Thrissur Pooram (2019) Movie Script

Why did you want
to meet me, John?
Well, Sunnycha...
I've told you many times...
Doing gold business by
reducing the making charges...
Don't do it on our street!
Why I have spent Lakhs and
kept a shop open here then?
Hey John!
The business that
my dad taught me...
is not to cheat the poor people who wish
for a little gold, and come to buy it.
I don't want to make
money by doing that.
So don't call me again
to say this, John.
I'm leaving then.
Mom! Mom!
- What is it?
Everyone is going for the
tour from the school, mom!
Can you please tell Advocate Madam?
If I tell her,
she'll do it for us.
But we shouldn't
say this to her.
It's not right.
My son should study really well.
And you should reach great
heights like Advocate Madam.
Don't finish this off.
Advocate Madam has not reached.
Sit down.
Advocate Madam!
Advocate Madam...
Advocate Madam...
I heard that Edakkadan
John is out on bail?
Yes, Balan.
Then you should be
careful, Advocate Madam.
You puny little fellow!
- Let him go!
It's the son of that woman who
got slashed by mistake and died.
Get up and go!
And come when you're grown up!
How are you now, Johnetta?
- I have a slight fever. It's okay.
Shall we meet the doctor on the way?
- Later. Get into the car.
Are you barking, you dog?
He's the one who killed
Edakkadan Johnettan.
This guy?
He kept a sword into the
mouth of a rabid dog.
Then he slashed him
at the market.
He just made a scrape then.
But on the 7th day,
John was dead.
What's your name?
- Giri.
Where are you from?
So you are 'Pullu Giri'.
Sign on it!
What's your name?
- Ali.
Wash it.
Didn't he wash his plate?
Then why are you kicking him?
Apart from stories of
festival grandeur,
the cultural city of
Thrisshur has another story.
A blood-stained story of
vengeance among the goons.
After Thrisshivaperoor
became Thrissur,
there are no accounts of lives
lost fighting each other,
in the name of vendetta.
This is a festival season.
Amidst human lives full of rage,
the season of the one who took
a sword for self-defense.
The season of Pullu Giri,
who became a part of this city later on.
Oh no!
Oh no!
My son!
My son!
My child!
My son!
My dear...!!
Are we late?
- No.
How come Madam is also with
you today, George sir?
There's a programme at
our daughter's school.
Narayana, get sir his
regular strong tea.
She has practiced well, right?
- She's really tensed.
She spoke to me in the morning...
What are you doing?
I... By mistake...
Sorry? You're saying sorry
after pouring hot tea over me?
Hey! Stop it, kiddo!
He's elder to you after all, right?
He didn't do it on purpose, right?
Let it go.
- Shall I pour it over your head then?
Don't show off too much.
Mind your own business.
What's your problem?
Where do you guys stay?
Showing off after coming here?
Sit there!
No. Don't create an issue.
Wait there, sir.
Kiddo, if you show off too much...
you'll end up as a
photo on the wall!
Don't create an issue.
- Hey! There's no issue.
You sit there, sir.
Sit there, Chechi.
Sit down, sir.
It's our area.
No one will show off here, okay?
Come on!
Let's go.
Oh no!
Oh no!
Hi Venkat.
Yeah, yeah.
Yesterday night by 11.
Nothing much.
Official procedures.
I went to the office & took charge.
Now I'm taking a round
around Thekkinkadu ground.
To be frank, a new start after
encircling Lord Vadakkumnathan...
... as City Police Commissioner.
- It's a sub-registrar
who has been murdered.
- His name is George.
Hey Venkat.
Can I call you back?
- He is the Thrisshur sub-registrar.
- Town CI is on his way there.
Control room DySP is on the way.
Move! Move!
Sir, anti-crime squad.
What's the update?
It's an issue which started from
a small argument here, sir.
Sir, I am Anand.
We've found the purse of a guy who
was with the culprits. - Good.
He has been identified
by the man in this shop.
Sir, Sam. Police surgeon.
- Tell me.
It's a job by someone
who knows his job well.
Without shedding even
a drop of blood,
with just one punch in one
minute, the man was dead.
I didn't get you.
- Yeah. I'll explain.
It's a weapon usually seen
with local pick-pockets.
It's called a pen-knife.
It looks like a normal pen.
This weapon is like the nib
of the pen coming out.
Keeping at close range
of the chest, one lock!
The very next moment,
the victim would be dead.
So this is not a natural incident?
Definitely not.
Sir, Town East SI.
I've got all the details of
the guy who lost his purse.
Any other information?
We're collecting details, sir.
So this guy was a sub-registrar?
Yes, sir. He comes here
to drink tea regularly.
Move! Move! - The incident happened
when he came here with his wife today.
You all meet me in the office.
This guy is with Giri, who used
to do quotation jobs earlier.
Sir, this Giri has been
inactive for a while now.
While he was, he had
many big cases.
Quotation cases?
- Sir...
There's an advocate here.
A very shrewd senior lawyer.
- She's the one who keeps protecting Giri.
We've locked him many times.
Finally we added his name
on the goons' list too.
If this Advocate Rajalakshmi comes wearing
her coat, even the judge would stand up.
Giri was raised by Advocate
Rajalakshmi, like her own son.
And that judge who stood up,
must have been one of her juniors.
This guy joined Giri when
he was really young.
It was Giri who sent him to
school & college to study.
Sir, from our enquiry, Giri doesn't take
this boy along for any quotation jobs.
He keeps the accounts at
Giri's own water company.
But the witness statement says
that he was also involved in this?
Anyway, bring the boy.
A judge standing up,
or a lawyer freeing him,
would depend upon the FIR
written by the police.
Let's see.
Muruganna, add a little extra sugar.
Don't you open at
night now, Murugan?
No, sir. I work only during the day,
ever since my son died.
It's only me and her, right?
Who else is this for?
Moreover, it's scary to be on
the roadside in the night, sir.
Madam has come.
Advocate Madam.
What's the situation now, Syed?
Commissioner has asked
us to catch Kannan.
His relation with
Giri is the problem.
But doesn't the department know that
they don't have much activities now?
That won't work out in the
present scenario, Madam.
It's a sub-registrar
who got killed.
It's said in the statement that
an associate of a famous
gang leader in Thrissur,
was present with the
guy who killed him.
How's that Commissioner Moorthy?
Since he has come from Delhi,
we don't know much about him.
And that Anand from
anti-crime squad?
He's a trouble-maker.
He has a grudge
against our Giri too.
Madam, tea for you?
- No, I just had one.
Madam, we've found
out who it is.
He's from Mangalam
colony in Alangottu.
There's a Subran who came
there for a contract job.
This guy is his son.
It's a quotation from Shyam Rangan.
There are 5 acres of land right
next to our Corporation stadium.
There's some issue regarding
the registration of that land.
You try to get me the details
of that registration, Balan.
Yeah, I understand.
Yeah, I know, man!
The timing was great,
and the work was the best.
And some loser guy
got in between...
Anyway, I'll call you back.
It's not some random guy...
He is our Giri's boy!
Our Giri? To say 'our', Giri
is your uncle's son or what?
Don't be angry, Sudhi.
That boy's purse was found there.
Commissioner is planning to catch
him & make him the accused.
Let them catch him, Advocate!
I sent our boy to Valppara
after the job yesterday.
This is your problem.
You don't know Giri.
All the cases charged
against him till date,
were for his near and dear
people, who are with him!
The best friend of such a
guy, is in trouble now.
Get lost, man!
Our game is not just within this small
circle called Thrisshur! Understood?
Subin will fly to Dubai,
on the 12.30 PM flight.
Dubai or wherever...
He has to cross the border
of Thrisshur district, right?
Go back! Go back!
Dude, go back! Fast!
Subi, no!
It's Giri.
Pullu Giri.
Get the tools, guys!
What is it, Chetta?
Who is Subin?
Tell me the matter.
We're going somewhere urgently.
You may go, kiddo.
Show me who this lil' kiddo
called Subin is, and then go.
What if it's me?
You guys are still carrying this item,
which we used to carry when we were 13?
If you come here ever again
with such shady jobs,
I'll conduct the Thrisshur Pooram
(festival) on your chests!
Put him in the car.
Good morning, sir.
This land belongs to
around 35 people, sir.
Many are not alive.
Most documents are fake.
George sir who got murdered,
was really adamant that relatives of the
dead should appear in person.
Shyam Rangan's 100 Crore township
project got stuck due to that.
100 Crores!
So their job was done
with a tea shop argument,
without giving even a
clue to the media. Right?
Sir, all are benami dealings.
That too, an outside party.
We don't have any evidence to connect
Shyam Rangan directly to this.
His balance-sheet is perfect, sir.
Ask both of them to come.
Shyam Rangan and Giri.
Sir, Giri and boys are a closed chapter.
I don't think so.
Not that, sir.
They don't do anything...
What is it, Syed?
Syed Ikka's deal is with Giri, right?
That's why even the squad didn't
know when the guy was nabbed.
If the squad knew, you
would have done a lot!
Sir, we got the culprit because
Giri's guy got stuck in between.
Otherwise, no one will even pick up
goat-shit in front of Shyam Rangan,
leave alone the culprit.
So even if there's
no one in the police
to catch Shyam Rangan's wingman
without his knowledge,
there are others.
Ask both of them to come.
Sir, Shyam Rangan is not in station.
His younger brother Sudeep
Rangan is the one active here.
Okay. If not the head,
ask the tail to come.
Sudeep Rangan, right?
Yes, sir.
Where is Shyam Rangan?
He is in Dubai, sir.
I called you here to say that...
That 100 Crore project of yours?
You should stop it
for the time being.
Which project, sir?
I didn't get you.
Sudeep, you know what it is.
So do the police.
If I ask you to stop,
you should stop.
And this registrar murder case...
Just because someone admitted to the
crime, the file won't be closed.
Everything will have a motive, right?
We started from an
ordinary low-base here.
By playing many
games in many ways.
In business, we do play
some wrong games sometimes.
If we are forced to play that...
the route through which you
found our documents...
I'll be giving a taut reply
to that, soon enough.
Tea or coffee?
No. Thank you.
Do you know where you're
sitting now, Sudeep?
At Thrisshur City Police
Commissioner's office.
And not at Pattalam market where your
father Rangan used to scrap business.
Police is aware of all the issues
that happened here recently.
For what...
and why.
But we're keeping it pending for now.
Till the investigation is over.
So till then...
if you go around for
jobs here and there...
we won't be in talking
terms thereafter.
Okay, sir.
So tell your brother when he calls...
No need of anymore games
crossing the Thrisshur border.
The scrap story you told is correct.
That was our base, indeed.
And many big brothers like
you came here, and left.
Even then, we have been around.
Let's see, sir....
... whether we should be in
talking terms hereafter, or not.
Are there any pending
hearings of your cases?
There was an LP warrant, right?
There was a case in 2006.
I served one year for it,
and closed it.
And I wasn't aware
of such a warrant.
Then, I took bail for that too.
It's been 4 years since
you got married, right?
Sit down, Giri.
I have a 3 year old child now.
I called you to say that, all that
should continue in the same way.
No need of any goondaism.
If you've decided to reform,
you'll have all the help from the police.
I know.
Syed Ikka has helped me a lot.
What sir meant was that, if you
stay decent, good for you.
If you show off too much
and get out to do jobs,
I'll kick and break your spine!
I don't go mess with anyone, sir.
But if someone messes with me,
going back home, having food and
sleeping, after receiving it,
... is not my habit!
If someone hits me,
I will also hit back!
I'll hit back, whoever it is.
I'll go to his house
& hit him hard!
Shall I leave, sir?
Hey! I told you, right?
I signed and left from there.
Then what's your problem?
I'll come fast.
I haven't forgotten.
No. I am at Murugan Annan's shop.
Let me see.
I'll bring it when I come.
There's no problem!
Okay then.
Is everything okay?
Everything is okay.
Did Veni know about it?
Yes. That's why she's going
on calling like this.
Getting into unnecessary troubles...
- That's not the only reason for the call.
4 years are getting completed today since
Giriyettan brought Chechi to his life.
So today's your wedding anniversary?
- Yes.
You can say so.
It's been 4 years since our
arms & legs got tied up!
Are you getting bored?
Go and tell her then.
She'll thrash you &
pin you to the wall.
If you ever get involved
in such shady cases,
I'll break your face.
Got it?
Giriyetta, it's not like that.
It's true to that I spoke to that guy.
He was my senior in Model boys school.
When I saw him after a long time,
I just asked how he was doing.
Giriyanna, the boy just
asked him how he was.
Finally he had to go sign at
the Commissioner's office.
A strong tea.
Hey! You can have a light tea.
When it's time for you to drink strong tea,
your big brothers will tell you.
You should be careful.
Having a family is a great fortune.
No matter how much life teaches us about
its virtue, we won't realize it.
I realized that only when my son was
trembling to death in my hands.
What's happening with
the case, Murugan Anna?
What will happen
with the case, Giri?
For the police, it's an accident.
They asked me which car hit him.
It was an expensive car.
What else do I know?
But the face of the man
who was driving it.
I will never forget that.
Are you gifting this snack
for the anniversary?
'My friend'
'My companion'
'You come to me,
like the rain during a full moon night'
'You spread more light
than the morning'
'Slowly, you turned into the
romance in my silences'
'Caressing my eyes like a dream,
are you fading away?'
'In this path of life,
as a flame of light'
'You are the lone musical
note, in the song of my life'
'My friend'
Why didn't you say my name
at the police station?
What you did that day
was a major crime.
But he has raped a girl.
That too, a child who hasn't
even reached puberty.
Someone who did that,
should be killed brutally like this.
I liked that grit of yours.
'Oh my love, who appears in
my memories in the night'
'As you clear the
darkness within me'
'As you provide solace
to by burning soul'
'My heart is trembling,
unable to drift away from you'
'My friend'
'My companion'
What are you doing?
I'm washing clothes here.
Yeah! I'm also doing
some laundry here.
Shall we meet tomorrow?
Why not?
Let's meet.
Shall we get married?
Why not?
My parents are no more.
I have only my grandmother.
As if I have everyone!
I agree to this marriage.
But what is your job?
I take others to task.
So that's a big task, isn't it?
Yeah! I undertake both
big and small tasks.
Well... blessings?
Bless you!
'Holding your hands at twilight'
'As the drop of Kumkum I
apply on your forehead'
'As you come gradually into
my life, like a shadow'
'My mind is intoxicated
with this endless romance'
'You come to me,
like the rain during a full moon night'
'You spread more light
than the morning'
'Slowly, you turned into the
romance in my silences'
'Caressing my eyes like a dream,
are you fading away?'
'In this path of life,
as a flame of light'
'You are the lone musical
note, in the song of my life'
'My friend'
'My companion'
Veni, dear...
What is it, Baletta?
You've come so early?
Where is he?
Over there, playing
with our daughter.
Now, dad will shoot!
You're playing here?
Hey darling! Don't you
have to college today?
I'm a small girl, right? Then
how can I go to college?
But your tongue is like
that of college girls.
Shoot him, dear.
Oh no! I'm dead!
Well, I couldn't get
through to your phone.
She has thrown my phone
somewhere.Then how...
Hey! Where's my phone?
- I dont know.
Hey! Everyone in town has
heard about the fight.
Many have been calling to
rub salt into the wound.
People are concerned about others'
lives more than theirs, right?
It's always been like that.
- Let them call.
What's the status of
the load to Koratty?
It went long back.
- Is it?
Hey! Hold her.
I want to pee.
- Mom will take you.
You want your mom only for that?
For everything else, you want dad.
Or you pee on your mom, dear!
Did you have tea, Balettan?
- Yes.
I'll take a bath & come.
Give another tea to Balettan.
- Please sit.
Then I'll drink one more tea.
One can never have
enough tea, right?
Stop playing on the phone.
- Give Balettan.
No! No!
I've had enough.
Do you want him to catch someone &
give him to the police again, Baletta?
Drink it.
She's angry because of that issue.
You should come back early today.
- Okay.
It's her mom's training.
Drink the milk, dear.
Why do you have a long face?
- It's nothing.
There won't be any problem regarding that.
I told you, right?
There's no problem, dear.
Smile, dear!
Show your crooked teeth & smile.
Balettan is here.
Then how did we have
that little one?
Did we buy her from
the ration shop?
Why has he come early?
The title deed writer Kabeer Ikka,
asked not to deliver to him anymore.
If you don't want
the delivery, fine!
Problem solved, right?
Damn it!
Certain people don't
want water delivered...
Their offices are not places for market
goons to walk in and out of, it seems.
Such useless guys.
- You shut up!
Can we go to a bar
to drink tea then?
My dear Ali, even if I hadn't gone there to
drink tea, he would have killed him there.
Shut up, man!
It would be difficult to make
the ends meet this month.
What to do?
If we do a mistake once,
we will be scarred for life!
We'll continue fighting!
Sugri, everything
has returned, huh?
No point worrying
about that now, Kodi.
I think now you'll have to go hunting
for dogs like earlier. - Get lost.
Hey Sugri! Come here.
That's Podiyan, right?
What is he doing here?
Yes! The guy who gave us a
link to nab that guy, right?
Kattikornam scooters.
- Where did we get the link to that?
It's him who gave it.
What the hell does he want?
Let me see.
What is it?
- Baletta, he's in trouble.
He is in love with a girl.
Her brothers have fixed another wedding
for her. It's a bad situation.
What should I do for that?
My uncle has a house in Rajakkad.
So we need a vehicle
to go there.
You should arrange it, Balettan.
Do I sell vehicles or what?
You have a relative, right?
Arun from Pattikkadu? - Yes.
He runs a 'Rent A Car' business.
If you call him...
- Hey! That's not possible. Get going.
Don't take up any new troubles!
Hey! It's nothing.
These are boys I know.
Didn't you see? Wherever I go,
I get into trouble.
In between that, you want this?
You get going.
Please, Balettan.
Don't abandon us.
We are helpless.
I'll do something.
You go now.
Okay Baletta.
Push it inside.
- Yes, sir.
What's happening?
-We've packed everything.
Where did you keep the gold box?
- We've marked it & kept it inside.
It's expensive stuff.
Take it really carefully.
Okay, sir.
- Who all are going?
Just us.
Okay. Go fast.
- Close it.
Shut up!
For a mood, bro!
In this forest?
What is this?
What, bro?
Switch on the wiper.
Apply the brakes!
What happened, bro?
Listen to me, please.
Mom, the gas agency's number is
saved as 'Agency' on your phone.
Call them, mom.
Madurai CI Dharan has
come to see you, sir.
Chief Minister is passing
through the city, right?
We're already late.
- It's an urgent matter, sir.
Recently there was a gold robbery
in Madurai, by a gang, sir.
When we investigated,
I got only the number plate
of the car they used.
That's a Kerala registration number.
When we investigated with that,
we got an address of a guy.
I came to know that he's from
a village near Chalakkudy.
Sir, just a second.
Bring him.
Roughed him up badly, huh?
CI Dinesh sir went to get him.
Well, when he was showing off too much,
I slapped him on his cheek.
What's next?
He's saying that he
was an acting driver.
Is it?
- No, sir.
I drive a car at Petta.
Some guys who came there said
that they want to booze,
and asked me if I could
drive them around.
Since I'm a driver, I
told them I'll go.
After going straight to Madurai, when they
were about to take a room in a hotel there,
none of them had ID proofs.
So I gave my license to
let them stay there.
In the evening, I saw them taking
the car and going somewhere.
But I don't know where
they went or for what.
Next day when I checked the car,
the back glasses were broken.
They asked me to go back to Thrisshur,
get this car into a garage,
and come back with
a different car.
I took another car and
went and gave them, sir.
I don't know anything else.
These are all lies, sir.
Which garage did you drop it in?
Who is this Shiju?
It's me.
Come here.
Let me tell you something.
What's the matter, sir?
Nothing much, man.
Get into the car.
We're from the Commissioner's squad.
Hey! Do you want some
tender coconut juice?
No need, sir.
Have it, man! Once you go to the station,
coconuts will be used for something else.
You don't want it?
Pack an old tender
coconut in a cover.
Shiju, do you know him?
No, sir.
You don't know him?
Chetta, I brought a crashed Innova car
and took a Santro and went, right?
It was me, Chetta.
Oh! That! Yes!
So you understood.
Whose car is it?
That's from the 'Rent A Car' owned
by Arun Chettan from Pattikkadu, sir.
Arun Chettan's?
It's a case that came
from Vettoli Balettan.
What happened, Giriyetta?
Didn't I tell you when
I saw them itself,
not to take up any new
unnecessary troubles?
And what happened now?
Do you have any idea about him?
I know that boy for a while now.
From the day I saw him, I've
been calling him Podiyan.
But I'm still not able to believe
that he was such a big fraud.
That's not the problem here.
How many Crores worth
of Gold was smuggled!
Do you know what kind of trouble
you've got yourselves in?
First we need to collect
all details about him.
Balan, turn off your cell phone.
Ali, don't step out for now.
You are like a father to me!
Otherwise I'd have
slapped you now.
Come, Advocate Madam.
Why did I even think of doing it?
Damn it!
Turn off that damn thing.
Didn't you hear what she said?
Tell me.
Okay bro.
From what you said, that
guy's name is Binu.
There's an unfinished apartment on the
left, after Chakkamukkal temple, right?
It's an area where all
these drunkards set camp.
He is there.
What is it?
Come on!
What's that?
To attack?
- Why should you attack?
So shouldn't we attack them?
You guys wait here, okay?
I'll hold him by his
ears and bring him here.
Keep it there.
They've brought a sword to
catch a puny little guy.
Play the card, man!
Hey Podiyan!
What's happening?
Shall I get you a drink?
Hey! Didn't you guys recognize Balettan?
- Of course.
The guy who gave a sketch for me,
to get Subin out of his colony?
This old man is the guy!
Why have you come here?
Have you come with a scheme
against us now, you old man?
Sonny, I've played
much bigger games,
back when your daddy was
carrying you around as a sperm!
Don't mess with me.
Hey Podiyan!
Come here.
What did you do with that car
after taking it from here?
Now I'm as good as
trapped, right?
If you don't go surrender
tomorrow, I can't go back home.
Well, you weren't
trapped on your own.
We trapped you, Balettan!
Hey! The set-up now is not shady like
it used to be during your times...
... to retaliate immediately
when someone's put in trouble.
If we are given trouble, we'll give
it back with double the impact!
On a different level altogether.
- Heard that?
Don't waste your time here.
Our boys will skin you alive.
- Hey!
Hey old man!
Sheesh! We brought all
the tools in vain.
You got my 100 Crore
township project stuck!
You are finished!
If my boy knows this...
Hey! Catch them!
Hey! It's a trap for us!
Dude, come!
Come! Come!
Catch them!
Don't let them get away!
Don't leave him!
Come, man!
Veri, run!
Over there!
They have gone that way!
They are over there!
Come on!
Where are they?
Where are you?
They are going that side.
Come on!
Dude, that way!
Finish him off!
Our Balettan...
Those guys...
Those guys...
He's gone!
He's gone, Etta.
Take him to the hospital.
Come on!
Dude, Veri!
Sir, it's high grade stuff.
Its influx has increased now.
Whose building is this?
Sir, there are 5
partners who own this.
They have filed cases
against each other now.
Sir, there are many legal issues.
It's been lying like
this for 4-5 years.
- Sir.
What's the delay?
- No delay, sir. We're taking it.
Load the body.
Get me the postmortem report ASAP.
- Sir.
Our Balettan is going.
Don't you want to see him?
- Sir.
Come here.
What happened to your face?
He fell down while playing football, sir.
Let's go.
Did she sleep?
- Yes.
Why don't we bring
Balettan's daughter here.
She is alone there, right?
Let the rituals get over there.
We'll bring her after that.
Why did you guys get
drenched in the rain?
We were in Balettan's house.
- Get them towels.
You go inside.
- Chechi, did your daughter sleep?
He is in the city.
should we retaliate now?
Get him some tea.
We can't get back
at them so easily.
If we falter by any chance...
How many people are there?
- 4 people in total, sir.
They were planning to escape from the shop.
The shopkeeper informed us.
But when we went there, there were
so many crackers used to kill pigs.
From the looks of it, it's an attack
planned against Sudeep Rangan.
Today is the 16th day
since Vettoli Balan died.
Balan and Giri had a strong
emotional connection between them.
And there's a hint that Balan was
framed in the Madurai gold robbery.
And considering Giri's usual style,
once he decides to attack someone,
Sir... Over here.
A vehicle will come & stop at 3 PM.
In the meanwhile, the phone of one
of those Bengalis would ring.
He'll throw the pig
crackers at the vehicle.
Once it bursts, one more guy would
come from the opposite side...
They must have planned to finish
him off in between that commotion.
Okay! Let everything
happen as per their plan.
We'll monitor them and
take appropriate action.
All right, sir.
Kumar, if the attack is against
Sudeep Rangan, be extra careful.
See to it that he's not killed.
That's enough to start a gang war.
And keep it confidential.
Anand needn't know this now.
- Sure, sir.
Hey! This has accounts
of only 85 cases.
Just a minute.
Why have you come here, sir?
When I was passing through this route,
I thought I'll see your set-up, Giri.
How many staff do you have?
Around 15 people.
You can't enter wearing shoes.
No problem.
Where's the water source from?
Cut that call.
There are three wells here,
that don't dry up.
That's our daily bread now.
Is your supply only in Thrisshur?
Take it.
Seems like some important call.
What is it?
We rang his phone.
Nothing is bursting!
I'll see what it is,
and call you.
You wait there.
What did you ask, sir?
Is your supply
only in Thrisshur?
Yes. Only in the town,
as of now.
Tell me!
Our man is here!
The crackers are not bursting!
Can't you go directly?
- Should I attack directly?
Of course.
You took them, right?
Get them out directly.
Okay then.
I'll do it directly.
To unload...
To unload the water jar...
Water jar, huh?
I gave you hard cash without
taking any document!
Start the car!
I'll get back at you later.
Let's go!
Start the car, dude.
They're going to attack us!
Go! Go!
Stop there, you!
Come on, guys!
Come on!
Sir, that attack was missed.
Should we follow them?
Not required.
Giri is in front of me.
Sudhi, call your big brother,
and tell him the matter.
Get lost!
Dude, we were attacked at Thrisshur fort.
That too, at our fort!
If they can come and attack us there, they
can attack us anywhere in Thrisshur town.
Can you shut up?
Speed up the car, man!
Stop! Turn right!
It's them!
Turn right!
Hey! Let's change this car.
They know this car.
Don't speak nonsense.
- Dude, it's risky.
I know them.
Listen to me.
Stop! Stop!
Come on! Fast!
Get in!
In this?
- Sudhi, listen to me!
Sudhi, get in!
You take that car and leave!
Go via Pallikkulam.
Rest I'll tell you.
Yes, Kumar.
- Sir, is Giri in your custody?
No. I left.
But don't worry.
He couldn't do anything.
I was with him.
Sir, there are many guys who
work for him in the town.
He normally tries to make
an attempt with them first.
To intimidate the guy who's
going to be attacked.
What do you mean? - The sketch would
come from a different route, sir.
He won't make the
boys do that anyway.
He'll do it face to face.
Face to face.
Sudhi, please listen to me.
- Can you please shut up?
If my brother knows that such a
puny gang tried to attack me...
I'll be slapped by him first.
I'll call him.
You don't have to lose your
peace of mind because of that.
- Oh! He's very busy. Sorry.
- Please call him later. - No!
I'm his brother.
I need to talk to him urgently.
Okay, wait.
I was asked to wait!
There's a call for you.
Tell me, Sudhi.
You are finished!
If my boy knows this...
There is no hope, sir.
If you give us a consent,
we can remove him
from the ventilator.
I'll tell you.
Shyametta, Giri & team are planning to
surrender at the court directly tomorrow.
We've found the place where they are today.
Shall we attack?
Giri is like this in all his cases.
He appears directly
before the court.
Once everything cools down,
Advocate Rajalakshmy gets him bail.
Let him finish playing
his game, Advocate.
Your Honour...
This Giri's vehicle crashed on to the
auto rickshaw Sudeep was travelling in,
in broad daylight,
while the public was watching.
Objection, Your Honour.
There's a correction in what the
Respected Prosecutor is saying.
He didn't crash into it.
He hit the auto
rickshaw by accident.
Moreover, my client did not escape
without stopping his vehicle.
As soon as the accident happened,
he got out of his vehicle,
he went close to him,
and tried to help him.
Objection, Your Honour.
This Sudeep Rangan is in a coma now.
The reason is not a blow to
the head, caused due to the accident.
Instead, there's a witness statement
that his head was smashed strongly.
Respected Court should grant me
permission to examine the eye-witness.
Permission granted.
- Thank you, Your Honour.
First witness,
Chandran, Kunnathu House.
What's your name?
- Chandran, Kunnathu House.
What's your job?
- Selling duck eggs on wholesale.
Supplying it to shops.
You had given a statement
to the police that,
you saw this Giri smashing
the head of Sudeep Rangan,
who was injured and lying in the
auto rickshaw, after the accident.
Isn't he the person
whom you saw that day?
Isn't he?
Say it.
I saw him going towards him.
- Then?
Go ahead.
Say it.
But what if he had gone close to
save him, like the Advocate said?
Well, what if he had
gone there to save him?
It must be, sir.
Must be to save him. - What about
the statement you gave the police?
Sir, I had a couple of drinks
on the way back home from work.
I was high.
When policemen asked me, I
blabbered something hastily.
I don't know anything else.
My client Giri doesn't have any personal
grudge against Sudeep Rangan, Your Honour.
This was an accident that
happened unknowingly.
By examining the evidence, the Honourable
Court will be convinced about it.
Under the circumstance that even the
witness statements are not clear,
I humbly request the Honourable
Court to grant bail to my client.
Thank you, Your Honour.
Considering the lack of evidence and
questionable witness statements,
the Court grants
bail to the accused.
But the Court cannot overlook the past
criminal background of the accused.
So, the Court orders the City Police
Commissioner to conduct a proper investigation,
and submit a report.
Until the investigation is completed,
the accused should appear and sign
before the City Police Commissioner,
every week hereafter.
Bail is granted under this condition.
I'll tell you.
I'm outside.
- Go ahead, sir. I'll come.
What happened?
She didn't come?
Her PSC exam is today, right?
She wasn't planning to go initially.
Advocate Madam compelled her to go.
How are things?
It's okay, Giriyetta.
Collections have gone down a bit.
But it's still okay.
We should go to the
Commissioner's office, to sign.
Didn't you settle this guy?
- Long back, but he's not going!
Hey! Can you let me also join your team?
What's wrong with you?
Him and his damn meeting.
- You carry on.
What is it?
To meet the
Commissioner & sign...
You're not in a hurry, right?
Planning to kill more people with
your car after leaving?
Wait there.
Couldn't you call and tell me earlier?
I can understand the
frustration of the police.
But you shouldn't vent it by making
people wait at the office verandah.
There's a value to everyone's
time, Commissioner.
The job of the police is not to check
the value of random criminals' time.
You may sit.
Anand, give that register.
After settling the
witness in advance...
the arguments were
superb in the Court.
I liked that.
Thank you.
If someone chops you
up on the road,
the police will have to come,
to pick up your remains!
If you are careful,
good for you.
Sir, I was living very carefully
with my wife and child.
Sir, in my life,
the only things I
can call my own,
are some really close
If someone destroys that,
I won't stand watching silently.
What happened?
Isn't it ringing?
It's switched off.
Not going through.
Her exam wouldn't be over yet.
Go fast.
Didn't she reach?
- No.
She had told me that she'd be
late since she has the PSC exam.
But I didn't think that
she would be so late.
That's why I called you, sir.
Okay then.
What is it, Sugri?
- Is the exam over?
They've all left after the exam.
How long has it been?
- It was over at 1 PM.
What happened?
- Nothing.
Everyone left by 1 PM.
Yes, Madam.
Go behind the indoor stadium.
Syed will come there.
What is it, Syed Ikka?
There's a small issue?
- What issue?
Veni is missing.
As soon as I got
this information,
I checked the CCTV visuals of all
shops next to school junction,
where the PSC exam happened.
It was a chain-snatching attempt.
These visuals have only captured
Veni running behind them.
She has gone missing from here.
Look! This vehicle...
belongs to Keeri Shameer from
Diwanjimoola railway colony.
I checked the CCTV visuals
of all shops nearby...
but Veni can't be
seen in any of that.
Take her to Advocate Madam's house.
Start the car!
Come here, you..!!
Sugreevan, don't show
off too much over here!
ask your boys to
escape from here!
I don't consider the size of the place
I go to, before getting down to work.
Got it? Move!
Whoever you may be,
we don't care a damn!
Get lost, you...!!
Place him here!
Tell us!
I don't want you or the chain
that you snatched.
Where is she?
We took one road to
snatch the chain.
Hey! Hey!
She ran behind us.
When we went on to a by-lane,
a traveller van
came and took her!
They were planning to kidnap her,
where there were no CCTVs or people.
it was a sketch!
From whom?
Say it!
Pandaykkal Shomy.
Sudheer, you have to work
here in the future too.
We can discuss the matter.
Don't show off too much with
the cars in between that!
Hey! None of you move!
If you even take a step forward...
you'll go limping from here.
You heard me?
Hop on to your bikes.
I need you to give me two answers.
My girl whom you kidnapped today.
Is she alive now?
If she is, where is she?
It was a sketch.
It's been a few days
since we noted her.
It was a quotation!
You are really fast, Giri.
Let him go!
He doesn't have much role in this.
This is a hide & seek
game that I designed!
You do one thing.
Come to Jai Hind market at 6 PM.
I will return your girl over there!
Move away!
- This is Shyam Rangan.
Aren't you happy?
The one you attacked,
not knowing his full might,
was my brother!
I have only started
my game against you!
That company where you fill
cattle-feed water?
Go there quickly.
I'm taking this jeep.
Kodi, park that vehicle there.
What is it?
They destroyed our plant.
I cant let that go.
Is this like that?
If we had a sister...
Veni would be much
above that position.
However mighty he may be...
I will enter his house and kill him!
If it hurt you so much,
since you see her as a sister...
what about this heart, where she
rests her head every night?
Don't do anything now.
She can't bear another shock.
Ali.. Go.
Everything is gone, right?
Once, when I was
playing in childhood,
many ants came to that place.
I would be killing
each one of the ants.
Suddenly my father
came and asked me...
'What are you doing?'
I told him that many ants were
troubling me when I was playing.
Do you know what was the
reply my father gave me?
'The ants have a reason to come there'
'You have sugar with you'
'Either get rid of the sugar'
'Otherwise, wherever the ants came from...
you should find that place,
go there and kill them'.
Kill them!
Teja Haq.
He is Shyam Rangan's close buddy.
He's fully into illegal businesses.
Drugs and gold.
And to hide all this, a
pharmaceutical company too.
If the information we got is true,
a huge load of gold has started from
Hyderabad, including that of Chettiyar's.
He is in Coimbatore now to plan the
movement of that gold consignment.
The one sitting on his right is
BMC party state secretary's son.
And on his right, is the son in
law of the Commissioner here.
Should you catch him from
here itself, Giriyetta?
Come on, ya!
I'll just come.
Hey! Enjoy, guys!
Come, girls.
Come on!
You enjoy, man!
Yeah, dude.
I'm in Coimbatore.
Just two.
That's all.
Lift him up!
The hit job against you won't
be like what I gave your girl!
You heard me?
You b@$@%@!!
- If you touch me...
Lift him up!
You bloody!!
So how are we going
to go about this?
Hey! - Get lost!
- My phone!
If that call gets missed...
Cut the call.
If it gets missed?
Start typing...
No calls.
Only messages.
Him and his damn face-unlock.
Hey! Kiddo!
Look here!
Look here, I say!
No! No!
The reply has come.
It has left from
Hyderabad at 10.30 AM.
What's your reply for that?
Will you say it...
or should I make you say it?
Do you know what this is?
If we make you sit on this...
It's not like we don't know how to chop off
the head of the guy who touched our sister!
Say it, man!
What's the game?
Type it.
So how's the game?
It was the gold that didn't
get clearance at Vizag port,
which Shyam cleared
using fake documents.
It was sold in a deal to the wholesale gold
dealers in Thrisshur, for a cheap rate.
By cheap, you mean how much?
Total 100 Crores.
So what are the arrangements
in the vehicle?
A container that has full GPS tracking.
In that, a Nipah Virus ambulance.
Then it turns from the Highway...
to Krishnagiri, and then Bhavani...
via Mettur dam...
near Avinashi.
There, it will be handed over to my team.
Type it.
Aren't you guys ready?
Ready, bro.
We can see the truck.
What's that sound?
That was just a jerk.
It's nothing.
Oh no!
Hold on!
Climb up!
Hold this.
Come on!
Giri! Giri!
Take it closer!
Catch it!
Give me your hand!
Climb up!
Do you know how many Crores
that gold was worth?
You guys...
This is Pullu Giri.
You have your phone in hand,
so early in the morning?
Tell me what it is!
Your best buddy!
I took him!
Do you know whom
you're messing with?
I'm playing this game, knowing
who you are, very well!
The gold that you packed & sent!
Isn't your heart still beating
faster, because you lost it?
I was the one who took it!
You dog!
You are finished!
I've just started from one side.
And these hide & seek games...
I've never done that!
Your gold will cross Valayar
tomorrow morning at 11 AM.
It will reach Thrisshur
town around 2 PM.
Try stopping it if you can!
Only then this game would
become interesting!
Advocate... Call Anand, who's in the squad.
Tell him that the gold will reach Thrisshur
town within 2 PM. - But Shyam...
If we miss it in Valayar,
we should catch it in Kuthiran...
Everything is set there, right?
- Yes.
If we miss it there too...
Anand, from the police
should catch it.
He shouldn't get it!
Let this get over.
I will burn him alive after that!
Kodi, slowly!
It's not to slice him...
but to let him loose.
Sir, like we suspected, the team who
came in that Qualis car did it.
We've questioned everyone.
They're repeating about the
same team from Mangalore.
There's an information.
Some gold smuggling.
If I could get permission
for a combing...
Is it genuine information?
Yes, sir.
Okay, go ahead.
Get down.
- Open the boot.
Go fast! Come on!
Ask them to stop it.
Yes, that one.
Sir, it's an ambulance.
- So what? Ask them to stop.
Over here.
- Pull over.
To this side.
- Check it.
What is it?
Sir, it's a Nipah...
- Nipah! Damn it! Open the back door.
Check it.
- Check it yourself, sir. It's Nipah!
Open it.
Open that too!
Why are you dancing around?
Open it!
Nipah, right?
Open those boxes.
Sir, a bus.
Stop! Stop!
It's a bus, right?
Let it go.
Let the bus go.
- Go, man!
Open that.
Sir, we don't have the
rights to open it.
We're not supposed to open it.
Without safety measures,
it's risky, sir.
No, sir.
It's Nipah.
You'll die for sure.
Do one thing.
Park the van on the side.
Come on!
Close it and park it.
Didn't you check it?
Go! Go!
Stop it!
Get inside and check it.
Get inside and check.
Remove the seats and check!
Sir, the entire by-pass
road is blocked.
Why? - A KSRTC bus went through
the wrong side of the road.
Where does that bus go to?
- Where does it go to?
It's a Coimbatore-
Ernakulam super fast bus.
It's a Coimbatore-
Ernakulam super fast bus.
Do one thing. Call the Palakkad depot,
get the numbers of the driver & conductor,
and ask them to stop the bus.
- Okay, sir.
Leave them.
- Sir...
Sir, we called the depot.
The Coimbatore-Ernakulam bus
is still at the depot. It hasn't started.
So which was this
bus that went by?
Let it go!
Come on!
We let the bus go,
because you asked us to, sir.
It's a bus, right?
Let it go!
Open that box!
Drop it!
Drop it, man!
What is it, sir?
Have you come in search of the bus?
I've come after knowing
about your KSRTC smuggling.
What's the point in saying that
you heard the KSRTC story?
Witness & evidence.
That's important, right?
Wherever that bus is,
over here...
I will find it.
Is it an antlion to bury it here?
You may leave now, sir.
And gather evidence.
We'll see after that.
We'll see!
You've been targetting
me quite a lot now.
In many ways...
Many times...
If you come in front of me
to mess with me again....
I'll conduct the Ilanjithara
drums festival on your chest!
Not with drum-sticks...
With my leg!
Take him away!
Hello, brother.
I have taken only
my gold from that.
If you have any tension, my boys will
help you take it across the border.
No, brother.
I'll handle it from here on.
I won't forget this.
See you.
Will the rains ruin the
Thrissur Pooram this time, Giri?
However much it rains, Lord Vadakkumnathan
will make the Pooram happen.
I didn't want to create
a scene at the station.
That's why I said
we'll meet here.
I had to find Chettiyar's
gold from it.
That's why it took some time.
And after the expense of the bus,
the rest of the gold is in the car.
He's my guy.
He will bring it to the station.
Thank you.
I can understand
your feelings, Giri.
But if we reopen closed chapters,
then there won't be
a recovery, Giri.
Doctor, are there
any possibilities?
We have no idea how
this happened.
If someone gets rabies, there
should be a dog-bite mark,
at least somewhere
on the body, right?
Otherwise, he should have
mingled closely with a dog.
We didn't get any such indications.
Hey! Hey!
When Giri caught me that day...
when I said that he let me free...
you were also surprised.
That day...
He made only this cut on me.
Hey! No! No!
For an external rabies infection,
sunlight won't be favourable.
It becomes active only in
a very low temperature.
That day, they took out
the sword to free me,
from an ice-carrier vehicle.
I could hear...
the growling of a dog inside that.
That Giri...
Don't spare him!
Don't spare him!
You should finish him!
What is it?
Is there any problem?
Why did you want to meet me?
This is Soumya.
I know this girl.
I am the daughter of Sabu,
who runs a shop at the market.
Sabu's elder daughter?
- Yes.
Giriyetta, we've been in
love for a while now.
Her family fixed her wedding.
Then why are you here?
Can't you come home?
Paul, the son of Joseph
ettan from Ancheri?
He saw her at the Church, liked her,
and proposed marriage to her family.
And her father fixed it.
You're already in trouble
because of me.
I didn't want this to be a hassle for you,
when you're staying away from everything.
That's why I didn't
tell you anything.
What is it, Giriyetta?
That Paul is a messed up guy.
If he finds us,
he will finish us off, Giriyetta.
You go.
I'll take care.
- Get going, man!
Take the car.
Take it.
Come, let's go.
Get inside.
Sorry Giriyetta...
That guy gave me a lot of money!
I didn't have any other go.
I also have to live, right Giriyetta?
Finish him.
After getting the gold
taking all that trouble,
you want to play a good Samaritan?
and give it all to the police?
Then why were we with you
in your gang for so long?
Why did you make me
do this, Giriyetta?
Is the room ready?
- Yes, sir.
Tell me if you need anything.
I'll be at the guest house.
I'll take a bath and come.
That's a good idea.
I'll go have a small
drink and come.
I forgot to tell Giriyettan something.
Don't get down, Soumya. Sit here.
I'll be right back.
Shyam, don't mind me being frank.
How many days has it been since
you promised to deliver the gold?
We jumped into this to get gold at a
lower rate, since business is low now.
I settled the full payment
by borrowing money from everywhere!
What's the point in wasting time,
giving random reasons?
Gold or cash.
When will we get it?
Say that.
- What?
Our consignment is
already in transit.
What damn consignment?
We also stay in this
Thrisshur town.
It's been one week since the
police seized the gold.
Consignment, it seems.
Damn it!
One minute.
- This is not right.
Pauly, please calm down.
- Hello!
Shyam, we're not joking.
You should give us a proper date.
Shyam, Giri is not dead.
Within 3 days...
Gold or cash...
I'll bring it to a
place that you fix!
We can talk after that!
Shyam, what you got that day
was a golden opportunity to kill Giri.
You shouldn't have left that place,
without making sure that he was dead.
Now even the Commissioner
is in his favour.
I heard that the one who stabbed Giri,
was killed.
His boys are really furious!
Let's stay low for now.
We lost one consignment already.
Don't forget about
the one in transit.
Well, if we have to refund the cash,
we won't be able to bear it,
in our present condition.
So what are you saying?
Should I run & hide,
scared of these earthworms?
It's not that, Shyam!
A compromise.
The rest can wait
until I finish him.
We have no idea what all Teja
has blurted out to them.
We don't have time to waste,
thinking about what we lost or got.
An issue shouldn't happen now.
I will talk to Advocate Rajalakshmy.
If he causes trouble again,
we can dispense him off like goat-shit.
We should finish him off, Advocate!
So... how are things?
I'm not really
interested in this talk.
Don't create an issue
out of this now.
You both should shake hands,
and go your own ways, in good terms.
Why not?
Before that,
shall we have some tea?
A local tea.
It all started...
with a tea, right?
Let it end with that too.
Murugan Anna!
Tea for everyone.
Give it to them.
They are our guests, right?
What is this?
He bought a pen-knife for 5
Rupees from Jai Hind market...
and stabbed it into your gut,
and turned it four times!
The intestines in your stomach would
have become like a garland now.
Before you die...
try to remember which
seed you sowed,
has been harvested now.
My son!
- I'll be there for you.