stop us.
Oh, no.
Too late.
No, please.
I wanna be happy.
Not like this.
I'm sorry, Brandon.
You think I'm an idiot.
No, I don't.
Come on.
I'm normal.
That's what you guys
call me, right?
Captain Normal?
What's wrong with normal?
[ Train whistle blows ]
Thank you for saving me.
You're welcome.
Sorry if I got you in trouble.
Trouble is my business.
Trouble really isn't
his business.
The important thing is that
you can be a real girl now.
What about you?
Don't you want to be a real boy?
No. I mean... Yes.
[ Sighs ]
I'm just me.
We'll never see you again, huh?
I hope not.
Goodbye, Cassie.
Bye, Walter.
[ Engine turns over ]
[ Car horns soaring ]
[ Blaring stops ]
Cute kid.
Super sweet.
Golden Apple is open.
I like pie.
This is my favorite place.
This is where lightning hit me.
What are you gonna do now?
I don't know.
I could go home
and pretend like we never met.
You could probably erase
my mind, right?
[ Chuckles ]
Maybe I'll run away
like Cassie did.
Don't go.
We need you.
Stay with the team.
I don't have
a lot of friends, Walter.
I was hoping
you could be my friend?
Because you're smart...
And easy to talk to.
Everybody wants to be my friend.
[ Chuckles ]
Another superpower?
Sometimes it feels more like
an unnecessary limitation.
If I was running
across a summer lawn
and my mother called my name
because it was time
for dinner...
My name's Tess.
It's my secret identity.
It is important...
That I be able to trust
the members of my team...
Every single one.
And if I can't... if there's
the slightest doubt...
What are you doing here?
I set Cassie free. It's my fault.
I set Cassie free.
It's my fault.
I set Cassie free.
It's my fault.
Carlos: They rose to their feet
and ripped off an old movie
dad would never shut up about.
I set Cassie free.
It's my fault.
Had this guy in it
with a big dent in his chin.
I set Cassie free.
It's my fault.
They did it
because they were a team.
They did it because the guy
before them did it.
They did it to blow your mind.
HQ. is my responsibility.
It's my fault.
I'm sorry, dad.
You didn't know?
No, if Nobody tells me.
Walter, follow me.
Well done.
Even better than I expected.
I'm confused.
I once told you
I was a private contractor.
With good intentions
and a clear conscience.
Thanks to you,
my conscience is clear.
I'm still confused.
I was hired to retrieve
a package.
The package turned out
to be a little girl.
That's not
what I signed on for.
The client used me.
They use you, too.
They put me
into a difficult position.
I had to get Cassie out of there
safe and sound,
but I needed plausible
deniability at the same time.
That's where you came in...
A disgruntled former employee
hell-bent on saving the day.
I just wanted to help Cassie,
'cause all she wanted
was be a real...
[ Scoffs ] Wait a minute.
You knew?!
Yeah, I trusted you to do
the right thing.
And you didn't let me down.
It's a nice work, Walter.
I hope you'll change your mind
about quitting.
What do you say?
Give us a second chance.
[ Chuckles ]
What the hell
happened out there?
I put my trust in someone
who didn't deserve it.
There's gonna be hell to pay.
I expect that.
Questions about
your reliability.
I expect that, too.
Contracting you was my idea.
Don't make me regret,
or you could find yourself,
uh, isolated.
Don't be unkind.
You be careful.
I'll be careful, too.
We used to be on the same team.
Well, I got my own team now
I like this one better.
I'll be in touch.
[ Dog barks ]
Walter. Hey.
Flyin' high
live a little, baby,
before we die
goin' strong
can't stop, babe
live a little, baby,
before we're gone
Oh, yeah
[ Door closes ]
When I was struck by lightning,
a strange power
was given to me.
I resist at the first
I eventually found common cause
with a group of similarly gifted
men and women who fight evil.
So, basically,
I'm not washing dogs anymore.
I'm gonna save
the world instead.
[ Record player clicks ]
My name is Walter Spackman.
I'm 26 years old,
and this is the best break
I ever had.
But if I knew what happened
next, I wouldn't dance...
I'd run.
Are you ready?
Are you ready?