Three Ways (2022) Movie Script

I can't do this.
I can't do this.
What were you thinking?
I've gotta get out of this.
No, I have to do this.
You can do this. You can do this.
Hell no, I can't.
- Hey.
- Let me guess.
You still at home, laying in your bed
giving yourself a pep talk,
terrified, about to chicken out.
Girl, stop. I am pulling up as we speak.
But are you really, though?
Hell no, Eb.
I'm terrified.
I really don't think I can do this.
I told you it wasn't that serious.
Bail on that pervert
and come meet me at the court.
You were supposed to be encouraging me.
I told you not to let me chicken out.
Well, we both know you was
gonna be chickening out.
Just don't think I can have sex
in front of people.
And you know I don't be
sucking dick like that.
Like what if she's all freaky-deaky?
Whether you go or not, she will be there.
So either your man's gonna
be having a threesome
or a rendezvous.
Think just a little too much.
Okay, I'm going.
She's just the dressing anyway.
That's right, and you're the turkey.
Enjoy the stuffing.
Girl, bye.
I love you!
Oh fuck.
One, two, three
One, two, three
One, two, three one, two, three
-It's easy
-One, two, three, one, two, three
-It's easy as
-One, two, three, one, two, three
Okay, Stacey,
you talked big shit,
this is it.
All you have to do is go in there.
Of course.
What's his ass want?
I just, I don't get it.
If you're not even together anymore,
why don't you move out?
I will as soon as we sell this house.
You know that's the only time I get
to see my son wake up in the morning.
Dante. You really want him to
grow up in a house with no love?
Stacey. Can you stay on the
side of things?
Uh! Okay.
You just let me know
when I should open my mouth
and my legs then, okay?
Not like you're any good at it.
What was that?
Sorry I'm not some slut
who's been sucking dick
since the sixth grade, 'cause clearly
those are the only ones getting wiped up.
Here you go slut shaming, just because--
-What? What?
Oh no, you say it.
Say it. What?
Just because I'm classy?
How am I boring?
How am I boring?
For one, you're not flexible at all,
so I never feel like I'm really
getting all the way in there.
Then you make jokes during sex
when we switch positions,
which kills my mojo.
And you think balls are gross.
-Balls are gross.
How you expect me to get off
you don't like what I like?
Maybe you should like something else.
No, you should like something else.
I'm done.
Fuck you!
Ooh, Stacey.
You know what, Stacey?
Everything you hate and find disgusting
might be enjoyable to someone else.
Think about that going
to your next relationship.
It's competitive out there.
Good luck.
"Good luck."
Shut up, nigga.

Yo, look, I'm sorry, Stacey.
I literally forgot my keys and my weed.

It's okay, girl.
Who cares what he thinks?
With his ugly-ass feet.
Now we'll see who's boring.

Be confident.

Hey, there you are.
The point of no return.
Thought you was gonna flake
on me, had me worried.
I might not stay long.
Not feeling it?
Not really.
Well, relax.
moke one.
See what happens. Cool?
She here?
Yeah, she's, uh, freshening up.
Freshening up?

-I'm excited.
-I can see that.
If you had a tail, you'd be
knocking all this shit over.
You already know.
Why your lips so sexy?
Can we smoke first?
Absolutely, Stacey Johnson.
You want me to get you
something to drink too
so you can calm your ass down?
I'd like that, actually.
Let me get you something to drink, girl.
Don't be trying to sneak out either.
I bolted all the doors shut.
Oh, whatever.
He better not be
recording this, I swear to God.
My parents will kill me
if I get revenge porned.
Oh yeah.
Smells good. Fish?
Baked salmon, steamed rice, broccoli.
Look at you!
Do you need any help?
Nah, I'm good.
Aww, look at you all nervous.
Well, shouldn't I be?
This is new territory for me.
Huh, this is your fantasy.
This is your fantasy.
My fantasy is becoming a homeowner.
Well, you know, uh,
you don't have to, you know.
I just want you to watch.
Then I want her to watch.
Who is she?
High school friend.
I mean, we got a little history.
Bumped into her
a few weeks ago out of the blue.
How convenient.
And that's how I knew it was meant to be.
To a wonderful night.
Cheers, nigga.
Now I gotta warn you,
she is a little extra,
but, uh, she cool, you know?
So just go with it.
I'ma go with it right out this
door if she gets too crazy.
Oh, drinks.
I want one.
Coming right up.
Oh shit. Breathe.
Wow. This is
some really beautiful earrings.
Thank you.
These were made by a sister
I went to school with in Atlanta.
-She has an online store.
-Really beautiful.
Thank you.
Not bad.
Coming in a little hot but shade free.
Similar skin tone.
Feeling that.
Natural hair, a plus.
Okay, Justin.
I see you, black man.
Stacey, this is Lorraine.
Lorraine, this is Stacey.
-Hey, sis.
You from Atlanta?
No, Pasadena originally.
The Valley, San Fernando.
-Ooh. Cali girls in the house.
-That's right.
He said that the two of you
went to high school together.
We did, but he didn't pay me
any mind back then.
You had to be Filipino
to get his attention.
Ah, save it. Now see,
Lorraine ain't gonna tell you
that she had a white boyfriend
for sophomore year to senior year.
Giving away all the secrets.
None of you Negroes wanted me at all,
and I'll be damned if I was gonna spend
my entire high school career single
because y'all wanted
-a Lucy Liu lookalike.
All I know is that I am happy and humbled
to have two beautiful women in my home,
and I cannot wait to hear
your thoughts on my salmon.
- Hmm. Sure it's gonna be great, baby.
- Mm.
Oh, we're at baby level up in here?
Let's eat.
Smells really good.
I'll get the plates.
Ah, salmon.
- Salmon?
- Yes.
Okay, she is so extra.
No one gets that excited over salmon.
She really needs to calm down
before I start acting
like myself.
So annoying.
- Salmon?
- Hmm.
You know what that does to me?
I know what you like.
Oh, do you?
Breathe, Stacey.
Just breathe.
No more shutting myself off
from blessings.
From now on, it's yes to everything.
I should quit my job while I'm at it.
No, no, baby steps.
Octavia Butler.
Who's she?
That's a classic
but, uh, not her best book.
This one is.
Smart black man with a book in his hands.
That's what I keep hearing.
I was looking for that, actually. Thanks.
Do you work here?
No, I was just grabbing
something for my dad.
"The Life and Loves
of Mr. Jive-Ass Nigga."
-This is a classic, alright?
It better be.
You, uh, teach?
No, I wish I had the temperament to teach.
I'm a graphic designer.
Oh, nice. So you're creative.
Um... it can be very corporate too.
I really don't have much to say.
I just, uh, came over here
because I wanted to say hi
and I knew I would regret it
if I didn't, so, uh, hi.
I'm Justin.
Stacey, nice to meet you.
Just in time.
Hey, you know the, uh, secret
to my salmon is rosemary.
It's really good.
Okay, Marcus Graham.
I actually hear that you're
a super dope graphic designer.
Babe, I actually showed her the logo
from the after-school program.
It is so dope.
-You're talented.
-Thank you.
I wanna do more freelance work.
I keep telling myself
that I'm gonna quit my job
and go out on my own, but I don't know.
Operating without a net
scares me a little, I can't lie.
That leap of faith has killed many of men.
Yeah. I know I can do it.
I know, and I will.
It's just, you know,
leaving the nest is hard.
Well, I did it years ago.
I mean, I quit my job,
followed my passion,
got into massage therapy,
holistic healing,
and now I'm a wellness specialist.
Oh, that's great.
Have you ever heard of reiki?
That's the one with the hands, right?
Not really?
Well, I would love to give you
a full body herbal flush.
- Okay.
- It gets rid of everything.
Old energy, bad toxins.
I mean, there is nothing,
nothing like emitting
your own frequency.
That makes
a lot of sense, actually.
Sure, sure.
Oh, babe, she has the magic touch, too.
Does she?
Oh, he knows I do.
For instance, my daughter has
had astigmatism for 16 years.
I gave her one eye flush recently.
Cleared it right up.
Okay. Wait, what?
You have a 16-year-old daughter?
Oh yes, girl. I do.
Wow, okay.
Oh, she's gorgeous.
Thank you.
Oh, a lot of people think
that we're sisters,
and I don't correct them.
Do you have kids?
No, not yet.
But hopefully someday.
Hopefully someday.
Bitch, beg for change while you're at it.
Mm, I always say that
kids are our greatest gift,
unless you don't have any,
then you're not missing anything.
I hear that.
But you are gaining a thing,
and that's more money.
Well... that part.
You don't want kids?
I mean, I grew up in a household
with 10 half-brothers and half-sisters,
and being the oldest,
I've been changing diapers
since I was six, so hell no.
Hell no.
That part is true.
He doesn't want kids?
He never told me he didn't want kids.
Who doesn't want kids?
Kids are awesome.
Kids are awful.
Well, my kid lives with her dad now,
so I'm basically done.
I will stab you with this fork.
So, um...
is Justin the only person that
you're seeing?
He is it.
I usually like to stick
to one penis at a time,
or my vagina gets confused.
Mine doesn't.
So, uh, what about you?
Do you have anyone?
I do, Tony.
Yeah, he's my reiki practitioner
and my master teacher.
Oh, he sounds smart and sexy.
Mm. He is a good one.
And he treats me good.
But he is older, so, you know.
Yeah, how old is old?
Oh, hell no.
Yes, girl, I know.
I remember the first time
that we were fucking,
I was like, wow, I'm fucking an old guy.
But kind of turned me on.
Wow, sis.
Oh babe, that's not it.
Tell her.
-Oh, stop.
-Just tell her.
You know you want to.
Tell her what?
Okay, I'll tell you.
He just wants you to know that I,
I was in a polyandrous relationship.
That's the one with two--
I had two boyfriends.
The off the chain award
definitely goes to sis.
I'm sapiosexual, so for me, it's,
- it's all about what's up here. Right?
- Mm.
But some intellectual people,
they lack passion,
so I have the ability to go out
and find it somewhere else.
You think you could handle that?
Sharing your woman with another man?
Probably not.
I like my vaginas custom fit.
-Mm, custom fit.
You don't mind sharing
another man's woman, now do you?
I don't mind if he doesn't.
Let's get high, right?
Do you have drugs?
I'm a high school teacher.
Of course I have drugs. What?
-Whatever you want.
They're awfully
comfortable together.
Don't get jealous, Stacey.
She has a man, and Justin's
not into sharing women.
Well, he's sharing you, isn't he?
Ugh, this shit's gonna get
weird. I can feel it.
Did you call
my contact over at Revolt?
They're looking for
a motion graphic designer
for their summit.
So I've been meaning to.
But I'm not so sure
if I'm gonna have the time.
Okay, so I'm just out
here building up your clientele,
but you wanna be stuck
at this dead-end job
training your replacement.
Girl, we are supposed to be bossing up.
I know, I know.
-And I'm out here faking.
I'm disrespecting my vision board. Okay?
I thought you blocked that jerk.
- So I was about to...
- Mm.
...but he comes and goes.
You know he's only calling you
because he knows
you with somebody else.
It's a possession thing, not love.
He's my bad habit.
Look, I'm almost cured.
Okay, well, let's talk about this new boo,
because I ain't seen your ass
in, like, two weeks,
so I know he buttoned it down.
Um, I'm not complaining.
So a man walked up to you
and hit on you in a bookstore?
-A black man?
-In Los Angeles?
-Is he 80?
I cannot believe this!
I did not know men were hiding
at the bookstore.
I'm telling you.
Okay, so tell me what happened.
I mean like, he got kids, he got a felony?
Uh, stop. He's very sweet, no kids.
He teaches at Hamilton.
Ooh, he educated, I love this.
Have you met his mother?
And she looks together.
Okay, good, because a man's mom
tells you a lot about him.
- Mm-hmm, that's true.
- Mm-hmm.
And how is the--
Um, no comment.
because, you know,
it's competitive out here,
and, uh, he might not like what you like.
You're stupid.
I could not stand that jerk since college.
I know. I know, I know.
But Justin is, is different.
Like, he's not into all that petty stuff.
We're deeper than that.
He's genuinely a nice guy.
You really just genuinely
deeping down in them guts, huh?
- No.
- Yes, that's what's going on.
Whoa, whoa.
Are you okay?
I can't.
I'm sorry.
Look, it's okay.
Are you sure?
Because I want to,
oh, I really, really do.
And when I think about it, it's fine.
It's just once it goes in my mouth, I gag.
I have an active reflex.
Don't worry about it.
I have some coconut oil.
I can jack you off.
I'm good.
Look, next time, we can just
bring a relief pitcher in,
sit it right over there,
and then when it's time for some head,
-we just tag her in.
-Oh, whatever.
W-- I'm kidding.
No, you're not.
I am, stop. Stop that.
He just suggested
a threesome, didn't he?
Look, babe.
The graphic design for that
new afterschool program
you created, it's dope.
Look at that.
I'm glad you like it.
He's trying to deflect
'cause he knows I know
that he brought up a threesome.
I love it.
I mean, my first program implemented,
and it has an official logo.
I'm getting this framed.
I'm serious.
Look, you are talented and beautiful.
Okay? I came up.
You're just so sweet to me.
You know, my last situation,
it was not like this.
And I was with him for so long,
I just, I don't know,
I just assumed that
that's the way things were supposed to be.
Look, I don't want you thinking
about him anymore.
Fuck him.
You are my woman, and you're with me now.
He definitely wants a threesome.
How many should we take?
Two caps, one stem.
How long does this last?
Because I gotta work in the morning.
Come on, don't flake on me, Stacey.
Nobody's flaking.
If you scared, say you're scared.
- Peer pressure.
- Say you scared.
- Peer pressure.
- Whatever.
Just say you scared.
- Oh.
- Oh!
Oh god, that's nasty.
- Big Stace!
- Who's scared?
I'm doing double.
- Mm.
- You sure
you can handle a double one?
-'Cause we about to see.
-I know.
These two motherfuckers.
Man, it feels so good to just relax.

This is poetry.
A rose, red, vivid, alive.
A statement of love or a symbol of lies.
I gave my love a beautiful
blood-red red rose.
Then all the petals began
to wither and die.
Now I have many, many red, red roses
as I search for a love refusing to lie.
Would you like a beautiful
blood-red red rose,
before all the petals wither and die?
You remember that?
Was that you?
It's Justin's.
You write poetry?
He did, in high school.
Even beat me in the poetry contest.
Why'd you stop?
I don't know. I just realized
it really didn't matter anymore.
Of course it mattered.
In what way?
It's your voice.
You use it to inspire others.
To do what?
Write more shit that doesn't matter?
-A little dark.
-It's the truth.
The only thing that actually
matters is right now.
The time that we spend with each other.
Our friends and our family.
- Oh god, here comes the deep train.
- I'm serious.
Five hundred years from now,
there will be zero evidence
that we ever even existed.
I mean, of course life will go on,
but our print will be completely erased.
Our existence, pointless.
That's not true.
What about our contributions?
Art, literature.
Gone, unread,
just like the stories that came before us.
Shakespeare was not
the first nigga to write a play,
and Beethoven did not invent the symphony.
I mean, most people's work
will go buried under a rock
that no one even gives
a fuck enough to even turn over.
Well, I like the idea
of people leaving things behind
like infrastructure.
Modern medicine.
Technological advances.
-Almond milk?
-Lotion, nigga.
Y'all know what I meant.
Started out good.
Look, in the end, they created all that
so we can have a safe space to do this.
Y'all don't know nothing about that.
Do you do yoga?
I used to. I should get back into it.
- Mm-hmm.
- You?
I teach at a studio
twice a week in Inglewood.
Of course you do.
You should come.
-Sweat it out.

Don't be nervous.
I'm not.
He's cute.
-He is.

Let's dance.

They're talking about you.
They're up to something.
I should go.
Might as well.
- Hey, babe.
- Oh shit.
How you feel, babe?
Anybody ever tell
you you look like the Queen of Sheba?
Most people say Nefertiti.
Okay, I can see that.
The eyes, the nose.
I see you.
She's pretty.
Yes, she is.
She's cool, too.
She must really like you.
She memorized your entire poem.
She's just showing off her memory.
When does it kick in?
But you don't have to wait.

Oh my god.
Oh my god.
Oh my god.
What are they doing to me?
They're trying to turn me out.
Oh my god. This isn't right.
Okay, wait. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
-What? What's wrong, what's wrong, baby?
What's wrong, hmm?
Do you have any more wine?
I'll get it.
You okay?
Um, yeah, I'm fine--
Breathe, Stacey, you got this.
Just breathe, girl.
You okay?
I'll be right back, okay?
I'm sorry. Be right back.
Sometimes when I'm out,
like, in a public place
I see someone and turn the other way
Because I suck at conversation
Just slipped out of my hand.
Don't worry about it, I'll clean it up.
No, I got it. Just grab another one.
That was the only one.
Okay, well, go to the store
and grab another one.
I may miss a few social cues,
I'm so confused
I may, I may, I may be just like you
Is everything okay?
Now they're in there fucking without you.
Why'd you stop? It felt great.
Go get your man.
Swim in a lake of my own
I'll be right back.
I mean, that would be your handy dandy
If it didn't land me drowning
in a negative
Unrealistic situation
Everything okay, sweetie?
You're lying! Really?
It just came out.
Oh my god, Stacey!
I mean, I felt like
he had been hinting at it,
so I just thought,
why beat around the bush?
And, I mean, it is something
I've always thought
I would do with someone special.
Is Justin that special?
Probably not.
But he's better than what I had.
And I just, I don't wanna be as closed off
as I was with Dante.
I wasn't open to anything with him.
Listen, the happier you are,
the freakier you are.
That shit is on him.
Are you gonna tell Justin sike or what?
No, if I back out now,
it'll turn into a thing,
and you know how dudes get.
Their feelings, not your job.
True that.
So Dante texted me the other day.
He said the house is in escrow.
Boy, bye.
I wonder how many of his side bitches
he done text that to.
God, she keeps it so real.
It hurts a little.
But that's why I love her.
You know I had a threesome, right?
With who?!
With Terry.
You had a threesome with Terry?
Mm, and his roommate.
The rapper?
With the muscles?
-Yes, honey.
We got faded one night in the studio,
one thing led to another.
Girl, it was amazing.
Oh my god.
But, I mean, how was it?
'Cause-- 'cause that's a lot of dick.
I like a lot of dick, shit.
No, but having two men
in ecstasy at the same time,
I felt like a, like a sexual goddess.
Well, now, I have to baptize myself
in the oceans of the Pacific.
- Ew!
- I'll be right back.
Of course, he did break up
with me two weeks later
and blocked me
on all his socials, but hey.
I guess that motherfucker
just couldn't handle it.
Okay, so what's the problem?
I don't know.
What you mean you don't know?
Something's not right.
Like they trying to fuck you tonight?
Yeah, but in a culty kind of way.
I just, something is off here.
Yeah, you. You're not
going to get pregnant
by the devil seed tonight.
And even if you do,
shit, we'll take care of it.
This ain't Alabama.
What are you doing?
Girl, I'm taking a shit.
- Bye.
- Bye, love you.
You want this.
Tonight, you are Pinky
all the way turnt up.
You are Jada Fire drunk on IG Live, bitch.
You are the Jazmine Cashmere on E, ho.
Get it together.
Just be about it.
Let's go!
I thought I heard you call me.
Uh, no, just looking at some
ratchet ignorance on my phone.
Excuse me.
What's that?
Oh shit.
That's my heart?
Thank you, heart, for everything.
I'm not even messing with you.
Oh, what's that?
I think I just felt my pussy move.
I think I'm really high.
Me too.
You want a massage?
How you doing?
-I'm fine.
-Good, good.
Uh, so how is everything?
Everything's great.
Life, work.
Dog's fine too, by the way.
You said you'd visit.
Ah, I know, uh, it's been,
- it's been a crazy year.
- Mm.
Coltrane misses me, huh?
He does.
But he's learning to move on
from disappointment.
Oh, okay.
Tequila and Moscato, huh?
I remember those nights.
It's not like that.
I just, uh, was thirsty.
- Are you high?
- Come on, Kelly.
- Hey, Ashley.
- Fuck you, Justin.
Piece of shit.
I really wanna start my own agency.
I wanna boss up.
But I'm scared.
I just wish I was brave and,
and took chances how you do.
Shh, just let it all flow.
Like possessions in the sea.
You know, everything is temporary.
Thoughts, feelings, scenery.
God, this feels great.
I don't even need sex.
Just drugs and a weekly massage
and I'm good.
You have beautiful skin.
Thank you.
So do you.
This feels good.
You like it?
I do.
Turn around.

- Just relax.
- Oh.
- Breathe.
- What are we doing?
Just breathe.
Deep breaths.
Just allow yourself to be molested.
You're doing great.
She does have
a gentle touch, I can't lie.
I did have the biggest crush
on Diana Blacksmith,
and we did finger each other
at that sleepover
in seventh grade.
But I suppress those memories.
You know, the biggest chance you can take
is being yourself.
This is heaven.
No wonder I hate sucking dick so much.
I love women!
I'm gay!
Oh shit.
Y'all got started without me?
Hey, you.
I got this.
Stace, come help me with the wine, babe.

You have the best hair.
-Seriously, you're so fucking--
-Thank you.
No, thank you.
-I love your hair.
I really do.
Look at them.
Paying me no attention.
They don't need you anymore.
You lost control.
You need a game plan, man.
Here, taste it.
- I'm good.
- It's Nutella and apricot.
I gotta leave this situation.
I don't want to be here anymore.
She's great, but she's not really my type.
I mean, she is, but I don't know.
-How's coffee?
-It's good.
Slept in your bed
when I had no place to go
This is a dream
I don't plan on letting go
I always thought I'd
end up with a Joy Bryant
or Ananda Lewis type.
I never thought I'd be one of these guys.
Hope you remember
That late night in winter
You saw a winner
When I felt like a loser
Coffee for dinner
I dunno, maybe,
maybe I'll make my favorite dish.
I think your mom will love that.
I wonder what
Stacey's doing right now.
She is so beautiful.
Still can't believe
I approached her like that.
Look, you got this one correct,
but you're not showing me the steps.
The steps are a part of the work.
-That's crazy.
-It's necessary.
I just don't see how
when it's clear I know what I'm doing.
So what I don't understand is
if the answer is--
There she is.
You said if you ever saw her again,
you would talk to her.
You even begged God for a chance.
Well, here it is, lover boy.
What you gonna do?
Okay, Shay, look, I--
-I'll be right back.
-Where you going?
I gotta get something outta my car.
Nah, you're gonna go chase that lady.
- What lady?
- I seen you staring at her.
You finna leave me here
so you can go talk to that lady.
Shay, I'll be right back.
Look, you're supposed
to be my tutor.
I'm paying you by the hour.
Do you know who Shay was
in Egyptian mythology?
-The god of fate.
-When I asked you
to meet me at 12 o'clock,
-what did you tell me?
-I can't, let's make it one o'clock.
And when I told you
to meet me at the library,
-what did you tell me?
-Said let's meet by the barbershop
so I can get a fresh cut first.
And right now, I look up
and the woman of my dreams walks by.
What do you call that?
-Come on, man!
Yeah, you better hurry up,
Mr. Washington, she getting away.
Thank you.
Black love.
I fucks with it.

"Confessions of a Jive-Ass Nigga?"
Fuck it.
Here goes nothing.
Confidence, confidence,
confidence, confidence.
That's a classic, but it's
actually not her best book.
This one is.
That's what I've been hearing.
You gotta take it, you gotta slam it down.
It's called slamming salmon.
Now you get the two good tablespoons.
Two tablespoons, oh.
You gotta season it real good.
No punk bitch.
It's the real deal right here,
slamming salmon.
You can't be no punk
cooking no slamming salmon.
Plenty of oregano.
A little chili, oregano.
Lots and lots of oregano.
- Put it all over that, all over it.
- Oh shit.
I meant parsley.
Bitch, you said put oregan--
Whew, lord, hope you didn't mess
that shit up, 'cause I'm meant parsley.
Don't mess up the shit like I did.
Make sure you got your ingredients right.
- Whew.
- Don't let them onions make you cry.
I better not see no tears.
I can eat it like this right now.
Nice and raw like sushi.
This why I don't even fuck with salmon.
Please keep me hard all night.
Please don't let me cum too fast.
In Jesus' name. Amen.
Hey, you had me worried for a minute.
- I thought you--
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Ten minutes early,
hope you don't mind.
- Nah, nah, come in.
- Cool.
-How are you?
-How are you?
You look... great, as usual.
Thank you.
Smells good.
How was your day?
Considering the fact that I only had
to break up two fights
and confiscate one cell phone,
it was pretty cool.
And how was the world of healing?
Awesome. Awesome, yeah.
Tony helped a patient gain
mobility in his right arm
after years of paralysis.
- Wow, really?
- Yeah.
Yeah, we rubbed him down with some oils,
loosened up his chakras
with some frequency therapy,
and by the end of the session,
he was able to move
his right arm like this.
After 20 years.
You two, y'all be on some voodoo shit.
It's not voodoo, it's science.
You should really let him do you.
Do me?
You know what I mean.
Something about a man giving me a massage
who is allowing his fianc
to sleep with me,
that throws me off a little.
Well, no one allows me to do anything.
You're right.
And it's more than
just a massage.
He wants to heal you before we,
you know... whatever.
Nothing, it's just, ah, the thought
of me and a 61-year-old man
having sex with you at the same time,
that's, that's a little wild.
It's favor for a favor, right?
Fair enough.
So where is she?
Uh, she should have been here by now.
So, what's the deal with you two?
What do you mean?
Like, uh,
are you in love?
Do I love her?
Yes. She's amazing.
I mean, she is beautiful,
she's talented, she's smart.
But she's boring in bed.
I did not say that.
Yes, you did.
-You did.
When you asked me to do this,
you said that she's boring in bed
and that you want me to teach her
how to sling that pussy.
Well... okay.
Thank you.
My pleasure.
You know, I had the biggest
crush on you in high school.
- No, you didn't.
- Yes, I did.
-For real.
For real, I did.
God, I thought you were so fucking sexy.
Well, you look amazing.
Fine wine gravity-defying amazing.
Honestly, it's just, it's great to see you
in your full bloom.
Yeah, and look at you
with all those muscles now.
Ah, well, you know,
I've been in that gym for
a minute, you know.
Gotta grow up.
Come here.

Why's your dick so hard?
You know why.
Feel how wet I am?
Saved by the bell, baby.
I'm gonna go freshen up.
I'm coming.
I'm fucking coming.
Alright, alright, alright.
You had me worried, I thought
you was gonna flake on me.
Come here.
Alright, now this right here,
it's the golden flower.
It's like the granddaddy perp of the game.
A lot of shit spawned off of these.
This right here should be the B pluses,
the no names, the white ones.
And these are the Cameroons,
you should start with the Cameroons.
That's it, man.
That's the bouquet, that'll get you there.
Yo, man, this shit ain't
gonna have me paranoid
like they did last time, is it?
Nah, man, that's your mind state.
All these do is enhance
what's already up there.
Just be at peace, man,
we talked about that.
Yeah, you right.
-Appreciate it, bro.
-Yeah, no doubt.
So you about to join
the threesome club, huh?
Man, I'm nervous as hell.
Two women in the same room
at the same time? It's a lot of estrogen.
Man, just treat it like
it's a nice chill dinner party.
All right? What's most important
is you make sure they're both comfortable.
Sex is an afterthought.
The cigar.
Exactly. Exactly.
Man, I gotta replace shorty, she tripping.
You talking about the yellow?
Yeah, man, I knew it was gonna happen.
Put her in them acting classes,
she let these Hollywood fools
get all in her ear.
She came home talkin' about,
"I'm not happy here.
I need some space."
Been in LA two months and
they done already got to her.
What'd you say?
Told her cool, man.
You know, you and you alone
are responsible
for your happiness.
I'm responsible for my happiness.
That's what you feel you need
to do, then do it.
What your wife say?
She already know I'm gonna
replace the youngin.
I mean, my wife already know.
She said, "Jelani, I know
you need two women.
You need two energies,
that's just how you roll."
That's me, man.
Two and I'm cool.
Man, your wife is special.
You'd be surprised what a
woman'll let you get away with
if you just ask.
That reminds me, man.
You gotta make sure
you spreading the love equally.
Women are hella sensitive,
they pick up on that shit.
Yeah, but they both fine, though.
Even still, you just
naturally gravitate towards one.
It's human nature.
You ever be watching a porno and
you see a dude
fucking two chicks and you like,
-damn, man, spread the love.
-I was watching a old one the other day.
What's my man name? He wearing the glasses
look like Jamie Foster.
- Justin Slayer.
- Yeah.
He was hitting Cherokee D from the back.
Like wow, wow, wow.
And I'm over there looking
at Beauty Dior like,
spread the love!
Can't blame that nigga though, man.
Cherokee got a fat ass.
-She do got a fat ass.
-She got a fat f--
Whoa, you okay?
I can't. Sorry.
You've gotta be kidding me.
It's okay.
Are you sure?
'Cause I want to, I really do.
It's just, when I try to do it,
it makes me gag.
I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it.
"Oh, I gag.
I'm sorry."
- Really?
- You know,
I have some coconut oil.
I can jack you off.
I'm good.
You know, you're just so sweet to me.
My last situation, it was not like this.
I wonder
what Kelly doing right now.
That White girl could suck a dick.
I wish I could bring her here
so Stacey could see
what real sex looks like.
White girls are such freaks.
God, I love 'em.
It's okay, baby.
There she go.
Can you please handle this?
Though I work hard at it,
I can't do it alone.
I'd like to introduce you
to the number one--
I think we should have a threesome.
I call him Mr. Ubiquitous.
Yeah, well, she love me
'cause I'm too tall
Are you messing with plug
I got two falls
I'm gonna slip it to the side
I just think I'm too high, man.
I feel like I'm losing control.
What do you mean losing control?
Of yourself or the situation?
I don't know, the situation maybe.
What, one of 'em getting jealous, or--
They're getting along just fine.
Then what's the problem?
I don't know, man!
Tripping. Huh.
You the one getting jealous.
I'm tripping.
You're fucking...
Man, I am high, man.
I'm emotional!
This nigga's getting jealous.
- Yeah, man, I got it.
- Of two women.
Yeah, alright.
Oh. Oh shit.
You the man.
You the man.
You the man.
You the man.
You the man.
Oh fuck.
What the fuck?
You okay in there?
I'll be right out.

Ooh, look.
Hey, I thought you got lost in there.
Are you okay? Did you throw up?
-No, I'm fine.
-Are you sure?
'Cause I hear that shrooms
can give you diarrhea.
I don't have diarrhea.
Drink this.
You're having a bad trip.
Get out of your head.
Ah, that's it.
Loosen up.
I like our new girlfriend.
I thought you would.
Are you sure you're
gonna be able to handle
both of us tonight?
I'm gonna do my best.
Good, 'cause tonight,
I'm gonna be a problem.
I like problems.
Wait, what?
I can't feel my dick!
Sit down, gather yourself.
Oh my god.
Do you think he'd miss this?
I wish my vagina
could glow like this.
I wanna see.
They're talking about you.
You know that, right?
They doubt you.
They don't think you can do it.
Oh shit, here they come.
Be cool.
What's up?
Don't start sweating, or you won't stop.
You like that?
Why can't I feel my dick?
You gonna get hard for me?
Hell yeah.
You gonna get that dick hard for us?
Come on, dick,
don't do me like this.
Get hard for me, baby.
Shut the fuck up
with all the pressure.
I know what I need to do.
Wait, what's wrong?
I don't know, this ain't
ever happened to me before.
I think I'm just too hot.
I just, I just need some air.
Now what do we do?
You're not happy
with her, admit it.
Too many plans.
You sick of wine retreats
and sip and paints, aren't you?
I don't think moving in
together is the move.
There's still time.
I need a sign.
Oh my god, I'm so sorry.
It's okay.
I'm sorry.
Lorraine Anthony, Highland High?
Oh my god, Lorraine, how are you?
It's been so long.
It has.
I'm great.
-How are you?
-I'm good.
Look good.
Oh, right there.
-I just came so hard.
-Me too.
If we would've been
doing this in high school,
this would've been a problem.
I know, babies everywhere.
What are the odds that we ran
into each other today?
Strange universe.
Has a mind of its own.
That's your roommate?
Oh, my boyfriend.
You got a boyfriend?
Fiance, actually, it's not like that.
Do what I want.
You do what you want?
Hey, baby.
Hey, babe.
I got your mail.
Oh, um, Tony, this is Justin.
Justin, this is my fiance, Tony.
Hey, nice to meet you.
What's up, man?
Can I get you guys anything?
Water, juice, peanut M&Ms?
Nah, I'm good.
I'm gonna go get dinner started.
You should stay.
Come on, get it together.
Just breathe, just breathe, just breathe.
Is what you told me when I turned
and faced the door
Some fresh air, just gonna walk out.
I can't handle the pressure
Fuck that, uh-uh.
Stay on the own property tonight.
We don't need no mistakes.

Cannot get her, can't her out my head
Instead I'm stuck in bed
I cannot wake up
And boys don't cry
Hey, you guys done?
Nah, I just stepped out
to get some fresh air.
Did you need me to get her or you--
No, I was just in the neighborhood.
Hey Tony, what's up, man, what's going on?
-Get in.

There's really no point in telling
African braiders what you want,
because they do
whatever the fuck they wanna do,
and then they try to convince you
that the shit they did
is what you asked for.
Your hair is really pretty, though.
Thank you.
On a positive note,
the last time that I was in the salon,
a dude came in selling six
bottles of Dove's body wash
for $20.
-I know.
And then another dude came in
selling that Dr. Bonner's peppermint soap.
You know, the one that lights
your ass on fire?
Two for 10.
-I know. I copped.
It was about a year ago.
I was performing reiki down
in a conference in Inglewood.
And in she walked.
White dress, flowered hair, back straight.
Bright, bright smile.
She looked like a queen.
Now, I'm never one
to approach no women 'cause,
and frankly, I can't see how people do it.
The rejection alone is unbearable.
But with her,
she made me feel the energy
that I ain't know I had left.
And I knew then that that was
my last chance at true love.
Hey, well, it worked.
You got her, so.
Part of her.
You know, I take what I can get.
You a lucky man, Justin.
To be all young and handsome.
I'm not that young.
Now, you want to trade places with me?
I hear you.
So why you out here?
Man, I just needed some fresh air.
I mean, it's not acting right.
What do you mean?
I mean down there.
-That's, that's, that's tough.
Never done this before, huh?
I've never really considered
myself a threesome guy.
I mean, I feel like if it didn't
happen in my twenties,
then it wasn't gonna happen.
I mean, to be honest, man,
this wasn't even my idea.
One-on-one, that is good enough for me.
I just felt like I couldn't say,
"Nah, I'm good"
I kind of felt like it was expected of me.
Honestly, man, I don't even know
if I have what it takes.
Maybe this is a sign I should call it off.
What you think?
Do you know what loyalty is, Justin?
That's the kind of guy I am.
Loyal to the bone.
There's not one single thing
I wouldn't do for Lorraine.
You made an arrangement with my fiance,
and I expect for you to honor it.

I understand all the
complexities about getting old.
This sucks.
Let me help you.
What you talking about?
Trust me.
Hey, what--
Hey, man.
Your sacral and heart chakras are blocked.
Have you ever been in love, Justin?
I don't know.
That's it.
There you go.
That's it.
That's it.
-Oh my god.
-That's it.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
Let me ask you something.
A year from now, where do
you see you and Justin?
I don't know.
Well, you seem really happy right now.
We are. We are.
But I just wish he was more present.
I wanna really fall in love.
One thing I learned,
if you wanna fall in love with anything,
fall in love with healing yourself first.
Make a rap song
Have all of your kids sing along, yeah
Ain't that what you really wanna see
Make me feel free
Have a smiling on the TV
Baby, baby, do you like me
And my white T
And these white teeth
I got new friends, they don't like me
One more night, please and you could be
my wifey, yeah
And if you want to go
Have you ever been on a wine tour?
Justin and I went to one recently.
Oh my gosh, it was so good.
It was just like simple, Black-owned.
Loved it.
- He's always so down--
- She's pretty.
But a tight-ass with boring stories.
I wonder what he sees in her
besides those big-ass teeth.
I'm sure it's not serious.
Not like he could be with me.
Sorry, but Justin's not
your man, big head Stacey.
He's mine.
There he is, like clockwork.
Just as disciplined
as he was in high school.
Mm, still looks great
after all these years.
A year ago, I saw you again
for the first time
in almost 20 years.
All those old feelings came right back.
I was in high school all over again.
You, still passing me by.
You became all
I thought about again.
Man, you gotta try it, dawg.
Our contestants
have to decide who's cool.
I withdrew all my love
and saved it for you.
Not now.
Wondering what you were doing.
I can't communicate with you anymore, Mom.
I'm moving in with Dad.
It cost me my relationships.
You can have this place.
You just gonna take my shoes and leave?
It cost me love.
But I wasn't gonna lose you this time.
Oh no.
Like anything worth having in life,
I was gonna fight for you.
Oh shit!
-Oh my god, I'm so sorry.
-That's okay.
So then he turns around,
he says, "Mr. Washington,
did they name spiders after Spider-Man?"
Come on, man, you kidding, right?
No, man, I'm serious, 16 years old.
But you know what? I love my students,
and every day with them is a surprise.
He's so great.
His personality, that smile.
Mm. I could use a young man
around the house.
Be nice to smell cologne
instead of muscle relaxer for a change.
So tell me, Justin,
do you have a girlfriend?
I do.
So are you gonna tell her
about this eating?
Only if she ask.
So, uh, are you two--
You know.
What's that?
No, no, we, we a part
of the lifestyle, I'd say.
Except we're more
into partnerships, more or less.
Okay, so what does that mean?
-Well, you know, like couples are two.
We prefer three.
Some call it thrupples.
I get it.
Yeah, it's pretty cool.
Justin, would you like some more wine?
No, I'm fine.
-You know, I'd like some.
-You've had enough.
Oh, well, thank you.
-What did I say?
-We're into partnerships.
-Well, we are, aren't we?
Not if you wanna scare them all away.
Don't you understand anything about men?
Honey, I'm sorry, okay.
You know how much this means to me.
I will not let you fuck this up again.
I-- Uh--
One thing I learned,
if you wanna fall in love with anything,
fall in love with healing yourself first.
That's amazing.
I love you, girl.
I love you too.
We should be sisters.
We are.
I need to get rid of her ass.
Maybe she'll fall asleep,
and I can put her
in an Uber to Mexico.
-I feel good
-LORRAINE: Mm-hmm.
I think I'm getting
my second wind.
Have you done this before?
This, like the three of us.
Um, yeah.
Once or twice.
I've had a one night stand.
A long time ago, in my twenties.
Me and my girl, we went to this club
and she introduces me to her homeboy,
and he just takes me immediately.
He's like, you with me tonight.
So, we're drinking
and I'm sitting on his lap
and we're kissing and all that,
and as we're getting ready
to leave, he's like,
"Tell your friends
that I'll drive you home.
I want you to come with me to get tacos."
So I'm like, okay, cool.
So we go to get the tacos,
and then we go back to his place
and we have sex everywhere.
The sofa, the bed, the balcony.
And then he just starts saying
all this weird shit.
Like what?
He was bringing Jesus into it.
-Oh god.
-Yeah, exactly.
And then after we finish,
he just passes out,
like out cold, snoring and all of that.
And I'm like, alright,
are you gonna take me home?
I start shaking him
and everything and nothing.
I even grab his keys, I'm like, okay,
I guess I'll take your car now.
And absolutely nothing.
And this was before Uber.
Okay, so what did you do?
Well, girl, I had to take a cab home.
Cost me like $30, I was so pissed,
I hid them keys under those tacos.
I don't even remember his name.
-I never saw him again.
Good for you.
That's a lie.
I did see him again,
two weeks later at the exact same club.
Me and my girls, we were leaving,
and we see him leaving
with one of our friends,
and I yelled across the parking lot.
I was like, "Girl, if he is
taking you to get tacos,
drive your own car."
That's hilarious.
You're funny.
You know, Justin thinks I'm a square,
but I've got my edge.
I mean, obviously he likes it.
That's why he wants
to move in with me, right?
What the fuck did she just say?
You guys are moving in together?
Yeah, we've talked about it,
when our leases are up.
But truthfully, I don't know
if it's that good of an idea.
Like, I love him,
but I also like my space.
Yeah. Yeah, it's a big commitment.
You gotta be sure.
Sometimes, I think I'm still
in love with my ex.
We were just together for so long.
He treated me like shit, but...
I still care about what he thinks.
It's dumb, right?
-There you are!
Don't you know how
worried I was about you?
Ow. Stop, what do you mean?
What are you do--
Where were you? Do you know if
anything had happened to you?
-Where were you?
- Stop! Ah!
- No!
Get off.
- Say "auntie."
- Oh no.
- Say "auntie."
- No!
- Say "auntie."
- Yeah.
They look great together.
Who are you kidding?
He'll never go for you.
You're a divorcee with a teenage daughter,
and you live with a 60-year-old man.
Why would he want someone
with all that baggage
when Stacey is so simple?

Come get me. Come pick me up.
You done?
Just come, I don't wanna be here.
What happened, did he hurt you?
Stop trying to figure out what is wrong.
Okay, I'm on my way.
I feel so silly.
He could never fall in love with me.
They're in love.
Lorraine, stop.
No, I'm serious.
They're so cute together.
I feel like an idiot.
You know what, I'm not gonna
sit here and listen to this.
I'm going to hang up.
Because I know you,
and I know when you want something,
and this is something you really want.
Just get outta your head, baby.
I'm trying.
That man needs to see you.
Show him the woman that I know.
It's hard sometimes.
I know.
But you a beautiful queen,
and we're here to serve you.
Thank you.
I love you, Lorraine.
Bye, Tony.

-You like that?
-You know I do.
I know you do, it's the third time today.
That's 'cause you got that fire.
Oh, so your girl don't got that fire?
-There's levels to it.
What level am I?
The next one.
That's for damn sure.
You know, I wish she could see this.
Just so you could show her
how to sling that pussy.
Yeah, I wish I could too.
See, that's what I'm talking about.
Now, if I was able to hook that up,
you think you'd be down?
There's a crack there, say yes.
I'd be down.
Good job.
This is so crazy.
Us together after all this time.
Yeah, I know.
I feel like I'm back in high school,
but this time, I'm with the popular boy.
I love you, Justin Washington.

I'm ready.
Me too.
Feels like we're in outer space.
It's so dreamlike.
I wish the three of us
could live together.
You're so fine.
You like me, don't you?
Of course.
But you don't wanna have my babies?
I'm ready.
Me too.

It's happening.
Just go with it.

I could stay like this forever.
He licks her
so slow, I want that.
Look at her
loving the way I snack on it.
You next girl.
Oh. Oh, I feel it.
It's getting close.
Come through, dick.
Wait, what happened?
Don't stop now.
Don't get left out, girl.
Get in the game.
Excuse me while I get
this leg over here.
Thank you.
Oh, dick, welcome back.
She's biting the shit out of my clit.
Easy, girl.
Oh, this is life.
God, I love America.
I don't say it enough,
but goddammit, I'm proud of this country.
She's tearing my pussy up!
I should make her stop.
No, don't ruin the mood.
Take the pain.
Look at that dick.
All shiny, mm.
I want it.
Oh. Gimme.
What the fuck?
That was rude.
I'm back. Oh yeah.
That's your man, Stacey.
Fucking another woman.
Stings, doesn't it?
Kinda sexy, though.
Bitch, make up your mind.
Ooh, shit.
You like grabbing balls, okay.
I wish I could have
my balls rubbed forever.
I should say something.
Fuck her, baby.
Fuck her, Justin.
Don't just cheerlead.
Go rub her titties.
Oh, Justin.
Oh, oh.
Come on, get in on this shit.
Yeah, that's it.
That's right, bitch,
serve the queen.
Start calling you Low-low.
'Cause you got that low-low.
Oh, I'm about to cum.
Oh, I'm about to cum.
Oh, I'm about to cum.
Oh, shit.
Is that it?
Get over here.
Oh yes.
- Oh.
- Fuck.
A suck his dick break.
Of course.
Take notes,
bitch, there's levels to this.
God, I just felt
the back of her throat.
This woman is an angel.
Girl, keep below the deck.
Okay, got it, going.
Oh, great.
I've never been good with you guys.
It's competitive out there.
Good luck.
Fuck you, Dante!
Here goes nothing!
Not yet!
On the balls?
God, that's gross.
At least wipe it off first.
Just get it over with.
It might not be too bad.
Don't throw up.
Please, don't throw up on his dick.
Damn, that feels good, Stacey.
You're such a freak.
You think so?
I know so, baby.
Oh, okay, that's enough talking.
Shut up and eat.
Oh, I know you like that.
I'm about to cum. Oh, I'm cumming.
I'm about to cum!
-Come in my mouth.
Come in my mouth!
Ugh. Ugh.
Don't waste it!
Oh my god. She's still sucking.
She not even spitting it out!

A true freak.
I found one.
Oh my god.
I am cool.
Whoa. That was amazing.
Oh, I am all sticky.
Alright, you did that, Stacey.
Now he knows.
Now he knows that I am a down-ass bitch.
What's this?
Oh, gross.
That was good.
Let's get a drink of water.
Maybe take ourself to bed.
Three-way cuddle,
'cause I've never done that.
Over it.
I love you, Stacey.
I love you, girl.
Even when no one else does.
Hey, guys?
What do you think about laying in the bed?
Who's your mama?
You the mama.
- Say it say it again.
- Aah!
-I'm the queen. Say it again.
-You the queen.
Ah, shit. Spit in my mouth.
You wanna see me squirt?
They must be really familiar.
I want it.
Oh yes.
Oh yes.
Golden shower.
Look at him, girl.
He's just as happy as can be.
Look at that smile.
Ass play and golden showers
genuinely make this man happy,
and that's alright.
Somebody's gotta do it,
and it ain't gonna be me.
Not at this stage in my life.
They are gonna stink in the morning.
Tonight I might get lucky, man,
'cause she's a freaky girl
Stacey, girl, where you at,
I'm by your house, baby.
Boy, please. I just had a threesome.
- What the fuck?
- Woo!
Hell no.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
I'm leaving.
But I had a great time tonight,
and I just want you guys to know
that I've been watching you
for the last 20 minutes
and it's clear that
your souls ain't right.
I think you need Jesus.
But if you wanna do this again, call me,
'cause a bitch came so hard
my asshole almost fell out.
Good night.
Oh, also, I have decided to quit my job
and start my own agency.
That's great, babe!
Good night, guys.
Blessings, Queen.
Fuck that.
Not quitting my job, hell no.
I need that money.
Change is gradual.
Bye, guys.
Can I move in with you and Tony?
-Can you pay utilities?
-Of course.
Oh god, yes.
Oh, this life.
Thank God.
So much love to go around
Break free, 'cause it's going down
Let's have a threesome, baby
Hey, li'l mama.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I did it.
Oh my god, girl!
Girl, I am so...
I'm gonna give you all
that you can take, girl
I wanna do this more than I can say
Feel so good, for goodness sake
Won't you give me a piece
of both y'all cake
So we can turn this bed into a lake
Can you dig it
One plus one plus one more
So much love to go around
Break free, 'cause it's going down
Let's have a threesome, baby
Me, you and her
Oh yeah
We both gonna eat ya, baby
Show love, you'll squirt
I like that
Go on and touch her
right there and let me
-Smoke this blunt and watch
-I'll take you two at a time, baby
I'll spray
across your spine
I'll tear your ass up,
-and her ass up too
-Y'all could chill with another
After I get through
One, two, three
One, two, three
-One, two, three one, two, three
-It's easy
-One, two, three one, two, three
-It's easy as
-One, two, three one, two, three
-It's simple
-One, two, three, one, two, three
-It's simple as
One, two, one, two, one,
one, two, three
One, two, three, one, two, three
One, two, three, one, two, three
One, two, one, two, one
-One, two, three
-It goes one, two, three, yeah
One, two, three
This a mic check, one, two, three
I got bitches on deck
pimping one, two, three
Putting hickeys on my neck,
kissing one, two, three
If they sucking,
we fucking all of 'em
One, two, three
Busting nuts
and she gonna swallow 'em
One, two, three
I'm loving that brain,
I'm yelling one, two, three
'Cause when I'm running
the train, it's telling
One, two, three
The threesome,
you seen the movie with
One, two, three
-I put my fingers all in her booty
-One, two, three
Squirting, messing up
lots of covers like
One, two, three
I'ma need a new box of rubbers like
One, two, three
Captioned by Point.360