Three Steps (2017) Movie Script

How much is still left?
Its almost finished.
Is the tape damaged?
As soon as it finishes come,
I need your help.
What are you doing?! Hold it!
Hi Rezo.
Hurry up!
We`ll finish soon.
Where are you going?
For some it lasts 3 days,
for others 4, 5, even 6.
7, 8, 9, 10, 11.
No, not that long.
So if I jump from the second step
it will last for 2 days?
No. There should be three steps.
I jumped from the third.
Get up.
Shut up, you mother fucker! Let me sleep!
Get up! Get up!
Wait, just look at her.
Is your boy smaller than her?
No, he s approximately the same height.
Wait a minute.
Mariam! Come, come here.
Look at her. Just watch and then decide.
Come, take a seat and ride.
Sit and ride!
Watch it.
Sit normally!
She rides well enough, doesn`t she?
Put your ass on it and ride it normally!
See?! Why can`t your boy ride like that?
Actually he could.
If a girl can ride why a boy wouldn`t?
So are you buying?
Carefully with the bike!
Is Rezo at home?
When will he be back?
Take it.
Come out!
Mariam, come out!
What s going on here?
Who the fuck are you!
What are you doing here?
Are you stealing?
Wait, aren`t you Rezo`s daughter?!
Let`s go to your dad right now!
What`s going on?
Shouldn`t you take care of your daughter?
Why? What s wrong?
She was stealing from my warehouse.
What? Let me have a look.
What is this?
Ask her!
Did you steal this? You little shit!
Take of your hands!
You little bastard!
Take of your hands!
How did you dare? You bastard.
For this I raised you?
I don`t want to see your face again!
He gave her to someone at night...
...this stranger fucked her
and took her back to her father, Temura...
...Temura took money from him.
What are you talking?
Manana saw them at night.
I don`t believe you! She s just a child!
He sold his daughter. Trust me!
You want coffee, too?
No, just sugar.
I`m telling you. Manana saw them at night.
This costs 2 Lari, right?
Take this 5 Lari.
Take it.
Cut your hair and wash yourself.
Where were you last night?
At home. Why are you asking?
Why are you asking?