Threshold (2016) Movie Script

Oh, my God!
Are you all right?
Who's tying all these knots?
I know.
I'm stiff as Frankenstein.
Halloween plans?
Oh. Hopefully nothing as scary
as this week.
I was up every night
with colic crying.
- Do you have a newborn?
- Six weeks.
- Oh. Congratulations.
- Thanks.
- You?
- Not quite ready yet.
There are no more.
I'm about two weeks in.
We've been married
for three years.
Yeah, but the pill's toxic.
I don't wanna trick my body
every month.
That's not what I meant.
Yes, yes, yes, dude!
Get it, get it, get it!
That is the best '90s dance,
my man, right here.
Yes! Sorry, ladies,
you got nothing on my man.
- Oh, really? Yeah.
- Mmm.
Love you, baby.
Bringing it back to the '90s.
So sexy.
All right, Shane, your card.
- Ready?
- All right. Yeah.
Do your best
Australian accent, go.
- Oh no, that's too hard.
- No no no!
No passing. No passing.
- Shane, you go first.
- All right, all right.
You wanna see how it's done.
That's not a knife,
this is a knife.
Cynthia's next.
Show 'em how it's done.
Fosters, Australian for beeah.
Hey, pretty good, right?
Very nice.
- Awesome.
- Awesome.
Well done.
Think we'll get a lot of kids?
The ones into jam bands, yeah.
Granola's healthy.
They shouldn't get all junk.
- What if we fostered a child?
- What, like on TV?
No, like a kid that needs
a temporary home
for whatever reason.
So... here, with us?
It would be short term,
we could see how we take to it.
We'd have a kid of our own.
Oh! Early birds.
Come on.
they always troubled?
I mean, that's what you hear.
Not if they're still
really young.
And no one's treated them
Could you tell
if they had?
I dunno much about it,
but I think younger's better
so we can see what
the responsibility's like,
you know?
What about him?
He's adorable.
Only four years old.
Look at that face.
Looks like he has
a health issue. Sleep apnea.
Wait. Maybe it's not
such a big deal.
We can look into it.
I don't wanna stress you out
with this.
He's four, some of the hard
part's over.
And it's temporary, right?
We're good.
Kid shouldn't have junk.
Here we are.
Welcome home, Caleb.
It's over the fence,
ladies and gentlemen!
Can't catch him.
Caleb with another
walk-off home run victory!
You're the home run king!
Can you teach me how
to do that?
Pick it up!
Let's go, Caleb!
Two seconds off your time,
Let's go again.
Come on.
- OK?
- Yep, yep.
Oh God, you're gonna
make him neurotic.
- Life is measurements, baby.
- Hope not.
Oh... burn!
Let's go, Caleb!
I like being on the train.
I like that one.
Like this?
Yeah, that's perfect.
Oh, that one there, honey.
She hasn't had any.
Oh. That piece
is a little too big.
Not too much, otherwise it gets
stuck in their throat
and they can't breathe, right?
Just little pieces like this.
Yeah, that's great, Caleb.
Hey, look who's here. Ooh.
Heya, bud! Ahh!
You finished
work early, Daddy.
Yeah, I didn't wanna miss
Having fun?
- Mm-hmm.
- Here.
- Feeding some ducks, huh?
- Take a piece.
Let's see what you got.
Lemme see that arm.
That's great.
Now you can go anywhere
in your dreams.
Even under the lake
with all the little fishies.
Like a snorkel.
Ganesha's an elephant.
- Who's that, honey?
- Ganesha.
I'm an elephant.
The hose is my nose.
Yeah, it does look a little bit
like an elephant's nose.
Who taught you that word,
what is it? Ganesha?
OK. Good night, Caleb.
- Don't go.
- Well, what is it?
Are you my mommy now?
Yeah. Yeah.
Do you want me to be?
Are you gonna come back?
Of course I am.
You made it.
All the way from down
the street.
- Any chance I can get a massage?
- I am not working tonight.
- Come in.
- You look great.
Rick, you're so fashionable.
Yeah, I know I'm late.
But how many bars you got?
Nah, we don't have any bars,
but the fridge is maxed out--
No, no, no,
these bars, boss.
You got the tower up
and buzzing?
Just came down.
Guess yours is off.
Hey, man, it's Friday night.
Cynthia probably
hid it from me,
keep me outta the office.
Well, she takes her work home.
Lucky man.
Got no excuse being so uptight.
I'll show you the extra fridge.
Come on, one.
Nah. I want Cynth
to get her yaya's out,
so I'm on daddy damage
Are you really making it
Yeah, we sent in all
the adoption paperwork.
Had the home study.
We got approved.
Your hands are amazing.
- I kinda feel sorry for you.
- Oh, thanks a lot.
Cuz you can't use 'em
on yourself.
Oh, yes I can.
Oh you're nasty, I love it.
Oh, I love this song!
Let's dance.
You're doin' a great thing
here, man.
He's a great kid.
And, uh, Cynthia's really
bonding too.
Here we go.
Hey hey hey, c'mon?
- Hey, it's a party.
- It's too loud.
Ohhh, you gonna be a librarian?
At least be
a naughty librarian.
- Let's see that Running Man.
- C'mon, dance with me.
Can't sleep, buddy?
They're not sleeping.
That's because they're
Like an owl.
They rest in the daylight
and they're busy at night.
- Like fireflies?
- Yeah, that's right, bud.
How do they
get the light inside?
OK, let's go back to bed, buddy.
Daddy, I wanna see.
Well, the light
is really a chemical.
It's like a juice that sends
out tiny little particles
that our eyes see as light.
OK, let's get this back on you
so you can pick out
a story to read.
There's Cassiopeia.
- Which one?
- That W.
are really
anything you wanna make 'em
out to be.
The only one that looks like
anything to me
is the Big Dipper.
No. I can see them.
I can't imagine doing
what you're doing.
Putting your life aside
for somebody else.
Somebody else's kid.
He's the center
of your universe now.
He really is starting to feel
more and more like our own.
you see that one?
That is
a champagne supernova.
- Gonna go get us some.
- OK.
What are those lights?
It's just the universe.
Hold my hand.
- Mommy?
- Aaron?! Aaron?!
And these are
your only anticipated guests?
Mainly just our friends.
Extended family?
It was a closed adoption.
We don't have any information
about his birth family.
Or anything specific about
who fostered him before us.
I understand.
So would you like us to draft
his obituary then?
But if the universe
and all matter emanates
from this same
underlying field,
then don't we
have science for a soul?
And where
the soul ultimately returns?
It's all the same energy.
And our consciousness or soul
interacts with the field
outside linear time.
That gets back
to the whole
holographic universe idea.
Everything is just
a mental projection.
OK. So what I'm hearing
this book does best
is build bridges
to other works about the soul,
about the afterlife, about
our place in the universe.
But let's take this book
for its own merits.
Hi. Can we help you?
Have you read The All Field?
I'm sorry.
It does look a little
bit like an elephant's nose.
You done?
Can I take your plate?
Your wedding invitations,
do you remember the font,
the shade and texture
of the paper?
How did you mail them?
At the post office.
I mean, did you prepare them
yourselves, write the addresses?
I wrote them.
Aaron stuffed them
in the envelopes.
You did them together.
And when you sent them off,
out of your hands,
into the vast world of chance,
mishaps and others' accidents--
I think that the mail
is pretty reliable.
- It's a metaphor, Aaron.
- I got that.
I just don't think that
the postal service is careless.
Certain individuals,
yeah, maybe.
And thinking back
on this shared experience,
what's the first word that
occurs to you?
Oh, yeah, you said that
so fast.
Um, that's what I think of too.
She's always been a little slow
with that one.
Aaron, do you blame
Cynthia for your loss?
How long are they gonna
keep doing this?
"All beings pass
into nature, which is my own."
"And under my will, all is
annihilated at the end."
Now, similar to Krishna
in the Bhagavad Gita,
if we look later
to the Ganesha Purana...
The Hindu deity?
He was always portrayed
with an elephant's head.
Here, why don't you read
from the marked passage here?
"I am anadi, beginningless.
I am Aja, the unborn,
taking birth in many wombs
only to protect the selfless
and abolish the wicked.
I am bhutatma, the One soul
in all beings.
I am the cause of the world
and its imperishable witness.
Yet I annihilate all
at the world's end."
Do you have a ride out there?
I do, I do, I do.
- Dagan?
- Yeah.
I read ahead.
I was wondering,
is there anything else
that I could get started on?
Of course.
Om mani padme om.
Om mani padme om.
Om mani padme om.
Om mani padme om.
Om mani padme om.
A constant equal-mindedness
to all desirable
and undesirable happenings.
Om mani padme om.
Hey, hey?
What are you doing?
Just cleaning.
You think you're enlightened
past his memory now?
You don't get
to decide that for me.
- Hey.
- Hey.
What are you doing here?
I just pulled over to make
a call.
You OK? It's been weeks
since I've seen you.
Hey, slow down! Goddamn!
I'll see you later, Liz.
What are these things?
It's Ganesha.
Are you putting them
out there?
Then why do they keep
showing up?
The garage door was open.
Don't use that.
You really shouldn't eat that.
I made us some quinoa
and kale salad.
Us? No, you didn't 'cause you
know I don't like that stuff.
Well, that's proven radiation.
Like your cellphone?
That hasn't been proven either?
That's just 'cause
you follow the company line
and read studies that further
what you want to believe.
Oh, I do that?
Man is made by his beliefs.
As he believes, so he is.
Gita, verse 17.3.
Oh, you have
very energetic hands.
How does it see the energy?
The All Field.
It's Kirlian photography.
A Russian husband and wife,
they discovered it together
in the '30s.
You know what, find something
else that has power for you.
I was gonna throw this away.
Oh yeah, look at that.
The energy never leaves,
it just transforms.
So this sends energy
to see energy.
It's simple.
We do the same.
We hold our intentions
within the field
and... and we focus until
it manifests.
What would you like it
to show you?
That he's all right,
That he doesn't blame me.
this is Dagan.
He leads our book club.
- Small club.
- It's a pleasure.
I was, um, I was just showing
your wife some electrography.
Doesn't look like a book club.
Would you like to try it?
It's cool, check it out.
- Get his shit out of my house.
- You asshole!
I am so incredibly sorry.
It's all right. Just a bruise.
It shocks you into awareness.
Keep focus on yours and see
what answers it brings.
it looks pretty fried.
I've got no service,
but why am I still picking up
so much RF?
This place is
buzzing like Chernobyl.
Is there
another tower nearby?
Not ours.
And the whole cell's out?
If you finished checking
the branches, come on down.
Copy that, boss.
I don't know, maybe
little league struck it out.
Too many parents postin'
on Instagram.
You wanna grab a beer?
What, now?
Who's gonna tell?
Music, whale song, chant,
or silence?
Did you see the news today?
About all the whales?
I think our Internet's
been down.
We've lost about
130 whales
from the stranding
So it's,
it's a high mortality rate.
We roughly have 70 whales left to
rescue, but that's--
I've heard there are 200
whales stranded,
and I'm here to help them.
Yeah, they're just too
big for us to even contemplate
trying to shift them.
It's a pretty specialist task
disposing of,
or putting these sort of
whales out of their misery.
And nobody else could
get here any sooner.
- Have you seen this?
- Area residents are familiar
with the occasional
beach stranding,
but never one like this.
- More than 600...
- Nope.
...sea turtles
have washed ashore.
Experts are desperately
trying to figure out why...
Animals are dying worldwide.
Aren't they always?
With more from Purs--
Unsuspecting birds
flew straight into skyscrapers.
Most migratory songbirds
fly toward their destination
at night,
which increases their risk
of crashing
into tall buildings.
Birds mistake reflections
for sky
and flew straight into
the glass at full speed.
Some researchers believe that
collision with buildings
is preventable with the flick
of a switch.
Communication towers...
Cable's out too?
I'll call the cable company.
All these whales are beaching.
Mercury's in retrograde.
Mercury? The planet?
Is that astrology stuff?
It interrupts all kinds
of electronic devices.
Well, maybe the whales shoulda
checked their horoscope.
Land line's dead too.
You're driving me nuts.
That's how you practice.
Can't you just play
a full song?
That's not how you practice.
I'm sorry if a bit of self-
discipline gives you a headache.
This self-discipline?
Stop. Aaron.
There's a retreat this weekend.
You should really come.
I shouldcome.
Aaron, you reek.
At least you still have
one of your senses left.
The lights are out.
- Good.
- No, Aaron, the power's out.
Transformer must've blown.
It's not just here.
It's happening everywhere.
It's a power failure.
I didn't see any whales
washed up outside.
Oh, my God! Aaron! Aaron!
- What is it?
- There's someone there!
- What?
- In Caleb's room!
What do you mean there's someone
in his room?
There's someone there!
I saw them!
Please don't go up there.
Please, let's just go outside.
Call 911.
See if the phone is back on.
No. Aaron!
Please don't go up there!
Go! Go! Go!
Is somebody in there?
Who are you?
What are you doing in here?
- Aaron?!
- Hey!
Answer me.
How did you get in here?
Don't, don't move, stay there.
- I've found you.
- Aaron!
It's time.
It's OK. It's OK. It's OK.
- Grab a sheet.
- Why?
She's not gonna be out long.
Go, go, go.
Was the phone back on?
OK, let's put her
in the garage.
Is that safe?
There's tools
and saws out there.
It's the only door that
doesn't lock from the inside.
She won't be able to get out.
Set her down.
- You should lock your car.
- What, in the garage?
Are you seriously giving me
a lecture
about locking doors
right now, Aaron?
- How do you think she got in?
- I don't know.
You always lock the door when
you're in your car bartending?
Careful where you
point that one.
What did she say to you?
Just that she'd,
she'd found me.
- Do you know who she is?
- Of course not.
- Found you?
- And that it was time.
- Time for what?
- I don't know.
That's just what she said.
She's waking up. Get inside.
Can you hear me?
Say "yes" if you can hear me.
What the hell are you doing
in our house?
- Let me talk to her.
- No.
She has some kinda thing
for you.
- Just let me talk to her.
- No.
Go upstairs and get us
some clothes.
- Hello? Can you hear me?
- Hey! Damnit!
What's your name?
Please just tell us your name.
We are all one, Cynthia.
How the fuck
did you know her name?
Huh? Who are you?
- Who is she?
- I don't know!
How do you know my name?
He left you through that door.
I've every right to defend
myself in my home.
Understand me?
Crazy bitch.
How did she know that?
Maybe the phones are working.
She said that he left us
through the garage door, Aaron.
- Why was she in Caleb's room?
- 'Cause she's fucking crazy!
You can get that
off the Internet.
Yeah, but his room?
It was a publicized accident
in front of our house.
The names, addresses,
all the circumstances.
She's not here to hurt us.
She came naked with no weapon.
No, Aaron, something is
happening tonight.
- Stop! Stop it.
- The whales,
the power,
all of the communications.
Get your head out of
the astrology and book club
and all that bullshit
and screw your head on straight.
Are you OK?
- I cut myself.
- She's hurt.
Tough shit.
You tied her.
She can't hurt anyone
but herself.
Just let me go.
Show us you're still tied.
Show us your hands.
- What did you step on?
- I don't know.
God, Aaron, it looks deep.
I think that we should just
take her back into the house.
Are you insane? She's not
coming back in our house.
It is no longer your house.
That's why we must prepare.
Back inside.
We put her in your hatchback
and take her to the police.
That's safe?
Being in a moving car with her?
What if she freaks out
and we lose control?
You drive,
I'll watch her in the back.
I'm not doing it.
It's not safe.
- Don't, don't do this.
- What, be rational?
You wanna
cozy up to that criminal
and see what mystical message
she's broken in to tell you?
I know you're
on that wavelength.
The two-way radios
will still work.
If you're not gonna help me,
Rick will.
Fine. You go do that,
I'll bandage her.
No. No, you can ask her anything
you want in the car.
I'm not taking the car.
If you take advantage
of this goodwill,
you will be harmed.
I've not come here
to harm you.
Two minutes.
Leave the door open.
Rick, this is Aaron,
do you copy?
If you can hear me, there is
an emergency at my house. Over.
This might hurt a little.
Is that OK?
You have gentle, healing hands.
They're your livelihood.
Have we ever met before?
We have all met before.
Energy flows so easily
through them.
You're a conduit.
Giving of yourself.
No one's ever put it
quite like that.
Well, these are extraordinary
circumstances, aren't they?
I'm gonna go get you some
bandages and some clothes.
- You arekind.
- What?
He deserved kindness.
Like when you took Caleb to
the pond to feed the geese.
How do you know what I did
with my son?
Were you watching us?
Only from the Oneness.
Your son has lived many lives.
Rick? Can you hear me?
I'm leaving the emergency
signal on.
Where is she?
She's in the bathroom.
Were you crying?
Did you speak to Rick?
Were you?
I'm gonna go get her
some clothes, OK?
- She has the sheet.
- Got wet.
She's not a ghost, Aaron, she
doesn't need to wear a sheet.
The teachers
are all spirit guides.
Then are
these characters real?
It doesn't matter.
Even if the characters aren't,
the authors are
the true spirit guides.
Why don't you get my keys
and then I'll put this stuff
on her?
- You're going with me now?
- Yeah, let's take her.
- Wait, where are your keys?
- You'll have to find them.
I need to cut your ties
to get the clothes on.
But if I do this,
I'm going to ask
for something in return
from you. OK?
Where the hell are they?
I don't know, Aaron.
Why are you here, in our house?
The release from binds.
I've come to offer you
the same.
I asked a straight question,
I want a straight answer.
If I tell you, completely,
we risk
the very reason I've come.
And that door cannot
be allowed to close.
- I can't find them anywhere.
- Well, check outside.
I may have left them
out on the patio
when I was
starting a new mandala.
Jesus. C'mon.
Is she dressed yet?
I'll watch the door,
you go look for the keys.
- No, I don't wanna go out there.
- This is absurd.
Absolutely absurd.
Rick? This is Aaron.
Do you copy?
Rick, this is Aaron.
Do you copy?
Please sit.
This is where you feel him
most clearly, isn't it?
In his room.
Take my hands.
Become your breathing.
Deeply in.
Gently out.
Slow and steady.
Just like you helped him
to breathe,
right here in this room.
His elephant nose?
Those little figurines,
did you put them there?
Release from mind.
Its questions. Its tyranny.
Become your breathing only.
We invite Caleb
from the Oneness.
I can feel him here now,
can't you?
He's here.
Yeah, I can feel him.
Let him move through you
like breath.
Let him speak with yours.
What is it that you want
to say to Caleb?
I miss you.
I love you.
Let your breath carry the words
from deeper within.
Purge them out.
Are you happy?
Free? In the All?
- I can feel his energy.
- Comfort him, not yourself.
Surrender your words.
I took down
all of his pictures.
I didn't deserve him.
I'm so selfish, stupid.
Aaron was right.
I left the door open.
I left the door open.
No! No!
- Don't hurt her!
- You untied her?
- Don't breathe in his blame.
- Shut up!
- Get the ties!
- She doesn't need them, Aaron.
She's not here to hurt us.
I'm gonna hurt her.
Do you want that?
He's infecting you.
You'll need to be pure.
You say another word
to my wife,
I'm gonna snap
your fucking neck!
- Aaron, there are no more.
- Bullshit.
You were watching him.
And you've blamed her.
You've betrayed her.
Better use of a power cord
in a power failure.
- No thanks to you.
- There are no more.
- I think the cops are here.
- What? Why?
I saw lights outside.
Thank God.
She can prophesize to them.
Here, let's get her up.
It's coming from out back.
Maybe someone heard me
break down the door
after you locked me out.
- I didn't lock you out.
- Yeah? Then who did?
Where are they?
There are no roads back there.
Maybe they're at the front?
Oh, my God!
What is that?
- What is it?
- I don't know.
- Looks like the Northern Lights.
- The Northern Lights, Aaron?
I don't know
what it is, Cynthia!
OK, OK. We're taking my car.
Where is everybody?
Why isn't
anyone else seeing this?
Many have already gone.
What do you mean already gone?
- This is the end.
- You are crazy.
Must be liberating, huh?
You just imagine something,
and so be it.
- Aaron?
- It's just a weather thing.
OK? It's connected
to everything else going on,
the power outage.
It's an electrical storm thing.
All right?
Watch her, I'll be right back.
- Wait, where are you going?
- To grab something. Watch her.
Don't breathe in his fear.
Breathe with me.
What the fu--
Your path to tonight began
under that tree, didn't it?
Is this your property?
Is this your home?
He held you then.
He supported you.
Strong and rooted
like this tree.
He did.
But then he collapsed,
into his own weakness,
and he let go of you.
And what is his weakness?
He's so rational.
Really he's afraid of anything
he can't see
or prove or measure.
Faith, for him, is fear.
Cowardice is his weakness.
That's why he blamed you.
Betrayed you.
It was my fault.
What happened there was not
your fault.
And it is forgiven.
Aaron's judgement is not.
You will have to release
that torment and Aaron's,
if you are going to be
with him again.
We've grown so far apart.
Not Aaron.
You have to prepare
to leave him behind.
To be with Caleb again.
But I'm not...
I'm not his real mother.
Pure souls join in the Oneness,
where Caleb waits.
There are no distinctions
in that perfection.
What are you?
I'm only a guide.
We need to go inside.
Right now.
Wait. Tell him
what you said to me.
- He's not prepared.
- I'm not prepared?
- We need to go.
- Please, no, just wait. Aaron!
She knows about...
Remember the night
Caleb was killed, how you
held me under that tree?
- Tell him!
- We need to go back inside.
Wait! Just please tell him!
Why do you have that?
If you don't help me
pick her up right now,
I'm gonna leave her outside.
- Is there radiation?
- Grab her legs.
- Is there radiation?
- Yes.
There's some.
What's happening?
All right, put her here.
- Wait, where are you going?
- I'm gonna secure the house.
Listen to me.
Do not let her craziness in.
Everything is gonna be fine.
We're gonna wait this out
and see what's going on,
just do not listen to her.
This woman got undressed
and broke into our house.
- It was open to me.
- Shut the fuck up!
Cynthia, I need you
with me. OK?
- I am.
- OK.
What's happening?
Is the world ending?
It is a beginning.
But only for those
who are pure.
Rick? Are you there, man?
I don't know what's going on.
There's something weird
with the sky.
I'm getting crazy radiation
Talking to myself.
Why won't you tell him
the things that you know
that would convince him?
They have no home in him.
He's closed.
It is not mine to convince.
Then why are you here?
What do you want with us?
Caleb's invited me
into your home...
to free you into ours.
Please, please, just help me
to convince Aaron.
He is not coming with you.
He's my husband. I love him.
There is a greater love
than you can yet imagine.
An all encompassing,
indivisible love.
Breathe with me now.
What did I say?
What did I say?!
I will staple your mouth
shut, so help me God!
No. Stop! Stop it, Aaron!
How's that feel, huh?
You need to get sane. Fast.
You know something is
No, I don't.
Something profound is happening.
Do not feed into this.
Please, just, just give me
your hands.
Let me see you.
I just need to look at you.
Let me memorize you.
Memorize me?
Look at me.
We don't have much time, Aaron.
The world is ending.
- Just listen to yourself.
- We're gonna die.
You are so drunk on apocalypse,
you cannot see anything else!
Only you could make the end
of the world so self-centered.
- You're hateful.
- I don't care if you think
I'm the fucking Antichrist,
I'm the only thing
keeping you from being
as insane as she is.
She's not insane! She knows
things about us and about Caleb.
What if she really can help us?
What if she's here for a reason
greater than
we can possibly understand?
You know what?
If that's what it takes, to get
you to walk up these stairs,
when the sun comes up
and everything is the same...
and all the same shit is still
all the same shit... fine.
Thank you.
I'm doing this for my wife,
not for you.
All right, now what?
Aaron, you hear me?
Please, sit down.
C'mon, sit down.
You took my hands.
That was real smart.
Now take his.
Breathe together now.
I can't pronounce it.
I'm not gonna do this.
Aaron? No, please?
Just try?
Feel his hands.
Know them.
They held you.
I miss him.
...below that tree.
When you felt the world
would give way beneath you,
his hands cradled you up.
You did.
In that unity you created...
you shielded her eyes
from his soul passing,
with protective hands.
Didn't you?
I tried.
I wouldn't give you a child.
And then I took him away
from you.
- No, you didn't.
- Yeah, I did.
You did not.
Feel his hands.
Know them.
Does she?
Life embeds in the hands
like the rings of a tree.
Feel hers.
Every loving, trusting canyon
of her hands.
Tell your wife
what you've done.
To Caleb, what you've done.
I don't know
what you want me to say.
Feel his hands.
Feel how he let you go.
Tell her.
I didn't let Caleb
look at the fireflies.
I pulled him away from
the window because I was tired.
He wandered away
because I fell asleep.
Sorry. So sorry, I never meant
to blame you.
Tell her what you've done.
He hasn't done anything wrong.
From his hands,
you can sense it.
Feel them again.
- Tell her how you let her go.
- What does she mean?
- You're really asking me that?
- Only the truth will survive.
Kathar... ismos.
Is there something else about
that night?
That night you saved a life.
A life in the road.
Go to hell.
I'm done with this.
Why would you say that?
The only thing
you know is we lost a child.
You have no decency.
A different life.
An animal's life.
Who are you? Huh?
- Who the hell are you?
- Wait. Aaron.
Stop! I told you
she knows things.
OK? I told you, she knows.
- Whatever it is, just tell me.
- Tell her.
You can tell me.
You want honesty?
That's what I want.
You weren't home.
You were at some retreat.
- Who knows, I quit asking.
- I always asked you to come.
You always told me
I shouldcome.
There's a difference.
What happened when I was away?
You were away.
Do you understand that?
What happened, Aaron?
A few months ago,
it was a Friday after work,
and a few of us, we got drinks.
And one of
the new field managers
drank too much
so I offered her a ride home.
She lives by us.
Across from here, we saw a dog.
So I picked it up and put it
in the backyard.
We went inside to call
the number on the tag
but no one picked up.
She sobered up and started
asking me questions
about you and our family.
The pictures.
And for the first time, I just,
I let it all go.
Like a little kid.
And I just felt weak
and pathetic.
And then, I don't know
what happened
but I reached out
and I turned her to kiss me.
And she did.
And I don't know if it was
because of pity or what
but she didn't stop me.
And so we had sex
in our living room.
And then we slept.
We slept in our bed.
And when I woke up,
I felt better.
I finally just, I felt better.
He's betrayed you.
I abandoned you.
I'm sorry.
I still love you.
I really love you.
I love you. I love you.
Power's back on.
- Where are you going?
- I'm gonna see what's going on.
Come with me.
Let him go.
Like he let you go.
I'm gonna check outside.
Stay here.
We're gonna be OK.
Aaron, I'm here at the house.
You there, buddy? Over.
We need to be upstairs,
where you'll feel him
most powerfully.
He will come to you
and lead you across.
Aaron? Aaron?!
He's already left you.
You've cleared him.
- You need to be brave.
- What if it's all OK now?
You all right?
What, is Aaron here?
- Where is she?
- What's going on?
- My radio--
- You didn't see Aaron out there?
So he's here.
- Where is she?
- Where's who?
We don't know.
Aaron, are you here?
Aaron, you hear me?
- Hello? Hello?
- Hello? Hello?
It's time now.
Why are you doing this?
We haven't done anything
to you.
Rick? Jesus, Rick?!
Rick? Do you hear me?
Ah, shit. Cynthia!
She's blocked the door!
Leave us!
You are
jeopardizing everything.
Let go of all the illusions
that bind you here.
Aaron, she has a knife!
Put that down. You hear me?
Put it down.
The radiation is gone.
Everything is OK.
Open the door
and let me in, please.
Put down the knife.
Open the door,
put down the knife. Please.
- Aaron?!
- He won't intrude again.
Take my hands.
Kathar... ismos.
Kathar... ismos.
Kathar... ismos.
I can feel him here now.
Don't you?
Yeah, Caleb's here
in the room with us.
He's come to take you into
the Oneness.
Away from this place
of impurity and pain.
You are ready.
No! No! Aaron!
No! Stop it!
What did you do?
I protected your passage.
Your eternity.
And he's here now
to lead us across.
I'll show you.
No, no, no! God! No!
Now, Cynthia. It's time.
Please, please.
I'll get you help.
I promise.
You're barren.
You never deserved him.
Aaron? Aaron?!
God, you're hurt.
You're hurt.
Hi! I need an ambulance
at 3829 Clinton Street.
Three people
are very badly hurt.
Yes, it's an emergency.
We had to reset his shoulder
and operate on some bleeding
caused by the broken ribs,
and then we stitched him up.
But he's doing,
he's doing well.
Thank you.
Thank you so much,
Dr. Clair.
And, um, Rick Dunham?
I filled out his paperwork?
I believe he's in surgery.
But I'll check for you.
Dr. Clair?
There was a woman.
Um, she was admitted about
the same time as Aaron?
Her name?
We don't know her name.
I'll inquire. a massive burst
of energy from the sun
called a solar storm.
There's a couple different
ways these things can happen.
One of them involves
basically a magnetic field
and what ultimately happens
is a whole burst of light
can shoot out
causing some problems.
The even bigger ones
that are solar storms,
they can do even more.
In addition
to a burst of light,
they can send out this massive
junk, basically sun plasma,
which can affect a lot
of things.
What can it affect?
Well, first of all,
think about what
our world is doing today.
We use satellites
for almost everything.
Communications systems,
emergency communication
systems, TV, Internet,
but it doesn't end there.
It can actually knock out
some electric grids.
Let's go to this video.
I want you to see this.
I wanna tell you the exact
words NASA put along with this.
This was an observation
of one of the most massive
eruptions in years.
They said Earth was in the
line of fire this time.
So what are the stakes here?
Let's come back to my screen
to see some information.
You're awake.
You're here.
Of course.
How you feelin'?
I don't know.
I guess that's a good thing.
Something smells good, though.
Oh, I, um, made a burrito.
Like a microwave burrito?
A microwave burrito.
Yeah, yeah.
I think I know how I feel.
it was a solar storm.
Last night.
No kidding?
I guess that's what made
the lights.
Threw the animals off.
I can tell you didn't hurt
your head too bad.
Oh, look who's rejoined
the world.
Hola, seor.
And speaking
foreign languages?
Can be a side-effect
of the brain surgery.
Welcome back.
Hey, Cynthia, could I see you
outside just for a moment?
Rick Dunham is out of surgery
and he's stable.
Oh, thank God.
That woman you asked after,
you don't know her name?
Or any identifying information?
But maybe she can tell us
when she wakes up.
Mrs. Dorset, I'm sorry,
but she won't wake up.
I'm very sorry.
You do know that
she did it to herself, right?
Oh, yes.
She's been here before.
I wanna sign it.
And say what?
I don't know.
Something sweet.
Nothing embarrassing.
How come sweet's embarrassing?
How 'bout "Cynthia was here"?
That works.
I am here.
She knew that we brought him
here to feed the ducks.
And that day of the party was
the only time we ever did that.
How'd she know?
Maybe she was
following us or something.
What difference
does it make now?
I don't know.
It's just...
well, she had so much invested
in who we are, our lives.
Who was she?
This is Aaron.
Hello, Mr. Dorset.
This is Detective Larson.
We concluded the preliminaries
and can release a name.
Carole Audren was
your intruder.
We can set a time to have you
and your wife
discuss pressing charges.
This is it.
She lived here?
Read magazines and paid bills
like the rest of us.
Lemme see.
Carole Audren.
There's someone there!
I think I saw someone.
Something moved.
- Jesus. Let's go.
- OK, wait.
It's a dog.
It's a dog!
We gotta get it out.
Are you OK?
That's the dog.
What do you mean?
That's the same dog.
What? You mean...
That's the one I found.
Yes, 1701 Fairhill...
It's still alive.
Yeah, it's inside.
I gotta go back,
I still have her mail.
No one's coming to get that.
Let's go home.
You hungry?
What's wrong?
She knew all
about his sleep apnea.
His elephant nose.
It was on his foster profile.
But he said the word
"Ganesha" to me.
He lived with whoever
left those figurines, Aaron.
We don't know that.
It could be a coincidence.
You still believe
in coincidences?
What if Caleb was her boy?
Thank God they took him
away from her.
Wanna roll onto your back?