Three Worlds (2018) Movie Script

(synthesizer music)
- Well, I can tell you a funny story.
I was in, uh, I was
with some family friends
and we were doing one of
those obstacle courses
that you like go on and you have
to harness yourself to everything
and they were older than me, so they, um,
they wanted to go on the black course,
so I was just like, okay,
I'm gonna hold my own,
and it was like a three-hour thing
and we're like, holding on for dear life
like on logs and going
zip-lining into nets
and like this whole crazy thing,
and, finally, we're
getting to the last stretch
where you just have to
zip-line into a net and then,
like, harness yourself on
and then slowly go down,
so I went, landed perfectly, um,
and there I harnessed myself a little bit,
then I, I go down and
then I un-harness myself
so that I can just, you know, walk down,
and all of a sudden I see my friend,
he was a big guy, come
zip-lining into the net
and I'm still in the
net, and so he crashes,
I go flying in the air, land
flat on my face in the gravel.
Oh, it was just so funny now,
but at the time, it was really painful.
(gentle music)
- [Saam] Who are you?
- [Woman] I'm a person.
- [Saam] That's all?
- I don't know.
I was born in London.
Who are you?
- It's my turn to ask questions.
- [Woman] Fine, so what's the question?
- [Saam] The question is who are you?
- It's a dumb question.
- Okay.
Do you think you're attractive?
- Yes.
- [Saam] Are you smart?
- [Woman] Yes.
- Are you sexual?
- Yes.
- Are you scared of dying?
- [Woman] I'm not sure.
- [Saam] What's your favorite color?
- Yellow?
- [Saam] Why was who are
you such a dumb question?
- Because it doesn't mean anything.
Who am I?
I'm Ashley, I'm a frog, I
was born in London, so what?
- Okay.
- You're weird.
- [Saam] And so are you.
- [Woman] Yeah.
(vehicle honking)
(electric buzzing)
- [Therapist] Saam, you need
to start taking your meds.
- I don't wanna do drugs.
I mean, I feel like I'm already
on drugs, what's the point?
- I mean, listen, what can I say?
You know, I'm not a proponent
of taking drugs for
the sake of themselves.
I just feel like in conjunction
with what we're trying
to do here, it would really work.
I think you're being stubborn,
and that your ego is
putting up all these walls.
Let me put it this way,
if you keep repeating
the same behaviors that got you into this,
how do you expect to have any progress?
- You're gonna quote Einstein now?
- Einstein didn't say that.
Actually Einstein said, how
can we solve our problems
with the same level of
thinking that created them?
- It's the same shit.
It's exactly the same meaning.
All right, okay, I'm being
an asshole, all right.
I don't, um,
I don't feel like myself.
I don't feel comfortable these days.
I have a hard time breathing.
I keep thinking about
breathing when I sleep.
I mean, how long have we been doing this?
- Therapy?
My friend, we're not doing therapy.
We are listening to our expression,
and I think it's important
to not get hung up on time.
- Get hung up on time, money
is coming out of my pocket
into your pocket, all right,
there's a transaction here.
Would you be here for me for free?
- If it was something that was absolutely
necessary, yes, I would.
Okay, you know what?
I, uh, I gotta get going
because I have a three o'clock.
You know, I didn't talk about this,
but I think that this might help you.
I don't know, just read
it and see what you think.
- I wanna have five kids.
- Who's the lucky guy?
'Cause that's not gonna be me.
Are you mad?
If I spin this and it goes to you,
it means you're mad, okay?
If it goes to me, it means
that I can certainly draw better than you.
- You cheated somehow.
- [Woman On TV] I've been
having way too many pills.
- [Woman On TV] Really?
- [Woman On TV] People have
stopped bending towards me.
And then so they get thrown out.
- [Saam] Come here.
- Stop.
- Come here!
- No, stop, ow, you're hurting me!
- I'm not, what?
- Yeah you are, you're pinching my back.
- Oh my god.
- Oh my gosh!
- [Saam] Come here.
- Stop, Saam!
- Come here.
- Stop, seriously, I'm trying to watch.
(woman on TV laughs)
(static crackling)
(mournful music)
- [Tom] Take the fucking job, man.
- [Saam] Why am I getting
the same bullshit gigs
over and over again with you?
- 'Cause that's what it is.
- [Saam] Mm-hm.
- All this shit's just
to roll the dice, man!
Nobody's more talented than anybody else.
I live in fucking reality!
- [Saam] What's reality, Tom?
- Listen, Saam, I'm not going
to get into some psychological debate
on the nature of reality.
I want what you want.
I wanna fuck.
I want money.
I wanna eat goddamn sushi whenever I want.
This isn't about Fukushima or ISIS,
saving the whales, goddamn
two-state solution.
I wanna eat pussy whenever I want.
You think that's vulgar or
that I don't have morals?
Nah, man, that's life, that's reality.
- Bravo, that's what you think I want?
- [Tom] It is what you want,
you just don't know it yet.
- You're an asshole, Tom, I
got in with the wrong partner.
You are the wrong person for me.
- See, that's what you think,
that's what you tell yourself.
Look where you're at, this
is Holly-fucking-wood, bro!
You think they built that
on some Godard bullshit?
Some Kurosawa fuckery?
Mm-mm, look,
this is you, this is it,
this is you getting over it.
This is you, this is you,
this is you getting over you.
- I can kick your head in, all right?
Always keep that in the
back of your fucking mind,
all right?
- Yeah, yeah, no, I know,
you're real buff, man.
God, I hate this shit, took
a fucking bullshit meeting
like this, fucking ad company dick sucks,
fucking client, fucking talent!
Let me tell ya, had to do this over again,
I'd go into tech, design
apps, make real fucking money.
- What is this, some reverse psychology?
- Stop being a baby and take the job,
the money, this isn't
gonna last forever, man,
small windows close real quick.
Take the job, Saam.
- I'll think about it.
- [Tom] I beg you.
- I'll think about it, all right?
I have to go.
- So, a week from today.
- Take a nice swim, ah, Jesus Christ.
- Always a pleasure, Saam!
Take the fucking job!
(birds chirping)
- [Director] Quiet on the set!
Quiet please!
Sound speed.
- [Camera Man] Opening up.
You can hear that a lot.
- There a signal?
- Yeah, still going.
- Ready now?
- [Director] Yes.
(gentle music)
Okay, action.
- [Man] Guys.
Stand one, pull it back for her.
(indistinct talking)
(dramatic music)
- [Man] Yup, all right,
we got something at least.
- [Woman] Yeah, let's get her,
let's get her feet.
Just like walking shots.
(dramatic music)
- [Man] Let me just get focus.
(indistinct talking)
Tuck all the way in, tuck all the way in!
(dramatic music)
(indistinct talking)
- Shit.
- Hi, is Danica home?
- Saam, this is Zorana.
Zorana, this is Saam.
- Nice to meet you, Zorana.
- Sorry.
- No, it's okay.
You, uh, just paying
tribute, having some fun?
- What do you mean?
- I don't mean anything.
It was nice meeting you.
- Yes.
(speaking in foreign language)
- She's only here for a month or so.
- Isn't she gonna mess with your business?
- No, it won't be any trouble.
You want?
- She seems nice, though.
Same business?
(dramatic music)
(people chattering)
- [Woman] Happy Birthday, To Me!
- And all my friends, I got (mumbles)
(speaking in foreign language)
And it's a good time to be here.
And everybody wins.
(dramatic music)
- I would really get into
watching like pro-wrestling.
That was my shit.
Saturday comes around, I'm
waking up seven o'clock sharp.
I got my Saturday morning cartoons on.
I got my punch, my lemonade.
I'm chilling.
And then 12 o'clock my freakin'
wrestling show would come in
and once Soul Train goes on that means
then Saturday morning is finished.
First of all, wrestling
was a really bad influence.
(bell dinging)
Let me just get that
out of the way.
It was, um, 'cause, 'cause, 'cause,
me and my brother would really
like try and do that stuff.
We would, actually, like I'm not kidding.
I remember one time my brother
freakin' power-dropped me in
the freakin' marble floor.
We made home videos of us wrestling.
And, looking back at it now,
it could have been
worse than how it ended.
Actually, we were lucky
that nothing happened
because like a lot of
that stuff we were doing,
we were really doing.
Like, but since I was
really young, you know,
like I was really
punching them or whatever,
but it wasn't really
hurting them that much
because the people I was wrestling with
were like freakin' 10 years older than me.
You know, I was like freakin' 10.
They were like 16, 17.
I was freakin' wrestling
with high school kids, okay.
Let's be honest here.
And a lot it, we would
script out the punches.
We'd make the punches look fake on purpose
'cause we wanted to make it look
like a real professional wrestling match.
We'd like to slam, jump off the bed,
and my brother would really
like double knee-drop me.
It was like a freakin' psycho.
I didn't know what the freak was going on.
Like he would really
jump off the freakin' bed
and he would come down
on me with both knees
and he wouldn't even block,
he wouldn't do anything.
He would just, knees.
And then we're putting it on film.
I remember my brother and my dad saw that.
He saw that stuff, dude.
And I was still like the same age,
like at the same time, not like recently,
but like at that time.
He actually saw that tape
and I just remember him
yelling at my brother, like in Farsi too.
Like every single bad
word you could imagine.
He would just be, and my brother
and my mom would be like,
is no big deal, they're just playing.
They're just playing.
And then my brother and my dad
would like rewind the tape.
He'd be like, is this playing?
Is this playing?
He's freakin', he's slamming
his head against the ground.
Is that playing?
But, no, my dad was upset.
Like he was pissed.
First of all, he was mad that we did it.
Then he was more mad
that we showed him it.
So, we showed him it.
We were like, dad, look what we did!
You think WWF is cool, check this out.
We put in the tape, freakin'
dad was like wigging out.
He was like, are you guys crazy?
You could break his neck.
He's like, but now, now that I'm older,
now, I'm looking at it now,
I'm thinking about it now, at this age,
and I'm thinking, damn,
he was freakin' right.
What the freak were we doing?
Like that was just high-risk.
And there was no springboard mat.
Like we were doing it all on the floor
and, yeah, that was pretty bad.
Basically, it all started when we started
videotaping us wrestling.
That's where it all started,
to do our own home movies
'cause we were old enough
to actually take control of the camera
because my dad had like this
big camera with a VCR camera.
It was like over the head.
You had to like put it over your shoulder
to hold it steady.
So, we were old enough to
handle it at this point.
I was like 10.
I was also into horror movies.
And so, my brother actually
came up with the idea
to let's make our own little fun movie
and watch it and have a good laugh.
And so, we did, we're like
let's do one about Halloween.
But, at this time, like how
we're gonna do Halloween?
We don't have Michael Myers' masks.
We had to go with the supplies we had.
So, we're like, well, what
about Friday the 13th?
I have a mask for that.
Oh yeah, that's the thing!
The funny thing is we were
making a movie, Friday the 13th,
and they had me playing the role of Jason.
Like a short, four-foot guy
who's like a 10-year-old kid.
But the thing is, though, we kinda,
we were thinking outside of the box.
This was Jason in the beginning.
Like, you know, when he
got drowned as a kid?
So, this was supposed to be
like the young Jason, I guess
because we also made a sequel
which we ended up losing that tape.
But that's when Jason
got bigger or whatever.
So, anyway, so I was playing the Jason.
He put a little shirt over my head
to make it look like I'm bald
because you know Jason
didn't have hair or whatever.
It's like all skin.
So they had to put the mask on me
and made me do this Jason thing.
It was like my brother was
directing the whole thing.
He was like you're gonna be laying here.
Oh, I even conducted the music!
I was on the piano and started to play
like some dark intro thing for this movie
and we just kind of did it like ourselves
and my brother was like narrating it.
He was like Jason and Irvine.
It was like what the freakin',
Jason takes over Irvine.
'Cause, at the time, there was a movie
called Jason takes Manhattan came out.
So, we kinda parodied that.
At the time, we weren't
thinking it was a parody.
But now, looking back
at it, it was a parody.
You know, Jason takes Manhattan.
Jason terrorizes Irvine, you know?
It was kinda like that.
- [Boy] Anybody home?
(toy gun firing)
- [Boy] That's Johnson.
- You killed Johnson?
(toy gun firing)
- I'll be back.
(suspenseful music)
- [Saam] What's reality, Tom?
- Listen, Saam, I'm not going to get into
some psychological debates
on the nature of reality.
I want what you want.
You just don't know it yet.
(film whirring)
I want what you want.
You just don't know it yet.
- Okay, that's the part we're gonna cut.
I think this will work.
Ah, this is lagging a little bit.
Avid's so much easier to use.
(violin humming)
The orchestra would hit like that.
Some filmmakers have this idea
that, if you rely too much on music,
you're not doing your job as a filmmaker
'cause you're trying to
manipulate the audience.
And, you know, that's
certainly a fair point
and it depends on what
kind of movie you're making
and, sometimes, you don't want that.
But music is one of your tools,
like as a filmmaker you're
manipulating the audience.
That just kinda goes without saying.
Even if you're trying to make
like a hard-edged, you know,
verite, just filming life,
you're still manipulating the audience
by what you're showing them.
(dramatic violin music)
(kettle whistling)
- Why would you say something so crass?
- [Danica] Say what?
- About sucking me off.
- [Danica] I like dick,
it's something I enjoy.
- Yeah, but that's not the only reason
I came over here, okay?
- [Danica] You don't have to say
something to mean something.
- You ever seen Hedgehog in the Fog?
- No, what's that?
- It's an animated movie.
- No.
- I thought all you Russians had seen it.
- I'm Serbian, asshole.
- Same difference.
Hold on.
We're just friends hanging out.
- This is friends.
- This is not friends.
- I'm sorry.
- This is not friends, right.
- Okay.
What do you want me to
do, tell your fortune?
- Yeah, actually, that sounds good.
- Okay.
This is your lifeline.
- Mm-hm.
- So, here.
You're going to die.
- Okay.
- Today.
The cross here,
It's an explosion.
- Mm-hm.
- You'd like to have a blow job.
- Okay, all right.
- You'd like to have
a blow job.
- Yeah.
Hold on, hold on.
Do you understand, hold on,
do you understand the
concept of friendship?
- Yeah, this is friends.
- No, this is not friends, okay?
I don't go and grab my
friends fucking tits
out of nowhere, right?
I don't say, hey Kevin, I
want to suck your fat cock.
That's not friends here, all right?
You understand?
- I'm sorry.
- [Saam] There's nothing
to be sorry about.
- What, what do you want?
- Listen, come here.
- No!
- Come here!
- Why?
- Come here, I wanna hang out with you.
Some saw the color of my eyes
In this kaleidoscope of faces
- Oh, you fucking asshole, stop it!
And the beauty of my name
And the music resonates
(speaking in foreign language)
- [Woman] Hello!
(speaking in foreign language)
(birds squawking)
(dramatic music)
- [Man] Aye, you guys remember
Dianna from high school?
- [Robert] I always wanted to fuck her.
- Oh, you know what?
I always wanted to fuck Dianna's sister.
- [Both] Oh!
- Come on, man!
- Nasty!
- What?
- Aye, I'd still fuck her now, huh.
- Of course you would.
- Oh, you are a vile creature, Robert.
- Aye, come on, bro.
You'd fuck it too.
- No, I would not.
- [Robert] Yes, you would.
Couple beers deep, bro.
- You could have my sloppy seconds.
- Aye, whatever happened to Spencer?
- Who?
- Blonde kid, short hair.
Real fucking jerk.
The kid I knocked out at Carl's Junior.
- Oh yeah, yeah, I remember that guy.
- Yeah.
Why you thinking about that, dude?
- I don't know, man.
I guess I just wanted to say I was sorry.
- Sorry for kicking his ass?
- Yeah.
Felt bad.
- Why don't you look him up
on Facebook or something?
- Yeah.
- Facebook, nah man.
That's for fucking faggots like this guy
updating all the time.
Doo-doo-doo, just took
a shower, hashtag clean.
- Very clever, man.
- Either that or take a selfie.
- Yeah!
- So cute.
I'm not even online anymore.
- Yeah, whatever, bro.
- Dude, I kid you not,
we had this conversation
like three days ago.
- What the fuck are
you talking about, man?
- [Saam] No, we didn't.
- We've already done this.
- What are you talking about?
- Yeah, I'm having a,
what's that called?
Deja vu.
- What?
- Oh man.
- Yeah, like this moment
has already happened.
- [Robert] You're a pothead, man.
- No, it's exactly the same way.
- No, you're sounding
like Robert's fucking
ghost stories over here.
- You guys don't believe in ghosts?
- No, I don't believe in ghosts, man.
- Wait till that shit
happens to you one day.
- Oh!
What happens?
- Don't be scured.
- Wait till the demons come for you, man.
In the middle of the night,
bro, just fucking wait.
You'll fucking know what's up.
- Oh!
- Threats over here.
- Yeah.
- Demons.
- But the ghost ain't got this, son!
- What kind of demons we
talking about, Robert?
- Just fucking wait, man.
Demons, shadow spears, man.
That's shit no fucking joke.
- What happens?
- You don't want any part
of that fucking shit, man.
- What's the part?
What happens though?
Why don't you explain it to me?
- Well, you wake up in the
middle of the fucking night,
fucking something standing over your bed.
- He left out the part where
they come in their spaceship.
- What do they do, come fondle you?
- Yeah, I've seen UFOs too, man.
- They finger him at night.
- As long as they clean up afterwards.
- All right man, here's
to your frickin' ghosts.
- Shots!
- This shit fucks you up.
- This shit fucks you up.
Stupid fool.
- Okay, drunkie.
- Why you such a fool, man?
- I'm down with whiskey, son.
- All right, cheers to the ghost.
- [Both] The ghost!
(dramatic music)
- You talking to me?
You know who I am?
You know who I am?
You know what I can do?
You talking to me?
You must be talking to me
'cause there's nobody else here.
(wind roaring)
(dramatic music)
- [Boy] Hey!
Oh no, something's gone wrong!
What's going on here?
(boys shouting)
(upbeat music)
- [Boy] Mom, they're doing the same thing
I was doing on my birthday!
- [Boy] Yeah right!
- [Boy] Yeah, I had the punk rocker!
And it'd go I'm a punk rocker!
The one that you gave me.
(people chattering)
Oh no, something's gone wrong!
What's going on here?
Not bad.
I'm having a good time.
(dramatic music)
- [Man] You know what this is about?
- [Saam] Yes.
- [Man] This is your last time.
This is your last time to backdown.
- I understand.
- [Man] You sure?
- Yes.
- Things will never be the same.
- [Saam] I understand.
- [Man] Okay then.
Congratulation yourself,
welcome to the team.
Go ahead and lie down, please.
(dramatic music)
- I wanna grab a drink tonight.
- [Saam] You wanna go
grab drinks every night.
- I don't drink every night.
I wanna have fun.
Take me out then.
- No.
- [Woman] Fine, I'll go with my friends.
- Fuck your friends.
- Go fuck yourself.
- Listen, I don't want you going out
with all your drugged out bitches, okay.
Or all your fucking
fag-hags from around town.
- [Woman] Oh, are you jealous?
- Yeah.
I'm really jealous of your main gay, Neil.
Fucking twinkle toes Neil.
- Oh.
I get it.
You think that he wants to fuck me.
- No, I think he already did fuck you.
- Oh yeah.
So good.
He was
so big.
And so long.
- Why you being so fucking
ridiculous right now?
- I'm not being ridiculous.
- All right, at least
somebody's getting fucked.
Go do whatever the fuck you want.
Get out of here.
- I will.
(wind howling)
- What the fuck!
Who's there?
- Hey man.
Hey man, why that dumb look on your face?
You never seen a Bojangle before?
Me either, man.
I just made that shit up.
What's that smell, man?
You smoking some skunk or what?
What you not going to offer some?
Come on.
Pass me the fucking weed, man, come on.
Hurry up.
All right, shit, now
we're getting somewhere.
Right, homeboy?
Listen man, I know what
you planning on doing
and you know what?
Whatever floats your boat,
but you think things get
easier on the other side?
I'm sure that's what you
think, but are you so sure?
- Are you a spirit?
A ghost?
- Boo!
Come on, man.
Do I look like a fucking ghost to you?
All I'm saying is that if
you blow your brains out
are you 100% certain that all your worries
are going to go away?
Whatever the fuck is going on with you.
- Yes.
Well, I won't exist.
- But how do you know that?
No, really, how the fuck do you know that?
- Well, I can't be a
hundred percent for sure.
Look, you know what?
You got this all wrong.
I'm not trying to do what
you think I'm trying to do.
- Shit, I've been scoping
you out and I'm no dummy.
But if you want to fool
yourself, go ahead and do it.
I'm just saying you don't know
that life's gonna be
easier on the other side.
That's all.
- Maybe not, but it's
probably better than this.
- Maybe you're right, buddy?
Maybe you're right.
Hey, you got any of that
whiskey left, champ?
It's been a hell of a day.
(suspenseful music)
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
- Really?
- It doesn't matter.
- Yeah, it does.
- No, it doesn't.
- What is your problem?
Why you acting like such a bitch?
- You!
You, you fuckhead!
You fucking dick, you're smothering me!
- There's the door.
You wanna leave, get the fuck out.
I've already seen...
Hey, hey, hey!
(indistinct talking on TV)
(dramatic music)
- [Woman] Mm-hm.
- [Saam] Come here.
Come here.
- Stop!
- [Saam] Come here.
- Seriously, stop.
- [Saam] What are you doing?
- I'm not in the mood.
- You're not in the
fucking mood, bullshit!
What was that?
You're not in the fucking mood!
What the fuck!
- Do you love me?
- What do you mean?
- Exactly what I said.
- I mean, you mean metaphysically or what?
Like emotionally?
- [Woman] This isnt Buddhism, you asshole.
Don't you know what love is?
- I mean the metaphysical
part is not Buddhism.
I don't know.
- Well, I love you.
- No, you don't.
- You're a big baby.
A child.
A big, dumb child.
- Okay.
- [Woman] I was getting
picked up at the airport.
And I was going through
all the crowds and stuff
trying to find my mom.
And I knocked into someone
and I looked down and I saw
like a pair of shoes and, for some reason,
I just like, I thought it was my dad.
So, I like hugged this
guy without looking up.
And then I got really, really afraid
because it could have
been a random person.
I didn't know who it was.
And as I like stepped
back and looked up to see
who it was I just hugged,
um, it was my dad.
And I was relieved.
- [Saam] When I was 14 years old,
I was walking with my friend Arthur.
It was possibly in the fall or the winter.
What I know for sure was
that it was a dry day.
One of those Santa Ana winds days.
It's funny what details you remember.
We were hanging out at my
house playing video games
and it was a Wednesday which
was part of our routine
because we would get
out early from school.
I believe we were playing
Shinobi or possibly Strider.
But it was on the Sega Genesis
because I was one of the
first kids to get one.
We were having a great time.
So, the sun was starting to go down
and Arthur had to go home.
And I would walk him halfway home.
As we started walking,
we stumbled upon a park.
I remember he was walking
a little ahead of me
and I looked at him and, at that moment,
I had this weird, controlled
rage come over me.
So, I started to push Arthur unprovoked.
Arthur was confused.
He didn't know what was going on.
So, he said, hey, what are you doing, man?
But I persisted.
I kept provoking him until
he started to fight back.
And, because he started to fight back,
I went into full dominance
because I knew I had speed over him.
Arthur was kind of a heavy set kid.
So, I pinned him down.
I picked him up and I slammed him.
Arthur struggled.
You know, he fought
back with all his might.
But he was outmatched and,
after a while, he just gave up.
With tears in his eyes, he
looked at me, totally confused.
Arthur turned around and
started walking away.
I had no idea what came over me.
It came from a place of darkness,
one that I'm still not in control of.
I don't think any of us are.
And sometimes I think,
without those darkest nights,
the light of day can't exist.
(dramatic music)