Thrill of a Romance (1945) Movie Script

NARRATOR: This is Hollywood,
land of stars and stories.
But our story does not take place here.
So we will now leave Hollywood
and go to Beverly Hills...
...where the stars live.
But our story
does not take place here either.
The people in our story
live not far away... a small town called Los Angeles.
It`s a nice little place
with plenty of climate...
...many fine public parks...
...full of playgrounds
and swimming pools.
And in one of these parks
is a pool with a very pretty teacher.
-Are you all ready?
CHlLDREN: Yes, Miss Glenn.
All right, let`s go then.
Come on.
Johnny, Michael, Lois...
...Jimmy, Billy, Julio.
What`s the matter, Julio?.
Don`t you want to dive?.
No, senorita, I do not like to do it.
But for you, I do it.
Oh, now, don`t laugh at Julio.
He did his best. Come on, Julio.
I`m sorry, senorita.
I wanna be good like you,
but I am bad like me.
You`ll be a good diver some day,
off the high board too.
I do not think so.
Won`t you try to learn?.
It`d make me very happy.
Then I will try.
It`s not very hard if you practice.
I`ll show you.
-Now, you watch me.
-Do you mind if I watch too?.
Not at all.
-l`d like to see you do a swan dive.
-All right.
There, Julio. See how easy it is
if you practice?.
Thank you.
-Now what are you going to do?.
-Go home.
-Class dismissed.
JULlO: Goodbye, senorita.
-How would you like to have a dollar?. Hmm?.
-A dollar?. I do not know. I never had one.
Well, here`s the deal, Julio.
I want to find out some things
about your teacher.
She is very pretty.
She is very nice.
Once she takes us to her house on picnic
with ice cream.
She show us her cups,
she has many cups for loving.
-For loving?.
-Big silver cups with ears.
She win them
in swimming and diving.
-Uh, what`s her name?.
-Senorita Cynthia Glenn.
-Do you know where she lives?.
-Si, senor, with her uncle and aunt.
Well, where do they live?.
-Are you a policeman?.
-Are you a villain?.
-No. I`m a businessman.
Uh, where does Miss Glenn live?.
-Are you gonna do any badness to her?.
Then I will tell you.
She live 1 4422 Mariposa Avenue.
-Hello, Aunt Nona.
-Hello, dear.
Oh, dear.
Oh, I forgot it was so late.
I sat down to play Chopin,
one piece led to another.
But, darling,
dinner will be ready in just a jiffy.
Thank you, dear.
-Oh, Cynthia.
-Something`s happened.
Oh, I wanted you to have
such a nice, hot dinner.
You need one
after a day of such damp work...
...but something went wrong
with the gas range.
-The gas. It stopped coming out.
It was on, and then, pfft... was off.
-Aunt Nona, did you pay the bills?.
-Of course, I did-- Why, didn`t l?.
Oh, l`m sure I did.
Well, almost sure.
I know I deposited my annuity check.
So I must have plenty of money in the bank.
And anyway, dear, if I haven`t,
they always tell me.
Oh, that`s where that was.
I know I wrote checks for all the bills
and sent them off.
Yes, I distinctly remember
licking the stamps.
Oh, darling, l`ll go see
about dinner right away.
-lt`ll be cold, l`m afraid.
-Oh, that`s all right.
Oh, by the way, I think I found
a rather interesting headline...
...for Uncle Hoby`s collection.
Is he home?.
Uh-huh. In the study. He`s pasting away.
-Hello, mermaid. Have a good day?.
Got a pretty good headline for you.
-Yeah?. Ha, ha.
""Man with Three Wives Asks `Why Not?. `""
Fair question.
Thank you, dear.
I`ll put it right in the book.
Cynthia, in the headlines,
you find all the wisdom...
...and all the foolishness
of the alleged human race.
I collect the foolishness.
There`s more of it.
Uncle Hoby, what are these?.
-They look like letters.
-Mm-hm. They are.
The gas company, phone company,
light company....
I meant to mail them
but I didn`t happen to pass a mailbox.
In more than a month?.
Put them right back in my pocket,
l`ll mail them tomorrow.
-Oh, no. I`ll mail them myself.
-Now, don`t you forget.
I just remembered the electricity is on.
We`re going to have such a nice dinner.
Tea, and toast, and jam,
and beans, and salad--
Oh, you`d better punch holes in the tops
of those bean cans, they`ll blow up.
Oh, I know that. So will canned corn.
Now, where did I put that can opener?.
Oh, thank you, dear.
-What`s in this box?.
-Oh, your flowers.
-My flowers?.
-Didn`t I tell you about them...
-...when you first came in?.
Oh, dear me.
I must be getting fuzzy in the head.
-They came a little while ago.
Now, did I invite anybody to dinner?.
Oh, aren`t they lovely?.
-Who are they from?.
-Well, I don`t know.
-Doesn`t it say on the card?.
All it says is, ""Thanks for the swan dive.""
Cynthia, you`ve got a beau.
Who is he?. Tell me.
Well, I don`t know who he is
or anything about him.
Except that he was rather attractive
and important-looking.
-Do we take Fortune Magazine?
-Fortune Magazine? No, I don`t think so.
This copy just came
by special messenger.
-Oh, it`s for you, Cynthia.
-For me?. I don`t subscribe to it.
-Maybe they`d like you to.
-No. Here`s something written here.
It says, ""Dear Miss Glenn,
please see page 98.""
Look for me, will you, Uncle Hoby?.
""The Making of a New Tycoon.
Five years ago,
Robert G. Delbar had a pygmy business.""
Pygmy business?. Why, I didn`t know
they ever sold them.
Shh, shh.
""Today, he has an industrial giant.
The rapid growth of the Delbar Corporation
which manufactures products...
...made of the new plastic material,
Praktikon... due chiefly to the shrewdness
and super-salesmanship...
...of its young president,
Bob Delbar.""
Yes, that`s right, Miss MacKenzie.
I want flowers sent to her everyday.
Lots of flowers.
And, uh, you`d better cancel
all my other social engagements...
...and, uh, make out a list of places
to take her to.
I see, Mr. Delbar.
This is to be an all-out sales campaign.
Precisely. Where`d be a good place
to take her to today?.
Well, how about the races?.
-Come on, Papoose.
-I bet on Whirlabout.
Come on, come on, Papoose.
Come on.
to the Ice Follies. I have four tickets.
-Why four?.
-It will help if you sell yourself to her family.
Oh, yes.
When we get home,
remind me to defrost the icebox.
-Didn`t your uncle ever do any work?.
-No, he doesn`t believe in it.
-Hm. But he`s happy and so is Aunt Nona.
-Are you?.
-Hmm. Yes, I am.
We lead a very pleasant life.
Auntie and Uncle have an income
and it`s enough for them to live on.
I know. It`s 300 a month and they pay
their bills when they remember to... their credit is good.
I know all about you too.
You were born here in Los Angeles.
Your father was a doctor.
Your parents died when you were 7.
You attended high school
and the university.
You got fairly good marks.
You were popular.
-How do you know so much about me?.
-I made it my business to find out.
Everything I found out about you,
Cynthia, I like.
-Thank you.
-Excuse me, Mr. Delbar.
-Well, there`s J.P. Bancroft.
Will you excuse me?.
-Well, hello, Bob.
-Hello, J.P.
Mr. Carker, gas and oil.
Mr. Delbar, Praktikon.
[lN UNlSON] :
l`ve heard of you.
-Ha-ha-ha. Sit down. Sit down.
-Thank you.
When can you and I get together,
No. I`m afraid not.
I`m flying back East
first thing in the morning.
There`s nothing we can do
until we`ve had a meeting...
-...with that fellow in Washington.
-When will that be?.
Well, as soon as l`ve arranged an interview,
l`ll let you know. And you`d better be there.
Don`t worry, l`ll be there.
Nothing could stop me.
-Well, very pretty.
-I think so.
-See you in Washington. Goodbye, J.P.
-Goodbye, Bob.
Nice to have met you, Mr. Carker.
There`s a very able fellow.
He`ll be right up there on top
someday too.
Great man, J.P. I suppose
he`s the richest man in the country today.
-More wine?.
-No, thank you.
He and I have a big deal on.
If it goes through, it`ll mean a lot
to Praktikon and to me.
What were you and Mr. Bancroft
saying about me?.
He asked me who you were.
And I told him
you`re the girl l`m going to marry.
Relatives of the bride.
I guess Bob was right about wanting
to have the wedding in his house.
-lt is nicer than ours.
-Well, anyway, it`s bigger.
We could have rented chairs,
but he insisted and insisted.
Yeah, he`s quite an insister.
-I do hope Cynthia will be happy.
-Yeah, I hope so too.
You know, dear, I don`t think l`d like
to be married to Bob, would you?.
Well, I haven`t given the matter
much thought, but offhand, l`d say no.
JULlO: Lady?.
-I would like to see Senorita Glenn.
-Well, she`s busy getting married.
Yes, I know. But please,
will you say to her that Julio`s here?.
-Ju-- Julio?. Where?.
Cynthia, Julio`s here.
-Oh, where?.
-Out there.
-Where are you going, dear?.
-To see somebody.
We ought to get started if we`re going
to get to the hotel before dark.
This is an old friend,
a gentleman friend.
Oh, who is he?.
Bob, you don`t need to be jealous
of him.
He`s one of the boys
from my swimming class.
-But, Cynthia, you haven`t time--
CYNTHlA: Yes, I have.
-Hello, Julio.
-Hello, Senorita Glenn.
-l`m Mrs. Delbar now, Julio.
-Yes, Senorita Glenn.
I have brought to you a present.
Thank you. Where is it?.
It is not very nice.
I could not buy anything
very nice, or anything.
Come with me, please,
I will show you.
Julio, that was perfect.
You did learn.
-For you, senorita, that is my present.
Cynthia, you`ll ruin your dress.
I won`t need it again.
CLERK: Good evening, Mr. Delbar.
-Good evening.
Hmm. I see you`re using my pen.
-Your pen, sir?.
-One of them.
Look, dear. Praktikon.
Pens are just a sideline,
we`ll sell millions of them this year.
CLERK: Suite 44.
-Thank you.
Darling, people.
-Huh?. What?.
Oh, oh, yes. How do you do?.
Goodbye. We`re just going.
We`re so sorry.
We meant to leave sooner but--
Oh, that`s all right.
We understand.
-Are you--?. Have you--?.
-Yes, we`ve just been married too.
Wonderful, isn`t it?.
-Weren`t they sweet?.
Well, l`ll, uh-- l`ll go get ready for dinner.
BOB: Here you are, boys.
-Thank you.
Thank you, sir.
Thank you very much.
How do you do?. I`m Mrs. Fenway.
May I come in?. Thank you.
I`m extremely sorry that your suite
has not been tidied up. May we do it now?.
-Ha, ha, yes.
-Thank you. Come along, girls.
And do get a wiggle on.
There simply wasn`t a chance till now.
The other couple stayed and stayed.
I do hope we`re not inconveniencing you.
It really doesn`t matter, we`re going down
to dinner in a moment.
When you come back,
everything will be perfect.
-Business is good here at the hotel.
-Splendid. Every bed is taken.
We`ve had a rather tempting offer
for the use of the billiard table.
Anyone special staying here?.
Well, we have Major Thomas Milvaine...
...the flyer who shot down
all those Japs.
And then we have the daughter
of J.P. Bancroft.
-Oh, really?.
-Yeah, she just arrived. Do you know her?.
No, I know her father.
We`ll have to look her up.
Then we have-- Uh, who else?. Let me see.
Oh, of course, the Great Dane.
Nils Knudsen of the Metropolitan Opera.
He`s one of our regular patrons.
He comes here to take off weight,
a hundred pounds.
A very nice man, but a bit
of a problem child when he`s on a diet.
I have to be quite severe with him.
CYNTHlA: Pardon me.
-Oh, there`s my wife. Will you excuse me?.
Of course, I do hope
you`ll enjoy your stay here.
I expect to.
Bob, look, Tommy Dorsey,
the same orchestra.
Same as what?.
Don`t you remember
the first evening we spent together?.
Of course, I do.
I remember every second of it.
But that night,
I wasn`t noticing orchestras.
HOST: What is the name, if you please?.
-Robert Delbar.
Oh, yes, Mr. Delbar.
This way, if you please.
-Bob, l`ve seen that man somewhere.
-ln opera probably. That`s Nils Knudsen.
Oh, of course.
NlLS: Is that all I get?.
-Yes, sir, that is all.
No dessert?.
Well, I could maybe
bring you another carrot.
Oscar, do I even look a little like a rabbit?.
No. Oh, no, no, sir.
But your diet says only vegetables.
Vegetables. The only vegetables I like
are steak and beer.
-Bring me some right away.
-No, sir.
You heard what I said.
But you said that no matter what you say,
I am to say, "" No, sir.""
-But, Oscar, only a little steak. A little beer.
-No, sir.
But look at me.
I am so empty, so thin.
-I could ask maybe Mrs. Fenway.
-Never mind. She`d say no.
-lt`s funny.
-Our being married.
-You`re not sorry already?.
Oh, no, darling.
When I said, ""l do,"" I meant it.
But after all, Bob, we really don`t know
each other so very well.
Well, we should.
We`ve had time to study each other.
Yes, a whole month.
And what a month.
You know, being courted by you was like
being swept over Niagara Falls in a canoe.
FENWAY: Good evening, John.
-Good evening, Mrs. Fenway. Good evening.
-Oh, Nils, good evening.
-Good evening.
-And how are you tonight?.
-Oh, same as last night, Sara.
Healthy, but hungry.
Oh, Oscar, I think l`ll take
the noodle soup...
...roast duck with lots of dressing,
asparagus with hollandaise sauce...
...potatoes au gratin
and a double-chocolate sundae.
And take away those dishes.
Oh, Oscar.
Can you tell me who that beautiful--
Uh, those people are over there?.
No, Major Milvaine, they just arrived.
Major, the next time you come in,
try the boiled beef and potatoes.
-Telephone call for you, sir.
-Oh, thank you.
Excuse me, dear. Hello.
Oh, hello, J.P. It`s Bancroft.
You have?. Oh, that`s fine.
I see. I see.
I see. I see.
Hold the wire, please.
It`s about that big deal.
He wants me to fly to Washington.
They`ve got a place for me on a plane,
one place.
I hate to go, darling, but....
Wait a minute.
Hello, J.P., can you get them to postpone
that meeting a few days?.
Ah, well, for me to leave right now
would be awfully inconvenient.
I`m on my honeymoon.
He says the appointment won`t wait.
I guess l`ll have to go.
All right, Bob.
Okay, J.P., l`ll be on that plane.
I`ll see you in the morning. Goodbye.
I`m sorry, darling,
but it`s such a big deal.
I`ll go and throw some things
into a bag.
-You didn`t unpack.
-Oh, that`s a break.
-They`re on their honeymoon.
-l`m glad somebody`s happy.
DORSEY: And now, ladies and gentlemen,
for your pleasure, I hope...
...but chiefly
to keep peace in my family...`re about to witness
the first appearance...
...of a young lady very close to my heart.
Miss Susan Dorsey.
-Then l`ll do it.
-No, I will.
All right.
But try not to be too hammy.
Once upon a groovy time
There lived a prince without a dime
The princess was his favorite chick
But with no dough, they couldn `t click
Seems he played a slide trombone
And had a knockout mellow tone
The kingdom nearly fell apart
When he`d start
He played it low, he played it high
He sent it clear up to the sky
The people loved to hear the guy
With the slide trombone
So one bright and sunny day
He packed his horn and went away
He formed a band and got a job
The cats all named them Dorsey`s Mob
He got the gal and what is more
Folks the king and queen adore
The way he sends their regal feet
It`s sweet
-He played it low
ALL [SlNGlNG] : He played it high
SUSAN: He sent it clear
ALL: Up to the sky
The people loved to hear the guy
With the slide trombone
Excuse me of watching.
Now, Nils, they`re only carrying out
your orders.
You can always change your mind,
you know.
-What I want to change is my figure.
-Well, then don`t be grumpy about it.
Let me be grumpy please.
It takes my mind off my stomach.
Mrs. Fenway, l`ve been called unexpectedly
on business.
-l`ll be back in a few days.
-Yes, Mr. Delbar.
-I beg your pardon?.
Hmm, what?.
What has happened to romance?.
He goes to make money
when he could stay and make love?.
I`m glad I can still be romantic, Sara.
Heart of hearts
Awake from thy dreaming
Wake, oh, wake for love
Can `t thou hear me softly paining?
Answer to my call
Answer to my call
Heed me while the stars are shining
Come and be my all
Come and be my all
Fast the shades of night are falling
Soon the day will end
Hear the song my heart is calling
Love for you and me
Love for you
And me
For you
And me
Excuse me.
Is there anything I can do?.
Oh, no. No, thanks.
I`m sorry if I bothered you.
I`ll go inside.
-Oh, but not to cry, please.
-You won`t hear me.
-What`s the matter?. Have bad news?.
-Does it matter?.
No, but l`d like to know.
Well, my husband`s gone away.
-Left you?. For good?.
-Oh, no, no.
He had business in Washington.
-Oh, that doesn`t sound so very bad.
No, he`s left you alone before,
hasn`t he?.
Never for a moment.
Well, how long have you been married?.
Not long.
How long?.
You`re very curious.
Yes, yes. I`d like to know, how long?.
Since noon today.
-High noon.
And he went away and left you?.
Oh, he had to go.
He had a big deal, a very big deal.
-Will it make him $20 billion?.
-No, of course not.
Then I don`t understand it.
Thank you.
Well, good night.
-Uh, you`re not gonna cry anymore?.
-Then good night.
-Good night.
Put it down right over here
by the chair, Lyonel.
That`s fine. Thank you.
-He looks like one, doesn`t he?.
-One what?.
One hero.
Oh, is that Major Milvaine?.
-Must be. Don`t you think so?.
-Could be.
I heard he was here at the hotel.
I don`t know what he looks like though.
Like that, he`s got to.
He seems to be a bit
of a show-off, doesn`t he?.
Well, look what he`s got to show.
And look what he did.
He shot down 1 6--
Or was it 26 Jap planes?.
Got shot down at sea.
Paddled 200-- Or was it 2000?.
I don`t know. --miles in a life raft,
spent a month on a jungle island.
Oh, sad, very sad.
Well, he got back safe and sound.
What`s so sad about it?.
On the island, he was alone.
Something tells me
he`s not gonna be alone here.
Tell you what l`ll do.
I`ll match you for him.
Oh, no. I don`t want him.
He`s all yours.
Thanks. Uh--?.
-Cynthia. Cynthia Delbar.
-l`m Maude Bancroft.
Oh, really?. I wanted to meet you.
Bob knows your father.
-Yes, that`s my husband.
Oh, so that`s it.
There`s a husband.
Yes, there is.
This, uh, is a nice place
to spend a honeymoon, isn`t it?.
Yes, it is.
Uh, which is your Bob?.
Well, uh, you see, Bob isn`t here,
he`s in Washington.
-And it`s your honeymoon?.
Well, I doubt
if it`ll ever become popular.
-Oh, l`m sorry.
-That`s all right, babe.
-Some spot they got here, huh?.
-Yes, it is.
-You gonna stay here long?.
-Oh, as long as I find it amusing.
-What about you?.
-l`ll be around for a couple weeks.
-Then I got to go and do some fighting.
-Oh, I know.
Don`t worry, babe. I`ll win.
I`m good.
I win 22 battles in a row.
Nine of them by knockout.
Hey, there`s another good physique.
-Oh, good morning.
-Good morning.
-You can`t swim?.
-No, I can`t swim.
-I can.
-Ah, but can you do this?.
Can you pat your head
and rub your stomach at the same time?.
-Oh, of course, I can.
-Oh, so can l.
Well, let`s see you do it.
There, you see.
Pooh-pooh to you, ladies.
-Oh, I must be doing something wrong.
-You really can`t swim, can`t you?.
But can you pat your head
and rub your stomach?.
At the same time?.
There, you needn`t be so snooty
just because you can swim.
-Any fish can do that.
I wasn`t being snooty.
Look, I could teach you to swim
in no time at all.
Oh, take all the time you want.
I`ll be here a couple of weeks.
First we`ll float.
One of us will float.
Oh, now, you can float.
That`s easy. It`s natural.
-Well, not to me, I crash-dive.
-Ah, ha.
Oh, you don`t know how to relax.
Come on.
You just relax
as if you were going to sleep.
Fill your lungs with a little air,
now come on.
And when your feet start going down,
now just gently wiggle your toes.
-Come on, wiggle them.
-Gently wiggle toes.
Hey, look, l`m doing it. I`m floating.
-My old trouble, I just don`t stay up.
-Come on, we`ll try again.
-Lovely day, isn`t it?.
-Now, don`t talk.
Why not?.
Come on, once more.
-There now.
-See?. You`re doing it. It`s easy, isn`t it?.
-lt`s a cinch.
Oh, Major Tommy.
Sit yourself down here.
Thank you, Mr. Knudsen.
-Had your lunch?.
-lf you call an apple a lunch, l`ve had it.
Pretty soon now l`ve got to take my walk.
-You`ll walk with me maybe after you eat?.
-Sure, l`d love to.
Say, Major Tommy, uh, could you...
...maybe arrange for me
to take swimming lessons?.
Oh, now, Mr. Knudsen,
l`ve seen you swim and very good too.
I would swim better with such a teacher.
-Hello, teacher.
-Here, take my place.
-Oh, no.
Oh, yes. I`m finished with it.
I`d like to introduce you,
but I don`t know your name.
-Mrs. Delbar.
-Mrs. Delbar, this is Mr. Knudsen.
Oh, how do you do?.
I`ve enjoyed your singing.
-And I have enjoyed your swimming.
-Thank you.
Au revoir, l`ll see you some more.
This champ can punch a little,
but if we meet, he`ll never hit me.
Hey, you try it. Go on, Maude.
Right here, right here.
Hey. Oh.
Oh, by the way,
my name is Milvaine, Thomas.
You know, I rather thought it might be.
-What would you like?.
-How did it feel?.
-Oh, when you were drifting around...
...on the ocean on a tiny raft
for days and days.
Mm, chicken salad.
Would you like that?.
We got some very nice
boiled beef and potatoes.
But we don`t like
boiled beef and potatoes.
It`s just like your mother used to make.
My mother never cooked
boiled beef and potatoes.
-Chicken salad?.
-Yes, please.
-Weren`t you scared?.
-Not a bit.
Scared?. Of course, I was scared.
Wouldn`t you be?.
Certainly, and I can swim.
Well, l`m taking lessons.
How about iced coffee
and huckleberry pie?.
You should have ordered
the boiled beef and potatoes.
-What did you think about on the raft?.
-lced coffee and huckleberry pie...
...and the girl I hope to marry.
Tell me about her.
-I can`t.
-Why not?. Who is she?.
I don`t know, I haven`t met her yet.
I`ve just thought about her.
You know what bothered me
when I was out there...
-...bobbing around on the waves?.
It was the thought that I might never
meet her. You see, it got to be night.
There were no stars, it began to look
as if she were gonna be a widow...
...before she ever was a wife.
I got to feeling pretty sorry for myself.
-Did you pray?.
-Oh, yes, I prayed and I paddled...
...and I paddled and I prayed
and then I looked up and there was George.
So I knew l`d be all right.
George?. Who`s George?.
My star, we all have stars.
Didn`t you know that?.
-You didn`t?.
Why, my mother told me about it
when I was that high.
Maybe when I was that high.
She said we each have our own star
that watches over us.
And we can call on it for help
when we really need help.
Well, she showed me my star
and I named it George.
Oh, I haven`t asked him for help very much,
but that night I did.
And there he was.
You don`t really believe that, do you?.
Well, all I know is here I am.
You know, you remind me
very much of someone.
-Do l?. Who?. Your husband?.
-Oh, no, not at all.
-There`s a call for you, Mrs. Delbar.
-From Washington?.
-I don`t know, ma`am.
-Pardon me.
Hello, is that you, Bob?.
Why, no, this is your Uncle Hoby.
How could I be Bob?.
He`s there with you, isn`t he?.
Oh, uh, yes. Yes, of course,
Bob`s here with me.
We`re eating our swimming pool
by the lunch.
She`s so happy she doesn`t know
what she`s saying.
Cynthia, dear...
...I`m sorry to have to call you
at a time like this.
But your Aunt Nona`s
in such a dither--
-Oh, I am not, Cynthia. Don`t--
-She is so.
She`s lost her spectacles...
...and thought you might know
where they are.
Well, l`m afraid I don`t, darling.
Uh, did she look in her pockets?.
Yes, I looked in all my pockets.
-Did you look in the icebox?.
-Do you think they`re there?.
-Well, that`s where they were...
...Iast time you lost them.
Oh, thank you, dear.
I`ll look in the icebox.
Goodbye, kiss Uncle Hoby for me.
They`re such children.
You said that I reminded you
of somebody. Who?.
Oh, that`s who, Uncle Hoby.
-Do you like your Uncle Hoby?.
-Oh, yes, I adore him.
Young people.
I think l`m going to sit myself down here.
Is that all the exercise
you`re gonna take?.
Unh, exercise is only for athletes.
You go on with your walk,
and on the way back, you wake me up.
-And you don`t need to hurry.
I think he`s a darling.
So do l. He and I have become
very good friends.
Growing wild.
They`re a garden flower back home.
-Where`s back home?.
-Omira, Nebraska.
-What did you do in Omira, Nebraska?.
-I ran the Express.
Oh, it wasn`t this kind
of an express: Toot, toot.
Oh, a newspaper.
Yep, the biggest and only newspaper
in Omira, Nebraska.
Published every Friday, some Fridays.
-Are you going back there?.
-Oh, I hope so, some day.
Don`t you want a bigger paper
in a bigger city?.
Ha, ha, no.
-You`d make more money.
-l`d have less fun.
You know, I know you`d like
my Uncle Hoby.
You two would get along
very well together.
-What does he do?.
-He collects headlines.
-He does, really.
-Funny ones?.
Maybe l`ll send him some of mine.
Here`s one I remember about
a cattle stampede:
""Colonel Unhorsed by a Cow.""
Think he`d like being unhorsed
by a cow?.
He`d love it. Thank you....
Shall we canter?.
NlLS [SlNGlNG] :
You came to me
In my long, lonely night
When I could not see
Without love`s magic light
Radiant and fair
Stars in your hair
You lit my way
Into heaven
That sweet heaven
Of your arms
And that`s where I`ll stay
Radiant and fair
Stars in your hair
You lit my way
Into heaven
Lord, sweet heaven
Of your arms
And that`s where I stay
Oh, thank you, Mr. Knudsen.
-Now, why can`t I sing like that?.
-At your age, you don`t need to.
-Now, watch me, it`s easy.
-Yeah, it`s easy to watch you.
First of all, you mustn`t be afraid
of the water.
Put your hands over your head
when you start to dive...
...and then give yourself a little lift
just before you go into the water...
...and then fall.
There, you see?.
Now, when you swim,
lift your elbows high...
...your hand goes in the water first.
First, before your elbow.
Palms are down...
...then turn to your back.
Hands first here,
and your feet go all the time.
-Elbows high in this too.
Most of all, you gotta relax.
-There. Now you do it.
I should care
I should let it upset me
I should care
But it just doesn `t get me
Maybe I won `t find someone
As lovely as you
But I should care
And I do
-Good evening, Mr. Knudsen.
-Oh, hello, Mr. Dorsey.
I am enjoying very much your music,
Thank you. But l`m sure we`d enjoy
very much some of your music.
I`m sorry.
I am too weak to sing.
-Even one song?.
-Even one note.
Uh, wait, I might sing for a price.
Well, l`m afraid we can`t pay
your regular fee.
Uh-- Uh.
Is-- ls-- Is Mrs. Fenway around?.
No, I think she went to bed.
Then my price for a song
shall be a steak.
-As big as that one. Uh, bigger.
Mr. Knudsen, l`ll meet your terms.
And there must also be mashed potatoes,
and onions and beer.
It`s a deal.
What are you gonna sing for us,
Mr. Knudsen?.
Jeg Elsker Dig, by Grieg.
-Jeg Elsker Dig.
-And please make it rare.
Jeg Elsker Dig.
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Knudsen
has consented to sing Jeg Elsker Dig.
Uh, Jeg Elsker Dig, fellas.
Jeg Elsker Dig.
Oh, Susan, Jeg Elsker Dig, by Grieg.
-What key?.
NlLS: D Major, please.
So that`s what you call "" I love you.""
For thee alone my every thought is burning
Happy my heart if good I bring to thee
Where`er God wills
My path in life be turning
I love but thee
I love but thee
I love but thee
Through all eternity
I love
But thee
Through all eternity
-Nils, did you order this?.
How thoughtful of you.
Thank you so much,
a steak is just what I wanted.
Excuse me.
Here`s another one.
I arise from dreams of thee
In the first sweet sleep of night
When the winds are breathing low
And the stars are shining bright
I arise from dreams of thee
And a spirit in my feet
Had led me-- Who knows how?
To thy chamber-window, sweet!
-Well, you know that one?.
-Right, you ` re wonderful.
-Thank you. Got anymore?.
Yeah. Yeah, here`s one.
The moon belongs in the sky
The water in the sea
But to be honest, I don `t greatly care
If they are where they ought to be
If you are with me
-I don`t know that one. Who wrote it?.
-T. Milvaine.
-Just now.
It`s getting a little chilly.
I think l`ll go inside.
-Good night, Tommy.
-Good night.
-Oh, hello, Mr. Knudsen.
-Hello, Major Tommy.
I know just how you feel.
Was the one you couldn`t have
very beautiful?.
The most beautiful thing I ever saw.
With a husband?.
With onions and mashed potatoes.
-Mr. Knudsen?.
-Yes, Lyonel.
-You were in fine voice the other night.
-Thank you.
-Mr. Knudsen.
-I sing too.
-You do?. Good.
I`d like to hear you. Well, go ahead.
In front of you?.
l-- l-- Excuse me.
What time does, uh,
Bob get in tomorrow?.
He said he`s be here in time for dinner.
Cynthia, I wanna thank you
for a very pleasant week.
I wasn`t having much fun here,
then you arrived and you were very friendly.
Oh, you were a big help to me too,
I`d have been quite lonely
if I hadn`t picked you up in the pool.
-Oh, but I picked you up.
-Well, we picked each other up.
And now we have to put
each other down.
Of course.
But we did have a very amusing week,
didn`t we?.
I had a very beautiful week.
And it`s not quite over.
There`s still tonight.
-Well, time for your swimming lesson.
-My graduation exercises.
-Are you ready?.
-Fairly ready.
All right, let`s go.
Let`s go.
You see, he swings and I duck,
and then l-- Hey, you`re not listening.
No. I`ve heard it all twice.
Now, go away.
-Far away.
-Hey, what`s the matter with you?.
-You`re the matter.
Oh, no. He`s the matter with you.
It`s a case of sour apples,
that`s what it is.
Oh, go away.
-Go away and knock yourself out.
Oh, but it is nice to be in love.
-You speak as an expert.
-I do. An expert is what I am.
You should be.
You`ve been in love often enough.
Not often enough,
but as often as possible.
I remember every girl
as if she were yesterday.
What a memory.
And I daresay, there were....
Dozens and dozens.
You see, I went on long tours
with opera companies.
Could I sing all the time?.
I`m glad I fell in love so much.
It`s good for the voice.
Besides, it gives me something
to think about now.
Now, stop looking wistful.
You know you can`t have any beer.
-People can love what they can`t have.
-Yes. But they shouldn`t.
-And don`t you be a gossip.
-I just made a remark.
-What time are you leaving tomorrow?.
-ln the morning, early, quite early.
Where are you going?.
Oh, I thought l`d spend the rest of my leave
at some place by the ocean.
I wanna see if I can swim
in salt water too.
-Telegram for you, Mrs. Delbar.
-Thank you.
-Excuse me.
-Not bad news, I hope.
-No, no. Not at all.
-You sure?.
-You seem upset.
-Well, l`m not. Not a bit.
-Why should I be?.
-I don`t know. I didn`t see the telegram.
You`re not going to.
Tommy, what kind of a telegram
would you send your bride?.
Not any kind. Not on our honeymoon.
Oh, l`m sorry. I know he had to go.
Hey, wait a minute.
Help, Maude.
Poor K.O.
Muscles, muscles, everywhere,
but none in his head.
-What happened?.
-I pushed him in.
Uh-- Uh.
-I think you know Major Milvaine.
-Yes, as well as can be expected.
Anyhow, let`s all have
a small but powerful drink.
Oh, not for me, thank you.
I was just going up to my room.
Good night, Maude.
Good night, Tommy.
-But, Cynthia--
-l`ll see you in the morning.
-l`m leaving very early.
-l`ll be up very early. Good night.
All right.
-Do you have to go tomorrow?.
-Oh, yes.
-For good?.
Whose good?.
-You are, aren`t you?.
-l`m what?.
In love with her.
Ha, ha. No.
MAUDE: Scotch and soda, please.
-The same for me.
-She`s very attractive.
-She`s very married.
Oh, l`m talking about love.
Please get this straight.
-I am not in love with Mrs. Delbar.
-All right. I believe you.
Not because you say so,
but because you`re passing up a chance... be with her for another week,
maybe longer.
When I talked to my father
on the telephone...
...he didn`t know
when he could get out here.
But I don`t quite understand
what your father has to do with this.
That`s why Bob Delbar`s waiting,
isn`t it?.
So that he can come out with Dad?.
Oh, yes. Yes, of course.
Please don`t say no
Say maybe
Or say come back in the spring
Say any old thing
But don `t say no
Please don `t say no
`Cause, baby
I`ve so much love to impart
It`s making my heart overflow
Be sweet and kind
And keep this thought in mind
While you think it over
So it is you. I thought so.
Come on.
Now, what are you going to sing for us,
"" Because. ""
-ls that okay with you?.
-Surely. We`ll follow him.
Because you come to me
With naught save love
And hold my hand
And lift mine eyes above
A wider world of hope and joy I see
You come to me
Because you speak to me
In accents sweet
I find the roses
Wakening by my feet
And I am led through tears
And joy to thee
You speak to me
Because God made thee mine
I`ll cherish thee
Through light and darkness
Through all time to be
And pray his love
May make our love divine
God made thee
Cynthia, you come out
or l`ll come in.
Tommy, let`s say goodbye in the morning.
-May I come over there?.
-No. You know the rule. No hedgehopping.
-Oh, Cynthia. You know, you--
-Now, you stay right there...
...and not so loud, please.
Well, can you hear me
way over there?.
Perfectly. Well?.
Well, l`m not going away tomorrow.
I`ve decided to stay another week.
Maybe longer.
In fact, just as long as I can.
Oh, say you`re glad or sorry
or something.
I`m glad or sorry or something.
-l`ll see you tomorrow.
-You`ll see me now.
You know Bob won`t be here,
don`t you?.
I heard so. No, not from you.
Why didn`t you tell me?.
I knew you`d stay.
You don`t want me to?.
-Yes, Tommy, I want you to stay.
On your side of the hedge.
-Oh, always?.
So you see, you might just as well leave
as soon as you can.
No. I don`t quite see it that way.
Tommy, no matter how long
my husband`s away...
...I`m not going to let you make love
to me.
Oh, Cynthia, I love you too much
to want you for just a little while.
Please remember what I said
if you do stay.
All right, but l`m going to stay.
All right, but don`t forget the hedge.
I wanna make a long-distance call
to Washington.
Mr. Robert G. Delbar
at the Hotel Grand View.
Hello?. Hmm?.
Oh, Cynthia. Hello, dear.
Bob, can you come back right away?.
Why?. Anything the matter?.
No, no, everything`s fine. I`m fine. But--
-Oh, Bob, l`m lonesome.
-Well, so am l, darling.
But l`ll have to ask you to be patient
just a little longer.
But you can`t expect me to leave
in the middle of a big deal.
The sensible thing for you to do
is to meet some people...
...and find some things to do.
And l`ll be with you just as soon as I can.
All right, Bob. Good night.
-Oh, hello.
-Hello, Mr. Knudsen.
-l`m awfully happy to find you here.
-I am happy myself to be here.
-Maybe I can get you a drink.
-Oh, yes, please.
And hold my hand and don`t let it go
until it`s another day.
-lt is sweet and it is sad.
-What is?.
That a beautiful woman should look at me
as a perfect chaperone.
Oh, come on, darling.
Darling, meet the boys.
Boys, meet Mrs. Delbar.
ALL: How do you do?.
-Mrs. Delbar.
-Won`t you join us?.
-Thank you. To you.
Good cheer.
No. Don`t look like that.
Look like this.
I`m going to cheer you up.
Let`s all drink a toast
And be happy and gay
I`ll sing you a song
And the music will play
Let`s have a good time
And let`s everyone sing
For we never know
What tomorrow may bring
We`ll drown all our sorrows
And be of good cheer
Who cares if it`s wine
Or a big stein of beer
NlLS: Now this is the night
For us all to rejoice
So you raise your glasses
And I`ll raise my voice
Drink up everybody
If you`re feeling dry
Come on, bottoms up
Here is mud in your eye
-Good morning, Mr. Knudsen.
-Good morning.
-Lovely night, wasn`t it?.
-Oh, and it`s such a lovely day.
-Ah, lovely.
-Good morning, Maude.
-Good morning.
-Good morning, Oscar.
-Good morning.
-Lovely day, isn`t it?.
-lt might rain yet.
Uh, has Major Milvaine
been down to breakfast yet?.
No, Mrs. Delbar,
I haven`t seen him today.
Will you ring Major Milvaine`s room
Checked out?.
Last night?.
Thank you.
-He will not be here?.
Won`t you have breakfast with me?.
I`ve had mine. One glass of orange juice.
A little one.
One egg. A little one.
He has gone away?.
Mr. Knudsen,
do you really have to diet?.
A doctor said I would be weller.
Just bring me some coffee, Oscar.
See that man over there?.
Who couldn`t?.
Why don`t you ask him
if you have to diet?.
He`s one of the biggest stomach men
in the country.
-I can see that.
-No, I mean he`s a doctor, and a good one.
Oh, he looks like a man
who would understand me.
Now, maybe I can help you, maybe.
I don`t want to butt my nose
into none of my business...
...but you have got trouble too.
-Yes, I know.
I have lived a lot and looked a lot...
...and felt a lot and I know.
Please ask me something.
I`ll be all right. I`ve made up my mind.
Your mind, what`s minds?.
Just things to think with.
It`s here you feel.
Have you made up your heart?.
Little young Mrs. Delbar,
in my life I have done good things...
...and I have done bad things.
But I am only a little sorry
now for the things I did.
I am very sorry for the things I didn`t did.
Oh, that is all I will say.
Forgive me for saying so much. Will you?.
Of course. Excuse me.
-To your very good health.
-To yours. I love you.
Nils, what are you doing?.
Doctor`s orders.
Ooleeay, ooleeay, ooleeay
Some more beer
Ooleeay, ooleeay
More beer right away
For I want what I want when I want it
That`s all that makes life worthwhile
For the wine that tonight
Fills my soul with delight
On the morrow may seem to me vile
There`s no worldly pleasure myself I deny
There`s no one to ask me
Wherefore or why
I eat when I`m hungry
And drink when I`m dry
For I want what I want when I want it
I want what I want
When I want it
Major Milvaine,
are you going to be back with us again?.
-For a while, I hope. Hello, Mr. Knudsen.
-Doctor`s orders.
-Will you join us?.
No, thank you, Mrs. Fenway.
Excuse me.
Hello, Major Tommy.
Why don`t you go for a walk
on the sunset trail?.
Thank you.
I eat when I am hungry
Some of your boiled beef and potatoes.
Yes, sir, boiled beef and--
Boiled beef and potatoes?.
Ooh, one boiled beef coming up.
One boiled beef coming up.
I`m sorry, sir, but Mrs. Delbar
is not in the hotel right now.
I believe she went out for a walk.
May I take a message?.
You will arrive here tomorrow morning?.
Yes, Mr. Delbar.
I`ll see that she gets your message.
Well, hello.
I had to come back.
Please let me stay, on your terms.
No, hedgehopping, no, no anything.
We won`t talk about us.
If you just let me see you...
...and be near you and walk with you,
I won`t talk at all.
You could say a word or two.
How was the ocean?.
Very large and very lonesome.
Now, Tommy.
Well, you asked for it.
Oh, look, what a darling little brook.
It thinks it`s a waterfall.
Maybe we discovered it.
Yeah, maybe.
I don`t remember this part of the woods.
I don`t think we ever came this far before.
We`d better be turning back pretty soon.
I guess so, before the light goes.
Look, somebody`s been here before.
A loves E.
That`s the history of the world.
Adam loves Eve. Albert loves Emily.
Alice loves Eddie.
Yes, that happens too.
This was done years ago.
I wonder where they are now.
Did they marry and live happily ever after?.
Do they still love each other?.
Or did they part?.
Oh, Tommy, Tommy.
-You love me.
-No, no.
Yes, you do.
Yes, no, I don`t know.
You know I love you.
Tommy, what am I gonna do?.
Tell Bob about us.
-No, I can`t.
-Then I will.
-No, no, you mustn`t.
-Why not?.
Because l`m not sure about us.
I`m not sure about anything.
I am. I`m sure you`re the girl
l`ve always thought about, waited for.
Oh, l`ve got to be fair to Bob.
Give our marriage a chance...
...give him a chance and l`m going to.
But, Cynthia darling.
No, Tommy.
There`s only one way out of this.
We`ve got to say goodbye
and mean it.
I couldn`t mean it.
I can because I know I must.
Now, we`re going back to the hotel...
...and just as soon as we get there,
I want you to go away...
...and I don`t want you to come back
Please don`t, Tommy.
Take me back now.
All right.
We came past this tree.
Now we go to the left.
-No, to the right.
-No, the left.
Tommy, I think
we`re going in the wrong direction.
We came from the east, didn`t we?.
-Obviously we must go east.
But are we going east?.
Sure we are.
Now we`ll try your way.
Let`s sit down and rest a moment.
-You know what?.
I think we`re just a little bit lost.
Oh, no, of course not.
Can`t be much further.
We ought to be there pretty soon now.
I was sure
that if we just turned right, that--
Yup. Same old tree.
Well, anyway, we`re holding our own.
And you found your way
out of the jungle?.
Well, it took me a month.
Let`s be on our way.
Oh, l`m sorry. I can`t go another step.
Well, we`ll just camp here till morning.
I guess we`ll have to.
Oh, no, you take it.
No, you take it.
What time do you want to be called?.
Good night, Tommy.
Good night.
Hey, look, there`s George!
-Good morning, Mr. Bancroft.
-Good morning.
-l`m Robert Delbar.
-Oh, yes, Mr. Delbar.
Look, J.P., Praktikon.
-Well, thank you, thank you.
MAUDE: Hello, Father.
Hello, Maude, well, did you get up early
or stay up late?.
-Oh, this is Mr. Delbar. Bob, my daughter.
-How do you do?.
-How do you do?.
I`ve wanted to meet you.
I met your wife. She`s very attractive.
Glad she got to know someone.
-I didn`t want her to be lonesome.
-Oh, I don`t think she was too lonesome.
Ha, ha. Bob, why don`t you and Mrs. Delbar
have breakfast with us in our suite?.
Thank you. We`d like to very much.
-l`ll get Cynthia and we`ll be right in.
Well, come in, Bob. Where`s the bride?.
-I don`t know.
I can`t find her.
Well, she`s probably
in the hotel somewhere.
No, she isn`t. I asked everybody.
I looked everywhere.
-Nobody has seen her.
-Wasn`t she in her room?.
No, she was not.
It looks very much as though she hadn`t
been in her room at all last night.
-Are you sure?.
Her bed hadn`t been slept in and my phone
message was still under the door.
What does it look like?.
Well, now, don`t upset yourself
by imagining things. Sit down.
In this case, l`m sure
there`s a perfectly simple explanation.
-Yes, l`m sure there is.
Miss Bancroft, if you know anything
I should know, please tell me.
I don`t know anything. Really, I don`t.
When did you last see my wife?.
Early last evening, she was starting out
for a walk in the woods.
-Was she alone?.
-Yes, she started out alone.
Maybe she`s still in the woods.
All this time?. No, it`s not very probable.
Well, it`s possible.
I think you should send out
searching parties. Don`t you, Maude?.
Uh, no, I don`t think so. Look.
-Good morning.
-Oh, Bob, I didn`t know you were back.
This is Major Milvaine.
-How do you do?.
-How do you do?.
-We got lost.
-Uh, in the woods.
It got dark and we got lost.
Good and lost.
We walked and walked and--
-All night?.
-No, not all night.
Oh, we did stop to rest. We had to.
I`m very sorry this had to happen,
but we couldn`t help it.
Mrs. Delbar went out for a little walk...
...and I went out for a little walk
and we met in the woods.
So we started walking along together... to talking and didn`t watch
the time or notice where we were going...
...and we finally turned around
and started back.
It was still light but we didn`t know
where we were or where the hotel was.
She thought it was that way
and I thought it was that way.
It was neither way.
Then it got to be pretty dark...
...and you know how dark
it can get in those woods.
So what could we do?.
Now look, Delbar, I don`t care
how it looks to you or to anybody else...
...this was an accident and you have no
right to think it was more than that.
If you have any sense,
you`ll believe me...
...and you`ll believe your wife.
I assure you--
There`s no need to assure me anything
about my wife.
Come, Cynthia.
-Goodbye, Major Milvaine.
-Goodbye, Mrs. Delbar.
-Here`s your coat.
Bob, l`m sorry
I wasn`t here to meet you.
So am l.
Well, l`ll go make myself
more presentable.
Cynthia, that Major Milvaine,
isn`t he the fellow...
...that had all those things happen to him
in the South Pacific?.
He, uh, got lost in the jungle, didn`t he?.
And found his way out of the jungle?.
Yes, took him a month.
Quite an experience.
Did he tell you much about it?.
No, not much.
Tommy doesn`t talk much about himself.
Oh, Tommy is an old friend
of yours, hmm?.
No, l--
I met him the night you went away.
Who introduced you?.
Well, nobody really.
I was out here on the balcony
and he spoke to me and....
Neighbors, hmm?.
Well, I really must change my clothes.
Cynthia, he fell in love with you,
didn`t he?.
Well, didn`t he?.
Bob, please don`t cross-examine me
like this. You`ll have to trust me.
You don`t expect me to believe
that you and that fellow--
-Yes, I do.
-Do you think l`m a fool?.
No. No, I don`t.
But I am beginning to think
you`re a stuffed shirt.
-I could call you names.
-You better not.
I`m glad I found out in time
just how little our marriage meant to you.
Bob, our marriage
did mean something to me.
It meant a lot.
I wanted to make a go of it.
I tried to.
Yes, by falling in love with another man.
Why don`t you tell me the truth?.
That is the truth, isn`t it?.
Yes. Yes, it is.
I`ll tell you and l`ll tell myself.
I am in love with Tommy.
I`m going to get an annulment
just as soon as I can.
-You`ll be given an adequate settlement.
-No. I don`t want any settlement.
-You don`t?.
-No. But l`ll take that annulment, thank you.
...don`t forget your briefcase.
Oh, Lyonel, would you,
uh, get my bag please?.
-Yes, major. Major Milvaine?.
You`re coat is dirty.
You want me to brush you off?.
No, thanks. I`ve been brushed off.
Hello, Major Tommy.
Oh, hello, Mister Knudsen,
and goodbye.
-Where do you go?.
-To Darwin Field.
I`m going to be stationed there.
My young friend...
...I know that you will be unhappy
for a while...
...but you mustn`t be unhappy for long.
-You must fall in love again.
And you will.
Anyhow, you`ll try to.
Yes, yes, l`ll try.
Goodbye, Mister Knudsen.
-Goodbye and good luck, Major Tommy.
-Thank you.
-Oh, Mr. Delbar. Come in.
-May I use your phone?.
Of course.
Hello. Hello, get me Austin Demmering
in Los Angeles...
...Kimball 2-8-9-8.
I`ll hold the wire.
Oh, thanks.
Get that other little matter settled?.
This is it. I`m getting an annulment.
Yeah, I thought you would.
-What`s it going to cost you?.
Hmm. That`s fair enough.
Uh, hello, Austin, Bob Delbar.
What do I have to do
to get my marriage annulled?.
Oh, Bob, you are not married again?.
You can`t be married.
You aren`t divorced.
You got the divorce a year and a half ago.
I know, but I never picked up
the final papers and--
No, no, it`s not as bad
as you think it is.
Now, uh,
take care of this for me right away.
Both, the final decree and the annulment.
You need a drink.
Oh, thanks.
Well, better luck next time.
All right.
-Will you get a car for me, Lyonel?.
-Yes, Mrs. Delbar.
I`ll be out as soon as I say goodbye
to Mr. Knudsen.
He`s going to buy me singing lessons.
Isn`t he the nicest man?.
Indeed, he is.
Well, goodbye, Mr. Knudsen.
You`ve been very kind.
-You`re leaving?.
Everything`s over.
Oh, uh, Mrs. Delbar...
...excuse my curiosity.
But where do you go?.
On your way home,
you pass Darwin Field?.
You are stopping there maybe?.
No, I think not.
I think l`ll wait a while.
Then someday, when everything
gets straightened out...
...maybe Darwin Field
will come to me.
It`s your move now.
Hello, give me Darwin Field.
I want to talk to Major Thomas Milvaine.
Where shall I stand?.
Right inside the gate.
And please, don`t forget to move
your mouth and your arms.
-Hit it.
Hoby, turn off the radio, dear.
-The radio.
Oh, yes, dear.
It`s turned off.
Well, I can still hear it.
So can l.
-Funny?. It`s uncanny.
NlLS [SlNGlNG] :
Please don`t say no
Say maybe
Or say come back in the spring
Say any old thing
But don `t say no
Please don `t say no
`Cause, baby
I`ve so much love to impart
It`s making my heart overflow
Be sweet and kind
And keep this thought in mind
While you think it over
Great loves from little friendships grow
Don `t, please don `t say no
Say maybe
-There`s a man singing.
-He may be crazy.
No, it` s T ommy.
You didn ` t tell us he could sing too.
Right now I`d settle for less
Because in time, baby
He has an accent.
What does it matter
if they love each other?.
How do you suppose he does that?.
Sings and kisses at the same time?.
I have no idea.
Come on, baby
Don `t say no
And don `t say maybe
Make up your mind and say