Thrissivaperoor Kliptham (2017) Movie Script

Hey! Stop it and get ready!
Don't we have to go to the Church?
- Coming, aunt!
- Let this song get over.
- Aunt Maria!
Wow! Pork?
How is it?
Is it nice?
Very nice!
Grandma, look here!
Serve some extra pork for me.
I can give only little.
Hey! Take some Achappam.
Oh! The pork is here?
Beef is not allowed, right?
Hey! Click me as well!
Thomas, are you clicking the
photos properly? Let me see!
Bring it here!
- Where is aunty?
You're drinking by the corner?
Didn't you give it to aunt?
She is looking for you!
You didn't catch anyone!
Where were you looking?
- These kids!
Check who it is!
Mischeivous girl!
- Hey Cicily!
Sweep this off.
To David Pauly,
Kottamel House.
"From Friends"
You go to the Church!
I will come there.
Oh! The princess is
stuck with her radio?
When are you going to
proceed to the Church?
For every event in Dave's life,
his friends were there with him.
It wasn't rig ht to avoid
them from this function!
You're not liking the fact that my brother
is getting married & starting a family?
My dear son,
I know,
what your true intention is!
You might be thinking that if you
get Dave married in a hurry,
the property and wealth
would be partitioned.
Don't even have such ideas!
Come here, my dear.
- Why?
Until I die, none of you is going
to get even an iota of your shares.
Get lost!
Are you ready to leave?
- What is it?
No! Nothing!
You left last week saying
that you'll be right back!
Cat caught your tongue?
You left from here saying that you
will cancel the engagement somehow!
And you've come back when it's
time for me to go to the Church!
Bro, you are a sicko;
A drunkard, a rowdy;
you even have accounts at every
night service in Thrisshur market.
I said all this to them!
To cancel the engagement.
This attire demands
a certain respect!
But that bloody dad,
that 'Alligator' Pranchi;
he doesn't trust Priests at all!
What do we do now?
Suffer! That's all!
- Uncle!
What's it?
- This is for Dave uncle.
- You go!
What the hell is that?
It's some kind of a gift.
'From Friends'
From Friends?
Oh merciful Lord,
make my brother separate himself
from every bad friendship,
and prepare him for
a good family life.
Oh God! Listen to our prayers!
God, this is for our Dave.
See to it that there
won't be any trouble.
Just have an eye on him!
Just one eye!
Are you listening, dad?
Oh my God!
It's rum! 'Ottakkannan'
(Single Eye)
- Not Karma.
- Mookken.
Jose Mookken.
If he drinks again,
he can ascend to the heaven
in the chariot of death,
before the next Church festival.
What should I do now?
You needn't do anything.
I know what has to be done!
I'm going to get you married!
As an elder brother,
I have to do my duty.
After that, do whatever
the hell you want!
Dave, wait!
You should promise me.
Right here, right now!
- Yes. Promise!
Keep your hand on one
of our heads,
and promise that you
will never ever drink again.
Make it fast!
Chetta, no!
We have two daughters!
Oh God!
- Dad, no!
Will I be the scapegoat?
If you dare to touch alcohol
before your wedding,
rivers of blood will flow here!
What the hell!
Where do I dispose this now?
Close the door!
don't do that!
Bro, keep it in the toilet.
Who is it?
It's your uncle.
Come out, man!
What's going on there?
They are here!
- Open the door!
my old trick is the best!
Praise be to Lord Jesus!
Praise be to Him now and forever!
What is going on here?
I've been calling
you for so long!
Come with me!
Are you playing?
Lights on!
Okay! Start!
Get down fast!
- Come!
- Smile!
What is this guy doing?
Dave, wait!
Close it!
Come on!
No need to go in the car.
We can all walk there. Come on!
What are you looking at?
It's just walking distance.
- Come! Let's walk!
My brother is a drunkard!
He'll always hide a bottle on his waist.
He will never get a girl!
People used to gossip so much!
Walk in front, man! Let the people
see you in the groom's attire!
Hey! Sensilavos!
You are such a great man!
Or else, my daughter who eloped
thrice before reaching 10th grade;
Francis Chetta, talk softly.
People will hear you.
My ears are working fine.
Hey! Look here!
So much make up?
There's a tonne of lip
stick on your lips!
It's in fashion!
- Oh!
Hey! When the priest asks
your consent, say no, okay?
According to the law of the Lord and
the proceedings of this Holy Church,
do you take Kottamel Pauly's
son David Pauly as your husband?
What happened to aunty?
- Say no!
Do you?
' Say if. aunty!
" Say no!
Tell me, dear.
Do you accept him?
What kind of a consent is that?
You can say that softly.
David Pauly!
What, Father?
Do you take this 'Alligator'
Pranchi's daughter...
Do you take Cheenikkal Francis'
daughter Mariam as your wife?
Say yes!
Ya. It's okay, Father.
Kneel down!
Do it!
Kneel down, man!
Oh God!
What did he just do?
What the hell is that?
What was that sound?
Something just broke.
It's a really familiar smell!
You come here! Let me give
you a piece of my mind.
Can't we do this after
I go to the toilet?
Pranchiyetta, will
anyone hit the saint?
Yes. I will hit!
'Thrisshivapperoor Limited'
Hey! I'm going to narrate
a Thrisshur story.
This Thrisshur has a specialty!
Wherever you look, there
are rounds all over!
If you have to come in, or go out of this
place; you have to go round and round!
Without going around, you
can't go anywhere from here.
So, a Thrisshur guy is someone
who keeps going round and round restlessly,
wherever he goes!
Move, everyone!
Move, I say!
What's the case?
How did this guy go up there?
Did you see that old
man over there?
He is the sole reason
behind all this!
Is there anyone man enough to pluck
coconuts from my 1 acre 55 cents land?
Go ahead. I'm with you.
- Come!
What's the scene?
Menu chettan is saying that
the trees can't be cf imbed'.!
Who asked you to climb, uncle?
They will climb!
No one will climb!
Until a decision is made in my favour,
not a leaf would move in this field.
It's Chandu Menon's word!
Giriyettan, this guy is in full form!
Hey! This is my mother's property.
I won't give you even a cent from this.
I won't allow that!
Come here!
You're not the one who decides that!
- No!
We've filed a case.
Let the court decide.
What say?
So Gopalettan & Narayanettan,
are you climbing or not?
When Menon is so furious..
- Then get going!
Menon Chettan,
within the count of five,
coconuts will come flying down.
This is our Giriyettan!
G iriyettan!
I will do anything for Giriyettan!
Climb, then!
I don't know how to
do that, Giriyetta.
Didn't you tell me
that you will climb?
It's actually very simple.
First your right leg,
then your left leg.
Then right leg,
and then left leg.
Climb without fear!
Come on!
I'm here only!
Giriyettan, you have
to turn that thing!
Like this!
- Let me finish this!
Haven't I reached?
- Go on!
He's climbing so well.
Menon Chettan, move away.
Coconuts may fall on your head & kill you!
- What?
This is stuck!
I can't go up!
Dude, how do I come down?
Giriyetta, push that lever down.
Which level'?
- The one on your right hand.
I can't do it!
Keep your legs steady.
Don't shiver!
- Try really heard.
- Dude, this is not moving!
Dude! Romy!
- Oh no!
G iriyetta!
- G iriyetta!
Don't worry!
Everything will be all right!
Menon Chetta,
what's the fire force's number?
Isn't it better to call
an ambulance, Romy?
This is Girijavallabhan
from Kizhakkumpattukara.
People call him Giri.
Giri hasn't participated
in any stunts.
He hasn't said punch
dialogues too.
Giri doesn't have any qualties
of a hero, by God's grace.
But still, this guy is
the hero of this story.
Our hero!
(Reading verses from the Bible)
Hallelujah time?
He seems really happy!
This is the 'Ganga' that we
promised to give you back.
Your old 'Ganga' shining brighter than
ever! (Dialogue from an old movie)
You Pig!
Weren't you the guys who packed this
'Ganga' in a bottle & sent it here?
No! That's not us!
Who else can do that
in this Thrissur?
It's me!
Chem badan!
Huh? Will it be him?
It will be!
He shouldn't say that I didn't
gift him for his betrothal.
Isn't there any chilly?
There's no chilly!
There's none!
- What?
Does this guy deserve
to be a Father?
Then what is this?
What is that?
What is she doing?
You should bite a chilly like
this and spit on his eyes!
On that Chembadan Joy's eyes!
Didn't he start screwing your
happiness since your school days?
Have you ever won against him?
How is that possible?
You're all brawn!
And your brain is full of shit!
A whole lot of shit!
You guys wait & watch!
He insulted me in front
of Jesus Christ.
I will make him shit!
I will make him kneel
down and shit!
This damn thing is
not coming out.
(Singing an old song)
Stop shouting!
You'll lose your concentration.
If I have to do it, I
have to sing, boss!
I don't think that ugly face sitting
third will let anything out.
That son of a swine has
swallowed most of the stuff.
Should I tear his stomach open?
we swallowed gold.
But it's not coming out.
I'm almost dead trying
to take a shit.
Drink this juice & make it fast.
Come on, man!
What? What's your problem?
Both this and the gold
have the same colour.
I can't figure it out.
Chem badan,
Oh! The doctor is here!
What medicine did you
give them, Mookken?
They have been trying for so long.
It's not coming out.
They've not swallowed bananas
that will come out so easily.
It's gold, right?
- Yes, man!
It's the stuff that I scored
by avoiding the brokers.
Do you have any idea how much
profit we're going to make?
Got it, boss!
Got it!
Move that stuff away!
You monster!
As if you're bringing
some dessert.
And ya, I know the exact amount
that will be in the shit!
Can't you speak
with some culture?
Mookken, should shit be called as
Kuttan Thampuran instead of shit?
He's such a loser!
Sir, you have a call.
- Who is it?
It's that broker from Anjuvilakku.
What is it?
Don't yap too much!
It's midnight.
We'll talk tomorrow morning.
Hang up!
the business deal you &
your people had fixed,
Chembadan took that away by striking
a deal with the party directly.
I don't need even...
want a single penny from this!
But since I came to
know about this,
we have to stop his double games
by overtaking all of you;
has to be stopped right away!
Dude, look!
Giriyettan, you look awesome!
This will also get cancelled.
Hey broker!
Will a girl who has a PhD be ready to marry
him, who failed in 10th grade thrice?
It's not like earlier.
They have informed us that
she has shown interest.
She has taken a PhD in dance!
Ponnappan Chettan,
I have a doubt.
I heard that the girl takes
tablets for tension?
Menon, who doesn't have
tension these days?
Don't you have it?
Don't I have it?
A small tablet for that.
Just one!
It's as small as a gelusil.
It's time to leave.
Let's go.
- Let's go. Come!
- Mom!
Aren't you coming?
That thing hasn't dried yet.
Do you like Bharatnatyam?
Of course!
I like it!
In Bharatnatyam,
Padma Subramanyam
is my favourite.
The life that she gives
to certain moments"
That's me only!
Are you interested in
'Kalari' (Martial arts)?
After marriage, we should start
a martial arts training centre.
Kalari" l..
You don't know it, right?
- No.
- I will teach you.
My research was done by
clubbing Bharatnatyam & Kalari.
I got my doctorate for that.
How is this?
What about this?
(Reciting different
techniques of Kalari)
(Continues reciting different
techniques of Kalari)
Falling in love at first sight.
Isn't that how the saying goes?
Oh my God!
I'll kill you!
A tablet for tension; a
tablet as small as a gelusil;
they said that she just
takes one of them.
I didn't know that the girl was mad!
Don't utter a word! I'll
squeeze your eyes out!
Girijavallabhan's problem is that he's
not able to find a girl to marry.
But even after getting married,
some people's problems do not end.
Kargil Bahuleyan.
Alias Bahu.
Just flash once!
Let me see!
Sh am eless fellow!
Well, I have arranged the
documents for you to come here.
Enough of fooling
around over there.
Huh? I can't hear you!
- But I can see you!
- I can't hear you!
I can't hear you!
Her bloody Visa & ticket!
Like hell I would go!
Next is 'Kannadakkaranfl
Philip Kannadakkaran.
However much I struggle in the
kitchen, nothing turns out to be good.
Where a woman is needed, a
woman has to be there, dad.
Shall I bring her back, dad?
My wife!
Who else?
Then why did you get me married?
She added Chinese
potato in pork meat!
What else should be added in pork meat?
Your bloody...
You bloody..
I have piles!
Can I eat Chinese Potato then?
Arakkappadi Alavu.
His problem is what
you see right here.
Look there.
Look at that uncle.
The kid turned that side.
Look this side!
This side!
My dear bro,
what's the difference if she turns that
side or this side, in this attire?
Stand straight.
Come on!
Please go backwards.
Move from the ladies' side.
Come on!
What is this, bro?
Can't you stand properly?
- Tickets?
North stand!
Everyone get down!
- Get down, dear.
Is he in the bus?
- Yes, Chechi.
Leave it.
- No need, Chechi.
I heard that you have some
really good videos, dude.
Even we watch such videos, man!
Who are you?
Let me see your mobile.
What? You're threatening
me in the bus stand?
Move away!
You don't know me well!
Hey you!
Whatever your mom & sister has; we
also have just the same things!
Your bloody mobile!
Move away!
What have you come to watch?
Move, I say!
(Don't Do's
CD Shop)
Hey Don't-do!
How long is this?
It's close to one hour.
How much will it cost?
- 75.
Is it on sale?
- Don't do, man!
All this will be solved if you
have a touch screen mobile!
Watching CD's are
old-fashioned man.
It's so much betterto watch
it on the big screen.
Ya rig ht!
Here you go.
If you don't return it on
time, the rate will increase.
Don't do!
Seven Seas Lodge.
you're a driver?
Auto-rickshaw driver?
You were so furious
in the morning!
I was also at the stand.
Why are you silent?
Aren't you going to Seven Seas?
Ya. Didn't I say that?
Do you want to take
another rickshaw?
Why another one?
- Then keep quiet!
My dear Ambiyetta!
Am bikasudhan.
He is not from Thrisshur.
This man is reason behind Girijavallabhan
coming to room no.7 right now,
all dressed up, neat &tidy
with a 'tilak' on his forehead.
His current hobby is read people's minds
and make arrangements for the same.
Kanakam .
Ollur Kanakam.
What's your name?
Is it?
Pay LIP!
Come here, kid.
Are you thirsty?
I know!
Come to me, boy!
Then why did you come here?
Leave m e.
My buttons!
Hey! I don't have
time for all this!
Stop troubling me!
Stop there, you!
I will..
Stop there!
- Leave me!
No! Don't do it!
It's because I can't do
it right now, Chechi!
Oh God!
What happened, son?
What is it?
Where has he gone?
- What happened?
What kind of a kid is he?
What is this, Kanakam? He's a young man.
He would be excited.
Didn't you pay her?
- Yes.
I don't want your money.
I don't take money
without working.
Don't ever bring such kids to me,
who can't differentiate between
sheep-shit & fried chips.
Here you go! Buy some
ice cream for the kid!
I can predict your fortune
looking at your face.
(Pauly's studio)
Dear, I'll get you a
real good colour photo.
Here comes the umbrella.
- 555.
That's awesome.
Here's a rocket for your camel.
Keep m
Dude, stop it.
Hey, I want you to take
a photo of my daughter.
- Ya.
We don't do that here, bro!
Try the next shop.
Is it?
He might have wandered in here.
Come, dear.
I won! I won!
You won?
- Yes. I won!
Oh! He won!
Give me the money, Manoharan Sir.
Did you get the stuff?
I got it.
And I had a couple
of drinks from it.
You bloody...
There are 5-6 people here.
You went to get the military stuff
on 1st &you're having it alone?
They are not leaving me, Dave.
What is it, Dave?
Who is it?
Shaji is here.
'The Bear'?
- Yes.
There's 'Lizard' Jose as well.
There's Barber, Udumbu Babu.
I think it's a quotation.
They're not saying
who sent them.
They even punched me
a couple of times.
I drank because of that tension.
They're saying that they won't
leave me unless you come.
Give it here!
That's enough!
we have a wedding to attend.
At the market?
What's that noise?
Giri, shall we relax for
some time? What say?
Hey Dave!
Dude, it's a shark.
You know how costly it is.
Don't break it.
- Yes.
Dave, don't you know?
That there are plenty of
brokers in this Thrissur.
I directly seized a deal which
Palunni &team were involved in.
I gave just one condition
to the concerned party.
That we don't need brokers.
And when everything was
on track smoothly,
you came in with an obstruction.
Causing trouble for me.
Do you know how much
money I lost, Dave?
I had to give bundles of cash to Palunni
& team according to their percentages.
You are the reason for that.
The accounts should always
be correct, my dear Dave!
Our old Kurup Master
taught me that.
These guys won't leave you from
here without settling that account.
Guys, don't kill him!
We can see the sample
fireworks now.
Give me a cigarette.
Bro, lighter please.
How's your business?
It's okay. Whose
'wedding' is it today?
Chembadan Joy's.
Will it take time?
- No. It will be done now.
Hey Guru! When did you reach?
- Some time back.
Who is this kid?
- He's our boy!
Salt for you, right son?
- Dave!
One sweet & one salted!
Hold this, kid.
- Dave!
- Move!
Am biyetta, I have a last wish.
I want to be a member
in such a kickass gang.
Menon Kutty!
Ambiyetta, my eye!
Is this how you throw it?
how did these people who studied
together in the same class,
become such arch enemies?
Sunitha PS,
What is it, Joy?
Dad brought this from Singapore.
If you take a piece from this,
it will be the reply for
what I asked you yesterday.
The crow shat.
Joy, isn't that
enough as a reply?
The crow had to shit right now!
What is it?
He is coming.
That Chellappu fellow.
Chellappu from school.
He is an S.l. at the
town police station now.
S.l. Shehladan.
All of you are here!
Shall we go then?
Am biyettan, see you later.
Where are you going?
I have to go home.
Mom will scold me if I'm late.
So where did we stop?
I don't remember.
- Why don't you remember?
3rd period.
The 3rd period.
That means, the Maths period.
The incident where a frog was placed in
the hands of Lilykkutty from Chembukavu.
All of you framed me as
the culprit back then.
And I was the one who got beaten.
Today I have to prove my
innocence in front of this guy.
Tell me!
Who did it?
- You pig!
Call me Sir!
that was done by..
- Done by?
So it was you!
- What is it, Sir?
There's a painting job!
Single coat or double coat?
Double would be better.
go lean on that wall and stand like
Christ on the cross, facing that side.
Go ahead, buddy!
On that wall?
Ya! Go!
Face the other side, man!
When did Christ turn backwards?
Just turn around!
Where do I keep this hand?
- Hold that stand.
we are classmates.
Even though she is
a police-woman,
if you cry in front of a woman,
it's a disgrace to me as well.
Saramma has started!
It'll only be as painful
as an ant's bite.
Oh my God!
Why are you startled?
Saramma Sir, enough!
Tell her it's enough, Shehladan!
Don't cry, dear.
Ya. That's enough!
Stop it.
If you hit him again, he
won't be able to shit.
How is it?
Now, the next case.
My dad gave me the name - Shehladan.
That was changed to
Chellappu in school.
What was it changed to?
I was really sad.
It spread like wildfire
all over the school.
Who did that?
Not me!
If you don't say who did that,
Saramma will paint a 100 coats of
paint on this innocent boy's butt!
Who was it?
Hey Chellappu!
So it's you?
I hadn't found the person yet.
Why are you so shy?
Come on, man!
Soman, open the lock-up.
- Yes.
- Peeli, please massage me.
Come out, you bastard.
Oh God!
Who is this?
Look at his smile!
This is Bhasi.
Single punch Bhasi.
Don't go by his looks.
He is very talented.
Robbery, fighting, pimping, raping.
He does all of it.
I just randomly lock
him up at times.
He is of great help!
Why do people call
you 'single punch'?
Explain that to this bro.
Oh my God!
Chellappu. you !#@R
' oh m? God! @
You son of a @$!%!%,
you'll abuse a policeman?
There's a place on your body
that you've never seen.
If you touch anyone again,
I'll pluck hair from there and
show it to your wife & kids!
This is Dave's word!
I didn't want to waste
my raised hand.
there are many more
accounts to be settled.
We should settle all of them.
There is time.
our entire class is here!
- What is it, Joy?
And ya, I have come to invite
you for a happy occasion.
What is it?
- I don't have to go looking for him now.
- No need!
- Give it!
Read it.
The picture is great.
It's our new showroom's
inauguration on the coming 5th.
Film actress Nileena
Mehndi is inaugurating it.
Is this that chick's photo?
- It's inside.
And the first sale
would be to our Mayor.
How is it?
- Great.
all of you should come, okay?
We'll have a blast with a
lot of beats and music!
- Of course!
- It will be fun!
We shall!
We'll also be there for the inauguration.
- Is it?
That's enough!
- We just had a session of beats here.
Alavo, careful.
Don't touch my butt.
Hey Kannadakkaran!
You can go now.
But until you reach that gate,
whatever happens, you
shouldn't turn back.
If you turn back,
I will break your spine!
What's wrong with him?
Hey! Tortoise-face!
Turn back!
Look here!
Dad's slave!
Sh it-worm!
Look here!
Look at me, man!
Hey Coconut-head!
Your fathefs a scoundrel, you're a
scoundrel & your grandpa's a scoundrel
Turn back!
He just said that you
shouldn't turn back, right?
You can look straight, right?
You look straight, man!
Your classmate is calling you!
Turn around!
Turn around, man!
Here you go, Chellappu!
- Wow! Red underwear!
Did he become a Communist?
Oh God! Will I be able
to shit tomorrow?
What is it, Menon Kutty?
Do you feel like
leaving this gang now?
What are you searching for'?
Something I had is missing.
- What?
Pride & honour. What else?
Not that.
It's a CD.
Movie CD?
Which movie?
The boy must be going crazy now.
You & your bloody CD.
It was in here.
Go fast, Chechi.
Why are you stopping?
Adjust a little bit.
I made a blunder.
Two bloody pigs.
Escaped without paying
after everything was over.
And I don't have even a
single penny with me.
Luckily my phone had some balance.
That's why I called you.
Keep quiet.
Don't get me talking.
What is he doing?
She's stopping.
You're finished!
What is it?
Can't he tell me if
he wants something?
He's pinching and
scratching instead.
Can't you do this after
your dad is buried?
I didn't do anything!
Not him.
It's the uncle.
It's a dead body!
What? A dead body?
Ya. From the town hospital.
He didn't have money
for an ambulance.
He died in the afternoon.
Make him sit straight.
And hold this incense stick.
- Damayanthi!
- Yes.
- Aren't you done yet?
- I'm coming!
She's gone?
Shift a little from
where you are sitting.
There are ants all over there.
Well.. l..
And ya, the other
side is slippery.
Tell that to your uncle.
Oh my God!
He won't eat & won't
let others eat too!
If you hang around here and there,
I will dump you somewhere, okay?
Aren't you ready yet?
- I'm coming, Chechi.
- Hey Bhagya. Are you late today?
- Ya. I'm late. So?
What all do you want to know?
Meenu Chechi?
He vomited all the medicine I
gave him in the morning, Bhagya.
Last Saturday was the
date to meet the doctor.
I'm really scared.
You weren't scared when your husband
drank & spoiled his liver, right?
To give money whenever you ask,
who are you to me? My aunt?
Step out and go work somewhere.
You can get good money through
the em ployment guarantee.
If I go out,
my daughter will be alone here, Bhagya.
Don't cry!
Hey! Over here!
Go inside!
Son of a swine!
It's okay.
Is this...
- Where do you want to go?
Hey! I wanted to say something.
I forgot a CD of mine in
your rickshaw yesterday.
If you give it to me,
I will go.
- What CD?
It's a wedding CD, my friend's.
When you get in, you should take
care of your own belongings.
Your CD is not there
in my auto rickshaw!
Why don't you check..
- Stop wasting my time & get lost!
- You & your bloody wedding CD!
South India, it seems.
He's not happy with
this place alone.
They've reached.
They are here.
Get the bouquet!
I'll give the bouquet!
- No. I will give.
I will give it, man.
- Oh. The other side?
- Namaste!
Here VOu go!
I am Mansoor.
Malik Mansoor.
He said some other name as well.
Yes. In English!
That's my nickname.
'Rent A Star'
Like 'Rent A Car', right?
Yes. Exactly!
Since he is a person who
gives film actors on rent,
instead of 'Rent A Cal',
it's 'Rent A Star'
- I'm hearing that for the first time.
- So,
Madam will reach here at
7 PM on the coming 5th.
All her programmes
will be in my control.
Apart from the advance you've paid,
you must give the rest in cash!
No cheques!
Everything will be
clear from my side.
I blocked this date for you
with a lot of difficulty.
This Eleena Madam.
- Nileena.
Ni.. Ni..
We're lucky that we
got Nileena Madam.
- That's all.
- Okay then.
As we agreed!
Did he leave?
There he goes!
What is this?
Prime Minister's arrival?
If the shit is so big,
how big would the elephant be?
Will the people of
Thrisshur go crazy, Joy?
Let them!
Without tiger dance & fireworks,
the Thrisshur market should rock!
The eyes of Dave & team and all other
losers should pop out in shock!
That's it!
In this Thrisshur, he is going to host
this programme by stamping on our chest.
Dave, don't you feel anything?
What do we do, Bahu?
We can create a ruckus at
Chem badan jewellery on 5th,
get beaten up by the police
and see that actress!
What else can we do?
If I was still in the army, I
would've shown them my true colours.
As if you've done so much while you
were in the army. Just shut up!
Those buggers win everywhere.
At the club, bar and
everywhere else.
Whatever programme
happens in Thrisshur,
that Chembadan & his pigs are
always on the front bench.
And we are always
on the back bench.
From Model school till today!
Stop it!
He won't host this inauguration.
It won't happen!
This is Dave's word!
Stop kidding, Dave.
Joy is paying Rs. 30
Iakhs to that actress.
Now her manager came.
And on 5th, she will
come & inaugurate it.
No, dude.
We'll shoot a torpedo
against that.
Am biyettan,
(Kidnap of Subhadra)
You should kidnap.
Kidnap the guy who came today.
Hey Mansoor Bhai!
This is like not being able to
shit, but people saw that anyway.
Ya right! As if you can kidnap someone
in broad daylight from the town.
Am biyettan,
You've been sitting there for long like a
dead duck with your eyes popped out!
Say something!
The voices from the sky are silent.
They haven't appeared.
what do we do now?
Without anyone kidnapping him,
he will come here.
Ya rig ht!
He will come to us.
I will bring him.
You wanna see?
This is a small gift
from Chembadan group.
I forgot to give you.
- That wasn't necessary.
- Are you blind or what?
he's not just Giri.
He's 'Dude' Giri.
You're smart!
If one bends, you'll
take his stuff?
The call has come.
Will it be him?
Pauly Studio is the first
studio in Thrisshur.
Started by my father
Kottammel Pauly.
I haven't done
anything much to it.
But now, I'm going
to make it digital.
After renewing, there
will be an inauguration.
And it will be inaugurated by,
your actress, Nileena Mehndi.
This should happen before the
inauguration of Chem badan's jewellery.
Madam does only one programme
in one place in a year.
And this year, Madam has already
signed Chembadan group's agreement.
That's not possible, buddy.
If she's coming for
Joy's program me,
she has to come for ours too.
That will be difficult.
Difficult? If she doesn't
inaugurate our studio,
your madam will not do
anything else in Thrisshur.
Well, we won't let her
inaugurate anything else here.
There's no chance, my friend.
Madam will never back out
from a programmefor which,
she has taken an advance &
signed the agreement.
And if you're planning to block her,
she has enough security &
bodyguards with her to stop that.
Shall I leave?
Man soo r!
You won't leave from here.
After messing with us,
no one is going anywhere.
If we don't get to wear it,
we will tear it.
That's our style.
Don't think that you can get
it done by threatening me.
You bloody... @$@%!%!%
- Dave, no!
We asked your Madam to
come for a decent thing;
and not for any shady stuff!
Did you understand?
That may be possible.
What did you just say?
What you said last, is possible.
That too,
is part of the business.
If that's your need,
Madam will reach here
on the previous night.
But there's a risk in
the case of money.
1I3rd of what Madam is taking
for the jewellery inauguration.
That means?
10 Lakhs.
Rs. 10 Lakhs!
10 Lakhs?
Nileena Mehndi!
Like what would happen to any
of us if we hear such a news,
'There's ash at some places'
'And there's smoke at some places'
That's how this
team's situation was.
That manager might have pulled
a trick to escape from us.
None of this is going to happen!
It will happen.
There are people in this town who have
played much bigger games than this.
Still, 10 Lakhs is too
much, Ambiyettan!
Will we get a discount?
what's your problem?
Nothing, Dave.
I was just saying that I
won't get sleep from now on.
And you?
Dave, you know right?
I'm a naive guy.
I'm someone who sleeps alone after
leaving my wife at her house,
because of my own dad!
This is an indecent,
immoral game.
And one should be lucky
enough to play that!
What about you?
No! I'm not that type!
It is 'Haraam' for me.
My wife's father has
done 2 Hajj trips.
Their relatives are
all over Thrisshur.
I have some respect
in front of them.
So Alavo has quit!
It won't happen, Dave.
It cannot happen in Thrisshur.
We can arrange it
somewhere else.
the amount is a
little high, right?
So all of you are interested.
But none of you have money.
- Yes.
There's a guy who's man
enough in Thrisshur!
Chem badan Joy.
If you go to his house
in the morning,
he'll remove his underwear
& give it to you!
Go & wash that!
When we say something serious,
is this how you answer?
Why are you standing here?
Can't you go home?
Dave Chem, one minute.
These are the papers for a
property of 1 acre 55 cents.
It's a property in my mother's
name, beside the highway.
If we sell 2 cents,
or maximum 5 cents from this;
we can get this amount easily.
Am biyettan,
I don't need Ollur Kanakam
or Kottapadi Ramani anymore.
I need only Mehndi.
Nileena Mehndi.
it's now,
that you have become a hero.
This will be good, man!
It will be real good!
Awesomejob, my boy!
Where is Bahu?
Ya. Keep coming.
Come on! Come on!
You can reverse it only
if you come backwards.
You're really helpful, Chetta!
Bring it, man!
Come on!
Come on!
And that's how it crashes!
What happened?
Phew! I'm happy now!
Ch ettan!
Ch ettan!
Aren't you ashamed to lie
on the road after drinking?
To bring disgrace to the
people of Thrisshur.
Get up, man!
I won't let you lie
drunk on the road!
I won't leave you.
- Will your dad repair this cable then?
- Don't get beaten up.
- Won't even let me work.
Peeli, what was the need for that?
Wait there.
' Stop!
What is it?
- Sir!
What are you looking at?
- What if I look?
You Pig!
Slap him!
- You bloody dog!
This is an expensive car!
Shouldn't I get at least
the workshop fees' worth?
Dude, let my jewellery's
inauguration get done;
I'll finish you once &for all!
Got it?
When he slapped me,
you guys were standing as if
you're watching the festival!
My dear Bahu,
wait, man!
We're going to get back
to him soon enough.
Get into the car.
Hey fir!
Get in!
Take your phone and
call that manager.
That actress' manager.
Call him, buddy.
Oh God, don't make us
take the wrong route!
Hey Mansoor Bhai!
This is David Pauly &team.
From Pauly Studio, Thrisshur.
Tell me.
Well, 10 Lakhs are ready.
That's not a big matter for us.
Before she meets Chem badan, when
is our meeting with the actress?
How will it be?
Say that.
What.. What are you saying?
Not everyone, sir.
One person.
Just one person.
One night.
10 Lakhs.
Is it clear?
There are so many of us. And if he
says that only one of us can go...
how's that fair?
That's not possible!
He's changing his word
whenever he feels like!
India is a secular, democratic country.
No one should forget that.
Well, Dave.
Am biyettan;
this boy is spending the money.
So he will go.
That's what is going to happen, right?
- Who?
This little kid?
Then what's the point of us
living in Th risshur after that?
Hey! I will pay the cash.
And I will go.
Isn't that possible?
- Ya right!
Then what should we do?
Even I have money, dude.
Not you. I'm going to go!
This Philip Kannadakkaran.
Hey kid.
You keep your acre & cent
with yourself; and get going!
I'm not saying this
because I'm drunk.
If this Bahu really wants to,
he can make 10 Iakhs easily.
You wanna see that?
And then I will go alone.
You wanna see that?
Then show it, you pig!
Move, I say!
Leave him.
Leave him, I say!
don't vent your anger on me
because you won't get her.
When did I say that
I also want her?
Tell me.
She just has to spend the
night with any one of us.
Next day she won't inaugurate
Chembadan's jewellery.
I know what has to
be done for that!
That's why I'm behind this plan.
And not to get the credit of
sleeping with an actress!
Scoundrels! Fighting
with friends for a girl!
Am biyetta,
no need of five.
Four are enough.
Four of them, except Dave.
Names of all four of you would be
written behind 4 matchbox covers.
We'll take a lot from that.
Whoever wins the lot,
I will support him.
Those who agree, can stay.
Those who don't, can leave.
Whoever goes, Dave
would be here.
Even if I am alone,
I will get it done.
My dear Holy Mother!
Am biyetta!
Pick one cover from this.
Am biyetta,
Rs. 10 Lakhs.
One night.
Actress Nileena Mehndi.
Belongs to Girijavallabhan.
Just for Girijavallabhan.
Hey fir!
Why are you running like
your a is on fire?
Keep it.
- Camel
- Kept it.
- Captain!
Give it here!
- Take it all!
That Chembadan is coming.
What is it, Joy?
Hey Dave!
You know right?
I'm not doing flower business;
but a gold business.
If we start a shop, until
it is established;
there isn't much profit.
So the tension until the
inauguration is just horrible.
And in between, some other
people come in our way;
to cause trouble for us.
What are you saying?
What did we do?
I know everything.
It's true that we've had
many tussles and quarrels;
but the people of Thrisshur
were made to stand in front of a camera
for the first time by your father Pauly.
Consider this as a sign of
respect to your father.
You should click the photos
of our shop's inauguration.
R. R... It's ready!
Here's an advance.
You can quote how much
ever fees you want.
Take it, buddy.
I'm happy now.
An awesome photo of me with my hand over
my darling Nileena Mehndi's shoulder;
You should click
that for me.
And to know when and where the
events are, just call me.
You have my number, right?
our chick has arrived, by the way.
Her film's shooting
is happening here.
I had gone there.
What do I say...
The colour of a
skinned ripe banana.
You know how much
respect she has for me?
What was that place's name?
The location?
Which location, boss?
Come. I'll tell you.
What is it?
But boss, when did we
go to meet the actress?
I'll scrape this bear-face
of yours on that shutter!
Keep quiet.
Dude, call our actress' manager!
- What?
There's quite a lot of cash.
Is it fake?
- No!
Original, man!
Fresh notes!
We should get a Jolly Roger
bottle & have a ball!
Roll Cam!
Since you have come all this way, it's not
right to leave without meeting Madam. Fast!
Go ahead, my boy!
Dave Chem,
Costume Change!
Don't fall down.
Move backwards!
Pack Up!
GM, some'.!
Damn it!
- Look straight & drive!
Have you stopped?
- Check, Name's my CD'!?
My leg!
Get down after you're fully done.
- I'm done!
Well, I didn't want him
to dirty the road.
There's no problem if it's in the
auto, right? The roads would be neat.
What's the charge?
500 Rupees.
500 Rupees?
Auto charge &
waiting fees - 150.
For puking, 350.
- Huh?
He was the one who puked. Why do
you have to take money for that?
Stop kidding, Dave Chetta.
Give me the money!
Chechi, I didn't get my CD.
How are you going to leave?
Well, l..
- He's not leaving.
- He was the one who called the auto.
So let him wash the auto.
Wash it?
Didn't you take money for that?
That was just for puking in the auto.
If I have to wash it, you
should pay me 2000 extra!
Giri, come.
Let's go.
Chechi, you haven't
given me my CD!
- Good night, dude!
Chem, hum] up.
Hey! I have 3-4
cars in my house.
I have never washed any
vehicle until now.
And you want me to
wash this auto?
My father's name is Uthup.
My father's name is not Uthup.
I don't have 3-4 vehicles as well.
There's a pipe at the end of this road.
You get going!
Do you have a bucket?
Where's the towel?
Give me the stuff.
Don't waste time.
You're playing with me?
Have you ever been in
love with any girl?
Have you interacted
closely with any woman?
Of course!
Who is that?
My mother!
Dude, mother is not
male or female for us.
She's our mother!
Even sisters are like that.
Not male or female.
Just our sister!
If you want to know a woman closely,
we should romance someone.
You try romancing someone
just like that, man!
She must be thinking that
I don't know to clean it.
Move! Can't you see
me doing a job?
Watch & learn.
Who is that?
Who is this pig?
My uncle.
Shall we chop him & sell
him during Christmas?
Should we wait so long?
Dave Chettan!
Who's that, Giri?
Is he a goon?
Don't hit me!
No! Nothing!
Shall I leave?
- Okay.
Good night!
What happened?
What's this circus?
Gymmihg, mom!
Sister, didn't your husband
have fits like this in between?
Get lost!
If it has just started,
we can get it treated.
Ya rig ht!
Not a single one is clean!
What is it?
I have to buy a couple of
pants & T- shirts soon.
Give me your passbook of your
co-operative bank account.
But you don't wear pants, right?
I'm going to wear them.
I can't walk around like certain
schmucks wearing 'Mundu' anymore.
I have some pride & honour.
What are you doing?
Don't pour it. Have it directly!
What's with this look?
Who's this?
Charlie Chaplin?
Phew! I can feel its path.
Awesome, dude.
Here VOu go!
It's brand new.
Wear it!
This is my brand new Ray Ban glass.
If you stamp on it,
I'll chop your legs off!
Wear it, man!
will anyone buy a
silk saree for a pig?
You wear this and
go around the town.
You are the star here now.
Go ahead!
Oh my God!
Haven't you had enough?
I'm not in that level anymore!
We can't do it just like that.
- What?
When you go to Thrisshur,
go to Alukkas or Josco jewellery,
buy a chain.
A gold chain.
What for?
If you have a desire,
marry me.
Nothing is going to
happen othenlvise.
Oh God!
Rappayi etta,
that's the west end.
A straight line from there.
That one over there?
- Yes.
Around the south-east
corner of the field,
there are 3 super-strong
teak trees.
When a deal is made, that
should also be included.
But we're not doing it
for the time being.
Since you're giving ready cash,
consider that we're giving
you some discounts.
We can get the agreement written
by Shashi in Thrisshur.
He writes it very well.
Now, you can give a token advance.
- Okay.
Give me that bag.
In between the business deal, no
one will cause any trouble, right?
All of you are here?
What's happening?
This is the trouble I
was talking about.
Chanda Menu?
- Yes. Exact)!
We're fixing a business deal here.
Good that you came.
The presence of elders from the
family is good during a deal.
Isn't it, Rappayi Etta?
- Yes!
It's a good deal.
Without rain or water, what
will grown on this field?
And such blatant lies!
Right, Giri?
What's that?
What is it?
- It is in English.
Here. Please read it.
Hey Timothy!
Read it.
It's a stay order.
What does that mean?
Without getting prior
permission from court,
this property cannot
be sold or bought.
It's an injunction!
For the next 6 months, this
injunction will be valid.
Aren't you fainting?
He was completely fine.
He suddenly fell down
like an uprooted tree.
Who are you guys?
- We are from the 'Rana Chetana' club.
'Mating' (Ena Cherana) club?
Rana Chetana Club.
We are Giriyettan's buddies.
- Yes.
I have done whatever I could do.
In a government hospital,
there are limits
to what we can do.
Medicines are useless now.
The liver has to
be transplanted.
If you delay that further,
no one would be able
to do anything.
Are you hungry?
There's Bajji, Parippuvada
and Chutney.
You can eat whatever you want.
After coming to the town,
your aunt shouldn't say that I
didn't buy anything for you.
I want to go home.
You can go!
Your aunt has said that you need
to go back only after 2 days.
You can go then.
When you go back, this Ayappettan
will buy a pair of earrings for you.
Right now, you eat
this, my dear Raji.
I don't want it.
I want to go home.
your aunt took
Rs.50,000 for this.
Let that poor engineer
sir come & go back.
He won't do anything to you.
eat this, dear.
I don't want it!
- Eat it!
I don't want it.
- Eat it, I say!
I will make you eat it!
Eat it!
Eat it!
will be in the next room, okay?
What is this?
Urn of Ashes?
This is the money we collected
to go on pilgrimage
to places like Himalayas,
Kashi & Haridwar.
We are donating this to
Giriyettan's fund now.
Devotion is secondary.
How much money is in there?
5028 Rupees, 50 paise.
is that all you got after selling
1 acre & 55 cents of land?
Stop it!
we have to pay 10 Iakhs.
And this boy has brought
money to buy peanuts!
I'll call you.
5028 Rupees, 50 paise.
This money;
We can consider this as the first
donation to treat a patient.
What are you saying, Ambiyetta?
When you mate properly,
you will get happiness
and good health.
The hearts of those who
cannot mate will be polluted.
Girijavallabhan is a
patient for us today.
A patient whose mind
has been polluted.
Treating a patient.
Is the society's responsibility.
What are you saying?
Donations? Are we going to
crow-source money for this?
What the hell!
No one is donating anything
even for good causes here.
If we go to collect donations for this
reason, people will ask us to go to hell!
- Yes!
- Bahuleya,
Hunger, Thirst, Sleep, Excretion;
Like all this, this is also something
which is most necessary for a man.
But still, this is an
indecent plan, Ambiyetta.
How do we present
it to the people?
Decency is a lie.
Fear is called decency here.
The fear whether someone would see.
The fear whether someone
else would know.
If there's nothing to fear,
there's only one being in this world
that would dare to do anything;
A human!
To fulfil desires without fear,
we are giving an opportunity
to another person.
It is as simple as that!
(Reciting spells)
The voices from the sky are
asking us to move west.
Through the west!
Chews Casino.
Am biyettan,
That's a perfect place
for us to start!
Devil sprayed Holy Water on the head
of a Saint, 'Chicken-leg' Cheru.
The Godfather of the
adventurers in Thrisshur.
Life is a game for Chem Sir.
Matchbox cover game.
What's the scene?
An item who came from
somewhere to play!
All the gangs who are sitting here,
lost to him awfully!
He has a box of matchbox covers never
seen anywhere else in the world.
What covers?
you go and ask him.
(in an unknown language)
This is what he has been
saying ever since he came.
What's your name?
Where are you from?
My name is Shimongra.
What are your names?
What the hell is that?
- What do you mean?
My name is Shimongra.
What are your names?
There's something fishy about you!
this guy has liked
only me among us. See!
Thank you darling!
Aren't there are any men
here to play with me?
- This is a land of many brave men!
Our boss is here.
And this place is called Thrissur!
This is a land of many brave men!
Dave Chem,
Who is that?
'Chicken-leg' Cheru.
Come & play if you dare!
Then come!
Let's see!
Welcome to Cheru's Casino!
And our boss has kept a ship.
Flag is here.
- Matchstick!
That's it.
- Chem Etta, come on'.!
Boss has kept 68.
Sarbokri won it!
Dave, we lost all the money!
- Let's start again!
Next round!
Keep m
He has kept an eagle.
Boss has kept cheetah.
He keeps another one.
This dude has so many covers
which we haven't seen!
He also kept tower!
Same to same!
Oh no!
Gone again!
Came an'. Chm!
Where did this damned
guy come from?
What happened, boss?
- Sarbokri!
I will pick it up!
Boss, the game has shifted.
He gave it to black buck!
Dave, keep it.
Come on!
Should I keep again?
This is like
Paramekkavu-Thiruvambadi competition.
Bahu, careful!
Oh God!
Me again?
- Saint, save me!
That's also gone!
Pray & keep it, man!
Oh Allah!
Alavo, pray before keeping it.
Why should you be left alone?
Come on.
Keep it.
What is he going to do?
If we lose this, boss will be finished.
The boy has won it!
Oh damn!
Boss has won!
This place is called Thrissur, dude!
Giri, you're awesome!
Great job, dear!
Take it!
Take it all!
We scored a bumper!
Matchbox covers are
everything for Cheru.
I believe that there's
no one in this word,
who can beat this Cheru
in matchbox cover game.
But today, if you weren't there;
that Kokkan would have
shut down Cheru's school.
Tell me. What do you want?
That's nice!
Look at m e.
I don't trust anyone now.
Did you see that black
buck standing there?
He is my driver.
I had such a driver earlier.
One day, when I was
sleeping, he stabbed me;
and ran away with
all the cash I had.
But what you said right now;
I really liked it!
You saved my honour!
For that 'cultural programme' of yours,
you can take this as a donation
from this Cheru Ettan.
Dave Chem'.!
Hey! Take it, man!
Here's the amount that Cheru
Aashan asked me to give you.
But Dave,
what benefit do I get
for giving this money?
There are chances for
everyone in this.
When it's your turn,
we will also help you like this!
Then here you go!
aren't there many scoundrels who
don't respect you, Rappayi?
Yes! Many rich scoundrels!
You are going to be a star
among them, Rappayiettan!
What we're doing now is something
that's impossible for them!
Dave, do you want a drink?
It's a time when we are
in dire need of money.
So until our ceremony is over,
none of us;
will touch this thing!
It's a break!
Elders say that we can say a thousand
lies for a wedding to happen.
This is also a wedding, right?
Not just that, we
respect our elders too.
- Here you go! For publicity!
Isn't that enough?
did you see how
they are shining?
Hey Kannadikkaran,
do you know who is going to donate
the next amount for our programme?
Who is it?
Whomever I call, they are
all saying the same thing.
Manoharan Sir, I'm quite
tight financially now.
If it's 10 or 25, I can try.
If so, we don't
need it, Chembadan.
Even Dave from Pauly's
studio gave 1 Iakh!
When all the bigwigs of
Thrisshur are donating,
I called you thinking that
you shouldn't be avoided.
I'll call you back now.
Disease and patient?
What the hell is he doing?
Hey JOY-
he can't tolerate
that you're popular.
This is for him to become popular.
But we shouldn't let him become popular.
Donation to go to Dubai.
Here you go!
At least you'll be
gone from this town then!
- Dear, what happened to you?
Don't cry, Mandakini.
Only one leg is fractured, right?
The doctor said that a
surgery is necessary.
- My God!
- Ask for Two!
Around 1.5...
1.25 is fine..
I will give you money.
But on one condition.
My flexes should be kept all
around the Thrisshur round.
Quoting the amount I donated.
And an ad of my jewellery below that.
With me standing like this!
Here you go.
I thought I'll do what I can.
What is this?
How many chains are there?
Remove them too!
Shall we do it?
- Okay!
This has gone bad!
This business is a loss!
Hey dude!
You said you'll bring
it back right now.
And now, no CD or the rent!
- Did you lose it?
Give me the money!
You just want your CD back, right?
Take this away!
I don't have such a mother.
When an 8 year old girl's mother
goes missing, she can only cry!
I didn't know that mom went looking
for pleasure with someone!
I have cried a lot back then.
Not anymore!
I am my own mother &father!
If you bring vegetables & grocery
from that lady ever again..
I'll throw boiling
water on your face!
What are you doing here?
- CD!
Oh my God!
Dude, the mad-men are here.
Stop there!
- I am not that type!
Pushpetta, tell them.
- Did you get time to wear clothes?
Take them away!
Hey! Open the door!
They haven't started!
Don't hurry!
Very nice!
That's very nice!
If you had any such difficulty,
you could have
said a word to me.
Why did you have to take a
room in that shady lodge?
Sir, this is my wife!
Wife, indeed!
Just that she's not your wife!
I'm saying the truth, sir!
Ya rig ht!
shouldn't we make
this more colourful?
TV channels are on their way.
And that evening paper"
Which one?
Oh yeah! Blue butterfly!
If it's that paper, ask them
to print some nice photos!
He is my classmate!
Shall I get you a soda?
With a lot of salt?
It's great if you're tired.
Sir, listen to me.
Hey Kannadakkaran!
Only you escaped
from me that day.
That's over now!
Oh God!
- TV Channels are here!
Can you show them what
you showed me that day?
Go on!
The shits are all here.
Where's the elephant?
Peeli, what the hell did you do?
I wasn't able to control, Bah u!
And did anything happen?
Tell me.
Don't stab someone who's
already crucified, Bah u!
So it didn't happen?
Have you come to take them?
Sit down, man!
By God's grace, I am a pastor.
This is not a Church.
There are no services here.
This is my daughter Paulina.
That's not my fault.
This is her husband.
What is this?
Church choir?
That's your fault alone!
So what's the scene, sir?
Aren't you leaving them?
Or should I call
someone else for that?
No! You can take them.
I was just having fun
because I was really bored.
I know that she is his wife.
Take them!
Poor thing is only used
to going to the Church.
Give your signatures & leave.
Shall I tell you something?
Go ahead!
Say it, sister!
Is it a secret?
You & your policemen;
your uniform, hat and this police station,
will burn and rot in hell!
Pauly, wait!
Listen to me!
- That was a bad curse, sir.
- Nice girl!
Pauly, listen to me!
If you can't live
with your wife,
go drink some plain water &
lie on your back somewhere!
Pauly, for God's sake;
listen to me!
Go & hang yourself
on some cross, dad!
I will kill him!
Why blame him?
Your dad's the reason
for all this, right?
Burnt Joy!
Him & his superstar and
his bloody inauguration!
Slap him on his face!
- No!
You poured black oil
only on my flex.
That too, by hiding in the night.
But now I poured black oil on
your body in broad daylight!
If you want to do something back,
do it right now!
Got it?
Kottammel David Pauly!
Leave m e.
It's linen material.
It will wrinkle.
Stop it!
Gentlemen, it seems!
- Leave him!
Leave, I say!
Are you fighting on
the road, you losers?
Remember that it's been many
years since you left school!
Elite class, it seems!
I am slightly in a hurry, dude.
I'm leaving.
It's only until my
jewellery's inauguration"
After that, there will be
a funeral at the Church.
With all expenses paid by me!
What happened, Dave?
Just because you stopped me.
Or else I would've broken his
spine & played cricket with it!
Ya rig ht! Shall we go and
destroy his jewellery, Dave?
What about the inauguration
& the actress then?
you're particular that you'll
sit only on a cushioned chair
even if your ass is on fire?
None of us is going to retaliate.
What is he saying?
I'm not doing all this to get
you to sleep with the actress.
If you are with her
during the night,
she shouldn't inaugurate Chembadan
jewellery in the morning.
Mini Chechi,
She's a very powerful Goddess.
I saw you going
inside the temple.
I know,
even God has given up on
you and your daughters.
If something happens to Subramanyam,
what will you do with
your two daughters?
It's true that God
exists, Mini Chechi!
Or else, will such a person come to
me saying that he wants to help you?
I have someone who is interested.
He has seen your elder daughter.
People have certain
desires, right Mini Chechi?
He's saying that he will
do whatever you want.
They will pay the entire expense
of Subramanyam's operation.
They may even give you
money to live after that.
You just have to nod
your head in agreement.
Your children's fathefs
life can be saved.
I've told you not to disturb me
when I'm doing something serious.
Someone has come with money.
You collect it, man!
What's the problem?
This is not such a guy.
He is adamant that he
wants to meet you.
Who is that?
Didn't I tell you that he
shouldn't know about this?
Why? Is your wife
not keeping well?
No. She is completely fine.
Then why have you come here?
Well, since such a programme
is happening here..
It's not the Church festival
which is happening here.
Get going, brother.
Your wife would be looking for you.
She sleeps all the time, man!
She doesn't come of
us for anything!
Like a corpse!
I swear!
Don't get me talking!
Hey Dave!
If you don't give me a chance,
I will inform this
to the whole family.
Many cases that doctors
had given up on,
have been cured with
just one offering!
You know how effective the snake dance
offering at Koothala temple is?
People outside our town know the
power of the Goddess more than us.
I was talking about an
offering to the temple,
to cure Subramanyam's disease"
Mini Chechi, I'm going to the town.
I will come later.
I had gone to the hospital.
I didn't want to trouble
you all the time, Bhagya.
Ayyappan had come to the hospital.
Without me asking,
he got a car and brought us home.
He's saying that he will take
him to Ernakulam after 2 days.
In our town,
there's only one thing that
can be sold very easily.
In my opinion, it's better to
die, than losing one's honour.
Nice, dude.
How much did it cost?
6500 Rupees.
It's great!
Transfer it fast, man!
I have to go.
Nileena Mehndi's video?
Let me search.
Nileena Mehndi...
In this"
There's Sunny..
Which movie did you
say it was from?
Or did you mean some clip?
I know this guy"
Isn't this the SI?
Why are you checking things
that don't concern you?
Dude, what is your intention?
Bro, don't do!
You know ContractorAgasthyan?
- Ya.
This is his wife.
When she gave her mobile for
repair, I stole it from that.
Don't tell anyone.
Why would I tell someone?
That's enough!
- Don't do!
Don't do!
Hey Chellappu!
David Pauly here.
What is it?
- Sir.
- I have a complaint.
- What?
Sam an , open this.
Move away!
It's a pure, original video, dude.
Aren't you an SI?
Are you supposed to do stuff like this?
- Sir, it's not locked!
Get lost!
Go away!
Hey Dave!
Don't do this to me!
Sir, I'm leaving!
Move away!
I'll punch you!
If you don't want this
to turn into a news,
you should come where
I ask you to come.
I'll tell you the place & time later.
My dear Giri,
Dave Chem,
do you have chicken
at your house?
Organic chicken?
Catch it!
Catch him!
Stop there!
I will kill you!
Cover it!
- What is it, Dave?
Shall I get you
some fried chicken?
No, dude! Aren't we classmates?
You ran away in between
all that, you @$!%@?
I thought you were
asking me to leave, Sir.
We have an item that can
even get you a dismissal!
But we won't do that.
We are classmates, right?
We can throw that boy's
phone in the water.
What's left are some small
accounts to be settled.
We have to fix a deal for that.
Please, co-operate; okay?
Dave, shall I go first?
My hands are itching.
- Younger ones should go first.
Son, Giri..
Go ahead!
Untie me, man"
- can,
just show him a sample!
We will come there
for the gang bang!
Don't come here.
There's a hole there.
Fish will bite you!
They will bite you!
Bite them back!
Sir is crying!
Mini Chechi, the party is here.
Don't be afraid!
They just came for
an introduction.
Hey Peeli,
it's like our fund collection
has come to a standstill.
We are still short of money.
What do we do?
We'll get the money we
are short of, today.
Don't worry.
Sit there, you..
This is Ayyappan.
If I say that I will
lock, I will lock her!
You've been walking around with them
like a mother hen protecting her chicks,
for a long time, right?
And finally what happened now?
This Ayappettan will get
both of them spoiled royally!
Consider that I have a
vengeance against you as well!
Do whatever you can do!
Was it sweet enough, dad?
Get lost!
Oh my God!
The shortage for the
funds is over now.
who is this fatso?
A distant relative"
My father!
It's the Mother Goddess!
Take him away!
Marty, keep it there man!
Yes! It's tomorrow!
Chembadan Group, which has always
been with you with utmost purity;
Their new showroom,
will be inaugurated at the heart
of the city at 10 AM tomorrow;
by the famous South Indian
cine actress Nileena.
Nileena Mehndi will be inaugurating it!
So, Madam's flight
will land at 6 PM.
At 7.30, she would
reach the hotel.
Shouldn't we visit
Madam in the night?
Is that necessary?
- Isn't it?
It is!
Well, Madam will be really
tired after the journey.
You can meet her in the morning!
Usually, Madam doesn't allow
visitors during the night.
Even the boss isn't allowed?
That's okay!
Let me know if Madam
needs any security.
We can arrange it.
That's not needed.
Madam has enough & more
security personnel.
Is it?
when he goes to take the room in the hotel,
it's better if none
of us are around.
If any of Joy's men see us;
all the work we did
will be in vain.
We don't have to take the risk
of the room, Palunni Etta.
That will be taken care
of by 'Rent A Star'.
Our boy's room is right
next to the actress' room.
That's awesome.
Am biyetta,
How do I look?
Shall we take him
there in the Jeep?
No, man!
None of us have to go
anywhere near that place.
What is it, dude?
You are alone from here on.
None of us have any role.
Everything is in your hands.
all that you need is in here.
After everything is done,
she should go to sleep.
She should sleep
till the afternoon.
Chem badan's jewellery will be
inaugurated by his grandma!
- That's it!
Oh God!
Protect me!
Has it been long since you reached?
- No.
I just reached.
I've brought the money.
I don't have anything
to do with the money.
That's a business between you & Madam.
Madam has reached the hotel.
She will come to
your room very soon.
Just hand over the
money to Madam.
$0, enjoy your time!
Thank you.
They will be in
such a nice mood.
Falling on the bed,
Nileena will start breathing heavily.
And then our boy..
Will watch her.
Don't stop, Bah u.
Say the rest as well!
And then,
slowly, Nileena will look into his eyes.
Famous South Indian film
actress Nileena Mehndi,
is temporarily quitting
the film industry.
She told the media that she is taking a
break for expert treatment of cancer;
and that she would make a come
back as soon as she is cured.
And then it will be like a Hollywood film!
What is it, Ambiyettan?
She said that she had been
suffering from cancer from 2012,
and that she is seeking expert
treatment outside India,
because the disease
has turned severe.
The boy is lying here!
- Giri!
Sm, wake w'-!
Wake up!
What happened?
Dave, the bag with the
money is missing.
What happened?
Where is the bag?
Whom are you looking for?
You bloody..
What are you doing, Joy?
Joy doesn't care a
damn about the money!
But, I want to know who betrayed me.
He came here with you!
So you should answer for this!
Joy, leave it!
That's how it is now?
It's true that I made a blunder.
When I met him, I believed
whatever he said.
That Dave & his pigs would
be behind this, man!
I'm sure that they are the
ones who sent him.
Do you think anyone else would dare to
do against us in this Thrissur town?
B You?
' Ne'.!
Joy, I don't know anything.
All of you made a fool
out of this Joy, right?
These scoundrels
sent him saying that
he would bring the actress
for my shop's inauguration.
Where are they?
- I don't know anything, Joy.
I am innocent.
His bloody box!
He is not 'Rent A Star'.
Neither is he Malik Mansoor.
He is Porinju!
Porinju from Kunnamkulam!
Porinju who was the
driver of Cheru Aashan.
He is that bloody scoundrel who stabbed
me and ran away with all my money!
Whatever disguise he comes in,
I can recognize him.
Because you are all lucky,
I got his license
from my old suitcase.
Porinju Etta,
Porinju Etta!
Whom have you called
for the taxi?
He is my guy!
It's a stolen car. From Muvattupuzha.
The car is here
much before time.
Have your dinner, bro.
I'll eat it in the car then.
What's your plan?
I don't understand anything.
We have the money, right?
We'll go straight to Mumbai.
There's a new operation there.
Who is that?
Porinju Etta!
Hold his leg!
Stretch it!
I swear on God!
I don't know!
You don't know?
- I gotjust one bag.
That's Chem badan's money.
So, enjoy your time.
That bag wasn't there.
I'm saying the truth.
You dog! I'll burn you alive!
You better say where the money is!
this is your money.
Both of us,
have lost this game.
Whether I win or lose,
I don't want any more games!
Here you go.
Were you crazy to give
him the money, Dave?
You know much money
we lost, right?
That wasn't our money.
It's his money.
What about our money?
Did I take it?
Did you take it?
Did anyone among
us four take it?
It's true.
He was the one who
went with the money.
He should be
answerable for that.
We can't leave him like that.
You were hanging out with us
& making fools out of us?
You better return the money!
Or I'll strip you naked &
tie you up on a pillar!
Get lost, Dave!
- Dave,
what Pee said is fight.
Let him say where the money is.
- Whom did you give it to?
Tell me!
- Dave Chetta, I haven't taken the money.
I don't have the courage for that.
I have seen fights, love &
robbery only in the movies.
If I had the courage to do any
of it, would I come to you?
Hey! Leave him.
Who is that?
Why are you here at this hour?
Women who come out during this hour were
there earlier and are there now as well.
What do you want now?
What I wanted,
I have taken it.
I'm on the way!
Fully in cash.
Ya. Come fast.
I have been running around for
money, since a long time.
I thought that this
was a golden chance.
Girijavallabhan's room?
- Who are you?
I came there making up my mind
to take that money from there.
Even if I had to
kill you for that.
Tell me.
Who all are there behind you?
If we make up our mind,
we can do all this even without
anyone behind us, Chetta.
Why did you take the money?
I did this for a dying man.
Are you justifying yourself after stealing?
Dave, she took the money
to help someone, it seems.
Should I wait until my mom &
sister turn into prostitutes?
You better tell us where the money is.
I need that money.
Not for free.
I am ready to sleep
with any one among you.
Ya right! As if we're all
dying to sleep with you!
when there's light, she
would be an actress;
in the dark, she's
just another woman;
That's all!
In matters of money and women;
the calculations that
Girijavallabhan and team had;
went completely wrong with that.
Even othenlvise, some calculations
go wrong, for a good reason.
I can't thank you enough.
To you.
And to this girl who
brought me here.
This is the beginning
of a huge change.
The large heart that my friends had,
to bring someone like
Subramanyam back to life;
It has formed into a
big charitable trust.
Rather than being
a sub-collector,
as an ex-student of this school;
I am really happy-
Just a minute.
What is it, Joy?
- Hey Dave!
Come here, dude!
Did you recognize who this is?
- No.
- Our old Sunitha PS.
- Our Sunitha, man!
No need of any doubt.
This is Dave!
Your old..
He hasn't shaved his
beard since then.
Not yet.
Dave is also not married.
It has been 5 years
since my father died.
That's really sad.
On the 10th standard
autograph book,
I wrote that 'Even if you
forget me, I won't forget you';
and wrote 'From your brother', right?
Please strike off that 'brother' part.
When I see it, I feel really restless.
I swear!
See you.
See you, it seems!
- Hey Dave,
you marry her, man!
Let that 'brothel' part on the
autograph stay there itself.
I'm fine with it.
Dave, dear"
Here's your CD.
And ya.
Well, the wedding CD..
It was awesome, by the way!
I saw it!
It's fantastic!
It's not mine.
Are you coming to the town?
Are you coming?
Dave Chettan,
what you said was correct!
It's not when you desire for a girl,
it's only when she feels
love towards you;
that you become a real man!
Thrisshivapperoor Limited.