Three Strangers (1946) Movie Script

My name is-
You mustn't tell me.
Why mustn't I?
I mightn't like it.
Gay, wasn't it?
The crowd?
If you like crowds.
I don't.
Begging your pardon,
what were you doing
in it?
Looking for you.
I'm afraid I don't
quite understand.
Of course.
It's one flight up.
I'm sorry I can't
introduce you.
You see, I don't know this
gentleman's name, either.
Won't you have
a chair?
It's only whiskey.
If you don't mind,
I think I'll go.
Oh, no,
you mustn't really.
After getting you
all the way up here?
I'm sorry,
it's rather late.
Oh, please don't,
I ask you as a favor.
I played the same trick
on the other gentleman.
He doesn't seem to mind.
Oh, no.
On the contrary,
I'm having a very good time.
You don't know
each other?
No more than you and I.
I got him
off the street, too,
In much the same manner.
We're three strangers,
that's the point.
Point? What point?
Please sit down.
You can play.
Even the piano
must be astonished.
Please don't stop.
All right, I won't-
Unless it interferes with
more important things.
You're both being
very patient with me.
The reason that I
brought you up here
Was to meet Kwan yin.
She's a very ancient
The goddess of fortune
and destiny,
Of life and death.
She was given to me when my
husband and I were in the orient.
Very interesting. But what
has that to do with us?
There's a legend that
at midnight on Chinese new year,
Kwan Yin will open her eyes
and her heart to 3 strangers.
This happens to be
the night.
Why to
three strangers?
That's perhaps because in the orient,
The 3 is the symbol
of the luck principle,
Like with us
the 7.
Indeed? How did you know that?
I've managed to collect here and there
Some useless bits of information.
Open its eyes?
How can it?
It's made of bronze.
You do not believe
in miracles, I see.
Pardon me, sir,
But then what do
you believe in?
Who, me?
I believe in what
I can see.
What I can get
my hands on.
And I believe that those
things are not at all real.
Who are we to
say that
The legend of
Kwan Yin
Is any less real
than the iron
You just tapped
with your ring?
the matter?
on a match?
you see?
Well, everyone has
some silly superstition.
Then you can afford
to humor mine,
Even if that's all
it is.
Very well.
I'll stay and witness
your miracle, as you call it.
If it's to happen at midnight,
we have only 5 minutes to go.
That gives us just time
to make our wish.
Yes. I mentioned that Kwan Yin
would not only open her eyes,
But her heart as well.
Whatever we ask for
she will grant.
That's the kind
of lady I like.
The only difficulty is, it has to
be the same wish for all three of us.
What could that
possibly be?
I've been thinking
about it for several days.
You see, the wish that
I have my heart set on
Is one that I couldn't possibly
expect strangers to share.
But I found
the solution.
What one wish can make
all others come true?
It's very simple:
Money? That's all right
with me.
Although I think that you
slightly overestimate its power.
No, I have no objections to money.
How much do you
The Chinese lady can be touched for?
A few thousand
That's a very
trifling amount,
But, uh... I think
I can use it.
Do you think she would
answer a prayer like this?
A sweepstake
Anything will do,
If we have
sufficient faith.
Well, now, that would
be a proper miracle.
You know where
I got it?
I bought it from
a girl in a cafe,
Paid my last
10 shillings for it.
She had the most
extraordinary blue eyes.
A strange look...
Well, that's
You know what?
I'll take you in
as my partners
For about 1/3 of
my original investment.
That's 3 shillings.
This sounds like a
very elaborate way
Of recouping part
of your loss.
However, I've gone this
far. I'll take a chance.
How about you,
I'll agree on one
We must make a bargain
that if the ticket is drawn,
No part of it
shall be divided.
However much it is worth,
it must all go on the race.
I suggest you have good faith
toward Kwan Yin, I gather?
Agreed. Now we'll put it in proper form.
I like to have
everything correct.
"We, the undersigned,
"Are mutual owners
of this ticket.
"And we agree to share and
share alike in its benefits,
If any. "
Would you please
All right, but we mustn't
see each other's signatures
Until after midnight.
Very well.
Now you,
if you please.
Now mine.
You shall be the nominal
owner of the ticket.
And our pseudonym
will be "Kwan Yin. "
Very well.
Her celestial
We now have exactly two
minutes and 20 seconds.
If it's no secret,
What would you do with
the money if you win?
Well, I'm not sure.
I never imagined
having that much money.
I'm a solicitor.
I hope someday to be invited
to join the barrister's club,
Which denotes a certain
standing in my profession.
I suppose if
I were that rich,
There'd be no question
about an invitation.
What am I dreaming about?
The chances of winning
a sweepstake ticket
Are about a million
to one.
Oh, you mean
mathematically speaking.
Yes, of course.
And you?
What is it you wish,
if I may ask?
My husband and I have been
separated for a long time.
Your husband?
He's in London?
No, no, he's quite
out of reach in Canada.
One makes a mistake,
And suddenly one's
whole life is shattered.
But perhaps it isn't too late,
if our wish is granted.
I don't
A beautiful
woman like you,
It shouldn't
be necessary.
No, you misunderstand me.
It would be quite impossible
to buy him back,
Even if I were willing
to do such a thing.
Well, then...
I want enough money
to be independent,
Then there can be
no doubt in his mind.
Perhaps you've both heard
the Chinese proverb,
"You can trust love only when
there's nothing to be gained by it. "
And you?
What's yours?
Do you know the long bar at the royal?
Well, I'd buy it
and move in.
How much time
have we left?
30 seconds.
Do you realize what you're
asking Kwan Yin to do?
We want her to
reshuffle a hand
That destiny has
already dealt us.
Why? Because, uh, we hope
to get higher cards.
A little presumptuous
on our part, isn't it?
I wouldn't worry about
it, if I were you.
I won't.
The lights! The matches!
The matches!
You just had them.
Where are they?
I think
I saw them over here.
I can't
find them!
I have the matches.
You know,
a moment ago,
I- I could have sworn
she was smiling at us.
What more proof
do you want?
Can't you even
believe what you see?
But I can't say
I saw anything.
She opened her eyes.
Kwan Yin kept her promise.
Now the wish
- If one's come true, so will the other.
Yes, sir,
and then, uh,
even you
will believe.
Indeed I will.
If you'll excuse me,
I must be going along.
Wait, I'll come
with you.
You've both been
very kind.
It was a pleasure,
Shackleford. Crystal Shackleford.
I go by the name of west.
Johnny West.
Arbutny is mine.
Jerome K. Arbutny.
We'll be back to share
in the sweepstakes.
I'll expect you.
Good night.
Good night.
Good night.
Oh, mister,
didn't you
forget something?
My 3 shillings.
Oh, that.
If I may speak frankly, this has been
A most unsatisfactory evening.
Say, that couldn't
Of course it is.
The photograph.
I never forget a face. It's Shackleford.
She certainly works fast,
that Kwan Yin.
As far as
I'm concerned,
I never want to see
this place again.
Unless of course
the ticket wins.
Hello, Crystal.
I knew it.
I knew
you'd come back.
You expected me?
Oh, not tonight,
of course,
But sometime,
sometime soon.
Well, I, uh, my boat
just docked tonight.
I thought you might
still be up.
And you came to
see me right away.
Oh, David,
I'm so happy,
I'm so terribly
As a matter of fact, I-
I have something
rather important
I wanted to talk over
with you.
Yes? Well,
that can wait.
Until the morning,
at any rate.
Morning? But, Crystal,
In view of everything
that's happened between us-
Everything that happened was
my fault. I know that now.
I'm terribly sorry
for what I did,
And I want to ask
for your forgiveness.
I don't hold anything
against you, Crystal.
As far as I'm concerned, the
past is over and forgotten.
Then let me make it
up to you
For all the selfish,
hateful things that I did.
I've missed you terribly,
and you must have missed me.
Don't, Crystal.
Because in your heart-
You're making it very difficult for me.
It's best
I speak plainly.
What you want
is impossible.
All that's over
and done with.
We needn't go into reasons.
You know them as well as I do.
Reasons? B-But I'm
a part of your life.
You can't change that.
During the time
you've been away,
I've found other interests, a new life.
I'm only
staying here
Until my new appointment's
been confirmed.
I'm up for
an important post
With the dominions
You're not telling me
everything, are you?
Well, as a matter
of fact-
Who is she? I know
there's someone.
Yes, there is. She's
a girl I met in Canada,
One of the old families of Montral.
She came back
with me.
Aren't you afraid
of a scandal?
Yes. Suppose the
dominions office
Would get wind of
this... outside interest?
But you don't
understand, Crystal.
Janet isn't
an outside interest.
I want to marry her.
Isn't that a little
Inasmuch as you have
one wife already?
Oh, legally we may
still be married,
But we haven't lived
together for a long time.
Under the circumstances,
does it seem unreasonable
That we should arrange
for a divorce?
Does she know you're
a married man?
Oh, but of course
you'd tell her.
You're so honorable.
Oh, please, Crystal,
don't let's have any scenes.
I've had enough of them
to last the rest of my life.
You like everything
to be sugarcoated!
"Civilized" is the
word you always use.
At least there's
no reason why
We shouldn't be kind
to each other.
Do you imagine you're being kind to me?
After hoping
and praying-
Yes, praying that
you'd come back
And that we could be
together again.
This is all you
have to say to me,
That you want to
marry somebody else.
You think I'd give you up
just like that? You're wrong!
I'll never give you a
divorce as long as you live!
In that case,
I don't think
There's anything more
for us to say.
Still Kwan Yin, eh?
Still an idol
instead of a soul.
How little you've
changed, Crystal,
In spite of all
your fine words.
Well, Alfred,
I disagree with
this boy.
It's very simple: a
life of good drinking
Is worth the years
of fainting.
It's stupid.
At least 10 years
of fainting.
What is it?
We're closed.
is Johnny there?
Oh, Johnny.
Johnny, Johnny, Johnny.
You got to come back
to the room.
I will, I will,
I will,
But not before
I've finished my drink.
The Chinese say that haste
is the one unpardonable sin.
Oh, Alfred, anything you do
for this lady, you do for me.
It's a very special
friend of mine,
As the best friendships are made
on short acquaintance
And last a very
brief time.
This is miss Icy.
This is Mr.
Alfred Bluecrown,
my favorite
Pleased to
meet you, miss.
Same here.
Johnny, you shouldn't have done it.
Gabby's awful sore. Why
did you slip out on him?
Oh, I'd become
unpleasantly aware
Of my presence
in that room,
So when Gabby went
out in the hall,
I went outside
to lose it.
How did you find me?
I looked in 10 pubs.
Sorry for
the other night.
Anyway, you didn't
get in no trouble?
No, I was but a face
in the crowd.
That's not quite true-
I- I was recognized,
I was picked out
from the rest.
Oh, not by a bobby.
Not even by a person,
for that matter.
It was ordained by fate
In the image of
a Chinese goddess.
You've had too much
to drink.
We're going back
to the room.
Shh! Johnny.
Good evening,
Mrs. Proctor.
You know, Gabby will be
so glad to see us.
It's me, Icy.
It's me,
Yes, he'll be
very happy.
Very happy...
Happy Chinese
new year to you, sir.
Now where have
you been?
Where was he?
Blue crown.
And that was only
the last stop.
You're drunk.
Taken in sufficient
Liquor will make you
Do you want to put the
rope around your neck?
And mine?
And Fallon's?
No, that's
the hangman's job.
He'll get paid
for it.
You always-
Leave me alone!
I didn't want
to do it,
But he don't learn!
Johnny, Gabby don't
want to hurt you.
We ain't stopping you
from drinking.
You can drink all
you want to in here.
Only, please, Johnny,
You mustn't get drunk
on the outside.
Mustn't get drunk
on the outside.
It's a wonder we
don't go batty,
What with you
on our hands,
In a fix
like this.
In times of trial
a dictator says,
"This, too,
shall pass away. "
Is that of any
consolation to you, Gabby?
I can't even trust you
when I turn me back.
Any more gin left?
As if you didn't have
An whole distillery
in your belly as it is.
From now on, you're not
setting foot outside this room.
You ought to be ashamed.
Fallon gives us money
to keep out of sight.
You have to get drunk
on it and show yourself.
What's it to me?
What's it to you?
Plenty, that's what it is.
One man by himself
can hold out.
But when there's
two or 3,
They can be played
against each other.
And one of them
always spills.
Isn't it lucky
I'm innocent?
And if I'm known
to be innocent,
Will I then hang
quite as high
As you or Fallon?
If you show yourself
And get picked up
and spill-
If we get nabbed
on account of you-
I'll swear to it you're
as guilty as Fallon or me.
You'll hang,
I'll see to that.
Gabby, I'll get him
some gin.
He can have it in here, where
you can keep an eye on him.
It's the last time
I get into a fix
Where I have to play
nursemaid to a bloomin' idiot.
Where will you
get the money?
Same place
I got it before.
Fallon ain't gonna
keep forking out money
To keep him swimming
in gin!
He wants an alibi
fixed, don't he?
Well, he'll have to
fork out.
If you put it
that way to Fallon,
he's gonna remember it
when they turn him loose.
That will be my lookout.
I'll drop by with
the gin in the morning.
Yes, please, if it isn't
too much trouble.
It ain't no trouble.
And the crown
intends to prove
That police officer brown,
hearing cries for help
From the night watchman,
Donald Frye,
Entered the building
and called upon Bertram Fallon
And the two persons unknown
to surrender,
And thereupon
was brutally slain.
And the crown intends to prove
that the hand that fired the shot
Which killed police officer
brown was Bertram Fallon's-
And that Bertram Fallon
is guilty of murder.
I call Donald Frye.
The prisoner
may sit.
Is it true,
Mr. Frye,
That on the aforementioned night
At the aforementioned
You were attacked
and beaten by two men?
I was.
Would you be able
to identify them?
One of them I could.
Is he in
this courtroom?
He is.
Would you point
him out, please?
Him in the dock,
that's the one!
That is all,
Mr. Frye.
I call officer
"Tell us what happened,
officer Cummings,
"From the time you heard
patrolman Brown's whistle
"Until you came
upon his body?
"Answer: first thing,
I blew my own whistle,
"Then I ran towards
officer Brown's whistle.
"Halfway up the block I
heard pistol shots, 3 reports.
"When I got to the
end of the block,
"Two suspicious-Looking
characters came around the corner,
One pulling the other
one along, helping him. "
Is that the way
it was?
You don't remember
any of it?
No, I don't.
Not any.
It's like it says
in the paper.
"The one who was
doing the helping
"Let go of the other,
and then sprinted off.
"So I grabbed
onto the other one.
"He seemed like something
was the matter with him,
"Like he might have been hurt, disabled,
Or maybe he was
intoxicated. "
Intoxicated is right.
Filthy drunk, you were.
Filthy drunk.
"I was about to put
handcuffs on him
"When I was struck
from behind,
a very hard blow that
made me lose my senses. "
It's a wonder his head
stayed on his shoulders.
Why did you do it?
Do what?
Why did you help me,
Why did you rescue me
from the police?
Because I-
Well, how would you like
to wake up tomorrow morning
And find yourself charged
with murder, maybe?
And not know why
or anything?
Give me a match.
Was it you or Fallon who
picked me out at the Blue Crown?
Fallon it was.
He bought you the drinks
and made you the proposition.
But why me?
Because you was under
the influence, I guess.
Only he didn't suspect how much under.
Well, I suspect one can hold
one's liquor too well.
Did he ever mention to me that you
were planning to commit a robbery?
Oh, not exactly.
He told you he'd
pay you 5
If you'd wait someplace
for us and whistle
If you saw
a policeman.
And I accepted?
All you said was, "I'll
take a whiskey and soda. "
That's me.
"Officer Brown
died in your arms,
"Did he not,
officer Cummings?
"Answer: he did.
"Question: did he make
a statement before he died?
"Answer: he said,
Fallon. Bertram Fallon.
Those were his last
and only words. "
Why did Fallon
have to kill him?
I could have hit
the bobby.
Hittin' him would
have been enough.
I wonder what's
coming next?
Fallon's lawyer
begins his defense.
Begins his defense.
Why he gets paid for it?
Glad it isn't my job.
Icy's a girl that can
lie and make it stick.
Yes, but that's called
perjury, isn't it?
And what we're up for
is called murder.
It's only me-
Mrs. Proctor.
Good afternoon.
Quite comfortable?
You like your rooms?
Why not?
Got a nice view
from the window here.
You can look out,
But no one
can look in.
That's the best to being
on the third floor.
Worth the walk up,
for privacy's sake.
Is it?
You can get too much
privacy sometimes.
Then you get lonely.
Oh, not you two
gentlemen, of course.
You've got each other
for company.
We're lucky that way.
Even so, you might come down
to the parlor one evening
For a game of cards.
No harm in a game
of cards, I say.
All depends on the people.
You ain't forgetting?
No, we are not
The rent-Is it
the rent you want?
One pound, 6 shillings, right?
For the coming week,
it'll be 10 guineas.
Payable in advance.
10 guineas.
You heard correctly.
This is the time of year-
Gabby, uh...
Give Mrs. Proctor a few pounds
in advance,
and the rest of it you'll get
in a few days.
All right, ma'am?
You can come and go
as you please,
Nobody will bother you-you're
quite safe, you know.
Yes, Gabby.
It's not for us
to tarry long.
Let's go.
It's a good thing
you weren't drunk.
If it hadn't been
for you,
I'd have done her in
for sure.
Arbutny: you're a fool!
I say you're a fool!
If you're not a fool,
prove it! Yes, sir.
Prove to me that you're
anything else but a fool!
I'll try, sir. Then
prove it! I'm waiting.
Yes, sir,
yes, sir.
What a disposition!
When you've been here as long
as I have, you won't mind.
Well, I hope to heaven I'm
not here as long as you.
In the meantime, I suppose I
shall have to take his insults
And swallow my pride.
Your pride?
I bet you it ain't big enough
to choke on as it goes down.
Good morning.
Lady Rhea Belladon
to see you, sir.
Well, show her in,
show her in.
Her ladyship must not
be kept waiting.
Lady Rhea.
Mr. Arbutny.
An unexpected pleasure.
To what do I owe
this honor?
Wasn't I-
I mean-I thought this
is the date, or isn't it?
The check?
The check.
And here is
the receipt.
The receipt?
The bank receipt to show
the money was deposited.
So you see, everything
has been taken care of.
You are kind.
Really, you think
of everything.
Lord Belladon wishes me to
thank you for all you've done.
Indeed? It's very
kind of him.
He knows how well you're
watching after my interests.
He tells me to trust
you implicitly.
You've, uh...
Talked to him recently?
Yesterday night
we were together.
He's, in, uh,
good spirits, I hope?
Of course it taxes him, getting through.
It's a long,
arduous journey
From the other plane
to this.
I can imagine.
But we're both
supremely happy
Now that we've
established communication.
Ah, just think-
It's been two long years
since he passed away.
Lady Rhea,
may I inquire-
Do you see him?
No. I only feel him.
His presence,
that is.
Oh, to the very
depths of my being.
But his voice-
I hear it quite as
clearly as I do yours.
Do you really?
For the most part.
Our conversations are of an
extremely intimate nature.
The things that pass
between man and wife...
Aren't intended
for other ears.
I wouldn't dream
of inquiring.
But also,
he advises me
On everyday matters.
He does?
We discuss everything
and everybody.
You in particular he
esteems, Mr. Arbutny.
It's very flattering.
He says I'm to do everything
you say, and anything.
Well, I must be
on my way.
You'll dine with me some
evening, Mr. Arbutny.
I shall be delighted.
I believe dear Robin
will, too.
That's very good
of Robin.
Number, please.
Whitehall 3040.
National securities.
Mr. Case.
One moment, please.
Case, Jerome K. Arbutny
Yes, Mr. Arbutny.
About that
South African stock,
I wonder if it
would be wise to sell?
It would mean taking
a slight loss.
Yes, I know.
But you see,
it's not exactly
Within my, uh, scope of
operations to speculate.
There's a considerable
amount of money involved.
A very considerable sum.
Well, that's for you to
decide of course, Mr. Arbutny.
But I have it on
excellent authority
That the stock's
due for a turn.
You say excellent
The very best.
I see, I see.
Well, for the time being,
we'll let the account stand.
Very well,
Mr. Arbutny.
Look here, Fallon,
The crown's got
an excellent case.
and all that.
This alibi
better be airtight.
Icy's testimony
will be all right.
Yes, but it isn't
We need corroboration.
All right. We call in
Major Beach.
The major was with us
the night it happened.
All night-Ain't that
right, Icy?
That's right.
Very well, then.
But I better have
a little talk with him.
So long, Fallon.
So long.
Well, what are you
waiting for?
To tell me how much
you miss me?
How'd you know?
What's on your mind?
We need money.
The devil you do! You've
had 2 quid so far this week!
They got to have money
to keep undercover.
Where in heaven's name are
they hiding, in the Savoy?
You know where
they are.
I've given them plenty
for their room and grub.
Johnny gets restless
unless we keep him in booze.
Too bad about Johnny.
If he gets too restless,
he gets caught. So what?
We ain't gonna
let him get caught.
Oh, you ain't?
Seems like you're taking
pretty good care of him.
You got him
in this fix,
I'm going to
get him out.
We need money.
Suppose I say no?
Then I'll say no tomorrow
in the witness box.
For tuppence
I'd bust you up!
And bust your alibi
at the same time?
It wouldn't be
so good.
Make up your mind, Bert.
Do we get the money?
I was with Bert-
Mr. Fallon.
We never left
the house.
You say you had
a visitor.
Yes. Major beach.
Major beach is
a good friend?
How long have you
known Major Beach?
Oh, several years.
Then you know all
about Major Beach.
Well, a good deal.
And you would
have me believe
That you and
the prisoner
Spent a pleasant evening with this man,
Whom you say you
admire and respect?
Yes. He told us about something
that we'd never heard of before.
Bert thought it was
And he was going to join
up as soon as he could.
That's all,
miss crane.
I call Major Beach.
George Alfred beach.
Major beach, on the night
of October 16,
Did you call at
the prisoner's home?
At what hour?
About 8:00.
Was anyone there besides
the prisoner Fallon?
Oh, yes, a friend of his. Miss Crane.
How did the 3 of you
spend the evening?
We spent, uh,
a quiet time.
What do you mean
By quiet time,
Major Beach?
A quiet time is
a period of silence
In which the parties present
open up their souls
To the divine spirit.
I take it that
you're interested
In the oxford
Oh, I am, intensely.
Did you have
a particular purpose
In calling on
Mr. Fallon?
Yes. I wanted to interest
him in the movement.
And did you succeed?
Mr. Fallon told me the quiet
time had been a revelation to him.
He felt like
a different man.
At what time would you
say your quiet time ended?
Oh, uh, it was about 12:00
when I looked at my watch.
Hmm. Cross-Examine.
Major Beach,
Do you hold the rank of
major in the British army?
Uh... well, uh-
As a matter of fact, I-
Answer yes or no.
Well, uh...
"Major" is a sort of
honorary title.
Conferred upon you
by yourself.
Uh, yes... well,
heh heh.
You were in
the army, however.
During the war.
A private.
How long
did you serve
Before you were
Oh, well, uh...
A m-Month.
For breaking into
medical supplies,
Stealing drugs, and
attempting to sell them.
On which charges you
were found guilty
And sentenced to
a military prison
For the duration
of the war.
It was a miscarriage
of justice!
When did you become interested
in the oxford movement,
Major Beach?
Oh, well, uh,
let me see...
About 5 years ago,
I guess.
In the past 5 years,
Have you measured
your conduct
According to
the precepts
Of that
I might say so.
Were you absolutely
pure, Major Beach,
In answering to
a statutory charge
In Melbourne, Australia,
November 9, 1933?
And were you
absolutely honest
In answering a drug
charge October 13, 1936?
Well, uh-
Was it absolute
Which led on
February 2, 1936,
To your trial
and conviction
In Norfolk
for perjury?
I was entirely
Is it absolute love for
Bertram Fallon or for money
That prompts you to give
false testimony here and now?
My lord, this man
is obviously not
A member of
the oxford movement,
Nor of any other
religious body.
Because of the proven
And the devious character
of the witness,
I move that his entire testimony
be stricken from the records.
Motion sustained.
Silence in the court!
My lord,
if it please the court,
My client desires
to change his plea
From not guilty to guilty,
and put his fate
Into the merciful keeping
of the court.
If it please your lordship,
he desires to make a statement.
The prisoner may make
a statement.
My lord,
I want to say I took part
in the robbery.
I told a lot of lies
up to now,
But mainly because I wanted to
protect the others.
But I don't see why a man ought to hang
for a crime somebody else committed.
I guess that's what's going to happen
if I don't tell the whole truth.
I'm not asking to be let off,
All I want from this court is
not to be hanged.
If you won't hang me,
I'll turn king's evidence.
"I'll name
the guilty ones
And I'll fix it for you
to catch them. "
I don't want
to hear it!
Well, you said
one of us would blow,
Only you guessed
the wrong one.
Come on, Gabby, don't
tell me that this thing
Has destroyed your faith
in human nature.
All I want is to get
me hands on Fallon.
That's all I ask.
Yes, but just that may be
a little bit difficult.
They're taking very good
care of him these days.
I'll find a way.
Gabby, Gabby,
I'm afraid you have
a vengeful nature.
It can't do you any good,
you know, it's-
Johnny? Gabby?
It's me.
Hello, hello.
Welcome home.
Fallon squealed.
Don't I know.
Let go of my arm,
Here's some grub.
It's all I could scrape up.
come in handy.
So Alfred of
the Blue Crown
Passed on the
good tidings, huh?
He just said the
bridge, that's all.
I've been an hour
It's a nice hideout.
And much more pleasant
than Mrs. Proctor's.
Let me show you around.
Well, first of all,
we have southern exposure.
And here, come here.
There's a beautiful view
of the river all the way-
Not in the daylight!
I'm sorry.
It's hard to imagine
one is not free
With a sky overhead.
I had some lunch,
You know,
I like it here.
You think we can stay, or do
we have to pay the city rent?
We've got to move on, Johnny. Where?
To monk varney's
up in aberdeen.
Aberdeen? And how
do we get there?
I've got it
all fixed.
Monk's got a car in a garage
over on bristol street.
I got the ticket.
They'd pick us all up as
soon as we showed our faces.
Not Johnny,
they wouldn't.
They don't know
him by sight.
He could go over to the garage
and meet us wherever we decide.
I'm not going
to aberdeen.
Why not?
I don't want to get
too far away from Fallon.
Gabby, you better duck
till it's all over.
And then you can
come back.
Oh, all right-
But I'll come back.
I ain't never
seen you eat.
Not since you been
with us.
This is the first time.
I think I'm sober.
Talk, Johnny.
I like to hear you talk.
What about?
you have a mind to.
What were you thinking
just now?
I was looking at all the
lights in all these houses.
You see, each light cuts a tiny
little circle out of the darkness,
And each circle is the
center of somebody's life.
People swing around
these lights
Like planets swing
around the stars.
And we ain't got a light,
is that what you're thinking?
If I only knew half
what you know,
A lot of things
would be different now.
Hasn't helped me much.
You're an odd number,
Gentleman, ain't you?
Was born one.
The booze?
No, not the booze.
The psyche.
You know about
the psyche?
It's what makes
human beings of us.
Is that a fact?
That's a fact.
Something is missing
from mine.
You know how it is with
a man who loses his leg
And how the leg
he hasn't got itches
And he goes
to scratch it?
It's like that with a missing
portion of my psyche anatomy.
Whenever it itches,
I take a drink.
Tonight, it's itching
like the devil.
It won't be
long now, Johnny.
Just till
we can get away,
And then you can drink
all you want.
I promise you.
I'm going to stick
with you, Johnny.
I'm going to
look after you.
Wherever you go, that's
where I'm going, too.
What are you saying?
You see, nobody
has never treated me
The way you treat me.
Johnny, I've been
knocked about
Ever since I was a kid.
I can't remember
anything else.
I just thought that was
the way people acted,
That's all.
You make me feel like-
Like I was somebody.
At first I thought you
was making fun of me,
But you're not.
That's just
the way you are.
I'd hurt you
more than anybody.
You couldn't hurt
a soul, Johnny.
You can't even
hate anyone.
You don't even
hate Fallon.
No. That's right.
If I could hate
I suppose I...
I could love you.
Whatever you say won't
change what I'm going to do.
Oy, Johnny.
Say, it's time
we were going, ain't it?
I think just about,
if I'm to meet you at 9:00.
Have you got
the car ticket?
Icy gave it to me.
Now, wait for us
in the car
Down the street
from the Blue Crown.
You know just where
that is, don't you?
I could find the Blue Crown
in my sleep.
not in the Blue Crown.
No, not in
the Blue Crown.
Down the street from it.
Oh, you're sober.
Johnny, this is our one
chance to pull out of this.
I know.
Icy and me,
we're trusting you.
Get that. We're trusting
you to stay sober
Until you pick us up.
I promise you, Gabby,
by the big light in our ceiling,
The one we are
swinging around.
It's all right,
He'll do like
he promises.
Nice violets, mister?
Only sixpence a bunch.
No, not tonight.
Make your wife happy,
it will.
I haven't got a wife,
and if I had one,
A bunch of violets
wouldn't make her happy.
Uh, one minute.
Violets, mister?
I- I've changed
my mind.
I- I think it would
make her happy.
Oh, here's one,
special nice.
Thank you.
Oh, thank you, sir.
Watch out for yourself
in back of you.
On the wagon?
Yes. Uh, I promised my wife-No
more booze till the baby comes.
So you're going
to have a baby, eh?
Well, we ought
to drink to that.
This is on me.
No, thanks.
You know, I've seen you
before somewhere.
I never forget a face.
In fact, I can almost
remember your name.
It's, uh...
James aloysius
That's funny.
I would have said
something else.
You would?
Now, let's see.
You're about 5'5",
brown eyes, dark hair,
With a continental
In fact,
you tally so closely
To the description of
a man named john west
That I'm afraid we're
going to have to take a walk
In the direction of
the nearest police station.
Anything you say.
Oh, by the way, is the
invitation still good?
Why, of course, Johnny.
I was a little worried
about that.
That was the only thing that
didn't check with our information:
Your refusing a drink.
In there getting himself
tanked up he is.
I knew we couldn't
trust him.
He'll be here
in a minute, Gabby.
I'm gonna fetch him,
drag him out of there.
No. Stay here. There may be
coppers watching the place.
Inspector, I guess where I'm
going, I won't need these.
It's a copper.
He's got Johnny.
What was it?
You are lucky.
You get the cell
with the gramophone.
It belonged
to barry,
Him who chopped off
his uncle's head.
He left it here
for anyone to use
Who might occupy
this cell.
That was 5 hangings ago.
5 ago.
It's broke, the record, in the middle.
It won't go
any further.
It keeps playing the same
thing over and over again.
Please don't do that.
You know, it gets on
the prisoners' nerves.
I imagine it would.
It's very simple.
I'll show you.
You see, you lift it up over here,
Put it down there...
And the record plays
as good as new.
Wowonder whether it's
the same with us who play it?
Sir robert.
Forgive me for coming
to your club,
But I simply
had to see you.
Mrs. David Shackleford?
Yes. I've come to you because there's
nobody else that I can turn to.
It's about my husband,
of course.
He's in trouble.
Trouble? Not serious trouble, I hope.
What trouble,
Mrs. Shackleford?
He's up for a new post in the
dominions office, isn't he?
I recommended him.
Oh, it will mean
so much to him...
And to me, too.
There's every likelihood that
the appointment will go through.
I do want David
to succeed.
He can do great things.
He can. He has the capacity.
If only...
Sir Robert, how much do you
know of my husband's affairs,
That is, his affairs
outside the office?
All I know about him
is his work.
He's intelligent,
Not his work,
But isn't it true that
in government services,
A man's deportment away from
his work is equally important?
Oh, not unless
it's scandalous.
But that's exactly what I'm afraid of
- A scandal.
All my hopes for him,
all my dreams...
Oh, sir Robert, you must
advise him, talk to him,
Make him see.
He'll listen to you.
You're his superior.
In that case, I shall have to
know what to advise him about.
Oh, he'll come back
to me.
I know he will...
As soon as
the new wears off.
She's nothing but a
passing thing in his life.
But it's more than I can bear
to see him throw away everything,
His entire future, for
something that is only passing.
Hello, Crystal.
Why did you ask me
to come here tonight?
What good can possibly
come of it?
Must a wife
have a reason
For wanting to see
her own husband?
After all, you are
still my husband.
Is it necessary to keep
reminding me of that?
I thought there were some things
you wouldn't want to forget.
Do you remember
when we were in china,
All the strange places
we visited?
How everything we shared
was so new and exciting?
Till the excitement
wore off.
That didn't take very long,
as I remember.
And then you began to concoct
your own forms of excitement.
I told you
I was sorry.
Oh, I don't suppose
you can help it.
Emotions as violent as yours
aren't apt to be very stable.
No one man could hold
your interest for long.
Except you, David.
In spite of the way I've
acted, you still belong to me.
You're the only one
I ever really wanted.
That's the way
it seems to you now,
But I don't think you
really know yourself.
You only want
what you can't have
For as long as
you can't have it.
That isn't true.
I didn't come here to discuss
this sort of thing.
I had a faint hope that you
might have changed your mind-
Don't let's
talk about it.
You know I don't
believe in divorce.
If only you believed
in something.
I was forgetting... you do
believe in her, don't you?
I was so alone.
I had to have something
to turn to.
May I have a light,
Are you afraid
of me?
Haven't I reason
to be?
Then sir Robert
told you?
Even his regrets.
He wasn't the only one
that had regrets.
David, you don't think I
did that to hurt you, do you?
Didn't you?
No, I didn't. I did it for you, for us,
To bring you
to your senses.
I can fix things
with sir Robert.
I love you,
You must believe me.
I love you.
Don't be
afraid of me.
I can give you everything that you want.
I can make you happy.
Give me a chance.
I'm more to you than
she'll ever be.
Why didn't you do it?
Are you afraid?
No. That's
what you want.
You'd even give your
own life to destroy mine,
But I won't let
you do it.
Drew Detective Agency.
Mr. Drew?
Yes. Speaking.
This is
Mrs. Shackleford.
Yes, Mrs. Shackleford?
I wonder if you could get
me some further information.
It's about a friend
of my husband's.
Yes, a woman.
Please, it's
much easier for me
If you don't hold
anything back...
Even if it's unpleasant.
But, janet, darling,
there's nothing new.
It's just that
I don't see much hope.
She'll never change
her mind. Never.
Well, then the worst
that can happen
Is we go on as
we are now.
Oh, that isn't so bad,
is it, David?
Been? You're putting it in the past.
I'm thinking of you.
Sometimes I feel that
the only decent thing
Would be for me to get out
of your life and stay out.
David, you've no right
to speak for me.
Then there's
your family.
You'll be going back to
Canada still unmarried.
What'll they say?
They're my family.
Suppose you
leave them to me.
But, janet, darling,
much as I love you,
We can't go on
like this forever,
Neither married
nor unmarried.
It's bound
to end badly.
David, you've tried everything
with Crystal, haven't you?
Well, then,
let me see what I can do.
You go to Crystal?
My dear, you know
how she's behaved.
Do you really imagine she'll
be any different with you?
Maybe she's in love
with you, David.
And sometimes love makes
people behave very badly.
Love-she doesn't know
the meaning of that word.
Well, anyway, the most
she can do is refuse,
And we can't be
any worse off.
No. I forbid you
to see her.
Darling, I only
- Only want to protect you.
Crystal's a very
dangerous woman.
I don't want you
within her reach.
I feel very tired.
If you don't mind, I think I'd
like to go back to the hotel now.
Very well, my dear.
Your maid let me in.
Hope you don't mind.
I'm Mrs. Shackleford.
Oh. It's very strange, Mrs.
Shackleford, your coming here.
Just today I asked David
if I might go to see you.
But of course he was
against it, wasn't he?
And he probably invented
all kinds of reasons.
How like a man,
how like David.
What do you mean,
Mrs. Shackleford?
You know,
miss Elliot,
I had no idea you'd turn out
to be this kind of a person.
What kind of
a person?
Well, so completely
without guile,
So honest
and trusting.
What a shame.
What do you mean?
Huh. Someone has to
tell you the truth,
And since David evidently
doesn't have the courage-
Tell me what?
Mrs. Shackleford, I feel you're
implying all sorts of things.
Would you mind speaking
quite plainly?
Very well.
But you'll forgive me
if what I have to say
Isn't pleasant
for you to hear.
When David and I
had some differences,
Little things that seemed
important at the time,
And he went alone
to Canada,
I'm sure he thought in his
heart that he could forget me.
There he met you.
Forgive me,
miss Elliot,
But I had no one to help
me through my loneliness.
I just waited and prayed
for him to come back,
And finally, he did.
You were with him.
The first night he
arrived he came to see me.
Did he tell you that?
Yes, of course.
Why should
he have concealed it?
He went to ask you
for a divorce.
That's true.
When David came to see
me that night,
I think he sincerely believed
that he was in love with you
And that he wanted
to be free.
But, when he left me
the next morning,
He wasn't
at all certain.
Mrs. Shackleford, I don't see
how you dare say such a thing.
Aren't you forgetting
he's my husband?
But... David loves me.
No, he didn't.
It isn't true.
He's very fond
of you.
But tell me
the truth, miss Elliot.
Is David the same as
when you got to england?
Or has he changed...
just a little.
No, he hasn't.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
But you must.
No... no, I don't think
you've ever suspected.
Every time I've been
with David
I've begged him
to tell you...
That it was only
fair to you.
But he's afraid
of hurting you,
And so he keeps
putting it off.
You're making
all this up.
David tells me everything.
I know how you feel,
And believe me,
I'm sorry for you.
But think of
what I went through...
The torture of having
him and then not knowing.
And I'm his wife.
He belongs to me.
But it isn't only David
and I any longer.
Miss Elliot,
I've come to you
Because I must have
him back-I must.
David and I are going
to have a child.
Oh, please.
I can't stand any more.
I'm so sorry.
I'll do anything you want,
Mrs. Shackleford, anything.
Only, please go.
And I haven't
the money, Mr. Case.
I trusted in your judgment
when I bought the stock.
You must give me more time,
a few more days.
I'll take the risk.
Unless you have your
margin in your hand
by the close of business
We'll be forced to
close out your account.
But you can't do that.
It will be my ruination.
Blast you, why did you
get me into this?
I told you I didn't want
to be a speculator.
Now I'm ruined,
and it's all your fault
Blast you.
he said ruination.
Shh... maybe he's broke
a blood vessel. Crikey!
Regent 2110.
He ain't had a stroke.
No such luck.
Speaking of luck, how about
a ticket for the sweeps?
I got a book
of them here.
No, I never win anything.
Lady Rhea,
this is Mr. Arbutny.
Lady Rhea: what is it, Mr. Arbutny?
There's a matter of importance,
lady Rhea, to talk over with you.
I wonder if I could take advantage
of your dinner invitation?
Why, of course. Would
tonight be convenient?
Tonight? Why, that would
be perfect, yes, indeed.
Then, 7:00?
Arbutny: delightful dinner.
Most enjoyable. Delightful.
Lady Rhea: but you've
barely touched it.
Oh, I ate heartily,
Yes, indeed,
most heartily.
Would you like
some brandy, Mr. Arbutny?
Oh, thank you.
Thank you very much.
Napoleon... my husband's favorite brand.
Mine, too.
Thank you very much.
Sit here, Mr. Arbutny.
Thank you very much.
And now you have
something to tell me.
After dinner, you said.
Oh, yes, yes,
quite, of course.
Excellent brandy,
I, uh...
well, I, uh...
It's like this.
Like what?
It's hard rather
getting started...
Not easy putting
into words...
Saying what
I have to say.
What makes it
so difficult?
Is anything the matter?
Oh, no, no, no,
absolutely not.
To the contrary-
Handy gadget.
Is it?
Oh, yes...
always works. Always.
Unless that is, it needs
a new flint or something.
Then, sometimes I forget
to put fuel into it.
Do you?
Oh, yes, but that's
a rare occurrence, very.
You were about to say...
Ah, yes, yes...
Lady Rhea, I hope
- Believe me, I do not wish to offend.
I mean, I have the highest
respect for your rank, lady Rhea,
And for you yourself.
Only too well aware of the
difference between our stations.
Oh, friendship bridges
such things.
I hope so...
friendship and...
Love, Mr. Arbutny?
Love, yes.
Two years since lord
Belladon passed on, isn't it?
Two long years.
And you are a woman,
well, in the prime of life.
I am convinced firmly
that lord Belladon himself
Would approve,
Otherwise I wouldn't dream
of making such a request.
Request, Mr. Arbutny?
Yes, the honor of
filling his place.
You mean...?
Marriage... exactly.
If I've offended
in any way...
Oh, marriage, I...
I'm quite overcome.
Will you have
a glass of water?
Thank you, no.
You forget one thing,
Mr. Arbutny...
That although lord Belladon
is only a memory to you,
For me, he's a reality.
To be sure,
he returns, I know,
But he's not flesh and blood, I mean.
That is between us.
You'd never guess.
His visits-
They needn't stop.
I'm afraid lord Belladon
wouldn't be so broad-Minded.
If I've offended
in any way...
What is it?
I believe...
I believe he's coming.
Yes, he is.
He is coming.
Please go.
Go quickly, Mr. Arbutny.
I'll tell you tomorrow
what Robin lord Belladon thinks.
Good night, lady Rhea.
Do you think
West's guilty?
perhaps not.
He'll hang, I'll wager.
That's another matter.
Odd number-West.
Talks like a gentleman
when he talks,
The papers say.
If he's a gentleman, more's
the reason he ought to hang.
He's had advantages.
Not one word
in his own defense.
"What's the use of wasting
my breath?" He says.
"Wouldn't be believed anyway. "
"The director of
the barrister's club
Take pleasure in placing your
application before the membership. "
"You will kindly
furnish the names
"Of 4 persons
prepared to make...
Certification of your character
and personal integrity. "
Good afternoon.
Come in.
Lady Belladon
to see you, sir.
She's here?
Show her in.
Ah, Mr. Arbutny.
Lady Rhea, my dear.
Sit here, my dear.
Thank you.
I've been waiting.
And do you feel today
as you felt last night-
If you even remember
the things you said?
Do I?
I mean, of course
I do, absolutely.
Well, I don't know
how to tell you.
It isn't necessary.
I mean, I know.
I'm sorry.
Why? You will.
We ought to be married.
Lord Belladon was
furious, simply furious.
Quite unreasonable, a very
jealous nature, lord Belladon's.
He simply raved
and ranted.
He did?
Oh, how he carried on!
He made all kinds
of accusations.
Against you and me.
He simply wasn't to
be reasoned with.
Among other things,
He said you were simply
after me for my money.
Imagine... as though you
ever had such a thought.
You must know different.
Of course, but I couldn't
convince lord Belladon.
He suspects you of
all kinds of things.
He suspects?
Yes, and to make
his mind at peace,
I promised to have
the books examined.
Oh, only to humor him,
you understand?
You don't intend...
Well, a promise
is a promise,
So, I asked Mr. Gaising
to meet me here.
Who is Mr. Gaising?
The accountant. May
I tell him to come in?
Oh, no, lady Rhea.
I mean, wait...
why must you do this?
There's no harm in
having the books examined.
But it's such short notice.
It's not customary.
Under the circumstances,
you will consent.
Mr. Gaising...
Oh, but the books
aren't in order.
I mean, there are several
entries to be made.
It will require
some bookkeeping.
Mr. Gaising, while you're going
over the books of 1936 and 1937,
Mr. Arbutny will have plenty of
time to make additional entries.
Isn't that so?
If you'll be so kind,
Mr. Arbutny.
Very well, lady Rhea.
You'll give the books containing
lady Rhea Belladon's account,
1936 and 1937,
to this gentleman.
Yes, sir.
Good afternoon,
lady Rhea.
Good afternoon,
Mr. Arbutny.
Good day.
"The directors of
the barrister's club... "
"Character and professional
integrity... "
Afternoon paper, sir.
Thank you.
Beg pardon, sir?
Thank you very much.
Not at all, sir.
Take the rest of
the afternoon off.
You may both take the
rest of the afternoon off.
Beg pardon, sir, but are
you feeling quite all right?
Quite all right,
thank you.
He thanked me, he did.
What's that?
Like the ground slipping out
from under my feet, it was.
He thanked me twice,
he did, fancy.
Thanked you?
You don't say?
Furthermore, he says we
may take the afternoon off.
I don't believe it.
He did.
I swear he did.
Well, if he said so...
Let's hop it.
Kwan Yin!
Kwan Yin!
Well, Mr. Arbutny.
What do you think now?
As I said before, I'm not one to
believe in miracles, and yet...
And yet you're not
unwilling to profit by them.
What about that
fellow west? The murderer?
What about him?
He's got a share.
Shouldn't he be notified?
He won't need it
where he's going.
Quite so, but he may
have relatives.
I mean, would it be
strictly honest?
Very well.
Notify him
if you wish.
As a matter of fact, I
think you're probably right.
Under the circumstances,
it might be somewhat cruel.
And your share will
be larger, of course,
If you spare him
the knowledge.
Well, yes,
both our shares would.
10,000 it's worth,
and more.
It could be worth many times
more when the race is run.
If the horse
we've drawn wins, yes.
But it would be foolish
to count on that.
The only sensible procedure
is to sell our ticket
For what we can get right now rather
than speculate and take the risk.
Oh, come now,
Mr. Arbutny.
That's not very
sporting of you.
Don't you remember
that we agreed
That the ticket should
not be divided?
The entire sum must
go in the race.
When we made that agreement,
it was only as a joke.
I wasn't joking.
That'd be madness even to consider
betting such a sum on a horse race.
Mrs. Shackleford, circumstances
are such with me...
A situation has risen-
That is, I have a very pressing
need for immediate funds.
I simply cannot afford
to take such a risk.
There's nothing
that I can do about it.
But you can!
You must understand that
this is a very serious matter.
If I don't get my money for the
share of that ticket right now,
Well, I would be ruined.
Mrs. Shackleford,
what are you laughing at?
I was just thinking how
easy it is to be ruined.
One minute to
have everything,
The next
to have nothing.
But they got
what they deserved.
They got exactly
what they deserved.
Mrs. Shackleford, I'm afraid
I don't understand you.
All I'm asking is-
Of course you don't
understand me, Mr. Arbutny.
You never could.
But that's
not the point.
That is, all I wish is to
divide our respective shares.
I'd be willing to take
less than my half.
Mr. Arbutny,
understand this.
We made a pledge, and we're
sticking to it to the letter.
Oh, no. No,
Mrs. Shackleford.
But you can't hang him.
He didn't know
what he was doing!
Fallon rang him in on it.
Johnny didn't even
know what happened
Until he read it
in the papers.
Miss crane, that's even
more difficult to believe
Than the story
you told in court.
But this is the truth.
I swear it is.
You may recall you took an
oath in the witness box...
A solemn oath
to tell the truth
And nothing but
the truth.
That was wrong. I
shouldn't have done it.
Not if you hoped to make
us believe this story.
But you know
I'm telling the truth now.
I came in here
of my own free will
And gave myself up to you.
Doesn't that prove it?
There's no reason
to lie for Johnny.
How do I know that?
It's not inconceivable
that you'd do more for west
Than you would
for Fallon.
Oh, that ain't got
anything to do with it.
Please, you've got to
believe me this once.
Johnny's innocent.
I tell you,
he's innocent.
Miss Crane,
you're very convincing.
But unfortunately, you were
very convincing the last time.
A court of justice has
passed sentence on west,
And the case is closed.
Except that I must hold you
on a charge of perjury.
I don't care
what you do with me.
What's the time?
We'll be in reading
within the hour.
And there
I shall remain...
For the rest of
your natural life.
You must have
preferred it to hanging
Or you wouldn't have
pinched on your pals.
Even if I am a policeman,
I hate a squealer.
What is it?
Your ticket, sir.
Nope, Fallon's
been killed.
He's dead?
Yes, and they got
the fellow what done it.
Timothy Delany's his name.
That's Gabby!
And before Fallon died,
he made a confession
Which took
the blame off you.
And if what he says
is true,
Well, you ain't
gonna be hanged.
That's all
I know about it.
That's sufficient.
That's wond-
The governor wants to
see you in his office.
All right.
Pardon me, please.
Isn't that wonderful?
I was hoping I'd see
you coming through.
Hello, Gabby.
Hello, Johnny.
Anything I can
do for you?
Somebody you want
me to see?
Nothing I can
think of, Johnny.
Nah, no,
there ain't.
Where is Icy?
Oh, didn't you hear?
They got her in
the klink for perjury.
She tried
to get you off.
She did?
Anyway, they'll go easy
on her now.
I'm sorry about-
I ain't.
That Fallon... I wish I
had it to do over again.
Well, you're
a free man now, Johnny.
Yes, I'm...
I'm a free man now.
Good luck, Johnny.
Good-Bye, Gabby.
Good-Bye, Johnny!
And how are you, sir?
Lovely day,
ain't it, governor?
Yeah, wonderful.
Perfect weather
for the race.
What race?
The grand national,
of course.
Who do you think
will win?
What horse you picking?
I don't pick horses.
You don't?
I got a bob up
on corncracker.
Corncracker on the nose,
a lovely horse.
A lovely horse, and if
I had more, I'd bet it.
I wish I owned a ticket
on the favorite.
Half of it I'd sell, and
the other half I'd let ride.
Not like her...
Crystal Shackleford.
And she ain't selling any
part of her ticket-Imagine!
Pardon me, what was
the name you mentioned?
Crystal Shackleford.
She owns the ticket
on corncracker.
I'm glad I got my bob
down when I did.
a 3-1 favorite.
Crystal Shackleford.
Mrs. Crystal Shackleford.
Winning ticket 666291/j,
pseudonym Kwan Yin.
A fast horse...
a fast track.
Why, it could-
Well, I'll be.
Is miss Elliot in?
Why, Mr. Shackleford,
I thought you knew.
Knew? Knew what?
Miss Elliot left
the day before yesterday.
Left? That's impossible.
Well, nearly impossible,
But we managed to get her
passage at the last minute
On a boat that was
just sailing for Canada.
But she must have
left some...
Some message for me.
Well, I'm afraid not.
Perhaps she tried
to reach you and...
Yes, that's it,
I'm sure.
I've been out of town.
She may have given
your wife a message.
My wife?
Yes, she was here
the day before.
Miss Elliot was
out at the time.
Your wife gave her name and asked
if she might wait in her room.
And knowing that you were
friends with miss Elliot, I...
I say, is anything wrong,
Mr. Shackleford?
Mr. Harris,
arbutny speaking.
Yes. Meet me on the corner of conduit
and regent street in half an hour.
Will you please
bring the check?
I will have
the ticket for you.
Man: big race today!
Buy a paper.
Racing special...
corncracker the favorite.
Get your paper here.
Man on radio:
post time is 2:00,
And as we're getting on
to that about now,
You may expect, I think, to hear
the summons of the starting line.
Mrs. Shackleford, I'm
not asking. I'm demanding.
Do you hear what I say,
Mrs. Shackleford?
I'm not going to
gamble my share.
You must give me
the ticket, you must!
I have a man waiting
downstairs to buy it.
There's just time
before the race!
Half of what I get out
of it, I'll give to you,
And you can do with it
as you like, bet it or not!
You're wasting
your breath.
Radio:... except for fog,
oh, it's you!
But I thought that-
oh, isn't
it wonderful, the most..
Mr. West.
Mr. Arbutny.
So you did come back
after all.
When did you find out?
About the ticket?
Only about 10 minutes ago.
I'm dying for a drink.
Oh, madam Kwan Yin.
Arbutny: Mr. West,
if I could have a word with you.
You're a lady
of your word-
What's the trouble,
Mr. Arbutny?
Are you so disappointed
I wasn't hanged?
No, to the contrary, I don't
know how it is you're here,
But I'm glad,
believe me.
That ridiculous agreement we made about
not selling any part of the ticket.
I hope you don't intend
to hold me to it.
He wants
to back out.
There's no reasoning
with her.
You must help me
get my share now, Mr. West.
I want to sell it
before the race.
I can't afford to gamble.
No? Why?
Because I need
the money.
See, I'm a thief...
At least I shall be a thief
in the eyes of the world
Unless I get this money.
I'm not truly a thief.
I'm an honest man,
Mr. West, believe me.
I meant no harm
when I did what I did.
My intentions were
perfectly honorable.
When I explain to you
the circumstances,
I'm sure you'll understand.
I am the trustee
of an estate,
An estate of
several thousand pounds.
It was my duty
to invest the money,
The law says,
in government securities,
First mortgages, and certain
other preferred stock.
But I saw a chance of making
a large profit for the estate
By investing in
common stock.
Do you follow me?
In a general way.
It was my intention-
My perfectly
honorable intention-
Should the unexpected happen and
the stock fall off a few points
To make it up, the loss,
out of my own savings.
Believe me,
I'm telling you the truth.
Oh, but then
the stock fell too low,
And now you need this money
to make up for the loss.
That's precisely what
happened, precisely.
You understand
my case perfectly.
If I don't make it up,
I'll be disgraced.
In fact, I shall be
sent to prison
Like any common
Oh, excuse me,
Mr. West.
Mr. Arbutny, I believe
in sticking to a bargain,
Especially when
a gamble is involved.
But as far as I'm concerned,
you may have your third.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Radio: he's supposed
to be very fit.
His odds are
quoted at 20-1.
Arbutny: did you hear what
he said, Mrs. Shackleford,
I can have my third
as far as he's concerned.
It's two against one.
Do you hear me?!
It's two against one!
Radio: the favorite is, of
course, the 5-Year-Old corncracker.
At 3-1, a really handsome
horse with a long back...
Time is nearly up.
Mrs. Shackleford, you
must give me that ticket!
It's a matter
of life and death!
Mr. West, will you stop that
playing at a time like this!
Because... because...
Can't you see what's
happening to me?
Well, why don't
you sit down and rest?
How can I rest?
I must have that ticket.
A man is waiting on the corner
with a check only a block away.
I must have it!
Make her give it
to me, Mr. West.
Make her give
it to me now!
Or it will be too late!
What can I do about it?
It's up to her.
Radio: the horses, I see, are
now coming up on to the track
According to
their post positions.
And except for
the scratches,
The post positions
of the horses,
As in the papers.
Mrs. Shackleford,
for the last time,
will you give me that ticket?
It means nothing to you.
If I don't have that money,
I've lost everything.
I've lost
everything, too.
And everybody...
Except one.
Mrs. Shackleford!
No! You may not
have the ticket!
Don't ask me again.
I warn you, money means
more to me than my life.
It means my honor.
I was going to kill myself
because I didn't have the money.
It means more to me
than your life,
Than all our lives.
You must give me
the ticket!
You must not try and stop me,
Mrs. Shackleford.
Believe me,
you must not.
Out of my way,
Mrs. Shackleford.
Take your hands
off it!
Take your hands
Radio: and they're off!
It's dolomite, sagittarius...
Get some
whiskey quick!
Radio: Tarlatan lies still
And the remainder of
the field avoids him.
He's getting up now uninjured.
Dolomite leads by
less than a length.
Outsider is running
nose and nose...
She's all right,
isn't she?
She's not all right.
Mr. West?
She's dead.
Oh, no, no.
You better drink what
you have in your hand.
Radio: with the long shot
a length and a half in the lead.
oh, Mr. West.
Maybe she isn't...
Sometimes gives
the appearance...
When the person's
only unconscious.
I tell you,
she's dead.
She is dead.
Radio: neck and neck
past the grandstand...
They're coming to
the finish.
And corncracker wins!
Did he say
Kwan Yin's horse.
Kwan Yin...
The ticket!
How much is
it worth?
15,000 apiece.
We'll be rich!
Aren't you forgetting
Isn't there another name
with ours on that ticket?
Oh, what are
we to do?
First thing, the ticket
has to be destroyed.
Beg your pardon?
Don't you see?
The agreement on the back of
that ticket with our names...
That's the only connection
between her and us.
It wouldn't look very good
for either of us.
Destroy the ticket?
Destroy 30,000?
Don't think for a moment the
idea appeals to me either.
Oh, what I couldn't have done
with my share of that money,
But now, this ticket! It looks
like a signed confession of murder!
But it wasn't murder.
I'm not
a murderer! Really!
No more than
I'm really a thief.
I had no wish
to kill her.
Just something took
possession of me.
Lifted my arms, and I
could do nothing to stop it.
Perhaps you're right.
Maybe you couldn't
help it.
But it will be very difficult
to convince a jury.
Come, give me the ticket.
When we leave here,
I'll destroy it.
Anything you say,
Mr. West.
I can't think anymore.
You tell me-
Come on, drink your drink. All of it.
Drink your drink.
This is
an evil room.
She was a very
beautiful woman.
She was a devil.
Come on, Mr. Arbutny.
I'm sure we are
being watched, Mr. West.
Come on.
She's laughing at us.
Let's go.
Let's go.
You're safe now.
If only she'll remain
here behind us.
But I'm afraid...
I'm afraid.
Are we being followed?
No, we are not.
One can't see her,
of course...
Nor hear her.
One can only feel
her presence.
She's following us.
I'm sure of that.
She'll follow
wherever I go!
Will you be quiet if you
know what's good for you?
But I... I feel
her presence.
She's not
two paces behind.
Please, be quiet!
How can I be quiet
When I know
the devil's abroad?
The people in the street
should be notified.
I should cry out
the truth.
But you won't!
I will! I will!
It is my duty regardless
of consequences.
I'll shout out a warning
from the housetops
So all may know
and hear the truth.
It is my duty.
You, sir...
You, sir, I have
something to tell you.
Never mind...
My friend had
one drink too many.
If you don't
be quiet now,
I'll leave you
right here.
Let go of me, sir.
I must speak.
The devil's abroad!
Murder has
been committed!
Murder! Murder!
Murder! Murder!
I tell you,
the devil is beside me.
True, you cannot
see her nor hear her,
But nevertheless
she's at my side.
You wish proof?
I'll give it to you.
A stone's throw
from here is the room.
In that room is
a dead woman.
She was murdered!
Man: been a murder,
he says, a woman!
It's true, and I'd be glad
to lead you to the victim.
Man: who murdered her?
Why, the devil,
of course,
I was her instrument.
I struck the blow!
The devil was
The devil!
I myself struck
the blow,
But the devil
was responsible!
Give us a half-And-Half.
Same here.
Billy Johnson had 5 bob.
I'd have had a bet
on it meself
But me missis
wouldn't have it.
How about you, pal? Did you
have anything on the winner?
What winner?
Blimey, where have
you been?
Haven't you heard that
the cracker won the national?
No-Oh, yes, yes.
Some lucky blighters
was in on it.
I know one woman,
she had a ticket on...
Did you see him?
I was just trying to make a
little polite conversation.
Some blokes can't stand to see
anyone else having any luck.
You forgot this,
Mr. West.
Thank you.
First time I've known you
to walk away from a drink.
You looking
for somebody, ducky?
Johnny! Johnny!
Johnny, I'm so glad
to see you.
Welcome home.
I missed you so,
They let me off easy.
How have you been
getting along, Johnny?
Icy, don't ever get mixed up
with a Chinese goddess.
No, Johnny.
That's the worst thing
that can happen...
The very worst.
Johnny, you're not
in trouble again?
No, I'm not in trouble.
Not anymore.
Found out just in time.
Found out what?
Oh, that things don't
just happen to us,
That we can do
something about them.
The fault lies not
in our stars.
It lies in ourselves.
Yes, some people have to go to
prison to be free, you know it?
I even had to win
a sweepstake ticket.
Sweepstake ticket?
Johnny, do you
mean it?
Yes, that's it.
The winning ticket.
What did they win?
No, Johnny!
Oh, Johnny,
For a minute there
you had me believing it.
So help me, you had.
I thought it was real.